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Self explanatory title......=P


Max(C):iconkassanovas: March 2014
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Selaine Fairbanks
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black and white striped
Age: 36
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 167 pounds
Species: Zebra
Occupation: Mafia boss
Voice Actress Choice: Queen Latifah

Selaine was born on the south side of the city in a four-room house that housed fourteen people in its prime. Her mother had died of childbed fever after she gave birth to Selaine’s third and youngest brother, and her father never remarried.

They shared the house with her father’s two brothers, the eldest one’s wife and four sons, and her paternal grandmother. Since the aunt had her own brood to look after, the grandmother took over the role of a mother figure to Selaine and her brothers. She was a woman full of stories and wisdom, having experienced firsthand the oppression of slavery. Selaine was a sharp child, noticing constantly that creatures from Africa were still being looked on as lesser beings by European-native beasts. Determined from youth to make a fortune and to shine in the world, she was pushed back wherever she went.

She got a job helping an old warthog run a bar, where almost all of the clients and regulars were of African descent. Even though she wasn’t making a lot of money or shining like she wanted to, she enjoyed the company and the free drinks. When alcohol was outlawed the bar was shut down, much to the dismay of its owners and patrons. Selaine by that point in her life was sick of living in compliance to rules that oppressed and restricted, and she organized a small rum-running operation with several of her close friends from the bar. They knew her well enough not to be skeptical of female leadership.

Soon the bar was back in business. In fact it was downright hopping since many similar establishments had gone out of business. Under the cover of a dance hall title her business flourished, and soon her success came to the attention of other rum-runners in the city. They often sent goons to hound her for a cut of her profits, but each mafia lord was turned down flat. All of them were enraged that a woman zebra dared to horde her profits and take away their business, and a particularly ballsy one went after her.

Underestimating Selaine was a fatal mistake. Now that she was a community figure beloved by entire neighborhoods, thousands of citizens came out and destroyed the rival gang within minutes. Intimidated by the show of force, several gangs decided to temporily put their differences aside to take down the rising star. Selaine knew that even with her huge loyal following she could not stop the forces of three mafia lords at once.

She found an ally in another up-and-coming crime boss, Henrique . He had a loyalty hold on the city’s enormous Brazilian immigrant population, and when they met to form their alliance they felt that their shared background as the oppressed rising to power would form a friendship for life. The city was rocked to its foundation and the streets ran red for nearly five months as the gangs battled it out.

Selaine and Ric came out victorious. As the two most powerful people in the city, it was not long before their relationship soured and they were full blown rivals (more on this in Ric's story).

Selaine was never much of a romantic, but after the gang war arrests a policeman came to her attention. Samsung did not and never has returned her affections, but she has specifically ordered those beneath her never to harm him.

Selaine (c) me
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Kelly Jackson AKA "Krazy Kelly"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey and white
Age: 33
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 167 pounds soaking wet
Species: Opossum
Occupation: Hitman
Voice Actor Choice: Jim Carrey

Known throughout his native city as a total psycho, Kelly was born on the northwest side of town in one of the famed slums called "Streets of Shit" by its residents. It was no exaggeration since the area had no proper plumbing and people were dumping their chamber pot contents out the windows into the alleys.

Kelly was one of three surviving children from a family of seven and the eldest. A terrible case of flu swept the area in his late teens, killing his mother and two of his siblings and nearly taking him. Many folks suspect that the severity of the fever contributed to his apparent psychosis, but since he never saw a doctor in his life no one can confirm anything. He joined his father as a meat processing worker at the age of fourteen, but had to take a break due to the illness. He returned at age nineteen as his usual chipper and cheerful self in spite of the recent tragedies, and for a time it seemed he would be a well-adjusted, albeit impoverished, adult.

It all changed when for no apparent reason whatsoever, he picked up one of the slaughtering sledgehammers (no easy feat for such a scrawny young man) and struck a fellow worker in the back with it. Said worker was permanently paralyzed from the chest down and Kelly was arrested that very afternoon. When asked why he assaulted his coworker, his response was "I dunno. I just felt like it." He was sentenced to ten years in prison, where his theft skills were sharpened with the help of fellow inmates and he committed several more assaults for apparently unknown reasons, one of which involved shoving a mouse inmate into a washer during laundry duty and screaming "STINKY CHEESE" at the top of his lungs.

All added up, his time in solitary confinement AKA "The Hole" was about a year and a half. During the last year of his time there, a hitman came to the prison on a charge of trafficking alcohol. Reggie, as he called himself, was put in a cell with Kelly and eventually the two became friends. Since Reggie's sentence was only a few months and he was getting out around the same time as Kelly, they agreed to meet up when they were both free men. Upon release Kelly was introduced to the infamous Queen of Crime Selaine Fairbanks, and with Reggie's recommendation was hired as her newest hitman.

A merciless thug on the job, it's often hard to believe that the same guy who shot down seven rival gang members outside a speak-easy is the same guy giggling over the word "penis" and eating food off the floor. Actually... that's pretty easy to believe. I take that back.

In the 'head-canon multiverse' as I like to call it, he's the willing slave and cockroach control person for :iconladyofthegeneral:'s vicious OC Amon. Amon, Insidious Ira by LadyoftheGeneral

Kelly (c) me
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Cpt. Henry Samsung
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde/Palomino
Age: 41
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 235 pounds
Species: Unicorn
Occupation: Police Captian
Voice Actor Choice: Daniel Craig

Born and raised in the city's comfortable east side, Samsung knew from a young age that he wanted to be a police officer. He got started at age 20 after getting an associate's degree in criminology, and moved up the ladder without much incident in his early life.

He met his wife Else at a single's mixer at age 28, at which time he was a Sergeant with the department. Else's family was quite wealthy and at first looked down on Samsung for his choice of employment, but he quickly grew on them with his strong morals and devotion to their daughter. The two were married within a year of meeting and she was pregnant within another year. Desire was born healthy and strong, and all seemed to be well for a while.

After another promotion to Lieutenant, Samsung's department was swamped with many cases involving alcohol trafficking and gang violence. It had been a moderate problem ever since the no alcohol laws were passed, but now that a vicious gang war was tearing the city to pieces, Samsung was forced to work much longer hours and with a partner he did not like (Sykes). Else, not wanting to add to her husband's stress, did not tell him about her illness until the gang war had died down. By then it was only too obvious. She had lost a considerable amount of weight and was constantly struggling to do the smallest tasks.

She died on a Sunday evening, aged 35, leaving a recently promoted again Samsung and their seven year old daughter alone. Her parents were sympathetic to the turmoil of the household and offered to help the single father in any way they could so that Desire did not have to suffer the consequences too deeply. (It was them who hired Hildegarde. So much for saving Desire from suffering!) Samsung continues to work hard for his department, but whenever he has free time he spends it with Desire. He has no desire to marry again, despite being the object of admiration of one of the city's Queen of Crime.

When the chief retired he was hoping he would be the one to take over, more to keep Sykes out of power than for his own ambition. Even when Sykes was discreet about his mafia dealings Samsung suspected something. One of the most frustrating aspects of his life currently is answering to the man he despises most.

H. Samsung (c) me
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A Week of OCs — Monki

Here is the character from whom we arrived at our name "Ninja Monkey Studios". Monki began as a simple doodle on an oekaki board years ago. I’ve changed and refined his design a couple of times, but his appearance is mostly consistent now. His concept has been pretty constant, however. He’s a monkey. He’s a ninja. He’s fighting for… who knows what?

Oo, mysterious and junk!

character © The Z / Ninja Monkey Studios

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My side of a trade with :iconxxtsunamiravenxx: I know, Its flat color, I really need to refill my markers. because
I'm running out of ink, So I'll go back to better detailed draws, Once there full. (Should take a day, No worries~)

Art  :iconkazukioredpanda:
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Not too bad for a little traditional side art ^^

Love his colors!
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An OC request for my good friend :iconhieiskittygirl: I hope you like your request lady bro :huggle:

I did my best designing this OC so hopefully it looks good.

Enjoy ^^

A/N: This OC belongs 2 :iconhieiskittygirl:. I don't own her.
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