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OPEN// 1000 POINTS raffle!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 5, 2015, 7:14 AM

Another raffle for you, dear watchers! The rules are similiar to my previous raffle-giveaways.


1) Be my watcher.
2) Fav this journal and write "DONE" in the comments.
3) Tag in your comment some people and friends (minimum 3, max 15)


!!! Every tag increases your chances to win 1000 :points: !!!

Winners are always chosen randomly (by a script or small pc program).

Raffle ends on 15th October.

Graphics by KhaliaArt
  • Mood: dA Love

_T-E-S-T-IX_ by GregorKerle better world by davespertine _T-E-S-T-IX_ by GregorKerle
Dreams of freedom, watercolor by jane-beata Mother's Children by MarinaCoric Dreams of freedom, watercolor by jane-beata
D974 by siamesesam Autumn Air by Metal-Bender D974 by siamesesam
1. WiP by jjuhajuha
ID by JACAC Matinal rayon de soleil by meszarts ID by JACAC
Show me your darkness by Premier123 Monet Autumn by Canankk Show me your darkness by Premier123
Dripping Strings and Frame of Nyanses by MushroomBrain City Of The Sun-God by Peeshan Dripping Strings and Frame of Nyanses by MushroomBrain
Wall Texture with Cracks and Peeling Paint by threadzone
Forgiving the Enemy (Portal 2) by Nylten My Gift to You by WalkinginDreamlight Forgiving the Enemy (Portal 2) by Nylten 
White Point by KizukiTamura rust by ChristianBurtscher White Point by KizukiTamura
face in the crowd by MarcCopeland ...X.... by hollosi face in the crowd by MarcCopeland
Russian Dolls by djailledie
From The Edge of The Forest I Couldnt Believe... by AiniTolonen ... by VesnaSvesna From The Edge of The Forest I Couldnt Believe... by AiniTolonen
Approach by CristianoTeofili the survivor by m-lucia Approach by CristianoTeofili
Old toy by martaraff Zombie Town by noir-limite Old toy by martaraff
Kao by peinturealuile
Tear apart by victorGUARD 28191 by jodeviant Tear apart by victorGUARD
Peter Pan's shadow by Linlith On The Edge by Markus43 Peter Pan's shadow by Linlith
The King's Gateway by ClintonKun Gravity by evanlawrence The King's Gateway by ClintonKun 
ROUGHKut#08242015 by yagey
The stairs. by Phototubby Yearning by lien The stairs. by Phototubby
The Autumn of Emily by Whatsername027 Sometimes it hurts.... by wiwionart The Autumn of Emily by Whatsername027 
I'm sorry by ZGoddess HAM by Sei-Zako I'm sorry by ZGoddess 
Untitled by go-placidly
man The man Without Qualities by ruiManuelR Lisbon 110 by JACAC man The man Without Qualities by ruiManuelR 
ps244 by Campo-Diaz One for the road. by CopperColour ps244 by Campo-Diaz 
city by baspunk Natural Outrage by vamosver city by baspunk 
Untitled by marya123
Thursday, September 17 by AlexandrinaAna Claustrophobia - click for animation by NedreKaerr1-13 Thursday, September 17 by AlexandrinaAna
The Red Lab by Ragnar949 Intensive Farming by MarmosetsOfDoom The Red Lab by Ragnar949
Esc by Poromaa brunch at the estuary by ruiManuelR Esc by Poromaa 
Bygones by Trippy4U
Morning Dew by jenniferhansen  M15 Schizophrenia by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Morning Dew by jenniferhansen
Lisbon 109 by JACAC Beyond Salvation II by theflickerees Lisbon 109 by JACAC
*16 SEPTEMBRE 2015 by JFBAYLE Embrassade by Pierre-Lagarde *16 SEPTEMBRE 2015 by JFBAYLE 
Craftivism by marya123
Intelligent Design by DasGhul Fallen temple by lostknightkg Intelligent Design by DasGhul
golgotha by virtualgadjo LIFE by Metal-Bender golgotha by virtualgadjo
Mad Is Blue by Awaytonoway Solid Statement by tholang Mad Is Blue by Awaytonoway 
Walkies by Neo-Anima
Anxiety by Chiyuky Image by dasTOK Anxiety by Chiyuky
Siren by Callme-Ismael Catching light by marrgit Siren by Callme-Ismael
City In Abstract III by Trippy4U Photo-8w by crossfading City In Abstract III by Trippy4U 
InEquilibrio by SenhArt
fashionably late by MarcCopeland reflex by rdalpes fashionably late by MarcCopeland
The Kingdom of Maccer by Corvidae65 Periscopic by gloriagypsy The Kingdom of Maccer by Corvidae65
About Vase by KarlRemarks Obstacle by Igor-Demidov About Vase by KarlRemarks 
In the Morning Mist by seek-and-hide
Belsay Castle by newcastlemale 
Brain Injury by M-Art-Artist M15  Duality by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Brain Injury by M-Art-Artist
Doubt * by Ragnar949 Surbion #2 by MBKKR Doubt * by Ragnar949
Aero by DPasschier Only a Flesh Wound by KarlRemarks Aero by DPasschier
At the Lake 04 by HorstSchmier
Mad Woman's Sangfroid by RaVeNuS9 
New profile ID by OcioProduction Memory by Grimjest New profile ID by OcioProduction
onion .... by chriseastmids Peace on Earth by kparks onion .... by chriseastmids
Motion 7 by zoundsister versus by icarus-ica Motion 7 by zoundsister 
Leaves on water by LidiaRossana
Landscape of near future 2 by BobRock99 
Special by Softyrider62 

Mature Content

Breathe in by Etimasia
 Special by Softyrider62
Pinwheel by JillAuville Red point... by ansdesign Pinwheel by JillAuville
Making of mandala by staroh just a peak by davespertine Making of mandala by staroh 
sleepy head by el-dub
i have a secret by arslanalp 
Nightfall by raffaelepecci79 Through the Blinds by VicEberly Nightfall by raffaelepecci79

i have a secret by arslanalp 
0430 by Bittersuesz 
trinkets by MarcCopeland 1-9 by SwarzezTier trinkets by MarcCopeland
ps243 by Campo-Diaz Douche Froide. by CopperColour ps243 by Campo-Diaz
Mystery in the woods by CarlosBecerra Atmosfera by tortagel Mystery in the woods by CarlosBecerra 
fall in dreams by fashioneyes
l  l  l by meszarts 
Mojar Codex Bonjour by Bibire Urbn.10 by BrusselsGraphic 011210 by kevinsaintgrey 

