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origami earrings
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Aquamarine - Ekaterina Lukasheva, reverse engineered;….
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See first pic for (very long) description
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See first pic for (very long) description
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See first pic for (very long) description
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See first pic for (very long) description
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My origami army, in the style of a Warhammer army.

The units are as follows
Back row, from left:
-Lobbers (rock throwers)
-Catapults and Aimers
-Diskers (disk throwers)
Front row, from left:
-Bezerkers on Quadrapeds
-Giant with Rider
-Dragon with Rider

+-=<(   Design info   )>=-+

Everything designed and folded by me.

Every model was folded from a single square of paper. The sizes used were
-A4: Dragon.
-A5: Catapults and Giant.
-A7: Footmen, Lobbers, Diskers, Bezerkers and Quadrapeds.
-Smaller than A7: Riders and Aimers.

The height of the average humanoid model is about 3cm.

The humanoid models are all based on my standard origami-man design, with mainly simple changes to the arms.
The dragon has instructions that can be found here:…
The catapult started from an origami bird base, and can actually launch things.
The quadraped started from an origami frog base.

+-=<(   Army info   )>=-+

This isn't a paper representation of a human army, but an army of human-sized paper golems, created by a wizard.

The reason the paper golems are mostly human shaped sized (and not 100s of feet tall 20-armed titains) is because in animating golems, the wizard uses his own mind as a template for the golem's mind, and as such, the golems work best at a shape and size that is similar to the wizard's, with inteligence and skill decreacing with deviation from the wizard's shape/size.

The reason the wizard chose paper golems for his army (instead of, for example, rock golems) is explained further down.

There are many different varieties of paper golem, and the ones in this arm are but a few of them

Footmen (Front middle):
-One sword arm, and one shield arm.
-Specialise in melee combat.

Bezerkers (Front left):
-2 sword arms, and no shield, giving them higher attack, but lower defence.
-Excel in melee combat.
These Bezerkers are riding Quadrapeds, although Bezerkers can be free-standing, just as many other humanoid units can be mounted
-Non-humanoid paper golem, therefore lower inteligence, making it similar to a horse in inteligence, and function.
-Much faster than a humanoid paper golem, and gives them a height advandage, but is also a much larger target,
-If seperated, both rider and mount become useless, as the rider forfiets the skill neede to walk, in order to control the Quadraped, and the Quadraped has low inteligence.

Lobbers (Back left) and Diskers (Back right):
-Both are ranged units, with one arm as a shield, and the other as a projectile* launcher.
-They can auto-reload with the projectile-launcher arm, as paper projectiles can be stored in the folds of that arm, being released upon throwing, and in the case of lobber, they can also grab rocks to throw,
-Lobbers vertically throw rocks, and thus, can fire in ranks, as they don't need a direct line of sight.
-Diskers horizontally throw disks, and thus, can't fire in ranks, as they need a direct line of sight, and they also need more space to fire, but they are also more accurate, and their projectiles are harder for the enemy to see and dodge.
-In melee combat, they can use their projectile-launching arms, as crude flail/whip like weapons.
-Lobbers are used as the core ranged units, whereas Diskers are for precision fireing.

Giant (Front, second from right):
-Basically a larger (about twice the height) version of the footman.
-Its larege size means it much stronger, tougher and faster, but far less inteligent and skilled.
-It has a club as a weapon, as its unskilled use of a sword, may damage itself.
-Giants are often accompinied by Riders*.
There are also other possiblities for large humanoid paper golems:
-Large units are larger than normal, but smaller than giants.
-Large units can be footmen or Bezerkers, but are not skilled enough (due to increased size loweing inteligence) to use ranged weapons.
-Giant units can only be footmen, as using 2 weapons would require more skill than it has.
-Large units can also be mounted, but Giant units cannot, lacking the inteligence to control a mount (often needing to be controled itself).

*Riders and Aimers (on larger models):
-Even though giant units can act independantly, a more inteligent unit guiding them, will choose better targets for them, and prevent them moving into perelous areas.
-These are small golems (about half human height), with their limited inteligence being specialised in targeting, and thus, they have no skill in combat, and will hide in the folds of their charge if threatened.

Wizards (Middle):
-One of these may be the wizard who creaded the paper golems, disguised as paper himself, or just a paper avatar, while the real wizard is safely tucked away somewhere.
-The other paper wizard can be either a deycoy (if the the first paper wizard is real) or a backup to be used as a paper avatar if the first is destroyed. In either case, it can move, but can't cast any spells (though it will give the appearance of doing so, asto be a better deycoy)
-Mainly a support unit, to protect against and break enemy spells, and to repair any damaged paper golems.
-If the wizard who created the paper golems, his has a minimum of the following spells
--Create paper: Can create paper by drawing materal from trees, other plants, or even the air (each with increacing magic cost).
--Speedy fingers: Can fold origami figures much faster than I can.
--Paper growth: Using materal from trees/plants/air, paper figure size can be increased from easily foldable, hand-sized, to human size.
--Carbon-shifting: Can re-arrange the molecular structure of paper, to give it waterproof and/or fireproof coatings, and/or increased hardness on shields and/or blade edges. Can also use this to colour and enrune paper (e.g. turning parts of the paper's surface into graphite).
--Animate: Gives the gift of thought and movement, turning paper figures into paper golems.
--Remote controll: Can remotely posess a paper golem, to use it as an avatar, so asto view and controll battle from affar.
--Paper disguise: Can make himself look like a paper golem.

Catapult (Back middle):
-Vertically throw heavy projectiles*, and thus, they dont need a direct line of sight, and can fire over allys and obsticals.
-Theses are actually golems, and as such, they can move, load, aim and fire on their own, but as they are large and non-humanoid, they are slow and dim-witted.
-They move similarly to a seal, and load by grabing rocks off the ground with the fireing-bucket, as if it were a hand at the end of an arm.
-Catapults can't fight in melee combat, but if attacked, they can load and fire their attackers, as they would rocks.
-Catapults are often accompinied by Aimers*.

Dragon (Front right):
-A creature of massive size, but limited inteligence.
-Paper dragons require much more magic than normal, because of their massive size, non-human shape, and extra abilities.
-Their abilities may include:
--Flight: To manouver behind enemy lines, or just get a better view of the battlefield
--Gust: The same fore that allows it to fly, can be used to blow enemies over, and propell freindly paper golems forward.
--Carry: Smaller units can hide in its folds, to be transported, and can emerge at any time, even in mid-flight, as a long fall wont hurt paper. There is a small chance that some units may fall out.
--Carry: Projectiles* can also be hidden in its folds, to be droped on enemies.
--Fireball: As a final attack, the dragon can enflame itself, and fly into an enemy.
--They can also attack with their sharp tail, sharp wing-tips, and by biteing (they don't have teeth, but their mouth-folds are sharp)
-Dragons are often accompinied by Riders*.

-It's not just units that are made from magically enhanced paper, projectiles are too.
-Lobbers and Catapults can use paper rocks, as well as normal rocks, and Diskers are only able to use paper disks.
-The paper projectiles may have the following enhancements:
--Enlarged: Paper boulders for the catapults are created at hand-size, then enlarged to boulder size for use
--Harden: Because a soft projectile wont work as well
--Enweighten: Heavier objects hit harder
--Ignighting: Paper is naturally flamable, and this enhancement makes sure the projectile fully ignites just before impact, for maximum effect.
-These enhancements take effect just before firing, and wear off just after hitting their target, for best magical efficiency, and so the enemy can't throw the projectile back at them.
-The enhancements will also wear off if the projectiles are about to hit a friendly unit, to minimise accidental friendly fire.
-All projectiles are made by the wizard before battle, and distributed appropriately, as arrows would to archers.

It's also possible for other flying paper animals to have the same role as the paper dragon, and for other 4-legged paper animals to have the same role as the Quadraped (as i've done before with badgers), but for this army, I didn't want to use other people's designs.

When building this army, I had planned on haveing some other units, but later chose to remove them.
The rejected units are as follows;
-Wolfmen: Like footmen, but with wolf-heads, and tails.
-Centaurs: Like footmen, but with an extra back torso and legs. Was to be used as cavalty
-Catapult loaders: Based on my origami mech design.

Reasons for rejection:
-Theses units were more complex to fold, and gave the army more of a "mythical beast" feel to it, than a "paper golem" feel.

+-=<(   Why paper golems are better than other golems   )>=-+

This is an army of paper golems, as a paper golem army is far superior to other golem-type armies for the following reasons:

-Easier construction:
--Compared to a clay golem:
---The material is cheaper, more abundant, and easier to transport.
---Far quicker and easier to construct the golem.

-Better magical efficiency:
--It takes far less physical energy to move a piece of paper than a lump of clay, so it stands to reason, that it would also take far less magical energy to animate a paper golem, than a clay one.
--Many golem materials cannot bend without breaking, so either extra magic is needed to soften the joints and moving parts of the golem, or extra magic is needed to hold the broken parts together (or in cases like sand golems, hold the entire thing together), whereas paper can bend without breaking, yet also be able to maintain structural consistency (i.e. it wont fall apart without magic to hold it together).
--Paper is made from plant material, formerly coursing with life energy, and thus, may be able to store more magical energy.
--Paper consists mainly of carbon, so enhancing a paper golem to become as strong as diamond, is simply a molecular rearrangement, rather than atomic transmutation (and thus, far less energy is needed).
--The atomic components for paper are in the air, so any needed increase in golem mass (repair or enlarging) can make use of material in the air (rather than pulling it out of thin air).

-Easier movement:
--They are lighter, so:
---They can more quicker with the same amount of energy.
---They can more easily move over unstable ground, without sinking/falling through.
---They can quickly descend from large heights, without suffering damage upon landing.
--They are able to move through narrow passages, and even between bars.

-Better in combat:
--More versatile: While most other golems rely on bashing attacks, paper golems can have their arms folded into various weapons, including long ranged weapons (e.g. slings).
--Paper golems are thinner and lighter, so can more easily dodge, or fold out of the way of attacks.
--Unlike other materials, paper will not crack, shatter or crumble upon being bashed or crushed.
--A golem is defeated when it no longer has enough magic left to maintain structural integrity. As paper golems are more magically efficient, they will therefore last longer in combat.

-Overcomable weaknesses: even though paper golems have some weaknesses, they are easily overcome.
--Water: Although paper losses strength when wet, it is relatively simple to waterproof paper, or draw water proofing runes on the paper golem. Other magical means could also be used, as paper golems still have a higher magical efficiency than other golems.
--Fire: Similar to waterproofing, paper can also be fireproofed.

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