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Taurus: Beautiful Bons Vivants

Mon Apr 20, 2015, 2:09 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic

The concept of Astrology or “study of the stars” has been around since the ancient world and can be traced as far back as the first dynasty of Mesopotamia.

For some, the stars are a portent of the future that can and help inform you of the best course of action to take based on their alignment. If born under a specific “star” or month during the year you may have certain characteristics and mannerisms that correspond to a horoscope sign. There are 12 different horoscope signs which make up the zodiac with each sign representing a different animal or other totem. Those born between late April through late May fall under the 2nd sign of the Zodiac: Taurus.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

The are many tales of how this sign of the zodiac originated, the one that makes the most sense revolves around seven beautiful maidens known as the Pleiades, daughters of Atlas and Pleione, who were attendants of Artemis. The great hunter, Orion, was obsessed with all seven sisters pursuing them relentlessly. The poor maidens were not able to defend themselves from his advances and prayed to Jupiter for help. He turned them into doves so they could fly away and make a new home among the stars, but Orion was not deterred from seeking out the fair maidens and followed them into the heavens. Jupiter sent the bull Taurus to protect them and ’til this day Taurus stands between Orion and the Pleiades in the night sky with Jupiter forming the bull’s twinkling eye.

Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty and as such those born under this sign are generally charming creatures who enjoy the finer things in life. An Earth sign, Taurus enjoys being surrounded by nature and is as solid as the ground they stand on valuing stability and organization in their life. Taureans love the arts and can be gifted artists in their own respects driven to produce, grow things, create art, or build things. They are dependable, practical, hardworking individuals with a fierce determination continuing to plow forward when others would have given up, their sheer will ensures they succeed at anything they set their minds too. Taureans are extremely loyal making them excellent friends though they choose to have a small tight circle of friends. Those born under Taurus are generally easy going and patient souls, but make no mistake, the temper of a raging bull lies below the surface for anyone foolish enough to provoke them. Some of the bull’s less favorable traits include being stubborn, jealous, self-indulgent and lazy. Taureans can thrive in the farming, arts, banking, medical, or constriction fields and make great photographers, interior designers, bankers, real estate agents, art dealers, musicians, filmmakers, or actors. At end of the day Taurus just wants to be comfortable moving forward at their own slow and steady pace toward a good life surrounded by all types of beauty.

  • Symbol: Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruler: Venus — planet of beauty and love
  • Season: Spring
  • Stone: Emerald
  • Secret Desire: To have the best of everything
  • Character Traits: Loyal, Dependable, Stubborn, Loving, Determined, Patient, Possessive, Hard Working, Honest, Brave, Musical, Practical
  • Compatible With: Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces, and Cancer

Celebrating 1,000 Watchers!! (Free art!!)

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 20, 2015, 10:13 AM
First things first: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I love you guys and can't believe it took me this long to notice that I've passed the 1,000 watcher mark. :faint:

You all are amazing, wonderful people. I feel so honored to be surrounded by so much kindness. Thank you for giving me a chance and watching my art - it means so much to me.

So, in honor of my amazing watchers (you) I want to do a mini celebration to say thank you for all of your support. :love:

In celebration, I will be doing a few requests (1-3) for a handful of lucky watchers!

Here is how it is going to work. You can request any of the following:
- A derp
- A shaded drawing
- An unshaded drawing
- A custom pony

Request Rules:
1. Only one character request per person, please!

2. Please put all reference info in the comments below

3. If you are requesting an existing character, please make sure the cutie mark is clear and visible in your reference. ALSO please include what type of drawing you want - if you do not specify, I won't be able to draw your baby. :(

3. If you are requesting a custom pony, please include all relevant details. I will be making art based only on what is in this journal so it's possible I won't be asking for any additional details.

5. Please make a journal linking back to this journal so we can spread the chance for free art as far as possible. :heart:

Finally, this is open to watchers only. New watchers are absolutely welcome too! :hug:

NOTE: I will be choosing the art recipients randomly, so please know that I love and cherish and every one of you even if I don't get the chance to draw your babies. :heart:

Artwork of Cuddle Bug done by the always fantastic Centchi.
And extra special thanks to my friend xWhiteDreamsx for the background!
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  • Drinking: test
No matter what I do.

No matter how I look at this picture.

