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Once again, the Community Relations team is here to feature the artworks of deviantART's beloved forumers! :la:

Once a month, we select one active member from the forums and we feature his or her gallery. This is someone we believe represents the forums well with both good forum-abilities and art.

As we're kind (and awesome), we also decided to give an opportunity for everybody to get featured! Every month, we create a thread in the Deviation Thumbshare Forum with a particular theme. This thread is made into a sticky for easy access. All you have to do is post thumbs of your artwork that match the theme and, at the end of the month, we select our favorite thumbs from that thread and feature them in the next news article. :)

The best thing is that being an active member of the forums is the only requirement!

Featured Forumer of the Month: saxeh.

I support Palestine in DA country list stamp by saxeh selected by Mrs-Durden
Excellent stamp, and excellent message to go with it. Happy to see support for Palestine, and a push for us to recognize all nationalities and artists.

CaN YoU ReAd iT ? by saxeh selected by KovoWolf
"This is a beautiful 3D rendering with fantastic use of lighting and colors! Beautiful, sleek 'polished' look on all the elements. Well done!"

PALMS by saxeh selected by DistortedSmile
"Reminds me of a solar system image: the curve of the planets and waves is really something"

for jakerobson-tull , happy Xmas by saxeh selected by SingingFlames
"I love the color choices in this render. Very festive and realistic looking!"

inner peace by saxeh selected by diphylla
"Love the geometry and abstract feeling of this piece. Great lighting as well!"

happy Eid by saxeh selected by kingmancheng
"Arabic script is absolutely beautiful, what a great render!"

3D M O R N I N G by saxeh selected by Anoya
"This looks amazingly real! :faint:"

CLOUD by saxeh selected by 3wyl
"Awesome design in shape and pattern! Great symmetry in this piece."

Theme of the Month: Supernatural!

Here's a selection of thumbs picked from the thumbshare thread: Supernatural!

Unwilling Little Vampire    A cold wind tugged at my long, black hair. The full moon above me made a spotlight through the dense trees. I sighed. The sound of my footsteps on gravel was the only noise to be heard, besides a coyote in the distance. My breath clouded before me, and I shoved my gloved hands further into my pockets.
    Tonight was the same as any other night- for all the humans, that is. I was human, once. I think. Yes, I'm quite sure I must have been, about two and a half centuries ago. Yes- I was the eldest child and only daughter of a very wealthy family in Boston. Back then I was known as Mary Tailor, of the esteemed Tailor family. Now I'm known as Jenevive Marx, a quiet, detached teenager with dark clothing and snowy skin.
    I believe it was my brother, Mark (from whom I derived my assumed surname), that brought me out there that night. A bash to mark the century, he called it. I was so sarcastic and rude toward him, telling him he was stupid and that our ind
German Jackalope
People from Bavaria can report on many animals
In the natural fauna muddle.
However, nobody here has thought of
One splendid specimen of an animal.
Very peculiar is its shape
And it lives mostly in the dark forest
And also in high mountain regions
It has been seen by some people.
The appearance of it is enormous
In various shapes:
A rabbit head crowned with chamois antlers
And feet from the duck it has as well.
There exists very big and small ones, too
With diverse bodies and legs,
But mainly the head
Will only please to some after a shock.
When you see one, mostly in dark night
With sparling eyes and in full magnificence,
Please always make sure that a Wolpertinger
Can only live happily in the future when left in peace.
Every Wolpertinger is also a bringer of luck.
Bavaria is so famous because
There is the place where
Wolpertingers exist.
World of Vel part 1


In the world of VEL


THAT ONE DAY I was walking with my brother, Jin… It started very much like any other day in the tiny wooded village of Verseltra. Each morning began with myself darting from the confines of my home to the shady lands outside, greeted by the familiar trees and walls that kept our village safe. So, if it was such an average day, why begin the story of my travels here? 
Simply put, it’s due in part to the fact that I imagine all the great travelers and heroes of Vel have a day such as this one. A day, where, at the end of their adventures, as they are peacefully soaking in the candle light, surrounded by their trophies and blades and treasures, they could trace it all back to that one moment in time.
EvidenceParanormal disturbance is around,
on the television and under the floors.
Who are you going to call to help you?
And will anyone believe your true stories?
Record all the sightings,
to provide evidence.
that they're alive.
A programme of horror,
within this residence.
that the ghosts are walking, talking.
Give it to me.
The black night is an attraction to them,
contained with frozen souls and fiery rage.
Who will you turn to for some help now?
Do you trust anyone to believe what you got to say?
Watch them carefully through the solid walls,
and hear their unspoken communication.
You doubt anyone will believe your cries.
Why not just fall on your knees for my help, huh?
Record all the sightings,
to provide evidence.
that they're alive.
A programme of horror,
within this residence.
that the ghosts are walking, talking.
Give it to me.
Evidence... (x4)
Give it to me~~
that they're alive.
give it to me.
Minoan Goddess Ariadne by Malintra-Shadowmoon Beautifully Blood-Stained by Theanimalparade Aguamenti by VisualPoems Broken Bride by JasemineDenise Voodoo Love by ARTificialphanTOM Aphelion by Fuee The Reaper by DPasschier Magos - 1992 by andresbestardmaggio Se hizo presente - 2003 by andresbestardmaggio Darkwood Friends by Art-of-the-Seraphim No One Goes Near Providence Anymore by plangkye Ne me quitte pas - Don't leave me by TheKingOfDolls Angel of death by Serch2 Flies Cyrpt Hardest Winter by xXxshadowsneakxXx 9x12 Mix Media Oil Pastel Crafted Canvas Magick by SwitchDeath Winged Demon by kaotic-cass Poe by woodpig777 Djinn by AlessiaHV Unholy Mutant by DasGhul Bicho volador by DelusionalAsylum magic, a collaboration by Flooboo Personality Disorder Prints: 4 by Marcitach Evil Queen 7 v.2 by Elfedward Evil Queen 2 v.2 by Elfedward Guardian of Atlantis by Nameda Regina Noctis by Nameda Rage of Necromante by Ciullo-Corporation Sea by nadyabogo wrong love potion by JigokuNeko HanMon - Asteria by CaninePrince you shine my night by RanqiLi Autumn Witch by ADKKitty Making Magic by ADKKitty In my restless dreams, I see that town... by Dark-Indigo Scythian Witch-Queen by plangkye City-Eating City Kaiju by UnoSombrero Taking my love through the stars by Lilith-the-5th Not Alone by DeFreezer Therion by Simplexification The Thrall by Simplexification Werewolf Sketch - Erin Gallagher by IrishWolven Halloween! by SnazzyDoodle Walk Away - revised by JenFruzz 13 Ghosts by MrTuRn A day in the Bazaar of Wonders by jayaprime Room 13 by PocColino Burning witch by PocColino First final battle by UsagiToxic Kagepro: Malfunction by Suixere Day 09. by EeNii

Thank you to everyone who took part! We will see you next month with a new forumer and a new theme! :love:

Princess Celestia Pattern - done (pic warning)

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 11:55 PM
No critiquing this time guys, she's all done! :iconspikederpplz:

Finished her pattern today. This is version 2 (you can see vo1 in the bg). Was allot easier making this pattern with Luna's to base it off. 

SO happy I took the time to make her her own pattern. (I can also use it to make Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity etc :D)

Can't wait to start on the final version now. (also gunna try out some 3d lashes for her)

(note: ears are just placeholders, not the final 3d/good looking ears)

20141031 160637 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160557 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160602 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160723 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160736 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160544 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160550 by Nazegoreng

Tia Overlay by Nazegoreng

Also 3d lash test!

20141031 181649 by Nazegoreng

20141031 181652 by Nazegoreng

20141031 181656 by Nazegoreng

Halloween Feature 2014

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 10:29 AM
Hello ghosts and ghouls! It's that time of year again, it's Halloween! :la: the only time of the year where you can dress up scary and get away with eating loads of sweets :XD: anyway, after the success of last year's Halloween Feature, I thought I would do another one for 2014 :D So without further ado, here is it! :la:

Halloween Entrada by IsiLaHamy
Angels vs Demons by EeNii God Is Watching You! by TheKingOfDolls
Epidemic: Chapter II by Miguel-Santos
Pinhead by CrisAlexMUA 1..2...Freddy's coming for you by CrisAlexMUA
Chainsaw Massacre by CrisAlexMUA
Friday the 13th by CrisAlexMUA Sweet Halloween Background Pack by Riftress
Spooky little things by thedaydreaminggirl
Random Halloween Craft - Basic Paper Pumpkin by M-J-Gagne Halloween Crafts with my Son - Pumpkin Side 1 by M-J-Gagne
Halloween Crafts with my Son - Pumpkin side 2 by M-J-Gagne
Speedpaint 13 by dreammiadream speedpaint5 by dreammiadream
a Shy Boo by yukidogzombie
Colorful Halloween by yukidogzombie Death by TheOuterDarkness
Happy Magic~ by MashiroSaito
Pretty in black by MeoAgcat Halloween time~ by MashiroSaito
MALEVOLENT by ikadize
Skeleton's Brew by Laika-chan CornFlower! by MeadowDelights
Teeny Halloweeny - Minature Handmade Clay Flower by MeadowDelights
Pumpkin Pickin' Flower by MeadowDelights Night Terrors by TonyJeffers
Prelude to darkness by TonyJeffers
Sliver by CrimsonDaeva Infection by CrimsonDaeva
W e l c o m e   t o   M y   R e a l m by SECONDARY-TARGET
No Hallucination by LabradoriteEyes Crocuta web by LabradoriteEyes
Flaming Zombie Horse by LabradoriteEyes
warped by LabradoriteEyes Aleister Crowley by Galacticspiral
Heeeeeeeeeey! by Galacticspiral
Trick by ODDITYILLUSTRATION Come little children ... (Scaretale) by ArTRefugiuM
Fanfin Sea Devil by OrangeStripeyLlama
The white lady by DreamyNaria Creeps by VincentVanHoof
Fungal Horrors #2 by VincentVanHoof
Fungal Horrors by VincentVanHoof Surreal World by Salvas
O.T. by Salvas
Macabre by Salvas Enrooted by Salvas
Cutie Zombie by HaruShadows
Demonous by HaruShadows NurseStein by HaruShadows
Mouseferatu by ARTificialphanTOM
Tiger Pumpkin by ARTificialphanTOM Night of the Dead by ARTificialphanTOM
Full Moon Rising by ARTificialphanTOM
Quiet by TylerReitan The Queen of Lies by TylerReitan
Chantasma by Maleiva Vampire sun by Maleiva
Something Halloweenie by Obysuca
Bad Santa by Shinkalork Friday the 13th - JASON! by Shinkalork
Halloween! by SnazzyDoodle
Masquerade 1 by Art-of-the-Seraphim Night of the Hollow Reaper by Art-of-the-Seraphim
Vampirella by Art-of-the-Seraphim
Fan Art: INKtober - Illustration Friday Children by Snarkclaw Sharpclaw: Grim Zeal by Snarkclaw
Halloween Wishes by BrianGriffinFan
Brian and BGF's Halloween 2 by BrianGriffinFan Brian and BGF's Halloween 5 by BrianGriffinFan
Brian and BGF's Halloween 6 by BrianGriffinFan
Thanks to everyone who took part :D

Halloweeen Journal CSS By Pascua-Tanya

Happy Halloween features!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 8:24 AM
ranielle1232 's

Halloween 2008 by x-catman Pumpkin! by AlessiaHV Halloween by tommy830219Spectral Coachman by IanHinley HappyHalloween2014 by LadyOwl Halloween Sketch!! by MicheleGiorgi jack o lantern invasion by DrFaustus3 Pumpkin Warrior (Cutter) by AlexanderExorcist Hallowskull by DevBurmak Happy Halloween by Checanty Happy Halloween! by irethlasombra Halloween thieves by sabin-boykinov Lord Pumpkinspice, the high lord of calabaza by theDURRRRIAN Devil by veprikov Happy All Hallows' Eve by helgecbalzer Ada Wong and the Licker Halloween Pumkin maker by lepetitgroin Trick or Treat by JBuuZ Halloween 2014 by UnidColor This is Hallween again! by JoysukeMonster Fest 2014 by Loopydave Pumpa, the voice of Lord Pumpkinspice by theDURRRRIAN Invader Zim x AHH! Real Monsters: Happy Halloween! by e-hima Pumpkin Warrior by VirtualMan209 Night Owl Banner by WacomZombie halloween reaper by Zirkon777 Anjelica Huston as Miss Evangeline Ernst:Grand Hig by du-har itsHalloweenagain by Zirkon777 471 Artist by GALEKA-EKAGO Come Closer by Mirchaz Halloween Mood by APetruk Halloween by DamienWorm The Great Pumpkin by Phill-ArtHalloween Akali by MonoriRogue Nickronomicon Cover Art by fantasio Halloween Raven by jerry8448
The witch and knight pumpkins by zaknafein77 Adora by Lyraina Halloween by hakkasm A Wrinkle in Time - Mock Book Cover by ldiehl Trick-or-treat by CarolineGariba The Witch and the Hourglass by isissousa2 Halloween by yuureikoghost keep the lights on by Apofiss Mmmmmm...Homemade Donuts for Halloween... by theresahelmer Pumpkin Bomb 4 by yigitkoroglu Witch by MagnaLeon halloween 2014 by Humble-Bumble Beetlejuice: Happy Halloween! by e-hima Halloween by honeyjung Cup of poisoned alcohol by FiliaNanna RAMON hallowen by RockacocaStudio Last of Us: Halloween by adlovett This Is Halloween by Rin54321 Halloween Miku by Nanatsuki-JinkoAll Hallows Eve by Sangelus Halloween by GodOfBadWeather Ulquihime Halloween by OrangeAkaSunaHappy Halloween at Shiza paradiso by In-Sine A Quiet Halloween!!! by DamnedCat51 Dig Them Bones by SeizureDemon Halloween by Pintureiro Attack Of The Zombie Unicorn by Design-By-Humans happy Halloween! by AyyaSap 10 Monsters Mocking by Arbitrary-Means 

eye gift 2 by StarsColdNight FROM OUR MEMBERS! eye gift 2 by StarsColdNight

Halloween Costumes by AkiraHikawa Darks by Erobertix Halloween 2014 by Boszoli-san :Contest Entry: Meta Ridley by DracoPhobos Bride by nixuboy Halloween First Sign by 2pified La Malediction de Nefertiti by LaughinAnnie Midnight run at Halloween by LadyCarnal Pumpkin Bag by Yenni-Vu Big Puppet Theater by Parker-Weston Epidemic: Chapter II by Miguel-Santos Zombie by Redsam6Majora's Mask Halloween by theonlybriman47 Sally's Escape by CallieClara Eternal Bride by StarfireArizona ..of murder by Futurum-Undam Samhain by magicsart Carved Witch by HoshinoDestiny Purgatory by FredrikEriksson1 Feminine Fury: The Womanly Magic Wars 3 by ProudWarrioress on the hunt by VelaniArt AT--hell bound by dannie9348 Dark Heart Tormented and Tortured... by DarkHeartDystopia darkness fall by Lolita-Artz Halloween is Coming by GabrielGrob Trick or treat by KainTheVampireLord Death is an Awkward Individual with Glowing Eyes by Llortor RockStocks 12028 by RockStocks

made by sergbel

Best of October 2014 Submissions

Fri Oct 31, 2014, 7:14 AM
I have the huge honor to start this Best Of October Submissions ~ A feature of the best submissions into our October 2014 folder:

.:WarriorOfLight:. by Kay-Noire
             Chimera by Einsilbig
Portrait by yavuzselimturan
Evil wolf by xXBellcatXx
Raindrops On Roses by cheslah
Still life with pumpkin and cheese by Argolith
Eye of soul by xXBellcatXx
Classical Echoes by Smurfage
*** by Fatalv
John by rosscomccullagh
Soft by IndigoSummerr
ThreeCycle by ZephyraMilie
eggHDR1292 by The-Egg
In the air by renchh
Glacier by Stuzal
Stardust by luciekout
*yawn*  Ohayou Gozaimasu ! by Wndrenvy
Tunnel by third-one
Tranquility by Serenity-Artz
Solitude by geographynuts

And thanks to the so great CRPhotography team head managers Kaz-D and 3wyl for the opportunity to be able to promote and feature such great photographers.

"If you want to have the chance to be featured, please submit your work to our Favourites!"
- Quote Owner

Fan Art Friday: Dracula

Thu Oct 30, 2014, 6:10 PM by Lyricanna:iconlyricanna:

Hello and welcome to the 56th edition of Fan Art Fridays :wave: I'll be featuring 10-15 pieces of fan art, by fandom each week 20 pieces in this special edition this week! This week will feature art from Dracula in honour of Hallowe'en  :la:  Many incarnations of the arguably most famous vampire (and vamprie hunters!) are featured and I sincerely hope that you enjoy them!

Dracula, Nosferatu by m-aruka Dracula's Curse by Maiss-Thro Dracula by SPRSPRsDigitalArt Dracula X by Varges Dracula by ShawnVanBriesen DRacula and mina by LordRichardDracul Dracula by envidia14 dracula by FDupain Dracula by Kanyn Dracula and Van Helsing by ted1air dracula poster by strongstuff Dracula PRINT by TCypress Dracula by natebaertsch Dracula by ewadlo Dracula - Cover by BeatrizMartinVidal Eternal kiss (bite)... Anna and Dracula by Elanor-Elwyn Dress for Lucy of 'Dracula', by Somnia Romantica by SomniaRomantica Count Vladislaus Dracula Van Helsing by Elanor-Elwyn vampire hunter by JuleeMClark Dracula Doll by Vulkanette

Suggestions? Want to see past issues?

If you want to suggest a book/game/anime/cartoon/movie/etc to feature fan art of, please comment HERE

Fan Art Fridays Past Editions

If you missed one of our past issues or want to see what's been covered, please take a look at that list!


Community Relations Stamp by communityrelations Community Operations Stamp by fourteenthstar

Reflections from Within

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 5:31 PM
Walker by crossfading Kingstar by crossfading
DSC01510 by crossfading DSC01458 by crossfading 2012-04-23_1335187547 by crossfading
2012-04-28_1335614328 by crossfading


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Friday night Specials v10.5

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 8:08 AM
what is STREET photography - Streets of Athens

FNS promo 2014.43 Trash by wchild
image by wchild

If you like what you see, +favlove this article 
so it can reach as many deviants as possible.

A weekly selection amongst the images I liked, 
while browsing the Street Gallery
and I think they deserve more attention. 
Enjoy them, comment on them and remember 
to visit the photographers' galleries as well.

Friday Night Specials stamp by wchild

They call me Bond by DougNZ

Jesus Christ! by niklin1

Have a nice weekend.

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A week ago, the Traditional Art team welcomed two new volunteers - say hello to Agaave and jenthestrawberry. And here are the trad art Daily Deviations from October:

Features by STelari

Two black angels by NikiAndocrossing the river by s-u-w-iThe Fallen Prince by dillonpringleReverie by aruarian-dancerMagic forest by MaryILHang Tough by lindsaycampbellIn a rose bush by Reza-malinovaPlay by r-lilieVertical cities above the fog by albertopitaluaMy empire of paper memories by Marie-EstherMy youth by PhinnyMinnyDaniela's portrait by JuliaKuchaevaHomage to Watteau XII by uterathmannValborg by zoundsistermore evil than the devil by 6l33the famous Starsingers by kiriOkamiSunset Company by LiquidFaeStudiosSeaborne - poster design by thesecondbusNightHawk by jkemenyIn Royal Company by Misted-DreamBy The Sea by hecestmoiStars by giadrosichTibetan child by AixuanThe manor by MathildeAndreRenewal by JoseHerbAwen by myceliaeThe Phoenix by grafikatzLost in the Trees by Super-Chino probs by woteezBanshee by Checanty

Features by Agaave

The Light Behind And In Front Of Him by ShotechiBeetle Carnival by couchmochiA Boy and his Panda by In-The-DistanceArktic Dream by DrachenseeleDeath flower by Elda-QD

Features by jenthestrawberry

Starry Eyed by cercueil-de-fleursSelf by RoslanaPruszkow Oficyna dworska by GreeGW
Features by deshrubber

Morning Light by Dusty-FeatherDress of Roses by sergejbagMegaraptor namunhuaiquii by PaleoPastoriSelfportrait by MarcysiabushArcana Coelestia (large) by gkellyzWisdom by Ryer-Ord-StarTrees of life by Nicksman24Sea of glass (better quality) by nik159Family - Daily Deviation 2014-10-12 by TheKingOfDollslandscp02 by HessamNMLEGENDARY by kerbyrosanesStorm at Peak Hour by XandyclauseAt the cliff in Orlowo by Dreamnr9The Wild One by mario-albaOriginal Abstract Watercolor - Saccharin Sweet by KatrinaMarieBrittLast Flowers by seangregoryRealization by JSAriadnaPejzaz.Rzeka by agatazyczkowskawater by designer356On a Down Time Train by ginasdrawingsBicycle 2 by chatte-bleuInner Vision by edgarinvokerSea of Hopes by XRlSIn The Valley Of Bones by WilloweirdEvil Barber by ochopanteras

FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

This CANNOT go unnoticed. 

Great job :iconjoeadok:, I'd love to see an episode of the Super Detective Team in action. Imagine the blend of mystery, comedy, and action you can get out of it. Japanese voices with English sub please!