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Boldly Facing The Future

Thu Dec 4, 2014, 2:00 PM
2 by marioluevanos

Artist Credit DanielaUhlig


Many of you have been in this community for a long time, but whether you’ve just joined or you’ve been a member since day one, this is your first impression of the new DeviantArt.

Change is not something that we take lightly, because it affects our collective identity. It was important for us to define who we are and what we’re made of at our core before we changed anything. We all have our own understanding of what that means, but the process of getting that core story down on paper took almost a year.

The result is “Bleed and Breed Art.” This is our center of gravity and our reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

It is the guide and the justification for everything, including our business partnerships, the development of the new app and the design of our new identity. Anything and everything we create is in service of our innate calling to Bleed and Breed Art.

This is who we are at our essence. When I say “we,” I mean you, too. We are not a company or a brand or a website—we are a community united in our love and support of art and artists. Our new look is not designed to compete or keep up with other companies, brands or websites—it’s designed to tell our story and showcase our art and artists in the best possible way. We are DeviantArt.

— Angelo (spyed), CEO

We are where art starts, but that is only the beginning. We are a community for the creative in everyone to develop and heighten their personal sense of taste, but that’s not where it ends. We are the movement for the liberation of creative expression.

We believe that art is for everyone, and we’re creating the cultural context for how it is created, discovered and shared.

Artists love us because we are an inclusive and supportive community. We help them find their identity through self-expression. We provide the tools, resources and exposure to enable them to become better, more successful artists. We inspire people to create art by feeding their creativity.

We provide endless entertainment and inspiration. This is where you see it first. This is where whatever you’re into, no matter how niche, is embraced and expressed by a dedicated community of likeminded creatives. This is where the global undercurrent of creativity feeds the future of popular culture.

There’s no other place like DeviantArt. We are an unapologetically addictive experience. Our world is a prolific orgy of originality where creatives enjoy freedom of artistic expression. We are the deviation of creativity that shatters the confines of expectation. We can’t help it—it runs through our veins and compels us to nurture it in others. This is DeviantArt.

Artist Credit

Artist CreditBenHeine

We are an unapologetically rebellious community of unconventional creatives. Never restricted by convention, we create the genres and sub genres that push the edge of the art world’s boundaries. We have a fearless confidence that comes with being the established alternative for millions of badass deviant artists. You will know us when you see us, because we’re like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Artist Creditaxcy

We’re an addictive force of creativity. Always fun, entertaining and effortlessly captivating, we’re a mesmerizing visual experience. If being the source of the digital art world’s most prolific creativity is cool, we’re destined to be iconic. There’s a reason why our vast community keeps growing: once you get a taste, you’re hooked for life.

Artist Creditwlop

We are open to the creative in everyone. Our community is a family of visual communicators born with an innate appreciation for art. It is in the blood running through our collective veins. We are more than a collaborative creative environment, we are a safe, trustworthy place for the intimate act of bonding over art from the heart.

Artist Creditigreeny

We develop ingenious ways for the world to create and discover art. Our energy and knowledge comes from years of facilitating the vibrant creativity of our community. We put every ounce of our intellectual curiosity into developing an evolving environment that stimulates and inspires our artists to push the limits of their talents.

Our new logo is symbolic of everything we believe. It is an audacious and inspired evolution of our original dA mark—literally turning the art world upside down. We love it because, like DA, people might not get it right away and, like all great art, it challenges perceptions and perspectives. Most importantly, it elevates DeviantArt and our artists.


Artist credit

Artist Credit axcy

You, the artist and the art enthusiast, are what truly define us, so you should have as much ownership over our identity as we do. Here you’ll find all of the elements of our new visual identity with high-level direction on how they should be used.

Artist Credit

The construction of our brand mark is a combination of our symbol and a completely customized wordmark, all of which use the angle of 62 degrees to cut the letter forms.

These are the five preferred lockups of our logo and wordmark.

There is no question that DeviantArt is green. Like art, it is in our blood. We considered every shade of green imaginable before deciding unanimously on the bold, vibrant “DeviantArt Green” you see now. Most importantly, we’ve defined a system for using it selectively rather than pervasively.

As well as DeviantArt Green, we’ve established a neutral color palette of greys chosen specifically for their qualities to showcase art. Now, DA is represented in DeviantArt Green and our art can represent itself in the best light.

Core Gray Scale







DA Green


Secondary Color









UI Orange


Our typeface is called Calibre (not Calibri) by a type foundry called Klim. We use caps whenever possible and give it a custom treatment by cutting off the first and last letters of words and/or sentences with the diagonal angle of our logo.

Artist Credit

Another great thing about our symbol is that it can tessellate to form a beautiful pattern. It is particularly powerful because, when the symbol tessellates, it allows the two “A”s to become more clear.

Our identity is as much yours as it is ours, so we wanted you to have all of the pieces to bring it to life in your own ways. Download, share and create as you see fit.

If you haven’t met Fella, he’s our mascot, and he’s not going anywhere. Fella’s look has changed over the years, and those changes have always been made by the community. That’s not going to change. He is yours and yours alone. Here he is with the new logo.

Artist Creditjasinski

The new mobile app was a long time coming, and it is truly amazing. Art has never looked better on a mobile device. This is not a mobile version of our website—it’s a revolutionary new way to access the entire community, submit and browse art and experience DeviantArt on the go from your mobile device.

Artist Credit

Artist Creditjoeart-tn

Artist CreditDosshaus

Taking a deep dive into introspection required the guidance and perspective of a trusted partner. We chose to work with Moving Brands, who we consider to be the greatest independent creative company in the world. Check out their work for yourself at

Artist Credit

We spent months together, at one point even locking ourselves in repurposed warehouse space in downtown LA for an intensive 12 hour workshop. Every voice was heard. Everything was put on the table. We were exposed—stripped back to our essence and forced to reconcile our past with our future.

Tough questions were asked and answered. What does it mean to be a deviant? What is the nature of art and of artists? What are the universal truths about DA? Who are we, really?

Design sensibilities were explored exhaustively. Colors, textures, patterns and typefaces were examined and discussed extensively.

Moving Brands are pros, and their guidance was invaluable in filtering through the myriad of insights, impressions and opinions to find the common threads. It’s how we got to “Bleed and Breed Art,” which informed everything else from logo and color choices to the layout of the website and the functionality of our amazing new app.

Bleed and Breed Art is more than a tagline. We’re using it to guide all of our decisions. In other words, before we add a feature or design an app or make a business partnership, the question, “will this Bleed and Breed Art?” is the first thing we ask of ourselves. If the answer is anything but an emphatic “yes,” we go back to the drawing board.

In many ways, “Bleed and Breed Art” is the most important piece that came out of this journey. It has always been true and will always be true.

There will be more changes and new additions in the future as we continue to grow. Some may have obvious benefits, while the reasoning behind others may not be so immediately apparent. Whatever the case may be, know that the motivation behind everything we do will always be to Bleed and Breed Art—for our 32 million registered members, for the new artists and art lovers of the future, and for the world.

When the kitchen's camera isn't on by ShinyMeowstic
You know this?

I set it to music

and threw it on youtube

Also give my lonely gallery a look over, and my fanfiction and contest here:
FNaF x Reader: The New Security Guard (PROLOGUE)
It wasn't that you desperately needed a job, nor was it that you wanted one.  You were a college student, so you almost felt like you didn’t have the time. However, your mother insisted that you needed a bit of independence and a taste of the workplace, so she instructed you to get a job. She couldn’t force you really. Aside from the fact you still lived at home, she had no control over you.
But, she still was your mother.
So, after finishing your schoolwork one Thursday afternoon, you decided that you’d try and get a small job that you could do after a day at class. You typed a bit on your computer, checking social medias and your school email, before going to your favorite search engine.
The first thing that popped up on the screen was McDonald’s… yeah, right. Hmm… What else was there? You could always be a cashier at a supermarket, you mused to yourself… as if. It was then that you noticed a rather peculiar job opening.
  Christmas 2014 CONTEST - Christmas at Freddy's!!!:snowflake: Christmas 2014 Contest - Christmas at Freddy's!!! :snowflake:
Starts: December 2nd, 2014
Ends: January 1st, 2015
Reduced the time that will be available to enter simply because of the overwhelming amount of people that entered! Thank you all so much :3
Feel free to enter before New Years though! AND GOOD LUCK ^_^

Christmas and the Winter holidays are coming up soon, so I thought this would be a good idea! Besides, I wanted a way to celebrate my 200+ watchers and thought this might be a really fun idea.
Freddy eyebrows 
 How to Enter: 

This contest is for ALL WATCHERS to enter, since it is to celebrate my watchers.
All new watchers are welcome! :la:

You'll have to be a watcher for your entry to enter the judging/ranking phase!
All you have to do is make art, lit


Journal Entry: Sun Dec 14, 2014, 8:24 AM



I will select one winner already this Wednesday!



