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110% done with ignorant people who smoke weed

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 7:36 PM
this is not a slam journal against people who smoke weed
this is a journal about the IGNORANT portion of people who smoke or support marijuana
that think everything that's bad about weed is "anti-weed propaganda" and "you can't die from weed"
or "weed is good for you"
it doesn't matter WHAT YOU'RE SMOKING
you could be smoking a CHAIR and it would still be fucking bad for you to inhale

do NOT smoke around your pets or let them ingest!!! it will KILL THEM and is FAR more toxic to them than it is to you
if you love your pet, PLEASE do not do this.

it doesn't matter what form it is in, edible or smoking, it is BAD FOR YOU
that ANYTHING that impairs your mental state and reaction time is GOOD FOR YOU?????

ALSO studies show that long term effects on your brain from marijuana DO EXIST
Reaction time and ability to heal or recover from illness is DRASTICALLY REDUCED just as if you were smoking TABACCO

not to mention there is a direct correlation with teens who do not graduate highschool, and drug use, YES THIS INCLUDES WEED

While I agree that there are WORSE drugs you can take, it does not mean weed is 'harmless' by any means, I'm so done. STOP feeding it to your animals omg 'he died from choking on his vomit, not from the weed"

if he's vomiting so much he can't fucking breath because you gave him a fucking weed brownie

//end of rant

I. HAVE FINISHED. MY FIRST EVER. AMV. Wow it took me way too long. BUT it was a joy to put together. Let me know what you guys think!! :D

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so we made it to our hotel 8D yaaaaay 8D we're about to watch OUAT but I wanted to share a silly headcanon with you guys first xD

I have this headcanon that one of the reasons Arthur (and everyone else) calls Francis "Frog" is because he has an abnormally long tongue

Like he can reach all the way up the bridge of his nose with his tongue

Idk why but I love that headcanon so much it makes me so happy :iconmonkeyloveplz: XDDD

okay that is all carry on )) 
 i can do canines, felines, and most closed species! ( cinnas, waterdogs, etc. ;o; )

everything will be finished this week since im off of school B)

only the things listed are open rn so please dont ask about anything else ! nwn

when commissioning me comment below with what you'd like and please provide a proper reference sheet + anything you'd specifically like for me to include!

important notes;
- i will not start your commission until you pay ( but please dont pay until i accept your commission ! )
- please dont claim the art as your own ( ie. the art is mine but the character is yours )
-feel free to order however many icons you'd like :0

headshot icons; 150 :points: 
jacy by slimegodcommission by slimegod

fullbody icons; 250 :points:

commission by slimegodWhispers by slimegodProvide by slimegodYtuuu by slimegod opulence by slimegod

to do ( current ) 
This one might be a bit shorter then I usually do. And the curl will have a bit of a different effect on Romano.
Disclaimer: I don't own you or Romano.
You were going along an old abandoned human trail, seeing if anything new would pop up when you heard some grumbling a few yards ahead. "Stupid tomato bastard, leaving me here by myself. When he gets back, there's a 99% chance of a shit storm heading his way!"

You go up to see an Italian man with brown hair and a curl on his head. He had this adorable pout on his face that added to his appeal.

'Hm, looks like this tomato bastard gave me a gift.' You thought with a smile as you slithered towards him. You stay in the shadows so not to frighten him, no need to chase your soon-to-be mate.

(Again, going to be making up info here to get the story going) But just to be sure, you use your one ability to see if he is your one. Each Naga has a unique ability each their own to see if a potential mate is your true mate. Yours involves your voice.

You start humming, catching his attention. "Who's there?" The man asked, looking around.

You chuckled a bit, before you started singing. A deep, melodious tune escapes your mouth and reaches his ears.

The effect is almost instant; you see his posture get loser and the curl on his head forms a heart. You smirk as you get closer. 'He is my one. Glad to know.'

You got in front of him and stopped singing. "Sssssso, what'ssss your name?" "I'm Lovino." He said, in a happy daze.

"And who isssss thisssss tomato bassssstard?" You asked him. "Oh, just some guy I know. Used to be interested in him, but not anymore." He said.

"Perfect, but I would prefer my mate to be himssssself." You said, before snapping your fingers. Lovino blinked before he returned to normal. "What? Where am I?"

He then noticed you in front of him and blushed at the sight. "Wh-who are you?! And why aren't you wearing a shirt?!" He yelled at you, before he looked down and saw your (f/c) snake tail.

He knew he should feel scared and run, but he couldn't help but feel attracted to the sight and wanted to touch it.

"Well, I don't need to wear one. Not like I get much company, till now." You said, placing a finger under Lovino's chin making him look into your eyes. "And what lovely company I have." You purred out.

Lovino was having a losing battle with his submissive side and could only whimper in response. You chuckled at that, and made him melt even more.

"You know it'ssss rude not to talk back. Essssspecially to your mate." You said, getting closer. "M-mate?" He barely breathed out. "Yesssss." You said before kissing him on his lips.

He completely melts in your grasp and you wrapped your arms around his waist, keeping him up, as he wraps his around your neck.

You two stay like this till the need for air forces you to stop. "I ssssshould thank thisssss tomato bassssstard for bringing you here." You said. "Don't bring him up!" Lovino shouted at you.

"Were you just disssssobeying me?" You said with a mischievous smirk. "Maybe." Lovino said in a challenging tone.

Your smirk grew as you picked him up bridal style and you sent your tongue out, and wrapped it around his curl. He immediately blushed and started moaning.

"Ba... bastard! Le-let it... ah... go!" Lovino moaned out. But you just ignore him and started making your way to your home. "Ar-are you lis... ah... listening?! Why... why wo-won't you let... ah... let it go?!"

Don't worry Lovino, you'll find out soon enough.
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A/N: hihihi, haven't posted anything but i made my very first fic ;w; yeah, it's shitty but i worked hard on it. Tell me what you think and one question: Should I make more reader-one shots?
Okay, I hope you will enjoy this fic ^^. and polite criticism is welcomed also.

You were gonna pass out. No, You were probably gonna die of exhaustion. But, Alas, you were at your so called ‘Hide-out’. It was a meadow like place for you to relax and get away from reality. It was so peaceful. For once, Corporal Shorty didn’t give you a shit ton of chores like “CLEAN MY SHOES, SHITTY BRAT” or “LICK MY ASS CLEAN”. Well, it was nothing like that but, it sure as hell seemed like it most of the time. For you, you were a strong intelligent woman any man could ask for. Although, you did feel like you could be better, especially here in the military. You were a skillful soldier. Very skillful, as Eren should say. You and Eren knew each other for a lifetime. You were like his sister. You had more feelings for him rather than a brother, though.

You sighed at the thought of you and him being together. You thought it would never happen. You let the soothing wind blow through your (h/c) hair. “So this is where you’ve wondered off.” You heard a familiar voice say. You turned to see gorgeous green eyes gazing upon you. “It’s more peaceful than being with that short fucker you call a captain.” You retorted. “You’re lucky he’s not here to hear you say that or else you’d get your ass beatin’ to a pulp.” Eren said. You just laid back down gazing at the blue sky. You smiled to yourself. “You look like a dork when you smile like that.” Eren said jokingly. “Oh, shut it, Jaeger” You punched him playfully. “Ow, that hurts! Now I’m gonna die” Eren said jokingly.

“You’re an ass”

“You’re an ass~”
Eren said in a high-pitched girly voice.

You ignored his child like behavior, he always acted like this towards you and you acted somewhat the same to him. You both had a lovely friendship, huh? You just laid back down gazing at the the clouds once again, Eren did the same. You remembered when you were both young, you both dreamed of going beyond the walls having a new life. You always wanted to see the pools of water which was called the 'sea'. Eren teased you because he thought you would drown and he would have to save your 'flat ass'.



"What is it, Eren?"

"Can you sing that one song for me?" He asked you sweetly.
"Eren, Ive singed it a thousand times for you already" You retorted. "Well that's because I love your voice" He said.

You blushed. It was rare to hear him give you a compliment. He always teased you about your flat chest, flat bum, having a fast temper, and you could honestly go on about the teasing.

"Hm, suddenly you complimenting me, Huh? You must want me to sing for you badly, You only compliment me when you want something" You said.

"You did the same when you wanted me to touch your-"
He was cut off by your punch.

"HAH, it's funny seeing you riled up" He laughed.
"I guess you don't want me to sing for you." you said stubbornly.

"Okay, I'll shut up if you sing for me." He said innocently.

You sighed and cleared your throat.

"I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, "I'll never let you go""

This was the lullaby your mother sang to you when you were in a trance of fear whenever you awoke from a nightmare.

"When I said, "I'll never let you go"
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone"
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight"

Eren was gazing upon the skies enjoying you cueing your melody.

"Just close your eyes"

You noticed Eren drifting into a peaceful trance.

"The sun is going down"

"You'll be alright"

"No one can hurt you now"

"Come morning light"


You stopped and hummed to Eren waiting for a response from him.

"Can you close your eyes for a sec?" He asked you.

"What the hell are you planning, Jaeger?" You responded defensively.

"Nothing, I swear."

You gave up and fluttered your (e/c) eyes shut.

You felt something against your lips.
It was soft.

You opened your eyes to see a familiar face kissing you gently.
It was Eren Of course.

You dreamt of this.
You wanted this.
It was everything you wanted to feel to make you safe.

It turned into a passionate kiss.
He licked your lips asking for entrance and you granted hesitantly.


You both pulled away from each other quickly to see a short male gazing upon you both with a mad scientist looking like she's having a fangirl orgasm.

"Awwww~, Shorty you always have to ruin everything. I hope they make titan babies~!"
She said like a little girl that just got a shit ton of candy and made her hyper.

"Look at all the fucks I give, Shitty Glasses. And you two, get the fuck back to work"
Levi scolded you both.

"(Y/N), When we get married, can we kidnap levi and force him change our kids shit rags"
Eren asked.

"You're one step ahead of me"

You and I will be Safe and Sound.
The mysterious purple man:…

Unknown dark figure:…
So about a week ago I managed to get my hands on a account. If you've already joined and would like to subscribe to me, you can find me here:

I got premium and gave away my first two codes, and now that a week has passed I have more. That's why I'm going to be hosting a raffle and two people will get free alpha invites!

How to Enter:

To enter the raffle, all you have to do is leave a comment on this journal and you're in! For two entries advertise on a journal or poll and link me so I know.

Raffle ends in 48 hours.

Good Luck!
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HellO everyone. I forgot to give away one of my sushi dogs on the I had. Now granted this sushi dog means A LOT to me and is based off my fursona bone. 

Sailor by oceanv0dka ce: silly-boat by witchpaws  <- (heres my bb bone)

I NEED to trade him because I forgot I had him as a sushi dog (oppies). I want to trade him but if you give me a good enough reason to give him to you I will. For this though you must not of owned any sushi dogs (for the giveaway, for trading its fine)

You can NEVER trade/sell this sushi dog
like for real
if i see you trying to I will take it away and give full rights to someone else.

Looking for
*Closed Species. 


** ill take this down if witchpaws tells m e to? but I'm not selling it and i'm offering to give him away so i should be fine. The sushi dogs I currently and will forever own are George and Vie. I spent over $200 on vie and George is my other fursona ;)