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Wed Nov 26, 2014, 6:05 PM

Turkey by MikariStarPixel Turkey by Galialay  Hi Everyone! Here's a Turkey Week Giveaway, as promised! ᐛPixel Turkey by GalialayTurkey by MikariStar


I'm doing a giveaway to help draw some traffic to my page! It's very VERY hard to get ahead on dA, and I really have no other options ;x;'
I am a good artist, so please check out my gallery, I'd really appreciate it! ; ;

Pixel Turkey by GalialayTurkey by MikariStarRULES:Turkey by MikariStarPixel Turkey by Galialay

Favorite this Journal entry! ( +1 Number )
Once you favorite, leave a comment saying you did, and I'll assign you a number!
Please DO NOT  remove your favorite until after the giveaway ends, or you will be disqualified!

Turkey icon by MikariStar

Turkey by MikariStarOPTIONAL BONUS ENTRIES:Turkey by MikariStar

Make a journal advertising the giveaway and link it back here! ( +2 Numbers )
(Polls DO NOT count as journals. Polls are no longer accepted as of this edit.)

Watch me and favorite at least 1 of my deviations! (You must do both.) ( +1 Number )

**If you are a PREVIOUS WATCHER PRIOR TO THIS DATE you get ( +2 Numbers )

**(For those who are already a watcher, you MUST state you were a watcher before this giveaway. Those caught lying in an attempt to cheat will be immediately disqualified and black-listed from any future giveaways.)

Turkey by MikariStarFeel free to ask any questions!Turkey by MikariStar

Turkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarTHE GIVEAWAY ENDS DECEMBER 7 THTurkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStar




Turkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarIF YOU DO THE OPTIONAL ENTRIES, PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH ONES YOU DID!Turkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStar
Failure to do this may end up in skipped entry numbers, and I will not be responsible for that!

Winners will be decided through a random number generator!


Turkey by MikariStar

Turkey by MikariStarI hope this all goes well! Turkey by MikariStar

In the meantime, checkout some of my artwork! ;v;
[Design] Ectoplasm by Solar-ParagonCOM: Kiwi Niwi Reference by Solar-ParagonCOM: Jeigh The Springbok [custom] by Solar-ParagonReed Charmer Zhimatu by Solar-ParagonJungle Shaman [open] by Solar-Paragon
[Design] Wandering Minstrel by Solar-ParagonRemember Me [design] by Solar-ParagonSomber Dusk [design] by Solar-Paragon[Design] Xenocite by Solar-ParagonAmbrosia Zhimatu by Solar-Paragon
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Interested in commissioning me? Just send me a note! I'll work with any budget, be it points or paypal!
( Ranges From $1.00 To $100.00, feel free to make me an offer for what you want drawn with what you can afford! )
Paypal Customs List: OPEN (Updated)General rules:
1. Payment must be up-front. No exceptions.
2. The prices listed are general. They may not apply to your specific custom. Your custom may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what you want drawn. If you want a true quote, please just note me. I don't bite. uvu
3. All commissioners will receive the full, unwatermarked images of their custom, for their private use. Only the watermarked images may be used by the commissioner..
5. If you have any questions at all, please ask! ouo
6. If your funds are limited, you're free to make me an offer with what you do have.
8. You may only repost the image given to you that is watermarked. This

Paypal Commissions: Points For Limited Time OPENGeneral rules:
1. All Payment will be up-front. No exceptions to this rule.
2. The prices listed are general. They may not apply to your specific commission. Your commission may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what you want drawn. If you want a true quote, please just note me. I don't bite. o7o
3. All commissioners will receive the full, unwatermarked image(s) of their commission, for their private use, which may not be used publicly.
5. If you have any questions at all, please ask! ouo
6. If your funds are limited, you're free to make me an offer with what you do have.


Specialty Point/USD Discount Commissions OPENPoint commissions are only applicable to certain art types, as follows. Paypal is a buying option for all commission types throughout this specialty journal, and my regular commission journal.
These are Specialty commissions which don't fit in my regular journal. They're discount buying types not readily available from me, and are a bit cheaper than my full-scale artwork.
My main commissions journal is here:
All rules are still applicable for these.
Just ask if you have a question! ouo
Prices slightly lower for less-detailed characters, just ask if your character applies for a discount!
I have a very fast turn-out time .u.
Once this journal closes, all prices will go up and will not be available at this tier anymore.
USD Buyers will receive a slightly higher-quality image than Points buyers.
Sorry but, I have bills. ono;


1. Simple 600px Icon

200:points: OR $2.00 USD


Artistic Journey Challenge Winners

Wed Nov 26, 2014, 12:05 PM

Running Towards Improvement by TheK40

All three of our winners had a different take on their personal creative journey. From their experiences learning to avoid roadblocks and detours, to the fight against that which would hinder self-improvement, and through the journey of self-encouragement and growth, all our winners have great advice to anyone out there challenging themselves to create great things through art. Congratulations to the three winners! Share your own story on improving self-development.

Judges' Comments

"Here we have a clear window into this artist's journey. We get to see all the way back to his humble beginnings, struggling with drawing stick figures, up to the point where he's totally nailed line, color, and perspective. With a wonderfully clever and pleasing composition, this piece even gives us the chance to see the artist dodge an obstacle on the way down his creative road."

Judges' Comments

"Wylielise mingles both traditional and digital platforms to create a beautiful marriage of old and new, showing both in technique and illustration that there are many roads you can traverse and several ways to get there on your own artistic journey."

Judges' Comments

"This piece covers various mediums of art and shows how an artist must experiment with a variety of materials throughout their artistic journey. The composition of intricately placed details tells a story most artists can relate to."

Storytellers of the Future

Thu Nov 27, 2014, 2:02 PM
Storyteller by hyenacub by techgnotic

What kind of new narratives will 21st Century storytellers create for our changing world?

Brain Games host Jason Silva tackled that question in a two-minute video called "Lucid Dreaming," outlining the tremendous opportunities (and challenges) facing 21st Century storytellers. As our relationship to technology evolves, the stories we tell each other will change as well.

It’s always fun to imagine what the future will look like and how we will tell stories in this new world.

Silva used culture writer Erik Davis' description of immersive storytelling, a way to create a sort of lucid dream for the reader or viewer:

Immersive works of art or entertainment are increasingly not content to simply produce a new range of sensations. Instead, they often function as portals into other worlds."

— Erik Davis

Silva also quoted Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace by Janet H. Murray, a scholarly book looking at the future of storytelling. Silva explained how readers and viewers interact with a story:

So powerful is our desire to be immersed that it's not just that we suspend disbelief, but that we actually create belief--using our sophisticated intelligence to reinforce our belief in the story world, rather than to question it. We actively metabolize belief through story ... The narratives of the future have the potential to transform what it means to be human to employ landscapes of the mind and turn subjective experience into a living, breathing painting; a wake-walking dream.”

— Janet H. Murray

Murray's book was published in 1997, but it is still very relevant for readers, viewers and creators. She raised questions that still need to be answered as technology evolves.

Here is an inspiring passage from her book:

I find myself anticipating a new kind of storyteller, one who is half hacker, half bard. The spirit of the hacker is one of the great creative wellsprings of our time, causing the inanimate circuits to sing with ever more individualized and quirky voices; the spirit of the bard is eternal and irreplaceable, telling us what we are doing here and what we mean to one another. I am drawn to imagining a cyberdrama of the future by the same fascination that draws me to the Victorian novel. I see glimmers of a medium that is capacious and broadly expressive, a medium capable of capturing both the hairbreadth movements of individual human consciousness and the colossal crosscurrents of global society.

What do you think? Who are the writers leading this storytelling revolution?

The wonders of narrative immersion possible through new tech advances are truly amazing.  My only worry is that as with every other academic subject our youth are slipping in due to disuse, the intellectual muscles that created the worlds in which we as young readers had suspended disbelief are beginning to atrophy.

Children’s stories, or for that matter stories for any age group, should not rise or fall on how well the illustrators and animators built the backgrounds I see in my 3D virtual reality wraparound glasses.  At a certain point, pure storytelling (great writing) is going to begin becoming just another element in the overall narrative, and with its primacy reduced, become all the weaker and mundane.

Your Thoughts

  1. Have you ever had a favorite novel spoiled by a bad TV or film adaptation?

  2. Have you ever watched a movie before reading the book, only to find the adaptation more exciting and thoughtful and satisfying than anything in the original source material?


Journal Entry: Wed Nov 26, 2014, 9:32 AM

Please unwatch me. I do not want to be watched by people who have a different opinions than mine OR simply prefer to be neutral about something, EVEN if you have no idea what you need to have an opinion on or didn't hear the whole story, you cannot be indifferent to the situation. There is only two sides to an issue, a good and a bad one. If you don't pick one or don't support mine, you are disgusting! So please unwatch me, NO exceptions! Because you shouldn't have the right to watch my art if your opinion is different!

/end of sarcasm

You probably know what I'm talking about by now. If not, then that's ok and you can move on to something else.

I choose to not share my opinion about this. If you choose to assume what my opinion is and now hate me for it, then that's your problem, not mine.

Issues can be complexes things, it's not simply black & white, with a side A and a side B. I refuse to pick a strict side on anything that I'm not 100% sure of what really happened, with all the biased info the media are giving, if that make any sense. I won't agree/disagree with something because it's what the majority expect me to do and want from me. I'm not sheep.

I will make my own search and build my own opinions, no matter if others agree with it or not. I prefer to listen to people that are more neutral and open minded, than listening to people forcing me to agree with them or otherwise there is probably something very wrong with me.

And please, if you start trying to justify your side/post proofs/etc, congrats for missing the point of this journal.

Non-premium members raffle! [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 26, 2014, 8:04 PM

omg-- It's that time of the year again ♥
I'll be giving away two Premium Memberships to non-premium members!

♦ Only non-premium members can participate.
♦ There are two ways to enter:
1.Add this journal to your favorites to get automatically a number. (favorites list number)

2. Leave a comment mentioning one or more friends of yours that you think would like to participate in this raffle and I'll reply with a number.
Your friends have to be non-premium members as well.

♦ There will be two winners. One will be chosen from the people who fav'd and the other from the comments. So if you do both you'll get two numbers (favorites list number and a number given by me).
♦ Winners will be determined using

♦ Each winner will get a 1 month Premium Membership.
I won't be giving the value in points, only the PM.

The raffle will end in 48 hours after posted this journal.

Skin by SimplySilent

2000 + watchers thank you *!RAFFLE!*

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 26, 2014, 11:56 AM

Hello hello all of you lovely people! Pikachu waves

You can already guess what this journal is about :love: however, I just really want to say:

Thank you all SO much! :heart:

I can't believe the amount of support I've been getting lately, all of you are really the best ♥

So anyways! Since I didn't do any proper thank you stuff for 1000 watchers, I will do one for 2000!


There will be 7 prizes! More chances to win something!

2 people can win a chibi doodle like so:

2 people will can win either the 'WINDY' or ' CLOUDY' adoptable from this batch:
- Weather adopts batch - CLOSED by MichibanCupcakes

~2 people  can win 100:points: !~

1 person can win the 1st adoptable from this set:
Lingerie Adopts  -CLOSED- by MichibanCupcakes


~*Little Pixel Heart RULESLittle Pixel Heart *~

*+fav this journal
*If there's a specific prize that you do not wish to enter for, comment about it.

:star: for more chances to win, additional entries! :star:

If you advertise this raffle in a journal or poll, you get 1 additional entry.

If you advertise this raffle PLUS my commission sheet:
 Commission info sheet - OPEN by MichibanCupcakes in a journal, you get 2 additional entries!
Make sure to let me know though! So I know to enter you multiple times!
And do not delete the journal immediately! I need it for when I start choosing the winners ♥


Winners will be chosen on Monday 1st, December 2014!

Okay that's all! Good luck to everyone and thank you! ♥ *hugs all*

Cupcake ~

CUPCAKE LUB :iconmichibancupcakes: CUPCAKE LUB :iconmichibancupcakes: CUPCAKE LUB :iconmichibancupcakes: CUPCAKE LUB :iconmichibancupcakes: CUPCAKE LUB :iconmichibancupcakes: CUPCAKE LUB :iconmichibancupcakes: CUPCAKE LUB

Skin by SimplySilent

The Google Doodle as Web Icon

Wed Nov 26, 2014, 8:05 PM
Google homepage art I did by jimlee00

For those of you keeping current, the Google logo on the Google homepage is occasionally altered, sometimes to bring attention to an event, sometimes to celebrate famous artists and scientists on their birthdays. These clever alterations are “doodles” and they are often created by guest artists.

The first “Google Doodle” was to celebrate the Burning Man Festival in 1998.

Soon after, Google heads Larry Page and Sergey Brin asked intern Dennis Hwang to design a doodle for Bastille Day. This was the origin of the special team of Google “doodlers.” The doodles have evolved from being simply clever graffiti to becoming animated to now being interactive. As of 2014, Google has published over 2,000 regional and international doodles.

At DeviantArt we have our own special preference for doodles celebrating artists like Warhol, da Vinci, John Lennon, Kurosawa, H.G. Wells, etc. The latest honoree to be Google–Doodled is Henri de Toulouse–Lautrec, the post–impressionist painter and iconic figure representing a historic time and place of unfettered artistic freedom and vibrancy, “La Belle Epoque” (the “Beautiful Era”) in Paris from the 1870s to the start of WWI in 1914.

Henri was born to the aristocracy, but suffered from a genetic disorder that made his legs stop growing in childhood.

He was forced to live with the indignities of having an adult’s torso set atop a child’s legs. He was a 5’1” man who compensated for his lack of physical stature by immersing himself in and eventually becoming a giant in the arts, alongside his fellow post–impressionists Cezanne, Van Gogh and Gauguin.

Henri became a symbol of the Parisian bohemian bon vivant.

He was famously commissioned by the Moulin Rouge cabaret to create a series of posters for advertising. The nightclub was so pleased by the results that they installed a permanent display of Lautrec paintings and granted Henri permanent reserved seating. Prostitutes were a favorite subject of his art, and he became their favorite portraitist, often accepting a madams’ invitations to move into their brothels for months at a time. Lautrec gave painting lessons to one of his models, Suzanne Valadon, who went on to become the first woman painter admitted to the Societe Nationale des Beaux–Arts (in 1894).

Henri died a few months before his 37th birthday at his family’s estate in Malrome.

In a career spanning less than 20 years, Lautrec produced at least 737 canvases, 275 watercolors, 363 prints and posters, 5,084 drawings and some ceramic and stained glass work. These are estimates because so much of his work has been lost.

Henri is also thought to have invented the Tremblement de Terre, an alcoholic beverage consisting of ½ absinthe and ½ cognac.

Your Thoughts

  1. What’s the cleverest Google-Doodle you’ve ever seen?

  2. Do you not mind, or do you still resent, intrusive advertising when it manages to be really artistically imaginative and well-executed?

  3. What is your favorite version of artwork as headline on the web?

I just realized that it hits 1400!! :iconwakahisacryplz: :heart: wha- how thank you so much guyss.. hjfdsfds

So here we go the raffle Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] //tripleshots


Points Raffle ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ✧*:.


1) 120 :points:
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Requirements to join

  • Fav+  :+fav:  and comment  this journal (this is important, your name won't be on the list if you dont ._.;; )
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Llama Emoji 29 (Mah Fudz) [V2] Llama Emoji 29 (Mah Fudz) [V2] Llama Emoji 29 (Mah Fudz) [V2]  Good luck ! <33




A chibi food!!

Chibi Food | 1st batch by ReversedClock <<sth like this <33

  • Fav+  :+fav:  this journal and comment, please  mention that you're a watcher  (this is important, to differentiate you with the points only raffle)
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Llama Emoji 57 (Lazy) [V3] Llama Emoji 57 (Lazy) [V3] Llama Emoji 57 (Lazy) [V3] Good luck ! <33

*One thing to note, I'll assume that you've read my ToS if you win the art raffle
*Yes, you may join BOTH raffle. *If you join the art raffle, you're automatically join the points one.

