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Have you ever felt as if nobody cared about you? And that you're alone in this world because nobody knows how you feel? Or maybe even, let's say you live in America, you don't have enough nice things.

Well fuck you. You really think that nobody has it worse, that no one knows how you feel. I know how it feels to be in a room with people who have openly expressed their hate to me, and do you see me running around and spreading it like some?

I heated a girl, who was born in America, say that she was on the run for 3 years in Italy during the war. What war? I've known you since the 3rd grade, you haven't been in a war.

I get it, sometimes lies are the only way to get people to like you, but not like this. Not major ones, or else your just an asshole.

Good night every body!
- Evie aka Smudge
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