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Animals Within, Spirit Animals

Wed Dec 17, 2014, 5:34 PM
71-img-00 by techgnotic

There has always been this obsession with the others we share this planet with.

We communicate with them on certain basic levels and yet they inhabit a plane so different from ours: savage, instinctive, a life of sheer survival. At the same time they can do things beyond human abilities: fly through the skies, swim the oceans, apply the physical strength of a dozen strong men. They survive and thrive where we would perish. Yet animals cannot tell tales of their experiences. When we speak of an animal, even our beloved pets and friends, we can only imagine their emotions, thoughts, and inner lives.

Is it then any surprise that from cave paintings to cereal mascots—animals and art are inseparable?

From the beginning of recorded time, animals have been immortalized in pottery, statues, been worshipped as gods, and had fables and myths created in their image. Seventeen thousand years ago, in a cave shielded from the sun, a Cro–Magnon artist raised her bundle of split reeds, dipped them into charred black soot, and began illustrating an opus of animal life: stags, cats, bears, birds. Five thousand years ago, Egyptians integrated animal features into creation myths, and used them as hieroglyphs, adapting the recognizable forms of vultures, bulls, cobras and lions (among others) into a communication system.

Today, in every culture across the globe, animals serve as mascots for sports teams and cereals. We have Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam. Anthropomorphized animals star in movies and comics. My Little Pony has amassed groups of Bronies. Animal cosplay is mainstreaming into mass culture. It all still begins with a child given that first crayon who immediately begins to sketch the familiar forms of cat and dog.

Animals are intrinsic to creativity and art—but why are they so satisfying to observe, mimic, and draw? What is the power they maintain over us to the extent that so many feel an actual spiritual connection with a particular species of their own extended family—cats, dogs, wolves, dolphins, raptors? While so many feel this connection, artists seem particularly sensitive to the presence of their animal spirit kindred and guides.

Why are artists so drawn to animals?

Visually, animals are beautiful and compelling subjects.

Animals are an efficient subject. Identifying characteristics can be drawn and recognized easily— cat eyes, elephant tails, butterfly wings, bunny ears: all unique visual traits. Powerful physical capabilities lend themselves to artistic expressions of motion. The long fluid moves of a deer, expressively captured with a few expert lines. Quick brushstrokes sketch a hyperactive monkey. Heavy pen lines suggest the static power of a stoic elephant. Physical similarities help artists develop a quick visual shorthand for a specific species—but unlike humans, animals that look alike often behave similarly. While anyone who’s ever lived with a pet knows animals have individual personalities, it’s not over–simplifying to state that each type of animal has its own range of specific behaviors and attitudes. It’s this species–by–species predictability that draw individuals to become fond of a particular animal. Just as an artist may prefer certain subjects or materials, so do artists become fascinated with the idiosyncrasies of a species.

Emotionally, animals express primal urges and desires.

Animal personalities are predictable. Tigers are fierce, squirrels are nervous, sharks are stealthy, hippos are lazy. Compared to the complexity of human behavior, animals are simpler beings. They behave according to instinct, not reason. As such, they serve artists well as ciphers for emotion. It’s not just art that allows us to connect spiritually with animals. It’s easy to observe, in ourselves and others, subconscious similarities between personal behaviors and the characteristics of a favorite animal. We’ll call a clever person a fox, or a stubborn child a donkey. A sweet guy is a puppy dog. A sexy lady is a minx. An angry, stubborn man is a bull. Animals serve as elements of our visual and written language.

Humans explore our own instincts through animal art.

Using animals in art, we recognize the most beautiful and terrifying parts of ourselves—our instincts. Society and language are important for humans, but when we feel urges or emotions beyond what is widely accepted or understood, both of these creations fail us.

When we talk about “spirit animals,” it can be in a magical sense, the idea that an essence we can’t see is guiding us through our lives. Or it can be an affinity for a species we find our instincts connecting with. Perhaps we have a fondness for the way they move, finding them fun to draw. Maybe we can imagine the world through their eyes, running, flying or swimming at top speed. But perhaps we see something more than the animal. We see ourselves.

Animals provide a bridge between the alien and familiar, allowing humans to recognize ourselves in strange forms. We can represent our fears and our desires expressed without reserve. Through animal eyes, we can acknowledge the oddness and the fallibility of humanity. Featuring animals in art, we can interpret many spiritual aspects: the primal and the innocent, the beautiful and mysterious. As long as we share a planet, artists will look to our Earth companions for inspiration and understanding of ourselves.

Community Thoughts

I personally have been drawn to animals my whole life and my earliest pictures were always of wildlife. I think artists see the world through different eyes than most and the things that fascinate us speak to us on a deeper level. Animals are an enigma, they have intelligence and their own means of communication and yet we can only hope to understand and be a part of their world. If you've seen my gallery you know I clearly have a fondness for big cats, I find everything about them to be beautiful and awe inspiring. My art is a way for me to get close to these animals in the only way possible, I’ll never be a zoo keeper (because I know myself and I wouldn’t be able to respect the boundaries they do and I’d get eaten—that’s a fact) and I’ll never own one because it goes against everything in their nature to held in captivity as a pet. It can be a very intimate experience to draw an animal in detail and it makes me feel close to them and privileged to show a side of them that others may not see. Any great animal art in my opinion has to come from a deep love and respect for the subject first and foremost by the artist, and what follows is their tribute.”

:iconheatherzart: Heatherzart

I think people gravitate toward depicting animals in art because they are simply aesthetically stunning to look at. Humans are very visual beings and we have always enjoyed striking colors, beautiful patterns, flowing lines and powerful forms. All animals have something which can be appreciated. Like for example dramatic plumage, or the intricate silver and black patchwork that is the coat of a snow leopard. To capture that on canvas is something many artists find alluring.”

:iconailah: ailah

Your Thoughts

  1. What animal do you find yourself drawn to in your art? What about this subject is so ennobling that you would seek to emulate?
  2. What personal qualities do you possess that drive you to feel a shared connection with a particular animal?
  3. Do you have vivid dreams in which you become, or run with, your “spirit animal”?
  4. Over time, how has your understanding of this animal evolved? Has your perception of the creature changed?
  5. What are some challenges you’ve experienced in terms of drawing animals, and how have you solved them?
  6. How does drawing an animal compare to drawing a human?
  7. Who are your favorite animal-focused artists in the DeviantArt community?

Paul Tobin's Scavenger Hunt Part 2

Wed Dec 17, 2014, 5:33 PM
72-img-00 by techgnotic

Avatar & Narnia: Inspirational Tutorials

Masterful Resources on DeviantArt


PaulTobin is a conceptual designer, illustrator and graphic designer who has worked at Weta Workshop of New Zealand since 2003.

He has worked on films such as Andrew Adamson’s The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, Peter Jackson’s King Kong and James Cameron’s Avatar and most recently The Hobbit.

A master illustrator who has had gallery showings of his own original fantasy and sci–fi art, he has become a spokesman and advocate for other New Zealand fantasy and sci–fi artists. White Cloud Worlds was the 2010 “coffee table” anthology edited by Paul featuring the works of 27 of his amazing fellow NZ fantasy artists.

Paul has recently been the subject of a series of DeviantArt tutorial videos in which he outlines his work as a conceptual designer in film production and describes his methods at Weta Workshop for developing the best original concepts for the prehistoric or alien inhabitants of other worlds of the artist’s imagination. These tutorials should prove an invaluable resource for deviants interested in pursuing careers as studio graphic designers and illustrators in fantasy films.

Read the full interview

Paul Tobin There and Back Again

White Cloud Worlds Volumes 1 & 2

With forewords and introductions from Guillermo Del Toro, Richard Taylor, Iain Craig and Wayne Barlow, these two lavish volumes represent the finest fantasy artwork from New Zealand.

Paul Tobin has graciously given us 20 copies of his books for a DeviantArt competition.

What you need to do

All you need to do for a chance to grab one of his books is to post in the comments below a link to a piece of art from the community that you think might inspire Paul for his own personal upcoming project about the lost city of Atlantis. Paul will then select 10 of the pieces and the deviant posting the piece will get a copy of one of the books as well as the deviant who produced the piece.

Paul will select his favorites on December 31st and we’ll post a wrap–up shortly after.

View the rest here

Paul Tobin's Scavenger Hunt Series

Leave your selections for Paul in the comments below

Hey nerds!

That time of year again when I do something crazy for Christmas, so let's just cut to the chase!

:iconchristmastreeplz:ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!  I am giving 1 lucky person a FULL ANIMATION FROM ME!:iconchristmastreeplz:
(it's a 4-6 second nonintro loop animation with 1 character, full FX and digital paint colorstyle!)

Have you ever wanted one of my animations done with your character?  Now is your chance!  Here are the rules!

:bulletgreen: Gotta watch me!  Click that nice watch button!  1.) because you might want easier communication with me in regards if you win, and 2.) you're pretty much already interested in my animations if you're entering!  Why not see more as I make them?

:bulletgreen: Favorite the journal here, and Comment!  I will be using a random number generator from the list of Favorites in the journal!  That's the most effective way of selecting a winner!

A winner will be selected CHRISTMAS, DEC 26th at midnight, Mountain Time US time!

:bulletred: restrictions in animations for those who want clarification as to what I wont draw for this:

:bulletred: No explicit content/sexual content of any kind!  It's not my thing, dont expect it
:bulletred: Understand my animation limits.  I am not a Disney Animator, so I do have things that are out of my ability range!  I'll work with you and see if i can snag your Skype info so we can properly collaborate!
:bulletred: this animation is a repeating loop animation, meaning the intro is either a fade or something simple.  Nothing like Metamorphosis (those take so much time xnx)

Now why am I doing this?

I understand that alot of people have asked me about ordering these and the pricepoint is way out of their range, and that makes them feel left out.  This allows people from anywhere the shot at something of mine.  Unlike Kiribans which cause unfair advantages for people in certain timezones, raffles give people an even opportunity to get art winning chances!  The second reason?  I have a nasty habit of overcomplicating animations to the point of them taking months (aka Standby).  This helps me streamline ideas to the point where I can produce an animation to develop my skills in a week or 2, which helps me progress with my artistic agility!  Totes a Win Win Situation!

So, that's the gist of it.  Get to entering!  Here's an example of the quality level's you will be raffling for:
M e g a l o by DanSyron:AT: Lunaria by DanSyronKing of Hearts by DanSyron
Twisted by DanSyronThe Commute Home by DanSyronHigh Roller: Silas Brenner Character Card by DanSyron

Good Luck.  DS out
Goblins vs. Gnomes by SpicyGingerr

The battle was declared, and now, the semi-finalists are in!

In the Goblins vs. Gnomes Challenge, we called for you to create your own inventive gnome or fearless goblin. Our judges scoured the entries, and found 25 goblins and gnomes whose mischievous inventions will surely cause some mayhem. Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations semi-finalists!

All-New Ghost Rider #12 Cover by FelipeSmith
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For f**k’s sake. Terrorists are not under your bed. They are not hiding around every corner. They are not in the seat next to you. The few that are out there only win if you start to think they might be.
In 2005, a gaggle of weak-minded twits blew themselves up on the London Underground. I and 1.2 BILLION other passengers per year still use it. Could another attack happen? Of course. But so could fire, flood, collapse or accident. You could get hit by a bus as you exit the station! There are a thousand-and-one terrible things that could happen to you today and, I assure you, unless you live in some third world sh*thole, the odds of a random yahoo causing you physical harm for political or religious reason is one of the least likely to occur.

By watching The Interview in theatres, you would have been more likely to choke on a popcorn kernel than get caught up in any kind of threatened reprisal.

F**k you Sony. I’m buying an Xbox…….


Thu Dec 18, 2014, 10:29 AM
All About

We all see them around DeviantArt :love: … they do WONDERFUL things for this community in one way or anothis :typerhappy: … we admire them; we love them; we would LOVE to get to know them a little more :iconloveloveplz: … Well now is your chance to see how they are, how they think, how ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL they are!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconlainloveplz::iconflyingheartsplz:

Today we will get the chance to look into morbidman187 ’s heart :love: … He’s one of the Community Volunteers who gives his all at the Chats & Forums :iconloveloveplz: … Do you want to peek into his heart??? :iconloveloveplz: Well, COME ON!!! :iconyaayplz: Let’s go meet the “human” behind the username!!! :eager:


Who is morbidman187 , how would you describe yourself?


I am a fairly quiet person most of the time but can be talkative. I am usually either some level of fine or grumpy. From what I have heard which seems to be pretty true to me I am a weird bearded guy with long hair and an obsession with animals, pizza and music.

stark raving normal by morbidman187


What do you enjoy the most about your own DA experience?


The friends and fun I have had on all parts of the site and the different things I have seen and learned.  I am on every day and on and off the site I talk to people from DA. People who have introduced me to all kinds of art and ways of doing things and are friends I can talk to about all different kinds of subjects. Some I have known for a short while and other I have known most of my time on DeviantArt.

Innocents by morbidman187


What brings joy into your life outside of DA?


Friends, music, animals, gummy bears and whiskey. Sometimes a combination of some or all of those things in long skype calls.

It claims another by morbidman187


If you could have ONE wish fully granted in life, what would be that one thing you would call "A dream come true"?


I would love to have my own pet store or reptile park. Something to justify getting all the creatures I want and what is a very expensive hobby and interest. Also because I would love to work with animals for a living.


What is in your opinion your BEST quality as a human being?


My ability to overcome difficulties and deal with the problems in my life with patience, or chose not to deal with things that will negatively impact me.

Foot Steps by morbidman187


If a time machine was invented and you could travel in time to any period of your life, which one would you like to revisit? Would you try to change anything about that time?


I would probably do something stupid like going back in time to when I saw Nine Inch Nails and warn my friend about what was wrong with his car so it didn't take us an extra 5 hours to get there. I don't really have any interest in making any major changes to the past because what happened made things how they are now.

Ambush from above by morbidman187


What is your true passion in life?


Creatures, not much besides music that will make me ramble as much as that. Either how much I like or dislike something, for the most part ones I do like. I have always enjoyed many kinds of reptiles, amphibians, invertabrates and of course something more common like dogs.

Collective Beauty by morbidman187


What occupies your thoughts during most of the day?


Most of the day is spent thinking of different things I need or want to do. So usually focused on pets, music, work or what I want to watch depending on what day it is.


What does "LOVE" mean to you?


Love to me is when you care about someone's wants and needs as much as you do your own.

Jack by morbidman187


What is your favorite quote?


I don't really have a favorite but right now the closest thing to one would be. “Many words have been granted me, and some are wise, and some are false, but only three are holy: "I will it!”  Ayn Rand, Anthem

Acorn Woodpecker by morbidman187

Some of morbidman187 ’s Favs

The following is a mini-feature curated by morbidman187 , please enjoy them, visit them and add them to your faves and watch lists!!! :iconlainloveplz:

morbidman187’s recommended groups

:icondigitalists: :iconforthickbeard:

Thank you SO MUCH, dear morbidman187!!! It has been such a pleasure interviewing you!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::love::iconflyingheartsplz:

I hope you all have enjoyed the time that our beloved morbidman187  has dedicated to us!!! :love: And now I invite you guys to visit his gallery and enjoy his awesome deviations, if you haven’t done it already :gallery:
You'll LOVE his works!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::hooray::iconflyingheartsplz:



Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 10:36 AM

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The latest Community Feature Project almost sounds like a song :aww: But it's definitely one type of project I really love to participate in.
It took some time, and it's not just yet last-minute, but I admit, it's close.
I chose to "DD" some of my personal favorites that I've collected over the years, in the category that is closest to my heart (and yes, knowledge). I haven't made many APN features, and many of the photos are, in my opinion, magnificent captures, while otheres have the definite cute factor incorporated as well.
When I chose the photos I'm featuring, none of them had (if I looked correctly) received a DD yet though some deviants may come by several times. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have :)

Short-eared Owl Relaxing by ClaudeG Miau 3 by Grim-Jester
Staring at you by juhku Jumpers by MorkelErasmus Light by Vikarus
 Sea of Freedom by BenHeine Desert Survivor by MorkelErasmus
 Pondering-Cheetah1 by alisonbuttigieg Mru, suspicious. by Dark-Raptor Doggone Hydromechanics by philippaopao
 Mirror kitten by KARRR Cat in the bag by bagirushka
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