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So, I told, I was on holiday with Rémes Négyes, and we make a lot of cosplays and photos. On Tuesday we decided to make our mainly closet cosplay about fem!Supernatural. So I though I would like to upload the best group picture about this cosplay.

KiWWyke as our perfect fem!Cas, Cass(andra)
me as fem!Dean, Diana (because I don't like Deanna. It's just don't fit to me)
TitiTheCrazyGirl as my little sis, fem!Sammy, Sam(antha) - Have I ever said I'm 4 years older? x,)
and minniechuu as our fem!Lucifer, Lucy

this was a soo awesome, we do a lot of things together and simple ahw~ I just can't wait our next personal meeting, that will be on autumn animecon I hope :) On that, I will be fem!France ;) If you are interested, pls check me on facebook

This was made by KiWWyke's camera
and photo was taken by TitiTheCrazyGirl's mom x,)

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Мой ангел,
Скажи, о чем же думал ты в этот день.
Мой ангел,
О чем ты думал в эти доли секунд.
Я понял –
Это была твоя месть за то, что тебя забывал
Слишком часто…
My angel,
Tell me about what you think on this day.
My angel,
What were you thinking in those split seconds.
I understand -
It was your revenge for the fact that you forgot
Too often ...

- Misha Collins


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Hi ^o^
 I drawn a cosplay from castiel (amour sucré), made by the amazing cosplayer (je ne sais pas si ça se dit ) Skell sarcanide, you can find him here : *w*
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fav watch pls
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Idk ok new character eh
I was too lazy to draw lineart and colour so I half-assed it ugh it 4am bye

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Créditos necesarios | Credits Required

© Chinomiko & Beemoov
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Créditos necesarios | Credits Required

© Chinomiko & Beemoov
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Digital painting of Disney's Pocahontas
Reference taken from an image found on Google.
Drawn in CS2 using bamboo tablet.
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suddenly my eyes are open
everything comes into focus
we are all illuminated
lights are shining on our faces

Illuminated by Hurts

:new: gave it some WACKY FX YO

iVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR 600 YEARS more like 4 hours


I FINALLY HAVE A GOOD PIC OF CHRISTINA'S UNICORN FORM (post-heaven) /deleting other ones


traced from some sketches of my own doop

Christina (c) :iconfernkitty2:
Supernatural (c) Eric Kripke, Warner Bros., CW
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     It’s become a regular thing to wake up before Dean and go out for a jog with Sam in the morning. This motel in particular is located right next to the woods and butts up against a dirt trail. If you keep a constant pace, you can take the trail and loop back around to the motel in about an hour.

    Everything was perfectly fine when you started to run, but now you’re hunched over the motel toilet, vomiting your guts out. You don’t know why because you’ve been feeling fine up to this point. It just hit you rather suddenly when you walked back into the motel.

    When it seems like your stomach is finished with you, you groan and flush the toilet, and then rinse out your mouth at the sink.

    “Everything alright?” Sam gives you a concerned look when you exit the bathroom.

    “I don’t know.” You shrug. “I don’t have a fever, I felt fine this morning, and apart from some mild shakiness and a pounding in my head I feel fine now.”

    “Should we call Cass and have him run a check on you?”

    You shake your head. “No. I’m good.”

Twenty-four hours later, you’re back in the bathroom.

    “See, this is the second morning in a row.” Sam sits on the edge of his bed, speaking in a low voice so he won’t wake up Dean. “You feel fine, but then you puke your guts out when we get done with running.”

    “It’s probably just some weird bug. I’ll be fine in a day or two. Don’t stress out about it.”

    “Can’t help it. You never get sick, (y/n).”

    “Sam, I’m not immune to the flu. I can still get sick.”

    “But this isn’t a normal sick.” He looks down at his hands thoughtfully for a moment. “I’m calling Cass.”

    “Sam, I’m fine. You don’t need to bring Castiel into this.”

    But he’s already pulling out his cell phone and dialing the angel’s number. You moan and flop down on the bed behind him as he starts talking, telling Cass about your odd sickness and asking him to come and figure out what’s wrong. Before he hangs up the phone, the angel is in the room.

    “Cass, please explain to Sam that there is nothing going on with me.” You wave your hand in his general direction.

    “I could say that, but I would not be telling the truth.” He states in his signature low voice.

    “What?” You sit up. “So there is something wrong with me?”

    “Only if you consider this type of thing to be bad.”

    “Can you fix it?” Sam asks.

    “I don’t think you want me to.”

    “Why not?”

    “She’s pregnant.”

    “What?!” You and Sam shout simultaneously, making Dean spazz and shift positions on the other bed. Fortunately, he doesn’t wake up.

    “I’m . . . I’m . . .” You stutter, trying to keep your voice quiet. “There’s a baby inside of me?”

    “Yes, that is the definition of pregnancy.”

    Sam seems unable to take a breath, and his words are strained when they come.

    “Cass, can you give us a second?”

    Just like that, Castiel disappears from sight. Things remain awkwardly quiet for what seems like hours before Sam speaks again, looking over at you.

    “So . . .” He breathes. “We’re gonna have a baby.”

    You nod. “We’re gonna have a baby . . .”

        A pause, and then you shriek. “We’re gonna have a baby!”

You fling yourself onto him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and laughing. He returns the hug, squeezing you tightly and burying his face in your shoulder. All the noise wakes up Dean.

    “What’s goin’ on?” He mumbles as he sits up.

    “Don’t stand up!” You warn. “You’re just gonna fall over when I tell you!”