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Img-00 by techgnotic

Our currency is covered in artwork.

Engravings on a coin or the images on the back of a dollar help us differentiate between denominations, but they serve other purposes as well. They are used to prevent anyone outside of the government that issues the currency from creating duplicates, and the images are supposed to provide cultural touchstones that bond together its users. Any American can recognize a portrait of Abraham Lincoln or George Washington because of this fact, and it isn’t dissimilar to the way leaders of Rome had their faces engraved on coins minted during their tenure.

Given the ubiquitous nature of currency inside a culture, as well as the power it represents, it’s natural for artists to be drawn to it. Some artists actually see currency as a medium.

The Greek artist Stefanos has made headlines recently for his controversial etchings on euros.

His images are supposed to illuminate the hardships that European Union-enforced austerity has brought to the people of Greece. One of his etchings features a black figure hanging by a noose from an archway. Others are more subtle, such as one that depicts a scattering crowd running through a classical-style bridge, possibly from an unseen predator.

Using banknotes as a canvas adds layers of complexity to the art. In Stefanos’s case, the artwork moves back into regular circulation after he has drawn on the bills. This incorporates a street art feel to the project, because viewers will not encounter the work in a typical gallery or museum setting. That fact suits the political message of the project; Stefanos is trying to make a point, and he wants it made loudly, to a large number of people. This approach also blurs distinctions between everyday life and art by its use of money as a medium. The political situation that the project comments on has been fueled by imposed austerity, which is a program that was prescribed in reaction to Greece’s financial problems. Yet the money the artwork is displayed on will be used for everyday interactions between average people. There is a complete interchange between the artwork, the political statement it makes, and the people affected by it.

"The medium allows me to ‘bomb’ public property from the comfort of my home,” said Stefanos, in a statement about his project. He stated that when he looks at EU banknotes, he does not see images that are grounded in reality. Given the chaos engendered by financial collapse in his home country, he wanted to paint a more realistic picture on the currency.

For what it’s worth, defacing currency is illegal in many countries.

The U.S. defines defacing currency as altering it past the point of use. In other words, if you alter a piece of green paper to the point where your local corner store wouldn’t accept or recognize it, you’ve technically broken federal law. And where you reach that point, exactly, is a little complicated. For example, burning a dollar is defacing it. If you turn your dollar into a small pile of ashes, it can’t be used or accepted or recognized. But what if you write your initials on it in sharpie? It’d look weird, but most people would agree that it’s still worth something.

For artists with projects like Stefanos’s, keeping the bills intact and usable is actually necessary for their art to succeed. If his tagged dollars aren’t in distribution, people don’t see them. But for other artists, like Hanna von Goeler, the bills don’t need to circulate.

This ongoing project chronicles my struggle and relationship with money”

— Hanna von Goeler

Where Stefanos’s project is political and specific to one country, Goeler’s project is at once more personal and more universal. Although the pieces in her project are based on American currency, her project examines the design and pattern of money. It also incorporates art history references and everyday objects like food and couches. Goeler also makes political points, though in a more subdued manner. One of her pieces includes a dollar with a painted map of the Middle East on the front.

C.K. Wilde, an artist whose work includes American dollars with pop-culture icons in the portrait slots, states that his interest in currency comes from childhood.

"I travelled to Europe often to visit my relatives. When I returned, I often still had money from the places I travelled. An attempt to buy candy with Deutsche marks in the U.S. brought into sharp relief the inherent contradictions of nationalism and international travel.”

— C.K. Wilde

Currency does often act as a vestige of nationalism.

Even in the Eurozone, where money circulates across national boundaries, it is still specific to the region. For all its supposed uses, our currency anchors us in place and typically offers only a superficial, sterilized glimpse at a nation’s culture or history. You can sense the frustration with this fact when artists choose to use currency as a canvas. It makes sense, though, that we should want something more fulfilling from an object that plays such a dominant role in each of our lives.

To this end, not a small number of artists have set about creating their own, new currency.

Barbara Bernát, an artist working in Budapest, created some beautiful, sophisticated images for a Hungarian Euro. The images feature plants and animals, under which you can see skeletal images under UV light — an aesthetic anti-counterfeiting device.

Along the same lines, the Women On 20s campaign seeks to replace American President Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill with the face of an influential American woman. Both projects reflect a desire for more aesthetic sensibility and cultural accuracy on currency.

Asking why money looks the way it does is perhaps akin to willingly diving face-first down the proverbial rabbit hole. But it is a question worth asking, and while we don’t condone breaking the law, we are always delighted to see artists turn their skeptical eyes toward important questions like this one and come up with creative answers.

