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Xin chào :D Hôm nay mình sẽ giới thiệu cách cắt gif từ video một cách đơn giản nhất bằng Mozilla Firefox

 Chuẩn bị
+ Cài đặt 2 phần mềm:

- Free Video to GIF Converter:…

- Easy Video Downloader…?

Đối với Easy Video Downloaderthì các bạn chỉ cần bấm vào "Add to Firefox" -> Cài đặt ngay là nó sẽ tự động cài đặt phần mềm này cho các bạn. Sau đó chúng ta khởi động lại Firefox

Còn với Free Video to GIF Converter thì các bạn cài đặt như bình thường( bước này khỏi hướng dẫn nhé :D)

Bắt đầu thôi nào

- B1: Sau khi cài đặt xong Easy Video Downloader thì các bạn vào youtube và search video cần cắt
- B2: Chọn download as vào chọn dung lượng video muốn tải về. Ở đây mình chọn MP4 1080p (Full HD)
Untitled by bibi97nd

- B3: Sau đó nó hiện ra cái bảng yêu cầu nhập code. Các bạn hãy nhập code theo bảng trên và ấn Start download

Untitled by bibi97nd

- B4: Sau khi download xong nó hiện ra cái bảng như này. Các bạn ấn Open Folder

Untitled by bibi97nd

- B5: Và sau đó hiện lên video mà chúng ta đã tải về. Các bạn đổi tên sao cho tên video ngắn nhất và lưu ý là ko có ký tự đặc biệt
* Lưu ý là phải có đuôi .mp4 hoặc .flv ở sau tên thì mới được nhé

Untitled by bibi97nd

- B6: Sau khi đổi tên xong các bạn nhấn CTRL+C và vào phần mềm Free Video to GIF Converter đã tải về. Chọn Browse Video và nhấn CTRL+ V

Untitled by bibi97nd

B7: Trong khung From....To.... các bạn hãy chọn khoảng thời gian trong video mà mình muốn cắt và khung Width... Height chọn kích thước cho video. Ở đây mình chọn khoảng thời gian từ 0:50 đến 0:54 với kích thước là 300x168 và Extract là 20

Untitled by bibi97nd

B8: Bấm next. Tiếp theo hiện ra bảng chỉnh sửa cho video đã cut. Nếu còn thừa chi tiết nào bạn bấm Remove để loại bỏ chi tiết đó. Có thể lựa chọn chất lượng cho gif bằng 2 cách Normal quality.... Và Excellent quality..... Ở đây mình chọn Excellent quality với custom là 18. Sau đó bấm Make gif và lưu lại gif đã làm.

Untitled by bibi97nd

Vậy là ta đã cut xong 1 gif từ video rồi ^^

Jj Just another girl by bibi97nd

Chúc các bạn thành công :D

TG GIF Animations

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 17, 2012, 12:03 AM
Hey, you guys and girls like the GIF animation on my deviantart page? The GIF animation that's under "webcam"? You like it? Just wondering because I made it. :) Yes, I've been slowly learning how to make GIF animations. Why? Well, when I first put up the webcam widget, I used a GIF animation of the TG change from the Labatt Blue Light Commercial (just in case you don't remember:…). After a while, the link went dead and the GIF aniamtion stopped working on my deviantart page. So I replaced it with GIF animation of the TG change from the Mountain Dew Change/Girl commercial (for those who may not know what I'm referring to:…). It's one of my favorite TG moments. So that's been working, but I kind of got bored of just using that GIF animation and wanted to change it up a bit. So I tried searching for GIF animations of other TG stuff I liked. I found GIF animations for TG stuff like "Johnny Test", "Zerophilia", and "Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde", but others I couldn't find GIF animations for, particularly any from the episode of "Fantasy Island", "Estrogen", which is one of my favorite TG changes ever (this:…). So I mentioned it to my friend (who knows a little about using computers; a bit more than I know :)) and he said, "Well, why don't you make a GIF animation yourself". So he went about showing me how to make GIF animations and then I made a GIF animation of the male to female change from the "Fantasy Island" I liked. Then I thought of doing a GIF animation of the female to male change that happen towards the end of the "Fantasy Island" episode. I think both transformations were done well, but I'm more a fan of male to female transformations. When I watch the transformation at the end, I think, "No! She has such a good looking sexy, female body! It feels so good to be a woman, but now she's going back to being a shapeless, hairy man! Oh well. At least the guy she's going back to being is kinda cute. :giggle:". So I thought it would be kewl if there was a way to play that transformation in reverse and change it from a female to male transformation to a male to female transformation... and my friend showed me how to do that. Since we were making the scene short enough to make a GIF animation using movie editing software, he used the editing software to change that transformation from the end by reversing it and then I made it into a GIF animation. So yea, I just wanted to brag a little and also share these GIF animations with you guys and girls, especially the ones I made because before I made them, you couldn't find a GIF animation from that TG show/movie. Will try to make more TG GIF animations of other TG stuff that doesn't have a GIF animation available. Until then, please enjoy these TG GIF animations that I picked out to rotate through for my deviantart page. And if you like to suggest other TG GIF animations (or make share them), you are more than welcome to. :)

Fantasy Island - Estrogen (I made these :)):…… (same as first, but slowed down)… (same as first, but really slowed down)… (the female to male change, but in reverse; now, male to female change)

Mountain Dew Change/Girl:…

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde:……


Johnny Test:…


P.S. - I'm also thinking of uploading the female to male transformation in reverse (which now makes it a male to female transformation) clip I used to make this GIF animation:… to youtube and dailymotion, if anyone's interested. Funny thing, the sound wasn't reversed (me and my friend didn't think it was important since GIF animations don't have sound anyway), but it still kind of works. :)

:hug: & :blowkiss:
with much :heart: :love: :heart:
Amber Smithe

  • Mood: Delighted
  • Drinking: Water
When I first watched Hetalia:

When I found out what Yaoi was:

When a Yaoi crazed, fan-girl tries explaining Hetalia pairings to me:

When they get REALLY into explaining it, saying it's the BEST EVER and you WILL love it because it's BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE:

That awkward moment when I'm joking about a pairing, and the person actually thinks I'm serious:

And they're like:

And I'm:

The first time I seen Canada:

When I seen Russia,

but then

and Belarus would most likely be like:

When I seen England:

When I seen America:

Whenever I see Spain:

When I see the American flag:

When I see the French flag, I immediately think of France doing this:

When someone says they'd like to touch the Eiffel Tower:

They give me a look:

While I:

And they finally realized:

Me watching the American revolution episode:

When season 4 came out:

When Fanimation said season 4 was the last for North America:

Now I'm:

When I'm looking at Hetalia fan-art:

When looking at America fan-art:

When someone asks if I want to visit Florida:

When I'm in history class, hearing the teacher explain countries invading each other:

Whenever someone says "Vital regions":

Whenever I say "Yaoi" around new anime lovers:

Then explain it:

My first time reading America x England doujinshi,

try again,

and then:

Waking up in the morning, remembering that certain doujinshi.

When someone is rude/name calling me or other people for watching Hetalia.

Me watching Hetalia with my family:

Me trying to do the Wa Wa World Ondo dance

If France were real, we'd:

Whenever I find a good doujinshi, but can't read Japanese:

My reaction to the America x England drama CD,



then finally:


I love to think of America and England as brothers, but sometimes, I can't help myself....

Oh, Hetalia....look what you've done to me.

