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Hey everyone!! ^q^Happy holidays!

I wanted to do something special this year, so I thought that a giveaway for a chibi would be fun!!
There will be one (possibly more) winners of a chibi like these!
Miri And Cosette by Steamed-BunPokefriends by Steamed-Bun


1. Fave this journal for 1 ticket!
2. You MUST be a watcher! I will be checking!
3. For extra "raffle tickets" (additional chances of winning), you can mention 2 friends for 2 tickets (+1 for each person after that up to 10, so total tickets would be 10!), Make a journal or poll advertising this giveaway for 1 ticket(+2 for both), Share this on other social media: Tumblr or twitter for 2 tickets, Comment your favorite thing about the holidays for 1 ticket. If you do any of these extras, please comment with the links of your journal/posts!

I will reply to your comments with your raffle ticket total!




I will be picking the winner with a random number generator!!
Good luck everyone!

Adoptables raffle (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 3:25 PM
RaffleAdopts(OPEN) by PhrysethAdopt

How to join:
1) Fave this journal.
2) Comment under this journal with this password
"Tomyam Yum Yum"

Raffle will be open until 25 Dec. (no specific time zone, too lazy to set)
I'll use to pick the winner.

Good luck. :heart:
*Forgive me if I don't reply the comments.
;;;w;;; I'll be losing my eyes before I can do that amg~
But, thank you for joining~ <3


Please kindly become the prizes contributor for :iconhumankemonoadopts:'s next contest.
Thank you. :heart:
Looking for prizes contributors for next contestWe will be holding a chibi adopts contest around mid Jan. >.

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Textures by julkusiowa
76-img-00 by techgnotic

The characters in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings have been enticing readers for over 60 years.

Today fans are able to journey to the magical realm of Middle Earth through the wizardry of Peter Jackson’s revolutionary six film cinematic adventure.

Jackson ushered in the age of the modern day movie franchise by questionably shooting all three of the visually spectacular The Lord of the Rings movies at once. Creating the rise of the epic fantasy with a scale never before seen featuring breathtaking locations, grand battles, and stunning special effects, the trilogy’s blockbuster success ensured the film industry never looked back.

But for some that is not enough. For those who have read the books, seen the movies (repeatedly), thrown hobbit themed parties, what’s left?

The ultimate tribute, the one to rule them all—Cosplay!

This is what truly separates the real elves, wizards, and hobbits from the rest. One does not simply walk into Tolkien cosplay, it is a long and peril filled journey. Luckily for us a few brave souls have undertaken the quest and brought us their best Bilbos, Frodos, Gandalfs, Galadriels, Thorins, and co.

Get ready for second breakfast because a cosplay feast awaits.

Fan Art Friday: The Simpsons

Fri Dec 19, 2014, 12:43 PM
74-img-og by techgnotic

Happy 25th Anniversary Simpson’s Family!

With over 500 episodes under their belt, countless awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Simpsons was a pioneer in the adult animated sitcom space and is now a television institution that has featured an extensive list of celebrity guest stars including Hollywood royalty (Elizabeth Taylor), pop stars (Michael Jackson), and even world renowned scientists (Stephen Hawking) to name a few.

The pop culture impact of this fictional and dysfunctional middle American family is undeniable and far reaching. They have even altered the English language with catch phrases from the show became so popular (Okily Dokily anyone?) that the Oxford English Dictionary added “D’oh!” to their stately database.

Politically and pop culturally relevant storylines laden with satirical commentary keep fans tuning in every week. It’s a cultural phenomenon that is not going anywhere any time soon and continues to inspire Deviants to proclaim their love of the show by creating highly radioactive fan art. That’s something we call “Woo Hoo!” about.

Goblins vs. Gnomes Challenge Winners

Fri Dec 19, 2014, 3:09 PM
Goblins vs. Gnomes by SpicyGingerr

In the Goblins vs. Gnomes Challenge, we asked you to create your own version of an inventive Gnome or fearless Goblin from Hearthstone. We sent 25 of your Goblin and Gnomish engineers, tinkerers, and mechanics to the Creative team at Blizzard, who took the time to carefully sift through each entry. The team was impressed by every entry, from the tea-fueled robots to teleporting birds. After deliberating, the Blizzard team chose three winners to rule the field of battle with their crazy and unique inventions. Congratulations, winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!

