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Almost at 13000 watcher so for a celebrational cheers for your support I want to hold another raffle!
in this raffle you will win a drawing from me of your original character or favorite character!
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It is a watchers-only giveaway, so you must be watching me on here to enter, Or Following me on twitter!

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The entries for raffle will be closed by June 8th
winners will be Announced June 10th
Chibi Commissions by Hinausa

Cleaning-up Naming

Wed May 27, 2015, 2:31 PM by Heidi:iconheidi:

As mentioned in last week’s
Beginnings of Site Simplification journal and the new DeviantArt Timeline, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make DeviantArt a simplified and unified experience — ultimately leading to increased participation from new and longtime deviants, adding more favourites, comments, and deviousness to the site as a whole.

Because DeviantArt has been around for nearly 15 years, we recognize that the site has accumulated a number of terms, words, and names for our various features and functions — some of which have multiple or similar meanings, and many of which increase confusion around how the site works.

We understand that DeviantArt is a community of artists from around the world who will use all kinds of creative expressions to describe numerous things and activities on DeviantArt.  We are not suggesting any uniformity in language used by the community, and are only dealing with navigation labels used on the website — not what deviants choose to call things on their own.

Getting Started

To kick off the site simplification process, we’ve updated a handful of naming conventions across DeviantArt — both the desktop site and mobile Web — with the goal of making the site cleaner and easier to use.  The truth is, many of these changes are small and likely not even noticeable to the average deviant!  These updates aren’t about adding or removing features, but are instead about cleaning up inconsistencies and having a clearer interface and navigation.


Before MySpace had "friends" and Twitter had "followers," DeviantArt had "watch" — a term that's been around since the early days of the site.  But as the site grew, we introduced several variations of the term, all essentially meaning the same thing, increasing confusion for deviants and inconsistencies on interfaces.  Today, we’re consolidating everything into “watch.”  The “+watch” button on profile pages now says “watch" and instances of “deviantWATCH” on profiles and in messages are now also labeled as “watch.”

As mentioned in our Beginnings of Site Simplification journal, we’ll soon be splitting watch and notifications — two distinct functions — into separate sections, but this change won’t be happening in the next few weeks.


Deviants, the term for members of DeviantArt, is a strong term that we feel has a lot of meaning. On DeviantArt, you are a deviant. There are a few areas of the site that refer to deviants as “users” or “members,” and those have been cleaned up. The term “Premium Members” will be an exception for now.


As features and functions were added to the site, the messages area on DeviantArt ballooned over time.  While we acknowledge that it needs a major overhaul, we’re taking a few small steps to begin that revamp. Over the next few days, we’ll be renaming the term “messages” and “inbox” to “notifications.”

Consuming art and other content submitted by the people you watch is a completely separate experience than when you’re replying to comments or checking how many people recently favourited your deviations. These two experiences need to be separated out and redesigned so that each of them is optimized for their distinct function. This change will be happening in the near future.


Coming soon:

Simpler, Still Devious :p (Lick)

Our mission as a website is clear: to entertain, inspire, and empower the artist in all of us.  From offering new tools for artists to developing more ways to discover each other, everything we work on is driven by this goal, and we've planned big things for 2015 and beyond.  But first, we need to turn down the noise and focus on simplicity — creating a DeviantArt that is clear and welcoming to all.

The Tearoom Debates I: Inspiration v. Infringement

Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 2:49 PM

Welcome to the first installment of CRLiterature's new article series, The Tearoom Debates! We've shamelessly ripped off Mrs-Durden and CRPhotography, who currently run a bi-weekly series of opportunities for group readers to debate both sides of questions like "film or digital?" and then, in the next article, spotlight the input of the previous week's commenters.

Our format will be a bit different though. We'll still be keeping the biweekly frequency, and each article will feature your comments from the previous week. We're adding a touch of our own - some CRLiterature admins and the occasional guest lecturer will offer our input in the body of the articles, to give you food for debate right out of the gate! (Oops, in-rhyme. This isn't a poem, I promise.) Easy enough concept, right?

So, with no more fanfare--

-- let me announce the first question:

At what point, for you, does a piece inspired by another work cross the line into plagiarism?

With all the recent lawsuits about music "inspired by" other pieces, and the trendiness of found poetry in the small presses, it seems like the perfect time to be debating this. There are no wrong answers. Speak your mind. One random commenter will get a one-month premium membership for participating, so grab your nearest keyboard and let us - and everyone else - have it!

Our Input:

The accessibility of the internet has meant boundless sources for anyone to pick up “inspiration” and use it how they must. Whether this is creating Pinterest boards or copying and pasting extracts that speak to you- there is no issue and actually something I’d encourage writers to do. However, it's what you do with your source material that determines where the line is. How much of what you are taking is too original, and how much of it is sparking your own creativity? If you are relying heavily on the former, then you are probably getting to a point where you are just copying and not creating something new.  You should always credit the sources you use and on dA make use of your artists comments as you can discuss the inspiration point- and don’t be offended if people say the likeness is too close, use it as a source of redraft improvement. - BeccaJS 

If you're using a quote, you have to cite it. If you're writing something derivative as a writing excerise, you need to say so, and let folks know what you're using as inspiration. If you're working on a piece for future publication, or are publishing a derivative piece, your work needs to be transformative. You can't just put in linebreaks and call it found poetry. You can't replace a few words and say that you've recreated the piece as yours. There has to be a sense of your voice and your story in the new work, or else you're pretty much stealing. - PinkyMcCoversong 
Personally, I think anyone who's saying they don't draw inspiration from other works is full of it, or full of themselves, or something - everything is derivative to some extent, even if it's just in passing. And even full derivation is a great learning exercise, respinning a piece into your voice or deconstructing it. The line, for me, is what the creator of the derivative work, any derivative work, intends to actually do with it. If you're keeping it private, or showing it on a personal blog like DeviantArt, as long as it isn't a verbatim copypaste it's fine in my books. If you're selling it for money without paying the original artist a licensing fee, or publishing it in a small nonprofit press without crediting the author? That's a dick move. We all want notoriety, we all want credit. Even if the original artist has more money and fame and houses in Malibu than you, they still want people knowing their work exists and is out there. Be considerate. God. - tiganusi
The difference between inspiration and infringement is easy: It all depends on how litigious the owner of your inspiration is. In more detail, the difference between infringement and inspiration is still a very blurry, thin line. The legal standard is of course "substantial similarity" which is pretty much as ridiculously vague as possible. After that you get into specific case law, but there are no "original" ideas any more. Everything is an iteration off an older idea, to an extent. And come on, even if I'm inspired by a movie about robots and triple-boobs, and make a movie that is, in my mind, inspired by and substantially different to, Michael Bay is still going to sue me for my actress's triple-boob. - haldron 

Your turn! Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Where is the plagiarism/inspiration line for you?

Skin by SimplySilent
So, one of the most common preconceptions of animation is that it's only for kids. Or, if you get especially lucky with a person who isn't all that versed in the medium it becomes "animation is only for kids, unless it's like South Park." Obviously this isn't true. The only time it may have been true is in the 70's, and that's why I'm bringing this up now. But I suppose you're probably wondering how this came to be. I mean, it's such an odd thing, right? The medium started out generally being for everyone. Anyone could go down to a theater and watch animation, regardless of age. Animators did generally what they wanted and people of all ages enjoyed things like Felix the Cat or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I mean occasionally you'd get something more geared towards adults, or something more geared towards children. But it doesn't explain why I need to clarify something like Mary & Max may not be appropriate for some children. This is a movie where a pregnant woman attempts to commit suicide.

