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Alzheimer's :iconkscreations:kscreations 784 198
His house is made of crumbling slats
    of rotted knotted oak
  peeling paint
and weakened joints.
  The wind blows unfettered
through unshuttered apertures
   dragging fresh sunlight in
      and memories away.
Even on the clearest days
       he visits the front porch
    less and less often.
        He prefers to explore
    those rooms further in
where tide and time have yet to reach.         Sometimes
                                     he might be gone for a week.
And one day, too soon
    (not soon enough)
  his ramshackle dw
:iconhavetales-willtell:HaveTales-WillTell 426 213
I loved her then
and I'll love her the same
even if she can't
remember my name.
:icontimesfire90:TimesFire90 58 7
alzheimer :iconchocolatenoir:chocolatenoir 536 206
950 relatives,
each dying to exist.
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 17 7
Alzheimer :iconsidiuss:Sidiuss 108 50 Alzheimer disease :iconahsr:ahsr 64 12
Six Word Story- Alzheimer's
Taking away precious memories since 1906.
:iconfirestar101:Firestar101 18 15
A Sip of Alzheimer's
He only forgot how to remember.
:iconwordweight:WordWeight 21 16
Alzheimers :iconsteph1254:Steph1254 817 369 Alzheimer's Awareness Poster :iconstdesigns:STDesigns 133 31
You see their faces
You hear their voices
You feel their touches
But you can't remember their names
Some days they are your family
Some days they long lost friends
Some days they are strangers
Some days…
Some days you meet them again and again
Over and over…
But you can't remember
You can only remember the past
Sometimes I'm in that past
Sometimes I'm not
Some days you can remember me
Some you don't
But there are also days when you can remember the names
But they don't come out strait
But someday the some days and the sometimes will be over
And in that day I hope you can remember me
I hope that I am apart of your live in that day
And that you can remember my name
Because I miss being remember by you
:iconmomotwi:MoMotwi 13 16
i hear my grandfather breaking shore on D-Day,
the muffled black and white German blaring
on the History Channel. the memories etched
in his face fading as the rabid fear, break-neck
hug, anything, to hold on.
and his fear seeps into my clothes, my spine,
lingers there for days.
:iconmelodysnow:melodysnow 114 27
Like moths in warm June air, like husks of corn
Like watermelon, and the big fence they wanted to build
Along the border
Like the first microwaves and TV dinners, like sand
But you live too far from the ocean to understand loss
And colored shells
Like running out of words but still needing to speak
Like a dripping backyard water hose, a rusted grill
You believe in things
Bright things, like intimacy, like play-swordfights
Close your book, clean your glasses and look again
It’s been gone for years
Flounder, fail, fall; dust beneath your bed accumulates
Warm rain pounds your windows, things fall apart
But you don’t remember
:iconbark:Bark 56 57
I see tree branches in your gnarled
Your arctic lungs
     On an emotion you
Can't even remember the name of
But please
Remember mine
:iconinkstain-fingertips:inkstain-fingertips 15 10
in 43 seconds a girl will walk past me
as if i didn't exist,
and i will never see her again.
but it won't matter.
they all float by me and disappear,
   (one by one, two by two
   they all fade away
   even you.)
they stole chronology, leaving me
to drown in chaos,
but my timeline was already broken,
memories appearing out of
thin air.
another crack won't make
a difference.
(i loved you once, maybe it was yesterday.
or was it three years from now,
when i called out for you
and was answered by
an ambulance siren?)
i'm the only one living in reverse, and
though the moments are mixed up
i still remember everything.
:iconeternalsunday:EternalSunday 31 31
Alzheimers :iconkatelindermann:KateLindermann 74 8
I fear forgetting,
of watching myself
disappear piece
by piece
but perhaps it’s
an unexpected
consolation, like grass
laying in the sun
cool breezes
gently helping me
forget that I don’t
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 26 66
Alzheimers :icondavenit:Davenit 53 8 Hey i just met you :iconwisekumagoro:WiseKumagoro 2,000 130 Caring for Dementia :iconcarts:carts 1,051 110
My Memory Fails Me
It's the end of the line
in a mind that declines
and when memory ends
I forget what is mine
I'm not crazy I'm lonely
and I just wish you were here
I'm scared of the darkness
come hug me my dear...
I can't understand this feeling
maybe it is our empty bed
or maybe it's my denial
on the fact that you're dead...
:iconsc1r0n:Sc1r0n 25 13
Hunger - pin :iconalzheimer13:Alzheimer13 1,283 170