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LINE Webtoon Challenge

Mon Nov 24, 2014, 7:40 PM
Become the World's Next Top Comic Star! 14+ International Submit Your Comic
Take the Challenge, Submit Your Comic, Win the $30,000 Prize
Take the Challenge

Are you the funniest person you know? Do you have a well of untapped artistic potential? Do your friends and family always ask to see what you're drawing?

Want to know why we're asking all of these questions?

Now is your chance for an opportunity to become the next top comic star! Submit an original comic through the LINE Webtoon Challenge League button below to compete for a chance to win the $30,000 grand prize and become a featured LINE Webtoon Artist — all you have to do is keep creating.

Enter Here
Love to Draw?
Love to draw? Really love to draw? Wow, you really love to draw! You have a problem. Seriously. What if I told you, you could win $30,000 What will you do with your winnings?
WebtoonEnter Here

Alright, so I did a review on it. I talked for 14 minutes on a 5 minute poem. I should be like... an English teacher or some shit. I did this video because I think the things in it need to be said.

Shady contest.

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 25, 2014, 1:37 AM
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Hi everyone. I recently posted a comment on a Notice which appeared in my inbox promoting a LINE Webtoons competition. This comment explained, in so many words, some stand-outs from the rather questionable Terms of Service, and I've decided to do a full run-down of them that I can offer a complete understanding of it to everyone. It is important to note first off that I do not have a law degree or any tertiary legal education, however I've researched, read, written, and signed enough legal and business contracts in my life to be able to decipher the meaning of one. And this one is a whole lot of shady.
And so, here's my breakdown of the ToS, available in full at I've left out parts which are standard in any contract, such as eligibility requirements for yourself and your work.

  •     • Copyright
    - You retain the copyright in your submission.
    - For three(3) years after your submissions, You acknowledge and agree that (i) your submissions will be posted on the LINE Webtoon service at NAVER’S discretion; (ii) you have the right and authority to, and do hereby, grant to NAVER a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free and sub-licensable (through multiple tiers), right, in any media existing now or in the future, to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, edit, modify, adapt, translate their submissions, and to prepare derivative works based on their submissions for the service of NAVER and its subsidiaries and affiliates or for the service of the third party licensed by NAVER.

In short, you're giving them your artwork for free, to do almost whatever they please with, for three years from the time of submission.

The "you retain your copyright" here is a little misleading. Of course, as soon as you create a work, it is copyright to you as the creator. However, the owner of a copyright can sell, trade, or lease the rights to that work without compromising their copyright, and this is where the problems start.
This section stipulates that you grant NAVER a certain right:

1. Non-exclusive: this means that someone else might hold the same right. 

2. Worldwide: this means that they can use the work in any country, jurisdiction, state or territory.

3. Royalty-free: this is a big kick in the pants. A royalty is a fee (decided by you and the client) which a client will pay you for the use of your work. Say you make a book cover for a local author - they might pay you a royalty for every copy of the book which is printed with your art on it.

4. Sub-licensable through multiple tiers: this means that NAVER can pass all these rights on to Company A without losing their original rights to it, and that Company A can pass it on to Company B, ad infinitum. None of the companies involved will forfeit their right to the work by passing it on, so you can end up with 100,000 companies who all have the power to do whatever they want with your work.

Now, on to what they can actually do with your work! This is entirely terrifying. "In any media existing now or in the future, to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, edit, modify, adapt, translate their submissions, and to prepare derivative works based on [your] submissions"... that sounds like they can just go do whatever they want with it in any way they can find within the next three years, right?! Well, that's exactly what it is. And it goes for any and all of their affiliates too, as well as whoever else they decide to give it to.

Allow me to interject some personal opinion into this largely objective piece: FUCK. THAT.

And now, with that out of my system, onto the next nasty paragraph.

  •     • If the Grand Prize winner is actively enrolled in an art class in a post-secondary school or university (“School”) at the time of entry, the school will be offered a donation of $30,000 to the school to be used for its art department. If the School does not have an art department, then the School can determine how to use the prize money. School will be required to sign documentation formally accepting the donation to receive the prize.