Mature Content

Lights will go off by mirpiphotography
 Antlers by pin100  Soldiers of Cold Fortune by rici66 
The Great Garuda by metamage Slight Imperfections III by chromevanadium Berry-1 by kootenayphotos  
When will this End? by BlindEyeTwist
keep learning by gepardsim 
Love is Forever by mj-magic Colourless Beauty by tholang toot toot by ltiana355 
Above and beyond by mldzz The Heel by djailledie Eye Candy by readyo 
naked nature abstract by BobRock99 Nothing else by augenweide it wasn't my design by dimajaber  
Fire from Within - 90566 by kreativEVOLUTION
Growth by seek-and-hide 
Cleaning Skeletons by SharPhotography Global warming by Juanilla into deep sleep by ohlin84 
ClickArt Studio by PedroValeira - No Title 31 - by KARRR EVERLASTING DANCE.. by chryssalis 
 All Eyes On You by Cinnamoncandy  



ART Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 4, 2015, 8:47 AM

My latest works

Rainbow of Life by RazielMB

The guardian angel by RazielMB

The man who came from the volcano by RazielMB



Angel by Hgj-A

Raiden by Zeilyan

Descends from the sky by fdasuarez

C O N D E M N E D by MirellaSantana

feet in a puddle by Safarzade

Thanatos ~ Soul Eater by MarcoHerrera

Lady by JiaJenn31

The Fall by Eireen

In Salem's Nights by 3mmI

Fausticorn by Tsitra360

The Dragon`s Call by Mihaela-V

Firewalker by JoJoesArt

breath of space by KPEKEP

Into the Sacred by Miguel-Santos

Emerald eyes by Aomori

Altaia Ryael by LAS-T

Steering by PascalCampion

The Neverending Story by Shilesque

Anxious by Jennyeight

Wavelength by Emerald-Depths

I fight by your side by MoonZaphire

Eclipse by ErikShoemaker

The song of snow lands by anndr

Dying star by t1na

Black Magic by JiaJenn31

Titan Quarantine by ChaosFissure

Follow the Light by Drake1024

Catch me if you can by ryky

Faminto por Almas by Wesley-Souza

sailor moon princesses serenity by jiuge

Foggy Morning II by Aenea-Jones

Distant sky by DinoDrawing

Fire dress by ElenaDudina

Hello my darling by sweptaway91

Leave it Broken by yuumei

abandoned by Angels by NanFe

Stigmata by Claparo-Sans

The North Remembers by Westling

Have you all a great day!



(More will be added soon:))
1. Courtney's hair is naturally black
2. Brick has a great sense of hearing
3. Ella's parents are MAJOR Disney fans 
4. Duncan is a huge fan of Final Destination
5. Gwen loves to watch the anime "Another"
6. Despite his great social skills, Alejandro never had a real girlfriend before meeting Heather
7. Harold is a huge Lego fan
8. Brick secretly envies Lightning`s athletic and social skills, but is too shy to show it
9. Dawn has a diary
10. Ella and Dawn are great friends with the vegans
11. Amy is horrible at Chess, and just about any board game invented because of how impatient she is
12. After being trapped in a robot suit for over a year, Alejandro is border-line claustrophobic
13. Carrie was known as one of the shyest girls at her school
14. Emma goes to the same college that Sanders used to go to
15. Chet is amazing at video games, and Lorenzo envied his skills, which started the conflict between the two.
16. Jo's favorite color is dark green
17. Jay is 10 minutes older than Mickey
18. Josee and Jo are long-time enemies, and always compete against each other
19. Gwen loves Evanescence
20. Max is allergic to cats
21. Kitty is thinking of getting a red rose tattoo on her shoulder
22. Brick wears contacts
What do you think of these head cannons?

Story Board V42 Mood and Moon

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 4, 2015, 2:45 AM

*** by karamelo-serenity

Infinity by tholang

Moon Bound by intao



Magritte by Batsceba

One day, around the corner by Sei-Zako

Fall by baspunk



Day 820 [9-17-15]: From the Clouds by BuuckPhotography

traces by m-lucia

Yad Vashem 1, Jerusalem by dpt56



The Ghost of Me IV by Peterix

my heart has an ache by LostOneself

The Black Dawn by Etimasia



Shark by LuxLucie

N.T. 01 by HorstSchmier

market collapse by augenweide



Mall Abstract by Ragnar949

missing declaration by sth22art

Veronika II by MaryaS



Lightnings by kil1k

Shy by Poromaa

Plastic Dynamism by SenhArt



India 47 by NSolanki

A Walk in the Sky by KarlRemarks

Leaves on water by LidiaRossana



Obscure by AlexandrinaAna

   by deadendsoul

Ab3176 by kitamba

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
If you see or read anything on dA that absolutely awes you, please consider suggesting the piece for a DD feature. FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

So I know some of you probably thought I forgot about these, but I didn't! If you're one of my regular watchers, then you know I was sick, and that set me back quite a bit on a lot of things. I barely submitted anything in August or September, but I'm getting better, and I've been trying to get back on track with my features. So, without further ado, as a grand thanks to those who participated in LiliWrites' DD Suggestion Drive, I bring you the third of the final four features!


A deviant for six years, leyghan has definitely shown her dedication in the literature community through her work as a contributor at both the-haiku-club and Word-Smiths. Spending her time both in featuring other deviants and creating works ranging from literature to digital art, leyghan is certainly an asset to the DeviantArt community. She has, of course, answered the infamous "About Me" meme if you're looking for the nitty gritty. ;)


What these walls have seen by leyghan Monumental by leyghan

Though none of the pieces she suggested have yet been featured, you should definitely keep an eye on the Daily Deviations page daily so you can see them when they're chosen for the honor!


