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Beginnings of Site Simplification

Wed May 20, 2015, 2:41 PM
Img-01 by techgnotic


It’s no secret that DeviantArt is a complicated site.  Have you ever invited a friend to DeviantArt, only to have them ask a bunch of questions about how to get started?  Or have you ever spoken with a fellow deviant about a feature you use daily, only to learn they didn't know that feature existed?  It’s our aim to make a new deviant's first experience as inspiring and welcoming as those who have made this community their home.  We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make DeviantArt a simplified and unified experience and, as mentioned in the DeviantArt Timeline, today we are announcing the beginnings of a site simplification process.

In the coming weeks and months, DeviantArt will begin to make changes to the way things are named and where they appear.  Each of these decisions is informed by analysis of real member behavior for both logged-in and logged-out deviants.  Our goal is to present experiences we all love at DeviantArt more clearly and reduce instances of confusion that contribute to complexity.  Ultimately, this should improve participation from everybody — adding more favourites, comments, and deviousness to the site as a whole.

Cleaning Up Naming

A while back, we asked the community about collections usage.  In response, we heard things like, “Collections?  Do you mean the folders in our galleries?” and “Do you mean the journals where people feature a collection of artwork?”  These are perfect examples around how the naming conventions on DeviantArt — the names we’ve given products and features — need work.

DeviantArt has been around for 15 years.  As mentioned, the site is admittedly complicated and there are many terms, often with multiple meanings, that deviants need to learn as a member.  When we designed the DeviantArt Mobile App, we were able to essentially start from scratch and focus on keeping things simple.  Now it’s time to bring that same mentality to the desktop site by removing complications and consolidating site terminology.

We’ll provide explicit details soon, but here are some examples of how we might change terms used on the site’s navigation:

  • Favourites, “Collections”, the “featured” folder in your favourites, and +fave could become: favourites
  • Gallery, deviations, art, and artwork could become: deviations
  • Watch, watchlist, deviantWATCH, and +watch could become: watch
  • Messages, notifications, notices, hot topics, and inbox could become: notifications

  • Members, deviants, users, and visitors could become: deviants

Navigation Design: Tier One

When looking at our existing navigation, emphasis is placed on search, shop, and DeviantArt’s home/browse.  However, we know that deviants prefer to visit their messages, profile, and so on. 

Let's take a look at the site's most used features and functions, and see how they can be translated into a new, easier to use navigation.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 8.04.02 PM by danlev
(Please note: This is just a representation for how the new site navigation could be structured. It is not meant to be a design nor does it use real colors. For now, we're only focusing on the placement of DeviantArt's core features.)
In the new header arrangement above, the logo would bring you to your watch, notifications (messages) are represented by the number “264” (not necessarily consolidated into one number), Notes are represented by “8”, search, and explore come afterwards, but are still at the top.

We plan on splitting Messages into three distinct components:

  • Watch, which is currently the “deviantWATCH” section of your messages, is content submitted by the people you watch. Since deviantWATCH is vital to community health and we want to optimize this experience for the consumption of deviations by deviants you +Watch.

  • Notifications will replace what is currently the “feedback” section of messages. In the future, this will be a more powerful experience than what it is today. Based on community feedback, using Messages can often feel like a chore.  We’ve also heard that deviants avoid checking their Messages because of how cluttered everything can become, so our aim is to make notifications smarter and easier to manage.

  • Notes. We have exciting plans for notes.  In the near future, we’ll be bringing them to our Mobile App and, a little further out, we’ll be transitioning them to a more chat-like system.

Search and explore also appear on the top navigation:

  • Search will function similar to how it works today, with an improved design.

  • Explore, which is currently known as browse (and the front-page), will include What’s Hot, Daily Deviations, Today, etc.

Navigation Design: Tier Two

Below is a potential second level navigation:

2nd Level Navigation by danlev

Our watch system is the center of the DeviantArt experience for every deviant and we want to bring it to the homepage of DeviantArt.

The beauty of this design option for our home experience is that these elements can be mirrored on profiles and have the same experiences. If profile “tabs” and home/watch “tabs” were organized in the same manner, DeviantArt would be a lot easier for new people to use. Symmetry would make DeviantArt intuitive. Today, we’re suffering under the load of features and naming conventions that create a giant cloud of confusion.

Feature Symmetry by danlev

We want to streamline DeviantArt’s naming conventions, so that we can present a profile featuring exactly what you are then able to watch: deviations, deviants, favourites, journals, and commissions.

Changes in naming and updates to the interface in this direction will not happen all at once, but will instead roll out over time. Small changes may begin happening as soon as next week.

Share Your Thoughts

As DeviantArt grows, we strive to find more ways to connect you with the things and people that matter to you most, but we're becoming more and more cognizant of wanting to simplify the process — so that we can bring you the best experience and do it well.

  • How will these types of changes impact your experience at DeviantArt?  

  • What other things can we unify or simplify?

  • Which site terms/names do you find confusing?  Which took you a while to understand? 
  • Post a status update about Timeline!

i'm doing a fun pixel icon giveaway for one of my lucky watchers!
new watchers welcome !!

you could win a pixel icon from me like these!!
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all you have to do is...
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if you want DOUBLE ENTRIES please create a journal or poll about this contest and link it in your comment! 

i will respond to you with your raffle number(s) and announce the winner through!

tysm guys ^O^!!! goodluck everyone!

ending date MAY 30TH

Collection: Celestial Illusions

Wed May 20, 2015, 12:52 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic

Back when it was common knowledge that the sun and all the planets revolved around our Earth, the phenomena of solar and lunar eclipses were mysterious and terrifying occurrences. Were the gods unhappy with us? Were these heavenly messages indicating the End of Days had arrived? Emperors and kings often felt a familial connection with the Sun, and so feared its temporary withdrawal from the sky to be a warning of its unhappiness with royal actions. Desperate penance often followed.

Galileo finally corrected our planetary map to reveal eclipses to simply be shadows. We now study eclipses for scientific insights – like proving Einstein’s “general theory of relativity” to be correct (wherein gravity is described as the warping of space-time). But we can also enjoy the beauty of these rare wonders. As this deviants’ gallery shows, the eclipse is forever many an artist’s inspirational source for the many mysteries of our universe still waiting to be reliably explained.

If your ego starts out, ‘I am important, I am big, I am special,’ you're in for some disappointments when you look around at what we’ve discovered about the universe. No, you’re not big. No, you’re not. You’re small in time and in space. And you have this frail vessel called the human body that’s limited on Earth.”

— Neil degrasse Tyson

It vexes me when they would constrain science by the authority of the Scriptures, and yet do not consider themselves bound to answer reason and experiment.”

— Galileo Galilei

There is no science in this world like physics. Nothing comes close to the precision with which physics enables you to understand the world around you. It’s the laws of physics that allow us to say exactly what time the sun is going to rise. What time the eclipse is going to begin. What time the eclipse is going to end.”

— Neil degrasse Tyson

Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.”

— Carl Sagan

Hello everyone!
To celebrate my graduation along with bringing a breath of fresh air to this seemingly dying deviantart atmosphere (which is sure to liven up around the next week or two beCAUSE SUMMER), I've decided to hold a contest!

:star::star:THIS CONTEST WILL END CIRCA 8PM SUNDAY, JUNE 21st 2015:star::star:

The last contest was a blast and there were many great entries, and I hope to see the same light shine when it comes to your inner talents for design!
In this contest I hope to get you all out of your comfort zones and explore what you're capable of! It'll be a great experience for practice and a fun chance to win big bucks!


In this contest, you have the simple task of designing me a character. That's it!
If you haven't seen my immense collection of characters yet, you're missing out!
Just kidding.
If you haven't seen them, then you're not aware of what I'm looking for in this contest.
And that's absolutely nothing
I have NO CONSISTENCY when it comes to what I like. I'm diverse in my tastes, and that can range from the simple to the insanely complicated, from greyscale to eye cancer-inducing LSD palettes. But.
I am specific. I like things that have palettes that flow together, not something splashed all higglety-pigglety on the base. I like aesthetic appeal, unique themes, ect.
If you wanna make me a dog, make me a dang dog! 

:star: EXTRAS :star:

All five winners will be receiving monetary prizes as well as other consolation.
If you don't win and want to let me keep what you've made, I'd love that!
If you don't win and want to sell it to me, I'd love if you brought it up (if I don't before then)
There's bound to be characters that don't win that I'll still want, so don't make any plans for them yet! <3
TRY. Spend time on your entry, study, make it work! It'll look great and reflect on how much you put into it!
:star::star:ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!!:star::star:
CLOSED SPECIES DESIGNS AND BASES ARE ACCEPTABLE However, they are both less likely to be chosen as winners unless they are a species I've shown tremendous interest in before (see cheebs for babs journal) or originally drawn, since bases are not that attractive to put a unique design on.

:star:WHAT CAN I DRAW FOR YOU?:star:

Like I said above, I don't care what species or vegetable you make for me.
I will accept anything from humans to dogs to birds to alien kaiju zombiefucks, I don't care! <3 I love variety!
With over 300+ characters, theres bound to be something I like that you're comfortable drawing! <3
--Anthro or feral, I DONT CARE
-I'm fine with gore, sex, and explicitly-themed character designs (in fact, I'd love a sex toy based character someday, how cool would that be??)
-No fetish inspired ones (sorry, by sexual I don't mean piss, vomit, shit, diapers, or extreme BDSM (moderate is fine))
-I like humans! Human/mutant/vampire/hybrid/sphinx/mythological/ect.
-Try to get inspiration from cool, new stuff like songs, a painting, feelings, a stage set you saw, retro horror movies ect. Be creative!
-Need cool ideas/inspiration? (look at the comments, too!)
Abstract concept theme challenge!So these themes unlike those in my other fabulous lists will be more, well, abstract. Meaning you and I will have to think harder, smarter, more creatively to create creatures based off of concepts not normally chosen by the artist. 
The concepts marked with a ♢ have been developed and/or have an idea already uvu I want to try and get 100 of these down!
1. Optical illusions ♢
2. Hugging
3. Whispers
4. Walking/running/sprinting
5. Numbness
6. Soreness
7. Tiptoeing
8. Storybook ♢
9. Orgasms
10. Heartache
11. Listening
12. Lust
13. Spinal nerves
14. Luck
Feel free to suggest more!
Post themes! GORE AND SCIENCE THEMESAnything from biology to astronomy to shoulder blade wings and gut hair.
See through heads, space clouds, mitosis, vertebrae, sickle cells, blood, gore (be specific)
BE CREATIVE OR BE VAGUE BUT try to be specific like
guts squeezed out like toothpaste from a tube
outside-the body lungs
coughing up space clouds
deaths of stars
eyeball nipples 
idc gimme themes
LIKE  there's one disease where damaged tissue regrows itself as bone, and you can't break it to move again because it would grow back as more bone until the skeleton just becomes a prison (it would look like a bone spiderweb look it up)

Anything you learned in highschool biology / anatomy/physiology / tumblr / things you saw on reddit you wish you didn't see (not baby dissections or kitten pancakes please)
That's right! No lame themes like hearts, love, hate, goth, and crap like that. I want real, cool, awesome themes that jutt out from your mind. 
If you think of anything cool, ANYTHING, post it below! 
Things include:
Song lyrics, bugs, alien bugs, sweater patterns hipster clothes, peppers, glass bottles, clouds, sex toys, stained glass cat eyeballs I don't care!
Just keep posting random cool stuff! ♡
Juicy alien beetles
Fused pearls
Gross imaginary surgical equipment
Two headed knit sweater bear
Grunge unicorn


Feel free to donate prizes! ♥ However I am not responsible for contacting winner and connecting them with you. You donate, you do business!
I AM NOT CAPABLE OF POINT CONVERSIONS OF THE MONETARY PRIZES RIGHT NOW. If you win and happen to not have a paypal, we will discuss other forms of consolation.

-$100 via Paypal
-5 cheebs from me

-$50 via paypal
-a cheeb from me

-$30 via paypal
-a cheeb from me

-$20 via paypal
-a cheeb from me

-$20 via paypal
-a cheeb from me
EDIT: Yes, I know he's indigo. Stop calling me an idiot. I was just trying to hype you guys for no reason.


What by Koili

wha at T by Koili

bonennN WHAT by Koili

whHALT/?? by Koili









7,000+ Watcher Giveaway! Raffle password required

Journal Entry: Wed May 20, 2015, 9:48 AM
Carrying on the tradition of running milestone Giveaways, I've decided to conduct this one a little bit differently after giving some thought as the comment system has become very cumbersome and time consuming as last giveaway I probably spent a little over 12 hours just focusing on constantly giving out numbers, checking and verifying everything was in order and I can only see that time getting longer each time.

So instead of doing that, the rules have changed up a bit.

There is also a password system implemented, which you must comment in order for your number to be valid. You will find the words somewhere on this page! This is to ensure you read everything.ALSO THE PASS OCCASSIONALLY CHANGES TO PREVENT COMMENT SKIMMING FOR THE PASS



1st Place:
1000 :points:
2nd place: 500 :points:
3rd place: 250 :points:
4th place: A ticket which you can use to get a free premade Tuftusk Tuftusk Info Sheet by RibooTuftusks flat sale [Open 2/3] by Riboo, my Closed Species OR a Micro chibi drawing
5th place: Micro chibi drawing of your choice

Donated Prizes

:iconjarydeb: Has donated a Canine head shot drawing to 5th place! Thank you!
:iconteacakee: Has donated a icon to 1st -3rd place and a llama to all! Thank you!
:iconcoffeeotter: Has donated a drawing to 3rd place and a llama! Thank you!
:iconsilvesary: Has donated a SAI drawing with a complex BG to 2nd place! Thank you!
:icongrykusu: Has donated a fullbody pixel to 4th and a custom design to 5th! Thank you!
:iconfufuusagi: Has donated sketches or traditional drawings to each place! Thank you!
:iconmarriland4ever: Has donated a catified version of the winner's character for 1st and 2nd! Thank you!
:iconwolfbecca: has donated a full bodied drawing with flats for 4th and 5th place! Thank you!
:iconkemurigakurekaze: Has donated drawing with basic walk sprite and a basic walk sprite custom to 2nd-3rd place! Thank you!
:iconkatauroramist: Has donated pixel sprites and llamas to all the winners! Thank you!


  • Please be polite! Any rude/inappropriate comments will be hidden and can result in you getting banned from the raffle as well as future raffles.
  • YOU MUST ENTER THE PASSWORD. I'm not sure how to make this any more clear XD 
  • You must be watching this account, new watchers are welcome! I will be checking! Please don't enter and watch my account if you don't plan on sticking around afterward .m.
  • You must favorite this journal, otherwise you will not be entered, this is how I will be giving numbers this time
  • Optional: You may write a journal advertising this giveaway, (hi) however, unlike past giveaways, I will not be giving bonus chances for it.
  • Optional: You may tag as many people as you want
  • Optional: You may become a featured deviant on my page if you'd like! Permanent features get 10 extra chances to win, monthly will receive 1 extra chance!
  • Optional: You may donate prizes if you'd like! This doesn't earn you any extra chances, but it's fun to giveaway things to others! I will add your generous donation onto a place of your choosing. (mark)
The raffle will end a week from now on 5/27/15 12PM CTZ The winners will be announced shortly after and the prizes delivered ASAP

Remember When... by dem0nsprite Yuu--Payment For taeyuni by dem0nsprite
[OC] Flying high by Pepperly [OC] Leilani by Pepperly
In the light of the day DTA #6 by Willuvee Snowfall ref by Willuvee
Sketchy Nora by Tigerpaint333 Lapis Lazuli by Tigerpaint333
Lucitania by Vulpesrune -AT- Bubble Bubble by Vulpesrune
4mw by AneurysmGuyPorin raatihuone by AneurysmGuy
CT: Team Lightning by StarJita CT: Raridose-Theme 1 by StarJita
Tumblr: Temporarilycheating
Wolfy (fullmoon state) by wolfdragonblood Wolfy's Mom Rose (head-shot) by wolfdragonblood
The New Face of Play Time by emiemi345:CE: - Starry Mishca (batfruit) by emiemi345
My Comics by Raichulolrat Conflict Page cover by Raichulolrat
My Patreon by CherubGemPokemon Contest + Speed Paint by CherubGem
Arcaxon OFFICIAL Reff Sheet by cmm97productions My beautiful city of Quebec! [Photography] [Free] by cmm97productions
Undine by Dame-Hailey Bladed Magus by Dame-Hailey
Gift-Commission-Request-Idk: Raichu and his cake by Plapatin
Noir by flugymalugyRandom Canine Drawing by flugymalugy
[Gift] IF YOU LIKE PINA COLADAS by alarmed-dingoes[Gift] Cheshire by alarmed-dingoes
Afternoon- by TsuukiyomiFailing At Everything I Do by Tsuukiyomi
Chase a couple Hearts, We can leave them in Shreds by Nightshade-Galaxy
Shiny Audino by MurphyAlterTyranitar's Debut by MurphyAlter
Peakring by ForestillingAudrey and Ellethia by Forestilling
The Twins Are Back And Better Than Ever by Marshy--MellowAT: Ketchikan by Marshy--Mellow
Shunichi Akihiro by Megane--Sama [DA II]: Wulf Hawke by Megane--Sama
{Candy} by Truucey[Animation - Gravity Falls Intro WiP] by Truucey
Excrossfire Comic Pg 1 by pixichiSTEALTH AND WITCHCRAFT COVER (ALL PARTS IN ONE!) by pixichi
My new Fursona by TechnoBirdContest Entry by TechnoBird
FREE adopt! .:TAKEN:. by Maddy-Is-Part-DemonNew OCs by Maddy-Is-Part-Demon
OC drawing by XtoxicXtheXkittenX:thumb477637467:
. B e a u t y . by KuchikixRukiaK a w a i i by KuchikixRukia
Trainer Rosilia Chibi*animated* by MuseRoseFairy Trainer Rosilia by MuseRose

Monthly Feature

:icongrykusu: 6/20/15

Get Featured Here!

:bulletred: Donate 10 :points: For every month you want to be featured!
:bulletblue: Donate 200 :points: and get featured for life!
:bulletred: If you want to include two (to make the widget look sleeker than with 3 which clutters it) of your best works to be featured along with your tumblr, please include them in your donation description or send me a note!

How does becoming featured benefit me?
:bulletred: You'll get more exposure this way and more chances of others seeing your art!
:bulletblue: You're automatically entered in any giveaway I do (Total of 17 giveaways so far!), Deviants permanently featured will get a greater chance of winning than others, so this means you might get free art, subs or other things for quite the bargain!
:bulletred: Occassionally I'll hold a raffle just for featured deviants, this means you get a greater chance at winning than you would a giveaway open to the general audience!
:bulletblue:Here's an example of some prizes I've given away in the past!
[Pokemon Prize] - Aromtisse by Riboo [Prize] - Charizard by Riboo [Prize] - Arcanine by Riboo

  • Mood: Joy
So yeah this is our second Contest this year, with more prize , more cool subject. This time you have more variety to here is the simple rules and enter the contest.

1) Draw an artwork showing a group of 5 Friends.
2) 3 Boys 2 Girls (should be Humans)
3) That's it you can use any medium.Image should show these friends.
4) Upload the image and note us with Link.
5) For reference see the below images.
6) Winning image will be used officially by our team.

Deadline - 1st June 2015

1) First prize - 1000 points
2) Second prize - 500 points
3) Third prize - 100 points
4) Everybody - 20 points

Good luck, Love you all - mrfarts Inc. We artists stay united


Crazy photos with  friends by ChocoHalMy Best Friends :D by DenoriiDae and Friends by strxbeF.R.I.E.N.D.S. by rimirinchanforever friends by rue-differentNeli and friends by AmandindeMerry and Friends by shrimpHEBYMy friends my lovely friends by hadeshaMy friends' by GretluskyWith my best friends~ by NarukoMegpoidgroup of friends by DeEttaFriends by TheBabmanfriends by HimecoCommission - friends! by moremindmel0dy

It's time for Fanime! :D

Journal Entry: Wed May 20, 2015, 10:39 AM

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for the amazing birthday wishes and gifts! <3 It's been a crazy year for me working on the Axent Wear cat ear headphones that I designed, and learning to deal with the unpleasant business side of things (my co-founder has been impossible to work with). Because of all that, I haven't been able work on my comics or draw as much as I used to. However, I'll be back into full swing soon with new comic updates and lots more art and tutorials. I've also been meaning to livestream for a long time now :)

With that said, I'm super exited to see all of my friends again and to make new friends at Fanime this year! :w00t:  I'll be there for the entire con from May 22-25 in the San Jose Convention Center. As usual, I'll be in the Artist Alley (table 623) with prints and more! Feel free to come by and hang out! :D


Our "5000 points and 24 months PM giveaway" went great and winners were very happy so let's do it again of 16,000 point! 
Complete all these steps to enter the Giveaway.


  Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Fav this Journal.
  Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Watch :iconmadam-shyarly: (contributed 10,000 Points for this Giveaway).
  Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Comment anything on this journal.

Multiple Entries (Higher Chance of winning):-

Donate me to get more entries.
  Turquoise Bullet - F2U! 1-10 : 2 Entries
  Turquoise Bullet - F2U! 10-20 : 3 Entries
  Turquoise Bullet - F2U! 20-30 : 7 Entries
  Turquoise Bullet - F2U! 30-50 : 10 Entries
  Turquoise Bullet - F2U! 50-200 : 15 Entries
  Turquoise Bullet - F2U! 200-1000: 25 Entries + Watch Featured on this Journal.


There will be 9 winners.
  Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! 1st: 5000 Points 
  Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! 2nd: 5000 Points 
  Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! 3rd: 5000 Points 
  Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! 4th: 5000 Points 
  Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! 5th: 1000 Points 
  Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! 6th: 1000 Points 
  Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! 7th: 1000 Points 
  Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! 8th: 1000 Points 
  Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! 9th: 1000 Points 


This Giveaway ends when we reach 25,000 points.
Current points balance: 10,000 points (Thank you to Madam-Shyarly for it)

Also Join 12,200 Points Giveaway

I will type out longer thoughts on this matter later, but I have been learning quite a lot in my current professional practices art class. 

This class has truly helped to redefine how I approach commissioned artwork.

To anyone who is considering art/illustration/graphic design as a career, I highly recommend investing in this book: Graphic Artist's Guild: Handbook to Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. 
This book outlines industry standards for artwork and how all artists should approach commission and design projects. 
It outlines transfer of rights and the cost of buying certain rights. 

Many non artists or people who aren't familiar with how the art industry works, assume that when they purchase a commission from an artist they are buying all of the rights that go along with it.  This is absolutely NOT the case.  All rights can be negotiated or bought at an additional fee, but unless stated and paid for the artist retains all rights.  
Buying the exclusive rights to a project can increase the project price from a few hundred to a few thousand.  As soon as you as an artist give up your rights, you are severely handicapping yourself and should be compensated accordingly. 

This is a really great response to a very naive assumption that I found on a public blog that was sharing an artist's sample contract.  The first comment is a common misconception shared by many commissioners. The second comment is an artist's appropriate response : 

"As a person who pays for commissioned work... If I pay you for the work, I own the results of that work. I would never sign or pay anyone based on this agreement. There is no way that I would commission a work and not expect to hold 100% rights of all forms on it. Now .. if you were showing a piece of art that you previously created prior to us meeting and I wanted to purchase for whatever reason .. that is a different story. But if I come to you and say "I will pay you $250 to draw a picture of my boat." You draw the picture and I pay you .. I own it all the rights and liabilities that come along with it. Why would I pay you to do work if you could go elsewhere and make money based off the concept that I presented to you and paid you to work on?"

"As a person who pays for commissioned work... If I pay you for the work, I own the results of that work." -Vonshavingcream That statement is true only if you and the artist agree to it in writing. Anyone that creates a piece of work will hold the rights to the creation. Most people never pay to own the full rights of the work. By saying you own the work an artist makes, it means that the artist would not be allowed to sell future copies of the piece they created. (lets say that the artist retains scans and digital copies of the work) So if I make someone a really cool drawing, I retain the right to sell prints of my work in the future. You would not see any money from my prints selling because you do not own rights to the work. If you are trying to get an artist to make an illustration for a series of shirts or posters, the artist will still retain the rights to use that work elsewhere so long as it doesn't conflict with your license. You pay for the license to use the work on a shirt or poster for X amount of time. You could propose a buy out, which is what most companies/clients want. The only issue with a buy out is that no artist would ever sell their work with full rights for $250, that is simply too low. Any upstart illustrators should now that a full buy out should always be avoided unless the client is offering a stupidly large amount of money that would cover your for your potential losses. Most people don't understand how the art industry works, even in the fine art world, buying an original painting doesn't mean you purchase the rights to the work. I'f I create an oil painting and you buy the original for $4500 I still retain the right to sell digital copies to a calendar company to generate revenue. You as the purchaser of the original will not see any of that money, because you did not create the painting. "'I will pay you $250 to draw a picture of my boat.' You draw the picture and I pay you .. I own it all the rights and liabilities that come along with it." -Vonshavingcream The same is true with a boat painting/drawing. I retain the rights to take copies of this boat picture and sell to make additional profit, unless you tell me, "Nope, I plan to sell copies of this boat paiting to to make some money." Then I say, "Well if you plan to make money off the painting, I'll have to up my charge from $640 to $4500" This will cover the loss of revenue I had expected to make. You'll note that I did not type out the "$250" If I take 16 hours (2 working days) to get you a spectacular boat illustration then I expect to make $40 per hour for the job. I expect to make $40/hr because I'm a trained artist and probably have a degree in art that I earned from a college or university. I expect that my time and effort studying and developing my skills has earned me the ability to charge at the very least $40 an hour.

--Miguel Coronado

This response very nicely states how most artists should be viewing their work and time if they are in fact going to be professionals.  

Here on deviantART, something more applicable to consider might be how to approach a client who wants a commissioned work of their original character.  If the client doesn't wish for the artist to use reproduce the image for additional profit (prints, stickers, whatever), what is the appropriate cost of commission?

Let's say you are working on a badge commission that will take you 2 hours.  You are not a professional yet.  You don't have a haven't gone through art school (as stated in the above scenario).  You should still be looking to make at least minimum wage plus additional expenses.

 Let's say cost of materials are about $5 ($1 for the badge clip, $2 for laminating supplies, $2 for additional supplies).  Add the cost of shipping, let's say $3. Add the cost of time corresponding with the client- Let's say an hour.  If you want to make $10/hour (a good wage if you are in high school) you should be charging almost $40 for this badge commission. 3 hours of time + $5 for supplies +$3-$5 for shipping.  If the client values your time and skill they should happily pay this amount. 
Note that this amount doesn't take taxes into account, which should always be a factor. Look up local sales tax laws and expect 20% of your profit to go to federal taxes (for those inside the US). Business expenses such as shipping, materials, and studio maintenance can be deducted.   

Now let's say that the client wishes to negotiate rights.  They don't want this badge winding up on ANYONE else.  This is a big deal.  You won't be able to see any additional revenue from this creation.  The Graphic Artist's Guild: Handbook to Pricing and Ethical Guidelines states that as the creator, you should be asking for a 200-400% increase.   It is important to note that the only rights transferred to a client upon a commission's completion are those that are negotiated in writing.  No assumed rights are transferred.  If the client now wishes to make prints of this badge to sell to their friends, this is any additional right that must be negotiated. 

It is important as an artist to understand your rights and your worth.  Don't undervalue yourself or your profession otherwise you are doing yourself and the community a disservice.  

The Graphic Artist's Guild: Handbook to Pricing and Ethical Guidelines includes some very nice sample contracts, letters of agreement, and invoice templates for those of you looking to take your art in a more professional direction.
If you don't yet think you are ready for contracts, remember that any written text agreed to over email or even deviantART notes is actually legally binding.  It can be a suitable replacement for neatly typed formal contract.  Just be sure to list your terms and fees clear and concise.  A simple conformation email can serve as a legally binding signature.
Feel free to check the bottom of my commission page for my current terms of service if you are confused how something like this should look.  My deviantART terms of service are by no means written in legal jargon, but they get the job done.  Feel free to copy, paste, tweak and use them for your own commission pages :)

Edit: A note I forgot to include is that inside the US (and many other countries) works are copyrighted automatically upon their completion; however to settle a dispute in court you will want to register your works for an official copyright.  This can be done up to 5 years after the fact.  Many works can be submitted together as a collection to avoid a ton of individual fees. 

Like I said, I will be writing more on this matter later, but for now, if you guys have any questions or points to add, feel free!
The more artists who begin to understand and think this way- the better our industry will prosper.