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Tylko puce i człowieki! 

Jutro idę do szkoły (To chyba oczywiste, większość z Was też xD). W tym roku (i przez następne trzy) nie mogę rysować i pisać po okładkach moich książek, cholera. A muszę bazgrolić na lekcjach (przynajmniej na historii, przyrodzie, angielskim...), bo inaczej zwariuję. 

Tak więc potrzebuję charakterów do narysowania. Dużo charakterów. 

Co musisz zrobić, jeżeli chcesz portret? 
-Obserwować mnie, 
-Zrobić o tym żur (i dać do niego linka w komentarzu),
-Dodać ten żur do ulubionych,
-Dać mi link do dobrego refa postaci

To wszystko, wykorzystajcie wszystkie miejsca :c 

Only ponies and humans! 

Tomorrow I'm going to school. This year I can't draw and write on my books' cover, damn it. I must scrabble on lessons (At least for history, science, english...) or I'll go crazy.

So I need a character to draw. A lot of characters. 

What do you need to do, if you want your headshot? 
-Watch me,
-Make a journal about it (link in comment), 
-Fav this journal, 
-Give me a link to chara's ref 

That's all, enjoy 

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My Daily Deviation Highlights

Mon Aug 31, 2015, 4:18 AM


I was tagged by Minato-Kushina to take part in this, so I was more than happy to join in. This is the project by Mrs-Durden and anyone who'd love to join in is very welcome. More about the project you can read below:

Welcome to a Community Volunteer project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!

Use the hashtag #DDHighlights so we can find your journals!

Stealth by rah-bop

Macallan 30 by zephyrxavier
Macallan 30

Gears of Time by Majentta
Gears of Time

Mad Max Stuff 2 by NuclearSnailStudios
Mad Max Stuff 2

storm is coming by Avine
storm is coming

Owl painting by gimgams
Owl painting

European Vampire Hunter by wraithdt
European Vampire Hunter

Map Check by AaronMiller
Map Check

San and the Wolves by Changinghand
San and the Wolves

19/365 Asking advice from the wise fox by snatti89
19/365 Asking advice from the wise fox

Fishbowl by JasonChanArt

Dream by LONEOLD

Dream of Ship by Kutty-Sark
Dream of Ship

Merry-go-Round by AkubakaArts

Losers by Noboru-ru

the rain is coming by asml30
the rain is coming

Thorns by Angeljiro

Inuyasha (female ver.) by DiegooCunha
Inuyasha (female ver.)

Nana Nouveau by n00brevolution
Nana Nouveau

Rise of The Horde Sarnuk bloodsoul by kiddo428
Rise of The Horde Sarnuk bloodsoul

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Celes looking at the Blackjack

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Come here my lady by Zero1510
Come here my lady

You are my strengh by MattBarley
You are my strengh

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La Primavera De La Noche

Legend of the Cryptids - Esflonne reg. by anotherwanderer
Legend of the Cryptids - Esflonne reg.

kunoichi by KilartDev

Coding by SimplySilent

Deviously Poetic #20

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 31, 2015, 3:24 AM
Skin by SimplySilent

Hey there beautiful friends :wave:

This week's favorites from Poetry:heart: I loved every single one of them.
Read, :+fav: and support the poet :love:






If you think any of these poems deserves a DD, send your suggestion to one of our Community Volunteers, or just go check what they are up to :eager: They are awesome people :la:

:iconhugqueen: :iconsingingflames:  :iconliliwrites: :iconthemaideninblack:

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Your Guide to Lit Groups

when you call your cat and their lil feet go tip tap tap on the ground as they come to you
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Now it's time for cliche note #2 as promised! Our next note will be on the subject of The Antagonist. A reality show's most reliable tool, right next to the challenges & eliminations, is the antagonist. We all know an antagonist when we see one. Almost always they've done the stupid job of revealing themselves in the beginning & told us, the viewers, what exactly they'll be doing all season long. I mentioned this in Plot Immunity & The Predictability in case you're curious.

So you want to make a good antagonist? How do we go about doing this? What can you do to make the villain tasteful as opposed to tasteless & just how long should they stick around? I think the biggest question is: Why does this matter so much?

