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Baishop by ReversedClock

Baishop by ReversedClock

Hiii lovies! ♥~ヽ(`Д´)ノ~♥
It's me again lmao
I feel so honored I can't say really anything to express it, except:  ANOTHER PIXEL + ART RAFFLE !!! whoop!

The pool I made yesterday… got 100 votes faster than I thought it would be :heart: ehe
//shotshotshot jkjk

I'm really thankful for the 2'100+ watchers (homi 4 digits..) and 49'000++ pageviews :iconyuicry2plz: and now I'm holding a raffle  Panda Emoji-11 (Clap) [V1]

Pixel - Onigiri Bounce Divider by firstfear

It'll be a modest raffle, win 1 S1 icon & 2 S2 icons & 3 chibini (so total 6 winners now) :blushes:

>>example of S1 icons
IC: mi-ya-ka by ReversedClock  IC: FeliciaSilvermoon by ReversedClock IC: Manami-Doll by ReversedClock  IC: Cyril by ReversedClockIC: Ciri by ReversedClock
IC: luililie by ReversedClockIC: NezuPanda by ReversedClock  IC: Koleta by ReversedClockIC: Kai45 by ReversedClock  IC: Stella Miru by ReversedClock

>>example of S2 icons
EXTRA | KamiKaMi 1,2,3 by ReversedClockIcon packs #4 by ReversedClock EXTRA | KamiKaMi Ichigo + Kotton by ReversedClockIcon packs #5 by ReversedClock Icon packs #7 by ReversedClock

>example of chibini
Chibini |3rd batch by ReversedClock

>example of chibi food
Chibi Food | 2nd batch by ReversedClock

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I'm a bit busy right now, but if the participants exceeds..

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:new: Current participant counter: :iconsparklesplz:

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  • Fav+ this journal :+fav: (this is important, your name won't be on the list if you dont ._.;; )

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    Raffle will end on July 1st, I'll be using to choose the winner(s).
    Well thank you and good luck to you!!
      Panda Emoji-07 (Snuggy) [V1]

Skin made by fantasy-alive
I need to rant about Mad Max Fury Road, so bear with me.

It was awesome. I went in expecting hardcore action and kickass ladies, but I got so much more.

Yes, it has one long action scene at the start, a somewhat calm middle, and then another long action scene at the end, but somehow it manages to tell an interesting story throughout. It doesn't make any sense when I say it, it has to be seen to be understood.

The movie is surprisingly sympathetic towards its characters. They're complex and develop naturally. Even the psychotic War Boys who dream of dying violently in battle have proper backstories that make them more sympathetic, even if we can't forgive their behavior. 

It's very much a "show, don't tell" movie though. They don't tell us the war boys are just misguided and ignorant little kids who have been brainwashed by Joe. They show us the war pups as they are before they become war boys, and how desperate the war boys are for Joe's attention.

The five wives aren't just five identical women. They have personalities, stories, and skills that make them stand out from each other. They are victims of rape, but aren't shown as victims. They're shown as survivors. They can't fight like Furiosa, but they participate and help her and Max as good as they can (You are going to love them for pulling Max's chain).

Max is indeed mad, and doesn't magically turn sane at the end of the movie, though it helps him to have a purpose. He only grunts and gesticulate in the beginning, but slowly starts to talk more as Furiosa helps him to focus and not get too lost in his own head.

If that sort of thing interests you, it's also worth mentioning that Furiosa and Max's relationship isn't sexual, but very femdom'y non the less. She's very calm and has an air of power around her which Max responds to. She doesn't have to yell or bark orders at him, he knows she's better than him and does as he's told without question (after he starts to trust her, that is). This obviously isn't the standard dynamic between men and women in this universe (just look at Nux and Capable together, who are adorable btw) but it's the most natural thing for Furiosa and Max. They're both badasses, respect each other, and they both benefits from this dynamic (She gets the help of a tough guy, and he gets a clearer head when she tells him what to do). And I'm far from the only one who picked up on this. If you look up Furiosa/Max fanfiction you'll notice every single one has some level of femdom. I'm not pretending Mad Max is a femdom movie, but it follows a lot of femdom tropes (The scene where Max acts as Furiosa's rifle stand is the most obvious).

