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3500- Watchers Giveaway! :D

Tue Oct 13, 2015, 2:46 PM

Hey my lovely fellows :D

Thanks for deciding to watch me...
Its been a while since I last did something for YOU, so ... I wanna hold a giveaway!

Im gonna pick 3 winners who'll get a free Commission. Either Character-Art or Outfit-Design.

Trade: Evangeline by NahemiiCustom Outfits #16 by Nahemii-san

How to join:
- Fav this journal
- Tell me in the Comments: Art or Design?

EDIT: This ends 10 hours after upload

I wish you luck!

How to Start Writing

Tue Oct 13, 2015, 1:07 PM
I'm going to start this off by saying, I'm definitely not the best writer out there and I am still learning, but I just want to tell you a few thing that helped me out!  
However first and foremost, you really need to practice!

Step one: Plot / Story Line 

How to come up with a plot / story line

This may be difficult for some, and this may be easy for others. However every story you are going to write, has to have a plot. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself! 

  •  What type of story do I want to write?
  • How will I end it? 
  • Who is the antagonist and protagonist?
  • How will I portray the emotions through the story?
  • How long do I want it to be? 
  • What is the climax/peak of the story going to be? 

As you begin to ask yourself questions, you can start seeing a story line forming!

Another helpful way is making song!fics. Now this is used for fanfictions and short stories.
I don't recommend you using them for actual novels. 

What is a song!fic? 

A song!fic is a story and you base it around the song, you usually place the lyrics in with the writing like this:

Forgotten days, a fading memory
Lost and no longer seeking one another

   The loud noise of rain hammered against the window, blaring out the thoughts of the small [h/c] haired woman. She laid in her bed, tears rolling down her porcelain skin. The woman hugged her pillow tightly hoping to replace the new found desolation she had, however nothing could substitute the way his arms used to feel around hers. Her heart split into two thinking about the man, her lover, and the fact that he couldn't even remember her name. She felt lost without him, nothing had meaning without the man who gave her a reason to live. 

There are may ways you can think of a plot, I usually think about them when I'm laying in bed. I will quickly jot down the main things on my iphone notes, so I won't forget them in the morning time. 

Here is an example:

Levi x Reader
Levi has amnesia and forgets the reader.
death blah. lol people die and stuff. yo.

Once you got the plot, you can now start drafting your story! 

Step Two: Rough Draft

How to write the story

Now this is the part were you are going to start writing the story!

Here are a list of what to do and not to do.

Do and DOn't do  

  • Use quotations! " " 
    i've read stories where people won't use quotations, and it really makes everything confusing for the reader. It's best to use them, I've also seen people use commas, which I'm not sure why, but if that works for you, the be my guest! 
  • Elaborate the story!
 I know people like to use a very complex story line, that literally makes the reader have a mind explosion by the end of it. However, you have to at least explain what happened, so you don't confuse the reader.
  •  Use big words, but not beyond someone's knowledge
  I personally love to expand my vocabulary! However, you have to use words that make sense with the whole story line. I mean you can totally search up "another word for _____," but before you pick a more complex word, look at the definition, or it may not fit with the word you are replacing. Also, if you don't know what the word means, don't use it. Use words that you know, because then there will be a possibility others would know it as well.
  • Punctuation and Grammar!
  Please use commas, periods, and what not! Don't write the whole story without a comma or a period! What may help you is looking at a helpful site that explains punctuation! Also, with grammar, please don't write how you type in a text message, unless intended. Readers will be swayed away if you write like this: "OMG! Look @ this qt!". Instead write it like: "Oh my goodness! Look at that cutie!". So much better, right? Be mindful this section will take many months of practice and dedication. Believe me, I used to write like this:

"CLAIREYBEARY!!! HOLY SHITAKI MUSHROOMS!!!" I suffocated her with a hug.
She giggled, "Meggy Sally welcome back, bgfadaef!"
"you remembered!!!" I smiled. (bgfadaef means best girly friend at degrassi and everywhere forever.)
"ehhmm.."I looked up to see, a beautiful green-eyed guy with drop dead gorgeous looks.
"hi thar! I don't believe we met. I'm Megan Salazar. But, call me Meg."

  • Use the google speak! 
What really helps me for writing is using the speak option on your computer! All you do is highlight the section you want to hear being read, right click/or double tap on you computer! It should bring up a list of options and all you need to do is select "speak"! This will help you know where to place commas because the speaker will pause if there is a comma and other punctuation mark! Here is an example you can use with your computer to tell the difference!

NO Punctuation: The Military Legion marched in synchronization their rifles resting on their shoulders She was in the middle surrounded by police on all sides Her hands were tied with chains and a gun was pointed at the back of her neck She whimpered ever so often silver streaks falling down her porcelain skin.  

WITH Punctuation: The Military Legion marched in synchronization, their rifles resting on their shoulders. She was in the middle, surrounded by police on all sides. Her hands were tied with chains, and a gun was pointed at the back of her neck. She whimpered ever so often, silver streaks falling down her porcelain skin.

See the difference?

Step Three: Editing/Revising

How to edit and revise

Now this is the fun part! This means you are almost done with writing you story, and you are almost ready to submit it!
This also means I am almost done with this journal

 Don't write a story and not fix the spelling. It's very important to fix the writing, I understand people being in a rush and what not, but if you can't fix it, then just save it and go back to it when you have the time. Correct spelling makes stories so much greater, and it will shoo away a grammar nazi. Just remember, if you see a red squiggly line, double tap and choose the correct spelling!
  • Make sure everything sounds okay!
Reread you story, and fix anything that may need to be fixed. Place commas in correct spots and make sure the grammar is appropriate. 
  • If writing a crack!fic ignore everything.
crack!fics don't need anything, just humor. 


I hope this was helpful to you! If you see anything wrong in this tutorial, like grammar and whatever. Just ignore it, this isn't meant to be perfect. And honestly, nothing is going to be perfect, if you are comfortable writing the way you are right now, then just ignore all this. I don't want to make you a slave to writing, it sound be fun and stress free. Don't forget, this sound also be for the enjoyment of yourself as well! If you need anymore help don't hesitate to ask me! You can simply just send me a note, and i'd be glad to give you my input!

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a great day! Also, thank you so much for 300 watchers, I nearly had a heart-attack when I saw that. It's really unbelievable that 300 people are watching me. Thank you again, and see you next time! 

Skin by SimplySilent

art raffle #2

Tue Oct 13, 2015, 3:29 PM
there will be 3 winners! 

this raffle ends 2 weeks from now on October 27th @ 11:55 PM. (Pacific Time Zone)

blue eyes by 6irdemily by 6irdandrealphus by 6irdblind lace by 6ird
---How To Enter:
1. must be watching me (new watchers are welcome)

2. post a journal/poll about this giveaway (if you do both you get entered into the raffle twice)

3. fav this journal 

4. comment below with multiple OC refs

Skin by SimplySilent
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COLOR STREET PHOTOGRAPHY dA[2]: Alphan Yilmazmaden

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 13, 2015, 12:07 AM

Alphan Yilmazmaden arslanalp is a photographer whom I would call 'theatrical'. His shots are "genuine" representations, but in him I see also a conceptual mind. In short, he is a great street photographer, who blends together various aspects while maintaining his own unique style.

yetanotherself by arslanalp

1- I don't ask this question: How does black and white vs. color play into your work? because I have already read your answer (AYI like to use both of them, in certain cases color is a main actor. In other cases B&W is more effective in transferring the main idea of the photo), and I think you often apply this distinction, for example when you find the light spots like in this picture: dot) but actually analyzing your journey here on DA I have noticed how your research inside color has grown. I have interpreted it as a pictorial attempt on your part, almost as if you wanted to recall a dreamlike world through colors; as if at certain times reality needed to be ' discovered ' through your eyes. What do you say?  

1. "I have interpreted it as a pictorial attempt on your part, almost as if you wanted to recall a dreamlike world through colors; as if at certain times reality needed to be ' discovered ' through your eyes".

I can not express myself better than this.

2- I have noticed that often light is the protagonist of your shots. As if you stabbed the image with light. What is the difference in the use of light in color and in b/w?


2. When I am shooting I am in the pursuit of a "good light" for a good photograph. It offers me more options about to keep my photo more undercontrol.

If I found the light then I start to look for subjects, backgrounds,shadows and colors and of course relations between eachother of these components. I am aware color photography is much more difficult than B&W since you have try to control (much)more variants.

In this respect if light is not offering too much I start to think B&W. In this case I shoot B&W. But since I shoot RAW , I can check any time B&W or color version if I missed something.

3-many photographers depict Istanbul in black and white, as if your city is hardly represented by color, how do you explain it?

3. Istanbul almost from the begining is a crowded, mysterious and chaoitc city. Color photography arrived realtively late to Turkey comparing the other Europan countries so most of the distributed good photos were B&W I believe. And this helped to keep the mystery. Perhaps photographers think to photograph in color may come reveal the mystery.

Or color photography is a real challange fo Istanbul.

In this respect , thank to Alex Webb  and Bruno Barbey for showing color photography of this city is also beatiful.

and now here are the same questions I've asked Khuram:

4- Do you agree with this statement?

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”  – Ted Grant

4. Well , of course but (there is a small but) this may not fully applicaple for "street portraits"

5- Someone thinks that through certain colors we communicate certain emotions. when you shot do you think of this?

I noticed a prevalence of red in your images...

5. Yes, I agree colors may ignite or represent certain emotions. I like to use some bright colors to intive and try show more.

Red: love,passion and hate thats what I have


the first approaches with color 

simple by arslanalp aha by arslanalp yellows by arslanalp
intercity ferrylines IXa by arslanalp
good morning Istanbul -B.W.- by arslanalp good morning Istanbul by arslanalp


 more and more pictorial 

... by arslanalp
tent by arslanalp connecting people? by arslanalp
after by arslanalp
14022010 IX by arslanalp Keiner liebt mich by arslanalp
relative speed by arslanalp blow up II by arslanalp
gaze or yes it's a nikon by arslanalp bigcity by arslanalp

to the light

we are all together by arslanalp
to the light by arslanalp
sit down plesae by arslanalp
up by arslanalp down by arslanalp


9999 by arslanalp daydream 2 by arslanalp
colors by arslanalp
longest night by arslanalp

the color is often used to increase the feeling of movement

dance by arslanalp
ulverston2 by arslanalp
hope by arslanalp

stabbing   light


a bit color VI by arslanalp


I see you again by arslanalp

dark shadows emerging from the color

noname by arslanalp
green by arslanalp


it is a wonderful world by arslanalp in a short trip by arslanalp
neon by arslanalp
safe enough by arslanalp


rgb by arslanalp
oh by arslanalp
I'm the operator with my pocket calculator by arslanalp

Shadows! Maturity - Perfection


reborn by arslanalpis by arslanalp
damp by arslanalp sure by arslanalp
no way by arslanalp
cell by arslanalp
marking? by arslanalp
did by arslanalp
Kurk Mantolu Madonna by arslanalp
doom of zoom by arslanalp
on a spring rain day II by arslanalp
melting by arslanalp
reject by arslanalp
jump by arslanalp
1055 by arslanalp
hamidiye by arslanalp
none by arslanalp
spray me by arslanalp
Camouflage by arslanalp
not mine by arslanalp
red by arslanalp
raindream by arslanalp
bug by arslanalp
stars by arslanalp
9 or next level by arslanalp
rainrainrain by arslanalp pale by arslanalp monorain by arslanalp some more by arslanalp
zz by arslanalp
always hope by arslanalp
noname by arslanalp
got you by arslanalp
kiss (the) by arslanalp
dot by arslanalp
ice by arslanalp
home sweet home by arslanalp

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Wonderful Works - Art Feature

Tue Oct 13, 2015, 12:03 AM

Wonderful Works - Art Feature

of the last weeks

 black heart bullet

Secret Garden by JennyLe88

Crowgirl by MaliciaRoseNoire

Bewitching by tamaraR Holly by 1simplemanips1 Meditation by LanaTustich

. Princess . by VanessaPadua

Lady of the crows by CharllieeArts

Fairy Dance  by SusanLight Fogotten music box by JiaJenn31 Night Huntress by anonimodesign1

Dragon Den by xLocky

A Long Walk Home by Mr-Ripley

Red Riding Hood II by marcosnogueiracb Morrigan by lauraypablo Key to my Heart by VeilaKs

Forbidden Autumn by ChiantyVex

Ghost Encounter by annewipf

Nidalee by Gwendolyn1 Magic Night II by Dani-Owergoor The Lost Elixir by JaiMcFerran

Halloween Night by Gwendolyn1

Rise of Elements by Carlos-Quevedo

First Time Is Free by jose86tf Divine Beauty by IrinaPonochevnaya Autumn fairy by tiffanydark

Aguara, the child thief by ErikShoemaker

The Swarthy One by Rowye

Capture of the Firebird by PerlaMarina Beneath by Morteque Little Fox's Grand Adventure by tamaraR

White Queen by VeroniqueThomas

Beautiful Death by Schindlersky

Dance of the Ravens by PaperDreamerArt Tormented Thoughts by WatanskayaTatiana The Red Queen by UnderlandDigital

Forgotten by feainne

. Survive by VanessaPadua

Darkness Inside by dreamswoman Opium by Manink

Hello... :) by Cold-Tommy-Gin

Eagle's Peak by Rowye

My New Work

Faminto por Almas by Wesley-Souza

New Contest

Fairy Tale - Challenge for stocks Providers
Short Challenge #12 - Special Halloween

Some of my Recent Fav's Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 12, 2015, 10:08 PM

Some of my Recent Fav's Feature

I don't have any Artworks for today
( made this last Night so i have work today )
So will just share Some most Amazing Artworks
I have added into my favorite's
Go visit all these Amazing Artist.

The Forge of Hephaestus by cynexx74

Reflective spheres in a fractal environment 1 by PatrickKarlsson

#Inktober Day 12 by Jartyom

Just a cool guy by Jartyom

rush hour by Oxnot

M3d-27QH2C 1 1 by Knot-A-Typo

480-db-j2-9a by AkuraPare

Starfish licorice by Wretched--Stare

Great Hall -Pong359 by Undead-Academy

Rooms - Pong 358 by batjorge

Web of Life by shawn4511777

Fella by 3DEricDesign

Flower Power by BlueDisciple

Thank YOU! by Ludifico

[Inktober] Death and rebirth by DamaiMikaz

Blackspotted pliers support beetle(Rhagium mordax) by Azph

Ghostly by artistaaron28

Cortex by pupukuusikko

Genus by 3xternalResourc3

53 - Sober by Sabine62

Happy birthday Jorge by Jaffa-Tealc

Lunaria by C-91

A Fine Autumn Day by loloalien

Mandala217 - Pearl Drop by LisaJStalnaker

For Pandora by CmdrChaos

Go fav and visit some or all these Amazing Artist 
Their Artworks are so Awesome and wonderful
Sorry I was unable to add everyone's Icon's
I am on my Tablet and have not learned how yet with it.

  • Mood: Love
Baba-Yaga and Vasilisa the Beautiful by marphilhearts  Baba Yaga and Zarevich from Marya Morevna by Energiaelca1  Baba Yaga's house by lolyweb  Baba Yaga and the Magic Swan Geese by LeenaHill  Baba Yaga in Her Mortar by itznikki530  Baba Yaga by Wesley-Souza  Illustration to the fairy tale Bazhov. by veravik  Snegurochka (Snow Maiden) by Morgainelefee  Perun versus Veles by feliciacano  Sirin and Alkonost by AlivisZmey Gorynych by kuradamon  Topielica by vinegar  Treasure by DemonLife  Rusalka by Nemca  Baba Yaga by sgorbissa  Koschei the Immortal by WavingMonsterStudios  Leshiy by iko-z  Polevik by Shai-a  Birds of paradise by Dferous  Rusalka by VinternV  new look - Russian Fairy Tales: Kolobok by qi-art  The Wise Villa or Vasilisa the by Fish-KA  Baba Yaga by e-volos  Tsarevna-lebed by ElynGontier  The Golden Fish by Sophia-M  Mistress of Copper Mountain by Annaweb  Zarevna-Liagyshka by Annaweb  Goldfish by qi-art

By mari-na :iconmari-na: 

A Winter's Tale by mari-na  Ivan Kupala Day by mari-na

By PerlaMarina :iconperlamarina: :

Fern Flower by PerlaMarina  Capture of the Firebird by PerlaMarina  Vasilisa by PerlaMarina  Last Zmey Gorynych by PerlaMarina  The Malachite Casket by PerlaMarina  Ruslan and a giant Head by PerlaMarina  Snowdrops by PerlaMarina  Vorozheya by PerlaMarina  Ded Moroz by PerlaMarina

By Svetlaya777 :iconsvetlaya777: :

Russian warrior by Svetlaya777  Family portrait by Svetlaya777  Makosh by Svetlaya777  Morana (Morena) by Svetlaya777  Mermaid by Svetlaya777

By DestMelkor :icondestmelkor: :

Koschei by DestMelkor  Mora by DestMelkor

By Gejda :icongejda: :

Leszy by Gejda  Atvor by Gejda  Blednica by Gejda  Berry Baba by Gejda  Morning by Gejda  Baba Yaga by Gejda  Lady Midday II by Gejda  Lady Midday by Gejda

By Sarmati :iconsarmati: :

 Kupala by Sarmati  Truth lies just beneath the surface by Sarmati

By LiliaOsipova :iconliliaosipova: :

Koschei the Deathless by LiliaOsipova  Water Of Life and Water Of Death by LiliaOsipova  Rusalka by LiliaOsipova  Firebird feather by LiliaOsipova  Squirrel from a fairy tale by LiliaOsipova  Wizard by LiliaOsipova  The Mistress of the Copper Mountain by LiliaOsipova  Gold Fish by LiliaOsipova

By Blavatskaya :iconblavatskaya: :

Pannochka by Blavatskaya  Rusalka by Blavatskaya

By Vasylina :iconvasylina: :

  Nastya by Vasylina  Vasilisa's angry sisters by Vasylina  -Vasilisa the Beautiful by Vasylina  Slavic mythology. Mermaid. by Vasylina  Slavic mythology. Sirin by Vasylina  Slavic mythology.  Morana by Vasylina  Slavic mythology. Belobog and Chernobog by Vasylina    Slavic mythology. Domovoi by Vasylina  Slavic mythology. Zmey Gorynych by Vasylina  Slavic mythology. Semargl by Vasylina  Slavic mythology. Volkolak by Vasylina  Slavic mythology. Zlata Maja by Vasylina  Slavic mythology. Vuzhalka by Vasylina  Mystery. Moon goddess by Vasylina

By msriotte :iconmsriotte: :

Slavic mythology: Brzeginia by msriotte  Poludnica by msriotte  

Mature Content

Wila vila - slavic mythology by msriotte

By Art-by-Naschkatze :iconart-by-naschkatze: :

Zorya Utrennyaya by Art-by-Naschkatze  Vasilisa by Art-by-Naschkatze

I Spy 5: Amazing Unknown Artists

Tue Oct 13, 2015, 1:10 PM

I was tagged by my BELOVED hosagu :iconhosagu:

Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) The Rules Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) 

You must feature 5 deviations by 5 different Deviants that you do not know very well or do not have a ton of exposure in a journal. Link your feature journal back to this journal for a collective feature later on.  You may choose a theme if you wish as a way to find your 5. Once you have been featured in a journal, you are tagged, and must continue by featuring your own journal of 5. If you have not yet been tagged and want to participate, please do! By viewing this journal, consider yourself tagged. Copy these rules in your own journal feature.

Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) The Timeline Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) 

It begins when you see this. All journals must be linked to this journal no later than 11:59pm CST Nov. 6, 2015.

Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) The Purpose Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) 

The purpose of choosing 5 deviants that you are not familiar, speak to as often, or are friends with is because this is an exercise to expand our community horizons. We all settle in to our comfort zones and hang out with our little cliques of friends. This is so that we go beyond that, find some fantastic new deviations, and bring exposure to those who we may not see as often. This feature series is open to all mediums, and can include different mediums in the same journal or person being featured.

My I Spy 5 Feature: "Amazing, unknown Artists"

Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) :iconduhajpeter: duhajpeter Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) 

Faust by duhajpeter
Gyagilev by duhajpeter
Hera and Athene by duhajpeter
Nizsinszkij by duhajpeter

Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) :iconmissfinearts: missfinearts Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) 
Polymer Clay Halloween House 2 by missfinearts
Polymer Clay Miniature Village by missfinearts
Polymer Clay Harvest Fairy Door by missfinearts
Polymer Clay Holly Door by missfinearts

Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) :iconjhsavoldelli: jhsavoldelli Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) 
348-PIPELINE by jhsavoldelli
367-SHADOWS by jhsavoldelli
373-MIRAGES by jhsavoldelli
372-DUEL by jhsavoldelli

Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) :icondaryaponyo: DaryaPonyo Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) 
Garden by DaryaPonyo
knight #1 by DaryaPonyo
Cosmonautics Day by DaryaPonyo
forest rider by DaryaPonyo

Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) :iconhuangku: huangku Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) 
mice by huangku
circus by huangku
white fluffy chest by huangku
Happy Easter by huangku

Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium) Core Logo BT (Medium)

AMAZING, aren't they??? :iconflyingheartsplz::omg::omg::omg::iconflyingheartsplz:

Please visit them and let them know how much you love their work!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconloveloveplz::iconflyingheartsplz:

NOTE: :staranoid: Are you reading this??? EveStare Well, then consider yourself TAGGED! :lovestare: :iconhurrplz:

Skin by Dan Leveille - Edited by TheGalleryOfEve - (Wings courtesy of Alegion-stock)
Raichu by CreepyJellyfish
It was a pleasantly sunny day, so pleasant and sunny in fact that Fronis had decided to sun herself. She was laying lazily on a branch near a small pond, her long cord like tail wrapped around the branch, her ear flicked as a leaf fell onto it.

She just had to get away from all of... that. The whole move here was exhausting and being put into a civilised building made her anxious.

Dragonair by CreepyJellyfish
Lorelei was generally unable to stay indoors for long. She loved being near the water or simple floating around just too much. Especially during a day like this, when the sun was alone in deep blue sky, staying inside was downright impossible. She floated to the nearest body of water, which was a small pond and sat down, a small black comb in her hand. She removed the two crystals keeping her hair together and began to brush it carefully. Without even realising it, she started to sing. This was one of the huge advantages of her transformation: finally she had a voice to sing.

Raichu by CreepyJellyfish
Fronis shifted on her branch and breathed a long sigh. The singing was so soothing, and relaxing. She truly hadn't heard anything like it before, she'd always lived in the fast lane, and occurrences like these just put her mind to a gentle ease-

An ease that she lived in fear of.

Her eyes fluttered open and she sat up on her branch, she felt relaxed but a little groggy, her branches leaves rustled and she started to look around for the source, growling a little.

Dragonair by CreepyJellyfish
Lorelei heard the rustling, but assumed it was simply caused by gust of wind or some forest dwelling creatures. But it was surely nothing to worry about. she was still on the camp grounds and no trainer would have an interest in catching a humanised pokémon. So she continued her song and taking care of the long blue hair cascading down on the grass around her.

Raichu by CreepyJellyfish
"Who tha' fuuu..." they murmured, put off by the music. It was to good, to relaxing. Like someone was trying to lull them to sleep, which was alarming because it could also be a jigglypuff.

Fronis looked down by the small pool of water and frowned. Great, it was a freak. A freak like him. Unless it was a human in a very convincing costume- but they doubted this.

The blue lady didn't seem to notice Fronis, and he isnt going to get that sickingly sweet music to stop anytime soon if he doesnt do anything.

"Oi." he called out gruffly "Do 'ya mind?? Some of us are tryna sleep!" 

Dragonair by CreepyJellyfish
Surprised by the voice and startled by the rudeness, Lorelei fell silent and looked around. Who had been calling out for her? She spotted a orange, yellow person sitting on a tree branch. It was clearly not a pokémon and surely not a trainer. So it had to be another inhabitant of the camp. 
She got up, quickly adding the crystals back to her hair and flew over to the orange person, hovering in the air while bowing before them.
"I beg your pardon if my singing disturbed you. I had no intention to wake you. By any chance, am i right to assume you life in the camp, too?"

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Surprised by the voice and startled by the rudeness, Lorelei fell silent and looked around. Who had been calling out for her? She spotted a orange, yellow person sitting on a tree branch. It was clearly not a pokémon and surely not a trainer. So it had to be another inhabitant of the camp. 
She got up, quickly adding the crystals back to her hair and flew over to the orange person, hovering in the air while bowing before them.
"I beg your pardon if my singing disturbed you. I had no intention to wake you. By any chance, am i right to assume you life in the camp, too?"

Dragonair by CreepyJellyfish
The foul language was nothing Lorelei liked in particular and she couldn't help but get the impression that her presence was bothersome to the other. Still, before she could leave just like that. she needed some answers first. One of her questioned had been ignored already, but the former dragonair could answer it herself, which was probably why the other transformed pokémon had not answered that.
"My name is Lorelei. Who are you?", she asked curiously. It was probably a safe assumption to say the other was an electro type. But which one in particular was hard to tell. There were just so many pokémon in this world and who knew how the transformation had affected this one.

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Fronis looked at her, with a look that could only be described as a look between a stare and a glare. Why was she still talking to him?
"Frenchie." She told her in a rather flat voice. She looked like a water type, what with the flowing blue hair and... blue hair. But she WAS also floating, which might mean she could be a flying type. 

Dragonair by CreepyJellyfish
Lorelei bowed her head slightly. the name was strange, but then again, some trainers had strange ideas of what was a good name for a Pokémon.
"Nice to meet you, Frenchie", she said. Though Frenchie themselves didn't really seem to think that. The dragonair herself had only little interest in stretching this conversation for more than it would be necessary, so despite her curiosity, she simply ask:
"Would it bother you if I continue singing?"

Raichu by CreepyJellyfish
'Frenchie' rolled her eyes and scoffed "Course." she said gruffly. She shifted some more on the branch, a little bit annoyed that it isnt as comfortable as it was an hour ago. 
"If it bothered me before it'd bother me again, of course." he was still trying to work out what sort of pokemon the other came from, definately nothing that he himself has seen. 

Dragonair by CreepyJellyfish
Lorelei sighed and nodded.
"Okay then", she answered and without any other word, she turned to leave. Internally, she was way more furious than she let show. Did Frenchie even know how much she/he contradicted their previous words.
'I never said it disturbed me' first and now that incredible rude answer know. Also, she had apologized, hadn't she? 
Lorelei let out a huff and shook her head, as if to get rid of the thoughts brewing inside. It was probably better to return to the bunk and avoid this incredible rude Frenchie person.

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nothing to say really, that is just a juicy thick trade!