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Thank you!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 28, 2014, 7:31 AM

Thank you!

I want to give a massive THANK YOU for everyone wishing me a happy birthday.  I'm overwhelmed by comments and notes and I can't express how much I appreciate the kindness!  It means so much to me :D 

Features by TsaoShin

Gift and birthday artwork

Here are some of the AMAZING pieces that people have made for me!  Thank you so much!  I am truly touched whenever I see one of these awesome drawings pop up in my message center ^^

Best Night Out by goldkoifish
Best Night Out by goldkoifish

Fanart:. Rivers by Bella-Brownies
Rivers by Bella-Brownies

Dreams came true... by claragonza3
Dreams came true... by claragonza3

Gift for Tsaoshin by Lyricathedragon
Grendel by Lyricathedragon

Happy-B-Day to: TsaoShin by talen177
Happy-B-Day to: Tsaoshin by talen177

~My First Kiss Went A Little Like This~ by RadSubmarine
My First Kiss Went A Little... by RadSubmarine

Lift off by HowlingWolf201
Lift Off by HowlingWolf201

Happy BirthDay TsaoShin! by claragonza3
Happy Birthday TsaoShin by claragonza3
Grendel :GA/FA: by Fun-Sun-Cat
Grendel by Fun-Sun-Cat

For TsaoShin by goldkoifish
For TsaoShin by goldkoifish

Gift: Happy Birthday Tsaoshin by iheartjapan789
Happy Birthday TsaoShin by iheartjapan789

TsaoShin's bday! by DatRandomLion
TsaoShin's bday by DatRandomLion

Happy birthday TsaoShin by Eeveeworlds
Happy birthday TsaoShin by Eeveeworlds

Happy B Day tsao ^^ by oreogalaxy
Happy B Day Tsao by oreogalaxy

Notes on Chinese Culture about Mulan

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 28, 2014, 8:28 PM
Hello!  I hope I'm not adding too much to your inboxes.  (I did allow some screencaps into the gallery, but that was because I wanted to get rid of them as a whole.  Journal explanations here: Here).  I was cleaning out the Mulan folder, and I noticed some things that people did not seem to know about Chinese culture in regards to art.  I don't know how many of you know this, but I am Chinese American (Chinese descent born and living in the US).  I know some things about culture you might find interesting or helpful in your art.

Specifically, I saw Mulan and her male alter ego Ping made as a set of portraits with their names vertically next to them.  What many people don't know is that when you have a picture like that with a portrait and names vertically next to them, it is a tribute to the dead.  So basically, it's something that you would see in a funeral or in a Traditional Chinese Religion ancestor shrine.  You are free to make those and submit to the group, of course, but I'd just like to let you know that in case you ever make a portrait of a Chinese person you know and put their names vertically on it.  (Particularly someone who is elderly).  A Chinese person might excuse you because they know that you are of a different culture, but some people do take offense because it's basically saying that they're dead or that you wish they were dead.

Speaking of funerals, if you were to draw Mulan at a funeral, she would probably be wearing white.  Traditionally, Chinese people wear white to funerals.  They also are supposed to stop wearing red for a long time, for six months or more.  White is a color symbolic of death, and red is pretty much the best, happiest, and luckiest color in Chinese culture.

If you wear to draw Mulan marrying Shang or anyone else, she would be wearing red.  Chinese women wear red at weddings.  I forgot which color men wear at traditional weddings, but I think it's probably red, too.  They also get married at Chinese restaurants.

If you were to draw Mulan eating anything and you wanted it to be realistic, a good general rule is to not put anything that you would normally find as a entree at a Chinese takeout restaurant.  I mean, rice (including fried rice) and noodles are okay, but things like sweet and sour chicken, fortune cookies, General Tso's chicken, Moo Goo Gai Pan, etc.  Food from authentic Chinese restaurant would be more realistic.  If you wanted to be very realistic, you might want to check up on what province you think Mulan is from because food is different in all the regions of China.  If you wanted to be EXTREMELY realistic, you could research food in China from specific time periods and regions.  Chinese people were the first culture to have restaurants, and they've had them for thousands of years.  That's why Chinese food is so good!

In addition, Chinese desserts are traditionally different from Western ones.  For example, if Mulan were having a birthday, she would not be eating a birthday cake.  Instead, she would be eating a red-dyed boiled egg from her family (probably her grandmother).  I think the egg represents birth, and red is always the color of celebration.  Cakes in China are totally different from Western style cakes.  Mooncake is made with salted duck eggs and no sugar, and I'd advise you not to eat it because it tastes gross (in my own opinion).  Milk is almost never used in Chinese cooking.  Many Chinese people are lactose intolerant.  Also, sugary foods are eaten very sparingly, and historically China did not have chocolate until fairly recently because chocolate originates from ancient Mexico, and there was a long period of Chinese isolationism.  Plus, chocolate often has milk in it (which is bad for lactose intolerance).

I want to strongly point out that Mulan CANNOT be a geisha, and neither can any other character unless they're Japanese!  Yes, geishas are from Japan!  There were never any in China at all.  In addition, a geisha is not just a pretty lady.  They basically were being trained to live in an elegant tradition and strict code of conduct, which would lead to selling their virginity.  (Also, please never call me a geisha or say that I look like one because I don't feel comfortable hearing that.)

Even though "Little Brother" (in Chinese, di di) is a cute dog that is present in the first part of Mulan, dogs are not considered man's best friend in traditional Chinese culture.  One of the worst things you can call a person is a "dog" (gou).  Actually, a lucky animal would be a pig!  Pigs were associated with wealth and prosperity . . . and dinner.  Also, I hope I don't need to mention that Chinese people do NOT eat dogs and cats.  Chinese people sometimes eat a lot of things that would strange to Westerners.  Traditionally (depending on region), they eat snakes, sea urchins, jellyfish, octopus, shark fin soup, frogs, snails, deer, goat, and many other animals but NOT cats and dogs!

I thought that might be helpful or at least interesting.  I'm pretty much going off from my experience and what my parents have told me.  I've never even stepped foot in China, and I'm terrible at speaking Chinese.  If you have any questions, I can try to help, but I am actually not really that knowledgeable on Chinese culture.  Thanks, guys!

- S.

I'm SO SORRY I haven't updated yet D: I'm getting SUPER busy these days.
here you go, the next chapter
                              Chapter 9 - The Dream (and pastries)


  You smiled and waited for your dad to pick you up; nothing could penetrate your exceptionally-good mood today! Usually, the first day at school/middle school/college, (stereotypically) SUCKS! But, (almost) everything good happened to you. Well, maybe Ashi could ruin your day, but you weren't in college for the rest of the day, so you were fine. Finally, your dad was there to pick you up. You bounced into the front seat, happily shutting it behind you. "Well, SOMEON is in a good mood~" Your dad sang, pushing his foot on the pedal. "Yessss!" You said, your smile like sunshine in the gloomy autumn weather, and it's gray skies. "Why? Whenever you used to return from high school, you'd be slumped down, telling me to 'go away'." He chuckled. "Maybe because the people at this school are VERY nice." You sighed, and dreamily, you propped your head on your fist. "AIYE!" You screamed; the car hit a few bumps in the road. Your dad suddenly smirked. "Dad, I've seen that face before. NO." You said, aware of what he was thinking. "Does my little girl have a CRUSH on someone?!" You blushed, and with his right hand, he poked your side, and you yelped. "D-DO NOT." You firmly said. "Yes you do!" Your dad said. "Dad, you're acting like a teenage girl!" You said, glaring at him. "What if I WAS a teenage girl?" Your dad said, wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed, and punched his arm lightly. "You're so wierd, dad." "So, who's the lucky boy?!" He smirked. "No one, dad." You tried your best to keep a poker face. "Oh, come on. I'm the love guru; I KNOW YOU, I FEEL YOU, (Y/N)!" He evilly laughed. 'He has no idea how much that reminds me of stranger danger.' You laughed, finally, you reached your humble abode. "Hey, dad, is it okay if I hang out with my friends at 5?" You asked, blushing at the memory of when Hiro technically asked you out. Unfortunately, your dad saw you blush. "So, you going to 'hang' with your 'friend' now, are we?" "FRIENDS, DAD. WITH AN S!" Now you were getting annoyed. "Ahh, sure." He said. Finally, he cut the crap. "When will you be back?" He said, eating some left over pancakes of that morning. "Does it matter?" You said. "...No!" He happily said, checking the clock. "Well, it's currently 4:03pm. Y' better get ready!" He said, taking your backpack to your room for you. "Alright, thanks dad!" Once he was out of your room, you (might I say, rapidly.) swapped in your clothes for a nice black longsleeve with a (F/C) over-shaul (I'm obsessed with them sorry) to go on top, you kept on the jeans, and put on a nice fuzzy pair of (Second F/C) boots with (Color) highlights. To wait out the wait, you took out your favorite hand-held gaming system and played (favorite videogame). Eventually, you fell asleep.


