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Hey folks!

Finally getting to do one more thing I've been meaning to do, which is to start making tutorial videos.  More like process videos that I hope will also shed some light on some of the larger principles character design artists use and all the different ways to go about using them.  A lot of it is likely to be an amalgam of different tips and tricks I've picked up from whole lot of different and talented people, but also combining them in ways perhaps not yet elaborated on yet.  Every process is unique.  Even if people don't follow my regimen the way I do, hopefully you guys will still find something to pull from it and apply to your own work.

I encourage people to subscribe to my page, as I hope to upload one of these a week at the outset (a schedule I hope to be able to maintain, barring anything serious getting in the way).

Hope to see you there, and don't forget my Patreon page!

Cinematic cartoon and character art on Patreon
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