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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2015, 1:23 PM

Bullet; Pink HOW TO JOINBullet; Pink

Just fave this journal

there will be 2 winners and winners get 
a pixel avatar of their choice.

Commission -TruToSelf by kittysophieLunathyst by kittysophieSoulOfPersephone by kittysophie

Raffle will end in 2 days
goodluck :) (Smile)

  • Mood: Glad
  • Watching: one punch man,Osomatsu-san

Daily Lit Recognition for November 30th, 2015

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by +favloveing this News Article.
Please comment and +fav the features and congratulate the artists!


Featured By: AyeAye12
Porlockwe catch the hydrangeas as they
turn. the blackberries burn with juice.
I am
in the undertow of beauty
and I am 
crabbing for words;
they wash up sun-bleached on
the marsh
the harsh
hiss of the waves
grates the air
amaretto tangles
salted hair

Porlock by DeriveAnemone

There's something very Heany about this piece;
obviously it parallels with "Blackberry Picking",
but even the title of "Porlock" echoes "Anahorish",
in the naming of town places... beautiful piece.

Featured by: NemoX7
A Spear - Understanding Is Better Than PityI
You Dare
Lie To Me.
Let Me Cry.
Let Me, Please.
Or I Might Die;
Should I Not
Cry Tonight.
A Spear
In My
I Feel,
The Pain,
Of Loss,
So Don't
Lie To
Me By
It Is
To Be
It Is Not
I Have
Lost A
So Let
The Knife,
I Don't
I Want,
To Be,

A Spear - Understanding Is Better Than Pity  by PoeticOtaku

A prime example of concrete poetry. Themed on mourning
and symbolised by the image of the spear. Well worth a read.

Featured by: AyeAye12
sometimes i feel like a superherothe house across from my bus stop
is a temporary funeral home, but back when the Yankees controlled the town,
it was owned by a family whose daughter rode bareback
twenty-seven miles in the middle of the night to warn her
rebel leader of a lover that the Yankees were coming for him,
the Yankees were coming, the Yankees were coming,
the Yankees are coming, John, get out, quick!
and maybe she tripped and fell,
or her red cape got tangled up in her stirrups and ideals,
because by the time she rode into the neighborhood,
the houses were already on fire, children were already
crying for their mothers, and her John
was already hung up on the gate as an example
to the other rebel.
the next morning, the Yankees strung her
dead body up next to his.
no one ever told them life wasn't fair.
maybe that's why when i first tasted lemonade
i spat it out onto the ground,
and didn't drink it again until i was twelve years old,
and feeling biter and sour and in need of a little sugar.
when i was little,

sometimes i feel like a superhero by MisfitableGrae

An unexpected title, americana imagery and excellent writing:
the perfect recipe for a excellent and unique poem.


Featured By: betwixtthepages
Childhood"Pirates!" he yelled. "Retreat!"
Bathtub overflowing.

Childhood by PepperLady

Like the title, this six word story is bound to cause flashbacks.
Warning: nostalgia imminent.

Featured By: betwixtthepages
Loves Me NotOur time was measured in petals.
Loves Me Not by inkedacrylic

There are several ways to interpret this piece.
Which way do YOU prefer?

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: betwixtthepages

Skin by SimplySilent

Birthday - Thank You!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2015, 12:14 PM

Features by TsaoShin

Thank You!

Thank you so much for all of your birthday wishes!  I was so overwhelmed and flattered with how many people sent me such kind comments, points, notes, and gift artwork!  You have all made my birthday so wonderful and I can't thank you enough for all of your generosity! 

I had a wonderful time reading every message and I apologize if it took me a bit to get back to some (was out partying a little on the late side and now I'm suffering a bit for it haha).  Here's some of the AMAZING art that I received!

Thebluenavyangel by TsaoShin
Grendel by Thebluenavyangel

TsaoShin by krewellajo
TsaoShin by krewellajo

Happy Birthday TsaoShin ! by lonares
Happy Birthday TsaoShin! by lonares

Gift: Grendel by iheartjapan789
Grendel by iheartjapan789

Happy Birthday TsaoShin! by OtakuDragonPro
Happy Birthday TsaoShin! by OtakuDragonPro

The Deviant King by Mackanga
The Deviant King by Mackanga

Grendel [Gift] by FuwaKiwi
Grendel by FuwaKiwi

Grendel and Rivers by FruitPie-Stripes
Grendel and Rivers by FruitPie-Stripes

Tsaoshin Birthday by goldkoifish
TsaoShin Birthday by goldkoifish

Chibi Grendel by griffsnuff
Chibi Grendel by griffsnuff 

Gift - Grendal by SydTooth
Gift Grendel by SydTooth

Happy birthday-Tsao Shin by 11Duda11
Happy Birthday TsaoShin by 11Duda11

Happy Birthday Tsao-Shin! by DonnatelloHamato
Happy Birthday TsaoShin by DonnatelloHamato

:G: TsaoShin by DreamEclipse
TsaoShin by DreamEclipse

Gift - TsaoShin by Lisanata
Gift TsaoShin by Lisanata

Grendel and Rivers by Space-Justice
Grendel and Rivers by Space-Justice

Gift- Grendel by WinterFlurry
Grendel by WinterFlurry

TsaoShin by micaruss
TsaoShin by micaruss

Happy Birthday tsaoshin!! by Edimay
Happy Birthday TsaoShin by Edimay

Grendel gift for TsaoShin by ArcadeLorenzo
Grendel Gift for TsaoShin by ArcadeLorenzo

Sleeping Grendel by TigerMCheh
Sleeping Grendel by TigerMCheh

Grendel Fanart for TsaoShin by Schattenschimmer
Grendel Fanart by Schattenschimmer

Grendel by YoutubeIsAwesome
Grendel by YoutubeIsAwesome

Azkuroneko by TsaoShin
Happy Birthday by AZKuroneko

Members' Feature: Macro

Sun Nov 29, 2015, 4:31 AM
November has been the Macro photography gallery month here at CRPhotography, and to honor that, some of our members have suggested photographs from the gallery for us to collect and feature. We hope you enjoy!

Mocris's selections:

Gota by MarcosRodriguez Fairy Tale Meadow by GJ-Vernon the wasp queen by pfrancke
Waterdrops by Satriver Blue Bubbly and frosty by gigi50 Circle of Life by Rick-TinyWorlds pearls by Ingelore Penguinfeather by ElyneNoir Window to the soul by DragonflyAndromeda Natura magica by Antrisolja Predator by AimishBoy Watching You by Ikarusthefirst Fragile Beauty by Ikarusthefirst The Hunter by Ikarusthefirst

BaselMahmoud's selections:

eye IV by 01-11-89 Eye 56 by MarriageMassacre The eye by Rangie
Little Spider Green by kodo34 Elegant River Lily by Jenni77 frog2 by brunolebio
 look in my eyes. by zeszkla Snowflake by ak87
rock-star by coolbrain Pikachu! by AimishBoy

serel's selections:

Untitled by lisans the Biter 2 by hirza
Fire and Water. by IndigoSummerr The sea moon. by mylittlebluesky
Rulad by Al-Baum In my little world.. by OliviaMichalski

UszatyArbuz's selections:

Hover Fly VI by lukias-saikul Warm by MichaelPuschinski Maw-sit-sit on ruby crown by Art-hax Untitled stack 2 by lueap A Thousand Kisses Deeper by LUCILALEYLA OmNomNom by Ikarusthefirst Fly away by lueap Drops. by Fiedka a bit of purple and a bit of gold... by clochartist-photo pink autumn by all17 Orchid Macro II by LDFranklin

ProjectPorkchop Vol512

Sun Nov 29, 2015, 10:10 AM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


Beedol is a South Korean artist who creates fantasy art that is spectacularly detailed, with vibrant use of color and lighting. Each character is shown in a dramatic pose and the polished rendering goes a long way to enhancing their visual appeal. This highly skilled artist is most deserving of more attention being given to his artworks, so don't delay in giving your support!

R by beedolH by beedol
G by beedol1 by beedol

see more..


Ivan is a digital artist from Finland. In his gallery, we can appreciate many inventive character designs and landscape paintings that highlight the creativity and budding strengths that Ivan possesses. You won't be disappointed in exploring his works further!

Fishing by IvanLugovoyCalling fot the god of Chaos with some pink magic by IvanLugovoy
Sveta Bilyanova in her shining armor by IvanLugovoySecret apprentice by IvanLugovoy

see more..


A digital artist from the US, Hakob has been a member of the community for one year. His paintings capture engaging moods and imagery that stands out for its sharp design and compelling lighting. Do stop by to see what more this enterprising artist has on show!

Mech Graveyard by HakobDesignsT90-S Spider Tank by HakobDesigns
The Huntress by HakobDesignsOrc Druid by HakobDesigns

see more..


Nata is a professional varied artist from Russia. Her paintings explore provocative themes and situations, as she uses bold colors and both surreal and realistic details to get her messaging across to the viewer. If you're on the lookout for a thought-provoking artist with a captivating style, Nata is one to watch!

Secret box by NataVedernikovaMorning. by NataVedernikova
tea drinking by NataVedernikovaNO ENTRY FOR GENERAL PUBLIC by NataVedernikova

see more..


Hailing from Belarus, Tatsiana is a traditional artist with an eclectic gallery of pieces that showcase her promising talent. Beautiful and delicately detailed watercolors are interspersed with other paintings using a more thickly applied technique to create interesting textures. Make sure to leave comments on these amazing works and see what else is there for your viewing pleasure!

poem Grazhyna by ZayatsTpoem Grazhyna by ZayatsT
ginger by ZayatsTsnuffbox by ZayatsT

see more..

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.

If you would like to suggest someone for a future ProjectPorkchop article please send a note to our group:


Previous issues of PPc

Vol01 / Vol02 / Vol03 / Vol04 / Vol05 / Vol06 / Vol07 / Vol08 / Vol09 / Vol10 / Vol11 / Vol12 / Vol13 / Vol14 / Vol15 / Vol16 / Vol17 / Vol18 / Vol19 / Vol20 / Vol21 / Vol22 / Vol23 / Vol24 / Vol25 / Vol26 / Vol27 / Vol28 / Vol29 / Vol30 / Vol31 / Vol32 / Vol33 / Vol34 / Vol35 / Vol36 / Vol37 / Vol38 / Vol39 / Vol40 / Vol41 / Vol42 / Vol43 / Vol44 / Vol45 / Vol46 / Vol47 / Vol48 / Vol49 / Vol50 / Vol51 / Vol52 / Vol53 / Vol54 / Vol55 / Vol56 / Vol57 / Vol58 / Vol59 / Vol60 / Vol61 / Vol62 / Vol63 / Vol64 / Vol65 / Vol66 / Vol67 / Vol68 / Vol69 / Vol70 / Vol71 / Vol72 / Vol73 / Vol74 / Vol75 / Vol76 / Vol77 / Vol78 / Vol79 / Vol80 / Vol81 / Vol82 / Vol83 / Vol84 / Vol85 / Vol86 / Vol87 / Vol88 / Vol89 / Vol90 / Vol91 / Vol92 / Vol93 / Vol94 / Vol95 / Vol96 / Vol97 / Vol98 / Vol99 / Vol100 / Vol101 / Vol102 / Vol103 / Vol104 / Vol105 / Vol106 / Vol107 / Vol108 / Vol109 / Vol110 / Vol111 / Vol112 / Vol113 / Vol114 / Vol115 / Vol116 / Vol117 / Vol118 / Vol119 / Vol120 / Vol121 / Vol122 / Vol123 / Vol124 / Vol125 / Vol126 / Vol127 / Vol128 / Vol129 / Vol130 / Vol131 / Vol132 / Vol133 / Vol134 / Vol135 / Vol136 / Vol137 / Vol138 / Vol139 / Vol140 / Vol141 / Vol142 / Vol143 / Vol144 / Vol145 / Vol146 / Vol147 / Vol148 / Vol149 / Vol150 / Vol151 / Vol152 / Vol153 / Vol154 / Vol155 / Vol156 / Vol157 / Vol158 / Vol159 / Vol160 / Vol161 / Vol162 / Vol163 / Vol164 / Vol165 / Vol166 / Vol167 / Vol168 / Vol169 / Vol170 / Vol171 / Vol172 / Vol173 / Vol174 / Vol175 / Vol176 / Vol177 / Vol178 / Vol179 / Vol180 / Vol181 / Vol182 / Vol183 / Vol184 / Vol185 / Vol186 / Vol187 / Vol188 / Vol189 / Vol190 / Vol191 / Vol192 / Vol193 / Vol194 / Vol195 / Vol196 / Vol197 / Vol198 / Vol199 / Vol200 / Vol201 / Vol203 / Vol204 / Vol205 / Vol206 / Vol207 / Vol208 / Vol209 / Vol210 / Vol211 / Vol212 / Vol213 / Vol214 / Vol215 / Vol216 / Vol217 / Vol218 / Vol219 / Vol220 / Vol221 / Vol222 / Vol223 / Vol224 / Vol225 / Vol226 / Vol227 / Vol228 / Vol229 / Vol230 / Vol231 / Vol232 / Vol233 / Vol234 / Vol235 / Vol236 / Vol237 / Vol238 / Vol239 / Vol240 / Vol241 / Vol242 / Vol243 / Vol244 / Vol245 / Vol246 / Vol247 / Vol248 / Vol249 / Vol250 / Vol251 / Vol252 / Vol253 / Vol254 / Vol255 / Vol256 / Vol257 / Vol258 / Vol259 / Vol260 / Vol261 / Vol262 / Vol263 / Vol264 / Vol265 / Vol266 / Vol267 / Vol268 / Vol269 / Vol270 / Vol271 / Vol272 / Vol273 / Vol274 / Vol275 / Vol276 / Vol277 / Vol278 / Vol279 / Vol280 / Vol281 / Vol282 / Vol283 / Vol284 / Vol285 / Vol286 / Vol287 / Vol288 / Vol289 / Vol290 / Vol291 / Vol292 / Vol293 / Vol294 / Vol295 / Vol296 / Vol297 / Vol298 / Vol299 / Vol300 / Vol301 / Vol302 / Vol303 / Vol304 / Vol305 / Vol306 / Vol307 / Vol308 / Vol309 / Vol310 / Vol311 / Vol312 / Vol313 / Vol314 / Vol315 / Vol316 / Vol317 / Vol318 / Vol319 / Vol320 / Vol321 / Vol322 / Vol323 / Vol324 / Vol325 / Vol326 / Vol327 / Vol328 / Vol329 / Vol330 / Vol331 / Vol332 / Vol333 / Vol334 / Vol335 / Vol336 / Vol337 / Vol338 / Vol339 / Vol340 / Vol341 / Vol342 / Vol343 / Vol344 / Vol345 / Vol346 / Vol347 / Vol348 / Vol349 / Vol350 / Vol351 / Vol352 / Vol353 / Vol354 / Vol355 / Vol356 / Vol357 / Vol358 / Vol359 / Vol360 / Vol361 / Vol362 / Vol363 / Vol364 / Vol365 / Vol366 / Vol367 / Vol368 / Vol369 / Vol370 / Vol371 / Vol372 / Vol373 / Vol374 / Vol375 / Vol376 / Vol377 / Vol378 / Vol379 / Vol380 / Vol381 / Vol382 / Vol383 / Vol384 / Vol385 / Vol386 / Vol387 / Vol388 / Vol389 / Vol390 / Vol391 / Vol392 / Vol393 / Vol394 / Vol395 / Vol396 / Vol397 / Vol398 / Vol399 / Vol400 / Vol401 / Vol402 / Vol403 / Vol404 / Vol405 / Vol406 / Vol407 / Vol408 / Vol409 / Vol410 / Vol411 / Vol412 / Vol413 / Vol414 / Vol415 / Vol416 / Vol417 / Vol418 / Vol419 / Vol420 / Vol421 / Vol422 / Vol423 / Vol424 / Vol425 / Vol426 / Vol427 / Vol428 / Vol429 / Vol430 / Vol431 / Vol432 / Vol433 / Vol434 / Vol435 / Vol436 / Vol437 / Vol438 / Vol439 / Vol440 / Vol441 / Vol442 / Vol443 / Vol444 / Vol445 / Vol446 / Vol447 / Vol448 / Vol449 / Vol450 / Vol451 / Vol452 / Vol453 / Vol454 / Vol455 / Vol456 / Vol457 / Vol458 / Vol459 / Vol460 / Vol461 / Vol462 / Vol463 / Vol464 / Vol465 / Vol466 / Vol467 / Vol468 / Vol469 / Vol470 / Vol471 / Vol472 / Vol473 / Vol474 / Vol475 / Vol476 / Vol477 / Vol478 / Vol479 / Vol480 / Vol481 / Vol482 / Vol483 / Vol484 / Vol485 / / Vol486 / Vol487 / Vol488 / Vol489 / Vol490 / Vol491 / Vol492 / Vol493 / Vol494 / Vol495 / Vol496 / Vol497 / Vol498 / Vol499 / Vol500 / Vol501 / Vol502 / Vol503 / Vol504 / Vol505 / Vol506 / Vol507 / Vol508 / Vol509 / Vol510 / Vol511 / Vol512 /

Coding by SimplySilent

Color Strike

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2015, 3:46 AM

Hi Folks,

here around it is becoming a little bit triste.

Finally the ugly November weather arrived.

Fog, rain, grey skies... *meeeeeeeeeh.

Therefore here some color to brighten and cheer up the mood.

Multicolored by CaryAndFrankArts

No Trolls Here by NomadicWarlock

Comedic Caique by Kendra-Paige

Fruit Salad by Joe-Maccer

Blue Banded Bee on sage. by wolftraz

Mono color FREE HD Wallpaper by luisbc

THE LIFE OF A BEE EATER by RichardConstantinoff

Ikebana Art by GLO-HE

Majestic Monarch by Artlune

kontraszt by Hikari-kirin

Composizione8776 by claudio51

Swallowtail on Marcella Louis by Awesomalicious


Sunflowers Sea 2015 by annewipf

That's all for today.

As always, give credits to the artists.

I am just the collector.



This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Street Photographer Interview #6

Sun Nov 29, 2015, 4:59 AM by hosagu:iconhosagu:


Hi all Fellow Deviants
Welcome to the sixth interview of a series of interviews which will be given to any (street) photographer who will have received a Daily Deviation in Street Photography category. 
(Note that it won't respect the timeline of when and to who was given the DD.)

Let's continue with these interviews of great Photographers from the DA Place!
This interview will be the one of the well known batmantoo.
This photographer has a very particular signature and his vision is just amazing.
Getting to know him better is a real chance :la:

Hi Bassem AKA batmantoo, would you please tell us about yourself?


I am of Middle Eastern background and grew up in Austria and Egypt. My education is Arabic, German and English/American. I graduated from university as a mechanical engineer and computer scientist. Career wise I ended up in the computer domain. Professionally I am a system analyst, consultant and programmer. 
My interest in film (I like to say “movies”) made me take a course in photography at university. I got a Nikon FE2 with two lenses (35 and 85 mm) from my father. I shot, developed and enlarged my photos, both at the university lab and at home. I photographed a great deal back then to find what interested me the most, and found that street photography was getting more and more of my attention.

Memories of a Childhood by batmantoo Over the Hay by batmantoo
Palais Ferstel Passage by batmantooPigeon Annie of Vienna by batmantoo

Would you be able to define "your" street photography, and what is your main fuel to create?


Upon your question I searched for a common denominator among my street shots… all I could find was that I am in a constant state of discovery. Going through the streets with “my eyes open” and taking in as much as I can, is my fuel to “create” (this goes for my other photography as well). But then again, I would not call what I do “create”, since my intention is to “capture”. This keeps me connected with life around me.

Curls by batmantoo

Would you please give us three words which come to you naturally when you think of your photos?


Prater by batmantoo Experiments
Donaukanal by batmantoo Lebensgefühl
Masai Mara Cheetahs by batmantoo Memory

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?


I start by reading the manual of my camera and lens (or at least the parts which I intent to use). I educate myself about the technical aspects by reading related postings and articles (there is more than enough online). I try to get to the point where using my camera produces more hits than misses, technically that is.

I constantly observe light and shadow.
Most educating for me is following the work of my friends and fellow deviants at dA. If I am lazy about photography for a while all it takes is a bit of catching up here and I find myself on the streets with a camera in my hand again. While browsing I ask myself what I liked about a shot and what part of it is the artists style and which part is technique. This I apply to any and all kinds of browsing… through a picture book, in an exhibition or going through key frames of a movie.

I learn a lot by observing which of my shots are liked more than others within a series I post, and am most grateful when someone tells me, through comments, what they liked about a particular shot, or did not like for that matter.

When I submit shots to groups I take the opportunity upon rejection to ask for feedback. In most cases there is a generous group admin who provides me with their opinion.

Last but not least I lean how to best use the post processing software on my computer, so I may get as close as possible to what I believe to have captured (this is the part of the process where I have the most yet to learn).

Venecia 2 by batmantoo

Whose work has influenced you most?


Since my interest in photography came through my love for the movies I was influenced first by film director / cinematographer collaborations. They are too many, but I’ll list those whose works are ever present in my mind’s eye:

Sergei Eisenstein / Eduard Tisse
John Ford / Winton C. Hoch & Gregg Toland
Orson Welles / Gregg Toland
Alfred Hitchcock / Robert Burks
George Cokur / he did not really collaborate with cinematographers ;) (Wink)
Billy Wilder / Joseph LaShelle & Charles Lang
Stanley Donen / Charles Lang
David Lean / Freddie Young
Federico Fellini / Otello Martelli
Jean-Luc Godard / Raoul Coutard
Alain Resnais / Sacha Vierny

And Wes Anderson / Robert D. Yeoman
In the course I took at university I was introduced to photographers whose work instantly fascinated me:
Ansel Adams
Dorothea Lange
Robert Frank
Walker Evans
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Diane Arbus
Elliot Erwitt
Garry Winogrand

Nowadays I am constantly inspired by what my friends and colleagues present on deviantArt.

Last Summer In Rovinj by batmantoo

What kind of gear do you use?


At all times I have my iPhone on me. On days when I am more in a photographing mood, I take my little FujiFilm X100s. And when I am really serious about shooting I schlepp my Canon EOS 5D Mark III (usually with a 24 - 70 1:2.8 Zoom) around.

In Your Ear by batmantoo
shot with iPhone 4s

Steinstrasse by batmantoo 
shot with FujiFilm X100s

 One Day On The S-Bahn by batmantoo
shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Do you post process, if so, what is your workflow?


Since I always shoot in RAW (except with the iPhone), I have to post process. I use Apple Aperture to import and manage my photos. Aperture includes the plugins which are needed to interpret the RAW data from the cameras. For color and b&w processing I use Google Nik Collection.

What do you enjoy the most about your own DA experience?


My interactions with my friends here and seeing how each evolves in their artistic endeavor. Street photography is alive and striving on dA, so it is wonderful to be here.

One of your shot has been featured as a DD. Do you approve the choice, and if not, if you had to such feature one photography among your works, which one would it be and why?


I have to admit that I was surprised by the last DD for which I am immensely grateful and honored. But I also have to admit that I was surprised by the choice every time I got a DD.

I am unable to answer this question… sorry :) (Smile)

What would you expect in the future about your art?


I hope to continue to develop in order to better capture those decisive instants. And I predict that I will remain in a constant state of discovery.

What advice would you give to a beginner?


It’s not the camera, it’s you who’s making the photo. Better gear will help you refine your shooting, but it all begins with training your ability to anticipate and see.

What is your actual project?


Currently I am concentrating on my business. Photography wise I am keeping my eyes open, but I have no specific agenda. At least once a week my little FujiFilm is my companion. And I am working through a backlog of almost two years worth of photos of which I hope to upload once a week.

What is your favorite personal quote, or proverb?


“The greatest adventure is to get to know people.”

Bonus triptych question

What is the last song you heard?


I finished hearing an audio book called “The Circle” … no songs here ;) (Wink)

What will you do tonight for dinner?


What is the first thing you did when waking up this morning?

Review my answers to your interview.

Thank you very much Bassem for your input, your thoughts, your time (and patience!) for answering my questions.
I had a lot of pleasure making this interview with you .
You're doing amazing photos, and as usual, and moreover about you: it is a great pleasure and honor to have your presence here on DA!
0nce again, congrats for you work so far here on DA, and for this particular shot:

Kagranerplatz by batmantoo




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Traditional and Digital Typography and Digital Text Art galleries on dA.
Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcrtextandtypography: :icondigitalists:


Warm you  :Holidays: We are nearing that time of the year, the winter holidays! With every winter holiday in the past, I have held a contest of sorts. My contests are usually random, but this time, I want to do things differently. As some of you know, I've been in school getting an advanced degree and studying for the MCAT's. This has left me unable to draw as much as I would like during the semester, so I have a LOT of unfinished art work. So instead of letting these drawings go to waste, I have decided to hold my first ever FINISH WHAT I STARTED CONTESTNeko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]
    Yes, you read that right, finish what I started. I have uploaded 3 drawings in the .psd format to STASH that have been in my drawings folder for months to even years. These are drawings, I started for various reasons, but never got around to finishing. So instead of letting these drawings go to waste, I want to open them up for you wonderful artists to see what you can make with them and FINISH THEM!

So here are the rules to enter!

  • Heart Favorite this journal 
  • When you finish the the drawing, upload it using this template (you can upload it without the template but the entered file needs to be in the template.)
  • You cannot remove my signature from the final piece. (by all means make the layer invisible while you draw, paint, edit, etc., but it needs to be present when it is uploaded.)
  • Note me directly or comment on this journal with the link to the finished piece. Also, link to the journal in the description section on the post.
  • The 3 possible choices, the template, with descriptions can be found here
  • The final pieces will be judge on their levels of "doneness" and the amount of changes made along with creative decisions.
  • DEADLINE: February 1st. Winners announced on February 5th! 
Crazy Winter Holiday BallsPRIZES! Crazy Winter Holiday Balls

First Prize Winner 1st Place Winner
2000 POINTS! 
1 Free Digital Painting Commission of any subject! 
1 Month Feature on my page!

:Winner: remake 2nd Place Winner
1000 POINTS!
1 Free Digital Sketch Commission of any one character!
1 Week Feature on my page!

Winner 3rd Place Winner
I Week Feature on my page!

Gold Medal Emote Gold Medal Emote Gold Medal Emote Gold Medal Emote Gold Medal Emote 5 Honorable Mentions!
1 Week Collective Feature on my page!!!

Good luck! I hope you guys have fun with this contest! :heart:

Feature of the week! #22

Sun Nov 29, 2015, 4:41 PM by Mock1ngb1rd:iconmock1ngb1rd:


Welcome to Vol. 2 of...

- My Daily Deviation Highlights!

[Once again I'll be blatantly stealing Mrs-Durden's blurb about the project.]

Welcome to a Community Volunteer project in which we will be highlighting our favorite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!

Be sure to use the hashtag #DDHighlights so we can find your journals! :icontardhugplz:
[You can apply tags to your journal through the submission page.]

inclination by Saturns-Child Valeera by cibo-black-cat
Street battle by nik159
Blue Skies (Vixen of the Corn) by littlemissmaggiemay Ipocondrie by MarcelaBolivar

Crocodile Eye by Jaavii love by MartaSyrko
FREE by marius1956
1850 by AngieAvadaKedavra Suminski Twins by David Kawena - 14 by davidkawena
Unexpected dream by Luria-XXII
*** by Tarasov Glassy by Theanimalparade
FREE FIRE STOCK 5616 x 3744 pix by Wizardinc
Serge Henir by SashaKosmos Winter wonderland  .. by KariLiimatainen
Macro by MarcosRodriguez
Eventually.. by Aquilapse

You may choose to feature deviations from all categories, or you can focus your journals on a specific category such as Photography, Fan Art, Manga/Anime, or whatever suits you! This is a very open project in which creativity in the way you choose to highlight Daily Deviations is welcome and encouraged!

Although I will be tagging people in my journal, this is NOT MANDATORY!

Have you already done one of these features?
Well, there are new DDs every day!
Help the community and its amazing artists. :dalove:

I TAG: hosagu, Aquilapse, NemoX7, Malintra-Shadowmoon,
AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO DO THIS! Consider yourself tagged. :stare:

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Official Community Relations group aimed at giving the traditional art community their own unique voice by providing a place to gather, organize, and inform others with the help and guidance of the traditional Community Volunteer team.
Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.

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