Linda has been a devoted member of the DA community for two years, creating stunning visual and written works of art and making others feel welcome through her features of them. She's been recognized as an Angel Without Wings (more information: Angels-And-Gangstas) for her tireless devotion to making DA welcoming for all. She's currently a contributor at DAARTISTICWORLD. Her gallery is certainly worth a peek (even if she does shoot me for featuring something out of her "newest" folder ;)).


Gathering Flowers by LindArtz Day of the Creeps by LindArtz

Some of the pieces she's suggested that have been featured as Daily Deviations:

Happy Birthday by pjenz, featured by HugQueen

How To Train Your DRAGON by SAMLIM
How to Train Your DRAGON by SAMLIM, featured by MarcosRodriguez

Intrigue by anitadunkl
Intrigue by anitadunkl, featured by jenthestrawberry


Looshi-kun has made DeviantArt his home for seven years. Though he currently only has one piece in his gallery, he has amassed an intriguing gallery of favourites among the submissions to the site. Certainly stop by and give them a look, and check out his deviation while you're there!

One of the pieces he suggested has been featured as a Daily Deviation:

Padere del Tiempo by Craazhy, featured by LiliWrites 

3xternalResourc3, previously lukasfractalisator

3xternalResourc3 has only been here for fifteen months, and in that time he's already made himself a recognizable presence in the DeviantArt community. As a co-founder of Amazing-Scenery and InYourArt, and a contributor at MandelbulbFractals, 3xternalResourc3 has his hands full, but he still makes time to post journals walking people through creating beautiful fractals, as well as featuring members of the fractal community here on DA. His gallery and journals are definitely worth taking the time to look through, especially if you're a fan of this art form!

Radiants - Chain 00 Pong 216 by 3xternalResourc3 Simple Silver by 3xternalResourc3
Corkscrew Seashell by 3xternalResourc3 Bright Bloom by 3xternalResourc3

Some of the pieces he's suggested that have been featured as Daily Deviations:

Sandcastle (DD) by fractales75
Sandcastle (DD) by fractales75, featured by C-91

Yu Lin Isara: Regency by CindyAA
Yu Lin Isara: Regency by CindyAA, featured by KovoWolf

Salsify by Bimmi1111
Salsify by Bimmi1111, featured by MarcosRodriguez


If you've spent any time in the literature community, you've run across Jo. She's one of the most dedicated members of the lit area here on DA, and her actions clearly show it! An official admin of ten groups (My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink, seniormentors, Adopt-A-Writer, Ordinary-Writing, GrammarNaziCritiques, A-Safe-Haven, Learn2Crit-Lit, Understood-Accepted, BurdenedHearts, Front-2-Back), she's also an avid constructive critic of literary submissions - four of her groups are even dedicated to critique! Like many of us, Jo has had rough patches in her life, but to her credit she has not only pulled through, she is now using those experiences to help others. MagicalJoey not only tries to bolster the community spirit emotionally, she also encourages art creation by running at least two contests each month, in addition to multiple challenges. (Yes, she would love for you to participate!) Somehow, magically, on top of all of this, Jo somehow manages to find time to write. I definitely encourage you to check out her gallery for some outstanding reads!

They fell like leaves in Autumn;
Those men and women up high in the towers
Rained down their colours upon the ground:
But when they hit they were always red.
Fire crackled like snapping twigs
And bones crackled like fire.
They fell like leaves in Autumn;
Those men and women up high in the towers
Landed like sizzling spits of oil upon the tarmac:
Splattering people with their people parts.
Branches imploding in a domino swirl
And pained panes painting the paving.
They fell like leaves in Autumn;
Those men and women up high in the towers
Fell in twirling swirling tipsytopoverbottom spirals:
Pretty to look at right up until the end.
  Those Things AmazingThose Things Amazing
You loved him once, you loved him twice, and thrice, and more,
But now he says “It’s over, love is gone and I must shut the door
Between our hearts, because I don’t want to hurt you any more than needs be;
We are now ‘I’s where we once were ‘we’.”
Your heart, it beats within your ears like bloody thunder pounding
And you try to stop the tears that show the wounding
Of your very core, for there is more to you than heart, there is spirit and soul;
Crushed once, crushed twice, but still sprung back part whole.
He hugs you one last time, “I’m sorry my darling, please don’t break
For I know you – we shared hurts and pains and aches –
And you have suffered these three years more than any other;
You lost a solid man, a friend and now me, your significant lover.”
Your eyes are melting into your face and your hands, they shake with a palsy
That can only be utter devasta
  Life's Jolly Little JourneyLife’s Jolly Little Journey
She distanced herself from feelings that felt too fearful,
From feelings that felt too fretful,
From feelings that felt.
Now she is left with nothing but numbness and logic
To aid her in her life’s jolly little journey;
Nothing but discomfort, disease, distaste and distance.
What is a feeling to her, what should she be feeling?
Are feelings always fraught with frugal fear,
Are they supposed to bring copious tears from full eyes,
Or are they meant to always allow jolly jumps of joy?
What is a feeling for her?
She’s been a droid for so long she’s forgotten the finer feelings of life.
No longer does a scenic sunset send shivers through her soul,
No more do mornings dawn with possibilities and potential – they are there
To be forgotten,
As are afternoons – they are merely minor nuisances.
She distanced herself from big feelings,
Because depression stole the good and left only the bad,
And now she no longe

