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You don't become a good artist. You already are.
One question I hear a lot is "Why did you watch me?! You are much better than I am!" and now I'd like to give you an answer.
Was it an accident?
Many people ask that did I watch them by accident or something. Was it an accident? No.
Sometimes I'm told that I'm not supposed to be watching certain people because "my art is much better than theirs". To be honest, hearing that makes me feel sad.
I am not watching people only for the art. That's only one of many reasons.
Okay, but why?
"You are much better than I am!"
Please, don't say that. For yourself.
I follow lots of people who have only a little experience. Maybe you are one of them. But it doesn't mean that "I am better than you". The way you draw your works and how you can make them look "badass" doesn't make you a good artist.
First of all, people shouldn't compare their art to others. This world is full of a
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My Fellow Countryman




Mdp 0840 2544 by metindemiralay the pussycat stage by monstermagnet
mutluluk, cocuk olmaktir by emregurten
Istanbul -16 by onurkorkmaz When The Cruel Realities Said Honestly by Hermetic-Wings
Let's get Radical by ziyakasapoglu
Deep by ictenbey shy lover by esmahanozkan
jump by arslanalp
Miss Pan by esmahanozkan D029 by MehmetPinar
After Hayyam by sinademiral
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$380+ design contest OPEN -deadline : 10/30/16
There was a lot more interest in this than i thought there would be so as promised here it is!

1) This contest will be judged by me so please be patient when the time comes for me to do so.
2) Don't note me entries! my notes are cluttered as it is so please reply down below to the comment that says well..
"Reply here with entries"
3) To keep this journal neat and tidy ONLY reply to one of the comments below, please dont comment over them!
:bulletred:!!!YOU MUST HAVE 2 ENTRIES OR MORE!!!
5) bases by other people aren't allowed UNLESS YOU'RE ENTERING FOR THE TABLET!!!! , you're able to use your own PERSONAL bases but that's it
6) both entries will be counted as 1, meaning if you're looking to win more than 1 place with 2 entries unfortunat
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Autumn Design Contest (Open!)

AHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED I haven't hosted a contest in a super long time but I really enjoy doing them, so I hope this goes well and everybody has fun! I always love seeing all the different entries people come up with and design contests are my favorite because it shows how even when everyone works from the same prompt, our ideas are totally different and there's so many ways to execute them!! It's the most inspiring and exciting to me.. I hope everyone is excited too ahhh, I tried to set it up so that even if you don't win you enjoy entering and still get something out of it! Quite frankly I just want to see more autumn designs going around because they make me really excited and inspired, just seeing more art alone.. would make me so happy... wiggles
Please read the journal in full before entering! I'm running it a little differently from most design contests, and I don't want to cause any confusion or misunderstandings! If you have any questions, feel free to
:iconyuristorm:YuriStorm 37 23
Verrelets/Glassdrops (Closed Species) Info Sheet
*Verrelets are a closed species, which means you cannot make one of your own without my prior permission! I do not claim the separate ideas/features for this species, but please respect my decision in making this, as a whole, a closed species!*

Physique and Appearance
Verrelets, occasionally called Glassdrops, are tiny creatures standing a few inches tall. They have glass-like features which commonly appear on their ears and/or tail, and a glass heart inside them. They are very, very fragile as their glass pieces easily break when dropped or handled roughly. This is why they live in glass bottles/jars/containers that cushion them with soft things placed inside (e.g.: cotton and cloth). They also usually have a particular endearing scent. Some smell like vanilla, others mint, etc..
Rarity Index
Verrelets' features come in many forms. Some of them have colored glass pieces while some have items inside their glass. However, their rarity s
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'On The Other Side' by Bats and Jess n.2

Hello and welcome to the second issue of "On the other side." With Bats and Jess
jesseboy000 and I "came up with the idea to create a gallery folder within Progressive-Street
that showcases some of our personal favorites that are street photos a little off-kilter from the usual.
As you can see in our header image we give a brief wording of what we look for in these images we choose to add.
Of the images we choose, we wanted to share our thoughts of why and how they stand out,
why they are a little unique to the more traditional street captures. Why we like them a lot!
:iconbatsceba:Batsceba 15 11
very important and i want you to appreciate this
Please do not note me unless you have got something REALLY important to tell me that CAN'T be discussed publicly / or only concerns me and you
I don't like notes and especially not the ones which you could've easily sent to me as a reply to the comment on my page
Like for example
"Hi, I really like your art"
I know some of you prefer to use notes instead of comments
But please consider that I personally almost never talk through notes (unless I tell you to send me one)
I would really appreciate it if you understood my point of view on notes
I know all of this sounds really weird
But I mean, everyone is different right?
Thank you for understanding
:iconzotiel:zotiel 29 26

