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chibi raffle

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 7:14 PM

how about a raffle? XD
i didnt do it for a while but i really wanted to so nows the perfect time!

1. fav this journal
 thats it!

for my watchers only , sorry ^^ 
i'll choose 1 on August 20th!


optional: wanna fill out this oc quiz?
post it in the comments for me to read plz! woohoooo! its fun!
id love to read your answers about your oc(s) ! !


Your OC's ref:
Their voice actor:
Biggest goal in life:
Favorite season:

1 item they can't live without:
A strange habit of theirs:
Biggest fear:
Quickest way to make them mad:
Quickest way to make them happy:
Bath or shower?:
Favorite color:
Favorite food or drink:
Favorite animal:
Favorite time of day:
Favorite pizza topping:
Favorite plush:
Last person they texted:
Right or left handed?:
Do they get along well with others?:
Do they have a best friend or lover?:
Do they carry a weapon?:
What kind of pet would they have?:
What do they sleep in?:
Would they ever crossdress?:
Would they let someone braid their hair?:
Would they let you pet them?:
Kindergarten AU; will your OC share the crayons?:
Highschool AU; are they senpai or kouhai?:
Fantasy AU; which rpg class would they be?:
Their pokemon team would be:

I want to give back to all of you for being absolutely amazing!!

As I'm typing this, me and my girlfriend have finally gotten more than 4 hours of sleep,
Cali is peacefully in my lap and back to her usual self! Though her fever is still making her
a bit tired, she has her personality back, and she seems so much more comfortable. ♥

The love and support all of you send me when I'm having a rough time just blows me away,
so while I can't do something for every one of you, I'm going to try to give a little something back.



► read the rules thoroughly please!!!
► this is for current watchers only. every watcher before i posted this journal counts. do not watch me just to enter!
► this will end exactly a week from now, on AUGUST 5TH.
► there will be two separate giveaways, please read through everything to make sure you enter correctly!
► you may enter both giveaways!
► if for some reason you don't follow the rules, your comment will be hidden / you'll be disqualified!



All art will be done in basically whatever style I feel most comfortable at the time,
but each will be a fully colored and at LEAST lightly shaded piece!
sweet by hunniebuzz[c] owlity by hunniebuzzLani by hunniebuzz

► you MUST provide me with a CLEAR REFERENCE to your character once you've won! multiple references are preferred.
► please be patient! give me up to a month to complete your prize.
► i will not be doing humans/anthros at this time, i'm so sorry!
► more prizes may be added depending on how many people enter!!



A giveaway for my watchers that DO NOT HAVE A PREMIUM ALREADY!
Two 3 Month premiums, and one 1 Year premium!

COMMENT TO ENTER, make sure to say you'd like to enter the Premium Giveaway!!
► you must NOT already have a premium to enter! 
► if your premium is ending within the week, you MAY enter!
► you may NOT decide between the 3 month or 1 year-- the first person randomly generated will get the 1 year!
► premiums will be sent the moment this giveaway ends.
► more prizes may be added depending on how many people enter!


That's it! Chances are I've forgotten something so I may change this journal in a bit,
but everything is generally as it should be. Please make sure you've read everything through!

Finally, thank you all so much for just being here. Watching me and supporting my art
means the world to me and it keeps me going. I may have quit art by now if not for all
of you, but I've learned that it's truly a passion of mine over the past 2 years and I'm
excited to do it for the rest of my life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

I participated in Project Portfolio, and was fortunate enough to win a prize!! I also donated llamas and a feature to all winners, so without further ado, here we go!

