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Hello everyone :3

Now I have 3,000 watchers and I will do a little giveaway :3
It´s only open for 48 hours so be fast! :3

you can win 1,000 points

-----read the rules-----

~fave this journal~
~write a journal about this~
~write a comment with your journal~
~fave my art~
~feel free to watch me should you like my art :3~
~give me a llama badge~
~good luck :3~

determine the winner with

Open for 48 hours after ubload!
winner: :iconmillion-chances:

Unbenannt by Jeavieh
Congratulation, number 135 :3

please write here and I will give you your points :3


My YouTube channel

Account 4 sketches and adoptables

Thunder! Speedpaint

Thank you <3

group 4 your animal art! :3

Mixed Media Colouring Tutorial

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 2:00 PM by Eleweth:iconeleweth:

Traditional Art

Traditional art offers you amazing chances to experiment with various materials and techniques. Don't be afraid to mix whatever you can – with everything (even with non-artistic materials) you can create amazing stuff! I want to show you some good combinations I often use while creating my pictures.


-Various coloured pencils (on this picture I used these):
:bulletpink: Faber-Castell Polychromos
:bulletpink: Faber-Castell Art Grip
:bulletpink: Derwent Studio
:bulletpink: Derwent Coloursoft
:bulletpink: Prismacolor Premier

(Why so many? Because every pencil brand and type is unique with their colour variety, quality, blending, softness/hardness. Mixing pencils with the other brands is the key to the success – really :) If you want – next time I can make tutorial about coloured pencils only)
- Airbrush
- Aquarells
(I am using Schmincke Akademie Aquarell)
- Acrylic inks
(using Schmincke, Ecoline, Liquitex Ink)
- Technical alcohol
- Markers
(using COPICs)
- A3 Bristol
(using Canson)
- HB pencil, mechanical pencil
- Toothbrush
- Brushes
- Eraser
- Quill
- Tissue for smudging
- Fixative spray

:bulletpink:Let´s get started!:bulletpink:
1) Lets start with the sketch - I chose a random dragon creature covered with fur and little bit of background – just to know about the composition of the whole picture.

2) Now lets prepare your workplace for airbrushing. You should now know which scenery you want to have on the paper.
For this one I picked up the fantasy night scenery where the moon will be in the top left corner. I will need airbrush (with compresor), some acrylics ink, brushes for preparing colours, toothbrush and a bit of technical alcohol. And I needed something with a round shape so I used a little mug which will represent the shape of the moon.
Hint: I can also recommend you use an OLD CD/DVD instead of a mug – but for this picture a CD/DVD would be kinda huge. :D I also highly recommend you cover your floor/table with newspapers if you're planning to airbrush – cleaning the dry acrylic ink is really annoying :D

3) First prepare your colours to the tone you want – feel free to combine the brands but be carefull that your colours are suitable for airbrushing and also don't forget to clean your pistol each time you use it! And just start spraying – I usually use for the night sky about 3-4 different shades of blue and a bit of black. I add a little splashe of technical alcohol for a little bleachy effect.  

Hint: Feel free to spray a little paint to the character/other scenery as well because you can cover it later and you can use it for your advantage as well. Don't move or remove your mug until you finish your spraying completely!

4) Now let's do some stars and clouds. For the stars, the best thing you can do is use an OLD toothbrush. Just put some colour into it and then use your finger to make a "splash effect" on the sky. I highly recommend you cover parts of the picture that you don't want to splash because these splashes can make really hard "plastic" dots and it's unconfortable to work with other materials over them.
And as for the colouds – if you don't mind getting dirty the best thing you can do is use the same white acrylic ink and your finger ;D your fingerprint can do really nice "cloudy" effects

5) When your starry night is finished let it dry for a while (luckily the acrylic inks dry almost instantly but I still like to give it some time until I am sure it's completely dry) and we can start colouring the rest of the background. I will choose Schmincke Aquarell now and start working with the "furthest" part of background.  

Hint: it's always better to start colouring the background first so you can fit the character easier into the environment.

For some special bleachy effects you can use some technical alcohol on the wet paint – see what is does! :D

Slowly continue until the whole picture has base colours – make sure they're not too light or too dark.

6) Then grab some markers and tone your picture– you can play with these colours a lot here and it will create nice undertones and shades which will work to your advantage later. Just set your feelings free and don't be afraid. :)

7)The next stage is coloured pencils. I started with the rocks. Stylized rocks are fun to draw and you can experiment a lot! First I will make a lineart of the rocks. As you can see in the picture I have started with the rocks at the front. I usually do this part with a Black Derwent Coloursoft pencil.
After the lineart is done I start colouring the rocks themselves – for this I use Coloursoft + Prismacolor pencils combo (these two brands are awesome for backgrounds and can be easily blended together. After the base colours are done I use a COPIC blender (or you can use regular alcohol – there is no difference :)) to blend everything together. You can use more alcohol (I am usually using them on the parts where light should fall) to bleach the pencils.
After this stage I used the black pencil again and did some lineart on the stones and other black details on the stones as well.
After I finished this I used fixative spray.

8) Then we start working on the character itself. I prepared a small lineart with coloured pencils – I recommend the most hard and sharp ones to have full control on the details – that's why I used Faber-Castell Art Grips and Derwent Studio ones.  

