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Condesce without a specific reason. 
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Just like with vampires, werewolves and other creatures the zombie idea too has its grounding in ancient legends, religions, traditions. It was not just made up out of thin air by movie-makers. The concept has been part of human consciousness for a long time - maybe because there is some reality to it. 

Haitian and African systems of voodoo teach the "Zombification" of people through a number of spells and by use of various powders and potions. People who have been administered such drugs are buried at funerals and then dug up again to then exist as a Zombie. The reanimated undead are used as slave labor. 
To keep them in a state where they lack a will of their own, one must continue to give them a variety of drugs. The Zombification of people is real enough to be considered a crime at the same level as murder in the Haitian legal books.

The origin of the concept of zombiism stems from Haitian Voodoo culture. The word zombie--in Haitian it is "zombi"--means "spirit of the dead." Voodoo folklore contends that Bokors, Voodoo priests that were concerned with the study and application of black magic, posessed the ability to ressurrect the deceased through the administration of coup padre--coup padre is a powder that is issued orally, the primary ingredient of which is tetrodoxin, the deadly substance of the notoriously poisonous fou-fou, or "porcupine fish." According to lengend, "a zombi(e) is someone who has annoyed his or her family and community to the degree that they can no longer stand to live with this person. They respond by hiring a turn them into a zombi(e)." Once they had been issued the coup padre, the subjects being prepared for their descent into zombidom would appear to die insofar as their heart rate would slow to a near stop, their breathing patterns would be greatly subdued and their body temperature would significantly decrease. The public, thinking that the person was dead, would bury him/ her as if they were a corpse. They would then be exhumed, still alive, by the Bokor and, although their physicality remained intact, their memory would be erased and they would be transformed into mindless drones. "Though still living, they remain under the Bokor's power until the Bokor dies." 

Bokors in the religion of vodou are sorcerers or houngan (priests) or mambo (priestesses) for hire who are said to 'serve the loa with both hands', meaning that they practice both dark magic and light magic. Their black magic includes the creation of zombies and the creation of 'ouangas', talismans that house spirits.The name Bokor can also refer to the leader of the Makaya division of Vodou (which originated in the Congo region) and Bokor also refers to the highest initiation rank in Dominican Vodou.

Bokors are featured in many Haitian tales and are often associated with the creation of 'zombies' by the use of a deadening brew or potion usually containing poison extracted from puffer fish. This potion makes the drinker appear to be dead and thus he is often buried; later, the bokor will return for the "corpse" and force it to do his bidding, such as manual labor. The "corpse" is often given deliriant drugs, mainly datura, which puts them in a detached, somewhat dreamlike state. Its state is likened to being mind controlled. The person is alive but in a state where they cannot control what they say or do; at this point, when the person has been "reanimated" from the grave, or at least is moving about working for the bokor, they can be termed "zombies." However, some legends dispense with this more rational explanation, and have the bokor raise zombies from dead bodies whose souls have departed.

Also, bokors are said to work with zombi/zombie astrals - souls or spirits which are captured in a fetish and made to enhance the Bokor's power. Bokors normally work with Loas Baron Samedi, Kalfou, Legba and Simbi (snake loa) plus in some cases they are said to work with Grand Bois, the loa of the forest.

Bokors are similar to the "root workers" of voodoo and New Orleans voodoo. Some may be priests of a vodou house. Bokor are usually chosen from birth, those who are believed to bear a great ashe (power). A Bokor can be, by worldy terms, good or evil, though some sources (Judeo-Christian) consider him an evil version of a houngan.

Taken from the Catholic Bible: 

And the LORD will send a plague on all the nations that fought against Jerusalem. Their people will become like walking corpses, their flesh rotting away. Their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths. On that day they will be terrified, stricken by the LORD with great panic. They will fight their neighbors hand to hand. 

Zecharia 14:12-13 

But after the three and a half days a breath of life from God entered them, and they stood on their feet, and terror struck those who saw them. 

Revelation 11:11 

So I prophesied as he commanded me, and breath entered them; they came to life and stood up on their feet–a vast army. 

Ezekiel 37:10 

Greek and Roman black magic was obsessed with ghosts (possibly, this is because both cultures favored cremation as a burial practice, so not many corpses were around to be reanimated), especially with how to manipulate them to do one’s bidding. Those who died by accident, murder, or some other untimely death were especially vulnerable to would-be necromancers, because they were condemned to wander the earth (or be tied to their graves) until the time of their “natural” deaths arrived and they could move on to the Underworld. Until that time, a living person could inscribe instructions on a “curse tablet” made of lead or papyrus, roll it up, and slip it into a grave in order to control the spirit of the dead person to do the bidding of the living. Some of these tablets could be found inside ancient wax equivalents of voodoo dolls. So, you have pre-Caribbean voodoo zombies and Stoker-style vampires—but as ghosts.

The Zombie is known as Jiang Shi in China, Ganshi in Korean and Kyonshi in Japanese. Is a type of reanimated corpse
In the day, the jiangshi rests in a coffin or hides in dark places such as caves. At night, it moves around by hopping, with its arms outstretched. It kills living creatures to absorb their qi (life essence).
The causes of a corpse being reanimated can be classified in two groups: a recently deceased person returning to life, and a long buried corpse not decomposing.

A ro-langs is a zombie-like creature from Tibetan folklore. Ro is the word for corpse and Langs is the perfect tense of "to rise up", so Ro-Langs literally means "a risen corpse". A ro-langs is usually created by a gdon spirit, or a sorcerer. A ro-langs cannot speak or bend over, it signals its victims by wagging its tongue back and forth. They can not bend at any joints, which makes them walk with a stiff-armed lurch. In regions of Tibet there are low doorways to keep the ro-langs out. Demonic ro-langs are created by an evil spirit with the goal of contaminating other humans.

In Hindu folklore, the vetala is an evil spirit who haunts cemeteries and takes demonic possession of corpses. They make their displeasure known by troubling humans. They can drive people mad, kill children, and cause miscarriages, but also guard villages.

