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Monthly giveaway [1500 points]

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 7:45 AM

As I said before, I was thinking of hosting a giveaway every month, so here I am (again haha..)

I will pick the three winners with a random number generator. 


You have to be a watcher 
You have to add this journal to your favourites
Share this journal 
If more than 600 people join, the main prize will be raised by 400:points: (so the winner will get 1200:points:)
Optional: comment on this journal

Negative comments will be hidden. 


1st place: 800:points: 
2nd place: 500:points:
3rd place: 200:points:

Deadline: 9th of August

Good luck!

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city concept 2 by TylerEdlinArt
DeviantArt will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Monday, July 27th from approximately 10:00 PM to 11:59 PM Pacific.

During this time, and the DeviantArt Mobile App will be in read-only mode — you'll be unable to submit, comment, or +fav deviations (or take other actions that require being logged-in.) However, you'll still be able to browse and search the site, and we encourage you to find and share artwork that you enjoy, bringing attention to artists you love!

This scheduled maintenance will allow us to test changes to our backend systems to make DeviantArt faster and more reliable. Rest assured that none of your data will be affected or lost during this time.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to providing you with an even better DeviantArt experience!

Update: DeviantArt's scheduled maintenance is now complete. Thank you for your patience and please commence DeviantArting! 

╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚

Hello everyone :3

Now I have 3,000 watchers and I will do a little giveaway :3
It´s only open for 48 hours so be fast! :3

you can win 1,000 points

-----read the rules-----

~fave this journal~
~write a journal about this~
~write a comment with your journal~
~fave my art~
~feel free to watch me should you like my art :3~
~give me a llama badge~
~good luck :3~

determine the winner with

Open for 48 hours after ubload!
winner: :iconmillion-chances:

Unbenannt by Jeavieh
Congratulation, number 135 :3

please write here and I will give you your points :3


My YouTube channel

Account 4 sketches and adoptables

Thunder! Speedpaint

Thank you <3

group 4 your animal art! :3

My favorite tutorials

Mon Jul 27, 2015, 2:16 PM
Here is a list of all the tutorials that i used to learn from. As many of you already know, i am a self taught artist. But the name "self-taught" is a little misleading, since i wasn't quite alone, i referenced and learned from many tutorials. So i am a tutorial-taught artist :)
Though some are from other sources, most of them come from artists on deviantart. Some aren't even tutorials but images that by looking at them, i get a better understanding of something.
They have shaped who i am as an artist. You can probably see their influence on my art to this day.

So without further ado, here they are.

One of the first tutorials on colors i looked at, and one of the best How I See Color - A Tutorial by purplekecleon
:iconaquasixio: has some very good tutorials on colors as well…
some examples: Complement to the Tutorial #18 by AquaSixio   Tutorial 13 Like a fish out of water ? by AquaSixio

This is not a tutorial but whenever i look at it i feel like i know how to draw clouds just a little better coming blue by zaphylla

This blood in the snow looks so good! Bloody Snow tutorial by Ravietta
makes me wanna draw a murder in the snow just to practice this. Jon Snow.....?

This eye! Creature Eye Step by Step by Naschi
This process river process by sandara

These textures! Material study by Lelek1980
More Have some balls by monikapalosz

These are one of the best fur tutorials A Fur Tutorial: Part 1 by CoyoteMange  A Fur Tutorial: Part 2 by CoyoteMange  A Fur Tutorial: Q + A by CoyoteMange

Looking at this step by step just makes me feel richer :) Making of Pierian spring by RHADS
How to make a starry sky :D SAI : Starry Sky Tutorial by uchuubranko
more starry sky +Starry Sky Tutorial+ by Enijoi
Sky during the day Sky Tutorial by Vakhara
more cloud tutorials Cloud Tutorial Part 1 by yuumei (it comes wit a really cool brush set)
Thunder, snow, fire Various elements - tutorial by MinnaSundberg really useful!

The human ear, the mystery of how to draw it finally elucidated! Ear Tutorial Resource by CGCookie
eye tutorial Eye Tutorial 2 by Selenada
Male anatomy HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy by tincek-marincek
My obsession, water  Water Tutorial by MinnaSundberg
Just looking at this is just mind blowing 33245976 by Yuuza
same with this one Outburst by nico-eos1 6922528-big-blue-waves by Yuuza
water brushes Water II Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock
more water +Water Tutorial+ by Enijoi

How to make your profile super pretty! Pretty Up Your Profile 2.0 (Beginner) by Gasara
Shiny gems Realistic gemstone tutorial - Paint Tool SAI by longestdistance
Brilliant tutorial on folds and cloth How to Draw Cloth - The Basics by JaneMere
Awesome lighting Exercise 17: Cast Shadows by CGCookie
more Light and shadow (  Video Tutorial ) by yuchenghong
This video is how to use brushes  Basic Brush tutorial video by sandara 
My brushes by sandara

People ask me how i got to draw good hands. And the truth is i tried following many tutorials but nothing stuck. I just couldn't comprehend hands. So what i did was keep drawings hands after photos and that worked, i eventually got better.
This is a website you can use. It has many many hand references, in great poses
It also has feet, animals and figure drawing as well. 
If you're the type that understands anatomy from tutorials good for you. I found it doesn't work for me. Not as good as i hoped, or as good as the other tutorials helped me comprehend folds for example. But combining tutorials with practicing from photos worked. :D

There are more tutorials but many artists have archived them so they're no longer available for view. 
I actually saved many tutorials on my computer and have this huge library of them for easy access. I am an art hoarder ouo

So, a question for you.
What tutorial influenced you as an artist? Links please!

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LIT me explain u a thing...about literature news

There is a lot of it.

2015 is...half over. Why would it do that to me, it was like 2000 just yesterday right? Right?! Okay, maybe it was two days ago, but details, details.

This is the first part of the article series "LIT me explain u a thing" chronicling some of the things DA's Lit Community was up to in 2015! Only a portion because I'd be insane if I tried to be more comprehensive (plus who would actually read that?!).

If you're ready to see me become a little wacky, please scroll down and get to reading!  Eye of the Tiger  

Also, please, please, PLEASE :+fav: this. ♥

If you manage to make it through all of this tell me so I can give you a  thumbs up. Also, do not sue me if your eyes fall out after this because I am not responsible for that sort of thing. You really should have gone to a doctor.

January | February | March | April | May | June


Lit Community Relations:

:bulletgreen: CRLit Update - January 2015
:bulletgreen: Literature DD Roundup - January 2015
:bulletgreen: Monthly Literature Critique Thread: January


Writing Contests and Projects:

In the Lit Forum:


Lit Community Relations:

:bulletgreen: CRLit Update - February 2015
:bulletgreen: Literature DD Roundup - February 2015
:bulletgreen: Monthly Literature Critique Thread: February


Writing Contests and Projects:

In the Lit Forum:


Lit Community Relations:

:bulletgreen: CRLit Update - March 2015
:bulletgreen: March Literature DD Round Up
:bulletgreen: Monthly Literature Critique Thread: March


Writing Contests and Projects:

In the Lit Forum:

projecteducate: Publishing Week


Lit Community Relations:

:bulletgreen: CRLit Update - April 2015
:bulletgreen: Literature DD Roundup - April 2015
:bulletgreen: Monthly Literature Critique Thread: April


Writing Contests and Projects:

In the Lit Forum:


Lit Community Relations:

:bulletgreen: CRLit Update - May/June 2015
:bulletgreen: Literature DD Round-Up May 2015
:bulletgreen: Monthly Literature Critique Thread: May


Writing Contests and Projects:

In the Lit Forum:


Lit Community Relations:

:bulletgreen: CRLit Update - May/June 2015
:bulletgreen: Literature DD Roundup - June 2015
:bulletgreen: Monthly Literature Critique Thread: June


Writing Contests and Projects:

In the Lit Forum:

Meanwhile Misha OH MY GOOD WORD YOU MADE IT THROUGH THIS?! I AM SO PROUD, YOU ARE A TROOPER. (Not a Storm Trooper, you have much better aim.) Either way there was TONS more going on and I couldn't list everything because has a limit or something. idk, it's mean to me. If you're looking to get involved with the Literature Community don't be afraid, there are so many of us and so many different things going on. :eager: Find something you like, do it. Prosper.

