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Collection: Creatures

Thu Oct 30, 2014, 3:38 PM
sancient  creatures by sancient


In ancient tradition, Halloween was thought to be the night of the year when the realms of the living of the living and the dead came the closest together, enabling evil spirits and demons to hop over to our side to make mischief. For centuries the Church made very serious studies of what these hellacious creatures were actually thought to look like. Today, “creature imagining” is just a creative exercise and a way of having fun. Thank goodness none of our deviantART artists are drawing any of the subjects of this collection from live models. (Then again, just maybe…)

Free adoptables raffle [OPEN]

Thu Oct 30, 2014, 11:05 AM
Like I mentioned in my previous journal post, the adoptables are a collab between sirhotbod and I. We ended up designing quite a lot of characters so we're giving out some as prizes for this raffle and the others, we're going to sell as adoptables very soon. 

Our adoptable price range will be around $8~$15 (800~1500 points) for each character. We hope you check them out as soon as we start selling :D (Big Grin)

Anyway on to the raffle~

There will 4 winners chosen for this raffle

Here are the prizes

(Characters 1 and 3 were designed by sirhotbod and characters 2 and 4 were designed by me. We hope you like them)

Each winner will get a bigger and unwatermarked image file of their adoptable.
Free adoptable giveaway [OPEN] by no0dles919

How to enter

You need to be a watcher in order to enter. So if you want to participate in this raffle then please watch me.

Fav this journal

- Comment below with the following

First choice      - 
Second choice -
Third choice     -
Fourth choice  -

**Write the number of your character choice in order of preference. The first winner chosen will get their first choice adoptable. If the second winner's first choice is the same as the first winner, then they will get their second choice adoptable; same with the third and fourth winners. I will follow this system when giving out the prizes.

The raffle ends on November 20, 2014

To those who decide to participate, thank you for entering and good luck Squee! 


1. :iconifeelfreelikeabird:    2. :iconsapphireangelbunny:    3. :iconluxuru:    4. :iconmarblackphoenix:    5. :iconepicshadowdragon:    6. :iconmaemae1896:    7. :iconrtsbts:    8. :iconkittenax:    9. :icondarksonicboom:    10. :iconjutsika:    11. :iconswordsman9:    12. :iconrenegadespirit:    13. :iconravenmoonsan:    14. :icon0lunarstorm0:    15. :iconvesperity:    16. :iconrosalynamarante:    17. :iconarkanis-void:    18. :iconlonewolfterror:    19. :iconcrazypanda2014:    20. :iconask--frightspark:    21. :icontwiliwolfprincess:    22. :iconnightshade902:    23. :iconopalescent-raven:    24. :iconra1nbows:    25. :icongracedragon1:    26. :iconheiwamegami:    27. :iconthe-assassin-echo:    28. :iconciao-7:    29. :iconjunpeijumpjump:    30. :iconkidmelton:    31. :iconsaintlycrow:    32. :iconkoyukiy:    33. :icondragons011:    34. :icondoomdweller:    35. :iconkomi-chan-girl:    36. :icontunicorn1:    37. :iconnimaines:    

Skin by SimplySilent

two from one

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 11:37 PM

When The Sky Fell Down by MWeissArt    with tomorrow by MWeissArt


High on grass by lomatic    Phlebas journey's end. by lomatic


The Arrival by bliXX-a    Ignore The Machine by bliXX-a


Rhythm and Blues by Menoevil    Untitled by Menoevil


Of by Mrs-White    Mit Dir ... (With You...) by Mrs-White


zik zak ziggurat by aerendial    swirling by aerendial


Leaving me to become the ashes by Zewarr    Cold, alone in a void from An endless world by Zewarr


The shape that parting takes by mehrmeer    Shards by mehrmeer


La disparition by ambrosia3    CXXXVIII by ambrosia3


kzXIII by keinziel    all 4 u by keinziel


:) by marrgit    Caught by marrgit


Les Amis by atelier-de-figueline    Orchidee .01 by atelier-de-figueline


Yes! I am a long way from home by mldzz    Ashes of dead people by mldzz


wiener wald by ChristianBurtscher    a rebours III by ChristianBurtscher


pretender by Enaston    dream sequence by Enaston


Invasion by apalkin    ... by apalkin


soledad by existencia5    Poly by existencia5


Hallways Of Enchanted Trees by Weissglut    Gate Into Another World by Weissglut


right into the bliss II by disies    breathing dust by disies


World traveller by Phoenixstamatis    Through dimensions by Phoenixstamatis


Image by dasTOK    .shm. by dasTOK


IMG 3047w by crossfading    IMG 3089w by crossfading

thank you for your wonderful works

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Italian Masters of Horror

Thu Oct 30, 2014, 6:55 PM
40-img-00 by techgnotic

Giallo is Italian for yellow… and Horror

In the wake of the real life horrors meted out on Italians during World War II, brutalized by Mussolini and then by Nazi occupation and then having their country used as one great battleground chessboard between Nazis and the invading U.S. and Allied forces, there was for a long time little appetite for horror in movies. It wasn’t until 1956 that the first genuine horror film (a vampire story) was produced and released. It bombed, soundly rejected by the public. The film would be of little note were it not for its having been “ghost directed” by its cinematographer, Mario Bava. In 1959, Bava created an Italian version of “The Blob” and the Italian horror genre finally gained a toehold.

Bava became the most celebrated of the core trio of great “Giallo” moviemakers.

“Giallo” means “yellow” in Italian. Giallo paperbacks were popular lurid pulp novels with identifying yellow backgrounds on their covers. “Giallo movies,” a unique blend of crime, mystery and sex–infused horror stories would become the equivalent of Britain’s signature Hammer Films. Bava was their first master. Then came Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento. Bava’s Mask of Satan (U.S. title: “Black Sunday”) is considered the first true horror movie in post-war Italy, even if it’s not formulaically a giallo film, owing more to classic Universal Studios horror films than giallo.

The giallo formula is built around a murder mystery often containing a mix of horror and Hitchcockian elements, such as an ordinary person (usually an outsider) thrust into an extraordinary circumstance. Often within this formula the main character is a witness whose credibility and or sanity is questioned by police authorities and people of elevated social standing.

Giallo films have greatly influenced American horror films. Wes Craven utilized the giallo formula very effectively in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). The film’s female protagonist is a teen named Nancy who is being preyed upon by a deceased child murderer in her dreams. Throughout the film her sanity is questioned by her parents, one of whom is played by John Saxon of giallo film fame. Audiences responded approvingly of the giallo madness–or–sanity framing of the film, making it a big success and putting it on the level of the Halloween and Friday the 13th slasher films that were its forerunners. The film spawned many sequels and made Robert Englund a horror icon.

Bava the Maestro

Mario Bava was the cinematographer on The Day the Sky Exploded (1958) which was the first Italian science fiction film. He directed what is now regarded as the first of the Italian giallo films, The Girl Who Knew too Much (aka “The Evil Eye”) (1963). In both its tone and in its title, this film clearly evokes the spectre of Alfred Hitchcock.  Shot beautifully in black and white, the film plays as an atmospheric mystery/whodunit about a beautiful visitor in Italy, played by Leticia Roman, who may or may not have witnessed a murder after arriving in Italy to visit her ailing aunt.

Bava followed up with another influential giallo film, Blood and Black Lace (aka “Six Women for the Murderer”) (1964). Bava sets this film in a fashion house of beautiful models with dirty secrets. A killer is preying on the models, bumping them off one at time using different methods. The killer’s intention is to acquire a diary that contains proof of the illicit activities going on within the house. Many “body count” slasher films were inspired by this film. The Halloween and Friday the 13th series’ come to mind. This film separates itself from them with a stronger story element that builds its mystery on a killer with a clear motive.

In 1965 Bava directed the odd sci–fi/horror hybrid film Planet of the Vampires. While it is not considered one of his better films, many of its elements appear to have been borrowed by Ridley Scott for his sci–fi/horror juggernaut Alien (1979).

Most of Bava’s fame in the horror genre actually all comes back to his earlier work, especially the 1960 gothic horror film Black Sunday/Mask of Satan. A more classical and highly atmospheric film, Black Sunday’s roots are grounded stylistically in the early Universal horror films. It tells the story of a woman (played by the hypnotically beautiful Barbara Steele) who is found guilty of vampirism and sentenced to death. The method of her execution is to have an “Iron Maiden”–style spiked mask of Satan driven into her face with a large mallet. Accented by dazzling camerawork, this scene of her execution is still one of the most memorable sequences of the horror genre. Still, to this day, the iconic image of Barbara Steele’s spike–gouged face forever cries out: “Bava!” This film’s success led to Bava being courted by Hollywood to work in the States. He declined, remaining in the land of “giallo.”

Your Thoughts

  1. Besides “Black Sunday” and “Black Sabbath,” the two early “Americanized” Mario Bava films that have become late night staples, how many other Italian horror films have you seen?

  2. Would you know the stylistic differences between Bava, Fulci and Argento?

  3. Do you ever find a horror movie too violent, bloody or disturbing?

  4. Is it just the language barrier or are there other reasons Italy’s horror films have never been as popular as British, French, Spanish and other foreign fright flicks?

Xi Comic closed Species Stuff

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 3:07 PM
professional dickbutt

CSS Skin

Noboena  [ nu-bu-i-nah ]
[ i dunno, looked cool ]

Noboenians are a species of black to white characters that resemble closely to what people would assume as anthros.  
Some having more human like qualities, some more animal, depending on the area they’re from.

As far as determining sex/gender, Noboenians do not exactly have set genitalia to either male or female. [ some having neither, to some having both ]
The way of finding this out is the main shade of their fur;  black being masculine, white being feminine. 
Though colours nearest to grey are the more difficult to decipher and can usually mean they are strictly not male or female.


Status is determined by what animals they’re made up of. 
For example, Xi; he’s purely fox, meaning he has a high status where are someone like Milli, who is made of a cat father and bird mother, would be lower. 
Then other’s made up of 3 or more animals are the lowest and sometimes homeless; the so called scum of this world. 
More times than most there are also mutants in this low status and holds many strange and sick Noboenians.


For the most part, clothes are used only on children. 
Not only to hide their genitalia as it develops but to also notify the child is under 13 years of age. 
Those who wear clothes that are over this age either means they’re not ready to give up their child like qualities
or that they’re bodies haven’t completely finished growing. 


Very rarely do clothes stay on passed the age of 20,
though a light amount of clothing such as scarfs, socks, arm warmers,
or anything of the sort is allowed but not appropriate in some cases.

Depending on popularity, light clothing can also be used in some groups as identification. 



The more human like qualities are those who live in the city or those of royalty; showing plantigrade legs. 
Those from anywhere else such as the country, tropics or deserts, are normally digigrade. 
All children are born with plantigrade, which is what makes it just as hard to figure out status till they’re over 12 or 13
the age their legs begin to completely develop into the different types. 
Some mutations that follow with a lower status is that a child can be born with one leg being digi and the other planti. 
Or planti that’s built to be digi [ walking on their tip toes ].

Their mouths aren’t all that special, though some have ridges in the lips and some don’t. 
They have teeth but they usually retract into their gums until needed; only showing the 4 canines for the most part. 
They’re omnivores and like humans, they can choose to be vegetarians and other things such as that.


A trait that very few have is a super ability, such as Xi with telekinesis or Milli with flight.
{{{ Those with bird-like genetics aren’t granted the ability to fly from birth, some don’t even grow wings.  e. g. Birdman }}}

Other things like controlling of an element, speed, strength, and intelligence are also available. 
But again, not everyone has this ability and can come off as rare or fantasy-like. 
Some say it’s a show of mutation while others say it’s a blessing.

Children are very important in this world, many believing they're the key to a bright future.
Though there are some parents that leave their children behind, claiming them orphans
Most parents like this are either dead or sick, believe it to be more on save yourself purposes
but to every child there is a guardian; a child that's left to fend for themselves wont survive on their own for long
due to many older Noboenians that souly search for these children to take care of

Go ahead and ask questions if you have any- this is just what I can manage to put together on them right now
once there's been a good amount of them, I'll put the questions, and the answer on this journal


Weekly Feature LXXII

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 12:20 PM
A collection of the best pictures submitted to Breathtaking-photos this week!

K2 by WTek79 Catch The Edge by Sigurd-Quast
Flower. by A-Finch Untitled by nairafee
Flow of Yukon by porbital I like it blue! by Threepwoody
In the Dusk of Dawn by John-Peter
226 - Hello Autumn by MonsterBrand Microcosm by solefield
golden by Cochalita I'm dreaming III by JoannaRzeznikowska
Guten Morgen, du Schoene by BlauBeerKuchen
The Snail. by marc-bruno Autumn Dream by Jordan-Roberts
My autumn Kim by Ksuksa-Raykova Leevi by blackmaster111
Wald #35 by HeikoGerlicher Val Viola Sunset by RobinHalioua
Sleepy  explorer by ZoranPhoto
An autumn song by Morgan-Lou Autumn by Nelleke
BELIEVE IN FAIRIES 2 by M0THart Grazhdanochka11 by piesong
Dreamgirl by confused-photography
la cutari by Sssssergiu Funky Fungi III by Oer-Wout
dew by Bodghia lantern big as moss... by clochartist-photo
Shining Evening by carinamaiwald
Lost in the Echo. by IndigoSummerr Dancing in the Rain by alexgphoto
Giraffe - African Wildlife - Out of the Dust by LivingWild 20.3.2014: Up to the Sky by Suensyan
Hidden Ships by siamesesam
Social elevator by Sei-Zako Orage Canari by Pierre-Lagarde
forest by MartaSyrko
relaxation by BelcyrPiotr Suwat Abyss Fall by palmbook

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People + Portraits Exposed

Thu Oct 30, 2014, 12:00 PM
This month we have had some fantastic People & Portrait Daily Deviation suggestions - this feature aims to highlight some of those with the community. Thanks to last months suggesters, popoks, ejrotsih, DianaVVolf, OfOneSoul, MalKnox, BokehLight, dark3y3s, ihamo, Denaru and ParadisiacPicture. Don't forget to keep your DD suggestions coming and send your General People & Portrait Photography suggestions to Kaz-D or 3wyl.

ether by ezorenier
The river flows in You (Reedited) by DenaruMeryem by Hart-Worx
Anamaya by dark3y3sStorm is Coming by MarinaCoric
Motherly field 18 by iuventa
Soul Collector by artztoodButterfly by zingruby'nouvelle vague I' by EternalEden13
Gaze by Shadoisk

Mini Horror Reviews - Halloween

Thu Oct 30, 2014, 7:10 PM
Halloween Michael Myers by Nonsense-Prophet

Movie Poster


It's October and the sacred 31 days of Halloween are upon us-time to get your gore on! The chill is in the air, the leaves are on the ground, and Halloween candy has been out since Labor Day. So while you’re waiting in the Starbucks line for an overpriced double pumpkin spice whatever, pass the time with this year’s scary movies reviews!

Halloween (1978)

Review by RWSlavin

It was the first, the simplest and the best of all the slasher films of the 80s and 90s that sought to replicate its magic. The casting was perfection. It was Jamie Lee Curtis’s first feature film, having just begun her career on TV episodics. She is the small town high school to–die–for girlfriend who is portrayed in the script as not knowing how beautiful and sexy she really is. While the rest of her fellow babysitter friends are hooking up with boyfriends all around the neighborhood on Halloween, she does homework and watches “The Thing From Another World” on TV with her young charges. It is because she is so dutiful in her babysitting and alert to danger threatening her kids that she is initially the only one aware of the mad killer on the loose.

Donald Pleasance does his typical bravura job as the nuthouse doctor, succinctly and believably relating the Michael Myers 411 to the audience. Pleasance was an actor with talent worthy of Shakespeare. That the sleepy neighborhood setting for the mayhem after dusk is so instantly identifiable to so many of us as being where we grew up is a great plus in making the murders all the more resonantly frightening. Once the killings start, there isn’t need for much plot. Jamie Lee wrangles her kids from one hiding place to the next like a mother duck and her ducklings, all the while trying to alert her still–living friends and co–ordinate with the cops and the doctor, who finally show up to help her out. Unfortunately, the killer has a thing for her, and finally traps her for what will surely be her death. Luckily, the good doctor practices “tough love,” pumping six high caliber bullets into his patient, blowing him through the second floor window and out onto the lawn. But of course the body is gone when the survivors take one last look just before the credits roll.

“Halloween” had a purity of tone and purpose that still makes it a joy to watch today. A tightly budgeted minor horror masterpiece, it achieves its desired number of scream–worthy sequences and flashes of sudden terror like a train running perfectly on schedule. And most importantly, we all have a Jamie Lee in our lives who was our most sensible and levelheaded friend or our perfect girlfriend. She’s an All–American “good girl” hero we can really care about. Be sure to watch this one before enduring the other slashers.