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Hello everybody!

I get asked frequently ‘how do you price your art?’  “How do I evaluate how much I should charge for commissions?” etc.  Recently, I’ve read a few disappointing posts on how some people devalue either themselves or others’ art purely because it is posted online either as digital or traditional.  We often see people with very low prices being taken advantage of by commissioners who want to obtain amazing art for pennies on the dollar without notifying the artist that maybe their prices are too low.  On the flip side, we also see people who complain that art is ‘too expensive’ when the pricing of the artist’s work in question is appropriate.

In response to these, I’ve decided to create a journal designed to help you (yes you, reader) understand that your work has value and how you should price your work as a result.  It also might shed light on a pretty widespread problem online of people who undercharge for their work unknowingly and the epidemic of people who wish to take advantage of these people, often swarming these artists unfairly in an attempt to leverage the insanely low prices to their advantage at the disadvantage of the artist.

A bit of background

Art as a medium is pretty different than it was 10 to 15 years ago.  The accessibility to art and art programs, as well as the ability for people to create art has expanded tremendously with the creation of cheaper tools, more options, more artists, etc.  There are more artists now than there have ever been before, especially as deviantArt has grown.  While activity on deviantart might have slowed, the options for art, people to follow, and outlets to view the art have all increased.


That sounds pretty intimidating if you’re an artist who wants to do commission work.  Almost equally so if you are someone looking to get art for yourself.  With all these artists, and all these options, is your work worth anything?



While the approachability of art is steadily increasing, its often really easy to overlook your own artistic value, especially when you’re often surrounded by people you might interpret as superior to you.  Regardless, your hard work in creating art, especially for someone else, is important to recognize!  YOU are worth something, and you’re undoubtedly worth more than you think, as our own self-perception often devalues our own work.  If you are considering opening commissions, modifying your prices, or scouting for art commissions to order, here are a few things to consider.

A problem in the Community

Have you ever seen an artist on deviantArt that has huge amounts of demand for their work because of how cheap it is?  99% of you will answer yes.  More often than not, these artists are undervaluing their work either unknowingly or knowingly (but under the impression that they are not worth more). 


I know of one particular artist (and I won’t use names for the sake of respect), who has very complicated and valuable commissions for 8$.  The value of this work if done as freelance industry work would easily exceed 400$, yet they were not aware of their under-pricing.  As a result, hundreds of people flocked to this person in hopes of scoring a sweetheart deal on their art without realizing that the pieces in question could take upwards of a month to complete (for 8$ mind you).  Do you think these people thought that the artist would benefit from this in any way?

Deviantart has a bit of an issue with the devaluation of digital and traditional art works purely because of their online format.  There is a huge fallacy that ‘because it’s on Deviantart that the work is my its nature worth less’. 

This causes a few problems that impact a great number of groups:

:bulletred: Artists undercutting themselves unknowingly are hurting income potential.

:bulletred: Artists will then try to undercut the lower prices to hike demand, driving overall work price and value in the community down.

The result is hours of work by very skilled artists for less than fast-food wages, often going under 1$/hour of work, work that is specially tailored to the buyer performed by skilled individuals!

So how should we price?

How should you price your art?  There’s a few steps.

First step? (Time to wrap your noodle around this big one)  YOUR ART IS WORTH SOMETHING!  Holy crap!  Yes, your art, regardless of who you are, is worth something, and a pretty decent something, too.  Spend hours on a drawing, even a sketch?  That’s hours of your own time refining your craft.  Drawing for someone else?  You are making something special for someone else with your time and your resources and your signature creativity!  YOU HAVE VALUE, YOU ALWAYS HAVE VALUE!

Crazy huh?  Well it shouldn’t be.  In fact, if you’ve drawn anything in your life before, you’ll know that drawing and art takes a lot of time and effort.  Drawing for others?  Even more so!  It’s the most important aspect to consider when pricing and evaluating your own work.


Second step?  Let’s consider the following:

In the United States (which we are using as the standard in this case because of deviantArt’s centralization in California), the minimum wage is $7.25.  That means the lowest you can legally be paid for doing employed work is $7.25, which is usually fast-food job wages.

So assuming it takes you 2 hours to sketch a drawing for someone:  If we are going by the minimum wage rate, that’s:

2 hours * 7.25 = $15 for a 2 hour sketch.  Seems reasonable right?  Sadly, most artists on deviantart charge LESS THAN 10$ for a sketch that might take as long as 4 hours!  What if it takes longer? 

Let’s also consider this:  Artistry is a specialty skill.  While anyone can learn art, it takes time, patience, and effort, and not everyone has the same style.  Art is something unique to everyone, and that makes it very valuable.  Do you consider something that unique to be worth minimum wage?

So assuming that we raise the per/hour cost a bit to say, 10$/hr.  That 2 hour sketch is now worth 20$.  Now we’re getting somewhere.

So as an artist, what does that mean for me?

It means you should do the following:

• Estimate how long various artistic processes take you to complete.  For many people, doing a full drawing with color and one character takes between 5-7 hours (I personally take way way longer than that to work, but we’ll use this range as an example).  Assuming minimum wage:

5-7 hours * 7.25$ =  $36.25 - $50.75

Now this might vary depending on skill, but this is a good starting place.  Now assuming you work at lets say 10$/hr.  That becomes

5-7 hours * 10$hr = $50-$70 for a full colored 1 character commission.

For traditional, also figure in the cost of supplies it took for you to create the image, so you’d estimate the base time + cost of materials.

This leads into a rather tricky problem with the consideration of the infamous deviantArt points. The issue with deviantart points (not that they’re necessarily bad) is that 1.) its not actually currency, and to be traded back to $, deviantart takes a 20% cut and 2.) it inflates the perceived price of the work.  Example:

assuming the previous reasonable prices for a 5-7 hour piece of art evaluated at 7.25$/hr:

80 points to 1 USD = 5-7 * 7.25* 80 = 2900 – 4060 points. 

Someone who doesn’t run that conversion will say ‘holy crap that’s a lot of points’ and might be quicker to assume the work is ‘too expensive’.  Thus, the deviantart devaluation process begins.

I often see full images ranging between 500-1200 points.  While from a numeric perspective (500 and 1200 being pretty respectable numbers) running the conversion brings this to $6.25 and $15! 

for a full picture….

See the problem?  It’s incredibly important to realize that while deviantart currency is nice and convenient, its often a bit deceiving at evaluating your own work.  Not only that, the fact that the artist only gets 80% of the monetary cut means that points can be a problem for artists who use commissions as an income source, even if they are easier.  If you choose to use dA points as a pricing evaluator, just remember:

• While easier to obtain, they are worth less.

• If you are evaluating your own pricing, remember to do the 80pts to 1$USD conversion.

• When buying a commission, remember to also do the conversion, because you might be severely underpaying an artist!

There’s yet another aspect when it comes to pricing: Demand!

Time for an economics crash course.  Specifically in microeconomics, there is something called a supply and demand curve.  Basically, this is a representation of how supply of something, and the demand of something can drive prices of whatever the good is.  Usually, if the demand is high, the supply will need to be higher to deal with this pull for demand.

Now art isn’t exactly a commodity.  You can only make so much of a supply, and when you’re creating art on-the-spot for someone, that supply is usually about as fast as you’re capable of working.  So what do you do if your demand is high?  Increase your dang prices!  If the demand for your work is crazy, then it’s a good indicator that your work has a good amount of value behind it!  Remember when I said you had value?  Its true!  Take a look at some other artists pricing with your same demand structure to see how much you should increase.  However, increasing 5$ here and there to rest the waters is a good start.


If demand is low, don’t worry!  Odds are you may have fallen prey to the online art devaluation issue, or people just aren’t aware of your work.  Remember the basic structure for pricing based on the minimum wage scale.  If you need to feel the waters, you can slightly change the prices around that area.  Another key thing to remember is that commissioners will respect it when you value your art and understand its value!  While you might have people climbing all over you for super cheap deals, raising your prices only eliminates the ones taking advantage of you, and chances are that the people who still want your work and respect it’s value will still buy from you!

So what does this all mean?


Well to sum it up:


Never devalue yourself because you think you’re not as skilled as other people, or because of the underpricing issues on deviantart.  You took time and care to make something special, whether its for you or for someone else!  You and your art have value!  Respect that and others will too!


2.) Estimate the time it takes to make something and build a good cost structure based on Money-per-hour estimates.  If you are unsure, start at 7$/hr and play with it from there.  You’ll find the sweet spot, trust me.

