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Halloween 2008

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Welcome to the Fearcus
"People love to be scared! Yes, it's true. They love that rush of adrenaline they get when frightened. Oh, people are foolish."
Minc was nearing his eighties and in some ways he was fear. He seemed to embody death and he took great pride in that fact. He was very tall, nearing 6'5", and thin as a skeleton. His hair was white as bone, his eyes were sunken into his skull and raven wing black, and he dressed every day in a black suit. Minc was the source of many a person's fear and his coal button eyes glinted beautifully at that fact.
"People don't seem to realize that their fear can kill them," he said as he walked along inside the perimeter of the ring at his fearcus. "That lovely rush of adrenaline stops the heart. Come to me."
Boy was nine and every bit the opposite of Minc. He loved life and all the colors of the world. He valued companionship and talked to everyone he met when he was in town picking things up for Minc. His hair was a soft brown that matched his brilliant cho
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The Brides of Dracula :iconnizzie:nizzie 5 6
MotBWQ--Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Meeting Courage the Cowardly Dog
(Back in Chapter 1…)
“Geez, why did this have to happen?!” Eddy stated aloud with an irritated sigh afterwards as he and the other five young teens and the two adults started to walk on their way to the house in the distance.
“Who knows?” stated Jennifer with a shrug of her shoulders, “It was probably a low tire anyway.”
“Or maybe it was something else?” Ed started to say as everyone else looked at him, “Maybe it was something underground, like from the movie
When I Was a Teenage Vacuum!”
“I don’t think that would be it, Ed,” Kasumi replied back with a slight chuckle.
It would take them about ten minutes of walking to get to the house up ahead. But, little did they know that an adventure was waiting for them…

(And now, onto Chapter 2…)
Soon they could see the house in more detail than they could in the distance; it wa
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Loch Ness Monster
Harmonious waves
Memories of a time I can't remember
Where's the surface? Where's the air?
Desperatly raising a hand
I hear mute birds
A dark light blue view
Ripping me in pieces
Pieces of borders, lost oceans
Invisible big monsters
Dragging me to the bottom solid ground
With disformed aqua faces
Chest full of life, you flow up
Emerging from the deep
Reaching the light
Sinking the horror to the infinit corals
W. was its name
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