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My Photoshop Portrait Painting Tutorial is also on YouTube now!

Vimeo by Kuvshinov-Ilya

For those countries where video isn't available, there's still Vimeo link:

Daily Lit Recognition for November 25th, 2015
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Suggested By: Malintra-Shadowmoon
Featured By: ssensory
This poem deals with processing the past and starting
something new in the future, with hope in the heart
and a lovely friend. There are a lot of emotions involved,
some kind of bitterness as well as great joy.
It is an encouragement for experiencing something
new after walking through the deepest valleys.

Featured By: NemoX7

With excellent use of repetition, CeeTheaPeia's poem is
a beautiful rendition of melancholy and love.


Featured By: betwixtthepages

Humor and philosophy make a beautiful coupling in this six word story--
you're bound to think this through at least twice!

Featured By: betwixtthepages
The Month of OctoberHugh Everett's ashes are in the dumpster behind the restaurant I work at. I know because they start moving on Monday. By Tuesday, there is a writhing charred leg and parts of his open torso. Wednesday, he speaks to me for the first time.
"What year is it?"
"I think you might implode if you knew."
"Makes sense. Do you smoke, doll?" 
I light a cigarette for him, having pulled it with quivering fingers from my apron, and put it in his mouth. He leans up against a garbage bag leaking shake mix and puffs, exhaling clouds. 
"This is weak. Lady cigarettes."
He rips off the filter with his teeth. He only has three fingers on his left hand and his right arm is a stump. At least his eyes have grown in. 
"Do you know why I left academic physics?"
"To make models for the Pentagon?"
He takes a long drag.
"A model, you see, is a representation of an ideal, a situation that can only occur exactly that way within a given set of circumstances. In reality, we can only create

This short, non-linear prose piece examines life, death, and the
answers in between with exquisite clarity and lovely quirk.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared By: Medoriko

Skin by SimplySilent
Oooo, such a big title.

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? Tell me how your week has been, not too much work to do? Don't forget to get rest, okay? ;u;

Now, before you wheeze because of that title, lemme explain myself.

FNAF has brought so much to me. It made me practise furries, make up a story, and share even more my work with others. Honestly? It's been super great. I've reached a point I thought I'd never reach before and it's amazing! <3 So many nice people out there.

Yes, many nice people; but I get why artists leaving the fandom are saying it's killed them.

This fandom has many flaws, for one reason: it's a game without characters background. That's said.
And when fans find characters that don't have background stories? They make ones. At that point, there's no problem, I had so much fun coming up with my babies.

But when there's no story behind characters, it's labeled as a "for everyone" game. Yes, it IS a horror game with a rather dark story, but kids these days love these kind of stories.

And that's WHERE kids come in, spam you, harass you, steal your work, and ruin your experience.
Young people, that will backstab you, or yell at you, because they're kids, and they're taking advantage of the beautiful tool, that is the internet. (Which explains the bad part of bronies. It's a kids show)

They won't understand that maybe, you're depressed, you have troubles in your life, studies that take all of your time, health problem, family events, and so on... No, they're just gonna send you private messages to tell you that you suck, because you never respond, you don't post enough _____ art, and other statements. (About that, I won't name anyone because that's simply not my thing, yet I won't hesitate to block anymore. I'm sorry... I wish I could do something about this. But my "mental state" is pretty fragile lately, and I just can't let people rub their jealousy or/and selfishness on me.)

Now, that IS a big part of the fandom, but the nice part is WAY bigger. It's way nicer, and you guys, are absolute SWEETHEARTS to me! I can't list everyone, but I met so awesome people in this fandom, and someone who is now one of my best friends! Amy, I still need to learn so much more things about you! ;u;

The support I got from it is OUTSTANDING! So many people cared and some still care about me, and I still don't know how you guys do to support such a stupid person like I am... Q///v///Q

Yet, unfortunatly... This "bad" part has really affected me the past few months, where I had to deal with so much problems in my insignificant little life, that I'm not enjoying the place at all.

Honestly, I'm fleeing from deviantART most of the time. I'm scared to check on deviantART. Because I know, that out of all the nice comments and notes I get, THIS simple statement will ruin your day. Haters, I'm not gonna lie to you, you're being stupid, but your shit can affect people. A person, who says not to be affected by haters, also isn't thankful to the compliments they get. And you guys know, how much I love my watchers.

I'm not easy to break. Events in my life made me stronger than other people of my age. I didn't decide it, it just happened. And those nerds, who just want to yell their unconfidence at me, aren't breaking me one bit.

They're making me do choices. Choices, that have to be taken, because combined to my irl things happening, are making me a mess... >w<;

Which is why..... *heavy gasp*

I do decide to leave the fandom.

Now, this journal is just being a vent about my life and me accusing people for their bad behaviour in a diverted way (which I completely assume), but the fact is there. What I mean with leaving the fandom, is that I am no longer an art machine for it. And I am no longer taking parts of shippings. ... even if frexy can still kinda kill me inside

Let's be honest, I'm never commenting on FNAF stuff. I'm even barely favoriting FNAF stuff, and when I see shipping pictures they don't make me feel anything. You know, the hype is over, and I did disappoint myself for seeing my inspiration die while I was keeping the other people's inspirations alive. That, is where I would like to deeply apologize...

OF COURSE... I'm not saying you guys CAN'T see me as an artist that drew stuff for FNAF! I still think the games are amazing, I still LOVE my AU and my characters, and I'll still draw them again! Also, you're free to keep drawing them as much as you like! But, FNAF isn't my main drawing subject anymore.

There is of course the possibility that I join it again. But right now this is far enough to be my plan. After finishing my experience with the FNAF fandom (that, as a reminder, was the first ever fandom I joined), I am completely satisfied with the experience I am having with Undertale, which is completely different, and has nothing to envy from the FNAF one!

As the probably saddest news, this DOES imply, that the FNAF AU comic is canceled. Yes... I made it such a big thing, and I can't keep promises... Which again, I deeply apologize for deceiving you all.

I get it... if you guys were only there for FNAF. I COMPLETELY understand that, I really do... And I'm not angry at you one bit if you unwatch me.

I did say, HARASS. If you're just sending me kind and polite note asking me if art of _____ will ever be done again, don't you worry sugarhearts! I'll answer you as nicely, and as fast as possible! :heart: <3333

This needed to be said.

GUYS... UNDERSTAND the trouble artists have with this fandom. It is NOT only a problem with dealing with haters... even THAT is not as simple as you think.
This fandom has lots of kids, and they ARE ruining the experience, even if they mean it or not. The FNAF fandom is NOT a bad one. I've met the majority of the wonderful people who still support me today with this fandom. But... Some things need to be admitted.

Finally, guys... I know this sound selfish, and... I'm probably being a disappointement to you for very long... But... Please... If you do love my work... Please keep supporting me. Please keep sending me these messages. Please keep this support going, if you want to of course but... Don't let me fall down, okay?... I want to reconcile with this website, and it's people, by not basing myself with the FNAF fandom. Please... I need to reply to notes and some comments but studies are killing me lately. Vacations are in 3 weeks, and I'll do the duty I promised.

But please... Keep being around... During that time... Don't let me sink. I need your help. ;/////////; I need your heartwarming support the most... To go through this.

I only want real people, who won't hurt me because they want free art... or who just want to test me, play with my feelings, like it's a kids game.

Thank you... for reading.
I love you guys, so much <3 Alsooooo... still working on gifts for my active watchers and donators, but these are surpriiiises <333

I will be very busy because of the school for the rest of the month, I'm sorry for the upcoming inactivity.


Some only did a few works of it, some already left the fandom, I am sorry if I offended you for putting you here. But... so many people can still be inspired by the amazing work you do!
Of course, there's ALOT MORE. But I mentionned the ones I felt sympathy and/or admiration for...

Keep up the train guys! <3

...Also I'm still drawing the gay asshole no matter what

Open Canvas: Vol. 1

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 2:13 AM
Welcome to Volume One of...

:iconoplz::iconp-plz::iconeplz::iconnplz:     :iconcplz::iconaplz::iconnplz::iconvplz::iconaplz::iconsplz:

What is "Open Canvas"?

"Open Canvas" is a daily article hosted by OfOneSoul that features a collection of pieces submitted to one of the subcategories of "Traditional Art". The purpose of this feature is to bring light to the many beautiful traditional deviations on DA as well as the talented artists who create them. Each article will feature several artworks from different deviants as well as a special acknowledgement to a single accomplished artist.

This article's theme...

- Black & White!

Recently I've come across several amazing black & white pieces
and decided to theme this article in honor of them.

Under the roots by ChristinaMandy Another one by Cherry-Ksyss
+Strigidae+ by lordmegi
Three top hats by reveur-artiste Spring of Banshee by vvveverka
Ophelia by Pidimoro
Giraffe with Cub by Yankeestyle94 Queen of the night by sepraven
Great horned owl by Concini
Take This Pain Away by Bdellian Niche by jflaxman

And now for the highlighted deviant...

- dloraas!

Little Sunflower by dloraas

dloraas is an accomplished black & white artist who employs charcoal. Their gallery is full of beautifully reproduced images in their own magnificent, traditional style. I'm sure you will find it is a challenge to pinpoint which is the original photo and which is the reproduction. Not only does this artist show admirable technical skill but also the wonderful ability to capture raw emotion in charcoal.

Little dreamer by dloraas
Last Tango in Paris by dloraas Tender heart (wip) by dloraas
Mother's journey by dloraas
Lament for a frozen flower by dloraas The last of the english roses by dloraas
Sunsets and red clouds by dloraas

Thank you SO much for visiting today's issue of...


:heart: OfOneSoul

journal skin by STelari
old paper texture by frameofthoughts
So heres a little update for u guys. Imma be casual on this okay (Not)

ME AND HEAVEN ARE BACK TOGETHER *cries tears of joy*

Also shes just taking a break for a while so she'll be back soon

Meet the Fractal Community #22

Wed Nov 25, 2015, 9:00 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

Community Week

Hello and welcome to the 22nd edition of Meet the Fractal Community, a series of interviews to highlight our beloved fractalists!

Today, let's have a chat with BoxTail


Hello BoxTail! How are you today?

Hey there, I'm fine, just lazy enough not to clean my glasses.

Can you introduce yourself?

Dude living in southern Finland, known as BoxTail or Jan. I've been on DeviantArt for 5 years, but started to be active 3 years ago when I discovered fractal art. As a fractalist, I mostly do structured fractals but enjoy other techniques as well.

How did you discover Fractal Art?

I discovered fractal art and thought of it as being a chaotic mess. At the time I was working to get a college media diploma and wanted to represent the internet through visual art. Some googling happened to take me to DeviantArt and discovered this odd Apophysis program. I downloaded Apophysis and started to create this concept for the art installation. Maybe after a week of many failed attempts proved what I wanted was too much in such short period of time. However I decided to drop the project and focus on fractals. With that decision a whole new world opened for me and I became addicted. Then I discovered the #Aposhack... Yeah, from then to now I'm there almost everyday. I finished my studies and got my diploma by writing a report on fractal art.

Electro Blue by BoxTail

Many of your fractals show very complex structures. How did you work to achieve this kind of knowledge?

I've spent a lot of time with tutorials and got help in the #Aposhack from people who made some of those. Interaction with other fractalists is one of the main components: you get to ask immediately if something isn't working or get all kinds of new ideas (and you may also have to listen to weird math discussions). Another component is to understand what variations do in Apo (for example: spherical and bubble), then how they interact with each other. Then experimenting with given limits, trying to get a specific look. You do all this and then repeat it. Once comfortable, try something new with it. And then do the next one.

It would be wonderful if you could reveal a few details of your creation process.

My creating process just takes time depending on gradients. Yeah, picking colors takes the most of it. I tend to go back and forth to get what I want and sometimes I might have to render the fractal several times. But let's rewind a little bit.

I start with an idea I have in my mind and work towards it.

At this point, I usually make some mistakes and takes some time to fix them.
- First, I figure the framework out, so: how stuff is supposed to be for it to work and how to set Xaos (if needed).
- I fix mistakes and then add the actual variations.

During these steps I constantly copy/paste params into notepad or save it.
- Usually I set up basic coloring to see how stuff actually looks like.
- I spend some time to adjust structure and refresh it with new transforms or shapes.
- I set up coloring once again, like I described earlier.

I might have several Apophysis or Chaotica windows open with different colors or tweaks and framings, which both play an important role.

- I render with Chaotica whenever possible, so I can play with curves and control the colors better.
- Once everything is done and rendered, the search for a title begins, and that can also take a lot of time.

Most of the time, a title pops into my mind while creating the piece or rendering, but sometimes (when the artwork is very cool) I can't name it, so I allow myself some more time.

Lately, I've tried other programs like Mandelbulb3D/Fragmentarium or Ultra Fractal.
The process is similar to the one I follow for Apo/Chaotica fractals, but I especially rely on other people's parameters.

Infinity Galaxy by BoxTail

Is there any deviant you would recommend, and why?

If someone is new to Mandelbulb3D, they better have a look at Swoopswatkill's gallery.

Emerald Occlusion by Swoopswatkill Washed Out by Swoopswatkill


RemiisMeltingDots's tattoo design are really drool-worthy stuff.

OctopusGeisha by RemiisMeltingDots mask bird print by RemiisMeltingDots samourai for print by RemiisMeltingDots


If you're into colors, you'll like San-T's acrylic works, just wonderful color and texture handling.

Blue Dawn by San-T Underwater Eclipse by San-T


Mars-Hill is someone who sees beauty in macro photography and it's a joy to watch their works.

Gerbera by Mars-Hill thorns by Mars-Hill Gazania by Mars-Hill

Any last advice to your audience?

Remember to have fun. :dummy:

Be sure to visit BoxTail's profile and gallery! :love:

Maiden's Dream by BoxTail Ethereal by BoxTail
Globe of Overgrowth by BoxTail
Reverie by BoxTail Endless Forms Evening by BoxTail

Have fun and keep fractalling! :heart:

Previous issues:

APN Adventures, Vol. 36

Wed Nov 25, 2015, 4:00 AM

Abyss by MartinAmm
APN is the acronym for the Animal, Plants, & Nature photography category at DeviantArt. These recent APN deviations span vast skies to tiny insects. Our planet is truly a magical place!

Hopefully the following feature will inspire you to browse the APN Category or to even pick up your own camera and capture some of the world around you. Be sure to check the end of the feature for APN Community news. On to the feature!

Morning Medicine by MaciejKarcz

Transquility......VII by Betuwefotograaf Inferno by DMMDesign 
The System restarted by stef777

Champis... by Ikonokl4st
"If only one could tell true love from false love as one can tell mushrooms from toadstools." - Katherine Mansfield

... by Justine1985 
Dark passage by kriskeleris A Walk And A Talk by Northstar76
Cosmic Filaments by Mashuto A Light Above the Chapel by FramedByNature

"Like simple minded goldfish, we often believe the boundaries of our bowl to be the entire ocean" - Laren Grey Umphlett
Carassius auratus by griffsnuff

Plain tiger butterfly by freudian-slips Flower on-Piggie's Head II by ABilro

Little Austi Flow I by Glenn-Crouch

Check out some more recent APN submissions!

S O M . S I L D R E T by Onodrim-Photography Over the mountains by valiunic Ebb and Flow by Capturing-the-Light

Autumn Tranquility by Val-Faustino

Dinas-Dinelle 2806200151747 by CharmingPhotography 
Preliminary by IvanAndreevich Brook by jacekson

Comedic Caique by Kendra-Paige Grey heron by luka567
Tallaton Castle by SebastianKraus
May I Help You? by Scooby777 970 by Les-Piccolo The fight is on by Wolfling01

Sombre by rdalpes 
fairyland by KariLiimatainen
Hey there by SemioticPhotographyManning Gorge by GVAShades of purple. by Phototubby

Portrait of a Seagull by Cat-Mist Small Steps by Unkopierbar
Hope in Dark Times by tvurk
Crocodile Eye by Jaavii Koenigsblick auf den Koenigssee by StefanPrech
Fremde Vertrautheit [ACRS-15] by RichardGrando

Leave a comment with your favorite APN deviation from this week and you might see it added to the next feature.

Animals, Plants, & Nature News

  • LightInspired has kicked off their annual Nature Photo Contest 2015. Details on how to enter can be found Here.
  • SkyAndNatureClub announced the results of their Dawn & Dusk Contest. Check them out here!
  • What do you think about the current APN subcategories? Take the poll!

Have APN news? Send me a note with a link so I can include it!

Be sure to follow this feature each week! If you see any APN photography that you think is deserving of a Daily Deviation, please send your suggestion to me. :eager: by darkmoon3636

Daily Deviation Guidelines: APN Photography

Skin by Dan Leveille

The Under-Loved, Vol. 16

Tue Nov 24, 2015, 6:19 PM

THAT Dream by Kedori

So, normally, this feature would have gone up on Saturday. I did explain to Tessriane why this would be late, and anything I had pending was cancelled, so a lot of features are going to be a bit off-schedule for perhaps a week. Unfortunately, unavoidable circumstances resulted in that eventuality.

I do hope that you enjoy the following feature, and please do remember to show these artists some love! As always, the pieces featured below have less than 300 :+fav:s or less than 100 comments. And do take a moment to visit Kedori's piece featured in the header (the comments exceeded the limit for being included in the body of the feature) as well! :love:

Lake District. England 1 by jennystokes
Sunrise by DuertenSchreiber
Trophy by Jaffa-Tealc
Big Ben and the telephone. oil on canvas, collage. by Shatilov

Spoons and balls by pulsar69fr
Godfather by sogni-di-margherita
Claire Redfield: Heat of Battle by Legendarysid
How To Train Your DRAGON by SAMLIM
Megacosm by VixSky
Gift: Dray by BioticShark

Bear Lake 1 by AGalWithACamera
All Wrong by TEAofeyes
COM ~ The Harpist by Songes-et-crayons

Cooling Tower C 04 by yanshee
Remembering the Narnia by NatashaSmithPhoto
Shyft - New design by Ribera
Fairytale by SetsiAngelSailor

Gotta Catch 'Em All by milkmindart
alchymiste 9 by inferno-sensus
Ward of Protection by KoTnoneKoT
Marceline Adventure Time by YanaFortuna
Gone Bad by silicon-jayce
Sapporo Samurai Bracer by GoddessNemesis
Elven Stock - HD by FrancescaAmyMaria

Sara by AlexanderB

Gentle 2 by DragonOfLust
Coral Reef Diary Cover by Magical525
Ghost in the Room by piccadilley
Jardin des Tuileries by pavboq
Southern Sky tells all by Xyrus-02
Tuck no hander by RadoslawSass

Indian Peafowl in Scale 1:12 by JannisKernert
'Ari the Noble, Guardian of Knowledge', 2015 by MacLeodDragons
Magic Lesson by ElfenCeres
Pyrography portrait of a panda bear by brandojones
Undertale: Feel Your Sins Crawling On Your Back... by CoolFireBird
Vintage by PerfectVillainess
Commission Painting Jedi Temple Assault by Entar0178
20ies 1 by jl-modelstock
Idalis by Wiresculptress

Hit the bottle by Floriarty

Skin by Dan Leveille

Tuesday Treats: Your choice

Tue Nov 24, 2015, 7:48 PM

Thursday Greets | Weekend Fun | WishingWell Weekly

:star: Your choice :star:

San Francisco Trip CCXL by LDFranklin Bumble Bee by Wildphoenix22
Wreck this journal by Alexg47 Hessa [Com] by Ag-Cat Patchwork Poetry Cover Reveal and Purchasing Info by hopeburnsblue
Chilly morning by UszatyArbuz sleeping Baikal by aerroscape
name suggestions pls by AtomicRaptor Flash Emoticon by Gomotes [Commission] Virgile - Music Based Design by Ulario

Thank you for participating! :heart:

:star: Next week theme: Yellow :star:

Commission ~ by OskolokCat

Yellow is gold, yellow is lemon, yellow is mellow... How is your yellow? Show us a deviation where the main color is yellow!

Suggest a deviation (even from your own gallery) by linking it in a comment on this blog. Each submitted deviation will be featured in the next TT! Enjoy and have a good day!

:bulletblue: Suggestions must be sent before the next Tuesday Treats, on December 1.


Winter here soon for many

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2015, 7:50 PM

With Winter arriving in many places around the globe
lets enjoy some white flowers to anticipate
the coming of the fluffy white stuff :iconcraciun11:
A random selection from all folders
bursting by aderryn
When I`ll See You Again by BlueAnomiS In front of me by EvaParadis The Final Flowers by Hitomii
Petite fleur blanche by AudraMBlackburnsArt 912 by Gelu59 touch the light by cloe-patra
Pure by MayasAdventures Beauty Knows No Bounds by Hitomii magnolia blossoms by SvitakovaEva
Chrysanthemum by SvitakovaEva Spreading Petals by cicigee1 Koparilmis cicek gibi.. by fiyonk14
White by Sam-432 Dancing in the Street by EarthHart Margherita by VerenSky
CTNE: Cnidoscolus ouchiensis by Eliasome Iris by Martina-WW White by Sam-432
Dewdrops by PassionAndTheCamera Dew Drops - 02 by NikkiNightOwl Orchidea bianca by VerenSky
Wood anemone by Kopczynski-Adam Raindrops by JanuaryGuest Valentines Flowers by x-xSpitFirex-x
Flirtatious Daisy by BeautifulDisasterIam Pure Spring by Mogrianne These Eyes Hypnotize by CRGPhotography
Birth of Spring by Leons-Photography S P R I N G __ T I M E by BlueAnomiS  Brightest White by NorthernLand
Blancas De La Suculenta by EMOCIONARTE

black'n white stars by flowershot400 Periwinkles by Calypso1977 ```` by Weissglut
Purity by taichitwo flower 166 by EphemeralMind Pure by UszatyArbuz  
Morning Light by FancyFish77 Spring Bloom by EveVictus Kissed by the Sun by FancyFish77
Herald of Spring by sesam-is-open Once Is Enough by Bex-Photography Puffy by EyesOfTheForest
Clematis White by Hitomii Blanc sur fond noir 0737 by EvaParadis Peony '12 by gr-unique
Ice white by Kaysusanelliott The Rain Is Falling... by CerysKnighton The suns Light by Kaysusanelliott
Water Lily At Rieve's Pond by Matthew-Beziat Bride by JunJun510 Water Lily by NorthernLand
Purity by Leons-Photography white dream by Paul774 Tears by Leons-Photography
Little tears by akthuro Apathy by ParadisiacPicture Little Petals by mng182
:iconcraciun11:For you by Digithalie :iconcraciun11: