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800 Points giveaway! :)

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 12:12 PM
Hello there!
I reached 6600+ watchers (and 160000+ pageviews), so I figured to do another giveaway for my watchers! 
I'd like to say thank you for all the support, kind words and replies! :) I do read all of them. I really appreciate it. :hug:

:star: PRIZES. :star:

There will be 6 winners for this giveaway:
1. 400 :points:
2. 200 :points:
3. 100 :points:
4.  50 :points:
5.  50 :points:
BONUS WINNER: Free request! :D

:star: HOW TO ENTER? :star:

You have to favorite this journal in order to get a number. (Your number(s) comes from the favorite list).
You have to be (or become) a watcher, since this is a giveaway for my watchers :D
This is required to enter!

:star: INCREASE CHANCES! :star:

Share this journal by making a journal/poll about this (this will give you THREE extra numbers/tickets). Post a comment with the link as proof.
This is optional!


The 6 winners will be decided randomly with

:star: DEADLINE :star:

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, the 29th of December.

Good luck! :)

Mom: :iconspringbellelover:

Dad: :iconmorganjfk:

Sister(s) :icons-wolf-artist: :iconiheartknucklejoe: :iconfiathefox: :iconheartburnsa: :iconlafergas: :iconcute-labradorite: :iconshippinghell: :iconshinychicadee: :iconizzydawolf14: (jesus, got enough sisters bro XDD)

Brother(s) :iconthe-king-bandit: :iconaperturemedic11:

Most Closest friend(s) :iconespifox: :iconoceansweets: <3

Wanna know something hilarious. The fact i have over like 8,000,000 sisters and only 2 bros in this family XDD.

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

FRATERNITY - 2015-15

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 5:05 AM

dass der Menschen dem Menschen ein Bruder....

Man to man a brother
For A Moment We Were Here by Trippy4U
22221 by freMDart
Distorted by RhynWilliams Best Thing He Told Me by joeyv7 Distorted by RhynWilliams
Night Gardens by MadGardens Night song by LidiaRossana Night Gardens by MadGardens
2015-162 by berlinhelmut Baluster Rumpus Forecast by Parker-Weston 2015-162 by berlinhelmut 
Sin Tu Latido by LUCILALEYLA
To Lidia Rossana by martaraff
phantasmagoria by solosombra tRutH by nenmayk phantasmagoria by solosombra 
Talk Is Cheap by CristianoTeofili Deuderianticicus Sleeping With Open Eyes by Bibire Talk Is Cheap by CristianoTeofili
What about a ride to the autumn sun? by Einsilbig HerbstHerbst by feigenfrucht What about a ride to the autumn sun? by Einsilbig 
Percolation-1 by kootenayphotos
Sleep by kos1604
ps251 by Campo-Diaz Moleskine No.10242015 by yagey ps251 by Campo-Diaz
Shadowtime. by Phototubby Free by DBDvizca Shadowtime. by Phototubby
Distant fears by eddiebadapples Sacred Lies by admiringu Distant fears by eddiebadapples
inObrAS Id 2015 by inObrAS
Untitled by MindOfaLoner
Unnamed by MarinaCoric la Croix by ruiManuelR Unnamed by MarinaCoric
The straight and narrow by nedrekarr113 Portrait of Frank ID by sycamores-and-cedars The straight and narrow by nedrekarr113
a.f.e by Dabadus solo by Awaytonoway a.f.e by Dabadus 
Null 2 by Batsceba
an artist's relation to silence by PsycheAnamnesis
imperial by Saint-Gut-Free La Famille : Balade sur la Cote by atelier-de-figueline imperial by Saint-Gut-Free
Aurora by WaterStreetNorth Labours automnaux I by siamesesam Aurora by WaterStreetNorth 
a late walk by VisitingFahrrad Necessities of Life by mj-magic a late walk by VisitingFahrrad 
Imagined 45 by Excogitari
natural graffiti by MarcCopeland
Rose by Andaelentari Inside by KatDiestel Rose by Andaelentari 
Castles rise in Spain by AiniTolonen Ink And Snow by KizukiTamura Castles rise in Spain by AiniTolonen
APTBS Anatomy Class by BobRock99 ego by davespertine APTBS Anatomy Class by BobRock99 
Black-n-White Dream_18 by caddman
Emperor by SapientiaVulpes
Silent Witness by Hengki24 Verse IX by Poromaa Silent Witness by Hengki24
climax by FabioKeiner Black Spirit by martaraff climax by FabioKeiner 
*** by karamelo-serenity The Master by sycamores-and-cedars *** by karamelo-serenity 
Christmas Eve by Canankk
MellanStadium 2 by zoundsister
To Jocelyne by martaraff lay lady lay by virtualgadjo To Jocelyne by martaraff 
All i did was stand and stare by mldzz la Kage by Pierre-Lagarde All i did was stand and stare by mldzz
. by aerendial Duck Egg Blues for Kathrin !!.. by Yaksss . by aerendial 
When Everything Dies by Oresma
She dances in the forrest by Elenihrivesse
Round Contemplation 1+1 by Bibire the cloth of sleep by partiallyHere Round Contemplation 1+1 by Bibire 
Residual Haunting by Metal-Bender Anonymous art II by lostknightkg Residual Haunting by Metal-Bender
No More Words by soulofautumn87 Bull by AdaKartashyan No More Words by soulofautumn87 
Menses 98 A Patchwork of Imperfections PSD by analillithbar
Dupuis portrait by jfdupuis
Autumn Session by lostknightkg *** by invisigoth88 Autumn Session by lostknightkg
Real Estate Bubble by MichiLauke generated figures and sky with clouds by ruiManuelR Real Estate Bubble by MichiLauke 
aneurysm by Andaelentari A life made of feathers by Sei-Zako aneurysm by Andaelentari 
Melting in green by LidiaRossana
Imagination by seek-and-hide
Within a Darker Glass by tholang Night city on the water 2 by ltiana355 Within a Darker Glass by tholang 
Partir by jfdupuis Untitled by yup12 Partir by jfdupuis
Autumn Love by saperlipop La Famille : Balade en Bord de Mer by atelier-de-figueline Autumn Love by saperlipop 
Pyrenees 1 by Coigach
Monter with glasses and moustaches by peinturealuile
Photographer by freMDart Welcome_textural background by hummbuzz Photographer by freMDart 
Old Man VI by tholang I was a caterpillar in the cocoon of your lies by Etimasia Old Man VI by tholang
Salty Sky by sycamores-and-cedars All The Angles by Ragnar949 Salty Sky by sycamores-and-cedars 
Bird as title by BobRock99
identikit by WMAZZI
waveRUSH by mando-damon MB2015-548 by Xantipa2 waveRUSH by mando-damon 
cafe by baspunk pom pom pi dou by virtualgadjo cafe by baspunk
autumn breath by augenweide 2 | 3 by lomatic autumn breath by augenweide 
wood surfing by el-dub
(a) symmetry by arslanalp
The Jury by S. Loch  by lochnkeys Winbow by Pierre-Lagarde The Jury by S. Loch  by lochnkeys 
City In Abstract IV by Trippy4U 025 by entropic-mysteriesCity In Abstract IV by Trippy4U
#Colectiv by AlexandrinaAna Info by Poromaa#Colectiv by AlexandrinaAna
Aleph null by FabioKeiner
Tristesse by feigenfrucht
Bokeh Cluster by sycamores-and-cedars Galaxy II_Talking To The Gods by DimitrisBroken Bokeh Cluster by sycamores-and-cedars 
Light a Light... by Hermetic-Wings One Of Their Meetings by ollegudbrand Light a Light... by Hermetic-Wings
Ab3208 by kitamba-- -- by neinotenAb3208 by kitamba
2015-160, Fluorescent proteins by berlinhelmut
time machine by fashioneyes
At night of the oversight by amiejo Sunken Soul by eerilyfair At night of the oversight by amiejo 
Fragility by ejohanne silence by M-LorenZ Fragility by ejohanne
Untitled by jonniedee Natural Jetty by AntonioGouveia Untitled by jonniedee 
014 by entropic-mysteries
The sick bed by derkert
Lost by tsukiko-kiyomidzu shadow on the wall by augenweide Lost by tsukiko-kiyomidzu 
Defragmentation in progress... by Igor-Demidov structure by BelcyrPiotr Defragmentation in progress... by Igor-Demidov 
Mirror mirror by leoatelier siberia by LostOneself Mirror mirror by leoatelier 
Monday Afternoon by RichardLeach
White splash on grey pavement in color by djailledie
Green Invader by GraceTornado *03 DECEMBRE 2014 - PRETTY IN PINK by JFBAYLE Green Invader by GraceTornado
Layers of Chaos by Andaelentari all my useless whispers by bebefromtheblock Layers of Chaos by Andaelentari 
Dream machine by Greyguardian *** by karamelo-serenity Dream machine by Greyguardian 
Ceiling by fleur-de-Lis4444
Chess Pieces by pyros
Closer Look by Metal-Bender Selfportrait - Outtake by pyros Closer Look by Metal-Bender
Rain Beads by seek-and-hide Seed on Washi by HorstSchmier Rain Beads by seek-and-hide  
IMG_01 by proximafermata Night Burdens by AiniTolonen IMG_01 by proximafermata 
All the joy outside by rollarius55
Contemplate the light by amiejo
Friday six by RichardLeach Insidious by fleur-de-Lis4444 Friday six by RichardLeach
passion smolders within by rickster155 In the asylum by rollarius55 passion smolders within by rickster155 
Sixtystone by MarcelaBolivar Imagination by randomstarlight Sixtystone by MarcelaBolivar 


Sat Nov 28, 2015, 1:45 PM by Andorada:iconandorada:
Adele7 by Andorada

Hello from the other side...

Adele  by Ethan26Art 

ADELE by DanielBockanic

Adele by jasric

A-D-E-L-E [WIP1] by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O

Adele by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O Adele by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O        Adele by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O

Adele by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O

ADELE by Bya-Bya

Adele by XxBeckyxXP

Adele by RAblewhite

Adele, Vogue by ashcolin

ADELE WIP I by sefibrahim

Adele by EmilyHitchcock

Adele by jinbaelim

Adele Sketch by kamalec

ADELE by Pawelta2 Adele Minimum Detail by ddanos adele II. by marika-k

Adele by skepticmeek
miss adele adkins by aramismarron

Adele by lucky-louie

adele. by marika-k

Adele by gmartstudio

Adele by esayelemay

Adele by MITSUO2

Portrait of Adele by JeisonRodriguez

Adele by heectorjose


Hello from the funny side...!

[A/N: Sorry I haven't posted in a while, or at least a while for me ^^and the last part was for a bit of his past, and stuff  so you will understand the ending more *¬* this may not be long, its 5am and I want meh sleep 0-0]

4639196-3697786387-latest by DubsterDubex(Btw this follows my story line, some parts are true like Igneel :( but the most of it is from my head, made for you :D
[3rd Person POV]

[Y/n] was walking down the streets of Magnolia re-thinking what Acnologia told him. 'I will be the Dragon King when Acnologia's time, is up. . . When is that though? Am I even going to be able to do anything? ugh' At this point he was fed up, walking down the street he didn't even seem to notice someone in front of him also walking the same way and then *BAM* They fell to the floor with a thud. ''S-Sorry I wasn't looking where I was going a-, [Y/n]?'' "Huh, oh hey Lucy, you alright, sorry I wasn't either, I was kinda busy thinking.'' You helped her up. ''No, no, its alright hehe, I hope I didn't train you away from them'' ''Nah, anyway where ya heading?'' As you asked Lucy was trying to avoid eye contact. ''U-um'' She stuttered think of a way to lie without you knowing. 'GAH, if he knows that I'm going to a girls night he might think something like we're judging them or, or-' Lucy was snapped out of her thoughts when you waved your hand in front of her face. ''Oh right I was going on a girls night with Erza, Mira, Myself, Levy, Wendy and thats  it really. Hehe. All we're doing is hanging out, really u-um NOTHING THAT WOULD BE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANYONE BUT US!'' Lucy was freaking out. ''Um 'kay then, have fun'' [Y/n] walked off. 'Phew' was all she could think at the moment as she carried on.

[Little timeskip to you at the guild, brought to you by, Dancing natsu]

[Makarov's POV]

I sat at the bar, per usual while running thoughts through my mind, 'Tomorrow when everyone is at the guild, I will let them know' I gave a sigh, 'Because of the 1 year and everything the next Grand Magic Games are coming soon, and I need to pick people. But who?' Just then the doors opened and [Y/n] walked in. ''Hey Master, you OK you seem tense, got something on your mind?'' [Y/n] said while walked next to me. ''Oh hey listen, if I told you a secret that I will tell everyone tomorrow, will you keep it hidden until then?'' I asked, hoping he'd say yes. ''Sure'' He said, then I told him so no-one other than him could hear. ''I need to pick people for the upcoming GMGs and I have a problem 1;I don't know if we're ready and 2; We have about 5 months before then so if I picked now, I might be able to make everyone train for that time, but, I wont be able to fit in two teams, they ruled it out for everyone this year, making my choice harder.'' [Y/n] was just trying to process what I had just said ''Okay, I wont tell, but master, have faith in Fairy Tail, we're ready for anything'' [Y/n] smirked, and I was very proud of what he said. 'He doesn't just have the heart of Fairy Tail, he has the faith, and I may have just found my first candidate'.

[Erza's POV]

I was sitting with the other girls Lucy, Mira, Wendy and Levy when something hit me. ''Girls I just had a thought!'' They all looked at me ''What is it?'' Lucy asked ''Well if we could find [Y/n]'s favourite food and drink he might lighten up a bit, I noticed when hes around us he thinks before he says, well that way we can get him to lighten up and trick him to finding out who he likes, loves etc. you in?'' They froze as if thinking and then in unison Lucy and Mira said. ''GREAT IDEA I'M IN!'' I smirked.  ''Wendy, because your too young to date [Y/n] and Levy is taken, me, Lucy and Mira will be finding out. Okay?'' She nodded at what I said, Levy just sat there probably thinking about books.

[Levy's POV]

 'And now I know they really ARE crazy, *sigh* well this is gonna be "fun" for me and Wendy watching them plot away while we just sit here, scared if we say something wrong, then they make sure we can never walk again' I thought to myself, I looked at Wendy and she looked like she'd seen a ghost or a monster, when I looked back at Erza, Mira, Lucy. They looked like they we pur EVIL! With smirks. . .

[Wendy's POV]
 'I'm scared' is all I can think. ~.~

[A/N: Smallest chapter I HAVE EVER done, but it is rlly early in the morning and, this kinda fill you in on the fact, that the GMGs is gonna be a new Arc and also what the final Arc is. Btw.

I want YOU to pick who you wanna be with. So far the choices are  Erza Mira and Lucy so which ever you choose is fine. I would pick Erza, but because its your choice, you pick. XD]

(Sorry its short, its 5:50am right now. :Sleep: )

The Unseen Stock - November (II)

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 5:25 AM
:heart: If you like this feature please add it to your :+fav:s! (:

Devil 22 by Celtica-Harmony The Red Queen of Hearts 20 by MajesticStock jason aaron baca 9105freebie by jasonaaronbaca IMG 3270-3a by elenartphotography
Nymph 8 - female stock by Dea-Vesta
STOCK_Parachute1 by Bellastanyer-STOCK Alice in Wonderland 24 by MajesticStock Bella 5 by RachgracehStock the Grinch by Fran-photo
Forest demon 26 - female stock by Dea-Vesta Foetal Nude 02 by Null-Entity 2015-08-02 Butterbeer Afternoon  32 by skydancer-stock
 Dsc0673 by progroup Columns5 by Amliel Lilly 12 by Kassmir chief by two-ladies-stocks
Stock - Lady with a box gothic baroque fantasy 2 by S-T-A-R-gazer
My Models - Stock by FrancescaAmyMaria Dresden Wizard 2013-08-17 63 by skydancer-stock Gothic Story.Part 2 by InvisibleGirlStock Lilly 3 by Kassmir
Face I by RavienneArt Nymph 11 - female stock by Dea-Vesta floating stock by olin55
Tourist by PirateLotus-Stock Wonder Woman 18 by Tris-Marie Autumn End - Stock by FrancescaAmyMaria
IMG 3354as by elenartphotography
Stock - Gothic woman with roses 3 by S-T-A-R-gazer Mad Hatter 20 by MajesticStock 2015-08-18 BlueCoat 20 by skydancer-stock She-Ra 7 by Tris-Marie
Foggy Woods by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Beautiful winter landscape stock by YvaineGlareStock autumn lake backlight by Nexu4 Los Monegros, Spain 2 by RowyeStock
Fire stock 14 by HayleyGuinevereStock Pymatuning State Park - Marsupial Tree-1 by RowyeStock Wintery forest 2 unrestricted photo stock by MariaLoikkii Allee in the fog by RavienneArt
Waterfall Premade Background Stock Photo 0183 Orig by annamae22
Red Pine Plantation by littlewillow-stock Stormy 11 by JewelsStock Autumn Forest VI by dani221
smoke 8 by severata 02-03-2013 117 by Stille-Wasser Parnu seaside 167 by MASYON
Sunset Sky 5 by DarkBeforeDawn23
Foggy I by RavienneArt Lake by Black-B-o-x Ohio, Ashtabula Sky-9 by RowyeStock
Sky V1... by Dark-Indigo-Stock Fire Stock 01 by mightykings Mystical forest background stock by YvaineGlareStock Winter Landscape V by RavienneArt
Chelloenix Stock - Smoke 4 by chelloenix-stock
Trunk by RavienneArt trees at kings lake by two-ladies-stocks Colorado river background stock by YvaineGlareStock
Forest Path 10 by Pagan-Stock Golden sunset stock 1 by Muse-of-Stock In mountains 4 by IIst
FREE STOCK  My Autumn World.... by LakeSpirit3
Place 17 by IIst Stormy cloud STOCK by ChristinaIsabella Rock cliff edge by DarkBeforeDawn23
smoke 9 by severata Nature 350 by Dreamcatcher-stock DSC04205_eligodesignstock by eligodesignstock Clowns by acheronnights
Wintery forest 1 unrestricted photo stock by MariaLoikkii
SyLiou Sky Stock 1115 by syliou Background Stock 100 by Kassmir meadow 11 by Pagan-Stock
Sea Stock  by Mocris alp 2 by two-ladies-stocks FREE STOCK  Ice Rimmed World... by LakeSpirit3
smoke 3 by severata
Fairy Tale Cottage IMG 2737 by TheStockWarehouse Architecture Stock #15 by Noireuse Abandoned Barn in Ruins-3 by RowyeStock
Places 718 by Dreamcatcher-stock Church by JewelsStock Architecture Stock #14 by Noireuse Img 1864-2 by elenartphotography
Down On the Farm 3 by artistic-touches
Place 20 by IIst Architecture Stock #17 by Noireuse Grand phare jijel 2 by black-jijel
Architecture Stock #16 by Noireuse Tihemetsa 19 by MASYON Chelloenix Stock - Gloucester Cathedral 5 by chelloenix-stock FREE STOCK - CROATIA (2015) by SecretDarTiste
Tunnel 2 by Panopticon-Stock
Zwinger stock 11 by Muse-of-Stock Fort Boyard II by Edanastock Abandoned Barn in Ruins-17 by RowyeStock
FREE STOCK - CROATIA (game of thrones set) by SecretDarTiste stockphoto lost place - farm in bornholm 05 by darkmoon1968 Chelloenix Stock - Margam 7 by chelloenix-stock castle of glass 2 by two-ladies-stocks
Abandoned Barn in Ruins-1 by RowyeStock
stockphoto lost place - farm in bornholm 07 by darkmoon1968 Castle Premade IMG 2826 by TheStockWarehouse Factory Demolition 06 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Black cat by Elmininostock Cute Badger 1 by DarkBeforeDawn23 Bird Stock 10 by pythos-stock
Bearded Emperor Tamarin 02 by animalphotos
Chelloenix Stock - Magpie 1 by chelloenix-stock These chipmunk pouches... so cute by DarkBeforeDawn23 Vulture 1 by DarkBeforeDawn23
Chelloenix Stock - Robin 3 by chelloenix-stock Ducks by YBsilon-Stock Tiger 1 by DarkBeforeDawn23
animal67 by JUSSTAnotherstock
Chelloenix Stock - Horse 4 by chelloenix-stock Common Rock Hyrax 01 by animalphotos Gull 1 by mrscats
Snail Shell by jojo22 Snowy Owl 3 by DarkBeforeDawn23 Eastern Gray Squirrel 01 by animalphotos Burrowing Owl by animalphotos
Male Wood Duck by DarkBeforeDawn23
White Buffalo 3 by JewelsStock Crow Stock 4 by silkeponylover Dragonfly by Edanastock
Brown Bear 05 by animalphotos Cushion Star by animalphotos Rueppell's Griffon 03 by animalphotos
Stock-mon 00376 by stock-mon Icy Flowers by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK  Stock-mon 00413 by stock-mon
prairie schooner by two-ladies-stocks
torture cage by two-ladies-stocks Candle by DarkMysty-Stock Gnome  Fairy House 02 by FairieGoodMother Abandonned Peugeot van pick-up by A1Z2E3R
Mushroom06 by ML5J Auto Antiguo 1 - Antique Auto 1 by BrayamHacker Free Stock Zinnia 151115 by RaccontoUrahara
space capsule by two-ladies-stocks
Chelloenix Stock - Rose 1 by chelloenix-stock Doll's Pram II by RavienneArt Dragon I by RavienneArt
Snowy lantern unrestricted photo stock by MariaLoikkii Gold Mummy by magicsart DSC0077_by_eligodesignstock by eligodesignstock background christmas 02 by darkmoon1968
Blacklight Baby's Breath Stock 4 by Melyssah6-Stock
Chelloenix Stock - Waterlily 3 by chelloenix-stock stone pyramid by two-ladies-stocks jet propulsion by two-ladies-stocks
Tree Fungus 2 by fuguestock Red Glass Xmas Bird by magicsart Rose by Elmininostock
Tossa de Mar  (110) by RowyeStock
Tacot by Flore-stock Yellow Gingko Tree by YBsilon-Stock Chelloenix Stock - Statue 2 by chelloenix-stock Canopic jars by CreppzuStock
Mushroom Toadstool by jojo22 Cloth 8 by Kassmir Fun car by Flore-stock
Tree bark by Elmininostock Texture glitter 03 by NellyGraceNG Cookie81 by jojo22

Santa's home - Photomanipulation contestPlease check out my new contest: Reindeer Divider 
Santa's home - Photomanipulation contest
   King Kong and I contest
With  11,900 :points:
Welcome to my second contest
3 years ago, I held my first contest Draw Tom Ripley Contest in 2012 with total 39,600 :points:  That event still makes me poor but very pleased until now. =P 
In 2015, I am quite lucky in art. I won lots of points from many contests throughout the year.
Now I'm ready to hold a contest again and share 11,900 :points: to other artists.
This event is called...
Yes, the theme of this contest is about King Kong and a woman.
I believe that almost all of you have seen King Kong movies at least once from 1933, 1976 or 2005 version.
 So, this event is like 10 year anniversary for the last time we saw King Kong.
  A special Christmas present - ContestContest by Pendragon-Arts
A Special Christmas Present CONTEST!
I have a son who is now 28. He lives alone and has both Autism and Schizophrenia. He is both sad, lonely, and is forced to live a very isolated life. No one really understands the pain of being mentally ill and not able to fit in with society and even other people in general, unless you, yourself are, have a direct connection or relationship with someone that carries this themselves. Remember those who are alone for various reason or who have a hard time getting through the holidays each year for various reasons as you create and during the coming holiday season. Bless you!
10 years ago, when we were able to still live together, he dabbled for hours creating his various sketchings. He doesn't draw any more and I found a few of them that I held onto over the years and would like to help make his imagination come alive and make this Christmas special for him. He loves the mecha genre an

Return to Eden Contest




   Unused Stock ContestStock Gallery
Stock Rules
Art Account
Get free CSS like this
Unused Stock Contest
Who wants a contest?
Well, I haven't done a contest in a while, so it's about time :)  This one is going to be about using stock that has previously not been used!  This will give the artists a chance to do something unique with stock that has not been worked with before, and the stockers will get to see a bigger variety of their stock used.
Ms. lindowyn-stock had an unloved stock project/challenge at one time, and ma
   The November December 2015 Dragon Challenge
Hi DragonCartoonClub Fans!
I got permission to host a Challenge like :iconthedragonchallenge: used too, but has been closed this year.
I hope this is fun for everyone and makes this season filled with more dragons!
:bulletred: Winner gets to be featured on the groups front page for a month! :bulletred:
*Updates will be made if more prizes are available*
The November & December 2015 Challenge
:bulletgreen: Objective :bulletgreen:
Create a original Dragon piece of art work based on the stock images below.
You can use one or all of them.
You must credit the stock used in your artist description
You have until the end of December to submit your entry HERE in this journal comment section for the November & December 2015 Challenge.
This month we have 4 stock images:

1. Must be new and your own work, please credit all stock used and follow the individual stock artist's rules.
2. Must contain at least one

Stocker Off the Beaten Path 13: Dea-VestaStockers off the Beaten Path is a feature series that showcases lesser known stockers, new stockers, stockers with unique galleries, and rising stars in the stock 



  Red Riding Hood 2 - female stock by Dea-Vesta 
Winter portrait 15 - female stock by Dea-Vesta
Gothic Queen 4 - female stock by Dea-Vesta Lady Death 3 - female stock by Dea-Vesta Gothic Queen 10 - female stock by Dea-Vesta
Gothic Queen - female stock by Dea-Vesta
   Stock and Resources PE Week: Join the Fun!Hello everyone! We are going to be holding a Stock and Resources week over at projecteducate  the week of January 4, 2016!
I'm currently in the planning stage for the week and am looking for people who'd like to write articles about stock or share some ideas of what they'd like to see for the PE Week!
First if you don't know what projecteducate  is, go check them out! It is a community project that is all about promoting artistic growth through learning and knowledge. There's been some really informative articles that have come through the project. Stock & Resources has done PE weeks in the past. You can see the last stock PE week on the front page of StockandResources  to get an idea of what the PE week is all about. 
Are you interested in contributing? Great! Here's some of the things that people have done in the past:
interviews with stockers and stock users
tutorial/educational articles about stock i.e. how to mak
   Stockers off the Beaten Path 12: Apsara-ArtStockers off the Beaten Path is a feature series that showcases lesser known stockers, new stockers, stockers with unique galleries, and rising stars in the stock



  STOCK - Persian Gothic Dancer by Apsara-Stock
STOCK- Oriental Gothic Fantasy by Apsara-Stock
STOCK - Elven Bellydancer by Apsara-Stock STOCK - Elven Bellydancer by Apsara-Stock STOCK - Elven Bellydancer by Apsara-Stock
STOCK Blonde in Red by Apsara-Stock



November Stock 085 by Malleni-Stock
November Stock 053 by Malleni-Stock November Stock 065 by Malleni-Stock November Stock 073 by Malleni-Stock

  The Unseen Stock - November
The Unseen Stock - October (II)
The Unseen Stock - October
The Unseen Stock - September (II)
The Unseen Stock - September

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Conceptual Spotlight Vol. 144

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 2:16 AM by MarinaCoric:iconmarinacoric:

nothing is permanent in the center of nowhere

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 5:53 AM

Mature Content

Broken I by marrian

Mature Content

Broken III by marrian

HUman Space V_II by mariasvarbova_HUman Space V by mariasvarbova

A Global Speed Art Affair by EintoeRn
And please do no hesitate to take a full preview of the book here:

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Customised Painting of Shoes

Fri Nov 27, 2015, 1:49 AM by Khallandra:iconkhallandra:

Community Week


Customising shoes has become a fun and trendy thing for artists to do. Whether it be an interesting fan design or a cute original, anything goes on the shoe canvas! Artists often use marker pens and paints to make their creation, as well as adding other elements like jewels and gems - customising shoes is no longer limited to the hard-to-work-with tube type fabric paints. This article has some of the starting points for customising a shoe.

