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Hai guys, SO yeah i have been collecting points for some time, and its time to spend them to all of you.As you know, I had released my latest live wallpaper "Awesome Skies"… before 2 days and i am getting good response from all users, SO this is ur turn.WIn the points.
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Icon raffle

Mon Nov 24, 2014, 4:17 AM
Simply +fav this journal to enter ; u ;
Tomorrow I'll pick one winner with 
Good luck! :heart:

What meants to be a Pro?

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 12:48 PM
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I was talking with somefriends the other day, they told me that i should quit deviantart and move to this new fresh pages were profesionals are, because deviantart was filled with kids,art wannabes and social dudes. They didnt said it as something disrespectful oe something, they were just giving me a nice advice to get more audience. But that got me thinking, this guy is really good this days his style its uniquegets top clients and stuff, but 5 years ago his art was really filled with flaws, he was one of those kids he was complaining deviant art was filled with.

That got me thinking  he has a different point of view of how been a Pro means to me. For me Pro doesnt mean professional, its a short word for PROMISE. Pro artists are people that can keep a promsie, and thats really important. Its so sad when they relate Pro word to art skills, its like they draw this red line on the floor and they measure people who can get in and who gets out. When its the moment when an artist feels that he is better than some rest and  starts to see other artists from a shoulder?

I must say that , its a hard thing to control, i must admit that when i get piss off by other artist i paint a temporaly line to draw him to the floor, then erase it my objective its to ground the artist back to the ground, floating in the air can be adangerous place to be.

Everyone can be a Pro:

- A kid  6 years old with a terminal disease drawing a painting to make  his parents happy, thats a pro.

- Nieces drawing something on a sheet of paper to give it to his uncle as a birthday gift because they dont have any money, thats a pro to me.

- A dude painting flowers in her girlfriends nails, thats a pro to me.

- A young artists that can draw that good yet, but share tips to other people to help them be on his level, thats a pro to me.

- A not talented kid that probably wont have the skill levels matured but have courage enough to show a  created character of his own to the world, thats a pro.

Some people say that been a pro its to work and get paid money, to live by your craft, but what if there is this talented artists that works by night in a super talented comics company but by day, he works at his dad restaurant, he is not living by the money of his craft, but thats a big Pro  to my eyes.

Been a Pro its not about an status or a top of your art skills, doesnt matter if you are in highschool or in a career, if a client gives you work and you promise him you will get the job done in monday, you should keep that promise, that its been a pro, if you cant keep that promise you aint a pro. Always meet deadlines, thats the crucial thing of been a pro, meet the date you promised to the client. Im case you cant, dont hide from client explain what problems had happened in your life and he would understand and create a new promise for a new deadline.

Been a Pro, its to promise yourself each day that you will try the hardest you can, doing a job quickly or with not enough quality, that aint pro to me. Always promise yourself to do better each day, always learn, promise yourself to grab an art book study practice, do this everyday. Most of the time i feel im doing this not for me, but for the people that couldnt give art a big part of their life, but they support you, you are carriyng those people dreams.

Dont brag, Pro's never ever brag, i had meet people or seen people that their middle name its the company they did one job or two. For example that person its me lets say you just meet me and i say to you, "Hi im Hector i worked with Fushindoshi, i mean come on, they probably do this at conventions to impress chicks, ladies avoid those dudes seriously, reply to them, "Hi my name is Cassandra and i dont fucking care".  Seriously that bad habit of some artist needs to get down to the floor. We know this is a lonely work, and its hard to meet chicks, but seriously , seriously, i mean seriiioooussssly. Thats the time i appear with my red marker and do a line in the floor. The dude totally deserved a red marker am i right? I funky hate Hector Fushindoshi.

If you see me in a convention and i suddenly grab a red chalk and draw a line in the floor, get away from me, im like a rised viper that it will start to get in venom mode, and for a tip, always carry a red crayon, you wont know what jerks you will found at the convention.

Talking about pros at conventions, sometimes they aint a jerk, you just catch them at a bad moment, like this dude that wanted to say hi to me, but i was almost running to a bath room, dammit, i dont like when food does wrong thing to your stomach in other cities, i could only reply with a sweating hi and scream to him like three rooms away i will be back i need to get out of here. did saw the dude again, but picture this sometimes they get a call of a family memeber they just died, and you ask them for a sktech and he says leave me alone, you say what a jerk, but you wont knoe the true story, but if the dude always like a dive,  even online, its time to use a red marker.

By the way i will start seeling red markers at conventions, hhahahahahaahhaha joking, but hey that could be a nice idea. anywa lets continue.

My sketchbook aint a vip area, anyone can enter my sktechbook. This happen to me at a convention, a dude showed me his sketchbook and he told me he only ask sketches from people the likes and admires. But thats kind of sad, i mean thst means you only like a few people, i enjoy more a bad drawn sktech from someone that never drawn in her life, but says was nice meeting you keep going, than a totally super nice sktech drawn with perfect anatomy that only has his name. always carry an sketchbook and let people you meet to leave a record, when i feel bad about my art i just pull out one of them, then i get flash backs of that good time.

Remember a Pro doesnt have a VIP sketchbook. If i dont let you draw somethign on my book look at the floor you probably have a red line underneath.

Been a Pro aint easy, past convention, my feet were literally killing me, my feet were like clay, i went tot he convention not weraring good sneakers, and walking for 5 days were killing me, slept like 4 hours each day, eat like one food per day, you almost get flu, and you meet another artist  and you have to smile. Its hard aint easy.

I had meet people thats are truly "Promises", someone with a talent well used its a promise, this dues and girls are from countries far far away from my own, but each year they see me they salute me like i was an old friend they havent seen in a longtime, that make me smile even if im crying of joy inside of me. Those people in their past life were flowers, a plant lowered in the floor with strong roots, that wind will never pull out. Those friends im talking about, if they are reading this you know are you, unless you see a red line on the floor.

So dont become one of those jerks that  use the company name they worked as a middle name, avoid them ladies, run with the dudes that has beards, they are usually more fun, by the way i dont shave girls, wink wink (girls suddenly go back and paint a redline in front of me, hhahahahahahahahahahahhaah :(  .....).

So remember been a pro its to keep this promises :

- Always meet dealines(extremely important)

- Find beauty in everything( sometimes i can spend hours watching a 6 year old drawing, trying to learn why i like it and why i should add his sill to my drawings) , inpiration comes fro anything, not just from art skills.

- Heard and advice, even if you dont like it swallow it, because maybe in a couple of years you will see what they meant. Each person has their own learning curve, they can be slow like me.

- Always give 110% of your best, even if the result its crap, clients like this promise when you give the best you could.

- Dont be lazy.

- If someone invite you to do a tutorial, a presentation before an audience, or to have a stand in a convention, they already paid room and trip fees, and you are terrified and you want to cancel, dont cancel you made a promise, man up, aint pro to cancel compromises(or should i say con-promises) at last hour.

- Dont brag, seriously, dont brag to get ladies. And dont mock other artists on his face to make it feel bad, unless he is a jerk, remember those markers.

- Be polite, i just can stop saying this promise enough.

- Be helpful, give other artist help, because we all had help from someone else in a crucial moment in our lifes, its called karma, always return the favor.

-Work hardaer for the people you promised you will succeed, doesnt matter if you fail at the end, it wont matter if you give your 110%

- Dont judge art by artskill, but by content, the coolest ideas sometimes comes from people that cant draw, artskills are just a plus to the eye, but not the mind.

I wish i could add more points, but this is a personal way of looking for me of been a Pro, for me aint a check pay or a top level of skill, been a Pro means to be a gentleman. I just wanted to share my point of view, some people say that they like this type of journals i do, its not an objective journal,  it could mean other thign to you the word pro, i just wanted to show how i see the word pro.

Remember dont break the promises you had made for yourself, there is nothing worse than liying to yourself. 

Free Commission Give aways

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 4:18 AM

Yoooosh i'm finally back from company work and thought about some specials for the pre-christmas time. I recognized that a lot of people asked for commissions but couldn't afford one ;_; Maybe money is a bit overrated these days so i want to do some commissions for free yeap.
If you have an OC and want it to be drawn by me i think you should give it a try ^__________^ But please do not ask for fanarts or other peoples stuff. Everybody with Original Characters is welcome though.

I will draw the give aways with pencil and maybe i turn on my camera for recording and make a youtube vid at the same time but no promises for this. When its finished i upload a photo here on Deviantart like the recent ones in my gallery. I won't send out the originals but if you want a scan of it i will do one for you. :heart:

I will choose randomly with a favor for interesting OCs and clear understanding of the information given. So don't paste endless stories in the comment beneath. Feed me with the most important information about your character. Make my imagination dance!!!!
bunneh icon12
If you already have graphics of your OC the better for me. Upload them here on Deviantart into your Gallery or into your STASH. I won't click on external links when i don't know the referrer! (afraid of bad scripts)

you can decide the style to be manga or semirealism so don't forget to write it in your comment. If i don't find it there i will choose manga for the style.

Good luck! :happybounce:

Even though I am not a Brony and I don't enjoy the show nor' the fandom, I have to admit, This song is awesome.
This one might be a bit shorter then I usually do. And the curl will have a bit of a different effect on Romano.
Disclaimer: I don't own you or Romano.
You were going along an old abandoned human trail, seeing if anything new would pop up when you heard some grumbling a few yards ahead. "Stupid tomato bastard, leaving me here by myself. When he gets back, there's a 99% chance of a shit storm heading his way!"

You go up to see an Italian man with brown hair and a curl on his head. He had this adorable pout on his face that added to his appeal.

'Hm, looks like this tomato bastard gave me a gift.' You thought with a smile as you slithered towards him. You stay in the shadows so not to frighten him, no need to chase your soon-to-be mate.

(Again, going to be making up info here to get the story going) But just to be sure, you use your one ability to see if he is your one. Each Naga has a unique ability each their own to see if a potential mate is your true mate. Yours involves your voice.

You start humming, catching his attention. "Who's there?" The man asked, looking around.

You chuckled a bit, before you started singing. A deep, melodious tune escapes your mouth and reaches his ears.

The effect is almost instant; you see his posture get loser and the curl on his head forms a heart. You smirk as you get closer. 'He is my one. Glad to know.'

You got in front of him and stopped singing. "Sssssso, what'ssss your name?" "I'm Lovino." He said, in a happy daze.

"And who isssss thisssss tomato bassssstard?" You asked him. "Oh, just some guy I know. Used to be interested in him, but not anymore." He said.

"Perfect, but I would prefer my mate to be himssssself." You said, before snapping your fingers. Lovino blinked before he returned to normal. "What? Where am I?"

He then noticed you in front of him and blushed at the sight. "Wh-who are you?! And why aren't you wearing a shirt?!" He yelled at you, before he looked down and saw your (f/c) snake tail.

He knew he should feel scared and run, but he couldn't help but feel attracted to the sight and wanted to touch it.

"Well, I don't need to wear one. Not like I get much company, till now." You said, placing a finger under Lovino's chin making him look into your eyes. "And what lovely company I have." You purred out.

Lovino was having a losing battle with his submissive side and could only whimper in response. You chuckled at that, and made him melt even more.

"You know it'ssss rude not to talk back. Essssspecially to your mate." You said, getting closer. "M-mate?" He barely breathed out. "Yesssss." You said before kissing him on his lips.

He completely melts in your grasp and you wrapped your arms around his waist, keeping him up, as he wraps his around your neck.

You two stay like this till the need for air forces you to stop. "I ssssshould thank thisssss tomato bassssstard for bringing you here." You said. "Don't bring him up!" Lovino shouted at you.

"Were you just disssssobeying me?" You said with a mischievous smirk. "Maybe." Lovino said in a challenging tone.

Your smirk grew as you picked him up bridal style and you sent your tongue out, and wrapped it around his curl. He immediately blushed and started moaning.

"Ba... bastard! Le-let it... ah... go!" Lovino moaned out. But you just ignore him and started making your way to your home. "Ar-are you lis... ah... listening?! Why... why wo-won't you let... ah... let it go?!"

Don't worry Lovino, you'll find out soon enough.
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A/N: hihihi, haven't posted anything but i made my very first fic ;w; yeah, it's shitty but i worked hard on it. Tell me what you think and one question: Should I make more reader-one shots?
Okay, I hope you will enjoy this fic ^^. and polite criticism is welcomed also.

You were gonna pass out. No, You were probably gonna die of exhaustion. But, Alas, you were at your so called ‘Hide-out’. It was a meadow like place for you to relax and get away from reality. It was so peaceful. For once, Corporal Shorty didn’t give you a shit ton of chores like “CLEAN MY SHOES, SHITTY BRAT” or “LICK MY ASS CLEAN”. Well, it was nothing like that but, it sure as hell seemed like it most of the time. For you, you were a strong intelligent woman any man could ask for. Although, you did feel like you could be better, especially here in the military. You were a skillful soldier. Very skillful, as Eren should say. You and Eren knew each other for a lifetime. You were like his sister. You had more feelings for him rather than a brother, though.

You sighed at the thought of you and him being together. You thought it would never happen. You let the soothing wind blow through your (h/c) hair. “So this is where you’ve wondered off.” You heard a familiar voice say. You turned to see gorgeous green eyes gazing upon you. “It’s more peaceful than being with that short fucker you call a captain.” You retorted. “You’re lucky he’s not here to hear you say that or else you’d get your ass beatin’ to a pulp.” Eren said. You just laid back down gazing at the blue sky. You smiled to yourself. “You look like a dork when you smile like that.” Eren said jokingly. “Oh, shut it, Jaeger” You punched him playfully. “Ow, that hurts! Now I’m gonna die” Eren said jokingly.

“You’re an ass”

“You’re an ass~”
Eren said in a high-pitched girly voice.

You ignored his child like behavior, he always acted like this towards you and you acted somewhat the same to him. You both had a lovely friendship, huh? You just laid back down gazing at the the clouds once again, Eren did the same. You remembered when you were both young, you both dreamed of going beyond the walls having a new life. You always wanted to see the pools of water which was called the 'sea'. Eren teased you because he thought you would drown and he would have to save your 'flat ass'.



"What is it, Eren?"

"Can you sing that one song for me?" He asked you sweetly.
"Eren, Ive singed it a thousand times for you already" You retorted. "Well that's because I love your voice" He said.

You blushed. It was rare to hear him give you a compliment. He always teased you about your flat chest, flat bum, having a fast temper, and you could honestly go on about the teasing.

"Hm, suddenly you complimenting me, Huh? You must want me to sing for you badly, You only compliment me when you want something" You said.

"You did the same when you wanted me to touch your-"
He was cut off by your punch.

"HAH, it's funny seeing you riled up" He laughed.
"I guess you don't want me to sing for you." you said stubbornly.

"Okay, I'll shut up if you sing for me." He said innocently.

You sighed and cleared your throat.

"I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, "I'll never let you go""

This was the lullaby your mother sang to you when you were in a trance of fear whenever you awoke from a nightmare.

"When I said, "I'll never let you go"
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone"
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight"

Eren was gazing upon the skies enjoying you cueing your melody.

"Just close your eyes"

You noticed Eren drifting into a peaceful trance.

"The sun is going down"

"You'll be alright"

"No one can hurt you now"

"Come morning light"


You stopped and hummed to Eren waiting for a response from him.

"Can you close your eyes for a sec?" He asked you.

"What the hell are you planning, Jaeger?" You responded defensively.

"Nothing, I swear."

You gave up and fluttered your (e/c) eyes shut.

You felt something against your lips.
It was soft.

You opened your eyes to see a familiar face kissing you gently.
It was Eren Of course.

You dreamt of this.
You wanted this.
It was everything you wanted to feel to make you safe.

It turned into a passionate kiss.
He licked your lips asking for entrance and you granted hesitantly.


You both pulled away from each other quickly to see a short male gazing upon you both with a mad scientist looking like she's having a fangirl orgasm.

"Awwww~, Shorty you always have to ruin everything. I hope they make titan babies~!"
She said like a little girl that just got a shit ton of candy and made her hyper.

"Look at all the fucks I give, Shitty Glasses. And you two, get the fuck back to work"
Levi scolded you both.

"(Y/N), When we get married, can we kidnap levi and force him change our kids shit rags"
Eren asked.

"You're one step ahead of me"

You and I will be Safe and Sound.
Well..Christmas is coming in like a month...
So.. I thought to make a lil' raffle ~ > v <

There will be two winners and each will get a icon like this ->  _Prize_Moeru Hane_2_ by MiiaChuu

The bag can be changed into something else like..a pillow, some kind of food (candy and so on), I dunno...

Aaaaand one lucky number will get a custom icon!

You can ask for full body icon, headshot, bust, pretty much anything that crosses your mind + simple animation included (such as blinking, bouncing or giggling)
I'll tell you if I can make it or not ///beginner at icons


1. Fav this journal!
2. Leave a comment to get a number! (just say that you want to enter or smth.. )
*3. OPTIONAL!* Create a journal/poll advertising this raffle and get an extra number! (include link in comment)
4. Winners will be picked by random number generator.
5. You can win only once ~

Raffle ends in a week!

December 1st

(note: I won't give numbers to comments that are written at December 1st //too lazy to bother checking timelines)

Good luck! ^ v ^
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Daily Lit Recognition for November 24th, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Suggested by: NemoX7
Featured by: TwilightPoetess

DumbWhy   s t a y   • s • i • l • e • n • t •
                                          when they—
        —ADDRESS    .y.o.u.
          —Berate     .y.o.u.
            —beat     .y.o.u.
with   « s y l l - a - b l e »  percussions
                 hammering straining
   ear drums
                                         raw to
       D i S - t O r - T i O n ?
Flesh   )c a v e d(   to   {e m b r a c e}

Dumb by SheDares

From the suggester: An inventive poem,
which reflects the difficulties of verbal communication.

Featured by: AyeAye12

Homewe craved for solitude in silence
the scent of September moss
sand falling between the fingers
what we found was
post-war wooden house geometry
secrets between floorboards
typography decades out of date
texture only found in old books
the touch on the softest of skin
falling into the night while watching the snow
the labyrinth of steel and stone
where words did not come easy
is now abandoned

Home by talvipaivanseisaus

Using concepts as descriptions for memory,
Talvi shows his brilliance in not only Six Word
Stories, but also longer-form poetry.


Featured by doodlerTM
The Old Man and the StenchThis summer an acquaintance told me that an old man was looking for someone to help him write a book.
"He's an old university professor, and a bit quirky," he told me. "He'll only be around for a few months, because he needs to return to the university and he'll sell his apartment here, but until then he wants to get the book done."
So I decided to check out the job offer.
I met the old man at a bar. He wore a cowboy hat and a suit which made him look like someone who'd stumbled into town straight from the set of the Dallas series. I sat down with him and we started talking. Now, as I was speaking, my eyes wandered to his suit, where I happened to notice a green stain which seemed to be a grass stain. I averted my eyes to pretend it wasn't there, because who knew how the old man had gotten it - maybe he'd stumbled and fallen into the grass and now he was embarrassed about it.
Now, while averting my eyes, I saw other parts of his suit. A red stain, a yellow stain... Different colors, di

The Old Man and the Stench by TheOtherSarshi

Sometimes the most interesting stories
are the true ones; so is the case with "The Old Man and the Stench."

Suggested by: C-A-Harland
Featured by: SilverInkblot

Stairs and SeashellsI woke up in my bed as usual. Like every morning, my eyes fluttered open and I was looking up at the same ceiling I had always looked up at. The ragged glow-in-the-dark stars that my brother Paul had stuck on the roof when we were children blinked comfortingly as I rose from my bed, swinging my legs over the side.
Unlike every other morning, I realized I was already fully dressed. My favourite pink trainers were laced evenly on each foot and my black jeans were snug around my legs.
It was mid-evening, I realized with a start, as an orange glow caught my eye where the curtains had been left slightly open. I must have taken a nap?
My door was open, so I slipped down the hallway and seated myself behind the counter. My mother was in the kitchen, humming as she crushed garlic under a fine knife for the bread that was still a heap of dough on the counter next to her. Behind me I heard the low plonk as Maria sat down in front of her piano in the corner of the room. I smiled as her fingers st

Stairs and Seashells by G-R-Visini

Suggester: "Captivating right from the beginning,
and heart wrenching until the end."