Since joining the TP Community 5 years ago, I've watched TONS of shows & have made TONS of shows as well. Among most of them I noticed the same thing going down: The Antagonist was so important that they everything they did dominated MOST of the episodes until they're long-overdue elimination. I never understood this logic up until I stopped working on AXC.....why does the antagonist matter so much to a reality show? Well for starters this stems from our source material, Total Drama, following a similar logic for a few of it's seasons (ALL OF THEM ACTUALLY!) Heather, Courtney, Alejandro, Lightning/Jo/Scott, Mike/Mal & Sugar were all considered antagonists in their own right. However let's make one thing clear: Heather, Alejandro & Scott (S4) are the archetypes we usually follow most often. Their particular moves in the competition respectively are almost always the same motives & inspiration seen in TPI's who have a villain. Don't try denying it either. If you've committed the art of sabotage, manipulation, utilized an obvious hot guy/girl for their good looks or had an "evil" alliance among other things then the deed has already been done.

Let's face it guys making an antagonist is exciting. It's the character we get to see do the most damage, stir the pot & cause a lot of drama. However, as I stated in my previous cliche note, it's how far they go that bugs me nowadays. The villain is almost always put on some high pedestal while everyone else tries taking them out. Why do we do that guys? Why do we do that EVERY TIME!? Not everyone does it, but more TPI makers have done it then not. So now we go back to my question in the beginning: So you want to make a good antagonist? Let's figure out how we can do attention to these next few points. All of these are strictly opinion-based & should be treated as such. My advice is opinion, not law. Let's get started!

  1. STOP Calling Them An Antagonist/Villain: This is important guys. You don't have to outright call anyone an antagonist or villain. If you openly state that in the beginning then the character is already preparing themselves for a world of hate, sabotage & whatever else you can come up with. It's almost always the case. The person in question could be antagonizing but they don't have be called an antagonist. For all we know that antagonizing force could've been a good person who made a few mistakes. That usually falls under "Accidental Villain" territory (a rarity nowadays.)
  2. Don't Make Them So Important: Stemming from a previous point made earlier, the villain is usually put on a high pedestal & given so much relevance even when their time is up in the game. It's become apparent that most of us (not all of us) like to keep the antagonists we create for as long as possible because they're the only ones who provide the drama needed to make this show worth doing. Well to make this work YOU need to take that logic & burn it with fire! I understand what an antagonist can do but keeping them around for 30+ episodes while finding convenient ways to make their stay MUCH longer just so you have drama, tension, etc has grown old. That doesn't mean make a new villain just so you can oust the former one, which brings me to my next point.
  3. Replacing A Villain When The First One Becomes Irrelevant: My good friend Wave likes to call this "one-upping a villain" which has been done since the beginning. The former antagonist wasn't good enough or you, the creator/writer, knew they were bad from the jump & gave no effort to said antagonist. So naturally, you replace them with someone who's much worse (supposedly -_-) & get rid of your former badass. Sound familiar? I've seen it on most of the shows I've watched, reviewed or have done myself. DON'T DO THIS....well not like this. Your goal is to create antagonizing people not outright villains. If you want more than one bad person in the mix, that's fine but that means you have to work extra hard towards what they'll be doing in the game & how long to keep them, which leads into my next point.
  4. Axe Them When Relevancy Grows Thin: I can't stress how many times I've seen the antagonist survive eliminations when they were clearly easy vote-offs but suddenly....a new plan appears & they're magically safe for another episode. EVERY FREAKING TIME this happens, I realize how easy it would've been to screw the antagonist up but technicalities or plot convenient moments won't allow it. This form of writing is usually done in order for the writer to keep it interesting & increase the drama knowing their resident baddie is still around to wreak havoc. At the moment, Absol from TPI's TPWT is guilty of this. I don't hate the season, but I do hate that Absol has manged to avoid EVERY elimination since the merge began. One episode after the other, he survived through sabotage, technicalities & a surprise plot twist from.....sorry thinking about Ep.41's ending makes me rage so I'm going to leave it alone. It's better this way. Back on topic, I don't appreciate it when villains are kept around simply because: WITHOUT THEM I MUST DO SOMETHING WITH THE OTHER CHARACTERS...OH NO! Do you want to hear a fun fact: one of the reasons AXC Season 5 didn't work was because of how badly I wanted my antagonist to shine over all of the all-stars & make big moves when that shouldn't have been my biggest priority. I tried to make Grovyle a big bad for Season 5 (as shown in the finisher) & it led to BS moments that would've kept him until the finale, which it did. When they're not relevant anymore, AXE THEM! Their are other characters who can fit the bill of a plot & can keep tension but NOT be antagonizing....which leads me to my final point.
  5. EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT: Now I know I made it clear in my Building A Better Merge cliche note that every character in the merge should be important to some degree but here's a more specific term: IMPORTANT UNTIL THEY'RE GONE! No excuses guys! You can't rely on your antagonist at all times! The other contestants need a chance to shine in the game. Electivire was fun to watch, but it was equally fun watching Nidoking butt heads with him. Absol on TPWT is fun to watch but having others interact with him was important to, at the very least, keeping EVERYONE important as the game progressed. Now everyone has their own way of doing things, but I still believe that anyone who makes the merge needs to be relevant to an extent & once they lose that relevancy, must be sent away before "background/under the radar syndrome" takes over.
In conclusion, it's ok to make an antagonist but never assume that they have to be the most important but most of all don't openly state their role in the game simply because your notes say "The Villain." ANYONE can be an antagonizing force to be reckoned with but it's up to you to figure out how that can be done. You can give an outright villain as much backstory & likability as you'd like but at the end of the day it all depends on how long you plan on keeping them that determines what lengths you'll go to create drama & tension. Have fun making villains but try not to be so obvious guys but also know that no one has to be a villain from the jump as well. Total Pokemon Music seems to be thriving on the "anyone can be antagonizing" logic right about now. It's easy to do, but also challenging since your writing comes into play. But don't ever feel discouraged to make a villain you'd like...just know that there are other ways to make a good antagonist.

