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A Conversation and a Corpse
Title: A Conversation and a Corpse
Universes (Crossover): Batman and Neil Gaiman's Sandman
Pairings: None
Rating: PG (to be safe)
Warnings: Angst, a corpse
Author's Note: Batman's natural desire to help has unforeseen consequences. This is my entry for the Crossover Contest, and my first crossover.
The copse lay amidst the alley clutter, unmoving, while the first spots of rain splattered on his Armani suit. The night buried him in shadows, the distant streetlights barely illuminating him. Thin rivulets of blood, black in the weak light, pasted down a few graying tufts of hair. His head bent backwards at an angle no living person could achieve. Knowing the futility of it, Batman still reached over and checked for a pulse.  
Looking at the dead never got any easier. It was ugly, no matter how peaceful the passing may have been. Yet still, Batman crouched besides the unmoving form, gently closing the man's eyes. The rain pattered against his hood and cape while he stood his silent vi
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The Fifty-Ninth Minute
With increasing regularity, the Earth was coming under threat by alien menaces other than the Decepticons. It made sense, the Autobot known as Pyro supposed; the planet was both out of the way and ideally located, depending on where you were coming from. Or which way you were going. The universe was funny like that.
Pyro, in the guise of a firetruck, regarded the man that climbed inside him. He had a rather strange face, but not the strangest they had on file. (Personally, his favorite was the "teeth and curls" look.) This was a new face, all flat and nose and long hair. And his clothes were strange. He had always had questionable fashion sense, but it had always leaned more towards the old-fashioned and less towards the... hm, "singed raggedy."
"Hello, Doctor," the Autobot said once they were rolling. Pyro increased his speed; they hadn't much time.
The man looked surprised for a moment. He glanced towards the passenger seat and the seats behind him to see if he had missed anyone, but
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Power Crystal--a MarvelxDisney Fanfiction
Captain America's warning came too late.  Iron Man, floating in mid-air twenty feet above the choppy blue water, flipped around just in time to see a large black blur tackle him with the force of twenty pro-football players.  They crashed through the surface of the water, sending a wave and a mist out in all directions around where they had entered the ocean.
The descent was fast, pulling Iron Man and his current enemy through the water at a rate that almost rivaled falling through air.  The monstrosity, a freakish combination of man, lizard, and wolf, with the massive canines and claws to match, thrashed about, keeping a tight grip on the armor.  While the armor itself was receiving superficial scratches from the claws, the creatures jaws chomped just as uselessly at the metal chest, neck, and head.
Tony pushed back at the creature, but the more he did so, the angrier the monster became.  Underwater, his weapons seemed to be useless, as multiple attemp
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Mini historia de mi
Esta es una entrevista de mi y con mis mejores amigos Isy and Robin....
Isy: MARI!!!!! estas lista?!?!
Yo: AAAA!! Isy! estoy al lado tuyo no tienes que gritar!!!
Robin: jaja
Yo: ¬¬ aun no comprendo como me convensiste en esto....
Robin: Hay Mari.... tu mayor debilidad el chocolate...
Robin e Isy:¬¬
Isy: bueno 1 pregunta ¿como te llamas?
Yo: em....mari?
Isy: tu nombre completo....
Yo: ahhh..... Maria Paz Jara Riquelme....
Robin: oye mari te falto....
Yo:No te atrevas a decirlo... *mirandolo con cara asesina*
Robin:Que? tu 2 nombre YOLANDA..
Yo:Mas vale que corras...
Yo: 3....
Yo: 2....
Robin:AAAAAA!!! *sale corriendo*
Yo: 1!! * y voy a perseguir a Robin*
Despues de 10 minutos....
Isy: on Mari.... ¿cuantos años tienes?
Yo: 12
Isy:¿Te consideras linda?
Yo: etto....
Robin:*susurrando* si es linda
Isy:*le golpea el hombro a Robin* entonces.... te gusta no???
Robin:*se sonrroja* eh?? que estas diciendo!?
Isy: eso pense *co
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