When God Cursed PlumbersWhen God Cursed Plumbers
You act as if you quit your job, but I believe that you were fired,
For the simple facts I’ve seen are that proof burdens only liars.
Your wings, once rainbows edges in gold, are now ragged, black,
And they’ve shifted from your shoulders to come out at your crack.
Hairs disguised as moulting feathers, disguising feathers as crack-like hairs,
Wherefore birthed this deception, this change from ‘good and cares’
To dark and sloppy, caring not for what one can do for others, but
What others can do for him. Pass the wrench, silence the mutt.
Oh darlings, yes. Oh yes my wings have died.,
For I flooded heaven’s toilet , amidst shouts and cries
Of ‘what can we do?’ ‘how can we fix?’
‘Come back, your apology I accept’ was hidden there, betwixt
Promises of beatings, target practice, and so I chose the only way;
Sacrifice soft angel wings for wiry mangled butt-crack hair that day,
And fo
  If Chocolate Could Cure CancerIf Chocolate Could Cure Cancer
If chocolate could cure cancer, oh how rich I’d be.
I’d buy it and disperse it for all the world to see
How great a person I am, how kind and how sincere;
“She’s sharing with the world, love. Oh isn’t she a dear”.
If chocolate could cure cancer, oh what would it be like,
To eat several bars in succession knowing it’s adding to my life.
I’d be rounder than a grapefruit and bigger than a ball,
‘Cos if chocolate could cure cancer I wouldn’t exercise at all.
  A Little Bit Of KindnessA Little Bit Of Kindness
There is kindness in this cup of tea;
I made it for you, out of love,
And I expect nothing in return:
There is kindness in this cup.
There is kindness in this glass of coke;
I bought it for me, but am sharing it with you
Out of love,
And I expect nothing in return:
There is kindness in this glass.
There is kindness in this car;
I fetch and carry you where you need to be, out of love,
And I expect nothing in return:
There is kindness in the petrol I use.
There is kindness in me;
I buy you things when you least expect them,
Out of love,
And I expect nothing in return...
Except a little bit of kindness.

Though none of the pieces she suggested have yet been featured, you should definitely keep an eye on the Daily Deviations page daily so you can see them when they're chosen for the honor!


Minato-Kushina has actively been working toward getting other deviants' works recognized through both her personal features and the groups of which she is a part (DD-Catalogue, RedHeadsBeauty, Her-Hair, Babies-Children-Love, Husband-and-Wife, Photo-feelings, UchihaItachiFans, hellas). Her work ranges from cartoons to literature, and is certainly intriguing.

Meet me on the Equinox by Minato-Kushina Do it by Minato-Kushina
If you need them... by Minato-Kushina White Christmas - Secret Santa 2013 by Minato-Kushina

Some of the pieces she's suggested that have been featured as Daily Deviations:

Took u long enough.. by Callergi
Took u long enough by Callergi, featured by cinyu

Snowdemon - In The Forest by RomaiLee
Snowdemon - In the Forest by RomaiLee, featured by pullingcandy

pale purple bath in blossoms by gestiefeltekatze
pale purple bath in blossoms by gestiefeltekatze, featured by DistortedSmile


An admin of NubileArt, Wine-and-Women, manga-artist-unite, Fantasy-Paradise, and Realm-of-Fantasy certainly shows that Mock1ngb1rd is a fan of fantastic art. While his gallery is empty, he has spent quite a bit of time leaving comments and curating beautiful artwork into his favourites folders. If you're looking for something intriguing, I'd definitely recommend checking them out! You may also want to check out his journal featuring an underappreciated artist:

Though none of the pieces he suggested have yet been featured, you should definitely keep an eye on the Daily Deviations page daily so you can see them when they're chosen for the honor!


A self-taught visual artist who welcomes constructive comments, Mocris hasn't even been on DA for a year and she has already made an impact in featuring artists whose works she loves and producing stunning photography and intriguing photomanipulations. I would definitely recommend taking a few minutes to check out her gallery - you may be intrigued by what you find!

Hidden Treasure by Mocris Thirst by Mocris
The Evil Queen by Mocris Japanese Garden by Mocris

Some of the pieces she's suggested that have received a Daily Deviation feature:

Arachnophobia by flowerhippie22
Arachnophobia by flowerhippie22, featured by MarcosRodriguez

alchymiste 9 by inferno-sensus
alchymiste 9 by inferno-sensus, featured by PirateLotus-Stock

Pollen in your face! by nolra
Pollen in your face! by nolra, featured by MarcosRodriguez


Marie is another member of the literature community here on DeviantArt that anyone who's spent time in any groups will have come across. She's dedicated her time to creating helpful guides for writing which are definitely worth a few minutes to check out. And as one of the administrators of Beta-Readers, she's dedicated a lot of time to pairing up writers and editors. (Interested? Like to read and give commentary to help shape the story? Check out the group!) Somehow, in the midst of all of that, she manages to continue creating her own works, which I certainly encourage you to check out.

Life AheadHow does one face the day
When in all honesty
Life peaked at puberty?
Knowing that the best days of your life
Are behind you,
What is the point of going on?
Days pass in a daze,
No point and no goal
Marking time rather than living.
When the mountain to climb
To get into the sun
Is so dauntingly high,
How do you convince yourself
To start the journey
Even when every step is pain?
  Veni, Vidi... Meow? Chapter OnePersistent mewing gradually permeated the industrious bubble that surrounded Grant and the pile of coursework he needed to grade. When he realized he had a crick in his neck from being hunched over the desk so long, he sighed and leaned back in his chair. The sofa was looking awfully inviting...
But there was that mewing again. His neighbor must've accidentally closed her cat out again. Grant rubbed the back of his neck and looked from the half-empty pack of cigarettes to the window where the fire escape was. Quitting was going to have to wait until after he finished this class. He grabbed the pack in one tired fist and made his way to the window, clambering out onto the fenced metal grating outside to smoke.
"Hey Trouble," he greeted the gray tabby cat sitting at the next window. The cat returned his greeting with a glare of displeasure and refused to comment. "It can't be as bad as all that," Greg told the cat, and he could've sworn the cat rolled his eyes. Chuckling, he leaned down
  Mind Over MatterI'm starting to wonder if this is self-destructive,
which tells me just how far past that I've gone.
If I repeat a bad cycle so much it becomes a part of life
then it's either heaven or hell, and this sure ain't bliss.
I batter and batter at myself just wishing it could end
just so I can get a few hours' sleep and start all over again.
I can't tranq myself, nor meditate, only exhaust all of me;
mind over matter's great until you're staring down two lions, 'stead of one.

The Ghost of Eleanor Merchant
Oh, but please call me Ella, everyone does. Or did. Everyone except my darling daughter, of course, she usually stuck with 'mom'. Not that she'd been around recently, I admit. Not since that dreadful ball--the first one, not this most recent horror--everything just went downhill from there. I blame the Prince, of course, not once did he accompany her to pay her respects, or his, and once she was married she stopped visiting entirely.
I'm actually surprised you can see me... there must be a lot of magic in the air for such things to occur without natural talent. I mean you no offense, dear, but it's rather plain that your senses do not extend beyond the Veil. That's quite normal, of course, it's a rare gift finding one who can sense the spirits that linger after death. There's quite a bit of gossip in the ghostly circles after what happened to my dear Cinderella. Seems there's a lot of rumor and very little fact, but sooner or later one can discern the seeds of truth
  Introspectionsometimes I wonder what you would say
if I told you things I thought every day
the things I see
or things I hear
the things I think it means for me
would you label me crazy? probably so
I think it myself each time it occurs
to me that I saw
or that I heard
such no one in their right mind could believe
or is that a "should" not a "could" right there?
only censored to keep me from falling apart
one day I'll know
one day I'll ask you
but when the words have been said
they cannot be taken back
  Storytelling with a Vengeance: 1"Our replacement dungeon master will be here in fifteen minutes," Nick informed his groaning group of friends, all seated around an old dining table. "I suppose I could call her a Dungeon Mistress. C'mon, guys, what's the worst that could happen?" He thought his plan would turn out well, but if his friends were opposed to it from the beginning, they would be lacking the open minds he might need to make this game succeed.
Nick’s best friend Mark slapped a palm to his forehead. "Mistress? Are you out of your mind? Not to mention you've jinxed us all with that question."
The youngest of the group and the only one still in high school laughed and popped open a soda can. Carefully he moved his ankle cast so it was further from his energetic friend sitting beside him at the gaming table. "Girls can DM just fine, Mark, my online DM is awesome. In fact, that sounds exactly like the worst that could happen... find her, then we'd really be screwed. Talk about cruel and unusual." The teenag

One of the pieces she suggested that has been featured as a Daily Deviation:

Hello Neighbor - a Suburban Conversation on Race by BlackBowfin, featured by HugQueen


A deviant for five years, Mrs-Freestar-Bul is no stranger to giving her opinion on art posted to the site. That helps her to fit in as a contributor at projecteducate, where everyone in the community is welcome to bring their knowledge and expertise into the spotlight. She is another well-known member of the literature community here on DA, evident by her positions as a group team admin at TheWritePlace and a community liaison at LITplease. She spends time featuring her fellow writers, both through their works and through interviews, and she also encourages other portions of the community by participating in features started by Mrs-Durden! On top of this - and cooking (TheGalleryOfEve - you can eat it with Nutella!) - she somehow finds time to create wonderful written works of art.

AtlasIt was late when Khadija finished her chores, and threw herself in bed for some rest,listening to her father Haj Bashir and his friends, talking in the other room.
Haj Bashir was 70 year old or that is what he said when asked, nobody knew exactly how old he was. His thick white hair and beard, his deep confident voice and his unmistakable wisdom made him a natural leader and everybody listened to him.
Haj Bashir: " Tomorrow,go up the mountain and take all you can, what your brothers need. Go through the forest,take different paths and be careful.  we will be victorious Inshaallah"
Khadija repeats after her father "Inshaallah"
After Fajr prayer, Hasan went home to check with his wife the bag he will take.
" I think this is all" he said
"Your bag would look suspicious if we fill it" said his wife .
"I will be taking more tomorrow" said Hassan while putting the bag on his back.
His wife walked him to the door and like every morning while she wished him good luck, her heart said farew
  A Letter to my FatherFather,
Today, It has been nine months and nineteen days since I left. Three thousand kilometers of distance. This is the longest period of time that we have been apart. I miss you, I remember you all the time.  Suddenly,  I remember things I did not think about  before, suddenly  they all keep jumping in my face, so many memories, some warm, some cold, some tough, and some just beautiful.
Do you know that I can remember the days you were teaching me the Arabic alphabet and the French Alphabet.  Whenever  we have a guest, I run to them and start shouting " A,B,C,D,E,F......." They smile and ask me who thaught you all this, I run to you, I hug you and I say " Dad taught me".  
You took me to the beach, you taught me how to love it, this is why now  the beach is where I find my soul, where my heart feels at home, where I feel  a very strong sense of belonging I dont quite understand. We went to
  Those Phone CallsIt has been a year since I last saw you mom. And there is something about a year, because it's not two months, four or six months, it's one year. The back of my mind is yelling ow my god it has been one year. I managed not to cry from missing my family all this time, I made it, I put this thing whatever it is on my heart and I didn't let it hurt or feel pain from missing them. I have no idea how I did it, but I did not cry from longing all this year.
So my mind is trying to convince me that it's fine now, it keeps saying you can let go, feel what you need to feel, you did great, let it go, cry, feel sad. Because it has been one long year. I have always felt like I have two brains, maybe because I'm a freaking Gemini, if that what those things do to you, I have no idea. But I don't want to, there is no point from turning myself into a big bowling mess.
All I could do is call , I called you every day mom. I was so scared not to call one day and miss something from your life, I wanted to

Tender HopeOn the edge of my window
grows a small green bud
A white candle stands in the wind
One pale frail flame
flickers with every frozen breath
and the subtle echo lives in my shells
and I know, I can hope again
  Paper thinWaiting for that salty breeze
to carry my feather like weight
and one morning I will hug the shore
and kiss the bits of that sand as they call
You are home
Broken, paper thin memories
Rusty laughter rings again
We waited
you came
My eyes full of cotton clouds
and I lay there, my heart at peace
and I dream
  Mornings of a lonely heartYou walk, one step hits the other
Your eyes fixed on the cracks
All the strings of your heart behind you
Will someone pick one of them
Will someone see them
“Am I visible, well, I'm a +1,
I change the math of the universe”
do I?
You walk and your tears sitting at the edge
Just ready to slip away from you
Will someone catch them
Will someone ask why
Then you just hide inside your coat
And avoid every look piercing through
“Comforting my own fears, I will be fine”
Will I?
You walk with your notes from last night
Falling from your pockets,
Your words, scattered on the old street
Will someone read them
Will someone understand
What language does my heart speak
That it can't find a friend in this world

Some of the pieces she's suggested that have received a Daily Deviation feature:

21 days of Drought by Catosan
21 days of Drought by Catosan, featured by Kaz-D

storm is coming by Avine
storm is coming by Avine, featured by Queen-Kitty

We Renounce You by I-am-more-than-words
We Renounce You by I-am-more-than-words, featured by tiganusi 


A deviant for seven years, NamelessShe is another fixture of the literature community here on DA. As a co-founder of ThemedWriting, Kaleen envisioned bringing a theme for writing to the community each month. She definitely likes to keep the story moving forward, and that shows in how she writes her personal journal entries and features. And if you can't wait for her to publish her NaNo novel, take a trip through her gallery to temporarily sate yourself.