After the lines are done I took some Polychromos and Prismacolor pencils and did some shades on the fur.

And then I used a blender and some alcohol again to blend the pencils and marker underpaint together.

Then I used black Polychromos to make the darkest shadows and fur base. Don't forget to check if your fur is growing in the correct direction! :)

Finally, just use Dark Indigo Polychromos and put some more shadows into your fur. Because you used lots of different colours and blending in your underpaint there is nothing much more to do.

You can use some Black Polychromos to highlight darkest shades here.

Hint: I usually don't use black during shading – only in situations where its dark or there is night scenery like this one. You should always adapt the tone of your shadows to the environment!

9)Use the same method for pencil colouring on the white fur and scales but instead of blender/alcohol use white pencil (Derwent Coloursoft in my case).

10) Then I started colouring the moon. I usually make some blue-grayish paint from acrylic ink and with the brush I place a little bit of colour into the space for the moon. After that I used some tissue and with taping I put in some texture.

Hint: If I still don't feel like it's quite right, I take white acrylic ink again and using my finger I put in some white spots untill I am happy with the results.

11) Now it looks almost finished but we need some highlights to make the picture feel more alive. For this you need your quill and white acrylic ink. Shake your ink a little to have a thicker consistency and use it for the fur and light in the eye. This will create the thinnest lines. You can also take a brush and do some highlights on the scales and/or horns as well.

Hint: I don't recommend the regular white ink – it doesn't give the best effect. But you can use a good white gel pen. Make sure it has a good point and isn't plugged with paint.

12) For the final step, I took a mechanical pencil to fill some tiny details and then used fixator for the whole drawing and placed my signature with the pen at the top. ;)

:bulletpink:I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and you become more confident with mixing various techniques together. It's fun and in my opinion art should be fun! :bulletpink:


:bulletpink: Have you used mixed media?

:bulletpink: If yes do you like it or do you prefer to work with just one medium?

:bulletpink: Are you interested in more tutorials/detailed descriptions about various materials?

Little Pixel Heart HTML5 IconLittle Pixel Heart 

Thank you all for the wonderful support, we finally made it to 1ooo watchers!! ;u; well actually its 1.1k now ;u; <33
To celebrate that, I'm hosting a Drawingcontest together with my lovely waifu Dakiarts !


First let's clerify the rules to prevent complications, but please still ask if you have question or aren't sure about something!

- Do not copy or trace your entry from any other artwork!
- Please mention us as the owner of the Ocs on your entry
- You can change their designs if it's neccessary for your entry
- You are allowed to draw it ecchi but please no NSFW
- Any drawing-media is allowed, like digital, traditional, pixel etc.
- We will try to stay fair, so I will judge by effort and creativity
  also it's really important that you stick to their personalities!
- You can draw them in any artstyle, like chibi, anime, semirealistic etc.
- The Ocs are a couple so please draw them like one

What you have to draw:

The theme of the contest is to draw Dakiarts and mine villagers from the group Lotus-Town. The are in a relationship and thats also be how you should draw them in your entries :3

Please stick to their description but as said you can give them other outfits, if neccessary, but don't change their original designs!


Yoniko's Reference sheet +* by Mewpyon
And for more information check out
the description of her TPC:
[Lotus-Town] Yoniko TPC by Mewpyon


Fyan's reference sheet by Dakiarts

And for information check out
the description of his TPC:
Character sheet - Fyan by Dakiarts


Now here comes the part all waited for, the prizes!

We are open for every kind of donations, so if you maybe have some spare time or just want to be mentioned in the prize list, please help us offering more amazing prizes for the winners, we would be very thankful!


1st place
2500 Points 
1 Softshaded chibi by Mewpyon
1 Knee-up by Dakiarts
1 watch,Llama and 5 faves from CartoonFan135
1 Cellshaded chibi by SevBD

2nd place
1500 Points 
1 Cellshaded chibi by Mewpyon
1 Waist-up or chibi by Dakiarts
1 watch,Llama and 5 faves from CartoonFan135
1 Bust sketch by SevBD

3rd place
1000 Points 
1 Stickerchibi by Mewpyon
1 Waist-up sketch by Dakiarts
1 watch,Llama and 5 faves from CartoonFan135
1 Bust sketch by SevBD


We are also doing a pointraffle in this contest! Everyone can participate, even if you don't parcitipate in the contest!

All you have to do is to repost this contest in a poll or a journal and to comment the link below, we will give you a number! But if you also tag 3 people at this contest, you get another number, which will rise your chance to win. When the contest ends, we will announce who won the raffle!

There will be two winners and each of them will get 500Points 


October 10th, 2015

We thought that two months would be perfect for the contest. 
If the deadline is near and you need more time, an extension is possible when more than 3 people ask for it ~



We wish you a lot fun and good luck!!
Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 

Created at Simplysilent

Project Portfolio Winners!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 5:52 AM

I participated in Project Portfolio, and was fortunate enough to win a prize!! I also donated llamas and a feature to all winners, so without further ado, here we go!

ProjectPortfolio Lottery Winners

Please go and support these lovely artists: show your appreciation by leaving a comment and/or giving a favourite! It doesn't cost you anything, and will brighten someone's day :love:


Sketchbook Drawing No. 2 by kristime .:NaruSaku:. Recovery and Reminiscence by kristime fem!Soviet!Russia (Hetalia) by kristime


Curtis Creek after 1st Snowfall 2013 by Myrddin88 Blood Moon [Oct. 8, 2014] by Myrddin88 Hearts in WInter - South Park after 1st Snow 2013 by Myrddin88


Stargazing by Dakaido Not a big thing by Dakaido A happy little doggie by Dakaido


A little bit of magic I by rosaarvensis I'm forgetting everyone I by rosaarvensis Green frogs VI by rosaarvensis


Oh deer, what have we here? by firefox2171 Envy CBAS by firefox2171 Iridescent CBAS by firefox2171


Vulcan by Mike-Tr Mid fight by Mike-Tr New Sun Wukong by Mike-Tr


Morning sky version 1 by ReaperBunny Come into my arms by ReaperBunny Riverside by ReaperBunny


Nacho by Pascua-Tanya Eevee and Leafeon by Pascua-Tanya Phineas by Pascua-Tanya


The Dream of Returning Home by WDWParksGal Firework Image 0538 by WDWParksGal Creeping Phlox in Violet by WDWParksGal

Cloudwalker Ramarai [MYO contest] by Juddlesart  Kirlia Retro Sparkle Design by Juddlesart Ready for a fight! by Juddlesart


Bow to me by IllyDragonfly Stalking the same prey by IllyDragonfly Ready for spring by IllyDragonfly


Request: Cricket by ZombieBeccaArt  Improvement Challenge | Day 2:  Figure by ZombieBeccaArt 

The Rogue OscillatorFrom the files of a fish monger with voices in his head.
The ship.
    The Rogue Oscillator stands as a technological marvel. Most of the Imperial Navy’s vessels use massive balloons or propellers to maintain flight but the Rogue Oscillator uses technology based on the legendary flying grass islands and their walking boilers to achieve flight.
The ship uses two massive spinning rings along with anti-gravitation… things… I don’t know, The engine connects via three dozen brass pipes to two massive metal rings in the ships stern that generates the lift the Rogue Oscillator needs to fly. No one knows how it does it. Some say that the Empress melted down all the waddling boilers to power the ship… But then The Captain stole the ship and the Empresses heart.
The Captain
Erril Flinn, roll in your grave! And Terra, roll that barrel into the gaurds.” –Said during a wedding heighst.
If I


Imitative by Mouselemur Emotional Trickery by Mouselemur Emperor by Mouselemur


Micia by Libfly Legolas by Libfly female alien on Seahorse by Libfly


Bob Marley by HendrikHermans Cat X by HendrikHermans Border collie 2 by HendrikHermans


Free Fae by MaximumRide93 My Baby Perolis by MaximumRide93 Arctic Arcadiness by MaximumRide93


Minimalist Mario Wallpaper by Persian7 [Sword Art Online] - Leafa by Persian7 Minimalist Young and Adult Link Wallpaper by Persian7


Wet and Dandy by Amarantheans Pretty in Pink by Amarantheans White peacock tail splayed by Amarantheans

Vindicta - Earrings by DreamsOfGems Garden of Stars by DreamsOfGems Sea of Love by DreamsOfGems 

Woodland Stroll by The-Common-Commander Dafuq Did I Just Watch? by The-Common-Commander  You Rang? by The-Common-Commander


Keval Seepferd by falcoDArgento Free fall by falcoDArgento  HBDari by falcoDArgento


not prettythe moon up close is quite homely;
snapshots don't capture the glow
and like the moon, i have craters
and sleepy lashless eyes.
my teeth are yellow, lips purplish,
brows unkempt and nostrils huge:
no camera angles can filter
my spinsterish features.
lazy daisy for i don't jog
and can't dance or make poses.
waist and hips measure the same,
thighs are as jiggly as my arms.
and i could go on berating
the rest of me: toe nails,
elbows, knees, bikini area,
buttocks, armpits, hair fall,
veiny hands and duck feet.
if i seek inner beauty,
i don't suppose i have it.
inside me
is a crabby heart
that envies and sulks,
holds grudges and regrets
and spouts sarcasm.
© April 17, 2015 :house:
  grandmothershe died in 1990,
a stern lady
who had worn her hair in a bun.
she was from old farm days,
when one didn't care for caprice,
and didn't object routine.
as if to ward off danger,
she'd spray vinegar
on frightful stormy nights.1
people came to her because she knew
what those wax formations on water meant:
what caused recurring fever, which prayer could work.2
a town cook, 3
Ina4 could whip up a feast
and make me forget my name.
she was lady-steel until the morning when
her firstborn didn't rise from sleep 5
and so she refused to be and no longer laughed.
she mellowed
and with all her wisdom, i felt
she had no words for sorrow.
© May 29, 2015 :house:
  disenchantmentyou kissed me
and i floated for days.
tiny wings were
ripping my spine open,
longing for flight.
a let-down,
the lip-lock was like
pressing your mouth
against the rim of a coffee cup:
you didn't think more of it.
in a year, i tongued a guy
not of your stature.
not my taste.
my wings pulled back,
© June 14, 2015 :house:


Dwarf steamroller1 by fanai59 A Queensland C17 Loco by fanai59 Flyingcircusta2 by fanai59


Going North by CanonAdventures Apparition by CanonAdventures Photographer's Dream by CanonAdventures


The Tomb by WakefieldDesigns Sir Peacock by WakefieldDesigns And the Heavens Opened by WakefieldDesigns


Whut is a Background by MatrixMoo Joyous Memories by MatrixMoo Bad Hair Day by MatrixMoo


Ktulu by KuhtuluART TRADE: SpiritReaper07 by Kuhtulu Fraener by Kuhtulu


Childhood Dream by Mocris Thirst by Mocris Hidden Treasure by Mocris


we share our colour to the sky by lolitartheist too afraid to say I Love You by lolitartheist Sing My Mind by lolitartheist 


Hawkweed Seedhead by DrewGuitarMan Fire! 2 by DrewGuitarMan Flying through the flames by DrewGuitarMan


Blue by RainOfDragon Rain 2 by RainOfDragon Green Drops by RainOfDragon


Fishing Early Together - Speed Painting by Astarsia  Head down, Bum up by Astarsia Daenerys and Drogon by Astarsia


Just Wing'n it by ajflipflop Crazy Normal by ajflipflop Monster by ajflipflop


Keel Billed Toucan by flippytiger Having a drink by flippytiger Dipper Pines by flippytiger


Magical Girl Candie by mizunotama sketchbook mobile experiment by mizunotama In My favorite dreams WIP 2 by mizunotama


The love of summer by lucytherescuedcat Waiting on a hummingbird by lucytherescuedcat Tent play by lucytherescuedcat


Steampunk Warrior by cyberaeon Rita Vrataski by cyberaeon Adam and the Hyron Drone by cyberaeon

Vivid by Belgerathone Morning's Glory by Belgerathone Lovely by Belgerathone

:heart: :heart: :heart:

black + blue by Ikue Clean Cut by Ikue Crest by Ikue

  • Mood: dA Love
Get a chance to win a free avatar of your choice in a "cartoony style" !

Commission: Venus by CrymsoniteFREE Icon - Bee (Bee and Puppycat) by CrymsoniteCommission: Lunadopt by Crymsonite

*For watchers only!


I will pick five people for an avatar icon!


1. Favorite this journal and write a journal entry about it!
2. Be a watcher!
3. Comment your OC 

That's all!


1. :iconnotqueenbutking: Icon: Raffle: Mouthless Mandy by Crymsonite
2. :iconxxjimenawolfgirl12xx: Icon: Raffle: Carlisle by Crymsonite
3. :iconculinary-alchemist: Icon: Raffle: Quinn by Crymsonite
4. :iconcalypsoskingdom: Icon: Raffle: CalypsosKingdom by Crymsonite
5. :iconawkie: Icon: Raffle: Wolphfe by Crymsonite

Congratulations to the winners and see you in the next raffle!

Summer Artist Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 5:42 PM

Heart If you like this feature please add it to your +favs ! Heart

So a few weeks ago, I asked some people to show me their best work and I would do daily features of some of the artists that I feel may not have the exposure that they deserve. 
I will feature about 10-15 artist. I hope you guys like the artist and their works and will go give them some love! And if you like their stuff, watch! 

Today's featured artist is :iconindia-lee: 
india-lee is an artist based in the United States. She is an active member of Deviantart, a self taught artist and appreciates the creativity of others. Her commissions are open and she can create in multiple styles and forms. Her art is dark and emotional, and you will definitely love it!
Love by India-Lee
Tiger by India-Lee
Path of Frost by India-Lee
Sententiae by India-Lee
Forest by India-Lee
Commission: Michychu by India-Lee
Raven by India-Lee

Skin by SimplySilent
  • Mood: Joy

The Unseen Stock - July (II)

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 12:30 PM
:heart: If you like this feature please add it to your :+fav:s! :heart:
Blood 1 - Stock by Rosenrot-Photography
green screen female stock model gothic girl punk by Laternamagica-studio 2015-06-29 Prof Skyrr 22 by skydancer-stock Just Red by bumimanusiastock
Stock-Photo [218] by Model-Salvaje Lormet-Native_American-0109sml2 by Lormet-Images Stock FB by bumimanusiastock Ice elf by Fran-photo
Mad Doctor 2 by AshenSorrow Taking the Time by Danika-Stock GREEN FAIRY 1 by jlior Cameo 8 by RachgracehStock
Dunkelelb 2 - Stock by Rosenrot-Photography
Low Tide 04 by Miffliness-Stock Idyllic Path through Meadows and Woods by LuDa-Stock Path to the next place by Crysomandiaz
DSCF0119 by Broken-Loner
Lots of Ferns by RowyeStock Autumn lake by Simbores Nacimiento del rio cuervo3 by Mvicen
Lake 01 by SaturniaStock Coucher de soleil by PsEmotion Nature Stock by Goldenphoenix-Titly
100 4725 by nudagimo
Stock  15-07-20 1 (21) by Euselia Nature 320 by Dreamcatcher-stock 100 4570 by nudagimo Nature 324 by Dreamcatcher-stock
Sunset at the baltic sea by LaEpona
100 4329 by nudagimo Tunnel 02 by SaturniaStock 100 5088 by nudagimo
Trunk by petronellavanree Muncho Lake PP 13 by DarkBeforeDawn23 Submarine sea waterscape by A1Z2E3R
Arizona 01 by Deltastockamus
Img 6010_LR_FreeStock_x5600 by Wizardinc Nature 329 by Dreamcatcher-stock Hawaii Mountains 1 by Shallow-Stock
Water stock by ChiantyVex DSCF0255 by Broken-Loner Mermaid Cove Stock 3 by Sarah-Katherine
Ski Run Stock by c09567812
Rock Country by CD-STOCK Mountain View 5 by gypsymagick Wheat Field by Fotostyle-Schindler
Cave Pond Stock by HevonenStudios 100 4893 by nudagimo 27-07-3-15 by gestandene
Stock  15-07-20 1 (47) by Euselia
Nature 327 by Dreamcatcher-stock Places 801 stock by pranile DSCF0056 by Broken-Loner
DSC7423_eligodesignstock by eligodesignstock Desert 02 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Kraken on the shore by Crysomandiaz
Nature 318 by Dreamcatcher-stock
Nature 321 by Dreamcatcher-stock Oh Stormy 2 by JewelsStock Maroon Bells 05 by Deltastockamus Places 790 stock by pranile
Maine Stock 037 by FairieGoodMother
Castle 01 by DarkMysty-Stock Scotland reference pack by ArnaudLonys old Door 3 by mrscats
Wood Door by LuLebel Trinity College Dublin by GerdElise Places 813 stock by pranile Old chuch 1 by Lustanjo-Stock
Fog by SaturniaStock
Places 806 stock by pranile Longleat House Stock by PatrickMcDonald1 Lighthouse by Lustanjo-Stock
Kalli church ruins 122 by MASYON  Dsc0256 by WakefieldDesigns Places 693 Lighthouse by Dreamcatcher-stock Stone  Window 04 by Null-Entity
Space Station Interior 1 by fuguestock
architecture62 by JUSSTAnotherstock Fireworks 4 by Maxkids Misty Assateague Pier - exclusive hdr stock by somadjinn
Sea turtles by A1Z2E3R Cat looking stock by Sapphires-stock White Wolf 137 by fallen-cherubim
Blaze 062 by Notorious-Stock
Unrestricted Insect Stock - 06 by shelldevil lizard by doro20 Panda 02 by Celine-W
Leopard Cat 20150713-3 by FurLined Tiphanny 11 by PokerFace3 Oh Deer 06 by AnitaJoy-Stock
Bird 01 by syoul-stock
Cat stock by Sapphires-stock Black Chicken III by AliyahZoe-Stock Mommy is Irritated by Dancing-Ponies
Escargot 5 by Jules171 Giraffe Stock by Avestra-Stock Unrestricted Object Stock - Sea Shell 10 by shelldevil Bear Stock VI by Avestra-Stock
Sled Dogs / Huskies 1 by windfuchs
Hedgehog Stock 4 by JessicaKGowdy Fish od sea by A1Z2E3R Camel Stock by Avestra-Stock
Malinois 1 by fallen-cherubim Rabbit isolated by stuff-stock Elephant 06 by syoul-stock
American Red Squirrel 16 by WesternHemlock
snail stock 1 by doro20 Daisy Stock by Blicrowave-Bloven 2015-07-15 Shrooms 01 by skydancer-stock
object39 by JUSSTAnotherstock Petits cactus by PsEmotion Crocus by PsEmotion
Animal-Skull 07 by syoul-stock
Antique gramophone by Simbores Pumpe mit Waschzuber 2 by gestandene 2015-07-15 Shrooms 17 by skydancer-stock Oil Can by byart58
STOCK Roses 4 by Inilein
Pumpkins by Black-B-o-x Unrestricted Object Stock - Sea Shell 31 by shelldevil Flower 294 by MASYON
Rusted Tractor by Premier1er-Stock Rose white stock photos by Alena-48 Old Shoe by gestandene
Unrestricted Object Stock - Sea Shell 14 by shelldevil
Texture: cardboard 6 by Galloping-Textures Smoke 02 by SaturniaStock Smoke 05 by SaturniaStock Wood carving by AneurysmGuy
Texture 16 by MissMatix Artsy texture 65 by AllThingsPrecious Cracks 1 by Tawny4477
Random Texture - 3 by PortalArt


'Sunken mysteries'- all entries + rules for votingHey guys, the 'Sunken mysteries' contest is over ! There are 99 (!) beautiful entries! :faint:
Animal Emote: Jellyfish Voting: Animal Emote: Jellyfish

- Begging for votes is NOT ALLOWED ! If I will find out that you did, your work will be excluded from the voting
- you can vote for your own entry
- please have a look at all the entries and give unknown artists at least a chance (:
Here are all the polls:
Blue Square Bullet  Part 1 Blue Square Bullet
Blue Square Bullet  <a href="">
The Unseen Stock - July:heart: If you like this feature please add it to your :+fav:s ! :heart: (:

black crown 3 - Stock by Rosenrot-Photography STOCK PHOTO :9 by jellybellyzee
Stock - Corpse Bride hole body 1 fantasy undead by S-T-A-R-gazer
Clue: Mrs. White 34 by MajesticStock Catwoman Stock 4 by Tris-Marie Carrie Stock 6 by Tris-Marie Zabeen 6 by CathleenTarawhiti
Colorado 22 by PirateLotus-Stock full moon by Quiet-bliss StockSycamoreCreek2010-7 by afterlife85
Waterscape 12 by FantasyDesignStock2
Featuring deviants (VII): pseudozufallThis month I'm featuring talented traditional artist pseudozufall :heart:
 :iconpseudozufall: :iconpseudozufall: :iconpseudozufall:

Reading by pseudozufall
Ghibli Path by pseudozufall
Tea Shop by pseudozufall Pumpkin Patch by pseudozufall Moon Path by pseudozufall
Fireplace Portal by pseudozufall
Forest Turtles by pseudozufall Falling by pseudozufall Fatigue by pseudozufall

Older features:

CREATIVE MINDS CHALLENGE IINow, the moment has arrived.


I have three theme options for the photomanipulators to choose from:
"Mythological Queens"
No limit for submissions

Queen of Sheba

Select 1 stock image but the more the better

The Challenge-Stock:
  July's Feature: Galloping-TexturesPlease welcome, all the way from Poland, Galloping-Textures! Filled with textures resources that appear unmodified, you can find many original sources of grunge in her gallery. Rust, paint splotches, aged paper, peeling paint, brush strokes...go see for yourself!

Thank you Galloping-Textures for such a lovely texture-filled gallery!
  Thank Your Stock Provider's!Please help the stock providers you love so much by sharing this journal, and offering some suggestions if you have them.
Free or decently priced professional stock with commercial allowances is not an easy thing to find these days, yet we have SEVERAL stock
providers in this community who have done so for our artists. Help keep them here in the community by respecting their rules.

I thank you stocker's, from the bottom of my heart, for providing the tools I need to create.
H (Alphabets) E (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) E (Alphabets) S (Alphabets)     T (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words)     

Dinomania - Challenge - 9 days left - Hurry up                                               
Ahhhh, it´s time for my this year summer challenge :D
Theme :"Dinomania". 
You can create what you want (you have to use 2 of my stocks below- see the rules), you can make a summer-fun-work with the dinos, you can create a dark and bloody one. Maybe you are inspired by "Jurassic Park" or the new film "Jurassic World". Below there are some examples for what I´m looking for (please no fairies, this is not a fairytale-contest). I had so much fun arranging my Dino-Stocks and the plants for this challenge. Please be very creative and read the rules carefully.
Stocker of the Beaten Path 8: MyladyTaneStockers off the Beaten Path is a feature series that showcases lesser known stockers, new stockers, stockers with unique galleries, and rising stars in the stock gallery.

As a DA-Member, you may use my stock for photomanipulations or as a reference for your art, if you abide by the following rules:
You must credit me in your artist's comments by providing a link back to my page.
You have to credit the model: Chira Tane
You have to send me a note or comment with a link to your work. 
Don´t use just a part of a dress and do not cut off the models head and replace it by another!
Don't use my stock for racist, pornographic or violence works.
Do not upload your art to the Photography gallery. (be fair and tell that you used stock)You may upload your work, containing my stock, to your personal websites or portfolio. BUT: You must c
Zig-zag feature !Here are the rules for participation (copied from PirateLotus-Stock)
1. You don't have to be tagged to participate!
2. If you are featured, you are TAGGED, and you MUST participate! Do it, guys!
3. No excuses!!
4. How to do it:  If you are a PHOTOMANIPULATOR, you must select 5 of your own favorite works and feature them. Feature ONE prominent stock photo and the name of the person who created it. (That means you'll have 10 total artworks in your feature.) If you are a STOCK PROVIDER, you must select 5 of your own favorite works and feature them. Tag your ONE favorite photomanipulator who used each stock image, and include their deviation that used your stock. (That means you'll have 10 total artworks in your feature.)
5. No tag-backs!
6. You have 24 hours.
7. Paste these rules at the top of your feature journal.
was used for by mysticmorning

My newest stock:

Penguin Stock 10 by Malleni-Stock Texture 162 by Malleni-Stock Ruegen island Stock 162 by Malleni-Stock
Ruegen island Stock 161 by Malleni-Stock Texture 159 by Malleni-Stock Penguin Stock 09 by Malleni-Stock

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1850 Watchers Contest! [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 3:15 AM

So I just realized I hit 1850 watchers :'D So yay, drawing contest!

But here's the thing! I don't want to have my OCs drawn [Because I'm too lazy to figure out their designs lmao...], but I want to have my AUs drawn, instead!

So, you all have a choice between five AUs. [ I have 11 though, huehuehue. ]

MELIORISTIC// You are free to create your own designs for any character within the story! The full character list and very basic storyline is here. There are no 'canon' designs for any of the characters!

GTA AU// You are free to create your own designs for the people that do not have canon designs! The people with canon designs are Rage, Hollow, Curaxu, Fluke, and Evanz [TheCrew] and Professional Griefers. The ones that do not, however, are The Fake AH Crew and Snipers [Cryaotic and Markiplier].

SU AU// Refs for all canon characters are here, and more information on the AU is here. Feel free to ask me more on the AU / on the characters that have not written about in the information! 

Magi Academy AU// Here is the information on the AU! All YouTubers, if I know them, already have been assigned magic types, so please ask :'D. Those that don't are free game.

Mad Royals// Here are the canon designs for five of the Kings. Here is the list of the kings. None of the other kings have canon designs, so they're free game ;) I'll make 'em canon if I like the designs enough.

Fullbody by LeoKat08
Chibi by LeoKat08
Halfbody by KittyMaxz
Fullbody by MoonaHenaBAwsome
Chibi fullbody by TaxeyCab

Digital Painting Bustshot by LeoKat08
Pixelated Doodle by LeoKat08
Halfbody by KittyMaxz
Halfbody by turnfreefaIIinq
Headshot by phantom-drive
Fullbody by wildharmony

ustshot by Silvesi
2 Pixel Icons by LeoKat08
Halfbody by KittyMaxz
Headshot by Thornhydrin10
Halfbody by BellaVGG
Feral Headshot by Moontail-the-cat

Everyone who enters but didn't get into first, second, or third place will be put into a raffle of 50:points: [aka the extra that I have lol]

I cannot put in art prizes because of how long my commission list is omg... I'm sorry :'D
If you want to donate prizes, please tell me through either note or comment so that I can edit the journal!

So what do I want you to do?

  • I want you to draw any one of the five AUs listed! Make a crossover, make a scene, do a group picture, do a solo picture, I don't care! But mention me. If I comment, then I've seen it. If I don't, then I haven't. :'D
  • You can make a journal advertising this if you want to, you'll get double entry into the raffle for 50:points: if you do! Share the wealth~
  • Please comment if you're joining :'D
  • Make your work original, please! I'm looking for that c:
  • Do not trace, copy, or steal other entries / drawings! Make sure it's your art c:
  • You can make up to 3 entries, and they can all be of different AUs if you want!
  • All art forms are accepted! [Digital, Traditional, Animation, etc.]
  • PLEASE SPECIFY WHETHER IT IS FANART OR FOR THE CONTEST! I just realized that people might still be doing fanart, but not for the contest [lol I honestly didn't expect that]! :'D



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Please check out these artists' galleries, because they're brilliant !!

1. AureolinLight
If Only by AureolinLight THIS GUY by AureolinLight HEY LOOK IT'S LIGHTY... by AureolinLight Ash by AureolinLight
Okay, so I'm a terrible person and don't watch deviations anymore :'D so i haven't seen a lot of your work recently!! shame on me dang, because you've improved tenfold since then girl.
Aaaaanyway, shading! Humans! Pretty backgrounds! Like I'm still in shock that you can do humans omg wow yes
You're one of the few people I know who really invest a lot of time in their OCs. And I think that's legit as heck. Because for some reason  you can just see it?? Like these guys are OCs obvi but you can see that they all have backstories and personalities and just a lot of love and effort put into them, just by looking at the artwork ! the only one i know is Lighty shh

2. Erudi
vent thing by Erudi insert title here by Erudi Cupcake by Erudi
Hhhh Elyse !! Out of all the animal artists I know, your style just stands out so much. A lot of artists I know have styles that are either very realistic or very angular, and even though they're absolutely brilliant you go the complete opposite direction. Everything is always so bouncy and cheerful! I know I've said that before ahahha but it's true pfft. I love the life and emotion in your work, and how you'll tackle different styles and "media" -- even though it's nearly always FireAlpaca, you'll do aliased and unaliased work, different shading styles, and so on. And watching you develop your human style has been a treat !! and I'm just barely discovering your Steven Universe fanart but dang you've gotten the style on point wow
Not to mention you're a brilliant writer. I always adore your poems and memoirs wow. And you can draw crazy fast. And you made my icon which is brilliant! and just i really love you okay

3. Death-by-Ink
Its a Fact! by Death-by-Ink Doctor, Doctor Gimme a Sign by Death-by-Ink Errour You Skrillex loving dweeb by Death-by-Ink
Out of my closest friends on dA, you and I have the most similar taste with our OCs I think! sci fi and fantasy and dark stuff?? idk actually. anyway i adore your art of course! you're constantly churning out art, and I'm astounded at how quickly you've been grasping this digital stuff. i'm insanely slow with digital!! but yeah i adore you and your OCs and your art yes wow
plus you're the only other person i know personally who draws in pen ahahhaha yes (ballpoint bros for life man)
Also this is random but I realized the other day that there's a Star Trek character called Kira, just like your Kira haha. Except this one's a Bajoran on DS9, not a cursed satyr lady. but anyway she's legit and i love her so it's all cool

4. Fehnryr 
Vahli Pixel by Fehnryr Red by Fehnryr The Archangel's Wings by Fehnryr
Ahhh Fehn !! We haven't talked a lot yet but you are such an amazingly lovely person ;o; I'm just in awe of your art! You can do digital and traditional, cute stuff and realistic stuff! I honestly don't know a lot of artists who can be semi realistic and still draw cute stuff well, or vice versa. So I'm seriously impressed by that wow. and colored pencils ???? colored pencils are so legit wow and you can rock them wow i just don't know what to do anymore
and slightly off topic but. i adore the Gabriel drawing up there. Like idk your style and coloring with his face and hair makes me really happy wow

5. Steve-C2
Striped Crocus (1) by Steve-C2 Chickadee (12) - crop by Steve-C2 Bored"Bored," says the reaper on Gallifrey.
I know I've featured the "Bored" piece before, but that's because I love it. (it's actually in my "Special" favorites folder haha.)
I always love talking to you! You seem to know a little bit about all sorts of things, and you have a super unique sense of humor. (For example, guys, check out that comment below haha.) You're passionate about writing, which is so awesome! Like, sometimes I consider myself a serious writer, then I look at your 2+ novels and bajillion short stories and I'm like nah. I'm just a hobbyist haha.
but seriously, i really look up to you for your dedication! even when you're in a dry spell, you don't give up. And you tackle all sorts of subjects, too, which is really astounding to me -- science fiction, fantasy, steampunk even ??? Like, I can only do one or two genres at best!! but yeah seriously you're legit man

6. Skycen
Semi-Realism practice by Skycen Chibis. by Skycen Character sheet ? by Skycen Let me in. by Skycen
Hi Gökçen! (That's an awesome name btw.) We literally just met haha so these are my first impressions of your gallery !!
But dude, I looove what i see! The way you color hair in more detailed pictures (like the first one I put here) is AMAZING. I literally have no idea how you do that! And I love your style -- how you draw eyes and hair in particular! Everything is so colorful and soft-looking, and it's pleasant to look at. And do you always draw with your mouse ?? Because even if you only do so occasionally, that's amazing. I can't even draw a snowman in a blizzard with a mouse. And your OCs are so intriguing !! Like ahh you're doing great. Keep up the amazing work girl. ;o;

7. Castellaa
The Sole Survivor|Naruto by Castellaa Vaas | Far Cry 3 by Castellaa Father's day card by Castellaa
Hola Cass! We just met too haha. Firstly, I love that you aren't afraid to tackle both digital and traditional art! I feel like that takes a lot of guts. Especially if your digital art is on an iPad. Like whaat. And then all of your art is very clean; I'm not 100% sure how to put it really. like, everything is drawn with precision, like you know exactly what you want and how to draw it. There isn't a sketchiness to your linework, but instead every line has a purpose and is there for a reason. You also strike me as the sort of artist who can draw all sorts of things !! Like, you may have an affinity for humans, but you aren't afraid to draw a landscape or an object or something more "cartoony" than your usual style. there's a ton of flexibility and versatility and I love that !!

8. D-Mau5
- No Lies And No Deceiving - by D-Mau5 - Your Only Hope Is Evil - by D-Mau5 Jade H. by D-Mau5
I remember when you first started watching me! I was so flattered because your art just blows me away. what the heck.
Like i only have like six Copics (and they're all neutral gray haha) but you are legit my Copic goals. Like do you people see this art??????? this girl is freaking fantastic. f a n t a s t i c . Go watch her right now because i'm still awestruck that you can DRAW this. oh my gosh I just don't know what to say here anymore because everything is so beautiful i just ahhh
(i wish i still had time to watch people's deviations!! because i love seeing your stuff ughh darn it)
i'll try to commission you sometime if i can get ahold of more points wow

9. anime4always
You Were The Wolf All Along... by anime4always [TFS] NPC: Saga The Soul Trader by anime4always Aiolos Pagedoll by anime4always
I just barely met you the other day, haha! But oh my goodness gracious I am in LOVE with your gallery. Oh my goodness. There is this delightful freaky mystical vibe about it, and there's lots of things that are dark [literally] and you have a lot of BRILLIANT creature designs, not to mention story concepts! I love the style used in your art, especially the lineless illustrations, like the Red Curse one up there. i adore your pixels and animations too, and was tempted to only feature a handful of those here haha. (But I'm glad I didn't, because again, I loved the other stuff I saw.) The simplicity of colors and your use of composition is brilliant. Anyway I adore your creatures and the creepy dark stuff yes wow keep it up bro

10. mrkillzo
hand-some by mrkillzo her tower.…and after much struggle, the prince had slain the dragon.
He marched up the grand tower stairwell.
Opened the door and found the stunning princess sleeping in her chambers. He kneeled down and awoke her with his kiss. She flat out smacked him and kicked him onto the floor.
She peered out the window to find her enchanted garden in ruins and her dear pet slaughtered.
“HOW DARE YOU!” she screamed as she pushed him out the tower window.
The end.
Of the prince anyway…
nutty doughnut nut. by mrkillzo platyapi? by mrkillzo
Oh my goodness, I'm convinced you can do everything. Animation, traditional painting, vector illustration, sculpting, even CAKE DECORATING??? You have a brilliant imagination! Everything you think of is so random, but still really delightful and absolutely ingenious. You take normal things, look at it from a completely different point of view, and then make art out of it. That's incredible and I know very few artists who are so versatile. You aren't afraid to stand up and express your ideas, and it's awesome.
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