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Jurassic Pokemon

Wed Nov 19, 2014, 8:38 PM
52-img-00a by techgnotic

arvalis aka RJ Palmer is a long time deviant who has created his own unique niche at DeviantArt.

He was first known as the artist who drew incredibly realistic dinosaurs. Somehow his depictions of dinosaurs began morphing into Pokemon characters. He is now renowned as dA’s master of realistic Pokemon illustrations. His has been quite a success story through art. His rise has been quite a success story on how to build a following in the community. RJ has wonderful tutorial drawing sessions on his DeviantArt profile for you to follow in his footsteps. He is an artist in his ascendancy. Who knows how far he will rise…

RJ’s top 5 up and coming deviants for you to go +WATCH right now

“I decided to include artists in my profile whom I felt were deserving of more attention. Here are the five deviants I’m watching who I feel deserve wider recognition:”


Paleoart is a relatively unappreciated community on DeviantArt but there is a lot of top talent in there. Paul Heaston is no exception, he gives incredible weight and textural detail to his dinosaur work. His ink work is also quite impressive.”


Sculpting is a skill I greatly respect after having tried my hand at it a few times. This guy goes one step further and does insanely detailed dinosaur skeleton sculpts.”


This guy, wow. He has some of my favorite creature illustrations on all of DeviantArt. There is so much rhythm in his work, and his shape design is some of the best I've seen. Whenever I'm drawing a creature illustration, his stuff is at the back of my mind for inspiration.”


Another sculptor to the list. This guy works so small but packs so much detail into his work. Compared to the others on this list, he is incredibly under-appreciated.”

This one is a rather recent find. Though he may not yet be very technically skilled, he has the ideas of a master creature artist. As I looked through his gallery, image after image I was shocked at how unique and inventive he is. I wish I had more of his creativity haha.”

Interview with RJ Palmer

You clearly love dinosaurs so what is your first memory of them and was it love at first sight?

I was a child in the early 90s, so it was pretty hard not to love dinosaurs. I distinctly remember being three years old, in preschool talking with some friends about Jurassic Park. I thought it was so funny when I heard someone got eaten by a T. rex on a toilet. Dinosaurs have been a life–long love and they only got cooler with feathers.”


What’s your favorite version of Godzilla?

The 90’s Japanese Godzilla is pretty hard not to love. I am also pretty fond of the new U.S. Godzilla design, I think they did a pretty great job with most of his design.”


Choose your poison… The new Jurassic Park or the next Godzilla movie and why?

Thats a tough call considering that neither have a trailer yet. Though overall I think I’m more interested in Jurassic World as I enjoyed Colin Trevorrow’s Safety Not Guaranteed much more than I did Gareth Edward’s Monsters and the recent Godzilla film was a pretty major disappointment outside of the Godzilla design.”


Pokemon… Have you been into them since the beginning or was a it something that you got into later? What is it about them that has you still trying to catch ‘em all?

Man I got into to it pretty early. I got my first Pokemon game when what must have been my 10th birthday back in ’99. I had that goofy Pikachu version Gameboy and I played it all the time. Like many for kids in the late 90’s Pokemon was just the thing to do, when you weren’t playing the games, you were collecting the cards. The games were good and the designs were awesome, and they had a major impact on young me. I’ve been drawing Pokemon now for 15 years.”


What gave you the idea to do realistic versions of the Pokemon?

Ever since going to art school I’ve been infatuated with nature and real world influence. So it was really only a matter of time until both interests in Pokemon and nature converged. The series, though, started when I was avoiding some freelance work. I started doodling a sharkosaurus which transitioned into Garchomp. Then I did more and the rest, they say, is history.”


You’ve been a deviant for 9 years now. What tips can you give the community to help them grow their profile on the site?

Its really simple actually. Stumble into doing something people really like, then do it some more. I picked up on this early on when using dA, but never had lightning strike until the Pokemon thing. Just keep drawing what interests you and eventually you should luck into success.”


Your Thoughts

  1. Would you like to see an animated Pokemon feature film with Pokemon creatures created by arvalis?

  2. Are there other videogame or cartoon characters you would like to see rendered in “arvalis realism?”

  3. What is the Pokemon arvalis should do next in this series?


Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 8:38 AM

Goblins vs. Gnomes Challenge

Thu Nov 20, 2014, 11:21 AM
Goblins vs. Gnomes by SpicyGingerr

Create Your Own Mischievous Goblin or Gnome!

The battle has been declared. Side with either the cunning and dangerous Goblins or the clever and wacky Gnomes. Create your own Goblin or Gnome inspired by Hearthstone's new expansion pack, Goblins vs Gnomes, and include the invention they would use to confuse, confound, or explode their opponents.

It's up to you: pick as your inspiration the measured ingenuity of the Gnomes or the trademarked fearlessness of Goblins. Make a new invention or reinterpret an old one.

Step 1

Learn more about the characters and inventions used in the game, Hearthstone Goblins vs Gnomes. View the cards provided above and consult the additional resources link. You may use as reference but not actually duplicate Gnomes, Goblins, inventions, and other visual materials currently used in the game.

Step 2

Create an original artwork inspired by the Hearthstone Goblins vs Gnomes game in the form of a portrait or an illustration of a single Goblin or Gnome character with one of their mischievous inventions. You may use any visual medium excluding cosplay, photographs, or moving images. Photographs of an entry made in another medium are acceptable.

Step 3

Submit your entry using the button below. Your entry must be at least 2,000 pixels in its shortest length and must be submitted as a single .JPG or a single .PNG file.

First Place

  • $4,000 USD
  • Signed Framed Print of Your Work
  • 8,000 deviantART Points
  • 1-Year Premium Membership to deviantART

Second Place

  • $2,500 USD
  • Signed Framed Print of Your Work
  • 4,000 deviantART Points
  • 1-Year Premium Membership to deviantART

Third Place

  • $2,000 USD
  • Signed Framed Print of Your Work
  • 4,000 deviantART Points
  • 1-Year Premium Membership to deviantART

22 Semi-Finalists

  • 1,000 deviantART Points
  • 6-Month Premium Membership to deviantART


The Hearthstone Goblins vs Gnomes Challenge begins at 12:00AM (PT) on November 20, 2014 and ends at 11:59PM (PT) on December 14, 2014.

  • Entrant must be at least 13 years old as of November 20, 2014.
  • Entrant may reside anywhere in the world.
  • Entries must be received by 11:59:59PM (PT) on December 14, 2014 and be submitted through the contest gallery on deviantART;
  • Membership to is required to enter the contest;
  • Membership to is free.
  • Your submitted entry is to be an original artwork inspired by Hearthstone in the form of a portrait or an illustration of a single Goblin or Gnome character with one of their mischievous inventions.
  • You may use any visual medium excluding cosplay, photographs, or moving images. Photographs of an entry made in another medium are acceptable. Licensed brushes and textures are permitted.
  • You may use as reference but not actually duplicate visual materials currently used in the Game.
  • Your entry must be in the form of a single .JPG or a single .PNG file at least 2,000 pixels in its shortest length and at a minimum of 72 dpi.
  • Please read Official Rules carefully for more details.


Twenty-five semi-finalists will be chosen by deviantART staff. The three winners will be selected by a Senior Member of the Hearthstone Creative Team from the semi-finalists. The judges will use the following criteria in whatever degree the judges believe appropriate:

  • Successful depiction of a Gnome or Goblin character
  • Overall impact of the work
  • Technical Skill
  • Originality

Please read the Official Rules for more details about judging.

Pokemon is Forever

Fri Nov 21, 2014, 7:11 PM
Pokemon : Triple Charizards by Sa-Dui

Foreword by techgnotic

Kay (aka damphyr) is DeviantArt’s go-to expert on everything “Pokémon.”  She also occupies the adventurous position of being one of DeviantArt's main enforcers of standards and practices.  We thank her for being a guardian of artistic erotica and especially, for being able to answer every question we get asked about Pokémon and just about anything else for that matter. Supreme Keeper of all pop culture knowledge, Kay must be protected in case of global disaster.