So last night the season finale of Korra premiered. WARNING, this entire journal will be spoiling one specific thing from the ending which, if you can’t guess by the title of the journal and everyone tweeting and trending about it, has something to do with Korra and Asami’s relationship.

Now then, the big surprise was that the final moments of the episode involve Korra and Asami just chilling after a party and telling how much they mean to each other. After a consoling hug and some reassuring words, Korra suggests they take a vacation together. Just the two of them, no one else, wherever Asami wants to go. Asami suggests the spirit world. And so the episode ends with the two holding hands looking into each-other’s eyes as they pass into the spirit world.

I gotta say... I am impressed. I genuinely didn’t think that Nickelodeon would allow the Korrasami ship to get that far. Even though the show doesn’t explicitly come right out and SAY they’re a couple, the visual parallels, the looks on each character’s faces, the way throughout the entire 3rd and 4th seasons they’ve been so dear and loving to each other... it’s pretty hard to read this ending as anything BUT them as a couple.

Since the ending of Season 1 my biggest fear with The Legend of Korra was that they were going to shoe-horn Mako in as being the ultimate endgame partner for Korra. Even though it was pretty clear Mako and Korra’s relationship really really SUCKED. It’s been a niggling thought in the back of my head watching every new episode of Korra, so I can’t tell you how relieved I am that it didn’t come true.

One of the wonderful things about Korrasami is that it’s unobtrusive. The Legend of Korra’s plot does not hinge upon it. It’s never shoved in your face. It’s never called attention to that they’re bi-racial, either. It’s just there as two friends who came to realize they meant a lot to each other. That’s it. And you know what? THAT is my so-called “SJW agenda.” I want more representation like that. A lot of people claim I wanna FORCE “social justice” and “political correctness” down their throats, and that’s not true. I just want more representation. Period. And this was, in my opinion, a brilliant way to do it without forcing anything. I want more stuff like this please!

The ONLY thing that bothers me about Korrasami is knowing deep down that the “moral gatekeepers” are the reason Korra can’t actually kiss or tell Asami she loves her. Whenever I bring up my annoyance at kids cartooning not being allowed to show LGBTA content it’s more that I am mad at the societal pressures and system we have set up that demonizes it. Like, Disney can make a gay couple in a live-action TV show... but do that in a cartoon? Yeah not gonna happen (especially as we’ve seen recently from Gravity Falls where the creators frequently try to get around censorship laws to include this type of content). So I’m not really mad at Nickelodeon or Disney or whoever for not allowing openly LGBTA characters or content in their cartoons, I’m mad at society for dictating to them that it’s wrong and making them fear repercussions.

The weird thing about the ending is how small it was too. Like yes there is a big epic battle with Kuvira and Korra... but compared to the ending to Avatar: The Last Airbender this was pretty damn tame. And yet, somehow, it worked for me. I really enjoyed the fact that Korra’s journey is much more personal, and the ending of the series really highlighted that for me. Even though it wasn’t as “impressive” as Aang’s battle with the Fire Lord, it still felt complete and satisfying. It ended on a super positive and happy note.

My only hope now is that if there are any future comics made for the series they’re allowed to go a little more in-depth and say and do stuff they weren’t allowed to do on TV. Kinda like how in the comics to Adventure Time, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are very CLEARLY gay for each other.

And that, my friends, is my thoughts on the finale of Legend of Korra! Thanks to everyone who convinced me to get back into the series after the abysmal 1st season, because the writers clearly were able to make it all up and tie everything together.


One final thing to say...
I’m fully aware that the show doesn’t come out 100% and say that they are a couple. So from that perspective, I understand how one could argue that they are “just two straight friends.” And that’s fine if that’s how you want to perceive it. But please don’t be a dick to the many LGBTA fans for whom this is a HUGE deal. If you have a right saying they’re straight, those fans also have a right to claim they’re a bi or lesbian couple. LGBTA representation in American kids cartooning is so UNDER represented here that I think it’s a really mean spirited and hateful thing to try and take this tiny victory away from them. So yeah, please TRY to be respectful. Have your headcanon and we’ll have ours, ok? ok!
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Species event - OPEN

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 1:07 PM

So i was in thoughts a bit more than usually and I came to the conclusion that i want to start a little christmas species event, in which some of my species are free to make your own, but only a few specific timespan uvu

The reason is that i wont be able to give anything this year, even if i want to and i found my name on a bunch of wishlists and im really sorry for this, cause i want to give something. I thought of this for those who are interested might have fun with this.

Species Informations

    ♦ Geisha Bats (Species Information, Minion Trait guide, Anatomy guide, Examples)
    ♦ Critter Crunchies (Species Information, Life cyle, Examples, body types, Face types)
    ♦ Cattle (Species Information, Examples)


How to enter:

    ♦ comment this journal with the species you want to make
    ♦ reply to your comment with the finished design
    (i will overlook your designs, check if you made everything right, wait for my reply to upload it as official design)
    ♦ submit your official design to MonsterDome (its the official species group)



Please agree to the following conditions or you are forbidden to enter this event! A few condition breaks may result in closing this event early or even black listing.

1. This is a free event, this means you are not allowed to make profit of the created design you were allowed to make for free, if you sell you will be black listed and excluded of future species events/adoptables and customs.
Though you are allowed to trade or gift your designs.

What you get for free, you give for free and don't make profit of.

If you ignore this single condition i will close the event immediatly!


DEADLINE: 19th of January

The event will be updated frequently. I try to update it once a week.



How many and which of your species are open for this event?

only a few which have enough information to help you make your own.

Available species | how many you can make:

    Geisha bat | max. of 3 core geishas & max of 3 minions
    Critter Crunchie | max. 2 critter crunchies
    Cattle | max. of 2 cattle

How many are we allowed to create?
Look above and read!

Do we have to read the information?
Yes, of course you have to. Otherwise you won't be allowed you to make your design.
Please read all the information, look at the examples for inspiration.
If you have questions please ask.

Do we have to pay to make one.
No, within the deadline of this event you are allowed to make your own geishabat/critter crunchie/vampire frog/cattle for free.

Are we allowed to sell the designs we create in this event?

No! because this is a free event. It would be really unfair if you sell your design after you were allowed to create it for free.

Species related F.A.Q

Geisha bats (common or core) are the boring type geisha bat. They have no special body traits like horns, claws etc neither are they able to defend themselves from predators. That's why evolution equipted them with minions which can guard them during adventures and collection food.


How many uncammon/rare traits are we allowed to use?
Don't cluster your design with uncommon or rare traits, it should be balanced, so i recommend additional to common traits 3 uncommon/rare traits per design.

Minion trait guide is exclusive for minion geisha bats. If you need reference for core/common geisha bats look for examples in my gallery.

Are we allowed to design an uncommon/rare type of minion?
You are allowed to design either a common or uncommon type of minion. (either common or mediterrean type)

First stage food can never be chosen twice. If the food already exists you are not to use it, choose a different one. But you can use the food type for the second stage.

How many heads can a critter crunchie have?
A critter crunchie can have a max amount of 3 heads. Can be read here: life cycle information

btw my friend Shegoran is hosting a similar event

-ALL SPECIES OPEN- by Shegoran


Good Luck by sukiluck Nature Stock by mindym306 Winter Fashion for the Palm Trees by tahirlazim

Something instead I by rosaarvensis Mushrooms #3 by SummerHaze132 Mont Saint Eve by slight-art-obsession Bona Fide Train Stop by BonaFideChimp

The Big Old Tree by rickuk73 Crystal leaf by Tyami *** by Fatalv

Ocean Of Clouds by Burtn Guilin Star by Draken413o Golden Age by fleur-de-Lis4444

stairs 04 by Pagan-StockCountry road.img154, with story by harrietsfriendLuminous Magic by John-Peter p u d d l e s  7616 by pesterle

leaves texture 01 by Pagan-Stock Belvedere Lights by gab984 RockStocks300S07005 by RockStocks

Hut by Sergiba Eglise st Julien Domfront1 by hubert61 All mine [12.2014] by SabakuNoShi SnowDog by Sadeq-Photography

FairyWood by sukiluck 244 by Schnitzelyne Squirrels commissions by hontor

Fractal Dragon Fruit by bib993 Breakwater+Horizon 2 - Mundesley, Norfolk UK by Coigach Golden Archway by Draken413o

somewhere.. by Cochalita Wooden Church 2 by ManicHysteriaStock Men at work by MrFahreinheit Photosynthesis by Northstar76

The Spirit of Amsterdam by tahirlazim Mount Fancy 2nd by Burtn Let me light up your world by Pamba

mmmmmm  I'm going to enjoy by ha-rat-kiri Five In A Bottle by UszatyArbuz Once And For All by WishmasterAlchemist Bratislava by morettina

Ladybug by ObscureLilium Mountains - Summer by miirex Cosel Palace by hessbeck-fotografix

Winter is Coming by SweediesArt Tension by xbastex winter berries 3 by ViktoriyaDr

Castle Path 2 by SpellpearlArts Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral by CitizenFresh Cold sun by chevyhax Rosy morning by NessaSilverwolf 

The frozen kingdom by Lucie-Lilly Rainy Day In June by UriahGallery Park - 10 by KunYKA

Rock Run Sunrise Falls - free panorama stock by somadjinn

136748 by KireevaSvetlana Urban Life by BonaFideChimp Nothing Gold Can Stay by sukiluck

Famiglia di Pagliaccetti by MauriDiving Winter's Cold Embrace III by PassionAndTheCamera Night - Carovigno by Gianni36

A Dazzling Kiss by Emerald-Depths Chinese Garden 4 by SpellpearlArts Hanging love by sukiluck Star Collector by Draken413o

. frozen . by VasiDgallery Heartly by sukiluck Colorful by SpellpearlArts

The Chess Players by OlivierAccart she who waits. by Senju-HiMe The Arc by jfb Baby Curls by LeonsFilmreviews

A Self-Portrait with the Chairs by tahirlazim least pygmy owl by Quiet-bliss martin pescatore by FrancoBorsiWildLife

Sunlight by SpellpearlArts Winter Tea by Schnitzelyne Mill at flood by OlivierAccart

Winter Drops by iriscup Beyond... by fleur-de-Lis4444 migliarino di palude by FrancoBorsiWildLife The Passage by mldzz

Leaf by juhku Eternity by Anastasia-Ri Winter blues by Morgan-Lou

Landscape 132 by SpellpearlArts Breakwater+Horizon 3 - Mundesley, Norfolk UK by Coigach Chapel by tahirlazim Glass flower 27 by SabakuNoShi

time by stevenfields The Spine by Aquilapse Dubai At Night (Burj Khalifa) Wallpaper Edition by skywalkerdesign

Eilean Donan Castle 6 by CitizenFresh Corridor Of Excellence by NikonKenny 4711 by fleur-de-Lis4444

Mini Snowman Cake by ginas-cakes 'Elsa' from Frozen by Viczan Sacred by fleur-de-Lis4444 watches by Maleiva Genevra [OOAK] by Sahasa

Art Weapon For The People

Fri Dec 19, 2014, 6:33 PM
Phone by techgnotic

As you explore the possibilities just opened up to you by the DeviantArt Mobile App, you should all be asking more than just “how can this app entertain me,” but instead, how can this tool and the network of arts enthusiasts, fandoms, and creators that it represents, help me do my part to inspire and change the world?

You are now connected, we are now all connected, with DeviantArt wherever you are and whenever you want. Art is still humanity’s most powerful, magical and non-suppressible agent of change. Don’t believe the hype. You can make a difference. The arts, all of the arts, are one of the only means we have left to really do that.