Deadline would be on December 28th' 2014
                I think I'll be free by then >//7//< Thank you so much again and ILU !!

Coding by SimplySilent

How to beat procrastination (part 1)

Wed Nov 26, 2014, 12:48 AM
As I said on a previous submission, I'm planning to make some tutorials on the upcoming December. Before that, however, I feel like I can help on another subject, which comes before even starting your drawing: Procrastination. I mean, procrastination towards your own drawings.

If you're not familiar with this word:

pro-cras-ti-na-tion |prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən, prō-|


"the action of delaying or postponing something."

  Black2 Cat Copy by 365-DaysOfDoodles
Why am I talking about this?

Well, a year ago I used to be a professional procrastinator. I've imposed the 365 Days of Doodles challenge to myself for this particular reason.

While procrastination is to some degree a natural phenomenon and can’t be completely eradicated, you can use the following strategies to get in the habit of getting drawings done.

Mind that these are not golden rules or such, just strategies that work for me. You may as well develop your own. c:

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Make Lists!:bulletblue::bulletblue:

Throughout the year, the thing I heard the most was probably this:

Black Cat Copy by 365-DaysOfDoodles

Make lists of ideas. Write down those random daydreams that pop into your mind. Write down those utterly creative reflections that come right before you fall asleep. Keep a notebook with you or a note app on your smartphone. Just make
sure to write all your ideas. All. Of. Them.


Even silly ideas may become terrific artworks if given some thought. If they aren't "ready" to be put into a drawing, just leave them there until you can make something out of them.

You may not use the raw idea you had written but that's okay, you can eventually mix it with another idea and draw something interesting enough.

2014-11-17 19.11 by 365-DaysOfDoodles

This kind of list not only serve as a recording of ideas that would otherwise be wasted but helps you envision what needs to happen (as if your list of ideas was a "to-do-list"). Visually you'll have a prompt and mentally you'll have a reminder.

*I split the post in parts because it was getting too long. Also, my finals are coming and I have some serious procrastination to do hahah. Cx

** You were probably procrastinating something when you read this journal.

Wonder Woman Reborn

Wed Nov 26, 2014, 8:02 PM
Supers V Wonder by JoshJ81

The collective fan community sigh of relief that a female director has been chosen to bring the Amazonian Goddess to life on the big screen has been echoing across the web ever since Monday’s announcement that Michelle McClaren had won that coveted crown. Here at DA HQ, we can’t help but imagine what Joss Whedon might have done with the character.

Pray no one involved in the Catwoman movie gets close to it.

It’s not just that Wonder Woman is poised to become an integral element in the upcoming Warner Bros/DC Universe big screen explosion, more importantly it’s the current climate in which she is being brought forth as female Icon. It seems Warner Bros. has chosen to make this a period piece and set the film in the 20’s. Interesting on so many levels. Her comic history is really tied more into the 1940’s and World War 2. Her creation origins is a much larger story we’ll delve into soon.

Captain Marvel, another female super hero, this one from the already established Marvel universe will actually hit the big screen first and will be set in the present day. Another sign that Marvel are listening closer to the fan community? We’re pretty sure that Kevin Feige won’t let this become another Elektra.

Over at camp Dr. Who, producers there just hired Catherine Tregenna, their first female writer in seven years, totaling five in its history. It’s a shame as the shows first producer was a woman, Verity Lambert, and this in light of the season finale revelation that a Time Lord can in fact regenerate as a woman.

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you think the move to set Wonder Woman’s first film as a period piece a sign they are going to honor her origins in the comic or open it up to deal historically with the women’s rights movement as a whole?

  2. How important is it to the integrity of a Wonder Woman re-boot that women occupy the lead positions bringing her to life on the big screen?

  3. Maybe what is your favorite Wonder Woman outfit? Please share your favorite Wonder Woman deviation in the comments section.