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Thu Oct 1, 2015, 3:37 AM


I usually don´t make journals like these but as it´s not about a single person but rather a whole site, that I´ve already seen a few of my watchers fall victim for--- I thought it is important to bring it up!

However I warn you now before hand to NOT go onto this website as it contains a hefty amount of viruses. The site is called "Wallpart" and basically  "sell" other peoples art as prints for around 5$+ etc.
Fd46f42007e9af232675455bbe0dde46 by Yamio

IF SOMEBODY search your name on that site-- your art WILL end up on it through that way. So please DO NOT search for yourself ahaha.
Everyone that has made me gifts unfortunately has ended up on the website due to people searching for my name on it.

It might seem horrible at first "OH NOES THEY TAKING ART AND SELLING IT!!"--
But that is just what they want you to THINK.

Their real goal is to make you UPSET to then file a copyright claim or a DMCA claim through their website--- DON´T!!!

Clicking on it to file a complaint will cause in getting a great amount of horrible viruses!

I don´t want any of you to fall victim for this or try to help other people by reporting ON the site because it will harm your own computer!
Stay away from it--!

Cheers! ;;V;;

All Hallow's Tales Contest - Ghost Story

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 1, 2015, 6:41 AM

This contest is generously sponsored by prize donors and:

:iconcrliterature: :iconcommunityrelations:

Ghouls and Ghasts and ne'er do wells, welcome once again to the LaBORatory for our annual celebration of stories in the season of all things spooky.

This year, we return to the abandoned house at the end of the block, with the upstairs window from which something always seems to wave at passersby. We drive along the lonely stretch of road at midnight, eyes unblinking, hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl who hitches a ride, only to vanish from the passenger seat when we pass the old cemetery. We point trembling fingers over the rail at the spectral ship that has spelled the doom of generations of captains and crew. We roll the ball into the old, dark nursery, and wait to see if it will roll back out again.

This year, we are telling ghost stories. Have a seat by the fire, won't you?


This is a Halloween-inspired, Literature-only contest asking for submissions of PROSE FICTION (or NONFICTION). This time around, you are asked to write a ghost story. You are encouraged to write about your own experiences if you have any to share, or write a completely fictional story if you like. Whether your story is true or not isn't important, it's all in the way you tell it.

What kind of story you write is up to you, but please remember that this is a Halloween contest. We're looking for stories that are scary, disturbing, morbid, chilling, creepy, or darkly funny. Halloween, most of all, is supposed to be fun. Your story should be entertaining to read, regardless if it is true or not, and no matter how scary or gritty or butt-puckering it is. So have fun with it!


You have the option to request a PROMPT from me if you like, to get you started on your story. Just send me a note with PROMPT REQUEST in the title, and I'll send one your way. Only one prompt request per person, please. You don't HAVE to request a prompt from me if you don't want to, and if I give you one, you're free to use it or not as you like. The prompts are just idea starters, nothing more, and you won't get "extra credit" for using them.  ;)

When your story is finished, upload it as a deviation and send a note to me (Memnalar) with a link to your entry. I will then collect your entry into an Entry Gallery. You can make changes to your entry even after you've entered, but be aware that your entry is fair game for judging as soon as I've placed it into the Entry Gallery.


Deadline is midnight October 25(CST), and winners will be announced by October 31 or thereabouts. Prose fiction or nonfiction only, 3,000-word maximum.

Let me repeat that.  3,000-word  M A X I M U M.  No, I will not take your entry if it's 3,001 words long. Don't even ask.

One entry per contestant will be accepted. Prize donors are eligible to enter, but not judges. Entries must be new pieces posted after the contest begins. Entries earning Daily Deviations or major features before the end of the contest will be disqualified. No fan-fiction will be accepted. Prose only, no poetry.


Each entry will be judged on a point system encompassing three factors: Creativity, Technique, and "The Halloween Factor."

The official judging period will be the week after the contest deadline. HOWEVER, judges will be encouraged to read and score the entries as they come in. Please be aware that your entry is fair game for judging as soon as I place it in the entry gallery, so don't send it to me until you're ready for it to be judged.

These brave souls have agreed to read and score the entries. Worship


I will be accepting prize donations until the contest results are revealed. Anything is welcome: Points (through donation widget on Memnalar's page), Premium Memberships, Prints, Commissions, Original Artwork, Journal Features, whatever you've got.

Points Pool Donors:
Pooled points may be used for prizes or other contest-related activities.

