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I finally realized that my traumatic past has been catching up to me. My unresolved fears and pain of abandonment as a child by my parents has seeped into my adult life. It triggers extreme reactions in me that drives people close to me away.

I like to pretend to be strong. That whatever comes at me in life, I'll just pull myself up again and get over it. I'd like to believe that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. I'd like to pretend that if I somehow draw out pain, and put it on canvas, that the pain will be contained on canvas, and not deep inside me. But that's not true.

When I'm knocked down and broken, and left to pick up the pieces of myself, I lose a bit more of myself each time. Not everything can be glued back together again. And never stronger than before. I can't trust again. I'm afraid of people. I'm afraid of being close to anyone.

It's hard to get up each morning. I feel hopeless and helpless. It doesn't matter that everyone tells me otherwise. I don't feel that way. My friends reach out to me, but I don't want to see them or talk to them and I don't even know why. It hurts to see their kindness go to waste on me.

I feel lost and confused. No matter how hard I try, I keep getting knocked down again. The simple answer is to just get back up, but I can't just get back up indefinitely. I'm not that strong and the burden of being that strong shouldn't be put upon me.

I need time to heal. I need time to go back and face my unresolved past. I'm going to see a therapist. I need help because I can't help myself any longer.

I don't know when I'll post again. I started drawing Fisheye Placebo but I can't keep going right now. I used to say that "no matter what, the sun will shine, and there will always be a brighter tomorrow." But I don't believe that anymore, I don't believe in myself anymore.

I'm sorry I'm always letting everyone down. I'm sorry.

Prank Us Contest

Wed Jan 27, 2016, 1:12 PM
PopRocksNotAllowed by inknalcohol

Hey, guess what?  PeskyAngel and I've decided to create a group here on DA for our crazy!  And what better way to start it off than with a contest?!  We couldn't think of one, so contest it is!

If you don't know already, you're apparently living under a rock, but PeskyAngel and I are constant pranksters.  Hence why rules such as "no Pop Rocks allowed in the house" and "Grim isn't allowed to have Jello" had to be made.  Did you know that cocoa powder can be reconstituted into eye shadow? Or that a couple drops of food coloring in a shampoo bottle aren't noticeable at first, but once the suds are running down the drain, it's not so much fun?  Oh, and adding super glue to the night stand slick is never a good idea; they just don't like each other. 

If you plan to come live with us, you may want to take a basic chemistry refresher course for your own safety.  And buy bubble wrap. LOTS of bubble wrap.  But whatever you do, do NOT trust Grim when he says, "you'll love it!  it'll be grand!" because he's probably drunk and one or both of you will end up in the ER.  And Jesse should never be trusted with tongs, making tea or the liquor supply. You should probably also check her oil because it's always low.  While you're in there, check the coolant, too.  Actually, our vehicles are the only truly off limits item to our sabotagery.  That's only because it would get too costly to repair/replace them.  And that sorta kinda brings us back to the topic at hand.

When was the last time you pulled a prank on someone?  Or more importantly, when was the last time your characters had a bit of fun?  Because that's what this Contest is all about.

Contest Details

  • Theme: Pranks and all that entails.  Your story can be a true story of something you've done or had happened to you, or it can be fictional
  • PROSE ONLY.  Sorry, this contest is only open to prose entries.  We're thinking about doing a poetry only one later, but not this time.  It just doesn't work with our theme.

Boring Information That You Have to Read

  • Word Count Minimum: 250
  • Word Count Maximum: 1,000
  • You must include a link to the group and/or this journal in the Author's Comments section of your deviation.
  • Once your entry is submitted as a deviation, submit it to this gallery folder.
  • The Gallery Folder is open and ready for business!
  • You do not need to be a member of PopRocksNotAllowed to participate.
  • A maximum of two entries per person.
  • Entries must be created for this contest.  No recycling old stuff!
  • Prose Only.  Poetry entries will not be accepted.
  • Contest will close February 29th, 2016 because :la: for the leap year!

The Prizes

The amount of entries we receive will determine the way the prizes are split.  If under 15 entries, there will be a winner and a runner up.  If over 15 entries, we'll do a first, second and third prize.  If you'd like to donate a prize, please feel free to drop a comment or note the group.

Current Prize List:


It wouldn't make sense to have non-pranksters judge this, so PeskyAngel and inknalcohol will be the judges.  We're looking for:
  • Creativity Even if you're writing from a life experience, we want to be pulled into the story and feel like we were there for this embarrassing and horrible event.  If you're writing a fictional piece, we really want to see your imagination go wild on the prank itself.  Saran wrap on the toilet seat isn't going to cut it.  You need to break out the duct tape, an air horn, pet escape and some kinda Jello or pudding to make saran wrap on the toilet work.
  • Grammar because yes, this is a literature contest and we expect you to be able to write legibly and with proper grammar and spelling.  It's called proofreading people.  You need to do that.
  • Likable Characters You never know which one of your characters we'll be rooting for because more often than not, we side with villains over protagonists.  But either way, we want to be able to love and snuggle your characters.  We don't need a five page essay on their life, but again, this all about the planning and reaction of a prank.  People are kinda important to that.
  • Your Level of Insanity  No this cannot be judged by a scale, it's just a feeling.  The crazier the better, but not like Arkham Asylum crazy because then people tend to get hurt and the cops have to be called and it's this whole ordeal that we just don't have the time to deal with.  We're looking for a happy in the middle crazy that's more fun than the looney farm.  M'kay?

Skin by Dan Leveille


Thank you so much for the support, but please do not post it in here if you are not going to enter. I am giving out numbers and its hard for me to fix peoples entries when there is already over 300+ of you. I cannot go back threw 44 pages just to find yours.

It's here! 5,000 watchers!

5000watchersomgnowaiwut by Rainbow-Rocket

Wow! Thank you SO much guys! We cannot believe how much support from you guys we have received, its staggering to think about where we were last year to where we are now. Not only are we celebrating an amazing milestone of 5,000 watchers but we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary and 60,000 page views too! That is incredible! 

On February 20th of 2015 we sat down and decided to learn how to plush. It was hard at first - super hard - but with patience we began to grow as artists. With our growth came so much, and not just in our business and skill levels. We started out small, but now we don't just have watchers, we feel like we have built a solid and caring community of amazing people like you. We have done so much, achieved so much, and we cannot wait to see what the years to come bring... 

So to mark all these AMAZING goals we have or are about to break, we have chosen to do a raffle for one of our custom handmade plushies of any size... within reason! We want to have a chance to give back to you guys. <3



  • Favorite this journal and leave a comment! (we expect this to get pretty popular so this is how we will be keeping track - if you dont fav and comment you won't be entered)
  • You must be a watcher.
  • Please understand that waiting time for plushies won from this contest may be 3 - 6 months.
  • You do not have to post your real name for the facebook/twitter confirmation. Simply state that you have followed on either.
  • ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ALLOWED (This means you may only use ONE account.. Please don't make us kick you for being unfair.)


First entry drawn -
One large plush - no overly complicated designs please!
One free digital copy of our guide to sewing - plush basics when we release it in summer 2016.

Second entry drawn -
One chibi plush - no overly complicated designs please!
One free digital copy of our guide to sewing - plush basics when we release it in summer 2016.

Third entry drawn
One Pokémon Micro plush- no overly complicated designs please!
One free digital copy of our guide to sewing - plush basics when we release it in summer 2016.

How to Enter

Favorite this journal to enter and leave a comment (If you do not leave a comment you will not receive a number for this raffle! Please read this carefully) - that's all you need to do. You can earn more entries to this raffle by doing any or all of the below tasks! For every entry you will receive one number. You can earn up to 5 entries if you do all the below tasks as well as fav'ing this journal.

  • First person to screenshot for us the 5,000 mark and send it to us will get +2 entries KlttyCannon won!
  • Create a journal to advertise this raffle +1 entry
  • Tell us why you want to win in your journal +1 entry
  • Like us on Facebook ( and add to your entry+1 entry
  • Follow us on Twitter (Rainbowrocket_) and add to your entry +1 entry



1. How does shipping work?

- We pay for the shipping and yes we will ship to other countries.

2. What if I don't have Facebook or Twitter?

- Don't worry about it, you just wont receive the extra entries.

3. Do I need to be a watcher?

-Yes, you must be a watcher in order to participate. If we see that you are not when we have drawn your number you will be skipped.

4. Do I need to state a reason as to why I would like a plush?

-If you would like to be counted for that extra entry... then yes.

5. What type of plush does it have to be?

-Anything (within reason of course) We do CS, MLP, and so much more. We will do whatever your heart desires.



February 20th 2016 - our one year anniversary! 

We have begun assigning numbers! PLEASE DO NOT POST MORE THAN ONCE! If you have already posted, YOU CANNOT POST AGAIN WITH A CORRECTION! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU POST!! We cannot, and will not go back threw and fix people's entries because they want to add. We do not have the time, and there are already over 300+ of you. 

Thank you,
Rainbow and Rocket

  • Mood: Wow!

Valentine's Day Art Exchange 2016!

Mon Feb 1, 2016, 11:44 AM
Og-preview by seoul-child

Love is in the air! Now’s the time for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending valentine-deviations to your special someones!

Take part and spread the love!

From now until February 16th, deviations in the Valentine Exchange category can be sent as valentines to your friends and loved ones. If you’d still like to create and submit a new valentine to be sent, make sure to submit it to the Valentines category before February 16th so your fellow deviants can share it!

How it works


Create Valentine-themed deviations and submit them to the Valentine Exchange category.


From now until February 16th, a special “Send a Valentine” button will appear on deviation pages for deviations submitted to the Valentine Exchange category.

Share the love

Your friends will receive the deviation you send, along with your Valentine message, in their Notes.

Heart-filled hints

  • Deviations submitted to the Valentine’s Exchange category will be available for everyone to send. Avoid including specifics on your deviations - such as a deviant’s username, real name, etc.
  • Fallen in love with one of your previous designs? It’s okay! If you’ve included text suggesting it’s for a lover, you can change the design to look as though it were to a friend or from a secret admirer, and then resubmit it.
  • You can submit as many deviations to the category as you want.
  • DeviantArt will strictly enforce our Etiquette Policy to prevent abusive, harassing, hateful and unwelcomed messages -- including when sending anonymously.

Latest Valentines sent

February 12

Send your Valentine

DeviantArt’s World Map has been updated to include valentine deviations! Watch valentines as they fly across the world to meet their loved recipient.

Welcome to the ninth installment of CRLiterature's new article series, The Tearoom Debates! We've shamelessly ripped off Mrs-Durden and CRPhotography, who currently run a bi-weekly series of opportunities for group readers to debate both sides of questions like "film or digital?" and then, in the next article, spotlight the input of the previous week's commenters.

Last Time: Rhyme vs. Free Verse

We wanted to know why DA is flooded by free verse with little traditional/fixed form and rhyming poetry to be found. Here's what some of you had to say:

"There are some traditions that are outdated and no longer applicable in everyday life. The situations or parameters for them to be helpful have disappeared and their application would be frightful at best. To suggest that fixed form poetry belongs in that category would be entirely erroneous, however. Fixed form poetry is our history and it bears the origins of the spoken and written word. Every continent holds its own magical languages with their interesting poetic quirks, and this is what poetry was created and shaped from. Centuries and millennia of people expressing their thoughts, feelings and philosophies have a place in the world we see around us.

Forms like the Pyong Sijo of Korea, the Magali Shairi of Georgia and the English Madrigal are very old and beautiful. They convey the evolution of language in three vastly different geographic and cultural locations. They also teach writers of different backgrounds and skill levels particular lessons that appear only in their respective fixed forms. Some fixed forms use meter and refrains, others syllabic count and alliteration and others rely simply on a shaped structure. They all force a writer to explore their own limitations and expand their thinking while producing something completely unique to them. Often as writers, we get stuck in what we perceive is our own voice, but this is just us repeating the same sentiments in a similar way but with different words. Breaking this cycle is paramount to our growth as writers and fixed form is a crucial way to achieve this." -- kiwi-damnation 

"If I were to make an analogy with free verse being a three-legged stool that performs the function of a chair quite well, rhyme would be the Louis XIV chair with the carved armrests that makes people go, 'wow, that's a nice chair'. Likewise, I see Free Verse as the pure and bare bones of poetry - the vision and the sentiment, its core, are equally valuable as those in a fixed form with rhyme, but it's the craftsmanship of knowing how to handle rhyme and make it work that will pay off and augment the reading experience exponentially. Just like that Louis XIV chair comes closer to sculpture or architecture than the stool, so does a rhyming form bring poetry closer to music, which has not only the intent to bring a message across, but also to enchant - in my opinion, by emphasising the beauty of the form more." -- BATTLEFAIRIES

"I like the challenge of the Rhyme or Tradition forms (or even a form that the poet has invented him/herself).  I have read more than once that restrictions breed creativity.  We as human beings naturally do not like restrictions.  We often rebel and defend against restrictions in every aspects of our lives.  It is this same rebellious spirit that in fact created free verse.  However with no restrictions, we limit our creativity.  I feel that I have grown as a writer thanks to the limits in placed upon myself by the traditional forms and rhyme.  When the two lines I have decided must rhyme I have to ask myself "is that really what I want the line to say?  Is there another way to say it? Could I use maybe another bit of symbolism to convey the same idea or can I come up with a better one?"  Often I can find myself digging though a rhyming dictionary and a thesaurus trying to fix the ideas in my head to a word on the page (because my mind often doesn't work in fixed words).  I also find it easier to make a rhyming or traditional poem if I am not thinking in words but in ideas or images." -- psycocat 

"I read a verse novel and if anything it drove home the point that I associate rhyming with humor. Thanks Dr Seuss. in general, good poetry is good poetry. it shows when you thought through the word choice and when you were busy wanking to your thesaurus." -- neurotype 

"I think rhyming is an incredibly difficult addition to poetry (as I've learned during the DFC). I find it really helps adds a certain appeal to the way a poem sounds and adds a beautiful rhythm when used correctly. However, I believe rhyme shouldn't be forced of put in "just because" since sometimes this can create a very awkward poem. Honestly, the reason I avoided rhyme for so long in my own work is probably because it reminds me of English class in school. That was when most of my poetry was created just for a mark rather than to convey anything meaningful." -- autumnicity 

"If rhyme impedes the message of the poem, than it's a needles distraction. If rhyme supports the message of the poem, than it's a beautiful distraction. That said, I don't see why free verse and rhyme can't coexist." -- Carmalain7 

Free verse is not free of structure, nor is it any easier than writing in rhyme, so if everyone could stop perpetuating that myth, that'd be great. Free verse is free of fixed structure, forms that exist in name - sonnets, pantoums, haiku, sestina, and so forth. It may be "free" verse, but only in name; you still need to consider your enjambment, punctuation, rhythm, tone, everything that makes good writing good. Just because a lot of bad writers write in free verse doesn't mean free verse automatically makes for bad or easier poetry. A good artist can make something wonderful out of any materials presented to them." -- SilverInkblot 

"I think there are (at least) two big reasons free verse is more prominent here.  One is that there seems to be a misconception among writers that free verse is inherently more expressive, and that formal restrictions necessarily restrict meaning/feeling.  Personally I disagree on both points, although I didn't always.  What changed for me was essentially just that I got better at working with forms because I happened to enjoy it (which I know isn't the case for everybody, and that's fine too).  That kind of leads into the second reason that I suspect, and that is that although I hesitate to use the word "easier," free verse is more accessible when you're starting out.  For someone who has never written either, I think that free verse really is easier, just because the learning curves are different (although naturally improvement gets harder over time no matter what you're writing).  And when people learn poetry using one style or another, it makes sense that they'll get more attached to it, because they've been successful in expressing themselves that way and perhaps not in the other.  This is also fine, I think, as long as we don't feel too high-horsey about it." -- HuntingForHappiness 

"The real issue is that we've got several hundreds of years' worth of rhyming poetry behind us, where free verse has only been a mainstream thing for the past 100 or so. Modern fixed form poetry has to fight the fact that it's not fresh unless done very, very well. That's the plain and simple truth of it. We have centuries of magnificent rhyming poetry to read already. If any fixed verse poetry written now wants to hold its weight, it has to be good.

Having said that, it's important for writers to push themselves to do both. Being good at fixed forms is a skill that requires developing, the same way that being good at free verse is a skill that requires developing. Fixed verse still has its place in this day and age, and to say that it should stay in the past is, frankly, incorrect. But, on the flip side of that, there's so much room for exploration in free verse that we can't possibly have touched on in the comparably short time we've had to write and read free verse that it makes sense that more people branch out into that these days. It's not necessarily that it's better, but it's more relevant to this time period." -- ikazon 

"The number of words that rhyme is very limited, resulting in many situations where you can anticipate the rhyme to come. People tend to not appreciate that in this age; they appreciate even less when you invent new words, for some reason. So you're stuck trying to please people who don't want what they expect and who refuse to allow you to create new words. XD A rock and a hard place, to be glib. This is an age-old problem with poetry, not just with rhyme. But that's another topic for another day." -- TheBrassGlass 

"Simply put: it's a matter of style, of what one wants to do rather than spinning the roulette. I mean, if I wanted to write a poem about serial killers, it could be equally as good in free verse or fixed form (although the subject probably wouldn't be the best thing to write about). Laziness plays no part in this, because the choice to rhyme and/or use a form or not is completely up to the writer. In conclusion: both are just fine, and no one side should receive any discrimination purely based on its basic principles. The only way to judge a style is how it is used by each individual writer." -- Aerodynamic877 

"If something is free verse and non-rhyming, I tend to hear it as contemplative and soft. Someone is speaking in quiet bliss, quiet discontent, or quiet horror. It's a thoughtful kind of thing even if the imagery is sharp. Because of this, and because of the lack of structure, I think the authors have to be doubly careful about how they're turning a phrase. They need to make the work stand out and hold attention, and they really should make use of rhythm, repetition, and all those good things fixed forms love too. 

Rhyming works, for me, go above and beyond in failure and success.  The words have a ring between them, making the sounds stick in your head for better or worse. Rhyming works also, as some people have mentioned, seem inevitable. This can make a poem seem forced if it was clear the writer was stuck with certain sounds and only paid attention to the last word in each line. In a well-written one, though, it becomes powerful. You feel that this statement could only have ever been expressed this way, though you may have been too caught up in the words to notice that rhyme on your first read." -- dragoeniex

I see so many people talking about how free verse is 'easy' or 'lazy' poetry. I disagree whole-heartedly.  When I first began to write poetry, I wrote exclusively in rhyme, because honestly, rhyming poetry is much simpler. You have a fixed form, a fixed rhyme scheme, and you make the words fit into the form. Free-verse...good free-verse poetry is much more difficult to write because there are no rules or sets of guidelines. It's you, a pen, and an empty page, and you have to create everything. You rely a lot more on metaphors and imagery, and those things take much more skill to put together in a cohesive way, especially with no set form or rules. Also, to those who think free-verse poetry is simply prose in a fancy hat, I challenge you to attempt to write a GOOD free-verse poem, using poetic structure and a poet's tools. Write a metaphor without sounding cliche, and put it together in a way that flows as a poem should. It's much more difficult than writing a short prose essay on a subject, I guarantee you." -- MozartsNemesis

This Time: Is fan-fiction really literature?

"Omigosh of course it is. I've always been frustrated by the view that it could be anything but that. To be fair, I'm been frustrated by anyone who has the gall to tell me that there is such thing as "true art" or a "true form" novels. God, this isn't Shadow the Hedgehog. There is no "ultimate lifeform" of what writers do. Fanfiction is real writing as much as a cup of tea is a real beverage." -- Naktarra 

Of course it is real literature. The only problem I see with fanfiction comes with the fact that when you want to publish or make any money from it, since you are basing it on a universe that in most cases already belongs to someone, you're probably never going to be able to... unless you do like Someone Else and change the names and slightly alter the situations on your fanfiction so you can publish it. :') 

But yeah, back on track, I despise the whole "fanfic isn't literature" thing that some entitled people spout. It is as real and as awesome as any other writing. Sure, a lot of people use it just as a morbid, make-my-guilty-pleasures-come-to-life kind of thing, not because they love writing in itself, but that doesn't always create a bad product. So you ignore the bad, as for everything else, and cherish the good." -- TheMaidenInBlack 

I would say it is. I think it's often criticized unfairly for being bad; but really, there are fantastic fanfics, just as there is horrible original fiction. The other big argument against is its lack of creativity. Which, I can sort of understand in some respects. But at the same time, I've seen some tremendously creative fanfics that take the characters and put them in worlds completely different from the original, and yet manage to keep the characters in-character. Like any media, I really think that the quality of the product relies on the skill of the author; not necessarily the topic material." -- ObsydianDreamer 

I think trying to define "real literature" is harder than trying to figure out whether fan fiction is "real literature" or not. I'd say it's real writing. And as such deserves to be looked at through that lens.

I also think that since it's working from (not just inspired by) something someone else built, that it is in a way more of a starting point for most writers. Sort of practice. Or even practice for writers between projects. (I know several published authors, including some big names, who enjoy writing and reading fan fiction!) An author has to learn to build his or her own characters, world, story, etc. Usually when writing fan fiction, you're pulling some of these elements from someone else, and that's something worth noting." -- PinkyMcCoversong 

Over to you, DA!

Holiday Card Project 2015 Wrap-Up

Fri Jan 29, 2016, 11:06 AM

The Holiday Card Project returned in 2015 for its 9th year, and it once again was a cheerful success! With over 4,500 cards from over 2,000 deviants and artists from all over the world, people who could not be home for Christmas this year received some extra holiday joy this season!

Unique cards poured in from across the world—from beautiful hand-made cards to digital and delightful creations, we had a fantastic selection of cards to send out! If you’d like to see the various cards created for the project, take a moment to explore the#HolidayCardProject tag.