Halloween this year... (In gifs :D)

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 1, 2011, 6:55 PM

It appears all the little kids in our neighborhood fell off the face of the planet this halloween and with them, the halloween sweets. D:

So I spent my halloween like this :

I ate all the ungiven sweets in me house like:

Boogied around the lane with sparklers and bangers like:

Went down to my buddies house and creeped around peoples yards like:

We pissed off the people throwing fireworks like:

Then we dodged people throwing fireworks at us like:

Hid in the bushes like:

Called it a night and moshed out on the ride home to Van Halen like:

Got back on DA like:

  • Mood: Big Grin
  • Listening to: Why can't this be love - Van Halen
  • Reading: Wuthering Heights
  • Playing: Batman ARKHAM CITY 8D
  • Drinking: Tea :)
- Chào à <3 Mình ra TUT này là theo yêu cầu của bạn :iconcan-nhi2000:  Đó là làm 1 avatar ảnh động đơn giản nhé =)))) Không dài dòng nữa .__. Bắt đầu thôi 
À =)) 2 cái ví dụ về ava nhé
1. Ava của bạn Cân Nhi :iconcan-nhi2000:
2. Ava của tớ  :iconmearilee27: 
Fav+cmt+watch = Lấy
Like+yêu+cmt = Lấy 
Credit if you use:   :iconmearilee27:  avatar
B1: Đầu tiên, các bạn down ảnh+font chữ mà các bạn muốn dùng
B2: Mở 1 new ( 500x500 ) Có thể lớn hơn. Miễn sao hình vuông
B3: Mở ảnh ra. Các bạn nên chọn tối đa 4 ảnh nhé. Vì GIF sẽ chạy 5 khung. Vậy cách bạn có thể chọn theo ý thích như sau:
- 4 ảnh+1 chữ
- 3 ảnh+2 chữ
- 2 ảnh+3 chữ
- 1 ảnh + 4 chữ
B4: Các bạn chèn từng stock vào new đã mở. Theo thứ tự tùy thích. Chỉnh size cho phù hợp rồi crop size chặt lại nhé
B5: Vào Window => Animation . Bạn nào mở sẵn rồi thì không phải mở nữa nhé
B6: Tạo layer mới->đổ màu=>viết chữ vào layer đó( tạo = cách nhấn tổ hợp phím Ctrl+shifft+N). Các bạn có thể vẽ shape khung vào hình
B7: Gộp shape+text vào 1. Gộp layer BG+ảnh đầu tiên vào 1. Tắt con mắt của tất cả đi , trừ layer đầu tiên (layer ảnh)
B8: Ấn nút mình khoanh đỏ. Mở con mắt ở layer hình thứ 2 ( màu xanh)
B9: Làm tương tự cho đến khi hết các layer
B10: Chọn chỗ mũi tên -> Other
B11: Cài số giây ở bảng. Các bạn nên chọn 0.3 . Đó là tg trung bình. Nếu không muốn các bạn có thể dùng số khác
B12: Làm tương tự khi hết toàn bộ khung
B13: CHọn mũi tên như tớ khoanh. CHỉnh là Forever
B14: Save bằng cách nhấn tổ hợp phím Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S => Ok
B15: Mở DA or Tumblr... của bạn ra (đừng tắt PTS vội )=> Cài => ĐỢi 1 tí, nếu nó hiện ra 1 cái bảng ntn. Chú ý chữ sau :
B16; Mở lại cái PTS. Chỉnh lại size theo yêu cầu của ng` ta. 50x50 =))))) Rồi cài lại nhé
Nếu vẫn còn bảng thì bạn chỉnh đến khi nào mà đc là ok
TUT về gì:
Xong. Bye nhé <3 Copy nhớ ghi nguồn nha

Bài viết: [TUT] How to make a simple GIF avatar 

Nguồn Zing Blog

So i got a lot of comments asking how to use gifs in journals so i will teach you all!
alternative text

1.) Ok step one find a gif of your choice (i usually look them up on google and on tumblr)
alternative text

2.) Copy the image address (you do this by right clicking the gif and click on "copy image address")
alternative text

3.) then when your on your journal put this address in
< img src="filename.gif" alt="alternative text" width=X height=Y >
(i put spaces in-between < and > so you can see the address just make sure you get rid of the spaces)  
alternative text

4.) where it says "filename.gif" put in the image address and with x and y put in the size you want (i usually use 300 or 200 for x and 200 or 100 for y)
alternative text  

alternative text  

alternative text  

alternative text

Enjoy my friends!!!

How to make new friends

Sat Jan 11, 2014, 2:31 PM

Making friends on dA is something requires you to have an open personality. Having an open personality isn't always something people are born with. Some people have to develop it over time, and some people are just naturally friendly. It's a wonderful quality to have in real life and on the internet. :dummy:

 I'm gonna help you break the barrier of your timidness toward others. It won't be something that happens over night but with time and perseverance, you'll start see how friendlier you are to people on deviantART and in real life!

So to start us off.. You will need to...

Greet the person!

(Yeah but nobody is as cute as stitch is. xD)

Don't be shy. You'll never know what they would have said if they didn't. A simple "hello" or "hey" will suffice. Compliments are nice too but don't go overboard with it. Don't be nervous or overanxious of what you or they are going to say. Everything flows easier if you be yourself instead of trying to fit the personality to suit another person.
:bulletblue: Don't act weird yet. Show 'em your normal side before showing them your darkside. ;)

Engage in Conversation! 

This is probably one of the hardest stages (which I consider for me. xD). Due to the fact that you know absolutely nothing about the person you about to talk to, this is all left up to chance. You can start off with "How are you?" or "What's up?" but talking about one's day doesn't always keep the conversation going. 
Or if you're like me.. You can give them.. 

OKAY JOKES. :giggle: But try to have a little fun when talking to somebody. Don't start talking about what the square root of 69 is. (Oh god. Why does my mind think this way? :noes: )
:bulletblue: Be interesting. (BUT NOT TOO INTERESTING. NOBODY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT MILEY CYRUS AND HOW BAD SHE IS) Don't try too hard. Trying to hard to appeal to somebody can seem annoying to some. 
:bulletred: Don't bring up religious or political topics. :no: Do that and you can kiss your friend good-bye. xD
:bulletblue: Find common ground. Find stuff you guys have in common and talk about them!

Bother them occasionally. xD

I don't exactly mean BOTHER them. I mean like talk to them occasionally to let them know that you're not done with them yet. :eyes:

If you see that they don't want to talk at the moment. Don't continue to bother them. You will most certainly drive them away. Be there but not always there. If you know what I mean. :iconjuap:

Flatter them

Not that much! xD

Make them feel special. Comment regularly on their art giving nice feedback and such. Be genuinely nice and complimenting about them. Don't like out pour a message of love that's like "ohmygoshyoursobeautifulandamazingandiwanttohaveyourbabiessowecanliveforeverandeverandhavebabiesandlunchanddinnerandliveinacastlewithadognameeddougandwewilllivehappyeverafter." You might creep them out unless they are like a close friend. xD
:bulletblue: To this nice to somebody, you need to be at least supporting them (give them a watch. :'D) 

And last but not least...

Be that shoulder to lean on..

When they need help. Help make them smile! Wish them happiness and love. Do what you would do if you were friends with the person. Once you get to this stage. You guys are true friends and you get to act like this:

Hooray for being crazy! :'D 
At this stage, you know you are friends with the person. :dummy:

Hope this was of some help to people and good luck on your endeavors to finding new amigos! :la: 

- Did you know that each browser has a frame delay limit for gif images?
- Are you using delays that are supported by your browser when you make animations?
- And what about other browsers?

This is a small explanation on frame delay limits that may be useful if you are new to gif animation.
Click on the title to find out more


Passive Voice vs Active Voice

Wed Jan 22, 2014, 1:00 PM

Hello everyone! :wave:

You've probably already read some of this week's wonderful journals on audience and beginning a story, and you're also probably wondering what exciting topic I've brought for you today. I suppose I'll tell you instead of keeping you in the dark.

Passive Voice vs Active Voice

Dean's Leg Guitar

I can see you're all excited.

