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Hello everyone!
To celebrate my graduation along with bringing a breath of fresh air to this seemingly dying deviantart atmosphere (which is sure to liven up around the next week or two beCAUSE SUMMER), I've decided to hold a contest!

:star::star:THIS CONTEST WILL END CIRCA 8PM SUNDAY, JUNE 21st 2015:star::star:

The last contest was a blast and there were many great entries, and I hope to see the same light shine when it comes to your inner talents for design!
In this contest I hope to get you all out of your comfort zones and explore what you're capable of! It'll be a great experience for practice and a fun chance to win big bucks!


In this contest, you have the simple task of designing me a character. That's it!
If you haven't seen my immense collection of characters yet, you're missing out!
Just kidding.
If you haven't seen them, then you're not aware of what I'm looking for in this contest.
And that's absolutely nothing
I have NO CONSISTENCY when it comes to what I like. I'm diverse in my tastes, and that can range from the simple to the insanely complicated, from greyscale to eye cancer-inducing LSD palettes. But.
I am specific. I like things that have palettes that flow together, not something splashed all higglety-pigglety on the base. I like aesthetic appeal, unique themes, ect.
If you wanna make me a dog, make me a dang dog! 

:star: EXTRAS :star:

All five winners will be receiving monetary prizes as well as other consolation.
If you don't win and want to let me keep what you've made, I'd love that!
If you don't win and want to sell it to me, I'd love if you brought it up (if I don't before then)
There's bound to be characters that don't win that I'll still want, so don't make any plans for them yet! <3
TRY. Spend time on your entry, study, make it work! It'll look great and reflect on how much you put into it!
:star::star:ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!!:star::star:
CLOSED SPECIES DESIGNS AND BASES ARE ACCEPTABLE However, they are both less likely to be chosen as winners unless they are a species I've shown tremendous interest in before (see cheebs for babs journal) or originally drawn, since bases are not that attractive to put a unique design on.

:star:WHAT CAN I DRAW FOR YOU?:star:

Like I said above, I don't care what species or vegetable you make for me.
I will accept anything from humans to dogs to birds to alien kaiju zombiefucks, I don't care! <3 I love variety!
With over 300+ characters, theres bound to be something I like that you're comfortable drawing! <3
--Anthro or feral, I DONT CARE
-I'm fine with gore, sex, and explicitly-themed character designs (in fact, I'd love a sex toy based character someday, how cool would that be??)
-No fetish inspired ones (sorry, by sexual I don't mean piss, vomit, shit, diapers, or extreme BDSM (moderate is fine))
-I like humans! Human/mutant/vampire/hybrid/sphinx/mythological/ect.
-Try to get inspiration from cool, new stuff like songs, a painting, feelings, a stage set you saw, retro horror movies ect. Be creative!
-Need cool ideas/inspiration? (look at the comments, too!)
Abstract concept theme challenge!So these themes unlike those in my other fabulous lists will be more, well, abstract. Meaning you and I will have to think harder, smarter, more creatively to create creatures based off of concepts not normally chosen by the artist. 
The concepts marked with a ♢ have been developed and/or have an idea already uvu I want to try and get 100 of these down!
1. Optical illusions ♢
2. Hugging
3. Whispers
4. Walking/running/sprinting
5. Numbness
6. Soreness
7. Tiptoeing
8. Storybook ♢
9. Orgasms
10. Heartache
11. Listening
12. Lust
13. Spinal nerves
14. Luck
Feel free to suggest more!
Post themes! GORE AND SCIENCE THEMESAnything from biology to astronomy to shoulder blade wings and gut hair.
See through heads, space clouds, mitosis, vertebrae, sickle cells, blood, gore (be specific)
BE CREATIVE OR BE VAGUE BUT try to be specific like
guts squeezed out like toothpaste from a tube
outside-the body lungs
coughing up space clouds
deaths of stars
eyeball nipples 
idc gimme themes
LIKE  there's one disease where damaged tissue regrows itself as bone, and you can't break it to move again because it would grow back as more bone until the skeleton just becomes a prison (it would look like a bone spiderweb look it up)

Anything you learned in highschool biology / anatomy/physiology / tumblr / things you saw on reddit you wish you didn't see (not baby dissections or kitten pancakes please)
That's right! No lame themes like hearts, love, hate, goth, and crap like that. I want real, cool, awesome themes that jutt out from your mind. 
If you think of anything cool, ANYTHING, post it below! 
Things include:
Song lyrics, bugs, alien bugs, sweater patterns hipster clothes, peppers, glass bottles, clouds, sex toys, stained glass cat eyeballs I don't care!
Just keep posting random cool stuff! ♡
Juicy alien beetles
Fused pearls
Gross imaginary surgical equipment
Two headed knit sweater bear
Grunge unicorn


Feel free to donate prizes! ♥ However I am not responsible for contacting winner and connecting them with you. You donate, you do business!
I AM NOT CAPABLE OF POINT CONVERSIONS OF THE MONETARY PRIZES RIGHT NOW. If you win and happen to not have a paypal, we will discuss other forms of consolation.

-$100 via Paypal
-5 cheebs from me

-$50 via paypal
-a cheeb from me

-$30 via paypal
-a cheeb from me

-$20 via paypal
-a cheeb from me

-$20 via paypal
-a cheeb from me
Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Writing Tips

If you enjoy the otherworldly, JosephBlakeParker has provided these tips for writing in the supernatural genre.

Koala by Lolly1123

Australia Pimps Its Koalas

Australia has just loaned four koalas to Singapore zoo. The four Koalas named Paddle, Chan, Pellita and Idalia are vacationing for six months as part of Singapore's 50th anniversary of independence.

Lee Kuan Yew 3 by Timothy-Sim

Inside Photojournalism

Timothy-Sim is a pictures editor at the Reuters Global Picture Desk in Singapore and In this journal, he shares his experiences in this field.

The Colonel is Back

Seemingly taking a cue from McDonalds recent ressurection of The Hamburglar, Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced that it will be re-employing the iconic Colonel Sanders in it's attempt to refresh the fast-food chain. What do you think about these recent efforts by the chains? Hit or miss?

Interstellar Dog Fight by johnsonting

Get to Know a Deviant

Johnson Ting aka johnsonting, is a professional video game artist who has worked with companies like Activision, Infinity Ward, Black Tusk and Square Enix. His gallery is filled with amazing concept art and we've chosen to feature Interstellar Dog Fight because it puts you directly in the cockpit of the ship. Be sure to view it in full-resolution so you can appreciate the insane amount of detailing involved.

Nickelback by NickyToons

Nickelback Wanted by Police

The Queensland Police Department shared a wanted poster which claimed that the, often ridiculed band Nickelback, was wanted for Crimes Against Music and stated that listening to their music could be "hazardous to your hearing and street cred". We believe the kids refer to this as - shots fired.

Black Black Heart by yuumei

Big Oil Giveaway

An eight mile long oil slick formed off the coast of southern California in the US, after an onshore pipeline, owned by Plains All American Pipeline, ruptured. Early estimates are that 21 thousand gallons of oil leaked before it was shut off, but we all remember Shell giving early estimates on the Gulf spill that proved to be just a fraction of what was leaked. The major concern is for the wildlife, especially sea lions, that frequent the area this time of year.

dolphin by LiquidSnake81

A Leap in the Right Direction

Japan's aquariums promised Wednesday to stop acquiring dolphins captured during the Taiji hunt. The bloody hunt, which was depicted in the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, happens annually and allows hunters licenses to kill up to 2,000 dolphins. It is speculated that this move could be integral in ending the dolphin hunts as the price for the meat doesn't provide enough monentary incentive but selling dolphins to aquariums and marine shows has been very lucrative.

Anatomy by ReneCampbellArt

The Art of Life

In this journal, @ sinistrosephosphate, introduces us to the art of biomedical communications, or medical illustrations. It's a fascinating look into this, often overlooked, artistic field.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series - Biot Drone by joeymasonart

USA, Space Spy

So one minute the US government is saying we are out of the Space Race and then the next minute they're flying secret space missions in their new secret X-37B space drone. Is this a new partnership between the US government and US corporations? Spying on the rest of the world on behalf of those that get them elected? Surely not.

Lady Gaga by LianneC


Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar collaborated on an album in 2012 but no tracks were ever released. Now someone has released some of it to the internet. Should you be at all curious, here is the link.

workshop by conronca

Six Word Story Workshop: Titles

Every two weeks, the group at SixWordStories hosts a new workshop and this latest one focuses on titiles. Take a look and learn more about this interested literary format.

Water by Fabryart93

"Drought Shaming" Is  A Thing

With many on America's west coast panicking that their gardens won't be lush and green all summer, someone has released an app to make it easier to 'Drought Shame' your neighbors and even celebrities who aren't doing their part to preserve the ever dwindling water supply to the great state of California. Kim Kardasian, Jennifer Lopez and Barbara Streisland have all been outed as water wasters. While there is no evidence that watering gardens has any effect in the grand scheme of things, people are trying to do what they can to preserve whatever water they can. Fracking and water bottling still continues.

Gay Cats by Nanaki-de-Leon

Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum

This Friday, Ireland is having a national referendum to decide if the rights of gay couples to marry should be made part of the national constitution. Early signs seem to favor the country adopting this policy. Ireland is the first country to put it to a national vote. While the country has been seen as very conservative, homosexuality was only decrimilinalized in 1993, the current government seems intent on bravely tackling some thorny issues to lead it away from its conversative past.

Food by imaginee

In the Forums

Lady-Blue wants to know what kinds of food or candy you love that you can't get in your country. Share your illicit food love in this forum

Thorns by DestinyBlue

Happy Birthday

Today we wish a special day to DestinyBlue, a professional artist out of the UK, who has been a member of DeviantArt for 11 years! Be sure to check out her gallery and if you're feeling like getting your markers out, she has a special folder of lineart she offers up for you to color.

So i really want to destroy your pretty OCs ???????

Fav this journal to enter, raffle ends in saturday hehe
I'll choose via two precious people and destroy their OC with my left hand skill, be prepared

Anyways, have a great day my beloved watchers ;v; tbh Age of Ultron was the best, can't wait to see Civil War and cry a lot 
:shrek: :shrek: 
Untitled by xiongrong
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Free art! Lottery!

Thu May 21, 2015, 5:55 AM
Good morning!
I see everyone is confused numbers, because not all understands me..
So, I will make a choice using favorites!
Who fav this journal can see his number in (who) in stats!

I don't sleep all night because feel my self not good, and lottery will be somewhere around 18:00 (at Moscow time)
If someone else want to take a part, have a time for it!

I hope in the evening I will be feel better... =_=

Kiriban it's BOring!... So! Let's make an lottery!
i'll choose winner with random number!

1) Write a comment with sequence number ( in this journal
2) Attach pics with your character or ref-sheet 
3) Fav this journal

This lottery only for my watchers, if you don't watch me, you can't take a part!
But you can change it ;D

You have one day! Tomorrow I'll choose the winner and will draw gift for him :D
Something like this
Akahito by AvAmri
in traditional style!

And maybe after lottery I'll draw something for other, who comment this journal! ;D
Good luck for everione!

P.s. I love interesting and cute characters :3 With natural coloring ^^

  • Mood: Content
Welcome all, to this year’s Summer Contest for 2015. It’s high time that we, as a fandom and family, come together to celebrate the late Monty Oum’s creativity by collaborating on the biggest contest this group has yet seen! Let’s make him proud, people!

This contest will be a little bit different from the Halloween contest. For starters: We will have two categories: fanart and fanfiction! Both categories will be democratically judged separately.

The theme of this contest will be plain and simple: Summer. That’s it! Go wild, or go simple! It can be one character, all of Team RWBY, all of JNPR, a mix, etc. It can be happy, funny, fanservice-y, or horribly depressing! Imagine an elderly Team RWBY enjoying a hot summer’s sunset in their wheelchairs and wrinkles, fondly recalling the days of their youth. Play around with the spectrum of emotions!

Restrictions: Canon characters, who have appeared on screen, only. No gore. No porn. Bikinis won’t be a problem as long as they’re not g-strings with stilettos, haha! Shipping is welcome, just keep it SFW! There will be strict quality control for this contest, as we want the best. If your prose is horrific, it will be denied. If your drawing is a five minute scribble done with your toes, it will be denied. If your best efforts don’t make the cut, then they don’t make the cut; and we can’t do much about that.

Submissions: All pieces of fanart and fanfiction MUST be clearly labeled, stating that it is an entry to this contest. And it must be submitted to the Summer Contest 2015 folder. There will be strict quality control for this contest, as we want the best. If your prose is horrific, it will be denied. If your drawing is a five minute scribble done with your toes, it will be denied. If your best efforts don’t make the cut, then they don’t make the cut; and we can’t do much about that.

Prizes: We, the admins of this group, are starving students; as such, we must call upon the RWBY family to offer up their talents for contributions. We will update this journal occasionally to bring you the latest updates on that. The specifics of prizes will be finalized after we have a good idea of who is offering what. People are welcome to offer prizes as well as participate in the contest!

The Current Prizes are: to be updated this Sunday, the 24th.

Voting: Democracy shall decide the fates of all entries, as it did for the Halloween Contest. The specifics will be finalized in the immediate future.

Deadline: August 25th, 2015 AD.

Any and all questions, comments, and prize offerings will be responded to with haste! Best of luck to everyone!
im excited about peets can u tell?

but anyway!! i want more people to draw peets so im gonna host a myo contest!!


-draw a peet
-make it cool
-winners keep their peets for free
-everyone else can buy their entry for 3$ or 300pts
-only one entry per person
-you can change ur entry as much as you want
-accessories are allowed!
-only use traits ive used before


Peet Ref 2.0 by datefriendlop peet adopt by datefriendPeet adoptable! by datefriendPeet adopt by datefriend
"um pardon me but can u not make all your characters gay please?  not all pretty boys are gay and you really shouldnt draw so much gay art.  it's really offensive that u don't draw any straight art or even that many girls.  u'll lose a lot of watchers doing that kind of stuff u kno.  and stop drawing so many animals too.  like i didn't watch you to draw animals, so you need to quite that, ok?  i love your art tho so just make sure you draw more straight stuff like you do on your commissions.  im sure more people will watch you then."

--some random, currently blocked deviant who no longer has to put up with my gay boys and animals

What the literal fuck?  Okay, I'm assuming this is some sort of troll or some 12 year old kid who doesn't understand that I don't bend to what people what just because they don't like something... but I HAVE received questions like "Why do you draw so much gay stuff?" and "Why are all your boys gay?" .... so I feel rather prompted to share this since it's getting incredibly annoying.

First of all, I am completely free to draw whatever the fuck I want to.  I will draw as much gay butt sex as I fucking want, and I don't give a shit whether you're okay with it or not.  I do not just exclusively draw gay boys either.  I draw girlxgirl and boyxgirl as well, I just don't have much of it to show right now.  Hell, what I post really isn't even ever that bad, so it shouldn't be so much of a problem for you to actually NOTE me about it, omf--and I can draw as many animals as I fucking want to also.  I LOVE animals, and I LOVE the fact that I'm finally getting back into drawing them again after YEAR AND YEARS of completely avoiding them.  I feel it's opened me up as a better artist to get rid of a few of my limitations.  Why should I care if you don't like animal artists??  It's not what I strictly do, and there are SO MANY good animal artists out there... if you don't fucking like what I'm doing, DON'T FUCKING WATCH ME.

Second, idgaf if I have more or less watchers.  I lose and gain them back all the time without ever knowing why.  I'm simply happy to know that there are people out there that like my art.  If people want to unwatch me because I've started drawing more animals, then so be it.  That's up to them and their tastes, and they can miss out on all the other stuff they watched me for.  The same goes for when I draw adopts and shounenai fluff.  If you don't like it, you don't have to watch me for it, like holy crap.  It's not that hard to go through someone's gallery and click "ALL" to get the gist of what you're watching.  Hell, I even go through scraps now to see if there's anything awesome that I'd miss if I didn't watch them.
Do your damn homework before you watch someone so you don't decide to unwatch them later because they've always drawn something that you were too lazy to check up on.  People like that make me laugh because they didn't even care to check on what they were getting into, but it really upsets some artists to see themselves losing watchers and trying to figure out what they did.

Lastly, I know I make a lot of my children gay, and it probably ticks some people off that I don't do more straight stuff, or even stuff with more girls, but holy batshit batman--I am a fucking fujoshi (have been for 10+ years now), and one of the dirtiest kinds around at that.  You'll have to excuse me if I don't care to draw girls or straight couples all that often.  THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT I DON'T LIKE STRAIGHT COUPLES, OR GIRLS THOUGH, SO DON'T MISINTERPRET WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY.  I've even got a few girlxgirl / boyxgirl couples laying around... just not posted.  I've been fucking bisexual for a few years now, even though I'm happily married... GIRLS ARE PRETTY, I JUST CAN'T DRAW THEM AS WELL, OKAY?  And I just simply like pretty gay boys, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, all right?  It's like how some people like pretty gay girls, or tentacles, or monsters or whatever.  To each their own.  I won't sit here and judge you if you're a tentacle-loving, furry-monster-thing with a fetish for a gangbang of seme-shotas, okay?  I have some pretty fucked up/weird things that I like too, and if you respect me, I could care less what you liked.  Sure, there's a lot of stuff I don't care for, but I simply don't watch them.  Problem solved.  CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW EASY THAT IS TO DO??.  And even if I watch an artist and they occasionally start posting some stuff I don't like that I didn't see in their gallery prior, it's either my fault because I didn't look good enough... or it's just some new thing they're getting into AND THAT'S PERFECTLY ALL RIGHT.  I'll most likely stick around unless things get extremely controversial.  

If you didn't look through my main gallery and realize I draw a bunch of gay stuff and you watched me, that's on you bro.  My commissions are for other people, not me, and just because I drew the commission doesn't mean that I draw stuff like that all the time, okay?  And I will proudly take my newly rediscovered love for drawing animals and shove it in your face all damn day.  Animals are fucking cute, and I give no shits if you like seeing them drawn up or not.  I think I'm doing all right with them, so //HUFFS

sorryguysbutlikeholycrap... this is the last damn time I want to receive a message like that, or get asked a question like that...
I know it won't be the last time, because there are stupid people EVERYWHERE... but now this can be here if I'm ever asked again.
Sorry for the rant journal, guys.  I was having a VERY nice day, and to get a note like that out of completely no where just really ticked me off.  I'm FINALLY getting better after getting EXTREMELY sad and depressed over the past two weeks.... so yes.  Take that, you ignoramus.
omfg, so much swearing.  Sorry again guys...IguessIswearalotmorewhenIgetpissedoff??

Species card collection

Thu May 21, 2015, 5:48 PM

8D sorry  herp derp I just want to have a journal with a collection of all the new cards I make of new design of my species in a journal.



Common fishie
35F Sunset fishy by griffsnuff
Squid fishy
2 SGF Astec by griffsnuff


TN_Moss_berries by griffsnuff
TM1_ Terramind_Bullfinch by griffsnuffTM2_Terramind_Cardinal Auction by griffsnuffTM2_Terramind_Koi CLOSED by griffsnuff


NO 27. Red Gurnard by griffsnuff


P7 Urge by griffsnuff


3 Vodoo Vielsel SOLD by griffsnuff





I'm fangirling over ONaF

what do