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1000 Point Raffle! Read Below!
Hello there! I wanted to do a raffle for Valentine's Day but Valentine's Day came and went really fast, and I've also injured my leg and had to get xrays that day! :noes: Nonetheless, I'm still holding the raffle!
:bulletgreen: +fav This journal!
And that's it :)
I will have a list together and will choose the winner via random generator! The raffle will close March 1st! Good luck everyone!
Want extra entries into the raffle?
:bulletblue: Make a journal advertising this raffle and post a link to it in the comments below!
:bulletblue: Subscribe to my youtube channel and post your username below!
Do all this and get a total of 3 entries!
:iconlexissketches:LexisSketches 76 52
Possibly Maybe V3

Pflanzmich by scheinbar
Snow Tree by ZephyraMilie
Sliding Through by Poromaa
grunge by Andaelentari
Half.Truths. by Noir-Division
Often We Meet In The Train Inside by Iskaeldt
Working dead by Sei-Zako
How icy are the Times 1 by pillendrehr
Caught Feeling (180/365) by MeanDarkSmile
O temps by baspunk
Windows of Berlin by Einsilbig
At The Gym by vamosver
. by aerendial
Lisbon 73 by JACAC
Cold Impression by ZephyraMilie
wintertrees by augenweide
Titanomachy by chriseastmids
The Wall by shishas
Garages by crossfading
Basking in the Early Morning Sun by FabulaPhoto
We all dance in a different universe by Twitchtic
[J'nF] by agevla77
Untitled by ltiana355
(quiet concord) by andrewpershin
:iconkizukitamura:KizukiTamura 35 15
poca2hontas February 2017 Feature
Welcome To My February Feature 
:love: As always i hope you are all well and thank you for your continued support which makes this a fantastic fractal group! :love:
Hooray i get to announce the winners of our 'Valentines' contest.
First of all thank you to everyone who entered as all entries were excellent :clap: and to view them go here:
:trophy: first place  and winning 120 points goes to coby01 for this stunning piece :heart:

Here are some other amazing fractals by Coby
:trophy: Coming 2nd and winning 70 points is GLO-HE with this beautiful work :heart:

Here are some more fractals by Gloria
:iconpoca2hontas:poca2hontas 14 58
Surprise Raffle! (OPEN)
Rainbow heart Rainbow Llama glitter02 glitter01 Hello sweet children of the internet glitter01 glitter02 Rainbow Llama Rainbow heart 

ok yes im ok
Well lets get to the point shall we!
I haven't hosted a raffle in some time and since I hit my 2 year anniversary on DA
in january I thought the timing is right xd
how to join?
Rainbow heart +watch (new watchers are welcome but dontunwatchmepieceofshit)
Rainbow heart favorite this journal
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Green Spring Envy #2
Spring Envy #1
for those who missed it




L'inquietudine by telmamalandi Passage into Beautiful World... by Tigles1Artistry Natural by Zoroo
Danger Level: Green by KatieHofgard abstract flowers - ultra fractal by SvitakovaEva
The head by ladyjudina downwind by quadratiges
In A Spin by Velvet--Glove 
:icongigi50:gigi50 10 29
[RAFFLE!] Thank You For +7K Motivators
Thank youuu!
Seriously, thank you all immensely. So much support I never expected!! :iconallmytearplz: :iconlazycryheartplz: you all are amazing and the support I receive on my artwork as comments and/or faves motivate me to keep doing my best. It's so so appreciated, you guys rock! :heart: 
As a thank you for all your support, I've decided to hold a raffle! Squee! Do enter if you'd like for a chance to win art! (:
Thank you all so much once again for making my day on so many occasions :iconuhuhuhuplz: :heart:
how to enter
Be a watcher (because this is to thank my watchers! New watchers are always welcome! ;P :heart: ) +1Favourite this journal please Big Fool Emoji-15 (Pervy Blush) [V2]  +1

Make a journal or poll advertising this raffle and send me a link :iconl
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a r t % f e a t u r e
I've wanted to make this feature much bigger but the pain in my hand is killing me... Sorry...
Enjoy the view...
    Happy Birthday Mike by BlueIvyViolet I would really, really like to have that leaf by Maria-Schreuders Rainbow Turmoil by Thelma1 t~win~ing by ChasMandala Hiding My Heart by BrightStar2 Spring Stirs In Its Bed by BlueDisciple Sea of Sensuality by Gmatty UF_ Duffting Mod 2017 by chetje
:iconludifico:Ludifico 7 11
Interesting thing about goldfish
I used to wonder about this. Almost every time I saw goldfish in an aquarium, with quality filter and food and everything, some fish still ended up dying early, or getting freaky-looking illnesses and tumors like:
The other day I found out, these fish are in fact sensitive to the SIZE of their aquarium as well!
Even though goldfish have a short term memory like a lot of small fish do, and being in a small home rarely makes them panic, it will still damage them with stress. (EDIT: Just got informed that goldfish have a memory span of 3 months, my bad. Still not so much memory span compared to the fact they can get around 40 years old, though.)
It reminds me of the cases of PTSD, where people forget cruelties because of mental self-defense, but they still live with a noticeable damage.
And then I also found out, the size of the home will not only influence the health and life span, but also the SIZE of a goldfish! And I mean, a DRAMATIC change of size.
Look at what bec
:iconjwiesner:JWiesner 35 39
Rarity week =)
Rarity art highlight of this week!

Rarity by Pastelii-Boii
Rarity by Flaming-Rainbow78
Be My Valentine (Rarity) by siggie740
Rarity wip by Heavy-Weight
Generosity by littlekissette
Rarity Valentine by AnnabellDerwin
Rarity in My Art Style by RainbowCreeperr
Mini Rarity Plushie For Sell! by astuyasiroh09
Color sketch for the gala by Kyotox33JDI
Be Mine by MantisLady
My Close Up by Liyuku
Rarity phone wallpaper by rabbitbear3060
rarity by VanillaDewDrop
Infected!AU: Rarity and Sweetie Belle by Earthsong9405
(MLP) Ms.Rarity Cosplay by KrazyKari
Of Parties And Carnivals by foxwhee
Rarity's Vacation: Aptekarskyi ogorod [9.1] by 7yashka7
Rarity's Vacation: Aptekarskyi ogorod [9] by 7yashka7
Rarity by Kiriiv
Mlp Rarity by SilenceShadowWolf
Artist Among Animals by AcreuBaLL
Floating Pinky by GeneralEcchi
Infected!Au - ''please help me'' by MariMey
My little Pony - Rarity Glam by MimicProductions
Rainbow Dash and Rarity by MlpShimmySunshine123
[Practice] Too late.... by girlsay
Rarity by arcticnight-art
Rarity and Spike by MlpShimmySunshine123
Thanks for the fave, Darling~! by AuraSinchaser
Rarity by jroxs12
MLP| Rainbow power Rarity by AkapiiART
Mane 6 by poppy-opium
I found a gem!!! by ArvinSC
Rarity Rainbow Power My little pony by IlonaDi
Rarity and Rainbow Dash by MlpShimmySunshine123
~True beauty comes form the inside by Shiny-Cooler
Best Sisters by SilversThreads
34 [Rarity] by Lizbeat
:iconrarityrarityrarity:RarityRarityRarity 6 9
Daily Eevee
Time I introduce you guys to my new little project I have going on. Since I've been struggling with motivation for the past few months, it's been difficult to work on anything big (like a comic) without having to force myself, so I thought why don't I just have something simple to work on instead? At least for now, until I get my art spark back.
So here is a twitter account I made dedicated to cute little Eevee drawings I'll make.
It's just started, so there isn't much at the moment. But if you like Eevee or pokemon in general (or anything cute) then feel free to give it a follow!
And because this is simple to work on, I can also work on bigger projects alongside it. Hoping I can get to work on maybe some fan art (or Klausen concepts) this week.
:icondennyvixen:dennyvixen 32 21
Feature 38-Big Cats
Star! Masters of Art Star!
                                                     Big Cats ~ part II Lions and Tigers in Kenya 

Big Cats in Photographs Camera



 Botzman the Amur Tiger by linneaphoto
:iconallison731:allison731 6 5
hey, my guys
as much as i really don't like headbobs memes,
please don't just..attack someone who makes/has made one before.
just because it's a headbob meme doesn't mean it doesn't take time.
=v= just human decency. please. use it.
:icondariinqq:darIinqq 30 14
Macro Spotlight Vol. 219
Spotlight Vol. 219
Macro Flower by GlaucoMeneghelliJumping Spider by MohannadQassab
Diamonds by IndigoSummerrSpiny weevil by ColinHuttonPhotoKeep the fire burning by AzphlightANDshadow by IreneHorvathIce Shelf by endprocess83Fighter. by OliviaMichalskiIn Winter's Silence by FemtoGraphyWeird Bubbles 2 by MinigunasDownstream by endaumSloe bug nymph by KaltiasSpider and Moon by OshimaruKung7285Garden Beetle by Jufington

:iconmarcosrodriguez:MarcosRodriguez 6 17
BadBoySans and GoodGirlFrisk mini AU info
This AU takes place on the surface in a city environment (mostly on high school grounds). 
This AU is a fluff Frans AU.
This ref sheet of Sans and Frisk has most of the info already in it but I will explain more info in this journal too. 

Sans plans on dropping out of the high school that Sans and Frisk go to due to his lack of interest in what's going on there, and it so happens that Frisk has a huge crush on Sans. Will she confess her love for him before he leaves? o3o
Sans and Frisk are the only characters that have design changes that differ from the game.
Sans is able to ride a motorcycle (his is black with neon blue wheels). He also doesn't like to listen to what's ask of him. His grades are low (he's a smart guy he just doesn't feel like doing any of his school work [he's a rebel]).
Asgore and Toriel are still married of course. 
Chara and Asriel are still alive both are age 16 like Frisk is (they also attend the same school
:iconreneesdetermination:ReneesDetermination 23 41
My Daily Deviation Highlights XXXVII
My 37th Daily Deviation Highlights journal.
I'll share with you my favorite Daily Deviations !
Hope you like it !
Star! Star! Star!Star! Star! 
Studies: Lost in Nightmares by AtreJane

 Featured by Gejda
Bullet; GreenGiven 10.2.2017
Smaug eye sculpture in medallion by TRYBcomPL

 Suggested by bluediscord and Featured by pinkythepink 
Bullet; GreenGiven 10.2.2017
:icongeorgexvii:GeorgeXVII 5 7
You know the drill
I've done this many times before sooo who ever tells the best joke will get a free request. Cuz yeah 
:iconshgurr:shgurr 21 192
Ink and Watercolor ~ Winter Feature 2017
Hello Ink- & Watercolourists!
We hope you're having a nice year so far.
Thanks for your submissions, here's our winter feature:

Crfy18482 by Magnolia-Elv
Sunny Day by MonokanguyenMadame de Pompadour by daichikawacemi
Lea by DavidStaegeUnderwater tales by Lusykia
Tidal by CalmalityOVERWATCH - Ginger TRACER V2 by Why2be
Couple at their Wedding by IrieGyalOlorin by peetThe Doctor and the Kitten by Scarlett-Winter
Love by AutumnPGeerSix little prisoners by Neferu
Frozen river by sezarkaWe Need Everyone by hititle27th of Last Seed by RipeDesu
Crow Lane by phantsythatFoxy-Whiskered Gentlemen by Oddeum
The God in the Tree by Manuela-MBlue Star Ch2-7 by charcoalfeatherMallorca - garden of Son Marroig Mansion by JoaRosa
Rocks by Valentina-MustajarviThe Descent by ebjeebies
Lake by eiger3975Three Guardians by TrollGirlTime off by STelari
Apricot Roses by InkAndMoonlightFlower bed by Scarlett-Aimpyh
Arcanine Caldera Spirit by blix-itTiny Inklings: Rabbit hill by GnuliaSpring hare by eliramouse
Nap by ChristinaMandy
Previous Features:
Autumn '16 |
:iconpseudozufall:pseudozufall 5 12
[Feb] Commission shop NEW style!!
Whoop! Hello guys welcome back to my shop!! :heart::heart:
I added new style for my commission shop so my customer wouldn't get bored <33 if you're interested or just want to stopping by, feel free to scroll down and check out my commission style! ✿

✿ Pixel icon ✿
(4) (5) (6)(7)(8)
✿ Pagedoll ✿
Babu paige
$18/1800 pts
(2/2) by macaarons
Mini pagedoll
:iconmacaarons:macaarons 20 8
Weekly Feature 139
Every week I feature art that has left an impression on me~

Soraka by AlisaHalloween313thelementalist lux by vempirickA Flower girl by z-luna
:iconmanagodess:Managodess 5 18
dying inside
i just want to take this time to appreciate the people who go through so much just to do
amazing work when editing---
you have my respect 
and i coughed all the way through making this he lp 
:iconameraxi:AmeraXi 19 9
Highlights of the week -6th Edition 2017
Lilith is her Ancient name...
I saw her many times,
within the shadows,
I listened her lullaby
and sweet words
but tried to avoid her,
until the night when
She spoke to me in dreams,
the snake pierced my skin while she took my hand,
smiling she said to me 'you won't die',
you are now my child,
you will live in my realm,
baptized with her crimson kiss,
my fate was sealed,
Dark temptress,
Mother of the fallen,
Lustful Goddess,
Lilith is her Ancient name,
Proud daughter without regret,
my soul belongs to her,
fearless at Lilith's Realm,
the cat and the snake protectors given by her,
walk at my side,
Lilith,I have delivered to you
what I am,
eternally living in your dark embrace.
Poem by: :iconvillenueve: at gallery:

Highlights of the week-  6th Edition 2017.
Lilith's Realm proudly showcases the best of its galleries every week.
*Thank you to our great staff for their hard work at home!:clap::heart:
:iconliliths-realm:Liliths-Realm 4 6
In this style!!

How to join: 
-Fave this journal 
-Post a journal, poll, or status advertising it
-Comment including the journal, poll or status!
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