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  • Mood: Pleased
i dedicate this special feature to a nice landscape photographer NikolaiMalykh :iconnikolaimalykh:
i fell in love with his Icelandic photos :)
  Sunset by NikolaiMalykh At the road by NikolaiMalykh    
Rock Gate by NikolaiMalykh Photo session by NikolaiMalykh Evening at the ocean by NikolaiMalykh Airplane by NikolaiMalykh 

At the glacier by NikolaiMalykh Evening by NikolaiMalykh Single cutter by NikolaiMalykh
On the black snow by NikolaiMalykh Snowy waterfall by NikolaiMalykh The rock tooth by NikolaiMalykh
Abandoned house by NikolaiMalykh Vulnerable tundra by NikolaiMalykh Trio by NikolaiMalykh
Pyramid by NikolaiMalykh Rainbow waterfall by NikolaiMalykh Evening icebergs by NikolaiMalykh

Shades of gray by NikolaiMalykh Troubled water by NikolaiMalykh Icelandic weather by NikolaiMalykh

Conceptual Spotlight Vol. 152

Sat Feb 13, 2016, 4:24 AM by MarinaCoric:iconmarinacoric:

The Unseen Stock - February

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 11:37 AM
:heart: If you like this feature please add it to your :+fav:s (:

Urban pagan IV by Cendrayliss--Stock Poettearstock 6 by PoetTear Urban pagan outside4 by Cendrayliss--Stock STOCK vintage dress II by MyladyTane
Untitled by LaMarkStock Cowboy Swordsman 11 by 9thPlanetStock witch by Theia-modele
Dark by Theia-modele GloomyWaterhouseWomb Version alpha III by Cendrayliss--Stock Lormet-Cosplay-0969d-sml by Lormet-Images Old woman leper in medieval time by A1Z2E3R
Poettearstock 14 by PoetTear
STOCK_MysteryRedHead1 by Bellastanyer-STOCK Untitled by LaMarkStock Bella 94 by RachgracehStock
elfe by Theia-modele RedHair7 by KillerZonk Medieval burgrave by A1Z2E3R STOCK - The Huntress 4 by TheGhostSiren
Pirate-19 by Theia-modele Lorelei [Stock] by TheLadyFalcon JuliaBlack5 by KillerZonk
Untitled by LaMarkStock
Stock by FrancescaAmyMaria Pow Wow1 by Gnewi-Stock Lormet-Cosplay-0886D-sml by Lormet-Images BW3 by KillerZonk
Gothic Girl - Stock 14 by Rosenrot-Photography Untitled by LaMarkStock LiLa2 by KillerZonk Waldfee - Stock 1 by Rosenrot-Photography
witch by Theia-modele
Parnu nature 223 by MASYON Fireworks by Lilinaceleste Glasgow Loch In Winter by SamIAm75
Sky Stock2 by Gnewi-Stock Rock and wind II by Cendrayliss--Stock Died trees and alive trees in winterscape by A1Z2E3R
Valley Entrance by Crysomandiaz
FREE STOCK!  Basalt outcroppings in the Prairie... by LakeSpirit3 ft-stock-res-forest0020 by ft-stock-resources Fog 3 by landkeks-stock
Stock 264 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock Tree Stock 6 by Sarah-Katherine Autumn Stock by Sue55 Waterfall with Rainbow by AmberSeree
Rocks 1.0 by Sed-rah-Stock
Exploration 01 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Free Rock Stock by Snowenne Ice IV by Chari-ot
Mont Blanc Stock 01 by irwinthegod Above the Grey Field by c09567812 Elevated Fortress by Crysomandiaz
Fog 2 by landkeks-stock
Snowy Background 5 by xxtgxxstock Mossy Wall stock by EverildWolfden Tree, Chiang Mai, Thailand by mjaniszyn Rock and wind I by Cendrayliss--Stock
Garbage by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK nature 57 by Dark-Wolfs-Stock Morning Light 01 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Forest Stock 55 by Sed-rah-Stock
