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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 1, 2015, 6:14 PM
Win points, art, and more!!
Please read through everything!

How To Enter:
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! +Watch me (new watchers welcome!)
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! Comment below (tell me if you did anything to get extra entries), and I will give you your number(s)

Extra Entries:
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! (+5) Join Toxic-Frogs
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! (+2) Advertise my species toxic frogs in a journal, poll, or deviation
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! (+2) Advertise this journal in a poll, journal, or deviation
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! (+1) Watch ShyShiWolf
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! (+1) Favorite the newest sheet of toxic frog adopts
[OPEN] Closed Species Adoptables (Toxic Frogs) by Cheshei
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! (+1) Favorite the toxic frogs species reference sheet
Toxic Frogs Species Ref by Cheshei


If we get 100+ entrants, there will be two winners. If we get 175+, there will be three. If it is <100, there will only be one. All winners will receive:
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! 100 Pink Points
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! A MYO slot or custom toxic frog of any rarity
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! Up to ten mini pixels by Cheshei (ex: Mini Pixel for mlggirl by Cheshei)
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! An animated 50x50 pixel icon by Cheshei
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! A colored fullbody by ShyShiWolf
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! A lineart by ShyShiWolf
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! A pixel icon by ShyShiWolf
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! A colored fullbody by AccaliaTheFox

Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! The winner(s) will be chosen using a random number generator. They will be announced two weeks after we get forty entrants.Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! 

  • Mood: Love
  • Reading: Pirate Latitudes
Recently Miss-Union-Jack was insulted on one of her stories, and the commenter (in my opinion) seemed to believe that they were giving criticism. I know that situations like Miss-Union-Jack's has also happened to many other writers on DeviantART, including myself. So I believed it was time to sit down and write this out for readers on this website.

First, what is the definition of criticism? I used Dictionary Reference to look up the exact meaning for the word. There were six definitions total but the one that seemed the be most fitting in this type of setting was number three. 

    Animated Color Bullets Criticism; the act or art of analyzing and evaluating or judging the quality of a literary or artistic work, musical performance, art exhibit, dramatic production, etc. 

Now I want to quickly mention that judging has never once incorporated the words rude or cruel into it's meaning. Yet, unfortunately, when some deviants decide to offer their criticism, they only deliver writers rude and cruel words.

Sometimes what readers fail to remember is that writers do not have to write for you. They choose to, they spend their free time working hard on a subject that they are passionate about. It's not as easy as it looks, and any writer will tell you that. When you have readers waiting for your latest piece, there's that pressure that you need to rush to finish, so of course there will be some mistakes. No one is perfect, it's not always gonna be New York Times Bestselling material. 

Before you attempt to offer even the smallest amount of criticism, make sure that the author wants criticism. Skim through the description, if you spot the words, "Please excuse spelling/grammar." or "Sorry about any mistakes!" etc. The author is probably not looking for a critique at the moment. 

If you see the words Critique Requested on a piece then it's totally okay to leave one, the author encourages it!

Now let's move on to what's a good example of criticism and what's not. 

    Bullet; Blue  A Good Example: "I thought this piece was really well made! There are a few things you might want to look over, such as (list things here) other than that, (nice comment)."

  Bullet; Red  A Bad Example: "To be honest, this story sucked. Not to be rude but I hated it. (List everything wrong with it) I just don't know why you even wrote it."

It's pretty easy to tell why the first one is better than the second. It's really not hard to word things in a way that will put a smile on the author's face and also help them grow as a writer. 

The second example is something that could make some writers cry. That isn't fair to them, nor is it kind. 

If you're still having trouble wording your criticism in a nice way, pretend that one of your younger siblings or cousins wrote the piece, that should help a lot. 

So there it is, a simple guide on how to give criticism on DeviantART! 

because I make bad decisions, i decided that this would be a good idea 。◕ ‿ ◕。

oh my god.
it actually filled up.
can we just talk about this
and how i really need to finish an essay right now
but wow
//sobs grossly
thanks so much for participating, i'll have another one like this, just a bit different
omg ;;

-share this journal in a journal
-post that journal and your ocs ref in a comment
-i'll draw kitties, canines, ponies
-no humans pls (i suck at drawing humans)

1. Chi-Pai [1] Chi-Pai by snowolive
2. NicoleTheBunny [2] NicoleTheBunny by snowolive
3. cirrusadopts [3] cirrus-clouds/cirrusadopts by snowolive
4. Sorasku [4] Sorasku by snowolive
5. CrutonArt [5] CrutonArt by snowolive
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7. Sophiegirl2001 [7] Sophiegirl2001 by snowolive
8. Ghost-And-Hellsong [8] Ghost-And-Hellsong by snowolive
9. Majestic-Pizza [9] Majestic-Pizza by snowolive
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100. Frog-Teeth

Summer Artist Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2015, 8:48 AM

Heart If you like this feature please add it to your +favs ! Heart

So a few weeks ago, I asked some people to show me their best work and I would do daily features of some of the artists that I feel may not have the exposure that they deserve. 
I will feature about 10-15 artist. I hope you guys like the artist and their works and will go give them some love! And if you like their stuff, watch! 

Today's featured artist is :iconpompon-chan:
pompon-chan is an artist based in Canada. She has been a member of Deviantart for seven years, and draws amazingly beautiful works of art. Her commissions are open, and her anime and coloring style make me happy. I promise, her work will have the same effect on you!

Hobbies by pompon-chan
Pom? by pompon-chan
Pomf Loli by pompon-chan
Summer Chillz by pompon-chan
Spudgy by pompon-chan
Commission #05 by pompon-chan
Deep Within by pompon-chan

Skin by SimplySilent
  • Mood: Joy
Here at TheIllustrious, our members are truly wondrous beings. We'd like to showcase how incredibly talented some of them are, with our second (albeit terribly belated) members feature, "Illustrious Inspirations". Each month the team behind TheIllustrious will each choose a fantastic member of the group to be recognized for the wonderful art or literature they are creating.

Therefore, a very warm welcome to our second volume of "Illustrious Inspirations". We hope that you're as inspired and amazed by their incredible works of art and literature as we are.

Pink Square Bullet 

your-first-boyfriend, featured by Farand

"your-first-boyfriend depicts, with a stunning felicity of language, a darkly intriguing world." - Farand

saigon chewing june bugs like brown grass chews on bare feet 
swallow gently, stale sweet like warm iced tea
oral autumn leaves too soon; my tongue is tainted
wait for winter in a sticky juice box tomb 
capricorn tectonic slow- like satellites, fears twist and pull on me 
and parasites slip through my folds; galleons split the sea 
  beat me till i've smoothed over- crush me so i'll shine 
and when i'm done and dumb and dead 
please wear my bones with pride 
teen sitcomshe's a carousel of lovers; bow before homecoming queen
built from holy Roman marble and a pound of Maybeline
a hundred cameras catching teeth; unconscious girl out the door
friendship bracelets slipping off and melodrama turns to gore
cherries popped beneath high-heels; pulses slow down to a crawl 
no more teacups, dolls are gone- big girls play with alcohol 

Pink Square Bullet 

Tistelmark, featured by reveur-artiste

Forest Of Memories by Tistelmark

"I always loved trees; there is something magical about them and I’ve found that magical beauty in Tistelmark’s art. With his amazing gift to observe things deep below their surface and to remove the surface frames of realism with his imagination, he gives a new beauty and new sense to the forms of the Nature. And, with his excellent sense of composition and choice of colors, he creates poetic landscapes full of atmosphere and emotions.

Take a walk through his landscapes, I feel, that each of you will find a different, your own story in that journey. I love Forest of Memories; the landscape that slowly fading away around the very strong figure of the tree. So many emotions are deeply intertwined together in that tree. And Yellow Fields; the beautiful yellow branches, dancing full of hope and joy of life.

His brush strokes are delicate, so gentle. There are some solitude in those landscapes, the solitude which we need, which separates us from the world so that we can truly experience that world and our inner being." - reveur-artiste

The tree in the green valley by Tistelmark Autumn Tree by Tistelmark Yellow Fields by Tistelmark

Pink Square Bullet 

Anwaraidd, featured by samjo989  

Lady M by Anwaraidd

"There is something I have always found very strange about drawings. How is it, I ask myself, that lines of graphite on a piece of paper can have such an effect on me? Anwaraidd's portraits are an example of this. They are full of an elegant and refined beauty; full of character and intricate detail; full of soul. Yet they are formed of nothing more remarkable than pencil lines on paper. How is it that "Lady M" speaks such volumes with a single downward glance, or that the delicate oppression of "Anna Karenina" fairly leaps from the page? How is it that the troubled authority of "Veil and pearls" seems so evident and so deserving of sympathy?

This can hardly be the product of mere technical skill. No, there is something more in those lines, some magic that transcends physical reality and captures the imagination. Going back to the original question, then: how is it that lines of graphite on a piece of paper can have such an effect on me? Because those lines were made by a person, with thought, and feeling, and soul - and the magical ability to communicate that thought, that feeling, that soul; by making lines on a piece of paper.

Anwaraidd is such a person, and she is my choice for this month's member feature." - samjo989

Anna Karenina by Anwaraidd Full moon by Anwaraidd Veil and pearls by Anwaraidd

Pink Square Bullet 

calliopen , featured by Lissomer

"calliopen has developed a distinctive, unique style over the year she has been a member of deviantart. Watching her writing grow into something extraordinary is a true honour." - Lissomer

the bomb dot comnon-profit organizations of mindless mingling and
intangible niches of deciphering-
(cyber sighs and cries and good-byes)
dropping grenades like flower petals on
linoleum floors of lingering fingerprints
super heroes sub zeroes sinking ships and submarines
(we all live in a)
strange new words and three letters later
cracked screens cracked screams shattered put back together
take a bite out of poisoned apples and throw 'em out the windows
modern hieroglyphs glitch switch limp out the door with
fixed smiles
(wrenches in your hand)
strangled in cords we play cat and anonymous(e).
psuedo i would fuck you for the beauty of two
bodies falling in love with hearts screaming
scene-scapes scrape nails across my skin like it's
a chalkboard and you're the artist but
i've seen you draw stick figures and i am so much more
you would fuck me for the sake of insanity and
among unsanitary wardrobes of forgotten costumes
you kiss me like a memory i never needed
the musty smell of regret brings back uneven stubble rasping
against my barricaded emotions of something between
disgust and desire
(we're both fucked because you have someone and i have ghosts
and we're so dysfunctional we're not even friends.)
you are not a shipwrecked sailorlet's be sacrificers let's link
lissome lies into something 
worth loving
with smooth edges sharp gasps
you could shred our galaxies like
ripped leggings because i was
never anything but love draped in
ill-fitting clothing
and if i could tell you one thing its that
the boots you wear don't make you
any taller and the wheel you grip
won't steer you away from this place-
i'm sorry but we can't trace constellations by ourselves
and the fault is not in our stars but
our fates are, it takes a child to
know how to connect the dots.

Pink Square Bullet 

We hope you've enjoyed our second edition of "Illustrious Inspirations", and we will be back on September 1st, with Volume Three!

With much love from your admins here at TheIllustrious: reveur-artiste, scarletwave, samjo989, Farand, and Lissomer.

50 Free Sketch Project [FULL]

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2015, 7:17 AM
I'm going to open 25-25 free traditional & digital sketch requests, so my 50 free sketch project is OPEN! It's CLOSED now!
I'll start to draw after aug. 15. because I'm in a summer camp now and it's really tiring to look after 20+ children day to day then draw a tons of artwork. The camp ends at aug 14. then after that I'll start doing the sketches because I'll have more free time (I hope). 

I'm doing this project because I need to get back to drawing because I coudn't during the camp. (it was 8-weeks-long) 

I'll draw
*Black & White / Gray scaled sketches
*Half-body (Fullbody if it's better for the pose)
*OCs, FanArts

0. You don't have to be my watcher
1. Share this journal on deviantArt and link it in the comment section with the following content:

Media: Traditional/Digital
Character ref: (at least two pieces, clean reference plz!!)
Bio of the character (optional):
Link to the journal/poll you've made:
Other wishes:

2. No multiple requests. Only one character and only one category. 
3. I'll send the sketch in a note. I won't upload them one by one (I'll submit them in a sketchdump, tho)
4. No animals, mecha, etc. I'll let you know, if I won't be able to draw your request.
5. I have the right to reject your character, if I don't feel comfortable with the look. 
6. There will be no deadline, I'll draw when I have free time! Remember, these are free artworks not commissions so I'll take my time as I wish. 
7. Please don't be rude.

