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FREE Points and Art!!! // and Important Updates!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 8:26 AM

Free Points Raffle!

One person will win 100 :points:!  I will draw the winner using after a day or two.

How to Enter:

:bulletpink: Watchers only!

:bulletpink: Favourite this journal.

And that's it!  Thank you for participating.^^


(must enter on Youtube)

And important deviantART and Youtube Updates!

Just covering some complaints and explaining how my channel is developing... you know, updatey stuff!  And giving away FREE ART!!!o3o

Link to my channel in case you're having trouble entering the giveaway:

::Skin and CSS by Shattered-Earth::
"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it." -Henry Ford.
Hey everyone!

As some older members may remember, I held a Win a Sushi Dog Contest last year giving out a Triptych to first time owners.  It was very successful and I am happy to know that CursedFire still owns Ichigo Daifuku after all of this time.

So, I am going to host another art contest this year.  This year, the Sushi Dog that is the prize is a lovely design by my friend, Papinella .  She has been my friend for over a year and is an amazing artist, as well as a designer.  This soosh has been taken to the Sushi Salon and had a lot of love put into her.  Therefore, the characters that you must draw will be both mine and Pap's.

The Sushi Dog up as a prize for the winner is Pastel Pink Rose Macaroon.

Charity the Pastel Pink Macaroon Soosh by Star-Shade

:bulletpink:Standard Build:bulletpink:
Common Cheek Pouches
Rare Tail Bandanna
Rare Bandanna Gradient
Uncommon Ribbon Knot
Uncommon Side Ears
Uncommon Long Whispy Tail

(The neck bandanna is an accessory)



In order to take part in this contest, you cannot own more than five Sushi Dogs/Cats. If you own five you may still enter, but no more than that.  While I would love to host for first time owners only again, I got a lot of hate last year for doing that and just can't do so again.

Please note that this contest is not affiliated with the Sushi Dogs group!  Please do not contact/harass the other admins.  All questions should go on this journal directed towards myself and Papinella.


You must own less than 5 Sushi Dogs/Cats as stated above
All entries must be 100% done by you.  No bases or premade lineart will be accepted.
(Entries can be anything from digital-traditional, icons-plushies, however no literary work will be accepted.)
You must read and adhere to the Sushi Dog TOS before entering.
No harassing myself or Papinella about this contest.
All Sushi Dog group rules apply!  If you are blacklisted or have blocked any of the admins, you may not enter.
You cannot commission another artist to do your entry for you.

Entries will be judged by both Papinella and myself on quality.  You may enter multiple times.

Here are the characters you may draw.  Please keep ships in mind, especially with Roshin and Tzipora as they are a permanent couple.



You are my Sunshine by PapinellaLil sassy girl by PapinellaNanuya by PapinellaElene and Adele by PapinellaRainbow Bunny Peep Cake - MYO Sushi Dog by Papinella

Faerie by PapinellaAdelaide Reference by PapinellaSylvia by PapinellaYue the Sushi Cat by PapinellaTzipora by Papinella
Pixie Quick Ref by PapinellaArianna Quick Reference by PapinellaMaple Reference by PapinellaParilla Quick Ref by PapinellaNanouk Quick Ref by PapinellaInk Butterfly - MYO Foxfan by Papinella

Star Shade

Blinkie the Dutch Angel Dragon -Ino- by Star-ShadeMicah the MMP Sushi Cat by Star-ShadeRei the Foxfan -Base- by Star-ShadeTsuki the Goodnight Moon Cake Sushi Dog by Star-ShadeRoshin the Aurora Borealis Fondue Dragonsoosh by Star-ShadeCassius the New Years Popstar Cake Soosh by Star-ShadeSienna the Candy Corn Weaver by Star-ShadeFlynn the Electric Pink Lemonade Gummy Soosh by Star-Shade



First Place Winner

Full Ownership of Charity, the Pastel Pink Rose Macaroon Soosh
$30 USD or 3,000 :points:

Second Place Winner

$20 USD or 2,000 :points:

Third Place Winner

$15 USD or 1,500 :points:

Prizes may go up depending on the number of entries!


Deadline is May 22nd 2016 at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

shadow play vertex

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 5:09 AM

Shadowplay III by endegorShadowplay VIII by endegor

Reflection II by MarinaCoric_Reflection I by MarinaCoric

Human space VII by mariasvarbovaHUman space V by mariasvarbova

el Silencio... by ParallelDeviant_I Turn My Back On Your Memories by ParallelDeviant

A Global Speed Art Affair by EintoeRn
And please do no hesitate to take a full preview of the book here:

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  • Reading: true
  • Watching: true
  • Playing: untrue
  • Eating: bœuf bourguignon
  • Drinking: true

Artisan Crafts Week

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, are you ready for it? No? Me neither! :la: If you need last minute gift ideas, this collection is for you! I put together a list of lovely craft tutorials that  would make beautiful handmade gifts, my favorite kind of gift. I tried to pick tutorials with supplies that should be easy to get, or that you probably already have laying around. Most of this things should be fast and easy enough to make, even if you don't have lots of experience in any of this crafts. Let me know if you try any of them!

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Here in Mexico it's the day of "love and friendship", so we celebrate more than just romantic, couple's love :) growing up I always gave gifts to my friends, and even today gifts are exchanged in offices, classrooms and within other groups of friends. Even if you're not in a relationship right now, this is a good opportunity to tell your friends that you love them. Happy crafting!


Celtic heart tutorial by Ghostartist1

Cute gift ideas

Some of these tutorials use polymer clay. No access to it? You can make cold porcelain instead!

Pop Up Valentine's Card by markcrilley


HH How 2: Chocolate cupcakes by Darqx

The Unseen Stock - February

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 11:37 AM
:heart: If you like this feature please add it to your :+fav:s (:

Urban pagan IV by Cendrayliss--Stock Poettearstock 6 by PoetTear Urban pagan outside4 by Cendrayliss--Stock STOCK vintage dress II by MyladyTane
Untitled by LaMarkStock Cowboy Swordsman 11 by 9thPlanetStock witch by Theia-modele
Dark by Theia-modele GloomyWaterhouseWomb Version alpha III by Cendrayliss--Stock Lormet-Cosplay-0969d-sml by Lormet-Images Old woman leper in medieval time by A1Z2E3R
Poettearstock 14 by PoetTear
STOCK_MysteryRedHead1 by Bellastanyer-STOCK Untitled by LaMarkStock Bella 94 by RachgracehStock
elfe by Theia-modele RedHair7 by KillerZonk Medieval burgrave by A1Z2E3R STOCK - The Huntress 4 by TheGhostSiren
Pirate-19 by Theia-modele Lorelei [Stock] by TheLadyFalcon JuliaBlack5 by KillerZonk
Untitled by LaMarkStock
Stock by FrancescaAmyMaria Pow Wow1 by Gnewi-Stock Lormet-Cosplay-0886D-sml by Lormet-Images BW3 by KillerZonk
Gothic Girl - Stock 14 by Rosenrot-Photography Untitled by LaMarkStock LiLa2 by KillerZonk Waldfee - Stock 1 by Rosenrot-Photography
witch by Theia-modele
Parnu nature 223 by MASYON Fireworks by Lilinaceleste Glasgow Loch In Winter by SamIAm75
Sky Stock2 by Gnewi-Stock Rock and wind II by Cendrayliss--Stock Died trees and alive trees in winterscape by A1Z2E3R
Valley Entrance by Crysomandiaz
FREE STOCK!  Basalt outcroppings in the Prairie... by LakeSpirit3 ft-stock-res-forest0020 by ft-stock-resources Fog 3 by landkeks-stock
Stock 264 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock Tree Stock 6 by Sarah-Katherine Autumn Stock by Sue55 Waterfall with Rainbow by AmberSeree
Rocks 1.0 by Sed-rah-Stock
Exploration 01 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Free Rock Stock by Snowenne Ice IV by Chari-ot
Mont Blanc Stock 01 by irwinthegod Above the Grey Field by c09567812 Elevated Fortress by Crysomandiaz
Fog 2 by landkeks-stock
Snowy Background 5 by xxtgxxstock Mossy Wall stock by EverildWolfden Tree, Chiang Mai, Thailand by mjaniszyn Rock and wind I by Cendrayliss--Stock
Garbage by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK nature 57 by Dark-Wolfs-Stock Morning Light 01 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Forest Stock 55 by Sed-rah-Stock
Snow Background 5 by xxtgxxstock Rocks Stock 8 by Sarah-Katherine Sun Rays/clouds by shelbysnd
Lake 22 by Sed-rah-Stock Stock 2015-03-27 by Euselia Field 40 by Sed-rah-Stock Rocks 2.0 by Sed-rah-Stock
Mont Blanc Stock 06 by irwinthegod
Sunrise Over Lake by xxtgxxstock Mont Blanc Stock 04 by irwinthegod Rocks Stock 2 by Sarah-Katherine
Black sand of Grande Hanse beach by A1Z2E3R Access by Crysomandiaz STOCK: heather moorland by shadowsthyme
Tintern Abbey Stock 3 by AlexanderHuebner
Parnu winter 18 by MASYON Ayutthaya Historical Park, Ayutthaya, Thailand by mjaniszyn Stock 0003 - Old German House by Niverdia-stock
Round Tower by MajkaHarolds Lormet-Western-0260sml by Lormet-Images Castillo 21 by Lilinaceleste Lormet-Architecture-0493f-sml by Lormet-Images
Fishing Shanty, Bangkok, Thailand by mjaniszyn Underpass by JewelsStock Medieval camp with tents by A1Z2E3R
Medieval horse by A1Z2E3R hyppo by Theia-modele Triceratops Mama and Baby by seraphunk
Lueneburger Heide Other Animals 05 by windfuchs Novia Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever 2 by xxtgxxstock Water turtle by A1Z2E3R
IWC 217 by CastleGraphics
Welsh stock by xxMysteryStockxx Brown Bear Stock4 by Gnewi-Stock IWC 198 by CastleGraphics
Giraffe Stock 8 by firenze-design Dog 05 by Dark-Wolfs-Stock Cat by Elmininostock And the gorilla said me you want my photo by A1Z2E3R
Fisch by Dark-Wolfs-Stock
Degu Stock 6 of 10 ~ Males by Lovely-DreamCatcher Birds 3 by shelbysnd Lueneburger Heide Arctic Foxes 05 by windfuchs
Wolves I by Cendrayliss--Stock Lueneburger Heide Bears 4 by windfuchs Bird Stock 10 by motherearth01
Elephant Statue Stock 1 by Sarah-Katherine Flowers by Elmininostock Wine Making 3 by Lauren-Lee
Sea urchin shells by Elmininostock
steampunk stuff by sfishffrog Architektur by BVFoto CONEYFLOWERS STOCK by reedjones Mushroom2 by Cendrayliss--Stock
Stock-mon 00722 by stock-mon Old leather suitcase or retro suitcase by A1Z2E3R Clock - png-file by Euselia
The rest of warrior outside his tent by A1Z2E3R
Chiang Mai Area Thailand by mjaniszyn GMC truck by A1Z2E3R Medieval house items by A1Z2E3R Tronco 01 by Lilinaceleste
Egg Stock 2 by Sarah-Katherine teresita by vin-stock Crystal 3 by PirateLotus-Stock
lamp by KyKisan
Small medieval tent by A1Z2E3R Vampire Blood Stock 1 by Sarah-Katherine Narcissus1 by Cendrayliss--Stock Plastic Skull Stock 1 by corvidius
Only Darkness on the darkside texture. by Multiartis Nebula2 by celairen-stock Texture 141 by Voyager168
Cookie101 by jojo22
ft-stock-res-bark0002 by ft-stock-resources Digital Texture Artwork 318 | Happy Birthday by mercurycode Bark texture stock by EverildWolfden ft-stock-res-concrete0001 by ft-stock-resources
Texture 152 by Voyager168 Snow Sparkles  002 by amethystmstock Petroleum Visions II by superftmn
Texture 137 by Voyager168
CHRISTMASBOKEH STOCK BACKGROUND by reedjones ft-stock-res-cracks0005 by ft-stock-resources Liquid raindrops texture 4 vs by AStoKo-Stock
Cookie99 by jojo22 Olive macro by Elmininostock Bubbles 01 by NellyGraceNG Texture 138 by Voyager168
Flower macro by Elmininostock
Driftwood by Elmininostock Stock cracked mud-30Jun2016-39 by SkyfireStock The depth in a broken abstract painting by Multiartis



This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
                                                    THE KID by EmmanuelVASSAL

                                 Unnatural natural landscape by janhein

                             Lost lines by zardo


                          Iceland - Navy Plane Wreck by LinsenSchuss

                                           Grosswasser III by BoiledFrog

                      In the desert by PhotoartBK

                              Enter Spring by Nelleke

                             idil by arslanalp

                                       their happy moments 4 by MihaEla-Cojocariu

                          A Good Laugh by sandas04


                               Consolation by Kaslito

                     Long southern road by DoWnHIller

                               Sunshine by Canankk


                          Lamp by IrynaFedorovska

                              chinese girl by du-la

                         amongst the birds by awjay

                               ALMOST SUNSET by MAUROASSOCIATI


                             XXXX by Kibela    XXXVIII by Kibela

                     On Hold by Poromaa

                           make a move by InSUNNYty

                      Sun ray under Bentayga by Kaslito

                            The-Family by vinayan

                       Corvette Sunday III by vw1956

                            Iliusha by ChristinaMandy

                     f e e l i n g d o w n by bad95killer

                  i can cut deeper than your beauty by chriseastmids

                Untitled by BenoitPaille

            Feel the Warmth of Sunset by Hermetic-Wings



                                                                                     Happy Valentine's Day !          


Share Your Love!

Sun Feb 14, 2016, 1:03 AM

Where there is love there is life.

Mahatma Gandhi

Hi friends! Happy Valentine's Day!

Be in love, be loved, and share your love!

Two Love Stories by Lora-Vysotskaya The King's In Love by Lora-Vysotskaya
Love Needs Nurturing by kuschelirmel

Quick reminder: our current MAGIC CONTEST  held by :iconstewed-tomatoes: is over in 3 days! Make haste! 

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

Thank you to our donors!

Sat Feb 13, 2016, 12:28 PM
Thanks to some amazing donations, GetDailyDeviations has already restored its Super Group status! :la: Here's a feature to thank those who donated points to help us out! Take a moment to thank them for their awesomeness and check out their artwork! :D


Untitled by dA-fotography Curbs by dA-fotography
Untitled by dA-fotography Dark and bright by dA-fotography


GeorgeGeorge doesn’t eat anything except Cheerios. He says the rings remind him of Infinity and how the world continues to move even when you don’t want it to. He finds the circles fascinating—they move, twirling in his milk, getting older and soggier just like the earth. The twirling of the earth will continue long after George is gone. Does anyone care that it will not stop—even briefly—when they cease to be?
George’s mother said, once, that if you believe in God you will go to Heaven. George went to his uncle’s funeral. His uncle was in a box. In the dirt. He hadn’t gone anywhere, George thought. Did she mean that Heaven was in the ground? He did not know.
George likes going to the park to feed the birds and watch the children on the swings. One day, someone called police officers. Now he is not allowed to watch the children. He only thought it was amazing they could swing so high. He could never swing so high. George thought maybe he could
Boston Clown“How are things with the clown?” I ask, looking over my coffee. My gaze echoes the bitterness in the cup.
You give me a look that means I’d better not start my usual crap and you twist your mouth around. I try not to notice and thumb the edge of the ceramic mug.
“We’re moving to Seattle.”
I’m shocked, but hope you don’t notice me straighten. “When?”  It’s sudden. You’ve only been with this guy for four months.
You sigh and adjust your position. “Whenever we find a place.”
You seem bored. I bore you. When you walked out you said I bored you. I bought a motorcycle the next day. I almost crashed. Now it’s sitting in my brother’s garage.
I look at your half-eaten plate of Seafood Newburg on white toast points. Your sophisticated palate is ready for the west coast air, the west coast flair of delicate cuisine. I push my empty plate of what was a burger and fries away with a frown. Boring. I

ClementineIt was the kind of summer that made you wish for snow. The cicadas hummed in the midday heat and the bullfrogs echoed under the moon. Bicycles kicked up dirt on the road. The dust swirled in small hurricanes beneath tires.
I spent July in the hammock, watching the sunlight play through the treetops. Kids made good use of the rope swing at the river beyond the hill.
In August, he came with oranges. He rode in on a blue pickup, rust eating ‘round its tires. The fruits peered through the crates in the bed, blazing electric in the sun. His eyes were robin’s egg blue; his hair matched wheat.
He whistled at the clouds. I choked on “hello.”
It was forbidden, but the sheets were welcoming. He made me grin at taboos. We drank coffee in the morning, whiskey and lemonade in the afternoon. At night I gasped beneath the stars. He was mountains and valleys against me, but his fingers flowed like rivers.
We matched the rhythm from the record player. I fell asleep to crickets.
Empty CupsI drink
three cups of coffee
in quick succession
so this depression
can be replaced
by volcanic jitters
that make my bones
crack and splinter.
The day fades
like the ones that came
and went before it.
I sit in place
and wait
for caffeine dreams
to come haunting through
the tv screen.
[Imagination makes me surrender
to thoughts I hate to remember;
I left the me from long before
in someplace I’ll never go


Beaten by 0ooSHDoo0 Has Seen to Much by 0ooSHDoo0
Looking up by 0ooSHDoo0 Threat by 0ooSHDoo0


A Peaceful World by BloomingRoseXeniia Of Time And Space by BloomingRoseXeniia
For Nick - Bluebell by BloomingRoseXeniia Cosmic Priestess by BloomingRoseXeniia


Kung Fu Fighting by hosagu Ecstasy by hosagu
When light pops up from a smile by hosagu Oh honey, it was not a bad shot! by hosagu


Modest by Lust0fADeeperPain Red Window by Lust0fADeeperPain
Desirable by Lust0fADeeperPain Artificial Life by Lust0fADeeperPain


Premade eBook Cover 581 - Thoughts by Jassy2012 Premade eBook Cover 582 - Red Hat by Jassy2012
Premade Book Cover 314 - Blue Sky with Info by Jassy2012 Premade Book Cover 312 - The Lion with Info by Jassy2012


Intimate Enemies by GeorgeXVII Attitude by GeorgeXVII
Ice-Cream by GeorgeXVII J'adore by GeorgeXVII

Thank you so much! :blowkiss:

Wishing You All A Happy Valentine's Day

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 10:22 PM
Here is a feature of art from my favorite collection!

Keeping a Wary Watch by TeaPhotography

Over the edge by Miracat

The Shelter Project STARS by TeaPhotography

Crown of Silk Banners by Colonel-Knight-Rider

[CLOSED] Random Design SET PRICE by royalraptors

Tiger Cub Adoptable Auction CLOSED by Art-Adopts

The Journey of the Spiral by TeaPhotography

Dog Adoptable CLOSED by Art-Adopts

Thank you! 2015 by Blue-The-Fox

The Squirrels by O-blue

Celebration by gigi50

Halloween Kitten Adoptables CLOSED by Art-Adopts

Ask- 14: Pies for days by DreamersDelusional

Brown and Blue, I Love You by TeaPhotography

Birds And Blooms Collage 04 by Sublime-Feline

Breathing Easier, Thanks to You by TeaPhotography

[CLOSED] Feline Adopts by royalraptors

Rosa Rio by KDizzle90

Horsin' Around by TeaPhotography

Zebra 2 by TooMuchColor

The Magic of The Butterfly by TeaPhotography

A Town Squirrel by surrealistic-gloom

Lots of Kitty Cuddles by TeaPhotography

Peacock-1 by Myronavitch

Lily by Electric-Bluejay

Peacock-2 by Myronavitch

Like Patchwork by TeaPhotography

Snow is falling. by JocelyneR

Shedding tree by ti9er0ne

My Wish To Realize Your Impact by TeaPhotography

Color Meets Canvas by WouldStalkHorses

Cat Adoptable Purple Temperamental by RozziDoodles

:XMAS REQUEST 2014: Happy Holidays, Sirena-n-Elsa! by JasmynGarden

Special Visitors by TeaPhotography

Tigers by Miracat

More Sweet Than Sour by TeaPhotography

Hope by hlwar

Happy birthday, Casey ! by VesnaRa14

He knows my name by GorgeousWreck

Hoping for Harley by TeaPhotography

White-throated Sparrow - close-up by JocelyneR

The Wild in You by TeaPhotography

To Capture Colors by Lady-Compassion

Commission: Happy Place by ChibiFox27

Eyes by TheShadowEmpress

Summer Time Love by TeaPhotography

Origin of Compassion by Lady-Compassion

Happy Endings- I Survived by TeaPhotography

I Can Feel Her Soul by Lady-Compassion

Peacock Colour - my style (beautiful dreamer) by kodapops

Dreaming Beautifully by Lady-Compassion

CMSH :: Lily Smiles by aAshleyB

Arrival - My Style by kodapopsTidings of Gratitude by TeaPhotography

Grandmas Pink Roses by kodapops

Belinda Mary Sunshine - My Style by kodapops

Show Me That Smile by ChibiFox27

Blue Snow :PC: by SirSullivan

Licking Luxury by McCracken-Art