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2000 Watchers Art Raffle (Open) READ DESC
I wanna celebrate 2k because you guys really rock !!!
I''ll draw you something like this

Just favorite this journal to enter!!! Please don't comment ;;
Deadline: January 25th, no extensions
There will only be one winner 
ALSO-- Watchers ONLY please
:iconrealdoghours:realdoghours 78 0
Dark Days
I miss the days when I could tell the difference between right and wrong.
Days full of meaning and purpose.
Life felt more complete back then, joyful.
Every passing day gets darker and darker,
scary in so many ways...
:iconvelvetdream3r:VelvetDream3r 13 0
another GIVE AWAY
hello everyone!
I want to do a give away again!
this time I will be giving away 2 small drawings, like these: (so 2 winners will be chosen, get 1 drawing each)

What you have to do:
 - :+fav: this journal
 - comment that you join / have favourited --you MUST comment to let me know you joined and I will give you a number / numbers! 
 - optional: share this via poll or journal, your name will be entered twice. if you do this, PLEASE link me the journal/poll in your comment!
note that I will draw whatever character you like, except for MLP characters and nudity and that sort of thing. gore is more than welcome though! :D
that's it!
best of luck to you all.
deadline will be 2nd of February 
ENTERED so far:
1. Icarust
2. Icarust
4. qhyron
5. qhyron
6. :devasykrie
:iconrametic:Rametic 27 42
Up...Up...And Away!
"Only From The Heart Can You Touch The Sky"
~ Rumi

Hungry Robin by pell21Piglet Potter by Marloeshi
Surreal by CharllieeArtsKookaburra by mrscatsPretty Puffins by Lust0fADeeperPain
Come Rain or Come Shine . ANIMATED . by hetorakelt
Icon Cat Bye-bye by SnowyDivaCreations

Have A Wonderful Day!! 
:iconsuezn:suezn 9 14
RWBY react: Headhunters
Me: "Finally done~! Sorry it so long... Again... Like I said, I'm in college so-"
Bill: "Oh stop being around the bush! You've been watching a lot of 'Steven Universe' and 'Star vs the Forces the Evil' again, huh."
Me: "Oh come on! I work hard in my college courses, so I need to take breaks in order to keep my sanity in check! (all those essays... *shudder*) Not like
you would know anything about that..."
Bill: "Yeah, sure... That's the reason..."
Me: "Can you please just leave me alone?!"
Bill: "Nope!"
Me: "Ugh... That's it. I'm going to get some unicorn hair."
Bill: "Ha-ha-ha! And where are you going to get it?"
Me: "Um... ...Princess Pony Head...?"
Bill: "You know she's a just flying unicorn head, right?"
Me: "W-well... Having part of unicorn is better than having none!"

Yang stretched her arms a bit before asking her sister what the name of the episode. "Okay, this episode is called 'Headhunters.'" "Headhunters, huh?" The blonde put her hand on her chin. "So it's
:iconanimevulpagirl:AnimeVulpaGirl 3 2
Artist of Weather/Sky Photography: turbulentvortex
Hello and welcome to an interview series that will introduce the artists of our monthly themed categories at AnimalsPlantsNature group! January is Weather & Sky Photography month and so we're excited to be bringing you an interview with a talented astrophotographer to get a closer look at their artwork and their thoughts behind the pieces they submits to the DeviantArt community... turbulentvortex!
Introducing turbulentvortex !

Who is turbulentvortex? Tell us a bit about yourself!

My real name is Ivan, and I am currently an Engineering undergraduate living in Singapore. I have been into photography for about 8 years, and into weather & sky photography for that same length. I actually started off with a hobby in Astronomy, just looking at the stars, and only picked up photography after that when I got hooked onto trying t
:iconjenfruzz:JenFruzz 7 9
The TA-Feat XVII
Traditional Art - Feature or ''The TA-Feat'' 

In the ''The TA-Feat'' journals I will feature UNDISCOVERED Traditional Artists and Art - Works .
I'm a Traditional Artist and I know how difficult is to receive/have more exposure. 
Hope you will enjoy it !



  Princess of the Skies by TheDarkRayne Watercolor3 by Viktosa

A tale of high places by Manuela-M Tiger and pigeons by NillaMustikka Little Bunny by MonaParvin

God Save the Queen by ritakomi Practice, practice, practice by JeanVieux 
:icongeorgexvii:GeorgeXVII 7 13
:iconsoothenoo1959:SootheNoo1959 6 21
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 33

Coedywern Zulu by valentina-86
Cozy winter by Rudkevich
Harbour1 by sampom
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 6 9
Monday Pixel Madness #106
Let's welcome a new week with a pixel art feature :)
The Feature

Ryan Tedder Page Doll by MsMellaa
Adrasteia Sprite (Animated) by dragontamer75chibi pixels batch 3 by Doshoi
MazeThing (Game Mockup) by zeroandnullA gift to a friend by TalalBk
:iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 5 10
Abstract in Red

The Power of Shadows by Einsilbig
Protector by Einsilbig
The End Of Tears by Pierre-Lagarde
Geronimo by EintoeRn
JUNCTION by Anj3lla
Architect's waves by OlivierAccart
red grill by awjay
the itinerary by m-lucia
countdown by EintoeRn
Almost Right Angles by EintoeRn
Silverfish by Ragnar949
Art Wrap by tholang
White Blades by Pierre-Lagarde
Counting On The Double by EintoeRn
:iconzephyramilie:ZephyraMilie 5 5

Bullet; Red Paypal payment only.
Bullet; Red I wll start drawing after full payment.
Bullet; Red I  draw only girls (human)


Headshot 5$

Halfbody 7$ 
(have no examples yet)
Fullbody 12$

:iconhelloimtea:helloimtea 4 0
Team rocket birthday cake
Eeeehhdhdhehsjsjsj my aunt made me the best birthday cake ever XD
:iconazziranarts:AzziranArts 4 5
Sorry, I feel the need to vent about it, I'm fucking angry, this is getting so stressful
Ugh I'm risking to have my reputation fucked up and I can't do shit because people will still fall for them
I'm about to cry because I would like to do something about it but internet doesn't work really well so the only thing I can do is watching people getting fooled without being able to do something
I can't really see what's going on here because internet obviously
but I never seen this software/website? and judging by that icon (which I never used) I'm sure that's not me, if someone could tell me what's going on here I would be really grateful
2: A person was pretending to be me on an app called "sketch", guess what? I'm not on sketch, btw I don't have screenshots for this
3: Same thing, but this time with miceforce
:iconsleepykinq:Sleepykinq 21 29
Collab with me!
Okay so at this moment I am having this art block and I can't draw but for some reason I can do shading Q v Q"
So is anybody interested in having a collab with me?
•I can only do the Coloring, Shading and Background.
•You are to be the one who shall draw.
•You can either draw an official character ( Sonic Official Characters ) or each person's character in the drawing. ( Your OC and my OC )
Examples of the Collabs:
New One/s:

Older One/s:

You can see more examples of my Shading style in my gallery ♥
So if interested just comment down below! Thank you!
:iconr0sque:r0sque 3 64
Weekly Feature #114
:star: Picture Of The Week :star:
Yaaaaay, mating!
By woxys

:star: Runner-up #1 :star:
Winter is yummy
By woxys
:star: Runner-up #2 :star:
Red Deer 14
By landkeks-stock 

:star: Honable Mention #1 :star:
Daktyl the Australian Shepherd
By Aenkill 
:star: Honable Mention #2 :star:
Brando 2
By EdgedFeather 

[Star!] Other Great Submissions [Star!]


                    Beware of the cat by luka567
:iconlucytherescuedcat:lucytherescuedcat 3 3
Commissions! ^-^

Imma start doing commissions! :dummy:

Black and white sketch
Headshot: $5
Waist up/Full body: $10

Colour headshots

Colour Waist up


Colour Full character

(I'll send a WIP update for these so make sure you're available to respond)
:iconshimizuryu:ShimizuRyu 19 0
Commissions (Open)
1 slot open. All sections open.
I'm opening my bust/head shot and some other commissions, please take a look.
 Also, I would be grateful if you could share this journal in another journal/poll or just in general so it could be better-seen. Thank you! ^_^
I can draw feral, human/humanoid, anthro, etc. though I'm still practicing with humanoid, just a heads-up. owo/
~Bust (shoulders and up): 100Points shaded, -10Points not. 
~Head shot (neck and up): 80Points shaded, -10Points not. 
~Waist-up: 190Points shaded, 170Points not. 
~ Full bodies for feral characters: 210Points shaded 190Points not.
~ Full bodies for humanoi
:iconsilverlily1:Silverlily1 3 4
Sapphire Shine Info + Bio!!

Name: Sapphire Star Shine
Nicknames: Sapphy, Sapphire, Shine , Star, My precious jewel (Only by her mate)
Gender: Female
Age: 30 [30,000 in her gem years]
Species: Gem Pony Pegasus (MY SPECIES, ASK ME TO MAKE ONE!!!) 
Height: Abit smaller than an average Pegasus Mare
Weight: Abit less than an average Pegasus Mare
Mane Color/Style/Length: Medium-Long navy blue with aqua blue gradients
Coat Description: Light sky blue with white gradient wings
Eye Shape/Color: Twilight eyes with only 3 eyelashes
Accessories: Sapphire stone necklace, two bracelets, and 4 earrings
Cutie Mark: A sapphire gem with water being splashed onto it
Special Talent: Finding gems underwater
Family: Cobalt Surfer (Husband, MU), Jade Verda (Adopted daugter, MU), Maz (Husband/Protector, AU),  Midnight Aqua (Daughter, AU), Coastal Waters (Son, AU)
Friends: Cloud Heartshine, Oil Streak, ect. (Comment if want to be added as her friend)
Personality: Kind, caring, thoughtful, has her fears, very
:iconkistune-fox:Kistune-Fox 3 0
SO ladies and gents I just got handed a VERY fabulous roll from a breeding!!!
I personally do not trust myself designing this guy, so I'm calling on you guys to throw out some awesome designs! 
Here is the geno that needs to be designed:
 Lord Schnee 20580 x Eir 16021
5) Male, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
25% DIRE
Marked collared greying brown with accents and pangare

Hereditary Traits:

He happens to have Mabon 6420 and Epona 600 in his lineage!
So he has the option to be quite a glorious red-brown!
However, the entire design is up to you guys!! 

The prize,
:iconhyperesis:Hyperesis 18 6
I need your help
Hello guys !
I don't really like this type of journal. I'm a joyful and positive person who believe in her dreams. I already realized a lot of dreams but sometimes, life don't let us get them easily.
I won't give details 'cause it's personal, and I don't want speak about my personal life on DA anymore, but things aren't that good. A had a(very) bad new few days ago.
You know, I don't earn that much money with my art. I sell very few commissions since many month. 
If you ask why I became a professional artist then, that was because 2 years ago, I had a lot of commissions request and professional offers. That's not the case anymore. =(  
Some of you will say that's because I'm too expensive now. To be honest, I'm not that much. I looked on prices from another artists who've a similaire style and "popularity" on DA, who're doing a lot of commissions, and our prices are almost the same. But even when I do very attractives prices,
:iconangedecristal:AngedeCristal 7 30
PixelChallenges Week 96
Hello and welcome to our 96th week!
Before you join, please read our Rules to avoid confusion and any unpleasant situations!!

Clock Dates
Start: 23th January
End: 28th january
Winners announcement: 5th February

Theme of this week: Palette Challenge VI

It's long awaited, everybody favorite challenge theme! This time we would like to propose working with a variation of Gameboy color palette. Again, the theme is up to you - you can draw anything you want! But please use only colors below:

#204631 | #527f39 | #aec440 | #d7e894
Additional rules:
Bullet; Blue use only these, exact colors
Bullet; Blue <
:iconpixelfairyhome:PixelFairyHome 6 7