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Draw my OC contest! - Open! - 350$+ in prizes!
So I've been wanting to do this for quite awhile but never really thought that anyone would care if I did ; u ; but I really want to give it a try!
So in honor of my 6 year anniversary on DA, I would like to host a Draw my OC contest!
Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
Lightbulb Announcements: Lightbulb
*  2-21-17: Some updates were made to the journal
Added in stories and personalities for the characters
Prizes added
* 2-22-17: Possible new prize added
* 2-23-17: Added a new outfit for Catalina! She now has an Idol outfit
(because she was an idol in the Manga she was taken from)

How to Enter:

For this contest, I am looking for illustration art
:iconpantysnatcher:PantySnatcher 195 157
Also happened to meet phoenix107 and skaadii along the way, and it was so much fun!! Were were able to collect some canon info confirmed by Tui herself.
Here's some that I remember but I couldn't remember them all lmao
-NightWing eyes are centered around a dark color, such as dark blue or dark green. 
-Five more books will be continued in the series after book 10, as well as another "Winglets"
-Glorybringer and Ripnami are canon, and there is a high chance for Clayril too. There will probably be a love triangle between Qibli, Moon, and Winter, and prefers Starspeaker over Sunnyflight.
-There will be an upcoming WoF graphic novel in January
That's all I could memorize for now, but please see skaadii and phoenix107's versions for (much) more info!
We would appreciate it if you fans would spread the news! :heart:
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20k Watchers Raffle! -OPEN-
more like 21k now but I'm slow at making the raffle lol
aaaa I reached 20k watchers not long ago and I'm so surprised! ;v; Tbh I never thought I'd ever reach so many people following my works, it's crazy. I'm really grateful for all the support I get. Even if I don't have the time to reply much lately, I always love reading all the comments I get, every fav, every watch, EVERYTHING. THANK YOU <3
That's why I wanted to do a little raffle to celebrate!
What you can win
1st prize will get a simple chibi like these

2nd prize will get 200 Points
How to enter
Share this journal in a new journal or pollFav this journal so you're added to the favorites list. I'll use the numbers on that list to pick the winners with
And that's it. Easy!
You have time until Febraury 24th 10PM (UTC-03) to enter.
Once the 1st prize winner
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DeviantArt and Wix: With a Kindred Spirit
Earlier today, announced its acquisition of DeviantArt, and I want you to know how incredibly positive this development is for our community, for the platform, and for all artists who haven’t yet become deviants!

by spyed
Earlier today,—a leading cloud-based web development platform—announced its acquisition of DeviantArt, and I want you to know how incredibly positive this development is for our community, for the platform, and for all artists who haven’t yet become deviants!
DiscoBlues by jasinski
We need to talk about the elephant in the room. You know, the one that’s been sitting on us for the past couple years. Since we’re all
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2/20/17 Week 6 + Feature!
"I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them." 

Well, nothing really to get updated with, hence why I had skipped last week's journal. Valentine's Day was uneventful, though I posted a little sappy thing on Facebook for Tyler, which apparently his mom thought was really sweet. I have no clue if he got my letters or not, but I don't really mind. Two months are almost up and then it'll be the homestretch. I tried to get Valentine's Day candy on sale last Wednesday, but in Walgreens it was all sold out, so I went across the street to the Stop&Shop and they just had M&M's, so I got two bags of those. 
I'll hopefully be hearing back from the job I applied to at school (nothing special, just office work, but it's something to do in my free time). As for the summer, I'm back to looking at equine internships and working student positions. Why? Well, the internships on cyber-security require mostly experienced
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hidden places

  Evening Star by Trichardsen Life in a movie by NicoFroehberg
 The edge of night by Trichardsen ...bled XL... by roblfc1892 Aurora borealis by NicoFroehberg
 Arctic lights by Trichardsen 5 by RobHM Vandring by RobHM
 -Opening of the new dimension- by Janek-Sedlar -Forest of rare moments- by Janek-Sedlar The Other Side by Northstar76
 If These Trees Could Talk XXXI. by realityDream Silence by Bomb-Creator Wald #95 by HeikoGerlicher
 Gold season(VII). by Phototubby By Starlight by LG77 Mystic Embrace by FlorentCourty
 Still Got The Blues by Unkopierbar Snow drifts by LinsenSchuss First winter morning by HendrikMandla
 Wald #100 by HeikoGerlicher Botanic garden by ivancoric frozen forest by riskonelook
 - Fairywood in Winter's Realm - by UNexperienced new year's walk by vw1956 Ice Bay by cwaddell
 Unknown Germany pt. CCXXXVIII by TheChosenPesssimist Sunrise by Rizone Chromatic Skies by EtherealSceneries
 Post Light Darkness by Glenn-Crouch Of Tide and DreamFalls by justeline .. by Rizone
 The skeleton of the boat by LinsenSchuss I love the morninglight.............. by Betuwefotograaf The Pedestal by Jordan-Roberts
 Bavella by MarvinDiehl The Highlands Swelling Blue by LordLJCornellPhotos Jura - 697, From down below.... by swissnaturelover
 . : Des Eiskoenigs Schloss : . by PfisterMartin Southafrica by jfphotography Carlin-Park-by-the-Rocks-Before-Sunrise-Jupiter-Fl by CaptainKimo
 When Fall Comes To Colorado by kkart :thumb58832181
:iconaugenweide:augenweide 60 28
Possibly Maybe V3

Pflanzmich by scheinbar
Snow Tree by ZephyraMilie
Sliding Through by Poromaa
grunge by Andaelentari
Half.Truths. by Noir-Division
Often We Meet In The Train Inside by Iskaeldt
Working dead by Sei-Zako
How icy are the Times 1 by pillendrehr
Caught Feeling (180/365) by MeanDarkSmile
O temps by baspunk
Windows of Berlin by Einsilbig
At The Gym by vamosver
. by aerendial
Lisbon 73 by JACAC
Cold Impression by ZephyraMilie
wintertrees by augenweide
Titanomachy by chriseastmids
The Wall by shishas
Garages by crossfading
Basking in the Early Morning Sun by FabulaPhoto
We all dance in a different universe by Twitchtic
[J'nF] by agevla77
Untitled by ltiana355
(quiet concord) by andrewpershin
:iconkizukitamura:KizukiTamura 56 53
How to draw hair strands
Hello everyone , 
I've planned to make a little tutorial where I want to show you some advices/tips that will help you to draw ''realistic'' hair .
This tutorial is done because some deviants requested me to show how I draw hair and what tools I use when I start to draw my ''HairStyle Study''.
When you start drawing the most important form my point of view are the details , source of light and constrats.
Are much more factors but these 3 are very importants if we want to have a great human hair drawing. 


:bulletgreen: Pencils: 2B , 6B , 7B and a Mechanical 3B Pencil.
:bulletgreen: Erasers: Normal Eraser and Kneaded Eraser.
*Normal Eraser: I've used a cuter to cut it and make it thin so it can erase very thin areas that resemble hair strands.
:bulletgreen: For Blending: Fine brush and a Q-Tips.
Let's start :
When I start to draw I
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Art Feature Stunning and Amazing

Heart Sharing Some Of My Recent Favorites Today Heart 
Heart :love: Love in the Air :love: Heart 
I love deviantART! Go Now and Give All These Art Feature of Amazing Artist   I love deviantART!


:iconpamonk:PaMonk 40 111
APN Features: Tiny Snails
"Snails See The Benefits,
The Beauty In Every Inch"
- The Format



"It Doesn't Matter How Slow You Go,
As Long As You Don't Stop.."
   Autumn by Tb--Photography
Home is... by Butterkex
snail 2 by artmobe
Snail trip by F-Lagerdahl   Almost there by lieveheersbeestje
Home is where the heart is by nervuska
Snail by russinov
keep on hanging by ArkanumTenebrae
Snailing Along 3 by RainaAstaldo     running down the spiral by palomatorcaz 
The Tiniest Snail by KingFamine
Snail X by LucFerkel
:iconjorgipie:Jorgipie 28 8
Lucy's Favorites Vol.#73



Frosted by FlashW
          Cougar Is Gonna Get You by deskridge          Papilionem Lupus by JadeMere
:iconlucytherescuedcat:lucytherescuedcat 26 33
Vibrant Colors Feature IX
Now is time for my new Colorful Feature!
Heart Heart Heart
Some of my latest arts in vibrant colors...


Taiakii by Urnam-BOT
...The Last Samurai... by SilentDreamer-Art
Sin Debt by Dani-Owergoor
lost future. by sugarmints
Burning Book by HouaVang
Burning Rome by Mr-Ripley
Dragon summoner by Gwendolyn1
Illusion of an eternal being by Grypwolf
Lara Croft by Axsens
The butterflies' Goddess by KatZaphire
Horoscope series .:Aries:. by sakimichan
Burning Heart by kuschelirmel
sweet sunset by BaxiaArt
:icongenerazart:GeneRazART 19 12
poca2hontas February 2017 Feature
Welcome To My February Feature 
:love: As always i hope you are all well and thank you for your continued support which makes this a fantastic fractal group! :love:
Hooray i get to announce the winners of our 'Valentines' contest.
First of all thank you to everyone who entered as all entries were excellent :clap: and to view them go here:
:trophy: first place  and winning 120 points goes to coby01 for this stunning piece :heart:

Here are some other amazing fractals by Coby
:trophy: Coming 2nd and winning 70 points is GLO-HE with this beautiful work :heart:

Here are some more fractals by Gloria
:iconpoca2hontas:poca2hontas 18 66
A little Spring Envy #1
I know its spring somewhere !!!
We have another 6 weeks before it happens where I live
although the past two weeks have been Spring like weather
 a lot of snow melted, its fantastic
while the East and the West of Canada
are surfin' through snow storms 
We get to enjoy a little touch of Spring
but Winter will be back soon
so we did take full advantage of enjoying
the great outdoors
So all in all it gave me the feel
of doing a GREEN feature
Enjoy awesome ART
from many wonderful deviants

:icongigi50:gigi50 17 47
Win 216 points: Show me your best work from 2016!
So, this is pretty easy:Link your personal favourite of your own work (uploaded in 2016) here in the commentsFave this journalA randomly chosen participant will receive 216 points from me on 25 FebruaryOnly my watchers may participate in this raffle.
Thank you all so much for your support and good luck!
:iconunkopierbar:Unkopierbar 76 147
Lizzy | 19 | Pansexual | Taken | Furry
Hello! My name is Lizzy but you can call me Doc if you like! I LOVE drawing and I am a self taught artist that loves to draw anthropomorphic animals, Spongebob and South Park!!!! Im 19 and I'm a Fur Fag and I'm proud of being one! I love helping others and making them happy! WARNING!!! I AM Mad Scientist TRASHHHHHH!!
My Girlfriend
My beautiful friendios

Thanks button Stamp by justdacat 'SKOOLZ IS DUM!!1' by ZeroGravityCroquet
Teddy stamp - findyQ by stamps-club DONT FAV - Stamp Not Enough Sl by stamps-club Support Hated Characters stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps
I love Monsters stamp by Ruxree I like them biter by She-Shark vague stamp is vague by Aphose
Black Lace Commissions - OPEN by iDaphodil
Black Lace Requests - DONT DO THEM by iDaphodil
Black Lace Art Trades - ASK ME by iDaphodil
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assemblage of unforeseen circumstances



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+ Actives Watchers Club + New Features +
Hello Guys ! ~ Heart emoticon 
I was used to made some Rewards to my Actives Watchers and put them on a Journal.
The problem ?

I have a ton of work actually (commissions, projects...) and I don't really have the time for rewards.
So I decided to create this new journal to list my most actives watchers.

Then I can :
Coffee Remember them more easily
Coffee Give them features 
Coffee Give them Priority on my Help Journal
Coffee Offer them reductions of my Commissions
Coffee Maybe free gifts
Dessert Set: Heart Cookie - Left ~ COMMISHE'S SUPPORTERS ~ 
:iconangedecristal:AngedeCristal 44 171
a r t % f e a t u r e
I've wanted to make this feature much bigger but the pain in my hand is killing me... Sorry...
Enjoy the view...
    Happy Birthday Mike by BlueIvyViolet I would really, really like to have that leaf by Maria-Schreuders Rainbow Turmoil by Thelma1 t~win~ing by ChasMandala Hiding My Heart by BrightStar2 Spring Stirs In Its Bed by BlueDisciple Sea of Sensuality by Gmatty UF_ Duffting Mod 2017 by chetje
:iconludifico:Ludifico 14 21
Beauty And Emotional Power
This world truly is an amazing and beautiful place despite it's pains.  
Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
~Henry Ward Beecher

Honestly, there are so many magnificent works of art here, that I think I will do this weekly :)
Welcome Spring 3 by Sisterslaughter165Love by happytimerI Ching 60 - Chieh (Limitation) by annewipfLove for my Brother by Guard-of-the-CitadelEye Contact by 00Michael00ADay 358 - Henna by MonsterBrandTe Amare Siempre by TheGalleryOfEveGirl Waiting by AliaChekgrunge by AndaelentariAnother Adorable Kitten by surrealistic-gloomHappy Valentines Day by AnnMLoveArtResting the Eyes by Afrim1969Zoo Live by 00Michael00AMasyanya in a basket by DaykineyHey little Bear! by ElinasArt
Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart
:iconsuezn:suezn 14 43
Short Challenge #33
The-Imaginarium Short Challenge.
First Challenge of the year, to be more special the required stock are from our members :)
Stock Required

cutout version: Cutout8

Will have 5 winners.
- 50 :points: from Wesley-Souza
- 50 :points: from Mr-Ripley
- 50 :points: from FrostAlexis (via me)
- 100 :points: Only for the 1º most voted from MANDEEx88
- Exclusive Stock from:  Wesley-Souza | HermitCrabStock | EveLivesey | YBsilon-Stock 
- Feature from: Wesley-Souza | lauraypablo | HermitCrabStock | UnKnown-Designer092

Feel free to donate prizes.
What do you have to do
- Choose one stock required, or more than one.
- You decide which to u
:iconwesley-souza:Wesley-Souza 39 21
Welcome to my World Feature n52: ORANGE
Commission Info
Stock and Ressources
Contests and Events

Welcome to my world

Welcome to my weekly feature! Here is the menu!
 A feature of 6 of my watchers
Featuring watchers from oldest to newest. Empty galleries do not get featured.
I won't feature pieces which aren't on point with credits, offensive content and non-English literature (everybody should be able to read)
 A feature for any gift
:iconlualady:LualaDy 14 119