As advertised, the DeviantArt Mobile App does indeed place the “world’s largest art gallery” in your hand. But the DeviantArt Mobile App is so much more than just a daily respite, a visit for a few minutes to an artistic oasis during a break time. It’s that of course, but let me be your witness to this app’s mind-blowing potentials.

sharing aid, comfort, advice, tutoring, critiques and friendship. Through status updates, comments and, very soon, person to person messaging, what we have now been given in this mobile app is the ability to support any artist on DeviantArt with encouragement as well as the ability to ask a question, talk commissions—or find teams of artists for special projects. For the last couple of months, I’m probably on DeviantArt 10X more since having access to the app everywhere and anywhere I happen to be. I must report to you that the experience of being a part of this community, well, it just got exponentially, cosmically... deeper. Just wait until you download this thing and spend your first day “together” with it.

The ability to be responsive to events in our world in a creative way has been increased a thousand-fold with the power of the mobile app. The potentials for the future being opened up through this mobile app for our deviant storytellers (writers and poets needing artists, artists needing writers) are absolutely mindboggling. The increased reach and immediacy is even more impactful for curators, bloggers, culture fiends, publishers, producers and anyone in need of a creative jump start at any time of day in any place.

When they were first implemented on the site I think the initial less than enthusiastic reaction of “What? Is this Facebook now and we post pictures of our food and the jacket we just bought?” was justified as a quick impression. Facebook is the defining point of reference online for a “Status Update.” But as soon as Status Updates launched on DeviantArt, this community started to change what they were. When I roll through Status Updates every morning on DA, what I find is a quick tip on drawing faces, an invitation to an Artgermination chatroom where you can improve your line art skills, a link to a new writer discovered just the night before, a wrap up to a community-sponsored challenge, a famous quotation paired with relevant pieces of artwork or a link to a newly curated collection that could change the way we think about art in any given category. This is a whole new way in to our ongoing conversation.

Being a part of this community for the better part of eight years, DeviantArt has always meant for me the creation, discussion and understanding of the world through a special art lens where, unlike anywhere else, there remains the ability to “speak” of our needs, concerns, hopes and dreams with great clarity and truth. The Arts have always been our great translator of truth beyond what mere words can express.

As the largest and most influential community of culture creators and culture responders in the world, we must cherish and make the best use of our grander visual and textual proposal as we artists and art appreciators continue on the ever-evolving arts journey we have chosen and that connects all our lives.

  1. Do you consider yourself to have an “art lens” and can you make art out of anything that flies by in a day: a passing car, a tragic event unfolding in front of you, a simple gesture of thanks or love between people or animals?
  2. Living in public with a declaration of being an artist has just become easier. You now have the weapon. What statements will you hope to make?
  3. Are there places you go to just sit and browse art for inspiration? Do like quiet places or ones filled with people?
  4. Photographs can be art and art can be photographed. What art have you captured and shared on mobile and why? Give us link in the comments below.

"Photohack; a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's Photography in a more time effective and cost effective way."

Last month an article focusing on DIY Photography Tools was posted and we asked you to contribute your own DIY Photo 'Hacks.' Lots of you commented and contributed, so here is a DeviantART Photo Hacks blog to round them up and keep them all in one place. If you have a tip, cheat or hint that you'd like to share comment here and we will update the blog!


"To get a double exposure look with your photos try shooting with a prism in front of you lens. For another interesting shot try shooting through a glass ball. This can also be used to achieve a Fish Eye type effect. See below for an example!"
Spring Captured by Luna1282


"- Nylon stockings are great for achieving a softening effect. Also try welding glass as a cheap alternative for ND filters."


"There are some great ways of achieving a DIY Macro set up for your Photography. Here's mine below..."

Macro Lighting Equipment by BokehLight


"The most diy I've done for soft boxes/lighting is using a lamp like the one that's pixar's mascot and either tapping thin paper over it or a pillow case for small objects/creatures."