So yeah, if you actually care to pay attention to anything other than the explosions (which are awesome) Mad Max Fury Road is so much more than just action and violence. It comments on things like how young men are expected to kill themselves for the greater good, how women are treated as things, how we can all be blinded by fanatical religion if we're born into the wrong crowd, and so on.

Or in other words, I cried three times while watching it. I didn't expect that.
Hey all. I just wanna answer some commonly asked questions about the Pandoraverse and my art and stuff

How was Pandora born?
Pandora's conception is truly one those classic tales of romance. Discord falls in love with Twilight Sparkle, they marry, Discord pops a magic egg out one day at breakfast time with Twilight. Pandora hatches from it a few weeks later. Wait did I say it was a classic tale of romance? No i meant it was a kinda weird and random tale of romance

When does the Pandoraverse take place in the MLP timeline?

Pandoraverse is an alternate story timeline occuring a few years after Season 4 of MLP. A marked difference would be that Twilight's tree library was not destroyed by Tirek, and that her Season 5 crystal castle does not exist in the Pandoraverse. Why? Mostly cuz I don't wanna draw that crystal castle thing, if I'm being honest. Anyway, most of the events occurring in Season 5 won't be referenced in the Pandoraverse storyline. Neither will events that occurred in the Equestria Girls movies.

...Twicord? DumbbellDash? ScootaSpike? Lopoddity, why are your ships so weird?
I tend to ship whatever I find most entertaining, whatever would give me lots of story/art material. Twicord is a favorite of mine because Twilight and Discord are my favorite characters, I enjoy their dynamic, and because the narrative possibilities present in them being a family unit in Ponyville are nearly endless. There are safer, more common ships I could go with-Fluttercord, SoarinDash, FlashLight, but I choose not to, because hey, I'm the artist and the storyteller, and I like to work with what interests me (and hopefully keeps you all interested).

I disagree with your ships! Here's a long explanation why!
Have fun writing that cuz I do not caaaare. This is all just for fun, guys. Don't get bent out of shape because I ship different candy colored horses than you do.

You have a lot of NextGen characters. Have we seen all of them?
Noooope, there's still more to come. ;) *coughcoughTrixieNextGencough* *coughcoughLunaNextGencough*...ahem. I like to think I've still got some surprises for you all in store.

Will there be NextGens for the CMC?
I'm not sure. Scootaloo marries Spike and has Jasper, but Applebloom and Sweetie Belle...I don't really ship them with anyone, and I wouldn't stick them with some random male for the sake of making offspring. We'll see.

Who is your favorite NextGen in the Pandoraverse, Lopo?
Cupcake. Cupcake is best pony.

You said the Next NG Family Portrait you upload will be Rarijack. Why is it taking so long?
Cuz my old tablet up and died halfway through working on it, and I'm still adjusting to my new tablet. I'm not abandoning the NG Family Portrait series, no worries

Speaking of things that are taking forever, where the heck is Mister Discord Part 3?
I dunno. I don't want to say the comic is discontinued, I really would like to get back to it someday, but I don't want to force it, y'know? So for now, it's on indefinite hiatus. Apologies.

What happened to Wisteria? Is she canon? Why don't you ship Sparity anymore?
Wisteria isn't canon in the Pandoraverse anymore, sorry. I may, however, be considering revamping her as a ScootaSpike NextGen. We'll see. As for Sparity, I never really shipped it in the first place. I would cite the age difference, but I ship Twicord, so I guess that makes me a hypocrite.XD Sparity just doesn't appeal to me, at least not enough to have it in my verse. I still find it very cute when other artists make cute shipping art/stories of Rares and Spike tho

Who is canon? Oddball or Snickerdoodle?
Both. As Paradox is an alternate dimension male counterpart to Pandora, Snickerdoodle is Oddball's female counterpart. They have met.

Your NextGen storyverse has a lot of gay ships. Why?
If I'm being honest, I don't really know. I tend to ship characters together because of their personalities, with gender not being a concern of mine. Say, if Discord were female in the show, but retained Discord's personality, I'd probably still ship "her" with Twilight. So because of this approach, I ended up with a few non-hetero ships. I'd appreciate it if you guys stopped pointing it out, as if there's some limit to how many gay ships you can realistically a fictional work about talking magic horses.