They will always look like mafia members to me in this screenshot.

I don't know why, and I can't explain why. I thought it the moment I first booted up FNaF 2 on launch night.

I still see canon Toy Freddy having a really thick Brooklyn accent, canon Toy Bonnie having a lighter Brooklyn accent [that's somehow a crackchild of Spongebob and Bugs Bunny], and canon Toy Chica having a super light New Jersey [Or whathaveyou] accent.

FNAF2MainMenuAllToys by Koili

RIP Koili from being a stupidhead and over thinking stuff for robots

Watchers feature!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 20, 2015, 2:40 PM

I wanted to feature some of my watchers who have super pretty art and deserve lots of love Robu 2 by Emoji-kun
I'm sure I'm missing a lot of them since I'm bad at remembering names haha. But anyways here're some!


And some of their beautiful works! I tried choosing my fav from their galleries but it was so haaard to choose only one ;H; (same order as the icons)

Snow Miku by BE38Born to save da world by FukuneOC: Niu by PuniuuKIRI PRIZE: Silent by HokiMaru[Touhou] Reimu by JasbrinaGoing Merry by MarmaladicaLabyrinth by yuumeriCHUKO MIKU by Sueweetie2nd Bustshot colored Com: Dovahkitt by Yumi-chuuSS: seossi by StarlipopMoonlight Lullaby by SternenmelodieMiku Hatsune by xNamiiCM for Mi-ya-ka by Neko-Rina
Keep up the great work so I can see more of your pretty arts! And it makes me so so happy that you guys like my art too -dies-

I've been getting lots of messages and stuff about people saying 
that I was leaving youtube/fnaf xD
Well for youtube, no I'll still always be there ;u;
But for fnaf.. I know I said that I'm leaving the fandom in my other video I made, but after I uploaded it, I've gotten many comments (and a couple of short vids) saying that I shouldn't go..;-;
And tbh, I honestly didn't think it would be a big deal for some of you that really do care, and it means a'lot to me that most of you like my fnaf drawings/ animations it really does <333 

So, I'm getting second thoughts again about it, and I've talked with a few close friends about it also, and they think that I should just stay because this is one fandom that has made me very proud to be in uvu
But at the same time it has it's down falls too.. :c 
I won't go into detail about that, since that just makes me feel bad about myself, so anyways, to end the confusion, I'll stay in the fandom, but I'll also try to draw other things too every now and then c: 

And as for the video that said I was leaving, I've just now updated it and changed the title, and description, etc XD

So anyways, this  journal may have people say 
Well to some it may be, but to me, I just wanted to clear this up c: 
And thank you for supporting me so much through out all these hard times, and putting up with my stupid mistakes that I've made ;A; It means a'lot!! <333 Thanks again c:

  • Mood: Thanks
In the Insidious: Chapter 3 Emoticon Contest, we asked you to create a spooky or creepy emoticon inspired by the Insidious movie series.  Our judges reviewed the ghoulish and scary entries, picking 25 emoticons that will now be sent to Leigh Whannell, director of Insidious: Chapter 3. Congratulations, semi-finalists!Header-bg2 by TharBeVikings

DeviantArt presents Insidious Chapter 3 Emoticon Contest

In the Insidious: Chapter 3 Emoticon Contest, we asked you to create a spooky or creepy emoticon inspired by the Insidious series. The contest gallery quickly filled up with ghoulish and scary faces created with the intent to terrify and amuse. Our judges went through every single entry and picked the creepiest and most artistic emoticons from the group! These semi-finalists will be sent to Leigh Whannell, director of Insidious: Chapter 3, who will pick the emoticon that will be turned into a full set, available on the Kik Messenger App!

Congratulations, semi-finalists, and thank you to everyone who entered!


Earth Day - T13

Mon Apr 20, 2015, 9:58 AM

Lilac - VII by AlexEdg Baltic Sea, Poel, Germany by novopics
.Seeing Heaven. by beorange between... by impatienss
My love by dangerous-glow
Macro Insects 1 by Okavanga MrFarts Love Drops series : #003 Strong Edge by MrFarts
.::Think Pink::. by zaranix Just Like Magic by alexgphoto
Red Light Means Go! by goRillA-iNK :: Pink ':: by Liek
Earth Musings by Inebriantia

History of Love by Aeternum-Art Sommer 2011 by Bildmalerin

Fell in love on the seaside. by carinamaiwald

Lounging by Oer-Wout Jumping Spider by BenjaminPuppel
Heir to the Throne by vamosver Above it all by IndigoSummerr
bokehlicious by CliffWFotografie

Above by Leucareth
Move...i am coming by Aderet Illumination by MarsiaMS
Summer memories by aussiefoto Giraffe - African Wildlife - Out of the Dust by LivingWild
Dancing in the Rain by alexgphoto the birds by Nopel-Opzan
Colors of happiness by DragonflyAndromeda
Dew 5 by Smederevac

Le chant de Gaia - Gaia's Song by Faedou
Landscape by vinigal123  The Sparrow by LindArtz
Tentacles by SheilaBrinson take you on the way which leads to the light by IreneHorvath
Meditation by TammyPhotography Mutt n Jeff by relhom
Jewels of Nature by Betuwefotograaf
Dews 2 by pagit Copper Drops by ian-roberts

Kissed by Light by Oer-Wout
Spiders Universe by Questavia Amber by Oer-Wout
Refracted Waterlily by MastersImagingPhotos Sunshine in a Drop by thrumyeye Enallagma civile - Familiar Bluet by ColinHuttonPhoto
Stripes. by dragonfly-oli Beauty of nature by batchdenon
The beauty of nature. by VisualArtist-JornMaturity by vamosver
wild. by sakimichan
The color of nature by Zx20
 Starstation Earth by werol 

Mother EarthThe arc of her spine
mimicked the gentle slopes of
the distant mountains.
   Beautiful WorldBorn free here on earth:
Huge herds in the world.
Wild and free - so live animals
In Gaia, Mother Earth.
Huge forests once on earth
Until the man was born.
Nature so green. Grazing on glade
Is a deer quite shy but close.
Rain over dry countries.
I see the awakening of nature.
Rainbow makes me dream
Peacefully after a hot dry night.
Fog over high mountains,
Waterfall – force of nature,
Silence … just a bird chirping
When the morning is awake.
Sun standing high in the sky
But when the night will soon be dark:
Dark blue is the sky then -
Red sunset.
I see the world with different eyes
As long as it still exists.
Because I am just a part of life
In a dying world untouched.
   LifeLife is the wind blowing through the trees,
Life is the sound of the buzzing bees,
Life is the smell of a summer day,
Life is amazing in every way.
Life is all there is to know,
Life is what makes flowers grow,
Life is important so don't forget,
Life is great so don't regret.
   Haikus for the Land
                                              I, EARTH
                     safari heaven                                    nile's seRpentine ways
             take me home o country roads                         amazon to my village      
         life in the outbAck                                                     ganges for a dip        
             then they we

Melancolia by SheilaBrinson

Happy otter by DeeOtter Morning in the swamp by FinnyanneWater by UnreCogniZed

Chutes du Diable Waterfall IV - Exclusive HDR by somadjinn Canning Falls Lower 2 by BrettAZimmerman

Romania by LucianaBaboianu nature HDR by mark1960 
Wastwater by newcastlemale 
Water sparks by Andorada dew by Richard-Cederfjard
FAMILY by SAMLIM We have lift off! by ColinHuttonPhoto
Bubbly by Twitchan Drops (4K Wallpaper - 150 pts) by Unkopierbar
 Elis 03 by TaliNatPhotography
Nature's Tear by sourcow Mother Nature's Kiss by JeanFan Tree Light by sakimichan
Nature Spirit by Astranat Ode a la Nature by Sweet-Nature
Happiness by A-Motive Mayflowers and Chipmunk DT6 7600-1-2 by detphoto
This morning its looks like a fairytale in Holland by Betuwefotograaf

Weeping WillowI feel the warmth of a summer day –
The sky so wonderful in blue,
The grass in saturated green.
Step by step
I come to meet you.
Along the way
So many thoughts,
So many words in my head.
The stony way becomes shorter
And I see you approaching.
To my left
The blue lake in which you are reflected.
I arrive!
I touch your leaves.
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow ... do you feel me?
Do you feel the scars burning me?
Please remove it!
I thank you!
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow... do you see me?
Do you see my silent tears?
Please take them away!
I thank you!
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow... do you understand me?
Do you recognize my courage?
Please support me!
I thank you!
You stand at the lake,
So quiet and calm –
For me it is a place so peaceful and wise.
You seem to be full of sorrow,
But this picture is an illusion.
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow...
You are my hold.
With you it never gets cold
In this world.
Your foliage hangs down sadly,
But it serves a
Speaking for the treesFrom the tree tops
I can see it all so clearly
The ripples fading further
a tip-toe and a stolen kiss
Outside the hive where we have wandered.
Speaking for the trees,
We stand taller now than ever before
Not to see the writing,
but to hear the whispers
behind closed doors.
I reached...
and touched what I thought was the sun
and noticed it was just beyond my fingertips
but my tiny hand is warmed
by two lips
and that became more important to me
than any sun could be.
Speaking for the trees
Some have made their homes in me
climbed inside my head
behind my eyes
opened the door to my soul
He said he saw a sunset burning through the canopy
of endless time
Hanging like leaves
having held on through a strong wind
Lonicerahoneyed aroma-
trumpets suckled by hummers
draw summer nearer
cascading, intertwining
weaving closed the gap from spring
Tending the WeedsI used to let you
tend my garden,
but you've never been good
at telling the roses
apart from the weeds.
MY HEART IS IN THE HIGHLANDS by BadusevProwler by Stygma
Undisturbed Stream by RogueMudbloodBlooming World by Malintra-Shadowmoon

touched by nature by MarvinDiehl finding middle earth by zeroskyy

Water by kult-lemon
Snow by Zolfyer Snow Leopard by KrisVlad
the wave by marrgit Light Drops by vamosver
Beaded tree by UszatyArbuz
Spiders 8 by Okavanga Butterfly Effect by Stridsberg
Little diamond. by dragonfly-oli fish jump by Apofiss
Colorful Drops 15 by flowerhippie22
Drip by endprocess83 dream of flower by Anastasia-Ri
Parallel Lives by SheilaBrinson
Finger Art: Earth Day by Cathy86

Enjoy Earth Day, April 22nd

Message from Drawponies

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 20, 2015, 6:23 PM

Hello everyone, Neil Wacaster here, which some of you know as Drawponies.  You may have heard the reports that I have traced screenshots from the show in my art and that I have been selling traced artwork at conventions.  

While I have done hundreds of original art pieces, it is true that some of my art has been traced from the show - particularly for things that we wanted to get out quickly for viewers, such as comic strips. I have focused on selling original artwork at conventions, but there have been cases where artwork was traced. I sincerely apologize for doing this, and for hurting those who have watched me. I also wish to apologize to those who feel they have been cheated by me. I should have taken the time to create art completely from scratch, instead of taking an easy way out to fill a quota or get something done quickly. From now on, I will be doing original artwork no matter how long it takes.

Let me address the other points that people are making:

  • Deleting negative comments and banning people for criticism - My volunteer moderator team and I did not delete negative comments made in the last few days. Claims that we did are false.

  • Adapting to Night as traced work - Adapting to Night is an example of work that is created completely from scratch.  Many of the characters, objects, and backgrounds used in the series are referenced from the show, but not traced or copied.  As with all of the art on the page, when we use fandom created assets, it is clearly credited in the description.

Despite all this, I will still be going forward, and continue to create artwork for the fandom.  None of the artwork that I will have at conventions will have show assets, and any work with traced assets will be discontinued entirely.

I know that many of my followers are angry.  It was a foolish mistake, and I should never have traced pictures for my work.  All I ask is for your forgiveness; if you do not wish to give any, I understand.

If you have any concerns about this issue, you are welcome to leave your opinions.  Your frustration and opinions are heard and read, even if I don’t reply.  Please direct your messages at me, rather than my friends, as I’m the one who did it.

I love drawing fanart for the brony community, and that isn’t going to change.  I am truly sorry that I let you down, and I hope that you can forgive me.


Art in the Professions

Welcome to our very first Art in the Professions week! La la la la

For those of you who might not know what this new week is all about, Art in the Professions week is dedicated to bringing education and awareness of the many ways in which art can become a career or play a significant role within a career. Through interviews, personal accounts, advice and guidance, articles during the week aim to give the community a taste of how they might be able to make art their profession whether it be within their career or as a job on the side. :eager:


Art in the Professions Week