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Kawaii art raffle!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 8:21 PM

Well since i'm happy once again.. I decided to do that raffle I promised. u v u

It's my first time doing this so i'm sorry if I mistake anything..

Okai! So It will be raffled on something simillar to this: Kawaii Jordie by JordanoXx

And it will be half body if you guys don't mind u m u'' i'm terrible at drawing full bodies.

Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider Sweetheart Divider 

So there will be 3 winners and this is what you have to do o:
Tiny Candy pop bullet Favorite this journal

Tiny Candy pop bullet Share this journal ( Optional )

Tiny Candy pop bullet Say in the comments "Kawaii me!" When you're done reading the rules, so I can know you followed directions. u v u

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I'm only doing this for fun, just because you guys are amazing and super sweet and awesome. u// v //u
I will pick the winners tomorrow at 6:00 PM [ CST ] if you all don't mind. u w u
If I wake up late then 12:00 [ PM Central standard time ]

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Tiny Candy pop bullet Only send one entry please

Tiny Candy pop bullet No spam in the commets please u v u

Tiny Candy pop bullet Please be fair! And be nice to everybody

Tiny Candy pop bullet Have fun! 

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Good luck all!

******* FILL WITH YOUR FRIENDS *******



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'Feast' Your Eyes

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 7:55 PM

...Before Disney takes it down =]

Skin by SimplySilent

I'm sorry

Fri Feb 27, 2015, 10:19 PM
- profile - gallery -

I'm not really good at apologizing but I'm gonna try my best.

I'm sorry for everything I've done even if I haven't even done some of them . I apologize if I ever was an idol to you because you feel extremely deceived and I didn't mean to intend any of that. I'm very sorry for that, I never intended to be an inspiration to anybody and that's what pulled me under. Imagine telling your friend you have the Lamborghini (you dont actually have one but if you do, gg), to continue to impress that friend you continuously have to lie to stall them from your imaginary car (i honestly dont know where i was going there but whateverr).

THe point is, when I referenced from other artists the first time, people praised me and I felt good so it kinda was like (im not sure how to explain it) but like people actually liked me for once I  guess??? But yeah, I guess it was kinda like "oh i should keep doing this" (i was very umm not sure how to say it but not happy with my own art at the time?? and i had no idea hwo to develop a style) and I didn't really think about it so I used styles of other artists which gave off the impression of tracing (some of them referenced but not traced) (all sketches of icons before pixeling ) 
I'm sorry to all the artists I referenced from;; it was a mistake that i didn't realize until a hoard of people had to tell me
i want to say I did it mostly out of inspiration and it wasn't out of spite or anythign negative

sorry this apology is rachet im not even sure how to apolygize but if guys can find it in your heart to forgive me you can? if you don't want to, then you dont have to, i honestly dont mind i would be hard to forgive myself too ;o;

also please stop attacking citybirds they were only try to defend me and it's no reason to attack them

Kilalaverse Pointy Ponies by PandamoniYUM

Ermahgerd! So cute

By :iconpandamoniyum:
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Would you participate in an Achievement System?

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 7:47 PM

For our group, :iconcakie-and-friends:, I had a great idea the other day, an achievement program called the Treasure Trove.  Please vote in the poll if you will participate!…

How it Works:

I provide a blank Treasure Trove template that every participant may upload to their gallery.  It has empty squares like a chart almost.  There will be an official shop, called the "Treasure Trove".  Inside the trove, there are little images called treasures you can collect and use to fill your blank template (like a sticker book), once you meet the requirements for that particular image.

Example Achievements:

- Submit X number of images to the group.

- Have a character from a certain species.

- Place in a contest.


These treasures are more than just collectable badges however.  They are "wearable" items featuring official Cakie! characters (my oc's I will merchandise someday). 

Example Wearables:

- Cakie character hat

- Sprinkles plushie

- Kitty kigurumi

Once you have the treasure in your trove, you may then draw it with any of your official Cakie! species characters, as many times as you like and on as many characters as you like.  (Your treasure trove basically doubles as a closet; if you've played Neopets you'll understand.)  Since all the wearables feature a main Cakie! character, you have something one-of-a-kind, and if anyone sees you draw your character with that item they'll know it's because of the achievement.  Kind of like digital versions of my future merchandise.  (I'm dying from the adorableness of the thought!)

