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Dear Fans,
First I must apologize for my extremely vague status update I made last night I was very upset and I did not feel like explaining why I took down my oc video but in hindsight it only seemed to cause more confusion. For the past two months I have been receiving more and more negative comments and as I have progressed more and more into the school year I have felt more stressed and more depressed. And the reason I am bothered by these hate comments is not because they are something dumb like "OMG KILL URSELF" it's because most of them were usually well thought out. It's because they said things like "you make fun of kids" and "you are making artists feel awful" that made me feel bad about myself. I realized that some of the people who hated me were in the moral right of the situation. Here's the summary of why I am upset. 
I don't want to be Leafyishere. 
There are parallels between me and Leafyishere that people seem to notice that I really don't want to emulate.
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CALLING ALL CREEPYPASTAS!! (read description)
So the development and main plot is going well for Our World but if I am going to be doing a world full of Creepypastas, I will be using the main CP's (read below for short list or skip to the point)
1. Slenderman (I know he's not exactly Creepypasta but just bare with me) by Victor Surge
2. Sally Williams, by :IconLa-Mishi-Mish:
3. BEN DROWNED by Jadusable
4. Jeff the Killer, by Creepypasta
5. Jane the Killer, by her original owner
6. Eyeless Jack by Azelf5000
7. Laughing Jack, by his original owner
8. Clockwork by Luciiid
9. Ticci Toby by Kastoway
10. Smile Dog by his original owner
11. Masky and Hoodie by Marble Hornets
12. Kate from Slender the Arrival
13. Zalgo
These thirteen main ones (to me) are of course the main ones for Our World. However, no story has forgotten any minor or background characters. Especially when minor or background characters have a story or spotlight of their own. So, come one come all for Creepypasta OCs that I will be only excepting 100! When the list is
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Oh hey, it's a contest!
Okay, so it has literally been years since I have done a contest (my last one kind of went askew =/) so I figured it was time to do one again and see if anyone participates. 
Advance warning: If you see this journal updated that likely means the list of participants as been updated or some information has been updated. Please bear in mind that I'm updating for a reason so that contestants can see and make sure they know what's what and aren't left wondering. This may happen a few times per day.
If this bothers you I ask that you please remove the piece from your inbox without complaint. 
Thank you <3
Your objective:
The objective for this contest is 'designing a scene based on a selected song'. 
Basically you would take one of the songs on the list and draw a scene to it -- drawing what you see when listening to the song using my OCs or an OC of mine + yours in that scene. 
The concept is pretty easy and I thought it could be fun t
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EQG-The Mysterious Castle...(Preview)
"Look Fluttershy, it's the Redbud plant. It's blooms attract hummingbirds and butterflies, as well as pollinating insects that benefit your backyard. The seeds appeal to chickadees, goldfinches and others, and nuthatches and woodpeckers love the insects in the bark."explained Twilight before hearing a snicker from Rainbow Dash.
"What?"said Twilight.
"Does that plant smells like butts to you?"asked Rainbow Dash trying hard to hold her laughter.
"What do you- hey! I said Redbud not Redbutt. It's very rare!"said Twilight.
Rainbow Dash looked at Pinkie Pie."Redbutt..." and they both bursts into laughter.
I'm working on a Halloween Special story and you have just read the preview. The full title of the story is called 'EQG-The Mysterious Castle in the Woods' if you would like to read the full story please click on this link here--> . But just keep in mind that there might be some grammar mistakes. If you have a Wattpad account,
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Fav my Art and Won a Prize #1
Hey guys ! :lozheartcontainerfull: 
Do you remember what I did some month ago, the "Fav my last piece and won an icon" ?

I decided to stop it 'cause I was very active and it was quite spaming :XD:
But since I'm less active due to projects, I think it's a good idea to do it again ~
Also, it help me to promote my art, and I can reward my actives watchers, that's mean... YOU ! :glomp:
It's very simple to entry !
Simply fav this drawing :

Exclamation You have more chances to win of you leave a comment too but it's not an obligation ~
Here's the prizes list :
Bullet Pink 100+ favs : ONE person will win an icon* :check: 
Bullet Pink 300+ favs : TWO persons will win an icon*
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Getting to Know YOU! #26
That's right, members of ProjectComment and DeviantArt! It is time that all of us get to know a bit more about each other, admins, commenters and artists alike. It is time that we get to know you!
How this works:
We have a set of questions, some suggested by our admins and some suggested by our members. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer these questions as a reply here and reply to someone else!
Let's get to know everyone a bit more! :la:
Our Questions!
1. Why are you on DeviantArt?
2. Do you evaluate a person's gallery/artwork based on "More from " section on the right of the deviation page? Why or why not?
3. If you have to pick between a perfect relationship or a perfect bank account, which would you pick and why?
4. Describe the best meal you've ever had.
5. State one thing you would like to try out someday (no matter the price, the danger or anything else it may cause).
Get to know a person who has replied to this journal
:icon3wyl:3wyl 9 218
quick raffle (closed)
Just gonna keep this open for 30 minutes.
Just favorite the journal and comment.
:iconsugarfox-thegreat:SugarFox-TheGreat 8 20
Winners of Masks We Wear contest.
The successful
Mask We Wear - Contest
held by
finally got the proper winners. 
Here they are :

Members choice

Very well deserved. Congratulastions! Laura.

Epic work. Congratulations to Black-B-o-x.

Founders choice

Interesting concept. Congratulations to 
:iconmr-ripley:Mr-Ripley 49 29
Traditional - Portrait Contest Participants
This feature is a prize for participating in the Contest: Traditional Animals and People Portraits 
organized by Nobody and his team:

Congratulations  everyone! Clap
You all did great in taking on a challenge and delivering!
I love portaits and they are quite challenging to make - this contest was a great ca
:iconandorada:Andorada 40 24
Proof that CutieOfAwesomeness IS OREO
This gig is up CutieOfAwesomeness
I know what you been doing, guilt tripping people into believing we were lying, sending threats, and so on. The game is over. YOU ARE OREO! Changing your name doesn't mean your art style nor speech is different at all. I am not the bad guy here, nor the good guy, I am a victim. And thats all I am gonna be. I never intended for this to go out of control but when you started calling us liers, guilt tripping, and so on. This is where it stops. I know, you have autism, but you cant use it as a shield gor your actions.
Now kindly leave me, InsanityToriel, and others alone.

Also proof of her threatning users: 
And some more stuff about stuff shes doing:
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Peingatto Lore - Page ???
Peingatto were first created by ‘The Brushmaster’.
The Brushmaster used to be an ordinary cat who had died from unfortunate circumstances. As if pitied by the Universe, the cat was brought back by a strange, unknown force. The cat soon transformed into a demon cat-like being with a single paintbrush limb at the end of their tail. This was the first known being of their kind.
The demon cat soon after, learned how to create beings like itself with the single brush limb it had. Using this strange power, it created four beings like it known as ‘Peingatto’ along with an odd fifth one. The first four created were the Black Diamond and its counterpart, the White Diamond. The Televisor Tiger was created next and last but not least, the Shadowsleek.
These four were the true beginnings of the Peingatto species.
"The Fifth" is rarely mentioned and forgotten about mostly for its disturbing and horrifying appearance. Most dub it a mistake and because it differs from the rest
:iconpeingatto-cats:PEINGATTO-CATS 4 18
[OPEN] InkDogs FREE MYO Event!
Hi!! this is Feroxcz !

and i'm doing this free event so everyone can make their own InkDog
as you know InkDogs are Doggos with Inks over all body including ink as their blood!
For more information check the Guide Sheet

Please check out the Sheet before making your own InkDog
So ! Here's the Rules to Participate in this event!

this even ends in October 31th 2016

You MUST be a watcher and MEMBER of :iconinkdogs:
Only 1 Myo Slot per Persons
You Can Only Use Common Traits on MYOs Event or Custom for someone unless they paid for Rare , Uncommon etc. {Just Staff}
To Get Uncommon Traits :
Everytime you tag 5 + friends you gain +1 Uncommon Trait
or .. Unless you Buy
For it :
[Uncommon : 50 :points: 0.50$ for 1 uncommon trait]
[Rare 100 :points: / 1.00$ ]
[LEGENDARY 250 :points: / 2.50
:iconferoxcz:Feroxcz 4 30
Rarity this week =)=)
Rarity art highlight of this week!

Rarity [MLP FiM] by AngelArcee23
Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Rarity by JanellesPlushies
Rarity by Veskler
Ych4 | Glam | CLOSED by A1ternat1ve
Rarity: Crystal Wings by AcesRulez13
Rarity by Imaplatypus
Mark of Generosity by SilverSlinger
Wet Mare (Collab) by SourSpot
MLP Rarity Hogwarts house by DijBas
MLP: Rarity by Nimkini
Rarity by TheBlackXion
It was over wasn't it? by SnowShine5
Rarity by Docnyaka
#004 - Rarity Mini by fireflytwinkletoes
Rarity Night Style By:Lumie27 by lumie27
Rarity by MaxiMasMac
Rarity Sewing In The Zone by CadetRedShirt
Mlp. Nightmare rarity by Silviasilvar
Rarity by SunsetCrady
Spike vision by YayItsAmi
Rarity and the Cherry Blossoms by meowjacky
Sky Rarity by NadnerbD
Rarity with butterfly wings by twilysparklymlp
Plushie Marshmallow Rarity by RufousCat
beach baby by renonoo
Inktober 2016 Day 11 - Steam Punk Ponies 3 by ks-claw
View by ZeroNitroMan
Rarity the Servant by Maytee
Oh, yes. Rarity by Docnyaka
REQUEST - Simby-Pika by Mauuwde
KNIFES by Spoopyro
Halloween: Rarity by Igusek
My little Pony-Rarity by oddball37
Rarity headshot halloween 2016 by Diamondbrush
Camping Activities by Jabbie64
White unicorns' post by LanaCraft
Commission: Mini Rarity by ShadowKrafts
Day 14 - Rarity(My Little Pony) by UminoKirin
:iconrarityrarityrarity:RarityRarityRarity 6 6
XtremeFractals2 Favourite of the Week!
Firstly we would like to remind you we have our Blue Lightning  Lightning Contest Blue Lightning  running and we are extending the closing date until the 31st October! So get your entries in as we have lots of points to give away :airborne:
For more details see here: XtremeFractals2 Fractal of the Week!
Well today I wanted to say a huge thank you to Luca  :icondark-beam: for his constant hard work and dedication in order to bring us Mandelbulbers more formulas to play with
 :worships2: :worships2: :worships2: 
And in case anyone hasn't got the new formulas yet here is a link ;) 
:iconpoca2hontas:poca2hontas 5 7
The Alternate Side (Contest: Ends November 19th)
So I've been working on a story arc for Spirit for a few months now as the upcoming 1000 subscriber special, and while I've gotten quite a few ideas... Well let's just say I'm having a bit of trouble with one particular part.
This contest is simple, to design an "Evil" version of Spirit the Deer:

While Spirit is usually peppy, a little of a ditz and tries to be nice to everyone, her counterpart is cynical, malevolent and somewhat an over-the-top villain (she likes being evil). Just to point out, Spirit does have magic and is a SHAPESHIFTER, so have a bit of fun with it!
NOTE: The drawing doesn't have to be perfect. You can use a base, free line-art or even draw it as a traditional sketch, as long as the design gets the message across. I am accepting any level of art
Some Minor Rules:
1. The Design has to be PG13 or less (basically it needs to be something I can us
:iconspirit--productions:Spirit--Productions 3 11
Requests open
1 for each unless you really want another then note me  
:bulletpurple: READ UNTILL THE END!
:bulletgreen: Things I can Draw
Humans (In my style)
Humans with animal features (In my style)
Somewhat a chibi
Somewhat anime
:bulletred: Things I can't draw
Osomatsu San
Loud House
Anything involving swearing
Inappropriate stuff in general
Things you need
-A link, don't say "Oh just look in my gallery it's there I can't link I'm on mobile!"  Yes you can.
-An idea of what you want
-Headshot, Full body or bust.
-Effects or no effects
-Must be a WATCHER, New ones welcome
Other stuff
-Dont be afraid to ask for one :)
-If I correct you, I'm not saying it in a rude way
:iconsammy40944:SAMMY40944 3 28
[BIO]: Jane Everlasting

Jane Arkensaw
Jane Everlasting/Jane The Killer
Mid 20s (possibly 25 or 26)
Typical Northern States accent, with a hint of deadpan sarcasm in general social conversing. However, she will become more cold and menacing when faced with a real threat (i.e. Jeff The Killer)
Eye color:
Black Contact Lenses (used to be light green, but her irises were damaged and whited out due to the burning. As a result, her eyes were much more fragile, so the contacts protect her damaged eyes as well as improve her vision, at the cost of her being color-blind)
W.O.P (Weapon(s) Of Choice):
Machete,Throwing Knives, Handgun, Jeff's old Knife (which she has saved for her final encounter with him, which she plans to use to finish him off)
:icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 4 7
Highlights of the week -40th Edition 2016
Lilith is her Ancient name...
I saw her many times,
within the shadows,
I listened her lullaby
and sweet words
but tried to avoid her,
until the night when
She spoke to me in dreams,
the snake pierced my skin while she took my hand,
smiling she said to me 'you won't die',
you are now my child,
you will live in my realm,
baptized with her crimson kiss,
my fate was sealed,
Dark temptress,
Mother of the fallen,
Lustful Goddess,
Lilith is her Ancient name,
Proud daughter without regret,
my soul belongs to her,
fearless at Lilith's Realm,
the cat and the snake protectors given by her,
walk at my side,
Lilith,I have delivered to you
what I am,
eternally living in your dark embrace.
Poem by: :iconvillenueve: at gallery:

Please, check our  challenge, running from October 8th to December 18th 2016:

Highlights of the week 40th Edition 2016!
Lilith's Realm proudly showcases the best of its
:iconliliths-realm:Liliths-Realm 4 3

or you can send me a note ^^
:iconpauk22:Pauk22 3 0
The Walking Dead
New Season !
New season 23:30 at night! Esa series is very cool!
:iconpysicho1000:pysicho1000 0 0
Puffimi adopt RAFFLE!
.:Fluffy bunny and little star:. 
Rain Stars OrangeRain Stars BlueRain Stars OrangeRain Stars BlueRain Stars OrangeRain Stars BlueRain Stars Orange
.:Mini moon n star:. We will raffle out 2 Puffimi adopts for 2 lucky winners!.:Mini moon n star:. 
You get to choose from Rapunzel inspired Puffimi or Starry Gentleman:

(Click for full preview)
Puffimis are closed species by Hinausa and Valyriana a.k.a. Valhina 
Do not copy or steal ideas from the species.
<da:emoticon id="526437039" profile="deviation">
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Project Update: Every project ever
This project update is to list everything and where it is. AND to include every single IDEA for a parody as well, to see what kind of feedback or demand there is.
1. Thomas the Tank Engine parody: 30% done
2. Overwatch Parody: 90% done
3. Elements of Cringe Episode 3 (releasing at Ponycon, NJ): 5% done
4. TF2: The Tape Crate: ??% done
1. Sister Location Parody
2. Rick and Morty parody
3. Scooby Doo
4. Music video about decorating for Christmas in November
1. Ghostbusters parody
2. Back to the Future parody
3. MLP/Ghostbusters cross over parody "Ghostbuckers"
4. Video entailing Elements of Cringe character back stories
5. Video explaining why we should support sites like Vidme and Newgrounds
6. Deadpool parody
:iconactuallypiemations:ActuallyPiemations 58 53