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Remember the other team mate from Daisuke's team? This time i made Mori's family picture the Natsuki clan :) his with his mother ( Asami Natsuki) and father ( Toru Natsuki(. Behind their clan symbol.. suggesting their nature element - water :)
hope ya like it :)
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Future Naruto's family Naruto Uzumaki - hokage, Haru Uzumaki - son, China Uzumaki - daughter, and Hinata Uzumaki - nartuos wife < from hyuuga clan> :) hope ya like it
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Sasuke ( father) with Sakura (wife) and their kids ( form the left) Shina , Shunsuke, Daisuke Uchiha :)
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did this a while back but didn't like it until I fixed it up a bit XO bento box used from here: [link]

from left to right
Natsuko, Shinji, Inoko, Sekai, *standing* Haruto, Uchuu

Natsuko: Shinji, Y U No reading book :icony-u-noplz:, you where sleeping again weren't you.

Shinji: it was clearly on my face because I have terrible eye sight. Right Noko-chan?

Inoko: huh? oh yah...right sure, whatever * turns page of book , Of Plants and Men*

Sekai: OH there you are Haru! want to eat lunch with us? I made plenty of bento lunches for everyone!

Haruto: Ah....uh... sure Sekai-chan X3

Uchuu: *glares at Haruto and tries to eat more of the lunch because he doesn't want to share it with Haru*
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Okay, I just HAD to change the picture. This picture is my most faved picture here on DA. A scrappy pic with headshots. WTF?
My most faved picture should look better than that! XD
So I decided to re-draw it, and not just headshots X3

Now here they are, my 22 Konoha Next Generation characters!
I love Next Generation OCs, but some of them are OCs without relation to original Naruto characters.

NaruSaku: Haruka, Tenshi & Nakiro

SasuKarin: Jihaku & Kisu

ShikaTema: Takara, Amari & Shikatani

NejiTen: Yagami

KibaHina: Ryoko & Kusari

ChoIno: Chikyu
SaiIno: Kion
(Ino broke up with Choji and fell in love with Sai)

KakaAnko: Akubi & Tsuki

AsuKure: Yasashii

??? Hyuga: Ryuki

The other characters aren't related :3

Who's is you favourite one?
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ok! so these r my Naruto oc guys!! yea! lol

4rm left 2 right:

Toshi Uchiha, #3 won! hahahha!!!

Akio Uzumaki

Aito Hyuuga

Yuzuru Hyuuga

and Ren, sum of u kno he's my 1st Naruto oc, and since the last time i drew him my style apparently changed so he looks different.

if u download it comes out bigger! lol just in case its 2 small!! xD

there might be more, idk....

i cheated on the bg! i took a pick of my patio floor and edited it to look like that! heheh! ^^; and i kno the shading doesnt match with the shadows, im sorry! i fail!

Shinobi concept is (c) Masashi Kishimoto!
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You my friends are looking at the Future of both the Hitteki Scrolls and Konoha.

Depending if events in Shippuden allow young Sakumo Hatake II to be born (god willing! :D ) You can definatly expect a Naruto-esque time skip involving both Toshi and Kakashi... nearly a 12 year timeskip to where we meet these fine young ninja....

the sister-series will be titled "The Hatake Scrolls" Being more focused on Toshi and Kakashi's "son" Sakumo II, named after his grandfather.

L to R

Fuyu Ikitani:
Sensei: Gato Adachi II
Specializes: Ice and Snow Jutsu
Is a sisterlike best friend of Saku's. Being five years older than he, she's the kunoichi of his genin team. Later in Saku's life he discovers that Fuyu's family immigrated to Konoha nearly three years before he was born. The first in her family to use jutsu, Fuyu's parents confess to her at an older age that she is related to Toshi Hitteki. It's found out that Toshi's mother Itsuwari was an Ikitani before she married Rakugosha, Toshi's father. So it's concluded that Fuyu and Saku are cousins. Fuyu is Japanese for Winter, mirroring her techniques.

Norowarete (Nickname: Noro)
Sensei: Yasachi Momokira
Specializes: Summoning
Noro is Anko's daughter. She was born misscolored and mirroring her mother's old sensei by appearance. This is due to complications from her mother's cursed seal from Orochimaru. She's mild natured and quirky. Noro is the first of a long line of ninja in the future to possess an all new Kekkigenkai. Much like a snake, Noro can hypnotize her opponent into spilling secrets all the way to committing suicide. If Asuma and Kurenai are confirmed of having a son... you can expect a more-than-friends relationship between her and Saku.

Sensei: Konohamaru
Specialities: basic techniques
Ashi is Ebisu's overbearing and self centered daughter. Prone to teaching many of the younger kids in the village special jutsus that they'll need to know when they get into the academy, Ashi has a sense to be a great teacher. Much like her father when he was younger. Ashi is the sort of Ino to she and Gai's daughter's (Wakasai) obsession over Saku. Though its pretty easy ridding himself of her, when he's holding his parents' old copies of Icha Icha... she's embarrassed by them.... could she possibly be the closet perv that her father was when he was her age?

Sakumo Hatake II
Sensei: Gato Adachi II
Specialties: Lightning and Earth
Saku Hatake is Toshi and Kakashi Hatake's son. He achieved the rank of Genin at age five. Acheived the rank of Chunin at eight, and gained level of Jonin at twelve. Not much of his past will be revealed until I begin writing this series (hopefully), but he will eventually become Naruto's sucessor to Hokage. Mild mannered like his father, and scarcastic like his mother... Saku, after being kidnapped when he was twelve, yearns to be the fastest ninja alive when he realizes that he was too slow to evade his kidnapper's attacks. After a suggestion from his friends, Saku seeks out his father's old "rival" Maito Gai, and begs him to teach him how to speed up his moves. After much years of hard work and training, Sakumo ends up being the fastest ninja alive, booking faster than the speed of sound. Thus earning him the nickname "Konoha's Blue Streak" which mirrors his use of Kakashi's lightning blade at the rapid speed. This comes in handy when Saku loses the ability to use his mother's Stone Dragon Jutsu... without the all seeing eye of the dragon he couldn't perform the lightning blade, but now that he's faster than sound, he's able to predict his opponent's next moves.

Wakasai Maito
Sensei: Rock Lee
Specialties: Taijutsu
Waka, known to her friends, is Maito Gai's daughter. She's very much like her father when it comes to looks and demeanor. Very flashy and hardly ever quiet, Waka's goal in life is to be the ninja tha her father and sensei (often called Uncle Lee), and to impress Saku enough to have him ask her out on a date. She is always constantly compeating with Ashi for his affection. Being the Sakura of her rivalry with Ashi, Waka is constantly made fun of for her eyebrows... but don't worry, later on in her life some drastic measures will be taken, and Waka will finally become the spring flower of youth that her father always bragged about.

Asuma Sarutobi II (working title and gender, if Kishi-san changes?)
Sensei: Shikamaru
Specialties: Genjutsu, and wind techniques
Asuma is Kurenai and Asuma Sarutobi I's son. Never knowing of his father, Asuma has grown a fondness of his sensei Shikamaru. Shikamaru took the boy under his wing when he was first born. Eyes of crimson like his mother, and his father's good looks, Asuma is one of the most popular out of the group. He's nearly three years older than his best friend Saku, and is always at the boy's side in a pinch. He weilds his Father's chakara knuckleblades, and holds a strong front by using the many genjutsu techniques that his mother introduced to him at at very young age. (his bio and info is subject to change)

Kota Ichitaro
Sensei: Gato Adachi II
Specializes: Earth techniques
Taisuke Ichitaro's Nephew. Kota is the remaining teammate is Saku's genin team. Also being five years older than Saku, Kota feels like he's always in the prodigy's shadow. Saku saw him as an older brother type figure, and the two of them (along with Asuma) experienced many fond childhood memories together. After a freak accident at the age of seventeen, Kota was pernounced dead, and Sakumo blamed himself for it, seeing that Kota was protecting him in the process. Unknowing that Kota was actually fronting to reveal to Toshi's long term nemisis, Saito Azamaki, the wearabouts of the sacred Stone Dragon Scroll. Almost six years later, Sakumo reunites with his old friend to find out his alful secret plot that could ultimatly destroy Konoha's existance.

Hikari Azamaki
Sensei: Yasaru Momokira
Specializes: Earth and Water Techniques
Tozu Azamaki II's daughter, and Saito's Neice. Very controlling, and manipulative, she was raised under the guidance of her grandfather Seigo Azamaki, who's strong hatetred for the Hittkei and Hatake clans was all too known in Konoha. Ignoring of her father's orders to accept the clans, Hikari's goal is to help out her long lost uncle in his plans for the two clans, unknowing of his true intentions on the village that attempted to prosicute him years ago. Saku had a very large crush on her when he was ten, and she treated him very horribly. Later on when the two are seventeen, and Saito's plans are becoming into full bloom, she then realizes his true power and attempts to persue him, resulting into an ultimate turn down!! She's secretly controling Kota while he's "dead".

this is the basic bios that I have planned for them incase you have any questions! :D Had fun with this one! :D it's a little mixture of both my comic style and naru style! :D
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Okay, here is the next generation of couples i like!!

Of course, ya got Destry (narusaku)
Then there's Ando (who has a crush on destry) (shikaino)
and his older sister Shakino (best friends with Destry (shikaino)
Then there are the kibahina kids
The boy's name is Sakai, and his dog's name is Hokori.
The girl's name is Koinu (which means puppy ^^) and her dog's name is Rikka.
These are the oldest kids of the bunch, meaning that's why i didn't draw esin, navi, or suauh.

Also, this was drawn on TWO SEPARATE PIECES OF PAPER cuz it was so big. So don't insult it cuz it looks crappy between Ando and Shakino
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Fuuu! Hello everyone!

S'rac's back at last, with a little somethin-somethin' for you! This here is the reason I haven't posted anything for a few days. Been working on this baby over the course of a week or two now. This is for my good pal :icone-vay: 's Halloween contest. It entailed drawing her next gen character in halloween costumes. And so here I have. Took a little while to figure out who to make everyone, but I'm satisfied with my choices.

So now! From left to right: Koinu as Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender. She has a rough and tumble tomboy attitude, similar to Toph, which seemed to make that costume the ideal choice.

Isamashii as Ulquiorra from Bleach. Isamashii's the somber reserved member of the group, and Ulquiorra, one of a similar disposition seemed to match up well with Isamashii.

Shakino as Kuonji Ukyo from Ranma 1/2. Shakino and Ukyo both share a highly fangirlish relationship with the object of their affection, and I liked the idea of having a Ranma 1/2 character in the mix here.

Destry as Deidara from Naruto. It was too good to pass up! The hair in front of the left side of her face was enough to make the Deidara fanatic in me dress her up thusly. Her pose was shamefully ref-ed from a Naruto chapter cover. See, she drew on sempai's hand-mouths! :XD:

Ando as...ANDO from Heroes! Hahah Ando was one I couldn't decide on for a while. I wondered if Ando from Heroes was just too easy. I thought of Kenshin, but ended up going with Ando as Ando. Couldn't give him short hair really, so I had it tied back. If you look close, he's got Ando's nagamaki from late Season 1. The clothes don't tell you much...but since you know now, maybe it's funny X3

And last but not least, Sakai as Inuyasha, from Inuyasha! It was too easy! Sakai's Kiba's son. They're dog people. Inuyasha's a dog demon. Eheh ^^;

I had a lot of fun with this picture and would have had it done earlier, but school's been doing its best to kill me, so it went slower than usual. My favorites in this picture are Isamashii and Sakai. Sakai looks the best in my opinion. He just looks so anime authentic to me. Oh yes, and Shakino's tiny spatulas, as well as the big one, were extremely troublesome, but I did it.

As for the hair, I didn't have anyone dye their hair for the sake of their costume. I had Isamashii paint his skin up like Ulquiorra, but I figured that that was probably far enough already, and I had to make sure he was sure distinguishable from Ulquiorra, so I left the hair. Decided to keep it that way for everyone.

As for the background, I was lame and rehashed the background from the last picture, from the most part. Had to touch it up, change the lighting, different sky, the moon, add bats, things like that. But it's pretty dang similar ^^; And the Naruto text actually look Halloween-esque. Go figure.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this, particularly you E-vay! Happy Halloween all! We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


Naruto © Kishimoto Masashi
Naruto Next Gen © :icone-vay:
Avatar © Mike DiMartino and Brian Konietzko
Bleach © Kubou Taito
Ranma 1/2 © Takahashi Rumiko
Heroes © Tim Kring
Inuyasha © Takahashi Rumiko
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Hey there everyone!

I'm here with some gift art for the amazing :icone-vay: The characters you see above are in no way mine. These awesome folks were created by her. They're the children of the current Naruto character.

From left to right, there's Koinu and Sakai (with dogs Rikka and Hokori, respectively) They're the children of Kiba and Hinata. Next, there's Ando, who's the son of Shikamaru and Ino. Next is Destry, Naruto and Sakura's daughter. Then it's Isamashii whom Sasuke and Temari sired. And last but not least is Shakino, the older daughter of Shikamaru and Ino.

They're extremely well thought-out characters, each with unique personalities. It's jawsome!

Now for what each character's thinking/doing: It seems that Koinu and Sakai are having a contest to see who can grin bigger. Hokori and Rikka are joining in too X3 Ando, who's best friends with Destry, but has a major crush on her is rubbing his head, hoping she doesn't see him blushing. Destry's the only one who's actually focused in the picture, oblivious to the fact that nobody else is focused forward. Isamashii, the angsty one of the group is crossing his arms, glaring off in another direction, slightly irked by Shakino's proximity. Shakino on the other hand, is sidling up next to Isamashii, winking at us. Oh she's sly X3

As for the background, I got a tablet recently, which I used for some of it. All of it for the mountains. The buildings was a mix of my normal coloring and tablet use. And I got the font from Keiichi Anime Forever.

I know the picture has it's issues, but I still really really like how it turned out. Improvements: Sakai's chin should probably be a bit smaller. And sorry for my complete lack of animal drawing skills E-vay-san TT_TT

Anyway, kudo's to E-vay-san for making such awesome characters. She seems to be a really cool person, whom I'd like to get to know better in the future. And I'm a dork, so I have to express stuff like that through art ^^; Aaaaah yeah...anyway.

I really hope you all enjoy this, especially you E-vay-san! Thanks for creating such awesome characters! ^__^


EDIT: Put on Koinu's face triangles. Sorry about that E-vay-san! ^^;

Naruto © Kishimoto Masashi
Koinu, Sakai, Rikka, Hokori, Ando, Destry, Isamashii, and Shakino © :icone-vay:
Font © Keiichi Anime Forever
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