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Okay, so I would like to open another contest, but this one will be ending at the very end of 2016! That's right! You've got almost an entire year to participate, and of course, there will be no extensions this time around u v u Anyways, this time I will only be asking for certain characters/couples to be drawn rather than just throwing them all out there for you guys to pick and choose. Hopefully this will help with any hard decisions anyone has in making on who to draw! And now, on with the rules and so on ♥


Grand Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Fourth Prize

Rules and Guidelines

:bulletpink:You do NOT have to be a watcher for this contest.:bulletpink:
:bulletred:Please only draw the characters listed below!:bulletred:
Any other characters drawn will NOT be counted as an entry!
:bulletorange:You don't need permission to draw my babs. Really, you don't need to ask ; v ;:bulletorange:
If it slips your mind, it's all right, but I will be commenting with their name to make sure that they notice that their character has been drawn!
:bulletgreen:Feel free to use any medium you feel comfortable with!:bulletgreen:
I am perfectly okay with traditional, digital, plushes (omfg i would die happy getting one), charms, other physical goods, pixels, animations... 
:bulletblue:You are free to submit as many entries as you'd like!!:bulletblue:
Do remember though, quality over quantity is VERY important! ♥
:bulletpurple:Make sure you submit your work in a comment or note somewhere where I can easily access it!!!:bulletpurple:
I can not stress this enough--if you put it somewhere where I can't see it right away, or if you mess up a tag but don't mention it to me, I WILL NOT SEE IT AND YOUR HARD WORK WILL NOT COUNT!!
I really don't want anyone's submissions to not go through Q - Q //sweats
It would be preferable if you comment here, but notes work just fine--as long as I'm notified, the work will be favorited into a folder (just like my last contest).
If you don't see yours in the folder, let me know.
Here is the folder where all entries are being favorited to!! ::…
:bulletpink:Please do not pester me to comment on your drawing...:bulletpink:
I would really prefer to not comment on everything... it's time consuming, and I don't want any of my comments to appear as if they're favoring one drawing more than another.
So please, refrain from bothering me about this!
:bulletred:Have fun!!:bulletred:
Really~ This contest is for fun. Don't rush, or stress yourself too much!
There is more than enough time to get whatever you'd like to get done, done!
And please don't cause any trouble for other deviants!

Characters I'd like Drawn

If you'd like to draw him with his partner, here are the other pictures, and references of him and his partner, Reva, here!
Sinder & Reva
Reva belongs to Riccasze--please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

This is my very precious, very smol super tsun. Stream and I plot all sorts of headcanons together with him and his partner, Kysik ♥ If you'd like to see more on them, the extra pictures, and references are here.
Dylan & Kysik
***Do not draw the green haired character!!!
Kysik belongs to StreamCat--please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

Jason and Grant
I'd really only prefer these two drawn TOGETHER! Not separate please!
Grant belongs to StreamCat--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

Niki and Stephan
Another couple I'd prefer to have drawn together rather than separately!
Stephan belongs to Izuneko--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

A character of mine who is able to see, and communicate with ghosts, but he tries his best to ignore them so they don't get too bothersome.
He's in a three way relationship, so if you'd like to draw them all together, or just draw him with one of his other partners, all the refs are right here!
Viggo, Ion, and Arlo
Ion, and Arlo belong to Lucid-Truth--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

Another tsunish character of mine, who's based off of a Magneton ♥
If you'd like to draw him together with his flirty, dorky partner, Sterling, the pictures, and references are located here!!
Vincent and Sterling
Sterling belongs to Ewikawa--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

A sweet, happy character of mine who's basef off of a Vanilluxe.
If you'd like to draw him together with his partner, Lucas, the pictures and reference are located here!!
James and Lucas
Lucas belongs to Ewikawa--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

Aaaand my flirty, outgoing little Leafeon child ♥
If you'd like to draw him together with his partner, Skylar, the pictures and references are located here!!
Silvio and Skylar
Skylar belongs to Ephira--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!

Single Characters
Candy Corn
God, I just love the hell out of her, and she is deserving of so much love, and art... I plan on using her in a Pokemon group someday, but I need to get to the point of actually drawing her application up.
As a side note, she's based off of a shiny Zigzagoon, and she's a bit of a tsun.

Hodge Podge

I'm still need to find a use for him, but I adore his design to the moon and back right now.
I imagine him being a soft spoken, shy little guy, who obviously has a fondness for racoons, and soft things ♥

A fairly new character of mine, but I imagine him being a rather bubbly character ♥

Brand new guy, and I've had no opportunity to use him, but I don't plan on that going on for too much longer~

Closed Species
She is my little Pacapillar, and I'm in desperate need of art for her ♥

My MYO Cinnadog, who I also need art of ♥

I'm thinking I'm probably keeping this guy, and I will always love more art of him ♥


If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.
There is a high chance I will ignore questions that are already answered in the Rules and Regulations if they are asked enough--
I would really like you guys to READ what's been given to you. ; v ; The stuff posted here shouldn't be too difficult to understand, I hope.

Hopefully I got everything important down--thank you to all who enter!
Take your time and

If you're more interested in designing a character instead, I have another contest going on just for that!
Design a character Contest - Win $50/5000 POINTSDue to so many people saying yes to this idea, I'm holding yet another contest //dramatic pose
This time though, I would like to have someone design me a new character that I can use ♥
You have free range to do whatever you'd like, though I do have some guidelines that might help boost your chances! ♥
u v u /) Onto how everything is going to work!!
:bulletblue:$50 / 5000:points: That I will be using to buy the character you designed off of you! ♥
I MIGHT include a points only runner-up prize later on if I can gather up enough of them! ♥
:bulletgreen:Your entry must be colored! I will not accept CYOP entries!
:bulletgreen:You are free to make as many entries as you'd like, but please know I'
Welcome to the ninth installment of CRLiterature's new article series, The Tearoom Debates! We've shamelessly ripped off Mrs-Durden and CRPhotography, who currently run a bi-weekly series of opportunities for group readers to debate both sides of questions like "film or digital?" and then, in the next article, spotlight the input of the previous week's commenters.

