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Where's the nearest art site without counting Tumblr or FurAffinity? If possible, that is not a money black hole and that doesn't keep making stupid, useless and rage indulging changes?

How funny

I just came back from deactivation and already wanna leave again

DA is doing greeeat....

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Question Of The Day #10

Tue Aug 4, 2015, 4:49 AM
If you thought the LAST TWO were bad... XD XD XD
Your oc is having nightmares. One night their crush hears them scream and comes in to see what's wrong. They sit down on the bed and hug your OC until they stop crying, after a while they both fall asleep. now pick a few other random people and pretend they found them in your OCs room, they think something happened between the two (which it didn't). Reactions? XD

(ok for the extra people I'm throwing in... Umm... Kai I guess? Starr, and, uh... M-Star01 XD)
Starr: *opens the door* Hey Saige you awake? *sees her and Jay* OMG!! *slaps Jay* WHAT THE F*** DID YOU DO TO HER!?!?!
Kai: *peeks in* Jaaaaay, you are in TROUBLE...
bLUE: *turns bright red* Oh my god, nothing!!
M-Star: *hears all the yelling* Starr, Kai, for pete's sake, stop overreacting! They aren't stupid!
Blue: *is still trying to comprehend the situation*
Starr: *glares at Jay* I got my eye on you...
M-Star: you are all completely insane. *decides that it is time to end the scenario*


imma be uploading soon
kinda got dragged into a new fandom and perfecting a different art style
whats up

10 to 1

Tue Aug 4, 2015, 4:49 AM

Ten things you wish you could say to 10 different people (don't list names):

1. I wish you would come back. I really miss you. You were really important to me, I hope you know. You were my other half. Something beyond any boundaries found from mundane labels of "platonic" or "romantic". You were something special, a bond closer to my heart, and we didn't care what anyone thought of that. In fact, we were amused when people would get stumped over what we were doing, what our deal was, if we were a thing or not. I told you secrets I haven't told anyone else, and I wish you didn't have to go... You don't use skype and you deleted your chatlands and deviantart accounts... I wish I had your number at least, so I could text you or something. Sighs. Get your ass back here, ya damn brit. 

2. I have no idea what I did that made it so I deserved for you to abandon me. Do you know how much you meant to me? Sure. We were high schoolers. People change. Shit happens. But I thought we were past that. You were my reason to smile in the morning when everyone else sneered at me for who I am. And now you won't even talk to me. I keep saying I don't care. I keep saying you aren't worth my time. I encourage others to feel the same in similar situations. But /fuck you/. Okay? Just fuck. you. 

3. I'm really sorry for what I did. You didn't deserve it at all.. To you, I was someone special, someone you let closer than anyone. And I abused it.. I didn't do it maliciously, I promise. I didn't know what I was doing honestly. It was stupid, and you deserve so much better than what I gave you. I did some really, really shitty things. Some things I haven't even admitted to you because I can't bear to do more damage that what i'd already done.. I'm a bad, bad person though. I know I look like an antidote sometimes, but I swear im nothing but poison sometimes..

4. Hey, I'm really sorry we fought and avoided each other for so long. We have a lot more in common than I'd anticipated, tbh. But I see a lot of my own qualities in you. Were unique, and yet somehow our experiences, opinions and thoughts seem to be content in matching up a lot. And you listen to me. Like. Actually listen to me. What I say is important to you and you take the time to understand it and that makes me really happy. Not a lot of people do that anymore and I'm really happy I can call you a friend now. 

5. You might have broke me into more pieces than bill gates has dollars but i'm fucking dumb and you're still really, really important to me. I don't care how many people try to pull me away. How many people try and ban me from being near you. How many times I'll get scolded for staying close. You opened up my world to parts of me I didn't know I had. You made me fall in love with not just you but every single piece of you. Whether that be a flower boy, a coffee bean, or well. Yknow. Mr tin man. uvu.  But you're different and addicting and Christ I tried running away for awhile but somehow ended up making a roundabout and here I am again. Whoopsies. Sorry not quire sorry. Guess you're stuck with me? 

6. You say you're scared to hurt me. That you haven't forgiven yourself. I do forgive you though. Whole heartedly. I've had years to thing things over. Figure stuff out. And although closure and apologies came a little late, sweetie I think you're well worth the wait I always question how lenient you are with me, honstly.. like..  I remember the things you tell me you like and you don't like. Because they are important to me. And although I try to avoid them, sometimes I slip up, and occasionally it even seems to make you happy? I know you don't like pet names, because sometimes they end up sounding possessive or degrading, but when I use them it's out of adoration, and you let me get away with it. Sometimes I kind of question if that's out of just being lenient, or if I truly do make a difference to you. Of course that's just one example but.. you get the point.. You mean so much to me though, and I mean every single word of adoration I say. 

7. Hey, I just want you to know that I'm really sorry for kind of 'using you' how I did. I didn't mean to hurt you at all. I still care about you a lot, like, a whoooole lot. I didn't even know what I wanted at the time. I was hurt and stupid and needed comfort and I read those needs the wrong way. I don't regret it though, you're a total sweetie and one of the best friends I can ask for. And you really did make the time it lasted well worth the while. Although I guess i'm a bit of a tease sometimes, I really don't mean to upset you or make you feel any lesser. You're a rare kind of artist, and one with budding talents that make me smile in a mere instant.

8. I'm kinda curious about you tbh, I mean. I know we didnt start off the best. Mistakes were made. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Yeeeeah it lasted a long while to. Was a very, very awkward relationship situation to be in and I dont think either of us were entirely keen on it? All well. The past is the past. And I was a bit of a stubborn ass for awhile, but I do forgive what happened. I understand now that you didn't mean it, and I'm sorry if I was too rough or somehow too scary for you to feel comfortable and apologize sooner. I know were kinda friends now, but I know we still have a loooooot to learn about each other. We dont exactly talk every day outside of the group thing I mean, but knowing you trust me enough to come rant to me occasionally does mean a lot. 

9. Its really rare that I get a friend as close as you that I can tell anything and everything to. Tbh you know some of my secrets not even my relationship partners have known, from just random trivia about me to some deeper, darker secrets. It's hard for me to be comfortable enough with someone to tell them practically anything sexual about me. But you're so open and willing to share experiences and opinions and throw the barriers of what is taboo and cruel judgement out the window that honestly I think Im more comfortable talking to you about it than anyone else. that's hard to accomplish, considering my self esteem is next to zero, if at all. We tease eachother with 'blackmail' constantly, but it's all in good fun and we know we do it out of love. Sometimes we get on each others nerves I think, but for the most part, you're one of the best friends and partners I could ask for, and i'm really glad to have you in my life. 

10. chirp chirp toot eep eep!!! tweeet..
thats for my bird. I just wrote a hella bunch of deep shit gimme a break why don't you. wheeze. 

Nine things about yourself:

1. I'm letting my hair grow out and tbh it doesnt look too bad. It's not as blond as I want it to be yet, but well get there. It's interesting watching how it becomes naturally wavy as it gets longer though..

2. I feel really special when I get gifts. But I also feel weird because Im more of a giver than a receiver. So It's been interesting with the random spike of loving and gifts I've been getting lately. I'm not used to getting gifts really so it's got me all flustered and everything. I love each and every one of them though <3333 no matter where your skills may be at.

3. I hate being single. I tell my friends that lifes about more than relationships. which it is! (romantic wise anyway). But, I'm just the kind of person who enjoys like more when I'm sharing the experiences with someone else rather than by myself. I'm not going to act like the whole world is ending, but I will admit to being lonely and overall unhappy. Friends? sure. Yall mean a whole lot. But sometimes it's just not the same not having someone to kiss my tears away...

4. Uhhhhhh I have a love hate relationship with water. I've almost drowned several times. So on one end, water kind of makes me feel panicky and unsettled. But at the same time, I love the feeling of being weightless and in another world. calming. but adrenaline rush?? at same time?? iunno.

5. THIS ISN'T A SECRET OR ANYTHING BUT I REALLY LIKE ROBOTS OOPS. Yeah I'm into ASFR. Not really the self transformation crap but just. I really like AIs who have grown their own soul sort of thing. 

6. speaking of acronyms were a part of, I also enjoy ASMR. Which is cCOMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM ASFR. LIKE WAY DIFFERENT. Asmr is very relaxing and calming though, and actually got me to let my nails grow??? My nails are actually kind of pretty now and my cuticles aren't fucked up and now I get to listen to my own calming tappy tap taps

7.  I tend to act sexually deviant and on the inside I honestly really am a very sexual person. But i'm also an awkward tater tot and I get blushy and embarassed really easily. Sometimes it's even hard for me to be sexually open to my relationship partners because i'm afraid to be judged or afraid they'll laugh. I'm dumb sensitive...

8. In relation to that last bit, I'm so tired of topping. It seems like every relationship I get into i'm expected to top. Even if it's known that i'd really like to switch it up sometimes or want to even experience bottoming with the person. And if I do, get to 'bottom' it's uuuusually not even actually 'bottoming' because somehow I end up on top, and usually im the one in control. Why cant I find someone who will just dominate the shit out of me for once my g o d.

9. I type a lot. But weve already figured this out. 

Eight ways to win your heart:

1. Be there when I need you, and hold me when I need comfort

2. Listen to what I have to say, even if you dont always understand it. But effort into at least trying to come to terms with what i'm expressing

3. Let me know that I actually matter to you. Ask me what I want. Ask me if i'm okay. Ask me how my day was. Let me know you want to know about me. 

4. Understand that I get nervous and sometimes I'm not comfortable enough for things. I have a lot of self hatred. a l o t. Giving me time to gather up courage and giving me positive encouragement before I show you my face or let you hear my voice or just let you into a sensitive part of me is really important to me.

5. cuddles and kisses. I really really like getting them. They make me feel nice and wanted and loved. 

6. Try and be willing to go our of your way to try something to satisfy me if i often go out of my way to try things im not used to to try and satisfy you

7. Appreciate any art I might make for you, even if you didn't exactly ask for it. I still spend literally hours of my time making the gifts that I give to people, and not getting a response to them or more than a "oh thanks" gets discouraging.

8. Dont constantly nag me about how I used to be. If i'm trying to change myself for the better or do something I usually wouldnt for someone, sweet baby jesus please dont go and bring up previous failures as some sick way to bring me back down. Its okay to remember, yeah, but making me feel even more unstable with something im trying to accomplish isn't going to get anyone anywhere. And this happens a LOT with my relationships. 

Seven things (or people..) that cross your mind a lot:

1. BlissfulSyren 

2. actuallsatan 

3. I feel ugly.

4. Did I eat today? Should I eat today?

5. Fuck I think I'm dehydrated again

6. I should sleep. Fuck. What is sleep. How do sleep. sleep 

7. robot robot robot robot...

Six things you wish you never had to do:

1. take care of other peoples kids.

2. Eat

3. Drink 

4. Come up for oxygen

5. Be stuck away from all my friends

6. apologize for things that arent my fault

Five turn offs:

1. feet. I dont get it. I d o n t. hisses. 

2. slandering???? idk maybe i'm just really sensitive. But picking fun at me does not seduce me at all and makes me want to just walk away tbh.

3. Insisting I stick to one sexual role and make excuses as to why me wanting to explore roles wont happen.

4. intense body hair. Some body hair is okay. like I dont mind leg hair or facial hair or under arm hair or anything. But when someones like. entire chest, abdomen and back is cOVERED its just j f c.

5. making me be the one in control all the time every time. It gets repetitive and boring for me. Sure I try and switch things up for people sometimes. But on my end its just.... eh.

Four turn ons:

1. Oral. Idk why. I honestly have no clue. But it's like my kryptonite. S:

2. being dominated. And this doesnt even have to mean "bottoming" so to say. Like as much as I'd like to truly bottom, even just riding me and dominating the shit out of me will do. Show me who's boss. I loved being tied up and blind folded and ordered and cuffed but that rarely ever happens in most of my relationships.

3. Robots :V This wasn't a secret yall new this was coming yOURE LYING IF YOU SAID YOU DIDNT KNOW THIS ALREADY. 

4. Facial scruff is delicious uvu. 

Three wishes for your future:

1. Less insecurity 

2. Happiness.

3. Someone to love 

Two things you want to do before you die:

1. Go sky diving

2. Paint or draw something that will land me as an inspiration to many, even after I die.

One possession you could not live without:

1. uhhh tbh I dont think theres much that I honest to god couldn't life without. though if I lost my space ray plushie or my drawing table I would be fairly upset... 

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The characters that you can use for this contest are: Survivor, Malaika, Dark Wolf, Len, Kaito, Miku (any vocaloid singers in fact) or anyone from soul eater or Vampire Knight <3

The winner of this contest will get their competition piece featured on my page and will also get a watch from me (sorry cant give points as I don't have any :( )

Good luck this contest will be open until I post a Journal saying "Contest over"


Lets spread this signal!!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 4, 2015, 4:49 AM

Please Repost, Help My Mom - Breast Cancer UPDATE#CalliesCure
Let's spread this all over social media! >:'D
Updated as of 2:23am Mountain Time 8/4/15
Money Fundraised so far:
~$245 in points
~$335 in PayPal
~$375 on GiveForward
Total: $955/$70,000
It Is Day 4 out of 61!!!
I paid some of my own money and got us an exclusive feature at the top of the dAHub! :'D
I have people helping me thank those of you who are helping, but alas, so many are, that it's hard to reach all of you now! :'D  That gives my family much hope for survival of our mother!
We may not have aways been the closest, but we are now!  This cancer gene has brought my family together WAY more than anything else has! :'D  AND IT'S THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!
My mom has tested positive for the PALB2 Mutation gene, which is a relative of the BRCA gene (the one that Angelina Jolie has).
She has 4 children - 20, 17, 13, and 8 and is also very ha
#CALLIESCURE Cinnamascot! PLEASE READ! by cinnabutt

I saw this and my heart was tugged at to the point I had to make this journal. Please please everyone go donate to this lovely cause please. I am going to be opening #calliescure commissions all the proceeds if I receive any are to be sent to this family no ifs ands or buts I dont have any spare cash on hand to donate but if I get some you bet I will donate  and even if you cant donate spread the word wish them well  tell them you support them. Please people this is  severe as someone who has seen the cost of cancer care in america and lost many loved ones to it it makes the will stronger everyone please help please. 

A message to the family:
You are all in my prayers I don't know you all but you are in my prayers and I wont quit praying you are all strong and I know you can get the money to do this to get the help. Take care and keep your hopes high!!

Now onto the special comms:

They will be art packs and you will get the following in it:

3x icon and pagedoll combinations  (All we be a different style)

Examples:  Bday Gift 1 -Seravee Stuffs!- by VladieBunnifly Bday Gift 3 -Yannik says hi!- by VladieBunnifly

2x full colour with simple background fullbody drawing (Digital)

Bday Gift 4 -Damien Draw- by VladieBunnifly  Jax is a superstar! by VladieBunnifly

2x Traditional artwork full body (Will mail it out on request if you would like it.)

Examples:  (I dont have many better traditional wise but I colour way better)

.:RS:. Plot Point -A step in some direction.- by VladieBunnifly

ALSO From here on out all the Anolix (My closed species) the proceeds from them will go to this cause  here are the ones for sale and all the other stuff for them.


Go spread the word everyone!!! Thankies for reading and wish this family well.

  Vincent - otherwise known as 'The Purple Guy' - walked through Freddy Fazbear's into the back room. Just one more body to get rid of and.... His thoughts cut off as a child's spirit appeared in front of him. "What- Who are you?!" He half-shouted in surprise. The child looked up at him. "I'm Sastiel. You killed me three months ago." Vincent froze and stepped back a pace. "Don't fret. I'm not going to kill you." Vincent was perplexed by this. "Why, then?" "The other spirits want revenge. I only want peace. Killing you isn't going to bring us back to life." Sastiel avoided Vincent's gaze by looking at the floor. "I want to help you. I don't want anyone else to die in this wretched place... Even if it's the one who caused those deaths." "And why exactly, should I believe a brat like you?" Vincent retorted. "You don't have to believe me, nor do you have to care. What I'm saying is the truth. I have forgiven you, and I'm trying to help you survive."
  Vincent didn't want to believe him, but it was there in the boy's eyes - the honesty. This child - This child, who'd he killed - was trying to help him avert death. "Staying in this place - where they can get you - it's risky. During the night, I possess Bolt - the animatronic cat - so I can watch out for the night guard and guard them from the others. During the day, however, like now, I leave the suit." "The others can't leave those wretched things, so why can you?" Vincent asked, honestly curious. "My body wasn't put into Bolt's suit. I can enter and leave freely. What I've done is my choice." Sastiel dragged his gaze away from Vincent's again. "The only thing the others ever talk about is getting revenge on you and how awful you must be. When I first died, that's what I believed... But then I thought. For a long time. 'It's been two and a half months. I don't need to hold a stupid grudge. I just don't want anybody else to die. If that means saving you - the one who killed us all - then that's that."
Ive just tested one Icon on Windows 10 and it worked just fine as usual, so it should be no problem. 
if anyone exprienced problems please let me know.


Tagged( again)

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 4, 2015, 4:49 AM


CSS Skin

Tagged by :iconiiartcooki:

1. Any Scars?


2. Self Harmed?


3. Crush?

Not Saying.

4. Kissed Anyone?


5. Coke or pepsi?


6. Someone you hate?


7. Best friend?


8. Done Alcohol?

i've drank like a sip of wine if that counts.

9. Done drugs?


10. Dream Job?

a lot.

11. Ever been in love?

Who Hasn't.

12. Last time you cried?


13. Favorite color?

Black, white, red, purple, ect.

14. Height?


15. Birthday?

April, 29th.

16. Eye color?

Brown,Hazel, maybe black, they change color o-o idfk.

17. Hair color?


18. What you love?

Call Of Dutys?.

19. Obsession?

listening to music.

20. Do you love someone?

I dont know anymore.

21. Kiss or hug?


22. Nickname?

A lot.

23. Favorite song?

Her Last words - Courtney Parker

24. Favorite Band?


25. Worst thing ever?

Getting called worthless, in front of everyone.

26. Best thing ever?

27. Near death Experience?

Yeah, i dont wanna get into detail but, i tried to OD one time,
i got scared and spit them out.

28. ever dated?


29. Worst Mistake?


30. Special Talents?


31. Someone you can tell everything to?

No one,
cause no one ever listen's to me,
i have all these problems i keep to myself.

32. Ever lost a loved one?


33. Do you believe in love?


34. Someone you hate?


35. Are you okay?

after being called worthless and to die in hell, sure im okay

Tag: anyone who wants to do this..

Check These Amazing People!
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