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Hello guys!
The expressions tutorial I did for Wysp Learning Engine is finally on run! 

It contains of 20 separate panels, each of them are meant to show a process of how to draw faces and expressions; so if you are interested, you can try it out here:)

The learning engine allows you to try practicing on a digital canvas right there on the site, which is really helpful because you're able to see your progress instantly; and hopefully you will find the tutorial I did worth seeing!:aww:

There also are some other tutorials; such as male and female anatomy and dragons tutorials; so Wysp is definitely worth checking out, especially for young learning artists:)

Sorry I am not very active lately, but have a nice day, by the way;)
  • Mood: dA Love
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To express the emotions of life is to live. To express the life of emotions is to make art.</b>
- Jane Heap

What would we be without emotions? It’s a philosophical question many people have probably asked themselves at some point in their lives, and I think the answer is very simple: without emotions, we simply wouldn’t be. Emotions make us human, they define who we are, and they will always be a part of us. Which is what makes them so very interesting!

You are all invited to take part in this contest by sending in your drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc. of people (or animals, for that matter) who, in some way or another, convey a certain emotion, mood, or feeling. That’s the basic idea – the rest is up to you!

Here are a few emotions and feelings you could use, in case you need some inspiration:

happiness, anger, sadness,  pride, guilt, shame, longing, affection, love, hate, pain, sorrow, depression, euphoria, fear, anxiety, apprehension, contentment, enthusiasm, excitement…

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to restrict yourself to one of the basic emotions; you can also choose to show a more abstract feeling that might not classify as an emotion per se.

Express, Don't Repress by PurpleHeartIvY express don't repress by solemnlyswear22 :thumb137865585:


:bulletred: All visual media are allowed – in other words, everything apart from literature will be accepted (traditional and digital art, photography, artisan crafts, stock images, etc.).
:bulletorange: Using literature in combination with a visual medium (e.g., a drawing with a short poem written next to it) is allowed as well. If you choose to do this, however, you should submit your deviation in one of the art categories, not in the literature category.
:bulletyellow: You can send in both old and new deviations, so entries do not have to be created especially for this contest.
:bulletgreen: Crude or sexual content is not allowed. This doesn’t mean that your entry can’t have any blood or nudity in it, but, hey  – there are limits.
:bulletblue: Your entry must have some sort of human or animal form in it. This can be an entire body or a face, a pair of scowling eyes, flushed cheeks or lips curled up in a smile, a dangling foot or two intertwined hands, one person, a group, a couple – well, you catch my drift. Anything will do, really, as long as the emotion is conveyed by living, breathing creatures. (An example of an entry that will not be accepted is a picture of a deserted street to illustrate a feeling of isolation.)
:bulletpink: There are no other rules concerning the content of your entry. You have a free rein!  
:bulletpurple: Please let me know which emotion or feeling is portrayed in your entry. It doesn’t matter how you do this: you can put it in the title of your deviation, write it in your Artist’s Comments, or tell me by sending me a note.  
:bulletblack: You can submit up to two entries per person.
:bulletwhite: And last but not least: your entry must be made by you. Anyone found guilty of art theft will be reported to dA immediately. Naturally you are allowed to use references, but if you do, please credit the original artist.


:bulletblack: To enter the contest, just send me (Suanin) a note with the thumbnail or link to your deviation.

:bulletpurple: Please put my icon (: iconsuanin : with the colons, but without the spaces) or a link to this news article in your Artist’s Comments, to help spread the word about the contest.

:bulletpink: I’d greatly appreciate it if you would support the news article to make it popular. Thank you! :+favlove:


:bulletblue: Start of contest: Monday, October 5th
:bulletgreen: End of contest: Monday, November 30th  




:star: 1st place

- 1 year subscription OR fella plushie, donated by PurpelBlur
- 1 year subscription, donated by Moonbeam13
- postcard from the winner's wishlist, donated by snowmask
- glass piece (link) by My-M3ntal-Stat3
- tutorial of choice by REMEMBRANCE13
- art request: digital, with background by azureseiharra
- art request: OC by lady-Adams88
- art request by sosweetgirl
- art request by Totoro-7
- art request by anaisae
- fully coloured digital painting of a celebrity by Vampire-Rawr
- fully coloured drawing by REMEMBRANCE13
- fully coloured, detailed picture of a character by Pocky-Flower
- half-body, fully coloured CG by ah-miie
- fully coloured illustration of a character by SierraLatkje
- drawing by vista59
- chibi by REMEMBRANCE13
- news feature by aleeshii-chic and Ivienn
- journal feature by azureseiharra, BellalleB, LilithPhotography, gurugu-mawaru, anaisae, DeadLulu, ShantyPanty, Estheryu, lady-Adams88, LookingToTheMoon99, tienfong, PhotographersClub, youthphotographers and Suanin

:star: 2nd place

- DA T-shirt, donated by PurpelBlur
- art request by sosweetgirl
- art request by Totoro-7
- black and white, detailed digital painting of a celebrity by Vampire-Rawr
- coloured picture of a character by Pocky-Flower
- half-body, fully coloured CG by ah-miie
- monochrome illustration of a character by SierraLatkje
- lineart by vista59
- chibi by REMEMBRANCE13
- news feature by aleeshii-chic and Ivienn
- journal feature by azureseiharra, BellalleB, LilithPhotography, gurugu-mawaru, anaisae, DeadLulu, ShantyPanty, Estheryu, LookingToTheMoon99, tienfong, PhotographersClub, youthphotographers and Suanin

:star: 3rd place

- 3 month subscription, donated by PurpelBlur
- 1 month subscription, donated by nadja-garnet
- art request by sosweetgirl
- art request by Totoro-7
- uncoloured picture of a character by Pocky-Flower
- lineart by vista59
- chibi by REMEMBRANCE13
- news feature by aleeshii-chic and Ivienn
- journal feature by azureseiharra, BellalleB, LilithPhotography, gurugu-mawaru, anaisae, DeadLulu, ShantyPanty, Estheryu, LookingToTheMoon99, tienfong, PhotographersClub, youthphotographers and Suanin

Secrets of Superman's Underwear

Fri May 9, 2014, 5:52 PM

Of all the questions that have long vexed my mind, and made for so many sleepless nights, has always been the Big One: Why the shorts on the outside of the leotard? At long last, it is with great pleasure that I present intrepid cub reporter and talented new writer, Ariel Williams, who has finally succeeded in getting to the bottom of “Superman’s Underwear.” Please join me in welcoming Ariel to the depthRADIUS family.

Written by Ariel Williams

Ihave always been a fan of comic books. I grew up in mostly small towns in the 80’s and 90’s and often had to entertain myself with only one or two television stations and no cable TV. Books were always a source of escape from the real world and from my own rather boring life. Art was also a way for me to express my own ideas and flesh out the images I saw in my mind’s eye when reading. From there comic books were a natural draw for me as they had both amazing tales like the books and creative visuals. The more I read comics the more I tried to learn everything I could about this unique art form. When it comes to comics, I’m the geek who usually has the 411…

A common question I get, especially from those that don’t read comics, is...

“Why do superheroes run around in those strange outfits?”

“Why does Superman wear his underwear on the outside?”

It really does seem strange when you think about it. Superman is apparently wearing tights with underwear over them and no clothes other than the spandex and his cape. This sartorial style is echoed in many comic book heroes with their origins in the earliest days of comic books in the 1930's and 1940's onward. The reason for the unusual superhero undies is a strange mixture of economics, printing technology and artistic talents trying to find a middle ground between the two.

— Aeschylus, in Prometheus Bound (c. 478 BC)

In the early 1930's and 40's, the printing of comics came in two forms, black and white and 4 color. (This is also where we get the term “4 color hero.”) In general, comic books were intended to be as cheap as possible so the lowest grades of paper were often used and the fastest and cheapest printing methods.

Capt. America, 1954 – Atlas Comics

Comics and comic books were not considered a serious art form. They were a cheap diversion or something for children. The color printing was initially only reserved for the cover page of a comic because it was a costly process that required the ink to be applied in 4 separate stages, one for each color. The problem became that when doing this the machines had to run at a very high rate of speed to produce enough comics and they would eventually become misaligned and need constant adjustment. This is why we see comics from this era onward with the colors bleeding outside of the lines. This is especially true when color was later applied to entire comics.

Due to these minor imperfections in the process itself the comics were produced with sharp clean edges defined by hard black and often the layouts would be done so that objects could be painted a single color. These restrictions and a lack of a proper gray constrained the art style to fit within the technology of the day. The methods they used to overcome this came in using either a style much like pointillism (halftone) as the image above or hard solid colors, hatching and crosshatching as below.

Keeping your colors simple was the best way to do this but it restricted character design and forced them to create an inventive way to make the character stand out.

Daredevil Comics #25, 1944 – High magnification scans of comic book details

— E. B. White, in "The Old and the New," in The New Yorker (19 June 1937)

Working within the limitations I have just described, comic book artists took great strides to make powerful and lasting impressions. Right or wrong and consciously or not, this led to emphasizing hyper masculine or hyper feminine character traits to make the characters seem larger than life on such a simple format. We often see color changes or divisions at the head, chest, waist, hands groin and feet. This allows the characters to have certain "attributes" stand out.

Which one looks more "heroic"?

Left: original, Center: "no undies", Right: groin accent

The center option almost seems to have neutered Superman with its lack of definition. While option three might be acceptable in this panel, in some poses or in very small panels in the comics his legs might overlap the groin area and the entire pose might loose definition. You literally might not be able to tell his leg from his a-hole. Also, inadvertently defining his "package" would have scandalized 1940's sensibilities.

Even characters that wore only a single color often had detail lines outlining the pelvis from the rest of the body so their features could easily be made out on small panels.

Here we can see what looks like "undies" even on the Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic.

— William Shakespeare, King Lear (1608), Act III, Scene 2

Modern comics are starting to move away from this trend a little as better printing technology has allowed smooth gradients and shading to compensate for the issues of the past and opened up a whole new range of possibilities. Even so, the iconic images of superheroes in comics are so strong that little has changed from those early days.

“Look ma no undies!”

(To be honest, even here a fine line is observed to make sure there is definition between pelvis and legs, but at least it doesn't look like underwear.) Even here we can see the issue of not segmenting the body by contrasting colors. In the pose to the bottom-left, Superman’s leg and groin area seem to blend together a bit too much for my likes but the shading makes it acceptable and the red belt provides a visual queue for his midline.

The New 52 Superman – Art by: Jesus Merino, Lettering by: Carlos M. Mangual, Colored by: Brian Buccellato

Fantastic Four #49 (1966) – A comparison between a scan from the original to the present-day reprint.

  1. Did you ever question why Superman wore his shorts outside his leotard? Or did you simply accept this as being the standard super-hero uniform? Can you think of other odd quirks we accepted in our comics heroes that were necessitated by technical/political/economic/social considerations more than by artists’ choices?
  2. If you are an aspiring comics artist, do you think you would have enjoyed the challenge of trying to solve the restrictions of primitive print production, or are you very grateful to be using today’s technology?
  3. Do you think more should be done to educate arts students in the creative innovations that were invented to keep comics alive in their earliest days? Should the comics narrative storytelling form get more of the respect regularly lavished upon early cinema?
  4. After reading an article like this one about Superman’s underwear, does this special knowledge make you feel just a little bit superior to everyone else not in the know?
  5. Funniest answer possible please: Youtubing the opening credits of the weekly 1952-58 Superman TV show, the bad guys shoot Superman in the chest. He stands there as a motionless target, smiling, hands on hips. The bullets all bounce off his big “S” insignia. Out of bullets, the bad guys toss their empty revolvers at Superman’s head. He ducks. Why?

We all choke on emotions within us that we frequently do not allow them to escape and start crumbling from within.  To me the true power of art is the artist ability to express themselves, their thoughts, emotions, things hidden deep within just waiting to erupt. Everyone has something to say, be that beauty, pain, misery, joy, it is all the special things that make us, and hold us whole from within.  

With this contest I would like to invite the artists on Deviant Art to express the things within them through their artworks, to allow those emotions to escape, the secrets to come to light, to bare the soul. I would like you to let your emotions scream on top of their lungs through your work. (open theme)

:bulletblue:Up to 3 entries per person, any PURE TRADITIONAL style accepted
:bulletblue:Work has to be done purely by traditional media (oil, watercolour, pencil, sculpture, mixed media...)
Only types of digital manipulations permitted are those that:
a.try to match the digital picture of the artwork to the traditional artwork you have done (adjustment of colour, brightness, colours and levels, crop)
b.borders allowed
c. watermarks allowed
d. no other digital enhancements allowed
e. works suspected of digital work will be immediately disqualified
:bulletblue:Works have to be original done by you, if references have been used please list them, and make sure that you have permission to use the reference image
:bulletblue:All works have to comply to all DA policies
:bulletblue:Prizes are not transferable, only one award per person
:bulletblue:In the Artist comment make a link to the contest news announcement, and mention this contest, as well as explain what you wanted to express through your artwork
:bulletblue:Artworks have to be made for this contest, old works will not be accepted
:bulletblue:We reserve the right not to award the prizes if we do not find works suitable to receive it, (for example if i get only 1 entry for this and its a doodle it wont get a prize) all judges will have to agree on this decision
:bulletblue:Entries close May 10
:bulletblue:Winners will be announced as soon judges have finished voting
:bulletblue:all work has to be submitted to category: contests & Projects -> contests -> 2008 -> Express It.

Judging Process

Upon the conclusion of the contest the judges will look through all the work submitted and narrow it down to their top 5. Each judge will do few sentences writeup why they liked each work and order it 1 to 5. The numbers will be tallied. In case there are no definite winners the shortlist will be created and the voting process will be repeated, until there are clear winners. The results will be posted shortly after and prizes issued.


:heart:1st prize: 50 deviant dollars + fella plushie
:heart:2nd prize 25 deviant dollars+ 6 month sub
:heart:3rd prize 6 month sub
:heart:Highly commended news feature

Now get on and create!! Good luck to everyone! :heart:

WeChat Emoticon Sticker Challenge

Wed May 28, 2014, 12:38 PM


WeChat, with 396 million mobile users, and deviantART, host to the world's largest emoticon community, invite you to create an original emoticon sticker with a chance to win major cash and a billboard of your own on deviantART's front page!

Make it happy, make it sad, make it dance, make your character express what it's got -- ready or not.

Read the Creative Assignment for instructions and guidelines on creating your emoticon sticker.

Create your emoticon sticker. Remember, stickers must be animated and feature an original character of your creation.

Enter your artwork into the contest by using the ENTER NOW button below. Your entry must be a single .GIF and must be 360x360 pixels with the total file size not exceeding 200 KB. Follow the directions in the Creative Assignment.

Three grand prize winners will receive $1,000 USD and their entry will be featured in a billboard on the deviantART homepage that links directly to the winner's deviantART profile for maximum exposure.

25 Semi-Finalists will get a one month Premium Membership to deviantART.

*Please note that you are creating a 360x360 .GIF, not a full billboard.


  • Entrants may enter as many entries as they like however duplicate entries are not allowed.
  • Entrant must be at least 18 years old as of May 28, 2014.
  • Entrant may reside anywhere in the world.
  • Entries must be received by 11:59:59PM (PT) on June 3, 2014 and be submitted through the contest gallery on deviantART;
  • Membership to is required to enter the Contest;
  • Membership to is free;
  • Entrant must follow the instructions in the "Creative Assignment" found on the Contest Site.
  • Entry must feature an original character. Third party characters are not allowed.
  • Entry must be an animated emoticon sticker rendered as a .GIF file 360 pixels in width by 360 pixels in height with the total file size not exceeding 200k.

25 semi-finalists will be selected by WeChat judges and will be posted on deviantART. From the semi-finalists, the WeChat judges will select three grand prize winners within approximately seven days of the posting of the semi-finalist entries.

Judges will use the following criteria in whatever degree the judges believe appropriate:

  • Originality of the Emoticon Character
  • Artistic and Technical Skill
  • Sense of Fun, Action, and Engagement

Please read the Official Rules for additional judging information.

Christian Maryclay and The Clock

Thu Jan 15, 2015, 6:46 PM
93-img-00 by techgnotic

In 1964, Andy Warhol made “Empire,” an 8–hour film consisting of a single slow-motion shot of the Empire State Building as seen from the Time–Life Building.

Other than exterior floodlights coming on and off, there is no narrative but “time” itself—as captured in one hours–long period one unremarkable evening, and as expended by anyone watching the motion picture of a motionless scene.  No artist has ever been able to substantively “comment” via artistic expression on Warhol’s ridiculous yet sublime deconstruction of “cinema.” Until now.

“The Clock” is a film created by artist Christian Marclay. Shown only as an art installation in galleries and museums, it runs a full 24 hours in length. As in Warhol’s “Empire,” time itself is the only true narrative of the film, but the genius of this movie is that every second of visual information—edited scenes lifted from divergent films and TV show—is “contained” in time signature, whether denoted by a line of dialogue or seen in an actual clock–face in the scene. The pointless hodgepodge of “story” that is created is irrelevant. What matters is that every single second of the 24 hours of the film is codified in perfect order, as constantly noted by verbal or visual verification in each scene. The “plot” of “The Clock” is the successful passage of 24 hours of time, every moment accounted for. Everything else in this movie—the random edits of random scenes with random actors—is simply a 24–hour distraction from the true main plot: time itself passing—in the movie and in the life of the passive viewer.

Charles Marclay first gained fame in the 1970s and 80s with his pioneering work manipulating sound using gramophone records and turntables as musical instruments. This paralleled the musical movement happening in the streets and the parks of Brooklyn, N.Y. that would become hip hop music—which also used turntables as instruments. While “The Clock” is being installed, print–by–24–hour–print, in museums across America building a following for Marclay, “the audacious conceptual artist,” it has been for his live performances of his “sound collages” that he has been best known for. Newsweek magazine recently named him as one of today’s ten most important artists.

Your Thoughts

  1. What questions does the very existence of “The Clock” provoke in your mind about the nature of time and fleeting existence in our lives?
  2. Is it possible for “Time” itself to be the protagonist of a story, with all the disjointed scenes of the movie only serving as background characters to the main narrative of Time’s own passing?
  3. Do you think it is necessary to watch all 24hrs of “The Clock” or do you think it’s point and the questions it raises about the human necessity to create art and leave a record of our existence could be made after the first couple hours? Can you think of another conceptual art piece that provokes so many questions and ideas? Could this be in its “nothingness” and yet simultaneous provocation of ideas one of the most important pieces of conceptual art ever created?

I, for one, believe that art is all about expression.
I'm a photographer (and a writer too) but this is not right just about photography, but for all kinds of art. There are many forms of expression, but ultimately it has to make you feel.
Isn't that what art is suppose to do?

Make us think, challenge us to ask ourselves how do we feel about what we see? Translate our vision to feelings. Every little thing can be expressive.
But, do we all try to express something with our work?

Looking at something beautiful or ugly can be expressive, as long as it not just showing it but making a statement. Transferring the atmosphere, putting an angle on things, making us look differently at the world. Isn't it expressive?

It's all a matter of what we are trying to show. Of our intentions while taking the photograph. I don't care what kind of a camera you have, If you thought we all want to see your dog, or your dinner. Put some creative effort into your work.




I don't care about technique, only intentions and resault.
If you wanted to show the connection between a father and a son, how do you do that? Is taking a picture of an old man and a younger one good? Is it creative? will it chalange people to think? to feel?
But if you use symbols and chalnge the viewer to understand, and feel - you made art. Don't get me wrong, It still can be bad art, but It's art, and a very good start.

The cetegory "Conceptual" is the closest thing to expressive ideas on DA. When the subject, or the technique, play no role in the basic intention of the piece - being expressive. Of course every other category can still show many expressive works, and I invite you all to search for that expressive elemnts in art, and think a minute if that is what draws you into one piece more than another.. I bet it is :)

More on that subject -->…
Wow! When I posted the thread in the forums asking for these images, I got an overwhelming response!!! So many artists of all genres wanted to share their work with me and the rest of the community.

I love putting together news features, and have been averaging one every 2 weeks - Images come from the forums, as well as first choice going to my watchers (as always I will watch those who watch me), and also I usually take a quick gander through the community at large on my own time.

These images show faces with different expressions, and different artistic vision and technique.

As per usual, I'm asking you to please fave the article so more people can see these awesome pieces, and also be sure to give out some faves and comments to support your fellow artists.

:thumb143554948: :thumb143517471: Looking Back by HarlowPhotography :thumb127026873: Battered by HarlowPhotography touch me like you mean it by HarlowPhotography Dark Child by HarlowPhotography :thumb115686410: :thumb133304986: :thumb143347526: :thumb141824716: :thumb141745531: :thumb141445925: Fanny by tranmonster the art by JamesDoM avo by JamesDoM A warm December with you by iNeedChemicalX :thumb142633747: :thumb142916742: :thumb107908387: :thumb115367706: :thumb118156342: bird brain by well-you-dont-say a smile by Seraph6283 :thumb141878198: :thumb143306812: Xi by mawilda :thumb142946665: :thumb141762420: :thumb137395307: happiness. by Altingfest :thumb116761706: smile by german-polina chelsea smile by xMissTake the black hat by prismes hide and seek by mynameisusefulidiot Laugh by loveErica :thumb74516561: Flowergirl by 6igella Masha by 6igella purple gold by 6igella Listen as the Waves Go By New by Mariko303 Pretty in Pink by Mariko303 :thumb132219521: :thumb105466201: :thumb111963138: Wild Fire in Her Eyes by MorbidKittyCorpse Sprawl by MorbidKittyCorpse Secret Love by lovesignal Strawberry Girl by lovesignal Gabi 1 by altowiolistka Exterior Vision by remembering-amnesia The Sweetness and Glamour by remembering-amnesia captivation by PCBB 30 by ann-bee :thumb139739847: Sanguine by charleshildreth random self portrait by ladylionink Spirit of Fall by Vincent7995 K. Baetzing by MicrowaveOven :thumb86138762: hayley by ben5069 :: Itty Bitty :: by warui-shoujo :thumb143143974: :thumb143149978: Moon Sorrow II by Dissembler96 :thumb143135083: :thumb143135083: Thinking Of You by HollyMossArt Wrap up warm II by HollyMossArt Remember Me by HollyMossArt :thumb113528352: Mermaid, 4 by NoxiousFreak Diamonds 3 by NoxiousFreak :thumb142567574: :thumb135719494: Dominic by charleshildreth Almost by raemarshall End of Life by shhhhh-art :thumb142915727: Rose by Xiuhtecuhtli Peter - LK by falt-photo :thumb142805994: Ashley IV by ELogan-Photography Color me tasty by Kattyish Remember me by Kattyish midnight by Kattyish Andra by LuciaConstantin agnes by LuciaConstantin Padureanca by LuciaConstantin Really? by LuciaConstantin D. by LuciaConstantin Hendrix He Isn't by MoreThanNothing Sympathy For The Devil by MoreThanNothing :thumb138960583: - Christina Ricci - by IskaDesign - Elijah Wood - by IskaDesign - The Grudge - by IskaDesign Cloaked In Starshine by Zorg-One-One I Wait In Darkness by Zorg-One-One Borrowed Colours From A Dream by Zorg-One-One Beauty and the Beast I by Zorg-One-One Vintage Lace by Zorg-One-One Dreamer by Eowyn-Saule :thumb137507907: Geeky working man by Fwee4 Always hungry by Basistka bowler hat by Basistka Movie Night by DalaiHarma Facial Expression by Basistka :thumb112571360: :thumb112321956: :thumb136932215: :thumb127771933: Pink by natzmc Lost in Thought by natzmc love somebody. by theKika :thumb132795402: :thumb136248950: :thumb41564330: The Scream by TomasGarcia Scream by meLthings Scream by final-testament SCREAM by themjj :thumb48952978: are you angry? by apokalupsiseschaton Angry by Basistka Fear 2 by Akaeya-Lovely Fear by SleepingWuthGhosts :thumb130583844: fear by Alisa-Sangster Shock by Fishberrygirl Shock by AceOfHearts23 :thumb90039554: :thumb113210514: Oh no by AfraidOfButterflies Have fun by odah-cam Bad Romance by KatyLouise :thumb142567845: Balad for the greek girls by bittersweetvenom :thumb142713886: Take My Gaze by Miss-DeadlyRed :thumb142712434: :thumb142587945: :thumb142791166: a smile on a friends face by freak-of-nature15 .Silence. by bchere The Nerd 2.0 by V-Seth :thumb142854428: surprise by loverofsong cute by Nemessis550 :thumb128266848: Zly telefon? by DamnMaggy :thumb142861713: :thumb142799319: .Clock by Maniowa Emilie november 2009 I by buffet-froid :thumb142812991: :thumb142841360: listen close by Jackapolooza Blops by Nefle :thumb142802916: purple feel by meyrembulucek 1st Time Swinging 4 by babydreamer26 :thumb142917780: Ch.T. by jbvillain :thumb142569486: :: First Studio Shot II :: by lessthanhumanz :: First Studio Shot III :: by lessthanhumanz Untitled98 by usernamehereplease Grain close-up2 by usernamehereplease untitled32 by usernamehereplease :thumb114912499: :thumb139882675: Katarina by Past-Chaser :thumb141807319: :thumb138849913: Looking sad by rdevill Popeye by rdevill White on Blue by Cairisti Lollipop by MichelleRamey catch by KiaraBlackPhotograph Sweet Lolita III by KiaraBlackPhotograph :thumb107583219: :thumb88885419: :thumb140950557: Such A Kissable Face by Hallow2 :thumb124625170: Fall Flavor by Stacey67294 :thumb124320186: Retouching 1 by sympa-inspir colours of by voland14 Yeah... by GildedTiger Lil Miss Lila Mae by GildedTiger Le Gasp by Ferreson amy riding hood colorsave 02 by Ferreson Yellow Brick Wall by Ferreson La Mascara de la Muerte by Lea5000 :thumb141598933: :thumb121552707: Hi I'm a Giraffe, Moo. by design-fatality Fear and Disgust by design-fatality Rubber Ducky, You're The One by SuiGenerisCrystal if looks could kill 1.0 by studpup sad clown by studpup to serve his queen by studpup are you challenging me? by studpup hide me from the sun by studpup zimne oczy w zimnym klimacie by antonina-w-ogrodzie das Licht 8 by antonina-w-ogrodzie vogue by antonina-w-ogrodzie good to see you by antonina-w-ogrodzie :thumb142777198: Milla Jovovich by Ashley-Q Delicious by Ashley-Q Wet by Ashley-Q Muse of Life by ProSoul Mary, again . . by alsobroken Pretty Pretty Princess by rainbowbarf they call me sailor venus by kika1983 goldfish by kika1983 ...Give It To Ya by xHaStex One Lense by xHaStex Call Me Sweetheart... by xHaStex :thumb126742078: That Look by Smoko-Stock Reverie du Bresil. by MadameFatalite Lady Jessie by MadameFatalite He Was An Old Copper Gangster by chelano Cherry Lips by chelano Mady by simone4390 Rainbow II by ELogan-Photography Euan by ELogan-Photography Baby Harvey by corvuscreative :thumb141977134: :thumb138455283: :thumb139550265: :thumb140454379: :thumb122945946: :thumb132774602: :thumb125424065: i don't wanna dream by greenxin :thumb141772026: Music is my EXTASY by Oligatorek Curiosity by charleshildreth Shut Your Mouth by ratgirl84 Eugene Victor Tooms by ratgirl84 Sex Is Not The Enemy by ratgirl84 pink cloud by chocolettecake hi jim by chocolettecake nude black and white by michaelkhall Envy by michaelkhall A Reflection of Me - DevID by Wannabe-Angel Ever Felt Away by Embers April Sketches by loki-lou :thumb119832769: :thumb142158444: :thumb135331824: Lip Smackers by mariyaolshevska :thumb142628337: :thumb128507391: :thumb133535883: Betrayal by Syntheta-NZ Desire by Syntheta-NZ Spectral Eyes by Syntheta-NZ Gynoid by Syntheta-NZ Melody- digitally coloured by Syntheta-NZ Raining II by diegoidef Figuring You Out by iKiska Woman 3 by DPasschier Amanda, II by srdrummerboy :thumb140908129: Azura practice by plangkye :thumb141129842: Candy Time by LilyanneBoleyn Time by girlb0t Baby Mia by CTIx12390 Get money by peacepipe17 :thumb142630635: I love Freckles by SweetObsceneLuvsRain Madam Red by RiHarusame I'm In Candyland. by MindlessKitteh :thumb142631027: Hatsune Miku by SexyPururu :thumb142631099: :thumb122741317: :thumb118132014: :thumb118132796:

Ode On A Grecian Rock

Thu Mar 12, 2015, 1:53 PM
Img-og by techgnotic

When old age shall this generation waste,

Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe

Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say’st,

‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’”

— Jon Keats Ode on a Grecian Urn

What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever read on a bathroom stall?

Thinking about the crude messages we seem so fond of displaying on the walls of private places, it can be tempting to imagine that this is a habit unique to contemporary society. After all, when else in history did humans have such crude senses of humor? Much has been made of the declining moral fiber of societies worldwide, and surely the bathroom stall wall is ground zero for the tactless, unwholesome expressions of a society with its collective mind in the gutter.

Of course, the truth is more complex than that. The most simplistic form of the bathroom wall carving is probably the one that reads “Jane Doe was here.” The simple declaration that the person making the inscription was there at one point or another is something that humans have been doing for as long as there has been writing. The walls of Pompeii and Herculaneum, because of the way they were preserved in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, bear solemn testimony to this fact. Moreso they show us that we are not alone in defacing the walls around us with lewd, uncouth messages.

“Apollinaris, doctor to the emperor Titus, had a good crap here.”

This message, written by the eloquent Apollinaris, is the perfect combination of the classic “I was here” inscription, coupled with a little bit of literal toilet humor. This message is exemplary of the ones archaeologists found in Pompeii and Herculaneum. The messages are full of the mundane, the crudely funny, as well as plenty of unmitigated sexual bravado.

There’s a lot to be interested in here. Immediately we can all gain some perspective on how little our species has really changed over the years. Despite making some technological and societal advancements that would render today’s world unrecognizable and inconceivable to the average citizen of Pompeii circa 79 B.C.E., it seems as though the day-to-day concerns of our ancestral counterparts weren’t very different from ours.

It is also interesting to note how humans have long considered the wall fertile ground for unfiltered expression. There have always been examples of beautiful public art displayed as murals or frescoes on walls dating back through the centuries, but there is also something about a plain wall, especially in a bar or brothel, that has long cried out to us for free and spontaneous outbursts. It calls into question Werner Herzog’s notions about the cave paintings he explores in 2011’s Cave of Dreams. Where Herzog’s romantic mind saw the paintings as the first examples of human artistic expression, we’d do well to at least consider the idea that the humans who made these images were simply passing the time, as it were, taking advantage of a healthy slice of unmarked wall.

More recently, Dr. Andreas Vlachpoulos discovered some ancient scrawling on the island of Astypalaia in the Aegean Sea. One of the inscriptions read “Nikasitimos was here mounting Timiona.” The inscription was accompanied by drawings of two penises. Unless you’re very familiar with Greek nomenclature, you might not realize that Nikasitimos and Timiona are both male names. These facts illustrate some of the marked differences between ancient Greek society and our own, modern one. That is, homosexual relationships, especially between men, were commonplace.

But more to the point, the discovery of these carvings, which date to around the fifth century B.C.E., illustrates the extent to which citizens of ancient Greece were literate. It goes without saying that the scholars and philosophers of city-states like Athens were literate, but this graffiti shows that perhaps those in more common professions, living on the Greek isles—soldiers, farmers, menial laborers—were also able to read and write.

Too often as a species we have trouble empathizing with one another. We imagine other humans living in far-off places or older time periods as being many degrees removed from our own lives, feeling and experiencing entirely different sets of circumstances. But the reality is we are more similar than different, and that truth stretches across time as much as it does distance. Next time you’re reading or writing messages on a bathroom stall, consider it a bond of kinship with your Roman, Grecian, and—perhaps—cavemen (and women) ancestors.

Your Thoughts

  1. Have you ever read a line of toilet stall graffiti that you found clever or funny enough to be repeated outside the stall?
  2. Do you think of messages on bathroom walls as being the most basic form of democratic expression -- or a mockery of that expression?
  3. Can you defend sexually explicit bathroom wall drawings as being a form of art?
  4. What makes some words and images “art” and others “vandalism?”