MiftahulKrm congratulations 

Pokemon is Forever

Fri Nov 21, 2014, 7:11 PM
Pokemon : Triple Charizards by Sa-Dui

Foreword by techgnotic

Kay (aka damphyr) is DeviantArt’s go-to expert on everything “Pokémon.”  She also occupies the adventurous position of being one of DeviantArt's main enforcers of standards and practices.  We thank her for being a guardian of artistic erotica and especially, for being able to answer every question we get asked about Pokémon and just about anything else for that matter. Supreme Keeper of all pop culture knowledge, Kay must be protected in case of global disaster.

An incongruous collection of people lined the sidewalk outside the local video game retailer just before opening on March 6th, 2011. The first in line were a pair of teenage boys in baggy jeans and band shirts, skateboards tucked under their arms. Next was a 9-year-old boy and his mother, followed by a 20-something female with spiky purple hair, a skull and crossbones on her belt. Then there was a young teenage girl, dressed all in yellow, red circles painted on her cheeks and a stuffed Pikachu tied to the handlebars of her scooter. Then a pair of young twins, a boy and a girl, with their mother, and three preorder tickets between them.  Two college boys waited impatiently while talking too loudly about their strategy for the upcoming game.  There was the 20-something couple, arms tangled about each other, their female friend eyeing the mid-thirties man behind her, who typed a business email on his cellphone.

The line continued to grow…

This is the magic of Pokémon

There is no one demographic, no one type of Pokémon player. The 12-year-old who started playing “Red” and “Blue” is now the nostalgic 30-year-old who still has his original Red and refuses to let his collection fall behind. At the same time, the magic of the world of Pokémon has not been lost on the new generation, as wireless gameplay, charming mini games and tantalizing secrets draw in new players.

Fans around the globe are once again eagerly awaiting the release of the newest Pokémon games, “Alpha Sapphire” and “Omega Ruby.” Nintendo has been gearing up fans for the new releases and encouraging preorders for months, offering players who make the trek to a local gaming store the codes that can be redeemed for rare Pokémon and game items, including the new “Megastones” and the previously unreleased legendary Pokémon Diancie. The promotions appear to have been effective, with over one million copies preordered in Japan alone. Pokémaniacs are clearly eager to return to the Hoenn Region once again.

Eighteen years after the release of Pokémon “Red” and “Green” in Japan, the franchise is still going strong, thanks largely to easy yet addictive gameplay, storytelling and adaptability. While “Alpha Sapphire” and “Omega Ruby” are not, strictly speaking, new games (the original games were titled “Pokémon Ruby” and “Pokémon Sapphire” and were released in 2002 and 2003) these remakes offer players a much more immersive world, with radically different graphics, more monsters to catch, more items to collect, easier social interaction with other Pokémon players, as well as minigames and activities to lose themselves in. Pokémon, like its monsters, continues to evolve, and in so doing, has deftly managed to keep the interest of veteran players and attracted a whole new generation of gamers.

Ever embracing of pop culture, Pokémon is combining the cosplay trend with their most famous monster.

“Alpha Sapphire” and “Omega Ruby” will be the first games to offer the Cosplay Pikachu! This adorable Pikachu is sure to be the star of the returning Talent Show, and will have a variety of outfits. Cosplay Pikachu will acquire special moves based upon which costumes they wear, and, like any truly dedicated cosplayer, will appear in costume even in battle.


Pokémon could not have chosen a better slogan to promote their game, as there is no question that the obsessive desire to catch them all is a major drive for many players. Pokémon games are released in paired versions, and some Pokémon are version exclusives, found in one version of the game, but not the other.

Some Pokémon have forms which cannot be found naturally in game and can only be unlocked if they are traded from one player to another.

Some Pokémon have unique appearances which change depending on the season, sometimes the same Pokémon will have a different appearance depending on its gender, while still other Pokémon have a different appearance depending on the region your game originates from.

Some Pokémon will only evolve if the player has raised the friendship of their monster, by traveling with it in their team, or spending time in the Amie mini-game, where players pet their Pokémon and hand-feed them Poke Puff pastries.

Legendary Pokémon

Then there are the legendary Pokémon, which are rare and difficult to find, often version exclusive with only one monster found per game. Some Pokémon are event exclusives, where gamers must bring their 3DS and Pokémon game to a certain real-world location within the correct time frame order to download a special Pokémon. Some Pokémon are distributed via the Wireless feature on the Nintendo 3DS and are offered in celebration of a holiday or special event.  For the hardcore collectors, the game does not end when the credits roll, not even when the Pokedex is complete, and all 719 Pokémon have been recorded. For the truly dedicated, the game is not over until every Pokémon, every color variation, every gender variation, every shiny variation and every special event Pokémon has been acquired.

While Pokémon may be a one-player game, the game play is anything but isolating. Through the wireless connection of the 3DS, players can, at any time, see the icons of their friends and random online passersby, battle or trade with just a few clicks, or even offer a player a stat boost to help them in their game. Voice chat enables friends to connect over long distances, groups of players can trade unhatched eggs, and even those who are offline can still impact those actively playing by offering to trade a Pokémon via the Global Trade Station.

Across the Internet, Pokémon communities have become common, from groups here on DeviantArt, to Reddit and Tumblr and dedicated Pokémon fan sites. Players swap friend codes in order to explore Friend Safaris, where rare Pokémon with boosted stats wait to be found. Trades for Pokémon, both legendary and common are negotiated and breeding extras are given away to help out future breeders. The days of needing a link cable, a wish and a prayer in order to trade are long gone.  It has never been easier to interact and trade with other Pokémon players.

Even battle is a social event in Pokémon.

Wireless competitions are held regularly, with different rules dictating which Pokémon and which Pokémon teams can be entered. Gaming stores and individual groups often organize in-person Pokémon tournaments so gamers can see how their Pokémon teams stand up against other local trainers. The annual Pokémon World Championship is a televised, narrated global competition where Pokémon awards over $100,000 in scholarships to video gamers and card players. The 2014 tournament featured over 500 players from 30 countries, and the tournament winner, Se Jun Park, won a surprising victory with his Pachirisu, spawning a flurry of art featuring the adorable electric rodent.

Even if you are not inclined to catch them all, Pokémon has worked hard to offer something of interest to every kind of player. Pokémon has a whole host of games, features, minigames, strategies and events beyond those featured in this article.  Whether you are picking out your very first starter or if you are a master with a completed Pokedex, join us in a return to the world of Pokémon!

A new adventure and new evolutions await us all in Hoenn, and it looks like Team Magma and Team Aqua are up to no good once more, so let's go defend the world once more!

This article was edited for space considerations. If you would like to read the full text of Kay’s original extended submission, click here.

Questions for The Reader

  1. What is your favorite Pokémon?
  2. What attributes of either the Pokemon Universe or Game Play draw you in the most to keep you playing Pokémon games?
  3. If you battle, is this due to a competitive urge, or is it more about the social bonding with your teammates?
  4. Do you have any strong years-ago memories tied to Pokémon?
  5. Can you think of any more improvements or options that would make the Pokémon experience even better?
  6. Someday will you encourage your children to play Pokémon?  Do you think you will be able to explain your passion for this massively time-consuming “hobby?”

Artistic Journey Challenge Winners

Wed Nov 26, 2014, 12:05 PM

Running Towards Improvement by TheK40
Video by Keith Fenter, kfenter

In the "What Does Your Artistic Journey Look Like?" Challenge, we asked the DeviantArt community to show us their personal creative journeys. We selected 50 deviants and integrated their work into a fantastical collaborative roadway under the direction of Keith Fenter. The result: an eclectic combination of hopes, desires and achievements in the arts reflecting the core of the community that is DeviantArt.

Judges' Comments

"Here we have a clear window into this artist's journey. We get to see all the way back to his humble beginnings, struggling with drawing stick figures, up to the point where he's totally nailed line, color, and perspective. With a wonderfully clever and pleasing composition, this piece even gives us the chance to see the artist dodge an obstacle on the way down his creative road."

Judges' Comments

"Wylielise mingles both traditional and digital platforms to create a beautiful marriage of old and new, showing both in technique and illustration that there are many roads you can traverse and several ways to get there on your own artistic journey."

Judges' Comments

"This piece covers various mediums of art and shows how an artist must experiment with a variety of materials throughout their artistic journey. The composition of intricately placed details tells a story most artists can relate to."


Journal Entry: Sun Dec 7, 2014, 9:55 AM
yay! since i'm in a good mood i'm making another giveaway
just fave this journal; i wish you all good luck

the giveaway deadline will be Jan. 10th

i will choose the winner randomly; so FAVE FAVE FAVE!

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Wed Nov 26, 2014, 6:05 PM


Thank you to everyone who has participated!

Final numbers are currently being tallied and double-checked.

Sign-up is now over.



Turkey by MikariStarPixel Turkey by Galialay  Hi Everyone! Here's a Turkey Week Giveaway, as promised! ᐛPixel Turkey by GalialayTurkey by MikariStar


I'm doing a giveaway to help draw some traffic to my page! It's very VERY hard to get ahead on dA, and I really have no other options ;x;'
I am a good artist, so please check out my gallery, I'd really appreciate it! ; ;

Pixel Turkey by GalialayTurkey by MikariStarRULES:Turkey by MikariStarPixel Turkey by Galialay

Favorite this Journal entry! ( +1 Number )
Once you favorite, leave a comment saying you did, and I'll assign you a number!
Please DO NOT  remove your favorite until after the giveaway ends, or you will be disqualified!

Turkey icon by MikariStar

Turkey by MikariStarOPTIONAL BONUS ENTRIES:Turkey by MikariStar

Make a journal advertising the giveaway and link it back here! ( +2 Numbers )
(Polls DO NOT count as journals. Polls are no longer accepted as of this edit.)

Watch me and favorite at least 1 of my deviations! (You must do both.) ( +1 Number )

**If you are a PREVIOUS WATCHER PRIOR TO THIS DATE you get ( +2 Numbers )

**(For those who are already a watcher, you MUST state you were a watcher before this giveaway. Those caught lying in an attempt to cheat will be immediately disqualified and black-listed from any future giveaways.)

Turkey by MikariStarFeel free to ask any questions!Turkey by MikariStar

Turkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarTHE GIVEAWAY ENDS DECEMBER 7 THTurkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStar




Turkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarIF YOU DO THE OPTIONAL ENTRIES, PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH ONES YOU DID!Turkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStar
Failure to do this may end up in skipped entry numbers, and I will not be responsible for that!

Winners will be decided through a random number generator!


Turkey by MikariStar

Turkey by MikariStarI hope this all goes well! Turkey by MikariStar

In the meantime, checkout some of my artwork! ;v;
[Design] Ectoplasm by Solar-ParagonCOM: Kiwi Niwi Reference by Solar-ParagonCOM: Jeigh The Springbok [custom] by Solar-ParagonReed Charmer Zhimatu by Solar-ParagonJungle Shaman [open] by Solar-Paragon
[Design] Wandering Minstrel by Solar-ParagonRemember Me [design] by Solar-ParagonSomber Dusk [design] by Solar-Paragon[Design] Xenocite by Solar-ParagonAmbrosia Zhimatu by Solar-Paragon
COM: Aurora Opal [custom] by Solar-ParagonCOM: Tori The Red Panda [custom] by Solar-ParagonRocket Raccoon Cosplay Zhimatu by Solar-ParagonYCH: Hunter by Solar-ParagonCOM: Wynter Sparks [custom] by Solar-Paragon
Lune Garden Zhimatu by Solar-ParagonCOM: Icy Death Badge by Solar-ParagonCOM: Kiwi Convention Badge by Solar-ParagonCOM: OUiJA The Nightmaren [custom] by Solar-ParagonPCOM: Hats Off To You, Milady by Solar-Paragon

COM: Silver Tiger Laeral [custom] by Solar-ParagonThis is obviously a fruitbat by Solar-ParagonCOM: Skaoi by Solar-ParagonInk Weaver [SOLD] by Solar-ParagonYCH: Painted Radial Busts $10.00 (1/5) OPEN by Solar-Paragon
COM: Nikolas The Chimera [custom] by Solar-ParagonCOM: Hellhound [custom design] by Solar-ParagonCOM: Kova Chibi Pinup by Solar-Paragon
Feral Somber Dusk [badge] by Solar-Paragon[Design] Pastel Phantasmagoria by Solar-ParagonPeridot Star Conductor Zhimatu [OPEN] by Solar-Paragon

Interested in commissioning me? Just send me a note! I'll work with any budget, be it points or paypal!
( Ranges From $1.00 To $100.00, feel free to make me an offer for what you want drawn with what you can afford! )
Paypal Customs List: OPEN (Updated)General rules:
1. Payment must be up-front. No exceptions.
2. The prices listed are general. They may not apply to your specific custom. Your custom may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what you want drawn. If you want a true quote, please just note me. I don't bite. uvu
3. All commissioners will receive the full, unwatermarked images of their custom, for their private use. Only the watermarked images may be used by the commissioner..
5. If you have any questions at all, please ask! ouo
6. If your funds are limited, you're free to make me an offer with what you do have.
8. You may only repost the image given to you that is watermarked. This

Paypal Commissions: Points For Limited Time OPENGeneral rules:
1. All Payment will be up-front. No exceptions to this rule.
2. The prices listed are general. They may not apply to your specific commission. Your commission may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what you want drawn. If you want a true quote, please just note me. I don't bite. o7o
3. All commissioners will receive the full, unwatermarked image(s) of their commission, for their private use, which may not be used publicly.
5. If you have any questions at all, please ask! ouo
6. If your funds are limited, you're free to make me an offer with what you do have.


Specialty Point/USD Discount Commissions CLOSEDPoint commissions are only applicable to certain art types, as follows. Paypal is a buying option for all commission types throughout this specialty journal, and my regular commission journal.
These are Specialty commissions which don't fit in my regular journal. They're discount buying types not readily available from me, and are a bit cheaper than my full-scale artwork.
My main commissions journal is here:
All rules are still applicable for these.
Just ask if you have a question! ouo
Prices slightly lower for less-detailed characters, just ask if your character applies for a discount!
I have a very fast turn-out time .u.
Once this journal closes, all prices will go up and will not be available at this tier anymore.
USD Buyers will receive a slightly higher-quality image than Points buyers.
Sorry but, I have bills. ono;


1. Simple 600px Icon

200:points: OR $2.00 USD


Collection: In The Shadow of Dragon

Mon Dec 15, 2014, 5:02 PM
49-img-00 by techgnotic

"Is the time of daring deeds forgotten, and spent the fire of men? The bravery sheathed, the proud hearts withered? In the scorched trails of our foes’ fury, even wizards’ spells knelt and warriors’ will bent; yet Dawn’s struggle beneath the burning clouds, within the shadow of dragons, has won her the eastern sky. Shall battle drums thunder once more, and mithril–clad soldiers brave again the terrors of the skies?"

HtBlack of theWrittenRevolution

About Realm-of-Fantasy

Fantasy, by it's core definition is: the free play of creative imagination. At Realm-of-Fantasy you are welcome to explore your imagination. From Fantasy to Science Fiction, Horror to Steampunk, Superheroes to the Surreal; it's all there just waiting to be discovered.

Also read:

Collection: Once Upon A Time

Thu Dec 11, 2014, 7:34 PM
48-img-00 by techgnotic

Fairy tales usually begin once upon a time—a time that need not be identified because the tale, and its meaning, are of a timeless nature. The landscape of a fairy tale is often dreamlike, as if to tell us trying to apply normal logic to the story will only confuse the point that the storyteller is trying to make. Fairy tales usually involve dangerous journeys, often following after or searching for a wayward loved one, and entail a getting lost in the mists of time and space. The climax is almost always the discovery of a heretofore unknown inner store of courage in the face of evil and imminent death. Fairy tales tell our children that no matter the magnitude of the terrifying situations in this world that they are just beginning to become aware of, they will have the courage to survive those situations when the time comes.