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Than it has any right to be

The show is called "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs." No, I'm not making that up. I don't know if General Motors payed for this, but I doubt it, since this was apparently based on a comic book, like many of the shows of the 1990's. The intro to the show, I'll be honest, makes it sound like one of the most hilariously bad things you'll ever see/hear.

"In the 26th Century, mankind faces an epic struggle for survival. The forces of nature have spun wildly out of control. Mighty cities have crumbled and the dinosaurs have returned to reclaim the earth. In this savage land, one man stands alone: Jack Tenrec, defending humanity in a world gone mad, a world where only the strong survive, a world of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs."

brought to us by the screen writer of Diehard and 48 Hours.

Now obviously I expected a parody or spoof of similar action movies, but no... it plays it seriously. And it's all the better for it. Honestly, one of the things this show reminds me of the most isn't Die Hard, but Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Our hero Jack, is like a cross between Nausicaa and G.I. Joe. So basically, nature has gained the upper hand against mankind. The show isn't quite post-apocalyptic, but it's on its way there. For whatever reason there are now dinosaurs roaming the world. Many people want to strike back against nature... as humans have done in the past, including the Governor of Jack's city. However Jack often finds way to stop the problems that the dinosaurs cause without harming them, and despite sabotage by that Governor.

I don't know if you could call the environmental message subtle, or at least as subtle as Sonic SAT AM, but it's definitely more subtle than Nausicaa. So... this show is G.I. Joe mixed with Jurassic Park mixed with Nausicaa of the valley of the Wind. Oh, and the Cadillac? It's what Jack drives. And it rarely feels like an advertisement for a Cadillac. But the action is good, the stories are well-written, it's better at being environmental than its contemporaries like Captain Planet.

Are there any problems? Yeah, one. There was only one season of 13 episodes and it was never considered for renewal. This, Watchmojo, is the definition of a criminally underrated show. And it's not like I can't see why this flopped. I mean, the title: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. I'll be 100% honest, I expected this to be terrible. I mean, the title was probably there to get people to look out of curiosity (which I guess worked for me), but it seemed to backfire.

But that title does continue to grow on you, when you get to say facts like:
  • "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is one of the best environmental cartoons I've ever seen."
  • "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is one of the most underrated cartoons ever."
  • "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is one of the best action cartoons of the 90's"
  • "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs needs to make a comeback"
After the 70's marathon is over, I've got to do an Admirable Animation review on this show. It's shows like this that make scouring through animation history worth it. The strange part is that this is from the 90's, the popular "nostalgia" era now. I can only assume that more people aren't looking fondly back on Cadillacs and Dinosaurs because they never saw it back when it was on.

Macro Spotlight Vol. 166

Sun May 24, 2015, 3:48 AM by MarcosRodriguez:iconmarcosrodriguez:


Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 9:03 AM
I'm seriously tired of this shit! I want to draw other stuff too!
And I clearly said that I was going to make more but you people keep demanding/complaining so please stop,
This only makes me want to draw UKnT less..

EDIT : Thank you so much for understanding, and for all those kind words :heart:

Hey guys! I come to you bringing news of a fun event for both owners and non-owners to participate in!

For the dates of May 25th-June 26th 11:59 PM PST you can participate in this event to win your own custom Faelidh!


The Prizes

A custom off-base Faelidh with one Legendary Trait! (or any of the tiers below if you prefer! This includes Halflings!)

Landlotl Faelidh (custom) by VerlidaineBirthstone Faelidh Auction-Aquamarine! (CLOSED) by VerlidaineGearr Faelidh (custom) by Verlidainemeiresthaimoros faelidh (custom) by Verlidaine
Examples of Customs and some Legendary Faelidh!

List of traits can be seen here. Use the drop down menu!

And also 1 shard per Faelidh drawn!


How to Enter/Rules

-Just like Coukyo's raffle, you must draw an existing REGISTERED Faelidh in exchange for a raffle ticket! Registered Fae's can be seen here: Click me!

-You must be a member of Faelidh. It's easy to join if you aren't already a member!

-You cannot draw your own Faelidh for a ticket! You can however draw your faelidh in a group with other's registered Faelidh, although your Fae will not count for a ticket. You can also the same registered Faelidh more than once, as long as they don't belong to you and are registered!!

-All entries must be finished drawings: neat, full bodied, and in color.  Written entries must be 500 words or more. (please consult with the Faelidh's owner to make sure you write their character correctly!) Pixel entries must be 50x50 or larger. Images with backgrounds are greatly appreciated but not required!

-Bases or repurposed linearts are not allowed.

-You cannot enter Faelidh art drawn before May 25th, 2015.

-All entries must be submitted to Deviantart (not and submitted to Summer Raffle Folder

-Please include the group name :iconfaelidh: and the title of this event in the description of your submission. Make sure to tag the person who owns the Faelidh!

-No limit on entries! Each Faelidh drawn will count for 1 raffle ticket and 1 shard.

-Examples of registered Faelidh:

Faelidh Registration: Syr! by EnaxnFaelidh Registration - Kibeth by ZieuRudra App by YuriStorm

Registered Faelidh can be seen here: Click me!
-------------------------------------------------------------------- will be used to pick the winner! I can try and stream the picking if my computer allows it, but if not I will have witnesses and the proof image will be announced in a journal along with the winner!

Im posting this early so you guys can have a heads up for getting your registration images in last-minute before the event! All Registration Sheets submitted after May 25th will have a stricter acceptance for the duration of this event. (Unless you have submitted a prompt entry before, then your submission will be auto-accepted!!) Please do not register your Faelidh if you don't plan on participating in group events, prompts, and other activities!

If you register your Faelidh make sure to follow all rules listed in the registration sheet template!


500w Raffle!

Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 3:20 AM

Finally :iconrazycryplz:
I'm making a rafflefaffle 
I love you all, 501 little bees ♥

How to enter

►You must be a watcher
►You must fave this journal
►You must comment below and I'll give you a number 


1 Full/half body and 1 chibi 
01001001 01000001 by Namine-L Go Kuran! by Namine-LAT: pindanglicious by Namine-L Balloons by Namine-L


The raffle will end in two days, then  I'll say the winner


As I mentioned earlier I will randomly pick someone's character to draw every now and then.

I will draw them in whatever style or format I want (chibi, sketch, fullbody, etc.)

If you don't have an OC that's ok! I'll send you a note and I'm fine with drawing fanart or someone else's OC. This is only if you don't have an OC uploaded otherwise I will pick whichever of your OCs I like the design of best. 

Anyone watching me can participate. All you have to do is favorite this journal (wish I didn't have to make you do that but it's the only way I can generate an active watcher to draw something for)

I won't do this very often considering I need to have a reason to keep commissions open. I can't give freebies to everyone but every few months I will. 
Thanks guys! 

A normal day with my mother...

Sun May 24, 2015, 2:40 AM
I asked for a banana. Mother carves one into a penis and gives it to me.

I told mother that people online get crushes on fictinal characters and even pretend they are married to them. She is now married to The Phantom, Raoul, Olaf, Scrat, Sid the Sloth and Jack Frost.

Now we are watchling Les Mis and she is laughing. I asked her why. She said she had a random thought of Jean Va Jean sucking his own dick.

Also she said when I am older I can work at the condom store and if I get a good sum of money, she would be OK with me being a porn star.

She wants me to print out R34 for my grandma.

She always pays for my friends when we have outings :D


Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 1:38 AM

stop using feminazi??? as a word??? 

since when did the word feminist get so bad that now we have to be compared to the nazis that committed mass genocide
broe the only things feminists want is equality, so no need for your "egalitarian"  because that's what feminism already means ya shit head 

lmfao it's perfectly fine for a guy to throw around slurs @ women, calling them bitches, whores or other really disgusting things but as soon as someone catches a girl say "men are pigs" she's suddenly on the evil level of the nazi's.

"but some feminists only want women in power!!" "feminism is a hate movement toward men and feminism want's to over power men!"
shut up tho. 
once again, feminism is just wanting to have the same rights as men do??? since when are there women in power anyway LMFAO


oh no! i want equality! i'm such a terrible person ): 

ExaltGod's ED page~

Journal Entry: Sat May 23, 2015, 1:18 PM

Check Encyclopedia Dramatica for her ED page.

Her white knights found it and oooohhhh boy they are flippin' their sh*t. Guys, whatever happened to "LULZ THAT WEBSITES STERPID IDGAFFFFFFF"

I mean like FCU777 AND Starrceline got an ED page. No one batted an eye. Now suddenly that senpai Joanna got one you're freaking the f*ck out? Well, haven't you just proven who the alpha thumper is? :I

Seriously guys Joanna herself said many times how much she didn't give a flying f*ck about getting an ED page in the future so why are you getting so butthurt? Or are you worried it hurt her feelings? Like how she's done to so many people and then proceeded to say she didn't care about being a grade A a*shole? Awwww. Poooorrrr baby. 3:

Lik dis if u cri evrytim ;'(((((((((


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It's Okay.

Journal Entry: Sat May 23, 2015, 5:45 PM

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It's okay to mess up on Model editing.
It's okay to Forget to remove unneeded Bones, Joints and or Physics.

It's okay if the Folder isn't cleaned.
It's okay if you forget a Toon or Spa.

It's okay if the Parts aren't fit 100% perfect.
It's okay if the Model Clips only a little.

It's okay if the Texturing isn't perfect.
It's okay to Forget Facials.

It's okay to Forget Textures.
It's okay if you Don't Know How To Rig.

It's okay if the Physics Aren't Perfect.
It's okay if you Need Help From Someone.

It's okay to Ask For Help.

It's not okay to hate on those who aren't perfect Modelers.

It's okay to mess up.
You're learning and that's all that matters.
Don't listen to the people who say you can't edit or your edits are crap.
Cause they aren't.
Sure they aren't perfect.
But they are learning processes.
Don't let people tell you how to edit.

It's okay to be a Editor/ Modeler.

A message from llUnova and I.

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