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Ok on my last journal I said that it turns out I need premium membership
and it would be nice if someone out of the blue gave me premium membership
Wellllll............NOW I'm basically desprete for it
I mean I would now at this point do anything for it I would do the most difficaut request all I'm asking is for premium membership
and I have some reasons and they are
1. I am driving my friend Bri (butter the hedgehog) crazy cause I meantion it every day at my school to her
2. I have a bunch of sonic characters and fan characters in my room lying around and I want to upload them
3. I can't tell my mom other wise she will get really mad at me and i mean MAD
4.My grades are going down little by little and I can not focuse on school work even if my grades are some what high
5. I am in Honor Sosiety which is an honor and I HAVE TO KEEP MY GRADES UP
6. Last reason ....... I don't have a card number thingy
Those are my reason on why I need premium membership so please give me it :(
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Hello out there just wanted to tell everyone that I'm back and open for work :)
Hi, and welcome to Shores-of-Koi! I hope you enjoy your stay!

I would like to go over rules and important thing you need to know about this group~

to adopt our Koi, you must be part of this group. joining is as easy as clicking the button! you will be given a pond, and will be logged in the Koi Owners Journal. Your pond allows you to hold 5 koi. you can check out the store to buy more space for your fish!

|Training your Koi|
every time your Koi is drawn, it earns one level of Experience. A Koi
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If there are any counter-opinions on this opinion, please feel free to respond to the comment placed upon the picture. And please feel free to notice that the admin of that account is known as corgisaurus
So, yeah, I'm gonna start posting journal entries about my fanfic based on an updated / revised portrayal of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball universe. So let me know what you people think of this. I'll start with some characters:

Kumimaru: A bear yokai martial artist / swordsman that tries to claim the one star dragon ball. Goku challenges Kumimaru to a martial arts match for the dragon ball and defeats Kumimaru after a exciting battle. Bulma offers to compensate Kumimaru for his loss by paying for his medical recovery (which Kumimaru gladly accepts).

Osuma: A boar Daiyokai martial artist / bandit that Goku's great grandson Goken battles in order to acquire the one star dragon ball. Unlike the Yokai Kumimaru (whom Goku fought and found to be honorable) Osuma is utterly ruthless and will do anything it takes to win (he'll even attack innocent people as  a means to distract his opponent). Though he is able overwhelm Goken initially, Goken eventually turns the tide of the battle by realizing his ability to go Super Saiyan (as Goken is a Human / Saiyan hybrid). Osuma's powerful Daimakaio minions also defeated by Goken's friends (who are descendants of each of the individual Z Warrior's).

President Ryu: The human president of Earth's United International Government. A strong martial artist, he is able to fight evenly with Piccolo Daimao (though was soon at a disadvantage due to Piccolo's regenerative abilities). He often relies on the Z Warriors (whom he calls "Earth's Special Forces") and coordinates his efforts with them (usually relying on wireless communication with Zyke). Some of his notable uses of his authority as commander in chief of the UIG include the following:

     ·         Establishing Omega-level Danger Zones around the various areas where the Z Warriors have engaged villains of the past.

     ·         Having the UIG Armed Forces to establish No-Entry Perimeters around the danger zones with orders to bar entry to anyone without proper UIG authorization to enter.

     ·         Providing permission and funds from the UIG to the various corporations of the world to design, construct, and redesign the stadium where the Tenkaichi Budokai is held in order to provide maximum protection to the audience and surrounding area.

     ·         Ordering the funding, design, and construction (and alsothe redesign and upgrading) of UIG shelters throughout most heavily populated settlements through the world.

     ·         Ordering the complete evacuation of South Island as soon as Zyke informed him of the coming Android threat.

     ·         Issuing a omega-level censorship of the evacuation of South Island to the various Media corporations of the world (in an effort to prevent Gero from learning that the Z Warriors / UIG knew of his planes and possibly launching his attack sooner).

     ·         Updating the UIG's military with ultra-modern hardware (including re-engineering and equipping soldiers with Planet Trade Organization blasters / armor and redesigning / updating the various UIG battle mecha models and updating them to ultra-modern standards.

     ·         Ordering emergency relief efforts (including air drops of food / water / clothing) to be given to the people of South Island (who were at the time experiencing a unusually long drought).

Cui: A male zumian who developed a rivalry with Vegeta during both of their youths while serving the Planet Trade Organization. While Vegeta was initially stronger Cui ended up surpassing Vegeta during his youth and was promoted to serving as a super elite-rank soldier in the Planet Trade Organization (while Vegeta spent his time on the front lies of battle in an effort to get stronger). Cui's promotion ended up being his undoing as he grew lazy and complacent (taking only lower-level assignments) while Vegeta kept taking punishing high-risk missions. Cui met his end on Planet Namek, unable to admit that Vegeta had once again surpassed him.

Bitsu: A male tokagian who serves as a super elite-rank soldier in the Planet Trade Organization. He possess the power to unleash a cloud of steam which he uses to attempt to confuse his foes. Unfortunately, this does not work on Krillin and Zyke (who do not need scouters in order to sense their foes) and he is killed by a combination attack performed by Krillin and Zyke.

Saccha: A female goliathian who serves as a super elite-rank soldier in the Planet Trade Organization. Like all members of her race (aka Zarbon, Jeice, Salza) she has the power to transform into a monstrous form that is twice as powerful as her regular form. She meets her match in the female Saiyan Aspara (whom had fallen for the Human Z Warrior Zyke and had joined forces with the Z Warriors of Earth to oppose Frieza). Despite losing to Aspara Saccha's life is spared (due to Zyke's urging and Aspara's reluctance to kill anyone else). Saccha leaves Planet Namek to go on the run from the Planet Trade Organization (it's also hinted she may have developed a bitch of a crush on Zyke).

Dodoria: A male onian who serves as a super elite-rank soldier in the Planet Trade Organization. He is a ruthless bully and nortorious sadist but he finds himself utterly outclassed by Vegeta on Planet Namek. Begging for his life, Dodoria reveals why Frieza really destroyed Planet Vegeta and drove the Saiyan survivors into exile (Frieza had discovered an ancient recording of the legendary super saiyan fighting the Tuffian Empire). Realizing that the legend of the super saiyan is in fact true, Vegeta shows his appreciation by giving Dodoria sixteen seconds to try and run away from Vegeta (Dodoria doesn't make it very far ironically).

Zoom to 4:59 in this video, but keep the volume low though, if you what to watch the full video, this guy swears loudly…
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 I was on facebook, and i think someone hacked it and it made my last name Injuries..... I feel violated...
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The "can haz cheezeburger" is suddenly really funny. 
I wanna chat..with someone