Your Thoughts

  1. If you had the opportunity to design a piece of currency, would you be interested? Or do you feel that the medium would limit your ability to be creative?
  2. What’s the most beautiful piece of currency you’ve ever seen? Where does it come from?
  3. Should currency be artistic? Or should its form match its utilitarian nature?

Softness-art: Weekly feature LV

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2015, 2:57 PM

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Hi, everybody reading this!

In fact, if you're reading this, then that means you're breathing and thinking. Your body is active. This means you're alive.

If you're alive, then that means that you've been strong enough to get past hardships of life, or maybe you were even able to overcome suicidal thoughts.

You guys are so strong, I'm proud of you all! I have so much respect for you guys.

I hope you ALL have an amazing day and rest of the week! You're all so awesome!

Remember, please don't get down! There's only one you, and that you is you! And you're amazing. Don't ever doubt yourself!

Here's a video of cute kitties to cheer you up!

Or, if you're a dog person, some cute puppies!



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you are valid.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 7:07 AM
digital hobbyist

CSS Skin


I know this might be sudden and completely uncalled for, but this has been constantly on my mind and I think now is the time that I'm going to say something about all this. Your friend has publicly bashed me, accusing me of being a slut, made me out to be an attention whore and went to such great lengths as to refer to my tank top with the term breast feeding. You both have accused me of being 'transtrender' transgender man, which is false and inaccurate in so many ways possible and I wrote this up because I thought it might shed some light for you. 

Ash is a fake transgender.

No. Also, if you are aware of the definition of trans, it means some one who identifies with a gender THAT IS NOT THEIR BIRTH GENDER. Though I did identify as male for a while, I realized that since I like girl things and guy things, that I feel more fluid or male partially identifying [demi-boy]. I was attacked several times and accused of being a fake transgender man, no, I am a genderfluid individual who likes he/him/his pronouns rather than they/them/their. 
In that sense, am I entitled to wearing make up? Absolutely. Because girls and a hell of a lot of boys wear make up, so what gender does that make me? fluid 
Am I entitled to wear girl and guy clothing? yes, and it also makes me fluid or partially male identifying. Since agender people usually tend to wear masculine clothing, why can't fluid people be feminine and still be valid? 

Did it take me a few tries to figure out my identity?

 Hell yeah it did. Every one is different. Some people know they are trans or homosexual the very second they look at men's clothing or look at some one of the same sex. Others spend a lot of their time debating, and hating themselves because they feel worthless for not being able to conform. For not knowing who they are. For not being comfortable with stereotypes. 

Well guess what? You don't have to conform. You are YOU. You are not a stereotype. You are beautiful and valid no matter what gender, sexuality or romantic orientation you are. You are valid no matter how you act, how you dress, or what pronouns you ask to be used for you. If they/them/their pronouns make you feel happy, then by all means let me use them for you. Some people have to come out three fucking times before they fully find themselves and who they actually are. 

Trans boy or cis who wears make up?
still a boy, if eyeliner makes him feel better about himself then by all means wear all the eyeliner you want.
Boys who wear make up and are still fucking valid:
Kastoway , and he has shoulder length hair. Does that make him any less valid? No.

[THIS GUY ALSO HAS SHOULDER LENGTH HAIR, guess what- still a valid male.]
Andy Biersack and Adam Lambart are AMAZING examples of this, and though they are cis / gay men- why would a trans male who practices similar behaviors be any less valid? 

Girls who dont wear make up and wear guy clothes but are still valid women:
ShyKri , erectnipple, my younger sister, and many friends that I have in real life, straight and lesbian. 

[geekasaur on tumblr is a great example of this]

Transgender women who are masculine but are still valid: 

Do you know who this is? This is Leelah fucking Alcorn. Was she invalid? No. Is she still a women? Very much so. And she always will be, masculine or not.

But Leelah didn't have access to feminine things!

Well NEITHER DO MOST TRANSGENDER PEOPLE. Not all transgender men have access to binders and transgender women to make up. 
Are they allowed to feel confident in the clothes that they have?
Are they allowed to take selfies being who they can be for now and flaunt it?
Are we all rich? 
Do we all have parental consent?
Some trans men are too tiny for men's clothes sizes, are they invalid?
Some trans women have the wrong build to fit into women's clothing sizes, does that make them invalid?
Does our misfortune make us invalid?
Absolutely not.

You are allowed to seek solace and comfort by using pronouns online and nowhere else, that still makes you valid, and beautiful, and amazing. In time you will look the way that you want to look but for now you deserve to be loved for who you are. You are not a fake transgender and there is no such thing as a fake transgender. There are only people who need more time to fully transition. 

Ah yes, that's why fathers wear dresses and lace panties, and why mothers wear swim trunks and tuxedos.