Hiro beckoned to you with his finger, telling you to follow him. You both were floating in a massive rainbow-cloud place, with a bright-sun like thing behind you. He jumped easily from a piece of debris to another, teasingly looking at you. He mouthed some words that you couldn't make out; you couldn't hear a thing at all. 

The scene changed.

...Ashi? He held a strange mechanism. Once again, you couldn't hear. You tried to move, but discovered you weren't in your own body..? Your real body was ghostish, and transparent. Your body, the solid one, was dressed in a strange superhero-like attire. Your solid body help out a weapon-like thing, only to collapse. 

Finally, you heard something. "(Y/N)?" Your solid body said; even though limp on the ground. Strange, your dad's voice came out of you though. "(Y/N)!"


You snapped awake from your dream. "Ah, you're awake!" Your dad happily exclaimed. "What time is it?" You said, patting your shirt to get out the wrinkles. 'What a strange dream...' You just shrugged it off. "4:55." You instantly jumped off your bed, knocking your favorite hand-held gaming device to the floor."RIGHT! LET'S GO TO THE CAFE!" You dashed like Sanic to the car, jumping through the window (BAD-A READER). In a flash, you were at Lucky Cat Cafe. Inside, you saw the Big Hero 6 team waiting for you at a table. You high-fived your dad as he said "Wish you luck!", and you said "bye". "THE PARTY DON'T START 'TILL I WALK IN!" You screamed, as you jumped into the cafe. Everyone looked at you strangely except the Big Hero 6 team; they just laughed. You remembered your dream. The most interesting one was the one with Ashi. Should you tell the team about it?

'....Nah.' "Sorry if I'm late." You said, pulling up a chair between Honey and GoGo. "Not enough room." GoGo simply said, and moved the chair next to Hiro. "'Kay." You simply said, as you sat next to him ( and he blushed o ). "So, what're we going to do?" You asked. Suddenly, Cass came in with seven pastries. "Oh." You simply said, Hiro smiled. "Oh, Hiro! Is this the girl you've been telling me so much about since you've got home?" Aunt Cass said, observing every detail of you. Both of your faces flushed red, and you slowly sipped on a cup of water that you (just) realized was there for you. Basically, the 4 other team members snickered(my favorite candy). "Aunt Cass, you can leave now~" He said, copying your actions by nervously sipping his water. "Your description of her has got me interested!" Cass said, shoving a chair in-between Honey and GoGo. They just let it slide. ' 'Not enough room' my face.' You thought, sending them a petrifying glare. They both just innocently smiled. You picked a (Favorite flavor) pastry with (second favorite flavor) frosting. "I made these myself!" Cass said, picking one out for herself. "Mmmmff.." You said, making a point that this was probably the best thing you've ever eaten. You gave a thumbs-up. She grinned.

"So, (Y/N), tell me about yourself!" She said.



Weekly Members Feature

Fri Nov 28, 2014, 4:23 PM



Weekly Members Feature

Promoting our Members


A Storm Inside by Shirokibo
Be Free by Walking-TallI Blinked And The World Was Gone by shadeley
I see the world the way it is... by Dark-Indigo
The Gentle Giant by LaviniaChuBirds Of Paradise by theheek
Mourning Dove by msfowle
The dreaming tree by RazielMBForest dream by JennyLe88
Sky by Chihir0-chan
Love letter @ night by ElsapretFairies Symphony 2014 by nudagimo
Nature Lost by ark4nDream of Immortality by MySweetDarkness
Divine Beauty by LeenaHill
The Light Inside Of Me by Lolita-ArtzCity rain by pankreas67
Eastern Snake Necked Turtle by Charmed-Ravenclaw
Smell Of Spring by puppet-soulBath of the nymphs by KangTengri
Rainy Night in Rome by annewipf
Poison by TheDreamBelowUnicorn Falls by KaiyaAquamarine

Beautiful Works from our Gallery

Some of the Best Submissions


Mine's Bigger Than Yours by pjenzSecret Garden by Gwendolyn1
Simply Bliss by xLocky
obscure window by youlakouDevil's Ghost ! by DARSHSASALOVE
Deep Allure by SweediesArt
Stalking by Blood-fridgeChristine by Lvxion
The Gate by Rowye
The-last-one-to-remember-you by passion-aestheteI see hell in your eyes.. by MoonRoseEternity
First breath of winter by Gejda
Twi'lek by TalXorFireTranquility by ManifestedSoul
Tangled by JiaJenn31
On Edge by StandoutloudPastel Souls - I by fatal-kitty
Retribution2 by revande
Winter walk by annemaria48Kitties in the magic garden by Kibblywibbly
the nocturnal harmony ...of wood by naradjou14
Tranquillity by Lolita-ArtzPeek-a-boo by shadeley
Always by your side by Ideasplayer
Mourning Child by SweediesArtLadder to Heaven by Cold-Tommy-Gin

Coding by UJz
Profile | Gallery

This is my first ART feature with DDs suggested by me and some of my arts suggestions, beautiful arts that I love it. As my feature is very extensive, I decided to make this first part with all about DDs and my mixed ART Feature in the next.
I hope you all like it!

Enjoy it!!

My last artwork

The Lord of the Forest by RazielMB

Also, I want featured recents DDs suggested by me:

Treasure Island by MarvinDiehlBefore The Storm by CapturingTheNightSouvenir by TonyLeBastard
aurora polaris by GaudiBuendia
.:Antelope Canyon IV:. by RHCheng
bamboo panda paper by Apofiss
3031414 by dini25
Upper Spa Pool - Karijini by paulmp
Train by GeorgeVanyan
Path of Dreams by erynlasgalenphotoartThe book of angels by aoao2breath of morning by shade-pliLLUSION oF fLIGHT by AmandineVanRay
all mine by werol
LIKE A DREAM by gingado
A mermaid's mournful serenade by LuneBleu
Umbrella by ildiko-neer

:heart: :heart: :heart:

My ARTs suggestions
Beautiful arts

Redemption by vivi-art
FireHawk Fundraiser Auction! by Novawuff
Spring Rain by merrilee
LordofWoods by LadyOwl
Mysterium Tremendum by Bathoriya
Memento by thelandscape
city life by Fel-X
Limestone Tree by Dapicture
Tiny Life by AndrewMcIntoshArt
After the rain by YongL
Our sky (RinHaru) by uminohotaru
La Musa di Tristezza by LenteScura 

between. by sugarmints

Deep by Tohad
Windswept Coast by DrewHopper
Supper on the porch. by PascalCampion
Metallic Botany by silesti
Blue Calm by almostacrayon
Stories of the Dead by neverdying
Firith by Candra
St Andrews Square, Edinburgh by DavidOReilly
this sick obsession by Princess-of-Shadows
landscape - 27 by SnobbyOo
Deep in the Kingdom by DCkiq
P2 Hd by Grimdor
.......... by blaithiel
Between Waves by jslattum
Hole wall by DeniseWorisch
Homo Floris XXIII by FrodoK
Green Day by Bojan1558
On the Way to a Watery Grave by kimsol
Angel of Destruction by herryC
Breakwater - Book cover by Le-Regard-des-Elfes
Stone Alley by KPEKEP
Drop dead demons by ElenaDudina
Fallenangel by Celairen
FOGGY DAY by Leonidafremov
ShAtTeReD by Fajralam
The Halloween Queen by RgDraw

Mixed ART Feature in next edition!!

Have you all a good day!!

Gene Raz


Hello everypony! Clap 

I'm curious where are we at the moment about our OC x3 How about you?

... ... ...

58% 655 Votes
- Female -


34% 395 Votes
- Pegasus -


63% 695 Votes
- Teen -


62% 691 Votes
- Good -


Interests (1)
45% 442 Votes
- Something "unusual" -


Character (1)
46% 472 Votes
- Tomboy -


Appearance - Manestyle
35% 370 Votes
- Short/Wild -


Appearance - Colors
35% 355 Votes
- Warm -


Cutie Mark? (1)
68% 435 Votes
- Yes -


40% 244 Votes
- "Fareaway" - Outside Equestria -

... ... ...

So... At the moment:

A female pegasus with a good heart; a tomboy with a short, wild mane cut.
She has warm colors and doesn't come from Equestria.
She already got her cutie mark and is interested in something "unusual".

I don't know how many polls I'll add to this, but it will be a few more.

Suggestions? x3

P.S.: I'm still not sure what to do with her c_O

I'll come up with something xD

Showcase #078

Fri Nov 28, 2014, 9:23 AM
The Feature Showcase, issue 78 - a sequential visual collection of unearthed work in abstraction, diffusion, chiaroscuro, and oneiric aesthetic. To experience a similar exhibition of imagery to that which has been featured here, feel free to peruse the depths of my Favourites collection.

Recent Discoveries

Syphilis by Grauenart
Driving and good by lomatic
who has darkness in the heart hands up* by AlicjaRodzik
..   ..    .    .   ...  .. by Frozen-photo
Abstract Beach 6 by Mythspinner-Studios
snowfall | di | left | print by karamelo-serenity
Emerald Forest by Aurelien-Minozzi
Grass by groscochon72
0007 by masyaka-kusyaka
mood.indigo by sarah-marley
.dhs. by dasTOK
Valtari by Fassod
forest by LittleMine
gardening by veeera
Magnificent old stories by AiniTolonen
Les BaT/O by atelier-de-figueline
Selected Work

:icongrauenart: :iconlomatic: :iconalicjarodzik: :iconfrozen-photo:
:iconmythspinner-studios: :iconkaramelo-serenity: :iconaurelien-minozzi: :icongroscochon72:
:iconmasyaka-kusyaka: :iconsarah-marley: :icondastok: :iconfassod:
:iconlittlemine: :iconveeera: :iconainitolonen: :iconatelier-de-figueline:
Featured Artists

What have i done (HOW TO MAKE A FNAF OC)

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 28, 2014, 6:02 PM

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie
November has been the Abstract and Surreal photography gallery month here at CRPhotography, and to honor that, some of our members have suggested photographs from the Abstract and Surreal galleries, for us to collect and feature. We hope you enjoy!

freaky208's selections:

1I2 by freMDartet fire wall by partiallyHere Cold Walk by Ragnar949
__ by doyo Blank page by Sei-Zako

Canankk's selections:

Rhythm and Blues by Menoevil Land of the Sand 2 by rici66 Palindromic Slumber by justanothersomeone

SepticSkeptik's selections:

sunset by xristospn Soulcage by bliXX-a total eclipse by LevAni11
Troika by FalseMaria burned by katpi love drops by katpi

firefox2171's selections:

If it is unconditional, it is love. by Image-heart the edge by karamelo-serenity
Event Horizon (283) by TomGarot

augenweide's selections:

soul wakes up | dive with me by popoks Morning glow... by BaxiaArt Barrier Reef by ABSTRACTSbySabina
Digitalized by WTek79 Meteor shower by ileana03

Daemare's selections:

Tears of Living Light by OlivierAccart I'm gonna rip, rip... by saraswati-itawsaras

SabakuNoShi's selections:

little by little by JoanLlado

UszatyArbuz's selections:

New Dawn in Giza by Fassod Color Mountains by Pierre-Lagarde 21 days of worm overpopulation by Catosan
Change by deviantlamb

A big thank you to everyone who sent their suggestions :heart: