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Valentines Day Contest!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 5, 2016, 3:18 PM

We’ve noticed that a lot of closed-species are doing incredible valentine day competitions. So we’ve decided to bring our wonderful community together for a very special day. We are giving you the opportunity to win a custom waterdog from Alfeddy/Captyns as well as waterdog MYO slots!

How to enter:
All you need to do to enter is design a waterdog Valentine’s Day card. You can draw one or multiple cute waterdogs. Anyone can enter, regardless of wether you own a waterdog or not. You may draw any waterdog that catches your eye. Just make sure to ask for permission from the owner.  The contest will end on the 20th of February 2016.

   -          Do not draw a waterdog/cat without permission
   -          Do not harass other entries
   -          Do not claim artwork as your own when it isn’t
   -          Do not claim, a waterdog to be your own if it isn’t
   -          Please tag the group in your artwork so that we can see it
   -          No gore or mature themes to your artwork
   -          Submit your entries here:…
   -          We will not judge you entry if it has not been submitted to the correct folder

Feel free to contribute to any place+runner up!

1st place- A custom waterdog from Alfeddy/Captyns

2nd place- Uncommon waterdog MYO slot

3rd place- Common waterdog MYO slot

Runner up prizes- pixel from Necrxphxbia
                          x2 mini pixels Captain-Starburst

We thank you all for being such amazing members of this group. Your energy and enthusiasm for this species is what makes us want to host events like this. From us to you... we hope you have a wonderful valentine’s day! <3

From The admins of Water-dog-love

In follow up of the obvious "how to" journals on both anatomy and color, I'm gonna continue this series with a how to on drawing every day.
Over the last year I've participated in many challenges that required me to do a drawing a day for a period of time. Most notably the color challenge and refinement challenge, but also a lot of speedpainting and daily sketching

. Over the past few years a lot of people have asked me how the hell I would manage to do a sketch every single day, so I figured it would be nice to share some of my own experiences, tips & tricks with you to help you step up your drawing game.

About time management


Save The Kitten by Xinom
Every person has priorities in life. We deem one thing more important than the other, so we tend to do that first.
"I have no time for this"
is the equivalent of:
"There are other things that I deem more important, so I prefer to spend my time on those"
This isn't inherently good or bad. After all; some priority's are very valid (work, study, spending time with family/friends). It is, however, something to be aware of. If you're one of those "I have no time for drawing" types of people, this doesn't mean you really have no time to draw. It means other things in your life demand so much of your time that you end up with no time left for drawing. Figure out what these things are. Are they really that important for you? Is it really that impossible to squeeze in half an hour of doodling into your day, perhaps when waiting for the bus or having a break at work or school?

You don't have to put in a tremendous amount of time

Environment thumbnails - 20151208 by DamaiMikaz
You don't have to produce a full blown painting every single day. On some days you'll have all the time in the world and you can manage to do a full painting. On other days you'll only have 15 minutes and the only thing you can manage is a quick sketch on a scrap of paper. It doesn't really matter.
The act of drawing daily is mostly a way to maintain your skills. To keep your hands flexible, your brains up to par with drawing and your inspiration flowing. Unless you're planning up to end up at the high end of the art industry, there's no reason to force yourself to keep to meticulous 12-hour-a-day training schedules (and even then 12 hours a day isn't that healthy). It's quite the contrary. If you're a hobbyist, one of the most important things about art is to have fun while doing it.

Know your weapons of mass distraction

162/365 bloodborne 4 by snatti89
With managing your time, also comes to topic of distraction or procrastination. About things you don't deem useful but still spend a lot of time on. These are activities that are easy to cut time on. Think about things like watching Netflix, TV, using Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp... or browsing the internet in general. 
Be aware of your weapons of mass distraction. Only then can you make the conscious choice to sign off, turn off your computer or your phone, and focus on what you really want to do.

About your mindset

It doesn't have to be good

You always follow by Hellstern
Many people get hold back by their own mind when it comes to drawing.
"What if it doesn't look good?"
"What if I try drawing this pose and I can't pull it off?"
"What will people think of me?"
These are all very familiar thoughts for a lot of artists (and some very valid ones as well) but the thing is; these will get your nowhere.
Every single artist has suffered a moment of self-doubt. Most of them suffer more than just a moment of it. It's common. Not only you suffer from it, but there's a huge chance that amazing artist you follow suffers from it as well. We all do.

The difference is that some people decide to let the self-doubt paralyze them, while other people fight it as a boss and just keep on drawing.
Be one of those people that fights it like a boss! If you're afraid other people won't like your art, then don't publish it. You don't have to put your art on the internet. Hell, you don't even have to show it to your friends! Just keep it to yourself if you feel that keeps the pressure off for you. Of course you won't pull off drawing that new thing at once. Nobody does! And yes... people will always think things about you. Some good, some bad. You can't change that, so why bother? People's thoughts have no power of you unless you let them have that power. Confide in yourself as a person, in your ideas and your (growing) skill. 

You don't have to be inspired

Peggys rocks by beavotron
Not every drawing has to be inspired. The goal of drawing daily is... to draw every single day. It doesn't matter what you draw, as long as you sit down and make a drawing. Nobody is inspired 365 days a year. If you feel uninspired, just take a picture from another artist*, a landscape, an object in your room, and draw it!
*Note: when publishing a picture that's copied or highly referenced from another artist, credit that artist. Otherwise that might get you into trouble.

It becomes routine

Perspective practice by MugenMcFugen
I don't know if you ever started working out or training, but it's a familiar feeling. When you first start out in bad shape, the training hurts. Both physically and mentally (as you get confronted with your own lack of capabilities) and it's for that reason hard to stick with it. But when you do keep up with it, you'll gradually find it easier. You get in better shape. The training doesn't hurt that bad anymore. Instead you're fueled by seeing how you improve, and you try to keep pushing your body to its limits to see what you can do. And gradually the social part gets easier too. Saying "you're going off to gym" is no longer getting you weird stares, as people in your environment know that's what you usually spend your time on, and they get used to it soon enough.
Well, this whole thing goes for drawing. When you first draw, you suck. You'll get better over time, and you'll be fueled by your own improvement. When you first tell your friends/family you're not coming because you've got other things to do, they'll frown upon that. When you do it more often, they'll start accepting that as part of who you are.

borderland by ptromea

The bottom line of the story is; keep up going. It'll get easier in time :huggle:

Star! Star! Star!  Read my other how to's as well Star! Star! Star! 
How to: AnatomyHuman anatomy is, for sure, one of the hardest things to draw. But at the same time it's one of the most interesting things to draw, because... hey... we love making characters, and it's nice if they at least look a bit like a human being. I'm still far from perfect at drawing the human body, yet I've accumulated some very useful tips, tricks and websites.
Good exercises
Drawing from life

Drawing from life is awesome!
Look for life drawing classes in your environment, or if they're not available; ask your friends to pose for you. Go have a drink in the city when the weather is nice, and sketch people passing by. There's nowhere you learn more about human anatomy than by observing and sketching real people. There's only one downside to this; dynamic poses are tricky, as it's hard for any model to hold a difficult pose for a long time. 
And no... drawing (nearly) naked people in a drawing class isn't awkward. I
How to: ColorAs a follow up of my "How to: Anatomy" journal that was received so well by the community, I will continue this series with a how to on color.
Color is considered to be one of the hardest subjects when it comes to art. Most beginners (and even some advanced artists) struggle to get the colors of their work right. I myself do as well. This journal is by no means a full coverage on how to color. It will however be a good list of resources to get you started on this hard subject.
A few things to get started
There are a few things to color

There's hue and value. Hue determines what place in the color spectrum the color is in (red, green, blue.. etc). Value determines how dark or light a color is. In order to understand colors, you have to know how to influence and work with both of them.
Your brain is deceiving you

routine maintenance - keep calm

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 6, 2016, 5:06 AM

multilemmas are back by m-lucia4ever by m-lucia

tout est relatif  by veroklotzempty head by veroklotz

L'opera des parkings, Acte 1, scene 1 : Le Cadeau by Pierre-LagardeL'opera des parkings, Acte 1, scene 3 : Le Fantome by Pierre-Lagarde

Bamboo in the city by Igor-DemidovObstacle by Igor-Demidov

W!NKZ by partiallyHerelove is not for everyone by partiallyHere

A Global Speed Art Affair by EintoeRn
And please do no hesitate to take a full preview of the book here:

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Cc by Spirit--Productions
So my little bronies, pegasisters or fans of MLP who would just rather not go by those names, I have a special offer that will allow
your My Little Pony OC to be featured in my comic! (This means you'll get your OC drawn for FREE!)

I am currently preparing a comic called "My Little Pony: College Conundrum," which will be featuring your OC's as either students or proffesors at Ponyville University! Your OC will receive a bio, one profile drawing (that you can use for a reference later), and your OC will be featured in the comic as either a background character or interacting with the main cast.

To enter, all you need to do is comment with a link to your OC and a little information about them, and if I add them to the cast folder, then you're in! You're allowed to enter up to 3 OC's, but please include them in the same comment. Sharing this journal is also helpful so that others can hear about it who might be interested.

Thanks guys and remember, the sky's the limit!
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Thank you to everyone who had liked, shared and shown general excitement for the resurrection of the exquisite corpse! Now the sign up phase is over (sorry, no more can join this round!) and it is time to play!

Because we are so awesome and have had such an amazing sign up response, the corpse will be split into two teams: Team Fire and Team Ice! You will both start off from the same line, but it will be up to you guys where it leads on! 

I'm a participant! What happens next?

Read this carefully and ask questions if you are confused!

The first line has been sent to the first person on the list. The power is now in their hands to allow the poem to travel between all participants using the deviantART note system. Please only use notes- do not post this elsewhere or you spoil the game!

When it is your turn, you will receive a note from the previous participant and you will see only their line of the poem. (senders, make sure you start a new note, do not forward the note you received on! This stops any potential chain and extra lines being seen!). You will then send your line to the next participant. (Title the note with your team name helps me a lot!)

When you send your note on, please ensure you also send your note to BeccaJS (that's me!). I will be collecting all the lines together to arrange the complete poem, which I will post at the end in a journal. I will also use this as confirmation you have registered your line and the chain continues. If I am not copied in, I will believe you are no longer playing and move on to the next person. (Nb. after 48 hours, I will send you a nudge, and if no reply after a further 24 hours, you will be moved on).

Besides the technical, relax and have fun! We have no idea how the poem will turn out in the end, but it will be something we've never seen before! 

Participant order

This is the important bit! See who you are expecting a note from, see you you are sending yours too. Remember to copy me in and all will be grand!

:fire: Team Fire:fire: 

  1. BeccaJS
  2. WinteroftheSoul 
  3. Solarune
  4. TheMaidenInBlack 
  5. origamizebra
  6. ArynChris
  7. AntoccinoDrinker
  8. dragoeniex
  9. bay7sawan
  10. classic-poet
  11. PinkyMcCoversong
  12. SRSmith
  13. SedahLiah
  14. Arthisa
  15. DriftingAlong
  16. inkstaineddove
  17. Vocable

If you have any questions, general comments or want to share progress, please comment below :D

Thank you and enjoy!


Fri Feb 5, 2016, 5:25 PM
i lost my voice.
i am nothing
but a dead woman walking.
i knew in utero
he'd be better than me
but that i'd love more.

(and here i am)


As a General Photography CV I receive a large amount of suggestions, and unfortunately not everything can be featured as a Daily Deviation. However, everything that doesn't become a DD can be featured here in an awesome journal! I am a dummy! Here are some of the suggestions I've received, I'll keep doing these as a series as long as needed Heart Please keep the suggestions coming!




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Flowers (Diffrents types) :
1Drawing - Flower  - Pattern by AytenSharif11 2Purple Drops by discoinferno84 3inferiority by essencestudios 4Mosaic Art in Oil by CarolynYM 5Cautiva by A-Todo-Creyon 6untitled by lottileibnitz 7[J4F] Beautiful Flowers by CAcorporation 8Aboveboard by JetteReitsma 9Flowers Watercolor practice by bielik42 10Happy by Sukilucky 11Garden by Selliria 12Summer by Maria-John-Artwork 13Cavaler by Andrei-Azanfirei 14Natural blue by Andrei-Azanfirei 15Acroclinium by Andrei-Azanfirei 16Blossom 26 by wuestenbrand 17:o) by MamaMika 18:o) by MamaMika 19Magic by MamaMika 20In Bright Orange by salman-khan 21Trio by Aquata92 22nices flowers of the last year 81 by ingeline-art 23Purple Flowers by TooMuchColor 24Blossom by jankolas 25Blue Flower by kgphee 26Shining white by Morrgrr 27Sunshine by MYPeanutGallery 28Liseron001 800 by Noomelo 29Raindrops by Meyby 30The Little Bells of Springtime by Kitteh-Pawz 31Pansy by Noomelo 32Another Flower Doodle by r-o-s-a-n-n-a 33BlueYellowish by Sukilucky 34Floral Fireworks IV by MadGardens 35Blue Flowers by MJaeroBS7 36Floral and Colorful by allison731 37Thanks for the Rain! by emizael 38Little Blue Flower by emizael 39Dew by Noomelo 40Sunshine Colors by CaryAndFrankArts 41Sunflower by natthan54 42Yujie's Blue Flower by CarolynYM 43Yellow Flower by CarolynYM 44Red water drops by Li-Soro 45Flower Doodle by r-o-s-a-n-n-a 46Untitled by Aeolina 47ROUGE by LEVIATAN-666 48Cosmos by Smclppp 49Symmetry by Alyss6 50Wild blossom by rosaarvensis
51Img 20150213 141107 by SimoGitana 521782013 10201471086810419 135362721 N by Becxzarose 53First Spring Asters by JocelyneR 54Little Red Flower by angel0421 55Orange Flower par Allison Christine Martines by FROG-and-TOAD 56Unknown flower by NB-Photo 57Spring by diana-0421 58Sunrise by diana-0421 59Unfolding by MaresaSinclair 60Cactus, a present for UAKimov09 by OneAngele 61burning like fire by ingeline-art 62Orange Power Mandala by yael360 63Roses by teresalaw 64Open Thy Petals by kj-davis 65Crown Chakra by kj-davis 66Pink Clover by gjenniferx 67Springtime Tree by Kasia1989 68Turquoise branch by Kasia1989 69Romantic bouquet by Kasia1989 70elevation by akthuro
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125Pink Sun by angel0421 126yellow flowers by cristineny

Progressive Saturday Night (v.83)

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 5, 2016, 11:57 PM

Saturday Night Fever

image by :iconbatsceba:

Please enjoy a selection of the latest photos of street galleries

and remember to visit the photographers' galleries as well ;) (Wink)


life in colours or in black and white, but is always a surprise

The Forehand Clear by MARX77
Street Photography by sagi-k
st2 by Pandafuckers
Postcard of Tokyo 24 by JACAC Postcard of Tokyo 23 by JACAC
The Ghosts and the girl with the red balloon by DaddyHoggy
People On The Street by HealthyCarrot
Relativity by IrynaFedorovska
Icey Chat (R3m04) by jesseboy000 Goettingen 6 by JonasDrude
Wipe Away Tears by ZiaulKareem I think I hurt my knee by ZiaulKareem
4am love by avivi
Hangimiz Sevmedik by sogni-di-margherita
We Take It Seriously by Vermontster
Loving The Alien by Batsceba






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To You Watcher

Fri Feb 5, 2016, 3:41 PM by hosagu:iconhosagu:


Some days ago,
I wrote a status about my watchers...

I am so amazed now that the very symbolic figure of 500 watchers has been overpassed.
I watch many big names or even little here who have many more than me. It's ok :la:
I am deeply sincererly grateful for all Devious who have clicked that #watchbutton letting me know they were appreciating my modest work and my activity over #deviantart ...

As promised, I have the pleasure to thank today autumnicity also known as Leigh

Yes Leigh: you're my 500th watcher... So?

You got my surprise, and I have the pleasure to feature here some of your wonderful artworks.
It allowed me to discover as i feel a wonderful and with lot of potential artist...
I hope any of you my dear friends and #devious you will send her love,
while I do really do send you all my consideration, gratefullness, and love for your attention and care, your comments or reactions.
Fly Away by autumnicity
the great mushroom war by autumnicity
Contest Entry - Moth by autumnicity
What is the meaning of life? by autumnicity

Aragorn by autumnicity
Mockingjay Crest by autumnicity
Rebirth by autumnicity
Instinct + Logic by autumnicity
Winter by autumnicity
Hollow Fields by autumnicity
Knowledge is Power by autumnicity
Ink Test... by autumnicity
Apparatus Araneae by autumnicity
Detective + Blogger (inktober) by autumnicity
Images of Broken Light by autumnicity
Say Goodnight, Ashfur by autumnicity

autumnicity I do thank you again,
and I hope this little humble feature of your Awesome Art will deserve
great attention and luff!





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