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scrapbook paper

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Black and White scrapbook paper.
This is meant to be uneven!

Please link back to Polstars-Stock ([link]) if you use and perhaps let me see where it's been used too?

For personal use only.
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“To my dad, who is up above,

It’s your little girl, the one you love.

Everyday you gave me strength,

and always wiped my tears away.

Now i’m grown and you’re not here…

but I know that you are always near.

I worked hard and did not stray,

and look at where I am today!

I graduated, did you see,

and I know you must be proud of me!”

This is a poem that i created for my best friends graduation scrapbook that i was working on last night for her! I really hope she likes it! ^___^
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Yesterday Series, 3/4

Found these papers that have been sitting idly on my hard drive for a couple of years. I decided to dust them off and pack them so they might get used. Originally made for my digital scrapbooking layouts, but they are free for you to use for what ever you see fit.

No rules, just a few wishes:
- Please do not claim as yours.
- It would be lovely if you could let me know if used by commenting here. 

Otherwise, use however you wish and, most importantly, enjoy. :bow:


The rest of the series:

Only Yesterday paper pack by Eijaite Yesterday Is Here paper pack by Eijaite Yesterday Once More paper pack by Eijaite 

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“Hey Sunny, who were you talking to?” The little girl just curled up and tucked in her chin, “What’s that?” Hal gestured to the slim black book in her hands, and sat down on the edge of her bed, “Sunny?”
“A-Adam gave it to me.”
“He u-used to talk t-to me, when I was w-with the Patriots.”
“Oh?” Hal glanced nervously towards the wide open window,
“H-he was nice t-to me, used to say I w-was much smarter than any of the idiots there,” she laughed nervously, “K-knew my mum he s-said, and that he knew what it w-was like, to be a kid spending a-all his time in front of machines,” she sighed, "He hated c-code breaking."
Hal licked his lips, “Sunny, can I see that?”
“Used to show me this. S-said it was special,” she held it tighter, “Said I had to look after it,” she glanced towards the window, “You h-have to give it back, okay?”
“I promise, I just want to look at it.”
Sunny handed over the slim book and when Hal took it from her he felt how it tried to open on its own accord. Whatever it held, it held a lot of it.
He glanced over the first few pages, a childish scrawl he couldn’t make out, a stick legged figure of a cat, the next page had been ripped out, then the hand writing suddenly matured, it was just notes, but quickly followed by photos, newspaper clippings, a well folded up certificate of something. He glanced at youthful faces he didn’t recognise, a unit of men dressed in black. He paused on one wonky photo, it was blurred and grainy, a wobbly circle had been drawn about his face, hard, in pencil, and something scrawled in Russian beside it. Despite the quality of the photo he could still make out the gruff face of a man that looked so chillingly like Snake in his youth that Hal almost snapped the book shut and ran to find said soldier, but just as he was closing the book something slipped out of the back pages. Sunny looked at it, but didn’t touch it. Hal picked it up: it was made of stiff photographic paper, folded tightly in half and a note had been written on the back in square handwriting: I shouldn’t have taken this from you. Who can use it against me now? I’m sure by the time this gets back to you I’ll be dead. Goodbye Tomcat.
Hal opened it up, and saw Big Boss slumped petulantly back in a chair, discomfort and annoyance on his face, but with his arms draped around Big Boss’ shoulders was Ocelot, looking so happy that it made up for Big Boss’ frustration. Hal noted the soldier’s hand on Ocelot’s wrist. There was fondness there, of a sort. He folded it up gently and put it back into the book.
“We s-should show this to Uncle Snake,” Sunny said, when Hal silently handed her back to the book, “Adam said he wanted us t-to know.”
“Know what?” he murmured,
Sunny frowned, and carefully recited, “I want them to know they’re not alone, I was human too,” she looked up confused, “What did he mean?”


Sunny stop looking too old OTL, well at least I'm getting a bit better at drawing kids.
I have too much head canon surrounding these guys and gals ¬_¬;

Nothing fancy, just wanted to draw something involving Sunny and Ocelot today and I don't draw Otacon enough.

I can't listen to this song without indulging the angstiest Bossalot... [link]
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Packing up old stock :) Average size 1700x1700px


:bulletred: CREDIT and LINK You only need to credit on deviantART submissions. If you use it elsewhere, and it is not appropriate to do so, then do not worry. Please credit AND provide a link back to either the texture used or my stock home page.
:bulletred: NOTIFY me of any stock use. You can comment on the texture used, my homepage or send me a note with a LINK to your work.
:bulletred: PRINTS You are free to submit your work using my textures as prints on deviantART and Redbubble (ask if somewhere else :)), and you are fine to sell work using my textures in etsy shops, private shops, conventions etc.
:bulletred: COMMERCIAL USE You are free to use my textures on commission based illustration work. However please ask if you are using them for paid advertising, marketing or design work.
:bulletred: STOCK FROM STOCK Do not use my textures to create resources of any kind, this includes backgrounds, brushes and re-mixed textures.

If you have any problems, please ask :)
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Inspired by my collection of cogs, clock hands and old keys, I designed this set of Steampunk printable scrapbooking papers. The designs were made from my pen line drawings and scanned textures.

The set of 8 papers is available here: [link]
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I wanted to put this in fan art but apparently there is no such thing as artisan craft fan art? Ah well.

Something I've been working on to keep my mind off stuff. It was fun, but now it's done and I don't want to look at it anymore. All eight eevee evolutions are glued together in this arrangement, but this is not mounted on the scrapbook paper because I want to save that paper for something else.

I'm thinking about selling this(?) when I launch my Etsy store later this month. I don't know how much to ask for it though. Ideas? The whole thing is about ten inches wide and four inches tall. Also if anyone would be interested in buying something like this but with different pokemon let me know.
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Scrapbook paper~
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Ben decided he wanted something a little bigger than a mustang...

Name: Polariod Scrapbook
Call Name: Polar or Po
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Irish Draught
Age: 7/8
Height: 16.2hh
Color: grey
Markings: grey "splash" paint markings
Discipline: Competitve Trail/Pace Events/Paper Chasing
Passible Traits:Grey/grey paint markings/height/build
Bloodlines: n/a (starter horse)
Other: Big, gentle giant. great with kids and really took a liking to Pie. a really easy ride.
For stud/lease:Yes

Horse and Art (c) Me
Texture (c) ~Sirius-sdz
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A propos des Ressources

Pour tous les motifs, vous pouvez les utiliser comme vous voulez sauf pour une utilisation commercial...
J'ai scanné des textiles, des gens ont créés les motifs présents sur ces textiles. Les motifs n'appartiennent qu'à eux. Evitons de nous faire des thunes sur le travail des autres.

Concernant les "Scrapbooking papers". J'ai acheté ces motifs. Je ne connais pas mes droits dessus. Je ne sais pas si quelqu'un d'autre que moi à le droit de les utiliser.
Pour les "Scrapbooking papers", utilisation PERSONELLE uniquement.
Aucuns de ces motifs ne peuvent faire l'objet de "Print".
Voilà !
Profitez en !

About Ressources

I have posted 2 differents kind: the "Scrapbooking papers" and the textures. For the texture and the patterns, you could use as you wish exept for a commercial use. I have only scanned clothes but people have created the pattern on these clothes. The patterns belongs to us.

For the "Scrapbooking papers", I have bought these texture. I don't know if I have the right to published it. So for the "Scrapbooking papers". Personal Use Only ! And sorry, no print.
Enjoy !
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