670 points from Tobaeus
400 points from Nichrysalis
100 points from ThornyEnglishRose
30 points from DeriveAnemone
10 points from VeronicaRiles

First Place
Scary Stories Treasury by Alvin Schwartz, including artwork by Steven Gammell - from Memnalar
$20 Amazon Gift Card (or equivalent amount in dA points) from Memnalar
$15 Amazon Gift Card from LiliWrites
$15 Amazon OR Barnes & Noble Gift Card (or equivalent amount in dA points) from aunjuli
Signed copy of the novella Supernova by JD McDonnell (also known as BarbecuedIguana), with a personal message from the author.
Signed copy of the chapbook A Guide for the Practical Abductee by E. Kristin Anderson (also known as PinkyMcCoversong)
2,500 dA Points from communityrelations
200 dA Points from Nichrysalis (via points pool)
A clerihew (a whimsical, four-line biographical poem) on the subject of the winner's choice by ThornyEnglishRose

Second Place
$15 Amazon Gift Card (or equivalent amount in dA points) from Memnalar
1,000 dA Points from communityrelations
100 dA Points from Nichrysalis (via points pool)
A clerihew (a whimsical, four-line biographical poem) on the subject of the winner's choice by ThornyEnglishRose

Third Place
$10 Amazon Gift Card (or equivalent amount in dA points) from Memnalar
500 dA Points from communityrelations
100 dA Points from Nichrysalis (via points pool)
A clerihew (a whimsical, four-line biographical poem) on the subject of the winner's choice by ThornyEnglishRose

Features for All Winners donated by:  ikazon, HugQueen, MagicalJoey


This month, the CRLiterature Book Club is reading the excellent Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife by Mary Roach. Take it away, dust-jacket blurb:

"What happens when we die? Does the light just go out and that's that―the million-year nap? Or will some part of my personality, my me-ness persist? What will that feel like? What will I do all day? Is there a place to plug in my lap-top?" In an attempt to find out, Mary Roach brings her tireless curiosity to bear on an array of contemporary and historical soul-searchers: scientists, schemers, engineers, mediums, all trying to prove (or disprove) that life goes on after we die.

So here's the deal, ghouls and gals. If you win first, second or third place in the All Hallow's Tales contest AND make a good showing in this month's Book Club Spook discussion threads (and I'll be watching :eye::eye:), then you will win a SECRET MYSTERY PRIZE OF MYSTERY AND SECRETS. And you'll also get to read a fantastic book by one of my favorite nonfiction writers, and talk about it with cool people. So please do.

Have fun, darlings!

All Hallow's Tales stamp by Memnalar

Other Contests around dA

I support and encourage Literature and/or Halloween-themed contests, so if you are running one or know of one, let me know and I'll pimp it here.

:bulletorange: Literature groups! Sign up for the First Annual Hungerature Games! Test your might against other Lit groups and compete for awesome prizes, up to and including a Super Group Subscription!

Header stock image by AshenSorrow.

Best of September 2015

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 30, 2015, 7:50 AM

The Infrared-Club (Extra-Visible Imaging) welcomes you to the Best of September 2015 Feature.

Please fave this Feature! If you don't do anything else, please, please fave this Feature. There is a very good reason for faving. This Feature is posted under the heading of Art Features in DA's hierarchy of submissions. If we can get 30 - 40 faves we can have the Feature in the top section of the popular Art Features for perhaps 24 hours. If we get that spot, we get more views. If we get more views, your works get more exposure, and possibly get more faves and views. You become more popular, your Watchers soar, your status goes through the roof, and who knows, you become a rock star, marry into a wealthy family, stand for the Presidency and rule the World - all because you FAVED the Feature. So, do it NOW!!!

Welcome to New Members:

jaydoncabe :iconjaydoncabe: DdMA7486546 :iconddma7486546: st1hart :iconst1hart: Nigrita :iconnigrita: mugurelm :iconmugurelm: ehjesu :iconehjesu:

ELORACUCA :iconeloracuca: Djoo2015 :icondjoo2015: OliverOutrageous :iconoliveroutrageous: Archangelical :iconarchangelical:


As usual, the :iconinfrared-club: brings you innovative features. Early in the month, I posted a Feature on innovative post-processing techniques using the Google/Nik software Siver Efex Pro 2 ==> 

fIRe - Innovative Infrared:iconinfrared-club::iconinfrared-club::iconinfrared-club::iconinfrared-club::iconinfrared-club:
The advent of digital photography and the rise of powerful digital editing techniques has allowed infrared photography (IR photography) to move on from the traditional film based images that relied on the Woods Effect ("white" foliage) and the lack of scattering of IR light ("black" skies and long distance clarity). The relatively simple software processing of channel swapping, while still a useful technique, is giving way to more innovative techniques such as colour renditions, and highly structured contrast images. Infrared photographers recognise that there are no limits on how to interpret and develop images captured by sensors sensitive to IR light. Here are five innovative images that all come from basic IR captures taken with my converted Canon 40D camera. The principal software used for development was the Google/Nik suite, particularly Silver Efex Pro 2. The purpose of these images

Later in the month, I launched a video on YouTube featuring several of our members who had agreed to their work being shown. The full Feature is here ==>  Shadows of Infrared:iconinfrared-club::iconinfrared-club::iconinfrared-club::iconinfrared-club::iconinfrared-club:
Here is a short video of infrared work from some of our members. It is on YouTube, and I hope you will all visit the site and give it a thumbs up! 
Best viewed FULL SCREEN and with medium volume. 
The idea for this came from Kitty Sublime-Feline :iconsublime-feline: who uses this technique very effectively in her Groups: :iconbirds-and-blooms:, :iconnature-showcase:, :iconunframed-nature:, and :iconworld-of-wildlife:. Many thanks, Kitty for your help and encouragement on this project.

The members of :iconinfrared-club: who have contributed to this project are, in no particular order:
Phostructor :iconphostructor: Coopyslav :iconcoopyslav: eprowe :iconeprowe: robpolder :iconrobpolder: seba-j :iconseba-j: TLO-Photography :icontlo-photography: s-pwyll :icons-pwyll: insolitus85 :iconinsolitus8
  and the video here ==> 

If you haven't watched this and faved it, now is your chance. If you wish to sign up for your own work to featured on another video then go to this poll ==>…, click YES, and make a comment that you agree to your images being used.

Now, I have been upstaged!  Here is a real IR video produced by ArchAngelica :iconarchangelical: Go check this out NOW!


Best Infrared Images September 2015

As usual, we have had a considerable number of submissions, and as usual choosing the best of these images has proved a difficult task. Here is our choice:


Autumn Witch by Questavia Questavia  Point And Shoot... by robpolder  robpolder  introducing Nadia.. by robpolder  robpolder Emily by DarkKoushirou  DarkKoushirou

 Seaside by DanikaMilles  DanikaMilles   Infrared Portrait by bamboomix  bamboomix  Cloudy Fields by Robyn-Eliza  Robyn-Eliza



Montezuma's Well by Lugal  Lugal MV IR VI by LDFranklin  LDFranklin Matterhorn by ErkanOutlandish  ErkanOutlandish  Infrared 3 by st1hart  st1hart

Byways LXXVII by eprowe  eprowe  1065 by Nigrita  Nigrita  SUBART-LANDSCHAFT-INFRARED-054 by subart59  subart59  Fellhorn Lift by mIkeschwaRz  mIkeschwaRz

Beyond Visible by JovianArcadium  JovianArcadium  From High Bluff Overlook I by eprowe  eprowe  Behold by Sercy  Sercy



Botanical Institute by bamboomix  bamboomix Achalm Giants by mIkeschwaRz  mIkeschwaRz  Infrared trail by mugurelm  mugurelm  Small Town (IR) by RuralCrossroads360  RuralCrossroads360

Aromatic by helios-spada  helios-spada  Street in infrared by mugurelm  mugurelm  Beautiful Wind -infrared by LightSculpting  LightSculpting  Infrared - Through Grass and Trees to Sand 1 by CrystalClarities  CrystalClarities



360 degree by IgorVladi    IgorVladi  *** by IgorVladi  IgorVladi  Prague Noir - I by DimensionSevenDimensionSeven  Sobieski by seba-j  seba-j

Abterode 01 by HorstSchmier  HorstSchmier  Lautertal Tuffstone Mill by mIkeschwaRz mIkeschwaRz


BTW, did you know that :icondahub: will give you free :points: if you watch, fav or give llamas to the users in his donation widget!

You can also be featured if you donate some :points:

So go to dAhub now! :D

That's just about all for this month.

Many thanks to all members for their submissions, comments, and support. As mentioned in the introduction, please fave this work - it is very important to have your work noticed at higher levels, and you can do that by faving Features such as this.

Finally, make sure you visit our sister Group :iconr72: #r72 for more fabulous IR work.


David aka Okavanga :iconokavanga: 


This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast modified by Okavanga

Watch Recommendations

Thu Oct 1, 2015, 1:54 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

what friends are for by auroille

A few months ago, we released Watch Recommendations to new deviants -- a feature that suggests deviants to watch for those who have just joined DeviantArt.  The aim being to match new deviants with active deviants -- ones who represent the depth and breadth of all has to offer.

Starting today, we’re adding deviant recommendations to your watch.

Discover by danlev

The new Watch Recommendations will display occasionally in your watch, suggesting deviants you might be interested in following. Deviants who appear as recommendations include people who have proven to be friendly and engaging in the community, as well as deviants who have reached a standard of artistic excellence.

If you find a deviant that you’re not interested in, simply click the “x” button and you won’t see that deviant again.

The Watch Recommendations feature is experimental, and we’ll be continuously improving the way it displays and how it selects deviants. Eventually, we’ll make recommendations more personalized to you, so you can discover new artists that are relevant to your interests. Until then, we’d love to hear your feedback on how we can improve this feature.

Visit Your Watch



Hell yes, #inktober is starting! :la:

Inktober by DamaiMikaz

For those that do not know what inktober is, it's a challenge that's been going around for a few years now. It's about making daily/regular drawing with ink.
Think about regular ink, fineliners, markers, but I've even seen digital ink being done (might be an idea for those that don't have traditional ink and/or and are broke as hell). 

For the complete story, I'd recommend you to check out this website.

I was originally planning to go for the full 31 days, but then my health messed up again :')
So I'm now trying to do a regular schedule with at least 3 a week (the weekends) which is for me challenging enough considering crappy health, loads of hospital appointment, and obvious social obligations (seriously? Why is everybody's birthday in October? WHYYYY???)

But... I'm not gonna make a journal without at least providing some helpful stuff, and good and inspirational ink drawings :la:

Here's some awesome ink drawings

sketchbook 091615 by Dreyse
Venom Snake by VaighMission Control, I'm Coming Home by Dreyse
Times Square [ wip ] by Fokshe
City of the Underground by Wrapped-In-Ink#193 The Powerpuff Girls by Picolo-kun
Ta Hien str by buta0309
Cybergirl by maciejkuciaraCommission: Miruvix by buta0309

For more inspiration, check out the Inktober inspiration topic I made on DeviantArt, where you can also share some of your own drawings or favorites. 
For those with Pinterest, I've also made a board with all kinds of ink-related drawings (a lot of non-DA stuff as well)

Here are some tutorials that cover the basics

Inking Tutorial by Picolo-kunNsio explains: Constructing and Analysing by NsioLearn Manga: Dynamic Lines by NaschiThe Lineart Tutorial by sashas
(DA sure sucks at thumbnails, but make sure to click them all)

And some video's

Join the club

Share your process, ink drawings, tutorials, and inkspiration in the comments.
Sharing = caring! 

Have fun! :dummy:

Draw 'o Ween

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 1, 2015, 6:17 PM

Giveaway by TsaoShin

Draw 'o Ween Giveaway

It's time for another giveaway!  I will give away 1 A Few of My Favorite Things Mug from my society6 shop!  Item listing and details:…

fav-things-mug by TsaoShin
What a mug!


Banner-halloween by TsaoShin

In order to enter this giveaway, you'll have to draw a spooOOOooky or gooOOOoofy monster by using the table below:
Drawtober by TsaoShin
Nothing fancy is necessary!  This is all for fun!  Once you finish your monster masterpiece, post it in a comment in this journal thread to enter the giveaway!
  • I will ship a "A Few of My Favorite Things" mug from my society6 shop to 1 winner
  • Winner will be announced October 10, 2015 at 8 PM EST
  • Limit one entry per person
  • I will notify the winner via a deviantART note
  • Please note: This contest is not based on skill!!  Winner will be chosen at random (!

How do I enter?

  • Draw a monster using the above table for theme assignment.
  • Post your finished monster in the comment thread to this journal. 
  • The winner will need to be ok with giving me an address so I can ship the mug!  The mug ships from society6!
  • Not in the US? No problem - society6 ships international!
Please remember, this is not based on skill so please feel free to enter!  This is about making fun, funny, or crazy monsters!  Also if you end up with something lame like "flying bat" feel free to use the first letter of your last name, DeviantArt name, or simply pick the one you'd prefer to do!

Thanks for all of your support and good luck in the giveaway!

Features by TsaoShin

And now on to some AMAZING fanart features!

Little Explorer by TechnophiIia
Little Explorer by TechnophiIia

Tsaoshin - Grendel Icon by N4YURivers  // Tsaoshin Fan Art by N4YU
Grendel and Rivers by N4YU 

Gift To Tsaoshin by IzaPug
Gift to TsaoShin by IzaPug

Cute Squad - WIP by BubblezwithaZ
Cute Squad by BubblezwithaZ

(gift) Put Em' Up!! by TheAnthroPony
Put Em' Up!! by TheAnthroPony


Wed Sep 30, 2015, 4:23 AM

Summer memories by aussiefotoSentinel by MisgaerotenFacing the sunset by BogdanBoev

Through fire by MaaykeKlaverRuby Throated Hummingbird by Andres-Cadena.:Standing in the Rain:. by RHChengDSC 0402 by sweir17

Ready, Get Set, Go! by CecilyAndreuArtworkSnoopy by Rozowynos

Clown Tree Frog - Dendropsophus leucophyllatus by ColinHuttonPhotoRainy kingfisher by OkiGraphicsWas Not Ready to Leave the Nest by donnasueb

Green by Nijn88Scops Owl by KrisVladturaco by michaelrumiz            

Pure by CheckAvailabilityRacket-Tailed Roller by deseonocturnoDee dee by Rozowynos

Woland by Teaminds

Untitled by lisansCheeky by SvenimalGrowing Up by Zx30Having a break by DanieleG

Dance by AzureWindProductions

      Bolt's swearing-in by LupiniciousTriple by petrovaBasilisk by Zaratra

Green Mamba by Mytrokos
Blunthead tree snake by ColinHuttonPhotoLazy Ninja-Turtle by SvenimalWaxy monkey frog by AngiWallace

Gecko by melvynyeoPYTHON CARPET by felixheruThat's no tongue... by SnowPoring

    To be free by DaisyDinkleWhat UR doing Sir? by MichelLalondeStilt walker by Dark-Raptor

Clara II by BlackPepperPhotosTyler by KiwiTakeFlightShetland Sheepdog Amy by Partridge-PetPics

Laila II - to the rescue! by BlackPepperPhotosPatience and Grace by UnkopierbarI dream, therefore I am by Unkopierbar

Morning yoga II by realityDreamSwan on an evening lake by AlesGola

Prince Swan by UnkopierbarGreen Anole by Andres-CadenaLadybug on a Sunflower by Sayuji

Mothercare by parallel-pam

Mandarin Duck by DominikaAniolaDSC_345 by innvinoveritasPapilio by DeingeL

cute tree frog by lisansClown Tree Frog - Dendropsophus leucophyllatus by ColinHuttonPhotoUntitled by lisans

On Expedition by darkSoul4LifeMeadow jewels by plumita1Got it! by Tiefenschaerfe

Marbled Godwit - Mach 1 by JestePhotography

Little Caracal VI by amrodelSay Hello kitty by Sblourggras by mkuegler

             Two big muzzles by Lion-RedmichColourful by llemonthymeShenzi II by Lion-Redmich

Red Panda V by deseonocturno

        Strength in sunlight. by carinamaiwaldAutumn Wind by HestefotografUT Spurs For Olena by Nightmare-v

winter sun by lisansDelectation rosee by Arkus83liverleaf by MartinAmm

Sweet cowboy! by Ksuksa-RaykovaPapavers 05 by AngryBeeThe keeper II by Piscisvolantis

Et Hop.... by Malcolm21169.365 A Delicate Moment by PiecesOfAnsley~ by Sblourg

The Deviant !!! - Short-eared Owl by Jamie-MacArthur

The King by Kendra-PaigePortrait of a Predator by darkSoul4LifeTiger III by amrodelFufik with a stick (Panthera leo) by AlesGola

Vienne la Nuit Sonne l'Heure.. by sekhmet-neseretCheetah IV by Vanell-PhotographyA snow leopard is drinking by Seb-PhotosMother and Son by darkSoul4Life

Angry lynx by Wild-LweekHigh Beams by robbobertI see I have your attention... by robbobert

On the Rocks (Leopard) by vinayan
Focus by RiphathRed Alert by Wolfling01Dark Side by Chikrata
Friesian by rainyrose23Dash by foolishpirateZ'Ore by AndersStangl

Mom's Centrifuga by BogdanBoevSing for Me by Neutron2KFreedom by carinamaiwald

Rutting time by javierherrera86Trio by JMrocekThe kiss by Wolfling01
Gerenuk Stitch by DeeOtterThe Watchmen by DigitalGrinFallow 01 - Nov 10 by mszafrangarzetta by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Fire Dreamer by Thinking-SilenceI belive... I can fly! by RadekDemjan
Beautiful sunset and dolphin leaping out by Vitaly-SokolFloat by rainylakeUnderwater Glow Stick Sea Creatures.... by TheJessPaigeBeautiful-sunset-dolphin-jumping-from-ocean by Vitaly-Sokol
Swim Swim Penguin! by spike83Polychromatic Jelly small by BrettAZimmerman
Swimming in the Blue by AzzanethSea Nettle 2 by Painted-Nightmares
Whale shark by PhoenixstamatisDolphins by Vitaly-SokolStormy Sea by Oracle88
2012_06_24_019530 by landsverkSeptember's Pelican by makepicturesUntitled by Vasilenko-Andrei
You're not listening! by AfricanObserver16:52 - Swan Lake by JoJoAsakura
Liwa Desert by AnanyanaAmong the Herd by MorkelErasmus
         Kitten And Flower 1.1 by adrianhefniSweet family by ZwoingSkeptical Baby by spike83
zimowy wiewior by pepapigosquirrel by markotapioIt is MY precious! by Seb-Photos
Pip by WordupAlma by FFP-SJNap nap by Riderofthewind95
Love Story by catman-suhaHello There! by arefin03Fight by JMrocek
Flamingo by vinayanA Portrait of Poesy by IsalovesphotographyTockus flavirostris (004) - magic by Sikaris
Wings by BogdanBoevKarate by mydigitalmindBarn Owl Hunting by tourofnature
Ardea cinerea by DangerousLukeCommon Greenshank by Sergey-RyzhkovEvening hunt by JMrocek
Ratatouille :) by AnnaTyurinaoops~!! by kimerajamI got my eye on you by ZoranPhoto
.:Flying in the Mist:. by RHChengWhite on white by wolf-minoriCevizkoltuk by uurthegreat
 Butterfly touch by PoisonAgencyhey i am here by vi-ol-etSo Many Little Kitties by breanna-rae
Today's birth by all17Protective eyes by aminashkanLet's attackkkkkkk!!! by gosiaa93               
   Caterpillar of the spurge (Hyles euphorbiae) by rajacedEverlasting love by MarloeshiAnimals-16 by JustArt27
    Suvi Taru n Raider II by WordupAlly by SquirrelondopeTrust by bezag
    Look into my Eyes by GlynEdmundsI'm not that different from you... #2 by Seb-PhotosClose Quarters by LinRuPhotography
giant by DaSchuEyes of death II by Seb-PhotosWe are one. by rob-i
      empusa fasciata by lisansYoung Milk frog by AngiWallaceBird Colonel by papatheo
       Skyship by NekoByakaLavendelflieger by nari-meHornet looking into your soul by IreneHorvath
  • Browsing the galleries of CRPhotography is  a wonderful experience! 
  • They have a large variety of topics, if you want to see top quality works, check them out! ^^

  • The group runs several projects and contests + it hosts very interesting articles!
  • If you love photography, 
  • you like to regularly work on admin tasks 
  • and you love to work in a team,

this is a great opportunity!

Bring in your enthusiasm and best skills,
with striking galleries and a dedicated team!
CRPhotography - the central heart of the Photography Gallery on DeviantArt.

Credit Header: aussiefoto CSS @Andorada
Inspired by CypherVisor&marioluevanos
Prompt: CSS Challenge Week 3 hosted by GillianIvy

Copyright Resources Compilation

Wed Sep 30, 2015, 2:00 AM by Lyricanna:iconlyricanna:

Fan Art

When we talk about Fan Art, the question of copyright tends to come up.  There have been a lot of resources posted on the subject on DA over the years and sometimes they can be tricky to find.  So this is a comprehensive compilation on the topic posted by staff, who have had legal consultation.  I have left out older articles that are similar to the ones I included as the more recent ones would have the most accurate information.

DA's Copyright Policy

Fan Art Law
Fan Art Law
Mon Sep 10, 2012 by techgnotic
t seems there’s nothing quite as dear to the hearts of many of our deviants as their production of fan art, and at the same time, there is nothing so knotted with legal and ethical headaches. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but in the form of fan art it has also become one of the most frustratingly complicated. At some point, the sheer volume of fan art around a single property may become so large that the issue rises to another level of scrutiny by the creators of the original work.
With this dynamic in mind, we thought the following panel that Josh Wattles, our Advisor In Chief here at deviantART, and a mystery guest named Harold Smith, gave at Comic Con this year might be of immense help in understanding the ever evolving elements of fan art
<- This is the big one, specific to Fan Art and it comes with video. 
The Art Theft Discussion
Art Theft DiscussionTopicsStealingTakingCopyrightPermissionFan ArtMoral RightsProtectionResolving Disputes

StealingArt t
(and more specifically Fan Art
Art Theft DiscussionTopicsStealingTakingCopyrightPermissionFan ArtMoral RightsProtectionResolving Disputes

Fan Art and Fan Fiction are amazing ways to partic
Art Theft DiscussionTopicsStealingTakingCopyrightPermissionFan ArtMoral RightsProtectionResolving Disputes

Copyright laws are a set of defined rights given
and Taking
Art Theft DiscussionTopicsStealingTakingCopyrightPermissionFan ArtMoral RightsProtectionResolving Disputes

Copying can elicit strong emotions, but not all cop

FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?
FAQ #32: Fair Use and Your Submission
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?
FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?
FAQ #304: Do you remove copies and trace-over art?
FAQ #572: What does DeviantArt consider "Fan Art" to be?
FAQ #743: Can I sell fan art as prints?

While I have shared official articles and FAQs here, I know there are a lot of unofficial articles on the topic.  If there is one that you found to be particularly useful, please share it below =)

_T-E-S-T-IX_ by GregorKerle better world by davespertine _T-E-S-T-IX_ by GregorKerle
Dreams of freedom, watercolor by jane-beata Mother's Children by MarinaCoric Dreams of freedom, watercolor by jane-beata
D974 by siamesesam Autumn Air by Metal-Bender D974 by siamesesam
1. WiP by jjuhajuha
ID by JACAC Matinal rayon de soleil by meszarts ID by JACAC
Show me your darkness by Premier123 Monet Autumn by Canankk Show me your darkness by Premier123
Dripping Strings and Frame of Nyanses by MushroomBrain City Of The Sun-God by Peeshan Dripping Strings and Frame of Nyanses by MushroomBrain
Wall Texture with Cracks and Peeling Paint by threadzone
Forgiving the Enemy (Portal 2) by Nylten My Gift to You by WalkinginDreamlight Forgiving the Enemy (Portal 2) by Nylten 
White Point by KizukiTamura rust by ChristianBurtscher White Point by KizukiTamura
face in the crowd by MarcCopeland ...X.... by hollosi face in the crowd by MarcCopeland
Russian Dolls by djailledie
From The Edge of The Forest I Couldnt Believe... by AiniTolonen ... by VesnaSvesna From The Edge of The Forest I Couldnt Believe... by AiniTolonen
Approach by CristianoTeofili the survivor by m-lucia Approach by CristianoTeofili
Old toy by martaraff Zombie Town by noir-limite Old toy by martaraff
Kao by peinturealuile
Tear apart by victorGUARD 28191 by jodeviant Tear apart by victorGUARD
Peter Pan's shadow by Linlith On The Edge by Markus43 Peter Pan's shadow by Linlith
The King's Gateway by ClintonKun Gravity by evanlawrence The King's Gateway by ClintonKun 
ROUGHKut#08242015 by yagey
The stairs. by Phototubby Yearning by lien The stairs. by Phototubby
The Autumn of Emily by Whatsername027 Sometimes it hurts.... by wiwionart The Autumn of Emily by Whatsername027 
I'm sorry by ZGoddess HAM by Sei-Zako I'm sorry by ZGoddess 
Untitled by go-placidly
man The man Without Qualities by ruiManuelR Lisbon 110 by JACAC man The man Without Qualities by ruiManuelR 
ps244 by Campo-Diaz One for the road. by CopperColour ps244 by Campo-Diaz 
city by baspunk Natural Outrage by vamosver city by baspunk 
Untitled by marya123
Thursday, September 17 by AlexandrinaAna Claustrophobia - click for animation by NedreKaerr1-13 Thursday, September 17 by AlexandrinaAna
The Red Lab by Ragnar949 Intensive Farming by MarmosetsOfDoom The Red Lab by Ragnar949
Esc by Poromaa brunch at the estuary by ruiManuelR Esc by Poromaa 
Bygones by Trippy4U
Morning Dew by jenniferhansen  M15 Schizophrenia by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Morning Dew by jenniferhansen
Lisbon 109 by JACAC Beyond Salvation II by theflickerees Lisbon 109 by JACAC
*16 SEPTEMBRE 2015 by JFBAYLE Embrassade by Pierre-Lagarde *16 SEPTEMBRE 2015 by JFBAYLE 
Craftivism by marya123
Intelligent Design by DasGhul Fallen temple by lostknightkg Intelligent Design by DasGhul
golgotha by virtualgadjo LIFE by Metal-Bender golgotha by virtualgadjo
Mad Is Blue by Awaytonoway Solid Statement by tholang Mad Is Blue by Awaytonoway 
Walkies by Neo-Anima
Anxiety by Chiyuky Image by dasTOK Anxiety by Chiyuky
Siren by Callme-Ismael Catching light by marrgit Siren by Callme-Ismael
City In Abstract III by Trippy4U Photo-8w by crossfading City In Abstract III by Trippy4U 
InEquilibrio by SenhArt
fashionably late by MarcCopeland reflex by rdalpes fashionably late by MarcCopeland
The Kingdom of Maccer by Corvidae65 Periscopic by gloriagypsy The Kingdom of Maccer by Corvidae65
About Vase by KarlRemarks Obstacle by Igor-Demidov About Vase by KarlRemarks 
In the Morning Mist by seek-and-hide
Belsay Castle by newcastlemale 
Brain Injury by M-Art-Artist M15  Duality by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Brain Injury by M-Art-Artist
Doubt * by Ragnar949 Surbion #2 by MBKKR Doubt * by Ragnar949
Aero by DPasschier Only a Flesh Wound by KarlRemarks Aero by DPasschier
At the Lake 04 by HorstSchmier
Mad Woman's Sangfroid by RaVeNuS9 
New profile ID by OcioProduction Memory by Grimjest New profile ID by OcioProduction
onion .... by chriseastmids Peace on Earth by kparks onion .... by chriseastmids
Motion 7 by zoundsister versus by icarus-ica Motion 7 by zoundsister 
Leaves on water by LidiaRossana
Landscape of near future 2 by BobRock99 
Special by Softyrider62 

Mature Content

Breathe in by Etimasia
 Special by Softyrider62
Pinwheel by JillAuville Red point... by ansdesign Pinwheel by JillAuville
Making of mandala by staroh just a peak by davespertine Making of mandala by staroh 
sleepy head by el-dub
i have a secret by arslanalp 
Nightfall by raffaelepecci79 Through the Blinds by VicEberly Nightfall by raffaelepecci79

i have a secret by arslanalp 
0430 by Bittersuesz 
trinkets by MarcCopeland 1-9 by SwarzezTier trinkets by MarcCopeland
ps243 by Campo-Diaz Douche Froide. by CopperColour ps243 by Campo-Diaz
Mystery in the woods by CarlosBecerra Atmosfera by tortagel Mystery in the woods by CarlosBecerra 
fall in dreams by fashioneyes
l  l  l by meszarts 
Mojar Codex Bonjour by Bibire Urbn.10 by BrusselsGraphic 011210 by kevinsaintgrey 

Mature Content

Lights will go off by mirpiphotography
 Antlers by pin100  Soldiers of Cold Fortune by rici66 
The Great Garuda by metamage Slight Imperfections III by chromevanadium Berry-1 by kootenayphotos  
When will this End? by BlindEyeTwist
keep learning by gepardsim 
Love is Forever by mj-magic Colourless Beauty by tholang toot toot by ltiana355 
Above and beyond by mldzz The Heel by djailledie Eye Candy by readyo 
naked nature abstract by BobRock99 Nothing else by augenweide it wasn't my design by dimajaber  
Fire from Within - 90566 by kreativEVOLUTION
Growth by seek-and-hide 
Cleaning Skeletons by SharPhotography Global warming by Juanilla into deep sleep by ohlin84 
ClickArt Studio by PedroValeira - No Title 31 - by KARRR EVERLASTING DANCE.. by chryssalis 
 All Eyes On You by Cinnamoncandy