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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 7:41 AM
FREE Chubbicon : Pikachu by Sarilain

Lewis Carroll: Alice In Wonderland

Tue Jan 27, 2015, 6:49 PM
107-img-og by techgnotic

The more one is denied something, the more one desires it.

The more oppressive the strictures circumscribing one’s life, the more delirious become that person’s dreams. The more prohibitions and sacrifices one accepts as a life’s duty, the more ingenious must become the approved “escapes.” Lewis Carroll chose the life of a deacon dedicated to God. He escaped into the company of three little girls and their brother and a form of fairy tale–writing that was “perfect nonsense.” His was a life of perfectly ordered madness.

The Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was born in Cheshire, England, on January 27th, 1832, but he will be remembered forever by his pen name, Lewis Carroll. Author of Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through The Looking Glass, The Jabberwocky and The Hunting of the Snark, his books are the undisputed greatest works of “literary nonsense,” that most marvelous category of fiction.

Dodgson was a math tutor at Oxford University as well as a deacon of the Anglican Church.

His position at the university afforded him lodgings on the campus where he had an excellent view of the wonderful walled–in garden in the center of the grounds. It may well have been from that window in 1855 that the then twenty three year old tutor first saw the three daughters of the new dean Henry Liddell and his wife Lorina; Ina, Alice and Edith were their names. They also had a son, Harry, and would later have five more children, but it was the three girls who eventually caught the deacon’s eye. Having recently become a photographer, Dodgson immediately set about photographing the girls. After initially proving too fidgety to have their pictures taken, they soon took to it as they got to know the somewhat reclusive man who would often speak with a stammer.

The Reverend adored all three girls and through his growing friendship with dean Liddell himself was encouraged to continue taking photographs of the children. But it was six–year–old Alice Liddell who became his favorite. Liddell’s nine–year–old son Harry adopted Dodgson as a father figure. Dodgson taught Harry math and rowing and took him on outings around the city.

As Dodgson’s reputation as a photographer grew, so too did the number of requests by parents wanting him to photograph their children. He took over 3000 photographs during his life, no mean feat in that age of glass negatives. Over half his subjects were children. In some of these pictures the children were naked or semi–naked, including the Liddell children, Dodgson always having sought and been granted permission for the nudity beforehand. While this may shock people today, in Victorian England it was even acceptable to put semi–naked children on postcards; after all, this was about capturing their innocence as art. The average Victorian could go a lifetime without it ever occurring to him that a child might be the object of sexual abuse.

In 1862, Dodgson took the three Liddell girls on a boating trip.

By this time they knew each other very well and the young math tutor had a surprise for them. He told them the story of a young girl called Alice who fell down a rabbit hole and found herself in Wonderland. The ideas for Carroll’s first book about “Alice” may have come from his photographic compositions of children posed in whimsical attitudes and fantasy settings. It has even been suggested his visions were a result of migraine headaches. But there is no doubt the main inspiration was the Liddell children and Alice in particular.

His relationship with the children ended the following year when an undisclosed event caused him to break ties with the Liddells. While he started socializing with the dean and his wife again a few months later, his relationship with the children had changed. He did present young Alice with a bound copy of his “Alice” story in 1864, then entitled Alice’s Adventures Underground.

In 1865, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland saw publication in an expanded format.

The author was Lewis Carroll although Dodgson went to no effort to hide his identity and the book made him immensely popular with parents and their children. He was even called upon to entertain Queen Victoria’s grandchildren.

Carroll went on to write a sequel to Alice In Wonderland, called Alice Through The Looking Glass which included the story The Jabberwocky. The Hunting Of The Snark was a long form poem and a sequel of sorts to The Jabberwocky that shares many of the nonsensical beats that made Alice so unique.

Lewis Carroll who so loved the company of children never had any of his own.

Being a deacon he remained at Oxford unmarried until his death in 1898. A visit to his sisters living outside of London resulted in the pneumonia that would transport him out of this world and into the next. The man who taught so many the joy of indulging their maddest daydreams lives on in the hearts of every child who meets his “Alice” and joins her in her adventures.

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you know Alice? If you have never had the pleasure, don’t you think it’s time you got to know each other?
  2. What novel or book series would you suggest to others who might wish to get lost down a rabbit hole?

I did it.... I've gotten back from total "termination." I've proved that it could be done.

So as of... today, my channel is back, and each of my videos were restored to their former glory. I'm kind of going through a lot of strange emotions right now. The first thing I did immediately start uploading the Time Twister review. And I'll be doing the Glenn Martin review, and now I've got to do an update video.

I've proven that it can be done. You can take three strikes and come back from the dead. It just takes like three strikes. I feel great about that. Over the moon, in fact.

I also feel paranoid. I feel that it's going to happen again. All I gotta do is just click on YouTube again, and my channel will be gone again because Viacom wanted to do another sweep. In fact, not all of the videos are yet re-instated (they will be though, soon).

What I need right now is someone to make me a credits template for my videos, one that says something like "follow me on deviantart, twitter, my Zippcast channel" and maybe even spots to show clips of past or future videos. You've seen bigger YouTubers have something like that when their videos are over.

Right now I'm just swimming with emotion, and I need to calm down.
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The first brave surfers

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 2:40 AM

I wanted to show you some "tests" with ASurf2 :D Btw way awesome ;)

Surf Two by batjorgeSurf2 Test B by Almog53Amazing-Surf 2 by Bill-SnowzellIn-The-Tunnel-of-Doom by PaMonk
Underwater critters by poca2hontasSurf, Blue, and Gold by SwoopswatkillRipened by Sabine62Crucible by ellarien

And also this by MJB (it's a DEcombo ;) )

SubSinusoidal by MarkJayBee

And last but not least... AnnaKirsten! :)

Point of Impact by AnnaKirsten

Gogo!!! Faveee! ;)

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rip me
Last night I wasn’t feeling good and ended up writing a rambling mess of twitter posts about my very real problems. Since this happened at night and some of you might’ve missed it… I thought that it might be a good idea to clean them up, reorganize them a little, and post them in a journal/blog format to make them a little more coherent.

Please be aware this will be talking about some very real and very personal problems that I am facing. If talking about my problems in my own journal is an issue for you, please leave now. For the rest of you… read on!


Being a creator is terrifying sometimes. Fear of failure or inability can crush your soul and prevent you from doing the things you love. Over the past 3 years I've been struggling with this fear. And a large portion of it comes from the very real threat of my so-called haters.

I have so much I want to do... And I can tell you right now that I often don't do them because of the fear of repercussions. Every single aspect of my life is being monitored, scrutinized, dissected, judged, and criticized. I'm genuinely scared to do anything. Every single day looming in the back of my mind is "how will these assholes react to what I've drawn/done?" That's not a healthy way to live.

The sad thing is that the majority of my "haters" actually do want me to get better or improve. But the way they communicate that is awful. Mistakes are how we learn and grow, but for me that's not even an option. Mistakes are failure states. Death threats. Personal safety issues

I'm terrified. I don't want to give up, but I can't improve if nothing I do is ever good enough. Criticism should inspire, not demotivate. And I think ultimately it's criticism from online communities that have hurt me the most. Feedback from peers is ok. Random strangers? No...

I don't handle criticism well. That's very true. You know what else is true? Criticism has never been motivational for me. When people point out mistakes and issues and dissect my work to pieces, that doesn't make me want to improve. It makes me wanna give up. Not everyone responds to criticism the same way. And I hate the way the Internet has "decided" what's acceptable ways to criticize.

I know for some people praise can give them a huge ego and there's fear that it will make them worse artists. But we're all different! There are so many different types of people, why is there only ONE way to criticize? Why can't we help people through praise and positivity? It's so bad that even when people DO praise me I don't see it. I can't focus on positives ‘cuz I'm terrified of what repercussion I'll suffer.

To make it worse, depression, anxiety, and other health issues make giving up unbelievably easy & safe. Can't hurt me if I don't do anything. I'm diagnosed with mental health issues. I take medication to combat them. I go to therapy. I avoid friends and family. Because of haters. They have taken away the joy and love and fun I use to have creating art. They've changed who I am as a person, mostly for the worse. Criticism is important for any artist to grow. But not like this. Not this way. This is damaging in ways I never could've imagined.

I know my haters are watching. I know they'll scoff at everything I've said. Fuck them. Why should I care about people who don't appreciate me? They've only succeeded in one thing: Scaring the shit out of me to the point that I've developed mental health problems. Fuck them. The worse part is these haters are so smug and arrogant, they'll dismiss everything I say and can't imagine that their actions caused this. Heaven forbid these people take responsibility for causing their "victim" to develop mental health psychoses, right?

I am not a great artist. Never thought I was. But I'm not shit. And I can learn to improve. But it has to be on my own terms, not theirs. One of the things I've done to help myself is to move away from DeviantArt. It’s one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I love the idea of DA, and I've gained so many fans and genuinely awesome friends through that site. But lately it's been a crutch for me…

That's why lately I've been working towards revamping my art sites, moving to twitter, and doing tons of freelance instead of my own comics. I'm also working on setting up a Patreon so I can move away from doing freelance and to start working for people/fans who genuinely WANT to support me. Self care is so very important and I think I’m finally at the point where I can focus on doing just that.

I'm gonna get better. I'm gonna work through this. And those haters and harassers? I don't need them. I can live without them.


I'm sorry 'bout the wall of text. I had a lot of stuff I needed to get off my chest. Sorry for the outburst, but thanks for letting me vent. I don't say this enough but I really should. My fans are amazing and so unbelievably supportive. Thank you so much, guys! And especially a HUGE thank you to those who have helped me grow and become a better person in general. So very much appreciated!
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Welcome to DA-Points4Free 

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I am new on DA so I need some watchers and get noticed so I decided to hold a giveaway.

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You will do all the steps and I will give you 1 number. 
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The winners will be selected by the Random Number Generator
When will the giveaway end?
Not sure, This giveaway will end when I get 5000+ points
Can the points winners win the PM too?

No you cannot. 

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If you have any questions comment here or send me a note.