This is pretty much as it seems. If you're enrolled in an art class at the time of the competition, and you win the Grand Prize, it's going to your school's art department. If your school doesn't have a formal art department, it goes to the school for them to do whatever they please with. Now, this is entirely speculation, but I believe that donations are tax deductible and that provides a mighty fine reason for them to add this. If you don't know what tax deductions are, basically you get it back when you file taxes.

  •     • Due to the global scope of the LINE Webtoon Contest, it is possible no prizes will be awarded in the United States, or in any other particular country.

This one sounds weird as hell, and a lot of people thought it meant they were planning to just skip out and not award any prizes. I can't be certain, but I think this means that there aren't any guarantees that there will be any winners from any given country. For example, the Grand Prize winner may be from Canada and the runners-up all from Germany and Australia, resulting in there being no winners whatsoever in any other country.

  •     • NAVER may, as specified in these terms, collect personal information such as e-mail address in order to conduct the Contest and to contact the Contest winners for prize fulfillment. NAVER may, for these purposes, disclose such information to third parties, including but not limited to agents, contractors, service providers, prize suppliers and, as required, to regulatory authorities. If You do not provide personal information that is requested, You may be unable to participate in the Contest.

This doesn't guarantee that they'll sell your email to marketing spam lists, but it also doesn't guarantee that they won't. "Including but not limited to" only represents a small sample of the third parties they may make your information available to, and as the wording here is (deliberately, I'd bet) quite vague, third parties means literally anybody who isn't NAVER.

  •     • Except where prohibited, entrant agrees that: (1) any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or connected with this Contest or any prize awarded shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and exclusively by the competent jurisdiction within Republic of Korea; (2) any and all claims, judgments and awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred, including costs associated with entering this Contest, but in no event attorneys’ fees; and (3) under no circumstances will entrant be permitted to obtain awards for, and entrant hereby waives all rights to claim, indirect, punitive, incidental and consequential damages and any other damages, other than for actual out-of-pocket expenses, and any and all rights to have damages multiplied or otherwise increased. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of the entrant and Sponsor in connection with the Contest, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Republic of Korea without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules.

Oookay. This one is actually quite common in business contracts but it's very important to understand fully. This is a fairly standard arbitration clause and what they're saying is that if you need or desire to sue them for any reason, you can't. You have to go to Korea and have it resolved "independently" through the Korean legal system, under Korean law (NOT under US law or the laws of the country you're in or from). Oh, and the arbitration process will likely involve NAVER's high-paid lawyers mopping the floor with you.

Also, you can't sue for anything except out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a direct result of entering the contest. They've already absolved themselves of all responsibility for these further up in the terms of service, so basically: when the lawyers are done mopping the floor with you they'll shine it with the copy of the ToS they've just slapped you about the head with.

That's about all I could pull out of their ToS without resorting to nitpicking, but in my opinion it is more than enough to make this contest an absolute headache that's not worth being tied up in. I completely understand that everyone wants $30,000 and that there are all sorts of amazing and beneficial things you could do with it, but on the other side, dangling a large sum of "free" money in someone's face is usually enough to get them to jump into something they may end up regretting.

Again, this Journal is solely for the purpose of explaining the ToS in a way that breaks through the legalese and hopefully makes everything a little clearer. It is of course entirely up to you whether or not you enter the competition! Just please be aware that by submitting an entry, you're legally bound by the Terms of Service. No ifs, ands or buts. Even though you didn't sign anything.


Whoo, thanks for reading if you've made it this far!
Stay safe, stay awesome and stay legit, you beautiful Deviants Little Pixel Heart 

support and ferguson [this shits important]

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 25, 2014, 12:41 PM
Student Filmographer

Comment Skin

okay here is the super short scoop up on this ordeal with ferguson, about three months ago a young and unarmed black boy by the name of michael brown was gunned down by police in missouri and his body left for dead in the streets for hours afterwards.  there were witnesses to this event, however in the past few days his murderer daren wilson was not indicted for his crime and we all know this is due to the inherently racist and oppressive mechanics of the systems of this country i and many of my watchers live in, and all throughout these months law enforcement has been and continues to incite violence and riot in protests

i am saying this in the shortest hand possible due to time constraints disallowing me from spending as much time as i would like on the internet and thus elaborating more but if you must know(and i implore that you do), you may research and learn for your own selves

i also know it can be hard to know what you can do as a singular person on the internet especially if you happen to live far away across the country or even further like i do but there are resources available of what you can possibly do

money and things can be tight and if you yourself cannot exactly donate then please spread the word at the very least.  dont let this just fall to a wayside as things usually do

and also if any of yall have issue with me posting this then honestly i have no sympathy nor shits to give to you

Me and the awesome :iconmisty-icons: are having a contest!

2 icons from Misty-Icons 
A 100x100 icon from Misty-Icons 
A character button -like such George by Misty-Icons from Misty-Icons 
2 custom very rare Coral Cats from Sarabikitty (me)
A MYO Coral Cat from Sarabikitty (me)
A MYO Aura Pup from Sarabikitty (me)
A chibi from Sarabikitty (me)

A icon from Misty-Icons 
A 100x100 from Misty-Icons 
A Custom very rare Coral Cat from Sarabikitty (me)
A MYO Coral Cat from Sarabikitty (me)
A MYO Aura pup from Sarabikitty (me)

A 100x100 from Misty-Icons 
A custom very rare Coral Cat from Sarabikitty (me)
A MYO Coral Cat from Sarabikitty (me)

all those prizes! we also might throw in some points if we get enough entries! 
so, how to enter:

Bullet; Blue be watching/watch :iconmisty-icons: and me, :iconsarabikitty:
Bullet; Blue fav and comment on this journal 
Bullet; Blue be happy and have fun! no being rude or you will be kicked out ;n;

with that, you will earn ONE entry ticket~

however, you can earn ONE extra if you:
Bullet; Blue make a journal advertising this contest, with a link to it in the journal!
Bullet; Blue send a link to the journal in the comments here~
that will earn you ONE extra ticket!

make sure you have read everything carefully! 
this contest will end in one month- meaning it will end on Christmas! <3
a few more important things to define-
Bullet; Yellow being rude at all will get you removed from this contest!
Bullet; Yellow not everyone can win! dont be a sore loser!
Bullet; Yellow make sure you have followed all the rules before entering- we will be checking!
Bullet; Yellow this will be draw using a random number generator! we will NOT be choosing who wins, the random number generator will!
Bullet; Yellow again, be happy and have fun <3

I am a dummy! 
  • Mood: Delighted
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Ohohooho Christmas is so close :iconlazypoolplz: This year went by so fast I am in tears rn
But to the point- I haven't done this before, but this seems like a lot of fun and I love drawing other people's characters so.

But eyyy- I want to give away free art for Christmas ; v ; 
I'll have 3-5 winners depending on how many I have time for (I still need to finish commissions, NOCKD, art trades, collabs omf orz)

The winners will be picked randomly using a randomizer- comments/favorites will be accepted until December 3- prizes and winners will be posted on Christmas Eve


1. You are a watcher (new ones are always welcome but only if you like my art please ; v ; )
2. Favorite this journal (that will be your raffle number) 
3. Comment who and what you'd like me to draw if you are picked- couples are accepted as well! (I prefer it this way so it's easier to refer back to; if you are picked and you did not comment, I will pick another winner)


1st Place

- 1 Fullbody
- 1 Halfbody
- 1 Sketch/Chibi
- 1 Surprise[Chibi, Halfbody, Fullbody]

2nd Place 

- 1 Halfbody
- 1 Sketch/Chibi
- 1 Surprise [Chibi, Halfbody, Fullbody]

3rd Place

- 2 Sketch/Chibi
- 1 Surprise [Chibi, Halfbody, Fullbody]

*4th & 5th Place

- 1 Sketch/Chibi
- 1 Surprise [Chibi, Halfbody, Fullbody]

*Only if I have time

Examples (I'll add more later maybe idk orz):
11231401 by anch-u xYu-no [3] by anch-u [TG] Don't Kiss Me You Bum by anch-u Higoahfiehalfsd by anch-u

Colour challenge 2 !!!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 25, 2014, 11:15 AM

Colour me - CHALLENGE 2 by ryky

Hey guys here is new challenge 2for everyone !! You can use traditional or digital media ,its your choice :3 colors are entirely up to you .Imagination has no limits!!