Thanks For Reading!=D

What are thoughts on the subject? Got any ideas for a cliche note? Share your thoughts & comment below! I love hearing from you guys!=D

Through-a-Lens: August

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 31, 2015, 11:01 AM
Hi there, it is dekorAdum for a change!
Since Eitvys200 stepped down, I will be taking over the Monthly Features again!
I've collected the best submissions from each Gallery Folder at Through-a-Lens

Abstract and Surreal

small diversions by BlauBeerKuchen

longing for braver days by BlauBeerKuchen       behind the glass II by VisitingFahrrad

Animals, Plants and Nature III

119 by natajla

Purple's Passion by Calypso1977

a v a l a n c h e  14728 by pesterle

- blaze - by S-Patriot


Still colorful by InceptionView

Shell by valkeeja       turning point by icarus-ica


Call Girl by MarinaCoric

Walk by Oreshnikov      Still Lost by Astrikos


days like this by analogphoto

Horror and Marabre

The nightmare of the shadows: I by MilenaPazos


I have found that if you love life, life will love by AlanoudAlketbi180

Adventures. by dragonfly-oli      A Rainbow of Art by RockstarVanity


through glasses by chat-de-gouttiere

not art by chat-de-gouttiere

People and Portraits

My little niece by SnakeySW

Friendship In the depths of our darkness..together by sistersinnister


Three-colored Arrows by KabochiWorks

Swift like a Falcon by KabochiWorks

Still Life

Peaches by BlueLunarRose

Hot coffee V (steaming) by AlejandroCastillo

Happy Everyday by arefin03


onefoot by chat-de-gouttiere


Flight Has Been Delayed by ChrisReach

N by leoatelier

Urban and Rural

The Cloud Has Fallen by ausrejurke

San Francisco - City by DarkSaiF


Does anybody know what happened to
I'm concerned

how to make a webcomic (updated)

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 31, 2015, 4:06 AM

well that's the name of the episode of the next webcomic relief,
where Riseer collected information from various webcomic creators on ups and downs and advice when creating
a webcomic.
If this is something that interests you, give it a look :)

