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Game-header by marioluevanosSharpen your weapons and prepare to fight for the Nexus in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm Ultimate Fan Art Contest! Illustrate your favorite heroes engaged in battle for the chance to win cash prizes and a personalized sketch from Heroes of the Storm Senior Art Director Sam Didier. With many powerful heroes awaiting your call, who will you choose? Enter now!

Official Rules

Enter Now

Engage Blizzard’s
Mightiest Heroes in Battle:

Assemble the mightiest heroes from across Warcraft™, Diablo™, Starcraft™, and more! Illustrate characters from two or more different Blizzard universes engaged in battle for the chance to win $6,000 USD, a framed print of your entry, and an original sketch by Sam Didier, Senior Art Director for Heroes of the Storm, and more. With powerful heroes including all of your favorites awaiting your call, who will you choose?

Sharpen your favorite weapons and prepare to fight, because now you and all of your friends can join the fight for the Nexus! Blizzard’s newest game, Heroes of the Storm, allows you to build and customize heroes from your favorite Blizzard games and face-off in fast-paced mayhem.

About The Game

Heroes of the Storm is a new free-to-play team brawler of heroic proportions. Mobilize teams featuring your favorite heroes from more than 20 years of Blizzard games and face-off against opponents in one of seven dynamic Battlegrounds for your chance at glory!

Use the links below to learn more about Heroes of the Storm and to see a list of some of the many heroes you can choose to feature in your artwork. You can also dive into the fray and experience the game firsthand by logging in and playing the game for free!

How To Enter


Review the asset page to learn more about Heroes of the Storm. Select at least two characters from different Blizzard universes to feature in your artwork. You may use materials provided on the Asset Page and related pages as reference but you may not actually duplicate them as part of your submission. For more information on permitted characters, please see the Official Rules.


Illustrate your chosen characters engaging in battle. You may use any visual medium excluding cosplay, photographs, or moving images. Photographs of an entry in another medium is acceptable.


Your entry must be at least 2000 pixels in its shortest length and be either a single JPG or PNG file.


Share your artwork on your social channels using the hashtag #PlayHeroes. Explore the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and DeviantArt to see other artists’ amazing works! This is not a required step to win or place in the contest.


The 1st Prize Winner Will Receive:

  • A framed sketch by Sam Didier, Senior Art Director for Heroes of the Storm, inspired by the winning entry
  • A framed print of the 1st place entry signed by the Heroes of the Storm Creative Team
  • $6,000 USD
  • $250 in Balance (USD) and a signed boxed copy of Heroes of the Storm
  • 8,000 DeviantArt Points
  • 1-year Premium Membership to

The 2nd Prize Winner Will Receive:

  • A framed print of the 2nd place entry signed by the Heroes of the Storm Creative Team
  • $3,000 USD
  • $150 Balance (USD) and a signed boxed copy of Heroes of the Storm
  • 4,000 DeviantArt Points
  • 6-month Premium Membership to

The 3rd Prize Winner Will Receive:

  • A framed print of the 3rd place entry signed by the Heroes of the Storm Creative Team
  • $1,000 USD
  • $100 Balance (USD) and a signed boxed copy of Heroes of the Storm
  • 4,000 DeviantArt Points
  • 6-month Premium Membership to

22 Semi-Finalist Prize Winners Will Receive:

  • A signed boxed copy of Heroes of the Storm
  • $50 Balance (USD)
  • 1,000 DeviantArt Points


The Blizzard Contest Begins at 12:00 am time (PDT) on May 19, 2015 and ends at 11:59:59 PM (PDT) on June 23, 2015.

  • Entrant must be at least 13 years old as of May 19, 2015.  Entrant may reside anywhere in the world.
  • Entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM (PDT) on June 23, 2015 and must be submitted through the contest gallery on DeviantArt.
  • Membership to is required to enter the Contest. Membership to is free.
  • The work may originate in any visual medium excluding cosplay, photographs, or moving images. Photographs of an entry made in another medium are acceptable. Licensed brushes and textures are permitted. Read the Official Rules for more details.
  • Your entry must be in the form of a single JPG or PNG file at least 2000 pixels in its shortest length.
  • Your entry must include at least two Blizzard Heroes currently featured in the Blizzard’s interactive games, or Heroes who have been in any game released by Blizzard engaged in battle. Please consult the Official Rules for Blizzard games that are excluded.
  • You may reference but not copy the images provided on the Asset Page and in the games.
  • Other requirements and restrictions apply, so please read the Official Rules carefully.


The three winners will be selected by Sam Didier, Blizzard’s Senior Art Director for Heroes of the Storm. The 25 semi-finalists will be chosen by a panel of Blizzard’s full-time art team and by the DeviantArt Staff. The judges will use the following criteria in whatever degree the judges believe appropriate:

  • Depiction of the Heroes in battle
  • Overall impact of the Work
  • Technical Skill
  • Originality

Please read the Official Rules for more details about judging.

Beginnings of Site Simplification

Wed May 20, 2015, 2:41 PM
Img-01 by techgnotic


It’s no secret that DeviantArt is a complicated site.  Have you ever invited a friend to DeviantArt, only to have them ask a bunch of questions about how to get started?  Or have you ever spoken with a fellow deviant about a feature you use daily, only to learn they didn't know that feature existed?  It’s our aim to make a new deviant's first experience as inspiring and welcoming as those who have made this community their home.  We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make DeviantArt a simplified and unified experience and, as mentioned in the DeviantArt Timeline, today we are announcing the beginnings of a site simplification process.

In the coming weeks and months, DeviantArt will begin to make changes to the way things are named and where they appear.  Each of these decisions is informed by analysis of real member behavior for both logged-in and logged-out deviants.  Our goal is to present experiences we all love at DeviantArt more clearly and reduce instances of confusion that contribute to complexity.  Ultimately, this should improve participation from everybody — adding more favourites, comments, and deviousness to the site as a whole.

Cleaning Up Naming

A while back, we asked the community about collections usage.  In response, we heard things like, “Collections?  Do you mean the folders in our galleries?” and “Do you mean the journals where people feature a collection of artwork?”  These are perfect examples around how the naming conventions on DeviantArt — the names we’ve given products and features — need work.

DeviantArt has been around for 15 years.  As mentioned, the site is admittedly complicated and there are many terms, often with multiple meanings, that deviants need to learn as a member.  When we designed the DeviantArt Mobile App, we were able to essentially start from scratch and focus on keeping things simple.  Now it’s time to bring that same mentality to the desktop site by removing complications and consolidating site terminology.

We’ll provide explicit details soon, but here are some examples of how we might change terms used on the site’s navigation:

  • Favourites, “Collections”, the “featured” folder in your favourites, and +fave could become: favourites
  • Gallery, deviations, art, and artwork could become: deviations
  • Watch, watchlist, deviantWATCH, and +watch could become: watch
  • Messages, notifications, notices, hot topics, and inbox could become: notifications

  • Members, deviants, users, and visitors could become: deviants

Navigation Design: Tier One

When looking at our existing navigation, emphasis is placed on search, shop, and DeviantArt’s home/browse.  However, we know that deviants prefer to visit their messages, profile, and so on. 

Let's take a look at the site's most used features and functions, and see how they can be translated into a new, easier to use navigation.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 8.04.02 PM by danlev
(Please note: This is just a representation for how the new site navigation could be structured. It is not meant to be a design nor does it use real colors. For now, we're only focusing on the placement of DeviantArt's core features.)
In the new header arrangement above, the logo would bring you to your watch, notifications (messages) are represented by the number “264” (not necessarily consolidated into one number), Notes are represented by “8”, search, and explore come afterwards, but are still at the top.

We plan on splitting Messages into three distinct components:

  • Watch, which is currently the “deviantWATCH” section of your messages, is content submitted by the people you watch. Since deviantWATCH is vital to community health and we want to optimize this experience for the consumption of deviations by deviants you +Watch.

  • Notifications will replace what is currently the “feedback” section of messages. In the future, this will be a more powerful experience than what it is today. Based on community feedback, using Messages can often feel like a chore.  We’ve also heard that deviants avoid checking their Messages because of how cluttered everything can become, so our aim is to make notifications smarter and easier to manage.

  • Notes. We have exciting plans for notes.  In the near future, we’ll be bringing them to our Mobile App and, a little further out, we’ll be transitioning them to a more chat-like system.

Search and explore also appear on the top navigation:

  • Search will function similar to how it works today, with an improved design.

  • Explore, which is currently known as browse (and the front-page), will include What’s Hot, Daily Deviations, Today, etc.

Navigation Design: Tier Two

Below is a potential second level navigation:

2nd Level Navigation by danlev

Our watch system is the center of the DeviantArt experience for every deviant and we want to bring it to the homepage of DeviantArt.

The beauty of this design option for our home experience is that these elements can be mirrored on profiles and have the same experiences. If profile “tabs” and home/watch “tabs” were organized in the same manner, DeviantArt would be a lot easier for new people to use. Symmetry would make DeviantArt intuitive. Today, we’re suffering under the load of features and naming conventions that create a giant cloud of confusion.

Feature Symmetry by danlev

We want to streamline DeviantArt’s naming conventions, so that we can present a profile featuring exactly what you are then able to watch: deviations, deviants, favourites, journals, and commissions.

Changes in naming and updates to the interface in this direction will not happen all at once, but will instead roll out over time. Small changes may begin happening as soon as next week.

Share Your Thoughts

As DeviantArt grows, we strive to find more ways to connect you with the things and people that matter to you most, but we're becoming more and more cognizant of wanting to simplify the process — so that we can bring you the best experience and do it well.

  • How will these types of changes impact your experience at DeviantArt?  

  • What other things can we unify or simplify?

  • Which site terms/names do you find confusing?  Which took you a while to understand? 
  • Post a status update about Timeline!


Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 10:57 AM
Olaf Pixel Icon by Locomatic

Img-og by techgnotic

Entertainment Advertising Creative Director

by techgnotic

Dream Merchant

When his dream of one day being Captain of a naval vessel was taken away from him due to his irreparable poor eyesight, Tomasz Opasinski turned to his most powerful talent in life: he could draw and paint. Still in his native Poland, he enrolled in the School of Advertising, taking courses in computers and publishing.

The Polish Navy’s loss was an incalculable gain for worldwide creative arts lovers, especially fans of movies and the innovative movie posters advertising them.

In 2001 Tomasz Came To America

Acquiring his first design job in Milwaukee, despite knowing only a few words of English. In 2002, he was hired as an Art Director with the prestigious Seiniger Advertising Group in Beverly Hills and he won the “Guru Award” at that year’s Photoshopworld in San Diego.

The Movie Poster has existed since the earliest days of silent movies and the pulse-elevating excitement of the first sight of an upcoming adventure, action, or sweeping love story that we might have only “heard good things about” still packs a psychic punch with movie lovers today.

The truly talented designer for feature film and videogame ad campaigns is able to conceptualize a project into an image triggering a “must-see” response, even if that triggering ad is seen for only a moment on the side of a passing bus. This is the special sort of “kinetic” sense of communication that Opasinski and the great movie poster artists have all possessed.

Tomasz Explains His Process…

“Image. Story. Impact.

I think these three words/ideas can guide you when designing a poster. When the image meets the eye and somehow connects subliminally with the audience - then you know that your job was well done. When designing a poster - there is always something of the subject we all know and understand – then we add a bit of the NEW and UNEXPECTED. They mix like oil and water.

You can try reinventing posters, but this reinvention may not be understood by viewers - like Art isn’t understood by many. Since I started my company - ImageMassive - I look at posters in a bit different way: I'm closer to the marketing side of this business … closer to numbers, focus groups, Excel spreadsheets and all this jazz.  All this makes you realize the importance of the message itself in the poster.” opasinski

Counter-intuitively, one finds out that Tomasz, life-long movie-lover, does not think being enthralled by film is always a plus in creating the posters the industry wants from him.

“I think that it may be better for a designer to stay away from an ‘I love movies’ passion for two reasons. First, you, as a designer, may skew the view of a movie you like or don’t like when designing - you may simply show it in a skewed way. Second, you must not be affected when your ‘best idea eveeeeeerrrr’ is  killed on the spot.

This approach will help you to stay fresh for any kind of movie you’ll be asked to work on and I believe that it may be better for you mentally. As to formulas, a while ago I created a few ‘design systems’ and I think they help while designing. They help to begin the process for sure. I discuss these systems at my workshops. For updates, please check my website or my FaceBook page.” opasinski

Despite being the hottest in-demand go-to designer for feature film and videogame ad campaigns, Tomasz is known for being generous with his time and the sharing of his knowledge of both the artistic and business aspects of ad campaigns when interacting with young artists, for example, members of the DeviantArt community.

“I love to share what I've learned and I think knowledge in general should be free, like, for instance, religion. If I can inspire ONE person with what I do and how I do it - that's an awesome feeling. Also, I've learned everything about postermaking on my own and I would simply love to save a few designers some time.

Finally, more and more poster designers are leaving for other more lucrative or simply less demanding jobs - leaving our industry artist-dry. It's hard to find a REAL poster designer.” opasinski

Finally, we asked Tomasz what advice he might have for the young artist who adores his movie posters and dreams of creating such mesmerizingly effective images, but despairs of ever being able to achieve anything on an “Opasinski level?”

“Years ago - in order to keep myself sane - I decided to “split” my artistic life into two: commercial and non-commercial. In the commercial world, I obey the laws and rules of the commercial world.

Where in non-commercial work, I make my own rules (or no rules) and effects are visible in my Non-commercial Posters, Experimental Art or my Photodiary/X series. This freedom keeps me sane. (Sane-ish, let's say…) opasinski

Despite being the hottest in-demand go-to designer for feature film and videogame ad campaigns, Tomasz is known for being generous with his time and the sharing of his knowledge of both the artistic and business aspects of ad campaigns when interacting with young artists, for example, members of the DeviantArt community.

“I’ll be frank: designers - please stop focusing on Photoshop as much - this is a plague in my industry. Designers coming with heads full of plugins and effects without even a slight idea that a poster HAS TO SELL a movie, has to TELL THE STORY - and it's often confused with “my personal gallery."  We’re talking about an ideal poster in my opinion. If you have ‘your style’ - it’s a GOOD THING, but be prepared to leave your style at the door 99.5% of the time - since you will be prohibited from creating artwork that looks and feels similar across all genres.

Commercially you won’t be able to apply “Mondo” style to every single poster you’re about to create. Period. This is actually very important. Your style has to VARY. Think about one more thing when you want to become a poster designer: What do you want to do 15 years from now? Such a narrow specialization may one day leave you no future. And finally, if you're the person who does everything ‘last minute’ - your projects are ending with RELIEF instead of SATISFACTION. Don't let this ‘last minute’ thing become routine. Loss of PLEASURE from creating is where DISSATISFACTION begins.” opasinski

  1. How often do you allow the “siren call” from a movie poster draw you to see a movie you might have otherwise ignored?
  2. How often does a movie poster created in the style of a movie poster for a movie you enjoyed influence your decision to see the new movie?
  3. Are you personally more drawn to movie posters that are collages of scenes from the flick, or posters that intrigue with their unique designs?
  4. How often do you feel yourself to be a victim of false advertising from a movie poster that promised feelings and epiphanies that the actual movie failed to deliver?
  5. Are there movie poster images that immediately spring to mind from years ago, despite the actual movie having been mostly forgotten? Are there movie posters you would hang in your home as proudly as if they were Picassos, even though you’d decline a free copy of the movie itself on DVD?


(I FORGOT to link to one of the species pages please make sure you read it!)

Time for the second and PROBABLY FINAL Lucky Chime MYO contest!
since many schools are not out yet, there's a tiny tiny chance I will have a small like 3-day contest at the end of summer- don't count on it though!

Silverbell by burrdog

Good Luck Chime MYO Contest Summer 2015

:star: Rules!
  • Draw your own Chime, submit it to this group folder here!
  • Please submit ONE entry for each DESIGN! If you have more IMAGES of the SAME DESIGN, link to them in the description!
  • Terms of Service - Original Species [finally] Read the TOS. Read the TOS. Read the TOS. Know what you're getting yourself into. 
  • OH I FORGOT PLEASE DO NOT base chimes off of ANYTHING copyrighted etc etc Please MAKE ORIGINAL DESIGNS 
  • ALSO USE YOUR OWN ART ONLY you can't have someone else design it for you!
  • Good-Luck Chimes only! Healthy Chimes only! Chimes in this contest can't show wear or abuse unless it's explicitly stated to be fake and for aesthetic!
  • There'll be like 1/10th the final entry amount of winners!
  • I'll pick winners based on how interesting/appealing I find the design. Interesting doesn't necessarily mean complex! Just make something you like ;0; If you'd like to write up a personality for your Chime, you may, but that isn't going to count for anything in this contest! This is going just by design.
  • Winners will have their Chimes become official, and those who are not chosen can still make (one of) their Chime/s official for $25/2500:points:
  • Make as many entries as you like, but know it is only possible for one of yours to win!
  • Please direct any questions to the comments of this journal!
  • Try not to make a Chime design too similar to an existing one? "Similar" would entail both similar colors and marking or mane type
Deadline is May 29th @ 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time!
You will have TWO MONTHS to pay for your Chime, should you choose to buy it! That means the deadline for purchasing your design is July 29th.

So yeah. Ask questions here. Check back often bc I might make changes xvx! Lemme know if I forgot anything xD;



Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 12:00 PM
Bullet; Pink HOW TO JOINBullet; Pink

Just fave this journal

there will be 2 winners and winners get
a pixel avatar of their choice.

Raffle prizes by kittysophie

Raffle will end in 3 days
goodluck :)

  • Mood: Joy

It gets worse. Recently I've criticized Autism Speaks and their dehumanizing ad campaigns, and I thought that that was as deep as the rabbit hole goes. But today I've learned of... something particularly disturbing. And what I've learned today may or not come up in my Mary & Max review, so I want to get the horror and the disgust and most of the disturbance out of my system. At the very least, I don't want to rant for 15 minutes what should only take up a few seconds in a cohesive review. And no, this article that I'm writing has nothing to do with the movie.

Autism Speaks in the world's largest autism-focused charity on the surface, but deeper down they're kind of like PETA with a good reputation. I originally thought that that comparison was a little hyperbolic (non-sarcastic on "little"). What they essentially do is create dehumanizing propaganda towards people with autism(1) using rhetoric that, while it may not cause filicide, it at least empathizes with filicide* of disabled people (which is a serious problem [2]). While doing this, Autism Speaks spends the majority of their money looking for a prenatal test to determine if a child has a developmental disorder before they're born (3). I thought it couldn't go any lower when they advocated children not getting vaccines or risk getting autism(4). Once again, the person who claimed that was barred from practicing medicine(5)

One person today on my video about Autism Speaks claimed "erm mrenter when you said that this wouldn't lead to reform camps... don't research the JUDGE ROTENBERG CENTER "

Hey, when I said don't watch "Where the Dead Go to Die" you guys didn't listen, so we're even now. Then again, people say that I have trouble separating reality from fiction have a lot less credence because I find this stuff more disturbing then I ever found Where the Dead Go to Die... mostly because that movie was fiction. Let's talk about the reality of the Judge Rotenberg Center.

The Judge Rotenberg Center, formerly known at the Behavior Research Institute, and shall be hereby known as the JRC is located in Canton, Massachusetts. According to its Wikipedia page, and Wikipedia's neutral tone,

"JRC states that the center applies the science and technologies of behavioral psychology to the education and treatment of severe behavior disorders, using several basic principles, including near-zero rejection and expulsion policy regardless of severity of behavior or disability, active treatment rather than warehousing, and use of medications and varied rewards programs

JRC is one of the few schools in the United States using aversives (negative stimuli to change behavior), and the only one using skin shocks as aversives, a practice that has attracted considerable criticism from educators, governmental bodies, and disability rights and human rights groups"

I'll leave the sources here because I'd rather not break one string of thought, but no one seems to have anything nice to say about the JRC (6-11). Now obviously this is the kind of place that is going to be saying something that's almost entirely opposite to what other people are saying. I suppose we should start with what the commenter claimed. What exactly is a reform camp?

In the terms of something along the lines of like a gay reform camp (and not something like a boot camp, determined to bring someone above delinquent behavior), a reform camp is a place where someone is brought involuntarily and is submitted to conversation therapy. Conversion therapy can contain aversion therapy (exposing a patient to a stimulus and discomfort simultaneously), hypnosis, psychotropic drugs, solitary confinement, behavior modification techniques, unreasonable forms of punishment for small infractions, and "positive peer pressure" group sessions towards a total behavior that poses no harm to themselves or others. I'll even be generous and say "no harm to themselves or others in this lifetime" Am I saying that the JRC is a reform camp of disabled people? No, I'm just seeing the comparison holds any merit.

Well, let's start with the elephant in the room: they use electric shocks as punishment. Not electroshock therapy. "You do something we don't like and we give you an electric shock." They claim that was only for "severe" infractions, like harming themselves or others. Everyone else claims that it's for even the most minor of things. They use something called a GED, and it looks like this: (12). It was patented by the guy who founded the institution. The people who go to this institution (I refuse to call it a school) are children or adults with autism, mental retardation, and emotional problems.

So, what do residents get shocked for? We'll ignore the prank call by an ex-student(13). The shock has been described as "a stinging, ripping, and pulling pain that froze time." I should mention that the person has claimed they are hyper-sensitive to touch in the same article, a symptom that many people with autism share. I restate that this facility primarily focuses in children or adults with autism, mental retardation, and emotional problems. Yes, let's shock people with anxiety problems and let them know at any time they can and will be shocked repeatedly. One of the things that they shock for has been known as fidgeting.

Let's talk about stimming. I've used this word before. Stimming is short for self-stimulating behavior and is highly prevalent in people with autism. It's the repetition of physical movements, sounds or repeatedly moving objects. Some will head bang, spin an object (like a top), play with the hem of their shirt. I personally rapidly bounce my left leg. Why do they do this? It is how autistic people calm and stimulate themselves, and is sort of a coping mechanism. So, here the JRC are coming along and saying "hey, let's shock these people for coping in pretty much the only way they know how to cope." It should be known that the United Nations does not allow this type of punishment on terrorists.

So, where are we on the stats? This one activity is an aversion therapy technique; it's essentially a skinner box and it is used unreasonably on minor infractions. We can't check off drugs because they pledge themselves against using drugs (and expulsion). So, yes, let's take these people with emotional problems off of their anxiety meds and hook them up to a machine that will zap them if they act out of the ordinary. But we can throw solitary confinement about there. According to source 9, for severe infractions you get Loss of Privilege. No, it's not taking away the video games and other rewards they promise you when you go to visit. You're not allowed to talk to anyone and no one is allowed to talk to you. "You could only ask staff 'medical or academic' questions." According to the testimonial, it can last a few hours to months to even a year. Even reading about this managed to trigger my own anxieties. That's not even telling you the stuff that I'm not comfortable relaying here. This, debatably, isn't the worst of this.

For those who don't know, denying a minor human contact is undisputedly child abuse. Do these behaviors "prevent people from harming themselves or others." That is irrelevant. This is cruel an unusual punishment if it is in fact, punishment at all. The crime that most residents have is having a mental disability. They use... let's be honest, a shock collar (like the ones people think it's cruel to put on dogs) on people with no clear history of self-harm. Not only that, but these kind of treatments may "fix" behaviors of acting out, but they do not fix the problems—the emotional issues, the mental disabilities. And apparently there is no agency you can go to get out of there, so uh... that's... disgusting.

Alright, let's focus on what we can do. The Massachusetts Office of Children attempted to shut the program down through an emergency method, but Judge Rottenberg ruled in the institution's favor and approved "Aversive plans for students." The institution was named after him in 1994, twenty years ago. Just writing about this place has made me sick to my stomach.

What can we do? In 2011 Deval Patrick, the governor of Mass imposed rules that only residents whose treatment plans were approved before that time and included the use of the GED, were still permitted to use it. Students and residents entering JRC since 2011 may not have the GED included in their treatment plan. Yeah, let's tell that to the guys who don't listen to rules. They didn't listen to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture saying that they were abusing human rights. This institution started in California. Until someone died by their work and getting physical aversitives banned in that state. Then they moved to Rhode Island. When they weren't cleared to start shocking people, they moved to Massachusetts.

What can we do? I wish I had the answer to that. I wish that places like this didn't exist. I wish people knew how to properly guide people with mental issues. Many people are still afraid of them, like they can attack at any second because "they cannot learn the rules of society." And apparently the JRC was a service provider during an Autism Speaks event (14). Any autism advocacy group worth its salt has nothing good to say about this institution. And according to that source, apparently the vaccines wasn't the first time Autism Speaks back-peddled.

This is not something that happened 50 years ago. This is something that is happening right now. And it makes me angry. It makes me sad. It makes me scared. I wish I could do something, beyond just talking about it. Even to 100,000 people, it just doesn't feel like it's enough. Right now, right this second, all I can ask is that you spread awareness.

*Filicide: the murder of one's own child
















i'm doing a fun pixel icon giveaway for one of my lucky watchers!
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if you want DOUBLE ENTRIES please create a journal or poll about this contest and link it in your comment! 

i will respond to you with your raffle number(s) and announce the winner through!

tysm guys ^O^!!! goodluck everyone!

ending date MAY 30TH
EDIT 2: GUYS WE FOUND HER. She was at the hospital, someone had called 911 yesterday and got her admitted. We are no longer looking for her, but she is being very difficult and stubborn with us. To everyone who spread the information, thank you, but we no longer need it!

Hello guys, something happened recently that has pretty much shaken my family. For those of you who don't know, I was due to move at the end of this week...however, things have changed. My disabled mother has run away from home. We have no idea where she is, but we do know that she wasn't wearing shoes when she left, she didn't take her phone and wallet, and she left our front door wide open the night she disappeared. I don't normally ask for this, but I am begging, please spread this. Spread this and hopefully we can find her before it's too late. She doesn't have any money, so I don't know what she's doing for food and I just....I'm so scared. I'm still shaking and crying because I don't know if she's safe or if she'll run into anymore kind people. I don't want to lose her, I don't want her to be another body found on the news. I love her with every ounce of my being and I will fucking do anything to bring her back. Please...just please.... all help would be appreciated.

More information stated on this tumblr post.


Edit: Before you ask, yes we did contact the police. Due to the fact that she's an adult and her leaving was purposeful(?) it will take 30 days before it is fully recognized as a missing persons case. I've seen some officers out and about though, so they may still be looking for her.
So I've been planning this for some months now, and thought I'd finally introduce the first (and most likely only) Make Your Own Aetherling event!!
Read below for all the details! It features some great prizes and lots of opportunities for everyone to enter! <3

Myo!!! by corviture

(Banner image featuring Darkling the primal aetherling, as well as Ringo!)

Community Group:
Species Database:

What is an aetherling?
Aetherlings are small, enchanted creatures that live from the thousands of essences found in the natural world. Each individual is born from a single piece of nature, which the aetherling depends on to provide them with life-giving energy. Through the crystals growing on their bodies, aetherlings absorb the energy from the essence of their birth, and may carry or distribute this essence throughout their world. Canonically, they make their home in the world of Gaias, a realm only sparsely inhabited by humans, with much of the land unexplored, wild, and deeply infused with elemental magic.

For all the info about the species, their traits, and their lore and world, please check out the aetherling website! <3

 Pexelcrystal by corviture Designing Your Aetherling Pexelcrystal by corviture

During the active time of this contest, you will be given the opportunity to design and build your very own common-level aetherling character.
By following the established species rules and design guidelines, your aetherling design will be eligible to become official and participate in future community events and lore, either by placing among the winners for free, or via small fee at the end of the MYO contest.…

Here is the link to the full species guide. Please read the information on the website for all the details!
Each section is also linked with the relevant guide.

Purple Square Bullet Physical Features Purple Square Bullet 
The full list of features, including faces, eyes, ears, crystals, etc, can be found here!…

Purple Square Bullet Body Types Purple Square Bullet 
Body type list:…
You may make aetherlings with the common (Regular) body type.
There is plenty of variation within the body type, so have fun!
Drake and Sylph aetherlings will be limited by rarity (see Rarities).

Purple Square Bullet Essences Purple Square Bullet 
Essence by corviture
 Essence guide:…
Your aetherling must have one essence of your choosing! Any essence that follows the guidelines listed here is allowed.
Keep in mind that Void-based essences, including themes related to space or darkness, are limited by rarity.

 Purple Square Bullet Elements Purple Square Bullet 
Element descriptions:…

All normal aetherlings have 1 to 2 elements that make up their essence. For common aetherlings, you may choose between Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and/or Aether.
You may provide a SUGGESTION for the elements of your aetherling's essence. It is subject to change or approval by me!

Purple Square Bullet Clothing/Accessories Purple Square Bullet 
Aetherlings are intelligent creatures, capable of crafting their own items and clothing, or scrounging up found objects to wear them.
You may optionally design them an outfit and/or accessories and other items!
However, it might be good to include an image without the accessories if the outfit covers a large portion of their important features/markings.

Purple Square Bullet Rarities Purple Square Bullet  
Rarity guide:… !
Uncommon or rare traits are not allowed for standard MYOs. However, you have the ability to earn rarity points, which can be spent on traits to be added to your aetherling.
One rarity point will earn an uncommon trait (tier 1), and two points earns a rare trait (tier 2), OR 2 uncommon traits.
Rare traits include the mysterious Void element, and the Drake and Sylph body types!
There are three ways to earn rarity points - check the questions section for more!

 Pexelcrystal by corviture Contest Rules and Prizes Pexelcrystal by corviture

The contest will end on June 30th at 11:59 PM EST! This means right when June 30 becomes July 1st.
All entries must be submitted to the MYO gallery section of The-Aetherie, our community group! This means you must be a member of the group to submit an entry.
You may create and submit a maximum of three entries.
Please keep in mind that this will probably be the only MYO event for aetherlings, so now is your chance!

Yellow Square Bullet Judges Yellow Square Bullet 

:iconcorviture: :iconcrowlets: :iconfumi-lex:
We will be taking the time to look over everyone's entries! <3

Entries will be judged based on a few criteria: appealing and unique designs, interesting personality or background, and/or overall amounts of effort and love put into the entries.
We want to see creativity above all else. There are so many essences to choose from, so I sincerely hope you all have fun with them!

Yellow Square Bullet Reward Tiers Yellow Square Bullet 

1st Place
The entry we find to be the most spectacular and thoughtful, that really captures our hearts! This winner will receive:
-Their design, free of charge
-A free official base transfer by corviture on a special MYO base
-A painted teeny or 150x150 pixel doll of their new aetherling, courtesy of crowlets!
-A pixel icon of their new aetherling, courtesy of corviture!

Tier 1 (Winners)
We will select a handful of our top favorite entries, based on the creativity, effort, and imagination put into them. These winners will receive:
-Their design, free of charge
-A free official base transfer by corviture on a special MYO base

Tier 2 (Honorable Mentions)
These are entries that really stand out to us, and are especially creative! These winners will receive:
-Their design, free of charge
-The option of an official base transfer, for a fee

All other approved entries will have the opportunity to keep their aetherling design for a fee.
The cost will most likely be $25 USD for an all-common aetherling, and slightly more for ones with uncommon or rare traits.
There will be a good window of time (at least a month or two) to make the payment for the design to be official.

  Pexelcrystal by corviture More Questions/Info Pexelcrystal by corviture

Blue Square Bullet How do I earn rarity points? Is there a maximum?
You may earn up to three points total, but they can be distributed throughout your entries (1 point spent on 3 entries, or 2 points spent on one, etc).
Earning rarity points is possible in three ways:
        -Signal boosting or advertising this event in some way. This can be through a journal or poll! This will earn you 1 rarity point (1 uncommon trait).
        -Inviting others to join in! If three people you recommend make an entry and participate, you will earn a second rarity point (two uncommon or 1 rare trait!). They have to mention you in the description of their entry to count - you'd only be able to mention one recommender though!
NOTE: the people recommended MUST submit a COMPLETED entry and link you to qualify. Simply commenting here does not count.
        -Purchasing a rarity point via group currency, which is earned by creating aetherling-based artwork and writing. They will cost 20 CrystalsPexelcrystal by corviture each (again, the total max is 3!).

Blue Square Bullet Are Paragon-tier traits allowed with enough rarity points?
Nope! Paragon traits are reserved for special events and auctions only. They are non-commissionable and not allowed for MYOs!
Darkling (the aetherling in the banner) , for example, is a primal aetherling and does have some traits that wouldn't be allowed on regular aetherlings, such as the unique crystal shapes, huge horns, and floating crystal bits.

Blue Square Bullet Is [x] essence OK to use?
If you are unsure in any way if your essence is legal or not, please do not hesitate to comment here or note me directly (not the group)! I will be happy to give you a thumbs-up if it sounds good, or provide alternatives/suggestions if not. I would rather approve of an essence that's totally OK than have to ask you to fix something later! If your MYO design is created with an illegal essence, I will ask you to change it accordingly before the end of the event, or else your entry will be disqualified.

If you are having difficulty figuring out an essence but you have a theme in mind, here's my biggest tip: break it down! Essences are the "building blocks" of nature in their world. If you want an aetherling that looks like strawberry shortcake, that's fine! But strawberry shortcake isn't an essence - consider instead having a natural ingredient as the essence, such as strawberries! If you want an alchemy-themed aetherling, consider having an essence like lead, gold, saltpeter, or other minerals!

EDIT: I made a separate journal for ALL essence or element related questions!! Please direct them here.
I will IGNORE new essence-related questions posted in the contest journal - mainly because I want to keep the questions below contest-related!
Essence/Element CheckOk so a friend gave me a good idea, that I should make a secondary journal that's dedicated to all questions relating to MYO aetherlings' essences and what elements might go with them.
Basically if you'd like me to check if your aetherling idea is good, comment here with what essence you had in mind! You can also add in what elements you think might work. Either way I will respond to you and let you know if that sounds good, and what elements would be OK for your essence. You can also note me, but commenting here is easier for me to sort through.
NOTE: An aetherling's essence is its life-source. The elements are what make up that essence - they also determine what type of magic the aetherling can use.
Example: Essence of embers. Elements fire/earth. Can use fire-based and earth-based magic.
For questions about the elements Aether and Void (which are the least concrete elements): 
        ---Think of Aether as energy in its purest form.
  Essence/Element CheckOk so a friend gave me a good idea, that I should make a secondary journal that's dedicated to all questions relating to MYO aetherlings' essences and what elements might go with them.
Basically if you'd like me to check if your aetherling idea is good, comment here with what essence you had in mind! You can also add in what elements you think might work. Either way I will respond to you and let you know if that sounds good, and what elements would be OK for your essence. You can also note me, but commenting here is easier for me to sort through.
NOTE: An aetherling's essence is its life-source. The elements are what make up that essence - they also determine what type of magic the aetherling can use.
Example: Essence of embers. Elements fire/earth. Can use fire-based and earth-based magic.
For questions about the elements Aether and Void (which are the least concrete elements): 
        ---Think of Aether as energy in its purest form.
  Essence/Element CheckOk so a friend gave me a good idea, that I should make a secondary journal that's dedicated to all questions relating to MYO aetherlings' essences and what elements might go with them.
Basically if you'd like me to check if your aetherling idea is good, comment here with what essence you had in mind! You can also add in what elements you think might work. Either way I will respond to you and let you know if that sounds good, and what elements would be OK for your essence. You can also note me, but commenting here is easier for me to sort through.
NOTE: An aetherling's essence is its life-source. The elements are what make up that essence - they also determine what type of magic the aetherling can use.
Example: Essence of embers. Elements fire/earth. Can use fire-based and earth-based magic.
For questions about the elements Aether and Void (which are the least concrete elements): 
        ---Think of Aether as energy in its purest form.

Blue Square Bullet Are repeat essences OK?
Yes, they are! You may use an essence that happens to have been used before, however the design should be recognizably different from the existing one. If your essence has a repeat, I will let you know and show you the previous design, if you're concerned. Here is a list of all essences (and their elements) that have been used before:
Full List of EssencesElements:
Fire Red Square Bullet
Water Blue Square Bullet
Earth Green Square Bullet
Air Silver Square Bullet
Aether Pink Square Bullet
Void Purple Square Bullet
All existing essences (with elements shown):
Auroras Pink Square BulletSilver Square Bullet
Blizzards Silver Square BulletBlue Square Bullet

Blue Square Bullet I'm not sure what essence I want to use!! Can I make my entry now and add the essence later? Can I change the essence?
Please have the essence in mind BEFORE designing your aetherling. I will not accept entries that don't have an essence, since the poor things wouldn't be able to survive without one! ;; Once you design your MYO with an approved essence, it may not be changed. So please choose with consideration!

Blue Square Bullet Why are elements only a suggestion? Can you approve those as well?
For element choices, I want to keep things consistent, so do not be upset if I ask to change it. You are free to ask me about your essence and ideas before designing your aetherling, and I can give you the element/s. This is mainly so that two overlapping essences don't end up with different elements!

Blue Square Bullet Are there any limitations or suggestions on outfits?
Keep in mind that their world is not modern and is more fantasy-like and magical, so any tech-heavy or very modern-looking outfits or items would probably be off-limits. Also note that most aetherlings (and all common ones) are quite small, cat-sized or smaller, when deciding on items for them to wear. Because aetherlings are usually inclined to traveling, they may like to carry around something that will keep a small stash of their essence or magic. You are free to design any sort of essence-holding container for them.

Blue Square Bullet Can I make or commission designs from/for other people?
The artwork for the design must be completely your own - this also means no tracing or copying in any way.

Blue Square Bullet What am I allowed to do with my design? Can I gift it or trade it? Can I sell it for the amount I purchased it?
Gifting or trading an aetherling once it's become official is totally ok! However, please do not sell your MYO. You may also absolutely NOT attempt to offer your aetherling in any way if it hasn't been made official yet. 

Blue Square Bullet Corviture, are you actually a birb?

Thank you all so much for your interest, and I look forward to seeing everyone's wonderful entries!!
If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to ask, either here in the comments or via note!
I would be happy to answer! <3