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ProjectPorkchop Vol378

Wed Oct 22, 2014, 4:47 PM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


Marisa is a varied professional artist from the US. She creates intriguing and sometimes contoversial surrealist pop art. Her compositions are packed full of wonderful details and her characters are very expressive. She is predominantly a print artist at the moment but has dreams of working in the gaming industry someday. Please take a moment to welcome Marisa to the community!

Ophelia2000 by SalvadorsDollyThe Fall of Icarus by SalvadorsDolly
Whatrobinsoncrusoeknew by SalvadorsDollyBoxTrapOfOpposingParticles 01 by SalvadorsDolly

see more..


James is a professional digital artist from the US. His gallery is large and quite varied containing everything from character and enviroment design to traditional painting and comics. His compositions are beautifully lit and are bursting with vibrant colors. James has been a member of DA for 7 years and definitely deserves more exposure.

DUSU-PotA-B3-pg16-17 by JamesCoryWebsterYuki Ona by JamesCoryWebster
I Am L2H-Cover by JamesCoryWebsterBook3-cover Final by JamesCoryWebster

see more..


Makrushina is a professional digital artist from Russia. She is brand new to DA having only joined a week ago. She has a whimsical storybook illustration style that you can't help but fall in love with. She is a master of working with color and her storytelling is just excellent! This is one artist you will definitely want to add to your watch list.

Lyagushka_Tsarevna by SvetlanaMakrushinaPushkin tales by SvetlanaMakrushina
 большая Cокровище by SvetlanaMakrushinaThe Little Humpbacked Horse by SvetlanaMakrushina

see more..


Yue is a hobbyist photographer from Germany. She finds inspiration in nature and captures stunning wild creatures with precision accuracy. He photos are nicely cropped and framed and have nice contrast. She also enjoys photographing cars, for the automobile lovers. Be sure to stop by Yue's page today and show your support!

Snake IV by KenoiyaPeacock II by Kenoiya
Spider III by KenoiyaAudi TT Coupe II by Kenoiya

see more..


Gustavo is a writing student from the US. He has quite a large collection of amazing fantasy stories that you are sure to enjoy, especially if you like dragons! His works are so well developed and you immediately feel transported into his world. His characters are relatable and i guarantee you won't be able to stop reading once you start!

grease monkeyLorwenn landed with a soft thud on the metal railing, and closed the hatch leading to the maintenance hallway, she gripped the sidebars, and picked the toolbox that sat on the corner of the rail. The toolbox, though heavy, was nothing she couldn’t handle. Lorwenn was a tall strong fox Kruvnir, her orange fur smudged with a few oil stains she had already gathered up from work. She had long light strawberry red hair tied in a tight ponytail and a good humored attitude, whistling as she casually walked down the core’s maintenance hall.
“Morning Lorwenn, how was the date yesterday?” Kale her supervisor asked as she walked in. Kale, an old wolf Kruvnir, had hired her as the core mechanic mostly for her skills, but she knew it was out of compassion for being the same race.
“Dreadful… I swear I cannot find a single good male out there,” She rolled her eyes. “How ‘bout you? How’s your back doing?”
“It got better – a
ballad of the ancientsYe child Ye child
Hear the story of ancients
When you feel mild
Remember the flagrant
In bed when you sleep
Let the story resound
When dragons in deep
Our world did confound
The ancients did rise
And peace did they bring
In the end no more cries
Sleep child close your eyes.
Grounded 1The quiet feeling of the cave felt delightful as the two mates slept side by side. The blue dragoness was slim and intelligent looking, a pair of straight horns on her head and small spines rowing her back. The male had a bright red colour, he had a more robust appearance and a thick jawline, giving him a strong, intimidating appearance.
The peace was broken as the sound of shaking and cracking echoed through the cave. Gildia startled awake as she felt it on her chest, looking down at the egg she brooded so carefully.
"Look it's hatching!" Said Gildia looking at her emerald egg; its shell crackled and moved giving away under the strength of the hatchling. Peridor quickly moved to her side watching with large eyes as the miracle of life began to surge from beneath the shell.
As the egg shook, pieces flew to all sides; the sound of the little hatchling's tough beak striking the egg could be heard. Gildia watched with delighted eyes as the hatchling's head poked out of the shell; it emitt
the spring festivalMerina paced the streets leisurely; the place had been set up with wonderful lights each looking as magical as the next.
Long cables stretched from each tower, surrounding the plaza in the center with their light. Two more cables with lamps passed the above the plaza. Each lamp was made of a silken material, hand crafted by elven artisans. Each one had a different color, some of which Merina had never seen before. Ranging from a strong crimson colour; to the soft pinkish tanned color later described to Merina as 'baby pink'.
The spring festival had only just started; with the sun having set only an hour ago and the plaza now being filled with enough dragons to make it almost awkward to move. Elves, humans, and kruvnir could be seen among the crowd as well as the occasional ahrel; those who had been brave enough to venture into the spring festival to see the remarkable event. Tents had been set up, with intent on selling trinkets and food; they were small and usually laid to the side wh

see more..

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Coding by SimplySilent
i have exactly one serious bone in my body

and even that is broken!

Softness-art: Weekly feature XXXVI

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 11:22 AM

Rainbow Magic by incolor16
Sunkissed by alexgphotoThe romantic shine of lavender by XeniaChowaniec
Urbanosity by burningmonkNew York - The Colored Night by BrunoCHATARD
13.52 - Happy Easter by MadSubstanceNaflower by Sajuli
At the forest by Dynyasha
A Tea With Jane Austen by JuliaTosiSouris by AliceTPhotographies
... by intelkuritsa
Preciousness by Dahlia-Aubrey.... by intelkuritsa
Read by Mary-Chan23
Nicole by AngiriasGaia by Wordup
Le Sillon d'or by Nat-sumiiShining Evening by carinamaiwald
ship/navire/Schiff by HarzmannCatherine
All things must Fall by Oer-WoutRoad to Aspendell by tassanee
Golden hour in Paris by sican
Hedgehog and a girl by thefirebombJulia and Shaherezada by ShakilovNeel
Stampede in the Dust by 4Gemsbok
hedonist by AlicjaRodzikOrange by recepgulec
Autumn Waltz by MarsiaMS
Lake Washington Sunset by LarryGorlinI remember days of old by Morgan-Lou
Smoky Autumn by ildiko-neer
Kate by Zhivago86jesienny las by Malika117
The colors of Autumn - Part IX by myINQI* * * by ukaszfoto
Dews 2 by pagit
Distant look by ZoranPhotovh_157 by Alena-U96
Heir to the Throne by vamosver
Dew Drops  .. by ST-STsaturday by amerat
Ruby World by Lorelyne
Autumn by PaderaRed autumn by thefirebomb
Little Red Riding Hood II - The Encounter by iNeedChemicalX
Lisianthus by AliceTPhotographiesnostalgia2 by ChiFeng-dA
That's Amore 5 by FrancescaDelfino
Breaking down by ukaszfotoFalling, Catching by Sturmideenkind
pink magic by BlueColoursOfNatureS o l by TanjaMaria
Imagine by tassanee
my last butterfly by CliffWFotografieLilac Witch by ksushiks
Winter beauties by thenSirpink by dini25
Spinnennetz by Feenmond
Purple Flower 2 by aleexdeesoft only by sternenfern
Lilac Witch by ksushiks
purple summer by prismesVicia by Anette89
abstract form of water by globalunion
Discovery of Fire by AliceTPhotographiesalmost fallen by IreneHorvath
Dark beauty. by Hersmallworld
Midnight Magic by IndigoSummerrBokeh power. by Hersmallworld
City Marina Lights by CrowManIC
rain by AnkAMurcall to me by jaelise
Cat2 by madzia530Where are you? by leeninek
cypop atuk by styvop
unknow by liltinglightLost Voice by ShakilovNeel
RUBIKS Vision by Draken413o
Halcyon Eve by AquilapseHeresy in Blue by octane2
a web by StargazerLZ... by intelkuritsa
mark by Mars-Hill
The silent age by erynlasgalenphotoartThe Breakwall by hardon33
Lost soul by eemotional
summer vibes by vampire-zombieGirl in white by confused-photography
Chard Cake by Z740Green by Nijn88
Daydream by AliceTPhotographies
This morning its looks like a fairytale in Holland by Betuwefotograaflantern big as moss... by clochartist-photo
White Fairy by silalvarengaphAutumn in my mind. by dragonfly-oli
come little plantlet by IsagrafieGreen Shift by Thinking-Silence
From the Woods by Dapicture
Telma by ClaudiaFMirandanaturale by Sssssergiu
nurhayati by styvopwedd by Sssssergiu
Forest Nymph by Pygar
Little Cutie :. by MithriasSummer Rain by Rick-TinyWorlds
Green Lacewing by AlHabshi
Nohn - The Wolf-like Cat #2 by Robin-RavenStatuesque by kristianna11
Daisy Story by emuciss
The Snail. by marc-brunoWild Autumn by WhiteBook
Night show by porbital
Interrupted life by Art-OfMon Repos 4 by silverwing-sparrow
Ambiguity by Art-Of
metafora. by ang3llor3Black mirror by iNeedChemicalX
The Gang by Threepwoody
galamai by styvopBlack Widow by michellemonique
Ophelia by fairyladyphotography
bled X by roblfc1892Synchronization by AlexandruCrisan
NYC by CalleHoglund
White by jeminafredriika2.618 by OlivierAccart
Last of Us by Ikarusthefirst
                  by deadendsoulNike by marrgit
hold on... by TanjaMaria
PA140293-web by warhammerphotoAeriels in the sky by Evejo
000197100012-web by warhammerphoto
*** by anticuussoledad by existencia5
Respirer... by ChristineAmat
Honorable Mention In Fine Art Photography 2014 by artofdan70... by intelkuritsa
cooperation by BelcyrPiotr
into the crash :) by ateist-klerantyFlow by adylee
... by intelkuritsa

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

(this is my way of making fun of all the creepy Foxy fangirls)

> I was only 20 years old

>I loved Foxy so much, I owned all the toys and merchandise

>I pray to Foxy every night, thanking him for the life I have been given

>"Foxy is love", I say, "Foxy is life"

>My boss hears me and calls me a furry

> He is obviously jealous of my devotion to Foxy

>I called him a cunt

> He slaps me and sends me to my office

> I am crying now, because my face hurts

> I go into my office and it is very cold

>I see something running towards me

> I fell something touch me

> It's Foxy

> I am so happy

> he screeches into my ear, "This is my cove"

> He grabs me with his powerful robot claws and lifts me in the air

> I'm ready

> I raise my head for Foxy

> He bites into my skull

> It hurts so much, but I do it for Foxy

> I can feel my skull tearing as my eyes start to water

> I push against his force

> I want to please Foxy

> He screeches a mighty screech as he rips off my frontal lobe

> My boss walks in

> Foxy looks him deep in the eyes and says, "IT'S ME"

> Foxy leaves through my open door

Foxy is love, Foxy is life

(someone kill me now)

Hello & welcome, my lovly pixel -lovers!
I'll open my new icon commissions today & offer you nice little pixels in two versions..

[GIFT] Gaina Dawn Cloud by BlizzardARTs[GIFT] Yoru Dawn Cloud 1 by BlizzardARTs[RQ] Kikyo Dawn Cloud by BlizzardARTs
• the unanimated version, which is available for female & also male characters..
[I haven't done a male character jet, but I will update this offer here as soon as I made one!
Info: - their eyes are lower
     - they don't smile]
They cost 20 :points: & if you want a second one you can get them for only +10 :points:

[GIFT] Gaina Dawn Cloud' by BlizzardARTs
• the animeted version, which is only available for female characters right now, because I'm think of changing the animation for male charackters..
They will cost 50 :points:

All you need to send me:
FULL Characktername
[& if you want to do a multi-copy order write this below:]
+ -Characktername-,-Gender- & -version-
Horizon Yumey Nobutake
animated v
+ Sunrise Saito Nobutake, f, ani
+ Frozen Raidon Kirasura, m, unani

Feel free to pay & enjoy! Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]


Hauntingly Great Art and Literature

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 1:28 PM
Lady In Forest by pedroaugust The places that scare me: FeverShe used to       tiptoe       into my darkened bedroom and tuck
the thick, green comforter       around my body       ––locking in the heat
like I was       one of her spring rolls       on the kitchen counter.
She’d lay a cool rag       on my forehead, then       whisper
prayers over me       as if       anointing the dead.
Midnight interlude by MarcelaBolivarHalloween dragon by Katarina-ZirineLilith by TinaLouiseUk
Things we lost by Softyrider62The Female Titan by railrunnermirandaScary Dream_01 by caddmanThe Queen of Darkness by Wesley-SouzaZombie Woods by spyglassphotography
For The Living And The Dead by IvanVladik The Spider Queen's Door    For as long as I could remember, the field by my neighborhood was empty. The ground was too soft for construction equipment, and the soil wouldn’t nurture anything but weeds. Only two dead trees, surrounded by mushrooms, broke up the emptiness of the field.
    The owner couldn’t do anything with it, so he left it empty. My parents wouldn’t let me play over there. They called it trespassing. My friends called it something else.
    Spider Queen.
    They said the trees were the doorway to her cobweb kingdom. They said if you went between them she’d catch you up and eat you. No one ever found the kids who wandered into the Spider Queen’s home.
    We never played in the field, even though it would have been perfect for any game we could think of. But no one wanted to risk death, or worse, getting grounded. So we played in the streets and driveways and broke up games whenever a car drove through. And we n
Empty But Alivebreathing you in, october
i taste the numbing agents
even on the very surface
of your conspiracy, this
prepping of the patient
this unworking of the earth
sealing it as-is
hardening the sites
of future graves, forced shallow
not harvesting, just weakening
arranging late-year stacks
of blurry panic, while disabling
the defensive response
so much decline to wage
before the winter kills
october knows i'm a fool
for the dark underbreath
of its dead open air
the howl of the breeze
through its night fields, empty
but alive, and so very not empty
its rhythm of silence
between barks and calls
stalls my heart mid-beat
i used to pray for its engines
to restart, before it hit ground
but now i realize
that there is no floor
to this dream
and no bottom to this fall
Dia de los Muertos 2014 by Phatpuppyart-StudiosGirls Night Out by JCCJ756
Always the Haunted House    On Halloween, young people seem to flock to the dark, in search of either candy or a house to 'trick.' Matt and Sally were no different, except they were a bit older, nearly in their teens. Matt talked Sally into going to the house widely known as haunted.
    Sally said, "Are you sure we want to go there? It must be called haunted for a good reason."
    Matt laughed. "Sure. Things go bump in the night there. It's just an old house."
    "Then they won't have any candy."
    "We got enough off Mr. Sterling to rot our teeth already. This'll prove we've got guts too. Wait 'til we get to school and tell everyone where we went! They'll envy us and know how brave we are. C'mon, Sally!"
    Sally sighed. "I don't know how you always talk me into these dumb ideas."
    "I'm smart. And I know you like to hang out with me anyway."
    "You're not as smart as me, and this may be the last straw as far as h
Ciara by FlobelebelebobeleSilence by vampirekingdom Living DaylightsQuite simply,
he was there
until he wasn't.
Stuck in black within
the corners of my vision,
I found him staring
as I bent over the kitchen sink,
saying "Hail Mary"
and ignoring his shape
limp-crawling closer,
impossibly tall,
collapsing in on himself.
I could not place him
unless I found him centered
in my sight,
and though I tried,
he slipped consistently sideways
and forward.
Needle-fingers curling on the counter edge,
dead-minnow breath rattling soft.
Trembling, I shut my eyes
and felt his presence gone.
I can only keep my eyes closed
for so long.
HauntedOctober winds blow
Torment with scent of snow
Bedroom windows rattle
Closet specters leer and tattle
Cold bones creak
My many winters speak
Shadows dancing with the dead
I pull the blankets overhead.

IlluSioN of BaLaNCe by mimikascraftroomWarhammer 40k Black Crusade by faroldjoVampire Makeup by CinnamoncandyAs the chains broke,tribute for Nick Stone. by VillenueveBlue Crow by maccarta
Wolves, Love and Pincushions - PrologueHe’d always hated funerals, they were a reminder that hunting was not without its risks. Dominique bit down on his lower lip, daring a glance at his mother standing next to him. She hadn’t said much since they’d found his brother’s bloody clothing by the servants entrance. She hadn’t had to, it was clear enough what had happened to Augustin. Killed by a pack of wolves that they’d been sent out to deal with.
Dominique looked up and at Adele, seeing the tear track that streaked his mother’s face. Augustin had been her favorite, the one most like her in temperament and it was hard not to resent his older brother for it, even in death. Then again, maybe Adele’s upset was understandable, she’d lost a brother- two of them and a younger sister in the aftermath of a Scottish rebellion. Losing a son as well…
He tried to focus on what the priest was saying but his thoughts kept wandering, back to the night Augustin had died and the wolv
October GardenMy garden rambles through old vine tangles
Autumn ambles down afternoon's angles
Thorny brambles the old gate wrangles
Herbs in shambles, leaf-fall spangles
Up close mansion by mippieArtHappy Halloween!!! by Lantern-Tan13 Degrees by machinedeer
: raziel : by BastardPrinceFreak Show by Celtica-HarmonyGraveyard shift by TinaLouiseUkKitty Freak by mashinaThat Innsmouth flavor by juhoham
Inhabitants by DesigndivalaThe Mummer by JinxMimMaleficent by Ariel87Cornered by PaperDreamerArtThe Haunted House by Jumpfer-Stock
The Rogue Titan by railrunnermirandaDark fairy Queen by KateKatnisspageImmortality desires the mortality by ser1oSmoke-and-Mirrors by EnchantedWhispersArtStock - Black and gold Vampire Queen Faun Demon 43 by S-T-A-R-gazer
Alone in the Dark by RoseCSNight Traveler by vampirekingdomCrow demon by LilifIlane- Princess of Dark: Ashlinea - by SandyLynxAngie by kapaike
Halloween! by aoki6311Halloween Mood by APetrukThe Day After Halloween by MariaMurphyArtHalloween Preparations by A-WakefieldHappy Halloween by JenniferRenson
Halloween by gogo888Nurse by DanDanDanTheManStunted by AbbeyMarieNo Light by naradjou14UNDEAD by alan1828
Let Me In by shadeleyAshes to ashes by Vilk42Deep Rising SwallowedAlive1 by cardinal1chunderDEMON by MarquisAmonMigraine by eikoweb
Shtriga by CRaghtDevil by AmiltareaOn Her Bed Of Dead Leaves by KarahRobinson-Art.:Deathly Whisper:. by SummerDreams89Watch Out For The Ghouls During Halloween by Fanhir
Hunting on Halloween
I love this time of year, because seducing prey becomes far too easy on All Hallow’s Eve. For one night, mortals imbibe their darker pleasures and leave their inhibitions at the door, becoming whatever they wish to become and doing everything they feel like doing. Costumes adorn the masses and masks hide their identities. While I could have joined in the festivities, there is something to be said for being one’s self while the rest of the world is busy being something else.
Especially when one is a vampire.
The one night a year when my smiles become wider, my words of seduction more pointed without fear of it scaring away my target. These days, I do not kill in such a wanton manner, but during my days as Sabrina’s assassin, the world was an oyster and I feasted until my heart’s content. At times, I could even get my older, more regal brother to join in the fun.
It should be noted that Robin is no saint and he would never purport to being as such. At the time, howeve
Hand of Ghost by inshoo1Ghost by AlfredoCaceresGhost by Tsabo6GHOST OPERA by intano
Ghost Story by Phatpuppyart-Studios GhostGhost
i hold my own wrist,
as if it's broken,
'cause there are no hands,
available left to hold it.
to rest in the base
of your touch cannot happen.
it's much too tough to ask.
so i sit staring
into a blank field,
eyelids empty, 
body in reverie,
mind in ennui,
sick of you and i.
i love you
but hate i fell too
deep into the pool,
of what I thought was true.
5 feet, 5 inches,
brown locks,
spectacled eyes
once folded 
around my 5'7'' frame,
now left a shell.
my arms hold me,
as i clutch my abdomen,
and rest against the floor.
i lie there,
knowing the pain 
will finally stop
but aware,
that it's just beginning.
because the hardest
part about this,
is loving a ghost
that isn't dead in body,
but in your mind,
and you can't kill her,
no matter how much
you wanna take the gun
and pull the trigger.
so i let pellucid phantoms
perplex the crevices
of my intricate labyrinth.
and i let the apparition
fly around inside,
before it fades and dissipates,
just like the b
The Ghost of Emily WhiteThe cemetery never changed, or at least not very much. The trees and hedges were trimmed every few years, and when Scott was six, they started turning off the water butts in the winter because the pipes froze, and so did the streams that the local boys used to make by overfilling the water butt at the top of the part that sloped. The weather changed, of course, and the plants and the animals with it. Sometimes a new grave was added. When Scott was ten, his grandmother was buried there.
Sometimes he popped in to see her on the way home from school, just as he always used to. He missed being able to see and hear her, but it wasn’t so bad, because he was sure he could feel her there. He had always felt that way about the cemetery’s ghosts, ever since he could remember.
When he was learning to read, Scott used to like deciphering the names on the headstones. When he fully understood how the system of years worked, he liked looking at the dates as well, the older the bett
Dancing with a Vampire...I can feel his eyes watching me across the room,
it's a crowded place but his slick presence can't be ignored,
he moves slowly as a lazy cat but with firm steps,
but I pretend I don't see him,
though he has caught my mind since the moment he appeared in the party,
there is something from him that steals my mind,
I can listen his voice calling me despite he has never talked to me...
and suddenly he is in front of me,
smiling as he offers me his hand leading me to the dance floor,
sweeping me from head to toe with his mystery,
we dance under the stars...
his fragance seduces my senses,
undoing my strength as he whispers sweet words to my ear
and his hand slides along my back and my hips,
as I sway under the cadence of his body,
leaving no space between us,my breasts crashing against his chest,
he takes my breath away as his lips kiss mine,
a wild kiss that makes my whole body tremble as he bites my tongue
and the blood flows tasting like wine...
he traces a path of dark kisses sliding hi
Seduction of the Vampireall for the taste of
sweet, red warmth
liquid fire through my veins
replenish me again.
can i lean a little closer?
smell the scent of your perfume.
drown myself within your essence;
can i take another drink?
porcelain dances across sweat
teeth tangling with flesh
you my temptation and i
your sanguinary lover.
replenish me again.
it's been too long
since i've felt the warmth.
let me drink a little deeper,
until our bodies meld as one.
let me slide my tongue across
the lingering droplets
you taste like wine; so rich
the finest merlots
could never compare.
replenish me again.
be like the carnal maidservant
serving the master.
sink into the arms that hold you
within the lover's grip.
so deceptive,
still, i promise i will not let go.
i will hear your darkest confessions
as you whisper them to me.
all the things you'd like for me to do
for i have fallen from grace as well.
replenish me again
and i will take you under
the deepest spells.
drift to slumber; into the hands that hold you
i will

Vampire by VampireDarllaVampire by gongchengVampire Mask by vampirekingdomVampire Bride by Yu-HanVampire Heart by la-esmeralda

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A Birthday treat for me :D Thank you all for your kind wishes :heart: Here's the latest artwork with my stock - hope you enjoy them as much as me !

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Fishing at midnight by jspanda

Beautiful autumn by annemaria48

Wonderland by xxmissyxx101

Beyond the Outer Limits by CrystalClear-Art

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Bugs In Space by jojo22

The Bridge by ShortCircuit123



Rune Stone by xxmissyxx101

Untitled October 2014 II by slight-art-obsession

Fame and glory by SPRSPRsDigitalArt

Kingdom in the Clouds by annewipf

Imagine Outdoor Schooling by Elsapret

black horse by erool

play with me,... by erool

Amazonia - Desktopography Exhibition 2014 by Wesley-Souza

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pokemon tag

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 1:43 PM
professional dickbutt

CSS Skin

Pokemon Randomizer:
should already be on the proper settings.
Only one Pokemon per question.
Tag one or more people when you're finished.

This Pokémon is you


1. This Pokémon is your best friend.
naaww can you image that though omg
i might actually draw it

2. This Pokémon is your boss that you need to impress for a promotion.
3. This Pokémon is your partner for your science project.
4. This Pokémon is looking for every way possible to murder you.
the murder in his eyes

5. This Pokémon is your mother-in-law.

6. This Pokémon is your boyfriend/girlfriend.

7. This Pokémon is your ex.
I have a thing for purple

8. This Pokémon stalks you every waking moment.

9. This Pokémon likes to snuggle with you.
okahy, this i do mind

10. This Pokémon ate all your cheesecake.
yOU  cAN  H a VE i T AL l ;A;

11. This Pokémon is what you felt in your bed last night.
why did I laugh

12. This Pokémon banged your mom.

13. This Pokémon will do anything to try and get in your pants.

14. This Pokémon died by your own hands.

15. This Pokémon is your loyal companion for life.
dinosaurs and dragons bb

16. This Pokémon reads you bed time stories.
that would actually be really cute to see

17. This Pokémon is your loving pet.

18. This Pokémon is your creepy dentist.

19. This Pokémon is what you dream about every day.
wet dreams

20. This Pokémon is what you found in your basement when you moved into your new house.
i would be terrified</s>