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The Wary Moon
Heatwave scowled at the TV. “Why are we watching this? That guy's as cranky as Kade!"
Blades and Chase looked at each other, but Boulder frowned. “Aww, I thought you two were getting along better?”
“We were until that dog bit him. Then he started acting like a jerk again.”
Chase grabbed the remote and tapped the mute button. “I suspect that being bitten by potentially rabid creatures is quite unpleasant for human beings."
“But that doesn't explain why he grew a beard." Blades chirped, leaning in.
Heatwave shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s colder in the autumn, maybe. And maybe he’s trying to be like his dad."
“Hmm… Crankiness… hair growth… is he eating different things?”
“I don't know. Maybe."
Chase frowned. “Blades, surely you are not suggesting—?”
“Heatwave, is he still being a glory hog, or is he a different kind of cranky?”
Heatwave replayed the last mo
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The Cucco Conundrum
The Cucco Conundrum
Link was getting thirsty, but he had made a point to never again drink from Kakariko’s well.  He knew what was down there.
Chirping crickets stilled their night songs as Link shifted his position where he sat beside the windmill.  Not for the first time, he fingered his Ocarina in consideration.  He hated to dampen his lookout spot, but he really was parched.  A little rain would have to do.
With a stretch and a groan he rose to his feet for the first time in hours and walked the short distance to the nearest sheltering eaves.  Bringing the sacred instrument to his lips, he trilled a soft little waltz that set the sky aroil with swift black clouds.  The wrack thickened and churned above him, veiling moon and stars and casting Kakariko Village into blackness.  At the last note’s release, a sharp vein of lighting split the sky, thunder rang off the mountain and tumbled among the foothills, and the rain came down in sheets.
Navi the fairy, Link’s only
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Portal: Follow the Yellow Line
Follow the Yellow Line
Characters: Cave Johnson, Caroline
Setting: Aperture Science Innovators, 1950s (Pre-Portal)

“Sir.  There’s been an accident.”
Cave Johnson, CEO of Aperture Science Innovators, stopped admiring his own reflection in the mirror and turned his attention to the image of his assistant, Caroline.  Mm.  Beautiful and smart.  Not bad, Cave, not bad, he mused to himself, turning to face her.  “What is it, Caroline?  It better be a good accident.  Today’s opening day, you know.”
“Yes, sir, I know.  Sir, the scientists assigned to the praying mantis DNA experiment misunderstood their instructions… it seems they stated they were supposed to inject themselves with it.”
Cave snorted.  “For a bunch of eggheads, I can’t imagine a bigger group of idiots.  Who wrote those instructions, anyway?”
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A Banananadilewski Halloween
An Aqua Teen Hunger Force fanfic
It was another Halloween night. The windows and doors were locked, the electric fence with laser beams activated outside. All Carl Brutananadilewski hoped for was a peaceful night. It wasn’t just kids with the usual toilet paper and eggs in his neighborhood. No, he would be lucky if his house wasn’t burned down, or that he escaped brutal, agonizing torture. This was never a good night for him.
Carl stood in the living room, carefully peaking through the curtain to see out, but not be seen himself. He was middle aged, overweight and caucasian.  He was very hairy, except for the very top of his head, and his eyebrows and mustache were darker than his hair. Carl wore what he usually wore, a stained white tank top and old, blue sweatpants with green flip flops on his feet.
Hand Banana crawled up Carl’s back with its weird appendages. The creature, and now Carl’s most significant and stable partner, was genetically engineered f
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Gripping Part 2 (contest entry)
             Part 2
             For what seemed like forever there was nothing but the darkness. It was nothing but utter blackness and silence. Only occasional moments where my eyes would open, but I still saw nothing. Would opening my eyes help me see any better? In truth it was the same. Have you had so much darkness around you that even with your eyes open you still couldn’t see? That was my feeling. It wasn’t my sight that helped me coop with my fear but more what I felt and heard. I felt like I was moving. Smooth and steady with only a few bumps. I could hear fast vroom’s going on around me. Like something around me was going very fast. Like a soft echoing sound of speed. But this was all I could gather. I could feel and here this when I was awake, but that was the problem. I would only wake up slightly then pass out again. But when I was awake this was what I heard. Hours could have passed b
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Doof's Worst Nightmare
"And that was the last of what has happened today."
Heinz Doofenshmirtz was typing away all the latest gossip around town in his evil blog, as usual. After realizing that it's too late in the night, he turned off the computer, yawned, and wandered off to sleep. While sleeping, he dreamed of what he wanted to do all his life. Taking over the Tri-State Area. It made him sleep easily and calmed him.
After 15 minutes of peaceful dreaming, he woke up with a sudden CRASH! The moment he woke up, he could not see anything because the vision was blurry, which looked like a brown smudge with a large cream dot on a wall. He rubbed his eyes and what did he find? An ugly-looking woman that looked just like him!
"Hey! What are you doing here?" asked Doofenshmirtz.
I am the witch of the Tri-State Area. You must follow my instructions or something bad will happen to you," replied the ugly-looking woman.
"Pffft! I thought it was the witch that appeared in "Wizard of Odd". He looked just like me. But ne
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Cold As Ice
What defines a monster?
