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Stop Thumbnail. by HeatherSchoff
© Copyright:
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Mushroom Bokeh. by HeatherSchoff Revitalizing Touch. by HeatherSchoff Child of the Unicorn. by HeatherSchoff
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same drops, different angle and rotated:
Colors 2 by SheilaBrinson
Sheila Brinson Copyright by SheilaBrinsonThank You in advance by SheilaBrinson

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DEVIROCK vol.2 cover.
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I made these cute sleeping heart pony towels, and they are all over my house.  :D  I made 6 extra (one of each of the mane 6).  So I am selling my extras if anyone is interested.  They are approximately 16" x 27".  They are made of super absorbent cotton. I use both polyester, and rayon embroidery thread.    I am selling them for $12 each plus shipping.  If you want a custom name on it, I am charging an extra $3 for up to 8 letters.  If there are no takers, I will be opening up an etsy store (hopefully soon), and will sell them there. 

The sleeping heart ponies were created by :iconbamboodog:  I have permission to sell items made with his design.
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LO ACABEEEEEEEEEE -tira todo a la fregada (?)-
aargg esto me costo un buen,bueno los primeros bocetos,ya que los hice en otra laptop y.. fue horrible :iconpapmingplz:...
Si me inspire en los concept Art de Disgaea y mas aun cuando vi que mi sistah :iconshuga-chu: hizo uno de Alelith... soooo no me pude contener :iconpapmingplz: 
Siendo que la de espaldas me quedo fail :'c.. bueeeh explico~

Se ve en ropa interior pls,sobre las bragas siembre usa un short de tela pa que nunca se le vea nada pls (?)
En otro se ve como se mira Alisha sin su vestido-chaleco (?)
bajo este tiene una mini camisa que parece bracier pls (?) 
algunas expreciones randoms y así~
ELLA MIDE 1.45 pero los tacones de sus botas la hacen ser 3 cm mas alta (??) 
un mini dibujito de alisha de peque  (?)
Ali es plana,pero tampoco taaaan plana como Etna (????) 
intente escribir su nombre en japones,pos miré un traductor para eso,no me peguen si se ve fail :iconmingplz:..

Just and a concept art of my OC Alisha :'D! 
Im based on the Disgaea's concept art's~ 

Art and Character by::iconanini-chu:
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pura ulun danu bratan was a definite dream location due to its aesthetic appeal to me but when I actually got there.. it kind of didn't have the emotional impact I was wishing for that tamblingan lake fulfilled and more.

This image in particular was amazingly complex to process as every frame had a flare in it that I removed manually.. it was very tedious but I think the overall result has the aspirations of what I wished for, a spiritual and mysterious significance..

Camera Info:
Canon 5d Mk 3 | Canon 16-35 f2.8L Mk2 | ISO 100 | f 10.0 | focal length 16mm (9 tile, 6 exposure digital blended multi axis panorama)


© Jonathan Danker
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Please visit, like it and comment and I hope to see you there!
Thanks for the support and encouragement!
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New .Psd

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"aclarar" o "trama" dependiendo la luz de la imagen, y mueve la textura de texto a tu gusto.

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Copyright ♡  Ihavethedreamersdise © {2011-2014}' ♡
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I had a commission recently for a chandelure medallion. I got really excited since I love its colour palette- but then the commissioner added that they wanted the shiny version ^^;

I was a little bummed since I prefer the regular version, but then I said hey- why not just make both?

[ sculpted from super sculpy, painted with acrylic paints. About 5-6cm tall ]

These aren't for sale ( the normal one may appear in the shop eventually, but it may not ) But I do have some neat stuff in my store that's for sale! - 
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