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Sat Aug 22, 2015, 5:50 PM

I drew with and the winner is :iconblooddesert:BloodDesert!

oh my gosh you guys i dont know where you came from but i love you all!!!

I wanna give out a one year premium/core or the equivalent in points (4k!) to one lucky watcher of mine!!

so here's how you can win!!!
:star: please be watching me! this is to celebrate my watchers so it kind of makes sense??? new watchers are welcome to participate but please dont watch and unwatch me after?? thats v rood and i will blacklist you from any future giveaway and i dont wanna have to do that !! :c
:star: you have to make a journal or poll advertising this please!! and please be so kind as to link it in your comment so i can keep track /w\
:star: and you have to favorite this journal please ; o ;

and the winner will be picked through a random number generator so if you dont favorite you wont be counted! D: i will check your page when the number is drawn to make sure you have all the other requirements filled ; o ; so please dont try to cheat???

i love you guys so much ok <333 so good luck all you guys and thank you so much for 2,000+ watchers!!!

my to-do list is completely jacked right now otherwise i would give away art too :iconcryforeverplz: but i wont let that discourage me from giving what I can!!

EDIT: this list is getting tiring hh so ill just draw from the favorites! if your number is picked I will go to check your page to make sure you've made a journal and are a watcher!

the giveaway will end tomorrow! (8/24)


my best potatoes

potato is best matesprit


Community Week

Hi guys! My name's Forever-Eve, and I would like to talk to you about basic plotting tricks for those of you new to planning novels and short stories.

To some people, planning may seem like more work than it is worth, especially for shorts. Sometimes we have ideas that we're just so in love with, we just want to pour it onto the paper, even if we don't always know where it is going. And that's where we tend to get stuck. We look back and are either at a loss for where we need to go, or have dug ourselves into a hole. Or, in less severe situations, we finish and end up with plot holes, which as authors we may or may not catch before publishing.

So if you've never plotted before, how do you begin? There's so many suggestions out there, it can be overwhelming. Today, I'm going to list some of my favorites, and in what situations they can be useful.

Short, But Descriptive, Overviews

You might have an idea that you feel you just have to get onto paper. Maybe you have all the vivid details floating around in your head, and you don't want to lose them by just jotting down some notes. That's okay! This actually happens to me a lot, especially when I have dreams that intrigue me.

One way to plot is to write your idea down from beginning to end.Often, I can write an overview in about a quarter of the length the final products ends up being. This isn't necessarily a rough or first draft. Things like dialogue can be left out of it. You can be descriptive on things, but the goal is to not be too worried about detail. The idea of this method is to get down the important things, and worry about the rest later.

After you finish, you're able to go through it and figure out what's missing and what contradicts in your plot, with a lot less hassle than having to go through a draft.


Listing is actually a pretty basic method when it comes to plotting, although it can range anywhere from your four basic bullets (beginning, middle, climax, and end) to many more, depending on what you want to do.

For example (from my piece The Dazzling Fair of the Slums):
:bulletblack: Beginning: Marissa's mother is insistent that she doesn't go to the fair.
:bulletblack: Middle: Why Marissa's mother hates the fair in the slums and her hatred for androids.
:bulletblack: Climax: Marissa goes to the fair anyway.
:bulletblack: End: Marissa plans to convince her mother that the fair isn't that bad, and neither are the androids.

This is very simple, but it explains the main points to the piece, and while it can be expanded upon, it gives you a minor guideline so you know where your story is going. If I wanted to expand and include all the major points, before climax and end, I would add:
:bulletblack: Event: Marissa is impressed by the sights that she sees, and watches the parade with awe.
:bulletblack: Event: After the parade, an android takes to Marissa, and she's able to talk about all the amazing sights, as well as realize androids aren't as bad as her mother claims.

Whether you stick to the four basic bullets or add in all events that affect your plot, this plotting trick can be something quick and easy that shows exactly where your plot should go. As you may notice, this method is very different from the overview method. Instead of freely writing and going over and sorting out the plot later, you're organizing the plot first, and writing later.


This method is fairly close to simply listing it out, but is much more detailed, and I would suggest it for novels, where the above would be better with shorts. Stepsheets are actually a method one of my favorite authors, James N Frey, pushes, and while I'm going over the basics of it, I'll link his books below if you'd like to see his whole planning (plotting, characters, etc) method.

Instead of listing a short sentence to a paragraph under a bullet point for beginning, middle, climax, and end, you thoroughly explain, in order, what's going on in each of these phases. I'm going to use a random idea for this example, as the piece above isn't really long enough for a stepsheet.

1. Alfred catches wind that there's a jumper at a skyscraper downtown. We're in his perspective. He jumps in his van(old and rickety), hoping to get something good and finally get his journalism noticed. He finally gets to the scene, but its stuck with all the other reporters - so far away that he can't see anything worthwhile. He decides to try and sneak into the building next door to attempt to get a better look.
2. Switch to Julia's perspective. She looks down on the world, 100 stories below her, the view making her woozy. She just wanted to die. Everything had been going wrong, and she just couldn't handle it anymore. If only it wasn't for her fear of heights, it would all be over.

This would continue, explaining all the events of the beginning, and then we'd move onto the middle, then the climax, and then the end. Of course, I made these two steps rather detailed, but you can be as short as you want about it. Instead, I could have said:

1. Alfred finds out about a jumper and heads downtown with other reporters. He can't get past the cops, so plots a way to get closer.
2. Julia's on the edge of the building looking down, ready to end it. Her fear of heights is the only thing stopping her.

You're free to make it as detailed as you want. The point is to explain what's going on in the scene, and keep track of your plot points throughout the story.


Always remember that these are just a few ways to plot, and they might not be for you. Nothing's better than trying different methods out until you find what works best for you. Thee three methods can also be combined if you desire - plotting methods are flexible to what you need and want. For example, I could use the listing method to get a good idea of my story, but then list both the plot points I find in my overview, and use the list to fill in points that would make the story connect or flow better. Or I could list out my desired plot points, and then expand on them more with a stepsheet.

There's tons of resources out there on how to plot and plan your stories, and as I've mentioned before, you can explore these to find the best for you. No author is exactly alike, and one day, you'll be able to develop a method perfect for you.

I think that sometimes we overestimate what mothers can do and handle. Or perhaps it's just that we don't really realize that they're people until we see them crying in their room. But mothers, no matter how strong they are or claim to be, need support. In a lot of stories, old and new, mothers are seen as strong, almost invincible support systems. They take care of everyone around them, they look for the bright side and they always work to help. Because of that, I think we don't really see just how...overwhelmed they are.

Of course, some mothers are pretty terrible. But the majority, I've found, are just trying their best to become that perfect mother: supportive, kind, loving. And when they make a mistake or even when their kid makes a mistake, they take it a lot harder than others might, because they feel they've let not only that "perfect mother" image down, but also their kids down. I was once talking to my mom about how everyone has a special talent, and she didn't know what hers was. I told her it was being a mother, and I meant it. I honestly think my mom is the best mother I could ever have wished for, but when I told her that, know what she replied with? "Don't say that. Hearing you say that is...amazing, but it also makes me feel really guilty. It just reminds me of all the mistakes I've made, and how often I've let you and your brother down." 

Fudge that. It's because of her mistakes that she's so freaking awesome! :D (Big Grin)

I have no idea why I'm writing this right now. Sweating a little... Honestly this train of thought just rolled into my head, and I felt like sharing it with you guys. 

I suppose the moral of this journal is that: if you and your mom (or dad. Don't forget the dads) ever were to have an argument or if she's having a rough day, remember that she needs support too. Remember to hug her, or do some small task that she normally nags you about. Whenever I notice my mom acting tense and angry, I try to find little things she normally has to do around the house and do them for her, like washing the dishes or taking out the trash. Sometimes it really is the smallest gestures that can make someone's day. :) (Smile)

Just please, be a mother for your mother sometimes. ;) (Wink) They deserve it.

Support One Another

Thu Aug 27, 2015, 6:22 PM by KatasiHK:iconkatasihk:

Adventure by SyarPage

We all have our way of using DeviantArt to engage and build relationships with other Deviants around art. We submit deviations and the community kicks into gear with comments, favs, shares and new watchers. But there are times when engagement is not as high, or it doesn't happen as quickly as normal.

We're thinking of a place dedicated to kindred activities (engagement prompts) that you could do for the Deviants in your community.

You might ask — How is that any different from how I comment, favourite and share right now?


  1. The deviations and Deviants you engage with will be aligned with the Kindred spirit of the DeviantArt community. In other words, they will be surfaced here because they may not have received the love and consideration they deserve.

    Getting a fave or a comment on a work-in-progress could be more valuable than waiting for feedback on the finished piece.
  2. Your participation in this place could potentially earn you a NEW badge!

    New Badge by KatasiHK

    We are not sure what this would look like yet, but we know what it’s for.
  3. Our goal is for this to be a more fun and direct way to engage with your community!

So far, our working title for this place is called: Support. We referred to it recently in a journal about profile page ideas.


How Support Works by KatasiHK
What you put into it is what you get out of it.


We could add a ‘Support’ tab to your Watch (so you can support your community), and a similar tab to your Profile (so people can support you). The colored boxes represent the different Kindred activities that you could do for the Deviants in Your Community. Note: These prompts would only appear under the 'Support' tab and nowhere else on the site.
Support by KatasiHK

What is Core Membership?

Wed Aug 26, 2015, 4:55 PM by Heidi:iconheidi:

World Heart by minayuyu
Earlier today, DeviantArt released an announcement explaining what "Core Membership Is..."  To complement that announcement, I've penned a few of my own thoughts about what Core Membership means to me.

DeviantArt owes its existence to its community. The inspiring, pulsating life force that began 15 years ago with a small group of artists and art appreciators has grown more than anyone could have ever imagined. A true force of motivation and support on the Web, our community is one-of-a-kind in its service to the artistic greater good. And it always has been.

Whether you take the extra moment to answer a Note from a student of art hoping to learn from you, leave a thought-provoking comment on a moving piece of art, or simply watch a deviant, you are invested in your fellow artistic man, and that has all happened naturally from day one. The fact that you're here, browsing, collecting, supporting, and creating, just because you feel that pull to change the world through your artistic contributions is an inspiration to all that there is hope for humanity, via the arts.

To use DeviantArt, you need no more than your artistic ambition and an Internet connection. Membership has always been  and will always be  free to use for all across the world. But there are instances when deviants strive to give more, as thanks for providing the framework that brought us all together. In these instances, in exchange for monetary support, we're able to focus on exciting new features, more tools to inspire, and more opportunities to let art shine. 

Just like a donation of your time or funds to a local museum makes it possible for all to reap the benefits of your generosity, so does the support to DeviantArt  it benefits all deviants.

Core Membership is a proclamation from deviants around the globe stating a material commitment to the future of DeviantArt. Core is the fuel that sustains the momentum and leads us forward to building a stable, strong future with the innovations necessary for the community to survive and thrive.  

Core Membership comes with special privileges in return for that commitment, but perhaps the greatest privilege is the knowledge that the entire community can continue to prosper and grow thanks to such generous contributions. 

Why didn’t you formally announce Core before today?
We should have.  It was a mistake to not have properly explained our belief in Core and what it means for DeviantArt.

Why did you change the name of Premium Membership to Core Membership?
While the Premium Membership was largely about special features and add-ons, the Core Membership is about supporting the community for the sake of the community itself.  Core Members will continue to receive special features and add-ons, but Core is first and foremost about helping DeviantArt sustain a stable, strong future.  We call it Core Membership because those are the deviants who sustain us at our very core, allowing benefits to radiate outward in all directions.

Does DeviantArt only care about Core Deviants?
All deviants are important and valued.  The DeviantArt community represents a cross-section of the world at large and it's thanks to our many deviant artists  both free and paid  that DeviantArt exists as it does today.

Why did you increase prices?
We believe Core Membership is worth $5.00 per month.  A three-month Core Membership is $15.00 and a twelve-month Core Membership is available at a discounted rate of $50.00.

Core Membership is too expensive.
While we don't have current plans to further discount the price of Core Membership, it is possible that we will have promotional opportunities in the future.

What if I previously had a Premium Membership?
All Premium Memberships have been converted into Core Memberships.  If you selected re-billing as a Premium Member, you will continue to be re-billed at the previous rates you enjoyed.  If you weren't enrolled in re-billing, you will not automatically be charged for a Core Membership.  Core Members enjoy the same privileges as the former Premium Members – no features or add-ons have been removed.

Why is the Core Membership symbol an orange star?
When creating the identity for Core, DeviantArt's Studio team explored a number of options relating to symbols and colors.

The Future is Now

Three months ago we launched the DeviantArt Timeline to provide the community better insight into DeviantArt's future.  The following is a condensed roadmap of what's already in the works:
  • Sept. 1st: the DeviantArt Mobile App will be updated to include Notes and notifications.
  • Sept. 2nd: the first phase of our new thumbnail grid launches.
  • Oct. 2nd: the first phase of our new Watch launches.
  • Oct. 8th: the DeviantArt Mobile App will be available for Windows phones and tablets.
  • Oct. 15th: Notes search launches.
But there's still so much more to be done.   We could translate the site into additional languages (skyrocketing traffic for artists), build advanced tools for commissions, create an art registry to establish clear proof of authorship and ownership, and so much more.  With your help, through supporting Core Membership, DeviantArt could one day enhance the lives of artists in ways we can currently only dream about.

Some deviants help the community simply by using the site – donating their time and energy to supporting their fellow artists.  And their contributions are invaluable.  But for those who have the desire and ability to support the DeviantArt community, through the Core Membership, we're able to push forward, improve, grow, and advance the art and the artists of DeviantArt.


My Daily Deviations Highlights

Tue Aug 25, 2015, 2:20 PM

When Marnie Was There.NaBaBa by Andorada

Hi everybody :wave:

I usually refrain from tags, but Astarsia and lintu47 threw this project my way, and it is so important for the community... So, here it is!

Do you know the feeling when you see something you like, and then another one, and another one, till you embarque yourself in a trip? This is what happened to me. I started looking for recent DD's and I got carried away also back in time till 2006 :giggle:

And here are some of the gems I found...:

The Land of Angol-elm by FerdinandLaderaFitzRoy Mountain by RHADSIn memory of Pentagoon by Noukah
My cherry tree by secrethaven
Ariel by Inna-Vjuzhanina Pierian spring by RHADSSpeedpainting 51 by RHADS Atalin by shuangwen

OSMADTH - Bancur Lake by flaviobolla

Moonlight City by HRFleurWater and sky are in love. by Suzanne-Helmigh
Beautiful Skin Fairy by DarkTownArtOrchid Valley by HRFleur
Fawn by Inna-VjuzhaninaHer Majesty by Inna-VjuzhaninaEnvironment by HRFleurThranduil the Woodland King by HRFleur
Sweet Morning by RHADS

But Who is She by Selenada

the morning After... by Anako-ART    Catarina by Inna-Vjuzhanina
Rebecca by Inna-Vjuzhaninasweet dream by super-ania
Spirit of Nature II by flaviobollaPlaces we go at Night by Fionabus
Lady Ladybug by SelenadaFrom Present To Past by Fionabus
Jon Snow knows nothing XD (PSD Download) by ZombieSandwich
Forgotten Melody by SelenadaSister of the Night by Selenada
Daenerys by Inna-VjuzhaninaPrincess by Ennya7
Dreaming in a falling Sky by archangel0Silent Enigma by super-ania
Julie Saint Ange by CatherineNodetTwo moons by tatitati
Environment by HRFleur        Color Splash by Selenada

Cassandra by Inna-VjuzhaninaOSMADTH - Lost City of Asen by flaviobolla
Crab Mountain by ShadCarlos
Princess Luna by meirou the flower without pistil by yangtianli
Girl and fairy-tale fishes by Ennya7

And now, some Daily Deviations from 2015

December by escume
 by escume ( Suggested by Ginryuzaki and Featured by Thunderstatement )

A Fire in the Heavens by JJcanvas
A Fire in the Heavens by JJcanvas ( Featured by Aeirmid )

Lightning show by TonyLeBastard
Lightning show by TonyLeBastard ( Suggested bysJibbi and Featured by JenFruzz )

Stock Background 05 by floydier86
Slavic mythology. Mermaid. by Vasylina Slavic mythology. Mermaid. by Vasylina ( Featured by Aeirmid )

florem grypem Latin: floral griffin by RedreevGeorge
florem grypem Latin: floral griffin by RedreevGeorge  ( Suggested by lovelessdevotions and Featured by Aeirmid )

Your Lie in April by Regition
Your Lie in April by Regition ( Suggested byAcaciathorn and Featured by TheCreativeJenn )

Marsh by inSOLense
Marsh by inSOLense ( Featured by Aeirmid )

Mg by WesleyChenSylvari -adv by yuchenghong
Left/top: Mg by WesleyChen ( Featured by Moonbeam13 );

Sylvari -adv
 by yuchenghong ( Suggested by lovelessdevotions and Featured by Aeirmid )

His First Sunset by keiiii
His First Sunset by keiiii   ( Suggested by Just-To-Look1 and Featured by puddlefisher )

the dream fades before dawn by feeshseagullmineA Galloping Fantasy by MyFantasie

Left/top: the dream fades before dawn by feeshseagullmine ( Suggested byGinryuzaki and Featured by TheCreativeJenn );

Right/bottom: A Galloping Fantasy by MyFantasie ( Featured by STelari )

Drowning by t1na

 by t1naSuggested by DragonflyAndromeda and Featured by TehAngelsCry )

To Catch the Moonfish by Qinni

To Catch the Moonfish by Qinni  ( Featured by TehAngelsCry )

The Healing Waters by Aeirmid

The Healing Waters by Aeirmid ( Featured by Moonbeam13 )

A cozy place by flaviobolla

A cozy place by flaviobolla  ( Suggested by Lanasy and Featured by Moonbeam13 )

When Marnie Was There by NaBaBa
When Marnie Was There by NaBaBa  ( Suggested byDomDozz and Featured by TheCreativeJenn )

I love them all!

Many thanks to everybody suggesting them, and especially to the ones choosing to feature them! :clap:

And kudos to another wonderful project coming from the communityrelations team!

My tags (only if you feel like :huggle::heart:):

Mouselemur MYPeanutGallery lucytherescuedcat Eve-I Malintra-Shadowmoon Okavanga xColorSplashx George-B-Art Amidasu lolitartheist Amarantheans Farand morbidman187 Cinnamoncandy AshleyxBrooke FrancescaDelfino Medoriko Unkopierbar firefox2171 SolidMars Tigles1Artistry gigi50 CRGPhotography TommyGK Sublime-Feline Sabbelbina falcoDArgento PaMonk SabakuNoShi  Inconcabille UszatyArbuz Felizias Loki-Dalton lauraypablo KristenSpork 

The invitation is open to everybody who feels inspired by this! If you do prepare a feature, I'd be happy to see it! :la:

Feature hosted by TandemFeatures and ArtHasSoul

Skin by Dan Leveille

Flash Fiction Writing - Tips!

Tue Aug 25, 2015, 3:22 PM
Following the Flash Fiction Competition of June 2015, I was asked to create an article about some of my personal favourite entries from the contest, and what made them work. Well, I've taken that, and turned it into an article on the top tips of writing Flash Fiction. These are just my thoughts, and tips I've picked up from Writer's Workshop and Advanced Writing classes.

Now, with out further ado,

Tip #1: Start your story in Action

With Flash Fiction being such a short medium, you don't have much time to establish setting or characters; it needs to be fast-paced for maximum impact. So, the best way to engage your reader is to drop them straight into the middle of action. 

You do want to keep context though, so use to your discretion. 

Some Pieces from the contest that demonstrate this:
Servant's Log May 18-2418th May
Busy all day: cleaned windows, washed curtains, beef stew with leek and onion. On the master's request, dusted the foyer with special care today and prepared a vase with a bouquet of roses for the small bedroom. He expects a visitor tomorrow.
19th May
Spent the morning with standard duties; waited to greet the master's visitor, but the master requested that I busy myself elsewhere, as his visitor is uncomfortable with artificial servants. Cleaned the library extensively. Steak and potatoes with parsley for the master and his visitor. Hedges want trimming.
20th May
Brought the master his breakfast, then apparently took an unscheduled nap in the bathroom. Internal clock two hours out of sync with the master's atomic pendulum. Unsure how this happened; apparent systems failure. Will bring to the master's attention tomorrow.
Resumed duties as usual. Found sufficient breakfast dishes for two; cannot explain this. Checked for intruders, found none. If systems fa

Eyes Like Gift HorsesClacking as my train rounds the curve. An arm touches my lap. Near its owner’s mouth, her skin cracks. Her pupils reflect the overhead fluorescent flicker. She smells old.
The Chicago and Franklin stop. My shoe thuds against the wooden planks. A reclined man watches the sun, which is overcooking this city. I throw a quarter at his empty coffee cup.
The store is cool and dark. The cashier defiles the register with her body, creamy blues watching me lift a Shiraz off the top rack. Two thousand dollars. I shrug and leave, cradling the bottle. Outside, mayhem greets me. Cars everywhere, drivers watching their bumpers. Traffic crowds the buildings and river, pigeons cover everything else. Their bellies are distended. There is a sweetness in the air.
Today, it’s the riverfront Hyatt. I take a room for myself and my wine. The bellhop drapes his cart, face layered in shadows. The overhead lights are excessive. I don my sunglasses. The maid by the elevator looks flushed.


Tip #2: Limit Characters, Themes, and Settings

Related to the tip above. The whole point is that Flash Fiction is short. Unlike a novel, or short story, you simply don’t have the time to introduce multiple characters, Themes, or settings. The more characters/themes/settings you have, the more cramped the piece becomes. You really only have room in flash fiction for two characters, maybe three, along with a single setting and theme.

Some Pieces from the contest that demonstrate this:

Fireflies"Ah! Little lights!"
He followed his young son's gaze through the twilight dim, looking into the wet grasses beyond the airport. "Fireflies," he stated, ever the pragmatic scientist.
"But... why are they disappearing?"
"They'll come back. Follow one closely, watch the path it takes. See?"
"It's like what you do, Papá?"
"Not exactly. They are not teleporting."
He held out his hand, a sign of impatience, waiting on the child to take heed and follow him along. But his junior stared at the drifting beetles, deep in thought.
"Sad," he finally mused. "What if they don't come back?" Like you.

GloryI didn’t really accept it until the day I decided to cut my hair. My sister braided it for me one last time – French braid, decorated with little white hydrangeas from the garden and the most perfect pink hibiscus behind my ear.
My pageant tiaras didn’t sit quite right on my head after the chemo took what was left of my hair. It’s okay – I’d rather be bald than grey any day of the week; no one will ever guess my age from now on, not without looking like a huge jerk. I’m still the prettiest girl in town, muthafuckas.

Tip #3: Utilise Vignettes/Poetic Description

What is a vignette, I hear you ask. Well, a literary vignette is a short passage that focusses on describing a single character, object, setting, or emotion. Vignettes utilise poetic description, almost to an unnecessary degree. This use of words in an ideal way to draw specific attention to a singular entity within your work, especially if  it's key to the plot.

While vignettes are technically a form of flash fiction on their own, don't be afraid to incorporate them into your work.

Some Pieces from the contest that demonstrate this:

And then I realised, I was a pawn of greater menI'm flying on three tabs of Andraxian Blue. I don't remember taking them, but the Blue has an unmistakable way of splitting your head in two with a four iron. The question is why. It's been years since I've hit anything this hard, and I can already feel it coming on too fast.
People surround me like a swarm. Their noise reverberates through my skull, and the stench of their salts fills my lungs and threatens to drag bile out onto the street. They gawk at me. They sense something is different, and they're just waiting for their chance to tear me apart. They keep coming closer, sidling up to me as if nothing is amiss, pretending to look away.
It's too fast. I need something to cool me down.
I start to pat myself down for smokes - something to smother the Blue - and find a sheet of crumpled paper in my pocket. The letters slide around like pond-skaters over water, but after pleading with them they agree to stay still for long enough for me to read:
You've done something incredibly

Sketch - Little EliseShe flies through silent air. Stolen wings attend her shoulders. Her fragrance, morning dew. Chrysanthemums become her golden home. Her sustenance, honey nectar. Gossamer tresses and daisy stem ribbons crown the flower queen. Her airy dress, lily petals.  
With a toy boat and spider silk sail she skimmed down tumbling rivers and across stormy seas. She hid from winter within the burrow of a beast and in fading light met her dearest friend. A butterfly net of silver loops strung to a diamond ring sought in vain to steal her from the sky.
Fly onward kindred souls, Swallow and Elise.

Tip #4: Surprise your Reader

You want to entertain the reader with your flash fiction, otherwise they'll simply move on. The best way to do this is by adding a twist to your story; one that leads to an ending the reader wasn't expecting. Be clever about it though; cliches like "it was all a dream" are overdone, and can harm your story more than help it.

Some Pieces from the contest that demonstrate this:

IntegrityI’ve never turned down a job. Professional integrity, and all that. But even so, when I saw the name in the file, I cringed. At some point in every man’s career, he gets that job he knows is going to make or break his name.
I’d been using this name for a while now, and it had started to get a decent rep behind it. People knew me. Not my face, obviously. I was smart enough to use wigs and contacts; prosthetics, if I had to. A face was too damn valuable, and not so easy to change. Especially if you didn’t go in for all that cosmetic surgery stuff.
But names? Names were easy. Names were shoes that you could slip on and off as needed.
This name was one I’d had long enough that it had moulded to fit, like a pair of hard wearing boots that weren’t so much pretty, as reliable. So I took the job, because integrity is all we’ve got, in the end.
I packed up my gear and went to the address. The client had already said where they wanted it to go down, and

Flash Fiction #212-6-15
Ralf looked at his watch for the fourth time in five minutes. Xavier was late again. Yesterday they had spent the time sanding the walls to give them a smooth surface from which to work. Today they were painting. Furious at his brother, Ralf opened up the paint tin and started stirring the contents with a stick. Soon he had worked up a bit of a sweat and the paint was frothy.
“Probably stirred it too much,” he muttered, checking his watch again. Xavier still hadn’t showed up. He out the extender and mixed it into the paint as per the packet instructions. This would slow down the paint’s drying. Because the colour of paint can differ from can to can, even with the same colour, he poured his freshly stirred paint into a five-litre bucket. Furious with Xavier for standing him up, Ralf vigorously stirred the paint in this bucket so that it was all mixed properly. He then used painters tape, the blue kind, and placed it on the wood of the skirting boar

I hope these tips helped! Good luck with your Flash Fictions!

The readers 1- [Books] - b/w

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Secret by ZiaulKareem
by ZiaulKareem

Please enjoyand, and remember to visit the photographers' galleries as well
I know... I have missed any of you beautiful people... forgive me and... please send me more images ...

“Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another's skin, another's voice, another's soul.”

Joyce Carol Oates

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

Groucho Marx

British Library Readers by daliscar
 British Library Readers by daliscar

A Love of Books by EricForFriends
A Love of Books by EricForFriends

Bookshelf by fahrenheitlab
Bookshelf by fahrenheitlab


“What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it,

you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it.

That doesn't happen much, though.”

J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

The Reader by whitestone
 The Reader by whitestone

The reader by MirabellaStefano
 The reader by MirabellaStefano

Reading by MitsukoYumi
Reading by MitsukoYumi

Reader by sahsnk
Reader by sahsnk

Years Before Maybe by sags
Years Before Maybe by sags

Reading Spot by IFedorovskaya
Reading Spot by IFedorovskaya

the reader 2 by Itapao

the reader 2 by Itapao

The Reader in A Narrow Street by begum215
The Reader in A Narrow Street by begum215

nothing beats a good book by ElvisLaw
nothing beats a good book by ElvisLaw

Readers by karljohansson
 Readers by karljohansson

Crouching Reader Hidden Jobs by bQw
 Crouching Reader Hidden Jobs by bQw

Yin Yang by bQw
 Yin Yang by bQw

Couple ... by minotauro9
 Couple ... by minotauro9

the reader by Batsceba
the reader by Batsceba

Reading, smoking and coffee by daliscar

Reading, smoking and coffee by daliscar

the reader by VaggelisFragiadakis
 the reader by VaggelisFragiadakis

Bearded reader by anahuac
 Bearded reader by anahuac

Shelter by rgplus
 Shelter by rgplus

Break time by mstargazer
 Break time by mstargazer

Bus Reader by sandas04
 Bus Reader by sandas04

bcn metro reading by mrtso

bcn metro reading by mrtso

2 Reading and 2 Talking by niklin1

2 Reading and 2 Talking by niklin1


“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.”

C.S. Lewis

Young reader by StamatisGR
 Young reader by StamatisGR

Little Reader by waitingforlefty
Little Reader by waitingforlefty

Determination by oO-Rein-Oo
Determination by oO-Rein-Oo

Toys R Us Kid by bQw
 Toys R Us Kid by bQw

Biraz Oku Dolas Yasa Iste by sogni-di-margherita
 Biraz Oku Dolas Yasa Iste by sogni-di-margherita


“Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live.”

Gustave Flaubert

The Reader by YWKam

 The Reader by YWKam

Which book is he reading? by ZiaulKareem
 Which book is he reading? by ZiaulKareem

Reading by OliverJules
 Reading by OliverJules

Author unknown by wchild
Author unknown by wchild

reading the good book... by cweeks

 reading the good book... by cweeks


“The best books... are those that tell you what you know already.”

George Orwell, 1984

Paris by photodan88

 Paris by photodan88

Woman Reading by ZiaulKareem

Woman Reading by ZiaulKareem

Afternoon Reading by bQw

 Afternoon Reading by bQw

reading the feelings by akthuro
reading the feelings by akthuro

night reading near the river by panosozi

night reading near the river by panosozi

6449 by NunoCanha

6449 by NunoCanha

Literature on board by CarlosBecerra
 Literature on board by CarlosBecerra

Books are Noisy by bQw
 Books are Noisy by bQw

New York Subway 1 by Joeykunin

New York Subway 1 by Joeykunin


“Classic' - a book which people praise and don't read.”

Mark Twain

“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.”

Joseph Brodsky


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The readers 2- [Newspapers] - b/w
The readers 3 - [Books] - color
The readers 4 - [Newspapers] - color

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Result of Dinomania + my first short story!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 21, 2015, 7:41 PM

Hello dear friends :wave:

Here are the winner of 
which I am one of the prize donors and also participated as a contestant.
This very fun contest was held by

1st place winner by vote

Lost in the Lost World by Mr-Ripley

Lost in the Lost World by Mr-Ripley

1st place winner by Yvonne's choice

Dinosaurios footprints in the sand by Realengo

Dinosaurios footprints in the sand by Realengo

2nd place

The Trap by hankep

The Trap by hankep

3rd place

Future Parents by EligoDesign

Future Parents by EligoDesign

Honorable Mentioned

Despertando a la fantasia by AdrianaMadrid
Jura 2 by RetoSaluz
.: Jungle :. by VanessaPadua
Dinosaurworld by pranile

Congratulations! :clap:

Easter Egg Divider - F2U by Drache-LehreEaster Egg Divider - F2U by Drache-LehreEaster Egg Divider - F2U by Drache-Lehre

And here are beautiful works from some of my friends I'd like to share with you. 


Little watchmaker - Steampunk friend [contest] by msriotte
Noite Serena - (Simple Manip) by Wesley-SouzaNight guardian by jugatatinhas
In The Land of Shadows by shadeley...Loneliness Knows Me By Name... by EsotericIllusion
Collector of Dreams by MonochromaticART
In My Dreams by lauraypablo
The Call of Cthulhu by YaelPardinaFrosted by msfowle
Moonlight Dream 2 by annewipfMelancholy by Gwendolyn1
Halloween 2014 - I by Walking-TallResurrection by EstherPuche-Art
Turtle Island by RowyeCage by insann
Hiroshima by Rui-AbelThe Nest by SweediesArtAppointment with Death by Julianez
Sadness by megan7Goodbye by Mysterykids
Great Buddha by iyootMountain Cottage by Cinnamoncandy
Between by wane1
Self-image by tamaraR
And Soul It Ends by Splat-ShotPeonies by Manink
I'm found by kevron2001
The backyard by MoonRoseEternityThe Doll Doctor by SoulcolorsArt
E.C.L.I.P.S.E by Altair-EDeers 2015 by nudagimo
Daydreaming by mshelleeFallout Concept Art for Max by Mom-EsPeace
Eternal Love by PaperDreamerArtBoat rider by theheek
Warlord: The Warlord  Prospect by Alexis-FrostMelody Night by ektapinki
Santa's Letter by TinaLouiseUkcover art by Dani-Owergoor
Forest imp by ZozziegirlMy Guardian Angel by LindArtz
Poppies by Kibblywibbly


Sullen Days by Pixx-73
The River Of Sand by yangqi917
Joker52 by PatrickBrownObscure Monster by DanDanDanTheMan
home by Headdl
He Rises by maxbatThe best place to be on a snowy night by PascalCampion
Gwindor by kimberly80Saving the World from Evil by autumnicity
Ben Affleck by ekota21Zombie Ajar by RichardPace
Robb Stark (Richard Madden) by Ilojleen
Venom Scratchboard by 1im3Lady of Winterfell by Wicked-Illusion


Jobs by anyman82First Admendment by Trippy4U

The friendly Maja by LewiARTs
Young Reddish-brown Squirrel by JocelyneRDusk in Winter by surrealistic-gloom
Shadows 5 by pjenzHello sun by SetsiAngelSailor

Mossy log Stock 10 by Malleni-Stock

Objects 120 crossbones by Dreamcatcher-stockFace Carved in Stone by DamselStock
Defying Winter by philippeLCaress by Sisterslaughter165

Happy birthday DA! =D

Birthday devCake by George-B-Art

Easter Egg Divider - F2U by Drache-LehreEaster Egg Divider - F2U by Drache-LehreEaster Egg Divider - F2U by Drache-Lehre

Finally, this is my new work. It's the most ambitious one I have ever submitted in DA because it comes with a short story that I intentionally wrote for the artwork! I hope you enjoy reading it!! =D

The Raven Lady by Mr-Ripley

Have a nice weekend, everyone.


Conceptual Spotlight Vol. 133

Sat Aug 22, 2015, 6:04 AM by MarinaCoric:iconmarinacoric: