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How to get noticed on deviantART

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 6:21 PM

Hi there! 

People asked me several times when I've became 'popular' on this site and in which way. I must admit I smelled a bit of envy in their tones, but  the thing that troubled me more was that they didn't think that my work was worth all the pageviews I got over the years. 

Well, I wanted to explain this little thing right now... dA costed me a lot of work! It wasn't a 'BOOM! POPULAR!' thing at all for me.

I had to study other people's methods too and to work hard on improving my art, and it wasn't easy. At all!

So tonight I'm sharing with you some methods to get attention by dA community.
Don't take them as unquestionable laws, just take them for what they are... Hints. ;)
They worked for me but they may not work for you.

And now that you have a dA account...

What should you do?

Your first post should be a finished work, no matter if in black and white or not, just post something finished in you gallery. It will be your portfolio. If you want your audience to see your sketches there's a section named 'Scrapbook' in which you can post them or either Tumblr is a good platform too. People should find your art interesting. Reply to this question: 'Would I watch myself?' 'Is my art good enough?' If the answer is 'YES' then you may have the qualifications to be noticed by the Community. If you don't like your art yourself, I suggest you to take art classes trying to improve your art or try with different media. Everybody can be good at art, you just have to practice everyday. Never give in! 

Do your best to improve your art and to find other and better ways to do art. This site is full of amazing tutorials to learn how to draw digitally or traditionally, or to approach new techniques. Also, a periodically checking of this amazing dA section called What's hot could waken your creativity. Just remind you don't have to copy others to be creative: always keep you style and you'll go far!

Post something each week. If you can't do it (busy with work, or school), keep your watchers updated with a journal or post an ID. 

This doesn't mean you have to spam other people pages with a 'thank you for the fav' comment. Just reply to other people comments in your main page or deviations. Your watchers should become attached to you and you should love them.

Ok, journals may be 'personal' but, please, don't use them to say you're ill, you got a haircut, you visited your relatives... It's preferable to make new art for similar news, like doing a self portrait with your new haircut, maybe. Everybody may read your personal stuff and this is not good for your reputation (even if you had great time), use Twitter for that. A good thing is to share  your reached goals with your watchers, though. 'I graduated', 'I got a job', 'I made an exhibition' are things your watchers die to know! They want you to be flawless to their eyes. 

Get in touch with other Deviants. Always keep in mind this is a Community and if you don't watch or comment on other people's work, then they may never noticed you and your art. My best choice, when I wasn't popular was posting my art in the Deviation ThumbShare section of the Forum, in which you can share your Thumbs and see other people's artworks. 

People would love to be paid or win prices for drawing your OCs or either participate in a Themed Challenge with prizes, or either win something without doing anything. So do it! And don't forget to encourage/require people to put a link to your journal in their entry comment. 

Absolutely join dA groups and put art in them! Some groups are really big, they have over 1000 watchers and they could help you increasing your audience exponentially. Check out dA groups HERE

Be kind and share some tutorials, steps by steps, color palettes, poses, Photoshop actions or brushes, bases, Memes, wallpapers, with the community. :) People will be really grateful and you will learn a lot from them, especially if you shared poses and anatomical references. 

Please do! Really. To get people interested in your art, you should be interested in art first! Be an active art enthusiast, fave and comment over other people's work and do it with pleasure.

Yes, same as above. Show people you care about other artists and quality art. Spread the love! People are here for the art and they'll thank you if you'll show them new good artists to follow.

Question yourself as an artist. Take commissions and show Deviants what you can do when you're out of your comfort zone.

If you have something to say to a user never said it in public. Send them a note instead. Being polite is the best way to coexist in a huge community like this one. People opinions may differ. If you and another user don't think the same, just politely explain your opinion and if they don't understand/respect it, well... No trouble! You can always deal with them in private or either block them. 

And you won't be disappointed! You can change your main page appearance, which is really good to impress your audience. Furthermore, you won't see ADs, you can change your username (I had to!), your storage increases of 8GB, you can view your Stats (which is really important in case you want to build a consistent audience), you can set your own royalties over your prints and have a 10% discount over prints in general, creating a dA Portfolio and much more.

An avatar is like 'your face' on dA community, so it should rather represent a picture or your face or a detail of your best artwork. Pixel art avatars are cute, but they always disappear in the ocean.

Yep. I forgot to write it before but yes, you should also respect rules. Like... never post +18 art or you'll be banned, not even in your! Always flag your nudity with 'mature content' (I learned it the hard way...).
Read dA rules in case you're in trouble.

Even if I do NOT encourage this method to get watchers, this is absolutely the best way to get them. I didn't use it, though, because it's a double-edged sword... People may not like the fandom you're in. People may get bored of your work quickly. People may ask you if you can do something 'that's really yours'. Do you want to get noticed for your originality or because 'you made that awesome fanart of Korra, OMG!'? It's up to you.

I think it's enough for now. :)
I really hope you can find it's useful somehow. :tardgrinn: 

Skin by SimplySilent
A lot of people have been asking me about Asperger's syndrome and some of my experiences with it and some of the conditions. This is largely because, on the internet at least, I seem to be good at hiding it. Most people I meet here don't know that I have Asperger's syndrome unless I directly tell them. I do have it, but what exactly does it mean? First off all, please don't use this as a way to diagnose yourself. If you think that you have Asperger's syndrome, depression, or any other mental condition please see a licensed psychiatrist. You cannot self-diagnose mental conditions. (Hmmm... I kind of have that symptom sometimes, I MUST have this disorder!) Asperger's syndrome is known as a high-functioning autism, and as such many of the symptoms are similar, and yet, in some ways it's very different.

The most notable symptoms of Asperger's syndrome come from issues with social interaction. Most people seem to notice this because there are a lot of people claiming to be an asshole on the internet because they have asperger's syndrome. Asperger's syndrome does not make you an asshole. What it means is that they have a hard time learning all of the non-verbal parts of social interaction, like body language. Believe it or not, one thing that I cannot do with people I don't know very well (even some people I do) is look them directly in the eye. It locks me into anxiety. I'm able to get around this by looking in the general-eye area when I have to do that, but that's just me. And yes, social anxiety is very common in Asperger's syndrome, although it most likely isn't a direct syndrome. People with Asperger's syndrome tend to stick to themselves in school and such, and the kids who stick to themselves tend to be picked on. It actually would not be easy for them to break out into conversations because it's physically and mentally exhausting. If I've had an extended conversation with a lot of people by the time I get to bed I have a headache and I'm fatigued, almost as if I did a workout.

Asperger's syndrome might not explain why I've been an asshole to someone, but it does explain why lately I've been obsessed with Pokemon. One of the hallmarks of asperger's syndrome is how they react to their hobbies and interests. Once they find something that they like doing, they need to learn everything about it, and can spend days/weeks on that particular thing. Sometimes though, those interests change. Yes, a person with Asperger's syndrome can have their entire life revolve around model planes one month and then 80's sitcoms the next. Even though it often changes, don't knock their passion. It can go up to almost fetish-levels of interest. On the plus side though, they seem to rotate. This isn't the first time that I've personally gotten this into Pokemon. This is kind of a double-edged sword though. These rotating interest can actually make it hard to find a career that they'll be happy with for a sustained period of time. On the other hand, they pick up a lot of knowledge on various activities and may make good writers (the more knowledge you have on fringe subjects, the better). Coincidentally, people with Asperger's Syndrome are very easy to shop for. So yes, if you're wondering why lately I've been obsessed with Pokemon I can legitimately blame it on Asperger's syndrome. The only time this becomes a problem is if I start to derail conversations to talk about my latest interest. You're free to call me out on that if I o it.

The way people with Asperger's syndrome think is a little bit weird. Remember that joke in Family Guy where Quagmire is listening to a radio song in his head? Well, that's actually kind of the way that I think... except instead of songs, it's movies. My memories and thoughts are highly visual, and yes, this has been an absolute blessing in writing my scripts for my reviews. It also leads to highly logical thinking, and I mean Phoenix Wright level of "logic." This is why sometimes I give the weirdest metaphors. This is why they have a hard time socially interacting. Society is not logical. People are no logical. They do unpredictable things, and unpredictability, a place where things cannot be properly accounted for, is a nightmare to someone with Asperger's Syndrome. People with Asperger's Syndrome tend to speak their mind without regards to the feelings of others. This has been a blessing and curse to me, if you've seen well, any of my videos. But on the bright side that kid who says he insulted you because he had asperger's syndrome? You can rest assured knowing that that was his actual opinion and he's not trying to hide it.

One of the best media portrayals of Asperger's syndrome I can even remember is River in To the Moon. There are some spoilers here, so if you haven't played the game, go do that. River wants to tell her husband Johnny of a secret between the two of them, so she keeps making origami rabbits. Johnny has memory problems, so there isn't a way for him to "get it." Most people would think that the easy way out is just for River to tell Johnny the secret, and to most people yeah, it is. To a person with Asperger's syndrome communication is a huge problem. They do these things, almost to the point of speaking in code, and hope for the other person to "get it." This is because this is the easiest way for them do things. They may do a weird action on purpose, hoping that you'll ask for it because they don't know the appropriate time to start a conversation. However, this isn't working because the weird action isn't as weird as they thought, or to think that the action is weird the other person would need significant knowledge of a sub-culture or interest.

This has actually been the most apparent for me, and the one I've had the hardest time dealing with. I fully know what I should say to a person for them to understand what I'm thinking, but at points I almost physically do not have the ability to do so. And oddly enough, it's more hindering with people that I know personally than the ones that I don't. The best thing you can really do is ask them questions to get a conversation started. Just keep in mind that you're going to be the one to constantly keep the conversation going. Also, if they seem annoyed, they probably want to be left alone. And yes, they are likely to keep doing this one thing until someone gets the hint... even if they never do.

Some other things? Extremely sensitive to sensory information. For me, it's specifically touch and taste. I cannot wear a tie or turtleneck, or it legitimately feels like someone is choking me. I find ketchup too spicy (I know that it's more tangy; the taste of the vinegar in it registers similar to spicy in my mind). So yeah, I cannot eat even foods that most people don't consider spicy because it's too intense for me. There are also foods that I don't like solely based on the texture, like onions. The texture of receipts legitimately grosses me out. You know that feeling you get when you're about to pick up dog shit? Imagine a slightly less intense version of it when I'm about to pick up a receipt. And sleeping? Not if it isn't silent and completely dark. I can focus on a mundane task for a lot longer than most people. I'm able to do extremely tedious work for hours on end.

Keep in mind that how severe someone has Asperger's Syndrome does vary from person to person, and some people may have more than one condition, or they may have personal quirks that are just them and not any specific mental condition. It's also not an excuse for being an asshole. I don't even think that it's an explanation really. But yeah, for those of you asking, that's what having Asperger's Syndrome is like.

Macro Spotlight Vol. 151

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 5:28 AM by MarcosRodriguez:iconmarcosrodriguez:

PE: Traditional Art Week Wrap-up

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 1:26 PM by STelari:iconstelari:

Traditional Art Week

And this concludes the Traditional Art Week at projecteducate. We presented you a handful of very nice articles and we hope you found here something that will help you to improve your art and how you present it. Huge thanks to all the contributors:heart:. The next Traditional Art Week will take place in March, and here you can notify us if you'd like to participate. Stay in touch with Traditionalists hub!


Traditional Art Week

Rest In Peace Rebecca
February 12 1998 - January 25 2015
We're Gonna Miss You

~ Kate (Beca's Sister)

Oh my! Floppy Giveaway

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 3:14 PM
I totally forgot I was going to start a giveaway today!! LOL OMG terrible.Emoji30 

Starter Floppys by StarMassacreRadio Star Floppy by StarMassacreAppleJack Teddy Style by StarMassacreFloppy Size by StarMassacre

Floppy Gallery…

TO ENTER!Emoji04 

Just make a journal and link it. I will assign everyone a number and then raffle a number. Hurray!
Winner will be chosen on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1st!
Yes, I will ship international! Join, My faraway friends!

Okay, Time to go finish up Trades! I am going to Post bomb those in bulk as well!

Btw, Want to make your own floppy? I use TEACUPLION's Pattern!…

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  • Drinking: Wine

Feature Your Best Photos of 2014

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 10:07 AM
:iconwereallylovephotos: :iconthemedgroup: :iconover150faves: :icononlybokehormacro: :iconwaterdropslovers:

Hello to everyone!

Some weeks ago I asked you 'What are your best photos of 2014" in this journal

What are your best photos of 2014?

and now I am here to show all your best works.

If someone would you like to see their photos here, please leave a comment in this journal, 3 photos per person, thanks.

Have a nice week and take a lot of great photos in this year 2015.

CONTEST UPDATE New Year's Contest: Your Best Photo Of 2014


Sorry for my bad english ^^''

Forest of linden by LillianEvill
Lonely leaf by christycameasromansRip by MarinaCoric
Memories Inside My Heart by SaRaH-22
A Rush of Blood To The Head by Sarah-BKGazer by MarinaCoric
Silent Secrets by Marloeshi
Descend by FlabnBoneSecret Meeting by OliverBPhotography
Sunset lake 3 by MelissaPhotos
crimson raindrops by VacantiaWindmill by RoyalPony
Colour Me Brisbane - G20 Festival by hurutotheguru
Orzeszki by rosaarvensiswhispered by wiwionart
16/28 by SaRaH-22
Squirrel by christycameasromansa daisy for you by christycameasromans
Piercing Eyes by MarinaCoric
Peper sea [07.2014] by SabakuNoShiGlass bokeh by everythingisaverage
Little Red Riding Beetle by SaRaH-22
in the flower field by RainyAndButterflyHamlet V by everythingisaverage
Spotlight by ThePeculiarMissE
Tiny flowers [08.2014] by SabakuNoShiDeep blue [12.2014] by SabakuNoShi
Picture-perfect by OliverBPhotography
Beauty Drops by NinelynSoft Passion by Ninelyn
At the back of your mind by everythingisaverage
Fairy Dust by lone-beanDeers by Ninelyn
Leaves by LisiTisaKi
Rosettes by onehungrypotterRelaxed by OliverBPhotography
Dusk by lone-bean
Paris from Above V by onehungrypotterWho's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses by ThePeculiarMissE
A Poison so Sweet by VelvetRedBullet
I Painted the Roses Red by VelvetRedBulletCan't Reach It by Kawaiimeron
.:colors of romance:. by LisiTisaKi
Rapids Far Below by ThePeculiarMissEFrozen by RoyalPony
Reading by Kawaiimeron
Magic in the Skye by VelvetRedBulletBasket Flower by OceanCandie
The Power of One by lone-bean
Little Red by OceanCandiebig and small by LisiTisaKi
Bluebells by onehungrypotter
Inside A Flute by OceanCandiefilm lens by Kawaiimeron
Bubbles by RoyalPony


Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 4:58 PM

Love Featuring: LiliWrites 

    Welcome to the sixth edition of DeviantART's very own "What is Love?" article! This article aims to support writers and their day-to-day needs when thinking about doing writing while the WiFi is on. For the time being this may not be a regular article, but as a sister to the "Literary Almanac Monthly" and the DeviantART-Smiles project, it is in hope to be something to prod the minds of those who share the same space in the community as these lovelies. Heart


:bulletwhite: Introduce yourself!

Hi. I'm Lili. I like cats and my husband. Mostly cats. My favorite color is purple and I cannot even form a coherent sentence until I've had a cup of coffee in the morning. I work for Xerox in a call center for Verizon Wireless Customer Service (outsourcing, heh) and am going to school for business management and health administration. My dream job is running some small hospital in a no-name town in Canada. :B I write for fun, but I like doing it well. My creative side mostly runs toward poems and non-fiction about my personal life experiences, but I've been known to think up a decent limerick or two. I've been on dA since 2005 (I think) and could not imagine ever leaving.

:bulletred: If you could give anyone/thing a big squishy hug, who would it be? :dummy:

I give hugs all the time. I gave one of my bosses a hug at work today and he was like "oh god, I hope I don't get fired for this." :lol: If I could give absolutely anyone in the world a hug, it would be the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church. It seems like that nutjob very angry person could use one.

:bulletblack: Any words of advice to those starting out on DeviantART?

1) TALK TO PEOPLE! Seriously, this site is huge and there are tons of very friendly and interesting people who are more than willing to have epic comment threads on their pages. ^_^ Just say hello. It takes two seconds and you could make a new best friend (in fact that's how I met mine). If you have questions or are confused about something, you can always ask someone who seems friendly (I love newb questions!). We're a big squishy community mostly, and the people who aren't so squishy are still begrudgingly polite. (I'm looking at you tiganusi :eyes:)

2) The CVs and Staff are not scary. They just know a lot of stuff, which actually makes them fantastic resources for people who are just starting out. In lit, the CVs are IrrevocableFate, GrimFace242, SingingFlames, and ShadowedAcolyte. :) Hit them up for any concerns or questions you may have. They're great, really.

3) Be patient. DeviantART is not a place for instant gratification. It takes time to build the kind of relationships and influence that lead to popularity. It's actually one of the best things about this community. There will be the odd person out who gets a thousand watchers with one deviation being uploaded because it is oh-my-gawd-amaze-balls, but that's not the typical experience. Typically, you have to build actual connections with actual people to make any progress in the community - whatever your goals for your time here may be.

:bulletwhite:  What are your New Year's resolutions?

I actually don't do New Year's resolutions. I find that every time I try to make them, I inevitably fail before the month is over. Instead I just endeavor to be the best me I can be each day.

:bulletred: How do you keep track of all of your writing ideas?

I mostly use for little scraps that come to mind, actually. :) For more developed ideas, I have a few binders with  all the bits and bobs related to various writing projects.

:bulletblack: Are there any authors who have heavily or subtly inspired your work?

I went through a few phases of trying to be just like Bukowski, then just like Les Murray, then just like Emily Dickinson. I guess that counts as heavily inspiring my work, but these days I just try to focus on using my words in the most economical way that still produces a good impact for the reader. As for prose, my heaviest influence is definitely Mary Roach. She writes epic, hysterical non-fiction with such lurid detail that you almost forget it's true.

:bulletwhite: What was something you were really proud of in 2014?

I married the love of my existence, MineralAccident.

:bulletred: Do you have any favourite quotes you want to share?

"We will run from neither fear nor dreams. We will learn to stare back at both." -- Jamie Tworkowski, founder of To Write Love on Her Arms

That quote was kind of my masthead through much of my late teens and early 20s. I want to get it tattooed on my arm someday. I'm not religious in the slightest, but that organization and the community that grew from it saved me from a lot of heartache and led me to a lot of doors I never knew could be opened.

:bulletblack: Do you want to give a shout out to any artist(s) or writer(s) in the dA community?

I could list a whole host of people, but I'll stick with just a few in hopes that the lovely people reading this actually do go check these people out.

The first is my good friend, Carmalain7. Alain has proven himself to be a most outstanding deviant and human being. He's easily excited, good humored, and quite the outstanding writer. The second is my current obsession, herbodyismycoffin...she's so young and has so much raw talent it killls me! Both are highly enjoyable writers. Do treat yourselves to their galleries! :)

And thank YOU, Naktarra, for being a continued inspiration and bastion of good vibes for the community. :heart: You rock.

Happy keep on keeping on!
Naktarra and LiliWrites 


*Recording Starts* 

Nate the Heart Ripper: Hello.....

My name is.....well, I'm not going to tell you, since it doesn't matter anymore. But you can call me the name which all my other victims and people come to know me as......

Nate the Heart Ripper......

I know, what you're thinking, "Why is murderer like him recording this...?".'s kinda complicated you see. The thing is....I've actually been interested in "falling in love" for a long while now, but so far, things haven't really been going so swell :iconifailedplz:

So, I decided to make this recording for those who are listening, to see if they want to be shipped with me.

HOWEVER! :iconfreakedplz:

I have CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS that they MUST FOLLOW if they want to be shipped with me canonly. :icongo-on-plz:
I will now list those Requirements down below:

#1: IT MUST BE A FEMALE! I am not gay, you guys, I am heterosexual/straight, so no fucking dudes, plz -_-

#2: She must not must not MUST NOT be a Proxy of the SlenderMan. If she is a proxy of the SlenderMan, I swear to God, I will fucking murder her.... :iconiwillkillyouplz:, now, it's ok for her to be a "rogue proxy" like me ^^, but NO PROXIES AT ALL!! I hate them with all my heart, and I want to fucking murder all of them, along with their fucking "master"......:iconihateitplz:

#3: She must have a strong grudge against the SlenderMan and his proxies. That is also very important.

#4: She must be insane and a murdering like me and all other CreepyPastas and CreepyPasta OC's out there.

#5: She MUST be AT LEAST 16-18 years old. I will not accept anyone younger than 16 or older than 18 years old (Nate the Heart Ripper's official age is 17 years-old).

#6: ABSOLUTELY NO NEKOS, MARY-SUES, OR WEEBOOS AT ALL!!! :iconjeffisnothappyplz:

#7: Now, this isn't really considered to be a requirement, but I was wondering if she was a Cannibal, Like me. ^w^ She doesn't have to be though.... ^^;

#8: She must be a Balanced CP OC.......

And FINALLY......#9: She must have big breasts. :iconsuggestivejohnplz: It's all about Big Breasts :iconheeplz::iconpervysoulplz://slapped by creator\\ Ahhh! OK OK I was just kidding...! Jesus Christ.. :iconfreakedplz: She doesn't need to have big breasts (though it would be nice :iconnosebleedingplz: :XD:), little ones are fine too..... I suppose :icongetawayplz:

Well, that's all the requirements they need to follow (Except for #6 and #9, unless they really want to :XD:).....

Oh, I won't tell you where to find me. Who knows who could be listening to this recording right now. :iconfreakedplz:
However, if you do think that you're suitable to be my "partner", then we'll just have to see..........

Catch me if you can...
-Nate the Heart Ripper

*Recording Stops*
Back from the dead. 

I've kinda disappeared for a bit, and wanted to write a little journal why I've left Facebook, Twitter and kind of my online persona. If you care to read, down below you will find my reasons. I hope you're well, and will try to post more art soon. Feel free to discuss below your opinions on the matter, and I'll try to reply. My answer goes far beyond "I've just been busy!" and maybe you too will connect with how I've felt:


The other day I received an email from a fellow follower of my work, asking the question of why I left Facebook. Not that everyone should know my daily activities, but if you haven't noticed, a couple of months ago  I had deleted my FB in order to focus on my property LMS, as it's shaping up for film, and the next book in the series, LMS: Welcome to America

Now before I continue, this is strictly my opinion. I know people like to get angry online, so if you disagree with it, you have every right to. I am, in no way, forcing this onto you. I'm simply answering a question I've received a handful of times now. 

I left Facebook for multiple reasons. But mostly due to a common feeling I had been facing every time I logged into that death-trap of a site. I'll only state the points that really stood out from the others. (Sorry selfie-addicts, you're not making the cut!)  

Let's start with the News Feed. Time after time, I found myself scrolling through more negativity than positive statuses. Whether it was through tragic incidents around the world, bashing of others, or the arm-chair critics who were constantly bringing down others for enjoying a specific film, song or videogame. If not even directed at the specific person, it was the passive-aggressive and cynical nature of those comments that began to even make me feel like an asshole--finding myself slowly influenced into the same downward-spiral.

Was saying such things going to improve those films, video-games, or others? Was calling out designs I didn't like going to enhance my view of my own art, or in any way better my imagination? Frankly, it began to make me feel like a piece of shit.

Working on movies, and now being a part of my own with LMS, I've come to realize how much time and effort goes into these properties. The blood, sweat and tears that not only the creators must bring to the table (and trust me, it's more than you could imagine), but the amount the crew brings as well. You may sit there, comfortably and insult the film because you don't enjoy a specific aspect of it. But in all reality, you really don't know what that team went through to put that together until you've been through the very process.

I had come to realize that I was only absorbing the animosity others were sprouting  and soon began to reflect their own opinions onto myself. See, my friend once brought up an valuable angle I had never really thought about before:

"When you read someone's negative comment, you're transcribing it in your voice, in your own head. For example, say someone writes a status about a bad day or an unfortunate event. While support should obviously be given, by reading their negativity, you're now putting yourself into that person's perspective--and to add onto that, bringing up harsh feelings or memories possibly as well." 

I found myself becoming weaker, agreeing with comments that I may had not actually believed in. Not only that, but I began disliking certain people just for their opinions, when in all reality, they had every right to speak their mind. While I may sound like I'm contradicting my point, and with no way to solve such an issue, instead I decided to walk from that perspective entirely. Everyone has issues, some worse than others. But you can't fix, or sway, but instead, only lead by example.

I wasn't out of the worm-hole yet. Then there was the Critical Internal Voices. Not that I have any mental illnesses (well...), but I'll come out and say that believe it or not, at times I can be incredibly insecure with my own progress and career-status. It's not due to not enough followers, or Likes or Favs (those don't mean squat to the outside world, other than personal assurance), but more to the point of: Am I doing enough with what I have?

I'm lucky enough to have some incredibly inspiring and talented art-friends; a lot whom I assume most of you guys follow or look up to. Artists such as Maciej Kuciara, Anthony Jones, John Sweeney, Alex Konstad, Robert Chew, Ash Thorp, Jason Scheier, Raf Grassetti, Wes Burt, Jana Schirmer, Karla Ortiz, 
Dominic Qwek and dozens more who constantly blazed through work and absolutely killed it on the battlefield we call the business.  

Day after day I'd log in to see these guys just absolutely slaying it with new piece after new piece. Was I jealous? Oh hell yes I was and still am! With that level of skill thrown at once, how could I not be? But was I jealous to the point of disliking or resenting them? Not in the slightest, but instead, I began to find myself envious of their ability to constantly inspire and build, while I sat here questioning my slowly-crawling career.

Which brings LMS (Last Man Standing) to the table. A lot of people believe LMS was handed on a silver platter, but it truly wasn't. Thousands of dollars from my own (and my business partner) pocket have been taken and put into this property to build it into what it is today. But after seven years of pushing, and pushing, I began to ask myself: am I doing this right? 

See, I haven't ever worked full-time at a studio, and while I have dabbled in freelance on some awesome properties, I decided to take another route. From what I've heard, some people felt I was trying to toot my own horn, but in all reality, it was due to the fact that I was brainwashed one day by my amazing business partner, Stephan. I always wanted to work for Weta, ILM, Pixar, Marvel, or DC, and about eight years ago, I found myself counting change, without a pot to piss in. After begging him to find me work, he offered the insane-idea of those studios possibly working for me one day if I were to create my own property instead. I called bullshit, but then one day decided to take a leap of faith and gave (a bloody) birth to LMS: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter

That decision changed my life and offered open doors to directors, studios and creative forces I'd never imagine to work alongside or with. It became one of the most humbling, blessed and fun rides I've ever had the pleasure of being part of. However, there was an expensive cost no money could solve, only perseverance and patience.

But it's not as easy as it may sound. I wasn't handed what LMS is today on a silver platter, and I was fit with a gold crown and throne. What they don't see is that I had to build this the property from the ground up, by myself (art-wise, Stephan guided me like a true scholar through the business angle), with not a cent towards the project--all done on my own dime. 

What I would never be able to prepare myself was that it would take up to seven years to get to the point of success the property LMS is at now.  I'm not talking maybe a month of stress here or there, I'm talking all 365 days of anxiety, stress, back-aches, weight-loss, headaches and lack of money for seven, long, long years.

During those slumps  (Hollywood takes time, it's not overnight, that's for sure), I found myself not drawing. Not creating. Instead, only judging myself by my peers' standards and constantly growing more fearful of my image. 

Why are they so successful, and I'm still fighting to get my property up and running?Why cant I work for any of these studios? And don't get me wrong, I wasn't wishing them ill-will in the slightest! I want nothing but the best for these artists, as they all deserve it, and even more.

But you see, the Why's weren't directed at them, but only at me. I found myself comparing apples and oranges, when really I was trying to be a piece of toast (best analogy I had, sorry). I hadn't come to discover what I was doing, as this had become one big learning curve for me; pitching an IP on my own. That didn't stop the voices however, as they continued to ring, questioning if I was truly the artist or creator I promised everyone to be. And it hurt, big time.

Then I woke up one day. I decided to delete FB without a real goodbye and Twitter as well (Twitter sucks, I'm sorry). I no longer had anything to say. I didn't want to promise, only to wait months for another update. I didn't want to act like I was living the Mark Whalberg life of Entourage, when really I was deciding "Can I pay my apartment this month?" I had realized I needed to get my shit together, on point, and accomplish what I set out to build. So I left social media behind.

The sad truth is, I don't think I'll ever be back, and I'm very proud of my stance on that. It's opened my eyes, allowed me a sense of freedom and man, I've painted at least 65-85 LMS (some finished, other's blocked in. Man, parentheses overload!) images in that time-frame since leaving.

Not only that, I began to dig deep into my own mind and drop-kick those insecurities out the window. I was no longer distracted, jaded by cynical comments, comparing myself to others and could now focus on what I wanted to build. 

To the LMS fans and followers, I have a massive (if you've read or own the Killbook, that's just the tip of the iceberg) story to tell you. If you know anything about the series, that little revenge story that some critics have called cliche is not the ACTUAL story. And to those critics, you fit the very bill the book was aimed at, so thank you for proving my point. There is much, much more and I cannot wait to show you what Gabriel and his world have to offer in the near future, both in book and film.

To those wondering about the LMS film, I'll just say this: we're close. It's all talk for now, as I can't say much due to deals being put in place, so take it with a grain of salt. But if these next few weeks pan out the way I see them, be prepared to welcome the new anti-hero.

Ending this, I'm not ordering or even advising anyone to leave Facebook. It's a wonderful site filled with some of the most generous, loving and caring people I've ever been lucky enough to call friends or fans (I hate that title, you guys are all homies to me). 

I've met the love of my life and my pure inspiration on it (we're now a year and still going strong!), been introduced to, helped by, and inspired by some of the coolest guys and gals out there, artists or not--and you see, that's what the site should truly be about.

Enough with the cliques, enough with the downgrading, and for the love of Gabe, just inspire the younger or those around you looking up to what you're able to do for a living. Build, create, and speak your message through your own art or story-telling. We're all in this game together, not to go against each other. If the world and society hasn't already shown you that, then I don't know what will.

For updates, feel free to subscribe to this blog or follow me on Instagram (DanLuVisiArt), as I still do lurk on there. But until my big LMS announcement I have brewing, it's time to shut up and stand by the book of text I just wrote above.

Much love, thank you for reading, and I wish you all the best of luck with your current and future endeavors.