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Bilbo and Lindir :iconmerlkir:Merlkir 183 10
Welcome to Rivendell :iconakato3:akato3 287 12 Lindir, Erestor y Glorfindel :icondaga-saar:Daga-Saar 63 10 Lindir :icongirabbit:girabbit 43 12 Lindir :iconcoley-sxe:Coley-sXe 51 13 Lindir :iconautothaumaturgist:Autothaumaturgist 26 3 Lindir of Imladris :iconmellorianj:MellorianJ 157 7 Lindir with a harp :iconmellorianj:MellorianJ 179 8 Elrond and Lindir :iconnamistaivanbuuren:NamistaiVanBuuren 31 2 Inquisitor Lavellan :iconxla-hainex:xla-hainex 153 8 Figwit and Lindir :iconlilith-babydoll:Lilith-Babydoll 33 62 Fav male characters: Lindir :iconpatszy:patszy 15 1 Elrond*Lindir :iconciceon:ciceon 26 1 lindir :iconjanedoemmmmm:JaneDoemmmmm 150 5 Lindir :iconkonahakounchi:konahakounchi 12 0 Elrond talks. Lindir listens. :icongirabbit:girabbit 24 7
Lindir x Reader ~ Sweet
You were a simple elven maiden. Maybe you were a servant to Lord Elrond, but also his friend and one of the best confectioners in Rivendell. Arwen, daughter of Lord Elrond always wanted you to make some of your famous cookies for evening, usually you two were sitting in library, eating sweets and reading, sometimes talking about men. Often it was you complaining about twins, these two devils! They always were leaving a mess and pranking everyone. Except for you. They wouldn't dare to prank you, everyone knew you were dangerous when mad. Arwen liked to remind you about Lindir, your closest friend. Well, now that he had more duties you barely talked to each other. Today on the other hand, was different.
Thorin's Company was just eating in Lord Elrond's prescence when two young elves arrived. They looked terryfied! When they saw Lord Elrond, they ran to him and hid behind him. Elrond raised his eyebrows and looked at twins, when dwarves started singing and throwing food.
"Help Ada!" Ellad
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 46 1
Lindir :iconladycyrenius:LadyCyrenius 13 0 Lindir :iconblack4rest:BLACK4REST 24 4 Lindir :iconthe-gwyllion:The-Gwyllion 220 40 Bilbo and Lindir :iconancaxbre:AncaXBre 18 2 Lindir :icongirabbit:girabbit 17 3