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Key Tag : #savewebcams

We people have been always with deviant-art all the time, and we are happy to be a part of it, we love it.. But dont fail us by taking things we love, we people always love those funny random images they used to take from internet. Why taking out that awesome Widget? 

This is our way to protest, We want it back. We love it.. Until you people put it back. We wont use any premium features. and we wont buy any premium, If there is anyway to remove the premium we will do that too.

Instead of removing something we love, we would like to tell Deviant-art staffs that, give more time to find solutions to avoid unnecessary spams, control the bullies and harassment in better way.. what the fcuk is wrong with you? why making us sad?

NOTE: we expect you will remove this journal also.because that's the way how everything is working nowadays.

Whatever we don't care, we stay on truth.. we stay united. We love art world..

We are Artists are United #mrfartsinc #mrfarts #unitedartists #savewebcams



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Coding by UJz and by MelikeBAt


Easter Game - prizes reveal!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2015, 2:33 AM

I hope you enjoyed the game!

Now it's time for revealing the prizes that eggs were hiding!

#1 The Egg of laziness OUT by UszatyArbuz #2 The egg of obviousness OUT by UszatyArbuz #3 The egg of mystery - OUT by UszatyArbuz #4 The egg of cuteness OUT by UszatyArbuz #5 The egg of fanciness - OUT by UszatyArbuz #6 The Egg of lame - OUT by UszatyArbuz #7 The egg os sassyness OUT by UszatyArbuz

#1 The Egg of laziness

10 :points: from  Arhar
Icon from  Unsuspicious-Pizza
Tiny art from  Amarantheans
Watch from  MIM199
Llama from  Felizias
Llama from  Amarantheans
A group journal feature from  CrazySquad
A personal journal feature from  Felizias
A personal journal feature from  Amarantheans
A fav from  SabakuNoShi

#2 The Egg of obviousness

Drawing from  InstantComic
Pixel drawing from  Arichy
Llama from  InstantComic
Llama from  SabakuNoShi
Llama from  BRSpidey
A group journal feature from  Amarantheans 's group
A personal journal feature from  InstantComic
A personal journal feature from Andorada 
A fav from  VivaFariy

#3 The Egg or mystery

80 :points: from me
A free adopt from  VivaFariy
Comments from  AlexanderPaupoff
Llama from  Aravil1
Llama from  TarmaHartley
A group journal feature from  PetAntics
A personal journal feature from  TarmaHartley
A personal journal feature from  VivaFariy
A fav from me

#4 The Egg of cuteness

A bow for your llama or 40 :points: from me
Kaleidoscope from  Yoruichi-Takashi
Haiku from  VivaFariy
Llama from  Morphicelus
Llama from  VivaFariy
A group journal feature from  Come-One-Come-All
A personal journal feature from  LacedShadowDiamond
A personal journal feature from  BloomingRoseXeniia
A fav from me

#5 The Egg of fanciness

50 :points: from me
10 faves from Arhar
A drawing from  skullabaez
A headshot from Noctualis
Llama from Candyfied
Llama from  LacedShadowDiamond
A profile feature from  Arhar
A personal journal feature from  Arhar
A personal journal feature from me
Two favs from  BRSpidey

#6 The Egg of lame

A sketch from Candyfied
Small chibi drawing from Lilith-the-5th
Llama from BloomingRoseXeniia
Llama from Arhar
Llama from Noctualis
Group journal feature from The-Green-House
A personal journal feature from BRSpidey
A personal journal feature from me
Fav from BloomingRoseXeniia

#7 The Egg of sassyness

A free adopt from LacedShadowDiamond
2 comments per 2 artworks from Arhar
Chibi from Yoruichi-Takashi
Llama from AlexanderPaupoff
Llama from MIM199
Group journal feature from DogsOfTheWorld
A personal journal feature from AlexanderPaupoff
A personal journal feature from me
Fav from me

#1 The Egg of laziness OUT by UszatyArbuz #2 The egg of obviousness OUT by UszatyArbuz #3 The egg of mystery - OUT by UszatyArbuz #4 The egg of cuteness OUT by UszatyArbuz #5 The egg of fanciness - OUT by UszatyArbuz #6 The Egg of lame - OUT by UszatyArbuz #7 The egg os sassyness OUT by UszatyArbuz

And now a special surprise!

I've got for you a raffle for a few stuff!
Every participant got a number like so: 1st egg 1-10, 2 egg 11-20, etc..

1 by UszatyArbuz
#13  :icongeorge-b-art:

George-B-Art  will get a feature "Artist Spotlight" that is hold by Felizias !

2 by UszatyArbuz3 by UszatyArbuz4 by UszatyArbuz5 by UszatyArbuz
#70 :iconlolitartheist: #10 :iconshadowdragonwings:
#58 :iconmyhowrse-jellybean: #40 :iconhooded-pigeon:

lolitartheist , ShadowDragonWings myhowrse-jellybean and Hooded-Pigeon will get one cake badge from me!

6 by UszatyArbuz
#66 :iconvivafariy:

VivaFariy will get 100 :points: from me!

I hope you enjoyed it!
I tried to randomly mix the prizes through particular eggs and make it as egual as possible.

And two a bit more serious things
Message for participants: Please don't complain on the people's art /prizes/ that you'll receive - it's totally not nice, it's my good will that I allowed you to participate and it's their good will that they contributed prizes and it's just a game to brighten up one's day. You won't receive here drawings that usually can cost $20 because it's just ridiculous. At least don't complain, just say "thank you" and move on.
Message for prize contributors: I'll be sending notes asking to contact the participants, and because there were problems in giving prizes in my last game (some people as still waiting for prizes!!) I decided to make a list this time. It's a game, but when you are saying that you will contribute something, you should be obligated to do that. That's why I asked to decide what can you give, bearing in mind your time and abilities. How would you feel? You don't want anybody to be sad and disappointed?

:bunnyla: I hope you enjoyed the game!  Have a wonderful Easter / Spring Break!:bunnyla: 

Skin by UszatyArbuz
  • Mood: Spring Fever
  • Listening to: Pearl Jam
  • Drinking: cappucino

Years long hunt has finally come to an end!!!



BUT she knew were to buy it and they still HAD IT SO I GOT IT SGSDG


Win 20150328 215511 by griffsnuff

Contest time :D :D :D

What ya gotta do ?

Its simple
do something with one of my characters (character list) in any form you want
(forms like human or equestria girls or genderbend , everything is possible)

What can ya win ?

first place
- 1500 points
- 3 free commissions (can be anything)

second place
- 1000 points
- 2 free commissions (can be anything)

third place
- 750 points
- 1 free commission (can be anything)

I wish i could do something special with the prizes , but the only thing i can offer are points and commissions , sorry
if you maybe have an idea for a prize please tell me , maybe i can do that too :D

- more prizes will be added if i get enough entries

side notes
- you can totaly draw your own OC with mine , i would love that ! (or canon characters , do what you want ^^ )
- traditional art or digital art : i both love em
- not really into drawing ? you can also write a story or something ! (or both , if you want to make a comic)
- if you want to make an entry together with someone , thats totaly possible , you'll have to share the price though x) (the commission prizes will change in an even number though , so the sharing is fair)
- you're allowed to use bases ! just no pony maker or something like that :U
- you can make as many entries as you want , but only one can win

You dont need to be a watcher to enter this contest , dont worry , i would love it if you could make a journal entry about this contest though ^^

contest ends the tenth of may

no need to ask if you can join : you can !

Lets keep her in our memories forever.

Fdgsdgfdg by Iyd


R.I.P. 76€ 

he accidentally kicked it down and it broke.

It's kinda my fault because I put her on the edge of my table and he came over to bring me a chocolate bar and with that move he kicked her down

First I was like

brother look

you broke it

and he said
"no way" 

I simply picked it up and went downstairs and gave it to my mum

my mum got really mad because 76€?????????????????
and we both had a shitstorm at my brother and started insulting him a lot because SUCH THINGS HAPPEN TO HIM ALL THE TIME??? AND HE NEVER LEARNS??? He was always thinks he did the right after he messed something up. And my mum and I were starting like "HOPEFULLY YOU WILL FINALLY LEARN" 
and he seemed so sad and upset I feel kinda bad for my words |,,D

I'm proud of my self I only cried a bit and it were like 2 tears B))) fuck yea manly caint being manly

My mum glued it up and it's basically fine but yea

I really don't know how to deal with the situation because I kinda feel bad for him and I'm also REALLY mad because it's my wasted money 
but hey, when I do my next 3D print, he has to pay it. That's a nice thing isnt it

yea this is basically feara right now v
Rip21 by Iyd

Design contest WIN 100 POINTS

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2015, 5:00 AM

Okay guys so we have a spring. We can see little flowers and green leaves. I started dream about new "warm" character. It's contest for you
Make me a spring character design!
Your task is to create the creature for me with spring theme. It can be a hybrid (I love hybrids) but not necessarily. Male or female.

most desired colors: Color scheme 1 by Kyasarinn
You can also add: Color scheme 2 by Kyasarinn

 I write you a lists what I like, you can choose animals or traits from this but if you have yours ideas - go ahead.

Canines (wolves, foxes, dogs [salukis, beagles, Pomeranians, papillons])
Felines (domestic, tigers and ocelots)
Ferrets, weasels and otters

Long ears
Long tail
Extra fluff
eyes with heterochromia or some kind of fantasy eyes (bi-colored or shaped pupil, etc.)
Bangs/long hair
Horns and hooves
Real flowers or plants (I mean here not in fur design)
Long whiskers anywhere on body

You can create any fur markings

You don't have to use all of traits from list!

Contest ends for two weeks  11th April (no extend)
The works should be 100% yours but if you find "good lineart (not a simple wolf or cat etc.) you can use it.

Unfortunately this time I can't draw so the main winner will get 100 :points: + monthly feature in my gallery page

All entries will be prized too - everyone who will give me drawing will get 10-50 :points: (depends how many entries I get in total)

If I don't pick yours design you can keep or sell it.

You can also write a journal about it but it also not necessery

You can give as many entries as you want (+ every finished entry got the points prize)

Good luck everyone and if you have question just ask :)

1. :iconponyoflikesaj: For a contest by PonyoflikesAJ
2. :iconwolfcyrstal: entry by Wolfcyrstal
3. :iconshadowclipseavi: CE: SPARKLIN LIKE A BOWSS by ShadowClipseAVi
4. :iconshirokiwi:…
5. :iconlola7078: For a contes by Lola7078
6. :iconcrazzycupcake: Contest entry for by CrazzyCupcake
7. :iconneverhappywithmyname: Contest Entry by NeverHappyWithMyName
8. :iconpatik12blue: Design contest by PatiK12Blue
9. :iconflaamez: :Contest: Jackalope Easter design by Flaamez
10. :icon8aa66nj5: Custom Spring Adopt 1 by 8aa66nj5
11. :iconphoenixmaster13: Contest Entry: The King of Vernal Equinox by Phoenixmaster13
12. :iconeasternwolfy: Contest Entry ::CLOSED AND NOT YET MADE SPECIES:: by EasternWolfy
13. :iconrufflemoon61562: Oc Contest by Rufflemoon61562

Woow guyz so many great entries so far, thank you VERY much! :heart:

CSS and profile design by UszatyArbuz edited by Kyasarinn

Digital ART Feature

Sat Mar 28, 2015, 9:07 AM

Profile | Gallery | Inbox

My latest artworks

Close encounters of the forest by RazielMB
Dreams in Blue by RazielMB
The last rays of light by RazielMB  :heart: Isle of Skye by RazielMB

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Digital ART
Awesome artworks

Martyr Remembered by AyameFataru
Mikasa by pershun :heart: The Purple Rose by SansaXIX

Can I wish for a better tomorrow ? by MoonZaphire
Mystery by stgspi
Dark Cave by Shamanik7 :heart: Goodbye Moonlight by Matkraken

: theo : by BastardPrince
Medea by Aegis-Illustration
Flight to the Whitewood by BJPentecost :heart: Meanwhile, In The Future by NikolaDrca

Sunset... by Matariil
transmute by ceruleanvii
Dance With The Devil by tincek-marincek
Sanctified by MarcoHerrera
Memento Mori by J-u-d-a-s
Lets Get High cd cover art by SweediesArt
Jeanne d'Arc by FictionChick :heart: The Death by peroni68

Last House on the Left by rsiphotography
Sailor Neptune Crystal by Maryneim :heart: Sailor Pluto Crystal by Maryneim :heart: Sailor Venus Crystal by Maryneim

new spring by KPEKEP
Into Darkness by MoonRoseEternity
Creator by msfowle :heart: Celeste by msfowle

Angelique by gotman68
A Silent Haunting by MoodyBlue
Rockabilly by stellartcorsica :heart: Dark Queen by stellartcorsica :heart: Fly me to the moon by stellartcorsica

Escape is inevitable...................... by pjenz
Sisters Of Night by Manink :heart: New World Order by Manink

Cloud road by tamaraR
Cleopatra by EstherPuche-Art :heart: Guardian by EstherPuche-Art

Night-And-Day by EnchantedWhispersArt
Adalia by goldfishkang :heart: The Forest Doctor by inanna-nakano :heart: Kiriban - ppgrainbow by serafleur
Antecedent Terminus by alexiuss :heart: You've always mattered. by alicexz :heart: Close to heaven by AlviaAlcedo

Sunlight by liiga
Invocation by elreviae
Ancora by nehas91
:heart: :heart: :heart:

Some DD's suggested by me...

Path to Terror - Diablo 3 Contest by Pertheseus
Floaters of an alien world by Elitanna :heart: Hierophant by juliedillon :heart: The Storm. by Claudia-SG

Eden by Blumina
Space Background Stock Pack by QAuZ :heart: Shell wallpaper by manapi

The Night and the Silent Water by ForlornExistence :heart: Vein by DimiBudiaci :heart: Serpent-Mage by LadyOwl

Witchblade by truefd
Valles by depingo :heart: 121614 by moldyb :heart: Goodnight Moon by Llassie

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Have you all a great weekend!



censorship rant

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2015, 1:44 PM

 strong language ect with a lot of opinions. cant handle then dont fucking read it.

okay one thing i hate about the human race is censorship. we are taught from a young age that we must cover ourselves up and it is wrong to look at others genitals. we are taught that its naughty, inappropriate and everyone must cover themselves up so not a single spec is viable otherwise you are a whore or there for sex.

i fucking hate this. in art we have to put mature content on because people get offended by seeing the parts of a humans body ? i mean what the actual fuck is wrong with people who have to go through the extend of commenting on a persons piece with a complaint there is no mature content or warning on them for genitals ? every single one of us has a penis, vagina, boobs or multiple of things idc. i hate how in this society we are taught that its a bad thing to show them. so as humans "revealing" clothing is slutty. its disgusting to show anything of your body well no fuck you be proud of that fucking perfect body you have. im not saying go run around the streets naked but, especially in art, people are actually OFFENDED by what everyone has ?? i mean wtf

people are judged by their parts of their body whether it be genitals or just their shape/weight, features or idk color but the thing that annoys me more than ever is the fact people find others repulsive if someone were to be drawing or something with a fucking boob showing. how the hell are people suppose to improve anatomy or learn about the body more if people find it fucking awful that someone would study human parts ??? it pisses me off that people even just make fun or act like they have never seen a pair of tits or a dick before.

sorry if this makes no sense but fucking hell