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I want to give back to all of you for being absolutely amazing!!

As I'm typing this, me and my girlfriend have finally gotten more than 4 hours of sleep,
Cali is peacefully in my lap and back to her usual self! Though her fever is still making her
a bit tired, she has her personality back, and she seems so much more comfortable. ♥

The love and support all of you send me when I'm having a rough time just blows me away,
so while I can't do something for every one of you, I'm going to try to give a little something back.



► read the rules thoroughly please!!!
► this is for current watchers only. every watcher before i posted this journal counts. do not watch me just to enter!
► this will end exactly a week from now, on AUGUST 5TH.
► there will be two separate giveaways, please read through everything to make sure you enter correctly!
► you may enter both giveaways!
► if for some reason you don't follow the rules, your comment will be hidden / you'll be disqualified!



All art will be done in basically whatever style I feel most comfortable at the time,
but each will be a fully colored and at LEAST lightly shaded piece!
sweet by hunniebuzz[c] owlity by hunniebuzzLani by hunniebuzz

► you MUST provide me with a CLEAR REFERENCE to your character once you've won! multiple references are preferred.
► please be patient! give me up to a month to complete your prize.
► i will not be doing humans/anthros at this time, i'm so sorry!
► more prizes may be added depending on how many people enter!!



A giveaway for my watchers that DO NOT HAVE A PREMIUM ALREADY!
Two 3 Month premiums, and one 1 Year premium!

COMMENT TO ENTER, make sure to say you'd like to enter the Premium Giveaway!!
► you must NOT already have a premium to enter! 
► if your premium is ending within the week, you MAY enter!
► you may NOT decide between the 3 month or 1 year-- the first person randomly generated will get the 1 year!
► premiums will be sent the moment this giveaway ends.
► more prizes may be added depending on how many people enter!


That's it! Chances are I've forgotten something so I may change this journal in a bit,
but everything is generally as it should be. Please make sure you've read everything through!

Finally, thank you all so much for just being here. Watching me and supporting my art
means the world to me and it keeps me going. I may have quit art by now if not for all
of you, but I've learned that it's truly a passion of mine over the past 2 years and I'm
excited to do it for the rest of my life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

Weekly Round Up!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 9:49 AM
Every week, we collect and feature some of the outstanding submissions to our gallery.

Each item is hand-picked by our admins, and presented with a small introduction to make browsing easier. Here we offer you a selection of interesting, quality work for your appreciation and encouragement.

This Week's Features


The Graveyard of Tanks. by MercenaryBlade

"...maybe I’m just telling you a fanciful story, maybe I’m just exaggerating something that really did happen, or maybe I’m omitting a lot more that happened..."


Five Dead Roses by bookcrusher

"You didn't think twice before throwing his rose in a cupboard, away from the sunlight and stealing the life it never deserved."


adj. determined by or from the stars by PoeticEden

"The planets stir as she dances. She sings and stars go supernova."

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:bulletpink: Nurturing-Narratives has tackled Dialogue in their recent journal: and LiliWrites even brought it for discussion in the forums:…
:bulletpink: Nurturing-Narratives also posted a new Action Fiction Starter exercise:
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Yep next week on the 2nd I turn 22! ^^ Its my first birthday away from family but Its nice here in PA and my lovely lady Nicole AKA "Antique Calamity" will be making my birthday very special :) (were going to a theme park ^^)

Now a couple people have asked if and what they can do for me for my birthday. Honestly no one has to do anything, a simple birthday wish is more than enough. (I think a couple lil devils are drawing me things, I cant wait to see them! ^^)
But if you do have this mythical thing called money and feel you must get me something, heres my steam wishlist:…
(hey if MCP can do it so can I lol)

Now Im gonna be doing some stuff for YOU as well ;) 
A new Snuffcast is gonna be going up sometime next week and its a Q&A episode so all you Snuff, Plague Pasta, MBK, and/or David Near fans will be able to submit your questions and we might answer them on the show ^^ (more info on that later)
Also after a bit of a hiatus were getting back into the swing of making more Creeps pages (hopefully) More stuff from me coming soon! 

Anyways thanks so much for everything guys!

Stay creepy ;)
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Hello! Today I am promoting people's artwork because I love them (and because of a giveaway :P (Lick), but does that matter? I am showing artwork to the world!!!). So sit back and enjoy the show... *cough, cough* ...the artwork...

Lets start off with my friend Rose-Dynamic!!!

She is amazing at drawing cats and her humans are flat out amazing!! Here are some pictures I would love the world to see:

Stay Strong, Firefox! by Rose-Dynamic
This one is dedicated to firefox2171 and telling her to stay strong since she is going through some rough times. Both Rose and I want her to stay strong.

Queen Magicstar by Rose-Dynamic
When I saw this picture I was mind boggled. This is a picture of one of Rose's Animal Jam characters. The lighting on this is also pretty amazing!

I'm Just a little Flurry, nothing to see here... by Rose-Dynamic
This is amazing right here. This is Rose's true power!! *evil laughing* *cough, cough* Sorry I got sidetracked again. Hehehe... It's awesome though...

Now onto my friend Leopardgirl2013:

Leo is really good at drawing people ad is currently trying to make a new style of anime drawing ----"Shhhhh!!" -Leo---- Fine, fine. Let's get onto showing some of her art!!

Peacock  by Leopardgirl2013
I watched the creation of this and it took many painstaking hours-- and I am not kidding when I say this. To me she kind of represents a goddess ----"Me?" -Leo---- I meant the picture, but if it makes you feel better, than sure. ----"YAY!!!" -Leo----

LeopardArt-Back to the Basics! by Leopardgirl2013
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!! I LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH!!!!!!!! The stuff the girl is standing on really reminds me of rainbow fire, paint (which is what I believe it is supposed to be, but I like to let my imagination run wind), and a rainbow wave.

SKITTLES!!! by Leopardgirl2013
YUMMY!!!!!!! I LOVE SKITTLES!!!! This is basically heaven for me....... *steals all of the Skittles and plops them into my mouth*

Now to my friend firefox2171:

She is amazing at photography and her jewelry making skills are out of this world!!!

Fire ball by firefox2171
LOOK AT THIS AMAZING LOOKING PICTURE! With a little bit of photoshop, she turned this into a beautiful masterpiece! Nice job Fox!!

Ice blue necklace commission by firefox2171
I love this very much. The tree looks so beautiful! It reminds me of a froze cherry blossom tree. This is definitely magnificent!!!

I see stars by firefox2171
Isn't she beautiful? Fox found someone who modeled for this (probably a friend). I think the both of them did a pretty good job!

So I can enter this giveaway I will have to show some of my artwork, but honestly I wish I don't because I don't really like self-advertising. So I will just write some descriptions to the photos to make me feel better. ;) (Wink)

Black Cat Misfortune by Cheetahrocks
This is a black cat girl and I used a base to create this.... so yeah.

ichigo X Aoba by Cheetahrocks
This is the first time Aoba (right) has showed up in any of my pictures. He is new and he and Ichigo (right) are dating! XD

Shinju X Takeshi by Cheetahrocks
I personally love this and think that this is the best picture I have every done! I was playing around with the hair and found a way I like it. So I'm keeping it! :) (Smile)

If the giveaway sounds interesting, go here:

If you enter, have fun!!!!
Homage to Gainsborough V by uterathmann    Blue torso by hungarou
Homage to Gainsborough                Blue torso
by uterathmann                              hungarou

A 1 and 2 by RichardLeach    A city by RichardLeach
A 1 and 2                                                     A city
by RichardLeach                                           by RichardLeach

     sektion by steve2727      Collage 2015 024 by ArianeJurquet
     sektion                                             Collage  2015 024
     by steve2727                                    by ArianeJurquet

Untitled by vnutrennosti     Personalise by DOK-FITZ
Untitled                                         Personalise
by vnutrennosti                              by DOK-FITZ

Rainbow by theyellowhouse      Mrs. Platypus by sagoler83
Rainbow                                        Mrs. Platypus
by theyellowhouse                         by sagoler83
Okay since I need a new fursona I will be holding a small contest,seems simple.
There will be 4 winners,prizes will be shown soon.
Anyways here are the rules,etc.



Basic contest rules

- If I do not get more than 6 people joining I'm going to have to sadly close this contest ;w;

- Do not make fun of anyways entry

-When this ends,do not be a sore loser and delete your stuff and than say "I DIDN'T WIN NO FAIR.",its just a contest and I'm sure I will be holding more.

-You must be a watcher to join,don't unwatch me if you win that would be just rude

-Do not use a base,its lazy to use a base,skills on drawing does not count trying does.

- Make an journal or poll sharing this,and say the pass word so I can enter you(also saying the password means you agree to these rules and you have read them.)

-There isn't really any due date but eh

-You may keep the design,sell it or if you really want to be kind give it to me anyways if you lose

Designing rules

-If you win 1-4'th place,all the character designs you made for me will 100% belong to me but I will credit you for the original design <3

-PLEASE put effort,don't take like 4 minutes and enter a dog w/ stick for legs please...poor dog xD

-Don't ask me what I like,because that is for you to decide on how to design it but I will provide things I like,use your imagination

- TRY to be original,and don't copy someone else's design

- posting more than one entry(meaning more different designs) is allowed,and will maybe increase your chances of winning!

-Please do tag me when you post an entry so I can make sure I have your entry.

-YOU MUST ADD A STORY (SMALL OR BIG),BIO ETC TO YOUR DESIGN,I WANT THE CHARACTER TO HAVE PURPOSE AND MEANING.PLEASE don't forget to do this.The more thought put into it,the more I'm most likely going to fall for it and want it.

-You are free to make reference sheets of these characters if you're getting too deep into designing it xD



Here I will list the things I like so you can have a better picture of designing your design

....Natural colors (Creamy colors,light or dark shades of brown for example)
... Pastel Colors
.. Neon anything (don't make the whole thing neon unless you know what you're doing.)

HAIR (if you are adding hair)
....Bangs added w/ the hair
.... Very short semi-messy hair
.... Mohawk hair (like this…)
...Curly long feminine hair 
...Buns or pigtails,etc

.... Punk/ Indie/ Pastel Goth/ Unique
... Shorts/sweaters/torn tights/jeans/ skirts 
....Armor and Suits (god I love armor and suits okay xD)

.... Monster(Full on monster)/Human/ Hybrid(Like a canine monster or a shark mixed w/ a dragon for example)
.... Animals(canine,reptiles,birds,mythical creatures,mammals like come on use your pretty brain baby <3!)
. Anthro

Themes and extra
....Super Hero or villain themed
.... Feminine designs (even if its a boy I love that more actually)
... Mythology themed/folktales etc
.... Retro or videogame themed

(If you wish to be kind and want to help me out,you may add prizes <3)

Fourth place

Free icon,headshot bust or chibi

Third place

Half body,free custom design and icon

Animated icon from LuciferSempai 

Second place

230 pts

1 free design,2 half body busts,and a icon

Bust from LuciferSempai 

1 flat headshot from SilverMistMLP 

First place

300 pts

2 free designs,1 full body and a icon from me

Free custom and a pixel doll from LuciferSempai 

1 flat headshot or 1 chibi fullbody from SilverMistMLP 




password is firejade
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July 31 marks when the next set of DLC comes out.  We will be getting the following:

Tournament Mode
Hyrule Castle 64
Peach's Castle 64
Chrom Costume
King K. Rool Costume

While there is no mention of a DLC Smash Fighter, given how the last two DLC batches gave us at least one each, it is presumed we'd get one with this update as well as more than two Mii Fighter costumes.  Although don't get your hopes up just in case.

This journal and others like it are to promote awesome, cute, and interesting adoptables!

'Adoptable Feature' journals will never be deleted so as to promote the artists and their adoptable accounts. A new journal with new adoptables will be posted every week or so, maybe more often. There will be 10 deviations per Journal. :D

First up!
This spooky looking creature!
By: KindieRoops
Daily Design: Trains [OTA - Open] by KindieRoops

Here's a really good looking cat.  I really like this one.
By: DaisiesAdopts
Cat adoptable Auction 9 | OPEN by DaisiesAdopts

Silly random adopts.  :D
By: MaadDuck
Adopts batch [OPEN] by MaadDuck

Good Lookin' kitties.  :3
By: adoptiq
OPEN } Point Feline Batch #2 by adoptiq

Wanna adopt a dog?  Who doesn't?
By: Born-Rose
Canine Adoptables OTA Open by Born-Rose

Original Species!  What are they?  Who cares, they need a good home!
By: C-ren
Sugar Peredaishas 04 [open]-[points|usd] by C-ren
These humanoids look so pouty.  angry by Emoji-kun
By: malphas90
Adopt # 21 SET PRICE [OPEN] 3/4 left by malphas90

I'm a sucker for purple.
By: bunniiadopts
Adopt:closed by bunniiadopts

Laid back lookin' sunofabitch.  I wanna throw him in the ocean.
By: Korra-Adopts
Tencho stream - Opend by Korra-Adopts

A lovely little dear thing.  Robu by Emoji-kun
By: mushmushroomies
100 points - open adopt by mushmushroomies

Unfortunately that's all for now, stay tuned for more fantastic adopts!

Make a Difference

Please read this, if you haven't already.  It's well worth reading.

The man has class.
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I again open the сommission.

Bust-up: 300 :points:

(additional character +150 :points:)

Half-body: 400 :points: 

(additional character +200 :points:)

FULLBODY: 600 :points: 

(additional character +300 :points:)

Secret summer by Kuru-RI

Semi-chibi: 300 :points:

 (additional character +100 :points:)


 Transparent/Simple/white bg - free
 complex bg  + 300 :points:
Commission may take up to 2-3 weeks. Be ready to wait~


If you are interested, just sent a comment! 

Type of Commission(bust\half\full\semi-chibi)
Reference character:
Bg(Transparent png/White/Simple/complex):
 Other detail:

SLOTS: (3\5)