While this attitude is dying out with shows like Friendship is Magic or Steven Universe, it's still prevalent. This is why you generally don't see animated features nominated for awards outside ones specifically for animation. The mainstream high society view of animation is that it's either for children or childish. I mean, there are other prejudices. Wreck-It Ralph most likely lost to Brave because Wreck-It Ralph is a video game movie. And The Lego Movie wasn't nominated at all because it's based on toys. Preconceptions often determine things like awards. So, let's talk about these preconceptions and where they came from. And more importantly, how we can get them to go away. Also, I must apologize once again for an American-only perspective. I understand that Japan is a lot more complex in this issue, at least, and I don't know about the perception of animation in other countries.

Honestly, there's only one thing to blame when it comes to establishing the animation age ghetto: the television. Let's think about it. Let's go back to the 1950's. Theatrical animation before this time was highly profitable and as such, it could be well-done technically, with each new frame completely re-drawn. The limited animation technique I described before was only usually done for stylistic choices. Starting in 1949, people began producing cartoons specifically for television. It was nowhere near as profitable, and to make up your losses, you had to put less money into your craft. Keep in mind that things like animation cel's can be really expensive. Any artist knows that art supplies aren't cheap.

The absolute low-point of this trend was Clutch Cargo, where they super-imposed lips over still frames. I hear that it has good and creative stories, but what did RebelTaxi say about 12 Oz Mouse? "It may be the funniest show on Earth, but I don't want to look at it." Sounds about right. Now let's combine this with the fact that one of television's biggest advertisement campaigns that it was a way to keep your kids quiet. It's amazing how times change, isn't it? One reason that I attack this mentality a lot is because kids are usually more willing to watch anything. I might be crazy, but I believe that this should not be encouraged. Kids remember what they watch, and when they look back on it, their impressions do create preconceptions to the rest of the medium.

Up until The Simpsons in 1989, the only cartoons aimed at not adults, but families, to last more than 1 season were The Flintstones and Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. Because the cartoons weren't very good, when the kids grew up they stopped watching the cartoons and had the perception that they were only for kids. Not helping at all was Walt Disney's death in the 60's. It took a long time for the company to recover, and they were the biggest face of theatrical animation. American theatrical animation not by Walt Disney was rare to begin with, and in the 70's, well they weren't just making films that hit average at best, but they were generally producing less and less.

The ghetto was established. And then it was made worse. Because it was for kids it had to be heavily regulated. Parents' Groups began lobbying for harsher and harsher rules. You'll learn about this in my rant about the 1975 Tom & Jerry show. Hanna-Barbara's crazy spin-off ideas didn't help matters, but I can't really blame them for this neutered mess. Cartoons were not allowed to be violent. They were not allowed to use the word "Death." They were not allowed to be controversial. They could barely have conflict. So not only did these cartoons have no ambitions to reach beyond a child audience, they weren't allowed to. 

Meanwhile Ralph Bakshi releases Fritz the Cat. It's a movie that you think would help break this mentality, but this mentality is a weird one. It created the idea of animation "for adults" and its own stereotypes, but the prevailing idea was that if it wasn't like Fritz the Cat then it was painfully dull, lacking conflict, and badly put together and made specifically for kids. It wasn't until the 1980's did at least one of these problems go away.

Ronald Reagan deregulated television. This did a lot of things, but namely it allowed cartoons to be one long toy commercial as long as they gave like an educational PSA at the end. And knowing is half the battle. You'd think that this would just be trading one problem for another, but no, this started us on the way out. Now that cartoons could be made to sell toys, they became profitable. Think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, or Transformers. But isn't this a thing of the past now? That's actually kind of debatable. Flash animation did reduce the cost needed to create a cartoon and there is digital distribution but when you take a look at something like Friendship is Magic, toy sales can turn a cartoon into a phenomenon. And yes, stupid things have been sacrificed and destroyed on the altar of toy sales. In all honesty, it's a tool to be used well or used poorly like any other. The secret is using the toys to keep the show alive rather than the other way around.

Then what happened? Well, then I guess the best way to put it is the artists stepped in. Art and business have an interesting relationship. As much as they tend to go against each other, they do need each other. Business can spread art further and art can spread business further. The toy-based cartoons of the 80's were founded on business. And this proved to Disney, a business, that television animation could be profitable. 

Disney produced their first cartoon for syndication in 1987. This means that it could be broadcast on multiple channels, so other channels could buy the broadcasting rights to show this cartoon. This would not have happened a decade prior. DuckTales wasn't just profitable, it was GOOD. Like, it still holds up today, and many of the cartoons to follow. Disney was focused on dominating this area with the best product they could muster. And yes, it predates even Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), which sparked the Disney theatrical Renaissance.

When someone is doing good in a business, other businesses will step in and try to fight over the success themselves. As much as the 90's Nostalgia blind do annoy me, it was a very progressive and important time for animation. Namely, this is when we got the Simpsons. The Simpsons is a monster, and it wasn't for kids. Quite honestly it might have been as "edgy" as South Park was a decade later. A father straight up strangling his son? The important part is that The Simpsons does use cartoon logic and probably opened a lot of people's eyes to the conventions of the medium and how it could be used in a clever way.

Not to mention that both Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon came up around this time. Children's cartoons were still quite censored. They didn't really push the bar. DuckTales was great, but it was largely wholesome. Along comes Ren & Stimpy. The show's creator John K and the network Nickelodeon were constantly at odds because John K was constantly trying to push the bar past tasteful, and the network didn't want that. Other shows of the time, like Dexter's Lab, did get crap past the radar, but nothing compared to Ren & Stimpy. And it was enormously popular. And like I said, when business sees success, they go for success. Derivatives started popping up, almost all of them awful. But the precedent they set was wonderful.

Let me explain. With the exception of Nickelodeon, networks were creating shows to "push the bar." In essence, they removed the bar in order to compete with Ren & Stimpy. They now wanted shows that were gross and vulgar and could throw in taboos. And that sounds like it would end in disaster, but it didn't. I'm going to let you in on a little secret: most artists aren't obsessed with vulgarity or traumatizing children. I can tell you right now that Mega Babies came out of a business decision and not an artistic decision, because it doesn't have the grace of Ren & Stimpy. Shows in the coming years may not have taken direct influence from Ren & Stimpy, but many of them can thank the bar being removed. Shows didn't have to vulgar, but they could do what they wanted, shows like the Powerpuff Girls, Batman: The Animated Series. Hell, Rocko's Modern Life is kind of like the cartoons from the 40's in that it wasn't made specifically for children. Anyone could watch it.

And yes, the people who grew up on these shows are now able to look back on them. For the most part, I don't think they see the stupid, only-for-kids stuff that the stereotype presents. Cartoons were profitable again, and they were at one of their peaks. Unfortunately, the 2000's decade didn't really help. I'm fairly certain that many people who grew up on 90's cartoons saw the new cartoons of the 2000's decade like Squirrel Boy and My Gym Partner's a Monkey and felt that they had grown out of cartoons, which may be why the preconception didn't die out completely.

But then the internet came along. Honestly I think the internet is one of the greatest inventions in history. It's the modern printing press, but that's a different topic. People could create their own animations and let anyone in the world see them. This allows ideas that business wouldn't to flourish. These are ideas like Eddsworld or Dick Figures, ideas that couldn't really be pitched to a network but have managed to succeed beyond network wisdom. People can connect easily, pool their talents, use advanced technology to do whatever they want with the medium, for the sake of it. (And yes, there still is business there. YouTube's business allows their content creators to be artists. Same with Newgrounds).

On top of that, there's digital distribution. Not only is that another way to avoid the networks (think of Bojack Horseman as a Netflix exclusive), but it makes any cartoon on Amazon automatically more profitable. It also helps accessibility when anyone can buy whatever episode of whatever show whenever they want and watch it whenever they want. A decade ago we had to use a DVR, and before that, you needed to record it with a VHS.

On the internet you can talk to anyone about anything. If there's something you want to talk about, there's a website for it. And at least in some circles, the preconception of animation being only for kids has faded. This has also allowed shows like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to explode in popularity. With fast social media, even network executives know that more general audiences are watching shows like Steven Universe or Adventure Time, and the artists definitely know it too. If you've watched either of these shows you know of the complex themes they can deal with.

Unfortunately there is still one sphere where the "animation is for kids" preconception still exists--theater. Unless it's an animated movie based on an already existing television show for adults like South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut chances are it's going to be a kids' movie. That doesn't mean it's bad, far from it. What I'm talking about is a film that's made more with children in mind. With this mentality around in theaters, it's unlikely that we'll ever get another Fantasia or another Heaven and Earth Magic or another Fantastic Planet. Do you know how rare even a PG-13 animated film is? The last one released (in the United States) was 9... in 2009. Unfortunately, this is kind of where business and artistry hit an impasse. Business doesn't do anything that hasn't been proven successful, but to get here an artist needs to do something expensive that hasn't been proven successful.

My best guess of how we'll get past this stage is crowd-funding. I predict that some independent artist is going to kickstart his own film and get it into theaters. Considering The Babadook, an Australian psychological horror film that was kickstarted, it's not too implausible. It's definitely the most likely way of completely destroying the "animation is only for kids" myth. If my web animations admirable animations are anything to go for, there are some talented people with some really good ideas. One of them is going to make our generation's answer to The Yellow Submarine and create an animated film that's not only immensely successful but pushes the medium is new directions. 
Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Stained Glass Zelda by ever-so-excited

Get Crafty With It

These helpful tips and tricks from ever-so-excited, will help crafters to get the most out of their DeviantArt experience.

Star Wars At Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds has long embraced entertainment icons and characters, but now they are taking it to a whole new level with their Star Wars Experience in London. There will be 11 complete sets that you will be able to interact with. Sit down opposite Han Solo in the cantina, just don't reach for your gun. Han always shoots first.

Quetzalcoatlus by CamaraSketch

Discover New Deviants

We are big fans of this feature by MicahJGunnell, which showcases 5 deviants he believes you need to discover right now.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (fbr) by DrFaustusAU

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Once more into the breach we go. Fox has just announced that they are having another go at making a movie about Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neil's League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. This is after the aborted TV series they had previously planned. Since the graphic novel was published, the idea of cross polinating public domain characters has become common place with shows on TV like Once Upon A Time, Grimm, and Penny Dreadful - Penny being possibly better than LOEG. The promise is that the film will stay closer to the graphic novel, so sorry America, no Tom Sawyer!

WTF? by boko

WTF Dictionary

Merriam-Webster has announced that it has added over 1700 new words to the dictionary. Among the new entries are, "WTF", "Emoji", "Jeggings", "Meme" and "Photobomb". Check them out for yourself here. It's pretty clear that the Internet is winning at changing the landscape of the English language. We should probably be very afraid.

Hello by steyfi

Let's Get To Know Each Other

Desribing yourself can be hard. Describing yourself in one word, now that's a challenge! Ry-Spirit wants you share that one word that sums you up. Let's get to know one another here.

Elon Musk Portrait by Lewis3222

SpaceX Approved For Spy Satellite Deployment

In a move that must have Boeing and Locheed Martin fuming, the US Air Force have cleared billionaire, Elon Musk's SpaceX, to launch military and spy satellites. With NASA facing more cutbacks, the privatization of space travel is almost complete.

And A Man Created God In His Own Image by dakael

Pixel Madness

UszatyArbuz has curated an excellent collection of pixel art in this regular feature. Be sure to check out all of the details in each piece!

Mad Max Video Game Trailer Is Missing Something

You only need to do a search here on DeviantArt for Mad Max and you'll know what is missing from this trailer. There are way more people drawing Charlize Theron's character Furiosa than Max since the film premiered, so why isn't she in the video game or if this is prequel to the film then at least another female character of some equivalence? Methinks they should include a Furiosa download before it is too late.

Autumn Afternoon IV version II by silber-englein

Freelance Photography Guide

If you've ever considered becoming a freelance portrait photographer, you may want to check out this beginners guide by silber-englein.

Johnny Utah Rides Again

Later this year, the reboot of Point Break will be hitting theaters. Based on the 1991 movie of the same name, starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, this more modern version promises more adreneline-pumping scenes. Fans of the original will notice a few throwbacks but one thing is for certain, it's not just a surfing movie anymore. Watch the trailer and let us know your thoughts.

NSA monster by Shockowaffel

Waiting For Death

Okay, the headline may be a little dramatic, but right now the world is hoping (the sane people anyway) that America's law that was hastily put in place after 9/11, giving the NSA the right to suck in all our phone calls and emails, will die if not renewed at the end of May. Congress and the Senate are arguing over rewording and ammendments to the law when the best thing for all of us, and we do mean all of us, would be for the law to expire and the mass survelliance to end. The clock is ticking!

Paper Twin Peaks

How cool and eerie looking is this? The opening credits to Twin Peaks done entirely with paper cut-outs and collage. Looking forward to the new series?

Football is Cancelled by LewisMcGregor

FIFA Arrests On Corruption Charges

Some organization or other corrupt? Wow! Wouldn't believe it, but FIFA? It would be like the NFL being corrupt. Oh, wait... So the arrests were made early this morning in Switzerland as part of a huge swoop, including Jeffrey Webb, the vice president of the executive committee. The president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, will not be stepping down as president, claiming he is not involved in the scandal. How could he not? FIFA have already said that the Russian and Qatar world cups will not be subject to a revote and will go ahead as planned. And who says crime doesn't pay?

We Will Never Stop!

The Japanese Taiji fishermen who have been under increasing pressure to stop catching dolphins in their nets and slaughtering them had a press conference where they announced they will never stop killing them. The Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA) is set to ban all its members from buying dolphins caught off Taiji. Whether this measure will have any meaningful effect on the market and end the cruel hunt for dolphins we will have to wait and see, but the fishermen aren't going to be stopping any time soon.