 Here's a cash clock you can download to help estimate your prices!…


Art is not McDonalds, it isn’t fast food!  Art is something special, and it can’t be made in the blink of an eye on-demand.  Art is made by people who practice, try very hard, learn, and put pencil-to-paper or stylus-to-tablet for hours, if not weeks!  While most of the time you might only see the finished product, know that behind every image, there is someone who spend a lot of time and a lot of heart creating something just for you!

If you see artists that might be undercharging themselves, do them a favor and let them know respectfully!  It will not only help them better value their own work, but it will boost their confidence! 


When dealing with points, always ALWAYS convert to USD$ to get a better idea of the real value, not the inflated deviantart value.  And remember, points are only worth 80% of their dollar counterparts!


Seriously, if you do, you are not only hurting and devaluing that artist, but everyone in that community because of the disrespect.  While it might be an amazing deal, and the artist might be fine with the low prices, let them know if they might be charging too little.  They will thank you for it and better understand their own value!

Your art has value!

Never let anyone tell you otherwise.  Whether its digital art, traditional art, fanart or something completely unique.  The time you take to make something and the care and emotion you create it with is worth more than any $ can determine.  It’s something special to everyone.

Never forget it.


    1.  Ball


            Little Lucina tossed and turned in her bed; unable to sleep with the loud music being played in the lobby of the castle. Her aunt Lissa always wanted to throw a ball for the town.  After begging her brother, Chrom, countless times, he granted her permission to organize one. Lucina followed her aunt around for days watching her write invitations, decorate and select dresses that would be perfect for the celebration. It fascinated the little princess so much. Eager to join the fun, Lucina threw her blanket off and ascended from her bed. She sat down on the floor, put on her small blue flats and tip-toed out of her room making sure that her baby brother, Morgan, was not disturbed from his slumber.


            Once she scanned the empty hall she ran down to the steps that lead into the ball. Thousands of couples were scattered around: dancing to the music, eating, drinking wine and talking amongst themselves. The princess looked on in awe as she slowly tried to sneak down the stairs, “Wow… What pretty dresses.” She said to herself as she worked her way around the adult’s legs.


          The little princess’ attention was entirely on the men and women celebrating the ball, her stepping became automatic. She bumped into a pair of legs and fell to her little bottom, “Oh, I’m sorry, Lucina.” A man with white hair bent down and pick up the child, “It’s okay, Robin.” She smiled brightly and wrapped her arms around his neck. She looked back at the large crowd then turned her attention to the tactician. He was alone leaning against a wall. “Umm…Robin?”  Robin smiled, “Yes, Lucina?” She played with the fabric on his shoulder, “Why are you not dancing with a woman? Why are you standing here alone?” Robin was taken aback by her question. His face turned red, “Uh…N-never mind that. You should go back to bed before your mother sees you.” Lucina pouted, “But I want to see the dance!” She crossed her arm in protest. Robin chuckled and pinched her cheek, “Well, only for a moment.” Lucina smiled and rubbed her cheek, “Really?” She giggled and lowered herself from Robin’s arms. 

            She grabbed ahold of his pinky and dragged him into the crowd of couples dancing, “Lucina. What on earth are you doing?” He asked, “We’re going to dance!” She placed her little feet on his and spread her small fingers in between his. Robin chuckled, “Okay, but just this one. Then it’s off to bed.” She nodded hesitantly. The two began to sway to the music. The little princess wrapped her arms around Robin’s legs and held on tight with a smile on her face as they danced. Robin chuckled softly and patted her blue hair.


    2.  Balcony


            “I DID NOT MEAN TO, ROBIN, HONEST!” Chrom shouted as he rushed through the halls. Robin, her brown ponytail swayed behind her as she chased her newly wedded husband down the wide halls of the castle, “How dare you use my coat as a napkin!” She yelled throwing a boot, “OWW!” He cried as it bounced off his blue hair, “I SHOULD HAVE PAID CLOSER ATTENTION!” He slid into one of the rooms. Two wooden framed glass doors were opened exposing a stone balcony. He stumbled to the balcony as his wife threw another boot at him. It grazed the top of his when he climbed the railing. He looked down. The ground seemed to be so much further away than it actually was. Chrom looked back at his wife as he sweated nervously. She hid a vase behind her back, “Dearest… It will be okay.” She stretched out her hand, “Just climb down.” She slowly took a step forward.


            Chrom ran his fingers through his hair and looked back down “I-I do not believe you.” Robin tightened her grip around the neck of the dark gray vase. Chrom’s eyes came across the familiar bright shine of Basilio’s head, “BASILIO! UP HERE!”

    3.  Trust

            Basilio looked up to see the king standing on the railing of a balcony, “What are you doing up there, boy?!” He asked cuffing his hands around his mouth, “IT’S MY WIFE! SHE’S TRYING TO KILL ME!”


             Basilio let out a hardy laugh, “What did you do!?”

            “W-we can discuss it later! I need you to catch me! Do you mind doing so?!”

    The Feroxi warrior shrugged, “Okay!” He reached out his arms, “I’m ready for ya, boy!” Chrom took one last look over his shoulder. His angry wife crept closer to him, “Chrom… Don’t.” She commanded. Chrom gulped and shut his eyes. Basilio tapped his foot waiting for the young king. Chrom exhaled and leapt from the balcony. Robin threw the heavy vase after her husband. Chrom opened his eyes as he heard a whistling pass his ear.


            The vase hit the ground beside Basilio, who had moved back, and shatter, “Ahhh!!!!” Chrom panicked, swinging his arms and legs, “BASILIO! UFF!” Chrom landed face first in a pile of dirt beside the warrior’s feet. He slowly lifted his head and looked at Basilio, “I… I thought… you were going to… catch me. I trusted you.” Basilio laughed and kneeled beside the blue haired king, “ I know, but I couldn’t pass up a trick like this.” He patted his shoulder, “I’ll see you inside, boy.”

Chrom sighed. He looked back up at the balcony where his wife stood giggling at him from the top. He slowly planted his face back in the dirt. Admitting defeat.


    4.  Pudding

             Morgan smiled, “Mmm!” He exclaimed as he pulled a spoon from his lips and dipped it into a small blue bowl he had in his hands. He twisted his spoon in the creamy vanilla dessert, “I love pudding!” Morgan giggled. Brady watched the aspiring tactician in disgust, “Elek…” The blond priest groaned. Morgan looked up at him. He pulled the spoon out of his mouth with a pop, “What’s the matter, Brady? Don’t like pudding?” The blue haired boy shoved a spoon full of the pale desert under Brady’s nose, “Ugh! Get that away from me will ya?!” He shoved Morgan’s hand away, “I dunno how you can eat that junk.” Morgan chuckled and ate another spoonful, “Easy! With my mouth.” Brady crossed his arms, “Real funny, kid. I’m serious, though. Ain’t that stuff too sweet for ya?” Morgan shook his head, “Not at all. I love it! Makes me wanna siiiiing!” He raised the bowl high above his head.

             “Ugh! That’s worse than the darn crap in your bowl!” Brady shouted covering his ears. Morgan stopped and lowered the bowl, “S-sorry…” He began to eat quietly. Brady sighed, satisfied with the silence. After a few minutes of peace and quiet, Brady looked to Morgan who sat staring at his last spoonful of vanilla pudding, “Somethin’ wrong, kid?” Morgan said nothing, “Hey! MORGAN!” The priest snapped in front of Morgan’s nose. He didn’t so much as flinch, “What the hell is the matter with ya?!” Brady moved closer to the boy’s face. A smile crept on Morgan’s face, “Here you go, Brady!” He picked up the spoon and shoved it in Brady’s mouth in one swift motion, “MMH!!” Brady began to gag as the sweet pudding slid down his throat. Morgan yanked the spoon from Brady’s lips, “Good, huh?” Brady coughed and spit what pudding was left on his tongue, “Ya better get runnin’, kid.” He said grabbing his staff, “ YOU’RE IN FOR A WORLD’A PAIN!” Morgan chuckled as he sprang to his feet with Brady following behind.

    5.  Butcher

                    “Ugh… Bear…” Frederick muttered to himself as he used a sharp blade to cut away at the brown hide of the mammal. The gamey aroma filled his nostrils causing his eyes to water, “Tis part of my job to work to feed the Prince and Princess. If only I needn’t cut or cook a bear.” He grabbed the back paw of the bear and pulled with all his might. The leg hung to the animal’s body by a thread of muscle, “Come now, Nggh… I need no more trouble from you.” The muscle suddenly snapped and Frederick lost his grip. The leg of the bear smacked him in the nose, “Owww…” The brown haired knight rubbed his bruised with a sigh, “Why are there never any chickens around?” He asked himself tossing the leg to the side.


    6.  Pity

          The Shepard’s march had gone on for days as they worked their way back to Ylisse, “Okay! We’ll take a break here for now. Be prepared to march again in ten minutes.” The captain of the Shepard’s called to his weary troops. Gaius plopped down on the grown, exhausted, “I should have stuck with being a thief. All this marching stuff is lowering my blood sugar.” He huffed popping a cherry lollipop into his mouth. The red-headed thief laid on his back and looked up to the sky, “How long has it been since I’ve slept?” He yawned moving his candy to his other cheek.   
    Gaius looked over to his left as a bush began to rustle violently, “What the…?” The thief carefully rose to his knees and gripped the handle of his blade. He crawled to the moving vegetation. Hoping he would not scare away what was hidden in the bushes, he slowly reached in and grabbed a hold of something’s arm, “AH-HA! Got ya!” He shouted triumphantly and lifted it up, “Uh….” He stared at a small frightened child. Her face was filthy with dirt. Her clothes worn and torn. Gaius slowly lowered the child.


            She squeezed a stuffed animal in her arms. She sniffled and rubbed her glassy brown eyes, “I-I’m sorry…Where are your parents.” He asked gloomily. The little girl sniffled and rubbed her eyes harder. Gaius sighed and patted the girl’s frigid black hair, “It’s okay.” He said handing her an orange lollipop, “Here you are.” The girl looked down at the candy then the thief, “Go ahead” He beamed her a smile, “I want you to have it.” The little girl gently took the candy from Gaius’ hand and smiled softly, “Th-thank you...” She said weakly. Gaius stood up, “Hey, why don’t we see about finding you parents? Would you like that?” He asked kindly. The little girl looked up at him and nodded as her little fingers curled around his thumb.


    7.  Zero

            “Are you sure you don’t sell any?” A green armored, Stahl asked, “Hmm, Nope. I don’t.” Anna answered shaking her head making her curly ponytail swing and placed her hand on her hip.


            “None,” She responded.

            “Zip?” The knight asked.


            “No, food?” He groaned.

            “No, No food. Sorry.” She sighed, “Perhaps you could try the market down the road.” Stahl’s stomach growled ferociously, “Unnh, but that’s too far away. I haven’t eaten in ten minutes. I haven’t the energy to walk that far. " Anna patted his shoulder and giggled, “You’ll make it. I believe in you.” Stahl sighed as he mentally prepared himself for his long endeavor up the dirt road. He took one last look at the merchant, “Are you sure?” Anna smiled, “Yes, I’m sure, Stahl. Thank you for dropping by.” She waved as he hung his head lower and pressed on.


8. Protest

            Vaike sat in a field of grass as the other Shepard’s trained. His arms were crossed and his axe lay beside him shimmering off the beams of the sun. Lon’qu looked down at the blond warrior with a raised eyebrow, “What in the name of Naga are you doing?” He asked putting his Killer’s Edge over his shoulder, “Nothin’. That’s just it… Nothin.” Lon’qu rolled his eyes, as Vaike pouted, “Who doesn’t want to spar with you now?” Vaike grunted, “Chrom! Says we need to switch it up!” He blew a raspberry, “ I think he’s scared Teach might actually beat him this time, so I’m not fighting unless he comes to me and offers a fight!” The warrior clenched his teeth and shacked his fist in aggression.

    Lon’qu placed his hand upon his brow, annoyed, “Maybe he is not sparring with you because you make a big deal out of the most inconsequential situations!” Vaike snickered, “Whatever.” Lon’qu sighed, “Okay, sit there then.” He walked away from Vaike before he could give him, yet another migraine.


    9.  Fence

            Inigo stared up at a towering fence before himself. His pink hair swayed in the stiff breeze, “Is a village woman worth all this trouble?” He asked himself and scratched at his slender chin. He sauntered around to the other side of the fence, “Where on earth is the opening for this fence!?” He scratched his head in frustration after running around the fence four more times, “UGH!! Pull yourself together, Inigo. You are a very cunning man. You can find a way into that village and get that woman!” He shouted throwing himself at the wooden fence, He plunged his short nails into the wood and attempted to climb up, “Mnagh!” He grunted trying to pull himself up. He was stuck, “Oh good…” He sighed. He could feel his nails begin to slide down the wood leaving deep imprints. When his feet hit the ground he slowly released his grip and stared at the fence, “Well…” He sucked his teeth sharply, “Not worth it.” He turned to leave, “ I wonder what Severa or Luci are up to.” He chuckled to himself


      10. Acrobat

            “Lucina!” A strong feminine voice called from behind. The teenage princess turned and met eyes with Kjelle. Her armor clanked as she jogged to the blue haired girl, “Good evening, Kjelle. How does the day find you?” Kjelle put her hands on the back of her short brown hair as she caught her breath, “Just fine, Lucina. I have a question for you. I’d rather not ask the weaklings.” She said sharply and crossed her arms. Lucina sighed in disappointment. She had hoped Kjelle would view the others as equals, but that might take a while, “Okay. What is it?”

            “I was observing your sparring session with your father and I noticed the two of you have a signature move that I am very interested in seeing again.” She stated with a smirk.

            “Oh? And what move is that?” Kjelle withdrew her lance and pointed it to the sky, “It starts with you running, you proceed to leap from the ground and flip at least four times in the air before slicing your enemy down with massive amounts of strength!” Lucina sighed and pulled Falchion from its sheath, “I would not say massive amounts of strength, but because you seem fascinated I will demonstrate it once more.” Kjelle smirked, “Thanks.” Lucina backed away from her friend. She placed her hands on her knees then quickly rushed to her. The princess stopped and jumped high into the air.

    She contorted her body in such a way that it allowed her to continuously flip forward. She pulled Falchion behind her head then slammed it into Kjelle’s lance, who raised it to block, upon her dramatic landing, “Beautiful demonstration, Lucina! Thank you!” She removed her weapon from under her friends and proceeded to run away, “H-Hey! Wait! Did you want me to teach you?!” Kjelle waved to Lucina, “No! I just wanted to see your strength again!” Lucina watched Kjelle vanish in the distance. She sighed once more, “I wish she would see the others as they are…” With that she went off to scout the area. 

GZtale AUs

(sorry about my bad english)

Before I start. let me write this one more time is what is GZ mean? GZ stands for ‘Golzy’ for short. I don’t have any good name for the Au so i’ll go stick with GZ.

GZtale is an AU where it hardly to reach the true pacifist it is because the main storyline in Gztale it’s like, it’s not completely messed up but the thing is the character in the AU were slightly different than the original Undertale was. Their encounter and their personalities were also different.The main protagonist, Frisk, is a bit clumsy and pick the wrong choices, so their ending were ALWAYS Neutral (any neutral).

 I’ll list the differences in Gztale AU:


  • Toriel didn’t make any bad skeleton puns , and her diary contain many sad and sympathy note to the friend of hers. (it’s Sans)
  • Sans/Ganz did very less puns after Frisk met him, but he always did a very friendly conversation but he is hardly to smile behind them, he did a fake smile to show Frisk that he is fine.
  • Ganz doesn’t like to talk about his brother, Papyrus.
  • Papyrus doesn’t appear in snowdin at first, his first appearance at the waterfall. (the place where Frisk met Undyne in original UT where Pap send her a report)
  • Papyrus is a Head of Royal Guard.
  • Undyne already lost her job as a Royal Guard
  • Papyrus and Ganz relationship are VERY distant to each other.
  • Ganz is hardly to trust Frisk.
  • Papyrus and Undyne are more like rivals, they didn’t contact to each other.
  • Frisk somehow clumsy, but they also feel regret what they done every time they reset the timeline, they are trying so hard to get a ‘Happy Ending’
  • Ganz’s fridge have a small slice of Pie. 
  • Battle encounter: from first to last (main boss)

  • 1) Toriel (Ruins)
  • 2) Undyne (Waterfall)
  • 3) Mettaton (core)
  • 4) Papyrus (judgement hall)
  • 5) Asgore (barrier)
  • and after that, just the same as original.
  • Sans/Ganz (as usual, Genocide, but afterGenocide Papyrus battle in the same location)
  • Mettaton just Mettaton.
  • Alphy’s worried about Undyne because she look down to herself a lot.
  • Undyne hate herself.

These are all the Gztale goes, but there are still more, but you are feel free to make your own headcanon.

Anamnesis is a flashback behind the main story, focus on Sans and Papyrus Origin and how their life goes.

Like i said that this AU is most of it were neutral ending, to make it true pacifist is that:

  • Make Sans trust you.
  • Make Sans happy.
  • Make Undyne to believe herself
  • Encourage Alphys
  • Tied Sans and Papyrus brotherly relationship.
  • Make Papyrus and Undyne to be friend again.
  • vice versa (use your own other than above)

I would say that, GZtale is not that CLOSE to Underfell AU. It just that everything were separated apart, like how Papyrus and Sans were distant to each other, like how Papyrus and Undyne not contact to each other, like how Undyne hardly to believe herself, etc.

I will upload more comic related to the GZtale. I already making Official blog for Gztale AU

Gztale Blog.

If There’s any question, you can ask in Gztale Blogs. 

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Some Seeds of Joy for 2016 by Foyaland In the Helix by Ikarusthefirst The Heavens and Us -with video tutorial link- by yuumei Light's touches by FedericoSciuca Lucky Charm by ntpdang 1/52 The Secret by VelvetRedBullet Measurements by dinabelenko Welcome 2016 by diensilver Between The Shadow And Me by artofinvi A Head full of Dreams by MilanVopalensky Sparkling stars by fotografka Candy canes by fotografka Santa Claus is coming to town by fotografka House of a Fairy by Floreina-Photography Asajj Ventress Cosplay by elenasamko winter 23 by KariLiimatainen fairytale by KariLiimatainen Warm cold winter sunset by RomGams I Can Fly Anything by DarthFar Purple Haze by DarkVenusPersephonae Bird by MariannaInsomnia 365 Challenge Day 362 by Fleur-de-Noel Elisabeta's death by The-girl-in-Mirkwood The Sugar by Antrisolja Big Bang by cheese-cake-panda Untitled by 1Creep Christmas apple pie with cranberries by MirageGourmand embrace the light by Nikkayla 365 Challenge Day 223 by Fleur-de-Noel 365 Challenge Day 347 by Fleur-de-Noel SMS by Hengki24 a basket of beauty by RezzanATAKOL Trouble by Bomb-Creator misguided by mahendrasaja Epines by Herculanum Old Tree by Frostwindz Happy Birthday Linda... by ansdesign Aube sur les pres sales by pontesrocs *** by Fatalv * by Dororo4 Orbs2 091913 by JenFruzz Baby Buds by JenFruzz Playground love by Elvanlin imagination is the beginning of creation by proxi-mity Attack on Thranduil by TheIdeaFix Darkest of kin by Northstar76 Not the one who loves me II by artofinvi Blue fishes by cherriuki Dream by pseudozufall WIP sketch 03 by jenniferhansen To the Temple by Casselloma Running Through My Head by Casselloma The Golden Trio by IrenHorrors The keys to my heart.. by LucreciaMortishia viridescent by agnes-cecile Autumn Poetry by VinaApsara salad by KowalskiEmil Spider's web III by lydiahansen Nordic Goddess by lydiahansen Apple Rose Tartlets by MeYaIeM An eternity has escaped upon my frozen breath by Zewar-Fadhil WGT 2015 9 by Estelle-Photographie Trophy by Mina-Ficent Christmas Mulled Wine by Daykiney House of Wonders by Sandramalie Jardin d'hivers by Piscisvolantis Autumn pinecones by TammyPhotography Unsichtbares sichtbar machen by feigenfrucht fantastic Four by BelcyrPiotr Fall by Ikarusthefirst Through the Wings. by seek-and-hide The fallen ones.. by borda Frozen World by MikkoLagerstedt Good day by Inside-my-ART Retro girl by gytis Mora by zazielona the bunch... by zazielona  Mg 6444 1 by indojo OOOooo  o by marrgit Auden by La-Chapeliere-Folle Wave Maidens by DarkLiminality The Crow Witch by DarkLiminality Hortensia by NovaFlux Hidden by stefwie parte vera di se stessi by SenhArt 
I have SO much misc. art related old/new info, updates, and blahblah to share, but I'll let you overdose on features instead this time. Enjoy!

The Half-Blood Prince by ShishkinaBlack Widow - Oil Pastels by NataliesCourageClubBallpoint pen drawing of Robin Williams by chaseroflightEYE (I) by sefibrahim
Deadpool by NamecchanDeath (drawing) by QuelchiiRey by Armando-HuertaCobra by Vasylina

Trước tiên, nhân dịp đầu năm mới chúc mọi người an khang thịnh vượng, luôn hạnh phúc, vui vẻ, may mắn, gặt hát được nhiều thành công trong học tập, cũng như trong cuộc sống nha Airborne Airborne Airborne 

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Phần chính đây nà La la la la La la la la La la la la 

You're my sunshine by hannxoxo2k

Angel is your name by hannxoxo2k

Cutie Hani!!! by hannxoxo2k

Haniii - You are my Idol by hannxoxo2k

Kim TaeYeon by hannxoxo2k

Love Yourself by hannxoxo2k

Happy New Year by hannxoxo2k

Oh my girl by hannxoxo2k

Oh my mind! by hannxoxo2k

The Day You Went Away by hannxoxo2k

This is Love by hannxoxo2k

Quynh Anh Shyn by hannxoxo2k

13. my heart by hannxoxo2k

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Meow ?
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Demon Hunter-Reg by crow-god

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Demon Hunter-Reg by crow-god

Poisonous flowers02 by crow-god

Noah by crow-god

Asylum02 by crow-god

Purple lightning01 by crow-god

girl portrait by crow-god

(Michael) adv by crow-god

DG02 by crow-god

Asylum01 by crow-god

 Adv1280 by crow-god

Prince of the Devils02 by crow-god

Siren by crow-god

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 Reg1280 by crow-god

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The lamp of the dead01 by crow-god

Demon Hunter-Adv by crow-god

GT02 by crow-god

lucifer04 by crow-god

Demonization02 by crow-god

TOW reg by crow-god

Prince of the Devils01 by crow-god

Iliad-01 by crow-god

Adv1280 by crow-god

 Adv1280 by crow-god

Gawain 01 by crow-god

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The lamp of the dead02 by crow-god

Angell02 by crow-god

1920x1080 by crow-god

 Adv1280 by crow-god

Purple lightning02 by crow-god

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The crow by crow-god

After the rain by crow-god
Iliad-02 by crow-god

GT01 by crow-god

Poisonous flowers01 by crow-god


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Legend of the Cryptids - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer

and i'll leave a funny/tacky/probably inappropriate valentine's day card on your page (if i haven't already)

i need comic relief right now.
also my arm hurts like hell and i cant tell if its phantom pain or real pain omg
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More exposure 88

Mon Feb 8, 2016, 5:58 AM


Hi!   Helloooo Time to featured you guys!

Hope everybody had a nice day.  Welcome new members and watchers! 
Thank you for joining and thanks to the contributors of our galleries for letting me show your amazing works here.
So today, as each week i will open a space for all the members to get one work featured. 
In this space quality does not matter, is to help you out to get more exposure. 

If you repeat the same as last time or before, I will choose something else from your gallery.

Divider (3) by LadyMidnightSolace
Hi! Holaaa es hora de destacar los trabajos de todos ustedes!
Espero que hallan tenido un gran día. Bienvenidos nuevos miembros y watchers!
Gracias por unirse a nuestro grupo y gracias a los artistas que nos dejan mostrar sus trabajos en nuestra galería.
Asi que hoy, como todas las semanas, abro un espacio para mostrar sus trabajos exclusivamente aquí!
En este espacio la calidad o desempeño no importan, sino la posibilidad de exponer y tener mas admiradores a lo largo del dia!



Hunter by makushiro
Loc Ppj V52 Fin by totorrl Sweet dreams, my dear by Friturik
Freyja the Volva of Vanaheim by Pendragon-Arts
Limbo Kelun by Redsam6Enchantress by annewipf
Lullaby by cyberaeon
Beating Heart by hrn
Gift: Kallisto by ArunaWolf Between the Clouds by theheek
Summon Spell by T-razz Joan of Arc in Fantasy world by Vilenchik
Rescuing Angel by SybilThorn
The Silver Eye - Aetuis the Axe Man by lostie815 NWN: Hero of Neverwinter by mariatresh
 Firestarter by 3D-Fantasy-Art 
Fantasmas e Sofrimento by Wesley-Souza 
34. (To The) Stars by Lonstermonster
Locket's Cave by DracoPhobos
Vox. by LostKeep 
fly away by Lolita-Artz
Innkeeper 2: Dagorkun by Celtran El Negro by dartbaston 
68. Heroes by Sorianumera
Moonflower by VeilaKs Made quite a mess by Animefanka
 Time-travelling by petrasrenata Seeds of Hope by MySweetDarkness

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