If you're asking yourself what will happen in the next 6 months, be prepared to be disappointed because I am not Raven and I can not see the future. Or can I? Ha, like I'd tell you because the future is supposed to be a SECRET. However, feel free to send me things you find throughout the rest of the year. Or send me celebrities. Oh yeah...

i explained u the thing

500 Point (and more!) Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2015, 8:53 AM

Dear watchers,

Thank you so much for supporting me and my work! It's great to be back on dA and doing photography again after some time off :)

I wanted to thank all of you by doing a 500 point giveaway + feature. The only thing you have to do to enter is watch me and both new and old watchers are eligible as long as you are watching me when I pick the winner, so congrats - most of you reading this journal already have a chance at winning!

Additionally, you can get extra entries by:

Sharing this journal in your own journal = 2 extra entries
Pledge 10 points or more to the winner = 2 extra entries (please remark in your donation that it's a pledge for the giveaway)
:+fav: Faving this journal = 1 extra entry
Pledge to feature, watch, or give a llama to the winner = 1 extra entry for each task

Please comment below to let me know when you've complete any of the above (except for faving, I can note that from my notifications center).

I will be compiling a spreadsheet of all my watchers, and anyone who completes any extra entries will have their name added multiple times to account for it. At the end of the giveaway I will use a random number generator to pick the winner!

This giveaway will end within a week or when entries begin to slow down.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or send me a note. Thank you :heart:

Imaginaful pledges 10 points, a feature and watch
PixelGinger pledges 10 points, a watch and a llama

WarmWishes pledges a feature, watch and llama
Paint-zuri pledges a feature, watch and llama
FuocoStella pledges a feature, watch and llama 
aknm987 pledges a feature, watch and a llama 
XxMariahtheRabbitxX pledges a feature, watch and llama
resurrexia pledges a feature, watch and llama
Wild-Sunrise pledges a feature, watch and llama
xApfel pledgs a feature, watch and llama
Valkiria07 pledges a feature, watch and llama
Knight-Lights pledges a feature, watch and llama

KiseKaeGinger pledges a feature and watch 

FoxtrotKitty pledges a watch and llama
KatyKatKilla pledges a watch and llama 
PASTARagazza pledges a watch and llama
LindarSama pledges a watch and llama

The-Lucky-Rabbit pledges a llama 
CobaltSkye pledges a llama
xBonbons pledges a llama
katamariluv pledges a llama
DragonDrawer147 pledges a llama
iSatQuietly pledges a llama
iWarriorBlood pledges a llama
mikeemee16aa pledges a llama

Skin by SimplySilent , customized by SteffyMacD

Summer Artist Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 27, 2015, 3:47 PM

Heart If you like this feature please add it to your +favs ! Heart

So a few weeks ago, I asked some people to show me their best work and I would do daily features of some of the artists that I feel may not have the exposure that they deserve. 
I will feature about 10-15 artist. I hope you guys like the artist and their works and will go give them some love! And if you like their stuff, watch! 

Today's featured artist is :iconavvyraptor: 
Avvyraptor is an artist based in Bulgaria. She is an active member of Deviantart, Instagram, and tumblr to name a few. Her commissions are open and she is incredibly talented, and her work is fun and inspiring!  

Princesses by Avvyraptor 
yeh by Avvyraptor
Commission Riehimee by Avvyraptor
Sheets by Avvyraptor
Derp by Avvyraptor
Marceline by Avvyraptor

Skin by SimplySilent
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Feature Time! 3

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2015, 8:56 AM

Hello, my dear friends :wave:

Hope you are doing well.
It's time for me again to share you some wonderful works I found around DA.
I hope you like them.

Nicely-naughty by zanthia5Spoild Child - A Horror Story - by perolineAngel of Uncertainty by PaperDreamerArtSCORPIANA by Dani-OwergoorHybrid by JulianezSUN in my hand by k-i-mm-i-eI wish I could be like the wind by SecretadmiresIn The Moment.. by Gwendolyn1And the songbird sings by TL-DesignzBird's-eye view by VitaShubaCoyote Transforms by Wolfberry-JAlone by SoulcolorsArtRobin of Loxley by megan7Very Young Mother by JocelyneRX511 by wane1Black and White by theheekPensive...... by KibblywibblyA Walk in the Park by pjenzExcuse Me? by CinnamoncandyMy Kitten by surrealistic-gloomTeresa's Princess by philippeLKey to my Heart - (Simple Manip) by Wesley-SouzaSleep by JiaJenn31Fly by Rui-Abel...Frozen Melody... by EsotericIllusionLady Strange by Altair-ELet my light shine on you by MoonZaphireAttempted Poisoning Failure by fhelalrNecromancer by WhendellIf Tomorrow Never Comes by inObrASMoonlight Dream by annewipfSweet Garden Hippopotamus by ElsapretFind the way home by EstherPuche-ArtI walk alone... by SummerDreams89The Birth of a Galaxy by tamaraRPink Poppies by LewiARTsPoor Pitiful Me by DCJBeersJoan Miro - Tribute by George-B-ArtBAT-Family : BATMAN Bruce Wayne by LannytorresT Sawyer  Standing Back Png Model Stock (updated) by Mom-EsPeaceA Bridge For Tears by Trippy4UJumieges 014 by syliouInto-The-Woods by EnchantedWhispersArtThe Library by SweediesArtNight misty forest by MoonRoseEternityKing's Landing by DriPointDemon Skies by scotch39Thirst by MocrisDeadly Space Dust by frenchfoxThe Expendables by funkwoodDark Spirit by ManinkPickens - The Crow by Splat-ShotMIND CONTROL.. by chryssalisWinchester by Walking-TallCatwomen by ektapinkiAll Alone by Pixx-73Road Trip by msfowleButterflies and Apples by mshelleeUntitled by Sisterslaughter165Harry Potter by the-winter-girl

And the last one is my new work.
I hope you like it. :)

Lost in the Lost World by Mr-Ripley

Have a great day,

ProjectPortfolio Lottery Winners

Sun Jul 26, 2015, 3:57 PM by Andorada:iconandorada:

1 x 3 Months Premium Membership

from OlMountainWoman        :thumbsup: Done!


1 x 1  Month Premium Membership

from OlMountainWoman        :thumbsup: Done!

3 x 500 Points

from Andorada       :thumbsup: Done!

:iconmike-tr: :iconreaperbunny: :iconpascua-tanya: :iconwdwparksgal: :iconjuddlesart: :iconillydragonfly: :iconrosaarvensis:
:iconzombiebeccaart: :iconmouselemur: :iconlibfly: :iconhendrikhermans: :iconmaximumride93: :iconpersian7:

4 X   50 Points

 from Eremitik        :thumbsup: Done!
:iconamarantheans: :icondreamsofgems: :iconthe-common-commander: :iconfalcodargento:

5 x Custom Watermark/Logo Design

:iconcristinewakesuphappy: :iconfanai59: :iconcanonadventures: :iconwakefielddesigns: :iconinklingsofoblivion:

1 x  Free art gift



5 x Various Prizes

from Malintra-Shadowmoon

haiku: Kuhtulu; a short poem: Mocris; a critique/comment: lolitartheist; a surprize: DrewGuitarMan 
:iconkuhtulu: :iconmocris: :iconlolitartheist: :icondrewguitarman:

:iconrainofdragon: :iconastarsia: :iconajflipflop: :iconflippytiger: :iconrosaarvensis: :iconmizunotama: :iconlucytherescuedcat: :iconcyberaeon: :iconbelgerathone: 

All winners were selected using, shared live in the chatroom, where several participants were helping. (Not all of them won something, but we got to know each other a bit better, and that was fun!).
Many many thanks for helping out!

Additionally, for their dA Portfolio:

5 x 25 Points

from Amarantheans          :thumbsup: Done!

5 x 75 Points

from Andorada        :thumbsup: Done!

  SofJae's dA Portfolio


 Pascua-Tanya's dA Portfolio


LiHy's dA Portfolio


Astarsia's dA Portfolio


Features for all Winners by:

Amarantheans :iconamarantheans:  :thumbsup: Done! 
OlMountainWoman   :iconolmountainwoman:   Part I +  Part II :thumbsup: Done!   
InklingsOfOblivion :iconinklingsofoblivion: :thumbsup: Done!   

  Project Portfolio Lottery FeatureHi,
So, we have finished up the first session of Project Portfolio, ProjectPortfolio Lottery Winners. Now it is feature time! Every lottery winner will be featured here along with their own portfolio!!
Not only is she a talented artist she has her own comic book series!

A gifted photographer who apparently favors the winter time (good thing too because winter likes him too).

She has progressed well in her drawing ability and her photography is sweet.

This is only one of her three portfolios, her nature and micro photography are amazing
  Project Portfolio Part IA beautifully large, wonderfully extravagant, deliciously titanic feature of the winners of the fabulously successful Project Portfolio!!
Part One of two features


Curtis Creek Gorge by Myrddin88Curtis Creek after 1st Snowfall 2013 by Myrddin88

Project Portfolio Winners!I participated in Project Portfolio, and was fortunate enough to win a prize!! I also donated llamas and a feature to all winners, so without further ado, here we go!
ProjectPortfolio Lottery Winners
Please go and support these lovely artists: show your appreciation by leaving a comment and/or giving a favourite! It doesn't cost you anything, and will brighten someone's day :love:
 I'm forgetting everyone I by rosaarvensis Green frogs VI by rosaarvensis
Oh deer, what have we here? by firefox2171 
  Project Portfolio Part IIA beautifully large, wonderfully extravagant, deliciously titanic feature of the winners of the fabulously successful Project Portfolio!!
Part Two of two features, Ill be bouncing back between the two features for the next several weeks.


Dead Space by InklingsOfOblivionMoon Hunter by InklingsOfOblivionCutting Familiarity by InklingsOfOblivionFairytale Romance by InklingsOfOblivionBurning Skies by InklingsOfOblivionLighting the sky. by InklingsOfOblivionStudent living. by InklingsOfOblivion
Firework Image 0538 by WDWParksGalWinter Wonderland... by WDWParksGalCC by WDWParksGal

:iconandorada: :iconmouselemur: :iconmalintra-shadowmoon: :iconfirefox2171: :iconeremitik: :iconvicexversa: 

Llamas for all Winners from

Malintra-Shadowmoon firefox2171 :thumbsup: Done! ajflipflop

:thumbsup: Done! OlMountainWoman Amarantheans :thumbsup: Done!  UszatyArbuz :thumbsup: Done! InklingsOfOblivion ++ 

:iconuszatyarbuz: :iconmalintra-shadowmoon: :iconfirefox2171: :iconolmountainwoman: :iconajflipflop: :iconvicexversa: :iconamarantheans:  :iconinklingsofoblivion:


  • winners/journals: ajflipflop 
  •  everyone featured in the project - journals/artworks: Andorada 

All participants are faved in ProjectPortfolio and welcome in the group.   
All Journals received exposure also from 
Event hosted by

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