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Hey everyone, happy Thanksgiving!

I'd like to give you something as well, so I decided on a new Kiriban c: 

The Kiriban this time is 420,000 pageviews and the prizes are:

3 months core membership or the equivalent in points

The rules:

-You have to be a watcher
-Once caught, you need to send the screenshot with the correct number of pageviews to me. 

This screenshot should include:

-My profile page with pageview 420,000 
-Your username
-The time and date 

For Androids/Iphones:

My page with the number of pageviews and your username 
If possible: the time/date 

Good luck!

Daily Lit Recognition for November 26th, 2015
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Featured by: AyeAye12

An eloquent poetic dialogue on personal understanding (and, lack of).

Featured By: NemoX7

A stunning verse, which bears a fantastic rhythm throughout so much so you find yourself gazing out to sea.


Featured by: betwixtthepages
Where the Dead Sleep"Tam."
He heard the whisper, but detected no movement in any of the seven tubes. Life signs remained null. No one was awake, but he knew what he had heard. It sent a chill through him.
"Shut up, Tam, and pass the damn wrench."
Tam Sutherland continued to stare at the Sleepers through the silver glow of the stasis field. The repairs had been slow, and his partner, a woman with maddening resolve, had decided talk was bothersome. It didn't matter they were the only two awake on the blasted moon. Dr. Stanton wanted nothing to do with him.
"The sooner we finish, the sooner you can go home and I can get back into meditation," she had said.
Well, Tam didn't want to go back just yet. The Sleepers had gone into stasis nearly three centuries before after the infection nearly wiped out the colony. At the time, most of their scientists and doctors were dead, and those who were left were ill equipped to fight both the parasites and the deadly radiation that trailed in the wake of the sister planet.

This short fiction piece is bound to keep you sleepless with terror!

Suggested by: harliequin
Featured by: betwixtthepages</sub>
On ForgivenessIn the cool shade of a persimmon tree, a prophet sat cross-legged and silent, deep in thought. His breaths in were long. His breaths out were long. The moments between each breath in and out were longer still.
The prophet had been meditating like this for many hours. Then a young man with a deep sorrow in his heart approached and unburdened himself to him. There followed a lengthy silence so profound that even the leaves of the persimmon tree seemed to cease their rustling. At last the prophet said:
Over the course of your life, have you changed? If you have, then forgive. For if you, yourself, are capable of change, then so is the other person. You both came from the same earth, and will both return to it. Not to forgive someone is to believe that he cannot change; and you, yourself, cannot change, but must always be as unhappy as you are, if you do not forgive.
The young man bowed and departed. The prophet returned to his breathing.

From the suggester: Deep in its simplicity, descriptive and captivating beginning that had me almost meditating, myself!

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: NemoX7

Skin by SimplySilent


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2015, 3:19 AM

Please enjoy and remember to visit the photographers' galleries as well

I know, I have missed any of you, beautiful people. forgive me and please send me more images ...



and rushing...  jumping ..

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

― Haruki Murakami, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed.Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up.It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve.It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.”
― Christopher McDougall, Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

Running Thing by Vermontster

Genova by Runfox
Genova by Runfox

Running for Cover by benlmetz

Running Girls by waitingforlefty

The kid blowing the wind by hosagu

Nun Attack by cahilus

Running Mommy by I-SHOOT-RAW-PHOTOS

DSC1015 by Batsceba

Today Single by NunoCanhaReloaded

Le joggeur by Freedom-Of

run by pavboq

Run Lola run by leoatelier

Run/ by mlodociany77

Running in the Rain by niklin1


Self Propelled Passenger by sandas04

R U N N I N G by burningmonk
R A I N D R O P P I N G by burningmonk

Running Barefoot by dannyst
Running on heels by dannyst
Pedestrian by dannyst
Running for Cover by dannyst

escape velocity (Tac015) by jesseboy000

Run run run by Ludestru

Run from picture by Ajzatsana

Running, 2011 by AlbertoCuccodoro

Free Runner by tanya-n

Jumper by jonniedee

Shadow Jumper by cahilus

Weddind day by Wapha
catch by anestesic

the jumper by yanjin

Life's Jump by Menelao147

Running man by lwc71

Run for it by aR-Ka

run by mahendrasaja

on the run by schnotte


Run Baby Run by Ouylle

running... by DavideDeDomenico

Runaway by myraincheck
photo finish by myraincheck

Untitled-1aspromayrha8lhths by ghostino

Run and stopMy small selection of the latest photos of street gallery ;)
Please enjoy and remember to visit the photographers' galleries as well

:iconsandas04::iconcahilus: :iconlightdrafter::iconidie:

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Holiday Headquarters 2015!

Wed Nov 25, 2015, 4:58 PM
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Okay first couple problems that first pop into my mind about myself
1. I drink a lot, not achohal or crap just like, plainly drinking big Amounts of lemonade or water (rarely) that stuff
2. Hate being indoors but has to be cause I have no life
3. Is a fucking hopeless romantic help me..I fall for people way to easily ;-;

Yep..there's many more but..that's all for now..

Awesome photography VI

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2015, 10:07 AM

Enjoy my 6th big photography feature! :aww:

Dew by petrwolfAfter Rainstorm by m-eralp
Rails by Wolfskuss
Northern Mockingbird by Andres-Cadenathis time of the year by Rona-Keller
Hey Olaf by vularia
Gone by CarolineMadison
Shark infested breadboard by RGDartBrook by jacekson
Moody. by jacekson
Housefly by faycalpubone for all by lindahabiba
Pine cone by Pamba
Forever by FlabnBoneConnections - Not Mobile by Miguel-Santos
Metropolis by Miguel-Santos
Little Fox Dreaming of a Foxy Future by thrumyeyeAlpine Paint by Trashins
Step in Winter by FlorentCourty
bring more color to a black and white world by christycameasromansBalance by LG77
Vik Lupins by paulmp
This morning its looks like a fairytale in Holland by BetuwefotograafLimitless by diensilver
The Dark Hedges by VFrance
City Triangle by Miguel-SantosThe Office by wistar-photography
Echapee by anaispopySemita Luminis by MarcoHeisler
from far away by Rona-KellerAround The Corner by Nelleke
If These Trees Could Talk pt.XII. by realityDream
Mourning Dove in the Evening by papatheo
Victorious by nina-YThe Color Of Hope Is Green by Northstar76
Log dog by SanctuaryWarrior
Good day by Inside-my-ART
Ostsee 10.2015 by photoshoptalentNYC soul by DanHecho
... by BaxiaArt
Murphy by vulariaThis Girl is on fire by byebyeanna
Nightingale by BogdanBoevPolly by psychiatrique
vast and overwhelming, all in my heart by Rona-Keller
Sleep by NellekeSerenity _ Red Fox Asleep by thrumyeye
Keep your eyes open by ColorfulLadybugWindow drops by Pierre-Lagarde
Glassy by Theanimalparade
In Solitude by JanPusdrowski
Yoda by thrumyeyeMystic Forest Light by Weissglut
Kira by Wolfskuss

I hope you liked it. :aww: If you enjoyed it, please give a favourite or comment! 

ProjectPorkchop Vol511

Thu Nov 26, 2015, 9:25 AM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


Tanthalaz is a professional digital artist from China who specializes in fantasy art. He is skilled with character designs and fuller scenes where we can appreciate his impressive application of lighting and use of dark colors that contribute engaging moods. An artist with such obvious talent is very much deserving of your attention!

Steam-punk Butcher by TanthalazChinese Warrior by Tanthalaz
Wedding by TanthalazDie Plesse by Tanthalaz

see more..


Elaine is a digital hobbyist from Singapore, focusing on photomanipulation. Her paintings are soulful and deeply imaginative, depicting introspective scenes and flights of fantasy that would delight any viewer. With excellent blending techniques and a concentration on storytelling, you will want to keep a close eye on this developing artist!

Soul Reaper by ShirokiboWhispers by Shirokibo
Blossoming by ShirokiboTick-Tock by Shirokibo

Suggested by Aeirmid 
see more..


Sergei is a freelance artist who has been a member of the community for one year. His gallery reveals a diverse and exceptional talent, with special recommendation going towards his vast and beautifully painted landscapes that present enticing settings to explore. It's a foregone conclusion that the only smart choice to make is to add Sergei to your watch list!

Casterly Rock re Design by sarichevAnna by sarichev
hidden castle by sarichevThe Visit by sarichev

see more..


A 3-dimensional artist from Iran, Alireza creates brightly colored and impeccably rendered pieces. The fine details and creative poses are instantly compelling, and leave one with no doubt of the artist's outstanding ability!

