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Okay, so I don't have a huge amount of points right now, but I'll still get a raffle going... 

Again, you don't have to be a watcher to participate! 
I think people should only watch other deviants if they're really interested in their art. What does a great number mean if none of them actually looks at my art, anyway? So please don't watch me just for a raffle like this. I still greatly appreciate every single watcher, so if you like my art, feel free to watch me, though smile 


1st: 500 Points
2nd: 100 Points + Fullbody/Transparent background drawing of your OC*
3rd: Chibi drawing of your OC*

*Only animals or fantasy creatures

In order to participate...

+ fave this Journal Entry +fav 
+ tag at least five other deviants in a comment
+ post a link / dA thumb of whichever of my deviations is your favorite

Want an additional chance?
If you tag 10 or more fellow deviants in your comment, you'll earn an extra entry! 

[The winners will be decided using]

Deadline: July 14th, Midnight CET

Summer Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 4, 2015, 6:22 AM
Some really beautiful pieces of art :heart:

Stings of Remorse by ser1o  No yesterdays, no tomorrows. Only this moment.... by sXeven 

Nael by madanmar  To Catch A Moon-Fish by Qinni  Necromancer by Whendell 

Whisper by J-u-d-a-s  The Nameless II by Flobelebelebobele  MAGMA MOTHER by Gesell 

Shine on Brightly by MoodyBlue  Butterfly Effect by Ariel87 

Pearl by duzetdaram  Angel of Uncertainty by PaperDreamerArt  The Angel of Peace by Sisterslaughter165 

Blended Melody by Anj3lla  Offering to Yemanja by Sweetlylou  Expectations by SweediesArt 

Agnea by brietolga  L'Amour Naissant by ChristabelleLAmort 

Envy by Canankk  Aura by Carlos-Quevedo  Before the battle by NebelelfeNaemy 

Transition by BrennsArtAttic  Aurora by pjenz 

Ready For the Battle by MelieMelusine  Ania by heidi137  The Blood Queen's Bath... by Villenueve 

Self-image by tamaraR  Drowned by FictionChick 

The Wild Huntress.. by WelshDragonStockNArt  Blind by birubadut 

Into-The-Woods by EnchantedWhispersArt  I Can't Say You  Goodbye by Lior-Art 

A Dark Confused Fairytale by rsiphotography  Sweet liberation by La--Boheme  Death Is On Its Way by vaniapaiva 

Silent by Daystar-Art  A Room with a View by Cinnamoncandy  Johalia by Kallaria 

The Sentinel by RoseCS  It's tea time! by SecretDarTiste  Dome City by Joe-Roberts 

Animal Queen 2015 by nudagimo  Raven by annewipf 

Pinup by Marjie79  Run by maiarcita  Team by sasha-fantom 

Lost Without You by Gwendolyn1  Twisted Dreams_03 by caddman  Gift for you by LanaTustich 

Hen Ichaer 1 by msriotte  Kiss by Manink 

And I'll break my head over you by tallouh  The dark side of the mind 2 by FABRYKING61 

Still life by Notvitruvian  Arrival at King's Landing by DriPoint 

mood by AndriyMarkiv  Untitled by Serdar-T  Venus by Iskander1989 

Untitled July 2015 by slight-art-obsession  Walking on clouds by Andaelentari  All Alone by Pixx-73 

Wonderful Day by VeilaKs  Fairy by D-E-S-T-I-N-Y-0105  On the bottom of the sea by katiousa15  Naida by TeamBeaker 

What Are Nightmares Really Made Of by KarahRobinson-Art  My Dream Love Has Come by ArielRGH 

Perfume of Red by AprilLight  Rose, Rose by ladyjudina  Path  to Heaven by MagicOfTheTiger 

Lamia by megan7 Lost in my world by TatianaSSabino 

My An by duongquocdinh  - ARIES - by Vera-Chimera 

What I'm listening to right now :D

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
DA Thanks For Sharing Logo by IncognitoArtist

Sorry about technical difficulties. I had to repost this feature cause all who were featured were not notified of this feature.

There are many great artists out there who do not have to share their art with all of us.
dAThanksForSharing aims at showing our appreciation for their art.
Check out the other artists and give them your support!
Many good pieces of art goes unnoticed by many. Help us share their artwork with others!
Leave a comment or send a note on the profile of Thanksforsharing!

Thank you for sharing!
little gift by SchizoidTomiiDanny In Wonderland? IDK? by PITCHPEARL4EVAA.N.G.E.L .:Fire meet Gasoline:. by Miss-Aquatic
outside request 23 by ropen7789What's wrong with me? by soyatleidAT - Moonfeahr by Tsukiiyo
Fan aura by TheBirdTheJesusThe Dream Swing by marjasiiAnnabel Lee by mutus-liberButterfly wing fall~ Violet Gardner by wilZon912
Dog by alexanderphotosiomAstrid Hofferson by CessieRose25Dragonfly II by Ociacia
Pixel Mika  #4 by KatherineGmzGift For my friend! by RFakonWolfOshiai\Norio Kunato by NikaBravoPoison Ivy by zaffiro84
Mer by arico-samaaAuction: Moon and Sun Crystal Adopatables - open by anouki-morgenstern
YCH 03-2015 -(F)unhealthy- by NanamielSelf Portrait Summer of 2015 by VatselMoscow evening by JustPassingThisBy
Alchemy Falls AU part 1 by Mistrel-Foxhello da! by naonamiBumed out by Beaming-Blueswhy do i insist on drawing backgrounds by Sweetpea-Garden
Under The Sea by TheComicStreamGift by Caffeine-DemonG R E E N L A N D by Kamadoka13Nurse Joy by Reitrou
She-Hulk by reiqFighting for Man's Pride by SinisterVibeGlow by rizureiBabes by Sarcastichero37
.:U-E CONTEST ENTRY:. by KhimeraThe Shining Path by BardoPhotographySarong by oOMitskiOoViridis - 21 by Bory-Einfrost
Harley Quinn by Bobbyboro.: Miah The RenardChat 02 :. by Nosaiga .: Gift I for MusicallyChalanged :. by Biiiscoito
#46 - Noctis Lucis Caelum by Dybbuk-EveStevonnie by CloudyQuartzAttack mode -Kaos- by SouOrtiz{Tokyo Ghoul} Kaneki Vinyl Sticker Etsy by googimoong
Cliffjumper by PythagasaurusVyse- Kicpeek and Nifnug by DreamerMBAt last! by tinklehoi
C. Viper by Mark-Clark-IIWatermelon by GeistzuckerJinx fanart [Lol] by Mojtaba43DiCaprio by Unam-et-solum
[OLD ART] Crystal Tears by AnastasiaZhamoitinaRuvik by ValdathereaperJinx by EtchedLinesHeadshots practice by Nekouki
Rocket : NSFW Optional by xXLushieXxLink Sketch Color--Complete! by Mad-Willy.:COMM:.GhostlySpaceshipsss by Jessicathehedgehog55Untitled by DeathridesHorse
Hey, by ShellssMay 2015 - Garden View CDXXIV by Danie-EBeer vision by Carola-Corujan
copic testing w/ Tear by NoHeart43sraeT-neP by LulisoemKaramari by Shelze
Werewolf by MarineElphie

Consider Joining dAThanksForSharing and suggesting people to be featured next month if you were featured here.

We need your help!

It is difficult to find great unnoticed artists. Help us by recommending people whose art you appreciate. We also will send thank you messages for people who helped you in any way. You can thank them for almost anything POSITIVE! If you thank them through Thanksforsharing. they will be featured in the next feature of the month! Whether it is a devoted watcher, a good commissioner, or a loyal friend, you can thank them and get them featured! But, we cannot do it without your help!

This was a pretty successful feature, but I am doing this by myself, guys! Any help I can get, even just finding good artists, will help.