Last Time: Rhyme vs. Free Verse

We wanted to know why DA is flooded by free verse with little traditional/fixed form and rhyming poetry to be found. Here's what some of you had to say:

"There are some traditions that are outdated and no longer applicable in everyday life. The situations or parameters for them to be helpful have disappeared and their application would be frightful at best. To suggest that fixed form poetry belongs in that category would be entirely erroneous, however. Fixed form poetry is our history and it bears the origins of the spoken and written word. Every continent holds its own magical languages with their interesting poetic quirks, and this is what poetry was created and shaped from. Centuries and millennia of people expressing their thoughts, feelings and philosophies have a place in the world we see around us.

Forms like the Pyong Sijo of Korea, the Magali Shairi of Georgia and the English Madrigal are very old and beautiful. They convey the evolution of language in three vastly different geographic and cultural locations. They also teach writers of different backgrounds and skill levels particular lessons that appear only in their respective fixed forms. Some fixed forms use meter and refrains, others syllabic count and alliteration and others rely simply on a shaped structure. They all force a writer to explore their own limitations and expand their thinking while producing something completely unique to them. Often as writers, we get stuck in what we perceive is our own voice, but this is just us repeating the same sentiments in a similar way but with different words. Breaking this cycle is paramount to our growth as writers and fixed form is a crucial way to achieve this." -- kiwi-damnation 

"If I were to make an analogy with free verse being a three-legged stool that performs the function of a chair quite well, rhyme would be the Louis XIV chair with the carved armrests that makes people go, 'wow, that's a nice chair'. Likewise, I see Free Verse as the pure and bare bones of poetry - the vision and the sentiment, its core, are equally valuable as those in a fixed form with rhyme, but it's the craftsmanship of knowing how to handle rhyme and make it work that will pay off and augment the reading experience exponentially. Just like that Louis XIV chair comes closer to sculpture or architecture than the stool, so does a rhyming form bring poetry closer to music, which has not only the intent to bring a message across, but also to enchant - in my opinion, by emphasising the beauty of the form more." -- BATTLEFAIRIES

"I like the challenge of the Rhyme or Tradition forms (or even a form that the poet has invented him/herself).  I have read more than once that restrictions breed creativity.  We as human beings naturally do not like restrictions.  We often rebel and defend against restrictions in every aspects of our lives.  It is this same rebellious spirit that in fact created free verse.  However with no restrictions, we limit our creativity.  I feel that I have grown as a writer thanks to the limits in placed upon myself by the traditional forms and rhyme.  When the two lines I have decided must rhyme I have to ask myself "is that really what I want the line to say?  Is there another way to say it? Could I use maybe another bit of symbolism to convey the same idea or can I come up with a better one?"  Often I can find myself digging though a rhyming dictionary and a thesaurus trying to fix the ideas in my head to a word on the page (because my mind often doesn't work in fixed words).  I also find it easier to make a rhyming or traditional poem if I am not thinking in words but in ideas or images." -- psycocat 

"I read a verse novel and if anything it drove home the point that I associate rhyming with humor. Thanks Dr Seuss. in general, good poetry is good poetry. it shows when you thought through the word choice and when you were busy wanking to your thesaurus." -- neurotype 

"I think rhyming is an incredibly difficult addition to poetry (as I've learned during the DFC). I find it really helps adds a certain appeal to the way a poem sounds and adds a beautiful rhythm when used correctly. However, I believe rhyme shouldn't be forced of put in "just because" since sometimes this can create a very awkward poem. Honestly, the reason I avoided rhyme for so long in my own work is probably because it reminds me of English class in school. That was when most of my poetry was created just for a mark rather than to convey anything meaningful." -- autumnicity 

"If rhyme impedes the message of the poem, than it's a needles distraction. If rhyme supports the message of the poem, than it's a beautiful distraction. That said, I don't see why free verse and rhyme can't coexist." -- Carmalain7 

Free verse is not free of structure, nor is it any easier than writing in rhyme, so if everyone could stop perpetuating that myth, that'd be great. Free verse is free of fixed structure, forms that exist in name - sonnets, pantoums, haiku, sestina, and so forth. It may be "free" verse, but only in name; you still need to consider your enjambment, punctuation, rhythm, tone, everything that makes good writing good. Just because a lot of bad writers write in free verse doesn't mean free verse automatically makes for bad or easier poetry. A good artist can make something wonderful out of any materials presented to them." -- SilverInkblot 

"I think there are (at least) two big reasons free verse is more prominent here.  One is that there seems to be a misconception among writers that free verse is inherently more expressive, and that formal restrictions necessarily restrict meaning/feeling.  Personally I disagree on both points, although I didn't always.  What changed for me was essentially just that I got better at working with forms because I happened to enjoy it (which I know isn't the case for everybody, and that's fine too).  That kind of leads into the second reason that I suspect, and that is that although I hesitate to use the word "easier," free verse is more accessible when you're starting out.  For someone who has never written either, I think that free verse really is easier, just because the learning curves are different (although naturally improvement gets harder over time no matter what you're writing).  And when people learn poetry using one style or another, it makes sense that they'll get more attached to it, because they've been successful in expressing themselves that way and perhaps not in the other.  This is also fine, I think, as long as we don't feel too high-horsey about it." -- HuntingForHappiness 

"The real issue is that we've got several hundreds of years' worth of rhyming poetry behind us, where free verse has only been a mainstream thing for the past 100 or so. Modern fixed form poetry has to fight the fact that it's not fresh unless done very, very well. That's the plain and simple truth of it. We have centuries of magnificent rhyming poetry to read already. If any fixed verse poetry written now wants to hold its weight, it has to be good.

Having said that, it's important for writers to push themselves to do both. Being good at fixed forms is a skill that requires developing, the same way that being good at free verse is a skill that requires developing. Fixed verse still has its place in this day and age, and to say that it should stay in the past is, frankly, incorrect. But, on the flip side of that, there's so much room for exploration in free verse that we can't possibly have touched on in the comparably short time we've had to write and read free verse that it makes sense that more people branch out into that these days. It's not necessarily that it's better, but it's more relevant to this time period." -- ikazon 

"The number of words that rhyme is very limited, resulting in many situations where you can anticipate the rhyme to come. People tend to not appreciate that in this age; they appreciate even less when you invent new words, for some reason. So you're stuck trying to please people who don't want what they expect and who refuse to allow you to create new words. XD A rock and a hard place, to be glib. This is an age-old problem with poetry, not just with rhyme. But that's another topic for another day." -- TheBrassGlass 

"Simply put: it's a matter of style, of what one wants to do rather than spinning the roulette. I mean, if I wanted to write a poem about serial killers, it could be equally as good in free verse or fixed form (although the subject probably wouldn't be the best thing to write about). Laziness plays no part in this, because the choice to rhyme and/or use a form or not is completely up to the writer. In conclusion: both are just fine, and no one side should receive any discrimination purely based on its basic principles. The only way to judge a style is how it is used by each individual writer." -- Aerodynamic877 

"If something is free verse and non-rhyming, I tend to hear it as contemplative and soft. Someone is speaking in quiet bliss, quiet discontent, or quiet horror. It's a thoughtful kind of thing even if the imagery is sharp. Because of this, and because of the lack of structure, I think the authors have to be doubly careful about how they're turning a phrase. They need to make the work stand out and hold attention, and they really should make use of rhythm, repetition, and all those good things fixed forms love too. 

Rhyming works, for me, go above and beyond in failure and success.  The words have a ring between them, making the sounds stick in your head for better or worse. Rhyming works also, as some people have mentioned, seem inevitable. This can make a poem seem forced if it was clear the writer was stuck with certain sounds and only paid attention to the last word in each line. In a well-written one, though, it becomes powerful. You feel that this statement could only have ever been expressed this way, though you may have been too caught up in the words to notice that rhyme on your first read." -- dragoeniex

I see so many people talking about how free verse is 'easy' or 'lazy' poetry. I disagree whole-heartedly.  When I first began to write poetry, I wrote exclusively in rhyme, because honestly, rhyming poetry is much simpler. You have a fixed form, a fixed rhyme scheme, and you make the words fit into the form. Free-verse...good free-verse poetry is much more difficult to write because there are no rules or sets of guidelines. It's you, a pen, and an empty page, and you have to create everything. You rely a lot more on metaphors and imagery, and those things take much more skill to put together in a cohesive way, especially with no set form or rules. Also, to those who think free-verse poetry is simply prose in a fancy hat, I challenge you to attempt to write a GOOD free-verse poem, using poetic structure and a poet's tools. Write a metaphor without sounding cliche, and put it together in a way that flows as a poem should. It's much more difficult than writing a short prose essay on a subject, I guarantee you." -- MozartsNemesis

This Time: Is fan-fiction really literature?

"Omigosh of course it is. I've always been frustrated by the view that it could be anything but that. To be fair, I'm been frustrated by anyone who has the gall to tell me that there is such thing as "true art" or a "true form" novels. God, this isn't Shadow the Hedgehog. There is no "ultimate lifeform" of what writers do. Fanfiction is real writing as much as a cup of tea is a real beverage." -- Naktarra 

Of course it is real literature. The only problem I see with fanfiction comes with the fact that when you want to publish or make any money from it, since you are basing it on a universe that in most cases already belongs to someone, you're probably never going to be able to... unless you do like Someone Else and change the names and slightly alter the situations on your fanfiction so you can publish it. :') 

But yeah, back on track, I despise the whole "fanfic isn't literature" thing that some entitled people spout. It is as real and as awesome as any other writing. Sure, a lot of people use it just as a morbid, make-my-guilty-pleasures-come-to-life kind of thing, not because they love writing in itself, but that doesn't always create a bad product. So you ignore the bad, as for everything else, and cherish the good." -- TheMaidenInBlack 

I would say it is. I think it's often criticized unfairly for being bad; but really, there are fantastic fanfics, just as there is horrible original fiction. The other big argument against is its lack of creativity. Which, I can sort of understand in some respects. But at the same time, I've seen some tremendously creative fanfics that take the characters and put them in worlds completely different from the original, and yet manage to keep the characters in-character. Like any media, I really think that the quality of the product relies on the skill of the author; not necessarily the topic material." -- ObsydianDreamer 

I think trying to define "real literature" is harder than trying to figure out whether fan fiction is "real literature" or not. I'd say it's real writing. And as such deserves to be looked at through that lens.

I also think that since it's working from (not just inspired by) something someone else built, that it is in a way more of a starting point for most writers. Sort of practice. Or even practice for writers between projects. (I know several published authors, including some big names, who enjoy writing and reading fan fiction!) An author has to learn to build his or her own characters, world, story, etc. Usually when writing fan fiction, you're pulling some of these elements from someone else, and that's something worth noting." -- PinkyMcCoversong 

Over to you, DA!

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H1 by zomgO3O
Sorry if it's not that good.  And yes, the first bully is a male, and the second one is a female. Let me know if I spelled something wrong in the comment section below and for god sake QUIT APOLOGIZING THAT YOU'RE REPORTING A GRAMMAR MISTAKE TO ME AND EXPECT ME TO GET MAD! Sorry I had to let it out. But I'm just telling you, I'm not mad or anything. It just happens to much to meSans Nervous Icon ...Anyways if wish to criticize then please send it to me in notes. And please be nice. 

I'm not sure if I should turn this into a series, but I hope you enjoy this! 

(Y/N)-Your name

(B/#/1/N)-Bully number 1's name

(B/#/2/N)-Bully number 2's name

~Reader's POV~

I fell to the ground injured in an alley way and looked at (B/#/1/N) and (B/#/2/N). These two have been bullying me for a long time now. Like, they won't leave me alone! In fact after they beat me up, they make me cry and tell me to go kill myself. Ugh, such pains. "Ready for more?" (B/#/1/N) said smirking. "N-No...please, no more..." I said crying. "To bad, because we're ready to beat the living crap out of you again." (B/#/2/N) said smiling evilly. 

"Heya." A voice said. I recognize the voice, it was the voice of Sans.  I saw Sans behind both of them. I meet him two months ago when (B/#/1/N and (B/#/2/N) stilled bullied me. They both jumped and turned around to see him. They expected him to be human, but after they turned around, they looked shock that he was actually a skeleton. "W-W-W-Who are you?" (B/#/1/N) said with a shaky voice. "I'm Sans. Sans the skeleton." Sans said as his white pupils dimmed. "W-W-W-W-What do you want from us...?" (B/#/2/N) asked.

"I want nothing from you... Now let's just get to the point." Sans said before giving a scowling look at them. "DO YOU WANT TO HAVE A BAD TIME? You're really not gonna like what happens to you. Now get out of my sight, or I'm going to lose my temper." Sans said as he sound DEAD serious. (B/#/1/N) tried to punch him but Sans grabbed him by the wrist and slammed him to the ground while breaking his right arm. "A-AHHHHH!" (B/#/1/N) screamed in pain as held his right arm.

I was shock and terrified at this. "S-S-Sans! Why did you do that?!" I said, but Sans didn't answer me and I looked at  (B/#/2/N) who was looking at Sans in terror with fear in her eyes. "It's a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming...on days like these, kids like you. SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL..." Sans said as his left eye flared up in rage. The voice was so angry that it terrified (B/#/2/N). Not wanting to upset Sans even further just to end up like her best friend, she immediately picked up (B/#/1/N) and ran away.

Sans's eyes turned back to white and looked at me. "You okay, kid?" He asked, however, I refused to answer his question and replied to him with anger and fear in my voice. "S-S-Sans! You shouldn't do that! Even though they bullied me, they didn't deserve that!!" I said. Sans then looked at the ground feeling guilty.

~Sans's POV~

"Why didn't you tell me about them? This wouldn't have happened if you told me about this. I could have talk them out instead of this." I said giving a worried look at (Y/N) while sweating. "Listen, I don't care if you try to talk them out of this! Even though if you try to do that! The same thing would happen!" She said looking angry. I sighed before closing my eyes. "Listen." I commented before I opened my eyes as my pupils aren't seen. "I am trying to protect you. You don't understand how I feel. I did everything to help you and this is what I get in return?" I added sounding serious. "N-N-No! I do understand! It's just that I don't want this to happen again....! Please...please...just, let's forget all about this and pretend like nothing ever happened." (Y/N) said nervously. 

~Reader's POV~

I was hoping that he would accept my mercy. Sans closed his eyes and sighed. He opened them and his pupils where seen again. "Alright. I forgive you." Sans said smiling. Sans  putted his  boney hand on my shoulder. "Should I take back home?" Sans asked. "Sure. My mom can help me out with these wounds." I said smiling.

We walked out of the alleyway and walked back home.


Dining by Rachelsabines

Dinner Dates & Girl Talk

Jared was sitting patiently in the dimly lit bar waiting for his date to arrive. He was an entrepreneur, so he always dressed as if he were meeting a potential client. One of the downsides to being a career orientated man is that at 27, he had focused so much time on work that he had completely overlooked women. He had met someone on an online dating service and arranged a date. Tonight he wore the grey slacks that hugged his behind, his favorite light blue button up with the first button open, and the watch his sister gave him for Christmas that year. He knew his date the moment she walked in. She had dark hair that fell in waves just below her shoulders. Her naturally bronzed skin shone in the dim light. Her almond eyes lit up the moment they locked with his.

"Jared!" She called out

"Wow, Marah your profile picture does you no justice. Excuse my boldness, but you look stunning."

They moved from the bar to restaurant. They were halfway through their appetizers when Marah set her fork down.

"Jared, there's something I should probably tell you."

Jared swallowed hard and prepared for the worst.

"I'm having a wonderful time tonight, but the truth is I really don't like men."

"You what?!"

"It's too bad; you'd make such a beautiful woman..."

"Excuse me just a moment" Jared stood up and walked towards the restroom.

As soon as he was out of sight, Marah reached into her purse and pulled out a small vile. She removed the cap and put three drops into Jared's drink. She had just enough time to cap the vile and put it back in her purse before Jared sat back down.

"Feeling better?" Marah asked  

"Yeah, just shocked" Jared replied as he took a large drink of his wine. “ I thought this was going so well”

Marah smiled and they continued their meal in an awkward silence.      

Jared could feel his body temperature rising.

"Is it hot in here?" Jared asked

"Nope" Marah said, "just you" and she smiled.

Jared took another sip of wine. He almost felt drunk, but knew that he wasn't, he was still only on his first glass. He felt a tightening in his chest, like his insides were being forced into a new shape. He looked down where his flat, sculpted abdomen had been and instead saw perky breasts practically forcing the buttons off his shirt. He turned his head and felt hair brush his shoulders. He grabbed a spoon from the table and looked at his reflection. His eyes were still the sparkling blue they had always been, but his face was rounder and softer. His five o’clock shadow was gone and in its place were full lips and high cheek bones. Looking at himself, he looked like the type of woman he would totally hook up with. His mousy brown hair that had been gelled in spikes at the beginning of the evening now hung almost perfectly straight    near his shoulders. He looked like the girl next door type that had filled his high school fantasies.  As Jared admired his newly begotten body, Marah watched in amazement. It had been almost three years since she was given the same concoction, though her transformation wasn't nearly as quick or smooth. Jared looked up from his spoon, straight into her eyes.

"What's going on?" He asked practically panicking.

"Calm down honey, everything is fine" Marah said soothingly "in a few hours everything will have settled and you'll be feeling as good as you look." She ran her tongue around the outside of her upper lip for emphasis. "Why don't we order dessert and talk about a new name for you. I've always been fond of the name Charlotte"

Jared smiled. He had always wondered what life as a woman would be like.” I like Charlotte"

Marah laughed "Charlotte it is. So for our second date" Marah teased as she reached into her purse” we should meet at your office and talk about how to market this" and held up the tiny vile.

Charlotte's eyes became as large as dinner plates. Marah winked and put the vile back in her purse.

"Dinner’s on me tonight babe" Marah said as she put cash in the bill folder. She helped Charlotte out of her chair and wrapped her arm around Charlotte's waist to keep her pants from falling.

Charlotte leaned into Marah's shoulder, it was weird being the shorter of the two, having gone from a 6 foot male to a 5'6 female.

"Marah?" she asked


"What happens next?"

Marah laughed. "I take you back to my apartment and show you why they say girls have more fun"

 Brunettes-women 00247694 by Rachelsabines


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    "Bring, bring!" the alarm clock chimed. Julia shifted over and reached her stubby arm to turn off the alarm. She yawned, and slid her globby legs off to the side of her bed. She then reached for the remote and pressed the red "up" button. The bed whirred to life and started pushing up, lifting Julia's massive body upwards. Since Julia weighed a mind-blowing 6,448 pounds, she needed help getting up. It was a miracle that she could even waddle around at her size. Most girls would be bed nested if they were as massive as her. At 14, she was one of the fattest girls in the world, but she was only ONE of the fattest. At the Jiggle Gain resort/apartment complex, everyone was insanely obese, the minimum resident weight being 800 pounds. It was truly an fatty utopia.
    Julia waddled like a penguin to her dresser and pulled out her prized possession, her "Heavy Load" bikini. She proudly picked it up and struggled to tie it around her gluttony torso. Julia was literally a giant ball of fat, so she struggled with many things. When she finally was able to reach her sucked-in arms behind her back, she looked in the mirror above her dresser. She gasped at how massive she was getting. Julia grabbed her massive belly, trying to lift it up, but it was so heavy, unbelievably heavy. Julia was so heavy and fat, that she could fill an entire room. Luckily for Julia, her apartment was ginormous to normally sized people, and was medium sized to Julia. The Jiggle Gain complex tried their best to fit their resident's needs, so that included titanium floors that can withstand heavy objects and big apartment rooms the size of ball rooms.
    Almost their, finally!, Julia thought to herself when she finally was able to pull on her stretchy jumpsuit. She then slowly shuffled over to her carrier, trying not to trip over her dangling belly. She sat down, sweat dripping down her forehead. Even though Julia was mobile, she could only take a few steps or else she would get exhausted. Julia then pushed the joystick forward, and the carrier began to move. She began to relax, thinking of her fat as a nice, soft coat around her. As soon as she got out of the elevator, a cute, blonde boy was looking at her like she was a pot of gold. The boy was obviously immobile, looking like he weighed about 10,000 pounds. His face looked like a small mountain, a big double chin circling around it. His arms and legs were sucked into his body, but not so much that he couldn't move them. The most remarkable thing about him was his belly, sticking out so far that he needed a sub-carrier to hold it up. Julia blushed a little, and drove her carrier towards Flabby's. When she was almost at the doorway, she felt a bump behind her. She turned around as far as her stubby neck allowed her to, and she saw the blonde boy, who had accidentally bumped the sub carrier into her, causing it to slide out from under his belly. Even though it was the boy's fault, Julia apologized.
    "Oh I'm so sorry," Julia exclaimed, "Here, let me help you!"
    Julia pressed the eject seat, lifting her upward. But before she could step in, the boy stopped her.
    "No no it's fine I can deal with it," the boy said hesitantly. To Julia's surprise, the ejector seat lifted the boy up perfectly, making him stand up straight. The boy then grabbed the sub carrier and lifted up his belly. He gently rolled the sub carrier under his belly and sat back down, reversing the ejector seat.
    Julia stuttered in surprise, "How did can't even lift up my belly and I'm lighter than you!"
    "Are you surprised?" the boy responded.
    Julia answered, "Well, you are as wide as like...four buses! How can you even stand up without falling?"
    "It's not as easy as you think it is," the boy said, "my belly is still extremely heavy to me, and yes, I can stand, but it's extremely hard not to fall over. And even though I can stand, I can't walk at all."
    "I can see why," Julia said, looking at the sweat on his forehead, "Hey, maybe we can get together sometime?"
    "Well I seem to be going in the same direction as you are," the boy said, "Maybe we can have bloating booths next to each other. The name's Jasper by the way."
    "Yeah, my name is Julia, nice to meet you."
    Jasper nodded and directed his carrier towards Flabby's, while Julia decided to waddle over there. Julia took three steps, and immediately became exhausted, but she was happy, very happy.
    "Um, don't you want to ride in your carrier?" Jasper asked, "It's a lot easier."
    "Um, is it weird that struggling to walk brings you a sort of happy feeling?" Julia asked in response.
    "No no it's pretty normal to most people here," Jasper said, "It can be considered a 'orgasmic' feeling. I know it sounds weird but trust me it's completely normal for fatties around here."
    Julia nodded, and started to slowly waddle. She kept gasping, sweat pouring down her face as she slowly shifted step by step to Flabby's. She even had to pull up her fat to put less weight on her body. But at the same time, she loved the feeling of being insanely obese, especially at such a young age. It brings a lot of attention outside of the Jiggle Gain complex, especially at her school.
    When they finally made it, Julia was covered in sweat, and looked extremely exhausted. But she loved the struggle, she loved the heavy weight pulling down on her. When they entered the building, a smaller woman, weighing about 1,000 pounds, met them at the desk. She greeted them kindly, and asked for a credit card. Julia reached into her pocket and grabbed a little, green credit card. She happily gave it to the woman. The woman nodded and slid the credit card down the cash register slot. The woman smiled and gave Julia the credit card back. Jasper was also about to get his credit card, but Julia stopped him.
    "Don't worry, I payed for both of us!" Julia said, smiling
    "Oh, uh thanks, I guess," Jasper stuttered.
    Julia and Jasper went over to the feeding fountains, and chose the two empty slots right next to each other. Other people were there too, being fed to the brim with chocolate shake. When they made it, Julia was sweating bullets from walking. She was finally able to relax, sitting down on her butt and connecting the tube to her mouth. Julia grabbed the remote next to her and set the dial to 200 gallons. She pressed the green button and without warning, the shake started to fill her mouth. As she frantically swallowed the liquid, she felt something warm on her hand. She turned around. Jasper was there, holding her hand as they were being filled with gluttony goodness. She blushed, and almost choked on the liquid. Julia looked down, seeing her gluttony body expand before her eyes. She was happy, happier than ever before.

To be continued?

Other Jiggle Gain stories:

. Supreme-Sized Sports Part 1    Lisa's locker was a mess. It was filled to the brim with worn out clothes and gain shakes. She thought about cleaning it up, but she decided to put it off for later. Lisa, a professional wrestler at Jiggle Gain, was a 1,523 pound girl with an attitude. When she fought she fought to win. Even though she was the youngest wrestler at 14, she was one of the strongest wrestlers. She was also a proud sponsor of Flutoma, the life saving pill that doesn't let fat interfere with your health. Lisa took the miracle pill when she started gaining at JG at the age of 12, and she has been happy with her insane size ever since.
    Lisa dug through her locker, her humongous, gluttony arms making it almost impossible to reach in. Why can't these things be a bit bigger so I could actually reach into it?, she thought as she waved her arms around to find her uniform. After five minutes, she finally managed to find it. She excitingly pulled the giant bikini on. It was tight a

. Extreme Weight Gain Simulator (BONER WARNING!)    The employee straps the tube into your mouth. She then walks over to the machine and grips the switch, and waits for a response. You give her a thumbs up, and she pulls down the switch in a fast motion. You feel something filling your mouth. It's chocolate shake, you recognize the taste. It starts to fill up your mouth to a point where you have to swallow it. The shake then keeps coming at a rapid pace. You have to swallow faster. Suddenly, you feel your stomach growl.
    You look down and see your flat stomach, expanding slowly but surely. You feel heavier than before, wider, bulkier, round, fat. Your once-bony legs are beginning to get fleshy and soft, spreading down to the floor. Your arms get gluttony and flabby, and raise up a bit to rest on your squishy sides. You feel the fat on your butt raising you up like an elevator, making you feel a bit taller. You decide to look at the scale. You gasp as you see that your previous weight of a pathetic 11



Artisan Crafts Week

A few months ago our dear Brookette made a very interesting journal sharing her experience with arthritic pain, and the changes she made to her crocheting tools. Pain and arthritis can be so intense that they can actually stop you from crafting (the nightmare :stare:). I want to invite you to start taking care of your hands and your body now, before you get irreparable damage. Don't wait until you start feeling pain!! By that time the damage is done and all you can do is try to manage the pain. I wrote a few tips to help you, and I urge you to implement them as soon as possible.

Crafting is some serious business -it can be anything from crocheting a doily to welding car rims to create a 10 meter sculpture. Some things hold true to all of them, and I'll do my best to cover as much information as possible. And of course, remember that I'm no physician, so visit your doctor or reumatologist if you believe that you need professional help.

Have you experienced pain while crafting? What do you do to prevent damage? Please tell us your story, and share any tips that you may have.

1. Know what causes damage and pain

If you know what's bad for you, you can avoid it: poor posture, staying still for too long, keeping one position (imagine your hand like a claw), repetitive movements, and stress should be avoided. Lesions can also be craft-specific, like breathing on fumes and dust, chemical burns on your skin, or hearing loss from loud sounds. Ask someone who has practiced the same craft for advice, they may not want you to make the same mistakes.

2. Look for the early signs

Pay close attention to your body and don't ignore the early signs. It's never normal to feel pain in your back or shoulders, do something to change it (and I don't mean taking pain killers - FIX IT). Stiffness or numbness in your hands and articulations should be a warning, try to identify the cause and correct it. It doesn't matter if the signs appear while you craft or a day later, it's always important.

3. Mind your posture

Most of us sit down for hours, crouching down over a project or trying to observe something closer. Your mom told you this already, but I'll do it again: sit down straight on your chair, your shoulders against the back rest, and your feet down on the floor. Take frequent rests to walk around, go to the bathroom, sip some water, etc. I know it's easy to get lost in crafting for hours, so use an alarm if you have to. Try to use the best chair you have, and if your craft allows it try to move while crafting - for example, knit a few rows on the kitchen table in the morning, maybe knit a few more rows on the couch late at night while watching a movie, you get the idea.

Proper posture, people!

4. Upgrade your tools

A lot of work and damage can be avoided by making a few changes, and not all of them need to be expensive. Are you holding your fingers too close when you hold your favorite tool? You can probably extend the handle and give your hand more room. Is it leaving marks on your fingers? Wrap some tape or fabric to give it a softer grip. Observe your tools and try to imagine what kind of improvements you can do. Change your blades often, replace heavy tools with lighter versions, or finally make up your mind about getting that automated tool that you always wanted. Your future medical bill can be more expensive if you don't.

5. Change tasks often

Repetitive movements should be avoided like the plague. Sometimes you can't help it (sorry knitters and crocheters), but if your craft allows it - don't do something for too long. This is something that helped me tremendously, years ago I noticed that my hands started to feel numb at the end of my crafting sessions, and I realized that it was because I was doing a single thing for too long; Now I plan my workload ahead of time and texture a couple of slices of cake, then move to mixing some frosting, then work on a couple of roses, etc. Try to mix things up, it'll also keep you interested.

6. Exercise your hands and body

Warm up before starting, stretch your arms and your back and just enjoy pampering yourself for a few minutes. This is especially important if your craft involves physical strength (like building furniture or forging), make sure that you get your muscles and joints nice and warm before you begin. If you work on crafts that require precision, stretch your hands and shoulders often to avoid stiffness. I recently learned this tip, courtesy of NevaSirenda, and I can't wait to test it.


I had a similar problem when I was doing calligraphy (it didn't help that it was in an unheated studio in upstate New York in the winter.) My doctor suggested I bake bread. The repeated kneading action helps keep the joints soft and limber without the pressure of a harder resistance like you get with the ball, plus the warmth and enzymes from the yeast works its way into the joints to keep the cartilage flexible. When I was doing art and calligraphy for three or four hours a day, I would bake bread once a week and it helped a lot. And nothing lifts my spirits like the smell of bread baking! :) (Smile)

7. Find the support you need

Brookette found comfort in her compression gloves, and I can't tell you how much I love my wrist bracer. :heart: Experiment and see what works best for you, there's a lot of possibilities: research different models, materials and levels of compression, and you can wear them while you craft or when you're done. My bracer holds my wrist aligned, so I use it when I need to make a lot of repetitive movements. My bracer is also made of neoprene, so I use it to keep my muscles warm and aligned after crafting: 30 minutes of wearing this, and I'm pain free the next day!

Thumbs up for my bracer!

I hope that this article will help you prevent damage, or manage it if you're already feeling some symptoms. Take as many tips as you want, and if you have more please share them with us! Remember to take care of yourself, so that you may have many long years of crafting. :)

All About Paper

Tue Feb 9, 2016, 1:22 PM by SinistrosePhosphate:iconsinistrosephosphate:

Artisan Craft Week

Paper is one of the most versatile mediums that exist today. Over the years, people have made and created with paper independently. And here on deviantArt, a number of different kinds of artisans and crafters have come up with different ways to work with paper and give it a unique spin. 

1. Origami: A Japanese term meaning "to fold paper". This art form started out from creating the likeness of animals and plants that people can see around them into specialized and expanded forms. Here are some of the most common ones: 

Single-page/money: Created from a single sheet of paper (or a single "sheet" of paper money), this is probably the most traditional form of origami around. However, don't let the word "traditional" fool you. New designs are constantly being created. And the origami creations can be used as a base for other creative outlets. 
Origami butterfly by Gryph-Draco Green Tinted Flower by Adjcent Two Headed Dragon by Adjcent Beautiful Days... by noisybubbles Kotobukizuru by fractalbeauty25

3D Modular / Kusudama: Both of these types of origami involves folding and creating individual parts then bringing the parts into a whole. Modular origami has been used to build large and intricate designs as a form of paper sculptures. Kusudama (lit: "Medicine ball") is usually round, and involves gluing or sewing different components of folded origami into the shape of a ball.
3D Origami Christmas Swans by jchau Air Bridge Kusudama by Zapper-Slapper Origami 3D Giganotosaurus by minanfranco 3D Origami Chinese Wedding Ornament by jadetiger168Kusudama Venus by koreya-kun

Wet/ moulded: When paper is wet, the opportunities for forming and shaping it becomes endless. When the origami paper is wet during the folding, the usual folding techniques are augmented by crumpling, crimping and twisting. These added techniques and elements are used to give these paper creations a more life-like feeling. 
Origami Swan by Xizh Goddess of Cats by mitanei Gramophone by Cahoonas Fox cub 2014 by HTQuyet Origami Elephant Secondfold by xhudaman

2. Kirigami/Papercutting/Scherenschnitte: Some might argue this is one of the oldest forms of paper-art. Patterns are cut out of a large piece of paper using an interplay between positive and negative spaces. Different traditions have been built on these simple principals around the world. And this gives each region their own unique take on this ancient craft. 

Single Sheet: The image is cut out of a single sheet of paper.  

Papercut by Parth kothekar @ Delhi Comic Con by ParthKothekar Nina Simone by hannahkato Drawlloween 2015 Favorites by daegfire  The Golden Temple - Papercutting Artwork by tusifahmad1 Twilight - Original Papercut by PaperPandaCuts

Layered: The image is composed of multiple sheets of paper layered on top of each other to create the final image. 
Paper Cut Grumpy Cat by tripperfunster The Future Will Be A Wondrous Place by studioofmm Poison Ivy by Papergizmo Papercut Doctor who tardis final by swiftflik HarleyQuinn Papercut by smallrinilady

3. Quilling / Paper filigree: An art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The art of quilling goes back for centuries and is now seeing a resurgence back in the online world.

2D: While the art of quilling always has a vertical element, a "2D" or a "flat" quilling work usually employs the paper filigree on a flat background.
Christmas door decoration with a diameter of 18.5 by pinterzsu Today is brought to you by the letter S by JennLynnMac Quilling Necklaces by Darkwitch116 quilled project tulips  by Zandra-Agorius Paper quilled card for Mom by arosic2

3D: The paper filigree is not limited to a background and can stand up on its own. 
Quilled paper earrings by papersbynena  3D quilling christmas snowman by SabrinasCraftingClub 1st Birthday by Eti-chan Small Christmas decoration by kyomoncraft Lord Ganesha-Front view by VaishaliRastogi

4. Papercraft: Sometimes known by the Japan-derived name "Pepakura", this relatively new form of paper art takes the art of folding paper into the third dimension in order to create figures and machines out of folded (and sometimes reinforced) paper. 

Figures and creatures: The most common form of papercrafting is the creation of a figurine or other creatures. These models are commonly created as a form of fan-art since the creatures and people created usually originated from animations, games and comics. 
 Nyreen Kandros Papercraft by DaiShiHUN Veemon by RakogisPapercraft papercraft Pie sisters by robicraft  Mel Scarlett Gundam Girl: Details by BRSpidey Yoda papercraft by LordBruco

Weapons/diorama/ objects: Buildings, cars, machines and even locations can be recreated as a form of papercraft. These papercrafts are sometimes rigged out with additional LEDs to give them a more life-like appeal. Sometimes they are created to be a life-sized model and can be carried by cosplayers.
Nissan Skyline GTR R34 2 Fast 2 Furious Papercraft by Mironius Star Wars R2D2 papercraft by pesadillaaa3 San Salvador Galleon Papercraft by Mironius The Bates House Papercraft Model by SinistrosePhosphate Cougar update 4 by Hitman85Pl

Cubeecraft: As the name implies, "Cubeecraft" is a form of papercraft that usually takes on the shapes of rough polygons. These simplified versions of familiar characters and objects continue to be a crowd-pleaser and an entry point into the world of papercrafting. 
Paper heroes and cubeecraft collection by asirbachan Deadpool  by otherwld #470 Leafeon CubeeCraft by SuperVegeta71290 Hotel Transylvania 2 Cubeecraft poster11 by SKGaleana 1st Shelve with more CubeeCrafts by SuperVegeta71290

5. Papier-mâché: French for "chewed paper", it's a kind of craft created with wet wood-pulp, usually made from paper. This is reinforced by paper, glue and sometimes textile material. And this composite material offers a limitless amount of opportunities while it's still wet. 

Lepista and Corprinus the bat. Gothic Art Doll by Lauramei Papier Mache Mask: Caeliphera by Zanshinretsu Hand Crafted Sheep Table - Papier Mache Sculpture by KarenCullie Papier mache Deadpool by amandaolbel 67868pb by sDeGently

6. Cards/Labels: Nothing says "I care" more so than handmade cards/labels and gift boxes. And when it comes to these one-of-a-kind creations, paper lends itself very nicely to every occasion. 
carte joyeuses fetes happy holidays card by orijuju Holiday Card Project by ShpooShadowBoxes Archivum Cards by catsy83 Pop Up Birthday Card by Cosmic-Onion-Ring Handmade Paper Doll Card- Bolero Closeup by Raes3DPaperCreations

7. Découpage: An art form consisting of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and aging process. Commonly an object like a small box or an item of furniture is covered by cutouts from magazines or from purpose-manufactured papers. Each layer is sealed with varnishes (often multiple coats) until the "stuck on" appearance disappears and the result looks like painting or inlay work.
Decoupage by Wielogrodzianka Decoupage Christmas decoration by BamSweet666 Elk bottle by DariusMagnolius Coasters: Klimt and Venecia by KLunaria Decoupage #98 by Black-Kot

8: Paper Collages: Collage came from the French word "to glue". A collage may sometimes include magazine and newspaper clippings, ribbons, paint, bits of colored or handmade papers, portions of other artwork or texts, photographs and other found objects, glued to a piece of paper or canvas.
Sand Cactus by PhiLoan Untitled by evieyra Madeline by randallstuartpeik 

Mature Content

XVI. The Tower by randoymwordsart
 Musiktheater by RichardLeach

9: Collage Figures: A relatively new form of paper collage that has emerged in the last 10 years, this form of art combines the precision of papercutting with the spirit of assemblage seen in collage. Usually, an image consists of multiple pieces of precision-cut paper placed together. However, unlike layered papercut (see above), papers of different texture and weight are usually put together to create a collage figure. 
Heart's Beat by Yutaan GI Joe Cover 21 Shadowbox by The-Paper-Pony Song of the Sea by cgurat Celebrian by sassynails Riff-Raff by GopherFrog

10. Paper Sculptures: Being as versatile as it is, paper has been used as a medium for sculpture by itself. Unlike papier-mâché where the medium is built from paper pulp, paper sculpting uses the structure and texture of the paper into consideration. The specific properties of paper is used to its full effect here. 
Dry Clean Only by Dogeared2015 Youth by Wyntrellia Resplendant paper Bird by ZackMclaughlin Paper Lionfish by tru-wulf Paper Boat by soup0verr9000

11. Paper-children/Paper dolls: Paper can be fun! These are just some more ways you can interact with paper and make it fun. 
Oc: Inktober 4 by SophiaTheRose Paperchild- Winry by Moony006 Franky [Paper Child] - My Only Pair! by KamaSenya Princess Elsa by Mauau Paper doll by mirukawa

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