ProjectPortfolio Lottery Winners

Please go and support these lovely artists: show your appreciation by leaving a comment and/or giving a favourite! It doesn't cost you anything, and will brighten someone's day :love:


Sketchbook Drawing No. 2 by kristime .:NaruSaku:. Recovery and Reminiscence by kristime fem!Soviet!Russia (Hetalia) by kristime


Curtis Creek after 1st Snowfall 2013 by Myrddin88 Blood Moon [Oct. 8, 2014] by Myrddin88 Hearts in WInter - South Park after 1st Snow 2013 by Myrddin88


Stargazing by Dakaido Not a big thing by Dakaido A happy little doggie by Dakaido


A little bit of magic I by rosaarvensis I'm forgetting everyone I by rosaarvensis Green frogs VI by rosaarvensis


Oh deer, what have we here? by firefox2171 Envy CBAS by firefox2171 Iridescent CBAS by firefox2171


Vulcan by Mike-Tr Mid fight by Mike-Tr New Sun Wukong by Mike-Tr


Morning sky version 1 by ReaperBunny Come into my arms by ReaperBunny Riverside by ReaperBunny


Nacho by Pascua-Tanya Eevee and Leafeon by Pascua-Tanya Phineas by Pascua-Tanya


The Dream of Returning Home by WDWParksGal Firework Image 0538 by WDWParksGal Creeping Phlox in Violet by WDWParksGal

Cloudwalker Ramarai [MYO contest] by Juddlesart  Kirlia Retro Sparkle Design by Juddlesart Ready for a fight! by Juddlesart


Bow to me by IllyDragonfly Stalking the same prey by IllyDragonfly Ready for spring by IllyDragonfly


Request: Cricket by ZombieBeccaArt  Improvement Challenge | Day 2:  Figure by ZombieBeccaArt 

The Rogue OscillatorFrom the files of a fish monger with voices in his head.
The ship.
    The Rogue Oscillator stands as a technological marvel. Most of the Imperial Navy’s vessels use massive balloons or propellers to maintain flight but the Rogue Oscillator uses technology based on the legendary flying grass islands and their walking boilers to achieve flight.
The ship uses two massive spinning rings along with anti-gravitation… things… I don’t know, The engine connects via three dozen brass pipes to two massive metal rings in the ships stern that generates the lift the Rogue Oscillator needs to fly. No one knows how it does it. Some say that the Empress melted down all the waddling boilers to power the ship… But then The Captain stole the ship and the Empresses heart.
The Captain
Erril Flinn, roll in your grave! And Terra, roll that barrel into the gaurds.” –Said during a wedding heighst.
If I


Imitative by Mouselemur Emotional Trickery by Mouselemur Emperor by Mouselemur


Micia by Libfly Legolas by Libfly female alien on Seahorse by Libfly


Bob Marley by HendrikHermans Cat X by HendrikHermans Border collie 2 by HendrikHermans


Free Fae by MaximumRide93 My Baby Perolis by MaximumRide93 Arctic Arcadiness by MaximumRide93


Minimalist Mario Wallpaper by Persian7 [Sword Art Online] - Leafa by Persian7 Minimalist Young and Adult Link Wallpaper by Persian7


Wet and Dandy by Amarantheans Pretty in Pink by Amarantheans White peacock tail splayed by Amarantheans

Vindicta - Earrings by DreamsOfGems Garden of Stars by DreamsOfGems Sea of Love by DreamsOfGems 

Woodland Stroll by The-Common-Commander Dafuq Did I Just Watch? by The-Common-Commander  You Rang? by The-Common-Commander


Keval Seepferd by falcoDArgento Free fall by falcoDArgento  HBDari by falcoDArgento


not prettythe moon up close is quite homely;
snapshots don't capture the glow
and like the moon, i have craters
and sleepy lashless eyes.
my teeth are yellow, lips purplish,
brows unkempt and nostrils huge:
no camera angles can filter
my spinsterish features.
lazy daisy for i don't jog
and can't dance or make poses.
waist and hips measure the same,
thighs are as jiggly as my arms.
and i could go on berating
the rest of me: toe nails,
elbows, knees, bikini area,
buttocks, armpits, hair fall,
veiny hands and duck feet.
if i seek inner beauty,
i don't suppose i have it.
inside me
is a crabby heart
that envies and sulks,
holds grudges and regrets
and spouts sarcasm.
© April 17, 2015 :house:
  grandmothershe died in 1990,
a stern lady
who had worn her hair in a bun.
she was from old farm days,
when one didn't care for caprice,
and didn't object routine.
as if to ward off danger,
she'd spray vinegar
on frightful stormy nights.1
people came to her because she knew
what those wax formations on water meant:
what caused recurring fever, which prayer could work.2
a town cook, 3
Ina4 could whip up a feast
and make me forget my name.
she was lady-steel until the morning when
her firstborn didn't rise from sleep 5
and so she refused to be and no longer laughed.
she mellowed
and with all her wisdom, i felt
she had no words for sorrow.
© May 29, 2015 :house:
  disenchantmentyou kissed me
and i floated for days.
tiny wings were
ripping my spine open,
longing for flight.
a let-down,
the lip-lock was like
pressing your mouth
against the rim of a coffee cup:
you didn't think more of it.
in a year, i tongued a guy
not of your stature.
not my taste.
my wings pulled back,
© June 14, 2015 :house:


Dwarf steamroller1 by fanai59 A Queensland C17 Loco by fanai59 Flyingcircusta2 by fanai59


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Childhood Dream by Mocris Thirst by Mocris Hidden Treasure by Mocris


we share our colour to the sky by lolitartheist too afraid to say I Love You by lolitartheist Sing My Mind by lolitartheist 


Hawkweed Seedhead by DrewGuitarMan Fire! 2 by DrewGuitarMan Flying through the flames by DrewGuitarMan


Blue by RainOfDragon Rain 2 by RainOfDragon Green Drops by RainOfDragon


Fishing Early Together - Speed Painting by Astarsia  Head down, Bum up by Astarsia Daenerys and Drogon by Astarsia


Just Wing'n it by ajflipflop Crazy Normal by ajflipflop Monster by ajflipflop


Keel Billed Toucan by flippytiger Having a drink by flippytiger Dipper Pines by flippytiger


Magical Girl Candie by mizunotama sketchbook mobile experiment by mizunotama In My favorite dreams WIP 2 by mizunotama


The love of summer by lucytherescuedcat Waiting on a hummingbird by lucytherescuedcat Tent play by lucytherescuedcat


Steampunk Warrior by cyberaeon Rita Vrataski by cyberaeon Adam and the Hyron Drone by cyberaeon

Vivid by Belgerathone Morning's Glory by Belgerathone Lovely by Belgerathone

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Summer Artist Feature

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 4:41 PM

Heart If you like this feature please add it to your +favs ! Heart

So a few weeks ago, I asked some people to show me their best work and I would do daily features of some of the artists that I feel may not have the exposure that they deserve. 
I will feature about 10-15 artist. I hope you guys like the artist and their works and will go give them some love! And if you like their stuff, watch! 

Today's featured artist is :iconkaos-nest:
Kaos-Nest is an artist based in Italy. She is an active and somewhat popular member of Deviantart and a traditional artist. Her work is dynamic and ethereal. I promise, you will love to see her on your feed!

Kharma by Kaos-Nest
WIP 1 by Kaos-Nest
Fireflies by Kaos-Nest
 vampire Campari by Kaos-Nest
Nebula by Kaos-Nest
Barn Owl by Kaos-Nest

Skin by SimplySilent
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Get a chance to win a free avatar of your choice in a "cartoony style" !

Commission: Venus by CrymsoniteFREE Icon - Bee (Bee and Puppycat) by CrymsoniteCommission: Lunadopt by Crymsonite

*For watchers only!


I will pick five people for an avatar icon!


1. Favorite this journal and write a journal entry about it!
2. Be a watcher!
3. Comment your OC 

That's all!


Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 9:00 AM

Today's Featured Writer: lizilicious

TheWritePlace aims to highlight incredible work from some of our community's talented writers with our series of Featured Writers. You can see previous articles here in our Archive.

Today we are featuring lizilicious.



Suggested by BloodshotInk "An impressively bodily exploration of the identity of self."


Suggested by BloodshotInk "A poem dense with imagery that ignites the imagination."


Suggested by BloodshotInk "Having grown up by the sea in a harbour town this idea really stuck with me and resonated deeply."


This feature was compiled by BloodshotInk.

If you would like to suggest someone to be featured feel free to note a member of our Feature Team with a couple of their deviations and why you think they should recieve more attention.

i'm going to have to say goodbye to most of my characters .... 
these guys were my babies please take care of them if you buy.
i will not be replying to anything other than offers.
Decatur by twinelights - $17, c-chimera

Vendetta by twinelights- $10-15 (art, remotecontroi)
Powder by twinelights- $20, tsurime
Skylar - Babyfloat by twinelights- $7 (babyfloat)
Bailey by twinelights- $15 (art)
Sakura - Purrfume by twinelights- $7 (purrfume, prepawsterous)
Perry - Glass Bauble Bab by twinelights- $15 (glass bauble bab, lithxe)
Katie * by twinelights- $10 (1 or 2 art i don't remmeber, fancyfries)
Harper by twinelights- $15 (1 art, spoonlake)
Cinder by twinelights- $7
Charity - Starry Pup by twinelights- $10 (starry pup, puqq)
Cassielle by twinelights- $10 (art, puqqie)
Brooklyn - Owline by twinelights- $10 (1 pixel, owline, fenny-fang)

Caelum by twinelights- $25 (fennekeet, tigeryaki)
Tessary by twinelights- $25 (fennekeet, tigeryaki)
Karou - Aquaricat by twinelights- $10 (1 pixel, aquaricat, qeorqia)
Oliver by twinelights- $8 (art, prepawsterous)
Fisher by twinelights- $5 (iceberg hound, whalesharks)
Dallas by twinelights- $5 (iceberg hound, zoom)
Callie by twinelights- $20 (nebunine, ieopards)
Stellar by twinelights- $20 (art, nebunine, ieopards)
Destiny by twinelights  - $25 (nebunine, ieopards)

Hunter - Misty Pup by twinelights- $10-$15? i don't remember (art, misty pup, ponacho)

for offer (bc idk what to price them)
Addison by twinelightsAdelia by twinelightsSerena by twinelightsSharlett by twinelights
(all nebunines, ieopards)
Kairi - Paintcat by twinelights<- lots of art, paintcat, boucu
i may or may not give up these
Calamity * by twinelightsPiper * by twinelightsRebecca * by twinelightsRoxie * by twinelights

these are the chars that i offered art as payment. feel free to take them back if you were the previous owner.
Naomi by twinelightsRaenCOMPLEX 
Citrus - Peacat by twinelightspoflo 
Cerulean by twinelightsi don't remember who, sorry

PAYPAL ONLY (mostly), i may take points you can ask.
comment or note me.

THEN THERE'S THE QUESTION OF what i should do with my closed species that i can't sell because i got them in a trade. what the hell do i do.

MORE CHARS HERE! those are cheaper
selling some more characters coastal - $15 sold
halley - $5 sold
fletcher - $25 (art) sold
 victoria + sophia - $18
harry - $10 (art)
astral - $3
anderson - $5 sold
amalthea - $10 (art) sold
kyleigh - $13 (art)


Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 3:06 AM
Best viewed as Full Screen.

Minsmere is a wildlife reserve situated on the coast of Suffolk, East Anglia, UK ==>… that will be familiar to many UK deviants through the BBC series Springwatch broadcast from the reserve each May. Run by the Royal Society for the Protection of birds, the RSPB, Minsmere is primarily about providing wetland and woodland habitats for local and migrating birds, but it also provides a home for many types of flora, insects, reptiles, fish and animals. All the species found at Minsmere can be found elsewhere along the coast of East Anglia, but not in such a concentration nor in a conservation area with so much provision for viewing such as hides and boardwalks.

This Journal is a small collection of images from a 4 hour stroll around the reserve, and includes shots of some familiar species, and some rare and elusive birds. The images were taken on a Canon 5D Mark III camera fitted with a 70-200 mm zoom lens and a times 2 converter, giving at full zoom a focal length of 400 mm. Light conditions were adequate, the weather was favourable with some Sun, cloud, and wind. Shots were all hand held, and often taken from hides. Unfortunately, the birds were often a long way away, and heavy cropping has been necessary to show any reasonable close ups. Some of the shots I would not normally have posted as their quality is mediocre, but OTOH, such shots usually show something not normally seen. Two of the shots - the adder and the stone chat - were taken the previous day on Westleton Heath, an adjacent woodland and grassland area, but the species are to be found in Minsmere.

The first two images show a moorhen and one of her chicks. Whether moorhens breed late, this is the end of July, or whether this is a chick from a second brood, I do not know. The chick was already diving for food in the pond, but was still small enough to be prey for gulls, and herons.

Minsmere - Moorhen by Okavanga  Minsmere - Moorhen Chick by Okavanga

There are a large number of swans at Minsmere, and I thought the following shot of interest. Rather than the conventional image of a swan sereenly gliding across the water, this one is having a really good preen, and has taken one leg with its enormous webbed foot out of the water to better preen under the wing. I observed a number of swans showing this apparently odd behaviour of gliding with one leg and webbed foot lying across their backs. Perhaps it a mechanism for cooling or for resting after some hard underwater paddling.

Minsmere - Swan by Okavanga

One of the big claims to fame for Minsmere is the success of conserving and developing a population of avocets - black and white wading birds with a characteristic up-curved beak.… The two shots below were taken at some considerable distance from the birds.

   Minsmere - Avocet 1 by Okavanga          Minsmere - Avocet 2 by Okavanga

There is a preponderance of marsh birds at Minsmere with the redshank and black-tailed godwits in abundance. Birds from the heath, such as the cheeky stone chat are also very common.

Minsmere - Redshank by Okavanga  Minsmere - Black-Tailed Godwits by Okavanga  Minsmere - Stonechat by Okavanga

However, notwithstanding the favourite avocet, Minsmere is also famous for having a population of one of the rarest and most elusive of birds in Britain - the bittern. These very big birds live in reed beds, but are rarely seen, partly because the birds normally venture out at dawn and dusk when light levels are low, and partly because of their camouflage. I was lucky enough to be able to capture some shots of a bittern flying across some reeds, the flight lasting about 5 seconds. The first shot without cropping and at 400 mm zoom illustrates the difficulty of seeing the birds even in daylight. The subsequent shots are very highly cropped and tweaked with contrast and saturation to bring up the clarity of the bird in its flight.

Minsmere - Reed Beds - Bittern by Okavanga  Minsmere - Bittern 1 by Okavanga Minsmere - Bittern 2 by Okavanga  Minsmere - Bittern 3 by Okavanga

The next set of image shows some of the plants to be found at Minsmere:

Minsmere - Wild Honeysuckle by Okavanga  - wild honeysuckle  Minsmere - Teasels by Okavanga - teasels   Minsmere - Thistle by Okavanga  - thistle with large white butterfly

Minsmere - Marsh Mallow by Okavanga  

the famous marsh mallow which from the time of the Ancient Egyptians has been a source of medicaments, as well as being the source of the confectionery now known as the marshmallow

Finally, some colour from a Peacock Butterfly, some danger from an adder, and some fish (?young tench) in one of the reed bed streams.

Minsmere - Peacock Butterfly by Okavanga  Minsmere - Adder by Okavanga  Minsmere - Tench by Okavanga

I hope you enjoyed this brief visit to Minsmere.


David :iconokavanga:

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast modified by Okavanga

Gemigon Custom Raffle! [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 3:41 AM

Gay Royalty ♔

CSS Skin


This raffle is for everyone!
This custom can have any common to very rare traits.

How to Enter
1. Make a journal or poll with a link to this journal.
2. Comment below with a link to the journal.

End Date
July 31st

Gemigon July: Calendar by catdoq

believe in steven ☆