Just color this picture 

When you upload your finished work CREDIT ME LIKE THIS :iconryky: or like this 


And i will see this ! :) or you can send me a note with subject: Challenge

every works i feaure in big journal .

:hug: I cant wait to see your finished work :hug:

Have a fun!!! 

Monthly Themes NOVEMBER_ANIMALS win points!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 25, 2014, 9:05 AM




Hello dear members of TheFavouriteShowcase, friends and deviants,

This is the new way to find our winner of our monthly challenge at TheFavouriteShowcase: instead of using a Poll with the ten most voted of the period, we'll be using a blog to showcase the 20 MOST VOTED on this theme!

This means, or so I hope, more exposure for your pieces and galleries.

The idea is simple: each work has a number and all deviants have the opportunity to vote like if it was a poll...with the difference that you will choose not one but 3 favourites! 

All deviants may vote, INCLUSIVE who is participating; the participants may vote for themselves and ask friends and watchers to vote; this blog may have publicity by all means and be submitted in groups. 

The work with most votes wins 130 points;
the second place wins 80, the 3rd place wins 50 and the 4th wins 25 :points:.

These prizes can be updated for the next themes with the help of our friends:

:iconthe-average-alex: is giving 100 points for every theme during this year, on a total of 1200 :points:.
Thank you so much Alex!

You may also help by clicking on our stamp :iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: and making a donation.

Follow the RULES to VOTE...

EVERYONE VOTING and :+fav:ING THIS BLOG will enter a draw to win 10 :points:.
The participants may and should click the Favourite Button too - this will give you another chance to win more points!
And so you can have more possibilities to win I'll give 5 prizes of 10 points!

Vote and let your friends know about this voting!

NOTE: The participants who don't vote aren't eligible to win.


Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U!  RULES to VOTE  Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! 

(read careful, it's very simple)
*everyone can participate, you don't have to be a member of TheFavouriteShowcase.

1. Choose your favourite 3 works from below;

2. See the correspondent number before the thumb? Comment on this blog by writing the numbers of your favourite works, like this:

39, 45, 67

You have 3 votes to give and you must give all the 3 votes, not 1, not 2, not 5 - it's 3 votes!
Comments with more or fewer votes will be ignored.

3. To have the possibility to win 10 :points: entering a draw, FAVE THIS BLOG!

4. You don't have to do anything else :thumbsup: 
This voting will be open until the 30th November and the winners will be announced on the 1st December.

Thank you for participating!


1... father and son by Lolita-Artz

 by Lolita-Artz


2... flattened out by Marl1nde

by Marl1nde


3... Himself by Paul-Shanghai

by Paul-Shanghai


4... Eagle - Ballpoint pens by XRlS

by XRlS


5... Rework Tree Hugger or The Chippendale Pose by kayaksailor

by kayaksailor


6... Wolf Portrait (painting) by EsthervanHulsen

by EsthervanHulsen


7... Finished rhino, varnished by fearnp

by fearnp


8... Finch by UszatyArbuz

by UszatyArbuz


9... Falcon by 3RiiN

by 3RiiN


10... Ocelot-ballpoint pens-complete by XRlS

by XRlS


11... Udah 3 by EdgedFeather

by EdgedFeather


12... Whiskers and Teeth by ronmonroe

by ronmonroe


13... Howling Wolf by AmBr0

by AmBr0


14... Elephantmother and baby by Ahau2

by Ahau2


15... Deer's look by Vilenchik

by Vilenchik


16... Ballpoint Baby Tiger by Cindy-R

by Cindy-R


17... Tiny Explorer by Unkopierbar

by Unkopierbar


18... Psychedelic Zebra by PassionAndTheCamera

by PassionAndTheCamera


19... affection by morho

by morho


20... Swans from the series 1-6 ~ AStoKo by AStoKo

by AStoKo


Submissions open here thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… on the 1st DECEMBER

Elsa, Egil21 :iconpinklilyplz: on behalf of  :iconthefavouriteshowcase:


Love dA Lit Loves You: Vol. 10

Tue Nov 25, 2014, 5:00 AM
Hello lovelies. Love dA Lit Loves you! Well, it would if it were a sentient being, in the meantime please accept my undying love.  SpongeBob (Spread the love) [V1] 

I don't actually get a lot of notes / comments from people sending me news or contests, so when I do I'm super happy. Like. Super duper happy. Bear Emoji-05 (Excited) [V1] by Jerikuto And what better way to say thank you than feature those who support Love dA Lit [I will feature those that frequently comment and fave too]! Then I might surprise you and randomly feature some people just because I can or those who've sent me in DD suggestions. It's all about spreading the love! Heart

As always I welcome suggestions for news, events, projects, groups, or contests for Love dA Lit! ♥

Love dA Lit (and Stephany) Gives Lots of Hugs and a Big Thank You To...


RoommateVince regretted bringing up the topic. He couldn't see Dominik's face as it was hidden behind a gasmask, but he could feel his sadness. I suppose when you've been roommates with the same person and suffered through the same college exams with him for a year and a half, you start to know their moods. Biting his lip nervously, Vince said, "Dominik, I'm sorry. I know you don't like-"
"No," Dominik inturrepted looking at Vince. "You've always been very supportive of me and you've told me a lot about yourself. It's only fair that you know about my parents."
"I guess it is fair, but if you'd rather not talk about it right now-"
"I'm fine with talking." Through the the eye holes of the gasmask, Vince saw a twinkle in Dominik's eye. "You know I don't like procrastination."
Vince chuckled. "I know. You make me feel terrible for putting off my homework."
Dominik leaned back on the old sofa they shared in their dorm and propped his feet on the coffee table that groaned under the weight. "There is
Seeking The Great PerhapsI go to seek the Great Perhaps
where persecution is like Latin--
and I can walk with my head held up high
for my flaws are no longer under a magnifying glass
for the whole world to see.
I go to seek the Great Perhaps
where 'true love' isn't a corny phrase
but actually exists
and one's looks, knowledge of books, whether or not she cooks
doesn't matter.
I go to seek the Great Perhaps
where 'mental illness' is not akin to 'crazy'
and people's eyes don't roam my body
for weapons that never were, never are, and never will be there.
And finally, I go to seek the Great Perhaps
a time, a place, a state of being
where I can venture beyond these walls
because I'll no longer be the thing that society hates.
Where Angels Walk    Their hoots echoed along the cold, wet alley. The indifferent rain, coating the sandstone brick, made the walls glisten like the exposed intestine of a turn of the century industrial giant.
    Rain licked her lips nervously, as fear settled deep, snuggling against her heart, her baby. The dusking, overcast light a weak ally, no strong noon here to drive away the shadows that lurked in the alleyboys hearts.
    Picking up her pace, Rain glanced back, saw the three grungy boys following her, lurid grins sliced across their dirty faces. No happy grins were these but grins of a different promise- a different, one sided happiness.
    The sidewalk angel watched the boys follow the pregnant girl into the alley. It knew the boys hearts, could read their twist from where it stood. The angel closed its eyes and reached out to touch their souls. Of the three, only one felt any kind of trepidation, felt any kind repulsion of what they were about to do.

perseveranceI'm the kind of empty 
that sounds like banjos
mourning a dry river bank,
the kind of weary that plants roots
in muddy soil and rejoices
because it has known the desert.
I'm the cracked skin oozing tar
on a logger's hands, the tobacco
that's grown into the spaces
between his teeth.
I'm the gnarled old oak that children
tell ghost stories under in summer -
my floor serves as a graveyard
for fireflies that dim themselves
under the glory of the stars.
And I'm the seed that drops each spring,
an inexhaustible possibility.  
Enter Stage Right        There is no doubt that in a part of my life I was an increasingly horrible person. Destructive, insulting and generally aggressive with no heart or empathy to other hope's and wishes. I wont excuse myself for some of the things I've done and acted on while it was in no way right. One of the first things I learned in life is that I wasn't going to have any friends if I didn't decide to change who I was. The idea that I didn't take the advice when it was first rolled out in front of me is to absolutely disgusting that I feel bad just thinking back on it. I got good grades but I was nearly suspended in elementary school on two occasions. The only thing that saved me was that small trigger flipping the switch to start all those cogs and gear to start turning as they made me realize if I wanted to be a somebody I needed to be more than defensive and irritable to everyone who made entirely obvious statements. To you, my friend, I really wish you knew me now.

detritusthe tumbleweed of Syracuse
is a plastic grocery bag
rolling across South Salina Street.
the mulberry treeI remember what it felt like to be 10 years old, with knobbly knees and always a great deal taller than everyone else my age. I was underweight and my shirt never quite reached where my shorts began at my waist but I had a thing for matching the colours for both items of clothing. I remember I argued with my mother for a week over how I was getting too old to wear those socks with the frilly lace at the top and could I please have ankle socks instead? In a couple of years I would be successful in persuading her to let me shave my legs too. But for the moment, I was 10 years old and high on the agenda was also convincing my mother that I had long outgrown dolls and that books was what I wanted instead.
There was a friend my mother would visit in the next town whose back yard was in my interest to explore, it contained various run down buses and caravans coated thickly in spider webs belonging to spiders long dead. I remember the smell of rust and decay. It never took much time for me to
Sounds Of SolitudeFalling leaves like flames,
guiding timid steps your voice
alone in my mind.

Sasha by Emberbluecolorful kigurumi friends by SkyIight

Current Love dA Lit Article: Issue 188 | A Smattering of Lit News | Community Portal

Skin made by Ikue and Redesign by SaTaNiA
:iconsarilain: I was going to host another DTA, however, I'm a little too busy working on advent designs.

So my Christmas gift to everyone this year is a MYO contest, which has more opportunities to win than a DTA!!

Make Your Own Octopuff!!

Design your own Octopuff and enter it for a chance to win and have your design approved as an official member of the species!

Design Rules

:bulletpink: You may use my images as a reference, but no copying designs please!

:bulletpink: Common-type Octopuffs only.  No non-octopus species (such as dogs and cats) or non-fluffy designs (like goo).

:bulletpink: Octopuffs must include: fluffy fur and a curly antenna (unless there is another object on their head, like a hat).

:bulletpink: All Octopuffs have 8 legs, though they don't need to show in the image since that would be unrealistic.

:bulletpink: There is a species description in the link above if you'd like more information on Octopuffs.

Submission Rules and Guidelines

:bulletpink: You must be a member of :iconcakie-and-friends:

:bulletpink: By entering you automatically agree to my Terms of Service.

:bulletpink: All visual mediums are accepted (digital, traditional, etc.)

:bulletpink: All submissions must be clean: no profanity, inappropriate language, excessive violence, etc.

:bulletpink: You may enter as many times as you like, but there will be no more than 1 winning entry per person.

:bulletpink: Please link back to the group and credit me for the species, in your entry description.
Octopuffs (c) Sarilain, Join the MYO here!: :iconcakie-and-friends:

:bulletpink: If your entry isn't chosen, you will still have the opportunity to purchase a discounted MYO and have it made official.
(Currently, I'm thinking it'll be around $3.50 / 300 :points:)

:bulletpink: All entries must be uploaded to your deviantART gallery.

:bulletpink: Submit all entries to the MYO folder: cakie-and-friends.deviantart.c…

Deadline for all submissions is December 25th!

Winning designs will be chosen sometime the following week.

Hope everyone has fun!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!^^