There are real monsters inhabiting the world, of course; the land, the waters, even high above the clouds. Pocket Monsters. Not many people know that that’s what the word ‘Pokémon’ means. The term was coined a few hundred years ago, with the invention of the technology that allowed the so-called ‘magical creatures’ we share our world with to literally be carried around in your pocket. I don’t know why they call them monsters, though. Pokémon aren’t scary. All right, some of them can be scary – show me someone who didn’t shriek out loud when they first saw a Cofagrigus or a Hydreigon, and I’ll show you someone who’s a damn sight braver than I am – but even those ones aren’t always as bad as they seem. I know that, because I have one: my Absol, Hotah. People say that Absol bring disaster and death, and yet Hotah is my best friend. Sure, he’s stubborn, but he’s l
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Of monsters and men
Rain is pouring down on the buildings of the M*A*S*H* 4077. Most of its denizens are vast asleep after another long, boring day without casualties and everything is quiet. Wait, not everything is quiet. A dark figure emerges from the shadows near the jeeps, rain cascading down his oilskin as he slowly makes his way towards a specific olive-green tent. Its careful sidling gait gets interrupted when Corporal Klinger ambles past, clutching a rifle in both hands and a handbag swinging from his left wrist. The skulking figure waits impatiently as Klinger totters away on high heels, shawl flapping wetly in the wind. When the squelching sound of Klinger's shoes in the mud dies away, the figure advances toward his intended destination.
A soft light shines from within the tent, despite the late hour. The figure sneaks up to the door and puts his ear to the wooden surface, trying to hear what's going on inside. A sly grin spreads over his face when he hears a woman humming to herself, she
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The Stories Are True!
Stories are fiction to you, but to us they’re real. Yes, the stories of zombies and vampires are true here, though the stories of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty are not true. Those stories are too good to be true. The only stories that seem to be true are the evil and bad ones.
We’ve managed to survive the monsters for 5 years now. Though it was so long ago, I still remember the day we saw the monsters. One of the vampires had killed my father. We ran; my mother, brother, and me. My brother and I reached a safe house, while my mother was trapped by the zombies, and killed.
My brother and I have been staying in the safe house since then, brave people going out to collect what little food is out there. They usually don’t come back. I am 15 now, while my brother is now 12, we look out for each other now, with no one to help us but a few others in the safe house.
I’ve gotten to know a few of the hiders here, a young woman,
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League Of Legends : Enhancer
If there's one thing that all Runeterra armor can't stop from coming to the body , it's the Zaunite atmosphere . Because if the perpetual gray sky could be mistaken by the optimistic ones for a weather caprice , they would easily speculate on its contents after their nostrils have tasted the scientific city state's sandbox.
This micro- climate isn't the reason why Kayle is on the Corrosive Plain . There was a political issue to resolve on this Field of Justice, which opposed Freljord to Piltover . Ezreal , the ambassador of the City of Progress had indeed reported that Freljord was "a  impractical land for civilian traffic and for diplomatic movement of other residents of Valoran " Therefore, Piltover urged King Tryndamere and Queen Ashe to build roads , at least paths, to their main belongins. Aware of the cost of such labor , they were ready to provide them needed supplies . Freljord refused , affirming their independence and identity.
All this could have stopped there if surpri
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Bittersweet love
" a thousand years ago, in a very dark night. there is one who can bring the evil spirits under his true power.
he who is not the dark master but he is actually a prince of shadows. A Sylvainia."
"ha ha ha ha!" yes you may think that this is only a myth but! there is more my dear children.
For I may not only be a hermit but also a witness..... a witness of the old dark past. hee hee hee!"
"now remember this, " one who live in shadow must have a weakness, a weakness in the heart of course."
(before you read this, there is an old hermit who witness a sudden flick not long ago and he is also an avatar from "Spyro dawn of dragon" but different with a gray coat and has the same materials as the origional. soooo I`ll continue the story.)
"this is the time I tell you a legend, a powerful legend."
Whhhooooooossshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (mists come in the scene)
(mist lifts up slowly)(then shows a group of dragon having a conversation)
Spyro "so, all we need to find is some crystal ball to prevent som
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A Halliwell's Halloween
Underneath the San Francisco National Cemetery the Necromancer inspected his new recruits. It wasn’t a bad harvest this year; most of his crew was relatively fresh so they still had muscle on their bones and didn’t smell too horrible. He just wished there weren’t so many old people. In this country not enough fit young men had been struck by Death. Then again, in other countries most of the young men either died from disease or starvation or had various limbs blown off so it was a bit of a trade off. However, if tonight’s plan went off without a hitch there would be plenty of fine young men at his disposal to assassinate the Twice Blessed son of a Charmed One.
The Necromancer had never been a particularly ambitious sorcerer; he had always been pushed, bullied and threatened into doing another demon’s bidding. His existence was tolerable but of course the fatal flaw of every creature living in the Underworld was the desire for power and respect. If he assas
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Gripping End (final to contest entry)
Carmelita gave me a ride to the police station in her car as I sat in the back hating myself. She tried to by nice by telling me there was nothing I could do and talking about some of her stories where things went wrong. She said something about a guy name “Sly” then something about time travel? I wasn’t paying enough attention to her. I couldn’t just forget about what happened to Scarlet. I tried to listen to Carmelita about taking my mind off it, but it was just me in my seat in silence, staring out the car window. You can never forget something you have to try to forget. All I wanted to do was believe I was in a dream. Just to be in that dream so I could wake up and everything’s okay. I couldn’t believe something like this was real. I could only believe it was just a bad dream going on way too long. Carmelita’s radio called her asking where she was, I think. I couldn’t understand
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