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Fri Dec 19, 2014, 7:47 AM

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burning heart by blueimagination
Hope everybody had a nice day Party Welcome new members and watchers! Thank you for joining and thanks to the contributors of our galleries for letting me show your amazing works here.
So today, as each week i will open a space for all the members to get one work featured in exchange of the many times your works get declined. In this space quality does not matter, is to help you out to get more exposure. 
That´s the points of every group but cause this group is for high quality works only i can not always accept your works.  


The Zorya by la-voisin RenaissanceJewels by coby01 Revy by nixuboy Raffiata by Velvet--Glove Fear Joyride by AdamScythe Purple Girl (FOR COMMISSION EXAMPLE) by ronggo Best Friend by palnandita1 Goblin of the Rocketry by Fallonart Tenebris Angelus by rhavencometa .: Birdies:. by IronicalGhosty Fia Star background by Twilightsoma let it snow by Lolita-Artz Christmas Romance by annewipf Gift by LadyCarnal The Amber Project - Book Cover by Eeren Basmachestvo by charcoalfeather Miss Winter by VelaniArt Tate Langdon (graphite) by DegasClover Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) by Ilojleen Smoth as Jazz by five-pm The reality-resisting stubbornness by VeraVeraART Leaf by AncA-P In black between , you'll dream by Futurum-UndamFirefight by DracoPhobos Apocalypse Duck [For Goblins v Gnomes competition] by Wee-Froggy Tom Hiddleston's portrait 4 by Andromaque78 Now Say - "S i t h"... by SmokesBrandy Man of the Week #9 by Nnusia Shaitan: The Equine Grim Reaper (animation) by oceans-infernoMERRY CHRISTMAS by miki-mochi The Golden Hour by Everlasting90 Taking my love through the stars by Lilith-the-5th Couple in winter cave by Vilenchik Piccole, strane esplosioni (2014) by SocratePazzo Zashiki Warashi by LaviniaChu Camus uta no prince sama by PriSuicun Natural Curls by barananduen Yggdrassil by fledervlad Shade of blue by ark4n My TOP IMAGES CALENDAR 2015 by StarsColdNight 

Skin by SimplySilent - Texture by TonomuraBix
Hello, visitors, friends and watchers. I do hope all of you have had a great week and I wish you an even better weekend. This Friday,  I wanted to do something different, so I choose one female portrait and one flower photography from different artists. I hope you enjoy them as I did, and please,  do not forget to browse their entire galleries, because what I show you here, is just a small fraction of what they have. Take care and have fun!

The things that make me smile... by TheRafflesia The sun III by RemusSirion
Alexandra by Norrington1 Red Rose close up by RalfPfaarPhotography
Go With Me by LienSkullova ENJOY by wiwionart
Nylon Smile by MissSouls Lathyrus by starykocur
Bring Myself to Life by since91 Simple beauty by Nataly1st
J&j-2272 by effjot petite fleur... by clochartist-photo
Magda - portrait by zieniu Dandelion by karz09
it's in your eyes by Stephanie-van-Rijn Pink Orchid by CASPER1830
07 by NerySoul These Wounds by WishmasterAlchemist
D497 by miobi Lotus Blossom by InayatShah

Jóvito Franco - Digital Art
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Friday night Specials v12.3

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 7:30 AM
what is STREET photography - Streets of Athens

FNS promo 2014.50 Window by wchild

image by wchild

If you like what you see, +favlove this article 
so it can reach as many deviants as possible.

A weekly selection amongst the images I liked, 
while browsing the Street Gallery
and I think they deserve more attention. 
Enjoy them, comment on them and remember 
to visit the photographers' galleries as well.

Friday Night Specials stamp by wchild

victory by lightdrafter

Art And Influence by ZiaulKareem

Have a nice weekend and a Merry Christmas.

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"Photohack; a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's Photography in a more time effective and cost effective way."

Last month an article focusing on DIY Photography Tools was posted and we asked you to contribute your own DIY Photo 'Hacks.' Lots of you commented and contributed, so here is a DeviantART Photo Hacks blog to round them up and keep them all in one place. If you have a tip, cheat or hint that you'd like to share comment here and we will update the blog!


"To get a double exposure look with your photos try shooting with a prism in front of you lens. For another interesting shot try shooting through a glass ball. This can also be used to achieve a Fish Eye type effect. See below for an example!"
Spring Captured by Luna1282


"- Nylon stockings are great for achieving a softening effect. Also try welding glass as a cheap alternative for ND filters."


"There are some great ways of achieving a DIY Macro set up for your Photography. Here's mine below..."

Macro Lighting Equipment by BokehLight


"The most diy I've done for soft boxes/lighting is using a lamp like the one that's pixar's mascot and either tapping thin paper over it or a pillow case for small objects/creatures."

First of all letting you all know that this may be my last journal. too much they bullied me, i am mentally down right now. I deleted the whole journal since deviant-art will not allow call out journals.
but still if u want to know what exactly happened.Here it is in stash.

Either i am taking a vacation , or i will never come back. I always talk about greatness of artwork and artist around here. you guys are always awesome and you will be always in my heart. I wanna point some of the special deviants who always cared for me, but it will be a lot to mention of them.

I am crying right now. 3 years in deviant-art made my whole life changed and right now. They just destroyed me.Lets hope i will get strength to come back.until then BYE



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So last night the season finale of Korra premiered. WARNING, this entire journal will be spoiling one specific thing from the ending which, if you can’t guess by the title of the journal and everyone tweeting and trending about it, has something to do with Korra and Asami’s relationship.

Now then, the big surprise was that the final moments of the episode involve Korra and Asami just chilling after a party and telling how much they mean to each other. After a consoling hug and some reassuring words, Korra suggests they take a vacation together. Just the two of them, no one else, wherever Asami wants to go. Asami suggests the spirit world. And so the episode ends with the two holding hands looking into each-other’s eyes as they pass into the spirit world.

I gotta say... I am impressed. I genuinely didn’t think that Nickelodeon would allow the Korrasami ship to get that far. Even though the show doesn’t explicitly come right out and SAY they’re a couple, the visual parallels, the looks on each character’s faces, the way throughout the entire 3rd and 4th seasons they’ve been so dear and loving to each other... it’s pretty hard to read this ending as anything BUT them as a couple.

Since the ending of Season 1 my biggest fear with The Legend of Korra was that they were going to shoe-horn Mako in as being the ultimate endgame partner for Korra. Even though it was pretty clear Mako and Korra’s relationship really really SUCKED. It’s been a niggling thought in the back of my head watching every new episode of Korra, so I can’t tell you how relieved I am that it didn’t come true.

One of the wonderful things about Korrasami is that it’s unobtrusive. The Legend of Korra’s plot does not hinge upon it. It’s never shoved in your face. It’s never called attention to that they’re bi-racial, either. It’s just there as two friends who came to realize they meant a lot to each other. That’s it. And you know what? THAT is my so-called “SJW agenda.” I want more representation like that. A lot of people claim I wanna FORCE “social justice” and “political correctness” down their throats, and that’s not true. I just want more representation. Period. And this was, in my opinion, a brilliant way to do it without forcing anything. I want more stuff like this please!

The ONLY thing that bothers me about Korrasami is knowing deep down that the “moral gatekeepers” are the reason Korra can’t actually kiss or tell Asami she loves her. Whenever I bring up my annoyance at kids cartooning not being allowed to show LGBTA content it’s more that I am mad at the societal pressures and system we have set up that demonizes it. Like, Disney can make a gay couple in a live-action TV show... but do that in a cartoon? Yeah not gonna happen (especially as we’ve seen recently from Gravity Falls where the creators frequently try to get around censorship laws to include this type of content). So I’m not really mad at Nickelodeon or Disney or whoever for not allowing openly LGBTA characters or content in their cartoons, I’m mad at society for dictating to them that it’s wrong and making them fear repercussions.

The weird thing about the ending is how small it was too. Like yes there is a big epic battle with Kuvira and Korra... but compared to the ending to Avatar: The Last Airbender this was pretty damn tame. And yet, somehow, it worked for me. I really enjoyed the fact that Korra’s journey is much more personal, and the ending of the series really highlighted that for me. Even though it wasn’t as “impressive” as Aang’s battle with the Fire Lord, it still felt complete and satisfying. It ended on a super positive and happy note.

My only hope now is that if there are any future comics made for the series they’re allowed to go a little more in-depth and say and do stuff they weren’t allowed to do on TV. Kinda like how in the comics to Adventure Time, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are very CLEARLY gay for each other.

And that, my friends, is my thoughts on the finale of Legend of Korra! Thanks to everyone who convinced me to get back into the series after the abysmal 1st season, because the writers clearly were able to make it all up and tie everything together.


One final thing to say...
I’m fully aware that the show doesn’t come out 100% and say that they are a couple. So from that perspective, I understand how one could argue that they are “just two straight friends.” And that’s fine if that’s how you want to perceive it. But please don’t be a dick to the many LGBTA fans for whom this is a HUGE deal. If you have a right saying they’re straight, those fans also have a right to claim they’re a bi or lesbian couple. LGBTA representation in American kids cartooning is so UNDER represented here that I think it’s a really mean spirited and hateful thing to try and take this tiny victory away from them. So yeah, please TRY to be respectful. Have your headcanon and we’ll have ours, ok? ok!
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