+ I'll check out if you made a journal or not before I start to draw. If you didn't I'll remove you from the list.


14 05 20 Lynx by EeNii14 05 18 by EeNii 15 02 07 Genderb by EeNii 15 04 24 Eugeo by EeNii

Ffsd by EeNii 13 07 13 Jimmy by EeNii 13 07 19 ColdPers by EeNii
13 09 18 ConComm1 by EeNii

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Watercolour Experiments

Sun Aug 2, 2015, 2:12 AM by STelari:iconstelari:

Traditional Art

Who doesn't like experimenting with media? I admit that I didn't expect it to be so fun until I actually sat down to it. Below you'll find a list of some weird things I did to a bunch of innocent watercolour rectangles.

1 by STelari

Salt and sugar

Salt is nothing new for people who's been dealing with watercolour for some time. Depending on the amount of water, pigment, and salt - as well as the grain size - you can acquire a whole variety of textures. They all have the same thing in common - they push the pigment out, and leave brighter spots. I have a separate article on salt textures here.

The green bit was treated with the common kitchen salt, small grains. The pink one was hit with coarse bathing salt - as you might have guessed, it was blue. Contrary to what you might expect, thicker grains won't get you bigger "anti-stains".

I've heard a lot about using sugar in watercolour painting, and I was very sceptical on the subject. My experiment left me with two conclusions: it makes textures very similar to salt, and it also leaves sticky stains. It's been a couple of days and it's still sticky. I've also heard about making a dense water+sugar mixture and pour drops onto wet painted paper - I'll leave that for the next time.

2salt by STelari3bsalt by STelari14sugar by STelari

Masking fluid

"Do not apply masking fluid before the paper dries," they said. "It will do indecent things," they said. Well, it doesn't. It seems to have left more blurred spaces than using masking fluid on dry paper - but apart from that, nothing traumatic happened. 

Masking fluid applied on dry paper and then painted over - old news. Only for comparison here.

4mflu by STelari5mflu by STelari


The reddish one was treated with plastic food wrap. Wrinkle it a bit, then place on fresh painted surface, and wait for it to dry. You'll get different set of sharper stains depending on the kind of foil/plastic you use.

The olive green was covered in some dry hydrangea petals I collected in my garden last Autumn (I usually use them to make mermaid scales). Nothing surprising, they left dark stains. For the next set of experiments, I'll be using big leaves.

The grass green rectangle was quite a disappointment. Do you know the little bags you can find in shoe boxes, those tiny paper packets marked with "do not eat"? They contain a bunch of silica gems/balls that are supposed to suck in humidity. I expected more from them. Very disappointing - or perhaps it was a fault of my packet.

12foil by STelari6hpetal by STelari10sg by STelari

Strong stuff

Now we are talking. Initially, I wanted to drip some vodka, but I'm not really going to spend additional money just to use a couple of drops on one paper. Those 3 experiments below were way more interesting anyway.

The pink one is fabric stain remover. Also known as Vanish. They have those nasty shade of eye-burning pink bottles, so this rectangle is pink, too. Paper is not quite the kind of surface the producer had in mind, so I can forgive them leaving those faded remains. Seems like something useful when you need ready bubbles without any effort. Dries very fast.

Nail polish remover is the blue one. From some point of view it's my favourite here, see for yourself what cute ghostly orbs it makes. Plus this one has a nice almond-ish scent and the paper still smells of it. It speeds up the drying process significantly in its drop area.

Salicylic alcohol (96%). Initially I was hoping for some hydrogen peroxide, but it seems this was the only option in my med kit right now, apart from other disinfectants that I deemed not interesting enough for my experiments (and not cheap enough either). But going to the s.a., I noted two points about it - the first is the very intense "ghost orb" effect. The other is that it dries the area it hits almost instantly.

7fsremover by STelari8npremover by STelari15salicylic by STelari

Other stuff

The beautiful blue blur is vinegar. It is, like I've said, beautiful. Seems very nice for making especially good, smooth gradients. But it is also the one and only time I've ever used vinegar and I'm never going to use it again. Reason? The stench. It's been days and it still stinks like troll's behind.

Sponge. Sponge is a humble object, but it makes a good friend when you use watercolour. From wetting the paper to making nice textures. It's always worth to have a sponge.

Hair spray. I didn't include a photo of it, but if you must see it, it's easy to notice in the collective photo at the beginning of the article (the red-pink one in the 4th row, with green rectangles directly above and below it). Hair spray does nothing visible. It only made the watercolour dry a bit faster, how disappointing.

And the last part of this set of experiments was hair mousse. It was very fun indeed - first I painted the surface, then I applied the foam. And then I put my finger into it and smudged it around. After it dried, it left those interesting swirls.

9vinegar by STelari11sponge by STelari13hmousse by STelari

:bulletblack: Have you ever tried any uncommon ways to produce watercolour textures?
:bulletblack: Was it worth it?
:bulletblack: Did it live up to your expectations?
:bulletblack: Have you ever wanted to try some of those, but haven't had the occasion yet?

Weekly Feature 58

Sun Aug 2, 2015, 5:37 AM
Every week I feature art that has left an impression on me~

you run like a girl by pandas-n-puffins by :iconpandas-n-puffins: Poem Petal [W/SPEEDPAINT] by CutieInk by :iconcutieink: My past is not today by griffsnuff by :icongriffsnuff:
Mermaids Dance Box by kagaminoir by :iconkagaminoir: League of Legends - Jinx by TyrineCarver by :icontyrinecarver: Space Art Nouveau - Commission by BlueShining by :iconblueshining:
PC - nitrogoblin (5) by eleoyasha by :iconeleoyasha: Outfit Challenge: Underwear by IsilmiaAmastasia by :iconisilmiaamastasia: League of Legends - Guardian of Souls by Red-Sinistra by :iconred-sinistra:
RoseQuartz - Copic by Sidian07 by :iconsidian07: SHSL J-Pop Idol: Nana Hirano 2.0 by pekobukis by :iconpekobukis: bling bun by pandatama by :iconpandatama:
When a girl truly falls in love, by Acerbic450 by :iconacerbic450: + Riptide Queen + by Lunathyst by :iconlunathyst: Kidagakash by B-Dunn by :iconb-dunn:
Gothic summer by MeoAgcat by :iconmeoagcat: At the shore by dzetaWMDunion by :icondzetawmdunion: Jinx by Adorael by :iconadorael:
Morning Sunlight by Tani2691 by :icontani2691: Galaxies by CrisisDragonfly by :iconcrisisdragonfly: SU - Gems of our Universe by Nijuuni by :iconnijuuni:

Skin made by pikadudeno1
with love ♥
We are Greens and we are supporters of Animals rights !
In name living Nature and Enviroment !
In name Positive Way in thinking and drawing !
In name Respect , Tolerant and Friendly spending themself to everything what have Life !
Be Green , stay Healthy and promote Healthy style of Life ! Cause its one right way !
No poachers ! No Killing Animals !
We keep to fight for Nature and keep Remember Dian Fossey !

1961 - World Wide Fund
1971 - Green Peace
1981 - Earth First




Artworks which were made for support Care to Nature and Defend Animals rights :
(Big Thanks to their creators !)

together by sonile

Save Earth .:School Project:. by Bluedoge
Save Earth .:School Project:.

#212 July month of the humanity by Doodle-of-the-day
#212 July month of the humanity

#nonukes by sonile

Peace.Passion.Patriotism.Prosperity. by PsychEmpress

My first zentangle owl by Golden-Owl
My first zentangle owl

Penguins in pen by twopixies
Penguins in pen

Walking by JohnnyMcGee

old one7 by NewConstellations
old one7

A jumping dolphin by Nemirva
A jumping dolphin

Flying through the Blue by GreenVoice
Flying through the Blue

Treacherous Waters - Save the Vaquita by Ahzuriel
Treacherous Waters - Save the Vaquita

Salva a las vaquitas marinas by QU1NT3R0
Salva a las vaquitas marinas

GREEN HORSE by ChristaMonkey

Sirius by framafoto

Untitled by Golden-Owl

Bucegi Mountains by Golden-Owl
Bucegi Mountains

Sphinx Bucegi Mountains by Golden-Owl
Sphinx Bucegi Mountains

Earth Day 2015 by TheTinfoilRat
Earth Day 2015

Untitled by Golden-Owl

Waterfall by Golden-Owl

Untitled by Golden-Owl

Untitled by Golden-Owl

Finding shade by ravenclawseekergirl
Finding shade

Red Currants by mockingbirdontree
Red Currants

Untitled by Golden-Owl

Untitled by Golden-Owl

Watercolor - Leopard by NadiavanderDonk
Watercolor - Leopard

Cheetah by KiraNoctisArt

Wolf #4  ( I'm back ) by DumihiroTi
Wolf #4 (I'm back)

A pug by long-haired-lady
A pug

Little puppy by Nemirva
Little puppy

A Labrador Puppy by Nemirva
A Labrador Puppy

Cat by Untamed-Shewolf

Corvus cornix capellanus by Rahula87
Corvus cornix capellanus

Hooded crow (Corvus cornix) by Rahula87
Hooded crow (Corvus cornix)

Red-Tailed Hawk by windfalcon
Red-Tailed Hawk

Impala Speedpaint by NadiavanderDonk
Impala Speedpaint

Nothing Gold Can Stay by Nambroth
Nothing Gold Can Stay

so soft by SunnyPencil
so soft

#199 A girl's panda by Doodle-of-the-day
#199 A girl's panda

Panda by Untamed-Shewolf

Panda illustration by twopixies
Panda illustration

Giant Panda Bear by CarolynYM
Giant Panda Bear

Amazon parrot by Rahula87
Amazon parrot

Chaffinch by windfalcon

A gem in Texas by rosa143
A gem in Texas

Sunset by Golden-Owl

Sunset by ThaisCrow

Watercolor flower by vihervirveli
Watercolor flower

Arfica by StrefaZamknieta

A fractal sunset by Mad-Risu
A fractal sunset

FantasyLion by Untamed-Shewolf

A cat with a flower by Laylakl
A cat with a flower

Watercolor hummingbird by vihervirveli
Watercolor hummingbird

Watercolor mountains by vihervirveli
Watercolor mountains

Shower Time by DolphyDolphiana
Shower Time

Owls by tiletable

Bird Chase by DolphyDolphiana
Bird Chase

White Lion by DolphyDolphiana
White Lion

The future King by Nemirva
The future King

Dream Tree by Voidryft
Dream Tree

Watercolour Sketch by PaintedFeatherz14
Watercolour Sketch

Autumn by PaintedFeatherz14

old tree 2 by echeveria
old tree 2

bug on bamboo by echeveria
bug on bamboo

Grasshopper by Coggerskull

imaginary butterfly 3 by echeveria
imaginary butterfly 3

Free!!! by 9MoonFox

Golden-ringed dragonfly by vihervirveli
Golden-ringed dragonfly

Untitled by KeiwanaMichale

SunFlower by 9MoonFox

silence by echeveria

mystic rose by echeveria
mystic rose

Pink Bloom by Johnrp65
Pink Bloom

Lilies by Untamed-Shewolf

tulips by echeveria

Daisy Flowers by DoraVavrova
Daisy Flowers

Heart Ashan Art H. Maksim by H-Maksim
Heart Ashan Art H. Maksim

Giant Plated Lizard by WillemSvdMerwe
Giant Plated Lizard

20 by coloridos282

13 by coloridos282

Tiles Print R1 by 1LYNX1
Tiles Print R1

Lines upon lines upon lines by ravenclawseekergirl
Lines upon lines upon lines

Vector Radial Design Purple by easeuponthecoffee
Vector Radial Design Purple

New felt pens by Voidryft
New felt pens

Colorful Rooster by mockingbirdontree
Colorful Rooster

Scorpio by Untamed-Shewolf

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FFK Outfoxed Corgi by Blupolicebox
FFK Outfoxed Corgi

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well sheet

Sun Aug 2, 2015, 7:24 AM

I ended up being in huge tax problems. So I am going to sell many of my characters in hope to get the amount I need before it has to be paid. I want to thank anyone who are willing to help me out with this! 

AND if you have made any of the under in my current contest, do not worry, I will judge as if I still owned them <3

please dont complain about prices and I am willing to do a weekly paymentplan for the ones 100 and up.

I will be taking paypal only, no holds unless you know you can pay full, or weekly.

baaaad timing for me to get this now since I have a planned trip to thailand and hopefully can get SinCommonStitches to visit me before that.

I will also put your icon on my page if you end up buying one of these and have the box open for the rest of the year as another small thank you!

Vex $100
Vex by griffsnuff

Bananarockfish $50
Banananaanarock fish by griffsnuff

Atom $200 Emberguard' Payment plan in 4 ( 0/200)
Atom ready for takeoff by griffsnuff…

Chalkface $500 SOLD MizAmy
Fluff by griffsnuff…

Chark $100  Midnightflaze (HALF/HALF pay) 50/100 paid
Chark by griffsnuff…

Crow $250
Crow by griffsnuff…

Cyprin $100
Cyprin 3 by griffsnuff…

Dexter $500
Dexter by griffsnuff…

Finnur $250
Finnur finnur finnish ur dinner! by griffsnuff…

Gem $500
Gem sit by griffsnuff…

Hanz $50 FlyingGuardianFish PAID
HANZ by griffsnuff…

Lyra $70
This is a title by griffsnuffLyra by griffsnuff

Minku $400
Icon_Minku by griffsnuffMinku by griffsnuff…

Nope $500
The glow by griffsnuff…

Phaux $100
Phaux by griffsnuffPhaux by griffsnuff

Pion $200
Pion by griffsnuff

Sopp $500
Sopp- Reffrence sheet by griffsnuffSopp_Transform_Icon by griffsnuff…

Zero $50 Hackwolfin (Notify on the 13th)
Zero by griffsnuffFoolee_1 by griffsnuff

Leek Pararamus (green one ) $50
Hello by griffsnuffP1-2 NO16 nooooo by griffsnuff

Avian Pararamus $50 Skitzen PAID
P6 Avian Pararamus by griffsnuff

Caw Terratrap $100
Terratrap_purple ants by griffsnuffAt last by griffsnuff

Rant $30 SOLD MizAmy
Rant by griffsnuff

Canvas $500
Canvas by griffsnuff

Sting $250 FlyingGuardianFish
Sting by griffsnuff…

Pil $250
Pil by griffsnuff…

Sink $300 FlyingGuardianFish
Sink by…

Sykkel $300
Sykkel by griffsnuff…

Fog $250 TheJadedJay (paymentplant) (25/250)

Fog by griffsnuffFog modes by griffsnuff

Mau $50
Mau by griffsnuff

Lunap $50
Dangus Liutas_2 by griffsnuff

Slur $50
Slur by griffsnuff

Cocker $50
Cock griff by griffsnuff

Bone $50FlyingGuardianFish PAID
pew pew pewww by griffsnuff

Fun $100 g-o-o PAID
Flower by griffsnuffFun by griffsnuff6 Desember by griffsnuffFun by griffsnuff

Some hexafusions, click to view.

2 by griffsnuff

1 by griffsnuff
3 by griffsnuff

Blue $50
Blueberries by griffsnuff

Peaches $50
Peaches by griffsnuffPeaches 19 by griffsnuff

Ami $100
Amibun by griffsnuff

Aki $100
Riceraptor by griffsnuff…

Melville $50 Toucat  PAID
Melville by griffsnuff…

Fiber $500
Fiber by griffsnuff…

Pebble $100 Toucat  PAID
Pebble by griffsnuffpebblepow by griffsnuff10 Desember by griffsnuffPebble Pixels by griffsnuff

Zorah $50
Zorah by griffsnuff

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