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Untitled-1 by techgnotic


First of all, we want you to know that you can believe everything you read here, even if it is April Fool’s and we might have told a fib or two elsewhere on the site. Consider the News Desk a hallowed ground. We’ll only tell you true facts here. We are indeed going to show you some of our favorite April Fool’s pranks from around DeviantArt and around the web, but we won’t try to fool you with any of these headlines. Thanks, as always, for reading.


Here are a few of our favorite April Fool’s pranks.

Book Club

The CRLiterature book club has “announced” their book selection for the month of April. Some may call it smut, but 50 Shades of Grey is the official selection so if you haven’t read it by now, this is the best excuse you’re going to get. April Fool’s! The real selection will be announced tomorrow.

Harnessing the Force
CERN physicist Valerio Rossetti

CERN Discovers The Force

Researchers at CERN posted confirmation that they had indeed discovered The Force (yes, the one from Star Wars) as a part of a Star-Wars themed April Fool’s prank. The press release, which you can read here, went heavy on the references including allusions to Yoda, Ben Kenobi, and “Dave” Vader. Considering the breadth and scope of the research currently being done at the Large Hadron Collider, we think it’s a good sign that they know how to have a little fun.

Nature: Dragons Are Real

Another of our favorite April Fool’s pranks came out of the science world today, as confirmed the existence of dragons. Citing some ancient texts and a correlation between global temperature patterns and references to dragons in literature,’s April Fool’s prank is one that we wish were true.

Premium Island

You may be wondering where the money from your premium memberships go, and this April Fool’s prank has the answer: that’s right, you’re looking at the DeviantArt island. Again, this is one that we really wish was true.

by Amazon

Amazon Redesign

Some of the best April Fool’s pranks are the ones that offer an experience rather than try to fool you. Yesterday we told you about Google Maps’s Pac Man feature, and today we are giving some major snaps to Amazon, who threw back to a super 90s version of their site in honor of this hallowed internet holiday. They also loaded the homepage with a couple of jokes, but then allow users to quickly navigate back to the real site so that they can get back to browsing prices on Lord of the Rings blu-rays with ease.

Learn To Art In A Day

seniormentors has launched a new tutorial series called Learn This and they intend to post one EVERY HOUR! The first one is about Photomanipulation and Digital Painting. By the time they’ve posted a few more, we should all be masters of art.


Back to your regularly-scheduled programming.

Amazon Button
by Amazon

Amazon Buttons Are A Real Thing

First Amazon giveth and then Amazon taketh away, apparently. While we commend them for their April Fool’s efforts, the online megastore has also announced that it will be making branded buttons that automatically order household items that you commonly run out of. With the devices, you can put a little Tide button on your laundry machine, and when you’re running low on detergent, you press the button and in two to five business days you receive some more. The announcement was viewed as a joke by many because of its proximity to April Fool’s and also because holy cow have we really gotten to the point as a society that we are too lazy to even walk to our computers or god forbid get out our phones to place online orders when we run out of stuff? I mean they already have one-click shopping on Amazon, why do we need this? Excuse us as we bury our heads in the sand for the rest of the day.

It’s Poetry Time

Calling all aspiring poets! Today marks the beginning of NaPoWriMo is ON! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a poem every day for the entire month of April. If you’re staring at a blank page, not to worry, SingingFlames has posted some prompts to help you get started.

Suicide Sisters
by Kevin Mellon

Hero Challenge

autodesk-sketchbook has announced the April Hero Challenge with Kevin Mellon, who has been working as a professional comic book and storyboard artist since 2007. He has a comic book called Suicide Sisters, and does storyboards for the TV show Archer. Get information on the challenge here!

Interstellar Honest Trailer

The folks at Screen Junkies have given a pretty spectacular and not entirely undeserved sendup to Christopher Nolan’s 2014 blockbuster Interstellar. We aren’t going to lie to you, we thoroughly enjoyed that movie, but as usual Honest Trailers does a pretty great job of pointing out some of its fundamental flaws. Plus, it’s just hilarious.

What To Wear?

griffsnuff is looking for some feedback concerning her new avatar. Share your thoughts here. (We think it looks great, for what it’s worth).

Which Tablet Are You?

This tablet review by saally may prove to be helpful when deciding what tool is going to suit your needs best.

Color Contest

Knitting-and-Crochet has announced a contest celebrating Pantone's colour of the year: Marsala. Get involved here.

Vesta Tour

Hang Out On An Asteroid

How is NASA so cool all the time? Probably because they’re dedicated to exploring and understanding space. We’re mildly freaking out over this virtual tour of Vestra, the second-largest asteroid in our solar system. The tour interface is reminiscent of Google Earth, and has some snazzy features that let you explore and see all there is to see on this huge space rock. This is just so cool.

Forum Feature

Looking for constructive critiques on your digital art pieces? Check out this thread.

Birthday Patrol

It’s no April Fool’s joke, today is FelipeCagno’s birthday. Say hey and happy b-day!

Opening some species

Wed Apr 1, 2015, 8:58 PM
omg what what? serious? wha

yes I am!

Want to focus more on a few and thus  I am going to make these open species from now on! no need to ask me for how to design one, you go do what you want : D

And tho those who bought one from me when they were still closed I really hope this doesnt bother you in anyway ;A; but I just feel bad having tons of closed when I dont really have much timedeveloping them! lets just say that anyone who got one from me has a epic rare one D8< and the first ones

ANYWHO here 
 all I ask is that you please do not copy the existing designs since they belong to people!

thank you 8D *rolls exited*

Mykling - The species (closed) by griffsnuff

PV1 Pipevoff by griffsnuff

K1 Kattisk by griffsnuff

I will move stuff into the free folder later! No need to ask me to make one x3 and you can make as many as you want

you can NOT sell designs of these you must give away for free

Happy desiging!


  • Mood: Suggestive

100 chibi requests

Wed Apr 1, 2015, 5:00 PM

Sup guys? //shot

So I've almost reached 300 watchers so I'm setting myself a challenge to do a drawing of 100 chibis! I will most likely draw it in Summer since i have exams soon and it gives me time to reach 300 watchers =P

I could easily draw 100 of my OCs since i have a lot but as a thank you to much watchers I'll be accepting a few requests ^^ It will be simple colouring btw ^^

The first few slots are taken up by my OCs and a few friends that I have most likely RP with ^^ The rest go to my watchers :D


1. MUST Be a watcher! (New watchers are welcomed)
2. MUST advertise this in either  journal or poll and link back in comments
3. ONE slot per person (unlessyou are a close friend)

That's all! Oh! And no robot, animal, MLP or sonic characters Plz.

I can do OCs or fan art ^^

since my lucky number is 13 the first 13 slots are mine lol

1. Heath
2. Melody
3. Kalika
4. Calliel
5. Ray
6. Yuki
7. Yori
9. Shin
10. Demon
11. Artturi
12. Hans
13. Vadim

14. Copper
15. Autumn
16. Candii

First come first served! I'll add more slots when more people request! ^^
I'll also add the icons of the character owners later :)

Mfw it's april fools

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 1, 2015, 3:58 PM
Mfw I see my sister puts a fake bug on the bathroom mirror so I see it out of the corner of my eye when I'm half awake

Mfw I realize it is April Fools

Mfw my mom tricks me into thinking my four year old mare is pregnant


mfw my sister gets mad



  • Mood: Sarcastic
Listen, I know that a lot of you wanted a Fnaf 1 or Fnaf 3 comic, but that was why I did that pic. I wanted to have a good joke this time around, so I decided to post a fake comic cover for funzies.

Was that such a bad thing? A fake teaser? No, not on April Fools day. Seriously, video game companies do things like this all the time and yet their fans understand. Now don't think that I wasn't expecting an angry backlash; I knew that you wanted this and I just lied to your face in a sense. However, I didn't think people would be reacting this badly; seriously guys, it was a joke and nothing more. I don't hate any of you; I honestly believed that a majority of you could get a good kick out of this, but instead I got people saying that they hate me, they want to kill me, etc. Not cool guys.

Remember what I said earlier about my comics? I specifically said that I was doing something different from Fnaf for my next comic, did I not? So why is it that a lot of you just assumed that I wasn't making a comic all together? I am making one, just not on Fnaf, okay?

Welp, after that entire rant/talk thingy, all I need to say is...
Have a Happy April Fools DayApril Fools

To those who actually took it as a joke: THANK YOU!
To those who didn't: My apologies for trying to be funny... it didn't work.

Leaving DA (April Fools!)

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 1, 2015, 4:17 PM

Sorry guys, I can't keep updating my gallery on DA anymore, got a lot to do with life and no time to draw anymore... I guess my webcomic will also have to wait.

Thank you for all the wonderful moments and all the comments and favs, I will miss you <3

Yes, it was an April Fools' joke ;p Sorry if I made someone sad or angry! I'll be staying on DA for a long time and my webcomic is still alive!…

It's on Zippcast while I wait for my strike to be resolved, and I'm not telling YouTube until I upload it there. It's still processing/initializing, but it should be watchable. In the next couple of days, I'll upload it to YouTube. 
    "The Recruit is an unoriginal warrior fan comic that barely makes any sense. The character names and designs are very bland and unrealistic. A kitten joins a warrior clan and trains to become a warrior. An older tom gets a creepy crush on her but she likes a different cat because he saved her life that one time. There’s also another she-apprentice who hates her guts because in a battle, she was saved while her sister died. The two apprentices are taken out with the mean ones mentor, Jaytail. Out there, a fox attacks and the jay one almost dies. But he doesn’t, and everyone is healed and Ivywhatever gets some respect for Flu-Rainpaw.
     Rainpaw is hunting in the rain with Cloudsomething and she hears a cat shouting. She follows the voice and finds her old friend / sister / lesbian lover named Piper. Rain takes pip’s back to Brighty and she joins the clan bcuz why not. Rain goes out hunting again and finds a pathetic looking cat name boner. She brings him back too and he is renamed grosspaw. Two strange cats are watching them in the distance. There’s a timelapse and a gathering and Rain meets Owlpaw. He’s got a beauty mark and a cult ear. Cloud takes her away from him and the meeting starts. There is a new MVP in Riverclams named Minnowshit. She wants to kill Brightstarz for some reason and brighty is like ‘lol okay’. They fight and fight and eventually brighty has an unclear victory. Minnow is a sore lozer and attacks her from behind. Foxpaw push’s his leader out of the way and is about to receive minnows slashing. Foxpaw apparently kills Minnow, but really his starclan daddy just saved his life. Starclan is a murderer now. Minnow wages war for cheating and the all return to camp. A few days later stormbringer is flirting with rainpaw but she goes on a patrol.
     The patrol is attacked by riverclam cats and Grosspaw goes back for help. Rainpaw meets her new boner of the week named Hawkmask. They have a really nice time before Pinefur (her mentor) cockblocks. Rainy gets a rlly neat scar. Dumb plot device kits make a repetitive journey towards the river and fall in. Volekit almost drowns but StomB saves him with his suspicious swimming skills. Storm is swept away in the river and Beerfeet decides to save the kits life instead of his own brothers. Storm is again revealed to be a good swimmer when he climbs back out of the water way down stream. His victory is short lived and Cloud and Night murder his butt. Rip in peace. Beerfeet learns he’s dead and wants some angsty revenge, but his fine-arsed apprentice stops him. They return to camp and beer becomes deputy. They all have a great party and rain has a hangover where she see’s a lot of blurry cats. Why do people like this comic. Then more stuff happens with spoilers and this adder attacks the camp and a bunch of cats die. But it’s okay, one cat proves themselves and becomes a leader against all the odds. WHO WILL IT BE?"

Draw My Characters Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 1, 2015, 8:28 PM
I entered one of these for raikukitti and really liked the idea

Draw/make/create anything with my characters and leave me a link to it in order to have a chance to win some art in return from me!

First Place prize:
PMV (1 to 3 minutes) 
short animation loop with up to two subjects

Second Place prize:
fully shaded drawing w/ bg with up to three subjects
three fully shaded drawings one subject each

Thrid Place prize:
Fully shaded drawing one subject


-Please send me a link so that I can add it to my folder or it will not be judged
-Original art only please, no bases, p2u, or f2u
-Contains one or more of the following characters
-Entry must be posted before May 1st
-Being graded on quality, aesthetics, sentiment, and originality
-Mainly looking for art of characters who dont get alot of attention
-Including any of your characters is fine as well
-Questions, feel free to ask!


Kenna Reference 2015 by SaiMistuSkyfeather Reference 2015 by SaiMistuAries Reference 2015 by SaiMistu

Soshi Reference 2015 by SaiMistuDandelion Dream Reference 2015 by SaiMistuCharlie Reference 2015 by SaiMistu
Cocoa Reference 2015 by SaiMistuMomiji Reference 2015 by SaiMistuFeonix Reference 2015 by SaiMistu
Spade Reference 2015 by SaiMistuFlutter Reference 2015 by SaiMistuPyrowalker Reference 2015 by SaiMistu
Forrest Reference 2015 by SaiMistuRip Reference 2015 by SaiMistuCrash Reference 2015 by SaiMistuPremin Reference 2015 by SaiMistuBaron Reference 2015 by SaiMistuScotch Reference 2015 by SaiMistu\Vayu Reference 2015 by SaiMistuIon Reference 2015 by SaiMistuAlma Reference 2015 by SaiMistuDragonfodder Reference 2015 by SaiMistuCold Storm Reference 2015 by SaiMistuSilas Reference 2015 by SaiMistu