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The Great Temmie Papyrus :iconravenprinces:RavenPrinces 0 0
Ashley wren tg tf chapter 54
"It's good to have you on missions again ash."zender said"yeah it's good to be back."ashley responded quietly " so we are gonna be in a team of two?"zender asked " yes zender,you and ashley are In a team of two."Hera replied " Let's get ready for an op."ashley said"hey I'm supposed to say that."Kanan said"well you were too slow Kanan."ashley replied slyly this made Emily giggle " Ok break it up you two we need to get ready for this op!"zender said  as they went to prepare for the op"gogogo ashley stick by me!"zender yelled as she shot a couple of troopers Ashley and zender were doing great before a trooper shot zender in the stomach ashley aimed her blasters at the trooper before suddenly she lost control again her eyes fluttered"L-52 now is your time to redeem yourself, kill her."the trooper ordered " ash don't listen to him fight it."zender said weakly as she kept her hand on her stomach " Now L-52!"the trooper shouted ashley grabbed a knife and pulled zender up and held the kni
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TG-Papyrus (Genocide Papyrus) Request.. :iconunderbloxfan:UnderBloxFan 2 7
Pre Order TG Porn vol. 1

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Spider Issues 15 :icongordy20:Gordy20 6 0 Two frends=two dolls :iconquestmen:QuestMen 1 0 Page 15 :iconmeowwithme:meowwithme 20 16 Tokyo ghoul roleplay scenarios :iconnovastartherapter:novastartherapter 1 1
Choose Your Own Zelda-More Masks
If Link thought that Ruto had given up on him so easily, then she didn't know the Princess of the Zora's as well as she thought she did. With her new Sage powers, it had been a relatively trivial matter locating the Happy Mask Salesman, who was at that very moment traveling on the sea between Hyrule and Holodrum. Of course, as both a Zora and the Sage of Water, the ocean proved no obstacle for Ruto, and within an hour she jumped onto the deck of the ship, and before anyone could stop her she ran downstairs, into the ship, and to the correct cabin that housed the salesman. To her own surprise, he seemed to expect her. "Ah, the Sage! Or would you prefer Princess?" he asked, his voiced happy and obsequious, as he bowed at her.
Ruto was unsure if she should be happy at the respect he showed her, or annoyed at how fake it was. "Enough, Salesman. Princess will do. I need a mask-"
Before she could finish her sentence, the salesman interrupted her. "Of course you do, Princess! We all wear mask
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HaiSuzu!!! On Ice :iconkuuhukka:KuuHukka 3 0 Amy Rosified by Kyo :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 33 5
Choose Your Own Zelda-Let the Swap Hunt...Begin!
...they should scope out potential partners for swapping back. Before they did that, however, they should talk about who would make for good candidates.
It was still odd for Link, watching his own body from the outside, especially as it was acting so emotionless and robotic. "Your ideas have merit, Master. I believe it would be better to use humans around your own age, as their sense of self is not yet as concrete as those older in age. We should also use one male and one female: in order to help them better acclimate to the process, we can ensure the first uses of the crossbow are between those of the same gender."
Link agreed with that, then started to list possible women he knew who would be useful. There was Karane, the knight-in-training and object of so many other students' hearts. There was Peatrice, Link's girlfriend who would likely be interested in at one point being in Link's body. And there was Kina, the daughter of the owner of the Lumpy Pumpkin, who was in general nice en
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Choose Your Own Zelda-The Goddess Laron
The more Link thought about the idea, the more right it seemed. After all, it wasn't as if the dragons, or Levias, had ever done much to help others. No, they just sat around and expected Link to do everything. Well, now she would! But as the new goddess of this world, Link realized that her name wasn't quite fitting, especially considering her current body. No, she needed something more Laron. The Goddess Laron.
Now that Laron had her goal in mind, the complete protection and ownership of the entire world, she knew she needed someplace to start. She could start with the Sky, letting her former home know of their new ruler, and telling Levias who was in charge now. Or she could go to the Sealed Temple. The old woman there was full of wisdom even Laron didn't possess, and she was likely strong enough now to stop the Imprisoned once and for all. Or she could head to Eldin Volcano, and let her "brother" know that he would answer to her now, or else. Lastly, Laron could find
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Header For Wolfs TG :iconnyneworks:NyneWorks 2 1
Spider-Man TG MC RP?
Anyone want to play a RP were I play Spidey and he gets TGed und brainwashed?
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Darker Magic - TG Transformation :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 29 8 me :iconpaolina86:paolina86 5 6 Crossdress (85) :iconpaolina86:paolina86 1 0 Crossdress (83) :iconpaolina86:paolina86 1 0 Crossdress (84) :iconpaolina86:paolina86 1 0 Lizard love Bridezilla TF/TG Page 6 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 45 3 Lizard love Bridezilla TF/TG Page 5 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 45 1 Kaigo Shiipo :iconthegeneraless:TheGeneraless 31 10