FFM31:Facetious CarrotA blue hydra twined around and through part of the list. Bobby had shaded it with black ink and red marker. One of the heads wore a top hat and monocle and bore an uncomfortable resemblance to Mrs. Graeber, his English Lit teacher.
“Celery Moon Forgiveness Excelsior!” he said, “Judgment Dauntless Terminus Amorphous Barbarian Flabbergasted Pulchritudinous Twinkle Ennui Anagnorisis Ethanol Skank Defenestrate Moist Summoned Chiaroscuro Legend Elemental Eldritch Unfurling Ending Cicatrize Catalyst Codpiece Facetious Carrot.”
“Facetious Carrot,” I said.
If I hadn’t been holding the list it would have come out in an unintelligible rush. With the list I could mostly understand him. Ok, that was a lie. I never understood him. Bobby was like an ancient language without a Rosetta Stone on his good days. He was like a tornado filled with mustard on his worst.
“Is that everything?” I asked. Pulchritudinous seemed like an odd choice for an eight
  FFM22: Some Kind of RedemptionThe traveler left gifts on the altar. Proper gifts, Andra realized. She recognized the ritual jars filled with strawberry jam and honey. He broke generous portions of a thick crusted rye bread and recited the old prayers. The words were an unfamiliar dialect and his accent was strange, but he was sincere.
For that reason, she let him pull her memories back from the abyss. She would help him if she could.
Andra felt the blade press against the soft of her throat. If the rock really was magic, it was wearing one hell of a good disguise. It looked like an ordinary rock in an ordinary jar. She did not meet his gaze. Instead, she stared at the signet ring on his third finger---the emblem of a scorpion killing a spider.
He had traveled far to find her.
"I don't know what you expect me to do with it," she said, "This is nothing."
The blade pressed hard enough to cut through the first layer of skin. Not enough to draw blood but almost. She almost wished he'd just get it over with and kill her.
  FFM15: God SongFrom the look on the cleric’s face, the siren’s song was divine. Jen couldn’t imagine another reason parishioners would sit still and allow their slaughter otherwise. They came in from the streets and simply waited to die. If you were unlucky enough to hear her unshielded, you didn’t stand a chance.
“God can always be found in beautiful music.”
There was no interpreter, and Jen had never been very adept at reading lips, but she managed to follow him. She almost wished she hadn’t.
The siren paused turning just enough to almost see them. Jen unsheathed Marrow and Spine and tried to map her  patterns, identify her blind spots. The dead numbered in the dozens already, and he wanted to look for God in a demon’s song?
“I wouldn’t know,” she said. She waited for the inevitable sour face most hearing people made when she spoke to them. She knew she didn’t form the words perfectly enough. She didn’t need to be re

FFM7: Muffin TimeWe were supposed to be tracking down the stolen Eye of Oberon, but my fearless leader, Mortimer Tweed, insisted on making a "quick" stop. When he finally emerged, it wasn't from the pawn shop he'd gone into, but the faery owned and operated bakery three stores down. Mortimer was red eyed and entirely too pleased with himself.
"Surprise," he said, handing me a slightly mangled, brown box of blueberry muffins.
"I love surprises as much as the next jerk but that's not what this is."
"Don't be silly, you had no idea---"
"I saw you leave the store and I can smell the blueberry. How many times have I told you not to go to that bakery? Faery dust is not something you want to mess around with."
He started down the street, still too pleased with himself. He waddled in between each parking meter as though his life depended on it. I carried his stupid muffins. If he could sense how deep my irritation ran, perhaps his haste was justified.
"If you want to be an adventurer, you have to develop a tol
  FFM 1: Celery"Celery is the absolute worst," the Kitten Crusader said, "All vegetables are. Why can't we have steak?"
Before the demonic, telepathic kittens had been banished, he had changed his costume. His usual ridiculousness was replaced with a brand new ridiculousness. Instead of his kitten isignia, he had printed and sewed a picture of himself in costume on his costume. Desdemona scooted to the edge of the bench, hoping he'd get the hint and let her eat her lunch in quiet.
He didn't.
"I mean, the demons are gone. What's the problem?" he asked.
He spread out over his lunch, arms curled around it like he was some kind of hungry dog. Instead of using utensils like a civilized human being, he used the tip of his razor claw to spear each vegetable and transport it to his mouth. Desdemona didn't know how he managed to do it without cutting his mouth, but she decided she didn't particularly care either. The demon kitten debacle was his fault, and once again, she had had to step in and fix everything

Mature Content

Though none of the pieces she suggested have yet been featured, you should definitely keep an eye on the Daily Deviations page daily so you can see them when they're chosen for the honor!


Nic is another one of those names that, if you've been in the DA literary community for more than a week, you've probably heard. An official admin of eight groups (CRLiterature, Multhaiku, BurdenedHearts, GlitchLit, SeniorSelections, 365DaysofMusic, dAy-Brighteners, dAseniors), Nic spends a lot of time in the forums and on deviations, letting people know what he thinks of their works. And while he might not have an ideal daily life, he does have some excellent idioms in his journals (I personally loved the one about people with outdated beliefs). His gallery is definitely worth your time to look through!

Hearing Half of a Conversation                    Forgive me for helping you understand
                    you’re not made of words alone.
                         —Roque Dalton; Clandestine Poems
I first learned how to build a house of playing cards in an adolescent psychiatric unit in suburban Chicago. A roommate taught me a trick, a mindset really, to have while placing the cards themselves— that a house of cards is always stacked against itself to stand. My trial-and-error attempts led to a lengthy row of playing cards
  Let the Sparrows InI.
Blackbirds rest on the power lines,
their silhouettes form the notation
to a dawn song set on the sheet music
of telephone poles contrasted by the sun.
Curled leaves are land mines littered
on the lawn where imprints of twigs
and a nurturing robin's tracks collect.
Branchlets and leaflets stem from
porch step railings and mailboxes;
the numbers read odd on the east,
even on the west side of the asphalt:
The engraved letters on
the siding reads, "Davis."
This house is home to family
so let the sparrows in.
The house,
with its branching hallways
overhanging décor
furniture rooted to the floor
is home
family, friends, the occasional
neighbor's kid
out from home.
Let the sparrows in; let
the finches
Let the door's
loosen—let the door stand ajar
be let open
the night owls and
let the doves
to pirouette
in pairs in the iridescent
Let the sparrows in.
Framed on either side
  Bitlets 369I bring him in for a hug
but he is weak in the knees.
He is always weak now and
he is always six months
younger than my anxiety
of losing a friend.

Bitlets 359If I write in front of you,
you may watch me write
just like I get to read you
react to my writing.
  Bitlets 351You don't mess with Texas
until it starts picking fights
with the other states.
Then you make a mess out of Texas
and tell him to stay the hell away
from your kid.
  Bitlets 340I was warned about scalpers
preying outside of the stadium
but not the scalpers on the inside
waiting for me to buy a ballcap.
If I adjust the ballcap tight enough
I can almost simulate scalplessness.

Though none of the pieces he suggested have yet been featured, you should definitely keep an eye on the Daily Deviations page daily so you can see them when they're chosen for the honor!


Charlotte's been hanging out around DA for six years now, leaving critiques and comments, and somehow making time to write while being a particle physicist. If you want the nitty gritty, there's the meme journal, of course - and there's always this interview from 2012! She's featured her fellow writers in the past as well. I definitely recommend checking out her gallery - she has some very intriguing pieces!

To be read out loudwords flutter and stutter
like butter for supper and
tumble and stumble and
softloudly rumble till
twirling and swirling
and knitting and purling
they land in your lap with
a satisfied clap and purr
like a kitten asleep
  ShamayimThe ancient land of Shamayim
was wrought by El the ever-fair,
together with his favoured son,
Yeshua Gentle-Hands and their
beloved wisest counsellor:
a man called Ruach Breath-of-El.
And ne'er were three such faithful friends
and ne'er did three agree so well --
that aided one must aid them all.
Thus prospered wondrous Shamayim.
The people built a throne for El
of golden bough and silver limb
with crystal lilies trailing down,
all glowing in his brilliance.
They sang and danced and played for him
and reveled in his radiance.
Yeshua sat at his right hand
and 'twixt them oft was Ruach found.
Yet many times he wandered out
towards Shamayim's farthest bound,
to see the people of the land;
to hear their pleasures, aid their goals.
He ever brought his news to El
and to Yeshua in their roles
as judges and authorities.
Thus was Shamayim kindly ruled
by three as one, who wrought all good --
and yet one man's affection cooled.
A singer in the courts of El,
called Lucifer, for bright he shone,
  Callow's ClassSome people just stopped coming to lectures. It wasn't reasonable, expecting us to understand all of that, they said. They may have been right, but we cling too closely to reason, sometimes. Others claimed to learn more by reading the textbook. I've always thought that was unfair. Prof. Callow may have been unreasonable – undoubtedly he was unreasonable – in expecting Freshers to appreciate the beauty of the eightfold way; but he did it with an energy and charisma that none of the books even aspire to. That may have been what scared them off, I suppose.
Whatever the reasons, the class shrank rapidly. The nonchalant back row slunk forward to become the furiously-calculating third row. The middle-of-the-class snoozers dwindled and found less quieter neighbourhoods to nod off in. The smart alec girl at the front who said things like “I think you mean non-decreasing rather than increasing, Prof,” became a personal hero. The little details turn out to matter more tha

GlassJosie was digging holes out behind the kitchen when Matt found her. She held up something small and wriggly in greeting. “Look, I found an earthworm!”
Matt crouched down beside the hole and leaned forward, balancing himself with one hand. “Nah, I don't think that's an earthworm, Josie. It looks like some kind of larval beetle.”
“No, it should be -” she broke off and her face fell. “Glass says it's a rhinoceros beetle larva.” She dropped the creature and sighed loudly.
“And you're just going to believe it?”
“Well, it's Glass.” She shrugged.
“And what does Glass have to say about this?” Matt frowned and moved his fingers in a flickering pattern that was too complicated for Josie to follow.
“That can't be right.” Josie giggled. “Glass says you're a lesser spotted palewing butterfly. Have you filed a bug report?”
Matt looked at her seriously. “Josie, you can see right now that
  Stack OverflowThe one known as Th'skik issued a series of clicks and hisses that roughly translates to the English expression "Bro, check this out. I got recursion working."
His companion shuffled across the cave floor to peer into the hologram.
Several young adult humans sat around a wooden table. All of them strictly observed the ancient blue jeans and t-shirt dress code. A few drank from metal cans. One tossed a small icosahedron onto the table and anxiously examined the top. "Yeah, natural twenty!" He punched his fist into the air. "What do you say to that, DM?"
Another of the humans leaned back and stretched lazily. "Sure, you can have it. Not only do you succeed in creating a computer, you also discover the internet and download Minecraft."
After weeks of labour in the mines, you collect enough redstone dust. A space for the great machine has been prepared near the zombie traps. In a few more days, the dust trails, microliths and other parts of the machine are in place. With some trepidation,
  SharingOtri the pixie sighed and leaned out of the kitchen window. She ought to mop the floor, but cleaning had become infinitely duller since old Foxglove had forbidden doing it by magic. It wasn't that the brownie didn't have a point -- an apprentice using magic for mopping was asking for narrative trouble -- but a girl had to have some fun.
Two boys ran down the lane, tossing a bright red ball between them. Otri half wished she could steal a fraction of their carefree play for herself. "It's not as if there's any harm in sharing." She looked intently at the ball and muttered an incantation. A sudden gust of wind lifted the ball over the fence and rolled it in the front door.
"Mister Foxglove, sir! I think you may have some young visitors."

Some of the pieces she's suggested that have received a Daily Deviation feature:

I'll Wait by the Water by Iago-de-Xibalba, featured by LiliWrites 

Servant's Log May 18-24 by GDeyke, featured by TheMaidenInBlack


An official admin in eight DA groups (CellFandomClub, The-Armada-club, noticias, projecteducate, Ayu-dA, ComunidadDeviantART, PhineasFerbWorld, Fan-Art-World), Pascua-Tanya is one of the lovely bilingual artists on site. She translates materials into Spanish for the Spanish-speaking community on DA, taking the marvelous articles she creates for projecteducate and spreading them to a wider audience. She also spends a great deal of time featuring her fellow artists, and if fan art is something you're into, especially if you speak Spanish, you might consider checking out her groups! In addition to all of her community related activities, she somehow manages to find time to create some lovely visual art, so do take a moment to check out her gallery.

Sleeping [7 Days Color Challenge-Day 7] by Pascua-Tanya DA-Maze [7 Days Color Challenge-Day 4] by Pascua-Tanya
Sleeping under the Stars by Pascua-Tanya My Hat: deviantART Birthday by Pascua-Tanya

One of the pieces she's suggested that has received a DD feature:

Bearer of Dawn by LeekFish
Bearer of Dawn by LeekFish, featured by TheCreativeJenn


For the last eleven years, Adam has made DeviantArt his home. With over 7,000 forum posts and 30,000 comments, pulbern has certainly made his presence known - and that's to our benefit. His art ranges from crafts to literature, from photography to traditional artwork. pulbern currently admins in three groups: Collaged, deviantFinds, and dALibrary. And Adam also finds time to feature other deviants as well as create his own artwork! I'd definitely recommend a few minutes in his gallery - or if that's not to your personal taste, his journals. They're definitely interesting reads.

She by pulbern Ending by pulbern
5134 by pulbern 7254 by pulbern

Some of the pieces he's suggested that have received a Daily Deviation feature:

Pieces of Life by PhiLoan
Pieces of Life by PhiLoan, featured by jenthestrawberry

Godfather by sogni-di-margherita
Godfather by sogni-di-margherita, featured by hosagu

Big Ben and the telephone. oil on canvas, collage. by Shatilov
Big Ben and the telephone. oil on canvas, collage. by Shatilov, featured by jenthestrawberry

Before I end the feature, I want to make you all aware of a collaborative project that's taking place right now, running through November 15, 2015.

:icontommygk: needs a haircut, so he's come up with a brilliant idea - if he can get 200 participants, that is. He plans to donate his hair to charity, which is a wonderful thing for cancer patients. But in addition to that, for every ten (10) submissions for this endeavor, a shoebox will be filled with supplies and a gift for a needy child this Christmas.

The details can all be found here:

He's not judging on skill level, so as long as you put some effort into your offering and follow the regulations listed in the journal, he'll consider your piece for inclusion in the final combined deviation. He's been hosting these collaborations for a while now, and if you have any questions or concerns not answered in that journal, I'm sure he'd be happy to answer them in a :note:. Do be sure to check out the Participants List linked at the bottom of that journal before picking an ability to ask about drawing.

Please do give all of these artists some love,

and stay tuned for one more feature for the other participants!

:icondarkclub: :icondawishingwell: :iconhaunteddarkartists:
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Hello everyone, I have a fair bit of exciting news for you all here, especially for those of my followers who are big fans of Five Nights at Freddys, and/or my plush and sewing work...

I am hosting a Five Nights at Freddy's plush giveaway on my Facebook Page!

Fb Giveaway by InkyBlackKnight

As the description tells, I will be offering ANY Five Nights at Freddy's Character to the winners, and more will be added as more people enter! So please if you can, get liking and sharing.

If anyone could even make a journal themselves to advertise this giveaway too it would be fantastic!

EDIT: Aha, okay I think there's been a slight misunderstanding here. You have to like and share the page on Facebook to enter, not on here. At the same time though considering so many people have shared this journal I might do a separate draw for a plush here on Deviantart... 
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Ghosts in the Streets

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 4, 2015, 1:10 AM

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The Woman in Black by batmantoo
Ghost bus by dragos495
Ghosts of twilight by Piroshki-Photography
Chestnuts seller and the passersby. by Chris-Lamprianidis
ghosts among us by burningmonk
Something Like Polaroid by BenKodjak
Pa250114 by Batsceba
raining Ghost by Batsceba
Dancing in the Dark by Batsceba
don't just miss. by Erdbeersternchen
zombies by davespertine
Jaffa Ghosts by JBord
ghost by flurina
Jaffa Ghosts II by JBord
down by pivan
City of Ghosts by ze-m0n5t3r
Ghosts of the City V by AnilTamerYilmazz
Ghosts of the fair by Masisus
Ghosts by Haidock
Crespi d'Adda - Ghosts by mariomencacci
Morning Ghosts by djailledie
City of Ghosts by P-a-i-k-e-a
Ghosts by mm35street
Ghost Whisperer by oToupeira
ghost city by pigarot
ghost by RoBBoCoP
Valzer  Copia B/W by Batsceba
Disturbing Waiting by Batsceba
urban ghost by Batsceba
Phantom of subway 1 by cameraflou
ghosts of the underground by lightdrafter
Ghost lover by cameraflou
Haunted Subway by cameraflou


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we carry rain by PsycheAnamnesis I die more often than many by PsycheAnamnesis

 Violation of my heart by bliXX-a

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Cold Mouth Prayer by Inextremiss Skullhead by MarinaCoric

Sleep awake by lostknightkg Emptiness by elyssa-obscura

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