Caty !!! by alireza0nasrsci-fi girl by alireza0nasr
Fetra !!! by alireza0nasrNAUSICAA OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND by alireza0nasr

see more..


Ruben is a concept artist and illustrator from the US whose paintings contain a wealth of narrative intrigue, in addition to their technical strengths. He possesses a painterly style that gives wonderful texture, and his many character designs showcase great ability with anatomical features and dynamic poses. Don't delay in seeing what more Ruben has to offer!

Trespassers by rubengramosStrada, Norway Plein Air by rubengramos
Snowfall by rubengramosEirik's Fall by rubengramos

see more..

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.

If you would like to suggest someone for a future ProjectPorkchop article please send a note to our group:


Previous issues of PPc

Vol01 / Vol02 / Vol03 / Vol04 / Vol05 / Vol06 / Vol07 / Vol08 / Vol09 / Vol10 / Vol11 / Vol12 / Vol13 / Vol14 / Vol15 / Vol16 / Vol17 / Vol18 / Vol19 / Vol20 / Vol21 / Vol22 / Vol23 / Vol24 / Vol25 / Vol26 / Vol27 / Vol28 / Vol29 / Vol30 / Vol31 / Vol32 / Vol33 / Vol34 / Vol35 / Vol36 / Vol37 / Vol38 / Vol39 / Vol40 / Vol41 / Vol42 / Vol43 / Vol44 / Vol45 / Vol46 / Vol47 / Vol48 / Vol49 / Vol50 / Vol51 / Vol52 / Vol53 / Vol54 / Vol55 / Vol56 / Vol57 / Vol58 / Vol59 / Vol60 / Vol61 / Vol62 / Vol63 / Vol64 / Vol65 / Vol66 / Vol67 / Vol68 / Vol69 / Vol70 / Vol71 / Vol72 / Vol73 / Vol74 / Vol75 / Vol76 / Vol77 / Vol78 / Vol79 / Vol80 / Vol81 / Vol82 / Vol83 / Vol84 / Vol85 / Vol86 / Vol87 / Vol88 / Vol89 / Vol90 / Vol91 / Vol92 / Vol93 / Vol94 / Vol95 / Vol96 / Vol97 / Vol98 / Vol99 / Vol100 / Vol101 / Vol102 / Vol103 / Vol104 / Vol105 / Vol106 / Vol107 / Vol108 / Vol109 / Vol110 / Vol111 / Vol112 / Vol113 / Vol114 / Vol115 / Vol116 / Vol117 / Vol118 / Vol119 / Vol120 / Vol121 / Vol122 / Vol123 / Vol124 / Vol125 / Vol126 / Vol127 / Vol128 / Vol129 / Vol130 / Vol131 / Vol132 / Vol133 / Vol134 / Vol135 / Vol136 / Vol137 / Vol138 / Vol139 / Vol140 / Vol141 / Vol142 / Vol143 / Vol144 / Vol145 / Vol146 / Vol147 / Vol148 / Vol149 / Vol150 / Vol151 / Vol152 / Vol153 / Vol154 / Vol155 / Vol156 / Vol157 / Vol158 / Vol159 / Vol160 / Vol161 / Vol162 / Vol163 / Vol164 / Vol165 / Vol166 / Vol167 / Vol168 / Vol169 / Vol170 / Vol171 / Vol172 / Vol173 / Vol174 / Vol175 / Vol176 / Vol177 / Vol178 / Vol179 / Vol180 / Vol181 / Vol182 / Vol183 / Vol184 / Vol185 / Vol186 / Vol187 / Vol188 / Vol189 / Vol190 / Vol191 / Vol192 / Vol193 / Vol194 / Vol195 / Vol196 / Vol197 / Vol198 / Vol199 / Vol200 / Vol201 / Vol203 / Vol204 / Vol205 / Vol206 / Vol207 / Vol208 / Vol209 / Vol210 / Vol211 / Vol212 / Vol213 / Vol214 / Vol215 / Vol216 / Vol217 / Vol218 / Vol219 / Vol220 / Vol221 / Vol222 / Vol223 / Vol224 / Vol225 / Vol226 / Vol227 / Vol228 / Vol229 / Vol230 / Vol231 / Vol232 / Vol233 / Vol234 / Vol235 / Vol236 / Vol237 / Vol238 / Vol239 / Vol240 / Vol241 / Vol242 / Vol243 / Vol244 / Vol245 / Vol246 / Vol247 / Vol248 / Vol249 / Vol250 / Vol251 / Vol252 / Vol253 / Vol254 / Vol255 / Vol256 / Vol257 / Vol258 / Vol259 / Vol260 / Vol261 / Vol262 / Vol263 / Vol264 / Vol265 / Vol266 / Vol267 / Vol268 / Vol269 / Vol270 / Vol271 / Vol272 / Vol273 / Vol274 / Vol275 / Vol276 / Vol277 / Vol278 / Vol279 / Vol280 / Vol281 / Vol282 / Vol283 / Vol284 / Vol285 / Vol286 / Vol287 / Vol288 / Vol289 / Vol290 / Vol291 / Vol292 / Vol293 / Vol294 / Vol295 / Vol296 / Vol297 / Vol298 / Vol299 / Vol300 / Vol301 / Vol302 / Vol303 / Vol304 / Vol305 / Vol306 / Vol307 / Vol308 / Vol309 / Vol310 / Vol311 / Vol312 / Vol313 / Vol314 / Vol315 / Vol316 / Vol317 / Vol318 / Vol319 / Vol320 / Vol321 / Vol322 / Vol323 / Vol324 / Vol325 / Vol326 / Vol327 / Vol328 / Vol329 / Vol330 / Vol331 / Vol332 / Vol333 / Vol334 / Vol335 / Vol336 / Vol337 / Vol338 / Vol339 / Vol340 / Vol341 / Vol342 / Vol343 / Vol344 / Vol345 / Vol346 / Vol347 / Vol348 / Vol349 / Vol350 / Vol351 / Vol352 / Vol353 / Vol354 / Vol355 / Vol356 / Vol357 / Vol358 / Vol359 / Vol360 / Vol361 / Vol362 / Vol363 / Vol364 / Vol365 / Vol366 / Vol367 / Vol368 / Vol369 / Vol370 / Vol371 / Vol372 / Vol373 / Vol374 / Vol375 / Vol376 / Vol377 / Vol378 / Vol379 / Vol380 / Vol381 / Vol382 / Vol383 / Vol384 / Vol385 / Vol386 / Vol387 / Vol388 / Vol389 / Vol390 / Vol391 / Vol392 / Vol393 / Vol394 / Vol395 / Vol396 / Vol397 / Vol398 / Vol399 / Vol400 / Vol401 / Vol402 / Vol403 / Vol404 / Vol405 / Vol406 / Vol407 / Vol408 / Vol409 / Vol410 / Vol411 / Vol412 / Vol413 / Vol414 / Vol415 / Vol416 / Vol417 / Vol418 / Vol419 / Vol420 / Vol421 / Vol422 / Vol423 / Vol424 / Vol425 / Vol426 / Vol427 / Vol428 / Vol429 / Vol430 / Vol431 / Vol432 / Vol433 / Vol434 / Vol435 / Vol436 / Vol437 / Vol438 / Vol439 / Vol440 / Vol441 / Vol442 / Vol443 / Vol444 / Vol445 / Vol446 / Vol447 / Vol448 / Vol449 / Vol450 / Vol451 / Vol452 / Vol453 / Vol454 / Vol455 / Vol456 / Vol457 / Vol458 / Vol459 / Vol460 / Vol461 / Vol462 / Vol463 / Vol464 / Vol465 / Vol466 / Vol467 / Vol468 / Vol469 / Vol470 / Vol471 / Vol472 / Vol473 / Vol474 / Vol475 / Vol476 / Vol477 / Vol478 / Vol479 / Vol480 / Vol481 / Vol482 / Vol483 / Vol484 / Vol485 / / Vol486 / Vol487 / Vol488 / Vol489 / Vol490 / Vol491 / Vol492 / Vol493 / Vol494 /

Coding by SimplySilent

Welcome to SEPT-OCT.  2015’s Top Submissions of Unframed-Nature.

Thank you for being here whether you are a Member yet or not!
We welcome each one of you and your support! :thanks:

:love: A GRAND Welcome to ALL of Our :new:NEW:new: MEMBERS! :love:

:squee: :dance:  :clap: :w00t: :clap:  :dance: :squee:

And a grandiose thank you to all of you loyal Members who have been submitting your most fabulous
Nature Work to our Group for years by now! :D
Without you, we just simply wouldn’t be here. :aww:


Thanks SOOOO much to ALL of the Members who returned to VOTE, or voted for the FIRST time, on our four main folders with and for us! (And of course, we thank the Admins. who also did so! :nod: :rose: )
We appreciate all of you who took the effort to do this! :clap:

Thank you ALL for volunteering your time!


Let’s continue to submit our own BEST QUALITY work, enjoy it, improve upon it, enjoy the work of others, and Nature in general. It’s what it’s all about-
combining our love of Art with our love of Nature, and coming together under that commonality!

Without further ado...

Please Enjoy The Voted Top Submissions of SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2015.

[:note: Each section/folder has a small group, at the VERY TOP, where those had received slightly more votes. These will be copied to the Featured Folder, AND eventually :+fav:'d by our Points :points: Account at Unframed-Nature-PTS
The others are in no particular order.]


:iconflower-plz: From: Birds, Invertebrates, Aquatics, Amphibians, Reptiles

Untitled by lisansLadybug On A Blooming Lupine by JocelyneRWhere I'm from, everything is in purple by Anastasia-Ri
The swan train by starykocurKing fisher  4 by sylverfaceKing Vulture by pencilir
Baby Autumn Spider in her Web - Metellina mengei by TheFunnySpiderFace of the Day by albatros1


Small beuty by adtemexiThe Great Western Tiger Swallowtail by Miss-Whoa-Back-OffLast symphony by DragonflyAndromeda*** by Fatalv
Ruffed Grouse-Vigilant by JestePhotographyBottlenose Dolphin and Inca Tern by ManuelAdrianzenAfrican penguin by Jamie-MacArthurClimbing through the grass by CyclicalCore
In the shadows by starykocurMarsh Tit - 2 by resh11kaRavenwind by NarcissaForsworthLife Buzzes Back and Forth by D-T-E
3D Colored Pencil Drawing of Snake by JasminaSusakMy wood bro by fablauHey Neighbour by kiew1

:iconflower-plz: From: Land Mammals, Wild & Dommestic

Sentry Falls by Fuz-Caforio-ArtFriends I by AlejandroCastilloWhite Cat by philippeL
Fifi by makangeniLittle Devil by JocelyneRBatu Monkey - II by InayatShah
Botswana 2015 - Brothers by Seb-Photos


Jungle sleep by FlashWWolf by HendrikHermansDonkeys by nivekyBellmondo by MistanPhotography
White tiger by Takas15VERY NICE PROFILE by LewiARTsDama Dama VI by blizzard2006Wild Zebra by LanJu85
Tiny sabre by woxys100 by weelxBored... by JocelyneRVoracious Eyes by philippeL
The Competitor by Iluvbiscuit2Wander -Commission- by Ren-ouC a t  l i f e by CarlaTmRaccoon - Procyon lotor - Portrait by TheFunnySpider
Lady Ludie by Necerti

:iconflower-plz: From: Nature Much Closer

Forever Friends by Deb-e-annShades of Red by organicvisionSpotted Sun Orchid by ceredwyn
Like Candles Unto the Dark by TeaPhotographyAutumnal spider dance by xXBellcatXxCaught Up in Celebration by TeaPhotography
BLUE GRAPES by LewiARTsSunshine by surrealistic-gloomRosettes by onehungrypotter


Mushroom IV by freMDartBALM TO OUR HEARTS by LewiARTsone of the last october roses in 2015 by bindiiDahlia 6021 by Miskwaadesi
29 by FrancescaDelfinoOn the bench by shokisanUntitled by Black-DressARTISTvliegenzwam by 21711
Echinops by Blue-KoiWhen Acorns Fell by Anastasia-RiFerns03gradi by OncorhynchusDancingCommon Beard-orchid by ceredwyn
Dahlia by tholangRed dahlia by VerenSkyautumn's Star by SetsiAngelSailor

:iconflower-plz: From: All ‘Scapes

Misty sunrise by MirachRavaiaHighlands by Cyan707A midsummer night's dream by borda
Fondation de l'hiver by BlueCarolineMinoo by porbitalRiver in spring by surrealistic-gloom
Firelight by MLynnKFog in the Forest by JEpictures

Mountainous world of Styria by lomartisticFog by KatiaIvaArtsFields of August by Rebekka85FALL by MarcoHeisler
Sunbeams by JuhaniViitanen*** by FatalvSand Wave by porbitalTricks of the light by LordLJCornellPhotos
The Selkies Bay by VelvetRedBulletlead by euchomaiCold Kiss of North by AliseCullenA Late October Morning by KazurramahStudios
Stairway to Heaven by Momotte2Mountains by miirexSunset in Jeseniky I by AlatmorcoA Moment to Remember by VelvetRedBullet

A Few Chosen Via Founder-Choice...

:iconflower-plz: From: Animal Adoption and Animal Welfare

Another Birthday Already! by TeaPhotographyI Got Dirty by TeaPhotography
Breathing Easier, Thanks to You by TeaPhotographyToo Handsome For Many by Geak-of-Nature


Aleksandra UszatyArbuz :iconuszatyarbuz:
is an extremely talented artist, who has most currently been interested in pixel work.
Aleksandra also absolutely loves animals, and had been looking for a unique way to help animals via "The Shelter Project" for a long time, when suddenly she thought of this amazing and creative way to be of amazing help and support!
With her super awesome custom-made CSS and skin, that is just beautiful and wonderful, made especially for "The Shelter Project" which can be purchased and used for a nominal amount of points, anyone can purchase this, from her, where she then donates the points to "The Shelter Project" - which for me is an emotionally moving show of generosity of her talent and her time, and especially her love for animals, and of course her trust that the points continue to go where they are needed!!
:note: *JUST* after the new year, there will be a 2016 update on "The Shelter Project".

To participate with Aleksandra, and continue to support this worthy project, feel free to visit and read more closely about the CSS/Skin, thank you to ALL who have already purchased this.... :dance:, and THANK YOU, ALESKSANDRA! :heart:

Charitable skin for The Shelter Project by UszatyArbuz

:la: The above are important pieces! Please...

:note: Admins.- Please find/request more, AND dear Members, if you have any please SUBMIT them, or suggest them to us, BY NOTE, if you find them, so we can request them!

:thanks: This would be a HUGE HELP! :thanks:

:iconflower-plz: From: Endangered Species & Environmental Issues

thoughtful by MT-PhotografienDefenseless by ark4nGiant Panda Bear by CarolynYM

:la: The above pieces are also so important! Please...

:note: Admins.- Please find/request more, AND dear Members, if you have any, please SUBMIT them, or suggest them to us, BY NOTE, if you find them, so we can request them! :eager:
:thanks: This would be a HUGE HELP! :thanks:

:iconflower-plz: From: Humans, Architecture, & Transportation in NATURE

Yellow by DielRenHeroic Journey by UnkopierbarHiking the snow path by gigi50
Catalina Island by Vespertine420Intracoastal Waterway Fl by Sillybilly60End of the Rainbow by Lilleninja
Wicomico River 1 by arnaudperretLighthouse of Tevennec by jbillustrationMountainous duo by lomartistic
Holiday Season :)Fall drums out on window glass its rhythm
With the help of wind and drops of rain.
Leaf confetti trees dart forth add crimson
To umbrellas' rainbow down the lane.
Houses, adorned by pumpkin earrings,
Wear the scents of steaming apple pies.
Velvet carpets of the starry evenings
Welcome in the dreamy, humble nights.
Cozy feelings, building expectations,
And the sense of holidays are here.
Soon will be the time of celebrations,
As begins the best time of the year!

A few days ago by LewiARTsGolden Summer by allison731

:iconflower-plz: From: Still Life, Concepts, Abstract, Crafts, Fantasy in NATURE

Merry Christmas! by EsthervanHulsenShades of Blue Quilled Butterfly by SpiralArtisanPink Baby Cuttlefish by AliatheGhoul
Night Flight by JoshByerChubbie Sitting Cat Sculpture by SculptedPupsEpic Ascent - Steampunk Flying Clock Key Necklace by ArtByStarlaMoore
Thuja plicata Earrings by QuintessentialArtsMutant Flower by Ancient--OneFlower Crush by Velvet--Glove
Art nouveau Spices and Vegetables by MariAnrua


:iconballoonsplz: Our Group’s NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS! :iconballoonsplz:

:iconflower-plz: RE-Featured From: “The Group’s Donors’ Folder”
from the last TWO Months' Donors, To be Copied to the Featured Folder, and THEN... eventually :+fav:'d by:
Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:

The Great White Death by philippeLStunned Kitty by philippeLDeck the halls with boughs of holly~ by Annissina
Pray for RainPray For Rain by J.A. Grier
Brown and brittle dirt, heat and dry
Pounding and relentless days of searing sun and sky
Lost inside this constant sandy hue
This perfect deadly sky, so very blue.
I kneel in the dust and pray for rain.
A feline growl of thunder lifts my eyes from the ground
And the sky is filled with clouds from all around
Deep and dark, courting mountains on the distant line
The air grows thick with breezes from a cooler time.
Slowly, then with vigor, the rain rushes down
Enrapturing the desert with its driving sound
The landscape cries with pleasure as the thunder roars
Drops embracing every feature as the water pours.
Charged lightning kisses sand to sky, then crackles on
Caressing, raging winds complete the stormy song
Rivulets then rivers flow beside my feet
I kneel, this time to find my blessings meet.
"Pray For Rain" © J.A. Grier. All Rights Reserved - You must get written permission from me if you wish to repost, reblog, or otherwise reproduce this work in part
As Time PassesAs Time Passes by J.A. Grier
Kitty loves insects,
but they are outside, safe in
temperamental rains.
Trees are a playground
as kitty pretends to hunt birds
swooping on hot winds.
Leaves crunch beneath her.
Rushing from pile to pile, kitty
scatters our hard work.
The fire's warmth lulls her
at last.  Kitty purrs and dreams of
chasing falling snow.
"As Time Passes" © J.A. Grier. All Rights Reserved - You must get written permission from me if you wish to repost, reblog, or otherwise reproduce this work in part or in whole.
FinallyFinally by J.A. Grier
I imagine I can fly,
for just a moment
hopping on one foot,
I leap and fall onto the air
my arms outstretched
Could I circle the moon?
Dip into the atmosphere
of sultry Venus, then
skip like a stone past
Jupiter, and through
Saturn’s icy halo?  Just
once, I would like to
fly unfettered without
any kind of reality,
or bills or permission
of the laws of physics,
or someone’s kind of
approval.  I want Neptune’s
blue cotton swirls in my
fingers.  Moon dust
in my hair.  Eyes rimmed
with ancient lava from
Mercury’s shores.
But I’ll skip Mars for now,
since I don’t need
the company of so
very, very many robots.
"Finally" © J.A. Grier. All Rights Reserved - You must get written permission from me if you wish to repost, reblog, or otherwise reproduce this work in part or in whole.

Herb Robert by berguntyFire Tree by berguntyQuilled Flower Shell Ornaments by SpiralArtisan
Quilled Dragon of Good Fortune - Face by SpiralArtisanTeke by KnifeInToasterRacing to the Rescue by coastbeachartist
Pet Walker Asian White Tiger by coastbeachartistVisiting the waterfront by coastbeachartistSouthwest Bull Rider by coastbeachartist
Dunand's Lacquer Panel in Oil by CarolynYMOld Tree in Oil by CarolynYMMourning Dove by CarolynYM
Tao's Garden by CarolynYMIris by davincipoppalagThird Sparrow by davincipoppalag
Cadbury finch?Sparrow? by davincipoppalagDay of the Dead Cat by CameronKobeEssential by CameronKobe
Spock In A Pile Of Tribbles by CameronKobeArt Trade: The Captain by CameronKobeDrifting by Lady-Compassion
Summer breakfast by UszatyArbuz

:iconflowerthnxplz: Our Group’s MOST Recent Donors of :points: POINTS :iconflowerthnxplz:

In the Land of Magick by Sublime-Feline

i've had just enough time. by Okxie

Flower in shades of moonlight by TheDewdropFairyTouching angels by TheDewdropFairy

Happy BD Lemmy by marthigSurfs up by marthigPolar-Butterfly---AWC-Nbr19--Polars by marthig

Shades Of Autumn by Lust0fADeeperPainLove by Lust0fADeeperPainLove by Lust0fADeeperPain
Flowered Heart by Lust0fADeeperPainAutumn's Beauty by Lust0fADeeperPainMagnolia In Bloom by Lust0fADeeperPain

Lemons and limes journal skin by UszatyArbuz

Game of stones by LordLJCornellPhotosI'm on top of the world ma! by LordLJCornellPhotosPainting with a fine brush by LordLJCornellPhotos
After the tide stayed out by LordLJCornellPhotosRock steady view by LordLJCornellPhotosReflected glory by LordLJCornellPhotos
That bottle green water by LordLJCornellPhotosThis warms me like whisky does by LordLJCornellPhotosScotch on the rocks by LordLJCornellPhotos
A fantasy landscape by LordLJCornellPhotosThe glistening stones of Skye by LordLJCornellPhotos

It Seems Endless This Way by MiarathLong shadows by Miarath
Birthday Flowers VI by MiarathFar Away Places - byzarre leaves by Miarath

Pretty pink by EveSoderlundOfficialCOCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!!! by EveSoderlundOfficial
Man's best friend by EveSoderlundOfficialWelcome to Ireland! by EveSoderlundOfficial

Through Herbie's Eyes by TeaPhotographyNew Year's Eve Blue Moon by TeaPhotography

Mandel Bulb Butterfly by Ancient--One

Nocturnal ShineTho' darkness owns the sky, and
Dreams hold the strings bringing life to
Myriad marionette-like
Fantasies playing out in
Minds at slumber, so she does toil.
Nocturnal labors of love;
She the entrepreneurial
Spirit in the night -
Creations conceived in Copper,
Of silver, of glass and in gold.
Fastened to a fashion, fusing
Antique with iridescent, as
Earth tones harmonize amid
Coils and loops, bangles and hoops.
In the heart of the night, the white shine 
Of the moon must compete with the
Fire and Ice in her hands -
For at this hour, she is the creator.
With heart and soul, she creates shiny things.
This Big World is Made of Small DetailsRuthless beings seek domination,
Of fellow humans, beasts and soil.
Their acts are an abomination,
As lesser people slave and toil.
Laying waste Earth's every resource,
Seizing control of all far and near.
Leaving good citizens no recourse,
But to fight them, or cower in fear.
As wars are waged and enemies fall,
Some selfish men believe they are kings. 
When we turn our eyes to what is small,
We see that life is made of such things.
Go put a smile upon someone's face.
Watch the ants march as they work together.
Give children your love, and a warm embrace.
These special moments won't last forever.
Let the telescope rest; Space will always be there.
Take a macro-lens look at the tiny details.
Think biggest is best? Of small things we should care.
Observe the raindrops, and ladybugs and snails.
The world will not allow humankind to rule.
This small but crucial detail should be taught in school.

Hard FrostAutumn slips
on the icy thought
of Winter's certainty.
Rooted in SeasonsFirm roots; her branches claw the sky,
Leaves fall; the oak is heard to cry.
Springtime rain and summer sun,
Of the past - each season done.
Autumn winds through branches sing,
Of winter sleep and dreaming.
Firm roots; her branches claw the sky,
Leaves fall; the oak is heard to cry.

Dear :devnature-fotes:
We thank you for your generous donation of points, and would love
to feature you, as our humble show of thanks, but we are sorry to learn of your deactivated account. Still we want you to know we are very grateful.:rose:

Bunny by TomFawlsJungle Lizard - 20140803 - 00019 by TomFawlsPensive Panther by TomFawls
Chipmunk by TomFawlsCrimson Macaw 00005 by TomFawlsLlama Lama Ding Dong by TomFawls

D A Y D R E A M I N G by BlueAnomiSThinking by BlueAnomiS
'I is Hungry' by BlueAnomiSI See You by BlueAnomiS

Drop from a rose by berguntyYellow Buddleia by berguntyMusk Mallow by bergunty
Summer Chafer ....looking for love? by berguntyMagic Flowers - Small Purple and Liliac by bergunty52 Week Challenge #37 - Down by bergunty

A New Beginning by Emerald-Depths

Thunder From The Pool Tyrannosaurus Rex by coastbeachartistTerrible first impression by coastbeachartistSeriously! Who stole my pants? Art Nouveau by coastbeachartist
Respect the Leopard and Beware the Dancer! by coastbeachartistRetelling of the origin of creation by coastbeachartistFan Dancer of the Surreal by coastbeachartist
Azora the Amazing by coastbeachartistRacing to the Rescue by coastbeachartistHeroine in all colors - Forest 1 by coastbeachartist

Again, we just want to give out a general thank you for the support we receive from

Thank you greatly, to ALL of those who have been keeping our group going, in this particular way!
We have been using many of the benefits that SuperGroup does offer us, which I might add, is helpful for a Group that is of this size and of this much activity. :nod:




:rose: :icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz: :rose:


:iconheart5plz: Our Group’s MEMBERS of THE MONTH :iconheart5plz:

Thank you to these fabulous Members who have been loyal to our Group in various ways, and for a while now!
For example, doing things like:
Voting in THIS here- our Every OTHER Monthly Event, Supporting our Group/Articles with Positive Comments and/or Fav's, Supporting our Themes by Participating in them and Promoting them, Supporting our CONTESTS by participating and promoting and/or donating prizes/points, supporting the group through donating points, or helping out other members when they have a question and by faving each other's work, or simply submitting work regularly, and other ways, too! :nod:

(Of course NO single MEMBER of the MONTH is doing ALL of these, :XD: that doesn't seem possible!... but there are some Members, WHO strive to do as much as they can... :nod: )

How kind and generous of them! :nod:
We are very grateful for all they do and for being such valuable Members of our Group here! :heart:

:pointr: SEPTEMBER
Momotte2 :iconmomotte2:
A show of feathers by Momotte2A charming little visitor by Momotte2
Wet baby myocastor by Momotte2

LordLJCornellPhotos :iconlordljcornellphotos:
The rhythm of those ripples by LordLJCornellPhotosLingering by the Loch by LordLJCornellPhotos
Taking the scenic route by LordLJCornellPhotos

:pointr: OCTOBER
MarcoHeisler :iconmarcoheisler:                         
Morning Star by MarcoHeisler
Berchtesgaden Sunset by MarcoHeislerThe Only Way by MarcoHeisler                                                             
Ancient--One :iconancient--one:
Winter Mountain Lake by Ancient--One
Left Behind by Ancient--OneHoney Comb by Ancient--One
:new: NEW ADMIN.! :la:
Warm Welcome! You've been doing so great for us, already!


:community: Becoming A Part of Unframed-Nature's Admin. TEAM :community:

We decided we'll still look for new Admins.

:note: If you would be interested in becoming a part of our wonderful Admin. Team
PLEASE NOTE ME, TeaPhotography.

You may want to LOOK at our APPLICATION, first, and answer as many questions as you want, or feel like answering.
It's MUCH MORE INFORMAL than it looks- really! :nod: :aww:
It just gives us an idea, as well, as you, our potentially newest Admin., a general idea of things. :aww:
Administrator Application for Unframed-NatureUnframed-Nature's Application for Administrative Position
Accepting Applications for Administrator Positions at Unframed-Nature is now: OPEN!
Before you apply, please know that volunteering for a large and active group here on dA, such as Unframed-Nature is a real and true commitment, which will take up some of your time on at least a weekly basis, maybe more.
Unframed-Nature is special in many ways, but from an Administrative view point, it is very special because we have always had good luck with our current Administrators, most of which have been with the Group, as Administrators, for a very long time.
We are a very friendly Team, both with each other, and with the Members, as well. This means when we do have to decline works, we do give a reason, and we are friendly about it.  It means, that upon occasion if there is something that we disagree about within the Admin. Team, we disagree nic

:note: Obviously you do NOT have to be qualified in every area, AT ALL, to become a part of the Team!
I certainly am not! :giggle:

:thanks: :heart: :thanks:

:pencil:Unframed-Nature's UpComing News Articles :pencil:

:bulletorange: The "official" RESULTS of THE MYSTICAL AUTUMN CONTEST!!
-complete with ALL winners, their prizes, and our THANK-YOU'S to the judges. :rose:
...As well as a formal introduction to :new: new Group Admin. Introduction and Promotions. :aww:

This should have been out by Monday, Nov. 23rd-
but NOW, it won't be out until Monday. Nov. 31st.
Thank you for your patience!!!! Too much has been happening at the same time.

:trophy: Upcoming Themes & Contests :trophy:

:bulletwhite: The LAST THEME of 2015....
THEME: Fire of Hearth or ICE
DETAILS: Details will follow with the AUTUMN CONTEST RESULTS Article. This THEME Folder will be the ONLY FOLDER OPEN, DURING our ANNUAL GROUP CLOSURE!

:holly: ANNUAL GROUP CLOSURE and DATES: :holly:

Our Group Closes Annually, and TEMPORARILY during the holidays.
There are TWO REASONS for this:
1. To give your very hardworking Administrators a little bit of a rest, more than usual. :aww:

2. And to give at least your Founder/Senior Team Leader a chance to come back earlier during this time of Closure to spend by herself, to work on many new updates for the group.

I will be working on our Points Account. I will be re-organizing our Gallery Folders. I will be updating our FAQ Sheet for 2016, to reflect a few new things that our Admin. Team have collectively discussed during the year, and a few other things brought up by Members.  I will also be updating many things in our back area, which are sorely outdated. The last, is likely the biggest job, and will hopefully help to bring all Admins. closer to the "same page" which will then help us to to help our Members more efficiently, and help our group run more smoothly.

Everything we do is for you, to make Unframed-Nature a more enjoyable experience! That is what we are here for! :la:
We look forward to our annual closure so that we can continue to improve our most wonderful, educational, and helpful group, for all who participates.

With that said, we are wishing us all, a spectactular 2016!!!

:bulletblack: CLOSES- DECEMBER 18th-19th, 2015.
:bulletwhite: OPENS- JANUARY 10-11th, 2016.

Keep Your EYES OPEN!
:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

:icondonatepointsgreenplz: POINTS for Our Group! :icondonatepointsgreenplz:

:bulletblack: We HOPE to continue to have TWO BIG Contests per year as we get further into 2016. :aww:

:bulletblack: We will continue with our semi-Monthly Themes, which are much smaller point prizes.

:bulletblack: The next Theme is planned for, AS ANNOUNCED Above!! :dance:

:bulletblack: We sometimes use points for other special occasions or circumstances, on a smaller scales.

:bulletblack: At this point, we DO plan to renew our SUPERGROUP Status next THIS VERY DECEMBER 1st, 2015- ( :omg: in just a few more days!! ) - and we DO hope that with the newly ended AUTUMN CONTEST and those HUGE POINTS to give out, we might be okay to start the year,
    perhaps in the + + + + positive??


:star: These are some of the things that your very generous points help us to be able to accomplish, as a large and active group.
 Thank you again for your fabulous help!

To help us to achieve these plans and goals, if you do have a few points to spare, feel free to donate to our group, HERE:
:points: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts: :points:

:star: Any point helps, and you will read there, how our donors are rewarded! :star:

:iconlookoutplz: FAQ Sheet for 2015 AND 2016 :iconlookoutplz:

Check it out!
:star: UPDATED FAQ Sheet for Unframed-Nature 2015:iconhugpileplz: Welcome (Back) to Unframed-Nature,
and to Our NEWLY Completed Group FAQ for 2015!
:note: ***If you just need info. about our "Submission Limits, Folder Descriptions, Folder Rules"
simply scroll DIRECTLY past this first section on "Introduction and Welcome" to the VERY NEXT SECTION where you will very likely find exactly what you are looking for! Thank you! Hope that helps!***
:iconwhiteflowerplz: Introduction and Welcome! :iconwhiteflowerplz:
First, I would like to take a moment to wish ALL of our Admins., Members, Affiliates, & Friends of our Group,
If you are a NEW Member, thank you for joining us, and  Welcome to our Group! We really hope you will enjoy our fun-loving  Nature group, and our unique way of doing things!
Simply just need to scroll to the very section you are needing to know something about.
Such as to understand about a particular folder, or submission limits,
:pointr: Times when our Group Closes Down!
This affects us every OTHER month. Please be aware of our group closures! :thanks:

:note: Of course, for the time being, it would continue to please us, if you were familar with our FAQ Sheet 2015, which we've had posted in many locations all over our group, since the beginning of 2015, but we DO want you to be aware that, one of the many things that will occur during the time of our annual group closure, is an update on our Group's FAQ Sheet for 2016-- and while there will NOT be many changes, there will be at least a few minor ones, which we HOPE VERY MUCH, that we will all become very aware of. THANK YOU!

:heart: Feel free to check them out, you'll be glad you did! :heart:

:icondawishingwell: :icondevnews: :icondeviantheart:

Other AWESOME Groups, Founded by our own ADMINS., HERE!

:iconfractal-love: Founder: :iconannissina:
donate here: Fractal-Love-Points

:icondogsoftheworld: and :iconcome-one-come-all:
Founder: :iconlacedshadowdiamond:

:iconflowerspassion: Founder: :iconkeziamara:

:iconbirds-and-blooms: and :iconnature-showcase:
and :iconworld-of-wildlife: Founder: :iconsublime-feline:

:iconnatureshaven: donate here: NaturesHaven-Pts :thanks:
and :icongreatwildlifeartists: Founder: :iconancient--one:

Dear Fellow-Admins.,
If I have missed any of you, who are working as a FOUNDER of another GROUP,
PLEASE DO let me know! :heart:


:trophy: Affiliate Groups’ CONTEST WINNERS! :trophy:

:iconfractal-love: is having a beautiful seasonal contest called Christmas Baubles:
Annissina's November Feature + New Contest!"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
- Dumbledore

Welcome to my November feature! :love:
Theme: Christmas Baubles (as chosen by you, our members)
Begins: Today, 15th November
Ends: 13th December
Winners to be announced on: 20th December, after voting by Admins. and then by members via a poll.
VERY IMPORTANT!! You must state in the description of your work that it’s an entry for Fractal-Love’s contest. Otherwise it will just be moved to the corresponding folder as usual.
2 ENTRIES per member - they must be new.

1st place – 100 points
2nd place – 50 points
3rd place – 25 points
:points: generously donated by miincdesign and TeaPhotography! :hug:
All three will be featured with their winning works plus a couple more selected by the Admin. doing the feature. The winners will also be featured by :iconunframed-nature

Feel free to check it out, perhaps help with prizes or promote it, or join! :w00t:



:note: If you want us to PROMOTE a Contest or EVENT from YOUR GROUP, send us a GROUP NOTE! If you want us to FEATURE the WINNERS, let us know and then, send us the WINNERS in a GROUP NOTE, as well. :aww:


Thank you for your attention to our Wonderful Affiliates. :thanks:

Thank you ALL,
to our Active Members and Actively working Admins. alike!

A serious and :heart:HEART-FELT:heart: THANKS to ALL of my fellow-Admins.,
There are just no words great enough to express my utter gratitude for all that they've done in the past, present, and future. :love:



I just love our TEAM!



We, at Unframed-Nature hope that the rest of NOV., and December, will be Awesome! :dance:


Tea :iconteaphotography:
Your Founder, aka Senior Team Leader...

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Daily Fractal Feature for 26th November 2015

On a daily basis we, at DailyFractalFeatures, are aiming to showcase a small selection of fractal artwork to the community. 

We are proud to feature today's Daily Fractal Feature! 
You can show your support by +favloveing this News Article.
Please comment and +fav the works featured and congratulate the artists!

My vision of a marblized flower by :iconterikub:
this is incredibly pretty and delicate
My vision of a marbleized flower 07302015 by TeriKub 

Dryden On Another World by :iconshawn4511777:
This Incendia fractalist has only been with us 8 month so wanted to give him a deserved shout out!
I especially like these little flowers :rose:
Graden On Another World by shawn4511777 

 The Frozen Flames by:icondiamoneyes:
A gorgeous Frax example, I adore this midnight blue shade
The Frozen Flames by DiamonEyes 

Totem of Lophophora by :iconvjaz:
A nice black and white render which to me resembles the head of an antelope
Totem of Lophophora by Vjaz 

Dark Sun by :iconfractalviking:
this has a wonderful warm glow, perfect for these winter nights
Dark Sun by Fractalviking 

Affiliate News

Our friends at :iconfractal-love: are holding a Christmas Bauble contest, go check it out…

For more information, including how to suggest a deviation to be featured, please visit us at DailyFractalFeatures.
Thank you so much for supporting the fractal community and this project!
There is an ongoing donation pool for DailyFractalFeatures & Fractal-Resources to become SuperGroups over on :icondeadened-glow:'s page
Prepared by :iconpoca2hontas:


Holidays are Here ~ And News, Of Course

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:31 PM
Xmas Lights Divider (P/O) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
:icondevnews: DevNews 
Xmas Lights Divider (P/W) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Where did the year go? Wasn't is just New Year's Eve??? And now, yet another New Year's is just weeks away. Time flies when you're having fun!

Happy Holidays from DevNews and the entire staff!

ChristmasBells by KmyGraphic

Cornucopia by PaganFireSnake  Main Street Christmas by Terrauh  Contemplation by Lior-Art  Self-Determination by waitingforlefty  Yule by cgb30

Happy New Year by KmyGraphic

Ribbon Banner Divider in Purple by TheStockWarehouse

November Deviousness! Ry-Spirit

Celebrating Deviousness - November 2015

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.
Introducing Ry-Spirit
My name Ry/Ry-Spirit. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Australia when I was 8. It was tough moving to a whole new country in a new school not knowing anyone or a single word of English. It wasn't like I didn't want to make friends but I just didn't know how to start. But something helped with that.... art! It helped me break my shyness as well as giving me the confidence to keep pushing forward. I remember this one time, I had to leave in the middle of class to do something, the next day my friend who was in the class said the teacher (Mr Newton) told the whole class after I left, he said 'Ry, remember that name, he will be a famous artist one day.' That comment really stuck with me and motivated me to become

Two Worlds by Ry-Spirit  Late to meet senpai! by Ry-Spirit  Pikachu Knight by Ry-Spirit

Congrats by Ilenush
Xmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-Lehre

NEWS: HQ, Hot Topics and Community Relations:

Beta Launch: Notes SearchOne of the most highly requested features is now here: the ability to search notes! Notes search allows you to do things like:
Find all notes you’ve sent to a specific deviant
Find all notes from a deviant that contain a keyword
Search for a keyword within a custom folder
Find all unread notes that contain a keyword
Search your drafts
To search your notes, simply enter a keyword in the search box. You can also use the advanced search dropdown to filter your search results.
During the initial launch, only the past year of your notes will be searchable.
Try it out!
Beta Testers, we need your help in testing notes search! Try searches you normally would, and then try some really advanced searches.
Search using advanced operators
Search within custom folders
Search to and from specific deviants
Try searching, and then editing your queries
Try browsing results and selecting notes
Visit Your Notes<
   Beta Preview of Watch 2.0
This preview is available to a small group of new deviants, as well as Core Members who were Beta Testers as of November 11th.  We will continue to add deviants to the preview group in the coming days and weeks.
The heart of the DeviantArt experience is based on viewing and interacting with the art and activity from the deviants and groups you watch. Today, we’re providing an early preview into Watch 2.0 — where we’ve taken the activities deviants do most and built an experience geared toward exactly those actions.
Please keep in mind that this is an early Beta Preview. You are likely to encounter bugs and functions that are still being worked on.  
Turn on Watch 2.0

(You can turn it off at anytime.)

Focusing on Art and Discovery
Watch is a feed that aggregates activity (like deviations, journals, collecti
   Holiday Headquarters 2015!Find the perfect gift for the art lover on your list with DeviantArt’s Holiday HQ!

Welcome to Holiday Headquarters


We've hand-picked over 100 inspiring prints, around five popular themes, to help make your season bright. Perfect for surprising a loved one or to treat yourself, framed prints make great holiday gifts and support the artists you love!
Save 25% on Print products with a minimum $10.00 purchase" offer ends Dec. 1, 2015 at 11:59 PM, Los Angeles, CA time. Discount not applied to Core Memberships, Points, t-shirts, shipping, taxes, customs fees, or any other charges.
Give the Gift of
For last-minute shoppers, Core Memberships can instantly be gifted to deviants of your choice. Core Memberships not only provide special privileges for
   Suicide and Self-harm Prevention
Are you going through a difficult time?
If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm and are in immediate danger, seek help as soon as possible by calling a local emergency telephone number, a suicide prevention hotline, or by going to the nearest emergency room.
At DeviantArt, we care deeply about our community – aiming to provide all our members with a safe and fun environment to create and grow.  However, we do not have trained medical professionals who can respond directly to life-threatening emergencies.  Please use the following resources if you are concerned about the safety of a DeviantArt member – including yourself.  
Resources for getting help.
Suicide, self-harm, and crisis prevention hotlines provide help to those in need – often acting as the first point of contact for individuals who are seeking help, support, and information. &
   The Good Dinosaur Fan Art Contest Winners
Contest PageTrailerView EntriesOfficial Rules13+ U.S. Only

Winners Announcement
DeviantArt and Disney/Pixar invited you to draw the loyal and lovable characters of The Good Dinosaur, and the winners are in! Our panel of judges selected the best and brightest entries, highlighting the pieces that captured Arlo an
   Capturing ChangeFour Deviants get game changing cameras from Sony for a collaborative assignment: Show us how your cities have changed from the past, for the present and into the future!
Product Info →
FE 28 mm F2
Product Info →
Miguel Santos
:iconmiguel-santos: Miguel-Santos
São Joaquim, Brazil
The most experience photographer of the group, Miguel has been a photographer for over 15 years, starting with a film camera and then moving to digital five years later. With the goal of featuring the past, present, and future of Brazil in this project, he traveled to smaller and lesser-known cities to capture the beauty and the chaos withi
   Halo 5: Guardians Fan Art ContestIn Halo 5: Guardians, the Spartan Locke hunts for the legendary Master Chief across three brand new worlds.Who will prevail?
How to enterPrizesView EntriesOfficial Rules
13+, Australia Only

In Halo 5: Guardians, the Spartan Locke hunts for the legendary Master Chief across three brand new worlds.
Who will prevail?
Choose your allegiance by creating an original artwork as a portrait of either Master Chief or Locke. You may include other beings from the Halo universe as you create your depiction, whether it’s the highly intelligent Prometheans or the horrific Flood!

   Pimps and Whoas - November 24, 2015
News from the Team
:bulletpurple: Beta Preview of Watch 2.0
:bulletpurple: Celebrating Deviousness - November 2015
:bulletpurple: Holiday Card Project 2015!
:bulletpurple: Introducing Sketch This: Daily Drawing Challenges
:bulletpurple: Suicide and Self-harm Prevention
   Holiday Card Project 2015!
The DeviantArt #HolidayCardProject is back for its 9th year!  With the goal of bringing a bit of holiday cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the Holiday Card Project connects artists from around the world, applying their tremendous artistic abilities to designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In the past few years, this project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 2,000 deviants from 60 different countries/political regions. Cards are then divvied up and distributed by DeviantArt members to local Los Angeles hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for DeviantArt volunteers and hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who sends in
   Thank You Aeirmid
Please join me in extending a wealth of heartfelt gratitude toward Aeirmid for her years of dedication to the DeviantArt community as a Community Volunteer.  Over her 3 years on the team, she's represented both the Digital Art and Photomanipulation communities while heading numerous projects and hosting crazy Halloween events :)  Despite her high-level of activity on DeviantArt she also managed to complete her Ph.D!  She is inspiring and talented and I'm personally hopeful she users her new found time to create some new art :heart:

Thank you Aeirmid :love: :heart:
   Thank You Pica-ae!
Please join me in thanking pica-ae for her long-time commitment to the DeviantArt Community as a member of the volunteer team. pica-ae helped to represent the typography and Design and Interface communities over several years. She's been a volunteer more than once, she's one of our resident glitter queens and if you're really lucky, she may say 'squirrel' for you ;)
Thank you Anne for being awesome!

   Thank You PirateLotus-Stock
Please join me in recognizing PirateLotus-Stock for her amazing contributions during her time as a Community Volunteer.
Thank you PirateLotus-Stock ! :heart:

   Thank you Elandria
Please join me in sending massive amounts of gratitude to Elandria for being an outstanding volunteer during her term.  Lanny has been a member of the DeviantArt community for over a decade and spent the last 3 years as a Community Volunteer, representing the Stock and Resources community.  As you can see from her gallery, she's well-versed on the topic and has provided countless amounts of stock photos which have served as inspiration for a plethora of DeviantArt artists. She's also getting married soon, so take a moment to congratulate her!
Thank you Lanny! :hug:

   Welcome OfOneSoul
Please join me in welcoming OfOneSoul to the Community Volunteer team where she will be helping to represent the Traditional Art community! Many of you already know her from her incredible collections and Daily Deviation suggestions but if you don't take a moment to go say hello :)
   Thank you STelari
Please join me in thanking STelari for her time and dedication to the Traditional Art community, during her time as a Community Volunteer :)
Thank you STelari :heart:

   Thank you jenthestrawberry
Please join me in thanking jenthestrawberry for the time she dedicated to being a Community Volunteer, representing the Traditional Art community :)

Thank you jenthestrawberry :heart:
   Thank You Agaave
Please join me in thanking Agaave for her time and dedication during her term as a Community Volunteer representing the Traditional Art community :)

Thank you Agaave! :heart:
   Welcome Oughter and Pixlphantasy
Please join me in welcoming PixlPhantasy and Oughter to the Community Volunteer team!
PixlPhantasy - Anthro

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Christmas Dreams!Hello All,
It's been a little while...and since the world is getting ready early to celebrate...lets "Jump start" Christmas with a early Christmas Contest...because let's be honest,  sometimes we need something to celebrate!
The Christmas Dreams Contest!
               "Maybe one day we will find the place that our dreams and reality collide"
It Must be a New Piece and Submitted to Deviant Art on or after the 10th of November 2015 and it definitely must Feature A Christmas Dream theme... that's all there is to it.
:bulletblue: Particpate & Create and most important have fun:bulletblue:
Start date is the 10/11/2015 (10th of November 2015)
End date is the 15/12/2015 (15th of December 2015)
   Challenges Around DeviantArt: November FeatureContests, projects and challenges around deviantART to inspire your creations and to give you the opportunity to win some goodies! :dummy:
30 Day Monster Challenge hosted by Walkthrough-RookieMedium: Digital Art/Traditional Art > Drawing/Painting Deadline: November 15th
More information...
Your Happy Place Contest hosted by WeirdAndLovelyMedium: Any Medium Deadline: November 20th
More information...
M/A Repeating Contest: November 2015! hosted by MARepeatingContestsMedium: Anime and MangaDeadline: November 30th
More information...
Dreams and Nightmares Contest, Part II hosted by Madmen-AsylumMedium: LiteratureDeadline: November 30th
More information...
A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PRESENT - CONTEST hosted by Wesley-SouzaMedium: Any Visual MediumDeadline: Decemb
   Teach Me, Senpai! Vol. 10- The Human Body Hello! :wave: rvmp After a month off, sorry welcome to the tenth edition of 'Teach Me, Senpai!' here at fella. If you're unfamiliar with what this is, it's essentially a monthly feature of tutorials, made by deviants, explaining individual tasks, which then come together into one whole project. This month, we'll be studying the human body (a.k.a. anatomy)! La la la la


Tutorial- Proportionate Arms by FyuvixArms and Hands Tutorial by SnigomHands Voice over tutorial and workshop by sakimichan
AS Drawing the Legs by CGCookieMuscles of legs. Sides by reinisgailitis
   DisneyDreamers Secret Santa 2015! SIGN-UP NOW!:lights::lights::lights::lights::lights::lights::lights::lights::lights:
Merry christmas everybody
   @Muro ThanksgivingCommunity Week
Hello, again
The last Muro Project was all about making someone's day brighter and sharing a positive sense of community, and everyone who participated did such an amazing job!
We were so happy and encouraged to see that, and so, we now bring you a second Muro Project for Thanksgiving week :la:
The aim is to appreciate and express thanks for what has made you happy this past year Love 
To participate, all you have to do is:
Use Muro to draw what you are thankful for - or just happy about - during this past year of your DA journeyPost the drawing and tag two of your friends to invite them to do the sameLeave a link to your drawing in the comments below
And that's all there is to it :dummy:
You can post as many drawings as you want till
November 28, 2015
On the following day:
All drawings created as a part of the project wil
   Happy Medium: Watercolors/InkCommunity Week
Welcome to OfOneSoul's first issue of...
:iconhplz::iconaplz::iconp-plz::iconp-plz::iconyplz:        :iconmplz::iconeplz::icondplz::iconiplz::iconu-plz::iconmplz:
Woah, calm down everybody...
- I know you're all excited, but this article is serious business.
As part of projecteducate's Community Week, your friendly, neighborhood Onesy will be providing an educational feature of Traditional Art. You may be asking yourself...
- What is "Happy Medium"?
Happy Medium is an educational feature that focuses on the how's, what's, and who's of two traditional mediums combined. Such as: watercolor/ink, acrylic/oils, pencil/charcoal, etc. These features will include interviews with seasoned artis
   Meet the Fractal Community #22Community Week
Hello and welcome to the 22nd edition of Meet the Fractal Community, a series of interviews to highlight our beloved fractalists!
Today, let's have a chat with BoxTail
Hello BoxTail! How are you today?
Hey there, I'm fine, just lazy enough not to clean my glasses.
Can you introduce yourself?
Dude living in southern Finland, known as BoxTail or Jan. I've been on DeviantArt for 5 years, but started to be active 3 years ago when I discovered fractal art. As a fractalist, I mostly do structured fractals but enjoy other techniques as well.
How did you discover Fractal Art?
I discovered fractal art and thought of it as being a chaotic mess. At the time I was working to get a college media diploma and wanted to represent the internet through visual art. Some googling happened to take me to DeviantArt and discovered this odd Apophysis program. I downloaded Apophysis and
   How to Make an Easy Perspective Grid on PhotoshopHello. Are you struggling with perspective and/or making a perspective grid? Well today, I am going to teach you how to make an EASY perspective grid in Adobe Photoshop CS6.  
:note: This can work on any Adobe Photoshop Software. And I am also not sure if this'll work with other programs just to clarify.
Open (if you have Photoshop) Photoshop

2. Make any size document you want. 
3. Draw a nice straight line in the middle of the canvas or wherever you want it. That'll act as your horizon line!
Horizon Line: The Horizon Line (in Perspective) is the level at where your eyes are focusing. For example

As you can see with this photo, the middle area of the photo is the Horizon Line and you cannot see anything else past it. It's where your eye level is at currently as the clouds above is basically the Worm's Eye View while looking at the road below you is a se
   Fractal Art Week: Wrap-UpFractal Art
The second Fractal Art Week of 2015 is over! I'd like to thank all the people who contributed and helped to make this week happen, you're awesome! :hug:
And thanks to all the readers, too...I dearly hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you next time! :wave:
Fractal Art Week
26th Monday
AM: Intro by C-91
PM: Meet the Fractal Community #20 by C-91
27th Tuesday
AM: Chaotica Basics by tatasz
28th Wednesday
PM: Understanding 3D Fractals by 3xternalResourc3
29th Thursday
   Starter PackFractal Art
Hello! :wave:
Sometimes, it's hard to get in touch with a field of art and try it yourself. If you don't know how to start and what you need, it's even worse! :noes: But don't worry: it's easier than it seems. :D
While heavenriver already explained how to "behave" if you want to be a fractal artist, I will give you an insight on what to use and when.
What kind of tools do I need to make a fractal?
Let's see the most common!
You need...a fractal software!
Sounds obvious, but need a specific kind of software to make fractals! There are many out there, some famous, some obscure. Literally, there's the right fractal program for each of us! :D Some of the most used are:
Mandelbulb3DUltra FractalApophysis 7xChaotica
   PE: Community Week Wrap-upCommunity Week
Welcome to the Community Week!
For those of you that may not know yet, a Community Week is a chance for everyone in the community to bring to light their favorite subject, art, project or any other topic that you consider important but may get overlooked in other ways. If you're interested in participating in the next Community Weeks, then please read the Guidelines.
Community Week
19th Monday
AM: Intro by cinyu
PM: Muro Project by AlexanderPaupoff
20th Tuesday
AM: The Void in the Art by Pascua-Tanya
21th Wednesday
   An Interview with Rick! Community Week
Meet Rick, a photographer from Germany who creates tiny little worlds full of magic and wonder. Rick goes on adventures into worlds of nature to find the magic in detail, the land of moss and fairies. You can find Rick on DeviantArt as Rick-TinyWorlds or on his website In this interview, find out what inspires him and so much more...

The Bio...
My name is Rick Hoppmann and I love the forest. I photograph tiny, magical worlds and create atmospheric games. At the moment I'm living in Leipzig, Germany, where you also can see my current exhibition "In the land of moss and fairies". You can see the digital version of my exhibition here. My dream is to inspire people to protect and explore their local nature.
The Photography...
   PE Wrap-Up: Animals, Plants, and Nature WeekAnimals, Plants, & Nature Week
We hope you enjoyed APN Week!
For those of you who might not know what this week is all about, Animals, Plants, & Nature (APN) Week was dedicated to bringing education and awareness of this beautiful form of photography to the community. Through interviews, personal accounts, tutorials, and even a live Critique Event, the publications this week aim to give the community a taste of how they might get involved in APN photography! :eager:
We hope you enjoyed the week! Below is a gathering of the articles submitted if you would like to take a second look at anything.
Animals, Plants, & Nature (APN) Week
AM: Intro by JenFruzz
PM: The Art of APN Photography by JenFruzz
AM: Depth of Fi
   Tips For aquatic PhotographyAnimal, Plants, & Nature Week
Some of the most magical photos are of our aquatic friends. Here are some tips to help you capture these amazing creatures.
General Aquarium Guidelines
The aquarium is a public place and is often crowded. Getting there when it opens or towards the later evening will better your chances of having an unobstructed and unrestricted view of the tanks. 
If you go during busy hours, make sure to be courteous and careful. Do not 'hog' the tank. Take a few snaps, step back and let others see the tanks. If it is crowded, you will have to wait your turn. Crowded areas will not only provide obstacles for taking photos, but also pose a risk to your camera. Keep a tight grip on it with the strap around your neck. You can be easily jostled or have the camera stolen from you in a crowd.
Photographing Through Vertical Tanks
These tanks are the most numerous and the most difficult to shoot throu
   Coloured pencilsColoured pencils
A coloured pencils is an art medium constructed of a narrow, pigmented core encased in a wooden cylindrical case. Unlike graphite, coloured pencil's cores are wax- or oil-based and contain varying proportions of pigments, additives, and binding agents. You can also buy watercolour or pastel pencils.
Coloured pencils are popular art medium for lots of artists. They offer easy and detailed work with all kinds of traditional art. Despite some peoples opinion - every coloured pencil brand is different and has their own pros and cons. I have tested many of coloured pencils so I can tell you my own feelings and recommendations. I listed only the best pencil brands - I hope it would help you to learn and understand them if you want to purchase some.

Is one of the largest and oldest manufacturer of art supplies. Founded in 1761 at Stein near Nuremberg (Germany) by cabinet maker Kaspar Faber.

   Fluffy Water: A Guide to Long Exposure WaterscapesAnimals, Plants & Nature Week
Most of you nature photographers will have seen long-exposed waterscapes resulting in the peculiar soft aspect of water. If you haven't, or if you're not a nature photographer, here are a few examples:
In this article I will be sharing some ideas and tips which hopefully will get you interested in this kind of photography first of all; and if that marvellous personal paradigm shift takes place within you, give you the basics in achieving the sought-after results.
Who am I to dare do this ?
Well this is quite important: I'm nothing fancy, just a nature photography-loving guy with a cheap entry-level DSLR and tripod, with a couple of filters. But taking photos out there and gleaning knowledge from artists I admire has taught me lots. This I simply wis
   Forest Photography TutorialAnimals, Plants, & Nature Week
Boing! Boing! Hello reader! Boing! Boing!
I am Nelleke, and I was asked to write an article about forest photography. Which is my favorite subject of photography! There is something about them that is timeless. Of course there's a reason forests get used so much as a backdrop in stories and movies... They can give you the feeling something magical is waiting just around the corner.

In this article I will discuss several points, some a bit longer than others. They are CompositionConditionsEquipment and Editing.
You might have seen a beautiful forest scene once, but noticed after taking a picture that it looks very different. A picture lacks the depth your eyes can see while walking in a forest. Which can result in a picture of just a flat bunch of trees.
   The Art of APN PhotographyAnimals, Plants, & Nature Week
Hello and welcome! My name is Jen, though I'm more commonly known on DA by my username, JenFruzz. I am currently the Animals, Plants, & Nature (APN) photography Community Volunteer on DA and your host for the next week! To kick off APN Week at projecteducate, I felt it would be prudent to share this article with my thoughts on what makes APN photography an art form and what can be achieved with the skilled work of its artists.
The APN Categories
Like many of the photography categories on DeviantArt, the subject matter that one would expect to see while browsing APN may be obvious on the surface. In fact, looking at the subcategories of APN on DeviantArt, you might think there's no need for an article that explains what an APN photograph is:

:bulletblue: Aquatic Life 
   Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and yours a VERY happy Thanksgiving!
Enjoy this little feature!


Pilgrim's Bounty: Happy Thanksgiving by Rennali
   APN Adventures, Vol. 36
APN is the acronym for the Animal, Plants, & Nature photography category at DeviantArt. These recent APN deviations span vast skies to tiny insects. Our planet is truly a magical place!
Hopefully the following feature will inspire you to browse the APN Category or to even pick up your own camera and capture some of the world around you. Be sure to check the end of the feature for APN Community news. On to the feature!


"If only one could tell true love from false love as one can tell mushrooms from toadstools." - Katherine Mansfield

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