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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 8:38 AM

Pixel raffle

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 12:26 PM

 Bullet; Pink HOW TO JOINBullet; Pink

Just fave this journal

There will be 2 winners both will get a
pixel avatar of their choice

Miikyo by kittysophieHaruka28 by kittysophiePixel commission-lalagilr by kittysophie

The raffle will end in 3 days
goodluck <3 

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for all you youngins

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 11:07 AM
i know a metric shit ton of you are middleschoolers and underclassmen and let me tell you rn keep those stupid academic calenders your high schools give you b/c when you're applying for college in four years they're going to want to know where you were your high school years down to the minute smh

basically know when you started/ended each year of high school to the day esPecially if you went to multiple high schools!
Furthermore, if you went to early college full-time rather than part-time, try to avoid being a transfer student(financial aid is apparently a pain/ your credits will pop up in your transcripts anyways)

Also im not fuckin kidding when i say, think about your gpa. And i know it's fuckin nicer to blow that shit off but keep it at a 3.0-3.6 at least. Dooo nooot blow off the act/sat if at all possible, like you don't need to shoot for the stars, but lots of scholarships rely on you doing a kickass job on standardized tests.

and finally, i know getting parents to help you on college is great. like, it looks like an awesome thing to have. but do n O t let that limit your options. like, paying off your loans (specially out of state) is going to be a big fuckin pain in the ass, but earning the money to pay off that loan b/c you were hired because you earned a degree from a respectable place is just as vital.

Also if you're thinking of art school, if you have the chance to take an art class you should definitely take it. and that's cos u see, friends, if you're serious you need to swallow the arrogance and take it. Like, this whole last 4 years i was like "i dont need an art class, i can do fine on my own" and i can do fine on my own- but this isn't about doing fine on my own, this is about appealing to a school. they would prefer to have a kid who already knows how an art class works before throwing them headfirst into 4 years of an intensive just that. I know a few colleges require that you have taken visual arts classes before, so keep that in mind.

If you're thinking about notart school, remember that state schools are fuckin fine. Your bachelors is your base ground, so your masters/phd can be elsewhere. don't get so caught up in a nice school to start out with 1.) it's going to be expensive as absolute fuck 2.) nobody cares where you got your ba if you have your graduate degrees.

also be fuckin careful about private schools. motherfuckers are stingy as fuck. idc where you go, just be careful. like yeah no fuckin out of state tuition but  it's 50k a semester so i m e an you tell me

also if you have questions, shoot an email to the admissions office. there's no phone-calls involved and they're going to be super nice + helpful b/c their main objective is getting students in. so like, don't stress about asking them, it's their job to help you and your job to get your application filled in right!

aLRIGHT that's it B ) i just wanted it out cos i had no fuckin idea about this and really i kind of made a v sudden and dramatic academic decision just like last month so i've had to read up bigtime and it's crazy that everything's getting set into motion now.

also the rams beat the broncos last week and im still not quite over that.

Laziness by Sagittor
To Live, To Face The Unknown by ParallelDeviant An Old Photograph, 1978 by tahirlazim
Spooky by MustafaSEZER
Waiting room by rougealizarine don't give it up by EintoeRn
J O U R N E Y by MARX77
thinking about eternity by wiwionart Land of the Sand 2 by rici66
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Les favoris de la lune by doyo Tuojiang River by foureyes
But My Eyes Remain by iamadem
Fumbling Towards Harmony by Peterix Find my way home by Peterix
dichord by Vacantia
don't you dare, little buddy by BlauBeerKuchen Hello by John-Logan
Eye Contact BW by RobinHedberg
here comes tiger by A-Finch Sleepy Cat by bessonben
Hidden Stories by dimajaber


Special thanks to my special friend Richard :icontrippy4u: for his dedication and taking another amazing street shot. He is one of the best street photographers, not only at dA but a great New York photographer. I believe that his photos will be there in the future, in order to tell about today.
My Space by Trippy4U
Thank you my dear dear Richard, this song is for you :huggle:

Softness-art: Weekly feature XL

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 4:11 AM

like a star by lindahabiba
Dreams by MarloeshiAffinage Professional Sleek by MoofyModel
Serenity by Lior-Art
Empyrean #003: The Empress by DmajicPhotographyJANE AND BIRD III by simsalabima
Purrfect Friends by Queen-Kitty
pure natural... by PataWojtkowiakNya by Velara
ivy by etrehadluysalumk
King. by RAGEkayFluffy thoughts by mo-ten
Eyes deep blue sea by bwaworga
sweet ragdoll baby by venomxbabyGolden dreams by Liancary-Stock
We with you one soul by masyaka-kusyaka
Sweet Snack by naked-in-the-rain*** by Tarasov
Mandariin by TriinErg
Valentine - facebook : Dupuis Simon Photography by Simon120188Go... by januarain
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friendship by Anna1AnnaBrotherhood by RaphaelleM
11:!1 by afiharaAnna by IlonaShevchishina
Lilya by Zhivago86
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...180 degrees panorama of budapest... by roblfc1892
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Peyre by Annabelle-Chabert
my sensitivity VI by JoannaRzeznikowskaGold Circle by secret-mirror
fleeting beauty III by JoannaRzeznikowska
La vie s'ecoule by Undergr0und--x8high wire by augenweide
happiness by JoannaRzeznikowska
Autumn Leaf by SmearingSinParting by NataliaDrepina
Days of Future Passsing by Draken413o
Where The Tears Go by augenweideWindy Lady by porbital
...bokod III... by roblfc1892
Lightshow by ildiko-neerBehind the house II by Lumpy2
Days Of Gold by MarcoHeislerRed by paweladamiec
- Red Autumn - by AppyNinjaAlaskan Malamute by Danila-Neroznak
Hiding Place by Sturmideenkind
The Master's Mind by xBassxHarmingxlate autumn by baravavrova
The rainbow of nature by XeniaChowaniec
so quiet by JoannaRzeznikowskatenderness by Anna1Anna
Dancing in the field by hv1234
Under the Bubble by relhomTatry (422) by aallen96
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Night Skies by LashelleValentineNatural Art by AljoschaThielen
Take the Pill by Schnitzelyne
Feuerrot by DavidSchermannTempacciu by YannickDellapina
Mila Moon 02 by Andipallabs
Lost in grief II by JoannaRzeznikowskaTau and her autumn gloom by NataliaDrepina
The view of the Swiss Alps by LinsenSchuss
Endless by kittycrimeBlue Water by Mars-Hill
past by eulalievarenne
my sensitivity VIII by JoannaRzeznikowskaHypnotic by Trichardsen
The green planet by erynlasgalenphotoart* * * by DangerousLuke
-When the light came into our kingdom- by Janek-Sedlar
26 / 365 by CreepyPandaSmileLost in the Northern Lights by Trichardsen
Sofia by M0THart
The lady from the east. by januarainglass house by vampire-zombie
Hesitation by Smashedintoyou
Majestic Skogafoss by StridsbergThe Return to Solitude by beyondimpression
Green by Spiegellicht
Necrosis by FlexDreamsBlack Queen by LisaDenise
Dark Snow by Trashins
bukiet by joannamalgorzataSail Away BW by nigel3
Milkk by LemonLemonLemon
Scales by SheilaBrinsonD'Artagnan 2 by Nightline
Katerina by xeneras
Wood Love by DapictureDreams by thefirebomb
quite letters by VesnaSvesna
wish by bkitten1*** by tdum
Lost Sz. by A-Finch
.Z. by dasTOKon time by BelcyrPiotr
Dancing with the light by SerbanBogdan
Triangles by Al-Baumtime by BelcyrPiotr
where have all the flowers gone by augenweide
Untitled by Bela01Path to moment by arayo

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GUYS!!!!!!!! :iconchubbehpanda: , :iconcreepyminerlance: , :iconcreationizecelic: , :iconpokegirl4104: , :iconbensonlover13: , :iconaskmadison3: , :iconhayfa8: , :iconartillerygurl: , :iconwpbcrazy: , :iconprincessreilin::iconinvaderdoom2000:  and all the MARKIPLIER FANS out there Please READ THIS!!! 

November 23 2014 ,I was just checking on Makiplier's YouTube Channel if he posted new videos... and then I saw this...


When I watched this video, I was really touched... it's a message from Mark to his fans...

Thank you for the deviants who give a their time to read this...

                        -ElayCornelio23Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3 Pregnant Markiplier (MEME GIF) Markiplier NOT IMPOSSIBLE -EMOTE- 
plfease stop saying shota. shotaism is pedophilia stopbp please it iss directly related to csa i hate that fuckign word i hate thw word shota stop saying it stooop saing shota i will die

there is NO "well it means ______ in this context" thaere is none of thata stop sayinfg shota like its some normal word youfucking creeps ive tried explaining this over and over again but no one give sa shit enough to stop

yweah youre all just SO in touch with asian culture huh? you all are soooo in touch with japan and all of its subcultures, of course youre above me,Of course you would know more than me whajtn the fuck was i thinking LOL (This is sarcadsstic im screaching) because who cares aboiut abuse survivors,right! its Just so efucking edgy to say shota and loli and senpai and kouhiai and kawaii and whateverelse you self proclaimed weeaboos enjoy spouting out so much

Im so glad so many of yjou are so Immeresed in asian culture but will not listen to Me,someone who is very qualified to explain this kind of Bullm Shit lol im so fukcing glad i can not trust any one to stop doing one goddamn thing and erase one Fuckign word from your vocabulary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i still have no idea how to create great journal titles
if ya got some tip thnen i'd love to hear them
you know, cuz i do have quite some interesting stuff in these journals
ah well, i'll keep it short here ^^

i recently got my 300th watcher, which is AWESOME
and i can't thank you all enough for sticking with my herpderping random-ass stuff
or something like that anyways
so, it goes like this
i am doing a giveaway and a feature for that sake stuff herpderpiness


1st place: 40 points
2nd place: 30 points
3rd place: 20 points
4th place: 10 points

5th place: 5 points
when 150 people join, i'll increase the prizes[pretty much double it]

you can enter till december 1st

how to enter?

fav the journal!

that's all, really
sorry for the disorganised journal from before ^^' 
i just wanted peeps to see some of my story, you know
a bit of a motivational journal
but ala, i am terrible with titles and such


just send me a note with the piece you want to have featured.
that's it. so simple, right?
i'll do the feature a week from now ^^

remember! this is a feature for my WATCHERS only ^^

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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 9:32 AM


In Every Crowd by Trippy4U

Dreams That You Dare to Dream by Metal-BenderCall Me Maby by ShinyHeelsKlompen by sesam-is-openKick Off Your Shoes by BrightStar2

Rope Dancer by SpellpearlArts
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TANGO original oil canvas painting by Afremov by LeonidafremovDancing by Amro0Errances by YaazzoooTango by sedatsballerina - IV by dusanvukovic
Dance The Dance! ~ Colored Pencils by ArtBYbeverly2011-02-01 Balllerina by AdamAntaloczyM.M. Flamenco by lawrencewBallerina by devonhantsWhite snow on green pine trees by dloraas
JUST ABOUT TO SHINE by HMissXXFlamenco III by andygeeFlamenco by aniram67fLamenco.. by mhtpFlamenco I by flamenqueraJete-ballet Figure by YOKOKY
Spanish party commission 3 by SamanthaJordaanform by fripturici5408 by OrestisCharalambousultimate grace by fripturiciSpanish party commission 2 by SamanthaJordaan
Mistress of Cello by ElisanthViolin And Piano by sabb-artThe violin by marcheba
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Haunting Flame  by LindArtzLabour Series VI by dselene
Spencer playing Saxophone by CarolynYMI play the bass-En jatszom a basszust by ladyjudina
Joy Of Life by HMissXXAutumn violin by Katarina-ZirineBlack Swan 2 by annewipf
Black Swan by philippeLStorm Dancer by IvanVladikDemons in my head...14 by SabakuNoShi
Dancer II by Arte-de-JunqueiroTo Rezzan by JACAC
old things 3 by ingeline-artAthens , Greece by LUCILALEYLAThe OTHERS by RezzanATAKOL
Lormet-Cultural-Dancer-0225sml by Lormet-ImagesThe cosmic dancer by Mariska1974Happy Birthday Dear Shi by jennystokes
Salt Lake III by Hermetic-WingsSILENCE by chryssalisTurkish Folk Dance by dselene
Shake it up by Joe-MaccerGhost Ballerina by SayuriMVRomeiSymphony Orchestra by dselenePurpleGirl by KmyGraphicAutumn Flowers by SARETTA1
High and Mighty by jayaldersDying sun. by jennystokes
high tide and green octopi by rodulfoBlack sea. by teopa
Returning by INDRIKoffFire and Ice by poca2hontas
&quot;WHAT REMAINS&quot; by LEONALEGRIAshelter from the storm by rodulfo
Aurora Boreal by luisbcHappy Birthday Marianne by Applemac12
a special thank you... by BlueIvyVioletColorful Forest Road by surrealistic-gloomSKIES ON FIRE by VasiDgallery
Early September In Countryside by JocelyneRColors of Autumn by wingsofdragonsIn flames by SaraPereiraArt
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Redemption by amiejoSunset - April In The Forest by surrealistic-gloomPrimordial Expressions of Light by TeaPhotography
Pots of paint and pixi dust XVII by Arte-de-JunqueiroSpring by hiaamir
Beautiful Morning by VasiDgalleryWhere by MustafaSEZERFall foliage by JulianasGrandma
Happy Birthday, Jim! by MDDahlSielpia 3 by SabakuNoShiFor Sandy by RezzanATAKOL
Riverside by MYPeanutGalleryNorth Sea evening sun by DieffiTiny light by KarlsSkies
Close the door... by touchofthesoulSecret Shores..... by Tigles1Artistry

Glass-hearts by isiderEnjoy-your-Day by KmyGraphicSmac by Digithalie

journal skin by sempiternia

Lets talk about Nick-elodeon (rant)

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 4:01 PM

Well... since I have Dish and Time Warner is having a little spat with Dish right now, all I had was Nicktoons and Nick. That's how I got hooked back on Invader Zim. That they use to play on Sundays at 3 for a hour on Nicktoons, till the scheduled changed and IZ isn't on anymore for the next few months

Those evil basters... I also herd recently they cut the legion of Korras Budget and fire some people?? isn't that one of their highest rated shows? 

Wow.. Nick is going down the toilet fast.. I wish they would stop trying to make Real live people cartoon characters, just because Disney channel made this shit popular doesn't mean you can do it for half your network. Most of their live action shit.. is horrible it makes me want to rip my eye balls out with a spork.

God Nick you use to be so amazing... and put the cartoons first... But now most of your stuff it seems to just try to rip off other things  it thinks is popular to have a a chance to stand up against Disney and the one really rocking it right now Cartoonnetwork.  

Nick you are very much dead to me... I hope in the near future you can put your self back together and remember your roots.  

this is not saying all their new stuff is bad I found TMNT to be pretty good btw. But most of the shows suck like its trying way too hard.