So there´s a strong background about it, and hope it helps you to know more about it, after all that zombie-retarded-brain eaters-hollywood invasion.
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:iconmyartismine:Paint Tool SAI Stamp by EnergyzedComment Before You Favourite by BoffinbraiN

siempre he querido dibujar a silver con armadura 
espero les guste 

thanks for the favs and comments :heart:
silver by sega
arte me
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It was a pleasantly hot summer day. Sally was in her backyard role-playing with her pokémon while Amanda and Brenda watched from foldable chairs.
“The brave heroes had finally made it to the giantess’s lair. As they rushed forward, the loud thuds of the giantess’ footsteps could be heard and grew louder and louder. The heroes skidded to a halt as the giantess walked forward into sight, eyeing them angrily with her club gripped tightly and her pet sitting upon her shoulders,” narrated Sally as she, Growlithe, and Lillipup each played their parts and Treecko rode on Sally’s shoulders.
“Growlithe growl, growlithe!” shouted Growlithe.
“Pup!” shouted Lillipup.
“Never! Your princess shall be my slave for eternity! Begone or be crushed!” said Sally.
“Treecko tree!” said Treecko with a nod.
Growlithe and Lillipup replied by growling angrily and standing ready to fight.
“So be it!” shouted Sally before roaring and running toward them.
Treecko leaped from Sally’s shoulder and joined her. Growlithe and Lillipup ran toward Sally and Treecko. When they reached each other, they pretended to fight. Sally slowly swung her club and tried stomping at Growlithe while he dodged her attacks and pretended to launch attacks and softly tackle her. Lillipup and Treecko chased each other and lightly punched, kicked, tackle, and hit each other.
As they continued the pretend fight, Sarah and her mother were taking a walk on the sidewalk.
“Little pests, meet your end!” shouted Sally, swinging her club at Growlithe.
Sarah heard this, recognizing Sally’s voice, and was curious to see what was going on. She ran up to the fence and tried to look over it. Sarah’s mom noticed this and asked her what was up.
“It think that’s Sally,” replied Sarah. “She’s the nice girl from the library. I wanna see what’s going on.”
“Ah… well… alright then,” replied Sarah’s mom with a smile before lifting her daughter up so she could see over the fence.
The pretend fight continued onward. At one point in it, after another one of Lillipup’s pretend tackles, Treecko stumbled about unsteadily and lied down, pretending to be dead.
“My little friend!” shouted Sally with concern before scowling angrily and swinging the plastic club at Growlithe.
When the club made contact, Growlithe flung himself to the side, pretending to be knocked away by the impact. Sally approached him and raised her foot above him, looking ready to stomp on him. As her foot slowly came down while she roared, Growlithe scrambled out of the way and stood ready to continue the fight. Lillipup joined him by his side and they both continued the play fight with Sally. After several more attempted attacks between both sides, both landed light tackles one after the other. Sally pretended to be standing unsteadily from damage done by the attacks. With a nod to each other, both puppy pokémon launched a simultaneous tackle that made contact just under Sally’s chest.
“Aaaaaaah… oooooh, you got me!” said Sally as she stumbled around. Giving a moan of defeat, she laid down on her back and pretended to be dead.
Growlithe and Lillipup howled triumphantly.
“And so, with the evil giantess defeated, our brave heroes cheered in triumph. The kingdom was safe once more and their fair princess would be saved. With pride in their step they…he…hehehahahahahahahaha!” narrated Sally before laughing from her feet being tickled.
When Sally looked over to her feet, she saw both Growlithe and Lillipup happily licking them.
“Hey, that’s not in the script!” said Sally playfully.
“Pup pup,” said Lillipup shaking his head, then laying down at his side with a choking sound with his tongue out and eyes blank.
“Oh, right, I’m dead, sorry,” said Sally before laying back down with another playful moan of defeat.
Both pokémon resumed licking their trainer’s feet.
“Guess I’ll have to improvise,” thought Sally.
“Before entering the giantess’ lair to rescue the kidnapped princess, the triumphant heroes licked the soles…” narrated Sally before Growlithe quickly began licking Sally’s toes. “Teeheehee… and toes of the giantess’ feet. Just as they had heard, licking her feet had healed them of their wounds and weariness. It was also a delicious treat that tasted even yummier having been victorious,” narrated Sally, sometimes giggling while the two puppy pokémon continued playfully licking their trainer’s feet.
This continued onward for several more seconds before Sally felt the licking stop.
“Having finished, they…” narrated Sally as the two pokémon took different positions by their trainer.
Lillipup was beside Sally’s face and Growlithe beside Sally’s belly, pushing Sally’s shirt off her belly with his muzzle. The two again started licking their trainer.
Sally started laughing again and said, “Ohohohokay, now you two are just being silly.”
She pet both of their heads and sat up. The two then got in front of Treecko’s feet and started licking them as well. Treecko immediately broke into laughter, bending her knees to curl up her legs and pull her feet away. She wanted to play along as well and quickly laid her legs straight on the ground again. Growlithe and Lillipup resumed licking, as did Treecko’s laughter. The three girls and the other pokémon smiled and laughed, entertained by the show.
“And the brave heroes also decided to see how good the giantess’ pet’s feet tasted,” narrated Sally.
“Good?” asked Sally playfully.
“Growlithe,” replied Growlithe with a nod after licking across the toes on Treecko’s left foot and resuming afterward.
Sally chuckled some more and said, “Well, after you two are done, you do have a princess to save.”
The tickling continued for a few more seconds before the two stopped, looked at each other, nodded, and rushed toward the tree in front of them. They disappeared behind it for a few seconds and reemerged with Espeon walking beside them.
“And now, with the princess saved, they returned to the kingdom. Everyone rejoiced for the return of their fair and beautiful princess and the heroes who saved her and the kingdom from further threat by the wicked giantess. And they all lived happily ever after… the end,” narrated Sally.
Amanda, Brenda, Sarah and her mom, and all the pokémon watching cheered as Sally, Growlithe, Treecko, Lillipup, Espeon, and the other pokémon who took part in the act bowed.
“Yay! Happy end!” said Sarah.
The others directed their attention toward her.
“Sarah, hey!” greeted Sally happily. “Good to see you.”
“So, you’re Sally,” said Sarah’s mom. “My daughters told me about when she met you at the library that one day. Thanks for keeping her and Freddy entertained.”
“No problem,” replied Sally. “So, what are you two up to today?”
“Just taking a walk right now, getting some fresh air and exercise,” replied Sarah’s mom.
“Mommy, can I stay and play with Sally for a while?” asked Sarah.
“I don’t know Sweetie… maybe later,” replied Sarah’s mom.
“Pleeeease?” pleaded Sarah.
“I don’t mind,” replied Sally. “I’ll be happy to play with her for a while. It’s no problem.”
“Pretty please Mommy?” pleaded Sarah.
“Well… alright. I guess that’ll be OK,” replied Sarah’s mom.
“Thanks Mommy!” said Sarah happily, hugging her mom.
She returned the hug and told her, “I’ll be back in a little while. You be good now.”
“I promise,” replied Sarah.
Sarah’s mom lowered her to the ground in Sally’s yard and walked away, waved to the girls, and said, “Take care!”
The girls waved back and watched as Sarah’s mom walked away before returning their attention to Sarah.
“Make yourself at home Sarah,” said Sally.
“Thanks,” replied Sarah before looking at Amanda and Brenda. “What are your names?”
“These are my friends, Brenda and Amanda,” replied Sally, introducing the both of them.
“Nice to meet you,” said Brenda.
“Likewise,” said Amanda.
“Thank you,” replied Sarah, blushing a little. “Do you have any pokémon? Please let me see them. Pretty pretty please?!”
“Sure thing,” replied Brenda, pulling out the pokéballs from her pocket.
“No problem,” replied Amanda, also pulling out the pokéballs from her pocket.
“Come on out everyone!” shouted Brenda, tossing the pokéballs into the air.
“You all too, come on out!” shouted Amanda, tossing the pokéballs into the air.
Out emerged Flaaffy, Dewott, Simisear, Nuzleaf, Tranquil, Sandshrew, Simisage, Monferno, Ekans, Floatzel, Blitzle, and Swellow. As usual, Flaaffy made an immediate attempt to hug her trainer, to which Brenda returned the favor.
“Come on over everyone! Say hello,” said Sally to the pokémon nearby.
Growlithe, Lillipup, Simipour, Treecko, Espeon, Pidgeotto, Kangaskhan, Hitmonlee, Leavanny, Chatot, Ditto, and Azumarill stood near Sally and Wailmer leaned up on the edge of the pond.
“Wow! So many nice pokémon!” said Sarah, her eyes sparkling in admiration.
“And there’s still one more in the house,” said Sally. “I’ll go get her.”
Sally ran to the door and opened it.
“Cinccino, come out here for a while. There’s a friend I want you to meet,” shouted Sally.
In seconds, Cinccino ran into the kitchen and toward Sally. The two walked outside, closing the door behind them, and Cinccino joined Natalie’s other pokémon.
“Hey everyone, this is Sarah,” said Sally.
All of the pokémon greeted her happily with the exception of Hitmonlee who just nodded his head respectfully. Sarah blushed and giggled, shyly rocking the front tip of her sandals side to side on the ground.
“They’re so nice,” said Sarah happily.
Flaaffy happily approached Sarah and embraced her in a friendly hug. Sarah happily hugged back and nuzzled her head in the wool around Flaaffy’s neck.
“Awww, so soft and cuddly,” complimented Sarah.
“Flaaaaaffy,” sighed Flaaffy happily.
“Looks like you’ve taken a quick liking to Flaaffy,” said Brenda. “No surprise there. She’s pretty easy to love.”
“And so cute,” said Sarah. “When I get older, I want a pokémon as friendly and cuddly as you.”
Flaaffy happily nuzzled Sarah’s cheek with her cheek, resulting in a happy giggle from Sarah. After Flaaffy set her back down, Sarah felt something slide and wrap around her legs. She looked down at her legs to see Ekans slithering up them until he and Sarah were at eye level. He greeted her with a smile and a few quick tongue-flicking licks on the cheek. Sarah giggled and petted Ekans on his head, to which he just closed his eyes and continued smiling.
“This one’s friendly too,” said Sarah happily.
“Indeed he is. But, he can be a little mischief-maker at times. Kinda like my brother,” replied Amanda while Ekans playfully slithered around Sarah’s body.
Using his tail, Ekans tickled Sarah’s side, causing her to laugh.
“Yep, like that,” said Amanda.
Ekans stopped shortly afterward and slithered back to Amanda and her pokémon. Sarah walked close behind him, approaching Amanda’s other pokémon. She petted Blitzle’s head and sides and was entertained by Blitzle’s flashing mane.
“Such a nice blitzle. I wanna ride it. Can I please?” said Sarah.
“I guess that would be OK,” replied Amanda.
She helped Sarah onto Blitzle’s back and told Blitzle to be gentle and take it slow. Blitzle nodded and slowly walked around the yard.
“Weeeeeee! This is fun!” shouted Sarah happily.
“Blitzle,” said Blitzle happily.
After about another minute and a half, Blitzle stopped by Amanda and Sarah was helped off Blitzle’s back.
Sarah next approached Floatzel and petted her as well. Floatzel, taking a liking to the little girl, inflated her air sacs and allowed Sarah to feel them and even laid down on the ground so that Sarah could lay down on her and use the inflated sacs as a pillow.
“Good to see Floatzel being so social,” said Brenda. “She’s usually so reserved.”
Shortly later, Sarah moved to Swellow and stroked her down her back, to which Swellow happily closed her eyes and enjoyed.
“Swellow swellow,” said Swellow happily, flying around Sarah.
Sarah tried to keep her eye on Swellow, spinning in the process. Both of them laughed and had fun. After Swellow perched again, Sarah moved over to Simisage and Monferno. Simisage greeted Sarah by petting her head, to which Sarah laughed and returned the favor with Simisage.
“Teehee, so bushy,” said Sarah.
“Simisage,” replied Simisage happily.
Sarah moved on to Monferno and was greeted by a smile and him playfully trying to evade being touched by her. This became a short game of tag with Sarah happily trying to catch Monferno. The other girls laughed as well, entertained by the spectacle.
“So, what do you think of my pokémon?” asked Amanda.
“I love them!” replied Sarah. “They’re so friendly.”
“Good to hear,” replied Amanda. “Maybe someday you can meet my other two pokémon, Rhydon and Krokorok.
“Sure,” replied Sarah.
“All of our pokémon are friendly too, right Sally?” said Brenda.
“Yep, and so are my Mom’s pokémon too,” replied Sally.
They all nodded and replied in agreeance.
“Yay, then may I meet your pokémon too?” asked Sarah to Brenda.
“Go ahead,” replied Brenda.
Sarah walked over to Sandshrew and knelt down in front of her.
“Awww… so cute!” said Sarah happily, petting Sandshrew’s head.
Sandshrew happily sighed in response.
“She is pretty cute, isn’t she,” said Brenda. “If you want to make her really happy, she likes having her belly rubbed and tickled.”
Sarah heard this and started rubbing Sandshrew’s belly. She lied down and closed her eyes in relaxation while Sarah continued petting her belly. Once Sarah began tickling, Sandshrew started laughing and kicking her legs up and down. Sarah and the others smiled in adoration. After Sarah was done, Sandshrew sat up and nuzzled her head against Sarah. Sarah pet her on the back of her head in response. Sarah stood up and approached Nuzleaf, who started posing to look cool and strong. Sarah giggled, entertained by this, and petted his head. While he was still making poses, he looked to Treecko and smiled coolly. Treecko smiled and giggled in response. Sarah moved on to Dewott, who was kneeling on the ground and just remained still with a smile while Sarah petted her. Sarah noticed Dewott’s scalchops and started tapping them.
“These shells are pretty,” said Sarah.
Dewott seemed to appreciate the compliment and nodded, given her maintenance for them.
When Sarah greeted and pet her, Tranquil remained still and smiled while she allowed the girl to feel her feathers.
“So smooth and soft,” said Sarah, rubbing Tranquil’s wing on her cheek.
“Tranquil,” replied Tranquil happily.
Simisear merely waved with a smile at Sarah and remained laying on his back when she was approaching him. Sarah seemed interested in Simisear’s round belly and began rubbing around on it. Simisear seemed to be enjoying it and allowed Sarah to continue.
“Well well,” said Brenda. “Looks like you found his sweet spot already.”
“I did? Yippee!” replied Sarah, still rubbing Simisear’s belly.
Shortly afterward, she pet his fur and ran her hands through the hair on his head, satisfied with how it felt.
“I really like your pokémon,” said Sarah to Brenda. “They’re so cute and cuddly.”
“Why thank you,” replied Brenda. “I think so too.”
“And are all those pokémon yours Sally?” asked Sarah, looking to the rest of them.
“Not all of them,” replied Sally. “A few of them are my mother’s.”
Sally turned to the other pokémon and asked them to group up so that Sarah could tell which were
Sally’s and which were Natalie’s.
“Oh, so those are your mommy’s pokémon?” asked Sarah, pointing to them.
“Yep,” replied Sally. “Well, the pokémon of hers currently here that is. She has Sudowoodo and Mienshao with her right now.”
Sarah then looked to Sally’s pokémon and asked, “Which ones are your daddy’s?”
“I’m afraid none of my dad’s pokémon are here right now,” replied Sally. “Most of the time, they stay at the ranger station where they can be called upon when my dad needs them.”
“OK,” replied Sarah. “I wanna see them someday.”
“Maybe you will,” replied Sally. “Anyway, wanna go meet my mom’s pokémon?”
“Yeah,” replied Sarah happily, rapidly nodding her head.
She ran over to Natalie’s pokémon and stopped in front of Leavanny. Leavanny knelt down so that she was eye level with Sarah and petted the back of her head. Sarah giggled and petted Leavanny as well. When Leavanny was finished, she fixed Sarah’s hair a little.
“You’re really nice,” said Sarah.
“Leavanny,” replied Leavanny happily.
Sarah then looked to Chatot and chuckled.
“Nice to meet you,” said Sarah
“Nice to meet you,” replied Chatot, bowing his head politely.
“I’m Sarah,” replied Sarah.
“I’m Sarah,” replied Chatot.
Sarah giggled and replied, “No, I’M Sarah.”
“No, I’M Sarah,” replied Chatot.
“No you’re not,” replied Sarah, almost laughing.
“No you’re not,” replied Chatot.
Sarah giggled and replied, “You’re funny.”
“You’re funny,” replied Chatot before the two laughed together.
Azumarill greeted Sarah with a smile and a pat on the head. Sarah did the same to Azumarill, in addition to petting her on her head and belly and afterward hugging her.
“Awww… your belly is so big and soft,” sighed Sarah.
“Azumarill,” replied Azumarill with a smile, patting Sarah on the back.
When they were done, Sarah looked for the next pokémon for her to greet and was taken by surprise to see a perfect copy of herself.
“Hey, you’re not me!” said Sarah with a sarcastic smile.
The clone just tilted its head to the left and smiled.
“Oh, I know. Do as I do,” said Sarah.
The clone nodded.
Sarah started waving with her right hand and the clone copied. Next, Sarah stuck out her right foot and wiggled her toes. The clone did so as well. Sarah then started jumping and the clone copied it. The other three girls and pokémon watched with amusement and with some of them laughing or giggling. After the two finished by spinning around until they both got dizzy, the Sarah clone transformed back into Ditto.
“That was fun. Let’s play that again sometime,” said Sarah, still feeling dizzy and stumbling a bit.
“Ditto, ditto,” replied Ditto happily.
When the dizziness wore off shortly afterward, Sarah excitedly walked in front of Cinccino and sat down.
“Cinccino,” greeted Cinccino with a closed-eye smile and her head tilted a little.
“AWWWWWW…. SO CUUUTE!” said Sarah with shining eyes before hugging her.
Cinccino happily hugged back. During the hug, Sarah nuzzled the side of Cinccino’s head and the scarves with her cheek and petted her.
“So soft and snuggly,” said Sarah blissfully.
“She is, isn’t she,” replied Sally while the other girls and pokémon continued to watch in adoration. “It’s hard to resist petting her, especially when she’s such a sweet pokémon. She’ll sometimes lay down on my or mother’s lap while we’re relaxing and want to be petted.”
“And so pretty,” replied Sarah. “I want one just like her. They’re so cute.”
“Those pretty eyes, these big, soft ears, these fluffy scarf-thingys, and these little toesies,” said Sarah, looking at Cinccino’s eyes, petting her ears and scarves and playing with her toes.
Cinccino appreciated the compliments and sighed.
“Maybe someday you’ll have one of your own. Or, maybe your mom can get one. They are pretty good pokémon to have around the house,” replied Sally.
“Yeah, they are pretty tidy and can help her keep the house clean,” said Brenda.
“OK, I’ll ask Mommy for one,” replied Sarah.
“So Sarah, how do you like my mom’s pokémon?” asked Sally.
“I like them lots,” replied Sarah happily, throwing her arms in the air.
Natalie’s pokémon cheered in appreciation.
“Good to hear,” replied Sally. “Now then, you’ve already met MY pokémon before at the library, but why not say hello again?”
“I’d love to,” replied Sarah. “You’re pokémon are so friendly and cute.”
“Why thank you,” replied Sally. “Go ahead.”
Sarah began by approaching Growlithe and Lillipup. The two pokémon greeted her with happy barks. Sarah giggled and began petting the both of them on the head.
“Teehee, you’re both so cute,” said Sarah, petting them.
When she was done, the two puppy stood up and lightly nudged Sarah so that she fell into a sitting position and started licking her face. Sarah giggled as they did so.
“And it appears they really like you too,” replied Sally.
“They do! Teehee!” replied Sarah.
Shortly after they stopped licking, Sarah immediately began undoing the straps on her sandals, took them off, and laid them aside.
“Now lick MY feet. Just like Sally’s,” said Sarah, wiggling her toes.
The two puppy pokémon happily barked and began licking Sarah’s feet.
“Heeheehahahahahaha! That tihihihickles!”  laughed Sarah.
She continued to laugh as the tongues repeated licked her up her soles, under her toes, and up and across each toe.
“They reheeheeheeheeally like my feeheeheeheet!” laughed Sarah.
“Looks like they do,” replied Sally happily.
Several seconds afterward, they stopped licking. Growlithe gently grabbed Sarah’s toes in his mouth and Lillipup did the same immediately afterward. They lightly began tugging on her toes and growling cutely.
“Heeheeheeheehee! They want my toesies!” giggled Sarah.
The others laughed or chuckled at the scene.
“Those are MY toesies. Give them back,” said Sarah playfully.
She tried to pull her feet back while Growlithe and Lillipup playfully growled and tugged back. This game of tug-of-war continued for several more seconds before the two pokémon decided to let go. Sarah raised her feet in the air and wiggled her toes.
“One… two… three… four… five… six… seven… eight… nine… ten,” counted Sarah.
“Yep, they’re all still there,” said Sally.
Sarah giggled, still wiggling her toes. When she was done, she petted Growlithe and Lillipup again.
“That was fun. Thank you,” said Sarah, petting their heads and backs.
The two pokémon sat happily while being petted. Shortly afterward, Cinccino approached Sarah, grabbed one of her scarves, and began wiping Sarah’s feet.
“Teeheeheehee, that tickles too,” giggled Sarah.
“Cinccino cin, cinccino,” said Cinccino happily.
“How sweet,” said Brenda. “She’s cleaning your feet.”
This continued for several more seconds before Cinccino was finished. Sarah looked at the bottoms of her feet and felt them.
“Nice and clean,” said Sarah.
“Cinccino cin,” replied Cinccino happily.
After petting Cinccino again in appreciation, she stood up, walked toward the pond, and knelt down at the edge in front of Wailmer.
“Waaaaaailmer!” greeted Wailmer.
“Hello,” replied Sarah happily, petting Wailmer’s head.
A couple seconds afterward, he sprayed a light stream of water at her. Sarah giggled as she tried to shield herself with her hands. Everyone else laughed, chuckled, or giggled in response.
“Hehe… Sorry about that,” said Sally with an embarrassed smile. “That’s one of his ways of saying he likes you.”
“It’s OK, that was fun,” replied Sarah.
“Wailmer Waaailmer!” said Wailmer happily, bobbing in the pond before spraying Sally the same way.
“See? He does it to me too,” replied Sally with a smile.
Sarah laughed and nodded before rubbing Wailmer’s head again. When she was done, she next went over to Hitmonlee, who was sitting cross-legged.
“Hi,” greeted Sarah.
Hitmonlee looked at her and nodded politely. He politely and calmly allowed Sarah to pet him, not really showing interest.
“What’s wrong? Did I make you angry?” asked Sarah with concern.
“Oh, don’t worry about it,” said Sally. “He’s usually not very open to strangers. Trust me, when you get to know him and he opens up a bit, he’s really nice.”
“I see,” replied Sarah before looking back to Hitmonlee. “It’s OK, you don’t need to be shy. I’m nice.”
Hitmonlee looked at her for a few seconds and nodded. Sarah smiled and nodded back. Next, she approached Pidgeotto. He bowed politely and extended a wing to her. Sarah happily shook it and stroked his feathers.
“Pidgeotto,” cooed Pidgeotto happily, enjoying it.
After Sarah finished petting Pidgeotto, she next went to Espeon. Espeon affectionately walked around Sarah’s legs and nuzzled her head on them.
“Awwww…” sighed Sarah before reaching down to pet her. “What a pretty Espeon.”
“Espeon,” sighed Espeon happily while Sarah stroked her back.
Soon afterward, she next went to Kangaskhan. Kangaskhan greeted her with a friendly smile and an extended hand. They both shook hands, followed by Sarah petting her and the baby kangaskhan as well.
“What a big pouch,” complimented Sarah. “Can I get in it? Please?”
Kangaskhan nodded, picked up Sarah, and placed her in her pouch next to the baby kangaskhan.
“Look at me! Look at me!” shouted Sarah excitedly.
“We see,” replied Sally.
Sarah decided to have some more fun by repeatedly bobbing up and down in the pouch, disappearing and reappearing from sight in a game of peekaboo.
The others were entertained by this. During one of the times Sarah disappeared into the pouch, Kangaskhan added to the game by pretending to be worried that Sarah, as her baby, was missing and reached into her pouch from the opposite side Sarah was on and felt around her pouch with her arm moving closer and closer to Sarah. Sarah giggled, watching the reaching arm move closer until the arm reached her, felt around on her shortly, and both arms pulled her out.
After cheering from the crowd and a nuzzle from Kangaskhan, Sarah was lifted from the pouch.
Next, she moved on to Simipour.
“Simipour,” greeted Simipour with a friendly smiled. At one point in this, Simipour began tickling Sarah’s sides. Both Sarah and Simipour laughed from enjoyment.
“That’s a sure sign she’s happy to see you too,” said Sally.