Nakichibi Copy by kunipup


Welcome to the first ever Kuniku MYO contest! It's finally here!! AAAHHHHHH!!! I've been so excited about this for so long, and I can't wait to see the Kuniku everybody comes up with!! <33
Please make sure you READ THE RULES THOROUGHLY and also READ THE WEEBLY!
>>> <<<

START DATE: Right now! (4th July, GMT+8hrs)
END DATE: 2nd of August, 8pm, GMT+8hrs

-Design a Kuniku (following the guides found on the weebly linked above) and submit an image of it into the MYO folder in the group, Kuniku-Sanctum .
-Write a short bio for your Kuniku (optional).
-You don't need to be a member to submit, but it's highly recommended you join the group!

-Entries MUST be your own art. You cannot trace, use a base, or have someone else draw it for you.
-Entries must be submitted to the folder before the deadline.
-You may only submit one image for each of your separate entries.
-Anyone is free to enter.
-You must state in the description that it is an entry for this contest, and that Kuniku are a closed species by kunipup
-Entries must abide by the rarity restrictions outlined in the weebly. If your design is breaking this rule, I will let you know and you will have the chance to fix it and resubmit it.

-Judging will be carried out by me (I may ask for help from close friends who aren't participating in the contest)
-Entries will be judged on: colour use, individuality, creativity, and character! Character is possibly the most important part. Don't worry if you feel your art isn't up to par, you may still win because of the great character you've developed!

-You may include any accessories on your Kuniku, as long as they fit with the world (nothing technologically advanced) and DO NOT include weapons or armor (which are only attainable through the group).
-You may not include any animal familiars, as these are attainable through the group.
-All entries may use common traits.

-If you advertise this journal in a journal or a poll and link to it in the comment section here you will unlock UNLIMITED UNCOMMON TRAITS. You may use as many uncommon traits as you would like across both your entries.
-If five separate people submit entries saying in the description that you referred them, link to those entries in the comment section here and you can unlock either:
A: ONE RARE TRAIT to use on ONE of your entries
B: Turning ONE of your entries into either an air or aquatic Kuniku.

-There will be five 'top tier' winners chosen, who will receive: a custom weapon or armor piece for their winning entry, 10 coins (the group currency, enough to purchase a basic level familiar), a chibi of their winning entry in the style of this journal's header, and their winning entry will be made into an official Kuniku for free.
-There will be 'second tier' winners chosen, who will receive their winning design as an official Kuniku for free. The number of second tier winners depends on the number of entries, and will likely be about 1 in 5 for every entry.

-For those who do not place in the top or second tiers, you will be able to purchase your design at the end of the event.
-Kuniku with ALL COMMON traits will cost $10, or 1000 points.
-Kuniku with UNCOMMON traits will cost $15, or 1500 points.
-Kuniku with a RARE trait, or Kuniku that are a SUBSPECIES will cost $20, or 2000 points.
-You will have 15 days to purchase your design.
-You will not be allowed to purchase other people's designs for yourself, even if they don't plan to purchase them.
-You will however be allowed to pay for a friend to keep their own design, if your friend can't afford to themselves.

AND HAVE FUN!! Kuniku can have all sorts of body sizes, fur length/textures, colours, markings etc so get creative!

I think that's everything! If you have absolutely any questions, whether it be about the rules, your potential design, or the Kuniku world- feel free to either leave a comment on this journal or even send me a note and I'll get back to you ASAP! <33

Users who have unlocked uncommon traits:

Users who have unlocked a rare trait/a subspecies:
None yet!
Lilith- Ancient name...

Darkness caresses your eternal beauty,
the moonlight bathes you with its delicate light,
soft wind kisses your pale skin,
waking up your senses with the symphony of fallen angels,
while worshipping choirs are sung at your realm,
as the crave and lust enshroud you,
bringing you to life from your immortal dream.
Mother of the fallen,
Queen of the Sheol,
Lilith is ancient verb,
Dark Goddess of velvet voice,
heathen desire
unholy communion of primal delight,
desecrating the innocence,
forbidden word delivered in crimson kisses,
utter bliss captivating your soul under the night.

