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Hi guys! This is the first time I'm doing this and I hope this continues on, if everyone enjoys this! :heart:
Every beginning of the month, I will randomly choose 5 deviants in my watch list to feature and pick 3 pieces of their artwork that I enjoy~
As a bonus, I will also give a short piece of feedback about their art (not a critique unless prompted afterwards)!

I will be using as my random number generator and pick accordingly to the numbers of my watchers!

Let's begin!

Our first feature is:


Galaxy by Gansta-kitty Warrior Designs by Gansta-kittyGray Wing by Gansta-kitty

Ok, I really live your art style! It's super adorbs :heart: Usually, I don't like to draw animals, but you make me want to draw cats cats cats!!!

Our second feature is:


For my Mentor by Witchy-Cat Japanese Flash by Witchy-Cat Blue haired bae by Witchy-Cat

Your coloring skills are on point! Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]  I love your line work as well, very smooth and precise!!!

Our third feature is:


Fooly Cooly by erkksville Right hand man by erkksville Relationship Goals by erkksville

You art style is really intriguing, it makes me want to see more. You can draw backgrounds especially well and your digital skills (as far as I know) are well developed!

Our fourth feature is:


Clouds by aandromeda Winter creek by aandromedaSunset by aandromeda 

Your photography inspires me to draw more. It's this kind of scenery and landscapes that I enjoy to just sit and stare at. These photos are beautiful! :heart:

And our final feature is:


Ruby x Sapphire by FabulousandDumbness1 Peridorito and Bill dorito by FabulousandDumbness1
This thing so far by FabulousandDumbness1

I absolutely love the way you draw, it's so cool and full of spunk (in a good way)! Your shading and coloring are well put together and I love how you use space! :D

Whew~ ok! That was a little hard putting this all together, but I'm glad how it turned out!

If you think I should continue this series, please comment below! I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!

Want to spread the love? Visit these talented artists and give them the love they deserve!!! :heart:

Wish Fondue 15.10.1

Mon Oct 5, 2015, 9:17 AM

Featuring badge, watcher/pageview/favorite and miscellaneous wishes.


Take a look at the new wishes!


Wishing for cake, llama or llama accessory badges


:groups: Felizias wishes to reach runaway llama. :groups:

After the rain by Felizias  Niagara on the falls by Felizias  Courage to be different by Felizias


:groups: Stygma wishes for llamas. :groups:

MYO - Fersen the Guardian Koa by Stygma  Bad Moon Rising by Stygma  ModernKnight by Stygma


:star: BloomingRoseXeniia wishes to receive more llamas. :star:

A Peaceful World by BloomingRoseXeniia  Always wear a SMILE by BloomingRoseXeniia  Cosmic Priestess by BloomingRoseXeniia


:star: iLantiis wishes for the runaway llama. :star:

Sketchy: Catching Lillipup by iLantiis  Sketchy: Catching Seedot by iLantiis  Reilyn's Pokemon Trainer Card by iLantiis


:star: sundayAnarchy wishes for the runaway llama. :star:

Russel Pirate by sundayAnarchy  starry skies by sundayAnarchy  the pirates by sundayAnarchy


:heart: Douggiefister wishes for llamas. :heart:

Fuzzy Line by Douggiefister  Kittens by Douggiefister  Butterfree carved by Douggiefister


:heart: EspeonSky wishes to get 500 llamas. :heart:

A thing by EspeonSky  Sasha by EspeonSky  workin on shading by EspeonSky


:heart: George-B-Art wishes for the King Llama Badge. :heart:

Lirio by George-B-Art  Originals by George-B-Art  Joan Miro - Tribute by George-B-Art


:heart: MsWaffleKitty wishes for Llama Badges. :heart:

Transformation by MsWaffleKitty  New Wafflekitty style by MsWaffleKitty  Lemy the lemur by MsWaffleKitty

Watchers, pageviews and favorites

Wishing for more watchers, pageviews or favorites


:star: kazu-ren wishes for more followers. :star:

10715 by kazu-ren  design01 by kazu-ren  Levi by kazu-ren


:star: lefthandedheather wishes for more active followers. :star:

Art-imation Frame 180 by lefthandedheather  JovenxJoven 5Ever by lefthandedheather  Marie by lefthandedheather


:star: luke-crowe wishes for more watchers. :star:

DSC - Danger Mouse by luke-crowe  DSC - Nico Robin by luke-crowe  DSC - Jack Skellington by luke-crowe


:star: meiyue wishes for more people to visit her page in order to fav artwork that they like. :star:

The Universe within Me by meiyue  Arthfael by meiyue  Sweet Heart by meiyue


:star: savagebinn wishes for GlitterElixir to have more active watchers. :star:

Sibling Bath by savagebinn  Bloom by savagebinn  The Last Treatment by savagebinn


:star: SpiralArtisan wishes for more watchers. :star:

Quilled Strawberry by SpiralArtisan  Shades of Blue Quilled Butterfly by SpiralArtisan  Quilled Raspberry by SpiralArtisan


:star: DMD-CT wishes for more watchers. :star:

Frankie by DMD-CT  Mermaid by DMD-CT  Kamo by DMD-CT


:star: Nala15 wishes that Rasgonras receives more active watchers. :star:

Brothers - Page 45 by Nala15  Brothers - Page 43 by Nala15  Brothers - Page 44 by Nala15


:heart: artofdroth wishes for more watchers. :heart:

captive asian dragon - colored by artofdroth love at first sight by artofdroth 9.28 speed paint practice by artofdroth


:heart: EmeryPhotographics wishes for more active watchers. :heart:

Almost Landing by EmeryPhotographics Pink Explosion by EmeryPhotographics Standing Tall by EmeryPhotographics


:heart: GenerallyIronicSoaps wishes for more watchers. :heart:

Honeycomb by GenerallyIronicSoaps  Commision: SilverRose113 by GenerallyIronicSoaps  Commission: Darketeer by GenerallyIronicSoaps


:heart: KittyKewl wishes that SweetCandyAoife gets more watchers. :heart:

.: Happy Birthday, Ichi *7* :. by KittyKewl  Emma Swan Sketch! by KittyKewl  .:BirthdayGift CutiePieCiya :. +Speedpaint by KittyKewl


:heart: silicon-jayce wishes to have 120 watchers. :heart:

Best Wishes by silicon-jayce  Clownfish by silicon-jayce  Yona by silicon-jayce


:heart: tatiilange wishes for her comic to get more views and favs. :heart:

Lost in the Melodies by tatiilange  Playtime AT -REDONE- by tatiilange  IODINE - Page 7 by tatiilange


:heart: XxKawaiiCreationsxX wishes for more favs on her art. :heart:

Semi-realistic anime girl by XxKawaiiCreationsxX  Kitty anthro by XxKawaiiCreationsxX  Manga sugarskull by XxKawaiiCreationsxX

Other wishes

Other DeviantArt related wishes (prints, gift art, trades, etc.)


:groups: DeviBrigard wishes for answers on this poll. :groups:

Rin by DeviBrigard  Bush Crabs: 35 - Different by DeviBrigard  Florian by DeviBrigard


:heart: aftereffectspscs6 wishes for personal emotes. :heart:

October 2015 ID by aftereffectspscs6  MikuStare by aftereffectspscs6  (20 watchers gift) September '15 ID by aftereffectspscs6


:heart: ArtsiCat wishes to get a Cinnadog. :heart:

{Red-teal-blue} by ArtsiCat  A Chinese (I think) Pone Adopt {open} by ArtsiCat  MLP Base {F2U} by ArtsiCat


:heart: GalaxyBunny19 wishes for a Sushidog from witchpaws. :heart:

Twins! by GalaxyBunny19  Tomos by GalaxyBunny19  Sushi Dog! by GalaxyBunny19


:heart: Hellusination wishes for a custom Saliko with a rare trait from Saliko-Tribe. :heart:

working test II by Hellusination  Working Test I by Hellusination  ASPC Korung by Hellusination


:heart: liyaperfidious wishes for gift art--drawn in any style--of a character from Winx Club named Gantlos. :heart:

Trying Hard To Build Defenses by liyaperfidious  [PC] Kisago for chanchimi by liyaperfidious  [AT] Unnsteinn by liyaperfidious


:heart: Nala15 wishes for a 12 x 18 or larger art print of this. :heart:

Choza X Rehema - cub for Olphey by Nala15  Akilinu X Rehema - cub for levairameliarivaille by Nala15  Desert Son by Nala15

Other places to find wishes

The Showcase

If you granted a wish or if your wish was granted, please leave a comment or send the group a note. We need to know who granted the wish and who has their wish granted. If you grant multiple wishes, please save us time by listing everyone instead of just saying you granted everyone's wish. For core membership and point wishes, please tell us if you granted the wish in full.

Please note that the wishes to be featured are usually gathered on Friday and the features might come a few days later, meaning that your wish might not be feature then but the week after. We also limit journals to a maximum of 30 wishes.

That's all for this week folks! Wish Fondue will return next week with new wishes.


Hi everyone, I haven't posted any Journals
for a long while, so here I am, back again to
share new traditional art that shine out from DA's
browse option, art that have not yet been given the
exposure they deserve. If you like the work then please
help out by commenting, faving and/or Watch the
featured artists work, It's much appreciated..
so until next time,

SEE YA!! :wave:


Vivian by Isbjorgall my shadows || storm by retromortisThanos tonal by ChristopherStevens
one day by eulenmeowPiu' di tutto al mondo by verda83forest spirit by dounyatsu


Image by gritsfxthe marey twins by barbelith2000adOrc Shaman by Harper87
Angel and Demon by draenord-artHead on a Bottle by Intervain

I'm sure they will love the suggestions :giggle: again....
= Or if all fails, send a suggestion to =
Don't know what DD's are? Click here -->

Things needing more love

Mon Oct 5, 2015, 7:00 AM by Lyricanna:iconlyricanna:


Promotion journal since it's been a while since I've done one (and lots is going on right now =))

Contest! Dawn and DuskHello all and welcome to SkyAndNatureClub's "Dawn and Dusk" contest. This contest will challenge YOU, the photographer, to showcase nature  while encompassing the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. We hope that after reading through this journal, you'll be excited to show us your best and participate. La la la la 
What Entries are Acceptable?
For your entry to be considered, your deviation must meet the following minimum requirements:
Entries will be accepted from October 4, 2015 through 11:59 pm PST on October 31st.
Photography only. Photomanipulations will not be accepted. 
For the purpose of this contest, a photomanipulation is considered to be a piece that contains elements from more than one photograph or other piece.
Entry must include a sunrise or sunset. The main subject of the photography can be anything suitable for the Animals, Plants, & Natu
Contest! Grand prize over 2k points!Hello and welcome to our first contest!
We are honored to host a contest with Deneesi and SoggyGames - they are looking for a pixel start screen that can be used in their game. All the details are below!
Theme of the Contest: Start screen for "Neon Rampage" game
:bulletgreen: What is Neon Rampage? 
It's an original space shooter, designed for mobile gaming. The main goal is to survive and buy upgrades. Shoot and dodge while hordes of varied enemies come raining down. 
The game itself is still deep in development, but it is available to download here (note that there are still bugs in the game).
Although the game graphics are not pixel art, the creators still desire a pixel start screen.
This game will be available to be downloaded for free. However, you can donate to support the creators here<
All Hallow's Tales Contest - Ghost StoryThis contest is generously sponsored by prize donors and:
:iconcrliterature: :iconcommunityrelations:
Ghouls and Ghasts and ne'er do wells, welcome once again to the LaBORatory for our annual celebration of stories in the season of all things spooky.
This year, we return to the abandoned house at the end of the block, with the upstairs window from which something always seems to wave at passersby. We drive along the lonely stretch of road at midnight, eyes unblinking, hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl who hitches a ride, only to vanish from the passenger seat when we pass the old cemetery. We point trembling fingers over the rail at the spectral ship that has spelled the doom of generations of captains and crew. We roll the ball into the old, dark nursery, and wait to see if it will roll back out again.
This year, we are telling ghost stories. Have a seat by the fire, won't you?


This is a Halloween-inspired, Literature-only contest asking for
M/A Repeating Contest: October 2015!September Contest Results

Runner Ups

October Contest
October Contest Theme: The witch with the cat and pumpkin
Our theme should represent the day of Halloween.
It may be childrens in a costume or a fantasy drawing.
The deadline of the contest is OCTOBER 31TH, 12:00AM (Pacific Time).Your entry must abide by DeviantArt's Terms of Service and Policies.Your entry must be new and created for this contest. Pre-existing works won't be accepted.Entries must be submitted to your DeviantArt Gallery.All entries must be drawn in Anime & Manga style.Entries must be original. Fan Art entries will be ineligible.No collaborations allowed. Merely because we can't split the prizes in this contest.Tracing, eye-balling or heavy-referencing from other artists works won't be allowed.You can only enter the challenge
October Artisan Crafts ChallengeTheme

The theme for October is "Halloween".
Artisan Crafts and/or Traditional > Sculpture only!Join #CRArtisanCrafts and submit to the Monthly Contest Folder. In your artist comment box please write that this entry was made for CRArtisanCrafts's challenge + add a link to this journal.The entry must be new and submitted between October 1st and 31st.One submission per deviant. 

The challenge will run from October 1st and 31st.

Two winners will receive a 3 month premium membership and 500
Eleven.. Cover Contest!
So, for as long as I can remember I've had access to the most incredible range of books, from novels, tall tales and everything in between; all of those I've read (and I'm sure you all agree) it's most frequently their covers you immediately think of when you hear their titles.  It goes without saying that a picture tells a thousands words, and cover art, for that specific reason has to grab the reader by the eyeballs and hold their attention right through to the very last page in a yummy, captivating smorgasbord of plot teasers, incredible characters and dreamy (or dystopian) landscapes.   Essentially, book cover p0rn :D
Visiting bookshops used to be as much about the cover art as it was about the text on the pages, which is why these days seeing the dozens of dreary, completely plain covers which do absolutely NOTHING to sell the book leaves me a little cold.  Further I just can't understand why publishers are going in this direction.
52 Week Photography Challenge #40Welcome to CRPhotography's new 52 week photography challenge! Every Saturday we will be announcing a new idea for you to photograph, and submit to us via comment on each announcement journal. This project aims to challenge you with new concepts and requirements that you may not normally face. This week's challenge is:
Capture Love

Take a photo that captures what defines Love for you.
Take you camera, be invisible, get the right moment and let us know what is this so incredible feeling for you! :) (Smile)
You are free to interpret this prompt as needed.All photos must be new, and specifically taken for this challenge.Leave a comment in this journal with a link to your photograph.The deadline is Friday 9th at midnight PST.One winner will be selected, and will receive 100 Points within the first 2 weeks of the following month.
If you have any questions or con

Icon Commissions - OPENI would like to thank everybody who has commissioned me recently, and also those who helped spread the word. Thanks to you guys we have managed to make it through the end of the month just fine and no one had to starve.^^ Seriously, big thank you! :heart:
Things are slowly looking up again, but commissions will stay open anyway. We're not rich and an extra buck here and there is always welcome. c:
Oh and I've made a couple icon option available so go have a look. :)
Available options: (more examples of what I can do in my gallery)

Dancing mini chibi (50x50):
Sitting chibi (50x50):

static: 7€
w/simple animation: 9€
Sitting chibi couple (100x50):
(-> delivered both separate and
Commissions in October - open
Commissions in October are open.
Slots: 7 free of 8.

Payment via PayPal only (bank transfer if you live in Poland).
The sizes given can differ by up to 3 cm.
The prices are approximate and can differ depending on the commission details.
Additional costs will be added if you wish to receive the original picture via mail (30% + shipping).
Please contact me in a comment under this journal, via a note or e-mail.
How does it look like: first we discuss the subject, size, technique, possible shipping. Any reference pictures for specific characters/locations are quite welcomed. Then I prepare the concept sketch. Once it's adjusted to your requirements, you'll need to send the payment, and then I get to work on the final picture. If you chose for it to be shipped, I'll notify you after it's sent and give you the tracking number.
The prices below are for non-commercial, private collection type commissions only. I

General News
October 2015 Literature NewsSeptember was awesome! October will be better. :eager: Autumn and pumpkins and Halloween and stuff! Read on for what you may have missed last month. :pumpkin:
News Articles, Interviews, & Features
:bulletpink: Know Your CVs Chat Event
:bulletpink: The Ladies of Lit: Volume LVIII
:bulletpink: Love DA Lit: Issue 217Love DA Lit: Issue 218
:bulletpink: What Is a Literary Journal?
Anime and Manga Week - Wrap UpSeptember21September27
Anime & Manga Week
21thMondayAM: Intro by cinyu
PM: Anime and Manga Interview - uchuubranko by cinyu
22thTuesdayPM: Manga Illustration: Step by step by GYRHS
23thWednesdayAM: Anime and Manga Interview - Dayrili by cinyu
PM: Tips and Tricks: Pen and Ink Techniques Article by Khallandra
24thThursdayAM: Anime and Manga Interview - xadako by cinyu
25thFridayAM: Tips and Tricks: Action Scene Basics by Khallandra
PM: Interview with longestdistance by iingo
Photography Newsletter - OctoberDid you read about Dismaland? Banksy's take on Disneyland came to the UK over the Summer and had a successful five week run before finishing. But now Banksy is doing something amazing with the remains of Dismaland... Read more here.
Let's talk about Daily Deviations. We not only want your suggestions, we crave them. We want to know what you're enjoying on DA right now, what you want to see up on the DD page. Send us your suggestions! Drop us a few lines explaining why - do it now! And if you don't want to do that then consider getting involved in the Daily Deviation Highlights project! Want to know more - check out My Daily Deviation Highlights.
Finally, for a roundup of the August Daily Deviations awarded by Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden and tiganusi look no further than
Shit's Happening in Dolling: October 2015Forums
If you are interested in participating in any of the following contests and events, you can find the link to Glam in the header of this journal, and on my main profile page.
Actor's Challenge #92: Redolls and Improvements!
It's fun to see and old doll be reworked into something that shows the improvement a doller has made or for a fun nostalgia filled gift for a friend! I want to see some! 
What's allowed? A doll (tool or pixel) you've redone based on a past doll OR a redoll you've made for someone else (ask someone before you use their old doll, though)! 
Deadline: October 4th
Link: Here
Cocktail Hour: Doll A Dollmaker
For this contest, you are challenged to create a doll




Semi-official Community Relations group for Fan Art themed contests on DA.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcr-fanart-contests: :iconfanartclassroom:


Journal Entry: Mon Oct 5, 2015, 3:21 PM
Dont Piss Me Off by NippyOuch

embedded by Lhianne

-Trapped Fairy- by SL-PhotographySWE

Illusions No 1 by c00lpix

Moonlit by sptanwar

Swan Lake by PridesCrossing

Quin by mshellee

Decoris by Unam-et-solum

Jesus by SoulOfDavid

Silksword by Elucidator

Empress by Carlo-Marcelo

pain by Lhianne

connected by Lhianne

disco fever by Lhianne

FUN by Lhianne
Ciri - Witcher 3 by ynorka

Ciri by aynnart

Someday by AnnMarieBone

Your Beauty is in Your Eyes -1 by Amro0

Descent by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

loneliness by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

eye 2 by Daniel-Loya-III

Beyond by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

I'll Call You FRIEND by PridesCrossing

Ann-Aleese v5 by NippyOuch

I'm Innocent by SueJO

Devour by gunslingerpoet

Knees by Kuvshinov-Ilya

Golden Forest by White-Angel-Wolfy

Leave Me Alone   By Yokoky and Mike by mikestevenson1955

Entro il Sogno del Drago by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A

Leave me alone by Yokoky 2 and Mike too! by mikestevenson1955

Shadows on by KatyTwist

Erica by M0THart

I want to be real by sesam-is-open

Tristesse by sesam-is-open

My Autumn Disguise by sesam-is-open

The art of Joker by bigpapi007

Serenity by Lior-Art

#07 Pink [ Lucy ] by DamaiMikaz

Sad by mikestevenson1955

Red Ribbons For Her Hair by SharPhotography

Scenic Byway by SharPhotography

A Letter to Elise by Nosbertus

Bewitched by Cora-Tiana

Spirit Bear -Cube Brush contest entry by Jstiller30

RHVR Looking Back At Me by DeLumine

City and colour by Andaelentari

Ode to the new year by DamaiMikaz

Spring Begins Tomorrow by sesam-is-open

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
I'll take your butthurt

and raise you a Bunny.

Fluttershy, The Scream by Aethon056


Discord maid by grievousfan

Fluttershy, The Scream by Aethon056

HIGHLY OFFENDED I SAY!!1!11!!!!1111!!!!111!!!!!!"

I can feel the tumblr hate already

yes good

let the butthurt consume you

Talks with Tolkien artists: DanPilla

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 5, 2015, 5:39 AM

This is the 50th interview in this series! Celebrate 
:icondanpilla: - DanPilla is a digital artist from Brazil. He claims to be a hobbyist artists, but it is hard to believe that he is not a professional when looking at his work:

Legolas by DanPilla Gandalf by DanPilla

Ancalagon vs Earendil by DanPilla
Annatar (Sauron) by DanPilla Galadriel by DanPilla
Ulmo And Tuor by DanPilla

1. Hello! For the beginning, could you tell us something about yourself?

I live in a very small town in Brazil, far from big cities. I love to draw fantasy. Also I love books, movies and television shows. I like to collect all about Tolkien's Middle Earth, but my collection is still very small. And I am also very passionate about video games!

2. When did you read Tolkien's books for the first time, and what impression did they leave in you?

I was very impressed, I was completely attracted. It is impossible not to love the atmosphere of Middle-earth.

3. How extensive is your knowledge of Middle-earth? Do you consider yourself Tolkien expert?

I do not consider myself an expert on Tolkien. There is still much to browse and read. It takes much time to assimilate everything, and my time is a little limited because of work.

4. Did you read the books, or see the movies first? How much did the movies influence your imagination when reading the books?

The movies. I started reading "The Lord of the Rings" after seeing the film in theaters in 2001, so this greatly influenced me in my reading. But that was a long time ago, and I still did not draw as we as today.

5. Now, could you tell us something about you and art? Are you a professional artist, or is art just your hobby? When did you start doing it, and who or what influenced your style?

Drawing is a hobby for me. I wish this activity would give me profits, then I would be earning for doing what I love. I draw since I was a kid, but I just started doing digital art since 2001, when I bought a tablet. Many artists I meet on Deviant Art are sources of inspiration, there is extremely talented staff here. Many movies, books and games also influence me.

6. You have been on deviantar for several years, but started submitting Tolkien fanart, from character designs to epic scenes from the Silmarillion, only at the beginning of this year. What happened in that time?

Long ago I imagined doing artworks of Middle-earth. But it was only in 2014 that I felt I was really ready and dominating the digital arts to start drawing Tolkien. But I know that I have still much to learn about digital.

7. How do you choose which scenes and characters to illustrate?

Sometimes reading a passage inspires me or one of the scenes of some of the movies. Or when I see the work of any other artist.

8. Who is your favourite Tolkien character?

Gandalf! Needless to think about it to be able to say, lol

9. What other book or movies (or anything else) inspire you to create fanart, and why?

I have dozens of ideas for new designs, but I have little time to execute those ideas. I could cite many films and books, but I'll tell you what I'm currently doing: a fanart based on the game "Bloodborne" which I am hooked to.

10. What art technique is your favourite? Do you rather keep to the art techniques and styles you are familiar with, or do you experiment with new ones as well?

My art is digital, so I like to use the tablet and Photoshop. I am always with an open mind to learn new ways within digital art.

11. Do you have some tips and tricks you would like to share with the other artists?

I'm always looking for tips and tricks myself. Watching tutorials on youtube and watching the work of artists I like.

12. Could you give us a link or thumbnail from your gallery of
- a Tolkien illustration you are most proud of?

Roads Go Ever Ever On by DanPilla

- a picture from other fandom or original picture you are most proud of?

The Great Battle (2014 Version) by DanPilla
(In this drawing I felt I evolved, so for me its a milestone.)

- a picture that fits your current mood?
The Serpent God by DanPilla
(looking forward to big events)

- a picture that was hardest to paint?

The same Tolkien illustration that I am most proud of, Roads Go Ever Ever On

- any other picture you would like to share with us and why?

Not finished!! lol

13. Is there some artist(s) at dA you know, who doesn't have as much attention as they would deserve? If yes, could you give us some thumbnails from their gallery?

This is a great artist: :iconpeet:
Gwindor's Charge by peet

15. Is there something else you would like to tell to the fans of Tolkien and your art?

I would to like to say thank you, thank you so much for give me support! And follow me on facebook:…

Thank you very much for your time and answers!

Coding by Felizias Drawings by ebe-kastein Borders by PhoenixWildfire

15 Under 15 Feature 5

Mon Oct 5, 2015, 12:07 PM

I missed last week's 15 under 15 feature due to some internet connection issues, so you get this week's a bit early :aww: They are all incredible, and I highly recommend checking out their whole galleries!

Enjoy! :love:

earth/moon by amandajacksonLaisan by LizaGrankina
[Emilija] by wdx
Margot by stolentimeCLICHE 8 by aKami777Alive. by VerrettHero by KriSColeLucy's locks by msatisfactionwinter by konstanteen-pushkeenMargarita by JamTheJamEndless fairy tale by MoodphotoTeijaUntitled by RebeccaKnowlesSummer by birdakikaSerena by KriSCole
jasmine by HeleneLumiere

Previous 15 Under 15 Features

15 Under 15 FeatureFirst, I keep forgetting to link you all to an interview I did for a local business about my photography. It's not terribly exciting (because I'm not terribly exciting), but you can read it here:
Second, don't forget to send me suggestions for fashion portrait and commercial fashion DD's! Suggest a favorite artist, your friend, and even yourself! Your suggestions are highly appreciated! :heart:
Third, tomorrow will be the day I submit some non-people photos.  Prepare for the apocalypse, or something like that. They're of some abandoned buildings I explored in California a couple of years ago. I am desperate to go back, so I figured reminiscing would be nice and I never remembered to submit them here before :P Oh!  And then I have a few street and architecture photos from then to submit as well, I just won't be submitting them all tomorrow. And hosagu has presented me with a photo challenge to capture a butterfly photo or two as a
15 Under 15 Feature 2I think I'm going to make this my new continuous series for features, what do you think? I used to do under 50 favorites, but I think I like this challenge even better!  I am regularly checking the browse section to see what's new and I find so many new and amazing artists that way! These 15 deviations are all under 15 favorites!
Go give them some love :heart: :love: :heart:

Lavish I by Paige-Addams
Just breathe by MoodphotoTeija
Caramel by jbfort
Ocean Princess by BarbaraMincedmeat
Dasha K. Swimwear by cheska-ches
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15 Under 15
15 Under 15 Feature 3I am excited to present another 15 under 15 feature, in which I feature 15 outstanding deviations that currently have under 15 favorites! I was going to wait another week or so, but oh my goodness, just look at these!!! Totally marvelous, I couldn't wait to share :aww:

I.-M. 63 by marsellus-longuscaring about by SajuliOximoron by yolandagarciafotoeasy II by Ceecore
Natalia by wilczyaniol
Previous 15 Under 15 Features
15 Under 15 Feature 4I had a thought yesterday inspired by my frustration with the universe. I'm sure it's been said before and said better by others, but: Why are we so focused on the negatives and what we hate, instead of the positives and what we love? I always make a point to feature work that I love and promote artists I love, because, well, I love them and I want them to succeed. However, the negativity is sometimes overwhelming especially when I'm scrolling through my facebook feed,  photographers and models are constantly cutting down other photographers and models publicly.  If we all promoted a little more love (not just for photography and the rest of the arts, but for everything), it would make the world a much lovelier place to live in! Promoting somebody else's hard work doesn't make your own work any less. Anyways, just some things to think about!
And on to this week's 15 under 15 feature, which promotes 15 exceptional and inspiring deviations with under 15 favorites!

Skin by Dan Leveille

1000 Watcher Raffle Giveaway!!!!

Mon Oct 5, 2015, 2:24 PM by firead:iconfiread:
Oh my gosh everyone I actually reached 1000 watchers!!!!!! I love all of you!!!! Thank you so much for all of the support! ;A;
To celebrate reaching so many watchers, I'm hosting a raffle giveaway! Please make sure to read everything below so you can win!

Who can enter?

Anyone who has watched me before October 6th 2015. This is a giveaway for current watchers only!

How to enter?

All you have to do is fave this journal! I'll be using a random generator to generate the winning numbers based on who Favorited!

What do I win?

1st Place: 1 full body drawing in painted style with a simple bg
+FT OC+ Wind and Lightning by firead

2nd Place: 1 thigh up cell shaded with a simple bg
+HQ OC+ The Setter by firead

3rd Place: 1 chibi cell shaded with transparent bg
+HQ OC+ Madoka Chibi by firead


October 31st 2015!
That's the entire month and my favorite holiday so hopefully even people on hiatus can see it!

Good luck to everyone and again, thank you so much for all of your support! <3

Coding by SimplySilent
The first 20 people that comment on this journal (I might do more) will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery! 
If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place. 
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone

1 :iconaskchiliandcinnamon: I consider them as an amazing person to talk to, silly and just plain awesome. I love them, and would do quite a lot to make sure they're happy.

Question 152 - Enter Jamie and Rea's Nieces by AskChiliAndCinnamon
Shia is just the cutest thing~ I seriously expect her to end up in Wonderland. Every time I see Daryn, I think WARFSTACHE~! Lena looks like she's going to kill me, so I'll stop looking at her. O.O

Shadows Begone by AskChiliAndCinnamon
This one definitely made my heart strings get ripped out. I just love the dream-like atmosphere and theme of revival in this piece. <3

Question 110 by AskChiliAndCinnamon
I can't say much except that I was going through a little bit of depression when this cane out, and it lifted me right out of it. This amazing person has such a silly yet serious art style that I love so much.

2 :iconbackburner26: I don't really know him as well as I would like to, but I consider us friends, definitely.

Elite Duo Burner and Sean by backburner26
Anything Pokémon I instantly love, especially if it involves my buddy Sean~! You did a great job on this! 

Needed Help by backburner26
It's a little sad but true. I wish I could give all of my friends a really big hug. 

Burner Buck Icon by backburner26 
There isn't really much I can say other than that it's made exceptionally well~!

3 :iconkai-the-awesome-fox: One of my bestest friends ever! Love you~!

 Saying Goodbye by Kai-The-Awesome-Fox
I don't know... I can't seem to let go of the past... 

 Dark Kai by Kai-The-Awesome-Fox
One of my favorites because of its ominous look, and amazing details~

 Team Act Redesigns by Kai-The-Awesome-Fox
I can't stop looking at this one either~

4 :iconyour-golden-heart: I can't describe him, even if I had a million years to. Love you~

The Audio Message (IDATSPA) 1The house was empty, silent, the owner had been away all day. And then with a tiny golden light and a small pop sound, he appeared out of nowhere. 
"I find it ironic that in a world where humans are Pokemon and Pokemon are humans, they have more trouble then our world." The human said to himself, as he walked around his house, making sure everything was ok. Just then, he got a text from his boss. 
"Jack, I told you to take the day off from work, so why the heck did you work?"
"Wow, he must not know me whatsoever." Jack said as he texted back. 
"Look, Arceus, I know you're worried about me, but it happened five years ago!"
To which Arceus typed back: 
"Ugh, fine, but if you're gonna pull a stunt like that again, at least do it with a partner."
"Oh my..., no, I'm calling him." Jack said, bringing Arceus up in his contacts and hitting the call button. After a couple of rings he picked up. "What, Jack?" "Look, sir, I respect that you're worried for me, I respect that yo
A bewitching and lurid chapter, I can't help but have my spirit be encaptured by its beauty.

  The Dark.It always starts with the dark. It can be comforting to some. Downright terrible for others. And then there are the lonely ones. They can stand the dark, because in a see of sadness and nothingness, it makes them feel better. I don't know why, I'm not that far. 
Anyways, lonely people are sad people. I'm a lonely person. I am also a good person. But we all know what happens to good people. Their lives destroy them. It's almost impossible to be nice these days, because whenever you are, the world throws everything bad that can ruin your life. 
As it might have done to me. I don't know. 
Anyways, the dark can help someone feel less pain. It can make your problems feel like nothing, because your problems are surrounded by nothing. Nothing can feed it, keep it going, or ask it to change. It has no input, so eventually, your problem is nothing to you anymore.
The dark.
Anyways, if you don't know what I'm talking about, just forget about this journal. I'm talking to anyone rea
Though this piece is directed personally to someone, I must say that I keep coming back to it, with its mysterious charms and somber atmosphere.

  The KnightI'm here to protect you
do what I can do
to save you from the collapse
of the world around you
I tried to be around
both night and day
but when I had been banished
there was nothing I could say
I had left you in the rubble
and I couldn't dig you out
because it wasn't my fault I had left
it was the King and Queen, but I'll come back, without a doubt
I've taken off my armor
that had once been so bright
and my sword and shield are gone from hand
to lay dead in the light and the night
Now without my armor I finally find you
And you look up and gasp
for without my armor, you realize
It was when I left that your world collapsed
I hope you realize that I'm just the prince
and the King and Queen control me
But when it comes to you, I don't care what they say
For you, I'll try anyway
When I left, your world turned rubble
And it covered every part of you
But the King and Queen, I have to defy
I'll dig you out, and that's because I love you
This one definitely tugged at my heart. Whoever these are written for, I feel happy that they have this amazing guy for them. 

5 :iconibanyourface1982: He's on of my besties~

I love things that make me so sad I cry. One of these are really heart warming for a bit, but still.... I love them~<3

6 :iconacec1:

Her Happy Place by AceC1 

Draw a Bird by AceC1 

Ascotia Request by AceC1

All three are beautifully themed, watercolor beauties~!