Untitled by madizzlee
Untitled by madizzlee

With so many cards coming in, I recruited staff members at HQ to open the envelopes with me! We spent three days straight opening every card single card and sorting them into various piles. A huge shout out goes out to Heidi, danlevbittygirla, damphyr, aunjuli, makepictures, ivancureno, Twee689, and tiffanyxli for all of their help. Thank you so much!! :heart:

Untitled by madizzlee

Once the cards were received and sorted, we reached out to hospitals in our community and abroad. Our first stop was the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, as they accepted cards from us for the third year in a row. I had the chance to sit down and explain DeviantArt's purpose and the community to the director of volunteer services, as she showed me the flyers the put up while handing out cards! 

Untitled by madizzlee
Untitled by madizzlee

We also took cards to other various hospitals and nursing homes across Los Angeles! From Huntington Hospital in Pasadena to St. Francis in Lynwood, patients across the Greater Los Angeles Area felt your love and support. While we weren't able to hand out cards to patients in person, they went into the  hands of the volunteer services department. 

Img 0361-2 by madizzlee Untitled by madizzlee

In addition to the cards we passed out in Los Angeles, we mailed cards to volunteers around the world who helped us spread the holiday joy around the globe. Cards were handed out in New Jersey, North Carolina, Maryland, and, for the first time ever, in Sevilla, Spain! Our fantastic volunteers, AnimeRocks26, njwag, and Ikebosev all did a wonderful job handing out the cards. :hug: 

12ade7df-3e76-41c4-b0b6-0b161d5a6955 by IkebosevHoliday Card Project by njwag Christmas Card Giveaway 3 by AnimeRocks26
Aiyh5niB8mBSJOq0yz0kFRbq1xRllQZp2vYMUfzffi6- by Ikebosev

As promised, everyone who sent in a card has now been granted a free 1-month Core Membership!  In the event you participated in the Project and haven’t received your Core Membership, don’t fret! Just send me (madizzlee) a note with the following information:

    Bullet; Green Your name
    Bullet; Red Approximately when your card was sent
    Bullet; Green A one sentence description of your card
    Bullet; Red Where you sent it from

Please note: If you already have an active Core Membership, the 1-month Core Membership has been added to that existing Core Membership, and will take effect once your current one expires.

Once again, thank you to everyone for spreading the holiday cheer!

In follow up of the obvious "how to" journals on both anatomy and color, I'm gonna continue this series with a how to on drawing every day.
Over the last year I've participated in many challenges that required me to do a drawing a day for a period of time. Most notably the color challenge and refinement challenge, but also a lot of speedpainting and daily sketching.

Over the past few years a lot of people have asked me how the hell I would manage to do a sketch every single day, so I figured it would be nice to share some of my own experiences, tips & tricks with you to help you step up your drawing game.

About time management


Save The Kitten by Xinom
Every person has priorities in life. We deem one thing more important than the other, so we tend to do that first.
"I have no time for this"
is the equivalent of:
"There are other things that I deem more important, so I prefer to spend my time on those"
This isn't inherently good or bad. After all; some priority's are very valid (work, study, spending time with family/friends). It is, however, something to be aware of. If you're one of those "I have no time for drawing" types of people, this doesn't mean you really have no time to draw. It means other things in your life demand so much of your time that you end up with no time left for drawing. Figure out what these things are. Are they really that important for you? Is it really that impossible to squeeze in half an hour of doodling into your day, perhaps when waiting for the bus or having a break at work or school?

You don't have to put in a tremendous amount of time

Environment thumbnails - 20151208 by DamaiMikaz
You don't have to produce a full blown painting every single day. On some days you'll have all the time in the world and you can manage to do a full painting. On other days you'll only have 15 minutes and the only thing you can manage is a quick sketch on a scrap of paper. It doesn't really matter.
The act of drawing daily is mostly a way to maintain your skills. To keep your hands flexible, your brains up to par with drawing and your inspiration flowing. Unless you're planning up to end up at the high end of the art industry, there's no reason to force yourself to keep to meticulous 12-hour-a-day training schedules (and even then 12 hours a day isn't that healthy). It's quite the contrary. If you're a hobbyist, one of the most important things about art is to have fun while doing it.

Know your weapons of mass distraction

162/365 bloodborne 4 by snatti89
With managing your time, also comes to topic of distraction or procrastination. About things you don't deem useful but still spend a lot of time on. These are activities that are easy to cut time on. Think about things like watching Netflix, TV, using Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp... or browsing the internet in general. 
Be aware of your weapons of mass distraction. Only then can you make the conscious choice to sign off, turn off your computer or your phone, and focus on what you really want to do.

About your mindset

It doesn't have to be good

You always follow by Hellstern
Many people get hold back by their own mind when it comes to drawing.
"What if it doesn't look good?"
"What if I try drawing this pose and I can't pull it off?"
"What will people think of me?"
These are all very familiar thoughts for a lot of artists (and some very valid ones as well) but the thing is; these will get your nowhere.
Every single artist has suffered a moment of self-doubt. Most of them suffer more than just a moment of it. It's common. Not only you suffer from it, but there's a huge chance that amazing artist you follow suffers from it as well. We all do.

The difference is that some people decide to let the self-doubt paralyze them, while other people fight it as a boss and just keep on drawing.
Be one of those people that fights it like a boss! If you're afraid other people won't like your art, then don't publish it. You don't have to put your art on the internet. Hell, you don't even have to show it to your friends! Just keep it to yourself if you feel that keeps the pressure off for you. Of course you won't pull off drawing that new thing at once. Nobody does! And yes... people will always think things about you. Some good, some bad. You can't change that, so why bother? People's thoughts have no power of you unless you let them have that power. Confide in yourself as a person, in your ideas and your (growing) skill. 

You don't have to be inspired

Peggys rocks by beavotron
Not every drawing has to be inspired. The goal of drawing daily is... to draw every single day. It doesn't matter what you draw, as long as you sit down and make a drawing. Nobody is inspired 365 days a year. If you feel uninspired, just take a picture from another artist*, a landscape, an object in your room, and draw it!
*Note: when publishing a picture that's copied or highly referenced from another artist, credit that artist. Otherwise that might get you into trouble.

It becomes routine

Perspective practice by MugenMcFugen
I don't know if you ever started working out or training, but it's a familiar feeling. When you first start out in bad shape, the training hurts. Both physically and mentally (as you get confronted with your own lack of capabilities) and it's for that reason hard to stick with it. But when you do keep up with it, you'll gradually find it easier. You get in better shape. The training doesn't hurt that bad anymore. Instead you're fueled by seeing how you improve, and you try to keep pushing your body to its limits to see what you can do. And gradually the social part gets easier too. Saying "you're going off to gym" is no longer getting you weird stares, as people in your environment know that's what you usually spend your time on, and they get used to it soon enough.
Well, this whole thing goes for drawing. When you first draw, you suck. You'll get better over time, and you'll be fueled by your own improvement. When you first tell your friends/family you're not coming because you've got other things to do, they'll frown upon that. When you do it more often, they'll start accepting that as part of who you are.

borderland by ptromea

The bottom line of the story is; keep up going. It'll get easier in time :huggle:

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How to: AnatomyHuman anatomy is, for sure, one of the hardest things to draw. But at the same time it's one of the most interesting things to draw, because... hey... we love making characters, and it's nice if they at least look a bit like a human being. I'm still far from perfect at drawing the human body, yet I've accumulated some very useful tips, tricks and websites.
Good exercises
Drawing from life

Drawing from life is awesome!
Look for life drawing classes in your environment, or if they're not available; ask your friends to pose for you. Go have a drink in the city when the weather is nice, and sketch people passing by. There's nowhere you learn more about human anatomy than by observing and sketching real people. There's only one downside to this; dynamic poses are tricky, as it's hard for any model to hold a difficult pose for a long time. 
And no... drawing (nearly) naked people in a drawing class isn't awkward. I
How to: ColorAs a follow up of my "How to: Anatomy" journal that was received so well by the community, I will continue this series with a how to on color.
Color is considered to be one of the hardest subjects when it comes to art. Most beginners (and even some advanced artists) struggle to get the colors of their work right. I myself do as well. This journal is by no means a full coverage on how to color. It will however be a good list of resources to get you started on this hard subject.
A few things to get started
There are a few things to color

There's hue and value. Hue determines what place in the color spectrum the color is in (red, green, blue.. etc). Value determines how dark or light a color is. In order to understand colors, you have to know how to influence and work with both of them.
Your brain is deceiving you

Literary Justification: What Gives a Story Identity?

The Discussion:

If you were to bring up a list of your favourite examples of good storytelling, there has to be something about it which makes it unique. There is always something that gives a distinct feel or dignity to a piece. A lot of analysing in literature comes from wanting to delve into the secrets on how words can be woven into the character of a single piece of art. 

    What Gives a Story Identity?

    How does a story gain character? How does a story separate itself in the mind as its own beast? When you yourself are writing, what concerns do you have for the personality of your works?

The Response: 

Manifesto of the tired novelist with a day jobI'm tired of poets
and their
pretentious sadness
and their
"only a 'sensitive' man has the
'inspiration' to create".

As if you need 'inspiration' to write
words upon a page
and as though
without some degree of actionless pathos
one cannot be <<poetic>>
enough or indeed
move others
with words.
It speaks rather of
lack of
rather than any great literary genius
What is <<talent>> ?
What is talent without the appliance of
hard work
a hearty demeanor?
StrawberriesIt rained yesterday.
It rained and it washed all the mud down our street.
I went in the garden, my shoes got all wet.
Darn summer showers that smell of soaked earth.
I went in the garden, I set down my fruit basket,
And started to dig.
Until I found strawberries, crushed by the foul phlegm of sand grains and
Dead leaves.
My hands still felt cold when I washed them with hot, steamy water
From under the tap. I closed it, and ran
Ran down the porous cement stairs that stung my bare feet,
To the beat of a popular tune our neighbor Jerry played,
To my friend's house.
My friend used to stick strawberries to the tips of her fingers and
Eat them off, licking her lips with vigor.
I knocked on the door twice and waited, strawberry basket in hand.
My hand wouldn't reach the doorbell those years,
Even standing on tiptoes.
When minutes passed and I heard nothing but the roar of an airplane's rotor,
I knew just where she would be.
Pushing my head between iron bars

Creepy-Crawl.When it rains, the snail comes.
And he tells unto me
all his gastropedal tales
from moss and rotted leaves.
He speaks of insect friendships
and also enemies.
“Beware,” he says “the centipede
and other vicious bugs
Beware” he says “Our cousins
Beware the shell-less slugs.”
“Be kind.” he says “And please leave
no salt on the kitchen floor
and, oh, would you please remove
those pellets from near the door.”
“My helix friend,” I say to him “Your words are truly wise.
A way for us to live in peace
I'm sure we can devise.
You, the noblest of bugs, who can neither bite nor sting.
I do declare your shell to be
the palace of a crawling king.”
When it's dark, the spider comes
and whispers in my ear.
How she, the arachnid garden queen
is hardly a thing to fear.
“Let me live,” she says “within your house's darkened halls
and silver tapestries I'll spin
to hang on every wall.”
She says “
My England.I am no nationalist. I defend no ideology of solipsist words.
I believe in no man, whom by virtue of birth,
should demand privilege. Or by colour of skin, name of God or type of creed,
should have sway held over him.
I believe in an idea.
An idea called England.
My England has no borders. It has no capital. No limitations or boundaries.
My England knows not men by face or by name, but by integrity. By means and by deed.
My England welcomes those who have had injustice thrust upon them.
From all corners of the Earth, where-ever a voice calls out in need,
My England will answer.
My England speaks a hundred languages and worships both a thousand Gods and no God at all.
My England has countless sons and daughters.
My brothers and sisters.
My England forges its foundations not in war, but in the cessation of war.
The veins of my England flow not with gold or oil or money,
but with the freedom of true and equal commerce.
The power of the people, placed in the hands of the people.
My England

Names are important.
There's a truth hidden in a name, and the adept can uncover this clue to the true nature of things. This was known to the young traveller, who now traded the right side of the mountain path for the left, where she thought the wind and the flying snow to be less intense. It had seemed an attractive route on the map, but the name of this Flensing Pass had been a forewarning to this night's hardship: its high altitude and north-western trajectory, straight as the blade of a knife, gave wind, snow, sleet and ice free reign. The orcs of the region believed that the Pass was where the god Bahgtru had accidentally dropped the axehead he had been forging, and the bare, steep rock-face on both sides certainly endorsed this impression, more so because this night, each crack and furrow had been clogged and glazed over by the flying ice and snow.
The young traveller knew she would not be running into any orcs tonight: her destination was already too close-by for that, and even
Chapter 1: Bad Publicity
Hulda liked being in this part of the temple – the High Priestess' apartments were a tasteful sanctuary of ornate grey oaken paneling and lush carpets from the corner of each separate room to the next.
Recently, some dolt had trodden these with dirty boots, she noticed as she placed her books on the round table in the little study that served as an antechamber to the salon. Doing so, she accidentally knocked the inkwell over, and a tin vase as she jumped to try to keep the stuff from dripping on the carpet by cupping it in her hand. Fussing and turning, she tried to mop up the ink with a wad of her robes, praying to Selûne it was oak apple gall and not real iron gall ink.
She never got the iron gall stain out of her previous robes...
-”Hulda!” the voice of the High Priestess came from the adjacent room. “Is that you?”
Hulda nearly knocked the inkwell over a second time.
-”Yes Lady Meldrys! I've brought the books you requested,” she

Happy writing,


Skin by SimplySilent

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My latest works

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