Poem by::iconvillenueve: ~ Lilith- Ancient name...Darkness caresses your eternal beauty,
the moonlight bathes you with its delicate light,
soft wind kisses your pale skin,
waking up your senses with the symphony of fallen angels,
while worshipping choirs are sung at your realm,
as the crave and lust enshroud you,
bringing you to life from your immortal dream.
Mother of the fallen,
Queen of the Sheol,
Lilith is ancient verb,
Dark Goddess of velvet voice,
heathen desire
unholy communion of primal delight,
desecrating the innocence,
forbidden word delivered in crimson kisses,
utter bliss captivating your soul under the night.

 Lilith's Realm new logo/5th Anniversary. by Villenueve

Lilith's Realm 2 by Villenueve   Stamp for Lilith's Realm by PhantomShayle

Please, check our current contest:

The most Elegant Predator 2015

*Contest ends on July 15th.
The most Elegant Predator 2015  

** Prizes Update**
Contest ends on July 15th, there is still time for participating!
Simply said: Follow the rules and you and your artwork will be accepted for participating at the contest but if we see works that don't follow the main rules, especially about stock, we then will decline any entry,no matter how perfect and beautiful is, rules must be followed!
For members and those artists who are friends of this home: Crediting the contest is a must for participating, only members can submit for the contest and we won't make requests for the contest's folder, the work must be submitted by the own artist.
:iconLiliths-realm: proudly announces its new contest: The most Elegant Predator 2015, starting on April 15th,2015 and ending on July 15th,2015, so there will be plenty time for participating at our contest.
As the name of the contest indicat

Highlights of the week 21st Edition 2015!,Lilith's Realm proudly showcases the best of its galleries every week.

*I want thanking to our great staff for their hard work at home!:clap::heart:

Congratulations to our selected artists at our 21st Highlights of the Week!:clap: enjoy the features!

**Note to our members, Please read!

We have changed a bit our rules related to watermarks, we won't accept artworks/nor request them with big watermarks, or with visually distracting ones, we understand your need for protecting your art but it is DA, it is not good to kill the beauty of your work at your own home, we will accept your art with digital signatures or small watermarks.
We thank for your understanding, we are trying to display in full view the beauty of art.

The Queen Of Madness by asilesdark

Pain by fednan

Escape the bondage of the devil by MariaClaraa

Night misty forest by MoonRoseEternity

Immortal VII by AgnieszkaOsipa

vampire by mrssEclipse

Succubus by Aeon-Lux

Sandra Villanueva ~:iconvillenueve:~ Liliths-Realm Guardian

keep in mind that this isn't the actual raffle...

okay, so... as the title explains it pretty much, i want to start yet another raffle... but this time, it should be reaaally big...
therefore i ask you for your support... please, spread the word and share this journal...
i think i would accept donations for the prizes pool... but not much...
when this journal is shared.. "often enough".. :giggle: i will start the raffle....

please.. i want everyone to join.. but if you don't want to.. maybe you can share this journal at least?..
Yay I finally reached 300 watchers today! ;w; so a few weeks ago i was thinking of making a giveaway raffle thing where some people can win drawings! this is my first raffle so I hope it works out well! >v< 

There will be 8 winners, prizes include: 
1 x shaded waist up (1 character)
3 x cheebs (max 2 characters)
4 x pixel pagedolls (1 character) >v<


In order to have an entry in this raffle you must:

1. Be a watcher (since its a watcher raffle)
please only watch if you feel like you'd keep watching me! Do not participate in this raffle if you are going to unwatch once this is over!
2. like this journal actually if im adding people's entries then there is no need for this step
2. share this journal 
3. comment a link to where you shared the journal below!

Raffle ends: August 1st AEST (UTC/GMT+10)

you can only enter once, sorry! winners must be available through comment or note to claim prizes by august 8th or I'll select new winners, sorry
entries will be listed below:


1. MrsRemi
2. Jezzycat202 
3. Blackdragon216
4. Vevarda 
5. Lumieresy
6. StarlightSuper-nova 
7. xXLiamtheWolfXx

Building Bridges Contest Winners

Sat Jul 4, 2015, 5:31 AM
This was a  nice contest with a wonderful idea :heart: And here are the fabulous winners! :la: :la: :la: 

1stplace by MyStarryDream

The Hug by lemgras330                                                    :iconlemgras330:
                                            ~Other wonderful works~
Lena Headey ~ Cersei lannister from GOT by lemgras330 Beautiful Transformation by lemgras330 Winking  At You by lemgras330 That Look by lemgras330
        I Am Numb by lemgras330 Lana Del Rey 2 by lemgras330
Caitriona Balfe ~  Outlander by lemgras330 Under The Sea  ~  Draw Along by lemgras330 Always A Bridesmaid... Never A Bride by lemgras330

2nd Place by MyStarryDream

Astoneshment X by rici66
                                         ~Other wonderful works~
Foliage 56 by rici66 Dreams Of The Rushing Water by rici66  Nervous One by rici66
Flowers XXII by rici66 Thoughts and Ideas by rici66

3rdplace by MyStarryDream
Building Bridges by ianwh
                                                   by :iconianwh:
Assist by Imakegoodsushi
                                                     by :iconimakegoodsushi:

Magpie's Nest #2

Sat Jul 4, 2015, 7:20 AM

Beginning of summer by rougealizarine

Welcome to the second edition of Magpie's Nest! During the last couple of weeks I have been hoarding shiny things around DA to present them to you in this newsletter. There are interesting news, projects and challenges for you to enjoy and participate! I have also bumbed into couple of really cool tutorials; you can find them featured here as well. Take a look!  

There is a little question for you at the end of this journal, after the art features. Feel free to answer it in the comments area! Of course discussion of the topics as well as other thoughts and comments are welcome too. :heart:

Sparkling News and Projects

DeviantArt is a huge place so sometimes it is difficult to get yourself seen. A great way to promote yourself and other artists are features. Take a look at the Open Features List to find out if there are features you could contribute! The list is updated regularly so it is worth of keeping your eye on it. Speaking of features, this food art feature definitely brightens your day and makes it sweeter!

There is a fun project going on at the moment: Project Portfolio. It brings exposure for both yourself and other artists so take a look and read how you can join! There is also a possibility to win prizes by participating this project.

Daily Deviation Suggestion Drive took place on June and was a huge success: It sprouted 2120 DD suggestions! You can view the results here: DD Suggestion Drive: Results.

Open Features ListIn this list we'll collect open features from around dA.
The journal will be updated when new features are added :aww:

What are "open features"?

"Open features" are features that are still being prepared. The one preparing the feature is also required to accept suggestions from other deviants to count it as "open". :) (Smile)

If you want a feature to be listed, please comment here with:
:bulletgreen: the name of the featuring deviant(s)
:bulletgreen: the theme of the feature
:bulletgreen: a link to a forum thread or a journal with information on the feature
:bulletgreen: the deadline for new suggestions
UPDATED 23rd JUNE 2015

Journal features
:new::iconNinelyn: deer/fawn girls / ladies with antlers :pointr: Information
Undiscovered: Food Art - T21It's time for another look into a somewhat Undiscovered category: Food Art.
Not just any Art made out of Food, but we're looking specifically at animal-related food.
Take a look below and enjoy :) (Smile)

  Canapes - Scared ladybugs by PaSt1978
Dragon - Cucumber and Carrot by Zulfara Blue-ringed Octopus Cake by cakecrumbs
Fathers Day: Lion King Cake by SamuelDesigns
Little Delight by marilisaargentieri 
Project Portfolio

Hi everybody :wave:

We would like to invite you to a project meant to promote your work!
(Yeah, time for some shameless self-promotion! Handdance )

What you need to do
    a) Create a Journal Entry where you include

           :bulletblue: some of your works, in a way you think they shine best!

           :bulletblue: 1 to 4 artists you look up to in dA, with 1 to 4 artworks from their work

           :bulletblue: you can also mention 1 to 3 persons you would like to encourage in their work
           :bulletblue: a link to this file 
DD Suggestion Drive: Results!Some statistics:
Deviations Suggested: 2,120
Previous Record: 559 (January of 2014)
Number of Participants: 65
Deviations Awarded DD (so far): 102

View ALL of the suggested deviations here:
Prize Winners!
Top Suggesters:
337 individual artists suggested!
:bulletgreen: $20 print from the dA Print Store from LiliWrites  
:bulletgreen: A Feature and Journal Interview from LiliWrites 
:bulletgreen: Feature from hosagu 
:bulletgreen: Feature from RogueMudblood 
:bulletgreen: Feature from SirCassie
:bulletgreen: Feature from AlexanderPaupoff 
:bulletgreen: Feature from Just-To-Look1 
193 individ

Monday Discussions - Popularity on DA speaks directly about presumptions about popularity and how to be seen. There are great points in the comments of this journal as well! However, when getting out there and trying to get noticed there is no need to use your fists and elbows. Nor teeth. This great journal of general etiquette has collected nice tips to keep in mind when dealing with people behind the screens and DA accounts. Also don't forget that most of the time using common sense and being yourself is enough. There is no need to be perfect, like this thought-provoking journal, Why you should never aim for perfection, reminds us.

Monday Discussions - Popularity on DAWell, it's Monday again! 
I had originally intended on skipping this week's discussion but I woke up to a reply that made me feel I should talk about this subject since it's something that keeps coming up in this community.  
9 years ago I signed up to DA and made my first account.  I think the first few days were the strangest, as I learned to navigate my way through the site and work at getting to know other artists etc.  I uploaded a fair few deviations upon joining and let's just say that back then my art was, well it was lacking and completely unskilled!  
The idea that you can only be seen here if your art is spectacular is a myth.  If I remember correctly, I had gained 100 watchers within the first 4 or 5 months after joining.  Looking back 100 watchers seems so small and insignificant, but the point is that I was able to achieve this with less than mediocre art.  Let's take a closer look, shall we?

As we can
dA How-to: #3 General EtiquetteEvery Friday, I'll post a new journal for the series. (My bad for this being late, tbh I got distracted by the steam summer sale >.>)
I have a few topics I want to cover, however I am open for suggestions from others if there's anything you want to see~
General Etiquette:
Ahhh, etiquette. The word that some of us dread, some of us completely forget about sometimes and some of us are really careful about keeping to. In my last journal, I talked about etiquette and such for giving comments and critiques, but this one will be more focused on how to treat others here in general. There'll be a few examples given, but honestly, it's usually the same rules that will apply no matter the situation. Some minor things might be different, but the general gist will be the same.
Sometimes, you might be afraid to overstep boundaries or thread on
Why you should never aim for perfectionThere are a few simple things about the pursuit of perfection that are easy to forget, so here's a healthy reminder :)
Rule 1.  Nobody - and i mean NOBODY is "perfect". Ever.
Rule 2.  See rule 1.
Perfection is boring
Perfection is hard edges and rules and disapproval of anything not deemed to be perfect.
Art isn't created from perfection, nor is it created by perfect people.  Art is messy, chaotic and curious, it has quirks and mood swings and tantrums, just like its messy, chaotic and moody creators.  Art is a reflection of all of this wonderful, beautiful chaos and no two people ever conceptualize a single piece of art in quite the same way, so perfection is ultimately impossible.
Aiming for perfection is aiming for disillusionment, frustration and goals never met.  Aiming for perfection is comparing yourself to others and feeling disappointment because you aren't them - you are YOU.
Its time to throw the word "perfection" out of the artistic window an

Glimmering Contests and Challenges

Would you like to win something cute and concrete, custom-made for you? Take a look at this contest where you can win own designed Masked sculpture! The deadline is at the end of August so you have plenty of time to enter.

Looking for something with deadline closer? Then the weekly challenges hosted by WeeklyChallenge are for you. At the moment the group is having a challenge that encourages you to draw hands. There are lots of useful tutorials included in the challenge journal, worth of checking out.

If you're looking for even faster challenges, then look no more but visit this group: SpeedpaintStudies! Every month the group gives a prompt and you're challenged to draw studies about the subject within two hour time limit. This month's challenge is about Folds and Fabrics. Lots of reference pictures are included in the challenge journal.

Contest Time! ~ Win own designed Masked sculptureHi guys!
Because there was such a cheerful response to my last Masked Giveaway and many people who wished for me to have one or something similar again I thought it would be a great idea to do it now! For one because I really wanna show how much I appreciate all of you who support me and my art. Love But also becuase Im gonna be most busy with my "normal" job this summer and wont have time to make much art. 
I was thinking of holding another Giveaway but then some months ago I happened to see an artist making a adopt contest in wich he let people design a creature based on his species and it seemed so much fun and made me wanna try something similar! Since then Ive also seen many others do the same thing wich made me even more excited so du du du duuuuun now its finally my turn as well! I am a dummy!
The rules are very simple; I have a species called Masked, and among them are the small and most
Week 5 - Hands
This week's challenge theme is: HANDS

Prompts are icebreakers to get you started on this week's topic, and will include exercises for study and/or just for fun! Try out as many or as few as you like. Remember, the more you practice, the better you become!

:bulletgreen: Practice the "oven mitt" method seen here
:bulletgreen: Practice drawing 6 hands from different references and angles. After that, try drawing 6 hands from imagination! 
:bulletgreen: Practice drawing hands holding various objects. A staff or wand, cup, knife, flowers, maybe holding another person's hand, etc. 
:bulletgreen: Study the differences between male and female hands. Draw two hands (1 male, 1 female) side by side for comparison.
:bulletgreen: Creativity Challenge: Draw a pai
June 2015 challenge: Folds and FabricsHello everybody!
Hope you have a good time for Folds and Fabrics.
Here is the month selection:

Here's Da Rules
Same rules as always. 2 hour time limit! No tracing! No color picking from the original ref! Figure out your own colors. Make sure you include credit and links where you got your stock photo in the DA description. Not only do most stock provider want to be informed if there pictures are used, but for study reasons referencing to the original source is better for getting crits.
:star: When your done submit it to this folder here:
Also say a few words on your study in the description. Helps others when commenting on your work. Its always good to take a moment and reflect on your studies so you can better tackle and improve on those areas in the next study.

Stellar Tutorials

It is always interesting to see how other people do their art. Space Art Tutorial by CosmosKitty shows how gorgeous space art can be created with tradtional tools.Schiraki's Coloring tutorial walks you through of a process of creating realistic looking drawing with colored pencils and solvents. If watercolors are your weapon of choice, take a look how TrollGirl does Owl Watercolor Step-by-Step and learn how the magic happens. 

All tradtional artists know that after creating a master piece it can be devastating to see your drawing scanned: it often looks nothing like the orginal work. Tutorial of Fixing/Restoring Scans by TwilitTiger shows you how to fix the scans and restore their look closer to the original artwork!

Space Art Tutorial: Part 1 by CosmosKitty  coloring tutorial (colored pencil and solvents) by Schiraki  Owl Watercolor Step-by-step by TrollGirl  Tutorial - Fixing/Restoring Scans by TwilitTiger

A silly little tip: If you feel like nothing goes well when drawing, draw a while with your weaker hand. After that when drawing with your stronger hand, you're really good with it! Try at your own risk and do not blame me if it doesn't work... :giggle:

Twinkling Artworks

So far summer here in Finland has not been very summery. It has been cold and raining a lot. Luckily during the last couple of days our weather has shown some glimpses of summer mood so to maintain that mood, I am featuring traditional artworks with summery themes. 

Bring on Summer and Sunshine!

March - Coalesce by BlueRoseArkelle
YELLOW by OlivierBrisson
Fisherman's Alley by Jack-Lepper
A Day In The Mountains by ruseanna
Departure by CAMartin
Beginning of summer by rougealizarine
Lilies by Reluin
1st page by WolfGrin1
river by VityaR83
he loves me...not by snuapril01
Summer by Sukhotskaya

What's the weather looking like where you live?

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