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Storytellers of the Future

Thu Nov 27, 2014, 2:02 PM
Storyteller by hyenacub by techgnotic

What kind of new narratives will 21st Century storytellers create for our changing world?

Brain Games host Jason Silva tackled that question in a two-minute video called "Lucid Dreaming," outlining the tremendous opportunities (and challenges) facing 21st Century storytellers. As our relationship to technology evolves, the stories we tell each other will change as well.

It’s always fun to imagine what the future will look like and how we will tell stories in this new world.

Silva used culture writer Erik Davis' description of immersive storytelling, a way to create a sort of lucid dream for the reader or viewer:

Immersive works of art or entertainment are increasingly not content to simply produce a new range of sensations. Instead, they often function as portals into other worlds."

— Erik Davis

Silva also quoted Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace by Janet H. Murray, a scholarly book looking at the future of storytelling. Silva explained how readers and viewers interact with a story:

So powerful is our desire to be immersed that it's not just that we suspend disbelief, but that we actually create belief--using our sophisticated intelligence to reinforce our belief in the story world, rather than to question it. We actively metabolize belief through story ... The narratives of the future have the potential to transform what it means to be human to employ landscapes of the mind and turn subjective experience into a living, breathing painting; a wake-walking dream.”

— Janet H. Murray

Murray's book was published in 1997, but it is still very relevant for readers, viewers and creators. She raised questions that still need to be answered as technology evolves.

Here is an inspiring passage from her book:

I find myself anticipating a new kind of storyteller, one who is half hacker, half bard. The spirit of the hacker is one of the great creative wellsprings of our time, causing the inanimate circuits to sing with ever more individualized and quirky voices; the spirit of the bard is eternal and irreplaceable, telling us what we are doing here and what we mean to one another. I am drawn to imagining a cyberdrama of the future by the same fascination that draws me to the Victorian novel. I see glimmers of a medium that is capacious and broadly expressive, a medium capable of capturing both the hairbreadth movements of individual human consciousness and the colossal crosscurrents of global society.

What do you think? Who are the writers leading this storytelling revolution?

The wonders of narrative immersion possible through new tech advances are truly amazing.  My only worry is that as with every other academic subject our youth are slipping in due to disuse, the intellectual muscles that created the worlds in which we as young readers had suspended disbelief are beginning to atrophy.

Children’s stories, or for that matter stories for any age group, should not rise or fall on how well the illustrators and animators built the backgrounds I see in my 3D virtual reality wraparound glasses.  At a certain point, pure storytelling (great writing) is going to begin becoming just another element in the overall narrative, and with its primacy reduced, become all the weaker and mundane.

Your Thoughts

  1. Have you ever had a favorite novel spoiled by a bad TV or film adaptation?

  2. Have you ever watched a movie before reading the book, only to find the adaptation more exciting and thoughtful and satisfying than anything in the original source material?


Thu Nov 27, 2014, 2:33 PM
the last thing i write for you
will have no form no meaning
and seem erratic -
two magpies is double the sorrow
the stars have been barred from their temple again
and i have stopped listening. suffer.

there was no love in you
where love should have been.
a dark soul
a bitter soul
a sick soul

walk into a bar.
somewhere here there's a joke
and i think that it's me

(you will forget in a little while)

Last thing about this

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2014, 8:08 PM

Apparently my last journal needs some clarification, since a few things were misunderstood. This is the last journal I'm writing about this.

There have been enough hate already. This whole thing grew out of hand really quickly.

Plenty of people are suffering from this and this needs to stop.

I don't want to talk about Ferguson situation in itself, again, this wasn't the point since the beginning.

But I just find it ridiculous to call strangers and people you don't know "disgusting/racist/etc. and asking them to un-watch because there is a possibility that they may have a different opinion/way of thinking, when some have no idea of what is going on (Maybe because they lives in a different country?).

The sarcastic part was to mock people who come on an art site to tell everyone who don't agree with them (or don't even have an opinion yet, because they may not even have heard of it?) that they should un-watch them. People should be allowed to watch others if they just want to enjoy the art, without having to deal with drama? Such attitude is not going to fix anything at all. It really sadden me to see so many people building walls and breaking connections without a second thought, instead of trying to be tolerant for a second and try to understand each others instead of judging and assuming things.

I would never be mocking people for being angry at what happened, and would never be mocking the issue itself. People have all the right to be angry after something like this. But blocking/asking people to un-watch over an opinion sure isn't the solution, it won't solve the issue, the only thing achieved is pushing it further away.

With all the possibly false information that still was going around, it's normal for some people to not want to pick a side. Because yes, this is a real thing, I'm still seeing people sharing/talking about completely different versions of what happened and then start arguing with others. I think it is normal to be neutral about something you don't or can't have clear information about? Of course I cannot stay "neutral" about the big picture of what happened, this is a very serious issue and I don't support murder or racism in any way.

I want to thanks everyone who didn't agree with me (and others), but at least showed respect, maturity and common sense, instead of adding more fuel to the fire by accusing of things that were never said and spreading false assumptions.

And of course, I want to thanks everyone who understood and sent me notes and messages of support. <3

If you really want to help, go donate the the cause, but making call out journals, forcing people to take a side and going from journal to journal calling people names isn't doing a favor to yourself or anyone else.

tumblr n4tgc4i0R11tw5bhko1 400 by Kawiku

:bulletblue: I'm looking forward if someone is interested to ask me any search suggestions of what you like.

:bulletgreen: WHAT I WILL SEARCH :bulletgreen:
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:bulletred: WHAT I WILL NOT SEARCH :bulletred:
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  • Questions or Sentences without suggestions.

:bulletblue: Galleries:…
:bulletblue: Here are the examples:
Fun Google Search 1 (why do burglars) by RagingFurryFun Google Search 3 (have people died) by RagingFurryFun Google Search 5 (why do foxes) by RagingFurry
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December 10th

Thank you !

Collection: For The Love of Dog

Thu Nov 27, 2014, 1:53 PM
A Song For Man's Best Friend by DiamonEyes

For the love of dog

The problem with lovers and spouses is that they have their own separate lives. They can’t always wake in the morning to a day of loving you until it’s time to close their eyes to sleep at night with their heads filled with thoughts of you. There are some activities necessary for their human existence that must be attended to, no matter how much you need a foot massage. Not so with dogs. Your dog lives only for you. Dogs are instinctive pack animals and you are the Leader of the Pack.

Scientists now report that your dog “reads” your pheromones and other subtle scent indicators to know if you’re happy or sad and depressed. Then he’ll know whether to raucously fetch you his leash for some fun in the dog park, or quietly rest his head on your shoulder to comfort you. But dog owners have never needed science to tell them their dog loves them best.


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2014, 9:59 AM

Sharing is really important, even if you have only 10 followers it spreads the knowledge to other people, helping the cause!!

So most of you probably know what's going on right now, and since I have a considerate amount of followers I decided to make this post to share these petitions that are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to sign. If you don't know what's going on, you can take a look at these:

Masterpost 1
Masterpost 2

There are petitions that are very important to sign, so if you are able to do so please sign!!

This is very important, the goal of 100,000 signs hasn't been reached yet!



If you guys have more relevant petitions that need signing you can comment them here and I'll add them to the list! You can share more tips on how to help as well and I'll paste them on the journal!

Sharing this journal would be a GREAT help!!

journal from vilho

The Vantas family by trinamersol
*srry 4 the long wait. this has been requested a while ago.

You layed in bed, asleep. You were enjoying your dream, your bed felt warm and felt like a soft cloud. You smiled in your sleep, but you frown when you heard youe cellphone going off. Turning in your bed several times, you placed your (Fav Color) pillow over your head, trying to block the sound. But you gave up, throwing your pillow across your room, you quickly sat up in bed. You were growling as you picked the (Fav Color) cellphone up, pressing the answer button. You held it close to your ear,

"Hello, what the fuck do you want!" You said angerly,

"What the fuck ass hat! You don't fucking yell at me!" You could hear Karkat growling on the other end,

"Well, excuuuusssseee me. If you hadn't rudely waking me up by calling, than I wouldn't have." You sigh, bowing your head.

"What do you want anyway?" You asked the male troll, you could hear rustling.

"Just wanted to know if you wanted to come over, watch some RomComs or play some games that Sollux wanted me to play." You thought about it, you were curious why Karkat wanted you over. He didn't seem to like it when others came to his (Hive/House), you heard that his home and the people that lives there, tends to get out of hand.

"Why?" You finally asked, you could hear a slight growl on the other end.

"Because I'm bored. Everyone is busy..." You let out your last sigh,

"Sure, I'll come over. Bye." You than ended the call, getting out of bed. You got dressed, just simple clothes. You really didn't need to stand infront of a mirror all day trying to pick what to wear, you fixed your hair, you didn't need to style it over and over to just get it to look good. Once everything was done, you picked up your cellphone. Placing it in your front pocket, you than left your room. Picking up your (Hive/House) keys, you left your home after you locked it up so no one can get in. Walking over to the gargage, you unlocked your bike. Getting on the (Fav Color) bike, you peddled your way to Karkat's home. You always rode your bike to places, it was your only form of transportation. You also tend to do tricks with it, since Mituna mastered the skateboard. You were teaching him how to do bike tricks. You passed the high school, making your way to the other side of the town. You soon found Karkat's (Hive/House), pulling up to the side of his home. You rested your bike against the wall, walking over to the door. You knocked about three times, no one answered. You than knocked in a pattern you liked to use, footsteps could be heard on the other side. The sound of the door unlocking, made you stand straight. Waiting for the person to open the wooden door.

My Jackson Pollock Nine by DarkLinkFire

Just as Dada and surrealism had been the art world’s mocking response to the world’s failed progressive pretensions in response to the anti-human horror of World War I, the art movement that blew up in the wake of World War II’s repeat performance was “abstract expressionism.”

It was deliberatively non-figurative. It told the viewer no story. It was not meant to “mean” anything. It was no more than evidence of the artist still alive, surviving, still creating art in the wake of the second devastation of everything modernist and human. It’s bold declaration of art now being detached from meaning, narrative, historical perspective or progressive purpose made New York the new center of the art world. It’s boldest representative was Jackson Pollock.

Some critics complained about Pollock’s process of “drip painting” on canvases spread out on warehouse floors. He “attacked” the canvas from all four sides until he was satisfied with the composition. This, said critics, was “performance art” and that the finished artworks were of little value, as they were just souvenirs of the “art event.” Pollock replied that all his art only had value and meaning for him in the moment of completion.  This did not make the “old school” critics happy.

What should have been Jackson Pollock’s moment of vindication as an artist was also the beginning of the end of everything he was trying to express about art.

Pollock’s moment in the sun was four pages in the August 8, 1949 edition of Life (Magazine) headlined “Is he the greatest living painter in the United States?”

LIFE (Magazine)
(Aug 8, 1949)

Pollock’s greatest works, his drip paintings, were created between 1947 and 1950. The Life (Magazine) article brought fame and celebrity into Pollock’s life. After 1951, he dumped the drip method and began experimenting with what were arguably more salable paintings, perhaps not coincidentally unrelated with his move to a more commercial high profile gallery. He may have sensed that the new demand from collectors was forcing him to make artistic compromises. Or he may have just been being crushed under the pressure to produce. But for whatever reason, this is when his severe, eventually fatal, alcoholism began.

In 1955, Pollock created his last two paintings

He spent 1956 making sculptures constructed of wire and plaster. On August 11, 1956, a drunken Pollock crashed his car less than a mile from his house, killing himself and Edith Metzger. Pollock’s mistress, the artist Ruth Kligman, survived the crash.

Jackson Pollock was a brilliant artist whose life is a study of complex and ironic contradictions. He championed the abstract expressionist cause of art being free of any “meaning” and artists being the anonymous creators of that “meaningless” art. And yet, his brilliant drip paintings still inspire art lovers’ lives and he was made a shining star of the “new art” despite his preferring to remain in the shadows. He fought to be a revolutionary artist struggling against all official academic maxims about the meaning and value of art. He sought to be a “pure” artist, true to his ideals, yet he began cutting artistic corners once the title of Abstract King had been bequeathed to him and needed to be defended.

Pollock hated the commercial aspects of art and the false values that defined any artwork’s worth, e.g. the fame and notoriety of the artist vs. the art itself. And yet he fell into the trap of living up to his hype once the money started finally coming in. How sadly common it is that the battering the egos of young artists sustain in their struggle for success leaves them too weakened to defend their most cherished personal convictions when success finally does arrive.

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you feel an artist should be trying to express a meaning, or even just evoke a mood or feeling, with the art he or she creates?  Or should art, as much as possible, be simply a stimulant or prompt for the viewer’s own unique personal response?
  2. Should art be “used” by the viewer as an inspirational aid in their work, or should it be a message to be deciphered or understood?  Or are both “consumer uses” of art acceptable.
  3. Is it ever possible for an abstract piece of art to be completely purely “meaningless?”
  4. What do you like or dislike about Pollock’s drip paintings?
  5. Who is your favorite abstract artist?  Can you explain why?

DeviantART Is Not a Dating Site

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2014, 7:11 AM
The opinions in this rant are my own and you don't have to agree. If you don't, cool. If you do, thanks. This rant was suggested by a few people, the first being Edd-the-Werewolf Thanks Edd!

Let's face it. There's a lot of things on dA that don't really belong here. This is an art site for people to share their artwork. It's not here just so you can use it to find a girlfriend/boyfriend and flirt. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with internet relationships. I met my gf here and we're doing fine. What I mean is when people constantly go around harassing others, asking if they're single, asking if they'll be their bf/gf without even really knowing them first, making sexual advances, etc. This is not the place for that, nor is YouTube, Facebook, whatever.

Just as in life outside the internet, it's best to develop a good friendship with someone before you make that step for safety's sake and also you'll probably have a better chance of keeping the relationship for a longer amount of time. Not saying that's how it is in every case, but in is. So trying to just "get with" someone over the internet on a whim is a really dumb idea. But most people seem to only want a bit of cybersex or some shit like that and an actual relationship means nothing to them. Plus it's a lot easier to cheat with internet relationships, especially if it's a long distance thing, because obviously you can easily have your internet lover and a real life one too, without the other ever finding out unless they happen to come visit you. Which is disgusting, in my opinion, but hey. Cheating is disgusting in any sense. 

If you want to use a dating site, use or eHarmony or something. Like I said, there's nothing wrong with internet relationships. And if you met your bf/gf here on dA and you're happy, more power to you, because I'm really happy with my girl. But if all you want is someone to sex-chat with you or be your spur-of-the-moment lover, go away. Some people don't want to be bothered by your desperate ass.

  • Mood: Happy