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800 Points giveaway! :)

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 12:12 PM
Hello there!
I reached 6600+ watchers (and 160000+ pageviews), so I figured to do another giveaway for my watchers! 
I'd like to say thank you for all the support, kind words and replies! :) I do read all of them. I really appreciate it. :hug:

:star: PRIZES. :star:

There will be 6 winners for this giveaway:
1. 400 :points:
2. 200 :points:
3. 100 :points:
4.  50 :points:
5.  50 :points:
BONUS WINNER: Free request! :D

:star: HOW TO ENTER? :star:

You have to favorite this journal in order to get a number. (Your number(s) comes from the favorite list).
You have to be (or become) a watcher, since this is a giveaway for my watchers :D
This is required to enter!

:star: INCREASE CHANCES! :star:

Share this journal by making a journal/poll about this (this will give you THREE extra numbers/tickets). Post a comment with the link as proof.
This is optional!


The 6 winners will be decided randomly with

:star: DEADLINE :star:

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, the 29th of December.

Good luck! :)

Hi everyone) After a long time I've decided to open commissions. (Cos I want to eat something more tasty than instant noodles and buy nice presents for my close ones for X-mas >_<)
So check this out Bill Cipher wink ? 

10$ Headshot (5 slots open)

9ibiF7qt3aQ by UlrichRolandU-HhGUuI458 by UlrichRolandJ2MVCb7fxas by UlrichRoland
asvCzDn236w by UlrichRolandttmoX4X11Pc by UlrichRoland8CdreN vnCU by UlrichRoland

15$ Bustshot (3 slots open)

Untitled by UlrichRolandHNT2VJx--K0 by UlrichRolandDark Priest by UlrichRoland

20 - 25$ Halfbody (2 slots open)

Whip by UlrichRolandxHlQdxsOZB4 by UlrichRolandBadass by UlrichRoland

 I will draw:

  • All human and human-alike beings except real people portraits (no, I can't draw you/your oppa/your gf or bf/etc Sweating a little... )
  • If your character is animal I can humanize him (or her...or it...whatever)
  • Nude, gore :D (Big Grin) 

I won't draw:

  • furry, animals (I don't know how to draw them and definitely don't want to make some nasty things to their anatomy)
  • more than one character on image
  • as I said before - no real people portraits
  • kinky shit with tentacles or deformed genitals OMG 

I'll start to work after full prepayment. PayPal only.

If you are interested in my offer you can write me a personal message where we will figure out all details.

Just-do-it by UlrichRoland



Sat Nov 28, 2015, 1:45 PM by Andorada:iconandorada:
Adele7 by Andorada

Hello from the other side...

Adele  by Ethan26Art 

ADELE by DanielBockanic

Adele by jasric

A-D-E-L-E [WIP1] by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O

Adele by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O Adele by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O        Adele by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O

Adele by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O

ADELE by Bya-Bya

Adele by XxBeckyxXP

Adele by RAblewhite

Adele, Vogue by ashcolin

ADELE WIP I by sefibrahim

Adele by EmilyHitchcock

Adele by jinbaelim

Adele Sketch by kamalec

ADELE by Pawelta2 Adele Minimum Detail by ddanos adele II. by marika-k

Adele by skepticmeek
miss adele adkins by aramismarron

Adele by lucky-louie

adele. by marika-k

Adele by gmartstudio

Adele by esayelemay

Adele by MITSUO2

Portrait of Adele by JeisonRodriguez

Adele by heectorjose


Hello from the funny side...!

Please remember that the Community Volunteers want your input! FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

Hi there! :wave:

I know it's been a while since I posted in the group, but I do hope that you'll be open to a feature of the works you've been submitting to the group. We all have lots of groups we watch, and the deviations sometimes pile up - especially if you have an emergency you have to tend to, or you need to be offline for any amount of time. With that in mind, I've put together a feature of works recently submitted to the group. Over the next few months, I'll be going back through the older folders and including some of those superb artworks in future features.

If you find the artwork interesting, please let the artist know! They'd love to hear from you, just as much as you'd love to hear from anyone viewing your work. :)

Without further ado, please enjoy the feature! 


Jason Todd, The Red Hood - The Shelter's on Fire by DashingTonyLima Konata and Yutaka by Tohron1980
Bayonetta Cosplay by Nao-Dignity Harley Quinn Insurgency by DrikaCPR Elizabeth by KaahSantos
cosplay nidalee from league of legends 2 by Lucy-Dark-Dreams Ashley Graham RE4 alternate cosplay VII by Rejiclad
The Wolf Among Us - SnowWhite by Kiara-Valentine Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas by PriSuicun Don't. Make. Me. Nervous. by a4th

3-Dimensional Sculpture

Caterpillar from Alice and Wonderland by Sukhanov Celestial by KailynDickasonArt
: the crow snowglobe : by BastardPrince Steampunk-Arielle by Marike Reimer by newboldworld The Ambassador  life size 1:1 scale 17 1/2 inches by jesserubin
Young Toothless  - Handamde plushies by Piquipauparro FOR SALE Handmade Poseable Raccoon by MalinaToys
(Please bear with us while we do a little maintenance on that folder. We had not noticed that it was being used as a fan art and photo dump by several individuals.)

Traditional Art

Birds. by Solla-Damian L'Air de Printemps by chubby-manatee
WitchCraft - Happy Halloween 2015 by WhiteBETRAYAL The Beauty Of The Setting Sun by Jelena-Misljenovic 
Trick or Treat - Samhain by Anne86 blueberry gryphon by zarielcharoitite Michonne. 2015. by S-Burgess
Stormbringer by BlazingDragonLord The Orange Night by kissfan85
Dracula, Vampire Lord by AtmaFlare Golden Dawn by Natan-Estivallet
2. Diabolikal Rapture by Rose-Of-Blood000 the spirits of the seasons by zarielcharoitite

Digital Art

Iumi by Craftea Alessandra x Rossane by Rodinas
Alive by Jcdow3Arts Bloody Mongolia by MademoiselleDarlene
Commission: Princess Shimmer by galia-and-kitty My love letter to nobody by AlexandraVBach
Portrait of the modern day artist by NJValente Fantasmas e Sofrimento by Wesley-Souza
Room of magic by Cheza-Kun It's going to be something beautiful 2 by MerkeLuuk
Easy Rider by Aro79 Boba Fett by Hitotsumami
Sci-fi Portrait (PRINTS) by Lolita-Artz Winter's Hunt by KiyaSama
MORNING KISS by EBENEWOOD Pouring Rain by ScarlettLeigh
Black Mask by tarantinoss Dragon Soul by Varagka


Showroom Dummy by AlannahWilder All are welcome II... by thewolfcreek
Indian summer on the coast by LatchDrom Red-rumped swallow by KlaraDrielle
Tri-Cities Cable Bridge II by jxsnyder Big waterfall... by Dark-Indigo
The rest is silence by LewiARTs
A new life by MaresaSinclair ... forever and ever ... by FlowerOfTheForest
Flower Log (IR) by RuralCrossroads360 Whaouh by KlaraDrielle
Woven Galaxy by Finnyanne Byron Bay Lighthouse by guitarmatt1990
Flight by sylverface 41:52 - Light and Shadow by JoJoAsakura

Fractals & Patterns

Pine, frost and snow. by Kondratij Highlight perspective by SvitakovaEva
Wicked by Ludifico
Fractured Growth by lucid-light Soulis: Starry Night II by soulis0
Wisdom of the Ages by ElenaLight
Barge of Cleopatra by alikashuu100 Mechanical planet by dimitriui
Grand Hall by fractales75
Icy Heat by S-A-U-R-O-N Infinity Spiral by dimitriui
Death ball, Planet explode, ... by Amar25x
snail stripes by Andrea1981G sun flower-apo by sonafoitova

If you've submitted art in these categories but it's gone to the wrong folder, you'll notice your piece isn't featured. It was a shame to have to exclude a good bit of art, but it's one of the very few rules of the group, and it's in the description of each folder. If a folder gets full, just let RUI09 know, and she'll make another one. Please don't just upload wherever.

Please take a moment to review the group rules and folder descriptions here:  Rules to submit artworkOur group only accept fanart/original works, photograph
Please read and before submitting:
:bulletred: All the journal entries and/or promotional related works are not allowed.
Example: Visit my page, first xx who comment will get ..., commission open etc.
*Whoever who submit to wrong folder more than twice will get warned or blocked if needed.
:bulletorange: NOTE: Since we didn't limit your number of submissions, please be wise with your choices of artwork.
Please make sure your tutorial/steps is in a single image.
Featured folder only open for staff to choose.
Traditional Artwork
- This folder is for you to post your artwork which done in traditional medium.
* Please do not submit works with low resolution.
Example: Works that you take photo with handphone, blurry, shaky etc.
Digital Artwork
- This photo is for you to post your digital artwork!
Example: Photoshop, SAI, Coral paint.
- This folder is for you to post your photograph

If something is unclear, just ask and we'll be happy to clarify.

Next week, I'll be featuring some of the brilliant literary works in the group, so please take a moment to check that out. If you're not watching the group, or at least the journals, then you might miss future features. Please do watch the group's journals - we don't post them that often. ;)

Thank you all, and I hope you've enjoyed the feature! Please do let the artists know if you liked their works by commenting or faving their work and possibly giving them a :+devwatch:! :dalove:

Group Affiliates:

:iconshare-every-upload: :iconoc-bishies:
:iconart-all: :iconcnc-universe: :iconevery-type-of-art:
:icontradigitalart-club: :icongaming-and-fantasy:
:iconuncover-your-art: :iconno-judgement-for-art: :iconunited-as-one: :icongfx200: :iconpurrfectphotography: :iconunlimitedanime-manga:
Skin (c) RogueMudblood

OhSnap! - A weekly Photography Feature - #1

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 12:38 PM

 :spotlight-left: :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcaseOhSnap! :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase:spotlight-right: 


:camera: A Weekly Photography Feature :camera:  

:bulletpink: To enjoy, please FULL VIEW this journal :bulletpink:


:bulletpink: Weekly Deviations :bulletpink:  
Dancing on the water  by Frankiedabat

Chile - Easter Island by lux69aeterna

Intruder by leoatelier

Split Rock Lighthouse with Full Moon Rising by AugenStudiosAfter rain by AidaMercer
Guardian Angel by dinodude411

Time... by Csyyt

Autumn Day by MocrisI want to spring by ratinrage
Past through Mist by Spiritofdarkness
Still life with orchid and persimmon by Daykiney

An Autumn Dusting by kkartFlower Power by DanielOrmsbee
Mont Helena Autumn Sunrise by Wessonnative

Puominlahti by Grymstiff


Glacier Bay #1 by brianhallpictures

Window drops by Pierre-LagardeFrozen by Ikonokl4st
Around II by jjflox

Party by tiganusi

Lined-up tears. by SaschaRosendahl
Dangerous Tangle by DaemareGerbera by George-B-Art
Praying Mantis by Rinewal
Hidden gem by BelgerathoneReliable by HellFox
The Great Divine by MrSlowNiko
The Great Orion nebula and The Running Man by Captain-Marmote
Frank by dllavaneras

:bulletpink: Promoted Photographers :bulletpink:  

:bulletblue: Andorada
:bulletblue: Kendra-Paige
:bulletblue: phydeau
:bulletblue: iAmoret
:bulletblue: Nikonfinest

:bulletpink:Photography Contests :bulletpink:  

:bulletpink: Photography News :bulletpink:  

:bulletpink: Photography Groups :bulletpink:  

Every Saturday our "OhSnap!" journal will go out. Do you have a photography contest you're running that you want promoted? Know a Photographer that needs more exposure? Anything photography related that you'd like to share with others? Please send AshleyxBrooke a note with the topic of "ohsnap journal"

Also be sure to join our chatroom! I'll be looking there for more weekly features ;)   We hold all kinds of fun stuff in the #iPhotograph chatroom, Critique nights, PhotoFridays, Events, Etc. Wanna show off your new photos and get some pointers? Or just  looking to meet up with fellow photographers?  Find us here :D

Eventually we'll be adding on more photography related stuff so be sure to keep an eye on this weekly feature! Have ideas? Drop us a comment :camera:

-AshleyxBrooke  and the iPhotograph team!


My Traditional Values: Vol. 1

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 7:48 AM by OfOneSoul:iconofonesoul:


Welcome to communityrelations' kick-starter issue of...

- My Traditional Values!

What is "My Traditional Values"?

"My Traditional Values" is an interactive feature backed by communityrelations & Traditionalists that hopes to bring Traditional Art to the forefront of the community. This feature will provide the perfect opportunity for deviants of all galleries to show appreciation for the traditionalists among us. You may or may not tag others to participate in these features; it is not required. All that we ask is that you help us in further bringing to light the masterworks of talented traditionalists.

How to participate:

Simply create a journal titled "My Traditional Values" and choose one of the following to feature...

:bulletred: - A traditional artist you value,
:bulletred: - Or a traditional medium, like watercolor, charcoal, etc.,
:bulletred: - Or a theme you value. This can be anything. The sky is the limit.

Be sure to use the hashtag: #MyTraditionalValues :iconlainloveplz:
[You can apply "tags" to journals through the "submission" page.]

For my very first My Traditional Values feature...

- I value TooMuchColor!

TooMuchColor is an especially talented acrylic artist
that uses bright colors to recreate animals of all shapes
and sizes in their own beautiful style!

Panda - Step by Step by TooMuchColor
The Monkey by TooMuchColor Kingfisher by TooMuchColor
Green Python by TooMuchColor
Elephants by TooMuchColor Jelly Dance by TooMuchColor
Owl Rly? by TooMuchColor

Although I will be tagging people in my "intro journal", remember...


[Remember: even if you've been tagged before, there are different options on what you choose to feature.
The point isn't to answer your tag, it's to provide an opportunity for you to feature a deserving deviant.]

I TAG: JenFruzz, tiganusi, Queen-Kitty, morbidman187, Cassy-Blue, Mrs-Durden, hosagu, NemoX7, 3xternalResourc3, SavageFrog, STelari, Agaave, Astralseed, copper9lives, ShadowWorldRed, 3wyl, George-B-Art, Cherry-Ksyss, Tudalia, ARTificialphanTOM, bear48, reveur-artiste, AND ANYONE ELSE THAT WANTS TO TACKLE THIS! :dummy:

Can't wait to see what you value! :iconsupertighthugplz:

:heart: OfOneSoul




Official Community Relations group aimed at giving the traditional art community their own unique voice by providing a place to gather, organize, and inform others with the help and guidance of the traditional Community Volunteer team.
Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :icontraditionalists: :iconprojecteducate: :iconcrphotography:

Autumn Feature

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 12:11 PM

Profile | Gallery | Inbox

Autumn walk 3 by Csipesz
Autumn's not so sad #16 by SylveryFoxThe golden canyon by matthieu-parmentierAutumn dress by Fra-EmerAutumn in the beech grove by freMDart
Light at the End by thrumyeyeIt's Magic by WeissglutAbyss by MartinAmmA Winter's Tale by Zaralith
The fallen ones.. by bordaa little autumn moment by Rona-KellerGold by porbitalGrand Silence by meszarts
Autumn Alight by jaelise
Forest of linden III by LillianEvillFull Fall Glory by StephGablerMy youth dreams, tangled between old trees by iNeedChemicalXSeptember 26th by FramedByNature
Enter Mirkwood by erynlasgalenphotoartMorning Magic by KatharinaKueblerForest in Fall by Cormocodran15A Fairy Tale Ending by Chopen
Happy Trail by frozenDAXForest Stalker by artmusiccw
1874 by ashkylerOctoberforest by m-eralpOn a sunny autumn afternoon by irgendeine
lonely autumn by baravavrovaFire Labirynt by A2Matos1859 by ashkylerBroken with Flowers by Yiroko
forest by strcplp3Aloft by LilacLoreleiWaiting to Fall by ildiko-neerThe colors of Autumn - Part III by myINQIGolden by LinkyQ
Fairy-tale by myINQIYellow Trees Part VII by myINQIChalice of the Gods - Remake by myINQI
Autumn Poetry by MarcoHeislerPath of Dreams by erynlasgalenphotoartPumpkin Head by LiveArtBreatheArt
Invitation to dance by erynlasgalenphotoartGOLDEN GLOW by MartinAmmAutumn Destination by Thinking-SilenceWald #63 by HeikoGerlicher
Autumn Creek by realityDreamA few days ago by LewiARTsHELLO by augenweideLemon and Lime by TheSleepyRabbit
long path by dn1w3rGrist Mill by porbitalAutumn by KarolaxdYellow on Red. by marc-brunoSous Bois by hubert61
Forest Lights by Thinking-Silence

  • Mood: Jolly
  • Listening to: King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe-Be Free
  • Playing: with my subjective universe
  • Eating: my words.
  • Drinking: water

52 Week Photography Challenge - #48

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 11:30 AM
Welcome to CRPhotography's new 52 week photography challenge! Every Saturday we will be announcing a new idea for you to photograph, and submit to us via comment on each announcement journal. This project aims to challenge you with new concepts and requirements that you may not normally face. This week's challenge is:

Photograph something normally seen as "ugly" and render it beautiful!

This could be anything, a creepy looking bug, a dirty part of your town, a certain food item, etc. Think creatively!

  • You are free to interpret this prompt as needed.
  • All photos must be new, and specifically taken for this challenge.
  • Leave a comment in this journal with a link to your photograph.
  • The deadline is December 4th at 11:59 PM PST.
  • One winner will be selected, and will receive 100 Points within the first 2 weeks of the following month.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment here or send us a note.

Now go go go! And have fun!

Last week's challenge was:

Freeze the light in your photo by capturing a soft lens flare!

And the winner is: hawkwing22 with:

The General by hawkwing22
Congratulations! Clap

Top 3 entries:

Lensflare2-2 by bmeisenzahl73
Week 47-r e a c h i n g for the light by iAmoret
Soft colours by denesesavage02

Rarity art highlight of this week!

Rarity - The Frozen Generosity by Dashy21
Rarity by PurplefurLeafclan
mi version de Rarity by olysoyabi
Rarity by cjuhnke
Rarity by AdaDeimon
rarity icon by ultradolt
gravity works by karynironsides
Gently, please... by bjorn-bi
Just A Min by FreakDreams
Rarity by Blunchett
Rarity Anime CreateShake by BlueSapphireLily
Rarity by HetalianDerpy
MLP rarity in snow (use paint) by HuiRou
Nightmare Rarity by TheUltimateKitty
Rarity by NadaNedo
rr-3-GIF by float-cloud
Rarity by LovelyHeartMLP
Rarity by xXRainbowGirlyXx
Rarity beanie plushies floppy by SiamchuchusPlushies
Wittle Rares by Chiweee
Mane Swap by sugarpone
Rarity by DrawingStar2001
Generosity by Faoxie
Rarity by LuiLand
The Two Best Girls~! by figwine
Early morning Rarity by Me-and-Dream1
Rarity princess remastered final painted 02 by animeclaro
Rarity~ by viola-lee
Princess Platnum by Pineconelover12
Rarity by Truret
Princess Rarity by 9cynthia
Rarity by TheStrikeOfTheShadow
Rarity Christmas by princesslunalicious
Rarity In The Cave by LovelyHeartMLP
s1e14 Art of the Dress by Noben
costume no by SomeYellowPony
Rarity by Kema--Nafe
Rarity trial by Dr-Whiskey
Rarity pose by cmara
Rarity (request) by Esther-fan-world

Mature Content

rarity by solomiya16

Rarity by flashaydemylittepony
Rarity by AllunaKitsune
Rarity [MLP.EG] by Aizy-Boy40
Rarity and Spike drawing by PandaFoxGirl
Be fabulous darling by Firekitty8
MLP_Rarity by TheWarriorDogs
Rarity by SkylarSpeedpaints400
Rarity by mbirnsings71
Rarity by liliatura
Rarity by VanillaSwirl6
Equestria Girls Rarity by dsargentX
Untitled Drawing by emeraldchest
Rarity of the mirror by Nadisienka
Look Sweetie, Here They Come by My-Magic-Dream
When I draw rarity by asksteve121
like a shotgun by sharpieboss
New Fashion of Rarity by XxPartyDianaxX
rarity human version by Sparkleface123
Rarity by TonyDashie22
Clarity by AriaBlazeDistrict2
Aphrodite by CupcakeMania
Raritys Costume by spottygeeky57
Rarity has a Christmas Line by crystalthesnowpony
In the Avenue by RuxStone
Age Timeline - Rarity by Dawn22Eagle
Rarity- Element of Generosity by TehCherryDeviant6911
Rarity studying by Draxulaura
Rarity by Gillya-The-Fox
Rarity by Draxulaura
Rarity by purpline
MLP Rarity (Read Desc) by FairyGirl233
My Little Ponymon - Rarity by BrownieComicWriter
Rarijack Bunny Girls by AshleyNicholsArt
where have you been? by sharpieboss
skate dump by hillbe
Vanilla Pony (WIP) by AmberLumines
Rarity by PEGASISTER2251
Rarity Doodle by lizzy171002
Rarity of Diamonds by Nadisienka
Time slumber Rarity by Nadisienka
rarity x starry key stamp by mlpninjagofan
Rarity X starry key by Sparkle-wing
Queen of Diamonds Rarity by 7doran
Diamond Explosion by Florie-Primrose
Rarity element of Generosity by Pineconelover12
Rarity by VanillaSwirl6
Rarity As A Popstar by Starshine9

Mature Content

Rarity again by reijisakamoto

Winter... again by Lemanda
It's Just Divine! by MissAntura
New York Comic Con 2015 - Power Ponies(PS) 02 by VideoGameStupid
You Cannot Make a Revolution Wearing Silk Gloves by 10art1
Rarity by AislynnDavis
First snow by DrAltruist

dAWishingWell wishes feature (November)

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 4:00 PM


Today I'm having a special feature which is a feature of DD and exposure wishes from my lovely group dAWishingWell .
dAWishingWell is a community-based group on deviantART and only operates on deviantART. Our primary goal is to give a venue where community-oriented and other policy-abiding community members can not only make a wish but have their deviantART-related wishes granted, be featured and recognized for their talents and participation, and for these deviants to have a safe atmosphere to gather and share artistic and charitable interests.
So if you like someones artwork you can suggest them for a Daily Deviation feature (from the DD wishes), or give them more exposure (from Feature wishes) or comment / critique them (from the last part of journal) ^^

Don't forget to drop a note or comment in the group telling that you fulfilled someone's wish!!

PS. If you like this journal skin, you can install it from my gallery to use on your journal!

Daily Deviation wishes

Respect the Leopard and Beware the Dancer! by coastbeachartist
300530171707 by csmchowhkTraditional Commission- English Setters by Lilith-the-5th
Freya by Viokcha[Custom] Lily of the Sun by Konoei-Kreations
Rey and BB-8 [Hi-Res Textless Wallpaper] by Lightsabered Nezumi. No.6 anime fanart. by Taiss14
Brew by Imakegoodsushi SmaugSauronBatch by ArtKosh Atlantean Dreams by ShackledMuse

Feature wishes

Desprete help needed! {Be a hero}Hello, My name is Erin Arlet I am one of two special needs teen struggling to help my family.
I am raising money to help my sister and mother get out of a situation that should have ended long ago, When my mother divorced my father in 2002 my mother fell upon hard times as she lost her job and our home.
She raised two special needs kids on her own barely scraping by with bills, food, Medication and therapy.
Unfortunately the church housing found someone who would pay more rent and we where evicted, My father stepped in saying we could stay a month or two until we got back on our feet... It has been 8 years since that day
we are struggling to find help for therapy, School, Jobs.
In Florida that simply is not possible anymore and things are only getting worse as my grandmother is in hospice and my uncle has to pay for the ticket for my mother to go up to Massachusetts to spend what little time she can with her. But as we researched more about the state so many wonderful things came up, H
Commissions Offer ( ON HOLD! / CLOSED for now )    
Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, I've been talking about making adopt sales and Pay what you want commissions.
The reason for this is because My computer is on the verge of dying... And if I don't get it replaced soon I will end up without a computer... and therefore Jobless, until I get a new one. This also means no art, no covers, and no interactions until the issue is resolved.
These sales may last about 1 to 2 months, And all funds will go towards helping me afford a new piece of hardware.
I will be open to any donations people would like to make, but I'm mostly offering commissions and adopts! I want to work for funding my computer and not asking anyone to pay for it. I've always assum
My new account (help needed)Hi Deviant-pals!
Its a journal of selfish self-promotion.
As many of artists here, I earn my bread&butter by selling my art in on-line stores.
Until now i was completely happy with a small amount of money I got for my owl doodles, but now Its a time of  BIG changes (TM) in my life and I am trying to increase my income.
I need your help, it will take a couple of minutes of your precious time :D but it will be really helpful! 
simply go to facebook and like this page :
Thank you!

Floral Luck by Aadavy Beware by DX17
Live life... by EveSoderlundOfficial Jack Spicer by Banana-Spice Oruna by Gee-X
 Digital Practice by TheStorytellerLionDon't Trust Me by SNlCKERS Snowy Morning by Mistfurious

Comment wishes

  Witches at the CarnivalWitches at the Carnival by J.A. Grier
the crowd panics
covering their heads
terrified, as the witches
giggle and prance
circling round, they
cackle and twirl
flitting through the lights
hanging on the carousel
preening before mutant mirrors
I’m not running, I see
a group of them on brooms,
leaving now, something
struggling in their arms,
they’ve gotten what
they came for
time to party
"Witches at the Carnival" © J.A. Grier. All Rights Reserved - You must get written permission from me if you wish to repost, reblog, or otherwise reproduce this work in part or in whole.
Samhain TimeThe veil grows thinner
With each passing day…
It’s time for the light
To go away…
The time for the living
Is coming to an end…
It’s time for the dead
That we must commend…
Honor those who have
Already passed,
Of which our memories
Will always last…
For the more sinister
Who tricks do play,
We dress up and decorate
To keep at bay…
For the loved ones we wish
One more time to meet,
A treat we leave outside
For us to greet.
The Pride Sister : Table of Contents         This is the story of Nala's mother: :iconsarafinaplz: Sarafina. It covers her life prior to The Lion King, answering the question: Why did Mufasa choose to betroth Simba and Nala? 
Chapter One: Sarafina is introduced to the pride and given her first lesson on the duties of being a lioness.

Chapter Two: Sarafina’s older pride brothers leave the kingdom. She also gets another hunting lesson from Sarabi, and Sarabi gets a surprise from Mufasa.
Chapter Three: The cubs have their first encounter with a rival pride and also experience a “new beginning
Missing YouHello Grim,
In case you have forgotten about me, my name is Rose.  You’ve been gone for the past ten years and I miss you terribly.  Not even all the riches in the world would take away the never ending worry that I have for you.  Please know that even when you’re gone, I’m always thinking about you and when you’ll come back for me. 
Always thinking about you forever more,
Your friend,
The Grim Reaper looked at the note in his hands given to him by Mandy who had to fight with Saliva in order to retrieve the enveloped note labeled “Death” on it.  Thankfully Saliva’s saliva didn’t ruin the note entirely; the envelope on the other hand was a different story.
“What I’d like to know is that how this ‘Rose’ person managed to get that to you, Grim?”  Mandy asked as she sat cross-legged on her wide couch sitting opposite from where Grim was sitti

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