(I really just wanted to draw this little guy again, I had an overcoat and scarf design for him which didn't make it into the other pic proper!)
:iconequestria-prevails:Equestria-Prevails 29 12
short n sweet RAFFLE [300+?? tysm]
;__; 3 hundo?? i don't deserve-
thank you so much afhgadfg
sooo imma be hosting this short and sweet raffle!!! 
ENDS SEPT. 30 11:59 PM central time!
i'll be picking 3 winners using the random number generator--

+must be a watcher (new watchers are welcomed~)
+must fav/share journal and comment down below your link
-i'll reply you a number!
that's pretty much it afghfdhfg again/
**if it's just ~50 entries, i might have to drop it to one or two winners /o/ 
:iconzeisu:zeisu 28 57
Vigo's Workshop - Bagbean plush commissions! OPEN

Welcome to the Vigo's Workshop! My name is Vigo I bet you didn't see that coming! and I do all sorts of creative stuff here! Oh, don't be so shy. I do not bite... often~ *ghem* jokes aside, we have a lot to talk about!

So you're new here, right? Don't worry, I'll guide you through all steps! First you must read the rules!
  In order to get a slot, you must be a bagbean owner! Gifts are allowed only if owner of a bean can confirm that they know about commission.
 Please, keep in mind that hand crafts are time-consuming! I'm an extremely slow worker and rather a shy person (unlike Vigo, he's a sociable dork, better talk to him), so I'll ask for details at the very beginning and
:iconshirothewhitewolf:ShiroTheWhiteWolf 27 24
favorite if you can
tw negative, suicide mention, all that other shit
i'm such a piece of shit, holy shit????? i'm so annoying, i'm like 200% sure all my friends hate me and want me dead???
i honestly want to kill myself again, but like lol
my girlfriend won't even answer me anymore, and i just, i want to die, i'm fucking worthless
honestly, let's just hope i get the guts to kill myself soon
:iconfluffsona:fluffsona 25 21
Raffle [OPEN]
Edit: oh pffffts silly me forgot to mention:
I won't be able to tell how many would actually enter through a poll
winner will be selected randomly from:
If a decent number doesn't enter I am dropping the raffle 

-1st place: 
One choice of anything from my commissions journal; 
-2nd place: 
a TOL custom

How to enter

- Be a watcher-- don't just watch me for the raffle for fuck's sake 
- fave the journal,
- leave a comment saying you wanna enter 
- extra ticket: share the journal 
That's it!
:icono-ironical-o:o-Ironical-O 25 58
 its disgusting how it moves im sorry
:icontrlcked:TRlCKED 24 8
Free quick myo raffle!
:iconrhyskrispies: is giving their milkpup myo slot they got in the monthly scavenger hunt up !
They are also selling/taking offers on their milkpup
Rules for the raffle:
Comment and favorite
Thats it
I'll draw the winner in the morning using
Feel free to spread this around if you'd like, but you wont gain extra numbers
:iconthe-milk-crate:The-Milk-crate 22 23
Mysterious egg contest! :)
My Dear Friends!
It is time to start a new contest with great prizes :la:
This time it will be a bit different from my other contests, but i hope you will like this to :la:
Here is a pic from the Mysterious eggs:
(You can change a bit on the designs if you like :) )
Theme: If you would like to participate choose an egg from the pic. Than draw a pic with the egg you have choosen. You can draw any theme (fantasy creatures, pokemons, my little ponies, animes etc). If you win the contest your choosen egg will be hatched and you won a sterling silver jewel which was in that egg. :)
You can choose the uncoloured egg to, than you can decide which colours would be the best for your egg.
You can draw as many entries as you wish.
Starts on 25th of September and Ends on 30th of January

1th place: You will get a sterling silver jewel made by me, which was in the egg you have choosen + 150 points

2nd place: 100 points
3rd place: 100 points<
:iconseralune:seralune 21 17
* Inspiration #2
I love all of you and if any of you want to add me on Skype, please send me a note. :heart: 
Also, I'm always open to trading or commissioning you!
 :iconpuffellie: :iconpansetta: :iconpaphappy: :iconpawbit: :iconpinemelons: :iconpjavino: :iconpocketsweat: :iconpokieo: :iconqayparade: :iconqrasshole: :iconqrosse: :iconquardiian: :iconquestionedsleeper: :iconqvem: :iconrabid-ruby: :iconrainbowshi: :iconraqweed: :iconrationalsporadicity: :iconrazapple: :iconrealitydoq: :iconredbolts: :iconremi-adopt: :iconren-chin: :iconretrofeather: :iconridealongwithme: :iconriimokon: :iconrinachany: :iconrobintheburb: :iconroboticnoodles: :iconrogueports: :iconroiar: :iconrussianblues: :iconryebugg: :iconryuvsfoxy: :iconsableu: :iconsabliier: :iconsaonkushirodrawings: :iconsarcas-tic: :iconsarcasticakes:&
:iconserenex:Serenex 18 158
Request Box: Open
i want to do some free arts for my watchers
to thank you for +800 watchers
I'm really aperciate it ^^
here's some examles of my arts:

How to request:
_of course you need to be a watcher (newest are welcome)
but lease don't unwatch me (if you will ; don't order)
_fav this journal
_share this journal in journal/poll
_link me you OCs in comment
_comment below with link of journal/poll & your OCs (don't note me ; notes will be ignored)
Thanks so much for reading ; Have a nice day!!
Note: -please don't be sad if i don't draw your character ; i will draw just characters which i like
also i will start drawing when i had the time ^^

get more arts from me:

:iconniti-pon:Niti-Pon 17 29
I am so sorry.
If you read the title, then you ask why.
Well, there is something about me, that has been making me very unconfortable.
My age.
I understand if you can't forgive me
I understand if you hate me.
But here is the truth: I am 14.
Thats it.
You can hate me if you want.
I was such an idiot. 
I dunno why I didn't told it in the first place.
Because I was too stupid for that.
I just wanted to look "cool" even if I am not that.
I don't know how you would react, but you really hate me for what I did, then I dont care.
I hate myself now.
Again, i was such an idiot.
You can call me out for that, I don't care. I learn about my mistakes.
Even when its hard.
I am sorry everyone for my lie.
I just don't want people to get me wrong..
But I am just proud for being the age that I am actually are.
I wish I really were 17.
Sorry everyone..
I am ready for the hate. I don't care anymore.
I just want to draw stuff and improve. :')
At least I have friends that I can trust
:iconxblanc-etihwx:xBlanc-Etihwx 17 198
show me ur sonas
and tell me something about them like their personality traits
i wanna draw some gifts but idk yet
now i wont get to ALL of them bc im sure u all have hot sonas but i can only do... somuch 
:iconerecpurr:erecpurr 16 99
100 chibi commissions challenge 100/100
stolen from @/radiiculous
$5 each 

$10 each
(price goes up if the character is complicated)

100 challenge to-do
:iconliontoys:liontoys 16 40
Caregiver/Little Community Awareness Week
Some of us in the Caregiver/Little community are starting a means of communicating with each other! We are trying to get an Awareness Week up and running! This is to help those in our community silently, and safely, show who we are to other Caregivers and Littles! 
Here is How: 
Starting September 26, 2016 those who wish to participate is to wear a piece of ribbon on their left wrist for the whole last week of September. We want to make this a monthly thing! So the last week of each month will be the time to wear your ribbon to signal other members of the community which role you are and that you are open to friendship! Each role has a designed color and needs to have the first letter of their role written clearly on the ribbon itself. 
Ribbon Colors: 
Daddies - Blue (with a letter D written on it) 
Mommies - Purple (with a letter M written on it) 
Boy Littles - Green (with a letter L written on it) 
Girl Littles - Pink (with a letter L written on it)
:iconxxbabysarahxx:XxBabySarahxX 15 25
500 watchers raffle !!
hmM ok so i reachED 500 watchers whICH MIGHT NOT SEEM like much but!! its 500 people that enjoy my art and its kinda crazy n really special to me QuQ
so i wanted to hold a raffle!! i dont think ive ever done one of these before but i might have done a small one long ago uwu
the first name i draw will recieve a fullbody, and the second will recieve a headshot drawing~
( examples of my art ; )

to enter you just need to watch me, but if you want extra tickets you can do the following !! ( please only watch me though if you like my artwork tho !! dont just watch me for free art~ )
- favorite this journal (+1 ticket)
- tag 3 friends in the comments (+1 ticket)
- make a poll/journal about the raffle (+1 ticket)
when you finish please comment telling me what you did (eg, make the journal or fave the journal etc etc !) so i can respond with your ticket number(s)!!
ill be using th
:iconadeiais:adeIais 15 21