An incongruous collection of people lined the sidewalk outside the local video game retailer just before opening on March 6th, 2011. The first in line were a pair of teenage boys in baggy jeans and band shirts, skateboards tucked under their arms. Next was a 9-year-old boy and his mother, followed by a 20-something female with spiky purple hair, a skull and crossbones on her belt. Then there was a young teenage girl, dressed all in yellow, red circles painted on her cheeks and a stuffed Pikachu tied to the handlebars of her scooter. Then a pair of young twins, a boy and a girl, with their mother, and three preorder tickets between them.  Two college boys waited impatiently while talking too loudly about their strategy for the upcoming game.  There was the 20-something couple, arms tangled about each other, their female friend eyeing the mid-thirties man behind her, who typed a business email on his cellphone.

The line continued to grow…

This is the magic of Pokémon

There is no one demographic, no one type of Pokémon player. The 12-year-old who started playing “Red” and “Blue” is now the nostalgic 30-year-old who still has his original Red and refuses to let his collection fall behind. At the same time, the magic of the world of Pokémon has not been lost on the new generation, as wireless gameplay, charming mini games and tantalizing secrets draw in new players.

Fans around the globe are once again eagerly awaiting the release of the newest Pokémon games, “Alpha Sapphire” and “Omega Ruby.” Nintendo has been gearing up fans for the new releases and encouraging preorders for months, offering players who make the trek to a local gaming store the codes that can be redeemed for rare Pokémon and game items, including the new “Megastones” and the previously unreleased legendary Pokémon Diancie. The promotions appear to have been effective, with over one million copies preordered in Japan alone. Pokémaniacs are clearly eager to return to the Hoenn Region once again.

Eighteen years after the release of Pokémon “Red” and “Green” in Japan, the franchise is still going strong, thanks largely to easy yet addictive gameplay, storytelling and adaptability. While “Alpha Sapphire” and “Omega Ruby” are not, strictly speaking, new games (the original games were titled “Pokémon Ruby” and “Pokémon Sapphire” and were released in 2002 and 2003) these remakes offer players a much more immersive world, with radically different graphics, more monsters to catch, more items to collect, easier social interaction with other Pokémon players, as well as minigames and activities to lose themselves in. Pokémon, like its monsters, continues to evolve, and in so doing, has deftly managed to keep the interest of veteran players and attracted a whole new generation of gamers.

Ever embracing of pop culture, Pokémon is combining the cosplay trend with their most famous monster.

“Alpha Sapphire” and “Omega Ruby” will be the first games to offer the Cosplay Pikachu! This adorable Pikachu is sure to be the star of the returning Talent Show, and will have a variety of outfits. Cosplay Pikachu will acquire special moves based upon which costumes they wear, and, like any truly dedicated cosplayer, will appear in costume even in battle.


Pokémon could not have chosen a better slogan to promote their game, as there is no question that the obsessive desire to catch them all is a major drive for many players. Pokémon games are released in paired versions, and some Pokémon are version exclusives, found in one version of the game, but not the other.

Some Pokémon have forms which cannot be found naturally in game and can only be unlocked if they are traded from one player to another.

Some Pokémon have unique appearances which change depending on the season, sometimes the same Pokémon will have a different appearance depending on its gender, while still other Pokémon have a different appearance depending on the region your game originates from.

Some Pokémon will only evolve if the player has raised the friendship of their monster, by traveling with it in their team, or spending time in the Amie mini-game, where players pet their Pokémon and hand-feed them Poke Puff pastries.

Legendary Pokémon

Then there are the legendary Pokémon, which are rare and difficult to find, often version exclusive with only one monster found per game. Some Pokémon are event exclusives, where gamers must bring their 3DS and Pokémon game to a certain real-world location within the correct time frame order to download a special Pokémon. Some Pokémon are distributed via the Wireless feature on the Nintendo 3DS and are offered in celebration of a holiday or special event.  For the hardcore collectors, the game does not end when the credits roll, not even when the Pokedex is complete, and all 719 Pokémon have been recorded. For the truly dedicated, the game is not over until every Pokémon, every color variation, every gender variation, every shiny variation and every special event Pokémon has been acquired.

While Pokémon may be a one-player game, the game play is anything but isolating. Through the wireless connection of the 3DS, players can, at any time, see the icons of their friends and random online passersby, battle or trade with just a few clicks, or even offer a player a stat boost to help them in their game. Voice chat enables friends to connect over long distances, groups of players can trade unhatched eggs, and even those who are offline can still impact those actively playing by offering to trade a Pokémon via the Global Trade Station.

Across the Internet, Pokémon communities have become common, from groups here on DeviantArt, to Reddit and Tumblr and dedicated Pokémon fan sites. Players swap friend codes in order to explore Friend Safaris, where rare Pokémon with boosted stats wait to be found. Trades for Pokémon, both legendary and common are negotiated and breeding extras are given away to help out future breeders. The days of needing a link cable, a wish and a prayer in order to trade are long gone.  It has never been easier to interact and trade with other Pokémon players.

Even battle is a social event in Pokémon.

Wireless competitions are held regularly, with different rules dictating which Pokémon and which Pokémon teams can be entered. Gaming stores and individual groups often organize in-person Pokémon tournaments so gamers can see how their Pokémon teams stand up against other local trainers. The annual Pokémon World Championship is a televised, narrated global competition where Pokémon awards over $100,000 in scholarships to video gamers and card players. The 2014 tournament featured over 500 players from 30 countries, and the tournament winner, Se Jun Park, won a surprising victory with his Pachirisu, spawning a flurry of art featuring the adorable electric rodent.

Even if you are not inclined to catch them all, Pokémon has worked hard to offer something of interest to every kind of player. Pokémon has a whole host of games, features, minigames, strategies and events beyond those featured in this article.  Whether you are picking out your very first starter or if you are a master with a completed Pokedex, join us in a return to the world of Pokémon!

A new adventure and new evolutions await us all in Hoenn, and it looks like Team Magma and Team Aqua are up to no good once more, so let's go defend the world once more!

This article was edited for space considerations. If you would like to read the full text of Kay’s original extended submission, click here.

Questions for The Reader

  1. What is your favorite Pokémon?
  2. What attributes of either the Pokemon Universe or Game Play draw you in the most to keep you playing Pokémon games?
  3. If you battle, is this due to a competitive urge, or is it more about the social bonding with your teammates?
  4. Do you have any strong years-ago memories tied to Pokémon?
  5. Can you think of any more improvements or options that would make the Pokémon experience even better?
  6. Someday will you encourage your children to play Pokémon?  Do you think you will be able to explain your passion for this massively time-consuming “hobby?”

1000 points give away raffle

Mon Nov 17, 2014, 9:20 PM

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55-img-00 by techgnotic

In Bangkok, Thailand, students are being arrested for raising their hands in the air to flash Katniss’ three–finger “freedom” salute.

That’s right, the Katniss who’s the fictional heroine of the popular dystopian sci–fi “Hunger Games” movie series. The world has changed over the last few decades in a very big way, but some are apparently unaware of it or undisturbed by the stunning ramifications.

Advanced surveillance technology is endangering not only personal privacy, but also any possibility of political organizing being kept secret from government power. So even the most democratic nations are now faced with Big Brother seeing, hearing, and knowing everything. Drones and other military tech advances have meant a reconceptualization of warfare making resistance by those who have taken stands against their governments or ruling forces a difficult undertaking. Potential political leaders can be snuffed by drone strikes before anyone knows their names. Governments snooping on text messages can stop demonstrations before they happen. Still, the need to protest remains, leading us to ask—what form is left to us?

We still have the movies.

Putting on a Guy Fawkes mask or raising the “Katniss salute” are now actual political statements.

What many see as the planet’s politically leaderless void is now being filled by our movie hero champions. Fictional movie characters are delivering those heartfelt speeches about freedom and love of humanity that move us and inspire us, while the words of our actual political leaders, for many, continue to evoke only vague hopes of a better tomorrow. There may be a breath of hope in this—but the sword of movie propaganda cuts both ways. Movies are entertainments produced by corporations for profit. “Politically correct” messages are usually imparted only accidentally. The politics of “Katniss” will be determined at the box office by what her fans are willing to hear. Let’s hope her fans demand the studio not attempt to “soften” of her character so she can remain the female “Spartacus”—a Roman slave who lead an infamous revolt and a very cool movie.

The words of movie heroes are now igniting real passion in the hearts of people in Thailand, moving them to take a symbolic action: raising three fingers into the air. If this goes against government wishes and leads to arrests being made then these protesters will go to jail for referencing a fictional story from a movie.

In China, the premiere of Mockingjay, Part 1 has been delayed. A movie about a rebellion to overthrow a fictional oppressive government is quashed by a government perhaps fearful of the example Katniss and her comrades might put into the heads of audiences in China. But in a familiar pattern of banning content, China potentially makes the movie (which millions will see anyway on illegal downloads) all that more powerful as a symbolic torch for freedom.

Popular culture seems to have created a worldwide narrative of “freedom,” though it’s still as vague and hazy as the fictional sources it’s being extracted from to find its final shape. At the end of the day Katniss is a fictional character living in a fabricated world conceived of by her creator Suzanne Collins.

She is not taking real action, not facing consequences for marching in the streets, she may be the spark that lights the kindling—but the kindling has to be there to light. The heart of revolution lies in the people. Fictional characters don’t create social change, people do.

Your Thoughts

  1. Have you seen the Katniss three finger salute used by people at your work, at your school or in the streets? Do you have a clear sense of its meaning?

  2. What fictional story, character or role has inspired you to political action in your own community?

  3. As an artist, have you used symbolic images to substitute for grand ideas such as freedom or social equality on the one hand or repression and fundamentalism on the other?

So, Christmas is around the corner and that means you'll get another package of underwear from your mom. But Thanksgiving (for us folks in the United States - sucks if you live some place in, like, France) means food and something about being thankful for what you have. This isn't about being thankful for what you have. This is pure, unadulterated, shove-people-out-of-your-way greed. I'm giving away 2000 points on the day before Black Friday. I'm sure you want them.


Grand Prize:
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Winners chosen Thursday, November 27th so you have time to shop on Black Friday!

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Good Luck!

Watch me for more giveaways.

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Pixel raffle

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 12:26 PM

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Miikyo by kittysophieHaruka28 by kittysophiePixel commission-lalagilr by kittysophie

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Random Art

Forgiveness by Bengalheart

Nom nom nom! (AT) by Bengalheart

Commission Info Here

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6 years on dA: BIG GIVEAWAY

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 6:36 PM

Hello my dear watchers and visitors!^^

On 23rd November 2008 I joined dA. After 6 years, I experienced so much here and I grew as an artist!
I have so many supporters and I found great friends on dA! :hug:
To celebrate it, I want to do a giveaway! :D
I will give 140 :points: to 6 deviants each, a total of 840 :points:!!
Remember the crowdfunding I once hosted? I decided to give them randomly to several people.

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I will pick randomly 2 users, who will win alongside with their 2 tagged friends each! :D

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Yes, you've been chosen by a fellow deviant or friend who is ready to share the prize with you, if they win! :)

:bulletred: How do I see my raffle number?

You can search it in the favorite list of this journal, but you don't need to know your number. They are just for me to pick the winners via a random number generator.

:bulletred: Can I tag you, Yenni?

LOL, please don't do it! I really want to give the points to people who need them more than I do!^^
But thank you, though! :hug:

:bulletred: I don't have any friends on dA. Do I still have to tag someone?

I don't believe you don't have anyone you want to share your prize with, unless you're a newbie on dA.
You also can tag artists you admire!^^

:bulletred: I really want to enter, but the chances of winning are so small!

You often heard this: "It's the taking part that counts!" :D
Don't expect to win, so you can't be disappointed! :)
You don't have anything to lose.

:bulletred: I hate giveaways, I'm never lucky!

Never say never! ;)
As I said: Just try it.
By saying giveaways are bad, you make people like me sad who host giveaways. We do this for fun and to make some people happy.

:bulletred: Can we reply to say thank you to the user who tagged us?

Sure! :)
But please avoid long conversations because you should remember I have to look up for the winners later! xD

May be continued.