Snow Background 5 by xxtgxxstock Rocks Stock 8 by Sarah-Katherine Sun Rays/clouds by shelbysnd
Lake 22 by Sed-rah-Stock Stock 2015-03-27 by Euselia Field 40 by Sed-rah-Stock Rocks 2.0 by Sed-rah-Stock
Mont Blanc Stock 06 by irwinthegod
Sunrise Over Lake by xxtgxxstock Mont Blanc Stock 04 by irwinthegod Rocks Stock 2 by Sarah-Katherine
Black sand of Grande Hanse beach by A1Z2E3R Access by Crysomandiaz STOCK: heather moorland by shadowsthyme
Tintern Abbey Stock 3 by AlexanderHuebner
Parnu winter 18 by MASYON Ayutthaya Historical Park, Ayutthaya, Thailand by mjaniszyn Stock 0003 - Old German House by Niverdia-stock
Round Tower by MajkaHarolds Lormet-Western-0260sml by Lormet-Images Castillo 21 by Lilinaceleste Lormet-Architecture-0493f-sml by Lormet-Images
Fishing Shanty, Bangkok, Thailand by mjaniszyn Underpass by JewelsStock Medieval camp with tents by A1Z2E3R
Medieval horse by A1Z2E3R hyppo by Theia-modele Triceratops Mama and Baby by seraphunk
Lueneburger Heide Other Animals 05 by windfuchs Novia Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever 2 by xxtgxxstock Water turtle by A1Z2E3R
IWC 217 by CastleGraphics
Welsh stock by xxMysteryStockxx Brown Bear Stock4 by Gnewi-Stock IWC 198 by CastleGraphics
Giraffe Stock 8 by firenze-design Dog 05 by Dark-Wolfs-Stock Cat by Elmininostock And the gorilla said me you want my photo by A1Z2E3R
Fisch by Dark-Wolfs-Stock
Degu Stock 6 of 10 ~ Males by Lovely-DreamCatcher Birds 3 by shelbysnd Lueneburger Heide Arctic Foxes 05 by windfuchs
Wolves I by Cendrayliss--Stock Lueneburger Heide Bears 4 by windfuchs Bird Stock 10 by motherearth01
Elephant Statue Stock 1 by Sarah-Katherine Flowers by Elmininostock Wine Making 3 by Lauren-Lee
Sea urchin shells by Elmininostock
steampunk stuff by sfishffrog Architektur by BVFoto CONEYFLOWERS STOCK by reedjones Mushroom2 by Cendrayliss--Stock
Stock-mon 00722 by stock-mon Old leather suitcase or retro suitcase by A1Z2E3R Clock - png-file by Euselia
The rest of warrior outside his tent by A1Z2E3R
Chiang Mai Area Thailand by mjaniszyn GMC truck by A1Z2E3R Medieval house items by A1Z2E3R Tronco 01 by Lilinaceleste
Egg Stock 2 by Sarah-Katherine teresita by vin-stock Crystal 3 by PirateLotus-Stock
lamp by KyKisan
Small medieval tent by A1Z2E3R Vampire Blood Stock 1 by Sarah-Katherine Narcissus1 by Cendrayliss--Stock Plastic Skull Stock 1 by corvidius
Only Darkness on the darkside texture. by Multiartis Nebula2 by celairen-stock Texture 141 by Voyager168
Cookie101 by jojo22
ft-stock-res-bark0002 by ft-stock-resources Digital Texture Artwork 318 | Happy Birthday by mercurycode Bark texture stock by EverildWolfden ft-stock-res-concrete0001 by ft-stock-resources
Texture 152 by Voyager168 Snow Sparkles  002 by amethystmstock Petroleum Visions II by superftmn
Texture 137 by Voyager168
CHRISTMASBOKEH STOCK BACKGROUND by reedjones ft-stock-res-cracks0005 by ft-stock-resources Liquid raindrops texture 4 vs by AStoKo-Stock
Cookie99 by jojo22 Olive macro by Elmininostock Bubbles 01 by NellyGraceNG Texture 138 by Voyager168
Flower macro by Elmininostock
Driftwood by Elmininostock Stock cracked mud-30Jun2016-39 by SkyfireStock The depth in a broken abstract painting by Multiartis



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I Love You Emote  For those who love nature, regardless of the day I Love You Emote 

Fairywren Love by Whimsical-Dreams 
Lazy Days by Emma-Lawlor .Handsome Mister in Black and White. by Alexandrevla Life So Hard by dragonsemblem
I Love U Geckos - 0779 by creative1978 Can you feel the love tonight by AzureHowlShilach love you! by Mari-Ghostly 
Ad meliorem by maryjuana90 Lovely by MamaMika Let the beauty .. by Sukilucky
in mothers arms by TheOneChaos Dance me to the end of love by MaresaSinclair Mother's Love by Hinatose
Clover by Skie-Miller Common Blue Butterfly by wolftraz The Lick by Michael-Rowlandson 
Written in Water by Miguel-Santos I love to go a wandering by LordLJCornellPhotos The Bright Window by wolfwings1
J-litter Puffer siblings by felill
Happy Valentine's Day - V.1 by Emma-Lawlor

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Super Love

Fri Feb 12, 2016, 2:03 PM
Valentine's Day is nearly here. Whether you have a love of your own, dream of meeting that perfect person, or are content to be alone, it's always a bit of fun to indulge in romance through our favorite fictional couples. This feature will showcase some of our favorite "couple" moments from the series -- now and in the future. We'll also have a special showcase of the "many loves" of the various characters in alternate universes/timelines.

Canon Love

Sometimes forever, sometimes short-lived, sometimes unrequited, sometimes fantasy, here are a few canon couples.

Point Commission: Ring by jen-and-kris

Heck! I love you! by CristianaLeone Bling and Sara by mirz333

Going Out by elfdust

Ravenswood and Melody by Sayara-S by mirz333 Night Thoughts by CristianaLeone

Commission 111 by Nike-93

Different Times, Different Loves

The following pieces feature romances which are not a part of canon. However, we love love blossom between the cast and with other characters in various universes and time-periods. You can learn more about these alternate pairings (and see many more) at our sister-site,, or our Alternate Universe folder over at RelativityComic

Dance your pain away by SBS-Axari

The Relativity II by Maryneim That Old Melody by InkyRose

Would You Like to Dance? by mirzjiles Distraction by mirzjiles 

C: Ballade by Fayerin  Commission: Vincent and Sara by InkyRose

Lovesheet - Babs and Brent by CristianaLeone

Purity by mirzjiles   Dick and Sara by Sayara-S by mirz333

Valentine's Contest Entry! by Gnewi

A Gentleman and a Lady by mirzjilesMadge and Charles by CristianaLeone

Under the Mistletoe by mirz333

Beauty and the Beast by mirzjilestaste the rainbow by Know-Kname

Contest Entry - Aardrin and Dark Flame by dragondoodle

A Little Bit of Magic by mirzjiles Surprise by mirz333

Bewitched by Kimir-Ra

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Progressive Saturday Night (v.85)

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 1:09 AM

Saturday Night Fever

image by :iconbatsceba:

Please enjoy a selection of the latest photos of street galleries

and remember to visit the photographers' galleries as well ;) (Wink)


[question ...]

They asked me if I'm happy.

I answered that today I am less happy than yesterday.

now I know I'm useless


A Cracked Shell by MARX77
W A I T ! by stephane-bdc
Best Outside by sags
Untitled by mpouzianis

Untitled by simonacapriani
Shoreditch, London by richardjohnford
Hard Choice by PatrickMonnier
Februar 2016 by danielwuttkephoto

London street scene 7545 by Usmanskiy London street scene 566 by Usmanskiy

Postcard of Tokyo 25 by JACAC





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Twist Fate - Coming Soon

Fri Feb 12, 2016, 2:13 PM

Art Style - Don't Rush It!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 12, 2016, 7:00 PM

After a conversation I had with someone today I wanted to make a quick journal on the topic, since I think its something everyone (myself included) struggles with at some point in their artistic career. And that topic is style. Often I see on DA younger artists trying to find their style, and more importantly worrying that they wont, or that no one will like their art because of it. I'm here to say stop worrying about it! 

