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age regression

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Muscle Makeover - Skinny Guy to Asian Beefcake :icontfartist89:tfartist89 5 0 Sunset Shimmer Age Regressed :iconarlover90:ARLover90 6 4
Commission: Jane finds the Fountain of Youth 3 :iconeduartboudewijn:EduartBoudewijn 31 18 Scene from Some Like it Young 99 :iconareg5:areg5 7 1
Legends of the Hidden Fountain: Chapter 0
A single large plane flew through the sky over an endless maze of trees beneath it. The sun was setting over the horizon creating a tranquil scene with no noise other than the hum of the plane's propellers. Inside the plane was a colorful assortment consisting of ten different individuals  covered in fur, scales or feathers in addition to one tiny squirrel.
"Good evening!" The squirrel gave a shout. He looked like a normal brown squirrel, the type that ran around on four legs, except for the fact that he was wearing a red bowtie. "And welcome to Legends of the Hidden Fountain! My name is Chip and I'm going to be your host for our show! This is my third TV appearance but first time being allowed to be a paid host of my own show! I was even given this spiffy magic bowtie so all of you can understand what I'm saying!" The squirrel chattered happily. "Behind me are our ten contestants who will be participating in our challenges! Together we'll be attempting to penetrate the secrets of
:iconcalextheneko:calextheneko 0 0
Age regression TG
Anyone up for a TG age regression with me?  I'd be the 1 getting ard and tg
:iconminatto23:Minatto23 0 0
Scene from Some Like it Young 99 :iconareg5:areg5 7 6 Standard Template Construct :iconkokoda39:kokoda39 12 1 Back To School :iconmikotowolfskin:MikotoWolfskin 26 3
Sonic Boom: 5 Pixies and 5 Babies Chapter 18

After they arrived home, the babies told the pixies they wanted to learn their powers and have certain weapons. The pixies told them maybe as they set them up for their nap. After they got set up for their nap, the babies fell asleep as the pixies fixed their after nap time lunch.
Sonic and Tails both started to struggle in their sleep and soon the others did too. Every baby began to wail as they slept, the pixies heard it and came to the babies' aid. They gently woke up each baby as they cradled them. 
The babies told the pixies about their nightmares. A bad scent was noticed by the pixies and they knew the babies needed a change. The babies were lied down on either a changing table or changing mat. 
The toddlers' dirty nappies were removed and their certain areas were wiped with baby wipes after the pixies placed fresh nappies under them. The used wipes were put in the nappies and then they were threw in the trash. The babies then had their cer
:iconsweetheart1012:sweetheart1012 0 3
Commission: Jane finds the Fountain of Youth 2 :iconeduartboudewijn:EduartBoudewijn 36 18 ASTRAL FINISH! :iconcloud-dream:Cloud-Dream 17 0 Scene from Some Like it Young 98 :iconareg5:areg5 5 3 Snapchat AR :icondktf:DKTF 24 13 The Baby Card Saga Bad Ending By The Padded Room-d :iconarvampiregirl94:arvampiregirl94 4 0
Hot Headed. (Litten TF)
"And further more, you're a complete b-" A girl was about to finish her sentence, when she realized something terrible...She was talking to her teacher!
"Samantha, come to my office this afternoon." Ms. Henson said firmly as she began to walk away.
"Oooh...." Some girls and guys in the background said mockingly. Sam simply looked at them with eyes similar to those of a dead fish's, and picked up a chair, throwing it at them.
"Shut up!" Sam yelled as she sat down, muttering swears to self silently.
The bell soon ranged, and students began to pack up and leave. All but one, which was Sam. Sam began to walk to the office, glaring at students who were talking with each other, playing on their electronics, etc.
She knocks on the door, and in a few seconds Ms. Henson opened. "Sam, please come in. We need to talk about your behavior recently."
Sam sat down in a chair, arms crossed as she looked to the side frustrated. "What behavior...?"
"You know what I am talking about! You fighting with ot
:iconsonicvshtf654:sonicvshtf654 5 8
"How much longer?" She half-complained. As the little girl, she wasn't allowed a watch or cell phone; not even his.
She turned her head slightly, crooking a smirk. "Until I say so, Juju."
"This isn't funny, Marie!" Her tone was anything but threatening given her diminished stature; she scarcely managed not to flinch at the other woman's glare in retort, quickly correcting her demeanor. "Please..."
Marie scooped the girl up in her arms. "That anxious to get back to adult life, eh kiddo?"
"Yes!" She nearly screamed. "This has been the worst week of my life!" Nearly one week ago on the dot, Alex had run afoul of the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time and learned that magic existed, the hard way: by finding himself in the form of her, a pint-sized brat no older than five. 'Why' was hardly a concern as she shuffled home in shock to his girlfriend Marie. Convincing her was hardly an issue; she readily believed her, all too anxious to play along, and within moments Marie's niec
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Commission: Jane finds the Fountain of Youth 1 :iconeduartboudewijn:EduartBoudewijn 33 22 W.T. - AR+WG :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 39 10 W.T. - AR :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 57 6 W.T. - AR+TG :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 199 14