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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2015, 11:25 AM

Results of the 3000:points: giveaway are in!

The winner of 2000:points: is...


The other two winners who will both get 500:points: are....


Giveaway by Linked-Memories

Please reply within 72 hours to claim your prize or I will give your prize to someone else (I will then randomly generate a different number)

I will be able to give you your prizes on Monday (because I won't be near a computer this weekend), please be patient.

From now on I will host a Premium Membership/:points: giveaway on a monthly basis so stay tuned (:

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The Deviousness Award 2.0

Wed Jun 17, 2015, 5:02 PM
Where Subscriber's Money REALLY Goes by priteeboy
Artists Creditpriteeboy

T he Deviousness Award, bestowed in recognition of exemplary membership and an outstanding spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community, has recently undergone a reevaluation to provide a focus and a re-definition as to just what Deviousness truly represents.

The award is given once per month to honor a deviant who has gone above and beyond in their services to the DeviantArt Community. The 189 recipients of the Award thus far have brought something to the community that was not there before their presence, and it's our duty — and honor — to publicly recognize their efforts in doing so.

Early on, Deviousness was given more than once per month to a deviant whose involvement in the community merited recognition. However, starting in 2004, the award officially became a once-monthly accolade, given to a deviant who excelled in community involvement and engagement. Sometimes professional artists, sometimes hobbyists or art appreciators, these deviants all share one thing in common — a kindred and exceptional passion for the DeviantArt community and an inspiring commitment that truly exceeds expectations.

Artists CreditMadH

W hen selecting Deviousness Award recipients in the future, we will be focusing on recognizing deviants who best exemplify “Authentic Citizenship” in the DeviantArt community.

An “Authentic Citizen” in the DeviantArt community is one who brings community members together, be it over shared interests or art medium, or by providing resources for others to use and reference. These deviants can be outstanding artists in their medium of choice, or they can be art appreciators who provide palpable love and support to their fellow deviants. Highly active in the community, all Authentic Citizens are deviants who strive to be the best they can, providing invaluable mentorship and paving lifelong relationships in the process.

Each Deviousness Award recipient has contributed to the community in a way unlike anyone before them, but some of the common ways past winners have excelled include regular positive contributions to groups, projects, and community events, consistent positive commentary and/or constructive feedback to individuals, and actively engaging with their fellow deviant in meaningful ways.

The sorts of invaluable resources such individuals selflessly bring to DeviantArt include answering all manner of questions asked by curious deviants; being a role model for comment etiquette; establishing a friendly and inviting identity in the chat rooms; assisting deviants in personalizing their profile pages; being a champion and advocate for new and unknown artists; directing deviants to tutorials to improve their craft; being available for thoughtful reviewing of artists’ portfolios; knowing who in the DeviantArt network to put deviants in contact with for specific problems or needed advice. This is far from an exhaustive list of ways Deviousness winners impact our community. In fact, thinking of new and creative ways to serve other deviants is possibly the consummate definition of Authentic Citizenship.

The spirit Deviousness Award recipients have reflects the brand pillars outlined in Our Story.

What these deviants do is

— they reach into our community to create and empower projects and ideas that haven’t been done before, oftentimes that haven't yet been dreamed of.

Artists CreditMarcSimonetti

They are a

force that draws other community members in, gets them involved, and keeps everyone feeling like they belong.

Artists CreditDetkef


spirits, connecting with people on multiple levels.

Artists CreditThreepwoody


to create and do more, and to uplift others to do the same.

Artists CreditCestica

Each month's Deviousness Award recipient is selected by a small committee of DeviantArt staff who are constantly monitoring the community for deviants who go out of their way to bring good to DeviantArt. While each recipient is selected for specific, individual reasons, there are basic traits they all have in common. Recipients are highly active in the community, offering guidance or advice or even just a helping hand to people they interact with. Some are recognized professionals in their field; all are recognized members of their respective sub-communities on DeviantArt. Every Deviousness Award recipient has worked to help others strive to be their best, and has bettered the community and themselves in doing so.

A potential future showcase of
Deviousness Award winners

Winners of the Deviousness Award embody the life-energy that fuels DeviantArt at its core, and without them, DeviantArt wouldn't feel like the welcoming home it is for so many.

We want to elevate the prominence of Deviousness Award recipients in our overall site design, so they are properly recognized for their efforts. The award is not only about the current month's recipient, but is also about previous recipients, and the importance of the time and efforts they've dedicated to DeviantArt's community. For all of these reasons, we're looking to better showcase and acknowledge deviants who show excellence in lasting ways.

Whether they set out to change the world or just feeding the insatiable muse within, artists at their very cores create something that leaves the world a little better than it was, changing lives around them for the better with every world they create. Their passion, support, and inspiration cultivate a greater community and a healthier, happier global artspace for all to share.

Deviousness Award winners represent every artist and art enthusiast on this hallowed journey of creation, and it's truly an honor to bestow this award on those who have poured so much of themselves into the community they helped cultivate and nurture.

Jeremy Vickery:

I've enjoyed drawing as far back as I can remember, but as a child I never thought I could have a career in the arts. It was through encouragement from friends and family (my community) that I decided to pursue art as a career. And even after art school I did not stop learning, in fact it was just the beginning. I've now worked in the animation industry for more than 17 years, most recently as an artist at Pixar Animation Studios, and I still have so much to learn from all of my awesome artist friends. Years ago, when DeviantArt was still a new thing, a good friend pushed me to make an account.

I was resistant, but finally made one, and I'm so glad I did. It's not only helped me as an artist to find professional connections (many freelance clients came from my DA account), but I've made so many amazing friends, some of which I've even met in person. The community is what keeps me inspired to create more.”

Artist Creditjermilex
Artist Creditjermilex
Artist Creditjermilex

Eric Proctor:

Art has always been an undeniable urge that has affected every part of my life. Drawing, creating, and admiring artwork has influenced my interests and goals ever since childhood. As a kid, my heroes were conceptual artists for games and movies, and a great deal of my free time was spent studying and emulating their work. Pursuing art in college, my educators may have given me the tools to improve my work, but it was my peers and community that influenced my style.

So much of my motivation to create is woven into the artistic community. I draw my inspiration from other artists, my style changes as I study the work of my peers, and the support of the community fuels my drive.”

Artist CreditTsaoShin
Artist CreditTsaoShin
Artist CreditTsaoShin

Jonathan Castillo:

Art has always been part of my life as far back as I can remember. My mom still keeps some drawings from when I was around 4. Art has taught me to see things from a wider perspective, to have an open mind and consider several points of view. I believe that as artists we have that extra sensitivity to see things differently, and that's what allows us to be creative.

This is something I've learned to put in use in all aspects of my life, on a professional and personal level. Creativity can (and should) be used not only for drawing, painting or taking photographs, but for virtually everything, from making your bed in the morning, to doing whatever you do at work.”

Artist CreditThiefoworld
Artist CreditThiefoworld
Artist CreditThiefoworld

Andy Fairhurst:

I've always been an artist, but I have only seen my artwork start to shape my life in the last 10 years, since I started using the internet as a tool to share my work on a wider scale, and to learn more than I could ever imagine. It was always only a hobby, but through the likes of DeviantArt, I have developed and improved my artwork AND means of marketing myself, and now I am a self employed freelance artist. It's been a slow but steady and enjoyable journey.

Artist CreditAndyFairhurst
Artist CreditAndyFairhurst
Artist CreditAndyFairhurst

Achievement Unlocked: Equality

Fri Jun 26, 2015, 3:24 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic

Nintendo scored points with fans who have been longing for more diversity and representation in games by confirming that newest title in their Fire Emblem series will allow for same-sex relationships.

While this announcement has made headlines, Fire Emblem will not be the first time that Nintendo has allowed players the option of a same-sex union.

In 2005, the Bokujō Monogatari series, Harvest Moon to English speaking players, released a new game titled Bokujō Monogatari: Korobokkuru Sutēshon for Gāru. Outside of Japan, it was known by the much shorter title of Harvest Moon DS: Cute. This farming simulation game featured a female protagonist, and Japanese players had the option to spurn a traditional marriage with the bachelors in Mineral Town and settle down with a female best friend instead.

The best friends system was the Harvest Moon equivalent of a civil union. Becoming best friends had all the same friendship requirements as becoming engaged to an eligible bachelor, and proposing to the chosen female friend triggered a special “friend ceremony” in lieu of a marriage ceremony. After this ceremony, the chosen best friend moved in with the player’s character, shared her bed, and players could even unlock an event which would allow them to adopt a baby.

Many fans hoped that this option would continue to appear in future Bokujō games, unfortunately this was not to be. The best friend feature has not appeared in any Bokujō game since, and was removed from the US release of the game entirely. Best friend ceremonies have never been provided as an option for male characters. The disappointment did not end there.

The life simulation game, Tomodachi Life, released in North America in June of 2014, drew players in with the promise of being a highly personalized world where anything could happen. The game later made headlines when player outraged sparked over a very specific restriction. In Tomodachi Life, anything could happen … except for gay marriage. Nintendo issued an apology for excluding this segment of its community and promised they would consider offering same-sex marriages in any sequels to Tomodachi Life, and that they would make a deliberate effort to be more inclusive in the future.

Which brings us back to this week’s Fire Emblem announcement.

Fire Emblem Fates will be released as a pair of games which are scheduled to hit shelves in both US and Europe in 2016. While both games will, as usual, offer a number of opposite-sex characters as potential marriage candidates, these games will also offer one same-sex marriage option each. Those who purchase Fire Emblem Conquest will find one male character which a male protagonist can bond with and potentially marry. Likewise, Fire Emblem Birthright will offer one potential female marriage candidate for female protagonists. A third edition of the game, which will be available as downloadable content, will make both of these characters available in both versions of the game.

Because marriage and family play no small part in the world of Fire Emblem, which has been gathering a fanbase since the first game released in 1990, the inclusion of same-sex marriage does represent an important change to this long-established series. Marriages between same and opposite sex characters will reportedly be handled the same way in game, with the exception of children. Same-sex couples will not be able to have children, but will, instead, receive boosts during combat.

While Fire Emblem is offering an incredibly limited pool of would-be same-sex partners, this is something of a big step for Nintendo, which has not exactly been a beacon of inclusion and diversity. Regardless, if you’re looking forward to a same-sex romance in this game, you’d better hope you like your one option!

Many are praising the same-sex marriage option in Fire Emblem as Nintendo’s first step towards fulfilling their promise of being more inclusive. Those of a more skeptical nature suggest that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt, and that only the bare minimum has been done in an attempt to recover from some of the bad press of Tomodachi Life.

Is this a first step, or simply an attempt to gain a bit of good publicity? Only time will tell. Your fans are watching, Nintendo. Don’t let us down.

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you think Nintendo will offer more same-sex marriage options in future games?
  2. Do you feel this is a genuine effort to be more inclusive, or simply a publicity stunt?
  3. Do you have a favorite same-sex couple?
  4. If you could add more diversity to any Nintendo game, which game would it be, and what would you change?

Og-preview by techgnoticGalactic domination and $30,000 await in the LINE Webtoons Science Fiction Comics Contest! Grab a pen and your wacky imagination, and submit an original sci-fi comic for the chance to blast off your comic career!

Webtoon Science Fiction Comics Contest

Draw your way to $30,000

Enter Here

Galactic domination awaits!

Time Remaining

Take the challenge

Blast off your comic career for your chance to win $30,000! All you have to do is enter your original sci-fi comic to the LINE Webtoon universe to qualify. So grab a pen and your wacky imagination, because the possibilities are out of this world!

Previous winners from DeviantArt

Last year, a handful of DeviantArt artists had an amazing showing in the LINE Webtoon Challenge League Contest. Now, it’s your time to cash in on your skills and take home the big prize.

DeviantArt Timeline Updates

Wed Jul 1, 2015, 6:03 PM by Heidi:iconheidi:

Weird Cloud Formation by GorosArt
Earlier this year, we introduced the DeviantArt Timeline, which highlights the work we’ve accomplished in the past, and lays the groundwork for the work that is to come. As we progress, we’ll update the Timeline with additions to show what’s in store for the near future on DeviantArt. This journal outlines items that have been added to the timeline today, and what you can expect to see soon.

Upcoming Events

July 8: View Your Own Poll Results Without Voting
A seemingly small and very specific change, but a huge community request.

July 13: Watch Recommendations
We’re kickstarting the experience of joining DeviantArt by suggesting deviants to watch.

July 22: Profile Discussion
DeviantArt’s User Experience and User Interface team leads a discussion about the future of profile pages.

August 3: New Thumbnails (Phase 1)
Our new thumbnail grid launches on browse and search pages.

August 7: DeviantArt’s 15th Birthday
┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘  

August 12: Notes and Improved Notifications in App
Notes come to the DeviantArt Mobile App, along with improved notifications.

Coming Soon: Notes Search
The ability to search Notes has been a long-standing community request.

View the DeviantArt Timeline.

Please note:  These projects and their scheduled launch dates may change.  If that occurs, the Timeline will be updated accordingly.

Meet a Deviant #1 - Spideecartoon

Mon Jun 8, 2015, 11:58 PM
What's up!
It's me, Maverick!

Welcome to the very first chapter of "Meet a Deviant" series with Maverick!

What is "Meet a Deviant"? 

Since this is the very first of our "Meet a Deviant" series, I would like to explain everything about our series.

"Meet a Deviant" series is a journal series started by yours truly in order to further support other Featured Deviants in our Community. This is the third of our "Featured" project, wherein the "Featured Deviants" on my page is the first and "Mavs' Newsletter with Exclusive Featured Deviants" is the second.

How does these projects help publicize other Deviants?

Featured Deviants makes the use of the typical way of publicizing Deviants by sharing a Deviant's Icon or Works in your own Page, in my case, my page.

Mavs' Newsletter makes use of featuring deviants on my personal weekly Journal wherein all their icons will be listed and an "Exclusive Featured Deviant" will be given a space in the newsletter to put their description and show their works.

Meet a Deviant is the bigger and better version of "Exclusive Featured Deviant" wherein a Deviant will be featured in his own Journal authored by me. 

So that's it? How do we know that deviants are publicized well?

Publicized "well" or not, what's important is at least someone is willing to share their works to the rest of the community. Also, I'm an active member of the community. I am an Admin and member of many groups in DeviantArt where the journals can be shared. Also, I'm a regular user of Point Accounts such as dAhub, dAbigHeartedPoints, A-M-A-P etc etc. where a deviant can be heavily and effectively publicized.

For more info about the Point Accounts, read this journal

Ok, so what's the catch?

Sadly, I'm not able to pay for the features I need here in DeviantArt, especially Premium Membership. I have to rely on others' points in order to continue running the services. Therefore, I will need :points: from you guys in order to pay for the needed features.

Where will all your paid :points: go? 
1. Premium Membership Extension of my page in order for me to keep all the aesthetics of my page and the journals.
2. Payment for the Point Account publicity, such as dAhub
3. Payment for the needed features to improve the design of my page and journals.
4. Prices for the contests that I will make where all subscribed Featured Deviants will be shown as sponsors.

So how much do we have to pay?

For the featured deviants service (on my page and newsletter), prices are shown in here.

For the "exclusive featured deviant" on my newsletter, you will have to pay 100 :points:, inclusive of your description and 3 of your works.

For the "Meet a Deviant Service", an initial payment of 250 :points: is needed, inclusive of your own journal, description, shoutouts, 2 questions for our interview and 3 of your works.  An additional of 50 :points: can be given to get 2 more questions and 3 more works featured. (Example, 500 points can get you 10 questions and 15 of your works, in total). The limitations on the questions and works are put in order to reduce the length of the journal. You don't like to read a 30,000 word feature right?

If you are interested, just send me a note about it and we'll sort it out :)

NOW! Unto the featured deviant!  

Our featured Deviant #1 one is 



Spideecartoon is a self taught artist who has been drawing since she was young. She draws daily and uses her talent in order to relax her. She enjoys using da Muro on DeviantArt since it works well for her. Since June 9, 2015, she's been a deviant for a year with a whopping 2,974 Deviations and 39,234 pageviews. Pretty awesome eh?

Interview with Maverick

(M is Maverick, S is Spideecartoon)

M: What's up Spideecartoon! So, uhm, why did you join DeviantArt?
S: I joined deviant art a year ago because a friend of mine saw my drawings and suggested that I join so the world could see my art. :)

M: I see, so how active are you in Deviant Art?
S: I'm active everyday on deviant art . I hardly ever log out!

M: Wow! Really? Hahaha, well what do you usually do in here and what do you think about the community?
S: I upload my works daily. The da community is a great support. I have many watchers and great comments on my arts daily. :)

M: Let's talk about your art, what kinda of art do you make?
S: I draw all kinds of artwork in my style. From cars to furniture to scenery to people and many more.

M: Why did you start doing your art?
S: Why? I love drawing and deviant art Muro is amazing to draw with! :)

M: Who or What are your inspirations for doing your Art?
S: My everyday life inspires me. :)

M: That's really good to know! Now, what do you feel about being critiqued by the members?
S: I don't mind being critiqued, it helps me out.

M: Now before we end, what do you want to say to your watchers and everyone who reads this Journal?
S: A big thank you to all my watchers and everyone who reads this! Thank you!

M: And that's it folks! Don't forget to check spidEEcartoon's page and her works :) Give a watch, a llama and a bit of fave while you're doing it! haha. Thank you for reading!

Spideecartoon's works

And thaaat's it!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Spideecartoon.
She's a really active member of the community and her deep motivation in making her artworks is inspiring.
Always check out her works! Watch, Fave and Llama! :D

See you next time folks for our "Meet a Deviant".

From Spideecartoon and yours truly,


Collaborative Deviations: A Discussion

Wed Jun 24, 2015, 12:55 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

Old Paint Brushes by xSweetSlayerx

A common request from deviants is to post collaborative deviations, where more than one deviant has worked to create the end product. In our recent
Top Community Feature Requests and Our Responses journal, we briefly addressed why we haven’t yet undertaken collaborative deviations.  However, we want to open a discussion around how collaborations could theoretically work, so that we can better understand the community’s desires for such a feature.

Simple vs. Complex

We've already put a fair amount of thought into collaborations, but don't want to make assumptions about around how deviants would use the feature to best serve their needs.  From simple to complex, there are a number of ways we could implement collaborations and we’re interested to hear the community’s expectations.

If we wanted to go a simple route, a deviation could list multiple deviants as contributors to the final deviation, and that would be it. The problem with such an approach is that the deviation would only appear in one deviant’s gallery, and only that deviant would receive comments and favorites.

This likely isn’t an ideal solution, so if we pursue collaborative deviations, then we’re faced with more complex options. From a technical standpoint, these complex options pose a number of issues:

  • If we assume that the deviation appears in all of the deviants’ galleries, who receives notifications for action on that deviation?

  • All deviants would need to confirm that they worked on the deviation, in order for them to be cited.  What would the process be for adding collaborators to a deviation?  

  • Who can edit the deviation title, description, and other details? What happens if one collaborator makes a change the others don’t like?

  • How does a deviant remove oneself from a deviation at a later date? Can one deviant delete the deviation, or do they have to get approval from the others?

  • If the collaboration is sold as a print, who sets print prices? How are profits dealt with?

These are the challenges our Product and Devious Technology teams will need to address, and your feedback will help us determine whether these questions have straightforward answers or if they will require us to investigate more complex problem solving solutions.  We look forward to your feedback and expectations of this potential feature so that we have a better idea of where, and if, this proposed project should fit into our current priorities and build schedule.

Community Discussion

  1. Do you collaborate with other artists? If so, how often? Please share example deviations.

  2. What type of roles do other artists have in the creation of your deviation?

  3. Which features do you feel are required to make collaborative deviations useful to you?

200 Points Giveaway! [WINNERS]

Thu Jun 18, 2015, 3:15 PM

Winners Announced!

Almost 1k entries? Damn! That's a lot :'D
I just picked the two random numbers and here are the winners (such close numbers haha)

870 is RoseFrankArts
879 is madamekittycat

Congratulations! I'll be sending your points in shortly.

btw: I'll be responding to all kind of messages later. I'm having some trouble with power at home so I can't be here much.

Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] by Jerikuto
I'm feeling a bit down lately so I'm doing a small giveaway to cheer me up a little.

How to enter:

The only thing you have to do is +fav this journal.

What you can get:

I'll choose two winners who will get 100 Points each!

How I'll pick the winners:

After the deadline, I'll pick the two winners with, using the numbers on the favorites list (so you must fav this journal if you want to enter)

You have 50hs from the time this journal was posted to enter

Sorry for the weird number lol. I wanted it to be 48hs but I'm not sure if I'll be on at that time.
If you're lazy to do the math, that's 2 days + 2 hours

I'm also holding another contests + raffle if you want to check it out here:
$200+ and Art in Prizes! - OC Drawing Contest!
Hello! It's been a while since I wanted to hold a contest and I finally have the fundscourage to do it :'D
Hope you're interested in entering and have fun with it!
This journal took me so long to get together and check all prizes and stuff. So hopefully I didn't messed up.
Hope you're interested in entering and have fun with it!

Some quick rules before I start:

 When you're done with your entry, please comment with a link here or send me a note. If you notice that it's been a few days since you uploaded it and I didn't add it to my favorite's folder, drop me a comment to make sure I didn't miss it.
 Art must be your own. No bases please. However, you are allowed to enter with collab works giving the proper credit to every artist.
• You can submit as many entries as you wish. There's no limit! However, you can get a only one prize.
 Don't be an ass with other par


Skin made by AlexanderPaupoff & mondscheinsonate

Flash Fiction Month 2015

Tue Jun 23, 2015, 12:48 PM
CRLiterature Journal Header by inknalcohol

FFM Are you ready?

July marks the start of Flash Fiction Month- a creative challenge to complete 31 pieces of flash fiction, 1 for every day in July. It is a great way to stretch your writing fingers and maybe write pieces you would never have written before. It is about getting in regular writing and creating some potentially awesome first drafts for pieces that are worth developing.

Flash fiction is all about brevity in word count whilst still telling a fully rounded story. Although there isn’t a restriction of word count, it’s best to look between 25 and 1000 words. For FFM, keep in mind restriction and challenge yourself with amounts varying at different word counts.

If you have decided already to participate in this challenge, there is work to be done before July begins! Like any good writer, sometimes a bit of planning can go a long way!


Where to get help and prompts

The best help you can get is by helping yourself! However here are some tips for preparation:

:bulletred: Plan ahead on your approach to FFM. Are you planning on going out random, or is there a theme/structure to your writing choices? What about allocating yourself time to write in your day? If you work full time like me, could you use a lunch break or a commute to write? Some people like to use spreadsheets and calendars to prepare themselves- it’s entirely up to you but a good plan could save you on the days you are struggling to write something.

:bulletred: Start collecting ideas early; whether you get a Pinterest board of prompts or start a collection of interesting art on here you feel has story potential. Get a notebook that’s dedicated to FFM and start making notes in it- whether this is just single words or fuller ideas. Take notebook everywhere, even on a first date! Your notebook could be the very place you start actually writing your stories in.

:bulletred:  Dig into the past of dA- are there contests or workshops you never entered that actually have really good prompts to kick start you? Maybe there are some current ones you could enter at the same time as this challenge? It doesn’t matter how many years old the prompt it, it can still be valuable to use! Why not look at past years’ Flash-Fic-Month directory or prompts?

:bulletred: Read useful articles like these goldmines:……………

I am sure you can find others- if so let me know and I will add it to this list!

:bulletred: Read good dA articles like these:

What is Flash Fiction?It was recently asked of me to describe to an audience of writers what flash fiction was. When I read my first piece of flash, I couldn't begin to answer that question, and now after writing almost nothing but flash for the past two years it's still hard for me to define. I find that while I've developed a set of skills to create flash, I can only really define it by the process by which I create it. I start with a complete and fully formed short story, and then ruthlessly carve away most of it. I consider the editing rule I was given when I started down this path; 'Cut all of what you don't need and half of what you do.' What remains is the essence of that whole story, with all it's structure and key elements intact, but devoid of anything that doesn't absolutely have to be there. That which remains, is flash. Looking for something more substantial in the way of a definition, I asked the person who'd given me that editing advice, Kathy Kachelries aka Tips For Writing Flash Fictionby Stephen R. Smith with excerpts by Kathy Kachelries
In order to improve as a writer, you need feedback. It's difficult to write something the size of a novel, and equally difficult to carve out the time required to read one and provide any sort of meaningful critique on it. This severely handicaps the feedback loop so important for the aspiring writer.
Flash Fiction on the other hand allows you to exercise all of your story writing and editing skills while creating works that can be read in a few minutes. This makes it ideal for examining ideas, developing writing skills and getting the feedback needed to help elevate you in your craft. Note that while Flash Fiction stories can be read in a few minutes, you shouldn't expect to write them that quickly.
Kathy Kachelries, founder of 365tomorrows, had this to say about Flash Fiction:
"The most concise and widely-cited example of flash fiction is the story Ernest Hemingway penned, allegedly to settle a bar bet: “For sale: baby shoes.


Again, if I have missed some good ones, let me know and I will add!


:bulletred: Just add SRSmith to your watchlist and look in awe of his gallery. He has been rocking flash fiction since the dawn of time!

:bulletred: There is also a dedicated group Flash-Fic-Month , which we hope will be raring to go soon, so do follow it for more details!


August is for critique, September to rewrite

We are habitual writers who often want to redraft before we have completed the story. In flash fiction month, the challenge is to knock your stories out one day per story. There is nothing stopping you playing with your piece throughout the day (though if you started writing at 11pm you might be struggling!), but after that LEAVE IT ALONE. There is plenty of time to go back, we’re not in a rush. Make the most of the following months:

August: Summer holidays! Firstly, I wouldn’t recommend trying to get critique on all 31 pieces, select your strongest and work on those first. Why not spend some time acquiring and giving critique on FFM pieces? Set up a circle of writers to all co-critique 2-3 stories each and share the love. You can learn a lot from critiquing others’ work that you can apply to your own. Make sure you keep your eye out for groups that have critique events, such as CRLiterature 's critique chat nights (usually Sundays) or the literature forums monthly critique threads. There is plenty of opportunity!

September: Once you feel you have enough critique and your own thoughts on your pieces, make the most of September to really tidy those flash pieces up. Maybe you can reduce that word count even further, but still convey the same story? Still not happy after revising? Get on the critique circle again! Lather, rinse, repeat (and then prepare for NaNoWriMo in November :p)

Remember, there is no rush. I picked up an FFM piece I wrote last year in February to rewrite, and I am glad I did because I managed to breathe a whole new life into it. We don’t need to rush for perfection and there is plenty of time to scrub your work up.


Are you In?

So the main question is, are you in for this challenge? We will try keep a list of participants on this journal- maybe you can watch a few of them or use them to start that writing circle up? Don’t forget there are several lit chats including #crliterature and #writeroom.

Have you done FFM before and have any good advice or comments? Is this the first time you have heard of this challenge? Not sure whether to sign up and need some convincing? Post your thoughts below!

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Light Hunters Feature #115

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 14, 2015, 1:25 AM

*** by Tarasov Family Outing by Unkopierbar
Tunnel by porbital 
between cold waves by DavidSchermann *** by Tarasov
Family Affair by HeikoGerlicher
6 by neinoten Mono Square Series XLV by insolitus85
Murmeln by feigenfrucht
and off we go again... by clochartist-photo Like a Rainbow by SheilaBrinson
Springtime by porbital

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