Shortly into it, Sarah tickled Simipour’s sides as well to return the favor. Simipour stopped tickling Sarah and allowed herself to be tickled, laughing happily. Soon, Sarah moved on to tickling her belly, causing Simipour to laugh louder. When Sarah was done with that, Simipour started tickling Sarah’s belly. While she laughed, Sarah laid down on the ground and allowed Simipour to continue before soon after having her feet and toes tickled and played with. Once Simipour was done, Sarah took a few seconds to catch her breath. Simipour then laid down for Sarah to continue tickling her as well. Sarah happily continued tickling Simipour, starting on her belly and later moving to her feet and toes. Both of them laughed and giggled in enjoyment, as did the others in amusement. When it was finally finished, Sarah gave Simipour one last petting on the head while Simipour gave her a pat on the head. She then got to her feet and went to Treecko, who was on the side of the tree.
“Hi there,” said Sarah.
“Treecko tree, treecko,” replied Treecko happily.
Sarah petted Treecko from her head down her back and felt her tail. When Sarah was done, Treecko scurried around the corner of the tree, out of Sarah’s sight. When Sarah looked around the corner, Treecko again scurried around the corner, avoiding being seen by Sarah. “Treecko tree,” said Treecko as she looked around the corner from the opposite site of the tree at Sarah. Sarah looked back at where the voice came from, but Treecko pulled out of sight before Sarah could spot her. Sarah giggled and ran to the opposite side of the tree to try and catch her. This continued on about four more times with Sarah unsuccessfully trying to catch Treecko, before Treecko called down to Sarah from a branch above, hanging only by her feet while her arms dangled down.
“Teeheeheehee, she’s really fun… and fast,” said Sarah. “And she can hang upside down by her feet?”
“Yep,” replied Sally. “treeckos have feet that can stick to any surface.”
“Neat,” replied Sarah. “And hers are ticklish too.”
“Yep, that they are,” replied Sally.
Treecko climbed down from the tree.
“Can I please tickle them, pretty please?” asked Sarah.
“Treecko tree,” replied Treecko with a nod before sitting down. “Treecko.”
Sarah sat down in front of Treecko’s feet and began tickling her soles. Treecko almost immediately began laughing and Sarah laughed too in enjoyment. When her toes started being tickled, Treecko’s laughter grew a little louder.
“Heehee, tickle tickle toesies,” said Sarah playfully, tickling under and on each toe.
The toe tickling continued for a tiny bit longer before the tickling started to lighten. This playful toe tickling gave Sarah an idea.
“You like your toesies tickled?” asked Sarah.
Treecko nodded, still giggling due to the light tickling sensation Sarah was still giving her.
“Do you wanna play the toesie game then? It’ll be lotsa fun,” replied Sarah.
“Ah yeah, I remember that game from when we met at the library,” said Sally. “I’m sure she’d enjoy playing it.”
“I’ve never really heard of that game before,” said Brenda. “How do you play?”
“One person thinks of a toe and the other person has to guess which one the other is thinking of. If they guess correctly, only that one toe gets tickled. If they guess wrong, both the toe they guessed and the one the other person was thinking of get tickled,” explained Sally.
“I see,” replied Brenda. “Sounds like a cute game.”
“So Treecko, wanna give it a try?” asked Sally.
“Treecko tree!” replied Treecko happily with a nod.
“Well alright then,” replied Sally. “In fact, I think I’ll play too.”
Sally sat down on the ground beside them.
“Yay!” cheered Sarah before looking to Brenda, Amanda, and the other pokémon. “Wanna play too? It’ll be fun!”
Most of the pokémon replied in agreement and joined her, Sally, and Treecko near the tree.
“OK!” replied Brenda.
“Well… alright,” replied Amanda.
Amanda removed her sandals while Brenda took off her shoes and socks and both joined the others. With them all seated, they began playing amongst each other.
“OK Treecko, which of these three toesies am I thinking of?” asked Sarah, circling her index finger over Treecko’s left foot.
After a few seconds of thinking, Treecko picked her leftmost toe.
“Teehee! Nuh-uh,” replied Sarah before tickling Treecko’s middle and left toe.
Treecko giggled in response, laying on her back and waving her arms on the ground. Treecko sat back up when the tickling stopped.
“OK Treecko, your turn,” said Sally. “Think of one of Sarah’s toes.”
Treecko thought about it for a few seconds, eyeing Sarah’s right foot, then announced that she was ready.
“Alright Sarah, go ahead and guess,” said Sally.
“OK… mmmmmm… big toe,” replied Sarah.
“Treecko,” said Treecko playfully, shaking her head.
Sarah started giggling and soon broke into laughter, wiggling the toes on her other foot, as Treecko tickled her big and ring toes. Treecko smiled even bigger in enjoyment while she tickled underneath and on both toes.
Meanwhile, Monferno and Simipour were playing with each other. Simipour had guessed incorrectly and had the right and left toes on her right foot tickled. When it was Monferno’s turn to guess, he guessed right and had only his right toe on his left foot tickled. That is… until afterward when Simipour decided to tickle both of Monferno’s feet for fun. He laughed in enjoyment, holding onto his stomach
while Simipour teasingly tickled him and played with his toes.
Shortly after Treecko finished tickling Sarah, Nuzleaf approached Treecko and asked her to play with him. She happily agreed and sat down in front of him. When it was Treecko’s turn to guess, she guessed her middle toe. Nuzleaf seemed disappointed that she guessed correctly and he could only tickle one of her toes this time, but still happily tickled her left foot’s middle toe and blushed as he listened to her giggle. When it was Nuzleaf’s turn, he guessed his middle toe as well. Treecko shook her head and tickled away at his right foot’s middle and left toes. He snickered a little, trying not to look too ticklish. Treecko teased him as she tickled him, making him blush and soon let go of his restraint and laugh. When she was done, she teasingly wiggled her toes, asking him if he wanted to play more or maybe just tickle them. He blushed and turned his head shyly for a few seconds before placing her feet on his lap and tickling them.
Flaaffy was playing with Sandshrew. Despite that their “toes” were pure nail on a foot, they happily tickled each others’ feet and Sandshrew would happily guess which toe claw Flaaffy was thinking of. She guessed half right and half incorrectly.
Sarah and Sally started playing with each other.
“Alright, I’ve made my decision,” said Sally.
“OK then… uhhh… this one,” said Sarah, pointing to her middle toe.
“Sorry, that’s not the one,” replied Sally.
“OK,” replied Sarah. “Two toesies get tickled.”
Sally tickled Sarah’s ring and middle toes on her left foot lightly. Sarah’s laughter started soft, but grew louder as Sally’s tickling increased.
“Now, my turn to guess,” said Sally after she stopped. “Which of my toesies will it be.”
Sarah thought it over for a few seconds as she watched Sally’s toes playfully wiggle and flex and made her decision.
“Alright. Ummm… this one,” replied Sally, pointing to her pinky toe.
“Right,” replied Sarah with a nod.
“Sweet,” replied Sally. “But you’re more than welcome to two or even more if you want.”
“Thank you,” replied Sarah.
She started tickling Sally’s pinky and ring toes. Sally giggled as Sarah too stated lightly tickling and laughed louder as the tickling escalated. It wasn’t long before Sarah began tickling all over Sally’s soles and toes, leading Sally to laugh louder.
“Teeheehee, tickle tickle!” said Sarah playfully while she tickled her.
“My feet want tickles too. Please?” said Sarah shortly after she stopped.
Sally happily obliged and playfully tickled all over Sarah’s soles, underneath, and on and across each of her toes, causing Sarah to laugh. Sally giggled in adoration, listening to Sarah laugh and watching her toes cutely wiggle.
“What happy little ticklish toesies,” said Sally playfully, tickling and playing with them.
“Hahahahahappy toesies!” replied Sarah.
A little time longer and Sally decided to stop and let Sarah catch her breath.
“Now ALL of our toesies are happy,” said Sarah, tilting her feet upward and wiggling her toes.
“I agree,” replied Sally happily, also tilting her feet upward and wiggling her toes.
“Can I play with you next?” asked Sarah to Brenda afterward.
“Why of course,” said Brenda nicely before playfully wiggling her toes. “Pick a toe, any toe.”
“OK… ummmm… got it!” replied Sarah, looking at the toes on Brenda’s right foot. “Pick.”
“Hmm… let’s see… ummm… pinky toe,” replied Brenda.
“Awwww… you got it,” said Sarah in disappointment. “Can I still tickle two toes please?” asked Sarah.
“Sure, pick one you like,” replied Brenda.
Sarah tickled Brenda’s big and pinky toes. Both girls laughed in enjoyment.
“OK, your turn to guess,” said Brenda after Sarah stopped.
“Alright,” replied Sarah before taking a few seconds to think and guessing, “This one,” pointing to her index toe.
“Way to go! You got it!” replied Brenda.
“Yeah!” cheered Sarah. “You can tickle another toe if you want.”
“Cool,” replied Brenda before tickling Sarah’s index and pinky toe.
Sarah giggled as this happened.
“You’ve got cute little toes. And this color makes them look so pretty,” said Brenda, complimenting Sarah’s toes and light green nail color. “I know I should only be tickling two, but I think I’ll tickle all ten!”
She playfully tickled all ten of Sarah’s toes, causing Sarah to break into hysterical laughter. After Brenda was done tickling her, Sarah decided to tickle Brenda’s toes as well.
“Your toesies are cute too,” said Sarah.
“Awwwhahahahaha, thahahanks!” replied Brenda happily.
The tickling continued for several more seconds before Sarah decided to stop. While Brenda caught her breath, Sarah just sat giggling with a closed-eye smile.
“That was a great tickling,” said Brenda. “So, wanna keep playing?”
“Later maybe,” replied Sarah. “I wanna play with Amanda now.”
“Alright then, let’s play,” said Amanda with a nod.
Sarah sat down in front of Amanda and asked her to think of a toe.
“OK, I’m ready,” said Amanda after a few seconds.
“OK… hmm… uh… this one,” replied Sarah before pointing to her middle toe.
“Sorry, but good guess,” replied Amanda.
“Awww… OK,” replied Sarah. “Tickle time toesies!”
Amanda tickled Sarah’s big toe and middle toe on her left foot. Amanda smiled and chuckled while tickling Sarah and listening to her laugh.
“MY turn now,” said Amanda after she was finished. “Choose my toe.”
“Mmmm…,” hummed Sarah, looking over the toes on Amanda’s right foot. “Ready!”
“Alright,” replied Amanda. “Now then, hmmhmmhmm… uhh… index toe?”
Amanda pointed to her index toe. Sarah giggled and shook her head.
“Oh well, it was a 1 in 5 guess,” said Amanda. “Looks like you get to tickle two toes this time.”
Sarah tickled away at Amanda’s index and ring toes. Amanda started chuckling and soon entered laughter. While tickling Amanda, Sarah noticed that Amanda’s other toes sometimes twitched.
“Teehee… your toesies are twitchy,” said Sarah.
“That they are,” replied Amanda with a friendly smile. “They do that when my feet are tickled.”
“Really?” asked Sarah. “I wanna see them twitch some more!”
“Alright,” replied Amanda. “Just tickle my feet some more and you will.”
“Yippee!” cheered Sarah before tickling all over Amanda’s soles and toes. Amanda quickly broke into laughter and, as she said, her toes twitched every few seconds or so. Sarah would giggle each time she saw Amanda’s toes twitch.
“Do you wanna tickle MY feet now?” asked Sarah after she was done. “I’ll twitch my toes too.”
“Sounds good to me,” replied Amanda.
She began tickling Sarah’s feet playfully. As Sarah laughed, she tried to twitch her toes.
“Hmmm… these toes are close to being twitchy. But, these seem more like waving toes,” said Amanda playfully.
“How abahahahahahahout wigglyheeheeheehee?” laughed Sarah, wiggling her toes while being tickled.
“Definitely,” replied Amanda. “These are no doubt wiggly toes. And such cute wiggling ones too.”
Amanda continued the tickling on Sarah’s toes and played with them for a little bit longer until she decided to let Sarah catch her breath.
“I like this game,” said Sarah happily. “I wanna continue playing with everyone!”
“Well then, let’s play a little longer,” said Brenda.
“Sounds like a plan,” said Sally.
The pokémon who were playing all replied and nodded in agreeance.
For the next hour, the four girls and pokémon continued playing the toesie game and/or tickling each other until everyone felt satisfied. Sally was finishing a game with Simipour and Treecko while Amanda and Simisage, Brenda and Simisear, and Sarah and Cinccino were finishing too.
“That was really really fun!” said Sarah happily. “I think I’m done playing the toesie game now.”
“OK then,” replied Sally. “Anything else you want to do?”
“Let’s have a play like you did earlier,” replied Sarah.
“Sounds great,” replied Sally. “What do you want it to be about?”
“A pretty fairy princess,” replied Sarah.
“Then about a pretty fairy princess it will be,” replied Sally.
“Alright, then let’s brainstorm a story, plot, casting, and make a play,” said Amanda.
The four sat down and began discussing setting up the play.