You said Pancake(Pandora/Cupcake) and Sharknado(Bruce/Aerostorm) are officially canon, but I ship Pandora/Bruce, Cupcake/Aerostorm, Pandora/a giant rock, etc. Is that okay?
Sure. Ship whatever you want, don't let me stop you. And pssst, Bruce/Pandora's canon that the two of them dated when they were teens. It...didn't work out. Pass it on. XD

Can I make fanart/fanfics of your characters?
Absolutely. And show me when you're done! I love every bit of fan work I get. :)

Can I make a suggestion about what you should draw next?
Sure, feel free. I love getting suggestions, the more creative the better. :)

Will you draw my OC?
Nope. No requests for OCs will be considered. I take commissions, which should open sometime in July.

Where do you get inspiration for your characters?
From everywhere. People in real life, fictional characters, etc...Most of my characters come to me when I'm daydreaming, eg. Pandora was born as a doodle during class, PB and J came to me in the shower, Snickerdoodle occurred to me while waiting in line for coffee...and then I just do concept art and do rough drafts til I hit a design that works. Try to have a character's personality in mind before you design what they look like. With NextGens, really think about the impact the parents would have on your NextGen's personality.

What art program do you use?
Adobe Photoshop CS4 with Huion Tablet (initially Genius MousePen Tablet)

Are you a self-taught artist?
Yes. Like a lot of you, I saw all the cool artists here on DevArt when I was like...12 years old-ish, and decided I wanted to be as good as them (still workin' on it). I was accepted into SCAD art college a few years ago, but I couldn't afford the tuition haha *cries*

Are there any Pandoraverse fanfics?
Yes indeedly doodle~
Pandoraverse fanfic list- All Pandoraverse fanfics + new ones!Decided to compile ALL the Pandoraverse fanfics. I recommend every one of them, they're all fun reads.
King Stuffypants the Alicorn and the Land of Draconequuses
by alarajrogers
    Little Pandora asks dear Daddy Discord for a bedtime story. What follows is a tale of sheer, unadulterated dad trolling.
Saving Princess Skyla
by Between Lines
Princess Skyla's been kidnapped on the eve of her wedding day! And it totally wasn't Pandora's fault...honest!...Alright, yeah, maybe a tiny b

Bruce/Aerostorm shipping fic list- Bruce/Aerostorm fanfictions So the lovely :iconRoboHeather: has been an absolute gem and written not one, but four amazing Bruce/Aerostorm (Sharknado shipping) fanfictions. Each one is absolutely GLORIOUS and charming and I really can't recommend them enough, if you're a fan of the characters and the ship. I recommend reading them in order. :)
  "Night Train", a short drabble in which Bruce goes stargazing with his best friend Aerostorm. Involves a curious bit of Luna's magic, an incident with an owl, and a tender moment between friends.
"The Storm Inside" Following the events of "Night Train", Bruce is being a surly moody butt about his confused feelings(?) for his best friend. All he wants to do is sulk indoors, but fate kinda hates Bruce, and a certain pegasus comes a knockin'. Involves a grumpy shark horse working through some complicated emotions, misunderstandings, sweet kisses, and a grumpy Pearlie. Rated PG-13.

Fics written by me- Lopoddity's Secret Fics!    I'm so excited you all expressed an interest in viewing my writing. Lately I've started writing my own Pandoraverse fics, and they've been piling up in my stash. I'm gonna share em, but be warned, I'm a hack. XD Feedback is greatly appreciated! Without further ado:
  "Pages and Pancakes" Set in the humanverse. Pandora is in love with her minion, Cupcake. She has been for many years. But that's okay, she's fine keeping that painful little secret bottled up, if it means preserving their friendship. Unfortunately, a catalyst event leads to Cupcake learning of Pan's secret feelings. Deals with the aftermath. Kind of a feels roller coaster. Warning for some suggestive content and adult language
  "Grey Skies" Drabble. Set in the ponyverse. Explores the brief fling between teenage Pandora and Bruce. Bruce/Pandora shipping, obviously, but really more of a study of a fairly dysfunctional relati
Even more Lopoddity ficsIt's like a crazy train that's off the tracks, I just can't stop writing. More Pandoraverse fics from me. ;) Just three this time.
  "Worst Rescue Ever" When Aerostorm and Cupcake are kidnapped a malevolent, magical being, Bruce and Pandora are forced to team up to rescue the ponies nearest and dearest to them. Will the two rivals be able to overcome their differences long enough to work together? ...No. No, they won't. Worst rescue ever. Features Bruce/Aero shipping and Pandora/Cupcake shipping
"Mistake" Set in the humanverse, exploring a what-if alt future where Bruce and Pandora remained together past their teen years. Bruce/Pandora shipping, obviously. Short and sad. Mild suggestive content and adult language
"Homecoming" Ponyverse, set somewhat in the future, after Pan and Cupcake have had Oddball. Cupcake's military involvement sees her stationed overseas, a

Fu Ck Why by Koili


A lot of people look at the successful species (you know, ones going for hundreds of dollars) wanting to know what makes them so successful. A Lot of people get caught up on the appearances, thinking that the way the species looks is what made it successful, but that's not what people should be observing. 

Every single one of the species that are selling for so much have a few things all in common with each other
1. The species owner actually enjoys their own species. They didn't make it for the sole purpose of selling to other people, they genuinely enjoy developing their species/worldbuilding. This is a really really important factor when it comes to the success of a species!! It's just like any other work, if you're doing something that you don't like, it's gonna be a lot harder, but if you're doing something that you like anyways, then you're going to keep doing it, and you're gonna get better and better at it. This same principle applies to art in general, people who become successful in the art business got to that point because they actually ENJOY doing it. 
2. The creator of the species already has a decent amount of exposure. Popular artists are going to have more popular species, it just comes hand in hand since a popular person has more people that will see their work?? The same goes for more experienced/skilled artists. The more experienced/skilled an artist you are, the easier it will attract customers. 
3. Time. 90% of the species that are selling for upwards to $1000 have been in circulation for a few months OR MORE and I can guarantee that they haven't always sold for that amount. 

Lets use an example: Mantibabs
A LOT of people take features that mantibabs have to use on their species. They imitate the fluff-filled pointed ears, the pads on the elbows and ankles, the cheeks, the zigzag mouths, some people copy his ENTIRE STYLE. They try very!! hard!! to get species out there based on what they think works in the market. (I can't believe I gotta say this but I obviously DON'T mean that everyone who uses these features are trying to copy mantibabs, please don't take what I'm saying here as that)
The thing is though?? All of the things I listed in the numbered list are what made Jawn's mantibabs as popular as they are. He genuinely, without any doubt, LOVES his mantibabs, he's put so much development into the species like, it's hard to give examples since his gallery has been cleaned but the mantibabs have come SO FAR from where they first started! He kept adding to them because he ENJOYED working with them, he was EXCITED to keep working on them so he put A LOT into them. He also had a fairly large fanbase when he first started making mantibabs, and you know what's nuts?? In the beginning, they only sold for $15-$50! For a long time, ABs in auctions were $50, I bought one of my babs for $26 in an AUCTION which any of you who watches his recent auctions and sees how high the bids go can understand how amazing that is. With time, love, work, and patience, a species that sells for a very small amount can make it big.

SO don't give up!! I know it's easy to look at the successful species and get discouraged, but you have to get in your head that they WORKED for what they have, even if you weren't there to witness their rise to fame. If you want to get to that point, WORK FOR IT!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! and maybe don't shit on people who do make good money on their species. Just because you don't want to bother working towards success, doesn't mean that they no longer deserve theirs. 


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yes yes my first raffle.

Deadline: 15.06.2015

Bullet - pearl (blue) by Hyasinthos Be a watcher.
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GOOD LUCK! :heart:



New Rap Video, with a Rock beat like everyone wanted.

The first 240 people to comment on it on youtube, like the video on youtube, and make a journal about this giveaway journal will receive 50 points each. Also, there will be 3 random raffle prize winners:

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Giveaway ends by June 29th but in order for the raffles to happen I want at least 1000 views on this video and 200 likes.

Comment whatever you want about this video. Do I really expect you to become a fan? No. But I expect you to watch it haha Also, I shot in a place where 666 symbols were graffiti-ed on the walls to emphasizemy chorus. Am I satanic? No. Never.

And don't forget to join the Boo contest! :)

Art Features:

Fang by xXBehindTheShadowsXx DJ Sona Fan Art - Concussive by lihyan96 (#030) Random Drawings by N-Cbyrnon Boo contest by horrorfreakjuh

Dragon doodle by sharklover135 Can you see the death in my eyes? fnaf by GalaxyMusicAnimation Portrait - March 15, 2015 by CaelestisFragaria ATC - Sharpe's Longclaw by FTSArts

Over the River and Through the Woods by DonutTreeXD Contest Entry: Queen Zora/Narel by EmbodimentOfWrath Niita 014 by Illudyr

Nightmare the monster of your dream by horrificgothiclolita

 This is my last video before this one. If it somehow acquires an extra 500 views by the end of this giveaway, I will award 5 random people premium memberships.

Also, this video below was my first video ever. I shot it back when I was a basic unskilled very explicit rapper who talked about too much violence. If it somehow acquires 100 new likes by the end of this giveaway, I will give out another 5 premium memberships to random deviants.


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#1F2U Madoka by Kia-chaaanF2U Marry by Kia-chaaan  mewpyon by Kia-chaaan   #2Flowers Princess by Kia-chaaan  F2U Kotori icon pack by Kia-chaaanChoco by Kia-chaaan
i’ve reached 1000 watchers so here’s a little giveaway !  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

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✦ how to join:   make a journal/poll about this giveaway (it must include a work of mine!!, just copy and paste the thumb of one you like)- then comment below saying, “I join, [link of your journal/poll] 

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✦ The winners will get chosen via and announced on June, 25 @ 2pm~9pm Central European Time

✽(′ॢᵕ ‵ *ॢ) ask me for anything!!

F2U Parfait+Crepe divider by Kia-chaaanF2U Parfait+Crepe divider by Kia-chaaanF2U Parfait+Crepe divider by Kia-chaaan
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Alright, so I've been getting notes where people have been asking for help to make a creepy pasta character. I dont mind, but I decided to write this instead, but if you have any questions not listed in this, feel free to ask!

1) When designing the character background, try not to add the understandably hated "for no reason".
      Your character did not kill their best friend or and random stranger for no reason. Who the hell would do that? Give them reasons for things they do. Being bullied a bit is not a good reason either. This counts for anything really, not just killing or the like. Maybe it has to do with running away constantly or why they fear something.

2) When creating a characters looks, its best not to make them a "sexy beast". Especially if said character is a killer.
      A 98 pound, 25 year old woman, whos giant breasts show through a ripped up dress, and kills people with a chainsaw... is illogical. For one, she would not be wearing a dress to kill people (especially if its ripped up). She must be a damn skeleton if she weighs that much, and with her giant boobs? Come on, its ridiculous. And a chainsaw isnt a bad thing, but add it where it fits, dont give it to that lady. And please... PLEASE dont give them cat ears, its just confusing... Save that for a fantasy character. Try not to make a male character ALL muscle and completely 'badass'. He should have flaws. But like the female character before, dont make him illogical. If hes a scrawny fella, hes not going to be great in a fist fight, so he'd need a logical weapon. Try not to make him too good looking. Maybe give him a crooked nose or an ugly scar going across his face. It would show he's been in a fight and he wont give off an edward of vampires feeling.

3) Be original in character design.
      Dont make him/her look like a wannabe Jeff with a chelsea smile and burned eyelids. I see that a lot. Also, dont go with the eyeless jack look. Its not bad to have an eyeless character, but when they drip black ooze or they wear a mask like his... you have a problem. When designing a mask, make sure its your own design. Eye shape, colors, mask shape, mouth, you should take it all into consideration. Though Laughing jack is in fact a clown, you making your own clown is NOT wrong. Go for it! Just dont make him your 'base". Making an original clown or jester is the best way to go, whether it be color or no color.

4) Being related to Canon characters is probably a bad way to go.
      Making Slenderman your characters dad, Ben Drowned their brother, or (most commonly used) Jeff the Killer their boyfriend is a big no no. If you want your character to have siblings or any sort of family, you should design them yourself. Messing with your own characters is one thing, messing with important relationships of others characters is a completely different one. 

5) Personality is important! 
      You dont want a boring or annoying character, trust me. The more people see a character like that, the more they will WANT them to get killed. Make them interesting! Maybe they are Insane with a gruesome sense of humor, maybe they are a timid fella until faced with something serious. there are many ways to go about it. Make sure it flows.

Hope this helped! Again, if you have any other questions not answered in this post, feel free to ask! 
i hope that got your attention... ANYWHO...

( ^ the group for my project. 'The New Reality' is the planned title for the first novel, currently in the works!)


I decided to host a contest for the novel series I'm in the process of writing. After much deliberation, I've decided to make the theme about 'character dynamics', because I think it gives people the chance to explore my characters and their personalities as well as their relationships with one another.

So people reading this journal may not know what my novel series is actually about, so here's a base summary:


This is a story that belongs to this world, set in 2025 in which technology is now much more advanced. During his summer vacation in America, Xavier Tosell suddenly winds up in a completely different world with 12 other people he's never met before. This new world, known as 'The Mystic', is a world made up of a wide archipelago with different races, cultures, creatures and so much more. The 13 teenagers/young adults (ages ranging from 16-23) find themselves with a major quest set before them, with the idea that if they fulfill this quest they will be able to return to their home world.

Of course, with a group who are strangers to one another with a diverse mixture of personalities, this is much easier said than done. There's members of the group who are willing to work, but others who won't. There's members who have useful skills to bring to the quest and those who don't. There's members who seek the position of leadership and are willing to fight over this with the others, and members who aren't stepping forward enough. And Xavier, usually introverted, finds that his practise of swordplay is what makes him valuable to this dysfunctional group. He always saw himself as ordinary, but maybe it's now time to try and become extraordinary.

However, this is far from being your typical fantasy adventure story. When one of the thirteen members of the group, Holly Faulkner, gets killed in battle, the rest of the group are upset and unsure. But Holly finds herself waking up in the real world and discovers the truth behind The Mystic:

The Mystic is not a real world. It is a virtual reality world that thirteen humans have been projected into and being broadcasted internationally as a reality tv show.

Holly finds herself dealing with her newly discovered fame and the media and suffers horrific criticisms from them. The remaining twelve have no idea that this world they're in is fake, and that the whole world is watching them. While Xavier and the others continue their epic journey, Holly's watching how the world reacts to it all.
LONG STORY SHORT: A group of young adults and teenagers are trapped in a fantasy world, but Holly, the first to die in the fantasy world, realises that the fantasy world isn't real and that everything done in the fantasy world gets broadcasted to the world as a reality show. While Holly deals with newfound fame and social media surrounding the Mystic Show, the characters trapped in the Mystic continue their journey under the belief that everything happening to them is completely 100% real.


Any of these 15 characters! Because this is a contest about character dynamics, the picture must feature two or more of the cast.


these twelve characters spend most of the story trapped in the Mystic. This means if you draw them, their background setting is fantasy based. Their surroundings are mostly nature based, so forests, mountains, rivers, beaches, whatever suits your fancy for the piece if you're going to draw in backgrounds!
Another important note is that this group travel a lot by ship, so think of those wooden ships from centuries ago, not the modern ships of today! So feel free to set your entry on the ship if not onshore!
[MYSTIC SHOW SERIES] Full Body References 1 by melonstyle
[MYSTIC SHOW SERIES] Full Body References 2 by melonstyle
[MYSTIC SHOW SERIES] Full Body References 3 by melonstyle
[MYSTIC SHOW SERIES] Full Body References 4 by melonstyle


Where these three are based is New York City, USA! So feel free to use that as part of your inspiration if you decide you want to draw one of the dynamics amongst these three!
[MYSTIC SHOW SERIES] Full Body References 5 by melonstyle


If you click the images above, you can get the character profiles for each character, so you can grasp a basic idea of what they are like as individuals. And I wrote this up to explain the most significant character dynamics within the group!:

= Romantic Love.
= Platonic Love/Friendship.
= Rivalry/Enmity. (Doesn't involve romantic or sexual attraction.)
= Platonic Love with hints of romantic attraction.
= Friendship with some rivalry/enmity.
= Rivalry/Enmity with hints of romantic/sexual attraction (Love-Hate)

To summarise - Xavier and Quin share a best friends dynamic that could hint towards something more. They're very open with one another, which is rare for Xavier who is normally very introverted and closed off. Both share a common interest in weapons, though Xavier's speciality is swords and Quin's being archery - both are very well trained and skilled in their respective fields. Quin is a lot more outgoing and adventurous, and he is key in bringing Xavier out of his shell. Consider Quin as the extrovert who i

If you were wanting to explore a dynamic amongst the characters that I haven't written about here, then you are 100% welcome to ask me about it!

And you're free to interpret these dynamics in any way you like - whether you want to draw a scene-like fanart, or something symbolic, anything! Just so long as it fits! So try and get the characters as IC (in character) as much as possible, yeah?


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