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IF you celebrate it, that is! ^^
Leave a comment below! =3=
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Its halloween tomorrow and my fucking wig isn't here yet so i'll have to improvise a costume.. fuck my liiiiiife!! Censored 
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Hello and again I have been gone forever. I wanted to drop in and give you all an update:

The Fallout RP Forum is finally set up, if you want to join and RP, post art or just come and talk follow the link:…

I want to welcome all of our new members and apologize for not greeting you individually! Welcome!

''You're worthless. You should move to a foster family. Then we maybe can get som peace in this house!'' - The one i once called dad..

Thank you man i once called ''dad''. Thank you for calling me worthless. I really am worthless too... i've always had a bad life. I was bullied when i was younger.. the girl who bullied me almost drowned me once. Time went and i had a good life until my once so called ''father'' become sick my life went to hell then. No one understands me anymore (expect my borther), no one even knows how depressed i really am because i always plays happy. But when i'm alone in my room i think about everything bad.. and i am depressed easy say.. i am weak. I want to hurt myself but i can't. I want to die... and the question i always ask myself is: ''If i die. Would anybody even care'' i don't think so.

In the hope that people would touch the ice and be touched by it - and thus claim the dangers of climate change as their own - Danish artist Olafur Eliasson and Greenlandic geologist Minik Rosing collected, hauled and left to melt in the middle of Copenhagen's City Hall Square 12 huge chunks totalling 100 tons of Arctic ice - the astounding amount now said to melt every 100th of a second. The ice, harvested by divers near the Nuup Kangerlua fjord outside Nuuk, Greenland after it had already broken off the ice cap, was placed in a clock formation in the square, where people could look, listen, touch and hopefully learn as it melted. The installation was organized in conjunction with this week's U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Fifth Assessment Report. The Danish government, which hopes to become carbon neutral by 2025, is hosting the panel.

The ice chunk display is part of a larger Ice Watch project. Its website features information on climate change, commentary from Eliasson on the need for a "physical wake-up call" on the climate challenges we face - he argues that "perception and physical experience" are vital facets of both art and activism - and, most chillingly, a quietly devastating soundtrack that is the crack and drip of melting ice. The exhibit ran this week, ending today. In an interview, Eliasson said they planned to distribute the remaining pieces of ice to Copenhagen schools to continue the discussion, but none was left.…

Pokemon picture series dream!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 5:56 AM

So I had a cute dream about a cute idea for a series of Pokémon images.

They were all in Veemonsitos style for some reason, and in the dream I had the thought that it was something she was making lol

After waking up and remembering it, I knew that my mind had just played a trick on me because I know I haven't seen this idea anywhere, and that it was probably just a subconcious thing because it felt like something Vee had done before in her cute style, or just something that reminded me of her style :)

Out of respect, I will be going through her gallery to make sure there isn't anything like this in there before I go on with it, so that I don't copy anything existing.

LOL I have been having the craziest and weirdest dreams lately XD

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KYAAAAAAAAAA !! I can't believe !! I'm in SHOCK!!!… check this out guys!! NARUHINA IS CANNON!!Chili Anime Emoji (Kyaa) [V2] Kyaaa and shy Joon Smiley BambooD'Choo 07 Kawaii Shoujo (Kyaaa) [V1]  I CAN"T STOP SCREAMING!!!! FINALLY!!!! NARUHINA FANS CONGRATS!!! WE FINALLY MADE IT!!!!!! Fool Emoji-14 (Pervy Crazy Dance) [V1]  ASDFRJEGIFDISJFIFIFHSRJF!! HELP I CAN'T CONTROL EMOTIONS Crazy Kuroha Icon Crazy Girl (Rolls) [V2]  i CAN'T BELIEVE IS!!!!!  I KNEW IT! THE SCARF WAS A GIFT TO NARUTO FROM HINATA!!!  NOW T TOTALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR DECEMBER TO COME!!! Kofuku Ebisu (Fangirling) [V1] FAV THIS JOURNAL SO I'LL KNOW THAT YOU ARE FEELING THE SAME WAY! :iconminilatina: :iconartistari-chan:  CONGRATS!!!!! WE MADE IT!!!!
Mayor Giselle was able to find the front door of the mansion model, and went in.  As she explored the interior, she sees flashing of electric lights and hears cracks of electricity.  She continued her descent until she finds a path to a palace.  As she walks to the entrance of the palace, she finds two flowers closing, followed by claws emitting energy that almost hit her.  Looking up, she finds a purple pterodactyl.

Giselle: Hello.  I... I'm Mayor Giselle of Lunavale.  I...I was told to see the Master and Crazy Hands.  Are you the Master and Crazy Hands?

She avoided another one of the purple pterodactyl's energized claw swipe.

Giselle: Please...I need help.

The purple pterodactyl clawed at her again, only to miss and tear off part of her blue lace-up dress.  It then chased her away, going as far as the curtains it tore through.  As Mayor Giselle ran back to find a hiding place, she finds a familiar face.  It was Olimar, moving on one leg due to his other leg being broken.

Olimar: Who goes there?

Giselle: It's me.

Olimar: Mayor... Giselle of Lunavale?  What are you... What are you doing here?

Giselle: Oh thank goodness you are here...

Olimar: How did you get in here?

Giselle: The dark aura has come early to the front yard...

Olimar: I suggest you go back the way you came.

Giselle: I can't bring my brother Alvin of Milford out!  The chill in the air could kill him!

Olimar: That's another matter.  That doesn't explain why you're here.

Giselle: And that big purple pterodactyl chased me away!  But I must see the Master and Crazy Hands!  Dry Bowser told me to see the Master and Crazy Hands!

Olimar: ...Dry Bowser said?

Mayor Giselle nods in agreement.

Olimar: What Dry Bowser?  What are you talking about?

Giselle: I went to see Dry Bowser.

Olimar: You say you saw... Dry Bowser?

Giselle: Yes!  And he told me I should ask the Master and Crazy Hands.

Olimar: Well, I know the Master and Crazy Hands.

Giselle: They live with the Smash Family.

Olimar: More specifically the leaders of the Smash Family.

Giselle: You know them?

Olimar: No one has seen Dry Bowser!  And lived to tell about it.

Giselle: Please, could you take me to see the Master and Crazy Hands?

Olimar: *sigh* Yes... But for your sake, I hope you're telling the truth.  Come on. 

Giselle: What about the large purple pterodactyl at the entrance?  I can't go back there.  I can't.

Olimar: Oh, that's just Ridley.  Follow me.  Well, come on!
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Hello All,

  Life in Ohio is going swell. Work is awesome at Target. In fact they'd like too move me to guest services at some point in time when my cashier stats go up. Also, on the job front, my hubby got a job.

  Tommy is prep cooking. Yes, cooking again. He is enjoying it and that is all that matters at the current time. Not good on his back that is my only concern.

  Tomorrow is Halloween. I am working 3-10. My room mates and their kids are going to trick or treat then, stay at Amanda's mothers.

  Her kiddos are being a cat and pumpkin. I got pictures on my phone already, so sweet.

  Well, I am going to have a little more coffee. Write more when I know more.


Thu Oct 30, 2014, 5:54 AM
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