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watcher raffle: win art!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 7:06 AM

ok so i've never really done anything for my watchers;; so i'm gonna art Wink and Dimples 

i will pick 2 random watchers and they will each get a fullbody! but if this gets over 150 entries there will be 3 fullbody winners and 1 digital painting winner!

i can draw either ponies or feral/anthros. no humans please!

rarity by amigotrade: toby by amigo

you have to be a watcher to enter!!!!!

1. fave this journal. your raffle number will be the number next to your name when you click the 'who?' link in the statistics of this journal.
2. that's it lmao how easy can it get right

i will pick the winners 12AM usa time, november 11, the day my o levels end!
no late entries are allowed. faving after the deadline will not enter you into the raffle.
thank you for the continuous support ; v ; it means so much to me!!!! -kaileeeee

Skin by SimplySilent
You all uploaded so many amazing works while I was away so I decided to put together a huge feature to
showcase as much of them as I possibly can! I'm sure I have forgotten to include some of your works. I'm
sorry if I did. It wasn't on purpose! My inbox was filled with so much amazing things that I for sure will
have overlooked some of them. The works featured are in no particular order besides my attempt to make
the collection look pleasing! :)

I hope you're all doing great and are having a good time!


Onwards. by dragonfly-oli An autumn song by Morgan-Lou 
Microcosm by solefield
Love will take you~ by MauiMelle Gold Lady by Laur720
Like in a dream :) by AStoKo 1006 by Nigrita Alley Way with a History Part III by AnthonyPresley
Bare bones by TheDewdropFairySpecial K by 9dZign
forming by davespertine A deguster avec moderation by Bibidef
Hometown sunset by carlywilliamson
Forest of secrets by Anastasia-Ri Just when you've given up hope....... by LordLJCornellPhotos
Following the path by LordLJCornellPhotos
And The Stars Began To Fall Like Rain by Unkopierbar The Long Day Is Over by LASKANWLF
 Souk Lamps IV by lostknightkg     Columbus day by elenchu
Blue blue by 9dZign Snawartrek by fredScalliet   
  Frozen Steps by Ninjatic
Yorutime Birthday Amdorpresent [commission] by DesmodiaDesigns Vayta by juuhannaQueen II by Amanda-Kihlstrom
Ghostie Boo by apparate Ghibli mood by elenchu 
New stories to unfold by STelari Winterfell by IrenHorrors 
Digital Art Texture 217 by mercurycode Digital Art Texture 218 by mercurycode 
Blacksmith II by xbastex 

Honey, we're getting a Monster

Fri Oct 24, 2014, 11:01 AM

A really hungry one...

Naughty monsters are running rampant in the city again - you know the kind! They're short, noisy and make constant mischief on our doorsteps; begging for candy despite buying perfectly good pumpkins the same day. What's their dastardly plan for all that food? They're up to no good and must be stopped.

We should feed the trick-or-treaters - to hungry, real monsters! There's a critter-shaped hole to this plan: we don't actually have any real monsters. But all we need are your designs to put into my Monster Making Machine to release them into the suburbs! Trick-or-treaters - gobbled up for good!

How does this work? I'm glad you asked. The "Monster Maker 2000" is my old, modified microwave and this invention will create flesh-and-blood monsters from designs. A little energy combined with your designs will help bring our glorious abomination to life.

Create & Submit

As Professor Pudds of Monsterology, I'm very busy and need super tummy-rumbling monsters to keep kids off my doorstep this month. With my team of mega-brained scientists, we will examine your designs and reward three of the most effective monster designs. To get me and Wifey some sleep, break the laws of physics if you need to and save the candy for yourself this Halloween!

Go ahead - practice your evil laugh and create a monster! Your designs are open to artistic freedom and will be judged largely on your creative interpretation. Technical and artist skill is another factor, but remember we value the original concept too.
See the oversized "submit" button below? Yes, use that to send your designs to us - the group folder is open to all deviants.

Entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM on November 25, 2014 and be submitted to the 'fancyQUACKS' contest gallery folder.



Writer & Designer


Brown Toko Pups! (Art Raffle)

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 9:07 AM

Salvadore 29 by TotemSpirit x Tikarok 68 by TotemSpirit

Male, Natural mane
Submissive - Healthy
Graying collared brown

Female, Natural mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared brown

This beautiful brown litter is up for grabs, and can only be acquired by drawing any of the following Tokos:

Badger 860 by TotemSpirit Navajo 859 by TotemSpirit Salvadore 29 by TotemSpirit 

The more effort you put into your image, the more tickets your entries will be worth! All entries must be full body and colored!

Colored Sketch = 1 ticket
Colored Lines = 2 tickets
Shading = +1 ticket
Simple background = +2 tickets
Complex/Detailed Background = +4 tickets

You will have one full month to complete your entries. 

Deadline: November 25th

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  • Reading: Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Watching: Rattatouille
  • Playing: Secret of the Magic Crystal
  • Eating: Hot Wings
  • Drinking: Water

Untitled-3 by A-Wakefield





And, because these guys are friends,

I REEEAALLLYY want to see these stocks put


I will give 200 :points: to ONE lucky deviant who puts the most effort into creating
something imaginative, beautiful, and eye-catching using at least one stock image
from EACH of these providers. So 5 images total from this journal. You may use
other stocks as well, remember to credit, link, and notify! :la:

BEGIN TODAY: 10/24/2014

END DATE: 11/24/2014


The White Stock 4 by TrisStock The White Stock 5 by TrisStock Cinderella Stock 2 by TrisStock
Cleopatra Stock 1 by TrisStock Marie Stock 1 by TrisStock Beetlejuice Stock 1 by TrisStock


Perfume bottle 02 by NellyGrace3103 Nacht by NellyGrace3103 Mushroom 01 by NellyGrace3103
Sky 04 by NellyGrace3103


Medieval door with stairs by Simbores River with snow and fog 01 by Simbores
Abandoned room with door to outside by Simbores


Rinn Duin Stock 5 by MaskedArmada Waterfall Stock #1 by MaskedArmada
Rinn Duin Stock 3 by MaskedArmada


Antique padlock png by Mom-EsPeace Open hands 2 png stock by Mom-EsPeace pocket watch 2 by Mom-EsPeace
Carnival game 2 png stock by Mom-EsPeace Steamer trunk 3 by Mom-EsPeace

It was a cold morning of September, and Sheila had just gotten up from her bed. It was only six days at the beginning of school, and Sheila was pretty stressed out, because she had a deep hatred towards that building. She had a mortal hate for her classmates, who ridiculed and humiliated her for two whole years, she had murderous intent towards them. Sheila was a very quiet girl, that was always smiling and she was generous, very generous. After doing a little 'breakfast, turned ON her iPad and cell phone and began a call on Skype with Grace. Every time she was in a call with her, she felt calm and protected, in short, she was very happy. Hours passed and Sheila, she felt a slight headache, Grace asked worried "Hey you okay dude?" Sheila then said, "Yes, not worry, it was just a slight headache." It was getting almost evening, and Grace said to Sheila with a serious tone of voice, "Dude ...... I have something to tell you, I ...... I think I have the Slenderman Sikness, and I do not know the symptoms of this "disease". would seek for the symptoms along with me on the internet? "The girl asked to Grace wondering "Slenderman Sikness?'s Disease of the Slender? Common symptoms I have found, and they are: cough, shortness of breath, nausea, loss of blood from the nose and amnesia." Sheila was surprised that there was such an illness. Night fell, Sheila had been taken off by two hours of the call with Grace and then she started to draw to pass the time. He was very good at drawing though he was thirteen, he wanted to make a great mangaka, because she liked anime and manga, and even the style of drawing manga technique on which he practiced every day. Sheila was a knock at the door of his room, and it was his mother who told her, "Come on Sheila, you go to bed later sweetheart, okay?" Sheila nodded, put away his equipment from design and drawings, brushed his teeth, put on his pajamas and went to sleep in his bed. That night, however, the girl made a really strange dream: he was in a pretty dark wood, with a torch in his hand and was walking. At that moment, Sheila felt a great anxiety upon him, an anxiety that he had never felt before. In that moment I knew what was happening, but he knew that he had to turn around for no reason. He found a sheet on its way in the dark, more than one sheet, was a page, written on "Can not run". Now it was all clear, Sheila realized it was in the game Slender, the girl took the page, but after he made the mistake of turning around. A tall man with black jacket and red tie, with no face was there in front of her, or rather to be precise, the Slenderman was in front of her. Sheila woke up in a cold sweat, was incredulous at the dream he had just done, but he calmed down immediately. It was eight o'clock in the morning and Sheila's mother received a call from social assistance. After half an hour of the call, Sheila was called by his mother who told her, "Sheila treasure, you see, social care called me and told me to tell you that after two days, you will see your father," Sheila felt fall the world upon him, "No no My father! I hate him!" he yelled, running to her room and slammed the door. Two days passed, and when she had seen her father, was quite angry, and preferred to be alone in his room, talking to Grace, Tess and David, in Skype call. That evening he looked quite strange. All four guys had always fixed the strange feeling observed from all sides. Grace felt the other three that would have gone to eat, greeted them and left the open call. Suddenly he felt a thud in the room of David and Grace asked "who was to do all this mess?" Tess and Sheila answered that they were not at all been the ones making the mess, but well high that person in that moment, he was sitting at the computer instead of Grace. He was a boy, and wore glasses with yellow lenses, a blue cap on his head and a kind of mask over her mouth. He wrote a couple of times on Skype chat saying "We want you", but Sheila, Tess and David took those messages as a joke of Grace. Minutes passed but the same messages came and then the children began to panic. David asked menacingly, "Who are you ?! What do you want from us ?!" The guy who was sitting at the computer in place of Grace wrote, "I'm Ticci Toby, and Slenderman gave me the order to speak with you" At these words, all three boys started getting scared to serious to the point that Sheila began to cry. Toby try to calm her, but was interrupted by David, who was telling him about his father and how much he hated him. They went out of the words from the mouth of Toby and that is, "Shut up." Everything was quiet, and suddenly came Masky, who said "You have done a big mistake to have spoken in the past of Toby, now he is bad for your fault. Anyway, Sheila, Hoody and Slender are under your house. This night you will watch while you sleep. "Sheila calmed down after so many other explanations that Masky was given to the three boys. Slenderman was in need of three, new, Proxy, namely: Sheila, David and Grace. Tess was given as Proxy support, but in the coming week, it was discovered that the Proxy and Toby Hoody could write Italian well, thanks to Slender him that he had to study and learn, they discovered the existence of the first Proxy Slender namely Kate, the girl who is always seen in the game Slender the Arrival and also one more thing .... there was a test to pass to become a Proxy, and that is the test of eight pages. The boys terrorized the idea of having to "play" Slender one in real life, with the Proxy chasing them along with the Slenderman true and authentic. He spent a month and a half, and between boys and Proxy is created slowly, a strong bond of friendship, and even made friends with: Eyeless Jack, Bloody Painter, Lauthing Jack, Jeff The Killer, and many latri Creepypasta BEN Drowned. It lacked only one day at Lucca Comics, and Sheila with Tess, Grace and David had decided to dress up as a Proxy to honor their new and great friends. Sheila felt quite strange. Within a week already had a terrible cough for a day and had lost his voice. Every now and then she looked in the mirror to see if Mr. Widemouth, had not made several scratches on the body, because it was so long since turned to his home. The next day, Sheila did not go to school, first of all because it was Halloween, and her mother had promised that they would go along with the Lucca Comics for, to meet his three friends Proxy means. The day passed without ever turning on the phone, and fun to play together Proxy. The four boys had a shoulder bag, a flashlight and eight pages of Slender in from throughout the day. The pages had to be attacked in a forest, no more or less than thirty meters from one Doing so could cause would all be punished by Slender if they had been more or less of that measure. Sheila lit for a moment the phone to check the time, and that time had come, the hour of trial, to be exact. He walked to the station with David secretly, Tess and Grace, inventing an excuse to his mother and also latri did the same with their parents. They took the first train that went to Pascio Alto, a town in the province of Lucca, where David lived, with many woods, perfect for the test. Tess began to attack immediately the pages just arrived in one of the many great forests of that place. When she had finished the boys stood up and began the ritual to summon the Slenderman, that is, draw the symbol of Proxy to the ground, with a big fire in the center, which would serve to burn the pages, if the boys had collected all eight o'clock. David and Grace made a cut on the index finger in order to bring out a drop of blood which was then poured on the symbol of Proxy in the ground. Sheila did it for last, taking help from Grace, since he had never in his life except if cut wields the knife as he did in his usual. The trial began, and the boys greeted Tess, who was heading to the station to return to Lucca. Sheila remembered now the dream of that time, a dark forest, the torch and anxiety, were there with her that were accompanying in that trial. Toby was chasing her and every now and then threw it down on the ground to take up your time, as he ordered Slender do. Every now and then Toby looked at Sheila as she walked, thinking about what will happen during the end of the test. All existing Creepypasta were watching the boys as if they were in a reality show in search of eight pages. Sheila had reached the sixth page very quickly along with some sudden bang, caused by the appearances of Slenderman in front of her. After taking the seventh page remained ten minutes to find the last one, and it was not easy with Kate, Toby Slenderman and the pursued. Sheila was tired and also very, very afraid. He had the fear of not succeeding to get the last page, he had the fear of being taken at the last, but not discouraged and continued to look for. They spent eight minutes, and only two remained them to him, and there was no trace of the last pages. Sheila came out of the 'building on the verge of surrender, but Toby appeared behind her, "What the heck do you give up at the last?" said a very serious tone. She turned looking at him and saying, "So what do I need to look for? Less than two minutes and last pages .... I do not track." Toby walked over to Sheila and the rest a hand on his yellow sweatshirt, and said, "I will be punished for what I'm about to say but .... mene not matter so listen: the last page propio thirty meters from here , just run straight ahead and you will see that it will be in front of you. now you do not go running out of time, run !!! "Sheila ran as if there had been a more tomorrow and thanks to Toby I find the page you picked up without thinking twice. After collecting the page out of breath, he turned and Slenderman was there in front of her as he looked on. "Now I have all the pages! Take me to the starting point so that I can burn them!" Sheila said, looking at the face of his new master. Slenderman took it, and brought with him also that David had passed the test at the same time with her. Sheila and David exchanged glances while burning the pages, waiting for Grace to finish the test, although there was less than a minute. That minute seemed to last forever, but finally arrived with Slender Grace, and burned the pages as fast as he could. There had made all three were finally Proxy could live a life full of new emotions.

In the house of a baby at night they heard strange noises, there was a girl in the bottom of the bed staring at him while he slept. The girl had long red hair with shades of yellow on the tips collected in a queue with a strap teal. The girl got up stealthily from his chair, and walked over to the little baby who was still sleeping. I pass a hand over her golden hair and whispered in his ear "Sweet Dreams" and the lake stuck her syringe full of poison in the chest, and the little child died after a few seconds.

If you are going to Bash on Lazari

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 1:36 PM
At least let me help.

Playing the "she is a sally rip off" card is lame and overused.  

Both Kiki and I have talked about this, I will even go out of my way to call her a friend.  

I see it as every child oc is being a ripoff of sally to the untrained eye. I also see it as people being too lazy to investigate her character.  

If you have an issue with my characters feel free to tell me. I enjoy having talks to help you better understand my direction.  If it doesn't change your feelings good! Have those feelings you are entitled to them.

All I am saying is do more indepth research on my ocs before you call them unoriginal unorthodox or rippoffs and marysues.

Peace yo

P.s. getting laptop fixed this weekend

Sketch+Animated Chibi Raffle

Fri Oct 24, 2014, 10:09 AM
Commissions l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

1 lucky winner will get a chibi sketch!

W.I.T.C.H. Chibi Will Sketch by galia-and-kitty

Also, we will add one animated chibi in the prize list if participants will be more then 1000!

Chibi Commission: Elsa by galia-and-kitty

~ RULES of Raffle~
1. +fav  this journal
2. Show a reference picture of your character in comments
2. Optional: make a journal/poll about this raffle
3. Optional: mention 1-3 your friends (more participants - more chances for adding animated chibi to the prize list!)

That's all!
Thanks and good luck!

Raffle ends: December 1st 

P.S. If you don't want to wait you can order a chibi commission right now :la: More info:
Commission Information 2014-2015 (UPD) by galia-and-kitty
October SALE: Two characters/couples Commissions - up to 50% off!October Offer: Two characters! Up to 50% off! by galia-and-kitty

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My Daily Fav's - 29

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 11:46 AM
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:rose: :heart: :rose:

The peregrine falcon by miirex

The Blue Jay by JocelyneR

:rose: :heart: :rose:

Hanging in yellows by Metkan Morning Fly I by vamosver

 Cabbage White on Thistle by KeldBach

 Caterpillar 21 by kiew1  The Tounge by Metkan

:rose: :heart: :rose:

Sunflower Knot by KeldBach

Winter is Near by organicvision

Thanks for all your beautiful treasures :blowkiss:

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows
Red Roses to your feet,
soft fragrance of incense floods your realm
while the candles flicker with the wind,
Ancient hymns are sung for you by unforgivable souls...
Lilith,forbidden Goddess of the Sheol,
your eternal walk is bounded to the night,
the stars wane their glow before you,
your beauty glistens bathed by the moonlight,
merciless dark angel with seductive smile,
your crimson kisses unleash bliss,
enrapturing men with the psalm of your hips
enshrouding them with your wicked desire,
plethoric ecstasy between your arms
surrendering their souls to you...

Hail to Lilith the Immortal Queen!


Lilith's Realm 2 by Villenueve   Stamp for Lilith's Realm by PhantomShayle

This is our 35th Highlighs of the week edition!

Enjoy the best jobs this week :star:

La Regina Che Porta Incubi by LenteScura

Mystery. Moon goddess by Vasylina

Leaving Wonderland by Scarlettletters  

Fallen by Shinobinaku  

Stunted by AbbeyMarie

The Morrigan by J-u-d-a-s

Gothica by Iardacil

Thank you for sharing this excellent works in our Lilith's Home

:iconvampirekingdom: Security Chief at Lilith's Realm