This is a richly transphobic statement. 
Some gay men wear dresses to their own weddings. Does this make them invalid? No. Some gay men do wear lace panties, who are you to tell them that they are invalid because of their fetishes? Clothes are genderless. 

Something that's helplessly more common is women wearing tuxedos and swim trunks.

oh look its ellen again 
more ellen
omg that girl has swimtrunks on, guess what- she's still a girl and she is still valid. 

NONBINARY, GENDERQUEER, BIGENDER, DEMIBOY, DEMIGIRL and AGENDER people have to be completely gender absent or else they aren't valid. 

This is just a point that I would like to make while I'm at it.
Those are all gender lacking terms besides demiboy or demigirl which is still partially gender lacking. Meaning that people of these identities can wear what ever the hell they want, and still be valid. And, in a world of binary gender bias- to be completely gender lacking you'd have to walk around naked and shake your head because there will always be a feminine or masculine clothing style or a feminine or masculine hair style.  Though as I've said, ANYONE OF ANY GENDER CAN WEAR WHAT EVER THE FUCK THEY WANT AND STILL BE VALID. :rose: 

Gender lacking people who are more on the feminine side, or the more masculine side rather than totally neutral and are still valid:

What is my gender?

I am a genderfluid demiboy, who prefers
Not it. and not she. As I have been called before. 

Yes, I have come out with different S/O-s and genders as I tried to find myself. 

Yes, I do wear make up.

Yes, I do wear bras because I can't afford binders yet and am scared to wear them due to the amount of risk factors involved. 

No, I do not own any mens clothing yet because I can't afford it right now and I'm too skinny for most men's clothing sizes.

No, I am not a fully transgender man.

I am fluid.

Does that make me any less valid?

Do you still have to respect my pronouns?

What do I look like?

Am I any less valid than any of the people above me?

I will not stand down and be dehumanized by a transphobic transgender person, I will stand up and defend myself and other people like me who have had to get hate and shame from people like you, because you are too closed minded to understand situations that aren't your own. I will not sit back and ignore this and be hated while you are praised for your ignorance. If this doesn't get a point across to you, then at least I made a few confused people more self confident and loving of themselves for who they are, and giving love to those who are like me, who are still valid, and don't conform to stereotypes. 

Trans is not all or nothing. You can be any age to be trans. You can find yourself no matter how young or old you are, rich or poor. Your pronouns and gender are all mental, and if you feel like a boy, or a girl, or neither, who the hell am I to tell you that you aren't? And who the hell are you to tell me that I'm not valid? 

Have a good day,


Mom, you make me wanna shit. my. pants.

Easter Game - prizes reveal!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2015, 2:33 AM

I hope you enjoyed the game!

Now it's time for revealing the prizes that eggs were hiding!

#1 The Egg of laziness OUT by UszatyArbuz #2 The egg of obviousness OUT by UszatyArbuz #3 The egg of mystery - OUT by UszatyArbuz #4 The egg of cuteness OUT by UszatyArbuz #5 The egg of fanciness - OUT by UszatyArbuz #6 The Egg of lame - OUT by UszatyArbuz #7 The egg os sassyness OUT by UszatyArbuz

#1 The Egg of laziness

10 :points: from  Arhar
Icon from  Unsuspicious-Pizza
Tiny art from  Amarantheans
Watch from  MIM199
Llama from  Felizias
Llama from  Amarantheans
A group journal feature from  CrazySquad
A personal journal feature from  Felizias
A personal journal feature from  Amarantheans
A fav from  SabakuNoShi

#2 The Egg of obviousness

Drawing from  InstantComic
Pixel drawing from  Arichy
Llama from  InstantComic
Llama from  SabakuNoShi
Llama from  BRSpidey
A group journal feature from  Amarantheans 's group
A personal journal feature from  InstantComic
A personal journal feature from Andorada 
A fav from  VivaFariy

#3 The Egg or mystery

80 :points: from me
A free adopt from  VivaFariy
Comments from  AlexanderPaupoff
Llama from  Aravil1
Llama from  TarmaHartley
A group journal feature from  PetAntics
A personal journal feature from  TarmaHartley
A personal journal feature from  VivaFariy
A fav from me

#4 The Egg of cuteness

A bow for your llama or 40 :points: from me
Kaleidoscope from  Yoruichi-Takashi
Haiku from  VivaFariy
Llama from  Morphicelus
Llama from  VivaFariy
A group journal feature from  Come-One-Come-All
A personal journal feature from  LacedShadowDiamond
A personal journal feature from  BloomingRoseXeniia
A fav from me

#5 The Egg of fanciness

50 :points: from me
10 faves from Arhar
A drawing from  skullabaez
A headshot from Noctualis
Llama from Candyfied
Llama from  LacedShadowDiamond
A profile feature from  Arhar
A personal journal feature from  Arhar
A personal journal feature from me
Two favs from  BRSpidey

#6 The Egg of lame

A sketch from Candyfied
Small chibi drawing from Lilith-the-5th
Llama from BloomingRoseXeniia
Llama from Arhar
Llama from Noctualis
Group journal feature from The-Green-House
A personal journal feature from BRSpidey
A personal journal feature from me
Fav from BloomingRoseXeniia

#7 The Egg of sassyness

A free adopt from LacedShadowDiamond
2 comments per 2 artworks from Arhar
Chibi from Yoruichi-Takashi
Llama from AlexanderPaupoff
Llama from MIM199
Group journal feature from DogsOfTheWorld
A personal journal feature from AlexanderPaupoff
A personal journal feature from me
Fav from me

#1 The Egg of laziness OUT by UszatyArbuz #2 The egg of obviousness OUT by UszatyArbuz #3 The egg of mystery - OUT by UszatyArbuz #4 The egg of cuteness OUT by UszatyArbuz #5 The egg of fanciness - OUT by UszatyArbuz #6 The Egg of lame - OUT by UszatyArbuz #7 The egg os sassyness OUT by UszatyArbuz

And now a special surprise!

I've got for you a raffle for a few stuff!
Every participant got a number like so: 1st egg 1-10, 2 egg 11-20, etc..

1 by UszatyArbuz
#13  :icongeorge-b-art:

George-B-Art  will get a feature "Artist Spotlight" that is hold by Felizias !

2 by UszatyArbuz3 by UszatyArbuz4 by UszatyArbuz5 by UszatyArbuz
#70 :iconlolitartheist: #10 :iconshadowdragonwings:
#58 :iconmyhowrse-jellybean: #40 :iconhooded-pigeon:

lolitartheist , ShadowDragonWings myhowrse-jellybean and Hooded-Pigeon will get one cake badge from me!

6 by UszatyArbuz
#66 :iconvivafariy:

VivaFariy will get 100 :points: from me!

I hope you enjoyed it!
I tried to randomly mix the prizes through particular eggs and make it as egual as possible.

And two a bit more serious things
Message for participants: Please don't complain on the people's art /prizes/ that you'll receive - it's totally not nice, it's my good will that I allowed you to participate and it's their good will that they contributed prizes and it's just a game to brighten up one's day. You won't receive here drawings that usually can cost $20 because it's just ridiculous. At least don't complain, just say "thank you" and move on.
Message for prize contributors: I'll be sending notes asking to contact the participants, and because there were problems in giving prizes in my last game (some people as still waiting for prizes!!) I decided to make a list this time. It's a game, but when you are saying that you will contribute something, you should be obligated to do that. That's why I asked to decide what can you give, bearing in mind your time and abilities. How would you feel? You don't want anybody to be sad and disappointed?

:bunnyla: I hope you enjoyed the game!  Have a wonderful Easter / Spring Break!:bunnyla: 

Skin by UszatyArbuz
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Key Tag : #savewebcams

We people have been always with deviant-art all the time, and we are happy to be a part of it, we love it.. But dont fail us by taking things we love, we people always love those funny random images they used to take from internet. Why taking out that awesome Widget? 

This is our way to protest, We want it back. We love it.. Until you people put it back. We wont use any premium features. and we wont buy any premium, If there is anyway to remove the premium we will do that too.

Instead of removing something we love, we would like to tell Deviant-art staffs that, give more time to find solutions to avoid unnecessary spams, control the bullies and harassment in better way.. what the fcuk is wrong with you? why making us sad?

NOTE: we expect you will remove this journal also.because that's the way how everything is working nowadays.

Whatever we don't care, we stay on truth.. we stay united. We love art world..

We are Artists are United #mrfartsinc #mrfarts #unitedartists #savewebcams

Years long hunt has finally come to an end!!!



BUT she knew were to buy it and they still HAD IT SO I GOT IT SGSDG


Win 20150328 215511 by griffsnuff

Lifesize Dashie begins! (pics)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 5:55 AM
Lifesize (38″) Dashie wips!! I'm slowly working on her in my spare time. 

Got a few hours tonight to sew and stuff her head and ears. I am utterly over the moon. I won't be posting any more wip journals of her from here on in but I was too excited not to share these initial pictures. 

To follow her progress check out my FB or tumblr. I'll post a massive image compilation journal once she is finished with all her progress pics. 

20150327 214355 by Nazegoreng

20150327 215123 by Nazegoreng

20150327 215131 by Nazegoreng

20150327 215136 by Nazegoreng

20150327 215140 by Nazegoreng

20150327 215618 by Nazegoreng

20150327 215709 by Nazegoreng

20150327 215734 by Nazegoreng

20150327 215850 by Nazegoreng