To begin this article, I'll start by defining exactly what passive and active voice are.

Active Voice

With active voice, the agent (the person or thing carrying out the action) is the subject:

Harry ate six shrimp at dinner.

John opened the door.

Sue changed the flat tire.

Passive Voice

There are two different types of passive voice constructions. In the first one, the agent is identified, but the person (or) thing toward which the action is directed is the subject of the sentence instead:

At dinner, six shrimp were eaten by Harry.

The door was opened by John.

The flat tire was changed by Sue.

In the second type of passive voice construction, the agent is never identified:

Six shrimp were eaten at dinner.

The door was opened.

The flat tire was changed.

Sammy Faints XD

If you're new to this, that might be a lot of information to take in all at once, but no one expects you to be an expert after only knowing information for one day.

There is a common misconception that the words "to be" is a clear indicator, but that isn't always true. Grammar Girl explains this concept quite well, so why should I explain when she's already done it quite brilliantly?

"A lot of people think all sentences that contain a form of the verb “to be” are in passive voice, but that isn't true. For example, the sentence 'I am holding a pen' is in active voice, but it uses the verb “am,” which is a form of “to be.” The passive form of that sentence is 'The pen is being held by me.'

Notice that the subject, the pen, isn't doing anything in that sentence. It's not taking an action; it's passive. One clue that your sentence is passive is that the subject isn't taking a direct action."


Most writers think that using passive voice is wrong or incorrect. This isn't always so, but it is often a poor way to phrase your sentences. Sometimes, passive voice is awkward and clunky, and other times it's vague and unclear. Sentences written in passive voice are generally wordier than sentences written in active voice, so you can tighten up your writing in many places if you replace passive sentences with active ones.

Politicians use passive voice to intentionally obscure the idea of who is taking the action. Ronald Reagan famously said, “Mistakes were made,” when referring to the Iran-Contra scandal. Other examples of using passive voice for political reasons could include “Bombs were dropped,” and “Shots were fired.” If you watch the news, you should pay attention and listen for examples of passive voice.

There are times when the use of passive voice is encouraged. I'm going to draw on the wisdom of Grammar Girl again here:

"Passive voice is also sometimes useful in fiction writing. For example, if you were writing a mystery novel and you wanted to highlight missing cookies because they are central to the story, passive voice is the best option. It would make more sense to write, "The cookies were stolen," instead of "Somebody stole the cookies."

The difference is subtle, but in the passive sentence “The cookies were stolen,” the focus is on the cookies. In “Somebody stole the cookies,” the focus would be on the unknown somebody. Passive voice can be helpful if you want to create a sense of mystery in your sentence."

Castiel FYI

Discussion Questions

  • How often do you use active voice and how often do you use passive voice?
  • Have you ever chosen to use passive voice instead of active voice? Why?
  • Do you unconsciously use one or the other more often?


Go through a recent piece that you have written, or a piece where you use a lot of passive voice, and change it to see if the sentences flow better when you use active voice.

Go through a recent piece that you have written, or a piece where you use a lot of active voice, and change it to see if the sentences flow better when you use passive voice.

I'll leave you with this amazing gif.


Adios! DrippingWords

Christmas ... in gifs!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2011, 8:03 PM
How Christmas went... in gifs :D And if you don't celebrate it, happy holidays!

All night,  like:

Get up in the early am and run through the house like:

Find presents like:


Folk trying to kiss you under the mistletoe like:

That one person who didn't return your good wishes and you're like:

Eat christmas dinner like:


And getting back to the net like:

I also watched the Back to the Future trilogy and bought and played the new-ish game, it was all very savage. Love BTTF :)

How was your holiday? :D x

  • Mood: Jolly
  • Reading: Nicholas Nickleby
  • Watching: Back to the Future atm ^^
  • Playing: Back to the Future: The Game :D Good craic
  • Eating: Strepsils D:
  • Drinking: Teaaa