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Contest #7


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"Cutie Marks are Magical!"
I want you to show us the magic of your OC's cutie mark!

Draw a picture of your OC doing/enjoying whatever his/her cutie mark represents!

All OCs (and background ponies) are allowed - except the Mane 7!

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Saturday, 09th January 2016

Your picture has to be submitted after the 30th, November!

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The Winners (Place 1 - 7) can choose 1 of these prizes:

12 Months Core Membership (on dA)

6 Months Core Membership (on dA)

3 Months Core Membership (on dA)

1000 :points:

1 (Simple) Animation made by

1 (Small) Maud Plush made by
Mini Maud Custom Plush by tsand106

1 Vector + Comic Cameo in
"Past Sins" by
Past Sins: Treachery P2 by SaturnStar14


The Winners (Place 8 - 17) will get 400 :points: each!


Every participant will get 5 :points:!

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How To Join!

Draw a picture and submit it dA (not!

Post a link to it as a comment to this journal!

I'll not visit pages outside dA!

As soon as you're mentioned under "Entries" you know I accepted it!

You're allowed to submit MORE than one entry!

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Your picture has to be submitted after the 30th November!

No stealing.

It doesn't matter if the picture is digital/tradional - no sketches!
Backgrounds are not a must.

Bases are allowed!

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Are comics/animations allowed?

My OC has no cutie mark. What can I do?
Draw a picture of your OC - without a cutie mark - believing what her "special talent" will be!

What about griffons, dragons, changelings a.s.o.?
They're allowed! Just let them imagine what it would be to have a cutie mark!

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Check out these journal(s) for your entry/entries!

Literature DD Round Up November 2015

Tue Dec 1, 2015, 11:31 AM
:iconthemaideninblack: Features by TheMaidenInBlack

FFM 14 - Red TapeMaria scoffed at the protesters outside, loosely organized and shouting non-uniform It was true they finally submitted the proper forms and so was legally allowed to congregate outside, but they were still an unappealing sight. The very thing they campaigned for was anathema. What would the world do without the forms to tell them? How would we know when someone did something, where someone went without proof? How would the drones know to keep the water units outside to be fully stocked so that the protesters wouldn't dehydrate? A world without paperwork would be a logistic disaster, events happening without being recorded, actions done and no one would know who did them or why. They make a desert and call it peace.
A small buzz sounded in Maria's ear and she faced forward, smiling formally when the leader of the protesters approached. "Welcome to the Administration department. How may I help you today?"
"I would like to submit a formal complaint," the leader said politely, through grit
styrofoam platein a room dressed in their sunday best
i was glad for the styrofoam plate
it kept the soggy casserole
served by neighbors bustling in our kitchen
from soaking thru onto fingers and thighs
as we mingled in the front parlour
it didn't collapse under the piles
of aunt paula's tuna surprise
or aunt betty's ambrosia fruit salad
that's the one with the little marshmallows
the styrofoam plate remained unbent
as small talk and murmurs
swirled around the room
and face after face passed in front of me
the styrofoam plate let me shake hands 
and offer one armed hugs
i didnt mind their tear stained cheeks 
but if one more person says to me
"let me know if there is anything i can do"
...i'm glad that at least the plate was strong
And then I realised, I was a pawn of greater menI'm flying on three tabs of Andraxian Blue. I don't remember taking them, but the Blue has an unmistakable way of splitting your head in two with a four iron. The question is why. It's been years since I've hit anything this hard, and I can already feel it coming on too fast.
People surround me like a swarm. Their noise reverberates through my skull, and the stench of their salts fills my lungs and threatens to drag bile out onto the street. They gawk at me. They sense something is different, and they're just waiting for their chance to tear me apart. They keep coming closer, sidling up to me as if nothing is amiss, pretending to look away.
It's too fast. I need something to cool me down.
I start to pat myself down for smokes - something to smother the Blue - and find a sheet of crumpled paper in my pocket. The letters slide around like pond-skaters over water, but after pleading with them they agree to stay still for long enough for me to read:
You've done something incredibly
The Wet Paper Dress (pressed to my chest)I catch them as they fall
the little birds from her window
and they whisper rain-stained words
for me to look up, look up as more fall
the sky is filled with the paper cranes
rushing in a desperate flight
wishing through the air
on dreams and floating lanterns
and then I see her drifting
floating out the window
down to me at a speed I can't remember
and I brace to impact
but she lands safely, softly in my arms
and the raining, wishing sky looks orange to the east
where broken and blackened clouds part way
to a sunset passing a sunrise
and to that end I walk
and she cries to an exhausted sleep in my arms
and the suns are respite for my heavy heart
Ghosts Don't Tell LiesOnce upon a time, my best friend died. It was a stupid little accident, something that could have ended with a scare and a scraped elbow, but ended in an endless string of condolences. Not so much for me, for the family. I tried to support them then, but they didn't need me. I was not sure they had even needed my friend all that much. They grieved and cried a little at the funeral, and then moved on. I know they did, because I didn't.
I couldn't for some time, because it just hurt too damn much, and then, I couldn't for a whole other reason. You see, my friend came back to me. Not to the family, not to Sam, who had been dating him for two weeks, right before his death, but to me.  
I saw him appear one night, almost translucent in the moonlight. He appeared outside my window and knocked. I did not run then. Maybe I should have, but I didn't. If I had lost my grip on reality, it was worth it for being able to talk again, smile again and make our dumb jokes that made me laugh until
dumb.i heard it first when i was four. the sentence—death sentence—what set me
to shaping silence in my space to prove you wrong, when you asked:
"don't you know how dumb you sound?"
even now i carry the muscle memory. my teeth touched, my lips bit,
my mouth shut. inside me i kept myself, sitting shivah while the gibberish got clogged up
where teachers and toothpicks dared not tread. because of course i hadn't known,
and of course i would learn nothing, come monday morning
with me all full of weekend words, the problem
just kept getting worse. you all laughed then—as you would laugh now
—and the cycle began again.
for that was the echo i was doomed to repeat, you see, i had a mouth on me
like an oil spill, a voice that bent me backwards on the good days
and broke me open on the bad. it was my fault, of course, that my words were wired all weird,
so illegible i had to cut the edges off my teeth for anyone to listen. the syllables
just flew right through
Ten Days Before MovingI unstacked the crates and began filling them
so when this isn't my place in two weeks
I can disappear
like everyone else
like dust being blown from a book
along with
all the finger drawings.
It's so difficult to think of this as a beginning,
I can already hear the car doors slamming.
Someone left a wineglass here,
I must remember to return it
before August swallows it and someone's
set is incomplete.
I could condense this summer, I suppose,
into three bottle of liquor
and so many cubic meters of sawdust
I've dropped on the sidewalk between my room and the theater
and washed down the shower drain.
There must be a finite length of two-by
and the number of hours I've spent at the back of house
memorizing the shows
and forgetting there is
a finite number of showings.
At an open mic night a poet said,
you need to shape your isolation,
I've been struggling to collect it from
puddles on the table around my potted plants,
from between carpet fibers,
A Proud Struggle,
Noble, almost, as I shape
Why I Want to Grow a Garden1.
She pulses in the sunlight and
chews off a strip of wooden rail
I know she is a mudwasp, but she
only knows she must build a nest
she asks me what I'm up to by eating
the skin from my garden box
Wouldn't it be nice if
something good were my fault--
so I planted brussel sprouts and and separated
seedling beets with unprotected hands
the leaves stick up like red cat tongues
I want to lick them back
If you plant a green onion in a pot
on a sill, the roots will take,
instead of purifying in the fridge
Fresh-pulled, I made scones from mine, which
had grown in drunk angles
the onions that sprout from their salvaged parts
will grow straight up
from the sliver-shadow of garlic greens
the slug I threw landed
in my neighbour's grass
it was punishment for digging holes in my unripe
strawberries and for putting a copper nail
in the jack pine
Lettuce and I are not alike
on a cellular level
When I pulp it between my teeth--
the babies I have brought to adulthood
and into a salad bowl--
treeIt is okay to be getting your hair trimmed for the first time in eighteen months.
It is fine to let yourself inflate a sad story and then another,
like pink gum bubbles
In the direction of anyone who will listen.
You can now chew over the last year and a half of your life
from a distance, when you’re at the hairdressers,
after she notices the short patches by your sideburns with an inquisitive look.
You can hold back the tears with relative ease,
as if telling of someone else’s illness,
rolling the grief around in your mouth like a gobstopper
whist her acrylic nails gently graze the backs of your ears.
You can use an entire palm full of shampoo in the shower,
because caring for yourself is not an indulgence, or a waste.
And you deserve to have a second breakfast sometimes.
Or to buy yourself lotions and perfumes whenever you like,
even if it’s still an attempt to drown out the smell
of his aftershave and metal keys, and that Sakura bathbomb
he bought you on your first

:iconliliwrites: Features by LiliWrites the mornings i wake
like faded candlelight -
soft and unsure, blown by the wind
from the open window because
the heat resides within the bedframe and the
monochrome moments.
in the mornings i pray for lights-out
and an empty sink to share
my dreams with before
morning becomes day
and day becomes lonely in the flash
of the sunlight seeping
'round the blackout curtains.
some days i want to sleep forever
and only wake when
everyone is comatose within
their dreams; i want to be the ghost
that causes chills in the night
so i can say i made others
feel something
(because i feel so much i've gone
some days i wish i could
speak ten languages -
maybe then i could stop the st
stutter in my breast
and the hitching in my heart
at the thought of
everything --
maybe learning ten tongues
would let me learn to whisper in the night
about how my dreams haunt me
and i, them - i am
my own bogeyman
and i think i've missed a breath
or three trying to figure out what
it means.
when nigh
You're Pretty, But Your Band SucksYou could come and throw me over your shoulder,
carry me into your dressing room
where I will ride you like the bucking bronco you are.
Let me start over.
"Hi, my name is unimportant.
I've been watching you gyrate for awhile now
and I'd really like to sink my teeth into your hipbones."
Let's try this again.
"I am not a groupie
but that peak of skin under your shirt
could honestly just blind a girl."
And when we are sweaty and locked tight,
your mouth lethargically trailing down my neck,
I'll whisper into your ear,
"I really fucking hate your band."
LightLight pooled in the floes of her flesh
the warm tone of polluted amber
it ran down the window,
the stream broken in places by silhouettes
and other such distractions
it spilled, soundless
and flooded silken sheets
setting adrift the skin and breath and whispers of her
Machiavellian schemes
to steal away into the polluted dark
her sighs overflowed, sonorous
pouring into the amber and black
the constellations dotted along her
disrupted in places by the shadows of trees
and other such poetry
FallowWhen I was a little girl, we lived in a house with a nectarine tree. My father tended to it faithfully, watering it and pruning away the dead wood and the branches that would grow too heavy with time, sealing the trimmed edges with care. Each spring, it bore a can-can line of frilly, fragrant petticoat blossoms, cast away wantonly beneath the carnal attentions of buzzing cyprian bees. Each summer, it groaned beneath the weight of fruit, ripening in heavy round golden bellies, basking in the honeyed California sunlight, serene and assured in its fecundity. For a glorious few weeks, we would eat nectarines all day long, in as many creative applications as we could think of, canning the excess for a taste of summer in the fallow months to come.
One spring, the tree dropped every one of its leaves, instead flowering in a veritable nova of blooms… somehow, it sensed the end of its long, slow life, and in one last tremendous effort, it sank all of its energies into posterity, producing
Things they don't tell you.Thngs they don’t tell you about losing your grandfather on a Tuesday night:
When you wake the next morning, you still
need to get out of bed in time for work, you still
have to shower, dress yourself, eat breakfast, brush
your teeth and hair;
                              and when your mother calls
to check in, you have to comfort her because she lost
her dad last night;
                            and when you call your grandmother
your voice cannot waver lest you upset her, because
she lost a man she's known for seventy years and even
though she would never hold it against you, you still
feel obligated not to cry;
                                    and when you sit down
to do your job, you will have to do it with all your heart
because if you can
MotherhoodMaybe I'm just worried that my carelessness
Will follow me into motherhood -
The way I dented my boss's truck when I was 18
And then lied about it
Might mean that when the bough breaks
And I fail, inevitably, to catch the cradle
Lying won't be enough
But it will be all that I can think to do
Maybe I'm worried that the worst in me
Will become the worst in my child
The way I lose my temper with you for no reason
And then blame you
Might mean that when I show my love through a sharp tongue
And I fail, inevitably, to realise the damage done
Apologies won't be enough
But they will be all that I have left to try
Maybe I'm just worried that my love for you
Will be sacrificed to our love for a baby
And that there'll be nothing else -
Will that mean that we have died
And only a new life survives in ashes
Maybe it's not enough
But maybe that will be everything
I'm sorry
gospel circlesright now i am sitting under a gospel hall
and a man above and to the right of me
keeps screaming, “lord, i am too old for hallelujah”
between punctuated bits of off-beat clapping.
there is a drum circle somewhere up there
and djembe are hit to break his pauses.
from somewhere, there is a track
bleating spurts of trumpet like sheep
and scattering notes from the piano like milkweed
on wind.
lord, you are too old for hallelujah.
that song has been played over and over
for so many tired years,
brought back countless times as a
dulling exclamation point thrown as if to cut
a question mark in half.
its beauty has eroded with age:
a relic chipped away by time.
there are voices singing in an african language above me.
they ebb gently like a river, show their undersides like a leaf
upturned in a breeze.
they may be joyous or frantic -- maybe both, but i can’t ever tell.
“lord, we are too old for hallelujah!”
a choir agrees.
and maybe we are.
because from where i
swallow the universedecay remembers you --
fever breath and ocean-eyed ghosts,
secrets that smoke with poison desire.
we wake only to drink, to devour
the naked voices of dismantled stars.
glass kisses turn into granite lips
and pillars of salt; a haunted embrace
melts into the cracks of the universe.
vlog of the bodily apocalypseand this: the bone of the wind. the tiny little god that you squirreled away into your throat when no one was looking. you, an artist, not better than anyone else because of it, with thorns in your sides. aren't those the ones you were given for christmas? i thought they looked familiar. i thought this mountain looked a lot like the back yard. if you don't share this poem then a dead girl will appear in your bathroom tonight. you should make friends with her. you should tell her your name. you should tell her that you know the wind is going numb and boneless and you know, you know that the curve of yourself is a real thing, but you're scared. maybe she'll tell you not to be. maybe she'll tell you she loves you, she always loved you, it's going to be okay. maybe she'll rip your throat out and take that tiny little god in reverent hands and say, you should have just settled for less.
and you'll say what's less? my body has a footnote attached to it. not what you're expecting. not comfort
Home Is For The Heartless"If home is where the heart is,
why do I feel so fucking heartless?”
- Winston McCall
    Heavy clouds loomed in the cold September sky. A drop of rain fell onto Alix's forehead, stirring her awake.
    She opened her pale blue eyes, so pale they matched the murky gray sky overhead. Shit, it's going to rain, she thought, better get moving.
    The leaves of the alder tree she had slept under began quivering as the drizzle started, so she hurriedly grabbed her backpack and skateboard, and ran for the paved jogging trail. She tried to ignore the way the other park-goers looked at her... and avoided her as she passed.
    Alix understood their wariness. It was quite unnerving to see a sixteen year old girl with torn-up jeans, a dirt-stained canvas jacket, and unkempt purple hair running in your direction.
    The wheels of her skateboard clacked loudly as t
Wings of Hopeintuition bird, sing bright the dawn 
as blooming secrets 
fall soft on mosaic stones;
our gentle vines creep wild as wind,
a wandering metamorphosis:
winter caterpillar, spring cocoon,
summer wings twinged and falling into flowers
before reinventing destiny
harmony garden, keep parched and persevering;
this world will stop one day
to water the seeds 
with why, and was, and maybe someday could be--
for now, nature watches quiet
as sun-dust butterflies
collect drifting souls like wishing stars
White FlagIn a way, I am both the luckiest and the unluckiest person in the world. I’m twenty-four, reasonably socialized, and have never experienced the pain of personal death. Sure, I’ve had distant uncles and grand-parents pass on, but no one I’ve felt genuinely close to. For that, I’m probably fortunate. However, each year, the gap between my inevitable experience with mortality and I has closed in, tighter and tighter, and as I write this, I am preparing to say goodbye to my best friend.
I met the Rat, formerly known as Snowball, when I was only seven. He was the size of a small cantaloupe and skated across the living room floor. Three months old. He howled all day and night, worse than a hooker scrounging to pay rent. At night, we kept him in a crate tucked underneath the stairs, so we wouldn’t hear him barking, which I felt to be an unbearable punishment for what occurs to me now must have been a legitimate hellion. New pet owners must feel exactly as new mot
The Author is DeadPlease, I need your help. We're both in danger.
Do you see that corpse in the corner? The one with fluffy red hair? That's the author of this story, and she's dead. If you don't want the same thing to happen to you or me, you need to do everything I say.
Okay. First, turn off the volume on your device. The monster's still here, and it will attack if it hears you. Work quietly now...
We don't have words to waste, so I'll sum this up quick:
I'm the protagonist. You can call me Proto.
The writer invented a creature whose harpoon-like limbs could go through anything. While she was thinking of a way for me to beat it, one claw punctured the fourth wall, and her chest, then dragged her in. She died before giving me anything.
That hole in the wall is how I can see you. You're all I have left, dear reader.
All of my teammates have been killed off- the other bodies you see. It is still nosing around them. Hasn't noticed me hiding by the rubble.
If nothing changes by the story

:iconhugqueen: Features by HugQueen

Refuel.Sunset. The Texas sky was a royal shade of lilac fringed with burnt orange and various blues. The treeline had faded into one long, jagged shadow forming a hazy fence around the empty highway. A harvest moon had just cleared the top of the pines - a beautiful moon, sure, but small; it might have been the size of a nickel, but was probably closer to a dime. The moon never gets as big for us as it does for the movies.
I was leaning against my beat-up old Dodge minivan in a deserted convenience store parking lot, staring idly into the twilit sky; I probably looked creepier than a bruised-up runaway with a knife and a grin and detailed opinions about the girl next door. The pollen-y dust that collects on the van in late spring left a greenish streak across the back of my cheap blue shirt, which bothered me in an abstract way. It was stuck in my mind like popcorn in my teeth, the knowledge that my shirt was coated in pollen that would probably coat the seat of my car, would probably stain o
Renewed   roused by cricket song
from her umbral slumber
   the moon brightens
EclipseYou dreamed me.
A breath in crescent pulses
   suddenly I am
   existing in your pillowed fantasies
                  tucked beneath heavy eyelids.
Soft, willing
           moon flesh
           there is magic in your bones.
Vulnerable, we
                     remained entwined
                     carried by the night tide
                              I am yours.

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Pixel Raffle { OPEN }

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 2:47 AM

so its almost christmas+im pretty near 4k watchers so i thought why not hold a raflle that'd be nice.

Raffle ended 14 DEC 2015 

Prize : 1 100x100 pixel [ can be human/anthro ]

 Commission - litecchi by SirPansolCommission - inkray by SirPansolCommission - smogmonsters by SirPansol
To Enter :
-be a watcher 
-fave this journal
-write a journal/poll of it
-write a comment on the journal including the link
[I'll respond with your raffle number ]

notice: i will be in japan from 9dec-12 dec so i might respond late then

Good Luck~

Pixel by Kittyrocker

contest | OPEN

Tue Dec 1, 2015, 12:29 PM by attacknotitan:iconattacknotitan:


Hello lovies, I have decided to make a contest and any writer is welcome to join!

The deadline will be: April 1, 2016
Which I hope gives you all enough time to work on this! If not, please let me know and I can give you all extra time! 


  • Must be a reader insert! 
  • You must write about the theme I give you
  • You cannot plagiarize, steal, or copy another writer's work
  • The story may be as long as you want, but no second parts
  • Don't stress about it! Work at your own time and write in your own comfortable writing style.
  • No Lemons/Smut! | Keep it teen appropriate! 
  • Try your hardest to fix grammatical & spelling errors
    punctuation doesn't have to be perfect, however please place the periods where they belong 
  • Please tag me so I can see the finished work! 
  • I will only accept stories posted before and on: APRIL 1, 2016


  • Gender: write whatever gender works best for you!
female, male, or gender-neutral
  • Point of View: same as gender, whatever is comfortable for you to write with!
  • Fandoms: here is a list of fandoms I am in, but feel free to write any fandom you please! Anime MasterList , It doesn't even have to be anime!
  • Any other questions you want answered? Feel free to send me a note or comment below!


the genre

ANGST of course, you should have known by now

however, you can start out with angst, but end it with another genre!
Or start out with another genre and end with angst, or whatever.
just include thou angst

the TOPIC 

choose from any of the topics below

please state which topic you use in the desc or wherever!
And no, you don't have to use the topic sentence in your story, just base the story off the topic

  • A strong feeling for the one you love, even if they are no longer present.
  • We are reborn, and your promised me we would be together, so why are you with someone else?
  • Can we start over? And this time do it right?
  • I have fallen for you, my enemy, and now I don't know what to do.
  • I want to talk to you, but you don't even know I exist
  • Please don't give up on us
  • the good ol' cheater

  • Song!fic: [link] - Last Song
  • Song!fic: [link] - Just Be Friends



you will all get a feature on my profile until the contest is up!
this will include three things: your contest entry, and two other works you did, that I like.


  • 300 :points:
  • A llama & watch
  • A one-shot written by me [you get to pick what it is about]
  • A song!fic written by me [you get to pick the song]
  • Your choice of either a full colored half body drawing or chibi
  • A one-shot written by maccagotmilk

Second Place

  • 200 :points:
  • A llama & watch
  • A song!fic written by me [you get to pick the song]
  • Your choice of either a line art half body drawing or chibi
  • A one-shot written by maccagotmilk

Third PlacE

  • 100 :points:
  • A llama
  • A drabble written by me [you get to pick what it is about]
  • Your choice of either a sketch half body drawing or chibi 
  • A drabble written by maccagotmilk

If anyone is willing to contribute to points, or whatever feel free to send me a note!


deadline is on APRIL 1, 2016

and have fun! 

if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Skin by SimplySilent

In Praise Of... Vol. XXVII

Tue Dec 1, 2015, 11:41 AM


Six Word Stories

DeviantArt  About In Praise Of DeviantArt 

Welcome to a continuing series, where on a daily basis I feature 25 deviations ranging from: literature, photography, traditional art, digital art,  artisan crafts, and special features, where I showcase: DailyDeviations or LitRecognition deviations.

Please don't be afraid to check out the featured works and if I've featured you, do not be alarmed. I purely mean to showcase your work because I liked it and wish for more people to see it.

On behalf of the owner's whose work I feature please be respectful and do not steal or copy their original work. If you believe a work is stolen, please report to the necessary authorities.

Love literature? A keen poetry enthusiast? Or a fan of stories? Then take a moment to check out LitRecognition and suggest some literature to the team. Each of us has our own guidelines you can check out! :eager: by darkmoon3636 Spread the word! Get those suggestions going folks! Love 

Are you a writer?

Then why not give these a try?

The DeviantArt Writers Questionnaire 2015Inspired by CRLiterature's latest journal What do you want to see from CRLit I decided out of sheer madness to draw up a questionnaire focusing on: what makes you a writer? Why do you write and where did you first have your a-ha! moment when a story or poem exploded into existence? Does it matter if you are a writer? Nope, this questionnaire is even for those who don't write, who loathe poetry, where the sight of a book causes the blood to drain from you. Here's your opportunity to share with others why. 
Love DeviantArt QUESTION-TIME!DeviantArt Love 
1. How long have you been a member of DeviantArt, and for how long have you been writing? If you don't write what realm of art do you work in?
2. Why did you become a writer? Is your reason to write the same now as it was then?&
  Nemo's Christmas 3 Word Contest 2015Hey! Hi! So after a year I've decided to restart my 3 Word Contest, which this month will be themed on 3 words you would most likely associate with the Christmas season of snow laden roofs decked in an array of lights, mince pies and carollers. Of course, you don't have to write your entry as a Christmas piece, if you're a secret Scrooge, you may feel free to use the 3 words in an innovative and original manner. Good luck! I am a dummy!
OMG! I can't contain my excitement! Anyway on to the contest itself. OMG! I can't contain my excitement!
Target Aim - to write a poem or a prose piece including one or all of the following three words:
 Snowman. Angel. Frost.
Target IM

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A Mother (3)Brother bit cookie? Unsalvageable.
Mommy? Delicacy!

GlaciersHis core;

Social AnxietyWishes to speak.
Too afraid, embarrassed.

Pink CarnationsLaying on granite slabs
"Miss you."

A CancerShe hurt; but her pain ended

2 Months"Miss you?  No...I regret you."

Deepwater PorridgeGuidelines neglected. The ocean runs black.

Schizophrenia"Hear that?"
They never do

Miss Muffet Starves AgainSpider drops
Child screams
Breakfast: ruined

AstrayThe wagon left.
                               His heart too.

Change the subject"So where's-?"
    "Breaking someone else's heart."

ExpectationsSometimes I feel
Like a disappointment

The FallShe jumps. He returns the ring.

HopelessI return
to self
and wound.

resetHe waited for reality to collapse.

Six Word Story ~ Hollow"So hungry."
"Then eat."
"Won't help."

PerspectiveTreasure expedition fruitless
                  ......found each-other

Another Try"I promise," I said. Once again.

"Absolutely NOT!"

Lost to the Shrieking Winds of the MindSpark of life;
Extinguished too soon.

When you don't have a camera with you...Moment arrives -
utter hopelessness.
Moment passes.

Bugs' Last Journal EntryTurned left at Albuquerque. World ended.

UntitledFires ignite...
...blood to brain.

UnscheduledA time bomb?! Hey, wait a---

Why Don't We Speak Anymore?Lost my voice,
                     yelling at you.

Smell Like Christmas

Tue Dec 1, 2015, 1:27 AM by owel:iconowel:
smells by arxaggelos75

"Here’s the thing, every year people make these grand plans in treir head to do all their favorite holiday things.  Decorate the tree, make sugar cookies, decorate the house, make gingerbread houses from scratch, send out christmas cookies to everyone, find the best gifts, watch ALL the Christmas movies, go for a snowy sleigh ride, make hot cocoa with giant marshmallows and loads of whipped cream, go ice skating, make the most grand Christmas dinner – with the table set all cute and festive. The idea is pretty much just to have the perfect Christmas season, which  starts with A big snowfall .
Some people trying to make the house smell like Christmas and the  best part is that they can really use whatever they have on hand. The must-haves are cinnamon, citrus, ginger and vanilla. Nothing makes it feel more like the holidays than those smells. That's all from me my friends and now enjoy some beauties from BestDA's folders  "
Elsa by Joe-Robertsattunement by creativephotoworks
Cachoeira de Paulo Afonso.IR by vw1956

Mature Content

Underwater fantasy by fly10

Hot Yas Min by Hart-WorxThe Lost World by MikkoLagerstedt
down by the water by CeecoreWell by darkdex52
Walk This Way... by Joe-Maccer

Mature Content

Autumn Dinner by artofdan70

Mature Content

no title 192 by ABrito
Starfall by tatasz
Bighorn Ram-Charge! by JestePhotography

Mature Content

Tiffany Nacke by Scottworldwide

Leaving In Solitude by MarcoHeislerBound by Aegils
Ghibli Christmas door by nokeekEnchanted Forest by borda
SNOW QUEEN by tony-tzanoukakisBreath by ZenithOmocha
Cup of Hot Chocolate by SelenadaSpirit of the Winter by VeilaKs
Farewell by Cold-Tommy-GinJustice at Stake by gyaban

Mature Content

Magdalena by onphoto
In this midnight hour... by cricketumpire
Costa Brava 2 by CoigachKilling me softy with her song by kazarinakristina

Mature Content

Lucille - 8527 by grodpro
58 Cadillac by AmericanMuscle
DAEMONOMANIA by MenervaTauNo child left behind by nicubunu
Companions by Bliss89Simplicity Actions and Presets - Background Blur by SimplicityActions
Gold by deffymBy the Window by d2l2
Wild Things by CrowsReign1000 by ricchy

Mature Content

Fall of Love by gb62da

Mature Content

Ton Regard by charmeurindien

Eyes in the lake by microbiologist

Mature Content

Pearl Pulling by johntisbury

Mature Content

Artificial by MordsithCara
Shadows by MD-Arts
Tea Party by AnitaAntiSummer Scent by bwaworga
Lip on Fire by Mina-FicentLeopard in her .... by eamfos
Chile - Easter Island by lux69aeternaFinal Voyage of the Innocent by JonnyGoodboy
Inner Circle by catch---22Head in the Waterfall by BrettAZimmerman
Cactaceae by siulzzBokeh Drops by isischneider
The Approaching Light by Ikonokl4stCheerful ladybug by Nataly1st
Inferno by DMMDesign*** by Fatalv
fluffy sledge by hoschieother Friend by albatros1
THE LIFE OF A BEE EATER by RichardConstantinoffWarrior by KlaraDrielle
Gull Ballet by UnkopierbarThe-Family by vinayan
Forsaken by FlashWFreedom Fighter by Inna-Vjuzhanina
DianLan by phoenixluSMITE AhPuch Nutcromancer by Scebiqu
Fading Light by tsukiko-kiyomidzuChristmas baubles for sale by marijeberting
Beanstalk by Velvet--GloveFindings by poca2hontas
Shuoboun by kuzy62Bride by phantastes
Bodysketch 021 by gschwindtEvanesce by VixSky
squirrel by toniart57Fragility by Ann Marie Bone by newboldworld
Sunset field by XRlSForgotten by tsukiko-kiyomidzu
Leopard 3 by HendrikHermans

Mature Content

. . . Fighting the Shadows . . . by ChIandra4U

Hugh 'House' Laurie by Paul-ShanghaiCommission Custom Design :  Sword by KodamaCreative
Pony by serafleurHallowe'en's Bride by Saidge42
Island Night Shot by AhmadTurkPrecious Gem by Dizzyzebra
Trespasser by DominiqueWessonSylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft by DziKawa
super Halloween by BriGht-liGht-NSHNorthern Lights by RazielMB
Facet of Darkness by MagicnaAnaviSteam VS - Windows 10 Edition by neiio
Seeing Red by t1naMake The Best Hot Chocolate Ever (+ instruction) by theresahelmer
All things die by MarloeshiGinger by Deathstars69
Aurora Corona by JuhaniViitanenHappy Halloween by LiveArtBreatheArt
Autumn Globe - 3 by lueapMaple Bacon Chocolate Cupcakes by theresahelmer
Legacy I by Aurelia-IsabellaCold city by lostknightkg
Jeudi by Leona-SnowA long, lonely time... by borda
A big Thanks to all the artist for submit their artwork to our group. More coming soon:heart:..and don't forget U are all special and great artists!!!

Forum Features #62: Nature!

Tue Dec 1, 2015, 2:57 AM by Mrs-Durden:iconmrs-durden:


Once again, the Community Relations team is here to feature the artworks of DeviantArt's beloved forumers! AND feature a member of the forum community!La la la la

Once a month, we select one active member from the forums and we feature his or her gallery. This is someone we believe represents the forums well with both good forum-abilities and art. We are now taking quotes and doing mini-interviews with the community about each month's selected forumer, in order to further bring the community together!

As we're kind (and awesome), we also decided to give an opportunity for everybody to get featured! Every month, we create a thread in the Deviation Thumbshare Forum with a particular theme. This thread is made into a sticky for easy access. All you have to do is post thumbs of your artwork that match the theme and, at the end of the month, we select our favorite thumbs from that thread and feature them in the next news article.:) (Smile)

The best thing is that being an active member of the forums is the only requirement!

Featured Forumer of the Month: MrCarnyfex

Nominated by xclaux

Community Volunteer Love:

Music of the Desert by MrCarnyfex selected by KovoWolf
This piece is rhythmic beauty. I love the warmth this piece brings.

Upgrade...but take your time by MrCarnyfex selected by JenFruzz This piece appeals to me on so many levels! And it's a fun idea.

The Woman in Blue by MrCarnyfex selected by kingmanchengAs haunting as it is wonderful!

Claw by MrCarnyfex selected by tiganusi 

Mature Content

Preserved Intelligence by MrCarnyfex
 selected by morbidman187 
A wonderful combination of images that remind me of how I feel.

Beautiful Graveyard by MrCarnyfex selected by DistortedSmile
Something very haunting and ethereal about this piece of work.

Fire Priestess by MrCarnyfex  selected by Mrs-Durden
I like my women looking badass, and this one definitely does.

Community Love:

Max, even though he is not since long time in the forums, his presence is awesome, and one of the great people here that I'd totally hang out with IRL.

MrCarnyfex has only been a forumer for only a short while, but in that short while he managed to make himself well at home in the chaos that we call the DeviantArt forums. He's very friendly, energetic, sociable, likeable and is seems to care a lot about the community. I have plenty of time for him. :D (Big Grin)


You should really join the dark side, we have potatoes I am a dummy!

I would serve in a stormtrooper squad with MrCarnyfex


I barely know him I demand a redraw! :iconmadnoesplz:


Well I'll be honest Mr Carnifex can take out an army on his own. Every edition they fluff his ass up and let his point cost equal an entire army.

He is a positive force in the forums because the force is with him.


A pair of open grizzly arms, with the spunk of a child, and the passion of an artist.

MrCarnyfex? Yeah he's a nice person. I like him majorly because we share a few things in common like photomanipulation and our love for the Star Wars franchise. He's very nice and civil and I do so enjoy talking to him both on and off the forums.

MrCarnyfex is probably one of the best people around here for me to talk to. He's always so nice, silly, and willing to start up a conversation with you at any random time. I'm very glad that I befriended him. :) (Smile)

MrCarnyfex has been a great addition to the forum community. Not only is he a positive person, he is always friendly and easy to get along with. He's just lovable.

MrCarnyfex is crazy, in the best way!

Mini-Interview Fun:

What would MrCarnyfex's porno name be?

His porno name would be Mr. Horny Fux

If you could steal something from MrCarnyfex what would it be?

If I could steal something from him it would be his contagious optimism.

Which alcoholic drink do you think best fits MrCarnyfex?

His alcoholic drink would be Slow Gin Fizz because he is bubbly.

What do you believe is Mr Carneyfex's spirit animal?

Chameleon Maximilian! :happybounce:

What is Mr Carneyfex's superpower?

Nobody knows it, but Mr Carneyfex's real superpower is transforming his bones into lightsabers, making him capable of defeating Darth Vader in the blink of a puppy's eye

You saw Mr Carneyfex steal from an elderly lady, what do you do?

After gasping, I would snap a picture of the incident, and hand it right over to him, so that he could manipulate the photo of course! This way, should he ever be accused of robbing, there is PROOF that the elderly lady, did indeed, forget to take her sleeping pills... B-) (Cool)

If you could travel with MrCarnyfex where would you go and what would you do?

Star Wars convention

Which role would MrCarnyfex play in a Role-Playing Game?

Evil apprentice

MrCarnyfex calls you from jail to bail them out. Do you do it?


If you were stuck alone in a room with MrCarnyfex what would you do?

Watch all 7 Star Wars movies and discuss them for hours La la la la

If you could torture MrCarnyfex with an annoying fandom for 24 hours, which one would it be?

I bet he'd just love a FNAF marathon

What's MrCarnyfex's superpower?

The force La la la la

You saw MrCarnyfex steal from an elderly lady, what do you do?

Its a borrowing, a long term one They're all out to get me...Dollar (US)

MrCarnyfex needs a kidney, are you willing to give up one of your own?

Ouch, Karma is a bitch, MrCarnyfex you MoFo, never steal form an elderly lady!

Which alcoholic drink do you think best fits MrCarnyfex?

Definitely a German beer like Kolshe or another pale ale. Something that isn't heavy, but very easy to drink and to enjoy socially. Nod

Which role would MrCarnyfex play in a Role-Playing Game (Tank, Damage Dealer or Support)

Tank. Literally, a tank that should be from a Mad Max film that fires flamethrowers (The actual weapon) and shit. Ludicrous as fuck, but fun to watch.

What's MrCarnyfex's superpower?

He doesn't need superpowers. He's like Batman, he just uses his cunning and wit to strategically thwart his enemies. :p (Lick)

If you were stuck alone in a room with MrCarnyfex what would you do?

If I was stuck in a room alone with MrCarneyfeX, I'd try to scare him in some way by going totally insane.

MrCarnyfex calls you from jail to bail them out. Do you do it?

If they were to call me to bail them out of jail, I'd just smile and say, "I'm broke- sorry." But literally, if I had the money I would try to get it to them somehow....

What sin is MrCarnyfex guilty of?

The sin that MrCarneyFex is, is the sin of pride. :iconnedflandersplz:

If you could steal something from MrCarnyfex, what would it be?

I would like to steal his optimism for life.

If you could force MrCarnyfex to roam only 1 DA forum for the rest of their life, which one would it be?

Deviants, of course. I'd hate for Complaints to corrupt him.

 You saw MrCarnyfex steal from an elderly lady, what do you do?

I'd be very disappointed and probably live with trust issues after that because he would never do such things!!

What would you do if MrCarnyfex turned into a cat?

Even though I'm allergic to cats, I'd still take care of him since he's a nice person. :D (Big Grin)

What would you do if you had to choose between MrCarnyfex and bacon?

MrCarnyfex wins by a landslide. Bacon is terrible.

What word best describes MrCarnyfex?


If you were stuck alone in a room with MrCarnyfex what would you do?

Buy a pizza for us to share La la la la

What do you believe is MrCarnyfex's spirit animal?

Darth Vader LOL

If MrCarnyfex were to be arrested, what would it be for?

Holding up a convenience store with a lightsaber.

Theme of the Month: Nature! 

Anabella by George-B-Art Ou-ren Sakura Spirit by Ou-ren Quetzal's Transformation by barananduen 105-desert by JillLenaD
Fragile by Exifia Flower Macro by NodokaVisualArts Shades of Orange by TearsofTurquoise
Good Morning by barananduen Passion by SolidMars Emperor Penguins by DivinoArtista A piece of Mt. Rainier by Cinestress
pretty pink flowers by christycameasromans Walk With Me by FF-Boy Delicate Intimacy by TheNaughtyPirate Golden by Lanevska
 winter scenery by psiipilehto Tree by Aer0Hail Elements by DPasschier
Taking Over by Theanimalparade Sunset Forest by aviagua Everyday magic by thedaydreaminggirl 

Mature Content

.Holloway. by Martina-G
Rose Princess by YaraFerreira Los cuervos en Cerro Colorado - 1991 by andresbestardmaggio Rose maze by fireytika
Giraffe at Sunset by taibossigai Illumination, Revelation, Life by not-important-at-all Big waterfall... by Dark-Indigo Breeze by RosleinRot
 meeting by Marui-tan Sundown at Lake Balaton by IstvanSzaboIfj You light up my world by rainbownote
Ivy Pendant by RaggedVixen I love Autumn... by SugaryAshes The Sick Rose by DelusionalAsylum
 Last Snow by GreenFlutterby Fiery metaphase by RingquelleNL For Rent by 2pified
Afternoon Path by chromaTinker Pansy Parade Cross Stitch by ShiroiKoumori Autumn Light by VisualPoems
Beautiful WorldBorn free here on earth:
Huge herds in the world.
Wild and free - so live animals
In Gaia, Mother Earth.
Huge forests once on earth
Until the man was born.
Nature so green. Grazing on glade
Is a deer quite shy but close.
Rain over dry countries.
I see the awakening of nature.
Rainbow makes me dream
Peacefully after a hot dry night.
Fog over high mountains,
Waterfall – force of nature,
Silence … just a bird chirping
When the morning is awake.
Sun standing high in the sky
But when the night will soon be dark:
Dark blue is the sky then -
Red sunset.
I see the world with different eyes
As long as it still exists.
Because I am just a part of life
In a dying world untouched.
November Rose
Cycles bear soft brilliance
Of fragility that never breaks
You impart moral ascension
Should the world be in declension
Forever shall you thrive
A polaris in winter solstice

Thank you to everyone who took part! We will see you next month with a new forumer and a new theme! Love

We are now taking suggestions for featured forumers! Send me (Mrs-Durden) a note with the forum member you'd like to nominate, and why!




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"every life is important,my life is important,i have to preserve my life,my health it's the most important thing for me"
"i will make the right choices for getting an healthy lifestyle"
"i have to preserve my health because it's the most important thing for me"
"i have to preserve it if i want to be really happy"
"i don't worship pills and doctors"
"i am the medicine,i am the doctor of myself"
"i am the only one who really knows my body"
"my mind and my soul have the power to heal my body"
"i have the power and the tools to heal my body"
"i have the will to heal myself"
"i can do it, i can do it!!"
" i am stronger than any illnesses!!my mind and soul can help me on reaching the objective"
"i have the will to heal myself,i have the power to do it"
"i have to do that if i want to preserve my life and find real happiness"

Now meditate on how beautiful life is,how many good things we saw and we might see in the future. think about it.

now repeat.
"i have a beautiful life and i must preserve it"
"i have the power to heal myself,i am stronger than any illnesses"
"i will win this fight because i MUST win it!i can do it!"
"i can change my lifestyle,i need to change it if i want to save my important life"
"every life is important,mine too"
"i will make the right choices and i will use every possible means to preserve my life"
"i have the will to heal myself,and i have the tools to reach this objective"
"i am stronger than any illnesses!i will win every fight!i can do it!"

i made these affirmations with hope of maximize the placebo effect activated by this kind of videos.
placebo is one of the most powerful medicines ever and it's free,you create it by yourself ! our minds are extremely strong. they are fundamental part in the healing process. if you learn how to maximize this effect,you will be able to heal most of the illnesses.
i leave a few videos which will help you in reaching this objective and you can find tonns of them on youtube.


The Muses Love Alternatives, CLVIII

Tue Dec 1, 2015, 10:37 AM

Brave Red Boat by LauraTringaliHolmes

Chile - Easter Island by lux69aeterna    La Piscine by atelier-de-figueline

In the Company of Kings by fizzyjinks

Watercolour brush exercise by JALpix    Colombina by ototoi

Impuls by MOTOM-MOandTOM

Thanks for stopping by.




:iconautumntree3plz: WELCOME to Unframed-Nature's BIG CONTEST Rusults:
"Mystical Scenery of Autumn"

Welcome dearest Members, Watchers, Friends, and Supporters of Unframed-Nature, :heart:

Thank you so much for being here and joining us for the exciting results of our "Mystical Scenery of Autumn" Contest 2015!  This was one absolutely fine and beautiful contest from beginning to end!

We had exactly 64 entries, ALL awesome, and all quite different in the interpretation of "Mystical" which indeed certainly could be subjective!

It was a lot of fun to see what our talented entrants came up with, in the combination of their idea of "mystical", and also keeping to some kind of Autumn theme, as well as a "scenic view", which involved some distance- some kind of 'scape.

This was an amazing contest, so aestheticly pleasing, but met with undeniable encouragement from members, friends, and Affiliates, much volunteerism from many of our Admins. and 100% from our 13 Judges, and from lots of Prize givers.

It was all rather very heartening. :heart: :happycry:

We couldn't have done ANY of this, least of all without such sensational success, without any of the above mentioned individuals, groups of people, or groups!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

:iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz:

Without further ado, here are the CONTEST results...


:icontrophyplz: OUR TOP EIGHT WINNERS :icontrophyplz:

:trophy: FIRST PLACE Weissglut :iconweissglut: with: It's Magic by Weissglut :iconflowersplz:

More from this Artist:
* by WeissglutDark Wood Spheres by WeissglutThis Way by WeissglutMarch 20, 2015 II by Weissglut
The Mushroom Family by Weissglut~:~ by WeissglutShedding the Deadwood by WeissglutHerbstwald by Weissglut
Rhagium Inquisitor by Weissglut.. by Weissgluto by WeissglutPapaveraceae by Weissglut

:trophy: SECOND PLACE  RogueMudblood :iconroguemudblood: with: Arizona AutumnAs breezes rustle the buffelgrass,
no early frost covers the ground -
no wintry wind chills the air.
But among the cooling desert,
a plant stands tall and steady.
Its blooms have fallen for the year,
its pollen spread by both bird and bat.
White petals have long since given way
to red stars carrying the next generation.
New plants to come in another season,
with tiny needles appearing like snow
to cover them in false winter dust.
Both arms and column alike, evergreen
even in the autumn of the year,
stand proudly among the arid sands
ever watchful as the world passes by.
They grow on south-facing mountains
in shallow soil: sentinels of another world.

More from this Artist:
Open BlindnessYou're blind.
Blind to a world you never knew,
Never wanted to know.
And yet, you're forced
To see.
In this world,
There are armies -
Armies of men and women
Equipped with hate,
Forged by fear.
Taking aim,
They fire their weapons.
Fingers flying furiously -
Almost a blur as they move
Across keys.
Words emerge.
Their anger, their hate;
And nowhere is safe.
Once you believed, but
You were wrong.
They're blind.
Unseeing of the world that
They are unwittingly creating.
Too quickly they're ready to
This is now,
In a world where
No one can deny that
Angry words spoken hastily are
Fueling wars.
We're blind.
Blind to the real root of the issue -
To what we're doing to ourselves,
Because we don't want
To see.
ConsequencesDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The author owns exclusive rights to this story.
Ira ran his hands through his hair, mussing the strands that were sticking together from having not been washed for several days. His eyes were bloodshot, the bags that had formed underneath them from sleepless nights making him look haggard, and perhaps a bit insane. He'd been sitting in the same chair since Monday, and his clothes were beginning to smell. The only time Ira had left it was to use the restroom and to eat – but these moments were brief. A tapping sound reached his ears, and he felt a vibration moving up his spine. Looking down, Ira noticed that his leg was shaking once more. Perhaps he was responsible for it, subconsciously moving it like some nervous tic, the jittering motion causing his nerves to tighten as they prepared for something to happen.
He raised his hand to his mouth, teet
Clover MiteSitting alone on the bricks,
Eight legs crouched low and close,
Eating from the chosen flower;
Yellow tufts of delicious flavor
Electrify the sense of taste.
Little bits slide backward,
Light swallows helping to move them
On a digestive journey.
Warblers nearby cause alarm,
Plucking through the flowers with their beaks,
Looking for his distinctive red hue.
Alone he sat, safely on the bricks,
Nearly sure he was safe until the human approached.
To be sure, it wasn't how he expected to die.
Re-CyclingMy heart lies deep within, buried
By the very beings whose life
I daily sustain.
When the rain comes, its cycle finished,
Their plates are full and their cups overflow
But they thank me not with words.
They thank me with tall buildings,
Metal erections that scrape against
My outstretched throat.
They thank me with jarring vibrations,
Causing the most deadly of waste
To fall in places unprepared for such toxins.
Their lands dry up, and plants cry out
Asking why their mother has forsaken them,
Not understanding my plight.
I have been trapped
By these beings whose lives depend on me,
Forced into a cycle of unending death.
The trees bend to my will,
Storms rock the seashores,
And men die by droves.
But my purpose is life,
And as my heart beats loudly,
My tears grow the grass tall.
Fields grow plentiful once more,
And again they forget.
They continue to attack my roots.
I cry out as I try to hold the world together.
I cry out as the heat burns my head and my feet.
I scream as the pain becom

Hidden InformationNews reports are based
On summaries and soundbites;
All's never revealed.
GratitudeShocked and awed by love
Is a strange state of affairs.
Wondrous, to be sure.
ShamelessDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The author owns exclusive rights to this story.
Sweets were one of his favorite things. Not wanting to waste the rare occasions on which he allowed himself a sugary treat, Isaac made sure to savor them, letting them rest on his tongue for several moments before swallowing.
He hadn't always been so careful. When he was a child, Isaac had eaten ice cream and cake like any other kid when at parties – quickly, and without tasting it much. At the time, it hadn't seemed like a big deal. They ran around and played, and when they did get to eat the ice cream, they usually gobbled it up to keep it from melting. Then they'd run around and play some more, and he could never remember by the next day what anything had tasted like if he could even recall what exactly it was he'd eaten.
“My. Don't you look like you're enjoying that.”
Despite being snap
Help WantedDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The author owns exclusive rights to this story.
Nellie had a horrid headache. She'd been sitting perfectly still for more than fifteen minutes, battling the fact that she needed to move, but every time she did, her head would throb and ache. She almost felt as though she could rip her brain from her skull and simply be done with it, since the soft organ wouldn't be throbbing against the inside of her head if she did. But she knew that wouldn't solve the problem.
Unfortunately for Nellie, she couldn't simply abandon the trouble and come back to it at a later time. The issue staring at her needed to be addressed, whether she liked having to do so or not. So she tried to will away the ache in her skull enough to focus on the task at hand.
She simply couldn't figure it out. Lines were everywhere when they shouldn't be, letters seemed to be cut in

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:trophy: THIRD PLACE LashelleValentine :iconlashellevalentine:  with: Red Mist by LashelleValentine :iconflowersplz:

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:icontrophyplz: The FOUR RUNNERS-UP! :icontrophyplz:

In No Particular Order...

:trophy: RUNNER-UP Cyan707 :iconcyan707: with: Radiant Grove by Cyan707 :iconpoppy3plz:

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:iconfirstplaceplz: PRIZES :iconfirstplaceplz:

To see :eyes: the HUGE LIST of generous and AWESOME prizes offered to the above Winners,
simply SCROLL to the "PRIZES" Section of the Original Contest News Article, HERE:

:iconheartbeatingplz: CONTEST UnframedNature: Mystical Scenery of AUTUMN:iconzubatlaplz: Welcome to Unframed-Nature's Next BIG Contest :iconzubatlaplz:
It's the Perfect Time to Announce Our AUTUMN CONTEST! :clap:
:star: UPDATES: We've had AMAZING PRIZE Updates, and our Judging Panel is COMPLETE!
If you are interested in joining this Contest, please hurry!
:iconpumpkinborderplz: AUTUMN CONTEST 2015: "MYSTICAL SCENERY of AUTUMN!" :iconpumpkinborderplz:
MYSTICAL: In this case, mystical means, magical, mysterious, a bit strange or spooky.
SCENERY: In this case, scenery means, landscapes, natural settings, views with at least some to much distance, non-urban like forests or mountains or countryside for examples.
Of course this is an AUTUMN Contest, so keep it an Autumn "feel" - and if it's MYSTICAL, that should help.  It's okay if Autumn is not the same for everyone- whatever

:new: There were even further very generous prize additions as we got a bit nearer to the end of the Contest!
:wow: :omg: :faint:

(There truly has been SO MUCH AWESOMENESS from EVERYONE who took part in this Contest in whatever way they chose. :rose: )

:note: Please, be patient, in order to give proper time to notify
ALL of the prize-givers, and THEN, for each of these generous prize-givers to deliver their various prizes. :aww: Thank you! :thanks: :heart:

THEN, ENJOY, as your prizes begin to "roll in"! :heart:


ADDITIONALLY, We appreciate ALL INDIVIDUALS & GROUPS who PROMOTED our Contest, as well! :heart:


:iconredroseplz: SIX Honourable Mentions :iconredroseplz:

:note: There were a few other entries, which grabbed the attention of many of the judges in unique ways.

What this means, is that about 50% of the time, the judges which I choose for our contests, or who volunteer for them- either way, also make commentary along with their choices-
which, believe it or not, I have never actually required.

In this very particular contest here, it seems to me that 100%, or nearly 100% made commentary along with their diligent choices. This is important to note, only because, the fact was especially clear in my mind in comparison to previous contests.  To have nearly every judge volunteer even MORE of their precious time to write such detailed reasons for their choices, was incredibly impressive! And I have to admit, it really is useful, and gives much depth and breadth to their thinking processes in choosing methods.

There always seems to be a few Honourable Mentions which are revealed, based on particular attention from multiple judges, and with similar and specific commentary given.  It's very interesting, and definitely striking, creating a noteworthy group of entrants unto themselves.

They may not be promised the prizes, due to the top eight winners, but of course they are included in this feature right HERE, and they will ALSO
be moved to our FEATURED FOLDER, with the above winners, which means eventually they will be :+fav:'d by our POINTS ACCOUNT:
Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:

:note: Additionally, if they have NOT already, they WILL receive llamas from both our points account, Unframed-Nature-PTS , and from myself,
These things I can speak on.

In No Particular Order...

:star:  Pajunen :iconpajunen: with: October Forest by Pajunen :rose:

:star:  Ingelore :iconingelore: with: mystical mist by Ingelore :rose:

:star: Chari-ot :iconchari-ot: with: Misty path by Chari-ot :rose:

:star:  copper9lives :iconcopper9lives: with: The Road Not Taken Full Size by copper9lives :rose:

:star: Clu-art :iconclu-art: with: King of Autumn by Clu-art :rose:

:star: bast4cats :iconbast4cats: with: Autumn Moon by bast4cats :rose:


:love: To SEE :eyes: the gallery containing ALL of our Entries, feel free to do so, HERE:… :love:

And I would like to take this moment to thank EACH ONE OF YOU who participated with your wondrous entry... Your very lovely, capable judges, and the Admins. who did work in the contest folder, were ALL truly awe-inspired by so much interest that the contest sparked, and by so much profound talent that made it into our contest folder! :nod:





:iconspreadmoreloveplz:Appreciating Our Extraordinary Team of Judges:iconspreadmoreloveplz:

Ancient--One :iconancient--one:
Gift for PaMonk by Ancient--OneGnarly by Ancient--One

marthig :iconmarthig:
Blooms 3D my Take by marthigMy-cPow-rtal---AWC-No.-36 by marthig

SavageFrog :iconsavagefrog:
Gucci! by SavageFrogMango Troupple ACEO by SavageFrog

Sublime-Feline :iconsublime-feline:
Gift for SpiceFoxes copyrighted by Sublime-FelineWolves Animated by Sublime-Feline

bergunty :iconbergunty:
Deadheads by bergunty52 Week Challenge #42 - Contre Jour by bergunty

Dieffi :icondieffi:
the goat by Dieffimy way in the autumnal sun by Dieffi

CameronKobe :iconcameronkobe:
Just Playing by CameronKobeEssential by CameronKobe

lintu47 :iconlintu47:
Basket gift by lintu47Wondering eyes by lintu47

sJibbi :iconsjibbi:
Background: Late Beach by sJibbiCoin by sJibbi

Applemac12 :iconapplemac12:
Happy Birthday Sani by Applemac12Exclusive by Applemac12

WDWParksGal :iconwdwparksgal:
Can I Go Outside and Chase Bugs... Please by WDWParksGalIs it Finally Autumn by WDWParksGal

caddman :iconcaddman:
Black-n-White Dream_17 by caddmanBlack-n-White Dream_14 by caddman

DeviBrigard :icondevibrigard:
Lorekeeper bio version by DeviBrigardTentacular by DeviBrigard

Thank you again, for the super job you all did for us!
:iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz:

The Last THEME of 2015

:holly: The LAST THEME of 2015....:
BEGINS: Friday, Dec. 18th and ENDS: JANUARY 30th-31st.
THEME: "Holiday Hearth or Ice and Snow" - 2015
:bulletwhite: ONE Submission per MEMBER.
:bulletwhite: Any media that can express ONE of the choices.

Instructions: You may choose ONE of the two theme ideas, to submit. It is not cold enough everywhere, at this time of year (or any time of the year) to freeze for ice or snow.
So, for the first idea, "Holiday Hearth", you could submit artwork of a fire burning in a fireplace, or a holiday decorated fireplace, or a fireplace decorated with some natural things found outside in nature.

If you don't have a fireplace, AND no ice or snow, you can still submit an artwork of some still life of holiday decorations you found out in Nature.

For "Ice and Snow", it could be close-ups of icesicles, frozen lakes, snow scapes, etc.

:trophy: PRIZES :trophy:
Placements and Prizes, to be revisted later, as it is unsure at this time.

:bulletwhite: BUT HAVE FUN!!

Other Last Minute Group News!

Our Group Closes Annually, and TEMPORARILY during the holidays.
There are TWO REASONS for this:
1. To give your very hardworking Administrators a little bit of a rest, more than usual. :aww:

2. And to give at least your Founder/Senior Team Leader a chance to come back earlier during this time of Closure, to spend by herself, to work on many new updates for the group.

I will be working on our Points Account. I will be re-organizing our Gallery Folders. I will be updating our FAQ Sheet for 2016, to reflect a few new things that our Admin. Team have collectively discussed during the year, and a few other things brought up by Members.  I will also be updating many things in our back area, which are sorely outdated. The last, is likely the biggest job, and will hopefully help to bring all Admins. closer to the "same page" which will then help us to to help our Members more efficiently, and help our group run more smoothly.

Everything we do is for you, to make Unframed-Nature a more enjoyable experience! That is what we are here for! :la:
We look forward to our annual closure so that we can continue to improve our most wonderful, educational, and helpful group, for all who participates.

With that said, we are wishing us all, a spectactular 2016!!!

:bulletblack: CLOSES- DECEMBER 18th-19th, 2015.
:bulletwhite: OPENS- JANUARY 10-11th, 2016.

Keep Your EYES OPEN!
:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

:note: The Above-Mentioned THEME, will be the ONLY folder, open during this time!
    NO other work will be allowed here, because we will be otherwised CLOSED.

    We will communicate with you in the submissions process, to withdraw it, in case you might want to participate in the Theme, because if we decline it right away,  you will lose your one chance to participate.
    If you don't withdraw it, we will decline it, within 2-3 days.
    Thank you for understanding! :) :thanks:

Admin. Changes and Introductions!

One of the changes in our group coming up over the Holidays, mostly, has to do with Admin. changes. Hopefully they are mostly as brand NEW Admins. and promotions!

We've already begun this process, and our two new WONDERFUL Supporting Team Admins. will be properly introduced, warmly welcomed, and featured in our next Upcoming Article just as we close the group...



As of today, Dec. 1st, we will have to pay for our SuperGroup renewal,
A-N-D pay out all of our contest point :point: prizes, and this was one of our BIG CONTESTS.... though HAPPY to do it, because this is what we do- the schedule that our group has maintained for the last few years, and attempts to continue with. We wouldn't be able to without the fabulous help and support from so many others. :love:

I'm not exactly sure where we will be after all is paid out; we have had a few very recent donations, and I haven't been back to do a super recent accounting in a while- it will happen over the holidays, though, of course.

I do hope we don't have to begin 2016, in a deficit, but I will share that news with you, when 2016 begins.

To assure we are enough in the positive, to continue with semi-monthly themes and prepare for our first BIG CONTEST of 2016, & etc. etc., feel free to continue your support, or support us for the first time,
HERE: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:

MANY thanks in Advance!

:icongiveroseplz: :community::community::community::community::community::community::community::community: :icongiveroseplz:

Once More: GREAT CONTEST ALL! :heart:

Tea :iconteaphotography:
Senior Team Leader