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Custom Lovepuff Raffle! by Pikiru

  • How to enter/Rules! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:

Since this raffle is STRICTLY for my supporters, you must be watching me on dA+following my twitter (if you don't have a twitter, that is fine but I will be checking)

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  • First, create a journal entry titled "Pikiru Custom Lovepuff Raffle". Then in the description you must: 

  1. Add my icon :iconpikiru::iconpikiru::iconpikiru:
  2. Link/attach this journal 
  3. Fill this form out:

Lovepuff Form:
My Lovepuff's gender will be:
My Lovepuff's color palette: (max 5 colors)
Additional Comments:

(This Lovepuff form goes in YOUR journal, please don't comment your form in my journal) 

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  • After posting your journal:

  1. You must favorite this journal. I will be using so please do not forget to favorite this journal for your entry number!
  2. Comment below with your twitter url and your Lovepuff journal. I will be checking if you are following me.
  3. On twitter, RETWEET this tweet:…
  4. That's it! If you miss any steps, your entry will not count, sorry! Please double check!
(if you don't have twitter, you can ignore the twitter steps but please include in your comment that you don't have a twitter!)

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  • What you will win!

One winner will receive a custom Lovepuff! Lovepuffs are a closed species owned and created by me. More info on them here: Lovepuff (CLOSED Species) Info

 Lovepuff 3 [CLOSED] by PikiruLovepuff 2 [SET PRICE,CLOSED] by PikiruLovepuff extra by PikiruLovepuff Auction [CLOSED] by Pikiru

You will be able to freely choose your Lovepuff's gender and color palette.

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  1. This raffle will end at June 20th 8pm (SOUTH KOREA TIME)
  2. I will stream or record myself picking the winner!
  3. Winner must reply within 48 hours or I will choose another winner!
  4. If I see that you just favorited this to get an entry number without doing the rest, I will block you.

Hi guys~to show my gratitude to my kind supporters here on dA and twitter, I decided to host a Custom Lovepuff raffle! I'm going to make this event as simple as I can. This is my first time doing anything like this so I'm really excited! I hope the rules aren't too confusing! Feel free to ask any questions! Thank you to everyone who joins and thank you for the continuous support you all have given me! Good luck! ^^

+ Lovepuffs looking for a home currently: Lovepuff 4 [OPEN] by PikiruLovepuff 5 [SET PRICE, OPEN] by Pikiru


Hello everyone, and welcome to our "tWR Interviews", where we interview experienced writers of our community about the art of writing
If you're reading, please favourite+fav and share the article so we can spread this amazing resource around!

Today we're interviewing doughboycafe, ThornyEnglishRose and LadyLincoln on the characteristics and differences between a standalone story and a chaptered one. And raspil has some knowledge for us too!

If you want to get some more educational reading, here are the other interviews we've released so far:
This interview focuses on chapter VS standalone prose.
What is the difference between an idea that is worthy of standalone and an idea that is worthy of chapters?

raspilTo get the arrogant answer out of the way: I've been doing this long enough to know how many words a story is worth. 

Now here's the regular, human answer: It depends on the potential the idea has. If I write something short and it is well-received, I might find a way to expand on it. But it has to happen organically, I can't force it. Seriously though, you do his long enough, you start to get a feel for what will only work between 2000-3000 words and what is better suited for 50k and up.

doughboycafeI think it has more to do with how long it will take to explore that idea or resolve it. I´ve seen long books with just one idea, short stories with many things going on at once. I feel like often times (though, not ever time) a book will take you start to finish through an issue whereas sometimes a stand-alone only really gives you a snapshot of something. So, if it doesn´t really take that long to explain something or make a point about it, then you´ve got a one shot. If you need more time to delve, it will be chapters.

ThornyEnglishRoseAn idea itself may be suited to both, but then you would approach them in very different ways and get different effects, so perhaps it is purpose rather than premise that determines the better medium. If you want to give your reader a short, sharp message, then a short story is the way to go; if you want to take them on a journey where they can get to know your characters over days and weeks, then give them chapters. Of course, there's no denying that volume of ideas comes into a account. I don't wish to oversimplify, but nor do I wish to overcomplicate. You might for example want to explore a plethora of problems and joys faced by a group of people, like in Alcott's Little Women, or you might want to highlight just one or two aspects of their society, as in her short story 'The Quite Little Woman' (which is set in an orphanage and focuses on the issues therein).

LadyLincolnFor me, the differences are found in the details and one’s expanding story line. If the particular story line involves a great deal of detail – by all means – it certainly merits more chapters. I prefer to be a reader of shorter prose or organized chaptered stories. Ideally, if the general idea the writer is attempting to express cannot be conveyed in under four pages – the story needs to be properly expanded.

Are you a writer of standalone stories or chaptered, longer ones? Is there a reason why?

doughboycafeI do both, but lately I’ve been preferring writing short stand-alones which I never started out doing. I like the way short standalone pieces can have an impact like a sucker punch. I find myself paying closer attention to why every single word is in place with my shorter work (though that is clearly something I ought to apply to my longer work as well :p (Lick)) I still like writing books, because I still enjoy how complicated I can make them and how deep I can get into a problem with them.

ThornyEnglishRoseBoth, because they are both challenging and enjoyable in their own way. Any halfway decent short story I write ends up on DeviantArt, for people to enjoy and for me to get feedback and try to improve. On the other hand, I'm very protective about my novels, and will only post odd chapters here - a compromise between hugging it to my chest until it's perfect, and wanting feedback to help me achieve that perfection (or at least, get it as well written as I possibly can). If I were going to make it in the fierce, competitive world of literature, I'd be a novelist. The reason why is simply that I prefer novels; I just love that long, intimate journey I mentioned in my last answer.

LadyLincolnI do both, but tend to lean towards chaptered, longer ones. My joy comes primarily with novel writing, because I enjoy plot planning, writing dialogue and fleshing out my characters. 

Do you prefer reading one over the other? Is there a reason why?

doughboycafeI prefer reading both, as long as they are well written. I hate reading books that could have been short stand-alones and I hate reading stand alones that don´t have enough meat. But done well, I like both. 

ThornyEnglishRoseChapters, for the reasons I have mentioned, since reading and writing really do go hand-in-hand - no, more than that, for they are in fact in a full and happy marriage. If I like or love a story and its characters, I want to spend a lot of time with them. I do enjoy short stories as well (and couldn't reasonably try to write them if I didn't), but novels are my favourite.

LadyLincolnIt depends solely on the story. If it draws in my interest continually, I will gladly read longer prose – I also enjoy concise, shorter prose and poetry, if done well. Length little matters. Engaging stories are a draw, period. 

What would you recommend a beginner prose writer start with, standalone or chaptered/novel-like prose? Why?

doughboycafeThey are equally challenging to do well. I think stand-alones might be a little easier just because they are less work intensive; you won’t spend weeks writing them start to finish, putting out pages and pages every day. At the very least, you are looking at a smaller word count. And, I do think that outlining is important with both stand-alones and chaptered work, but as the stand-alones will have considerably less outlining involved, they can be good practice for longer, more work intensive projects.

ThornyEnglishRoseStandalone. Whilst I don't wish to imply that they aren't as challenging, or you don't need to work as hard, the sheer fact that they're shorter means you can concentrate your efforts for the best results. One of the challenges is economising with words; beginners trying to write a short story will often find themselves on the path to writing a novella, and not a very good one if it contains the content of a couple of thousand words. You must master making your writing shorter before trying to make it longer!

LadyLincolnI would recommend longer prose and/or novels, because writers have more leeway and freedom to expand their stories. Standalone stories can be quite difficult for some – unless the story idea and focus is tight right off the bat, and directly on point. 

Do you think there's a different approach to writing chaptered and standalone prose, and if so, what's yours?

doughboycafeI think the process is pretty different between the two, but I can’t speak to the differences for any writer but myself. For me, I edit as I go with shorter stand-alone works, because I’m more focused on the actual words than getting from point a to point b. I have a limited amount of time and space to transmit exactly what I want to say. With chaptered works, I tend to write it all, then go back and make 3 or 4 passes at it before I even call it a second draft. I’ll outline first and stick to that, but longer pieces for me are more about getting it done in broad strokes, and then fixing things, because if I revise mid process I have a tendency to get hung up on things and then stall out and not finish.

ThornyEnglishRoseFor me, the basic approach is the same, which is to put into practise what I've learnt: use only the words you need; don't overstate; pace the story well etc. The plot is more voluminous and there are likely to be more characters in a longer piece, which means more planning and more threads to tie together. Such a piece is likely to turn up more errors and inconsistencies than a short story, and personally I have been known to get myself bogged down into some horrendous editing for longer pieces (this may mean that I do need to change my approach to novel writing!). But the writing of any prose, for me, requires the same basic skills and rules of thumb. That's why I recommend starting with short stories before attempting to write a novel.

LadyLincolnNot particularly. To me, it is about properly planning. Without that appropriate planning, organization, and a very clear-cut idea of what direction the shorter story is taking – I feel it is better to stay with a longer prose length to leave freedom for expansion. My own approach to writing either form is a lengthy book of post-its that contain notes for dialogues, future plots, and character summaries. 

Some questions for our readers!

  • Did any of the answers catch you off guard?
  • Did any of the answers particularly connect with you?
  • Are there any questions that you would have answered differently?

A big, big THANK YOU to all who participated in this interview, your contribution was amazing. HeartIf you reader have any questions, tag the deviant you want to ask them to! They knew they were signing up for it. Totally. :shifty:

>>All hail ginkgografix for this beautiful skin.
After many years of discussions and lots of patient waiting from the Infrared Photography community we are pleased to announce that it’s finally HERE! The Gallery Photography -> Infrared is now live! So what does this mean?  Infrared Photography is a beautiful technique used to achieve what is often described as a magical scene. The definition of Infrared Photography for the purpose of submitting to the gallery is written below..

"Infrared photography is style that predominantly uses the infrared portion of the light spectrum to create images on photographic film or digital sensors."

IR Contrasts 1 by Okavanga
Kuhdamm Berlin infrared by MichiLauke
Infrared - Am I Dreaming? by La-Vita-a-Bella
a Bugs Life - infrared by Konczey-Zsolt
A Bird View II by Phostructor

For more examples of Infrared Photography check out the Deviants below or head to r72, DeviantArt's unofficial Infrared Photography group. So what does this mean for Infrared Photography?  It means you have a dedicated category in which to place your specific Infrared works. You also have two dedicated Community Volunteers ready to promote, educate and demonstrate that category as much as possible and you can send all your Daily Deviation suggestions to us (Kaz-D or Mrs-Durden) for this category. We're also working on bringing you a contest specifically for Infrared Photography so keep your eyes open and watch out for an announcement in the near future...

spread the word quickly!!!

Journal Entry: Mon May 25, 2015, 2:45 PM

Temporarily interrupting the watcher feature to spread this message:

This website,, has somehow made almost all deviations available for download as a wallpaper, even if they are set as non-downloadable. THIS INCLUDES YOUR DEVIATIONS! 

It's an automated script set to search for images online, and make them easily downloadable for people. Technically they are not doing anything illegal: The size available is the size made available by you in the preview (so the size that people can download by right-click, even if you put the deviation as non-downloadable). The DA watermark is not even removed. 

However, they only state your name if you used that name in the search in the first place, and they don't provide a link. Moreover, since this is an automated scrips, they show all deviations, no matter their rules. This includes material where it's clearly stated that it should not be used outside of DA.

Use this information as you will. I have chosen to report, and will also send a message to the DA staff, to see if they can do something about it. Personally, I feel that this is not right.


oh would ya look at that, they fuckin' used my artwork -n-
I'm gonna kill those bastards!!!!!!! >n<
They even put drawkill senpai's work on there D:<

too help get rid of this sign this:…

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EXs and Heart Divider by Adrienne87
:iconchocovii:Hi icon by oFruitTango

Hey everyone!~
:usa: Happy Memorial Day, everyone!~ To all of the troops and their families!

Now then! I would love to hold a SUPER...DUPER...RAFFLE! as a celebration to 500+ of my watchers! :love: Thank you all for being a fan! :love: You are all awesome viifolk (ppft)

(Guys, PLEASE...READ this before continuing! Make sure you do not miss a step! ^-^)

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioMust be a watcher to celebrate with us! (New watchers are welcome! Happy Hop )Arrow right by Drawn-Mario

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Prizes by chocovii

Omg I gets present GRAND PRIZEOmg I gets present 

ONE deviant will win a chibi!~
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SIX deviants will win the New  Chill-Out Icon!
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Done by chocovii
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Thank chuu all so much!~ I hope to see many participants //cries
Winners will be chosen using!~ ^-^

RAFFLE ENDS: Wednesday, May 27th, 2015


1. :iconcheeseoritos:


wHY by Koili



We all know that brevity is the soul of wit. But when was the last time you wrote something short; just a single moment or scene? To help you with that, we're having a Flash Fiction Competition!

What is Flash Fiction?

Flash Fiction is a style of fiction, designed to be brief. Most have a word count of between 100-1000 words, or even less (For example, six-word stories). They can encompass any form, genre or personal style - so long as they're short!

To get the creative cogs turning, here are some examples from here on DA:

Thirty Three Percent"What are you doing?"
"I think…I finally figured out percentages."
"We learnt those in the third grade."
"Yeah, but we always complained that we'd never use them in real life."
"And you know how to use them in real life now?"
"Eighty four percent."
"What's that?"
"That's the percentage of how many basketball matches you lost to me when we were kids."
"That's not fair! You're taller than me!"
"Fifty two percent."
"Is that how much taller than me you are?"
"No. That's the percentage of times you speak out of turn and get into trouble for it."
"Very funny."
"Twenty three percent."
"Let me guess, that's how much I annoy you?"
"That's the percentage of times your mother told you she loved you when you were a child instead of the amount she should have."
"Seventy nine percent."
"I don't think I like this game anymore."
"That's how much of your heart loved that guy who broke it so completely callously."
"Look, I'm serious. Stop."
"Ten percent."
"Please stop."
"That's how sure you a
  Colourful LanguageThey talk blue. You see red.  An Atheist's Mental NoteHer body, while only alive for barely twenty years, will take, in my opinion, another two hundred to be fully decomposed. The days of rotting flesh, vermin and foul gasses have long passed, but it was sufficiently elongated as to drive away all who would interfere with this interment process. Those who fear the distorted sleeping face of an abandoned physical shell and refuse to return to this isolated field have forever left behind the possibility of laying eyes on a genuine treasure of fated circumstance.
  A single stroke of lightning, gulfed down with an ocean of rain, curved her into a cloudy figure of glass, as though she had only lived as a manifested recollection of time's incessantly drumming cascades of sand. Internal organs, of course, were not spared and had begun their return to living ash, melding this sleeping statue's reproductive organs, hips and entrails into the prolific soil, sadly before the electric phenomenon occurred.  Her hair is a series of
  The Business of Murder"Well, now that we're through with the pleasantries, Mr. Daniels, I must ask: Why is it that you want to die?"
Joseph Daniels sighed and slumped down in his seat, the picture of unkemptness. His face looked tired, with large bags underneath his eyes and at least three days' worth of stubble. His hair was a mess, his clothes were disheveled. He seemed to exude an aura of despair.
He surveyed the room he was in, which was quite his opposite: neat, orderly, unremarkable. Blank, white walls, some filing cabinents, three windows looking out on downtown. He was sitting in a plain, wooden chair in front of a plain, wooden desk with merely a fake houseplant and laptop on top.
The woman behind the desk, typing notes on the laptop, was similarly forgettable. She was dressed in a black pantsuit, her dark brown hair in a bun. Her eyes were blue, but otherwise ordinary. She wore little makeup on her plain face. She was as unremarkable as the room, which was how she liked it.
She had introduced hers

The Competition

Now, this is where you guys can join in! To celebrate and show off the medium of Flash Fiction, we're holding a month of challenges. Both Original Lit and Fanfic are allowed!

Every week of the month of June, we'll have a new prompt, and you'll have the week to create a piece of Flash Fiction which fits within the prompt's constraints. Don't worry though, the prompts are all quite open! As the rounds go by, we'll announce who won each prompt in following journals. If you win one round, you can enter following ones, and still be in the draw to win.

How to Join

To enter, simply reply to the challenge's journal saying you're in, and link us to your finished piece. It's that easy! 


Now, what's a contest without prizes! Check out our prize pool below!

Everyone who participates will receive the following!

The Winner of each round will receive:

If you would like to donate a prize (you can still enter if you donate!) then please comment or send a note to CRLiterature  or ObsydianDreamer !


The Flash Fictions will be judged by raspil, SMAdams, DrippingWords and ObsydianDreamer, based on grammar, spelling, how well they meet the prompt, and creativity.

Coding by SimplySilent

loosing you

Journal Entry: Tue May 26, 2015, 2:54 AM

After the War (In My Mind) by DpressedSoul

 Not Dead by noir-limite Rasima by Zhivago86 Are you my Mommy? by DieElster

 m e m o r i e s by ra-gro *** by noir-limite _ by MWeiss-Art

 You'll Follow Me Down... by mirpiphotography untitled by sandae Und weil die Liebe ist by AnjaMillen

 __ by windrides Without a name by apalkin Awoken Despair by alexandre-deschaumes

 And where the day was, the likeness of the night by Inextremiss Pioneers In Engineering by bliXX-a Untitled by nairafee

 Waldgeister by Steppenwolff Strolling Ghosts by Weissglut Closer by lomatic

 Portrait by Inextremiss L'arbre de pluie by noir-limite ... by MWeiss-Art

 moonshine by Enaston Automata by arctoa Sun Diamond by Dapicture

 California Street by DenisOlivier Neverending Roads by nairafee follow by KseniaMaytama

 Stiniva by spare-bibo M- 04 by atelier-de-figueline Through The Rushes by AntonioGouveia

 Its cold outside........ by Betuwefotograaf Lost. by adamcroh 253 by ElyneNoir

 The Phantom Menace by white-white March on by MrFahreinheit ,,__,, by Weissglut

 Faith by Victor-Hamke Still by Hengki24 Relaxed by torasenfoto

 . u n t i t l e d . by MWeiss-Art whispered silence by awphotoart . by MWeiss-Art

 Black Veil by ariadnese femme by zieniu by zieniu BaruĊ  0006 by Baronique

 Pussy Cat by VerityVian ataxia. by Senju-HiMe :::Pure::: by SATYRJA

 *** by tdum Emily by AnnaMazur silver by creativephotoworks

 Emily I by Riot23 Giulia 2 by Maurizio-Fantini Mo by sacredbone

 Black Madonna by la-monalisa Untitled by KatieAnna Katrin by aufzehengehen

 The Path to Mordor by almostacrayon Sakura by MrINSULATION Dark and Deep by Metal-Bender

 Mist by ErikvanOs the cliff by rdalpes Graue Schatten by Weissglut

 Rooted by k-simir Monochrome - Skyscape by Okavanga mi querido otono.. by kriakao

 stairway to decay by voluptuousv0id Mystic Skyscraper | 7114 by Dr007 spiral by wistar-photography

 Live Fit by SenhArt Mystic Skyscraper | 1047 by Dr007                       by deadendsoul

 time by stevenfields The Path of Light by xMEGALOPOLISx Dead Emotion by AbandonedZone

 The Prayer by LASKANWLF Stil by lomatic Vik trails by TomazKlemensak

 Shark Teeth Rocks by Hengki24 Gadsar Pass by MahmoudYakut ... by MindShelves

 Gone With The Wind by Unkopierbar Where the Lonely Souls Go ... by alexandre-deschaumes Reynisdrangar 1 | Iceland by JacktheFlipper-de

 lea DSC 7618 by pietervanbalen Pola Martyna by marcinwuu This is Paris -1 by Marcwildpassion

 12657895 by immerdar Happy Birthday by MercedesCS Free by visualsoup

 Drop by AnnaMazur chloe II by prismes strange by MartaSyrko

 Solitude by Etimasia Fox 18 by SpawlPhoto melancolia by MWeiss-Art

 - by nairafee Lost Letters by tholang The waves by Janek-Sedlar

thank you for your beautiful works

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
A lot of people look at the successful species (you know, ones going for hundreds of dollars) wanting to know what makes them so successful. A Lot of people get caught up on the appearances, thinking that the way the species looks is what made it successful, but that's not what people should be observing. 

Every single one of the species that are selling for so much have a few things all in common with each other
1. The species owner actually enjoys their own species. They didn't make it for the sole purpose of selling to other people, they genuinely enjoy developing their species/worldbuilding. This is a really really important factor when it comes to the success of a species!! It's just like any other work, if you're doing something that you don't like, it's gonna be a lot harder, but if you're doing something that you like anyways, then you're going to keep doing it, and you're gonna get better and better at it. This same principle applies to art in general, people who become successful in the art business got to that point because they actually ENJOY doing it. 
2. The creator of the species already has a decent amount of exposure. Popular artists are going to have more popular species, it just comes hand in hand since a popular person has more people that will see their work?? The same goes for more experienced/skilled artists. The more experienced/skilled an artist you are, the easier it will attract customers. 
3. Time. 90% of the species that are selling for upwards to $1000 have been in circulation for a few months OR MORE and I can guarantee that they haven't always sold for that amount. 

Lets use an example: Mantibabs
A LOT of people take features that mantibabs have to use on their species. They imitate the fluff-filled pointed ears, the pads on the elbows and ankles, the cheeks, the zigzag mouths, some people copy his ENTIRE STYLE. They try very!! hard!! to get species out there based on what they think works in the market. (I can't believe I gotta say this but I obviously DON'T mean that everyone who uses these features are trying to copy mantibabs, please don't take what I'm saying here as that)
The thing is though?? All of the things I listed in the numbered list are what made Jawn's mantibabs as popular as they are. He genuinely, without any doubt, LOVES his mantibabs, he's put so much development into the species like, it's hard to give examples since his gallery has been cleaned but the mantibabs have come SO FAR from where they first started! He kept adding to them because he ENJOYED working with them, he was EXCITED to keep working on them so he put A LOT into them. He also had a fairly large fanbase when he first started making mantibabs, and you know what's nuts?? In the beginning, they only sold for $15-$50! For a long time, ABs in auctions were $50, I bought one of my babs for $26 in an AUCTION which any of you who watches his recent auctions and sees how high the bids go can understand how amazing that is. With time, love, work, and patience, a species that sells for a very small amount can make it big.

SO don't give up!! I know it's easy to look at the successful species and get discouraged, but you have to get in your head that they WORKED for what they have, even if you weren't there to witness their rise to fame. If you want to get to that point, WORK FOR IT!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! and maybe don't shit on people who do make good money on their species. Just because you don't want to bother working towards success, doesn't mean that they no longer deserve theirs.