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Free Points No Rules (TIME OVER)

Sun Feb 1, 2015, 10:03 AM
SO FAST really Surprising !! Keep in touch for next one

Follow MrFarts all here

THANKS to everybody
We Raise by Lifting Others

  • Mood: Love
Hello lovelies, *^*/

I feel really good these days because I graduated recently from college and this past Jan 4th marked my 4th DA anniversary, so I'm going to make this a special raffle. Read this journal carefully, there's few changes from my previous raffles.

This raffle is open to new and old watchers:

1) Fullbody prize (which cost +$50 as a commission) for old watchers (those who were watching me before this journal was posted):

Bubbles Field by sTiViA

2) Baby chibi prize for new watchers (those who watched me after this journal was posted):

:C: Derpybunnies by nouraii


1. Fav this journal.
2. Make a journal about this raffle with a link.
3. Leave a comment here including:
  • references of 1-3 characters you would like me to draw (I will choose one)
  • a link to your journal.
  • state whether you are a new or old watcher.

Raffle ends on February 7th.

Winner will be chosen using

Prize of the previous raffle:

:RP: Aaeruu + PSD File by nouraii

We're back and in action with another weaver contest for you all!

The prize for this contest is... A VALENTINES MINI WEAVER!

Heart Border [Red/Pink/Orange] by RevPixyHeart Border [Red/Pink/Orange] by RevPixyHeart Border [Red/Pink/Orange] by RevPixy
Valentines Weaver Contest! by bananamantis
Heart Border [Red/Pink/Orange] by RevPixyHeart Border [Red/Pink/Orange] by RevPixyHeart Border [Red/Pink/Orange] by RevPixy


Your task will be to draw gift art of the couples OR the single weavers interacting with each other!
The art must be done for someone else, not of your own weaver!

Single weavers can simply be drawn together as friends or confessing if they have a crush!

To help each other in making gift art for this event, you must fill out a short form about your weaver(And their partner if they have one!) found here!!:

Click for Single Weavers!

Click for Couples!

Valentines Weaver Contest! by bananamantis

Entries will be judged based on:

How well the couples/weavers are displayed interacting!
- How well their personalities were portrayed in the piece!
- Effort and originality within the artwork!!


- All entries must be PG-13! Mature content won't be accepted.
- You don't have to own a weaver to join this event!

Heart Border [Red/Pink/Orange] by RevPixy


This ends on February 28th @ midnight! Have fun!


Sun Feb 1, 2015, 6:09 AM
There is literally nothing else to this - the only thing you have to do is to draw any of my waterdogs!

You can pick any of them to draw, it doesn't matter!
You can draw one, two, three of them, or even more 8)
Medium doesn't matter! You can do an icon, full drawing, plushie, sculpture, whatever uvu

Entries will be judged on effort, creativity,
how well the character is depicted (pose, mood, detail, that sort of stuff)
, etc! 
Really, I'm just looking for something that catches my eye when I scan through all the entries.

rules / info

You can enter with any kind of medium!
Some examples are (but not limited to)
  • Digital (pixels, paintings, regular, drawings, etc)
  • Traditional (sketches, paintings, watercolours, etc)
  • Sculptures
  • Plushies
  • Stickers, badges, bookmarks, anything like that!
  • Animations
  • THIS IS ALL I REMEMBER BUT HONESTLY, do anything you want! it does not have to be something on this list.
  • Stories are great too haha
  • If your entry is physical, either scan it, take a good quality photo of it, or even mail it to me, if you wish! 'v'

Backgrounds aren't required, but encouraged!
You can enter however many times you want

Please do not use bases, ask someone else to draw your entry, copy another entry, etc.
Everything must be your own work!
Other than that, try your best and have fun!! <3
Draw them in whatever way you feel like <:


Alfie by twinelights Amelia by twinelights Argent by twinelights August by twinelights Avery by twinelights Caspar by twinelights Charley by twinelights Christian by twinelights Chyler by twinelights Dylan by twinelights Felicity by twinelights Hazel by twinelights Hunter by twinelights Jenna by twinelights Kilah by twinelights Lana by twinelights Leila by twinelights Lexie by twinelights Maxxie by twinelights Meredith by twinelights Miles by twinelights Miracle by twinelights Nevada by twinelights Quentin by twinelights Quinn by twinelights Rachael by twinelights Riley by twinelights Russell by twinelights Sterling by twinelights Taylor by twinelights Venice by twinelights

Christian and Chyler are shipped :}  
Miracle and Quentin are co-owned with ariamisu and they're shipped together too lmao
All the other ships I forgot >: Sorry

now on to the prizes

donations will be met with love <33 
it doesn't have to be much! it'd just be great if you could donate and add on to the prizes :]

first place

second place

More entries = more prizes / places!

- - - - -

Please mention me and post a link to your entry in this journal
Even if you've mentioned me in the description, comment with the link just in case it doesn't show up in my inbox!

I will not comment on any entry, if it's faved by me it means I've seen it!
Designated entry folder :eyes:…

Worried that the character you're drawing / drawn for is someone else's now?
I highly doubt that will happen but even if does, your entry will still count and will still be judged like every other entry! So don't worry about that. <3

most importantly, have fun!

That gives you 2 months, give or take

Skin by SimplySilent

Fantasy creature, that is.

Confession: I like media featuring vampires.

I can't specify literature, myth included, as I also follow videogames and movies and shows, oh my. Although let's not forget all things narrative start on paper, because I'm sure writers don't already have an ego that could outmatch Kanye West's when it comes to the merits of the written word.

Before I get booted from the cool kids' club, let me explain why: they never stop being recognizable. Vampires are like the Leatherman in the fantasy creature toolbox.

In fact, across all the myths, fiction, games and movies/TV I can remember, there's only two consistent traits I can name, and maybe if I'd seen even more I'd come up with better, or fewer.
  • Humanoid
  • Defaults as predatory towards humans

Of course, adding certain traits will get you another fantasy creature: werewolves, ghouls, fairies, sociopathic wizards, etc. But those characters need that additional thing, while you can have vampires who are infected people, dead people, demons in people suits, the new people, occasionally bats, mist, unable to cross water, sacrificed to, Romantic, telekinetic, ...see what I mean?

In fact, they can pop up in any genre—perhaps the most unexpected I've seen is Western. I say fantasy above, but, for instance, Richard Matheson's "I Am Legend" is distinctly sci-fi.


  • Your story must give vampires a trait (or traits) that you have not seen before.
  • You cannot use any variant of the word "vampire" anywhere in the story or title. Readers should think "oh, vampires" without any a priori.
  • 1500+ words.

Go forth and reupholster that mythos. :eyes:

Skin by neurotype

The Palette Project

Sun Feb 1, 2015, 2:58 PM

Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueParadigm ShiftBullet; BlueBullet; Blue

Nowplaying by 365-DaysOfDoodles

On 2014 I've imposed myself a challenge: "I should draw a doodle a day, during the whole year".The reason why I took such a challenge was because I wasn't happy with how much I created on the year before, on 2013. 

Before starting the challenge I would procrastinate instead of drawing, I would wait for some magic sort of inspiration to come in order to draw anything at all. 

That was the paradigm, the standards of my work flow. 

After concluding the 365 Days of Doodles project I had a new paradigm: I can create one black&white drawing everyday.

What I want to do now in 2015 is changing the paradigm again: I want to add color palettes to my doodles. Seven, to be more specific. :) 

Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueThe ProjectBullet; BlueBullet; Blue

13231231 by 365-DaysOfDoodles12421 by 365-DaysOfDoodlesAll The Small Things by 365-DaysOfDoodles2015-01-v12.42 by 365-DaysOfDoodles

 Palette |pal - it|


"the range of colors used by a particular artist."

I have divided the palette project into 7 parts: each one represents a color of the rainbow. The following seven months will have a main color theme, from Red to Violet. 

:bulletred: February - Red

:bulletorange: March - Orange

:bulletyellow: April - Yellow

:bulletgreen: May - Green

:bulletblue: June - Blue

:bulletblack: July  - Indigo

:bulletpurple: August - Violet

I hope that by the end of the project I'll have a better understanding of lighting, mood and coloring.

I've been trying to color both on traditional and digital media but I'm taking a liking on the latter. I'm still getting used to a lot of stuff so things may change throughout the project.

Color can shape the world in amazing ways. This is the message I want to transmit on my drawings this year. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks a lot for everyone's support so far! :heart:

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.

Introducing MARX77


It is such a sheer and profound honor being part of the DeviantArt Community. The love and encouragement that I've received over the years from fellow members and staff alike is truly humbling.

I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful support that you've shown this Dubai based Pakistani bloke, and I hope and pray that you'll continue to graciously support me on this artistic/photographic journey with DeviantArt, which for me began in mid 2008, but it really took off in 2011 - the year I was bitten by the shutterbug and I decided to take up photography. I have never looked back since.

Hi, I'm Khuram Lawrence, a Dubai based photographer, and I'm a proud member of the largest Art community in the world. DeviantArt Rocks!

February 2015

Deviousness Award Winner

MARX77 is well known throughout the community for bringing knowledge, color, and energy everywhere he goes. A skillful photographer and careful curator, Khuram has an eye for excellence, both in sharing moments through his own photography and in sharing artists through his feature Journals. His personality is just as sharp as his creative eye — he's a witty and humorous individual who is also considerate and kind. It is with great pleasure that we present MARX77 with the Deviousness Award for February 2015.

Showing Some Love

Community Quotes

:icondavincipoppalag: :icona-teinna: :iconjacac: :iconandaelentari: :iconjules-101: :iconikarisou: :icongetcarter: :iconearthhart: :iconhermetic-wings: :icondeevelliott: :iconlightdrafter:

Khuram is well deserving of the honor. He's a terrific fella and takes excellent photos. He has a great sense of humor, and is also very socially aware and often features issues that people should know about and do something to change. We need a couple hundred more like him here. Congratulations to him!

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively." - Bob Marley. Khuram's an amazing guy, gifted with a rare talent to unite people through his beautiful art and his friendly character. He has a great sense of humor, is a humble leader and dA would be less fun without him. He's one of my dearest friends and I'm proud of it. Congrats, Khuram. Enjoy your award. It's truly yours.

Six years ago, I met a long-haired man from a country far away, that showed us a different way of seeing life in his city. We became friends and continue to be - his name is Khuram. During this six years of friendship he gave the community an amazing view of life through his eyes and lens - a sharp and precise look at street life, both in color and black and white. He writes amazing articles and is super helpful to DA showing so many ways of street photography with texts and images from great photographers all around the world. I am proud to write these few words about him for such a deserved award. Keep us looking at your works my friend. Congratulations!

Khuram is my brother from another mother. Humble, clever, friendly and helpful at any time, with his heart at the right place. His work is always very enjoyable. I understand his slices of life as careful observations. I will not be prising him too much, you better click through his profile and do so yourself... Btw, congrats Khuram! Well deserved, bro!

I honestly don't remember which photo of Khuram's I saw that led to me watching him, but I have never looked back since. His Urban Cats series is my favorite, because he's capturing stories from unlikely sources, and raising awareness at the same time. It helps that he's just an awesome, optimistic person in general, always congratulating people for awards won or sharing important videos or articles in his journal. It's so awesome that he is going to be so acknowledged site-wide.

I am honored to be able to write something about Khuram. Although I have not known him as long as others here, he has been a real motivating force for me on DA, and I know that I am not the only one. His street photos, mostly brightly colored scenes with people and the incredible homeless cats of Dubai, are each so vivid, so filled with life, that they seem to breathe. They draw us into his world, and show it to us through the magic of his eyes and camera, which also reflects hope or humor where none may be apparent at first. He takes the time to respond to every comment made on his photos and seems to make a real connection with almost everyone. He is also incredibly modest, shuns all credit to himself, preferring to point people to other artists. Still, he manages to put together unbelievable features on those people most needy in this world, from the homeless, the hungry, the displaced, to women struggling in other countries, The Book of Life (words of wisdom), and much, much more. Khuram is simply a remarkable human force in this world, both as an artist and a person!

Khuram is a kind person. As much as I value his photography, where he shows his gentle way of looking at the world and humanity with it‘s daily quirks and oddities in a warm-hearted way, as much do I love his presence as a person. He is funny, cheeky, with a really good sense of humour, and most importantly a caring person. He engages in real conversations, shares and promotes other people‘s work, offers support and helps shaping this place into a place worth visiting. Thanks for all the times you made me laugh out loud, Khuram!

MARX77 is a deviant wizard. We've all seen his amazing photos, so I'm not talking about his ability to capture souls with his lens, immortalizing them forever. We've all seen his curations and his eye for color, lighting, people and situations, but I'm not talking about that either. I'm talking about his magical ability to be everywhere on the site at once with messages and faves of support to so many in the community. I'm especially happy to be able to call him friend, just as long as he doesn't turn me into a cat.

Oh Khuram, how do I write about you when we've never met face to face and conversed with over a coffee or pint of ale? Well here goes, Boss. Khuram is very much a family man. Not only does he have his own family, but he also has another family, the human family. This you can see in his work, and also in his dealings with folk here on DA. We came across each other in '07, and have been bantering back & forth ever since, in the groups he runs and with our work. When it comes to his photography, it has soul, be it Street, Street Portraiture or those feral felines of Dubai. The atmosphere & colour in his images brings them to life, you're there with him. Bright blessings to you Boss, and congratulations, you deserve it.

Some are born to be politicians, some are born to be farmers, but some born to be an artist. Khuram is an artist. I can not remember how and when I met him but the atmosphere of his photographs immediately surrounded me. His compositions speak to me because they are simple but the messages are complex. When he captures the people on the streets we can notice that those people has a special kind of soul and it is the same when he photographs the “Street Cats". You can admire them while they are living their daily lives on streets. The warmth of living and adventure of being human can obviously be seen when we visit his gallery. Hope to see more from him.

I can hardly think of any other deviant who merged into the DA-community as completely as Marx77 did. Within his six years of membership he adopted a leading role in moderating and administrating street photography not only by founding or cofounding several groups. His presence is extended to his outstanding work you can easily find in his gallery. It is not hard to spot, that Marx77 made to develop an own handwriting in street photography. His style is engraved by the use of a big aperture, which brings the displayed subject much closer to the audience. Sometimes he crosses the line to portrait photography, but always using the street in the backdrop. He loves to shoot at night, displaying the whole range of possible saturation and showing the vivid vibes of the Arabian street life. It´s the daily life of ordinary people that attracts him. This turns him –at least- for some of us into an ambassador of his culture.  His dedication in supporting others is extraordinary.

Congratulations to MARX77!

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Which are your Friendship Faves?!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 1, 2015, 9:08 AM
We have 7 days to decide the winners of our Friendship Event.

Please FAVE this Journal before you SEND A NOTE HERE

with  the title "Friendship Faves"
and your first three favorites:
1st:    #
2nd:    #
3rd:    #

(Where 1st gets 3 Points, 2nd - 2 Points and 3rd - 1 Point.)

:bulletwhite: Your vote will be taken into account only if you are member of the group MyLovelyPet
:bulletwhite: You cannot vote for yourself
:bulletwhite: All contestants must vote, to be elligible for a prize
:bulletwhite: You may vote even if you do not have an entry in the contest

Let the voting begin!!


Cute kittens by luka567


Friendship by Lambieb123


Purr by deviantlamb


ginger! by Mari-Ghostly


A Girl and Her Pony by ringette-and-riding


Cat and Girl by wingworld


Verwirrter junger Kleiber - Groggy Little Nuthatch by Cundrie-la-Surziere


Battle of the cuttest : new version by Ohne68


A kiss for mom by Mogrianne


Sharpei puppies by Ahau2


Rabbits by AmBr0


lOVE by NotNowCato


Scruffy Foxy Love by Digital-Goth


When will a photo be ? by Csyyt


Inquisitive Connection-Pastel by AstridBruning


Buddies by Rebekka85


YinYang by coffeenoir


Best Friends by AStoKo


Kisses by boogeybug


a dog is a man's best friend by corniger-aries


In love by Docali


Kassy and Jiggy by mkmars


Selfie Time :) by TheFunnySpider


Gotta love wolves by rahas3


Twins by calikal


cuddly time by MT-Photografien


Apprivoisier - watercolours on paper by Angesik


Two Cousins by asiapasek


Black Cat Amber EyeBlack coat with silken hair,
The eyes bright and young in years.
But what this glance is saying
Is as old as the world.
The eyes almost closed,
Snuggled and silent dreaming,
She lies like spilled –
Inwards restless, exuberant.
Stretched out peaceful and easy –
Gentle soul, full of happiness.
I ask myself what she might intend
By her soft glance?
Often, she lies around sleeping
And after a while, she opens
The little mouth and bends the back.
But everything without haste.
Then, when she starts to rub gently
Around my legs, purring –
It is only up to her
When she moves my heart.
When I take her in my arms
And look into her amber eyes,
How my heart warms up
And help me to believe in the good.
Black coat with silken hair,
On velvety paws slightly –
We walk together year for year
Until our journey will have come to an end.
And when once you will leave me, my purring companion,
So, I cover you tenderly with love.
And I think of you fondly what enlightens my spirit:


Happy World Cat Day by DeviantTeddine


Micio tasting Pimpi's ear by Mada90


(CE) Hide and Seek by skullabaez


It's good to have a brother by rosaarvensis


the wild and the tamed by RachaelXIII


Best Friends at the Beach by JMPorter


How to wear fur! by Leny97


Sia 8 by EdgedFeather


Cecil and Kuba are eating dinner by Oxyvia


Winter Buddies by CChorsey1


Two Souls by Zerolution


A nap together by DaphneWolfsong


Angel and Klee by DanielleMWilliams


Caramell and Toofie by RinoaBC


Trumpeter Hornbill by lost-nomad07


Alamo and Raz by SecretPoet17


Cuddly Babies contest entry by drawmeadream


Four Calling Birds by TalynDraconmore


Friendship by RinLina


Her Little Friend by LASKANWLF


Untitled -120 PS by nosoart

Special thanks

To lovely Eve-I, who recently became a member of our Admin Team!!

- At that time she already had an entry for the contest -

Playtime by Eve-I

She graciously withdrew from the competition

Selection from MyLovelyPet

 Thank you all for participating!!

Good Luck! 

Skin by SimplySilent
Heya, guys! If you're a long-term watcher, a new watcher or even just a passerby, I want to tell you a few things. I just got the urge to post this, I don't know why. But here it is.

Please, if you're suffering with depression, don't kill yourself tonight.

I know a lot of my watchers suffer with depression and other related things. I just want to tell you all to not give up. Keep going.

I know it's hard, I know it will be hard. I may not know personally what you're going through, but I know how you feel.

I may know who you are, or I may not. It doesn't matter. Even if I don't, I care about you. I know it sounds silly if we haven't even spoken before, but believe me.
I do care. I'm not just spouting smoke or words to make you feel better. I truly do care. I know you may be rolling your eyes right now, but I do.

I know I don't reply to comments a lot. It's not because I'm ignoring them, it's just because it's hard to keep up with them all. But I read all of them. I can't thank you all enough for your kindness. You've all been so exceedingly wonderful to me, I just don't know how to thank you.

Hah, I know I'm rambling now, I'm sorry.

My point is, we're all here for a reason. Even if you're broken, struggling to get by, please just remember that it will get better. Whether it be a week or a year, it will get better in time.

You're not worthless. You're not a mistake. Nobody here is a mistake in any way whatsoever.

I promise you.

I'm not very religious, but I do pray for you all. I pray that you all stay safe, that nothing bad will happen. So just remember that you're in my thoughts and prayers, even if I don't know who you are. This goes for all of you.

Sorry for the sappy journal, I just want you all to know that I care. I can't thank you enough.

Please, all of you have a safe February. And remember to always keep going, no matter how hard and hopeless life may seem.

The Alpha's Daughter part 1

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 31, 2015, 8:40 PM

pitch black Night some where north in Scotland...

"Night fury, get down!" Shouted the Viking, as just then a plasma blast destroyed a lookout tower!
"Get to the shelters! Secure the livestock!" Shouted a Viking. "Get down is coming back!" Shouted another Viking! And just then a plasma blast hit the same tower! Bursting it to rubble and flames!
this knocked down one of the Vikings in front of the tower. When one of the Vikings shouted, "lookout!" Just then the Night fury landed in between the Viking and the tower!
The night fury with its wings wide open, looked completely black, due to the fire behind it. The Viking on the ground did not dare move for fear the dragon would blast him in the back as he ran. The Dragon began to come closer to the man when another Viking spear in hand was shouting and running towards the Dragon.
But with one shot from the dragon the Viking fell in pain. The dragon continued to come closer to the man, till the dragon was right over top of the man. The man did not move. The dragon looked straight at him. The man slowly turned to look back at the dragon and when he seen its face he note'est that it had a mark like a flower with three petals behind is eye and two in front, this was its birth mark and it was on its left side. but when the other Vikings started to get closer the dragon stood on its hind legs, opened its wings, and roared! then the dragon looked back at the man then turned, grabbed a sheep and flew off not to be seen for the rest of that night!
When another Viking came to help the one on the ground he asked him, "What was that about? I'v never seen a dragon do that before." "I'm not sheer what that just was, but I do know that if it wanted me dead it could have killed me. So why didn't it?" Said the Viking as he got up.
"Do you think it was sending a message?" asked one of the Viking. "No, it couldn't, there not that smart are they?" said the Viking as they all walked to the main hall, where all the other Viking went when the night fury showed up.
meanwhile, As the dragon flew to its home... 
"I wander what throws humans are thinking right now?" she said to her self, in a calm and rather shy voice.
"I hope they remember that next time they try looking for me in my cave." She said to herself.
She flew in between two large mountains, and passed these two mounts was wide open woods. And cutting across to the woods is a large freshwater river filled with salmon and cod, that led to a sparkling spring. And not far from the spring was a cave hidden by mosques and trees. Light to reach this cave during the day, and visible stars by night.
And when she reached her cave, she stored her kill behind the cave for the morning after, then lie down at the mouth of the cave looking up at the stars as she fell asleep.