Some treasures will only be obtainable through one-time events (special contests, or maybe even plots!), some are only available during specific times of the year (ex. holiday themed treasures), and some treasures are obtained not through achievements, but by purchase with Cakie Coins (our upcoming currency).

Once you obtain a certain number of treasures, you may receive bonus Cakie Coins.  (So far, Cakie Coins are also redeemable on MYO slots and items to edit your characters.)  So it's a fun, cute collectable thing, with slight incentives to keep achieving things.

It's just that it's going to take so much work to set up and maintain, I'm afraid of starting something no one is interested in.xD  Please do vote if you plan to participate, or let me know what you think!

::Skin and CSS by Shattered-Earth::

Chào mọi người ^^

Hôm nay rãnh mò được nên viết cái tut nho nhỏ thui, chỉ là chỉ :iconkhanhnguyen17:
cách đưa ảnh GIF vào mục profile thui ^^!
Ai biết rùi thì thui, chưa biết thì cũng thui =]]~

Ai thích thì FAV nó nhaaa ~

Pastel divider by Ponnui Let's begin Pastel divider by Ponnui
1. Vào ảnh GIF hoặc ảnh Pixel cần chèn

2. Kéo lùi xuống có phần THUMB như hình, tô đen phần trong khung và Ctrl+C để COPY =]] ~
3. Vào mục Profile/ Submit/ Comment...và Paste ra là xong ^^ Đây là kết quả:
End <3! Thanks for reading this!
Let's Dance! by Web5teRLet's Dance! by Web5teRLet's Dance! by Web5teRLet's Dance! by Web5teRLet's Dance! by Web5teRLet's Dance! by Web5teRLet's Dance! by Web5teRLet's Dance! by Web5teR

I know I'm looking too far into this, I just wanted to hype myself up further for the new cashcow! Seriously, though. I love FNaF. It's like my spooky Pokémon. Gotta buy 'em all.

I noticed the number of discussions on the FNaF3 Greenlight page have been going down rapidly, being deleted. Various people are saying they purge the discussions a bit before launching a game, and apparently the same thing happened with FNaF1/2.

I did useless 'calculating', I guess.

FNaF 1: Launched 56 Days After Original Announcement (5 Steam Announcements) (263 Discussions) (APPARENTLY launched at midnight)

FNaF 2: Launched 22 Days After Original Announcement (5 Steam Announcements) (260 Discussions) (Launched at midnight [Steam])

FNaF 3: Currently 33 Days After Original Announcement (5 Steam Announcements) (Discussions suddenly going down in number, was 5934 and is now 4973)

Am I looking into this too much? I'm probably just desperate.

It'd be cool if it launched at midnight, though.

I usually HATE doing release date theories like this, but I was bored. Don't kill me.
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This was originally intended to be a feature slash vlog post but since I don't really have enough questions to post a Q&A vid like I had planned, I just leave you guys with this feature! Thank you so much to everyone who suggested artists and if you guys have a question for me for my planned Q&A, you can find that link here.

And remember you guys, you are all beautiful, and amazing. Yes, YOU. 

237-IndefiniteTruth - suggested by Silidons00
Our Darkest Moments    My lungs were burning. Each breath felt like a thousand little nails being grated back and forth in my lungs but this was no time to stop and catch my breath. That thing that had been stalking me earlier was running full sprawl right on my heels: the more it gained, the colder the air seemed to get, a kind of pungent, metallic scent corroding the air. I ran on, shooting towards the glaring glow of Haven rising above me.
    I had been sent on a retrieval operation to procure a nuclear device key from the Old City. The City used to be a sprawling metropolis, home to millions of humans before the last nuclear bombs opened up the gateway that had let all the Angels flood onto our planet. Now it was a skeleton; a crumbling, cracked, and crooked ghost. The skyscrapers looked more like rows of tombstones to me. Once upon a time those very buildings could be seen towering into the air, gleaming glass and silver steel jutting into the sky, seen from thousands of miles a

AlterEgo1629 - suggested by haphazardmelody 
In FlightWildfire orange atop
a silhouette of mountains,
still cloaked in the night's pitch.
Transforming to tangerine hue;
above a tepid blue settles silently.
Day blends instead of breaking,
casting cantaloupe color across the sky.
Coasting with a crystal clear view,
waves of silken clouds creating a
white ocean below.
Fading fast as a golden sun rises,
I long like Icarus to fly closer,
and melt in it's morning glory.
Copyright © 2014 LYNETTE EMERY. All rights reserved.

ameliemj - suggested by scheherazades
dreams from the strawberry cityi woke up with the word prozac on my lips.
aaaand i dreamt of london
                              again and the
city was swollen and the lights were red, traffic
clutter and cinnabar bus shelter red
         thought i heard a train
                                     smashing but it was only
                                                 newspapers soaking up
the nocturnal tempo of some underground night club
some state of the art sound system, oh so modern oh so
                                let's pretend
to be an orchestra, hang cables from plastic pronounces,

Andyneth - suggested by OoJitkaoO 
Healing Roses.It was a crossroad
Where once two knights
were meeting
And one, looked at the other
And smiled in understanding
They laid their armor down
Put their swords to rest
For even a moment
Brief minutes
Of otherness
And the knights talked
And as they did
The roses bloomed
And they became poets
The scenery changes
Once again
And now shows two girls
Looking at each other
In Understanding
And poetry.
And the chrome, the shields
The battelscars
Became a memory of the past.

asecretoutlet - selected by me
phototropismMy mood is a weepy sedentary plant
rooted in indecision,
rooted strongly in bed
in resistance of the gardener's hand that yanks at me,
trying to transplant me
into a field of responsibilities,
fertilize me into growing faster.
why is it so forceful?
Everything's too fast and obligatory--
I have a fantasy where I have time.
I'm in an art studio loaded with art supplies
there's a bed, but I don't take root in it
because no one's weeding me out of it.
There, I could grow as slowly as I please,
so I would grow rapidly, like kudzu
On a hot Georgia day

AussieDidge - suggested by nightshade-keyblade 
A Roused Memoir...A Roused Memoir, by David Nicholas
Curse this worst slumber
Tossed, turned, struggled and best yet
Slept past my alarm
Stumble, slip and slide
I rush to prepare myself
Got no time to waste
Kitchen’s my first stop
Quickly prepare my breakfast
Eggs, toast, cereal
Bleugh! Oh, they’re awful!
Coal-black burnt bread, and those eggs?
Raw with clumps of shell
To make matters worse
I screwed up the cereal
Had SALT, no sugar
Shower sadly sucked
Soap & shampoo went missing
Hot water ran out
To top that all off
No handy damned towels there
Left sopping, soaked wet
Tossed on some clothing
Zubaz and polka dot tie
With formal dress shirt
Raced out of the house
But time had cursed me again
Missed the bus and train
The folks point and stare
Laughs, snorts and snickers escape
A journey from hell
Pray I make it through
Hours of lectures await
I’d rather just die.

bloomingunderwater - suggested by BleedingProphecies  
crying treeswhy are the trees crying, uni?
why do the branches reach up to the sky
like capillaries, searching for a heart beat?
why do you paint the world without color?
i have a box of postcards back home,
amongst the postcards are photos of us,
messy little people trying to gather ourselves
in a big beautiful kaleidoscope world.
i remember the first time you asked me-
why do the trees cry so slowly?
you were pointing at the beads of sap
on the trunk of a slaughtered tree.
i don't know.
but when we cry ourselves to sleep at night
and the next day it's as if nothing happened-
maybe if we still had tears on our cheeks
someone would stop and ask,
are you alright?
but i don't really know..

cattservant - suggested by AyeAye12 
ignore the presenta good policy
when the present requires you
it will seek you out

crystallized-skies - suggested by Silidons00 
take my breath awayyour calloused fingers
wrap around the delicate frame
of my paper maché lungs
and you squeeze
until my breathes
b u r s t
from my withering lips
like firecrackers
in mid-july.
explosive fits of
flailing limbs come
to a stuttering halt as
your wiry grip inches further
up my trachea--
you couldn’t just stop
at my cresting clavicles and
pull poetry out of their
porcelain exterior,
no you wanted
to see me gasping,
clawing at my throat and
hissing at the icy palms of winter
that trap me as my ribs
catch fire and the last traces
of precious
air trickle from my
weary mouth;
you stole the
only thing I had left
to take.

Deadfish-SilentArmy - suggested by Silidons00 
The Ethera
Please read slowly to the below music
Death walking
Demonic forces
turning your blood black as it courses
They’re the chill passing through you
a spirit entering your soul
and ripping it from your body to eat it whole
Silently gliding across the floor
evil to their core
Their hearts have been erased
by darkness and its sweet embrace
Becoming opaque beings in swift motion
then disappearing like a drop of blood in the ocean
vanishing into the air
only to reform elsewhere
Sleeping for a century
relying on their leader to wake them repetitively  
A soulless Blue Blood at their helm
He willingly gave them his soul
to give them the power to be released from their bodies hold
Death’s cold
but when you look in their eyes you’d rather die at the North Pole
frozen to the spot
Will you live past today?
‘Cos these words are just a shadow of them and all that you are not.

Dry-souls-of-death - suggested by BleedingProphecies 
AnymoreI don't think I can do this anymore.
I don't want to fight this anymore.
I don't want to swim against the tides anymore.
I don't want to hurt anymore.
I don't want to live anymore.

Entitaria - suggested by scripted-silence 
[37]-and she is
 a wearer of masks;
 memory held tight
 within a holographic key
 at the base of her throat
(too afraid to name
 it her heart)
 but, oh how she
 wished, it would
 break, how she
 wanted her near-
 perfect memory
 to shatter, and let
 the pieces wash away
 as she would
 look them in the
 eyes, and say
'equanimity is
 lost within
 the hollows
 of your deceit,
 i wear this memory
 so that you,
 you cannot

evillittleworld - suggested by SMAdams 
White CoatsSpare me
the grief
of having to listen
to gibberish that drops
from a liar's tongue.
Endless afternoons
spent pacing in wait
for the authority figure
whose name is placed
oh so carefully upon the door.
Indeed, the genius they say,
the miracle worker
in a white coat.
So why don't you,
in a moment of inspiration
heal me?
I didn't think so.
Yeah, spare me.

galaxssea - suggested by ssensory 
.Violet hues
streak across
an open horizon
of a gray canyon
Within this bleak
ravine of dreams
is a trench;
it stretches from my feet
to the blazing caverns
of Earth's cryptic core
Some like to call it
the Trench of Liberation
Encompassing me
is a sweet wind
whispering to me
promises of bliss
but only if
I escape the
warm callings
of the trench
Too late.
My toes push me
off the edge
and the swarthy
trench absorbs me
Miles below civilization,
I am swiftly blinded--
the sun surely cannot
reach these depths
With the rush
of uncertainty
gushing through each layer
of my paralyzed body
and the blissfulness
of an imminent demise
at last I sense life
entombed deeply inside me
No one can rescue
my numb corpse now,
The weights
of a wretched life
are no longer chains,
bruising my ankles
I can live
in a world
full of vast dreams
and satisfied desires;
a world lacking reality
If someday
my remains are found
leave them be
and please
cease the tears
and the perpetual mourning

innoctemn - suggested by Silidons00
v.i sleep with a knife
by my
so i can slay
the demons
that escape me.
i'd rather keep them
inside my
then to unleash terror
upon this

iNeedYorkshireTea - suggested by Naktarra  
Modified, Chapter 1: Onur    Onur
       It had been a year since Onur had begun spying on the city’s athletics team. As they whizzed down the track, he would focus on the way their muscles tensed, note the way they carried themselves, the straightness of their backs when they stood still, the way they stretched after a warm up. He listened in on their tactics, how they geared up for a race, how they relaxed afterwards. So desperately he wanted their trainers, their training gear, all with heat sensors that cooled or heated the body according to their core temperature — nothing at all like the usual cotton tracksuit he wore. He scribbled down every detail in his mini-holopad, ready to consult it when he slipped over the fence to practise alone in the night.
    He crept forward in his hiding place beneath the city stadium. A year ago, an acid rain flood had damaged the underground storeroom, and the back entrance had been

