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First, a little backstory on the backstory....

Cattlekind are a nomadic race who roam the grasslands of their nation, The Prairie. Constant travellers, they have no permanent homes, and instead house their vast herd in wooden, covered wagons that they pull across the nation as they look for fresh grass to graze upon. Cattlekind believe in keeping life clean and simple and have a constant faith that the land will provide for whatever they may need. They are a sturdy breed, hard-working, down-to-earth, and ever grateful for all that Mother Fœnum has provided them. And having seen so much of what The Prairie has to offer - the flowering fields, the rolling plains, the golden sunsets - the cattle have developed a deep love of their country and are intensely patriotic. So much so, they can be a little judgmental of other “extravagant” cultures, not quite understanding why others would not lead lives as simple and happy as theirs. Still, they are known throughout the world as trustworthy, kind folk who only wish that all others could be as content as they.  

And now....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Illustrations by Omari Smith

For the next chapter in the Book of Lore, we'd like to do something special. We're letting our supporters pick which character's past we'll delve into next. The poll will remain open until the Them's Fightin' Herds crowdfund reaches 265K, and the backstory for the character that you all pick will be published soon after. Then we'll repeat the poll for all the remaining characters, whose stories will be revealed for every additional 15K afterwards. So if you have a favorite character whose story you can't wait to hear (or if you've ever felt like telling me what you want me to write next), vote now and tell all your friends to vote, too!

Oh- and make sure to please spread the word to help get to the next 15K!

Click here to vote for the next character, and click here to help the crowdfund.

Thanks for your support - and forgive the puns.   :)
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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 4:11 AM

The Blind (House of the Lie) by Mrs-White barely real by LostOneself

 Ty jestes aniol ja jestem trup by wyrazobcy Patrycja by hellwoman

 crossing lines by deadendsoul lovers by spokojnysen

 Interstitium by Sei-Zako Wayward Bob by noir-limite

 For now.. by mirpiphotography mistress monologue by bitterev

 Image by dasTOK - by nairafee

 Without Wings by Chaerul-Umam Enigmatic by ksushiks

 Praying for rain by Etimasia

Mature Content

Image by dasTOK

 Untitled by yup12 Away From You by KrzysztofJedrzejak

 Walking to eternity by leoatelier Ghost tunel by leoatelier

 Mangrove - The Tree of Hope by Hengki24 breath deep... by LostOneself

 Cibona by Q-harrr Black Milk by KarlRemarks

 waterfall by 7Redhotz Highlands-36 by Kaarmen

 Holz 1 by pillendrehr Solid Statement by tholang

 PN by LuGiais Mystic Skyscraper | 05718 by Dr007

 Looking Outside Inside by arctoa Untitled by jonniedee

 The last path by Baron-of-Darkness Welcome automn by Sei-Zako

 Bridge Pier by StefanEffenhauser Shark by LuxLucie

 traveler by BelcyrPiotr On A Trip II by vamosver

 rotterdam.0006 by insolitus85 dark paradise by VesnaSvesna

 The Absence Of Fear by bliXX-a The Things We Left Behind by bliXX-a

 Caged by tholang Das Heer der Flaschen by scheinbar

 Kohlekraftwerk Lippendorf by vamosver Drill formation by freMDart

 on the cusp by BelcyrPiotr Mystic Skyscraper | 7738 by Dr007

 The Ghost of Me III by Peterix Loxia pytyopsittacus by Peterix

 in the mist   5 by selimselimoglu By the brook by Hengki24

 Morning Dance by Hengki24 Image by dasTOK

 tanja by TanjaMoss depersonalization by MWeiss-Art

 getting lost by HaruNiji as if by davespertine


Mature Content

A Stone for Sisyphus by rdhobbet

Mature Content

Lines and light by AlexeiEv


Mature Content

planctum in virgo by Anhen

Mature Content

I think I'll miss you forever by janskop

 Mysterium by graviloquence As if to have you yet more near. by Inextremiss

 Shadow of ekbatan by mldzz Prora by pillendrehr

 Underground by CaveCanem42 On A Trip by vamosver

 Underneath the dance of the golden lamps II by RapidHeartMovement I want to feed you with myself by RapidHeartMovement

 The Lunatic (House of the Lie) by Mrs-White Tripped Flower by CreameCaramele

 Asylum Zero by TiaDanko -Light without dark doesnt exist- by Janek-Sedlar

 Nobody home III by SHA-1 PostApocalyptic Dream by Sudlice

 687 by awjay Die Umarmung by feigenfrucht

 Jaws 2 by Marcwildpassion The freckles in our eyes by iNeedChemicalX

 When the world is not enough Part I by Menoevil i have a secret by arslanalp

 Transcendental by Hengki24 the passenger by windrides

Scotland-view5 by Kaarmen Illumination by AntonioGouveia

 My Heart Is Blue For You by TrizTaess

Mature Content

9692-DJA Nude Young Woman BW Zebra Stripe Abstract by artonline

Mature Content

Fall Into Place by MissSouls

 Smokerz by YannickDesmet S* by LauraDK sins by Enaston

 Remember when... by StormAhead yearning by MWeiss-Art

 Wind of times by leoatelier Together forever by leoatelier

 Silver Sweet by Inextremiss Burn the witch. by TadzioAutumn

thank you for your beautiful works

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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 3:51 AM
Banner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by CandyfiedBanner by Candyfied

I am a dummy!  Salutations! One year of PixelChallenges and it has been so fun! We've had so many fabulous entries and met so many stunning people this year. In total, around 10370 points, some 34 months of core and exactly 5 cake badges were given to all the winners of the challenges!

Megaphone by Candyfied So let's have another round of applause to the best of the best, all the pixellers who have won challenges! 

Pixel bottle (free to use) by UszatyArbuzWeekly Pixel Challenge #2: Basic Shapes by PandaPastelsand pigs will fly by appocreaPiggy by AlexanderPaupoffFood? by ShironaiiBilly by AlexanderPaupoffA Ball, a Square, a Triangle by buch415Free Jack-O-Latern icon by UszatyArbuzPumpkin by CandyfiedBottled up japanese scenery by CitricLilyPixel tree (free to use) by UszatyArbuzA Part of Your World by ShironaiiZeppelin by UszatyArbuzTransient Apple Salesgirl by ShironaiiStealed Kinton Cloud by ChipiyBottle of Blood by Candyfied:Lotus: - NaNoEmo by a-kid-at-heartC a n d l e by AIternativeBunnyMessage in the clouds by TheGalleryOfEveIn a Dream by ClefairyKidLady of the Evening by RHLPixelsPixel Christmas Tree by UszatyArbuzThis Game by ShironaiiW a t e r   F a i r y by AIternativeBunnyMa Kitchen by ChipiyHaru in Bathtub by ChipiyRosa by MiaoshaYato Pixel Chibi - Contest Entry by KhallandraPixelChallenge: Hottie pepper by NesmatyPixelchallenges: Petal Fairy by NesmatySailor Moon Fairy by Yumieo[PXART] A Fairy Bottle by xo-autumnrayneEggplant by AmarantheansMorel Mushroom - Pixel Challenge Week 15 by MomentaryUnicornCrystal Skull Pendant by Disdainful-LoniI Can See Us In Orbit Together (Animated) by MomentaryUnicornLove Letter by LadyGlitchRing by addyk2003Pink Crystal by HarlequinHuesHair by CandyfiedJigglypuff by ChipiyBilly Crystal - Pixel Challenge by a-kid-at-heartWhale Thing by PurpleCat101PixelChallenges Week 18 - Isometric Keldeo by russiancarsTogepi by HarlequinHuesMermaid by cheapjamWeek 19 Pixel Challenge: Hair by LettarBTPC trophies by kokoteaBe You by Disdainful-LoniGlorious Trophy by SkyXperishCardcaptor Sakura by kittycasTrophy SET [F2U] by ChipiyDa by Amarantheansla-candycar by KitLightningEaster! [gif] by EasternSeagullSakura Miku Here~! by HotaruinLilllian [HM-ToTT] by TranquilerinNaruto by UszatyArbuzPixel Challenge - Candy by Sinister-StarfeeshEaster Bunnies by TranquilerinDay1 - Chick by BlobiconsRockin' Candy by Techie8Easter by CandyfiedHow dare you forget me by ChipiyAuction - Spring Lady (CLOSED) by Candyfied(OPEN) Adoptable: flower fairy by cheapjamSpring Flower by HarlequinHuesplay aqua rofl-copter by TanteTabataSpring by AmarantheansRun To Your Heart's Content by BlobiconsDay22 - Pufferfish by BlobiconsWhite Rabbit by NeSoMimay the force be with you by TanteTabataStar Wars, I Think... by GoodThinkerDart Vader by EasternSeagulldancing tramp by LauraBehgurururu by cheapjamChinchilla by AmarantheansLight Saber by HarlequinHuesEmotes on Cinco De Mayo by TanteTabataFire Sun by ThePeculiarMissEMexico! Cinco De Mayo! by GoodThinkerDay And Night Creature by AelleWhiteMeow by BlobiconsSun bathing by LizandreDuality by InsidiousSys
FREE Pacman Border V1 by WolvezByteIso Building by RHLPixelsI think you've got a little something riiiiight-- by Shironaiipanda banner by vegi92pixelHearts appering banner or divider (FREE) by icequeeniselsaRomantic Evening by TheTalkingHairCute Cupid~ by WaffleLadyMy Heart, It's Yours - Pixel Teddy - G by GabrielleRock-ArtPizza Pirate by SinfulGuroRoseAvatar - Rusty Crown by stuck-in-suburbia
Romantic evening by Lizandredon't stop by CandyfiedA Day at the Cafe by ShironaiiHot Tea and Cookies - Pixel - G by GabrielleRock-ArtPirate`s booty! by WaffleLadyDay 4 - Tea by DeneesiBunnies by MiaoshaPirates by MiaoshaJurassic Pirate by ChimezombieVolcanic Apocalypse - Pixel - G by GabrielleRock-ArtChrysanthemum Tea by ChimezombiePenguincup by AmarantheansJourney to the Centre of the Earth by LizandreSugar Pop Milkshake Deluxe by WolvezByteDay 6 - Night Sky by DeneesiDay 16 / 365 - Apple Tree by DeneesiPoor nigiri by E-y-k-oIce Cream by LizandreCircle of life of an Emperor Penguin by DeneesiPixel Penguins! by Feralemking of potato chips (animated) by NaddilluCupcakes by stuck-in-suburbia
Water Lily by LizandrePenguin at Peace by LizandreLast Night On Earth by MiaoshaPink Trailer by SqueekyTheBalletRatDay 45 / 365 - Cat by Deneesidisce aut discede by CandyfiedRoom by CandyfiedMEI C3 - Differentiation by Lizandrethe Messy Life by BlobosaurFirst Day of School by SqueekyTheBalletRatSprite - adventurer - male by ChimezombiePaper-plane by Pixy-PixelsLive Long and Prosper by LizandreRunning and jumping girl by Deneesi

Cake by Candyfied Have an extraordinary week here at PixelChallenges! Keep pixelling and doing your best!

Welcome to our Daily Fractal Feature for thursday 8th October.

On a daily basis, we at DailyFractalFeatures aim to showcase a small selection of fractal artwork to the community. Please show your support by visiting the artists and providing feedback on their work, and favouriting this blog if you like what you seen ;)

Art Colors Life by :iconrecycledrelatives:
some of the most beautiful and softly coloured MBD flowers I have seen
Art Colors Life by recycledrelatives

Sky Fluff by :iconnotjanetino:
An intriguing form and matching title ;)
It's shape reminds me of a Venus flytrap 

Sky Fluff by NotJanetino

Halloween Howler 2 by :iconwolfepaw:
The perfect fractal for this month
It has a positively evil grin!

Halloween Howler 2 by wolfepaw

The Path -pong357 by :iconundead-academy:
it looks to be a very precarious path to follow
amazing use of lighting to create an incredible atmosphere

The Path -Pong357 by Undead-Academy

UF_GNARL Mapping_Martix by:iconchetje:
A beautiful fractal, as though being watched by a giant eye, very captivating 

UF_GNARL Mapping_Martix by chetje

There is an ongoing donation pool for DailyFractalFeatures & Fractal-Resources to become SuperGroups over on :icondeadened-glow:'s page

Feature prepared by :iconpoca2hontas: :hug:

Design Guide: Grey & Design Guide: Picking a Base Coat

Graying/Greying desaturates the coat. 

As a design approver I would suggest staying within the range of 0% saturation to 30% saturation. I have not tried it for every possible design, so some designs may pass with higher saturation or may not work at the limit I suggested. This is just a guide number. Overall we should be able to glance at your design and see that it is in fact graying. If we cannot tell immediately that your design is desaturated then it is probably not desaturated enough. 

Having a real moment here. The first or second most common mistake that I see throughout DC now has to be designs that are not gray enough. The other mistake is shade of base coat, but that is another guide. I understand that you may want a tokota with more color rather than a grayscale pup, but the only thing I can really suggest is go out and buy a pup that does not have graying in its genotype. 

I made a 0% Saturation Tokota and I was told to Saturate it a little??
Odds are that you have a Graying Brown tokota. When a graying brown tokota is too gray it can appear like a black tokota, so some saturation may be required. 

I want a little color to show through at least, how do I go about it?
Well a good rule of thumb for adding color to your design is two to three small patches of color. Any more than that is often too much. The design should be overwhelmingly desaturated.
Ritenga whakamuri 6152 by TotemSpirit Shyxa 6284 by TotemSpirit Shiycke 6662 by TotemSpirit Tapeesa 6583 by TotemSpirit

How do the graying gene and the cream gene work together? 
Well graying desaturates while cream lightens the coat. When it comes to Tundra this leaves a pup nearly white. For Browns and Tawnies there are a few more options. I would suggest making the tokota's coat cream and then desaturating the color.
Muhani Ki Te Ahiahi 2096 by TotemSpirit Caine 3479 by TotemSpirit Fryst 5889 by TotemSpirit

I thought pangare can be saturated. Why was my design turned away?
Yes, pangare can be saturated...somewhat. It can not be overwhelmingly bright. Check out my girl . Her pangare is not white or light gray. It has slight color to it, but it is not bright tawny. 
Tomairangi Kohu 3933 by TotemSpirit Oomailiq 6799 by TotemSpirit Nunataq 5382 by TotemSpirit ACF Perfection 5100 by TotemSpirit

I was told I could only make my blanket, saddle, or collar black with the graying design?
Yes! This is when you can make those markings black! Lucky you!!! It is not allowed on a nongraying design.
Kiaonna 3765 by TotemSpirit Nunataq 5382 by TotemSpirit Itchavik 3955 by TotemSpirit Zeus M603 by TotemSpirit

I made my tokota its parent's normal base color and then put a graying filter over it.
I know this one is not listed as a question, but this is something I have seen. More often than not I can tell that is what you did and that is not what a graying tokota really is. A graying tokota loses its color. It isn't just covered in gray. This method usually causes the tokota to have too much color and look like a blurred blanket. 

  • Marked
  • Extended Marked
  • Points
  • Dun
  • Extended Dun
  • Pangare
  • Accents
  • Collared
  • Blanket
  • Saddle
  • Sable
  • Seal
  • Rainmarks
  • Flecking
  • Piebald
  • Shadowmarks
  • Vitiligo
  • Roan
  • Barring
  • Lacing
  • Lilac
  • Cream
  • Van Gogh
  • Restricted Seal
  • Reversal Mutation
  • Bloodmark
  • Chimerism


  1. Always make sure your color is on a brownish scale rather than a blue one. This avoids accidentally making a tokota appear lilac when it isn't.
  2. Pull a gray color from the parents to start off with. Or pick a base coat from the parents and desaturate from there. This assures that you get the correct tone that is in the lineage. Always check against the guides as well to make sure the parents are still a viable color.
  3. Use the Guides to argue your point. Don't use this guide to argue your point. Guides>My Guide. And pointing to the gallery can also leave your point a bit lacking. Always remember that Admins make mistakes and even now there is the occasional incorrect tokota uploaded. The only thing above the guides is Innali herself and of course Noe. Praise be to the tokota overlord.
  4. Make sure the markings you put on your tokota are also desaturated. When you are altering colors to figure out what color blanket fits better it is possible to go a little off what is allowed. It is always good to check your color values when your working on your design. Often times have markings (specifically accents) too saturated can make the entire design look more saturated than it is. 
Can we get a whole lot LESS of Beth and Jerry? Like, throughout all of season 2, it's become incredibly annoying. Every character in the show seems to point out how horrible their marriage is, and Rick himself even says "Either fix their marriage or get a divorce." They've done neither. It's become very annoying. Every Beth/Jerry plot is "Jerry is a dipshit and Beth is a harpy with daddy issues."

I define a good television marriage as one where you want to see the couple resolve their issues and a bad one where you wonder why they ever got married in the first place. It's over-done, both in-show and out of show. And I can only wonder how Beth is going to react when she learns of the message Rick gave turning himself in and blaming it on Jerry. I mean, Auto Erotic Assimilation is an amazing episode, that's dragged down by Beth and Jerry arguing. Big Trouble in Little Sanchez is an otherwise okay episode that's dragged down by things we've already seen. Even worse is that Jerry is more and more becoming the dumbass dad cliche, and the universe is always siding with Beth, even in cases like Interdimensional Cable 2 where Jerry's actions seem more justified and Beth seems to be doing things for selfish reasons.

Either they should do something new with Beth and Jerry, or have more episodes like The Ricks Must be Crazy where they don't appear at all. The best material Beth and Jerry had, oddly enough, comes from my least favorite episode in the series -- Get Schwifty. It was about normal people being forced to interact with crazy science fiction concepts.

Besides Beth and Jerry (and a couple of episodes), season 2 has been a major step-up. They've played with more interesting concepts like quantum uncertainty and hive minds. Having Rick deal with another version of himself in The Ricks Must be Crazy was a genius move. I'm definitely excited to see where the show goes from here. Just, you know, cool it with the Beth and Jerry marriage crap. It's more annoying than a soap opera.
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Collecting Souls

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 8:27 AM


"Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, 
that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts."
                                                   Paramahansa Yogananda

Mark and Daniel by mrNepa

Glow by SamanthaJordaan  watercolor bouquet by veronika-schnek

I'll Go Out Tomorrow by InkDrone

tortured by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O  Leo by MsSophieArt

Under Wraps by Life-takers-crayons

martyr of time by Alizadeh-Art  Black Cat by Kajenna

Forest Pond Mermaid by Inna-Vjuzhanina

tribal wolf by davidsonm36  Who are the killers by ark4n

After the Rain III by raysheaf

Cherry blossom by Supach  'Blue Haiku' by SootheNoo1959

Queen of the night rats by qi-art

The Prince Of Midnight by VladislavPANtic  Eyes of the Storm by RubyRyn

Treasure hunters by Narholt

Yellow Down Cover by BorjaPindado  Eternal Flame by stoneddinosaurs

Stave by untuox

White Cat in Pastel | Speedpainting by Jeanne-Lui  Queen  by Karitaart

Daisy by SquirrelGirl15

Unknown galaxy by ChristinaMandy  Paul's portrait by Akadio

Astronaut by AmBr0

Tanit-Isis by Codinas  Natalie Dormer by MonsieF

cry me a river by bohomaz13

.. by Unearthling high on jokes by mrstyus Day 2: SkullMoth by ArtKosh

Black whispers by wolf-minori

The owl by Akadio  Abraxas Oculus by RevolutionaryPeace

Three Halloween Cats by PaulinaCastle

The Predator Unmasked by nightcat17 princess by ArteSerberal Hey, what a surprise to see you here by GerardoGomez

Spotaneity by LongHomeFox  Mysterious Forest by Vilenchik

Bakery by MirazIllustration

In the Forest by Lev-Bannikov  Going Under by NattymonNoir

Goldfish by HendrikHermans

Wrongskin by TheDaveL  Unfinished Sympathy by heartofrockandroll

You and I by FlashW

Sacrosanto by EnysGuerrero plexus rose by hitforsa Jimmy Page by luceene-k

Flamingo by RoosmaRoo

Oooo by lemgras330  Fenris by Allantiee

Young Clown... by CharadaBrasileiro

Glaring by krewi  Claire Antonia Forlani by V-Ist

Sunflower by e-r-k-r-i-e-a-l

Eloise by albertopitalua  golem vs wizard by 0oki

Dropped by FaeryWing

The good days by STelari  Modern architecture in Budapeszt by GreeGW

. . . Nature silence . . . by ChIandra4U

Farewell III by JulijanaM  Pisces by MsSophieArt

Punishment by mrNepa

The Twins - A Watercolour by Dwayne James by dwaynerjames  The Princess and the Pixies version 2 by stelledivetro

The Roofs of Paris by senyphine

Lose in Venice by silverhorn1  Sorin le Tzimice by Asthenot

Notturno: Tutto e' Sogno by Fabiano777

present by Amorelia  White tree by Daenzar

Gomur Bronzebeard by 1oshuart

Jar of memories by ChristinaMandy  Paul McCartney by luceene-k

untitled by productno49

mermaid by Levretka  COM ~ The Harpist by Songes-et-crayons

october by creapicform

Pisces by Debrarium  Vova Jukebox by Feyjane

Landscape practice #2 by DziKawa

Mermaid  by CoalRye  Civa's portrait by MademoiselleDarlene

Longing by NattymonNoir

Pervicacia by naeloj  A Toast. by Somaritan

The Lake Towards Sunset by PaulAbrams

polina by vaenaton  Florence. Santa Maria Del Fiore. by Krystian0Wozniak

Girl with Ponytails by Alina-Kurbiel

The Martian by p1xer  Tywin Lannister by MeduZZa13

Turbo Charged by joniwagnerart



:teamo: :iconsoulcollectors:  :lezdate:  :iconthefavouriteshowcase: :hugpile:  

Skin by SimplySilent
I just reached 6000 watchers! Thank you very much for bearing with me, for following my meagers attempt at making art and for all the kind support, faves, comments and watches!
It's quite the achievement for this page, so I would like to celebrate it by hosting a contest.
The contest is for digital and traditional art only, and there will be several prizes.

I'd like to ask you to kindly read the whole journal for all the info about the contest, and if it's not too much to ask, could you please add this journal to your favorites (even if you're not sure wether you'll enter or not) to let more people know about it?
And feel free to ask your questions in the comments and I'll be glad to answer your doubts!

Contest Starts: October 10th 2015

Contest Ends: December 31th 2015 (00AM Rome Time/GMT+1)

THEME: Draw my OCs

The contest is about drawing one of my Original Characters. You are free to choose the setting, the poses, which characters to draw and the framing. The only rule is that they need to be MY Original Characters. I have four main original characters and some minor ones, divided into the following galleries.……………

The main characters also have character sheets in their gallery, as you can see.


  • Only my original characters are allowed (NO other OCs or fan arts). 
  • You must be one of my wacthers to participate (but if you're not, you can do it now! ;D )
  • You MUST respect the descriptions and character designs provided. Gender-bender, furry or animal versions are not allowed. Minor tweaks of the outfits are allowed though the character to remain recognizable.
  • Please only draw one of my OCs per entry, as none of them share the same setting as the others.
  • Nudity, sexual themes, violence and blood are accepted, but THEY MUST FOLLOW deviantART policy. If you don't know dA rules, please check this FAQ: FAQ #220: What is Mature Content? . Works containing strong content MUST have the Mature Content Filter ON.
  • You can join with max 3 entries, but only one of the entries can be a winner.
  • All formats and sizes are accepted.
  • You can enter with sketches, but it's better to participate with completed works as they're obviously more likely to win. 
  • Drawings on squared/ruled paper won't be accepted.
  • You MUST credit all reference/resources used and provide a link to the original source. You can't use Copyrighted material as part of your work, not as a reference/resource/material (not even mine). Works that don't respect this rule will be disqualified.
  • You MUST follow deviantART rules and be kind to other contestants and judges. If you don't, you will be disqualified.
  • Judges can't participate in the contest (alas, I must add).
  • You can add your works to all dA groups that you want.
  • Entries submitted after the deadline won't be accepted.
  • Have fun! 


  • Traditional and Digital art, Mixed media, Drawings and Illustrations, Animations and Gifs, Vectors and Vexels, Cartoon and comics, Realism and Semi-realism, chibi.. every style, but it HAS to be a drawing/painting.
  • Both Black and White and Colored works are accepted.


  • Abstract, Literature, Cosplay, Fractal (unless it is a secondary part of the picture), Photography, Photomanipulation, Dolls.
If you have doubts on the allowed media, please contact me.


  • Entries need to be specifically done for this contest. No works done previously will be accepted.
  • When you upload the work to deviantART, you must write in the description that the work has been done for this contest, and put a link (or thumbnail) to this journal.
  • As soon as you have uploaded the deviation, please leave a comment on this journal entry with the link or thumbnail to your entry/entries.
  • I will add all the submissions to a Favourites Collection called "Draw My OCs Contest". (if I don't answer immediately please be patient, it might take me a day to see your note).


to be added soon


I will judge the entries, with the help of Eeren and kate-n-bd.
The works will be judged based on:
1- accuracy (how well the art depicts the likeness of the character)
2- technique (how skillfully drawn the picture is)
3- impact (referred to such things as scene, pose, storytelling)
4- effort (it's quite visible when people put effort in their artwork, and I want it rewarded properly)


There will be one prize for each winner of a given category, and one runner up prize.
The first prize is a color portrait done by me. The runner up prize is a lineart portrait.
These will be waist-up portraits of a character of your choosing. It can be an OC or anything. Only limitation is that I don't do furry, anime or porn (but nudity is ok).
In addition, the other judges, Eeren and kate-n-bd, will each reward a honorable mention of their choice with a sketch portrait.


There will be five categories, one for each of the four main OCs plus one for the secondary, other OCs. Should a category receive less than four entries, that category will be cancelled and the entry will be automatically transferred to the "other OCs" category.

All the winning entries will be featured by me and my judges.

5 days after the closing of the contest, we will announce the winners and runner ups for each category, and publish them on my journal page.

    "All cats old enough to swim the largest wave, meet at the sandy rock for a clan meeting!" Jaystar yowled. His eyes wandered around as he noticed the cats gather around from each corner of the new camp. He cleared his throat and began to speak, "I have finally returned to Waveclan. During the flood, I lost 2 of my lives to drowning and found a kit." He let his eyes trail over to the nursery, where he could see the black and white kit with one eye blue and the other yellow. "We welcome the kit to our clan and in honor of finding him during a rough time, we name him Tidalkit, for the tidal wave that brought him to us." 

    The dark blue tabby cleared his throat once more, then spoke, "Shellpaw and Streampaw, please step forward to claim your warrior names." The two apprentices walked up the sandy rock and sat at the side of her. Jaystar looks up at the darkening sky then meows the ancient words, "I, Jaystar, leader of Waveclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn." He turns to Shellpaw."Shellpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?" "I do." He responds as calm as possible, a smile wide on his face. "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Shellpaw, from this moment you will be known as Shellshark. StarClan honors your help, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Waveclan." He then turned to Streampaw. "Streampaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?" "I do." She responds with a smile and a nod. "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Streampaw, from this moment you will be known as Streamwater. StarClan honors your strength, and we welcome you as a full warrior of Waveclan." The crowd of cats began to cheer 'Shellshark! Streamwater!' Then settled down for the new apprentices' ceremonies.

    Once the cheering quieted down, he began to speak once again. "This camp, is our new home. I ma glad we were able to find a new place to live while I wasn't around to help. Scorchwhisker, Littlerose and Owlstrike helped out tremendously. Thank you." With that, he leaped down and went into his den.
"Shellshark! Streamwater!"

Incantation - An interactive Comic

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 12:19 PM

Incantation - An interactive Comic by Shiraw

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Hello dear watchers!

I'm currently working on a big project with my friends from university. We're creating an interactive comic called „Incantation“!
It's a story about magic, betrayal and a misguided heroine. But I don't want to give away the best yet. ;)

So what is an interactive comic? Compared to traditional comics, an interactive one includes animations, sound effects and is only available digitally. BUT our comic will be even more awesome! Besides those great aspects we are also including Mini-Games! Get ready for an entirely new comic experience!

Early 2016 the comic will be released for Android phones and tablets, but we are also working on an iOS-version. Unfortunately the first version will not be available in English, only in German.

My tasks include helping write the story, creating the lineart and designing the fonts and (written) sound effects.

Also part of the team is Shiraw. - She is an amazing artist with great character design skills and beautiful colouring. You should take a look at her art! :D

Check out our latest concepts:

A reference sheet of the heroine “Leandra
Incantation - Leandra Reference by Shiraw

Concepts of the magical creature “Blop

Incantation - Creature: Thumbnails and Concept by Bernuviel

So if you like what you see, don't forget to like us on Facebook.

More content and a blog coming soon! Stay tuned!

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