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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 6:29 AM

Fawna for ReversiWings by serafleur

Wow, I gained another 1000+ watchers in just two weeks! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ; v ;// I would like to hold free raffle weekly/monthly as thanks to everyone who supported me!

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Watchers only. NEW WATCHERS ARE WELCOMED! Please watch only if you like my artworks!
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Thank you again!

Img-og by techgnotic

Disclaimer: If you base a significant portion of your everyday decisions on information about your zodiac sign, stop reading, now. This investigation might cause severe repercussions in your world. We don’t want to be responsible for your emotional distress.

Okay, those of you who are still with us, let’s do a quick experiment.

Get a star tracking program like Stellarium, which is free to download, and look up the exact date of your birth, down to the year (the time of day is not important). Now, find the sun. What constellation is behind it? Is the constellation your zodiac sign? I thought not. For some of you, it will be, but for the rest of you, what you just learned by way of star charts from the date of your birth, is that you were born under the zodiac sign preceding the one you’ve grown up claiming as your own.

But why is this happening to me, you might well ask. Well, here’s the hard science that’s available to us now.

No such system of observation, hypothesis, and testing existed at the time of the invention of the Horoscope. There is something called axial precession. If you paid attention in school, you know the rotation of our planet happens along a line called the axis. But while earth spins along, the actual axis it rotates along shifts over time, in much the same way that a top starts to wobble as it spins. This effect changes the relative positions of the stars in our sky (known to astronomers as the celestial sphere). The rotation of our axis happens at a glacial pace, completing one rotation every 26,000 years. If you want to see this effect in progress, you can actually use Stellarium to see into the future. If you select the north star and jump a few thousand years ahead, you’ll notice that it begins to move out of the northern part of the sky, away from its fixed point.

Because the zodiac signs were determined thousands of years ago, axial precession has caused the dates during which the sun moves through the various constellations to change. So yeah, you’ve been deceived. It’s disconcerting, right? Even if you don’t put any stock in astrology, it’s no fun finding out that this common part of your identity, silly as it may seem, is a fabrication.

But that’s where it gets complicated. Even though the star signs are a bit of a ruse, there may actually be some truth to the idea that people born during certain times of the year have shared traits. Over the years, studies have found connections between birth month and everything from susceptibility to disease to future career path. Some of these connections are considered spurious, coincidental. But others actually seem to have some causality. One of them is height. A 1998 study by University of Vienna anthropologist Gerhard Weber found that people born during the month of April tend to be the tallest in the general population, whereas people born in October tend to be the shortest. This could have to do with exposure to sunlight in an infant’s prenatal and early postnatal life.

Given that information, the general traits of your star sign may be closer to the truth than you would think, even though the reasoning behind them is flawed.

Of course, horoscopes also rely heavily on what is known as the “Barnum Effect,” which demonstrates that people tend to believe the vague descriptions horoscopes offer because of their own positive bias. This effect was discovered by psychologist Bertram Forer, who gave his students a personality test as an experiment. When the students finished, he gave them their results, explaining that each description was unique and based on their specific answers. In reality, he gave each student the same description, letter for letter. The students were asked to rate the accuracy of the description on a scale of 0 (very poor) to 5 (excellent). On average, his students rated their results at 4.26.

Whether horoscopes derive their accuracy from the world we are born into or from our own willingness to believe them, modern science assures that they don’t have much to do with the alignment of the stars at the time of our births. That doesn’t mean that horoscopes can’t be enjoyable, or that you don’t really possess the traits associated with your sign, but if you’re getting ready to make a major life choice based on something you saw on the back of a pack of Bazooka bubble gum, you might want to give it some deeper thought.

Your Thoughts

  1. Does knowing your ‘real’ star sign change your opinion of horoscopes?
  2. If your ‘real’ star sign is different than before, do you identify more with the new one or the previous one?
  3. Are you, or do you know people who are, deeply emotionally invested in their star signs and daily horoscopes?

Dear Rest of the World,

Our rodents are better than yours.

Kindest regards,
Great F**king Britain.

The Best of the Best Feature

Tue Mar 3, 2015, 10:31 PM
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New Work

This is my new creature, a blend of aquatic elements, fish body, tail of jellyfish, detail of angler-fish and details in your body is of aquatic plant and has cats eyes also, it is strange and cute  :happybounce:

We Can Fly by Wesley-Souza

New Contest

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Art Feature

The Best and Wonderful work of the last few weeks


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Wed Mar 4, 2015, 3:01 AM

red heart bulletHello to everyone.

In this giveaway you can win points and feature.

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Look here

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Still on my Pokémon kick and I was just looking up some old Pokémon theme songs, then I came across this little gem

I don't think I've ever laughed so much hahaha XD It was so uncomfortable to watch in the best way possible! It totally caught me off guard. I've been watching this all day yesterday and today. Made me realize how much I miss listening to J-Pop. I need to get back into it again.

Anyways, you might not find this funny but I thought I'd just share what kind of stupid things make my day and make me laugh. Leave some links to things that make you laugh :D

PS Sorry for the little break I'm taking. A lot of you are under the impression that I've stopped doing pony art or am not gonna do pony art anymore haha (it's been less than a week ppl). I just have a midterm coming up and I'm dedicating all my time to studying for it (and occasionally looking up videos like this). Plus when going to art school, taking a break from art is nice sometimes lol. So no worries. Still here and still drawing :D

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I Dreamt of You

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 12:00 AM

Morning Pray by artofdan70 *** by YuriChief Sz. by A-Finch

 *** by IlonaShevchishina In her heart (bw) by DmitryElizarov Joanie : Lost Ballerina by edaoust

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 Lolita by karen-abramyan Lisa by aufzehengehen IMG 6022-web by warhammerphoto

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 red by ezorenier *** by winonaramon bloody lips by gietine

 fallen angel by Avine entrueckt by LadYale wind for blind bird by gaolst

 Kristy by lensworksphotography Inside Of Me by DallasHarder Smoke and Mirrors by marcinwuu

 5D0A1794-web by warhammerphoto Thaisia by livingloudphoto MissCruz by lensworksphotography

 head on fire. by sollenafotografie 5D0A1030-web by warhammerphoto Olya by TanyaMochalova

 Nastya by Orwald brocade lady by PataWojtkowiak If we were strangers again by tayaiv

 Fire hair by anaispopy Anastasia by Zhivago86 fearless. by sollenafotografie

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 Ulya by TanyaMochalova The Beauty Garden. Kristina by RavenaJuly 1466 by linientreu

thank you for your beautiful works

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Beginners Guide To Horror in Art

Wed Mar 4, 2015, 12:37 AM by Tudalia:icontudalia:

Traditional Art Week

Hey ! let me try to make something of HORROR! Wait ! But how?Sweating a little... 

That's a frequent question in everyone's mind who are initially starting up with horror art. So,what exactly horror and macabre is?Horror and macabre drawings are those , which usually consist of dark scenes composed of violence,gore,shadows,BLOOD!,WEAPONS Thrown in one's head!!! and even more!!!This type of art is mostly composed of the following topics:
  • Violence, Gore and Blood
  • Expressions and Shadows
So, to make everything systematic and organised , I'll divide this topic into these subtopics :

In Violence :

  • Introduction
  • Gore and addition of cuts,marks,scars
  • Addition of Blood

  In Expressions : 

  • Introduction
  • Main expressions
  • Exceptions 
  • Shadowy shades 

In Backgrounds :

  • Introduction
  • Colour choice


  • Artist Features


Violence :

Introduction :

Violence in horror art is frequently used and also almost every time brings about a dreary and unbearable feeling in our mind.So , it is a great tool for your horror art.Now , how to create this violence in your art? Of course you'll say "add some blood" or  "use scars!!!" or even "drop a sword in its head!!!" . So, to try out these samples practically, I've a tutorial for you :

-4 by Tudalia -17 by Tudalia -3 by Tudalia -18 by Tudalia -12 by Tudalia -9 by Tudalia -8 by Tudalia -19 by Tudalia -20 by Tudalia  
-5 by Tudalia 

To explain all these , I've a series of steps :

  1. Made a blank sketch of a face on a fresh sheet of paper
  2. Then made the required facial organs , i.e. eyes , nose etc.
  3. Did shading around the eyes,bulges and bends of the face and the area of the neck,this promoted realism.
  4. Dropped blood out of the eyes.Dropped them in an uneven manner, not in a straight path as it looks unnatural.
  5. Did shading behind the stream of blood.
  6. Then, made a reference line for the scar.
  7. Made stitches and shade along the boundary, which shows dried blood on the edges.
  8. Then pushed a weapon  in the head.
  9. Made blood out side the emerging sharp edge of the sword.
  10. Made a dull background ,  to create a dreary feeling.
This was what I had done , now let us understand the methods in deeper detail:

Gore and addition of cuts, marks and weapons :

Adding the weapon :

Untitled Drawing by Tudalia

Adding scars :

Untitled Drawing by Tudalia

Addition of Blood :

From the eyes :

Untitled Drawing by Tudalia

Untitled Drawing by Tudalia

Untitled Drawing by Tudalia

Untitled Drawing by Tudalia

To the end of the chin :

Untitled Drawing by Tudalia

Expressions and Shadows :

The expressions make a very important  part of a horror painting or sketch as if you make a mistake in the expressions and make them opposite, then the result will be completely different. To prevent this, you have to remember that in a horror painting the widely used expressions are sadness,dullness, fear, scare, terror, shock, anger, rage, envy, crying, pain, mysterious, misc. and demise. So, how to make them? I've
divided these expressions into these categories :

  1. SADNESS : demise, pain, crying etc.
  2. TEMPER : rage, envy etc.
  3. SCARED : fear, terror, shock etc.
  4. MISC. : mysterious expressions or poker face (expressionless face)
so here are the forms :

Untitled Drawing by Tudalia
Untitled Drawing by Tudalia
The picture made above by me is an example of the usage of expressions and a bit of blood, but what else can you see?what ? You mean you saw a smile? But how can a smiley face be horror, or be enough to scare you?Are you scared of clowns or jokers? Why do you get scared of their lovely big smile? Does it seem evil?YES! Everything in excess is an evil! and so is a smile! If you extend a smile very much,it will turn into something really horrible and scary! For eg:
Untitled Drawing by Tudalia

Untitled Drawing by Tudalia
So, taking care of drawings is an important task in horror!

Shadowy shades :

Did you observe in the examples of expressions,that near the eyes were greyish-black patches? What do they add? Yes the shadows of black and other dark colours bring up a nocturnal effect that's pretty scary and these effects can be used to enhance the scariness of a drawing or painting! For eg:
Untitled by TudaliaUntitled by Tudalia

Backgrounds :

How would you drawing look if it didn't have a background? More scary or less scary?Let's compare again with the same example as before:
Untitled by Tudalia
Untitled by Tudalia

So, did the one with the background appear more scary? Why? The answer is that because the picture without the background didn't have an equivalent contrast around itself, it appeared normal, but in the case of the background one, since it had a really contrasting response from behind, it appeared as a ghost appearing from darkness.

Colour Choices :

For having perfect backgrounds as per your sketch or painting, you first have to remember that warm colours don't make good backgrounds for horror art, instead use the hybrid shades like pale green, greyish blue or cold and dark colour shades like grey, dark blue and for painting the backgrounds on paper instead of using crayons, pencils or ball pens,use diluted mixes of the examples of colours given above! they make excellent shades!!!

Here are some examples of shade which you can use for backgrounds!

So I hope you are now clear by the shades which can be used to create the PERFECT HORROR sketch/painting/drawing etc.
and one last thing DON'T FORGET TO ADD RED!!!


A Rose for Emily by AbigailLarsonDown The Trap Hole by NanoMortis

Heart of Stone by NanoMortis

Selfie by IrenHorrorsThe Black Cat by MukilteoCasualtie

The Black Cat by icegooFlowery Grudge by Tudalia

Medusa  by Tudalia
Spiders Everywhere!!!!! by TudaliaDistorted by RhynWilliamsFlesh eater by RhynWilliamsrocky horror by RhynWilliams
Soul Eater by RhynWilliams

Horror by aAshleyBMy tribute to American Horror Story (oil on panel) by KaradjinovicMarko

I Hope after seeing all these features,you get an idea about what actually horror is!

Article written for projecteducate
by Tudalia