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That's right folks, the King has Returned!


First, let me say thank you to all of you for your kind support and great loyalty I really appreciate it. After a lot of thinking and soul-searching, I have decided to return to doing what I enjoyed!


I'm betting a lot of you noticed that somehow my story Amorra Master has appeared on AdultFanfiction, correct? Well don't worry, that is me. I decided to at least try it to see it could work, and it did at first, but now it's being a pain and not letting me post my other stories. But that doesn't matter. I have returned and posted all my stories back on my BlogSpot -!!!

Again, let me say thank you to all of you for your support. I really appreciate it and am glad so many of you like my stories.


Along with reposting all my stories back on BlogSpot, I am considering returning to FFNet. However, I will not post all my stories there. Stories I will not post there are Zuko the Dragon King, Ben the Alien Enforcer, and Jack the Pimp Prime (Original). The reason for this is that Prowlin' Beast is still at large, and my friends on FFNet have alerted me to his presence, so these stories will not be seen there for a long time (or at least until PB is dead).


Either way, do not threat. I will continue to post all of my stories on my BlogSpot. This includes-


Ash the Amorra Master
Zuko the Dragon King
Jackson the Irresistible Normie
Ben the Alien Enforcer
Tai the Courageous Angel
Jack the Pimp Prime


Also, be on the lookout for new stories! I will try to update my stories often, but remember this is solely a hobby and I do have a life outside this, so I will be busy at times. Even so, I will work on updating these stories when I can. And, if I get a good enough idea, I will post a new story! I want to give you guys thanks for all your support, so think of this as my way of saying thanks.

Again, thank you all for your support! Until Next Time! Now and Forever



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Hey guys, what's up!

I'm just giving you guys a heads up on a couple of things. First, the new chapters of Irresistible Normie and Dragon King are finished! However, I haven't posted them yet. The reason is that I'm currently dealing with some computer problems and won't be able to work with them until later. I promise, I will have them posted on my blog by 5:30-6:00 later today. Until then, I have something you guys can sink your teeth into.

My friend, going by the name of Xeno-Jager… has posted the first chapter of their first story

The Hypno Gem -…

In this story, set after the events of Zuko Alone, Zuko finds a mysterious stone that changes his life forever. I have been helping them with their story, and promised that I would not post the next chapters to my story until they posted their story. Please give it a look and give them your opinions. But please be nice, this is their first story and it took a lot to convince them to join FFNet, so please be kind with your review. If you have any problems with the idea of hypnotism or mind control, then this story probably isn't for you. Still, if you don't mind that, give it a look and give your reviews.

I will be posting updates when they updates their story here in my journals, and they've asked me to make a list for their harem story. So expect that. Until next time!

On behalf of Xeno-Jager, this is Dirtonimon-X! Digitize!
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After much trouble, I've finally posted and uploaded all (Almost) of my stories on my new BlogSpot site.


I've posted all of the completed chapters of my stories with the exception of one and the addition of another.


If you check, you'll notice that Jack the Pimp Prime is missing. Reason for that is that I'm currently revamping it. With the recent end of Transformers Prime, a newer and much better idea for this story came to my mind. Don't worry, the basis will still be the same, but the premise for the story will change. Let me give you a small taste.


In this story, Jack is older and much more badass. After the Autobots left, he and his friends took up the mantle to take down any remaining Cons on Earth. During a recon mission, Jack discovers a secret congregation of Cons planning something big. When he and his team try to fight back, a mysterious entity appears and uses a strange device on Jack. This device send him to the Sheformer's ship, and begins his true adventure. He will have to stay strong, for an old enemy returns with a vengeance.


So that's pretty much it for Jack the Pimp Prime. Sorry for disappointing you guys, but I do have something to tie you over. Along with my other stories, I have posted the first chapter of Tai the Courageous Angel.


Please comment on these stories, because it's your comments and reviews that keep me going. I can't keep writing if no one is enjoying my work. If you're wondering how to comment on BlogSpot, here's how - Like with FFNet, you can access the comment box at the bottom. Please review, I need it.


Until next time- DIRTONIMON-X DIGITIZE!!!

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Hello my loyal followers, Dirtonimon-X with another journal update!

First of, let me say how sorry I am for how long it’s taking to update these stories. As I said before, I get hit by these creative stumps so hard, that it takes me a while to get the urge to continue. More so, it’s usually on the lemon scenes that I get stumped, which are the whole points of the stories. In any case, I do promise that I am trying my best to finish these updates and hopefully get them up before the end of February.

Now that that’s settled, let’s talk about the point of this journal – Today, I will be talking about the backstory to my newest project Sora the Heartless Diablo. I revealed a little bit about this story in my previous journal, but I feel as though I should give you guys the full description of the backstory for this fic, as well as what I have planned for it.

WARNING!!! - this will contain major spoilers for the story, so if you don’t want any spoilers, then please jump down to “Plans” tab of the journal. With that said, let’s get started.


Long before the events of the games, the Universe was ruled by two main entities – the Kings of Light and Darkness. It was the responsibilities of these Kings to keep the universe in balance and peace. They ruled from the heart of all worlds, Kingdom Hearts

The King of Darkness was a dark being, but a just and noble one. He knew of the dangerous powers the darkness contained, but always made sure that it was kept in check and never left uncontrolled. In order to help him with this, he created a legion of creatures known as the Heartless, the living embodiment of the darkness in people’s hearts that gave into the darkness. These creatures were spread across the universe, spreading darkness through all the worlds, but never to the point overtaking the light. Some of the Heartless however evolved from their primitive forms, becoming sentient and intelligent beings with their own true hearts. Those lucky enough ended becoming one of the King of Darkness’s many lovers.

Another thing the King of Darkness was known for was for having many lovers. They each came from either the side of Darkness or Light. Those that left the side of Light to join him were considered traitors, but the King of Darkness loved them all very much and they loved him.

The King of Light however was very different. He was a very hateful being, despising the darkness for “tainting” his perfect universe. He saw the Darkness as an impurity or disease that caused nothing but misfortune and destruction. In order to counter the Heartless, he created the Lightgons, creatures of light bent on destroying anything and everything to deal with darkness.

The King of Darkness was concerned by this. His forces of Darkness were being overtaken, and he could see the balance of the universe being shifted in the Light’s favor. He tried to convince the King of Light that both Darkness and Light were necessary for a stable universe, but the King of Light simply ignored him. He claimed that the Darkness was nothing more than an infection that needed to be destroyed. And thus, the two factions declared war.

However, in order to protect their precious realm, the two factions agreed to fight outside of Kingdom Hearts. In order to keep it safe though, they created a special weapon called the X-Blade which used the powers of both Light and Darkness so that it could open and lock the door to Kingdom Hearts. The X-Blade was then hidden until the war came to an end.

In order to fight, both Kings knew they needed stronger forces than the ones they had in order to fight, so they each created a set of warriors known as the Keyblade Wielders. These warriors used special weapons called Keyblades, which had similar powers to X-Blade, but they were each only limited to either Light or Darkness, and neither had the power to open Kingdom Hearts on their own. With both sides at the ready, the Great Twilight War began.

The war was grueling to both sides, each one losing countless warriors. The King of Darkness hated this senseless bloodshed, but others did not. Several of his subordinates began to love, even revel in the destructive powers of Darkness. This made their minds twisted and deranged, making them all want to claim the powers of Darkness and Kingdom Hearts for themselves. During the final stages of the war, a great tragedy had passed – the King of Darkness died. He was poisoned by his own power-hungry subordinates.

While on his death bed, the King of Darkness knew that his demise would not bring an end to the war, but merely pause it for a while. He knew that peace between both Light and Dark would be needed, and that a new King of Darkness would come to bring that peace.

The King of Darkness reclaimed the X-Blade, and split it into 20 pieces – 7 Lights and 13 Darknesses. He placed these Lights and Darknesses into the spirits of 20 of his lovers. He knew that when he died, they would as well. With these elements, even though their bodies would die, the spirits of these lovers would be reincarnated to help the next King through his quest. As for his Heartless lovers, he locked their spirits away so that they would not die. They would be locked away in the Realm of Darkness until the next King came of Age. With the spirits of his lovers safe and safely hidden, the King of Darkness submitted himself to death.

When the King of Darkness died, the war came to an abrupt end. The King of Light was distraught by the King of Darkness’s death. Even though he hated the Darkness, he saw the King of Darkness as his only friend, and hated to be put into war with him. This loss pushed the King of Light over the edge. He declared that he would not rest until all the Darkness in the universe was eradicated.

Even though the Great War had ended, the battles between Light and Darkness continued, however not for the previous reason. While the King of Light wanted to destroy the Darkness, he also wanted to find the X-Blade to return to Kingdom Hearts. The forces of Darkness that betrayed their King wanted the X-Blade as well so that they could enter Kingdom Hearts and rule it along with the rest of the universe. This desire for the ancient weapon led to the legendary Keyblade War.

At the end of the Keyblade War, the forces of Light and Darkness went silent. The King of Light, severely tired from the fighting, recalled his forces and gave control to his second in command. The Heartless returned to the Realm of Darkness and were locked away. With no King to control them, they became wild monsters. For many years, the universe recovered from the destruction the Great Twilight War and the Keyblade War. For most, both wars became nothing more than forgotten legends. That changed when a Keyblade Wielder known as Master Xehanort came, wanting to find the answers to Kingdom Hearts. He tried to do this by using an alternate way to create the X-Blade, which failed.

However, unknown to the forces of Light and Darkness, after many generations after the Great War, the King of Darkness was reborn.

Sora was born on a world hidden in the far reaches of the universe. His parents knew about the ancient history of the two Kings, and knew Sora was the long awaited reincarnation of the King of Darkness. He had a strong sense of Darkness in his heart, which they knew would attract many dark beings. In order to protect Sora, they sent him away when he was 4 to Destiny Islands. In order to protect him, they cast a spell that would hide away his memories of them until he realized his destiny as the King of Darkness.


Now for what I got planned for this story.

As you all know, this will be a very different Sora than the one we’re used to. He’ll still be the lovable goofy yet brave hero we all know and love, but he’ll be a lot smarter and will gain a few attitude adjustments. Since he is the reincarnation of the King of Darkness, the spirit of his past life will be making a few changes. As I said, Sora will be smarter and will learn how to convince people onto his side. In short, he will be very persuasive. He’ll also develop many more battle skills and abilities.

Another change is his weapon. His weapon is not the normal Keyblade he gets in games, but rather a special weapon that works similar, but is far more powerful. He may also get other weapons besides this, but that’s all I’m going to say. Don’t want to spoil everything.

Besides changes to Sora, there will be some changes to the story as well. It will follow, more-or-less, the original game, but I will add many more worlds to the story from many different Disney franchises. They will range from new worlds like Tangled and Frozen, or old worlds that appear earlier such as Snow White and Cinderella.

Sora’s harem will be greatly made up of many Disney girls ranging from all over the Disney media – movies, shows and games. Besides the Disney ladies, I will also add several Square Enix, Marvel, and Star Wars girls into the mix, just for all you fans.

Along with the normal girls, Sora’s harem will also include several sentient Heartless girls into his army. Two of Sora’s first Heartless girls are based on this -…, and this -….

One last thing I need to say about this harem. I am considering adding Genderswapped characters to be added into Sora's harem such as fem!Aladdin and fem!Gaston. If you guy have any problems with this, please be civil.

If you guys have any suggestions for any of the girls you want to see in Sora’s harem, please tell me.

Well, that’s all I got for now. Until next time!

Dirtonimon-X Digitize!

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I just posted the first chapter of my new Ash's Amorra Adventures and Zuko the Dragon King.

Check them out -…
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Hello my fellow story lovers, D-mon-X here with a heads up. 

Sorry for the long delay on story updates folks, I’ve extremely wrapped up in all kinds of work that has kept me from continuing any stories. Add the fact that I’ve been in a sort of inspirational slump, the flow idea and desire to write has been very limited when it comes to these stories. 

I know what a lot of you are going to ask – “When am I updating?”. As I’ve said before and shall say again, I will update when I can and feel like it. Writing these stories takes time and patience, something I haven’t had a lot of lately. 

As for my stories. I am currently working on the updates for Jackson the Irresistible Normie (JIN) and Zuko the Dragon King (ZDK). I am happy to say that ZDK is nearing completion, but JIN is taking a lot more time than expected. Also, I’ve been playing around with new story ideas to add to the collection. So when I finally do update, expect a new story to come around. I’m not going to spoil what the story is, but I will give a hint on who the main character is-

He’s the first character I’m making a harem for that’s blonde. (And the first one to say Naruto gets a punch in the F-ing face)

Besides this new story, I’ve also been coming up with a lot of new ideas as well, some of which have been surprisingly dark. No, they are not in the same sense as Sora the Twilight King, rather it follows much more closely to my original Zuko the Dragon King, where Zuko was far darker and could be considered “evil” in a sense. Since then, I’ve played around with other different “dark” story ideas. I’m actually surprised by how many ideas I’ve come up with. It’s almost as if I have some sort of dark side, but I really doubt that. Well, for now I’ll just be focusing on my hero stories.

Well, that’s all I have for now guys. I hope you’re all relieved to know I’m still alive and know that I plan on getting to work on finishing all these updates and new stories. Until next time!

Dirtonimon-X Digiti-huh? Wait…I feel…weird…

Ha Haha Hahaha HAHAHA!!!

…I’m coming

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Hello my loyal followers! Dirtonimon-X here with a long overdue update.

Phew, holidays were nuts. I hope you all liked your little present of the updates for Alien Enforcer and Courageous Angel. Trust me, it was not easy finishing them, but I’m very glad with how they turned out.

Now I’m betting you guys are all wondering when and what stories will be updated next and what I have planned. Well, I’m going to give you all the lowdown on what I’m working on and getting done.

First, the next stories to be updated are Jack the Pimp Prime, and the long awaited Chapter 4 to Ash the Amorra Master. Hard to believe that the story that started it all is the one that is taking me the longest to update. I wish to apologize to all you guys for that, since I know how much you guys want to see what happens next. With that said, while I am trying to get them done, I wish to remind everyone that these stories are NOT my main priority. I have a life and responsibilities in the real world that keep me from writing as well as other interests. So if you’re going to whine about not seeing an update, then that’s your problem. I work at a pace that fits me and works with my schedule. So please respect my choices.

With that all said, I’m afraid there is some bad news. The bad news is that it is taking much longer than I anticipated to write these chapters. The reason for this is that I am constantly finding myself in writer blocks that keep me from gaining any inspiration to continue writing. No inspiration, no desire to write.

This does not mean I am giving up on my stories though. I have made a vow to finish these stories, as well as never go through another revamp. I’m happy with how these stories are going and have no desire to start all over again. Also, as I’m writing this, I’m getting that familiar surge of inspiration, so hopefully I can direct it to my stories and get them further along.

Now that I’ve covered all that, let’s get on with some of the new stuff I’ve also got in the works.

Along with my current stories, I’m often getting inspiration for new stories that I believe would be great to write and see. Sometimes, the ideas bangs around my head so much I only have the option to write it. However, after I write it, I lose the urge to continue it. This has happened with several old story concepts I’ve had, and in turn have ended up in the forgotten bin of my folders.

However, I don’t want to talk about that, I want to talk about a story that has not fallen to that same fate, a story that I’m already having high hopes for – Sora the Heartless Diablo

In this retelling of Kingdom Hearts, Sora is the descendant of the original King of Darkness, bringer of balance to the universe and creator of the Heartless. Forces of Light and Darkness are battling for control of the universe, and it is up to Sora and his harem of loyal lovers to face the forces of light and darkness.

In this story, Sora takes the mantle of darkness, however he is not evil. He will be facing evil forces of Darkness against his own, as well as these mysterious enemies of light called the Lightgones. Will he able to succeed? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

I will give out more information on this new story on my next journal which will hopefully be soon.

As a last update, I’m going to be working on making the Harem Lists of the other stories and characters. Each one will follow a format similar to that of Zuko’s and Jackson.

For Ash, Jack and Zuko, I will post their starting Harems, and then the girls they obtain/bang per chapter.

As for Jackson, Ben and Tai, I will simply post the girls they obtain/bang per each chapter, since none of them have a starting harem.

Well, that’s all I got for now. Until next time!

Dirtonimon-X Digitize!

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Hello guys,

As I'm sure a lot of you have notice, my stories are currently missing from my BlogSpot site. Well, I took them off.


Recently, I've been doing a lot of thinking, and for several personal reasons I do not feel comfortable talking about, I've decided to take my stories down. Again, these are personal reasons that have made me rethink on what to do with my stories. I hope you all can understand. It is not that I do not like writing these stories, It's just that some things have come up that are making me rethink a few things, and as a safety precaution I've decided to take my stories down.


Again, I'm really sorry. I know how much you guys like my stories, so I feel just horrible that after so much that I'm just taking them down again. I just hope you all can understand my reasoning.


As for those of you that are wondering about the Hypno Gem story, my friend has decided to take it down because a lot of people were giving them snide. For once, don't blame Prowlin' Beast. He did review it, but did not say anything hurtful. If anything, he provided some good feedback, so I'm thankful that he was at least kinder to my friend. Whether or not they return is about the same as for me.


As much as I hate to say it, I will be taking a break. I need to get my head together and decide a few things before ever returning to write my stories. I will try to keep working on them so that if and when I return, you guys will have some new stuff.


Again, I'm really sorry. All I can say is that and that I hope you all can understand my reasoning. I will try to keep up my journal entries to give you guys some news on my status.


This is Dirtonimon, signing off.

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Well guys, your wait is over!


The new chapters of Irresistable Normie and Dragon King are up and ready to be read and reviewed. I hope you enjoy them.


On another note, I'm glad to see my friend Xeno-Blade is getting such good attention on FFNet. However, it seems that he has attracted the attention of Prowlin' Beast, which worries me. Since he hasn't said anything "mean" yet, XB will just ignore that trogladite. That was what got me kicked off FFNet, I allowed myself to argue with that troll and give him the means to kick me out. Hopefully, XB will have better luck than I did and hopefully that bitch PB will leave him alone. I still wonder how he found him, unless...

Prowlin', if you're listening, please leave my friend alone. They have done nothing to you and have given proper warning to their stories. What happened between you and I is our business, so please don't bother them. They are just trying to write some interesting stories. It took a lot to convince them to go into FFNet, and I don't need people like you putting them down. Your review on their story is understandable and alright. Just please avoid bashing their story. Bash someone else who truly has no business on FFNet. There are a lot worse stories that don't even belong there. All I'm asking is that you please leave my friend alone.

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That's right People! I am back and better than ever!!!


I bet you're confused, allow me to explain. I have found the perfect site to post in. It's a site where I control what happens. Where I control what is posted, and I control who has a right to say anything. My new site is-!!!


I want to thank all of you for your support and suggestions. Especially those of you who suggested Blogspot. This is the perfect site for me. No one can complain about what I post and what I put on this site, for it is mine to control!


So far, I've only posted the first chapter of Ash the Amorra Master, but I will post the rest soon enough. For now, you can all enjoy the story, plus the little bit extra I added at the end. Please comment, either here or on the blog, because it is because of those comments I even have the strength to post these stories.


Until next time-



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