9c669605f1592f8f54e22d5d7af113e1130593c8 Hq by Khallandra

Shoe Types

The most common shoe type to paint on is the canvas shoe, Converse All-Stars or Vans are common choices for this activity. There are also cheaper varieties that an artist can practise on before forking out the cash for the expensive brand names.

Any fabric shoe is quite suitable for drawing and painting on. Leather shoes and suede shoes are also an option, but are far more difficult and restrictive, and may take some effort to be comfortable with. Once comfortable, leather paints are available and can look just as great!

First of all, decide what material to work with and start hunting up some shoes and paints to try. Standard acrylic paints are not likely to work very well on shiny surfaces and may peel off, there are better media that bond to the fabric in those cases (leather-specific acrylic paint or dye). Here are some examples of different shoe material types and the awesome works these artists have done:
Sunshine Hi-Tops by marywinkler Fantastic World Chuckz by BobsmadePainting Music - Custom Shoes by artsyfartsynessCustom Painted Galaxy Heels by dannyPs-customsCustom painted mountain vans by dannyPs-customsDeadpool Doc Martens by GamerGirl84244

Practising Techniques

It is a good idea to practise painting skills on a similar fabric before tackling the shape of a shoe. Cotton linen or drill is a similar fabric type that is thick, has canvas-like texture and isn't that expensive. It comes in plenty of colours, so it can be easy to match with the colour of the final shoe that will be used. Draw out the design and practise the colours and techniques, writing down what works and what isn't so successful.

If practising spray-paint effects, try on an old t-shirt to see how the spray patterns work and how to blend effectively. For leather items, try finding a similar colour or thickness from a second hand shop (eg. a handbag or belt) to test out how the paints work.

Try wrapping the test fabric of choice around a cylinder to get the hang of painting on a curved surface. Leaving it sitting upright to dry may also show any bleeding or streaking as the fabric and paint dries. This can also give the test fabric a bit of a stress-test to see if any sealing or additional protective measures need to be used.

Finalising the Artwork

After practising for a bit and coming up with a unique technique and style it is now time to apply the design to the shoe. First remove any laces or mask any items that should not have paint applied, then start working on whatever transfer method worked best onto the test fabric, carefully apply to the shoe and start painting.

Once completed take some photographs of the new shoes in a well-lit location (bathrooms are great for this if they have big windows to let lots of light in). Overall and detail shots are useful when displaying the new creation.

Tutorials and Groups

Here are some tutorials on this topic that better explain potential techniques and processes that have worked for other artists.
Sneaker customising tutorial by minikikiart Painting Shoes :: Tutorial by ToastsShoe Painting Tutorial by tehevilbatdogShoe Painting Tutorial Part 1 by blissfulthinkingShoe Painting Tutorial Part 2 by blissfulthinkingPAINT YOUR SHOES by c200631Tutorial On How To Paint Shoes by muselinGalaxy Shoes Tutorial by MirandaPavelleCustom Sneakers-step by step by Axel13-GalleryNintendo All-Stars Kicks by Cmr8286How To Paint Amazing Shoes by Night-Sky13Shoe Painting Tutorial by CosplayCousinsShoe Altering Tutorial - Craft Foam by TerminaCosplayGrell Sutcliff Shoe Tutorial by AlaleinShoe painting tutorial by ArlequinneElsa's Coronation Shoes Tutorial by pisces219320Rage Comic Shoes Tutorial Walkthrough ThingyMajigg by artsyfartsynessTutorial: Painting Canvas Shoes by NeocriddersCupcake Mountains Shoes 2 by FufuriaTutorial for Anna Boot Embroidery or Other Cosplay by MomoKurumiShoe Painting Tutorial by CosplayCousinsPainting Shoes: Video tutorial by Toasts Repurpose Shoes Tutorial by Sparklegirlmagic

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Questions for the Reader

  • What is your favourite type of shoe to paint on?
  • Any tips and tricks for newcomers to this art medium or pitfalls that you have experienced?
  • What subject would you love to get the opportunity to paint on a shoe?