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Like cute animals? Like fighting? Um, WHO DOESN'T??? Come SEPT 21 my pals at Mane6 and I will be starting a crowdfund to get such a fighting game up and running!

Backstory: Mane6 is a group of talented artists and animators who put much love into a fighting game (based on some cartoon ponies you may know) that they intended to release for free on the internet. Though the were totally transparent over the two years they were creating it, alas, the IP owners asserted their trademark rights (as was their prerogative) and put an end to their efforts.

However, I LOVED it - it was beautifully animated and funny in exactly the sort of way I would want such a game to be. Character-based fighting? YES PLEASE!

We are creating a NEW game with NEW characters and all the same FUN!

I'll post updates as we have them. Please consider helping our little labor-of-love out.

Read more here! ------->…

  • Mood: Excited
As Peridot slowly awoke from unconsciousness, she found herself with a splitting headache and to see that she was in almost complete darkness, the moon light shining threw the large windows being the only thing illuminating the room. When Peridot tried to pick herself up she realized that she was completely tide up and bound to a chair, barely able to move, even her fingers were taped down to the chair. At the realization to this Peridot, oddly enough didn't have any feelings of fear, but rather feelings of annoyance, due to the fact that this would be the second time that she was captured and tide up. When Peridot tried to let out a frustrated breath she had notice that there was a line of duct tape covering her mouth which muffled any sounds she tried to make. "For the love of diamond, could this get any worse?" Peridot asked herself internally, unaware on what was about to happen. Suddenly a bright light flashed in front of her, causing her to flinch back in an attempt to try and shield her eyes from the blinding light.

"Well, well, looks like you finally decided to show yourself." Said a voice that Peridot was not familiar with, causing her to feel on edge. "You know, for an advanced alien race, walking into my base of operation alone and with no weapons, was pretty stupid if you were trying to abduct me." The voice told Peridot, sounding intimidating and as if he had been waiting for her for a while.

"Wait what, what are you talking about?" Is what Peridot meant to say rather then the small collection of confusing muffles that came out due to the fact that there was still duct tape covering her mouth.

"Huh, what was that supposed to mea-Oh wait." The voice said, just now realizing why you can't really interrogate somebody with duct tape covering their mouth. "Here let me get that for you." The voice said, with a slight embarrassed chuckle, realizing their little mistake. Since Peridot was still being bombarded with the bright light shining on her face, she wasn't focusing on the the hand that had suddenly placed on her face, and without warning quickly ripped off the peace of duct tape that was covering her mouth.

"OUCH!" Peridot shirked as she yelped back in her chair, the pain from having the duct tape removed so quickly and with out warning being an un welcomed surprise to her.

"Ha-ha, sorry about that." The voice said, shyly apologizing for the little miss hap. "Now where were we, ah yes, what are you doing on earth and why where you sneaking around my fortress!?" The voice said, demanding to know why Peridot was on earth and why she was going threw his stuff.

"Wh-what do you mean, uh I didn't do anything wrong please just let me go." Peridot said, trying to see if she could convince her captor that she was just another human who just walked in on his little hide out on accident.

"Nice try you other worldly home invader, but I know you're one of the gems." The voice said, proving that they already knew Peridot was a gem from outer space and that she was just trying to bluff her way out of her predicament.

"What!? But how could you possibly know that!?" Peridot said, shocked that a human could so easily deduce her outer world origin.

"You do know that everybody can see the green rock on your forehead, right?" The voice asked, curious to know if Peridot thought that people couldn't see the gem that was right in the middle of her forehead. As the realization hit Peridot on how easy it would have been for a human to look at her, see her gem, and alert the crystal gems on her presents, she felt a large blow to her own ego, do to the fact that she saw herself as one of the smartest gems on the home world and yet she still made the most idiotic and reckless mistake someone in her situation could possibly make. With a sigh of defeat, Peridot decided that she might as well just answer whatever questions her captor asked of her, hoping that if she answered all their questions they'd might let her go and she'd still be able to scavenge parts for her ship and go home.

