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Stoney Creek by Six-Kings
In our continuous effort to improve the DeviantArt experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

The Runaway Llama Badge

Late last week, two llamas captured the eyes of the world for a few hours, as they were on the run in Sun Valley, Arizona. To celebrate their fleeting freedom, and for the devious fun of it all, an additional level has been added to the already existing llama badge.

Hoax Involving Deleting Accounts

Recently there has been a surge in Journals being posted or shared that say that DeviantArt will be deleting accounts in the near future. This claim is one that we've seen circulate on site through Journals, and is not the first time that the claim has surfaced.

We want to reassure you that this is a hoax. We are not deleting accounts, and DeviantArt staff will always reach out to deviants by official means, from official DeviantArt staff accounts (which can be denoted by the DeviantArt logo proceeding after the username). If you have any questions or concerns about things of this nature in the future, please be sure to file a ticket at the Help Desk, rather than via Journal.

Change Log

  • When submitting literature with a preview image, the preview thumbnail would be broken. Fixed by szlosek
  • When creating a Poll, apostrophes were not being parsed correctly, and would display as \'. Fixed by kemayo
  • The developer API console sidebar can now be filtered. Fixed by justgalym
  • When creating a Collection from the "Add to Favorites" drop menu on deviation pages, trying to add that deviation to the newly created Collection would fail, and would also not give an error message when it did. Fixed by outgoingcoyote
  • Some Groups would receive an error message saying that had too many widgets in one sone of the Group Profile, even though that wasn't the case. Fixed by outgoingcoyote
  • On the Activity widget of the Profile Page, if you deleted a Status Update, the widget would still count the deleted status as though it were there, leading to the widget displaying one less item than it should. Fixed by inazar
  • When viewing Group deviations in the Watch Feed, the artist's username would not display properly. Fixed by inazar
  • The Manage Friends page would sometimes fail to load if you created a Deviant List that had specific bad characters in its title. Fixed by szlosek

Your Feedback

Thank you for the feedback on last week's Site Update!
  • The most common feature mentioned in response to last week's Discuss topic was Notes, which we know (and agree) ought to be present on the mobile app! It's something we still definitely intend to include in future iterations of the app.
  • Deviants also mentioned wanting to see Group notifications from the mobile app.
  • Pichulover20 suggested that swiping the notifications from the Notifications screen on the mobile app could delete the notification.


Your Daily Routine

What are three things you do each day, when you visit DeviantArt? Do you check your Message Center, then Notes, then Browse? What is your general habit, when on site?

Header artwork: Stoney Creek by Six-Kings 

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Cosplay Friday: Assassin's Creed

Fri Mar 6, 2015, 12:00 AM
Img-og by techgnotic

First released in 2007, the Assassin’s Creed video game series has become Ubisoft’s best selling franchise with over 91 million units sold.

It comes as no surprise that a movie adaptation has long been in development. It finally seems to be headed to the big screen.

Ubisoft has confirmed the film is currently in production and is scheduled to begin principal photography this fall with a release date set for December 21, 2016. New developments also include the announcement of Marion Cotillard joining the cast of the Justin Kurzel-directed film. She will be starring in an unspecified role alongside Michael Fassbender.

The storyline for the film will be different than the video game series, but will be based in the same world with Fassbender playing Michael Lynch, a death-row inmate, in the middle of the ages-long war between the Assassins and the Templars. Lynch will follow the path of previous Assassins, being recruited by the ominous organization Abstergo, which will task him with exploring the memories of his ancestor to obtain clues that will lead to recovering sacred artifacts. Fassbender will play both Lynch and his Assassin ancestor in the film.

The next question on everyone’s mind is, “What will the new Assassin’s Creed characters look like in the flesh?” We don’t have that answer for the movie yet, but cosplayers have been bringing the characters from the video games to life for long before Cotillard and Fassbender were cast in their assassin roles. Here’s a taste of what the Assassin’s Creed characters may look like in their upcoming movie.

Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember…”

— Assassin

Nothing is true.”

— Initiate

Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember…”

— Assassin

Everything is permitted.”

— Initiate

We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins.”

— Assassin

Your Thoughts

  1. Who is you favorite Assassin’s Creed character and why?
  2. What would you like to see in future editions of Cosplay Friday?

I recently hit 4000 watchers so I wanted to thank you with this little giveaway :party:
It's not much because I need to save points for my OC contest. (I'll draw two more references of my OCs and then the contest will start! :D)

To join this giveaway:

:bulletpink: Comment and :+fav: fav this journal and I'll give you a number!
:bulletpink: Be my watcher (old or new)

Two extra numbers:
:bulletblue: Feature 3 of my works in a new journal.

Winner 1
: 50:points:
Winner 2: 50:points:

Giveaway ends: March 20th
I'll choose the winners randomly with

(Please don't use multiple accounts, that's cheating.)

Traditional Art Week

DISCLAIMER: The following article is a discussion on the characteristics of monochrome paintings. While discussing, I will go through a procedure of a monochrome painting. So you are free to take tips, tricks and ideas from the procedure if you like, but the article will not be considered as a tutorial or a teaching material.

Monochrome paintings are considered to be the avant-grade paintings. It is indeed hard- to establish all the values with a single colour. But moreover, what makes it so special? What makes it top class ? 
Because working with monochrome is playing and experimenting with the lights and values -  that takes artistic courage. Almost all the artists have few monochrome paintings in their life. These are like the stages or better said evidences of their artistic maturation - far away from the overwhelming colours, seeing the truest form!
        In my personal opinion, black and white paintings are not monochrome. There is no 'chrome'! Instead, they are pure light and dark - the unaltered underlying raw truth - no scope of distracting colours, accompanied with purest unstable or calm mood, often dramatic - this is the truest form of visualization - untouched by the luxury of any hues. The raw mood and emotion only lays there - light and dark - black and white!

Up next, we will go through a procedure of the making of a monochrome painting, using only black and white acrylic and black ink. The surface is a preprimed textured off-white paper especially made for oil paintings. But it's good for acrylics too. The aim of this walkthrough will be how we establish values layer after layer to complete an entire scene, with a little escape plan. And meanwhile I will discuss the characteristics of the monochrome paintings.

  1. The page is not white for a good reason.
  2. A simple border and rules of third guides have been placed.
  3. The horizon should be near the horizontal line of the guides and the object of focus should be at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines.

  1. The paper was pre-primed for oil paintings. Drawing on such paper can always become a little mess. But fear not. It doesn't matter how you start, it matters what you do after that.
  2. Using a HB, 2B or such hard pencils will decrease the chance of mess on paper.
  3. Notice the horizontal line starts near the lower horizontal line and goes upward to the upper horizontal line of the guides. And the houses which are the objects of focus, are sitting at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines of the guides.
    There are other focus guiding methods too like the golden rectangle, golden spiral, harmonious triangle etc. Use any of those as per your choice.
  4. Notice the extreme right hand corner bush. That's my escape plan.

The page is not white. So I am free to introduce as much brightness as I want. It is like starting with a middle ground and going towards the both end ie. darkest dark and purest white. Only pro artists can start at any one end and comfortably go towards another end (white → black or, black → white) because they know well how to calculate down or up from the previous value to the next to achieve a distinguished value scale.
Yet, starting with a middle ground always gives you freedom to move comfortably.

  • A simple water wash was done for the sky...

  • ...Followed by an ink wash to mark the sky and the hills.

  1. With the tip of a flat wash brush, marked the edge of the land in distant ground near the houses. It should be darker where the houses are than the other parts of the ground.
  2. Also the foreground got washes of black, marking the slope.

  1. The slopes are marked with darker black.
  2. The grey values are put on the walls of the houses.

  1. The sky got a layer of black and white paint. Just to cover the page underneath and to form a dark sky.
  2. Slopes of the ground are marked with darker black.
  3. Grey values of the houses are strengthened.

In most paintings, we start by establishing darkest dark and go towards the white. You may ask why not white to black? Because, simply it's troublesome.
By simple physics knowledge, we all know that white is the combination of all lights (and we can see colours according to which object absorbs which light), where black is the perfect absence of all lights, and so of hues as well.
Now, simple question - If there is nothing - adding something there is easier or eliminating something from where every thing is present?
Of course, adding to where is nothing.
        Yet, we keep a safe ground in monochrome paintings. And drawings as well. We start by black, true, but not the darkest dark. Since this black and white are all we got, we keep our options open to go back towards purest black, when needed. We start with a middle black that gives us an understanding that how black we can go back.

  • Base formation of clouds.

  • If you notice... the clouds are the easiest part of the painting. Just move your brush or finger round and round mixing paints.

White has all the colours - what you can possibly add to it? Every hue you add will look fade or darker than white. All we can do is to eliminate hues from that, resulting lesser tones, until there is nothing left - hence, black.
Now if the whole scene of elimination turns desaturated - what leaves there? Greys. They are nothing but the values of the colours we were eliminating. So, the grey that you establish on your black and white drawing or painting is nothing but the adjacent colours that are representing those parts - only in their purest form. Value is simply the measure of light and dark of a particular hue. Now two hues can have same values. Digital science says no two colours can have same grey value and that is true. But this can not be distinguished in human eyes. So, to say correctly, two colours may have a very close grey value which is indistinguishable. And we must avoid that. Because if you can not distinguish something, how you will even establish that to convince your viewers? So we must not let two hues' values come close, neither in monochrome nor polychrome paintings.
Moving on -

  1. Details of the clouds were added.
  2. Grasses were introduced on the foreground and highlighted with bright grey white.
  3. This is not the best example though - the extreme right hand side house is having the brightest wall among a darker background. This is called isolation contrast.

  • With a round brush, South West ↙ motion was introduced to paint the wash of black ink to distinguish the shadows of the grasses on the ground.

In paintings where colours are present, it is very difficult to determine, values for each hues, so that they don't intermix. You have two scales there - simple value scale and a complicated hue scale (saturation, intensity, temperature). You have to manage that hue scale while continuously considering the value scale.
That is why, we often start with black or dark in paitnings - adding one at a time instead of eliminating. Elimination in a colour painting will be a tough job and can only be done by the pro artists. In monochrome, we are free to start from anywhere almost - add or eliminate - doesn't matter, because we are going to follow a simpler scale.
A simple scale and a simple way to represent the colours and temperature. And for being done by only pure light and black - it comes forth dramatic, raw in mood.
Establishing the representative greys are not the most skillful part of such paintings. The skillful part of the monochrome paintings is seeing the values through the hues - to break it down to its simplest form. Under painting does this tough job for an instance.

Simplifying a complex situation to purify the mood - that is why the monochrome paintings are avant-grade paintings.

Before I discuss why I needed the Escape Plan, we need to know when we need it.
We need the escape plan when (1) you do something on the canvas that you did not intend to do (2) If there is an accident (3) if you were uncertain about some parts or, (4) if you overdid something.
        Every artist can have a bad day and they all mess up at some point more or less and yet very few will agree to this fact. When I was doing this painting, I was drawing and painting from imagination - I had no visual reference. Thus the foreground turned mismatched with the rest of the scene. The ground can be done precisely with lots of grey values representing the lush green, various temperatures and all. But those would be heavily time consuming. I was unsure about that part from the beginning, so I kept my escape plan ready - keeping it simple and more than it should be. Notice, there is absolutely nothing going on the foreground. So I can either (1) subtract it or (2) cover it. That is all we can do in our escape plan.
I did both.

  1. Covered the unwanted part of the foreground with masking tape.
  2. Used the round brush down to up motion to introduce the darkest foreground hedges.
  3. It also helped me to establish the foreground as purest black, as it should be.

Bad day at the Harbour

For your inspirations only
Watercolor - Toronto3 by duytterWatercolor Tramway Roubaix by duytterWatercolor Paris13 by duytter
Contemplation-Acrylic Painting by AstridBruningDe Niro by CamillaMalcusblack - white 04 by tomiatnight
Where is my umbrella? by arrivalsofthebirdsPeople are strange by duytter
Magic Paintbrush by Andoledius


I recently got 500 watchers, I so happy, thank you all!!!

So I decided to do an art raffle .
Winner will get one free chibi commission from me.

-You need to be my watcher;
-You need to favorite this journal.

The winner will be randomly chosen.
You have time till 12th March to enter!

Corgi Love

Thu Mar 5, 2015, 12:16 PM
Calvin the Cardigan Corgi by SmashStudioHazel - Derpy Face by BlackPepperPhotosCute Welsh Corgi by T-SolnechnayaGreat day :) by SarkoliaBaby Snow Corgi by InADreamHeart Nose by tinaheartReds by Cmac13Dom Corgi Ambergris - a rare Red Merle Corgi by BlackPepperPhotosMeet Hoshi by Tikuu10Secrets by DancingCorgiHAVE A NICE TIME Keno by BlackPepperPhotosTroy the Corgi. by FotopetI'm Cute And You Know it by HiawathaPhotoBlix The Corgi!!! by ChrisTrevinoGet a long lil' doggie by XetsaPhotosimon012614A by SilverblueCat


Pug, Shiba


Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 11:22 AM
Wow, I gained another 1000+ watchers in just two weeks! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ; v ;// I would like to hold free raffle weekly/monthly as thanks to everyone who supported me! 8 people can win  100 points
★ Watchers only. NEW WATCHERS ARE WELCOMED! Please watch only if you like my artworks!
★ Favorite this journal;

more comment and favorite on my work better change you got to win link the come and favorite here

That's it! Your number will be based on the favorites list.

✂- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DEADLINE

After 2-3 days

The entitlement in these comments is astounding.


Like DAMN I've been going to art school for almost FIVE FUCKIN' YEARS and am just now learning how to make a 3D rubber duck make ripples in a 3D bathtub, and then these bitches be like

"my ideas are so much better than Disney they should hire me"

"i could make a pixar movie in two years they're SUPER SLOW"


"i could be a writer for Pixar fo real doe i want those free disneyland passes!"

People think just because they can draw Naruto they can waltz right into Pixar and be working with John Lasseter. NOPE. There's this thing called a LADDER and y'all ain't even halfway up yet.
  • Mood: Triumph
Spoilers and stuff duh (also, language)

not that there are any secrets anymore

but seriously, I laughed the entire time, thanks to :icondr-dash:


4k watchers RAFFLE (+ collab raffle with mimitea)

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 1:51 PM

thank you all so much for all your support! im reached 4k watchers. 
for this event me and Mimitea have conspired decided to 
make a joint raffle together in addition to the normal raffle <3


prize for kuimei by kokoteastarry cupcake by kokotea
winner of this raffle will get a kirakira chibi like the one above

please note: 
you need at least one clear, full-color, full-body reference
i only draw humans and kemonomimis. 
i do not draw anthro, clutter or any type of mature content
end-result might be more colorful/pastel than your oc
i reserve the right to simplify some things

HOW TO ENTER <3 --------------------------

must be a watcher 
(new watchers welcome. please only watch me if you like my art and not because you want free things)

2. make a new journal or poll advertising this raffle. MUST FOLLOW THIS:

do not include it with other journal advertisements!; 
you can only include info about mine and Mimitea's raffles. 

add a small description for the raffle (so people know whats going on!)
and copy/paste these thumbnails into your journal or poll.
(make sure you paste them one by one for the thumbs to work)

3. fav this journal and comment using the comment form. 

COLLAB WITH Mimitea------------------------------

:iconkokotea: :iconmimitea:
if you are watching both me and Mimitea you can join our collab raffle too! 
me and mimi will be offering a collab chibi for this one. 

she is hosting her 4k raffle as well here: 4k Watchers Raffle!

just advertise both of these raffles and be our watchers to be eligible to it. 
(that is 3 raffles in total! mine, mimi's and our collab raffle <3)

COMMENT FORM--------------------------------

journal/poll link: 
character reference: (must have image ref!)
joint raffle (are you watching mimitea? yes/no):
i agree i have read and followed all the requirements to enter the raffle

end date: march 13th, 11:59pm est