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Project Porkchop: Vol. 390

Mon Jan 26, 2015, 1:13 PM
V390-img-og by techgnotic

About Project Porkchop

The DeviantArt Experience can sometimes quickly become the quintessential example of that most frustrating problem: too much of a good thing. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to peruse the thousands of submissions and postings of artistic innovation, creativity and sheer beauty that are generated everyday.

So thank you for ProjectPorkchop!

Astralseed, an Icelandic deviant artist with a penchant for equines, including Quirlicorns (a breed of unicorns), has made our busy lives so much easier with ProjectPorkchop, a feature she started on her DeviantArt page. Project Porkchop’s fine eye for the best of the newly submitted artworks of virtually unknown artists, the incredible art that slips past us, unseen and denied its due, day after day, has meant so very much for these artists trying to create a presence in the art world, beginning on DeviantArt. By spotlighting these skilled artists  and connecting creative art and creative art lovers, this group is doing the arts universe an immeasurable service.

About the Artist

Lee is a digital artist from the US. He is a conceptual artist and illustrator who has been working primarily in the video game industry for the last 17 years. His strength is his 3-D work which is extremely well executed and expertly colored. His imagery is eerie and surreal and you are sure to be inspired by his gallery!

View More of dathedix’s Gallery

About the Artist

Adasia is a digital artist from Poland. She has a unique and lovely storybook style that is very texture driven. Her themes are very whimsical and influenced by fairy tales, nature and the sea. Her colors are beautiful and soft and she makes good use of a wide range of tones. You will love every piece in her gallery!

View More of harridan’s Gallery

About the Artist

Daniel is a traditional artist from Poland. He is most influenced by sci-fi and horror and his works have a surreal quality. His colors are very bright and high contrast and his brush strokes are very expressive. Daniel has been a member of DA for less than a year, so let's welcome him to the community!

About the Artist

Stanislav is a traditional artist from Bulgaria. He finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and his paintings have a real spiritual quality. His understanding of light and color is truly outstanding and his attention to fine details is top notch. This is one artist you will want to add to your list!

About the Artist

Peter is a digital artist from the UK. His fantasy style work is rendered so well it looks photographic, espescially the backgrounds. He is a master of light and shadow and his works have a great sense of atmosphere, like you can just step into them! Please take a look at his gallery today and show some support!

Spread the Word

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure. If you would like to suggest someone for a future ProjectPorkchop article please send a note to our group.


To celebrate that I finally made a group for the Eyapi species and some proper species info for them I have decided to hold a MYO (make your own) contest where you design your own Eyapi and have the chance to keep it for free! :D

RULES (important!)
- You must be a member of the group to enter
- Only common and uncommon traits are allowed
- You may post as many entries as you'd like but you can only win with one of your entries
- Entries must be submitted to the MYO Eyapi Contest folder in this group
- Entries can be digital or traditional
- Any accessories are allowed
- The Eyapi can be in any color
- Eyapis can have any hairstyle! c:
- Read the species info before you enter

If you have any questions feel free to ask

Eyapi - Species infoOverview
The Eyapi is a small creature that is always on the move and don't really like to settle in one place. They can easily adapt to different climates and can therefore be found in almost any habitat.
They live in a world similar to earth but much smaller and contains many different forms of magic. 
Their diet consists mainly of berries and fruit but they can eat almost anything if needed. they just prefer berries and fruit because of the taste.
They are very defenseless creatures and their best chance of survival is to make sure no enemies gets near. To do so they regularly make really loud noises which keeps enemies at distance. Eyapis are immune to this noise and can not hear it.
Eyapis live together in groups of 5-20 individuals.
Their lifespan is very long, around 300-400 years.
The Eyapi is a small creature. Their average height is 25 inches measured from the top of their head.
Their appearance somewhat varies depending on where they live. The c
Eyapi - Species Guide by Kamirah

Winners will be judged based on the design and NOT on art skills.

I will choose 10 winners that get to keep their MYO Eyapi for free. If there's a lot of entries I will choose up to 10 more winners.

One winner will also get one custom Eyapi from me for free! This will be the one with the design I find most awesome! :D

If you do not win you will still be able to keep your Eyapi for $15 or 1500 :points:
And if you want to keep the design but don't want to pay for it you can still reuse the design on another creature/species.

Contest ends February 20th.

I’ve harped on about this before and I’m going to do it again…..and again and again…..until people stop doing it.

I do not fave pictures that have watermarks right across them.

This isn’t me being monumentally arrogant and thinking that I alone faving a piece of work bestows upon it some kind of greatness. This is just me having an artistic eye.
If you’ve slaved to create the most astounding piece of work to have ever graced the galleries of deviantart, something that puts all your peers to shame and will remain a benchmark that others aim to match for years to come…..and then across the middle of it you decide to slap a watermark that you spent 5 minutes farting out: you just f**ked up your artwork. You have added something that detracts from my enjoyment of the piece and I’m not going to fave it.

There are a number of brilliant artists out there who I’m on the verge of unfollowing, simply because it irks me so much to see a tacky watermark (or worse, the default DA skidmark) ruining what would otherwise be a beautiful image.

into the wild

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 2:26 AM

The Fire Of Autumn-2 by kkart
Show me the green by Northstar76 Wald #44 by HeikoGerlicher Deep Forest by StefanPrech

fall into pieces by arbebuk
The Last Cast by andyhutchinson Burning skies by ibasimaikataimeto Breaking the Surface by dsnider

A moment to share by matthieu-parmentier
The Peak by Michaelthien glowing larches by jaelise Across The Streaming Tide by r-maric

Warmth in Winter by dsnider
Blue and grey by matthieu-parmentier Valaam Islands...  _82_ by my-shots Guichard Lake I : the Darkness by MaximeCourty

Antelope Canyon,magical and unseen night by alierturk
San Francisco, unseen night remade FB by alierturk Iridium by Questavia Silence by AlHabshi

Skogafoss, Iceland by Stridsberg
Silent Immensity by RobertoBertero Where the Glow Goes by PeterJCoskun Chaosphere by alexandre-deschaumes

Green Creek Purl by Dapicture
-When the light came into our kingdom- by Janek-Sedlar Radiate by LAlight Wander by jaelise

Radiance by FlorentCourty
Red Fall by MarcoHeisler Grimm by RobinHalioua -Shaman_s road on the other side- by Janek-Sedlar

Mesa Arch by SvenMueller
Scarab by Dee-T June 18th by FramedByNature Lost Planet by tassanee

Freedom by Annabelle-Chabert
Rays of Splendor by tvurk Storm painter III by BrunoCHATARD Radiance by LG77

in the quiet by jaelise
Northern Lights Of Christmas by Nitrok Crystal brilliance by Trichardsen Apostels in Galaxy by MadMike27

-Angels alongside our path- by Janek-Sedlar
If These Trees Could Talk pt.VII. by realityDream Dec. 31-2014 II by Weissglut lead me XI by JoannaRzeznikowska

The Brilliance Of Beckwith by kkart
Canyonlands, Mesa Arch by alierturk Endless Hope by borda The Storm Catcher-2 by kkart

Old Time by porbital
wandering of souls III by JoannaRzeznikowska Morendo by Oer-Wout -Archaic blending of the souls- by Janek-Sedlar

The Whole Universe Surrenders by MikkoLagerstedt
it will come over me as the sun goes down by DaSchu Come With Me To The Other Side by Unkopierbar Aurora over Jokulsarlon by BSGuyIncognito

Le vent nous portera by julie-rc
M42 - The Great Orion Nebula by ZeSly Last One Standing by Aquilapse celestial by jaelise

Somewhere only we know by arayo
Black Water by Trashins Hypnotic by Trichardsen In the open by Trashins

Wald #40 by HeikoGerlicher
Mystery on the hills by Lumpy2 Behind the house VIII by Lumpy2 * by agatafotografia

Aiguille Rouge by sukiluck
Light and Magic by Trashins Blizzard by MaximeDaviron Early Winter Sunset by LAlight

Among the Aspens by SvenMueller
Wald #41 by HeikoGerlicher Lace Leaf Maple at the Japanese Gardens, Portland by SheridanPhoto Heavy Dreaming by tvurk

Solar Filter by CaveCanem42
What About Us by ildiko-neer Wald #39 by HeikoGerlicher Show your Colours by ShowMyColours

.... by apostolos-t
Morning on Earth by Pajunen -When your journey heal the soul- by Janek-Sedlar Walking into Wonderland.......... by Betuwefotograaf

Mystic Mountainnight by StefanPrech
Spark by ColinHSillerud Whispers of Morning II by Draken413o Lake Powell watermark by tassanee

Nature's Graffiti by Dee-T
Wald #37 by HeikoGerlicher Light wall by Lumpy2 Incertitude by OlivierAccart

thank you for your wonderful works

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PE: Daily Deviations Week Intro

Mon Jan 26, 2015, 9:00 AM by Mrs-Durden:iconmrs-durden:

Daily Deviations Week

Welcome to our Daily Deviations Week! La la la la

For those of you that might have missed our previous Daily Deviation week, the Daily Deviation Week is a Community Volunteer run week where all volunteers work together to produce articles addressing the many topics related to Daily Deviations. This week aims at raising awareness about Daily Deviations, addressing common questions or concerns, and educating the community about Daily Deviations as a whole. :eager:


Daily Deviations Week

  • 26th Monday
    AM: Intro blog by Mrs-Durden
    PM: DD Commenting and Feedback Challenge! by Mrs-Durden
  • 27th Tuesday
    AM: What are DDs and where to find them by TimberClipse
    PM: Daily Deviations - Who + What to suggest! by Kaz-D
  • 28th Wednesday
    AM: How to suggest a DD by cinyu
    PM: Community Volunteers Interviews - Part 1 by Mrs-Durden
  • 29th Thursday
    AM: What to look for when searching for DDs by KovoWolf
    PM: Fun facts about Daily Deviations! by Mrs-Durden
  • 30th Friday
    AM: Suggest, Suggest, Suggest - What we look for! by Kaz-D
    PM: Interview with DD suggesters by cinyu
  • 31st Saturday
    AM: Disapproving of Art VS Feature by pica-ae
    PM: Commenting on Daily Deviations by 3wyl
  • 1st Sunday
    AM: Daily Deviations: Awards or Features? by C-91
    PM: Dealing with receiving a Daily Deviation by Mrs-Durden
  • 2nd Monday
    AM: DDs: Why you should care, but not make them a goal by diphylla
    PM: How to gain exposure without a DD by 3wyl
  • 3rd Tuesday
    AM: How to support artists outside of DD suggestions by 3wyl
    PM: Do's and Don'ts of Literature DDs by GrimFace242
  • 4th Wednesday
    AM: What a DD will and will not do for you by diphylla
    PM: Daily Deviations: It's always popular art! by Mrs-Durden
  • 5th Thursday
    AM: What Community Volunteer do outside DDs by 3wyl
    PM: Our favorite DDs! A CV feature! by Mrs-Durden
  • 6th Friday
    AM: Community Volunteers Interviews - Part 2 by Mrs-Durden
    PM: DD descriptions, why they are important by diphylla
  • 7th Saturday
    AM: Common complaints about Daily Deviations by Mrs-Durden
    PM: What not to say when suggesting a DD by cakecrumbs
  • 8th Sunday
    AM: DD Commenting and Feedback Challenge Winners! by Mrs-Durden
    PM: Wrap up blog by Mrs-Durden

200 Point Giveaway!

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 8:41 PM
Profile | Gallery | Inbox

La jumping in Points 

I have been generously gifted, and want to pass some love along!

Points Quick rules:

+fav Fave this journal, it will be your number.

The end!

Although if you would like to watch Added to my devWatch!, check out my art  Hi!, and generally become friends Hug, I'll be quite glad to know you, send a singing llama, and give you a feature if you win! :) (Smile)

The raffle will end on April 4th, 2015…my 1st deviantART birthday! Happy DeviantART Birthday 

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  • Drinking: Milk

Once upon a time....

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 9:01 AM
Alex and Stripes were in fact together. they met just after he had become a zombie at 16 or so. He was the sweetest undead creature in all the land.

He had run into her one day after murdering and instantly fell for her. After he told her how pretty she was she took the time to hang our with him a few times before dating. 

When he was 17 she took him to meet her father. Her father blatently approved of Alex banging Stripes, leaving Al really confused but Stripes was happy anyway. 

When he was 22 he had adopted Lulu as his younger sister. After finding what Zalgo did to her he went to stripes for help to rebel against him. He tried to convince her but her obedience to her father was too great. 

After one swift argument he left her, leaving both him and her heartbroken. 

Now he is 24, the older brother to Rodger and Lucy. He is a heavy drinker, smoker and he has adopted a very assholish attitude toward everyone. He tried dating another girl but it wasn't the same as Stripes so they didn't last long. 

Free to use: profile layout

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 7:39 PM

*Updated a few points to make them clearer!*

Alright there are only two rules to this thing:

> YOU MUST ALWAYS CREDIT ME WHEN YOU USE IT. (just make the mention super tiny or something, I don't care, so long as I am given credit)
> Do not claim it as your own, ever. If somebody wants to use it, you link them to this journal. <3 thanks!

✁- - -First Impressions- - -

First name > 
Last name >
Physical age >
Mental age >
Sex > 
Gender >
Sexual Preference >
Relationship Status >
Voice > 
Biography >

✁- - -Physique- - -

Species >
Height >
Weight >
Eye Colour >
Hair Colour >
Typical Hair Style >
Skin Tone >
Body Type >
Tattoo's >
Piercings >
Scars >
Most Noticeable Feature >

✁- - -Mentality & More- - -

Personality >
Optimist or Pessimist >
Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert >
Absolutely Love > (this is where you put your likes)
Absolutely Despise > (this is where you put your dislikes)
Greatest Talents >
Worst Flaws >
Platonic Relations > (platonic means not intimate, so basically your friends/enemies/whatever)

✁- - -Other- - -

Current Job >
Previous Job >
Favourite Past time >
Favourite Colour >
Favourite Food >
Anything else >