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: SilverInkblot

Skin by SimplySilent
Tavros by VulpesLunaris
*I wanted 2 do somthing that inovlved the HS cast as Natives in a forest. The Trolls r Native and the humans r like the nower day us, but differ.
*plus ppl were complaining on how i did my stories and should do them more differently. :(

Tavros ran around the forest that he knew as home, the brown blood easily and swiftly ran past the tall trees. He knew the land well, Karkat and the Cheif of the tribe had warned him that the forest is dangerous and shouldn't be traveled alone. But Tavros didn't listen, he wanted to see more on what the city of green leaves and brown bark held. The male soon made it to his favorite spot, ontop of a waterfall that his people dubbed as 'Asterine's Light'. Many years back, a young troll prince know as Asterine Nightdil(If any1 has a troll name like that. u should be proud that ur troll was added in by accident. :)). The Prince was to become the next Cheif, he jumped from this waterfall many times, but when he did jump off of it again. This jump was his last, the young prince had died. Thats one reason it was named that, the 'Light' part was added in, because the waterfall faced the sun and reflexed its rays of light. Making the bright and warm light look like it's own. Tavros had a smile on his grey face, he staired up at the beautiful blue sky. Tinkerbull resting upon his bare shoulder as other Tinkerbulls and Dragons flew across the sky, the male breathed in the fresh air. His face turned from happy to shock quickly, a large ship had started to approach. This thing was strange and foreign, Tavros had never seen such a thing. The troll had become curious, Tinkerbull flew off his shoulder as he jumped from the top. Diving down into the water of the fall, a large splash was made when he hit the surface of the water. The brown blood quickly resurfaced, he swam towards the shoreline. Once Tavros was back on land, he begun to run through the trees once more. His bare feet hitting the ground as he ran towards the large ship, Tavros soon made it towards where the ship is. The landdwelling troll hid behind some large bushes, Tinkerbull once more, landed on his slender shoulder. He peeked out through the bushes, he saw several men dressed strangly and were talking a languge he didn't understand. They were walking around, sitting, or talking to each other. But one had caught his eye, a male human who had (Long/Short) (H/C) Hair with beautiful (E/C) eyes. This human looked to be in his 20s as for Tavros he was, in human words, a teen. He could feel his bloodpumper beat quickly, a small brown blush covering his cheeks. Tavros took a step back as he did, he had snapped a small branch under his foot. He quickly looked up worried, the talking stopped and the sound of footsteps started to approach. Tavros was frozen, to scared to move. He than heard your voice speak out,

"Guys, stop. You all are parinoed from the long ride." You said with a smile, one of the crewmates spoke.

"What if its dangerous and wants to kill us?" Tavros was kneeling as he watched you shake your head of (H/C) Hair. You let out a sigh, your hand sat upon your hips.

"Than I'll check it out. You all need a rest." That was the last thing you said as the others  moved away from the bushes, you walked over towards the bushes that your crew tryed to go to. Tavros held his breath as you approached, you than moved the branches of the bush apart. You and Tavros slightly jumped, the troll feel onto his rear end. You chuckled at this, he had candy corn colored horns, grey skin. He wore leather pants and white lines and dots covered his arms and face, a fang neckless around his neck. Onhis right ear had 2 ear rings ashis left had only 1.

"I'm sorry." You said softly but the brown blood cocked his head to the side, you didn't know what this male was and the way he looked atyou questioning proably meant that he didn't understand you. You made hand motions as you spoke,

"Quickly leave, run." Tavros quickly stood up and ran away, not looking back.

"What did you see or find, ________." You turned around facing your crewmates, a smile on your face. Tinkerbull flew out of the green flowered bushes, you held a hand out. The small fairy bull landed in the palm of your hand.

"Just this little thing. You all were scared of a little fairy bull.~" You laughed at the men, Tavros watched high in a tree. Tinkerbull than fleww away from you, the brown blood jumped out of the tree. He begun to run towards his tribe, Tinkerbull quickly following after. There were many quetions running through Tavros' mind.