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Out of school!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 9:46 AM

I'm finally out of school! My last day was Thursday so now I have 4 months off to work, do art, and relax :')

This semester was really hard on me, so I'm glad it's over.

Also, in other news, the official Trademark Certification for Sushi Dogs came in the mail! I'm super happy and am going to get it framed! 

I am so proud of myself for coming this far, I feel like I have worked so hard and grown so much since this all began.

Image by witchpaws

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Well, I have 592 points and I'm not using my acc anymore so I'm going to do a giveaway

:bulletpink: Watch Me
:bulletgreen: Fav this entry :+fav:
:bulletblue: Send me a Llama badge :llama: [Only if you want] 
:bulletorange: Make a journal promoting the contest
:bulletred: Comment this entry with the link of your journal + "I participate" 
:bulletyellow: [Opcional] If you want to appear more often, you give me points. The donation will be the amount of times you will appear (You donate me the ammount you want) , For example: You give me 2 :points: and you will appear 3 times. ¨[This points will be part of the ammount for the winner]

Good luck everyone ;) 


proof 2 by TrendyInfinity


Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 9:46 AM

Raffle Canliis Adopt (OPEN) by Shickietan

1. must be a watcher~
2.must favorite this journal (that will be your entry number)
3. Raffle will be open for 3 days so get those favs in

Thanks for all the support! hope you all like this simple but cute food adopt :'D

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It's not a joke

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 4:37 AM

Alright, so this is in reply to AsylumBlackcode who clearly thinks schizophrenia is a joke. I'd read all of your replies on Insanity by randomdude15

I know, I know I've done a journal about this in the past and I am not telling you all to go and bash this person, that's not the answer here. Please do not harass them or I'll be forced to take this journal down.

Why a journal? Well because I think there's still people out there who think it's a label you can stick on top of "I hate everything in this world". I understand this won't change all the self-diagnosed "I have schizophrenia so fear me" kids, but hopefully I can make some things clear here.

AsylumBlackcode, you're in that deviation's comment section ROLEPLAYING. Do people with schizophrenia roleplay their issues? OF COURSE NOT! You don't get home from the hospital after having a seizure and ROLEPLAY it (only difference is a 'seizure' is not a mental disorder). Your angry, depression, loneliness, etc... does not give you any right to label yourself insane. How can you prove to me that what you say is true? Get diagnosed. I am 100% (not even 99%) sure that you're in the clear.

Been able to, and I quote, ' ... see what's actually fucking there', 'Being able to detect the lies of others'
 and 'able to resist those fucking bastards who shove the lies there in front of our faces and call it the truth' are NOT symptoms or 'benefits' of  schizophrenia, psychopathy, or any other mental disorders you claim to have.

And, you know, I sort of understand how you people think it's enjoyable. All those people you see in movies or read about laugh UNCONTROLLABLY! This is called 'Emotional Liability' or 'Pseudobulbar Affect' they are NOT 'enjoying' it. They have no control or thoughts of what is happening to them and as you could imagine - that's terrifying. 

What you see on the outside of 
 schizophrenic people does NOT reflect how they feel inside. You, to me, seem like one of those kids who read 'Jeff the Killer' and think it's cool to be insane. But let me get something straight with you... that's a STORY. Mental disorder is not a joke, you should never joke about it, by 'joke' I mean running around the Internet saying "I HAVE THIS INSANE MENTAL DISORDER, FEAR ME!".
Have you killed someone? Of course not, you want to know why? Because you're in control of your actions, you have the ability to stop yourself. You might want to kill, but you have no driven intentions to actually go out and do it. 
Schizophrenic people even have thoughts of suicide and the voices in their heads push them to do so, do you really think that's fun? No! Can they control it? No! Schizophrenic sufferers would not wish their mental disorder on their worst enemy.

In the comments section of that stamp you write:

"I have psychopathy and sociopathy, don't fuck with me. I enjoy every second of my own insanity, Embrace it with joy in fact."
'don't fuck with me'

Need I say more? No. That sentence sums it all up.

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Tumblr's request is closed.
Google+'s request is closed.

Doing Request on deviantART next!, i almost forget post this journal  sorry people.
Before you read the rules..

- Leave the link of your characters in comments. 
- give me a detail of your characters.
- i can pick anys of your characters in my own style.
- please do NOT begging me or force me.
- It will take very slow drawing and i use ipad of Sketchbook app.
- i won't able respond on the comments. I don't talk anyone..
-  Thanks you for your times!

Number one: Sick of all the drama.
There's a lot going around pretty much everywhere, at the moment, about labels, of all things.
As I understand it, griffsnuff is in trouble right now because she offended a group of people that identify under a certain label, and has since refused to apologise. She is currently getting a positively unbelievable amount of attention over this and, as they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity.
Leading on from this; it seems to have caused this massive ripple effect and now there are these massive, contentious issues over sexuality, gender, labelling, et cetera. And I really am sick of seeing it around.
1. If someone wishes to identify as a sexuality you haven't heard of/don't understand, it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
People are welcome to use the label they believe fits them best, regardless of whether YOU think it is 'real' or not. If you don't like it, piss off. It might not be mainstream but if you spot an artist on here proudly identifying as asexual/demisexual/aromantic/genderqueer/nonbinary/any combination of the above or any others, it is not your place to invalidate them.
It is extremely egotistical and stuck-up to dismiss someone's sexuality or identity as fake just because you don't get it. So just stop. 
And for christ’s sake stop being so blatantly disrespectful. Have some manners and stop posting all over things about how there’s ‘no such thing’ as asexuality, demisexuality, et cetera. Last I checked, you’re not God, nor do you have some kind of degree in the science and psychology behind sexual orientations, therefore you are NOT the reigning authority on the matter, and you can shut the fuck up. 
And something else: as any intellectual worth half a damn, and every college lecturer I’ve ever had in both criminology and psychology, will tell you: subjective or personal data used to prove a point is not conclusive. Telling me you, your brother, sister, friend, goldfish, whatever, THOUGHT they were asexual etc but it turned out they were just (insert mainstream label here), and that’s the reason you’re being so pretentious, does not prove your point. It makes you look like even more of a stuck-up tool.
(I'll gladly debate you on this. Leave me a comment.)
2. If someone wishes to identify as a cat, a wolf, a plant, a Klingon, a tuna sandwich or anything else, it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
I do not give a shit how silly you think it is. Self-expression is a product of the 21st century, for better or for worse, and it's going to happen whether you like it or not. Frustrated tweenagers are going to refuse to accept their humanity all over the internet. Get over it.
If little miss 'wolfkin' is not hurting anybody by going around and telling everyone she's a wolf, pack your shit up and keep on walking. There is literally no need to comment on it. Especially if you're just looking for a cheap ego-boost by starting shit over the way these people choose to present themselves. Jesus, how low can you go.
3. If you've failed to follow the past two pieces of advice and are now being attacked by the communities you've offended as retaliation (GRIFFSNUFF), suck it up, get over your ego and APOLOGISE.
You don't even have to mean it. You don't have to agree with them. You don't have to like their labels, their identification, you don't have to like the people themselves, but please, for the sake of our sanity, grow the fuck up, and post an apology so that everyone can keep on with their lives and be content and happy that they're allowed to be themselves on the internet. There is literally no reason to continue fighting over something so stupid.
4. On the other hand: on the subject of ‘otherkin’, you people need to stop being so quick to take offense.
You deserve respect just like everyone else; I get that. And if you couldn’t tell, I’m on your side here. But there are always going to be people who don’t understand, and who will make jokes at your expense. 
I am not suggesting you lie down and take flagrant abuse. Nobody should. And by all means, if someone targets you for your identity and bullies you for it, give them hell. I’ll even help you out.
But that being said, someone subtly mocking your community in general, presenting a parody or making a joke, is not a reason to raise hell and go haywire. 
George Carlin once said – and I’m paraphrasing – “I won’t respect any organization/community that takes itself too seriously”. And I do think this applies here. Everyone has to have the ability to take things in stride, and keep in mind that reacting violently to a joke only serves to make you look stupid.
Hell, I’m gay, and I get a good laugh out of gay/lesbian jokes on Family Guy, when they’re funny. Because someone making a joke or a parody does absolutely nothing to make me less of a person. 
That being said, it is not too much for you to politely ask for an apology if the joke really hurts, or at least make sure the offender in question doesn’t really hate you. But come on, guys. Keep in mind that you’re representing a large group, and try to keep things peaceful.

Number two: The recent explosion of journals asking for pity-donations.
Okay, I'm not quite as angry over this, but it's still a thing I don't really understand. I watch quite a few people and am in numerous adopt clubs, but a phenomenon that's definitely new on this community is that every second person seems to have a journal or journals asking for money for their friend, who is either homeless after a life of abuse, or has a dog or cat or family member in need of emergency surgery.
What I don't quite get is why this is so recent and now so widespread. Surely the number of abused kids/sick pets hasn't skyrocketed in the last few months. Has this proven to be a thing that works? Do people really earn a lot of money for their poor friends this way?
I don't want to be that guy, per se, and start up doubting the legitimacy of these claims (I am NOT doubting that your issues are real and I'm NOT suggesting you're lying or scamming at all), but I'm not so sure about all these people trusting, of all things, the collective kindness of strangers on the internet.

Number three: annoying bandwagons.
1. Non-original or boring closed species.
Am I the only one finding it kind of annoying getting six journals a day from junior adopt-makers whining about how their species, which is, in all honesty, boring and not creative at all, isn't selling, no matter how super special and kawaii they think it is, and how many amazing and fantastical bargains they offer?
I won't put up examples publicly, because that'd be bullying, but I can think of at least three.
All I'm saying is: kids, if you just took the time to look around and make some observations about selling prices, you'd soon realise that nobody in their right mind is going to pay two hundred points for a bad photo of a 2D shape scrawled on paper with a pencil or drawn with the shape tool in MSPaint, even if it has an anime face and cat ears. This community is about creativity.
Your closed species is not that special. Deal with it. And for the love of god, stop factory-churning them out, you make the legitimate/creative ones look bad.
With that in mind, major kudos to the people with legitimately interesting, non-cliché species. The one that jumps out to me the most right now is Kaijuniors, by alcohoI. Go check them out, really, they're pretty much the cutest thing ever.
2. Resell journals, and people who buy cheap adopts just to trade them off.
This mostly comes down to respect versus profits, I think. Buy an adopt if you want the adopt, don't be so selfish.
And please, as I do, make every attempt to track down the maker of the adopt and return it before trying to sell it. You'll notice that high-quality adopt buyers do this.
Alternatively, do not buy a ton of cheap adopts, stick them in a, and post all these journals saying how they're for sale/offer, but have serious sentimental value and as such will only be sold for like $10 each. I see this most often with stashes and stashes full of cats, dogs and ponies.
I, for one, am fairly sure by now that literally NO cat, dog or pony design is unique anymore, there are so many of them – especially ponies. So please, for god’s sake, be realistic, and stop spamming group watchers with journals when nobody wants to blow their budget on a generic quadruped that apparently meant the world to you.

Well, that's my few-months' worth of grief with this community pretty much aired.
If I’ve offended any of you, or anyone would like to discuss this with me or correct me in any way, you are welcome – no, encouraged – to drop me a comment. I won’t condemn you for your views and you’re not going to get put down for having a differing opinion. Have at it, truly.

Supernatural: The Undiscovered #1x08

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 7:31 AM

Supernatural: The Undiscovered 
Vol. 1 x Feature 08: Bugs 

"Searching artists, surfing fan arts, the family gallery." 

Little Castiel sketch by Naomi024SPN fanart Winchesters/Castiel 'Walk-in-the-Air' by noji1203Castiel, Angel of the Lord by RivenTearS:Smile by Kazumi-UFor the Sake of an Angel [Art for Carelessshipper] by TheNargleCharmCas Face by JewnicornClownChuck Shurley face set by Zetsubou-no-Girl'The First Blade' by SkyceSketchesCharlie as Black Widow by dahliashengCasiplier/Markstiel! by quizzywowKevin Tran by DeinoMiku#LovesMyGuardianAngel by NeonSparkleButt[Spn] A van doesn't give you much breathing room by HolyRomanEmpire99JIB6 ArtProject: Bobby by SillieAbaddon by justmariwYou came to the wrong neigborhood by KrepfLucifer. Supernatural. by KorkuguvinClaire Novak, again by ab-insula-AvaloniaDean and Sam from Supernatural by ZuhaLoveMusicDean Winchester by Darijii-ChanLittle Cas by maysageTravis Aaron Wade by KatrinSchmittCastiel [Colored] by 77EvL77Dean by Ennasus98Castiel by chibikko1000Say Hello to Lucifer by Neko-DugenSupernatural: Castiel by LailaIzukaCastiel From Supernatural (Art trade) by TokiwaMatsuzakuraSupernatural Castiel and Dean in my Moleskine by JawenaSomething in the way by GodSAMmitWinchester cheebs by MagneticInsanityHad it coming by cypiiFreedom by SparkofFireIHopecuties by bloomie01Werther Project by DarraCheseCastiel and Meg - genderswap by KrepfDestiel by PokuliuszYorshPokiCrowley is Kawaii by shankyohaku24Saved by shanikins42Justice!Castiel by CastielGoneWildAngel with a shotgun by The-Freak-StreakCockles by IrenSupernaturalCastiel by someoneyoul0ve[AC+SPN] Daddy Altair Vs  Daddy Dean by AhtsuCas Waiting by AmberStoneArtLucifer. Supernatural. by KorkuguvinBadass Deanna by DimeaFading grace by DragomaGolden Soul by VylesSupernatural (Dean and Sam) by Iko18Your eyes. Sam Winchester by YuukiKoalaSunset by patatafaceSilhouette Castiel~watercolor by lulo223Cain and Colette -Modern!Au sketches by BrigitTheShiningAnd Then There Were Platypuses by Nai-xn--Request--Meg 2.0 and Fem!Castiel by theoppositeofallingSammy by SparkofFireIHopeTLK  Sam&Dean  Winchester   by knucklesOriginsMLP: SPN's Charlie Bradbury by MychelleSam Winchester by Whovian1000The Winchester family by WeekwoodSam by Whovian1000Sam Winchester by Whovian1000Dean Winchester by Whovian1000Rotten by LamiaSageThe Rebellious One by TehBlooCatPortrait of Dean by GabiFernandesSNSupernatural by HELLISHSINESTROcastiel thingy by hue-ruruDean and Sam Winchester by ThresaDoryNormal by KamiDioxSammy Winchester by PryateCastiel by KaniiNaniiPink by patatafaceBlood and Chaos 2015 by JackieDeeArtSam Winchester by Mrs-ReedD34N by dordanjeskerSunset [animation] by lolilpoDean#2 by RabiaAzulRowena by patatafaceSam Bookmark by sailormarymoonWhat should we do next by aganoxVintage Hipster Cas by satans-artDean by GabiFernandesSNJensen Quackles by RooftopImpactCain and Colette - Wedding Pictures by BrigitTheShiningCastiel as The Winter Soldier by dahliashengNo Pets, Sammy! by evervolfEnlightened by TheBeautifulSniperSupernatural Fanart by Fahad-NaeemEllen by beautyinthebreakingDean Winchester by SparkofFireIHopeSPN Rowena by AnitsircCAFSpn fanart: Sam by scribbletalkINTO THE DEEP: I'LL CATCH YOU IN THE END by SmasherlovesBunny500Warm Up Castiel by kitkatblackI have Questions, I have Doubts by GodSAMmitSupernatural Eye Portraits by PrincessLaguiaSupernatural - Sam and Dean by UltraNicoletChevy Impala by UltraNicoletDean Winchester by Chicken-PriestessPlaying with fire (Colored) by renezinhaUntitled (WIP) by brittanyhuangSPNxConstantine by delakoksCastiel by delakoksBrothers by Someone-Else79Chibi Sam Winchester by KravorCootie Catcher by FyreMist-the-DragonDemon Dean and The First Blade - Digital(Tshirt) by dalmation1080Sammy by atlantiss505Death by Lecter213Misha Collins (Castiel) by BrookeShaneUpgraded Bamf-Vamp by MelanieDarlingTeam Free Will by Malfeydeanmon by mada-tThe boy who blocked his own shots by HotSpirit

Make sure to check them all out!

Previous: Vol. 1 x Feature 07: Hook Man 
Next: Vol. 1 x Feature 09: Home

zgłaszać się można cały czas, nawet dzień przed terminem oddania prac! :)

Dzieńdoberek ;) tak sobie pomyślałam że zrobie pierwszy tutaj niewielki konkursik :3 otóż aby wziąć udział:
* trzeba mnie watchować x33 ( jeśli się zgłosiłeś nie nie watchujesz to nie biorę pracy pod uwagę podczas ogłaszania wyników )
* dać fava temu journalowi , zrobić journal z linkiem do tego journala i wkleić go w komentarzach jako swoje zgłoszenie ^^

* oddać prace na czas ( czas jest do 26 maja- czyli miesiąc) 

Za 1 miejsce:

  • portret  oc (tradicional) , 
  • portret oc (digital),
  •  oc w ramce , 
  • fullbody tradicional z tłem,
  •  fullbody tradicional bez tła (tematyka dowolna ) , 
  • mały rysunek :3  
Za 2 miejsce:
  • portret oc tradicional,
  •  oc w ramce ,
  •  fullbody tradicional bez tła (tematyka dowolna ) 
  • mały rysunek
Za 3 miejsce: 
  • oc w ramce
  • fullbody tradicional bez tła (tematyka dowolna) 
  • mały rysunek

Zadanie jest bardzo proste :3 wystarczy narysować moje oc w stroju kota x33 powodzenia ^^Refwinter by Bizonekx33

lista osób które się zgłosiły:

1. :iconczarnapegazica:
3. :iconyou-stee:
4. :iconxoiu:
5. :iconlaskapery: 
6. :iconfirecook:
7. :iconnc-and-pm:
8. :iconprankiee:
9 :iconnirelleponyartist: 
10 :iconlattle12:
11. :iconmrsvexy:
12. :icondoctorwhofan-ananas:
13. :iconamber-blood:

I dare you ... !

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 9:13 AM

Have you ever logged into deviantArt, looked at the newest pictures on the front page and then thought to yourself: What the f*** is going on here?

Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I don’t understand our modern world anymore. Maybe my definition of “art” isn’t that of the majority of people. In other words: maybe it’s just me.

But what if it isn’t?

As of writing these lines, the 24 most popular images of the last 8 hours include three pictures of cartoon ponies, a custom Xbox controller featuring a blue pony princess, a photo of a naked woman, a stock image of a naked woman, two drawings and a painting of naked women, a pixel-art picture of what looks like some sort of ferret, a screenshot of the front page (in order to celebrate the fact that another image of the uploader had made it to the front page), an Asuka fan-art (including boobs the size of watermelons) and some cosplay photos.

Switching to the today-page takes me to dA’s VIP-section run by techgnotic and sponsored by Sakimichan's Patreon.

Yes, I know this is deviant art, not serious art, but still ... Is this really all that dA has to offer? I know innovation and creativity can still be found amidst the collections of pin-up photos, memes, fan-art and cosplay images, but people don’t seem to care. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: dA is going down the drain.

The new today-page celebrates quantity over quality, while the popular page (aka “browse”) is a club-house for teenagers to discuss My Little Pony. New artists – no matter how skillful – will not be seen unless they paint well-known TV show or videogame characters or spam their pictures across dozens of group galleries. When was the last time you browsed dA’s newest images of a certain category? When was the last time you went looking for good art without the help of tags, curated galleries or group submissions?


This is not supposed to be a rant. I don’t want to complain, but I want to dare you to be different.

The next time you’re thinking of doing a fan-art, paint a character of your own. You may get less feedback from the community, but it will truly be YOUR feedback. People will comment, because they like YOUR picture and not some other person’s character you just happened to draw. Try something new. Change you color palette. Paint or photograph something from a different angle than you usually do. Experiment with perspective. Tell a story without the help of letters. Be creative!    




I’m not sure where all that came from. I’m actually having quite a pleasant day. :)


Anyway, here are some features for the upcoming month of May:

night forest by KalaNemi The Old Mill by Huussii fairy tales for forest spirits by KalaNemi

Sunset Environment by artbymatthew Stone Steps by Aniplay Mystical Tree by Koz23

Open Forest by Alexlinde Traces of Arcane Magic by mutiny-in-the-air A morning in Lothlorien 27 by Dragoroth-stock

Lady with an Ermine by Anwaraidd Love Charm by Tiali the last one by jurithedreamer
Footpath by lavam00 tol morwen - cloudy scenery II by digital-fantasy Standing-stones by Kaeriya

Thorn of The Foretold by HeliacWolf Where all Roads Lead by 2wenty La Belle au bois dormant by FlorentLlamas

Deviants I've met outside of dA:
:iconcarija: :iconcedaco: :iconvesparia: :iconoliwr: :iconftography: :iconginechan:
:iconrobvinc: :iconenyaa: :iconlazystrawberry: :icontkek: :iconjoho92: :iconniemans:

I Suggest DDs Stamp by Asphyziata I Love Nature 2 by Wearwolfaa Digital Art Stamp by firechant
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  • Reading: my book
  • Playing: Life is strange

Bizcocho! CONTEST [OPEN]

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 8:38 AM
Rena2 by LizzyMcMorrow

Hey there, people :iconinulaplz: Welcome to my "Draw my OC" Contest :heart:

:star:--------------------------[CONTEST INFO]-------------------------:star:

Bullet; BlueWHAT IS THIS SHIT?: This is a "Draw my OC" CONTEST! It´s simple, you have to draw some of my characters to participate  
Bullet; BlueMEDIA: Every type of art is accepted! (Except for written, this is a DRAWing contest)
Bullet; BlueDEADLINE: June 25th (2015, please (?))

Keep reading for more info!

Muy buenas, gente de mi corazoncito :iconlazeplz: asi de golpe se me ocurrió hacer otro concurso, esta vez de dibujar a mi nena favorita y a su familia (la exibicionista y el marica lo son) Y con los premios mas grande que he dado hasta el momento... Asi que si no entra gente suficiente al concurso... pues mando a todo y todos a la mierda y reduzco los premios a la mitad :dummy: (?)

Asi que... Que es esta mierda? Pues es un concurso donde tienes que dibujar a uno (o dos o tres) de mis personajes (Personajes cuyas referencias dejaré abajo, no es cualquier bicho), interactuando o simplemente existiendo... y ya esta, estas participando. Tienes BASTANTES probabilidades de ganar.

Ya que hay... 20 premios... 20 PREMIOS, CAGUENSE :iconchocolatefishplz:

Sigan leyendo para mas informacion!

To enter in this contest, you only have to comment in this journal "I want to participate" or something. You will be automatically accepted. What is this contest about? Draw my Oc! (You can choose just one, but you have more chances to win if you draw two or all of them) Keep reading for more info about the characters!

Please link back with your drawing! This contest ends in June 25th 

Re-design [Arceus Academy] by LizzyMcMorrow

Para entrar en el concurso, solo comenta en este journal "Quiero participar" o algo asi. Estaras dentro automaticamente. De que se trata el concurso? Dibuja mis OC! (Puedes elegir solo uno, pero tienes mas oportunidades de ganar si dibujas a dos de ellos o a los tres) Sigue leyendo para mas informacion acerca de los personajes.

Por favor enviame un link de tu dibujo cuando lo termines! Este concurso termina el 25 de Junio

:star: 1°Place:
|12 months premium membership or 2300 :points:
|Full-body drawing (Max 2 characters) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 2° Place:
|3 months premium membership and 350 :points: OR 1000 :points:
|Full-body drawing (Max 1 character) or Half-body drawing (Max 2 characters) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 3° Place:
|3 months premium membership or 630 :points:
|Half-body drawing (Max 1 character) or a chibi (Max 2 characters) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 4° Place:
|1 month premium membership or 390 :points:
|Chibi (Max 2 character) or Headshot by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 5° Place:
|300 :points:
|Chibi (Max 2 characters) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 6° Place
|200 :points:
|Chibi (Max 1 character) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 7° Place
|150 :points:
|Utra-chibi (Max 2 characters) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 8° Place
|100 :points:

:star: 9° Place
|80 :points:

:star: 10° Place
| 50 :points:

+10 mini-prizes of 30 :points: (Yes, there´re 20 prizes. This prizes will disappear if -at least- 30 people join the contest)

Base by LizzyMcMorrowLel3 by LizzyMcMorrowLel1 by LizzyMcMorrow


-Estos sujetos viven en el mundo de Pokemon
-Rena es la niña de pelo rojo
-Logan es el tipo de pelo negro
-Grace es la de pelo cafe
-Logan es el PADRE de Rena, la tuvo cuando tenia 14 años
-Grace y rena son primas, pero Grace no es nada de Logan
-Logan es gay (Fue heterosexual alguna vez, claro)
-Logan ODIA a Grace
-Grace esta siempre tratando de enseñarle "cosas pervertidas" a Rena


-This fellas live in a pokemon world
-Rena is the red-haired little girl
-Logan is the black-haired hot guy (?)
-Grace is the exhibitionist brunette
-Logan is the DAD of Rena (He "made" her when he has 14 years old)
-Grace and Rena are cousins... but grace is nothing of Logan
-Logan is GAY (He was straight once...)
-Logan HATES grace
-Grace is always trying to teach perv stuff to Rena

[Wanna get some ideas? Read this//Quieres ideas? Lee esto]


|Please tell me if you want to participate with a comment in this journal! 

Every type of art is accepted (digital, traditional, pixel, etc)

You can submit as many entries as you want.

| You dont have to be my watcher to participate, or share or add this journal to your favorites. You only have to leave a comment in this journal and submit your drawing to participate.

|Upload your entry to deviantART, please!  

|+18 drawings are allowed


|Por favor, si quieres participar, dime en los comentarios!

|Todo tipo de arte es aceptado (Digital, tradicional, pixel, etc)

|Puedes subir todas las entradas (dibujos) que quieras

|No tienes por que ser mi watcher para participar, o agregar este journal a favoritos o compartirlo. Solo tienes que dejar un comentario en el journal y subir tu dibujo, y ya.

|Sube tu dibujo a deviantART, por favor!

|Dibujos +18 son permitidos

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GOOOD LUCK! :iconhappymanplz:


Si a alguien le gustaria contribuir con un premio o algo asi, le amaria por siempre :iconinulaplz:

Gracias desde ya a los que participen <3

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