Plant Collection by SakuraNekonessess

In the Forums

@edisococo wants to know what some of the oldest things you own are. Discuss your collectibles here. Parents don't count

The night is ours by chutkat

Happy Birthday

Today we celebrate chutkat! She's super-friendly and very talented so head on over, wish her a Happy Birthday and check out her fantastic gallery.

                                                     1173735 451967084910421 360238601 N by estrellitaloca


–Es una orden, o mañana no hay carro para ti Thomas y haber como te vas a la escuela.
–A ya ya ya, la ley es la ley-
dijo Thomas
Me despedí de la señora y le di las gracias, en realidad no era tan mala persona, es solo que hablaba mucho, pero no lo hacía para molestarme, bueno eso creo yo. 
Esa noche nos acompaño Thomas, el manejo, nosotros íbamos atrás,Jackson me pidió disculpas por el comportamiento de su mama, le dije que no había problema, que habeces las mamas son así.Al fin llegamos a mi casa, bajamos del auto y me despedí de Thomas,Jackson me llevo hasta dentro, me miro con unos ojos tan tristes, y me dijo:
-Amor dime que estarás bien, que mas quisiera poder quedarme contigo, pero…
-Estaré bien, lo prometo
-le respondí-estoy mejor, no te preocupes ¿vale?, ¿mañana nos vemos en la escuela?-le pregunte.          
-Claro amor ahí nos vemos, te despiertas temprano porfavor
-Me abrazo y me dio un beso, pero esta vez duró mucho mas, fue tan lindo, me hizo sentir tantas cosas, y al último me dio un abrazo–Descansa, te llamaré cuando llegue ¿de acuerdo?-me dijo.  
–Está bien, te vas con cuidado-
lo besé, y nos volvimos a abrazar. 
Después de muchas despedidas, se fue, esa noche fue demasiada rara, me sentía extraña sin él, me sentía sola, pero feliz, porque sabía que lo volvería a ver, también pensé en Thomas, me callo muy bien, tenía un carácter tan imponente pero a la vez serio, no le importaba lo que los demás dijeran de él.
Al fin llego lunes, regresar a la escuela sería tan raro, ¿y si el “cuento de hadas” terminaba?, solo había una forma de saberlo ir y averiguarlo, me bañe me vestí arregle mi cabello y me perfume, tome mi mochila y salí de mi casa, camine hacía la escuela como siempre, entre a mi primera clase y ahí estaba Jackson, lo mire, y también el lo hizo, le sonreí, y el....Camino hacía a mí, con esa sonrisa perfecta, con las manos en los bolsillos, me abrazo y me beso, podía sentir todas las miradas que se clavaban como espadas en mi cuerpo mas los susurros de todos.
-¿Ya vieron?, ¿Qué le dio?, ¡está loco!, ¿Por qué se besan?-podía escuchar cada una de la criticas, pero no me importaban mas, el estaba conmigo, y los demás me importaban un carajo.
-¡QUEEEE¡-gritaron, y sentí como alguien me jalaba. Era ella....Samantha -¿Qué haces con esta estúpida?-dijo Samantha.Jackson me jalo y se puso en medio de las dos.
–Con ella no te metas Samantha-
dijo Jackson.
- ¿Entonces es verdad lo que dicen? Que andas con la mugrosa.
–No es ninguna mugrosa, y la respetas-
dijo Jackson, me tomo de la mano y me llevo a mi asiento.
– ¿Realmente me cambiaras por esta?- le preguntó Samantha.
–Ella tiene nombre y lo sabes, no es ninguna “esta”-dijo Jackson 
–No me interesa su nombre, no sabes lo que estás haciendo, no puedes echar a la basura 5 años de nuestro gran amor.... !JACKSON¡-le dijo Samantha.
–Yo no estoy echando a la basura nada, tu lo echaste a la basura hace mucho, y no voy a discutir contigo-Ella salió del salón, y él se acerco a mí.
–Perdón por esto Marie, yo ya no ciento nada por ella, y lo que dice de ti, no le tomes importancia, es una tonta superficial-me dijo.
–No te preocupes, ahora estás conmigo y es lo que importa, gracias por darme mi lugar-le agarre sus manos y me abrazo, y me miro a la cara, acomodo mi cabello atrás de mi oreja y me dijo.
–Eres perfecta para mi, estoy enamorado de ti, jamás lo olvides.
–Jamás lo haré-le respondí. 
Ese día fue raro, todos nos miraban pasar, era algo extraño para mi, jamás había sido el centro de atención, el estuvo todo el tiempo conmigo, pasaron las clases y al fin era hora de regresar a casa, el me llevo a su casa, comí ahí, no estaba su Mamá, ni su hermano, me llevo a su cuarto, era hermoso, había tantos libros, y fotografías de él y sus amigos, me acerque y las mire, encontré una de él con Samantha, la tome y la mire pero la deje rápido en su lugar, él se dio cuenta. Me miro y miro la fotografía, la rompió.
–No, ¿Qué haces?-
le pregunte-No necesitas hacer eso, se que tienes un pasado antes de mi, pero no me importa, ahora sé también que yo soy tu presente.
–No quiero saber más de ese pasado, ahora tu lo eres todo para mí y no quiero que te sientas incomoda por nada.

Pero yo en el fondo sabía que su historia con Samantha había sido muy importante para él, y presentía que el aún la amaba, 5 años no se olvidan de la noche a la mañana, no sabía cómo preguntarle respecto a su relación con Samantha, yo siempre los vi juntos en la escuela, “felices”, pero a veces las apariencias engañan, recuerdo que me quede toda la tarde en su casa, vimos una película y me quede dormida en su brazo, hasta que me despertó y me dijo que si me quería quedar a dormir en su casa, pero yo no me sentía en confianza con su mamá y su hermano, aun que las habitaciones quedaban lejos una de la otra y hasta tenían habitación para huéspedes, le dije que talvez otro día, me llevo a casa y me volví a quedar sola, así pasaron los meses.



Y al fin diciembre, llevaba 4 meses, sin vomitar, ni cortarme, a veces, discutía con Jackson por cosas sin sentido, pero siempre, terminábamos bien, a veces se quedaba en mi casa, dormía en el sofá, o a veces iba a comer a su casa, a ver películas, cosas que hacen los novios, mi mama me visitaba una o dos veces al mes, depende de  su trabajo, realmente amaba a Jackson, decía que era el novio perfecto para mi, también me había hecho buena amiga de Thomas, su hermano, era una persona divertida pero a veces era muy serio, los días transcurrieron,Samantha no nos volvió a molestar, ya solo faltaban dos meses para graduarnos al fin, al fin  llego 24 diciembre y festejaríamos nuestra primera navidad juntos, mi mamá no pasaría conmigo la navidad, hasta año nuevo, ese día el frió estaba más fuerte, era una mañana realmente fría, yo estaba despertando y me preparaba un café, escuche el timbre de mi casa, y me asome por la ventana era Jackson, le abrí y entro con una caja muy grande.
-¿Qué es eso?
-le pregunte.
–Ábrelo-me respondió. 
¿Era un regalo de navidad?, yo no le había comprado nada, me sentía apenada.
-Pero… Yo no te compre nada.
–No te preocupes, ábrelo-
Lo abrí era un vestido, tan hermoso que parecía de modelo, unos tacos negras y un abrigo negro, me sorprendí tanto, que no supe que decir, ¿Por qué me había regalado eso?, el sabía que no era de ese tipo de chicas que le gustan vestir muy lujosamente.
-¿Qué es esto?-
le pregunté.
–Es para que lo uses,hoy, amor, mi Mamá hará una cena y vendrá alguna familia del extranjero, y siempre hace un brindis muy especial para ella, quiero que me hagas el honor de ser mi pareja hoy.
–Pero, no tenias por que comprarme esto, yo tengo vestidos.

En realidad todos los vestidos que “tenía” eran de mi Madre, y algo pasados de moda.
-Por favor, no quiero que te vayas a molestar-me respondió-lucirás hermosa, ya lo veras, paso por ti a las 10 de la noche, ¿ok? 
-Está bien-le respondí un poco enojada.
Me bañe, me peine y me puse el vestido, en realidad me gusto mucho, me puse los tacos y me di cuenta de algo horrible, jamás había caminado con tacos, practique un poco, vi el reloj y faltaba todavía una hora, fui a la habitación de mi mama y tome su maquillaje y por simple curiosidad, me empecé a maquillar, en realidad no me reconocía, me gustaba lo que veía en el espejo, ¿de verdad?, después de tanto, al fin me gustaba lo que miraba en el espejo, pero esa no era yo, debajo de esa ropa costosa y ese maquillaje, estaba la frágil Marie, la tímida, y desconfiada Marie, al fin dieron las 10 de la noche, estaba nerviosa, no podía esperar la cara de Jackson cuando me viera, estaba emocionada, solo me había arreglado por él, pero él no llegaba, dieron las 11 de la noche y no llegaba, me quite los tacos, y me la pasaba mirando por la ventana y el no llegaba, abrí el refrigerador y había un pedazo de pizza, sinceramente tenía hambre que lo metí al microondas y me senté en el sofá a comerlo, ¿de verdad me había dejado plantada?, ¿y si su mamá no quería verme ahí?, me hice muchas preguntas, ninguna con respuesta, dieron las 12 de la noche, al fin navidad, y yo sola en mi casa, sin nadie, aún esperando a Jackson, por fin sonó el timbre, tome mi bolsa, me puse los tacos de nuevo me mire al espejo y me puse un poco mas de brillo labial, y abrí la puerta, no podía creerlo…
No podía creerlo, no era Jackson, era su hermano Thomas, me decepcioné tanto, ¿Qué hacia el aquí? ¿Dónde estaba Jackson?, también me asuste tanto, imagine que le había pasado algo malo, para haber faltado, nunca me había dejado plantada.
-Hola-le dije a Thomas. 
-Hola sé que no esperabas verme, pero Jackson me ha mandado, ¿puedo pasar?-dijo.
-Claro pasa-En esos momentos me imagine lo peor-¿Qué pasa por que no ha llegado Jackson aun?, ¿está bien?, ¿le paso algo?
-Tranquila Marie, ha eso he venido, a explicarte por qué no pudo venir, primer punto, él está bien no te preocupes, surgió un problema familiar, mi mama y el tuvieron que ir a los Angeles, a resolver un problema, sobre las empresa de mi Padre, salvo que Jackson es el sucesor, y ahora que cumplirá 18 el tendrá que atender esos asuntos.
-¿Qué?, más despacio por favor, ¿quieres decir que Jackson ya no regresara?-le pregunte con una cara llena de angustia. 
-No, para nada el estará de regreso muy pronto, me mando a pedirte disculpas, a decirte que te ama-abri los ojos-y que pronto estará de regreso para poder estar contigo.
-¿Pero cuánto tiempo?-seguía insistiendo-cuando regresara.
Me sentía triste y desesperada de pensar en el simple hecho que ya no regresaría.
-No demorara mucho Marie-me respondió Thomas
-Está bien, si sabes algo, por favor, avísame y si se comunica contigo dile que lo estaré esperando.
-No te preocupes yo le diré todo, por cierto te vez muy linda hoy, te sienta bien ese vestido, pero para mi gusto te luce mejor el vestido que llevaste a casa, cuando te conocimos mi madre y yo-me respondió Thomas.
-Gracias-le respondí sonrojada, me senté en el sofá, con cara triste.
-Tengo una idea, Marie, ¿quieres ir a festejar Navidad con tu cuñado?.
-¿Festejar?, no creo poder, no me siento con ánimos.
-Pero no creo que a mi hermano le gustara que te quedaras encerrada en navidad, vamos, y no quiero discutirlo.
Me tomo por la mano y me jalo a la puerta.
-No, no quiero, no me siento con ánimos de nada Thomas.
-No me importa, ya te dije, ¿oh dejaras que tu cuñado pase navidad solo y aburrido?
Me sentía tan mal, pero no quería quedar mal con mi cuñado, así que acepte acompañarlo, subimos a su carro, me abrió la puerta.
–Muy bien primera parada, una grandiosa cena-
dijo Thomas.Lo mire y sonreí.–Muero de hambre-me dijo. Puso un poco de música, y acelero.
En todo el camino iba pensando en Jackson, ¿Qué estaría haciendo?, ¿tardara mucho en regresar?, ¿y si jamás regresaba?, jamás habíamos platicado sobre las empresas de su familia, él nunca me saco el tema y mucho menos yo, en verdad lo extrañaba y lo necesitaba, 
Al fin llegamos, era un Restaurante en medio de una calle oscura, me ayudo a bajar del carro y me puso su codo para que lo tomara.
-Señorita, hemos llegado-dijo Thoomas.
Caminamos a la entrada del restaurante, y pidió una mesa para dos, entramos, el lugar era muy lujoso, nos dieron una mesa cerca de la ventana, tenía una vista hermosa, podía ver la ciudad, las luces que alumbraban la noche y una hermosa luna, él fue muy educado.
-Así que eres muy callada, ¿verdad?-me pregunto.
–En realidad, si casi siempre soy así.
–No, me molesta pero yo te haré hablar, veo que quieres mucho a mi hermano.

-Claro, él ha sido muy lindo conmigo, ha estado cuando más lo necesito y en momentos muy difíciles.
-Él es una buena persona, y no lo digo porque sea mi hermano, pero es una persona, que hace todo muy bien, siempre ha sido el orgullo de la familia, nada parecido a mí, yo soy la oveja negra, te traje a este lugar porque tu vestimenta lo amerita, luces como una modelo.
- ¿Modelo? Jajajaja-le conteste-¿bromeas?
-Lo digo enserio, luces como una modelo, eres muy linda Marie, mi hermano tiene suerte en haberte encontrado.
Me sonroje tanto, que hasta nerviosa me puso.
-¿Ordenamos?, mis tripas exigen comida-dijo Thomas
-Jajaja, eres muy gracioso-le respondí-Claro ya hay que ordenar.
Él era una persona muy graciosa muy diferente a lo que me dijo Jackson, decía las cosas con tanta chispa, era tan diferente a su hermano, pedimos lo típico, pavo, pasta y un poco de vino, que en realidad yo no tomaba, pero él me dijo que brindáramos, paso 2 horas, entre la comida y las pláticas que tuvimos, pago la cuenta y salimos del restaurante.
-¿Quieres conducir?-
me pregunto él.
– No, gracias, yo no sé conducir-le respondí.
–Pero aprenderás, yo seré tu maestro de conducir.
–No, de verdad no sé nada, me da temor–
corrió hacia la puerta del copiloto, lo mire y subí del lado del conductor.
-Está bien, pero si choco es tu culpa-le dije.
–No pasara nada, ningún alumno a muerto en mis clases.

Esa noche me enseño a “conducir” sinceramente fue muy divertido y aprendí, muy poco el automóvil se me paraba a cada rato, termine aburriéndolo y termino conduciendo.
-Creo que serás una alumna muy mala-me dijo.
Me llevo a mi casa, y me dijo "te tengo una sorpresa", saco su celular e hizo una llamada, yo estaba parada en mi puerta y lo miraba en lo que él hablaba por teléfono:
-Hola, si,si, aquí estoy con ella, espera…-Dijo el. 
-Ten alguien quiere hablar contigo-
estiro su mana hacia mí con el teléfono.
Tome el teléfono.
Era Jackson, su voz, la única voz que hacia erizar mi piel.
-Amor, ¿como estas?-volvió a preguntar.
No pude evitarlo, mi garganta se empezó a ser un nudo y termine llorando,Thomas me miro con cara de sorpresa, pero el no entendía mis cambios de humor, y cuanto quería a su hermano.
-¿Como estas amor?-le dije. Apenas podía hablar.
-Tranquila Marie, estoy bien, perdón, por haberme ido sin avisarte, pero pronto estaré de regreso y te lo contare todo, por favor quiero que estés bien , quiero que sepas que te quiero como un loco, y que pronto estaremos juntos, no quiero que vayas hacer algo malo, sabes a que me refiero ¿me lo prometes?, ¿estarás bien?.
-Te lo prometo amor, regresa pronto y sabes que estaré bien, por ti, te quiero-le conteste.
-Bueno, pronto me comunicare con Thomas, espero te haya cuidado bien el día de hoy...
De pronto ya no escuchaba su voz.
-¿Bueno? ¿bueno?.
Le di el teléfono a Thomas, lo tomo y dijo.
-¿Bueno?, creo se corto-me miró y guardo el teléfono-pero si se algo de él te aviso, ahora me tengo que ir espero que estés bien si necesitas algo marca a mi casa, ¿ok?.
-Si gracias por la cena, no pude decirle "feliz navidad" a tu hermano, si vuelve a llamar se lo dices, por favor.
-Claro lo haré-me respondió Thomas.
Se despidió de mi con un beso en la mejilla y se fue, entre a mi casa prendí las luces, y volví a llorar, tenia tanta tristeza de no poder pasar nuestra primera navidad juntos,Jackson y yo, mire a mi al rededor y me volví a sentir tan sola, el frió me recorría la piel pero no me molestaba tanto como la falta de Jackson a lado Mio...
Y asi me fui a mi cuarto y me dormi,sin cambiarme,no,no queria,estaba muy cansada.A la mañana siguiente me levante y me meti a bañarme,despues de un rato senti que tocaban la puerta y .....
-!VOY¡.....Thomas...etto....¿que haces aqui tan temprano?-
al abrir la puerta me encontre con Thomas,estaba arreglado para salir...¿pero que hacia el ahi?
-¿Temprano?....Marie son las 12 de la mañ me digas...te acabas de levantar...¿no?
-¿Co...como lo sabes?
-Tu ropa es una,tu taza,es otra,y al preguntarme....¿Que haces aqui tan temprano?-
lo ultimo lo hizo tratando de imitar la vos tan dulce de Marie,bueno,para El.
-Bueno....voy a desayunar y si quieres puedas pasar o...¿tienes otros planes?.
-En verdad si....los dos vamos a las cinco de la tarde a un parque de diverciones y no te me niegas,ahora necesito hacer algo muy importante pero vengo porti a esa hora asi que quiero verte lista....adios-
todo lo dijo mirando a Marie como si quisiera regañarla ya que Ella trato de quejarse y al fin y acabo termino llendose como un ganador.
Al fin y acabo tome mi desayuno y aregle mi casa,asi se paso toda la tarde hasta las 4 ,me aliste y pues al faltarme una hora,me servi un poco de mi comida que habia cocinado,y luego me sente en el sofa y mire la tv,luego no se como toco el timbre,pero aun no eran las cinco pero igual fui abrir y me encontre con...
-Thomas...pero aun no son las cinco.
-!NAH¡....que importa ven vamos ya se a que juegos subiremos-me jalo hasta el auto y de ahi el arranco hacia el parque.
Al llegar todo era hermoso y vi que el fue a comprar los tickets.Al primer juego al que subimos fue “la montaña rusa” fue muy divertido lo termino eligiendo él, jamás en la vida me hubiera imaginado arriba de un “juego mecánico”, pero Thomas me inspiraba confianza de hacer cosas atrevidas, ese día fue inolvidable, jamás había tenido ni un solo amigo en la vida, y el hacía muy bien el papel, comimos hot dogs y hasta gano un juguete para mi, al fin llego la noche, y me llevo a casa, así pasaron las vacaciones de diciembre a lado de él,Jackson llamaba cada vez menos, y solo para saludar, ¿acaso no entendía que lo extrañaba?, cuánto tiempo más estaría sin verlo, eran preguntas que me hacía cada día, paso enero, un enero frió, y sin saber nada de Jackson, pero con la compañía de su hermano, paso febrero “el mes de el amor”, el amor es lo que me faltaba, mi gran amor no estaba, tenía miedo que llegara 14 de febrero y pasarla sola, así paso esos días y al fin llego el día “del amor y de la amistad” le hice una carta a Jackson, aún tenía la esperanza que volviera, pero no fue así, me la pase sola esa fecha y ni siquiera Thomas fue a visitarme ya tenía una semana sin saber de él, pero no tomaba importancia ya casi terminaban las vacaciones y regresaría a la escuela, talvez todo volvería a la normalidad.
Al fin llego, el día de regresar a clases, quería ver a Thomas, preguntarle por Jackson, recuerdo que ese día me desperté mucho antes de lo normal, y me aliste para ir a la escuela aún faltaba más de una hora, baje a tomar un jugo y a leer en lo que se pasaba el tiempo, después me fui, camine rápido, para llegar antes que todos y no tener que ver la cara a nadie, fui una de las primeras en llegar al colegió me fui a mi salón de clases, y me senté hasta tras, cerca de la ventana saque mi libro de matemáticas, y me puse a repasar un poco, al fin empezaron a llegar mis compañeros de clases, ninguno noto mi presencia y era mejor para mi, llego el profesor cerró la puerta y dijo “bienvenidos”, sentí un poco de desilusión, pues Jackson no había regresado y seguía sin saber nada de Thomas, las dos personas que me hacían sentir bien, me habían dejado sola, vaya mi suerte, pensé.
Paso Media hora yo solo tomaba notas de la clase, y tocaron la puerta.
-¿Se puede?.
Yo escribía en mi cuaderno, cuando escuche su voz, mi estomago se contrajo y mis latidos empezaron aumentar, alce la mirada y ahí estaba parado...

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A La Luz De Luna by estrellitaloca


Spread This Around Deviantart as Fast as You Can.

Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 5:10 PM

If someone said "Kill yourself" once, that does not make them instantly a criminal. This would work only if they have been constantly harassing someone or you. Don't throw the law in there because someone said something mean once. And don't say anything mean back, as you don't want to stoop down to their level. I only want to help people, I don't want to start arguments. Please, don't take one thing too seriously unless they have been actually harassing you.


I will be filling this Journal up with proof now and then. Please if you do spread this around, link back to this original journal, cuz it will have more and more proof.

Fun fact:

If you tell someone to kill themselves it's considered encouraging suicide and you can get a fine of $25,000 and 10+ years in prison. If they actually do commit you can be charged with manslaughter which is life in prison and probably a death sentence if you've done it to more than 5 people.
So really stop being an asshole.

Edit (5/27/2015): I have proof

"Michelle Carter, now 18, is charged as a youthful offender since she was 17 at the time of Roy's death, but she could still face punishment as an adult - up to 20 years - if convicted. She is currently free on $2,500 bond."

Yes, she did tell someone over text to kill themselves. Then proceeded to harass a man with a mental disability to do it. He did kill themselves, and she's being charged now.

More things about this issue, adds video from the news:

"Carter was arraigned on the indictment on February 6 in New Bedford Juvenile Court, released on $2,500 bail and told not to use social media, according to Miliote."

The only thing that doesn't make me hate her guts is that she raised $2,300 for heath awareness in memory of Roy. You could see that she hated what she did. But that was probably because she has so much media hit on her.


"While a person who has completed suicide is beyond the reach of the law, there can still be legal consequences in the cases of treatment of the corpse or the fate of the person's property or family members. The associated matters of assisting a suicide and attempting suicide have also been dealt with by the laws of some jurisdictions."


Melchert-Dinkel was convicted last year in the suicides of both an 18-year old woman who jumped into a frozen river, and a 32-year old man who hanged himself. And while he's confessed to acting irresponsibly, he's also argued that what he did was legal.
The judges, however, disagreed: "Melchert-Dinkel hunted victims of mental illness who stood precariously on the edge of death. Then, behind a fictitious identity...he pushed."
Melchert-Dinkel was sentenced to more than six years in prison, but can avoid a full term by following parole orders.


Appreciation Edit (5/27/2015): I'm actually beginning to cry I'm so happy, you guys are amazing! I made this so I could help people not get hurt anymore and prevent more deaths from happening..I thought this would get like 1 or 2 people to go and spread it and it would just stop but it didn't and I'M SO HAPPY I'M SORRY I GET VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS KIND OF STUFF!!!

Also, I made it centered because this is probably easier to see now.


Photo Manipulation Week

    By DA's definition, a photo manipulation is a combination of at least two photos to create a whole new image. Often time, photo manipulations can contain 5, 10, 15 or more photos. All of which may come from different sources, meaning different lighting, perspective, color, and quality. The list goes on and on!

    Stitching all these photos together to make one cohesive composite can seem intimidating, forcing beginners to limit their visions to simple composts the contain just a few images max.

    While a photo manipulation shouldn't be judged on how many different images it took to create it (If all you need it 2 images then only use 2 images!), don't limit yourself out of fear of complexity! Let's cover some of the common issues we all run into.

Judgement by theSong

Forced Perspective

    Forced or inconsistent/odd perspective can actually be done on purpose! Especially in pieces try to give the feeling of distortion, or in surreal works. With that being said, it is usefully pretty obvious when it was done intentionally and when it was done as a mistake. 

The Problem:
When it comes to wonky perspective, the problem lays with the ingredients. AKA your stock choices. While stock's perspectives don't have to match up perfectly, and Photoshop gives you a few tools to help fix perspective problems, forcing a model who was clearly shot with a downward point of view onto a background that was shot at eye level is going to give you some problems. 

The Fix: 
Be smart about your stock choices! It's really that simple. A good 40% of a photo manipulators work goes to finding stock. It can take hours. And hours. ....And hours. No one is saying it will be fun!

V: The Void by ErikShoemaker

Inconsistent Lighting

    This is one of the most common issues even the most seasoned artist have. Unless you are working with images you shot yourself, all with the same lighting, chances are you are going to be dealing with images of all types of lighting.

The Problem:
You don't really understand what light is and how it works. Sure, you see it literally every fact you kinda need it in order to see. But you don't REALLY understand what it is, and why it does what it does. You know that if light is coming from the left then the left side will be white and brighter, the right side will be darker, and there will be a big blob of a black shadow on the floor. 

Expect look around you, I bet you see no big blob-y shadows. Not a one. 

The Fix: 
Learn how light actually works! Light interacts with everything in a very particular and individual way. And thus, the shadows from the objects that the light is interacting with are just as unique. 

  • Observe the world around you very closely. Pay attention to light and shadows.  
  • Instead of photo manipulation tutorials, look up digital painting tutorials and lighting studies. 
  • Be patent, practice and never settle! Do it over and over until you nail that lighting!

Remember light and shadows effect color (meaning they are most likely not white and black, unless the they are the colors they are interacting with). If a shadow is being cast on Caucasian skin use a dark reddish brown. If the shadow then extends onto the models blue shirt, use a dark blue color. Not black. Your best bet is finding and eye dropping the color of already existing (darkest) shadows on your object/model. That will give you a good starting color. 

If you are using Photoshop, the layer modes "Multiply" and "Soft light" will be more useful than "Overlay".


Overall Mismatched Color

    Again you are working with photos taken in different environments. A Model on a blue backdrop. A background with a lot of green. A photo of a dog taken during the late evening. A photo of a bird taken on a blue sunny say.  

The Problem:
You don't understand a damn thing about color theory. Colors do not have to be all the same (in fact, they probably shouldn't be!), they should however compliment each other. Lack of color, or complimented color will make a piece feel either flat, muddy or confusing. Or all three!

The Fix:
Study color theory! I know, obvious right? But many of us don't go out and LEARN we simply kind of ...wing it. Which is also great, but there should be a bit of both. Again, seek out digital painting tutorials that focus on color. Learn how to use complimentary colors, and how to use color not only as a way to tie a scene together, but as a way to convey mood and feeling and also as a way to give context (like time of day) to a piece

At the top of all my .PSD files I have a "Color Correction" folder. It holds all my layers (mostly adjustment layers) that determines the majority of the overall color of the piece I am working on.

French dessert by cornacchia-art The Whole Universe Surrenders by MikkoLagerstedt

No Compromise!

    Working with a medium the starts as several other mediums can be frustrating. We all have a specific image in our head that we want to create. Finding the perfect stock, and then having to force that perfect stock to fit in with all your other perfect stock can be....frustrating. 

    Don't comprise your vision because things get messy! Just like in a hunk of clay, or in a box of paints, in that pile of unedited stock, random textures and brushes, and countless layers there is something fantastic. You just need to combines the pieces. 

MAY Challenge at TheFavouriteShowcase *Vote Please

Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 6:51 AM




Hello dear members of TheFavouriteShowcase, friends and deviants,

This is the new way to find our winner of our monthly challenge at TheFavouriteShowcase: instead of using a Poll with the ten most voted of the period, we'll be using a blog to showcase the 20 MOST VOTED on this theme!

This means, or so I hope, more exposure for your pieces and galleries.

The idea is simple: each work has a number and all deviants have the opportunity to vote like if it was a poll...with the difference that you will choose not one but 3 favourites! 

All deviants may vote, INCLUSIVE who is participating; the participants may vote for themselves and ask friends and watchers to vote; this blog may have publicity by all means and be submitted in groups. 

The work with most votes wins 130 points;
the second place wins 80, the 3rd place wins 50 and the 4th wins 25 Points.

These prizes can be updated for the next themes with the help of our friends.

Thank you to

Jenny :iconjennystokes: ,

Jocelyne :iconjocelyner: for their continuous help

and :iconsoulpics: for his great generosity.

You may also help by clicking on our stamp :iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: and making a donation.

Follow the RULES to VOTE...

EVERYONE VOTING and +favING THIS BLOG will enter a draw to win 10 Points.
The participants may and should click the Favourite Button too - this will give you another chance to win more points!
And so you can have more possibilities to win I'll give 5 prizes of 10 points!

Vote and let your friends know about this voting!

NOTE: The participants who don't vote aren't eligible to win.


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(read careful, it's very simple)
*everyone can participate, you don't have to be a member of TheFavouriteShowcase.

1. Choose your favourite 3 works from below;

2. See the correspondent number before the thumb? Comment on this blog by writing the numbers of your favourite works, like this:

39, 45, 57

You have 3 votes to give and you must give all the 3 votes, not 1, not 2, not 5 - it's 3 votes!
Comments with more or fewer votes will be ignored.

3. To have the possibility to win 10 Points entering a drawFAVE THIS BLOG!

4. You don't have to do anything else Thumbs Up 
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Assassination Classroom by Khallandra

How to Draw Manga! School Uniforms Introduction

A common theme in manga and anime is the school setting. Often the school uniforms are what the character wears all of the time (even when half way across the world, looking at you Jotaro). School uniforms often take a similar style, but variations can be a key design aspect of the character. This is Part 1 in this series, Girls uniforms.

Girls Uniforms

Hiyori by Khallandra
Female school uniforms typically take the form of a blouse and skirt, with socks or leggings. They can wear jumpers, vests, or a blazer in the colder months. Variations on this general theme can take a number of different approaches.

Sailor fuku

This is a common girls uniform that takes the inspiration of a sailor suit with a thick collar drawn into a point, the collar then folds over the back with various 'flap' styles. It is pulled on over the head, having a large neck rather than buttoned up like a blouse. It is generally made of a thicker cotton and the collar is quite stiff and does not crinkle easily.
Colours and styles vary, most have a stripe(s) of some kind, the collar can be the same or a different colour than the rest of the blouse. Sleeves can be short or long, depending on the season.
Underneath the collar on the outside is either a scarf pulled in with a clasp (often a school logo clasp) or a ribbon of any size. Beneath the collar (as it is quite open, can be nothing, a small section of fabric or a skivvy is worn underneath. There are countless options for style even before colour comes into play. Use the links below to further understand the variations of the Sailor fuku.
In this very rough example there are two variations on the front, whilst there are three variations on shape at the back (other shapes are also used as well as these three common ones). Even bow size and type varies, as well as the short clasped ribbon with or without stripes.
Girl Uniforms 1 by Khallandra

If using stripes on a Sailor fuku the theme is commonly repeated throughout the uniform, such as at the cuffs or on the socks and skirts.

Winter variety

When using a Sailor fuku in winter, they either have a wide loose jumper or come in a longer thicker variety for the colder months. However often the colour may change, for example in Cardcaptor Sakura, the summer version is short and white with black stripes and red scarf, whilst the winter is black with white stripes and a red scarf - so this does offer some variation during colder months. Warm jackets and other accessories are up to the individual typically and can also vary according to their personal style.

Blouses and Jackets or Jumpers

Blouses can have a number of different collar shapes and the same variety of scarf, lapels, ribbons in a bow or even a tie. Sleeves can be very short and puffy or straight.
In winter a blouse can be accompanied with a cardigan of any length, a jumper, a vest and cardigan or a blazer. Often the colours are representative or opposite of the summer variety.
In this rough example two different cardigan lengths, one with short tie, the other a thin bow. The second example is two different blazer types, these are fitted blazers. One is longer and has a centre line, the other is a cross over with multiple buttons.
Girl Uniforms 4 by Khallandra

The style and colours chosen often match with the rest of the uniform, having repeating themes (stripes or colour for example). Length of the jacket can be at or below the waist, but typically is a fitted style. An alternative is a looser cardigan and maybe a fitted vest underneath even. So many different and fun variations.


Reijikotobuki-kurotokinakanaikagi by Khallandra
Most skirts are varied with pleats (either sewn all down the length or formed at the waist), whilst an A-line is generally reserved for office ladies and teachers instead. The length is varied, short on the thigh (typically used when wanting to give panty shots), above the knee and below the knee, full length skirts are not common, but three quarter can be used as well. The skirts are generally constructed in a similar way, having a waist segment that is non-pleated, the rest of the skirt is then formed out from the waist (see the tutorials below for examples on how to draw).
This rough example shows same length but different pleats, typically lots of pleats is uncommon in art because it can be quite cumbersome to draw, soft pleats are favoured for their easiness. A button or clasp on the side or back is a common position for a skirt.

Girl Uniforms 2 by Khallandra

Most of the skirts are step-in variety rather than split down the side. When drawing the skirt being worn it's hard to tell the difference in any case.
Skirts can be plaid, solid coloured and may have a number of stripes tying in the rest of the uniform. They are rarely two toned or translucent (unless you go to Magic School ;)).

Shoes and Socks

Socks in winter tend to be high (or replaced with leggings if appropriate) and shoes are standard-issue (flat shoes, no heels or boots typically) or joggers. Stockings or coloured leggings can also be used, typically solid-coloured rather than patterned, bright patterns seem reserved for flashy mothers. When the students get to school they replace their shoes with indoor shoes known as Uwabaki.
The following rough example is of puffy pushed-down socks or leggings with brown or black standard school shoes.  The second example demonstrates straight socks and uwabaki.
Girl Unifroms 3 by Khallandra

Next Steps

Go take a look at some of your favourite anime and manga artists and see how they have designed a school uniform, try and find common elements that you prefer such as skirt length, colours and start drawing up some mock ups of what you would like for your character. The choice is yours and have fun with it!

Guides and References

Remember: Do not steal someone's design, be inspired instead. Especially with RPG uniforms they are for the purpose of the RPG group and are mentioned here for demonstration only.
Learn Manga Basics: Pleated Skirts by NaschiPleated Skirts Tutorial by LovelyKougaSeifuku Tutorial by JoJoBynxFweeTutorial about japanese school shoes for girls by KiranKiraschool uniforms by NeonGenesisEVAReiTips For Drawing Clothing by raru-tanAnime school girl uniforms by SarcasticLittleDevilFem Uniform Designs by ColletteRenNatsugaoka - School uniform by Yurikax3chan

  Part 2 of School Uniforms Coming Soon, Boy's School Uniforms!

Tadakuni! by Khallandra

External Links

Cosplay Uniform References
Manga Tutorials: Girls Uniforms
Japanese School Shoe Examples

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