Style is not just the way your art looks, its all about the way you draw and whats comfortable for you. If you spend so much time worrying about it and thinking about it, you're going to end up with art that you aren't going to be happy with because your setting the bar too high. Style comes from yourself, and what your good at. Here are a few tips that I've learned over the years (and still should probably listen to) regarding art style.

1. Don't worry about it.

Whether you realize it or not, everyone has their own style. Its formed by how you lay your brush strokes, and interpret the world around you, and no one does that the same way! I can guarantee you that there is something about your art that is unique and recognizable, even if its as simple as the way you draw noses. 

2. Start with the basics.

Before you even worry about style at all, its important to know the fundamentals of art. Anatomy, color, composition, etc. Often times when doing studies of the fundamentals you will notice patterns in how you draw, and you will start to build a style whether you realize it or not. For example people tell me I paint backgrounds in a specific way, even if I am looking at a photo my way of painting is recognizable. I don't realize this or really see it, but it is there. This is the best way to form a style because you really get to know how you interpret things without the influence of other art and styles you see around the community.

3. Try many techniques and styles.

The most important thing to do when faced with the style problem is to try many different styles and techniques. For example you see an artist who does really cool shading, instead of saying "aw man I'll never be that good", look at it and say "wow I wonder if I could incorporate that technique into my own work". By trial and error you will find what feels right to you. If a style feels forced its not gonna work for you. Try something new! Keep broadening your skill set and adding on to what you already know and are good at, and eventually you will find your style and the direction you should be going in. I'm not gonna lie and say this is easy, it took me years to be comfortable with my art, and I'm still learning! Its a good idea to have a goal in mind, a place where you want to be art level wise, and do everything you can to get there. For me it was always landscape painting, and learning every new technique I could to get closer to my inspirations, not to mimic, but to be at their level of understanding and knowledge of art. A good thing to do is make a list of what you like about your art, and what you would like to improve on and go from there on your quest to find a comfortable and unique style!

4. Don't try to replicate someone's style to a T.

Your art style comes as a result of the way you draw, and how you see the world around you. And while other artists can very much influence your style, don't try to copy someone elses style line for line. You want to look at those artists that inspire you so and say to yourself "what is it about their art that I love so much, is that something I can incorporate into my own?". Another thing I see very often is "trend" styles. By this I mean a large number of artists try to make their art look like whats popular, and what sells which is fine but its often hard to pick out styles from this crowd and know exactly who drew what. If your trying so hard to make your art popular and not what your comfortable with, its not going to work out for you. The best artists on this site, notice how you can always distinguish their art from another? That's because they worked hard to make their art unique and stand out from the crowd, and that's how you get followers, watchers and commissions, not by being a copy cat. People will come to you because your art has someone no one else has, trust me!

In conclusion, to those out their struggling to find a style, it will come to you in time. It won't happen over night but just remember to draw what you like, and in a way that you enjoy and it will all fit together I promise! Remember it is okay to try other artists styles and techniques, but give proper credit where credit is due. :)

Skin by SimplySilent

:happybounce: Congratulations Winners :happybounce:

of the

On The Menu Challenge #18

at the


Divider sample 01 a4 by SirInkman

:bulletyellow: 3rd Place :bulletyellow:


Divider sample 01 a4 by SirInkman

:bulletyellow: 2nd Place :bulletyellow:


Divider sample 01 a4 by SirInkman

:star: 1st Place :star:


:star: More work from Lora-Vysotskaya's Gallery :star:

Two Love Stories by Lora-Vysotskaya

SVARTALHEIM. Home Of The Dwarves. by Lora-Vysotskaya The Return Of The Prodigal by Lora-Vysotskaya

I Feel Good by Lora-Vysotskaya A Lady Will Hurry But Never Run by Lora-Vysotskaya

Butterflies In My Head by Lora-Vysotskaya

Divider sample 01 a4 by SirInkman


This is a promotion page I am making for a Deviant that made a very great Request for me. And because of the Request, I will feature some of her artwork below!……………

There they are! I hope you like them! And thanks BreezeMint45!!!