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Introducing the DeviantArt Stylus IRL

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 8:47 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.09.18 PM by madizzlee
For nearly 15 years, DeviantArt has been at the forefront of digital art creation, a cutting-edge icon in the high-tech art world. As part of our continuous goal to combine the best in art and technology, DeviantArt has created an innovative tool—the DeviantArt Stylus IRL—that brings the sophistication of digital art into the real world.

For nearly 15 years, DeviantArt has been at the forefront of digital art creation, a cutting-edge icon in the high-tech art world. As part of our continuous goal to combine the best in art and technology, DeviantArt has created an innovative tool that brings the sophistication of digital art into the real world.

Using the innovative, patent pending binary technology in pressure sensitivity and pigment suspension, the Stylus IRL takes digital mechanics and puts them into physical space. DeviantArt's patented DeviousInk™ hardware works seamlessly with an innovative ballpoint tip, allowing you to create stylus-based art whenever and wherever you're inspired. Leave your drawing tablet at home, and never worry about battery life again.

With the power of DeviousInk™ Stylus IRL in the palm of your hand, you get these one-of-a-kind features, and more:

Change out ink cartridges for a diverse range of color choices!

artist credit


Use the built-in blending options to create smooth, professional gradients.

The Stylus IRL works on all surfaces, even paper!

Are you an early adopter? If you already own a Stylus IRL, put it to use and show us your IRL creations with the #StylusIRL tag. Share your daily doodle with DeviousInk™, showcase your on-the-go artistry, and let the world know what you’re capable of, all with the help of your Stylus IRL.

Want to know more about the Stylus IRL? Browse the #StylusIRL tag to see the creative power behind this primitive yet revolutionary art tool.

Take the future of art into your hands with the DeviantArt Stylus IRL.

Disney Buys Star Trek

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 3:00 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic


DeviantArt Today’s Page News Desk


“Gary Seven” (Reporter Without Portfolio)

I just received a call from “Gary Seven.”

DeviantArt has many surprisingly well-connected members and one of them, a top Paramount executive, contacted us two days ago with a rumor so powerful that we wanted to be 100% certain before publishing it. We now know: Disney just bought all television rights to Star Trek.

Bob Iger, the current chairman and CEO of Disney, bought Star Trek from CBS Television, which had acquired the television rights when it split off from Paramount. Paramount has kept the motion picture rights.

Our contact, who wants to be known as “Gary Seven,” found out about this purchase — needless to say one of the biggest secrets imaginable — when Iger visited Paramount two days ago to let them know what Disney planned to do with their new franchise. Because Paramount is still making Star Trek movies, we guess there must be some sort of clause in the contracts that requires some kind of cooperation between television and motion picture versions.

Gary is on the Paramount Star Trek motion picture team and their heads started spinning when Iger laid out his plans.

What we know from that meeting is this:

  • Disney is rebooting the television series Star Trek as a fast track project. JJ Abrams had been in talks with Disney before it closed on Star Trek. Iger asked Abrams to secretly set the reboot of Star Trek in the Star Wars universe and in return he would be rewarded by directing the first of the Star Wars movies.
  • Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, now being edited for December release, will plant suggestions that the Federation, Klingons and Romulans were connected to the Star Wars universe. They are dubbing references along those lines into the dialogue now. (Tribbles?) This will set up additional storylines in the television reboot of Star Trek. But Iger assured the meeting that the Star Trek characters would not actually appear in the Star Wars films unless Paramount agreed.
  • Disney will blend Star Trek into their Marvel Universe by placing Marvel characters like Iron Man and a future version of The Guardians of the Galaxy into worlds visited by the Starship Enterprise and its crew in the reboot. Disney also wants a unified backstory that Stark Industries designed the Starship Enterprise and is the go-to contractor for Starships to the Federation. Iger said he would consider licensing the same characters to Paramount for its Star Trek films if the scripts are made compatible.
  • The Disney Channel will be producing an entire series in which the Star Trek characters and more importantly the moral lessons and “humanistic” messages of the franchise will be directed at pre-school and K-6 children. Iger said this was a “passion project” for him because he has learned so much to guide his own life from Star Trek.
  • Disney’s Imagineering division has started plans for the Starship Enterprise Holodeck attraction for all its theme parks as part of TomorrowLand and will easter egg the attraction in the TomorrowLand film coming this summer.
  • Iger showed mock ups of Star Trek merchandise that will start selling at all Disney outlets this summer. In a dramatic gesture he ended his talk by opening up his shirt to display a T-shirt that read “Disney’s Star Trek Coming Soon!”

We are told by Gary that the response was icy while Iger and his team were making their presentation.

As soon as they left the room on the Paramount lot in Hollywood, Brad Grey, the Chairman of Paramount, turned to his executives and said: “Don’t worry. We’ve sued Disney before and we will do it again. They will not f**kup Star Trek like they did with so many other cherished properties. Not on my watch.”

We learned from another source that Paramount’s law firm took over a whole floor in its Century City offices as a “war room” and is pulling in copyright lawyers from all over the country (we guess that includes the one who works here at HQ because he’s been gone for three days and used to be General Counsel at Paramount).

We also learned that Paramount is furiously negotiating with 20th Century Fox Chairman, Jim Gianopulous (who used to work at Paramount on the Star Trek franchise), to use the X-Men or Aliens or Predator characters in the next Star Trek movie.

It’s all great stuff for the press and the critics. But watching this war will be a sad coda and will close the door on the legacy of Gene Rodenberry. At least cyberspace holds the original series intact even if Disney tries to withdraw it and only release it every seven years, as they have done in the past with animation titles.

We may have reached the Final Frontier.

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you think Disney will eventually own and control a single universal science-fiction narrative based on Star Wars, with all the characters from Star Trek as well as the Marvel and DC Universes fully subsumed and utilized per relative timeline?
  2. Do you think the world’s leaders should get involved to protect the integrity of franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars?
  3. Do you foresee the possibility of a lethal conflict arising between the Vulcans and Jedis different philosophies?  Will the undying spirits of Spock and Obi-Wan Kenobi become the political and religious leaders of the two “unified” but contentious factions?
  4. Is it now possible that Gary Mitchell actually tapped into the Dark Side of the Force in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”?
  5. Do you think Scotty and Tony Stark could get along together in the Enterprise’s engine room?

Hey guys!

I've really been into speed painting lately, so I wanted to challenge myself. And also you!
The idea of a speed painting is that you take a limited amount of time for a painting. This can be half an hour, or up to two hours, depending how much time you have (and are willing to spend). During that time you make a painting, or get as far as possible. When you reach the time limit, the painting is done. No getting back to it. No cheating. It's done.


:bulletred: Use any medium. I use digital, because it's fast and clean. But you can use traditional as well.
:bulletred: Use references if needed. Don't forget; References are GOOD!!!
:bulletred: Take these tips and tricks to heart.
:bulletred: Take 1 to 2 hours per painting. Not more. Don't cheat.
:bulletred: GO PAINT!!!
:bulletred: Just to clarify; any medium is allowed, as long as your drawings fit the theme and time limit.


The challenge runs from April 1st until April 30th.
There are 10 challenges in total. Be smart and spread your challenges over the weeks.
(Of course you can still do if after this date, but then you can't join the contest)

The Challenges

I've tried to keep the challenge as open as possible, and with a wide variety of different subjects to study and learn from.
Don't be afraid to use references and/or study from them. After all; the goal of this challenge is to learn. You're free to incorporate your own imagination and characters in your work. Make it something you like. 

01. An object in your room
02. Something fashionable [clothing and folds -- yeah!]
03. A sky
04. A landscape or cityscape
05. An interior [inside a house -- think about furniture and stuff]
06. Your OC / A character you like
07. A character/person showing emotion [can be any emotion]
08. A scene that portrays a warm and fuzzy feeling
09. A scene that portrays a cold and/or creepy feeling
10. Free drawing. Make something awesome!

What will you gain from it?

:bulletorange: You'll get faster
:bulletorange: You'll learn to paint without getting lost in all the nifty details
:bulletorange: You'll ditch perfectionism... eventually 
:bulletorange: You'll get a lot of work done
:bulletorange: Painting a total of 10-20 hours this month will learn you shit about art! I'm not kidding!


In order to join the 'contest' attached to this challenge, you have to complete all 10 themes before the deadline.
The person that shows most creativeness, dedication and overall improvement will win 500 points and get featured. This isn't necessarily dependent on skill level.
The most awesome and creative entry's for each challenge will also be featured in a journal at the end of the month.

How to join?

Make sure I see you join!
:bulletblack: Upload every challenge as an individual artwork
:bulletblack: Use #speedpaintingchallenge in your tags
:bulletblack: Tag me or this journal in the description.
:bulletblack: (Optional) Post your paintings in the comment section under this journal

Inspire others

Spread the word!
Tell your friends! 
The more people that join, the better!

Happy speedpainting~! :dummy: 

Ok I give up holyshit

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 5:15 PM

Wow ok I am so fucking tired of this site. I spent 10 years being here because I love art, but I am done with all these people who keep making my life hell! WHAT have I ever done to you?! I try to be so nice but I get nothing in return!!

I dont want this anymore, I dont want to have to listen to people trying to control my life and no thank you. I cant handle this stress and dA is just bad, there is nothing good about it anymore like it used to, I miss how it was, I am getting to old for this, I have really really tried continuing and staying happy, but I dont know if I want to. I really want to start over. But firts I have to say April fools because nothing here is true heuheuheu  and I am going to bed cause I am working tomorrow!


Giveaways! 1 request and +1.8k Points

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 31, 2015, 5:24 PM

I enjoyed doing these before, I want to keep doing them while I have the money to! :dummy: There are 2 separate giveaways, you can participate on both.

1. Spread the word via journal/poll to participate on the request giveaway
2. +fav to participate on the points giveaway

1 Request
Its Rinaaaa! by Joyfool Fion and Kyler by Joyfool Joyfool by Joyfool

There's no limit on characters, alas they will all be together in one illustration. Background will depend on amount of characters, +2 OCs = no background.
What to do: Title a journal or poll as  "PAPA PON PARA PEPIN PAN" and link to this journal. Then comment to let me know. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 

+1.8OO points
This number can increase as donations are made into the donation pool on my page. For now that's the number we have, but it might be more!
What to do: Favorite this journal during March 31st to April 1st within AST (Atlantic Standard Time)

Good luck!! :la:

Let me start off! Hello!!! Its nice to meet you all!!!

I decided since Im new here and I need to some help getting known I will hold a few requests!!!
They will be traditional like the first piece I uploaded in that same style!!!!
Hello DA!!! by Aemi-san
All you have to do to get one is to watch me...
and fav this journal!!!
If youd also like you can make a new journal about this journal to help spread the word!!

I will have a few slots ( I may add more!)
1. snakeeatingbacon Sophia by Reminel done

2. HannaYouDo Yui by HannaYouDodone

3. KaiPop   done

4. 14InAHeart Cat Girl OC: Dolly by 14InAHeart done

5. nekodragon12 New Oc - Melody by nekodragon12 done

6. LoveableKittyMamiko  The first one is mine!! by LoveableKittyMamikodone

7. The-Black-Melodya OC ref Miss.H by The-Black-Melodya

8. JustRosieYay Princess Maetel (New Look) by JustRosieYay

9. Sp4c3Unicorn My OC ~ Space by Sp4c3Unicorn

10. ChiiYiiNana Carnatia Request By Riicebunnii by ChiiYiiNana

11.  conexionmanga Academia by conexionmanga

12. NicoleRawr080 Finished OC Kawaii-Chan by NicoleRawr080
 Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely bye bye wave) [V3] 

Finally, I am posting this journal to announce that CONTESTs I was trying to hold for so long finally are OPEN!!! Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 
Giveaway/raffle information is in the end of this journal.

here - CONTEST PRIZES! you can see what you can win!

if there will be less than 10 entries, prizes of the 4th and 5th places will be given to the first 3 winners.^^ all the traditional works from me will be black/white. sorry, not good at traditional coloring :(

General Rules: READ!
1)when you finish it please comment here
2)in the deviation description put the contest Journal link and tag me
3)since i am the only one judge i will choose those works like the most, I will choose those works that are closer to my characters, by the quality of the work, so don't rush :3 you ahve time ^^ by originality, be creative :3
4)no Bases! but you can use the pose of models or someone for reference.
5)do not steal someone else's work
6)Traditional/Digital works only. (pixels are not allowed)
7)Only finished works, no sketches.(background is not required)
8)NSFW is allowed, but don't upload uncencored version on DA. (link me to it via note and you can UPLOAD UNCENSORED VERSION) love nsfw ehehe
10)light BDSM and Bondage is ok 
11)need at least 5 entries per contest. (if i don;t get enough entries it doesn't meen I will not give something to those who entered ;) (Wink) )
12)You are free to draw as many entries as you want (but remember, the quality over quantity)
13)ANYONE CAN ENTER!(you don't have to watch me or pay to enter)
14)You can enter for both contests! (donators can enter too)
15)DEADLINE - July-August - depends on how busy I am and if anyone can't finish the work on time i can extend it, but i think you have enough time to draw something.

now rule for Yaoi contest:
1)No chibi works, sorry :D (Big Grin)
2)You have to draw both characters. (background is not required)
3)You don't have to draw them in their clothes, but DO NOT REMOVE ALEXANDER'S EARING! it should be there. you can draw Alexander with ponytail, flowing hair, whatever you whant, but don't change them so i can't recognize them. 

Adrian - Seme (top :D (Big Grin))
Alexander - Uke (bottom bby Wink/Razz)
but that doesn't mean Alexander is not initiative, yes, he is mostly shy with everyone, but sometimes he is SO not shy with Adrian :D (Big Grin) (of course in the begining it was not like that, but sometime after he became more open ;3) you can even draw them with Adrian tied up and Alexander on him lol omg kids don't read it :D (Big Grin)
you can draw anything with them, Adrian is more like "don't touch him he is mine and alexander don't get hurt come here i will wrap you in my jacket and carry you to home and love you until you pass out :D (Big Grin)" he loves holding alexander in his arms, he is hugging him all the time or kisses him on forehead or ruffles his hair and when they sleep he just wraps himself around Alexander, like he have to be sure that Alexander is safe. Adrian is taller than Alexander.
Alexander is like a kid, he is amazed by anything so easily :3 
with Adrian he is not so shy as you may think, he actually loves coming to him and just sit in his lap :D (Big Grin) he also loves feeding Adrian. they love watching movies together and Alexander always comments everything in the movie like "why did she go there, anyone would know that's where the bad guy is" and Adrian just smiles at him because his boy is too cute :3 Alexander LOVES sci-fi. you can even draw them cosplaying someone from sci fi show, like star trek Wink/Razz 
you can draw how they met, you can draw their first night together, first date, or how they walk in the park, watching movie, ruffling Alexander's hair, kissing, sleeping, cuddling, feeding, etc :D (Big Grin) WHATEVER YOU WANT! 

Adrian By Sarahhite
Alexander/Adrian By Nisothestrawberry

Alexander by SpoCk-emon
Alexander By Angelicsmana

Adrian/Alexander By Mattie7
Adrian x Alexander By Jayne Hz

COLOR SHEET: Color sheet

I prefer if you use darker shades of blue for his hair. and lighter colors for Alexander's hair. (i kind of don't like how BLUE Adrian's hair comes out on some works...) I prefer if you use the first ref I gave of Adrian^^

here is the Story for them, well, just a short backgrounds for them not a story: Alexander and Adrian and more references:

Erik contest:
1)chibi works are accepted
2)there is no clothes for him, so you can draw him in any clothes you like (he loves green, blue, black, white, red, dark blue, grey colors) you can draw him in uniform or something like that... surprise me :D (Big Grin)

Erik: (includes a little description, color sheet and a ref.)

that's pretty sure everything, but if you have any questions note me or comment.

so, it's 5 500 Points in general!!! and that's all thanks to these people who commissioned me, who donated points and art prizes! and others whos points I won and use for this contest! thanks to all of you, you made this happen :3 I love you so much!!! and I hope to get a lot of entries with my boys Heart

:iconvalafor2000: :iconyorunosasori: :iconfjneanimelover: :iconxaquaa: :icontakoyakistar: :iconlunasaiko: :icontsuwu-chan: :iconloveablekittymamiko: :iconmitsuka-tunekitodesu: :iconwildhellsing: :iconcenecal: :iconlolirinny: :iconcameronkobe: :iconhimitsu-sekai: :iconpurjazian: :iconkimmie456:
I remember I said I will feature here those who commissioned me, but there are a lot of people!!! so everyone who's icons are here
Digital Icon Commission


if you can't enter contest, that's fine! you can win points by advertising this journal! 
you don't have to watch me or anything like that, all you have to do is:
new accounts that joined for less then month ago are not allowed to join. you have to have works in your gallery, at least 3-5 works.
you can watch me to see updates but this is not required! you don't have to.

when the contest will be over I will use to choose winners!!!
1st place: 600 Points + digital icon
2nd place: 300 Points + digital icon
3rd place: 100 Points + digital icon

Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 

you can enter for giveaway and fot contests too. Donators can enter too. ANYONE CAN ENTER!!! :3

so, once more:
DEADLINE - July-August


I will add more points to prizes when I get them ^^
p.s.: if you see any mistakes or if i forgot something TELL ME, i will correct it.
Im sure I forgot something eh...^^;

Skin by SimplySilent

NaPoWriMo Week One - Prompts

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 7:58 PM

And ... We're Off!

Welcome to the start of NaPoWriMo, the month long event where poets the world over put their pens to paper and fingers to the keyboard with the intent of producing 30 poems in 30 days!

To help with this endeavor, here are some prompts for any who wish to use them!

Feel free to use any, or all, you'd like and post your progress here!


:bulletblack: Find the list of your watchers. Choose a deviant's name from it. Write a poem based off that name (not the person, just the name).

:bulletblack: Write a poem devoted to your favorite beverage.

:bulletblack: Visit the Daily Deviations page (…). Write a poem based off of one of the DDs' titles.

:bulletblack: Make a list of your favorite words. Write a poem using 90% of them.

:bulletblack: Grab the nearest book. Flip to page 29 and choose ten words that catch your eye. Write a poem using at least seven of them. For an extra challenge, use four of them in the last line of your poem.

:bulletblack: Write a poem about your favorite color.

:bulletblack: Write a poem about beginnings and endings. Start it with the ending and end it with the beginning.

:bulletblack: Write a poem about your favorite type of weather.

:bulletblack: Write a poem about a picture hanging near you.

:bulletblack: Write a poem that includes the words "deviant" and "art" in it.

Be sure to post your progress below! We'd love to hear from you!

Special thanks to… for prompts #4 and #5.

More Information

30 Days of Poetry: NaPoWriMo 2015NaPoWriMo is almost upon us! (That's National Poetry Writing Month, if you're unfamiliar with the term. It starts April 1st.)
Here's the run down of what NaPo is all about:
Write 30 poems in 30 days.
Yep, that's it. That's all you do, but it can be harder than it sounds if you're not used to writing that much!
What is it that we'll be doing at CRLiterature and theWrittenRevolution?
We'll come up with 10 Prompts every week to help give you some inspiration! Of course, you don't have to follow any of the prompts, but they will be there to help you. The prompt articles will also serve as a "check-in" of sorts so you can update us on how you are doing, if you're behind, or ahead, or whatever!
Advice from Vigilo

(Vigilo is a NaPoWriMo World Champion who has completed it a number of times.)
How to Prepare

Some people find it easier to get through the month if they have a running theme for all of their p

:iconnapowrimo: :iconcrliterature: :iconthewrittenrevolution:

Give Away 100 Points

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 8:03 AM
I haven't done this in awhile, so I thought lets do this again. 

Give Away This Week is: DL - April 4th

1st: 100 :points:
2nd: 10 :points:



2. You need to add this journal to you're favourites in order to get a number, the number might change, but the final number on the deadline will be you're number (You're free to remove from you're fav's once give away is over).

3. You're account must be older then this journal post, this is to prevent people from cheating by making many accounts.


Check out these commissions 
I accept both points and paypal ( Euro only! €)        100 Blue Points  = 1€Please don't forget the paypal fee upon payment.
When I start your commission, I'll send you a sketch. If it's ok you can pay (half price or full, your choice) and then I continue. Don't rush me. Sometimes I can be faster, sometimes I can't. If you have a specific deadline, mention it in the note. Commissions will be uploaded on my dA page and Tumblr. I reserve the right to sell commissions as parts of my portfolio. The owner of characters will always be mentioned in the credits.
If I don't feel comfortable with a commission, I can reject it.
- if possible, add all the references of the characters you request
- you can ask for WIPs if you want 
- you're very welcome to write infos about your characters, to help me know them better

  Commissions:iconrightrainbowarrowplz: ANIME STYLE / CELL SHADING

Per character (with simple BG):
Full body: 2000 :points: OR $ 20 USD
                 - Cluttered outfits and armors+ 600 :points: or 6USD
                 - Simple outfits with the speccial discount *(info below)
Waist up: 1500 :points: OR $ 15 USD
                 -(Cluttered outfits and armors+ 300 :points: 3USD
                 - Simple outfits with the speccial discount *(info below)
* Special discount (apply only to anime/cell shading works)
-  100 Points  if the character i
To-Do ListI figured I should probably keep a to-do list here to let people know where I'm at in their commissions :D
:star: = done
:star-half: = started
:star-empty: = not started
For :iconkatie0513:
P.E.K.K.A :star:
Wall Breaker :star:
Hog Rider :star-empty:
Goblin :star-empty:
Giant :star-empty:
Wizard :star-empty:
Barbarian :star-empty:
Witch [No Star]
Archer [No Star]
Dragon [No Star]

COMMISSIONS 2015 - OPENGuys I think I can finally open commissions in a manageable way! Huggle! 
I have monday, friday and saturday free in my agenda, so I should do it :) - well, in the case I have more than the few commissions I expect I'll open a waitlist... :P -
Now, what can I draw?
I can draw what you want (manga, anime, fanart, oc etc), but, obviously, using my style.
Don't ask me for mecha, excessive macabre/horror or porn, they aren't for me. Yes for romantic, love and sexy. Anthros/furries depend from the characters complexity. Ask if you're not sure about.
Honestly, I'm not so good with boys and animals, but I'm doing my best to improve!
How much time do you have to wait?
Some days maybe, or more. Usually, no more than 2 months -if I'm very busy-. I'll do my best for every piece, so please, don't stress with times: I want to give you a quality work!
Of course routinely I'll send you a note or a mail to inform you how the commission is

Bonnie: Yeah, I'm gonna be a dad. Did the thing during the rabbit mating season thing.




Bonnie: BUT--

Wade: Did somebody say BABIES?

Bonnie: *Sigh* Yes, dad. I--

G.F.: Aww, 'ah can't wait 'ta see the 'lil guys!

Bonnie: Um, I--

Tangle: How did you guys even have kids in the first place? We're robots.

Bonnie: I don't know, the same rules apply to Rolie Polie Olie. I--

Clyde: Can I babysit?

Bonnie: GUYS--

Shab: seibab ih

Bonnie: *Sigh*
((Note: One of the admin's main OTPs is still Fronnie. She loves it! It just didn't seem to work out in this AU for some reason, no idea why.))