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Made my Day.

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 3, 2015, 2:03 AM

So Evil-DeC0Y sent me this image this morning:

9kyWOLd by Veggie55

And I'm literally dying. This is amazing! :dummy:
Oh Guyra, you've come so far from a stupid pun...

You two are awesome.

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graffiti two by berkerr
Foliage 55 by rici66 Look ! by kil1k
Time Traveller by Evey90
Li'l Daredevils by RMS-OLYMPIC Marilyn et draps froisses by siamesesam
Shanghai Graffiti, Moganshan Road by vanfoto
Gym by ByrdsEyePhotography A Stage by Canankk
Stick fish transport by vanoostzanen
Cafe Prag Dresden by Stechyto Infra-red by tarpeia
Street Scene by DouglasHumphries
.h e a t by S-Patriot Escarabajo by JaimeIbarra
Abstraction of a Bird by tholang wood spirits by m-lucia
Bound to Fly by x-pyre12

Instead of making everyone wait months for me to finish all the images for the Sticky program, here's a text based guide so you can earn those free CC and gain the levels necessary to unlock rarer items in the Cakie! Marketplace!

ONLY post once you have completed 6 of the tasks!

You must LINK to each deviation you completed in your comment.

Please give me at least a week to respond!

Every member of :iconcakie-and-friends: is welcome to participate, you do NOT need to ask!!^^

How to Gain Levels:

  • Everyone starts at Level 1, you don't need to complete a single task to access Level 1 features!
  • For every 12 tasks you complete out of this journal, you will gain a level.
  • Level 3 is currently the highest level, so you will have to complete at least 24 tasks to unlock all the items in the marketplace.

How to Earn Free Cakie! Coins by Sarilain

  • For every 6 tasks completed you will earn 250Cakie! Coins by Sarilain
  • Once you've completed 6 tasks, please comment below.
  • Don't forget to include direct links to each artwork so I may verify.
  • Paper Pet bonus: Earn 100Cakie! Coins by Sarilain extra for every 6 tasks if you own a Paper Pet! (So 350Cakie! Coins by Sarilain total.)

Artwork Rules:

  • Only quality art will be eligible for rewards.  That doesn't mean you have to be a master artist or do a super detailed image with a background, just put in your best effort please!
  • The image must be coloured, full body, and no smaller than 250px unless it's a pixel drawing.
  • Every artistic medium is accepted.
  • If your image is traditional, the digital copy must be clear and easy to see. Poor quality photos will not be accepted.
  • Once you have completed your image, please submit it to Cakie-and-Friends
  • Don't forget to credit me, Sarilain, for any Cakie! characters or species! You can do that by using : devsarilain : (without the spaces).
  • "Commission" doesn't mean you need to pay someone. It just means someone else draws the artwork for you, however you would like to do that is up to you!
  • Only one person can claim the reward on each art. (You can't do an art trade and expect both people get double rewards, it wouldn't be fair.x3)
  • However, artwork of the official Cakie! characters does count towards your group art total. (Ex. You complete the tasks for drawing Cakie, Sprinkles, Mint, Kitty, and Honey. But since those are 5 images total in the group, you've just completed a 6th task of 5 or more images. So you will be rewarded for 6 tasks instead of 5.)
  • By participating in this program, you automatically agree to the: Cakie! FAQs and TOS

Available Tasks:

More tasks may be added in the future, this is just the bare minimum so everyone can unlock the shop items!
  1. Own at least one character from any of the Cakie!™ species (includes Cakiesonas)
  2. Draw or Commission art of Cakie: Cakie and Sprinkles Reference
  3. Draw or Commission art of Sprinkles: 1) Cakie and Sprinkles Reference, 2) Sprinkles Button
  4. Draw or Commission art of Mint: 1) Mint Button Preview, 2) FREE Doodle: Mint
  5. Draw or Commission art of Candy Pandy: 1) FREE Icon / Avatar : Candy Pandy by Sarilain 2) FREE Icon / Avatar : Balloon Float Candy Pandy by Sarilain
  6. Draw or Commission art of Kitty: Beware the Kitterpillar!
  7. Draw or Commission art of Cinnybun: Day #13 ~ Cinnybun ~ 365 Art Challenge
  8. Draw or Commission art of Starberry: Day #4 ~ Starberry ~ 365 Art Challenge
  9. Draw or Commission art of Sarilain (I'm not a Fluffbit, just a regular fluffy bunny.x3)
  10. Draw or Commission art of Honey
  11. Draw or Commission art of Nyanaboo
  12. Draw or Commission art of June: 1) June, 2) June
  13. Draw or Commission art of Lollypup: (she is actually bipedal, you can draw her standing!) FREE Mini Sticky: Lollypup
  14. Draw or Commission art of Ichigo: FREE Snuggly Icon : Ichigo the Bunberry by Sarilain (Momo's girlfriend, she is a pink bunny with a strawberry hat, they are called "Bunberries", they DO have squinty eyes and bunny tails!)
  15. Draw or Commission art of Momo: FREE Snuggly Icon: Momo by Sarilain (Ichigo's boyfriend, peach hat, just draw his body tiny and the same as Ichigo)
  16. Draw or Commission art of Marshmeow: FREE Icon / Avatar : Marshmeow by Sarilain
  17. Draw or Commission art of Bunny
  18. Draw or Commission art of Rose Tea: (she is the pink rose one on the end) [CLOSED] Tea Rex Cakies #7 - 10 by Sarilain
  19. Draw or Commission art of Snuggle
  20. Draw or Commission 5 or more images in Cakie-and-Friends
  21. Draw or Commission 10 or more images in Cakie-and-Friends
  22. Draw or Commission 15 or more images in Cakie-and-Friends
  23. Draw or Commission 20 or more images in Cakie-and-Friends
  24. Draw or Commission 25 or more images in Cakie-and-Friends

:star: If you don't read and follow these guidelines, I won't respond!
It's nothing personal, I just have a LOT to do and can't afford the extra time to keep repeating myself, sorry about that!!=(

We proudly present a glorious selection from June submissions Ode-to-simplicity.

Open your eyes.
Open your soul.
Feel the beauty flow within.
Don't forget to :+fav: this journal if you like it.

Freedom Suite by JakezDaniel

Fern By 7redhotz-d85oknbFern by 7Redhotz Mono Square Series XLV by insolitus85  E1a0172-3 by lwc71

At sea by lostknightkg

Singularity by tholang Moon walk by LidiaRossana regards to icarus innsbruck update by auriga1

Song no.1 by alisinwonder

cloud engineering 5 : the connections by Pierre-Lagarde Mostly Blue - Some Red + Green by EintoeRn Common Letters by Pierre-Lagarde

Urban Texture VII by chromevanadium

bull's eye by EintoeRn Minimal red by Sei-Zako Construction in Yellow And Red by alisinwonder

weltschmerz by BlauBeerKuchen

Summer Breeze. by dragonfly-oli 24/52 - Poppies by IndigoSummerr Stars in Spring. by dragonfly-oli


Collected and arranged by augenweide

Kind regards,
Ode-to-simplicity team

i love things simple by simplicity-fan keep it simple by simplicity-fan


free e-magazine about fine art photography

Thanks for stealing the names

Thu Jul 2, 2015, 8:09 PM
We know anybody can take a username which is not taken before in deviant-art, we tried to give out points and make it little bit more interesting. We want to involve each of you people in everything we are doing here. And see some awesome people doing? they made account today with names that we put in the poll.

(REMOVED NAMES TOO) Please dont hurt them, even though they steal names, Hope they will enjoy with awesome names that somebody chosen already.  - we are not here to fight each other, we are here to unite artist not to separate them.

we realize people are different, but why just destroying somebodies happiness just for fun? thank you again

SIDE NOTE: you can fail us in choosing a name, you cant fail us in making any name awesome..

Friendly Feature

Fri Jul 3, 2015, 4:00 AM
A while back I asked people to give me some feedback on this poem:  Dance Of DeathI dance and twirl to the tune of my heart
With the sky above my face
Feet slipping and sliding underneath
Blood rushing
The movements bring calmness
Coolness washes over me
Composing a soft symphony
They say this is beauty
It is none of these things
My performance is made on a bloodied floor
This is my dance of death
Soon the sky will be above my face
Through six feet of soil
Because I don't write often and need all the feedback I can get, and because literature doesn't get anywhere near the exposure it needs. So I'm hoping that by reading my writing maybe, just maybe someone will be inspired to look at others as well. 
But since some people were nice enough to actually listen when I asked for help, I want to help them out too! So below you can find some awesome artworks from awesome artists that are also really nice! 


My heart is an open book... by Nikonfinest Struck by fairy dust by Nikonfinest Into the cosmos by Nikonfinest Let all your colors fly~ by Nikonfinest 


Woof by ajflipflop Monster by ajflipflop Crazy Normal by ajflipflop I'm baaaack (Animated with Depthy) by ajflipflop 


Ready to bloom by Belgerathone Yellow by Belgerathone A little beauty by Belgerathone A Gem by Belgerathone 


TLC - Men in Black by Sorcaron TLCSW - Masquerade by Sorcaron TLC - Immortalized by Sorcaron Lvthn DW - Faith by Sorcaron 


Concept004 by erierii Concept003 by erierii Concept002 - Dragon Form by erierii Concept001 - Tanaka Rin by erierii 


Doge by King-Radium But hours turn into days by King-Radium Turtle by King-Radium Baby I was born this way~ by King-Radium 

WOF needs to be more popular than Warriors

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 3, 2015, 7:47 AM
Here is why:

- 80% of all the central figures in Wings of Fire are female

- The female characters' behaviours focus around events THAT ARE NOT CENTRED ON MALES *faints*

- The few romances that exist are actually fucking adorable as opposed to the painfully forced romances in Warriors (Glory/Deathbringer OTP) 

- The writer doesn't kill off the females just when they start to get interesting

- 90% of the characters in Wings of Fire are actually really likable as opposed to the 10% in Warriors

- Interesting cultures assigned to each species of dragon (I'm really fascinated by the Mudwing and Icewing cultures especially) 

- Everyone is a sarcastic asshole and it's wonderful

- There's a Rainwing called Banana

- What plot holes?

- Fewer characters than Warriors, so each character gets more time dedicated to developing their personality

- Qibli



I want to see this fandom grow. I am seriously so happy I bought those books.
I'm planning a Kinkajou AMV and a Moonwatcher/Darkstalker AMV

  • Mood: Big Grin
  • Listening to: The Game Of Thrones Soundtrack
  • Reading: Wings of Fire: Winter Turning
  • Watching: Hannibal

Street Photography Week

“I became a photographer because it’s the easiest way for me to tell things about myself. My view of coming into this world, living and eventually dying.” - Lukas Vasilikos

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,”  said Picasso. But what is art, what is reality, and what is the relationship between them? Does art help us to escape reality or force us to face it? I think it does both.  Moreover art and reality could be interchangeable, mixed into sharp slices of everyday life.  We can see it in the works of one the most interesting and original contemporary street photographers, Lukas Vasilikos.  His images are visual proof that the world is a theater and men and women are merely actors playing their roles. 

“The street is a field with endless possibilities, where surprises always hide behind the next corner. When I walk with my camera in my hands, the street life transforms into a theatrical act, a play that is taking place for me only. Regardless of the name of the city, the time of the year or the day, streets are like living creatures, beating hearts, with their very own character. I just have to listen carefully to all these stories taking place in front of my eyes and my lens, justify the shapes, the colors and the forms. And the best part of it is that this play never ends.” - Lukas Vasilikos

His every image is a story leaving more questions than answers, inviting viewers to think and explore the secrets of human nature: emotions, mood, feelings, thoughts and dreams:  

"A good photograph from my point of view should raise questions without providing direct answers. And that is one challenge for a photographer. What is important is depth in photography. Depth follows hard work and a person’s cultivation in general. Also, a good photograph is the one that cannot be described with words. The one that turns something trivial into something important." - Lukas Vasilikos

Stories in Lukas's photography are like treasures hidden in a chest, needing to be opened by viewers. And there are a couple of keys that can help do this: light and background. Strong, striking light is an inseparable part of the originality of his works. Light can be an instrument in creating a special atmosphere and mood or it can be a subject in itself. 

"When I take photographs on the street, first of all I check the light. Light can transform even the simplest things into something wonderful. Then I check the form, the lines and after that the main theme. I try to keep all these in balance to create a good photograph. Most of the time I fail, but going through this procedure is also important, isn't it?"  - Lukas Vasilikos

"In street photography, I work in two phases: First, I find a background and wait for something to happen, something that is surreal or strange. Then I wait for the right elements, people, things, animals, whatever, to walk into my frame. I know that when I find a good background, I just have to be patient and the good shot the most of the time it comes. I like catching up the moment that never comes back, creating my own personal world through my camera." - Lukas Vasilikos

Besides street photography, Lukas is working on a personal project about his family and people who are close to him. In this mostly black and white body of works, Lukas is exploring human emotions such as death, loss, fear and more. 

Some advice from Lukas:

  • Think of a project: Then go out and shoot it. That makes you more focused. For instance, if you choose shadows as one of your projects, focus just on the shadows. After a couple of times being out and shooting, you’ll start seeing things that you were missing before because you used to watch everything around you.
  • Light is a very important thing: Morning and late evening are the best time to shoot.
  • Be polite and respect people: Some people don’t like to be photographed
  • Shoot every single day.


Biography: Lukas Vasilikos (b. 1975, Crete, Greece)

Lukas is a prolific and versatile photographer whose almost obsessive dedication to the medium has helped him create an impressive body of work. He started photography in 2006 and soon became an active figure in the burgeoning online street photography scene, winning various awards along the way. Beside his improvised street photographs, Lukas is also working on a more personal project exploring intimate family life, angst, and loss.

In 2014 his work was published in the new Gomma books influential album ‘Suture’, showcasing some of the top contemporary photographers. Lukas is a member of the “Depression Era” team of artists and writers that record the Greek crisis and will participate in an upcoming exhibition in 2014 at Palais de Beax Arts (Bozar), Belgium. He is also a member of the international collective “street-photographers” and the “Photography Circle”.

Recent exhibitions include:

  • 2013 Greek Seas (curated by K. Antoniadis), The Benaki Museum, Athens
  • 2013 Street Photography from Eastern Europe (winners of photography contest), Poland
  • 2013 Greek Street, BOX Gallery, Athens
  • 2012 Miami Street Photography Festival, USA
  • 2012 The Santorini Biennale, Greece
  • 2012 Online exhibition,
  • 2010 Red (solo exhibition), Athens Photo Festival, Greece
  • 2009 New Photographers, Athens Photo Festival, Greece
  • 2009, Love in Istanbul,  Turkey

Published books

  • 2014 Su-ture First Edition – Volume Zero, Gomma Books
  • 2013 Greek Seas, The Benaki Museum
  • 2012 Street Photographers, self published online
  • 2012 Divergent Kinship, Vasilikos – Sorovou, Photography Circle  

DD Suggestion Drive: Results!

Fri Jul 3, 2015, 12:02 AM

Some statistics:

Deviations Suggested: 2,120
Previous Record: 559 (January of 2014)
Number of Participants: 65
Deviations Awarded DD (so far): 102

View ALL of the suggested deviations here:…

Prize Winners!

Top Suggesters:


337 individual artists suggested!

:bulletgreen: $20 print from the dA Print Store from LiliWrites  
:bulletgreen: A Feature and Journal Interview from LiliWrites 
:bulletgreen: Feature from hosagu 
:bulletgreen: Feature from RogueMudblood 
:bulletgreen: Feature from SirCassie
:bulletgreen: Feature from AlexanderPaupoff 
:bulletgreen: Feature from Just-To-Look1 


193 individual artists suggested!

:bulletgreen: $20 print from the dA Print Store from LiliWrites  
:bulletgreen: A Feature and Journal Interview from LiliWrites 
:bulletgreen: Feature from RogueMudblood 
:bulletgreen: Feature from SirCassie
:bulletgreen: Feature from AlexanderPaupoff 
:bulletgreen: Feature from Just-To-Look1 


187 individual artists suggested!

:bulletgreen: $20 print from the dA Print Store from LiliWrites  
:bulletgreen: A Feature and Journal Interview from LiliWrites 
:bulletgreen: Feature from RogueMudblood 
:bulletgreen: Feature from AlexanderPaupoff 
:bulletgreen: Feature from Just-To-Look1 


151 individual artists suggested!

:bulletgreen: 3-Month Premium Membership from LiliWrites 
:bulletgreen: Feature from LiliWrites 
:bulletgreen: Feature from RogueMudblood 
:bulletgreen: Feature from SirCassie


119 individual artists suggested!

:bulletgreen: 3-Month Premium Membership from LiliWrites 
:bulletgreen: Feature from LiliWrites 
:bulletgreen: Feature from RogueMudblood 
:bulletgreen: Feature from SirCassie

Points Winners: 

Anyone with at least 5 suggestions had their name entered in the points drawing twice. The entire list of names was then put into a list randomizer at The first 15 names listed without duplicates receive 100 points each! Those deviants are:

hosagu gafAntonina ejrotsih Pascua-Tanya GoddessNemesis

All Participants

A huge thank you to everyone who suggested and donated to this event! And a big hand to our hard-working CVs as well. Hopefully they have enough suggestions for the next few months. ;)

:iconiingo::icondragonflyandromeda::iconsircassie: :iconpsoty::iconrtnightmare::iconjust-to-look1::iconejrotsih::iconminato-kushina::iconkida-neechan::iconroguemudblood:
:iconthegalleryofeve::icongafantonina::iconmrs-freestar-bul::icongoddessnemesis::iconsavagefrog::iconlukasfractalisator::iconking-radium::iconshixam::iconsilverinkblot: :iconsabakunoshi:
:iconhosagu: :iconmocris: :iconhlwar: :iconfe0: :iconbatty-mcbats: :icongewalgon: :iconamarantheans: :iconuchuubranko: :icondeathgoddess231: :iconinkedacrylic:
:iconalexanderpaupoff: :iconmock1ngb1rd: :iconchromeantennae: :iconpaperdart: :iconresurrexia: :iconfuwante-chan: :iconhopeburnsblue: :iconssarawolf: :iconmotleydreams: :iconbraxton-t-rutledge:
 :iconinklingsofoblivion: :iconartificialphantom: :iconmagicaljoey: :iconfroggydreams: :iconpascua-tanya: :iconleonca: :iconvindolet: :iconskulkey::iconkalinereine::iconnichrysalis:
 :iconsnowtheslipper: :iconbeeinthebottle::iconbrassteeth: :iconbloodshotink: :iconeitvys200::iconintroverted-ghost::iconpulbern::iconlindartz::iconypplejax::iconleyghan:

See you all next year! 
:heart: Lili

Young Rebel by Miguel-Santos


Digital Waterfall by WTek79 Springtime by John-Peter


Pink and blue beauty by XeniaChowaniec


sorry. by Frozzenhell shepherdess by Threepwoody


Leap of Faith by TerribleTer


Horseshoe Bend by TimGrey Sunset.. by jacekson


Autumn memories by AntaresAquarii


Starry Abyss by FoxFyre2 Forest Reflection by topperGfx Silence by Aquilapse


Lucy Rabbit by luciekout Rush: Neil Peart in Toronto by basseca


Pure beauty by semyk3 Forget Me Not by Kendra-Paige  Kasumi - Dead Or Alive cosplay I. by EnjiNight


western girl by sandaboy


Caterpillar by IndianRain

thank you for submitting to this group