"All right, you got me, what is it that you want?" Peridot said with her head down, sounding defeated.

"I just wanna ask you some questions and recorded them for my blog." The voice said, their enthusiasm rising when they mentioned their blog.

"Blog?" Peridot asked, unsure on what her captor was talking about.

"YEAH MY BLOG! Once people see that I got a real life alien on my blog, everybody will start to watch it." The voice said, a little more excited then most people would be about a online blog.

"Everybody? Even the crystal gems?" Peridot asked with noticeable fear and worry in voice.

"Maybe, why, what's the problem if they do?" The voice asked, a little curious when they noticed the tone change in Peridot's voice when they mentioned the crystal gems.

"Pl-please, don't let them know I'm here, please I'm begging you!" Peridot frantically said, worried that who ever was holding her captive was going to indirectly hand her over to the crystal gems.

"Wait, but you're a gem too, why on earth would you be worried if they new you were in town?" The voice asked, wondering just what could get the green alien so worked up.

"If they find out I'm here, they'll kill me!" Peridot said, pleading with her captor to not let the crystal gems know that she was on earth.

"What!? Why!?" The voice asked, no doubt confused on why the crystal gems would kill one of their own kind.

"Because that's what they do!" Peridot bluntly replied. "They're traitors from the home world, that's what they do, they're even the reason my ship crashed." Peridot said, explaining on why the crystal gems knowing where she was would be a death sentence.

"Wait what!?" The voice said, with concern in his voice, so much in fact that he turned off the light that was shining in Peridots face to reveal a simple human male with blond curly hair and square glasses looking at Peridot with a worried expression. "Wh-what else did they do? Did they try to do something to the earth?" The human frantically asked, hoping to get answers. With the idea that she could use the human to help Peridot suddenly thought of a plan to get her out of her restraints and back on track to getting off of earth.

"Y-yes it's called a "kindergarten" the crystal gems where going to use it to destroy the earth." Peridot lied. "But before they could reactivated it some other gems and I came to earth to make sure they couldn't hurt anyone anymore." She continued switching the roles of good and evil to make her story sound convincing. "We had managed to capture them and throw them on my ship, but they escaped, took it over and crashed it on to earth, probably killed the other gems I was with too." She added, only saying that last part for pity so the human would think the crystal gems were cold blooded monsters. And lucky for her, the human was buying every bit of the fake sob story.

"I-I can't believe it." The human said shamefully as he put his hands to his face. "This whole time I thought the crystal gems were the good guys, but this...this changes everything." He added.

"I know it might sound hard to believe, but trust me it's all true. Peridot said, trying to assure that the human believed every word.

"But how do we stop them? I mean, there's gotta be a way to beat them right?" The human asked, desperately hoping for a good answer. Peridot was rejoiced at the fact that she was able to fool the human into believing her story, since she fooled him she could easily use him to her advantage.

"I'm sorry to say but there is no way you or I could beat them, these gems are to powerful for just one gem to take on let alone one human." peridot explained. "The only hope that we have at stopping them would be if I could repair my space pod and get back to the gem home world, once there I could tell everybody there what is happening and return with reinforcements." She explained. "Those gems may be strong, but they couldn't possibly take out a small army of home world soldiers." She finished.

"So, what your saying is that the crystal gems are actual evil and are bent on destroying the world and the only way to save the earth from the crystal gems is to help you fix your ship so you can go home and get reinforcements?" The human asked, trying to clarify what exactly Peridot was saying.

"Needless to say in layton terms, yes." Peridot replied, for some reason deciding to be snarky with her vocabulary.

"But wait, how do I know I can trust you?" The human said, the doubt in his voice giving the impression that he wasn't a hundred percent sold on Peridot story.

"Well can you trust the crystal gems anymore then you can trust me?" Peridot quickly replied, not actually knowing what terms the human and the crystal gems were on, but noticing how the human seemed so believing and concerned when she told him that they were evil, that she took a shot in the dark, hoping that the human would be on her side.

"My gosh, you're right, I don't trust the crystal gems." The human blatantly said out loud. "I mean yeah they've "saved" the city a few times, but that all could have been a ruse to get everybody to think that they were on our side, it all makes sense." The people that the human race would never expect to be a threat, would be its protectors, and to think, that there was a time where I fell for the old, "we are earth's protectors" nonsense." The human said, sounding as if he had just "stepped into the light". "Well not anymore, from this day on I, "RONALDO FRYMAN" will do everything in my power to stop them from destroying my planet, no matter what the cost!" The human, known as Ronaldo said out loud.

"That's great to hear, but could you please untie me so we could get started on fixing my pod?" Peridot said, happy that she found someone to help her scavenge, but still annoyed that she was still tied up at this point.

"O-oh sorry, forgot about that." Ronaldo said, embarrassed that he was getting a little carried away with himself. "So...uh...what's your name by the way, if you don't mind me asking." Ronaldo asked as he began to undo Peridot's restraints. "Oowww, since this mission will probably be a stealth mission we could use code names, I'll use the code name "blogger", I think it fits me well, what about you?" Ronaldo added as he tried to make small talk.

" name is "Peridot" and I think I'll just use "Peridot as my code name thank you very much." Peridot said, a little unsure on what the human was talking about.

"Oh...ok that's fine." Ronaldo said, a little embarrassed at himself when he noticed how goofy the question sounded. After a minutes of untying knots and removing duct tape, Ronaldo finally freed Peridot form her restrains. "Whoa, done, so now what do from here?" He asked waiting for the next step in Peridot's plan to stop the crystal gems and save the earth.

"Now we just have to scavenge some parts from the wreckage of my ship, if we're lucky we'll find the parts I need to fix my pod and I can go home and report this within a day or two." Peridot Said as she stood up from the chair. "And if we're really lucky the crystal gems haven't all ready clean the streets clean of any useful parts." Peridot, thought to herself, making her confidence go down a little in scale. " Alright Ronaldo, I need you to go into town and grab anything that looks like a piece of debris, then I need you to-" Peridot began to say before getting distracted by the large green light illuminating in the sky like a firework.

"Is that a fire work? Ronaldo asked confused. "Who would be lighting fire works at this time of year?" He asked still unsure on what was going on.

"Oh no." Peridot muttered under neath her breath. "No No No, who could have found my pod!?" She said, frantically and worried, as she ran up to the glass to get a better look at the signal flair, hoping that it was just a coincidence, but sure enough a coincidence wasn't the case here. Before she had much time to react, Peridot felt a pair of hands grab her and pull her down to the floor. "What are you do-" was all Peridot could mutter before she felt Ronaldo's hand cover her mouth.

"Shush!" Was the only thing Ronaldo said, as he used his other hand to point out the window in the direction of three distinct figures in the air. Sure enough when Peridot focused on the three figures she could definitely tell that it was the three crystal gems, most likely on their way to find her pod and destroy it. With the knowledge that the crystal gems were surely going to destroy her only means of getting off earth, Peridot felt an overwhelming sense of dread rush over her. "Hey, sorry about that." "I didn't want the gems seeing you threw the window, so that's why I had to pull you done without telling you." "Are you ok?" Ronaldo asked as he reached a hand out to help Peridot on her feet.

"N-no, that flair was from my space pod." Peridot said, with saddens in her voice. "It looks like the crystal gems are on their way to destroy it right now, so I'm not ok. She added. "Without my pod or the parts I need, I'll never get off earth." Peridot said as she fell down to her knees, resting her face in her hands trying to cover the tears that were starting to forum up in her eyes, if you could even call her floating fingers hands.

"Hey, maybe you could build a new one." Ronaldo shyly asked, not wanting to make the situation worse.

"To do that I would need a lot of specific parts and I'm pretty sure that they've all ready takin anything worth of value by now." Peridot said with even more saddens and defeat in her voice then before. With hearing that, Ronaldo made his way to the other side of the room and moved a locked chest from underneath a desk and dragged it back to where Peridot was, after grabbing a key from his pocket and unlocking the chest he opened it to reveal different pieces of gem technology salvage from the debris of her ship. Ranging from what looked like chunks of what was once her ships engine to even a few gem stabilizers.

"Would any of these help?" Ronaldo said with a smug grin on his face. Peridot however was shocked to say the least. After wiping a way the very few tears that she was starting to muster up, Peridot finally found the one word she was looking for.

"How?" Peridot said, absolutely flustered.

"When I found out that your ship crashed in town I looked all over the place and scavenged anything that looked really important, then I hurried and locked it away in this chest just in case the crystal gems tried to take anything." Ronaldo said, quickly explaining himself on how he obtained all his little souvenirs. "So, will this work for you?" He asked Peridot, wondering if it was good enough for her.

"Y-yes of course, I mean I might have to resort to using stuff from earth, but yes I can use this, thank you." Peridot said, legitimately thanking Ronaldo for helping her.

"Yes!" Ronaldo yelled. "Don't worry people of earth, you'll be safe soon enough." He said, determined to save his planet from a threat he didn't know existed until tonight.


Sun Aug 30, 2015, 10:15 AM

:D have some quotes that I find inspirational myself!

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”  
Oscar Wilde

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”  
Bernard M. Baruch

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself.” 
 Harvey Fierstein

“About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won't like you at all.”
 Rita Mae Brown

“be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else's idea of yourself should be.” 
Henry David Thoreau

“Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.”
 Lady Gaga

“You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are!”
 John Lennon

“We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.”
Virginia Satir

“How many more of us are faking the facade? How many more of us are pretending to be something we're not? Even better, how many of us will have the courage to be ourselves regardless of what others think?”
Katie McGarry, Dare You To

“Don't let others box you into their idea of what they think you should be. A confined identity is a miserable way to exist. Be you and live free. Trust that in living true to yourself, you will attract people that support and love you, just as you are.”
Jaeda DeWalt

“Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that your are.”
Mandy Hale

“Let us not pretend to be someone else ! It is better to be hated for what we are than to be loved for what we are not.” 
Sham Hinduja

“The opinions of others should not deter you from being yourself..”
 Lailah Gifty Akita

“If you can't be perfect, be silly. If you can't be normal, be weird. If you can't get it right, get it wrong. Because the world is full of so many imperfection, that there's no need for you to be perfect or normal. Because there's always someone that'll love you, no matter who you are. Isn't that what friends are for?”
 Kathlan G.

“Stop living within the confines of how others define you! You weren't created to live their life; you were created to live yours - so LIVE it! You can reignite that fire within and bring the passion back into your goals, dreams, ambitions, careers, and relationships by reclaiming control of your own life. Be unapologetically YOU!”
 Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience


I see way to much insecurities about being yourself on this site, and for good reason. There are way to many judgmental people  on here who try to shape you to fit in their perfect little self centered view of the world. : D  so I wanted to share some inspirational quotes I really live by! AND yes being yourself will give you way more haters than being a unopinionated shell out to please everyone and make everyone like you.

10 years on this site, I know for a fact that that is impossible. I am way happier being the uncensored free person I am , instead of having to worry about what some people might think of me. xD If someone takes time out of their day to spread rumors and hate about you, your not the problem, they are. If what they said were true, everyone would hate you. Like a lot of the quotes above tells you, those who matter wont mind, and those who do mind dont matter. 

Those who have a need to control others lives and behaviour, need to take a good look at themselves and fix their own selfish control issues first.

Take life with a grain of salt :3 or bananas if you like that better.And dont let random angry people try to bring you down over bullshit that they make up.

I would rather help people get over insecurities and realize everyone's view is different than sugarcoating your problems and fears so you do not have to face them. So I am never going to censor myself and who I am because a few people find it uncomfortable, or think im not being sensitive enough. That just aint me.

D8< Hope some of these help anyone out there who has had to deal with some dumb hate because your not a perfect version of someone elses view. Flip them, for trying to make you so. Who are they to decide who you can and cannot be. Some people are so selfcentered and closeminded it hurts xD

I never understood this intense demand to control someone else and the need to try to make them do and say what they themselves want, and when they cant they have to spread hate and rumors about people. IM NO psycologist, so if anyone has an idea or ideas tp why this is so damn important to some individuals, let me know :3 I myself think its because of intense insecurities about themselves, and thus they have to stop to attack the peoples person to make themselves feel better xD but what do I know.

Let me know about some stories were someone tried to control you, or stories were you felt you couldnt be who you are. Or if you feel like this today and why. 

Be sure to check out my Tinasect account
Less art:icontinasect:more life!
To celebrate the opening of the group PrePAWSterous-World, I decided to host a MYO contest for one my closed species, the Creeches.

5 winners will have the opportunity to keep their design.

Must be a member of PrePAWSterous-World
One entry per person
Make sure to submit your entry here or it won't be counted.

Species Guide
:Creeches(Closed species) Reference Sheet: by PrePAWSterous

Sept. 30, 2015

Oh haven't we all waited for Castle news? Have a short teaser of Castle IV by OscarJohansson.

Read the Castle IV Teaser thread at!

August Features

Sat Aug 29, 2015, 1:05 PM
Favourite art pieces that came into my inbox throughout August. Check them out, leave a fav or comment and hopefully you can discover some more artists to support~
Draggy by Anivi
Calm by FionaHsieh
Coral by Velkss
MAGICAL GIRL Monthly #2 by GDBeeNode - drake auction! [CLOSED] by Grypwolf
for the win by oukamiyoukai45
Soar by ChimerasBlood
The Fall by TeenyTinyTena
August by Tatchit
Get out of me swamp by HelmiP
Erebus by Sumoka
New vista discovered! (animated) by Umbrafen
Dragon Of Opal by Decadia
Fireflies by runandwine
Keep up the lovely work!

I think I will do monthly features such as this, so if you have any suggestions for artists to feature, note me!
(Although self-recommendations aren't advised lmao. Will be other journals for that )

Closed for drawing.
now, Mr. Scott! by VisitingFahrrad
Tic-Tac-Toe by Poromaa Security by Sei-Zako
Flattened Pail by DouglasHumphries
6 again by Igor-Demidov The Other Is You by scheinbar
My Venice by EltonTurkey
Eine Stadt by feigenfrucht Huis-clos by amiejo
City Of Stones (16:9) by AlexandruCrisan
wc by contemporaryhart Pairs by Kamal-Q
Old City Montevideo  3/ Uruguay by WillemFred
Cat / Sacred Valley / Peru by WillemFred Painted by Ragnar949
Autumn Steps by Nile-Paparazzi take out the dogs by anjelicek
Connect the Dots by Queen-Kitty
(a la Vivian Maier) by RapidHeartMovement this man's game by i-m-light
almost by pstoev 2015-08-30 10-31-08 by milovanf

DeviantART removed the option to report users for making a spam, bugs, harassment, hacking, including plenty of option that used to stand there. Now literally you cannot report anyone who is harassing you, your friends or the group. You can't ever report someone for making a callout journal on you. If you try to report someone for spam, it redirected you to a "how to block" people and another form of FAQ.… :pointl: 80% of those report that use to stand there are now covered with tons of FAQ's and stupid suggestions that don't even make sense. If they already decided to modernize they could at least make it like a top menu bar, You click "expand all" or if you want to hide it all, hit the button "collapse it". It's not so hard to do that. Don't fix what isn't broken dA, it isn't funny at all.

There's only an "abuse" report form, and you're only allowed to report abuse directed towards yourself. You can't help anybody else, now.

I'm really sick of the admins here. I'll be looking for a new art website. :facepalm: I will give a try in making a boycott about this if it's possible, but I highly doubt that will return the old dA back.

Bullet; Red -- There is still an issue with DeviantART's new policy on art theft, and their failure to communicate with their user base.

But hopefully with the threat of boycott, they'll take the opportunity to talk to us now. 


Here is a journal made by an ex-staff member dxd(Predates this journal by 2 weeks.) Dear deviantART...

DeviantART, please talk to your userbase. Please communicate with us. Please listen to what we have to say. Hopefully to prevent drama like this from happening again. (And change your policy on art theft, seriously. That's a big issue.)

Here's a forum of which good websites exist on the internet. Special thanks to xXNightmareZodiacXx…
If they !ban me for this, it will only show how they refuse to listen to our problem.
My gosh, honestly I have no words to describe what I feel. I've said this time and time again you guys have made my dream come true. YOUR amazing all of you are just a downright inspiration to me. You guys have been so supportive and so helpful and I reach the third week that I have been just getting watches left and right. I'm shocked to the point I have no words. Honestly for once I don't know what to say. I TRULY LOVE YOU ALL. It has been a maverlous ride with all of you.

Now because we are all in the middle of a project. I won't come up with anything right now as to whether we can do another. I'm already going to very busy when that time comes. Lol so I will do a few shout outs to a couple people I would like to personally thank.

First up is again the one and only Dragonoftheworld if he was one of my first watchers and has been amazing support.

SolarNightengale what an amazing friend and supporter. Just one of those who has been so patient and so loving to me. Even when I had a art block and couldn't draw

LunraAussieWolf for her amazing friendship and compliance. You really make me day when asking for a request.

Jinxthewolf101 honestly what do I say about you your Amazing for one. You've had my back from the begining. And we're one of the few when I realized supporting others could be a big thing.

Folklore13 Oh thanks man for being there to point out my mistakes and help me do better and just being there for me. You've be so wonderful to talk to.

Oh my gosh a special one to trailing feathers your art us superb no better then superb maverlous and those gifts you drawn me are so amazing and I love them all so thanks

Rawr122YUZ being able to really get to know you has been such a great experience and I hope we can have more talks in the future thanks for your unwavering support

MCELementstone Oh man your amazing your art work is a amazing I have that drawing you did on my home screen of my cell. That was an amazing drawing I was flattered you chose me. And just stay awesome and giving I can sense this will be a great friendship.

Winter5589 you have been one of my main supporters I would not trade for the world

Mrdrawinglover what might I say about you. I love you man your humorous you constantly make me laugh you've supported me even though my style isn't your favorite and honestly that means a hell of a lot to me. To think you watch as a supporter and not that I draw anything you might like. That's awesome

Comsic Dragon I must say out of so many I've met no one pushes my buttons like you. But that's not a bad thing you've taught me patience is a virtue I must learn. And for that I'm grateful for your support of my channel. And you've been a great friend as well.

Fragsey let me start by wow you are so supportive and so helpful and so loving it has been a honor to get to know you. Truly thank you for that honor

Paradigm shifting last night's opportunity to go live was a thrill for me. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you and Rich. Thanks for that amazing experience. It's been just dreams coming true to left and right amazing supporters and friends that give me an opportunity to do this.

General Tate I was thoroughly honored for you guys to allow me on the show and your amazing support as well thank you

All of the above artists were just the tip of the iceberg. Honestly if I could I have a story with each and everyone of you. And each one of you over 406 if I could I'd give a shoutout to all. Just woooow I'm stunned for words at this phenomenon. THANK YOUX10

GeneralTate paradigm-shifting ComsicDragon Trailing-Feathers LunraAussieWolf SolarNightengale MCElementStone DragonOfTheWorld Winter5587 Rawr122YUZ Mrdrawinglover JinxTheWolf101 Folklore13 Fragsey