jungle-slang - suggested by AyeAye12
fabled lifei.
she talks through her wrinkles,
'i have no desire for food', she says.
i take her plate to the kitchen
noticing how the beetroot shavings bled into the skin of the chicken and brown rice.
it was blood, skin, and bone,
and the rice was a million starlike cells floating between.
this reminds me of my anatomy textbook:
we've been learning what's beneath our skin,
we learned that all cells divide. some cells often don't stop dividing.
other cells divide and stop when they should...
but not my grandmother's.
starlike, they explode, they shatter, they consume
they divide.
i want to be mad at my grandmother's cells,
but what would that do?
i want to talk to my grandmother's cells,
i want to tell them they can be alive
and not kill her.
but first,
i have to catch the moon,
i have to visit hades and bargain with beautiful music,
i have to sell my voice for legs,
i have to sail the ocean blue in search of a good reason why cancer can't just be what it is.
this is not a fabled life

KarmeticPeace - suggested by Newroleplayer  
Men, Not Boysthey say real men are long gone and chivalry is dead.
naw you just ain't been looking and been settling for boys.
real men care and are not afraid to show real emotions.
real men, love to the bitter end.
he stands his ground but will compromise a few inches.
he will protect what is his like a true soldier.
never gets jealous cause he knows the truth.
he works his fingers to the bone, to provide.
he will wait for a woman and disregards the ones that have no respect.
he is only for one woman, no regrets.
he shows his kids how to act and conducted oneself.
his actions are louder than any words.
he commands, no... demands respect, no exceptions.
boy's run, real men fight and have the maturity to walk away.
he demands that you speak and understand maturity, he never goes petty.
he shows his women love every! and I mean every damn day!
and he expects it back, why? just because your his queen, doesn't mean he isn't king.
girls tramp on real mens hearts, women understand the line.

KingfisherSilentArmy - suggested by Silidons00 
The End of PainCome comfort my soul
Extinguish the pain inside.
Give me a reason to ignite
and burn these ghosts
of my past.
That haunt me daily
at every turn I take
there they are.
Help me put an end to this
living nightmare.

kuku88 - suggested by Naktarra 
I'm Not Worth ItI'm Not Worth It:
What was probably only minutes seemed to stretch on into hours. Time slowed down around the young girl, standing behind bars. The way she'd come to be there was a twisted and dark story, one she herself couldn't quite believe. Tears came to her eyes as she thought about it.
What should've been the night; the one night she succeeded in making her father proud of her, became the most nightmarish day of her life. Not only had she been locked up by her own father, she'd found out he wasn't even her father at all.
Oroku Saki. A liar. Maybe she should've seen it coming. He was intent on revenge, after all. But...she'd always thought that he wanted to kill Hamato Yoshi because Yoshi had so-called killed Tang Shen, a woman they both loved. When the girl was young, she had liked to think Saki had also wanted to kill Yoshi because Yoshi had put his daughter in danger.
But no. It was all a lie. She sat down against the cold, hard wall, blinking back those

LadyOfFrost - suggested by OoJitkaoO
It's Not Enough, But It's As Close As I'll GetThe only help I can find
isn't in the hold
of people around me,
however eager they are
to offer empty platitudes
and fragile promises of help
they'd never care to offer
if they knew
what I looked like inside.
It's far away
and we're separated
by an ocean
and a lot of cables,
but the click-clack
of of our mutual typing
is the most comfort
I've been able to find.
Because I know how
the story plays out –
it's happened enough times,
and it's never good for me.
But you don't follow that pattern,
and that's weird,
but it's wonderful
because it's so much better.
Because no matter how much
those who stand over my shoulder
try to be comforting,
you've managed so much more
through a screen
and words alone
(and a few emoticons,
but it's the closest we can get
to non-verbal communication,
so let's just ignore that.)
And I always feel like
I can't thank you enough,
but seriously, dude –
(and isn't it weird
to see me use that word)
you're a frickin' saint
(and your language

mrgrinmore - suggested by Naktarra 
Sanmiittai Karasu: Case 1:Sanmiittai Karasu
And the Case of the Missing Model:
Page 1:
 Panel 1: See the city from above, a soaring testament to the ingenuity of mankind, though its writhing streets and alleys sprawl out onto the neighboring land and coastal water like an eldritch abomination, with flying vehicles of assorted sizes and shapes moving around like blood cells and pathogens in its veins and a few ground ones chugging along like decrepit cells struggling to perform their function.  In the far distance we can see the dock-works and great vessels there, with various culturally-linked neighborhoods dotting the city as well as assorted ghettos and the pristine towers and parks which mask the vile nature of corruption to those who choose to disbelieve the horrors elsewhere in their home, even right next door.  Centered in the midst of the picture is the section Karasu works, an area not quite hidden in the armpit of the city, but kept as much as possible out of public watch so as to show b

NicholasName - suggested by AyeAye12
Beat the RoadAnd so it goes.
Vivid transactions of a world gone mad with grass,
Risen out dead bodies sprawling up at the moon,
Past the fantastic glow of shimmering antiquities and shining eyes…
Vapor! –Turning into naught but misty line, over the suffrage of generations and the people mad
W/ constant desires and gradual awakenings and not-so-constant birth.
Who’s to say, and who’s to talk? Realities shift
And bring us down by the last drink or the early yawn or the first rays of the moon, the sun
They leave the packets and the mattresses and drive to who knows where and sullen bakery boys bid adieu and what else who else is lost to history’s mad blinding current?
Soaking wet with fun and ethereal glow of transpiring intellect, who doesn't have that all?
Searchers trapped in human form, looking for the missing piece we’re all born without
I’m tired of poetry, I’m tired, it stopped giving me light
I’m tired of everything it seems,

StarryStarrySky7267 - suggested by Naktarra 
Either/Or/Neither/BothThe place I live in is an either/or world,
But sometimes I feel like an in-between.
People say I'm either a Taiwanese or a Canadian,
But sometimes they make me feel like I'm neither. 
"You speak English,
Your read English novels, 
And you hang out with Canadians.
You are not the Chinese top student anymore,
And you have those 'fun' classes like
Business, art and foods.
You're a Canadian,"
My Taiwanese friends say. 
But I was born and raised in Taiwan,
I look like an Asian,
And I still speak Mandarin and eat Taiwanese foods.
I have to be a Taiwanese.
But I don't have the same hairstyle the Taiwanese girls have.
I don't watch those Taiwanese dramas.
The Mandarin songs I listen to came out in 2007,
And I don't know those famous new bands.
"You're too westernized," they say,
"You can't be a Taiwanese."
Then am I really a "Canadian"?
I have an accent,
Sometimes I don't get jokes the Canadians do.
"You're too conservative and naive," Taiwanese say,
"Canada seems like a world t

TheAnimalsRight - suggested by AyeAye12
shadow smudgerit looks like im not doing much
but im doing things bhind the scenes
i went to the employement place
4 a workjob behind the scenes
got wun 4 up on the flat slotterhouse roof
trimming the postoral scenery
off the cattle ghosts
that they were still very muchishly attached 2 so they were.
imaway into the red art feeld the now

thoughtmaker - suggested by AyeAye12
the arrow shaftclothing stores and horses' manes
stepping stones and back again
only go where ghosts do tread
careful now don't wake the dead
brittle trees and darkened wood
having thoughts that no one should
used up garbage has no uses
dried up hags and bitter muses
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Antiquated by mrscats
if you trace art and someone calls you out on it, own up to your damn mistake dont dance around it and be playful about it because you did hurt an artist through making a profit from stolen work
we're all over the age of 9 (i hope) stop acting like it. apologize and don't do it again its not that damn difficult. some of you are like 18+ and still doing this. you are adults.