Both my husband :iconnebezial: :iconshiniez: and I were included ^_^

also LOL that thumbnail is hilarious XDDDD

Wooo! Another year older ;)  

Thank you all so so much for all of the nice birthday wishes and present <3 I'll write a proper journal later :heart:

Have a great day!
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Wolf-hunting Bunnies Adopt Raffle II

Mon Aug 31, 2015, 2:46 AM
 Adopt: Deep Sea Bunny by UGotRektHard [Adopt]: Kamigoroshi Bunny [OPEN] by UGotRektHard Adopt: Desert Bunny by UGotRektHard [Adopt]: Snow Bunneh by UGotRektHard 

31st Aug - 1st Oct

Hi guys~~ It's time for another raffle cause I rolled past 2k watchers without noticing?!  I'm maso and like my to-do list overflowing at all times LMFAO

I'm also thinking of increasing the price for my custom adopts after this. I've been putting more effort into everything and it's taking me a lot more time lkjslkjlksd If you look at the Adoptables folder in my gallery, there's some sort of growth curve gradient going on--- from single color background to full blown composition + design -//dies. I do plan to continue with fixed price adopts with only the design, but those will take priority after my customs.

I feel that just designing a character isn't enough to satisfy me when the image doesn't convey more depth ><!! I also want to give my commissioners better quality work for the amount they're paying me. The least I could do for all the support I'm getting is give my best and push my limits with every piece. Love you all, and I can't thank you enough for your support!! <33 If I haven't had the opportunity to draw for you yet, I hope to do so in the future! Best of luck and I hope for your continuous support <3

To participate:
  1. You have to be a watcher, old or new doesn't matter
  2. Fav this journal 
  3. Help spread the word through a poll/journal. (Will not accept massive giveaway poll/journals, or participation with empty accounts) Please link me to journal/poll by commenting and I'll add you to the list of participants~! 


[Adopt]: Kamigoroshi Bunny [OPEN] by UGotRektHard
Kamigoroshi bunny- I love his design to death! Giving him away instead of selling at a lower price (I can't do that to my bby >n<!!)

Venari Tattoo Symbols by UGotRektHard
Custom Venari- Available at 80 participants in this raffle. If you'd like to enter for this option, please provide (under 200words) which Venari category you would like and a brief description of personality/ concept/ story idea. You can be as detailed or vague as you like with this description. ONLY PARTICIPANTS THAT WRITE THIS WILL BE ENTERED INTO THIS PART OF THE RAFFLE. MORE BOLD. MORE CAPS. 

Wolf-hunting Bunnies InfoThe following setting is a closed concept and belongs to me. Please do not use it without my permission! Thanks!
In a world where bunnies have become the top of the food chain, they now extract their vengeance on wolves and all things that used to prey on them. These bunnies wear the fur of their prey (dyed, painted etc) and teach their younger generations to never forgive or forget. Hunting is an art where their prey has become sly and elusive; those who excel are held in high regard. Decorated for their achievements, the most accomplished bunnies would be easily identifiable. Though such extravagance  shines bright as glory amongst their peers, these bunnies' presences would also become increasingly difficult to conceal. Would they be able to outwit their prey yet again? Or would their skills stagnate until they couldn't hunt the weakest fledgling?
Apprentices are those still untried. They assist their Master Hunters in their

Custom Wolf-hunting bunny + Venari duo- Available at 150 participants in this raffle. This is obviously a stretch goal lolol. Winner will get a bunny and Venari with complimentry designs.


◊ :star: You can get an extra entry to the raffle if you tag a friend in the comments below, and they join the raffle! Friend, please reply stating who your inviter is!

◊ Since this is a raffle, designs are not allowed to be resold or traded. Gifting is OK. Winners may modify the design and divulge from the closed-species story however they wish.

◊ The raffle closes on the 1st Oct.
◊ Brah... I can draw female! lol--- If you want a female bunny or Venari, just give the word :iconcoolplz: My gallery has a massive tilt for bishies I know :iconimdedplz: