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Hello guys!
The expressions tutorial I did for Wysp Learning Engine is finally on run! 

It contains of 20 separate panels, each of them are meant to show a process of how to draw faces and expressions; so if you are interested, you can try it out here:)

The learning engine allows you to try practicing on a digital canvas right there on the site, which is really helpful because you're able to see your progress instantly; and hopefully you will find the tutorial I did worth seeing!:aww:

There also are some other tutorials; such as male and female anatomy and dragons tutorials; so Wysp is definitely worth checking out, especially for young learning artists:)

Sorry I am not very active lately, but have a nice day, by the way;)
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:iconimseriousplz: :iconurseriousplz: :iconohseriousplz:  :iconsooseriousplz: :iconseriouskipplz:

:iconseriouschuplz: :iconseriouseeveeplz:




Onions Tou
:iconblushplz: :iconcblushplz: :iconcconfusedplz: :iconchahaplz: :iconcheroplz: :iconcsulkplz: :iconscaredplz: :iconomgwtfbbqplz: :iconomgnoesplz: :iconiseeplz: :iconvomitplz: :iconheavenlyplz: :iconsayhiplz: :iconranranruuplz: :iconsaiyanplz: :iconguaahplz: :iconvoodooplz: :iconmiseryplz: :iconplanningplz: :icongreatjobplz: :iconitshotplz: :iconitscoldplz: :iconitsfreezingplz: :iconsickplz: :icononionxdplz: :iconpetrifiedplz: :icondestroyplz: :iconfinallyplz: :iconinjuredplz: :icononiontantrumplz: :iconawkwardplz: :iconcuriosityplz: :icondontunderstandplz: :iconnotlisteningplz: :iconboredomplz: :iconcomeatmeplz: :iconruncryplz: :iconstudytimeplz: :iconsighingplz: :iconsmartyplz: :icondesperateplz: :iconfeelingfullplz: :icononionnouplz: :iconcomebackplz: :iconhandsomeonionplz: :iconrelievedplz: :iconhappyhappyplz: :icongivingupplz: :icondotdotdotzplz: :iconhappytearsplz: :iconbaibaiplz: :iconwarmandcomfyplz: :iconcomeoverhereplz: :iconheadacheplz: :iconadorableplz: :iconlaughingplz: :iconsweatdropplz: :iconembarrasedplz: :iconscaredtodeathplz: :icontooloudplz: :icondustingplz: :icondepressedonionplz: :icononionomfgplz: :iconthirstyplz: :icononionaccidentplz: :iconthreewishesplz: :icononionbunnyplz: :iconwatchitplz: :iconyesvictoryplz: :iconinloveplz: :iconfaceplz: :icononichewplz: :iconchocoloveplz: :iconsaunarelaxplz: :icononisquirtplz: :icononigaspplz: :icononionharpplz:  :iconsadnessplz: :icononicheer: :icononisoaked: :icononigirlbeg: :icononibeg: :icononihauntyou: :icononiwhistle: :iconawwwplz: :iconimdeadplz: :iconsmokeplz: :iconkillitplz: :iconorzplz: :icondivaplz: :iconschoolplz: :icononionbingoplz: :iconstabeyesplz: :iconarigatouplz: :icononionfufuplz: :iconredcardplz: :iconaloneplz: :iconblooddeathplz: :icononionsoccer1plz: :iconinternalinjuryplz: :icongraduatingplz: :iconhomelessonionplz: :icononionpinnochioplz: :icononionpanicplz: :icononionzzz: :icononiondrum:

Double meaning accounts

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Dragon (Silvvy and Ebby)
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Double Meaning
:icondragonmos: :icondragonmosquito:

Foxes (Pyong)
:iconheartbeatplz: :iconfoxyayzplz: :iconfoxyeahrightplz: :iconfoxzomgplz: :iconpyongiluplz: :iconfoxpfftplz: :iconfoxplottingplz: :iconfoxrawrplz: :iconfoxsighplz: :iconfoxwhaplz: :iconfoxhideplz: :iconfoxninjaplz: :iconfoxpeepingplz: :iconfoxghostplz: :iconfoxgrrplz: :iconfoxangelplz: :iconfoxawwplz: :iconfoxbaibaiplz: :iconfoxcryplz: :iconfoxeatplz: :iconfoxevillaughplz: :iconfoxpervplz: :iconfoxhappyplz: :icondeadfoxplz:
Double Meaning Accounts
:iconfoxwhoopsplz: :iconsweatplz: :iconfoxhahaplz: :iconfoxxdplz:

:iconomgsocuteplz: :iconmonkeyloveplz: :iconmonkeytantrumplz: :iconpervmonkeyplz: :iconwhatsthatplz: :iconmonkeymeowplz: :iconscreamingplz: :iconmonkeykissplz: :iconafraidmonkeyplz: :iconscreamingmonkeyplz: :iconparanoidmonkeyplz: :iconohpleaseplz: :iconkissmymonkeyassplz: :iconpissedmonkeyplz: :iconxrourax: :iconohmaigawdplz:

:iconkemekofan: :iconkemekofann: :iconkemekofannn:

:iconlickplz: :iconcutehiplz: :iconkissingplz: :iconsweethugplz: :iconbunnyloveplz:  :iconnyappyplz: :iconhyperplz: :iconvomitmeplz: :iconhikawaiiplz: :iconhikawaii2plz: :iconheyuplz: :iconspazhugplz: :iconstalkerplz: :icontrollingplz: :iconsuccessfultrollplz: :iconfortehlulzplz: :iconkittylickyouplz: :iconcuddleplz: :icondeathhugplz: :icontardjumpingplz: :iconhappyblueplz: :iconworshipplz: :iconownedplz: :icononozplz: :iconelvalantanalasa: :icondawnandjason: :icondropitplz: :iconfffkuzuplz:  

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We want to give a big thank you to every one who sent icons in.
We do not own any of these icons and all credit should go to their respected owners
Thank you

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Do facial expressions reflect inner feelings?
Or are they social devices for influencing others?


:thumb122771198: :thumb122714594: :thumb105416967: Look at my eyeS .. by estellamestella :thumb111685755: Bookworm Story Vol.3 by soulofautumn87 Moment by larafairie She and her lil  bear-4 by MotyPest :thumb125692090: Happy by dilara-Y i told you by casseybunn _An end has a start. by Bloddroppe Retro by ingue :thumb112532867: Purple look I by iram :thumb67214196: This love. by CaitlinWorthington my eye ID by xTive six feet under by ultramaryna :thumb98303210: Kenya lV by serhatdemiroglu :thumb118451455: jaqueline by raineese Monarch by EvilxElf :thumb72090310: You were far too young dear by LadyFreeSoul Timeless by krmenxa snow angel by bailey--elizabeth Music by firarifunda :thumb113088548: :thumb92368833: Dust. by create-illusions .: c l o s e r :. by fal-name mezzo piano by nowaryesblack .ID. by kadavra9 Gizem Akbal by CaGaTaYGENCAY feel like a feather by veshtitza :thumb126019482: Asya II by 0lalaa Berries by Muse1908 :thumb124114273: Silence of the forest by dargeg inlovemood by lunariya Super Grandma by cren Kar Ruyasinda - Yagar... by sakiryildirim pera nights I by nowaryesblack intense emma by andrewfphoto :thumb118726279: falling away. by bohemianpoets taste of dream by EbruSidar PorTraIT 5 by julie-rc netz by Iwiey venteuse by Danuva april by julkusiowa shineonmeMRsun IV by jazzrail :thumb67167293: Scarlett by MrsHyde let me think about love you by josemanchado circles by Soyismyhomeboy Don't look with those eyes. by justina-m Baby Pink by FurtiveLungs Minda 4 by AndersonPhotography  Billy the Kid. by jessicarock breeze she breathes by Pretty-As-A-Picture


I don't DO mornings by seainside painkiller by seainside Miss the days when... by seainside
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:iconteheplz: :iconfishyplz: :iconjuap: :iconholyfuckplz:

:iconohnoesplz: :iconhighnoesplz: :iconinvertedohnoesplz: :iconohnoseplz: :iconohhitler: :iconcapnoesplz: :iconohnoahplz: :iconnewohnoesplz: :iconpinkohnoesplz: :iconnoesplz: :iconohnoescolorfulplz:


:iconf3plz: :iconfdplz:


:iconohjoyplz: :iconnojoyplz: :iconbigjoyplz: :iconbluewhatplz: :iconrealyfunplz: :iconunjoyplz:


:iconyouthinkingb1: :iconthinkiamb2:


:iconhitlernoesplz: :iconhitlerbucktoothplz: :iconhitlerunimpressedplz: :iconhitlerdohplz: :iconhitlerohplz: :iconhitlersaywhatplz: :iconhitlersmile: :iconhitlertardplz:



:iconilikeitplz:  :iconidontloveitplz: :iconiloveitplz: :iconiloveitmoreplz: :iconidislikeitplz: :iconirapeitplz: :iconiwantitplz: :iconihateitplz: :iconicantbelieveitplz: :iconilickitplz::iconikilleditplz::iconretardiloveitplz: :iconohjoyzplz:   :iconblushingplz: :iconblushinghardplz: :iconohboyplz:


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:iconohshitplz: :iconhappytimeplz: :iconsomethingstinksplz: :iconomgwhutplz:

:iconjarryplz: :iconjarryrollplz: :iconlarryplz: :iconlarryseeswhatyoudid:  :iconsmartlarryplz: :iconoriginallarryplz:  :icontardlarryplzthx: :iconmrslarryplz: :iconhappylarryplz: :icontangelarryplz:


The Yolks!

:icondizzy-plz: :iconangry-plz: :icongrin--plz: :iconlll-plz: :iconomg--plz: :iconoo-plz: :iconsnooty-plz: :iconblush--plz: :iconxd--plz: :iconcanyouhearthebass: :iconsmile--plz:

:icontasteyummy: :iconyum-plz: :iconnom--nomplz: :icondisbeliefplz: :iconyoplz: :iconconfidentplz: :iconhurtsplz:


:iconsybillewoot: :iconmitchieplz:


:iconotlplz: :iconnuhnuh:


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</b>To use these icons go :iconinsert_icon_name_here: you can find the name of the icon by moving your mouse over the one you would like to use
and a big thank you to every one who sent icons in. We would just like to remind you, you must send the icons to us in a note
We do not own any of these icons and all credit should go to their respected owners
Thank you
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:shamrock: by ebonredExpressions:shamrock: by ebonred

Touching noses: “I like you!”
Lick on the cheek: “I really like you.”
Lick on the ear: Comforting.
Lick on forehead: “I love you!”/“Will you be my mate?”
Brushing tail on back or flank: Calming.
Lick under/on belly: “I want kits.”
Touching nose to cheek: “I’m happy for you”/Comforting.
Nuzzle: Comfort/“You’re hilarious!” (The second is for mates)
Touch nose to cheek: “I’m glad you’re here.” (For lovers)
Lick own chest fur: To hide embarrassment.
Lick on the shoulder: Respect.
Lick on the tail: “Will you be my mate?”
Lick on the paw: “You are my friend!”
Lick below the chin: “I want you forever!”
Lick on the nose: “Do you want to play?”
Rubs tail anywhere: Flirty, comforting or curious.
Rubbing against you: “I like you.”/“Don’t worry.”/“I love you.”
Flat ears: “Back off!”
Bares teeth: “Get away from me!"
Lunging at you: “Back off now!”
Roll on your back: “You are stronger than me, I respect you.”
Tail tucked: Scared.
Growling/Hissing/Spitting: Angry or accenting.

this is who we are by yourpersonaljesus Yeah, I'm Bitter by raemarshall :: NO One's There :: by Al3ashAlhpart of life by shadowsoulangel My Heroine by Klaamka to much for now. by Copchilu :thumb128989671: :thumb124870297: Together by SaBenna :thumb128875064: Blue Dream keeping you awakeII by keep-breathing Don't Go Without Me by kosmodisk :thumb128781589: :thumb128781589: Every Two Seconds A Baby Dies by carly-jean above by prismes Emotional by YourEgo :thumb128174154: Light Turns To Dust by raemarshall words of love by oprisco :thumb127637764: :thumb127625333: :thumb127550222: Hypsipyle by Olga-Zervou :thumb127622752: I'm sorry. by Tuba-S :thumb127533585: Leak by moonbuggs 151 by sakeinusesa Heartmaker by Akrepsue :thumb126719869: :thumb126533382: Cere by sakiryildirim :thumb126455003: :thumb126469067: :thumb125868692: Chucku in actiune by diaboliks2 Larghissimo by synchro-halo Andreea no. 01 by saspunemcuvinte My heart and soul by glitterscene :thumb125111571: :thumb125122749: Nikki by lunariya :thumb125344856: Window Wonder. by FaithInEmerz Medusa Atonement by TiaDanko :thumb124774660: :thumb124595715:
Hi there! :wave:

In October, I will be hosting a new contest on DeviantArt. The theme? Expressions!
:D :depressed: :fear: :bored: :love: :cries: :laughing: :hug: :blush: :worry: :X :tears:
All media will be accepted (apart from literature - sorry! :() and entries should be drawings, paintings, photographs, etc. of people who, in some way or another, convey a certain emotion or feeling. This can be one of the basic emotions (happiness, sadness), a complex emotion (pride, guilt, shame) or a less definable feeling such as security, longing or affection.
Entries will not have to be created especially for this contest; submitting old work is allowed as well, as long as it fits the theme.

Right. That's it for the rules; the only thing I still need is:
:bulletred: a) an awesome title for the contest
The title should be creative, but also representative of the theme. :confused:
:bulletorange: b) seven judges
Yes, only seven - so be quick! :sprint:
:bulletyellow: c) prizes
Features, commissions, requests, stamps, jewellery, prints, posters, subscriptions... anything will do! :aww:

If you want to help me out, please let me know by commenting on this forum thread or sending me a note (Suanin). I'd really appreciate it! :nod:
To show my gratitude, everyone who contributes something to the contest will be featured in my journal (with two deviations of your choice) at the start of the contest. I have a fair amount of watchers, so you can be sure that your work will be seen by at least a few people! ;)

Thanks in advance! :w00t:
It's Comics & Cartoons Week at deviantART, and one of the resources cartoonists and comic artists need is a collection of facial expressions to reference for their character art. But where can you go to find reference images like this all in one place?

:iconchronicdoodler: chronicdoodler has the answer!

Just click the thumb below, read the guidelines, and download the template! It's fun, easy, and a huge help for deviantART's C&C community!

Expressions Project Template by chronicdoodler

This project has become a meme shared between artists throughout dA, so I wanted to get a closer look. Fortunately, chronicdoodler agreed to an interview to explain her project more in depth...

Interview with chronicdoodler

chronicdoodler: The expressions reference project is a deviant fueled resource library of individuals Facial structures, and their wide range of emotions for artist reference.

    2. It's a great idea! What inspired you to start this project?
chronicdoodler: The key to drawing expressions realistically is to use reference, but I found my characters starting to look and emote the same, or more specifically like me, since I use myself as a reference.

So I searched Deviantart and found most of the female stock artists while beautiful, rarely take any images where their face is contorted, emotional, and unattractive. The male stock, is even harder to come by, and the expressions tend be overly aggressive, or impassive. And while its possible to find spontaneous expressions, I thought it would be nice to see how this person, this character would express all their wide range of expressions.

In short references are hard to come by, and I figured other artists must have the same problem, so I started the project in the hope to share comprehensive and useful expressions to others.

    3. What types of artists use reference images like this, and how will the images be used?
chronicdoodler: These reference images are probably most useful for comic artists who create characters with personalities, back stories, and are fully-fledged individuals in the artist mind, Characters that have to be drawn consistently, with expressions that are unique to the character.

Though I can see it being useful for any visual artist who needs reference for extreme emotions, or to get reference of different facial structures in multiple angles.

    4. Are there any specific types of models you'd like to study more?
chronicdoodler: I have gotten an amazing turn out from generous deviants, and I am thankful to all the individuals who have contributed so far. But it would be wonderful to get references of people who are older, male, and of different racial descent. At the moment most of our contributions are caucasion, women 25 or younger.

Though certainly I will gladly and graciously except anyone who would like to contribute.

    5. Most stock image providers are generally interested in learning more about the needs of the artists that will use their resources. For those that want to participate in the expressions project, are there any tips that will help them produce the best results for capturing the images you need?
chronicdoodler: I am of course thankful to anyone who contributes, and have fun while making their sheet.  But I humbly ask to remember the spirit of the project is to provide clear reference for comic artists. So I ask them to please keep their hair tied back, make sure their face is in view and not covered by props, and take images in well-lit areas that provides shadows to show volume, but not lose the form.

    6. What are some of your best project contributions so far, and what makes each one stand out to you as a cartoonist?
chronicdoodler: I adore each contribution, but I will try to narrow it down.

Expressions Project Larry by chronicdoodler This one is actually of my father, but is definitely extremely useful for cartoon artists. Often we use simple lines to represent age, but once the face begins to move and contort it becomes very tricky to figure out how the face of an aged person emotes. Stock artists, and models tend to be young so I think this contribution is very valuable.

Expressions Reference by Terrizae This is Terrizae, and I love her big eyes, and expressive face. Being a lover of drawing expressions herself, she is able to emote very well.

FacExPro - or, Rubberface Jack by Jakkar Jakkar has a wonderful expressive face, and I adore how extreme he allowed his face to go for the project. I can see his contribution to be very helpful for cartoon artists.

Expressions Reference Project by PhoenixFuryBane PhoenixFuryBane is a great actress, with a wonderfully unique face. She was able to create expressions that very interesting and distinct from each other.

    7. All these images are fun to browse, but can't you just learn about expressions from different faces? Why do you need so many expressions and angles for each face?
chronicdoodler: The first few angles of the neutral face allow the artist to see the structural form of the person so they can break down the face into geometric shapes. This allows them to understand how the person will look at angle, even ones not shown.

Once the structure is understood, then the personality can be explored. Some people smile openly with a full set of teeth, some almost shyly. Some people when angry have that traditional angry face, while I have known people who look closer to crying when angry. Some people are extrovert, while others introvert. Some cultures encourage expressing individuality and emotion, while some don't. Everyone is different, so by studying the individuals, you can see what makes them unique, and what makes them the same.

    8. Before I run off to try to find a male "model" that will agree to help, I've got to ask, how did you get your dad to look so sincere in all of his expressions? Tell us about that photo shoot.
chronicdoodler: He is not an actor, nor does he study peoples expressions and mannerisms as intensely as I do, so he did actually had a little bit of trouble in the shoot. Particularly with the more negative emotions since he is a pretty laid back, centered, and fun loving guy. So in order to get the emotion I needed I would give him prompts to help him get into the mindset of that emotion.

For grief I told him to imagine that I was kidnapped, for irritated I told him destroyed another vase, or my favorite which is confident in which I said pretend you beat out a brown noser at work for a promotion. He ended up having a lot of fun and I caught a genuine laugh during the course of the shoot.

    9. How important is it to keep this project going? Will there ever be enough?
chronicdoodler: I am kind of greedy when it comes to visual references, but if this project gets too large, it will be difficult for an artist to find what they are looking amongst too many contributions. But then we never know the reference we need, until we need them and then try to find them  :D.

But again, I welcome more contributions, especially from a wider variety of people. And if it gets too big, I can always find a way to catalogue them. Maybe even start a group specifically geared for artist visual reference, to house all the contributions and helpful tutorials.

    10. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
chronicdoodler: I do enjoy providing references and tutorials for community use, so if you have an idea for something that would be helpful to many people let me know.

For example someone requested that I provide the emotions in both front, 3/4, and profile views which I think is a wonderful idea and I plan to tackle soon and start a new project.

More Expression Memes From The Project!

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PE 2010 stamp by projecteducateComics Enthusiast Stamp by jovincentI Heart dA Resources by FantasyStock
:iconcommunityrelations: :iconreference-library:

I hope this inspires more deviants to get involved with
The Expressions Reference Project.


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ere is nothing more i love about portrait photgraphy than haunting attractive espressions! im not necessarily talking about those who pose like they're laughing hysterically or screaming painfully, but those sombre yet very expressive these:

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