*Nearly a half hour later*

“The little girl continued wandering lost through the forest, hungry, tired, and frightened,” narrated Amanda.
Sarah, garbed in a leafy dress made by Leavanny and still barefoot, walked slowly across Sally’s yard, pretending to be lost and scared.
“As she was nearing a small lake, she tripped and fell to the ground and began crying,” narrated Amanda.
As Sarah came close to the pond, she pretended to hit her foot on something and laid down on her belly. She covered her eyes with her hands with her face to the ground, pretending to cry.
“The girl had begun to lose all hope. But then…,” narrated Amanda.
Slowly, Simipour rose from below the pond’s surface atop Wailmer, singing and posing beautifully.
“Appearing from the pond’s depths like magic, the great lake spirit rose atop her faithful pet,” narrated Amanda.
Sarah looked up at her and pretended to dry her tears.
“The sight of the beautiful spirit brought a feeling of comfort to the girl. Her sadness melted away until it was no more,” narrated Amanda. “The lake spirit had heard the girl’s tears of sadness and came to help.”
Wailmer swam to the edge and Simipour placed her hand on Sarah’s shoulder after Sarah rose into a kneeling position.
“The lake spirit introduced herself and her loyal pet and placed her hand upon the girl’s shoulder,” narrated Amanda.
“Ni… nice to… meet you,” said Sarah, pretending to be a little shaky still.
“Simipour, simipour,” replied Simipour happily and gently.
“Have you… are you here to… help me?” asked Sarah.
Simipour nodded and replied, “Simipour, simipour?”
“I’m lost, I’m hungry, I don’t know where my home is or if I have a home or… who I am,” replied Sarah. “I want to go home! I want to find my mommy and daddy!”
“Well, your mommy’s over here sweetie,” said Sarah’s mom from behind the fence on the other side of the yard while Sarah pretended to cry again.
Sarah looked behind her, got to her feet, and ran toward her mother.
“MOMMY!” shouted Sarah happily.
“Hi Sweetie,” replied her mom happily. “Putting on a show?”
“Yep,” replied Sarah.
“What’s this one about?” asked her mom.
“A little girl lost in the forest who becomes a fairy princess,” replied Sarah.
“Ah, interesting,” replied her mom.
“You like my costume?” asked Sarah.
“Yeah, you look so pretty,” replied her mom. “Like a little forest girl.”
“Glad you think so Mommy,” replied Sarah before looking to Sally. “Can I keep it?”
“Sure, it’s yours,” replied Sally with Leavanny nodding.
“Yaaay! Thank you, thank you!” cheered Sarah.
Sarah’s mom chuckled and said, “I’m guessing you had fun?”
“Yes,” replied Sarah with a nod. “I met and played with their pokémon, tickled Sally, her friends, and some of their pokémon and was tickled, played the toesie game with them, and pretended to be in a play.”
“Sounds like a lot of fun for sure,” replied Sarah’s mom. “I’m happy to hear it.”
“Can I stay here for a little while longer, please?” pleaded Sarah.
“Sorry Sweetie, but we really should be heading home. We need to get cleaned up to go to Grandma’s later,” replied Sarah’s mom.
“OK,” replied Sarah with a nod.
“Now, say thank you to these nice girls for playing with you,” said Sarah’s mom.
Sarah nodded, looked to them, and said, “Thank you!”
“You’re very welcome Sarah,” replied Sally. “Feel free to come by again sometime. Maybe we can finish the play we started and have fun some more.”
“Can I Mommy, can I?” pleaded Sarah.
“Sure,” replied Sarah’s mom. “Now, go put on your clothes Sweetie.”
Sarah nodded, ran into Sally’s house, and changed out of leafy dress and back into her white one. When she was finished, she exited the house, carrying the leafy dress in her arms.
“I’ll hold onto that Sweetie,” said Sarah’s mom, collecting the dress from Sarah. “Slip your shoes on and we’ll head home.”
“Can I please walk home barefoot Mommy? Please please please?” pleaded Sarah.
“I’m not sure if you should sweetie,” said Sarah’s mom.
“Pretty please Mommy?” asked Sarah. “Sally walks barefoot. It should be OK.”
“She’s right,” said Sally. “I walk barefoot on those sidewalks many times and I can assure that it’s safe.”
“Please Mommy?” asked Sarah again.
After a few seconds of consideration, Sarah’s mom smiled and petted her daughter on the head.
“OK,” she replied. “I’ll be giving you a bath when we get home anyway. Just be careful where you step.”
“Thank you Mommy!” replied Sarah happily, hugging her mom and being hugged back.
Amanda grabbed Sarah’s sandals and brought them to her.
“Thanks Amanda,” said Sarah.
“You’re welcome,” replied Amanda.
“And thank you girls for watching her,” said Sarah’s mom.
“It was our pleasure,” said Sally, followed by Brenda and Amanda nodding.
Sarah’s mom lifted Sarah over the fence and placed her down on the sideway next to her. The two started walking away on their way home.
“Bye Sally! Bye Amanda! Bye Brenda! Bye pokémon! Play with me again sometime!” shouted Sarah waving goodbye.
“Bye Sarah! See you later!” replied Sally, waving goodbye.
“Goodbye Sarah!” replied Amanda, waving goodbye.
“Until next time Sarah!” replied Brenda, waving goodbye.
All of the pokémon waved and shouted goodbye as well.
As they were walking away, Sarah looked to her mom and asked, “Mommy, can we get a pet Cinccino?”
Sarah’s mom chuckled and replied, “We’ll see.”

The End

Sally, Amanda, Brenda, their pokémon, and Natalie’s pokémon meet and have fun with Sarah and each other in Sally’s backyard, including tickling, role-playing, games and playing with their toes, and a few other activities.


The pokémon in or mentioned in this story: Simipour, Treecko, Growlithe, Lillipup, Pidgeotto, Espeon, Hitmonlee, Wailmer, Kangaskhan, Simisear, Nuzleaf, Tranquil, Sandshrew, Flaaffy, Dewott, Blitzle, Simisage, Monferno, Ekans, Floatzel, Swellow, Rhydon, Krokorok Cinccino, Chatot, Azumarill, Ditto, Leavanny, Mienshao, and Sudowooko belong to Nintendo.

Sally Pisen, Amanda Doccuns, Brenda Fabershire, Sarah Jemmunds, and Natalie Pisen belong to :icongc254:
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Au revoir, Shosanna!
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Lily is finally done! Hope she was worth the wait! :aww:
Her shirt physics isn't the best.I was afraid that if I try fixing them I would just make it worse. xD
Let me know if you find any problems and I will fix them or at least try to.
I am going to take a little break from uploading models.
Who would you want the next model to be? Miki or Galaco?

Original model: Tda and Aga
Skirt and shirt: kanekoranou
Base: pinkwormy & lilymikudes
Lily's parts: mfakane
Textures,spas, and toons: Me

.Please credit me for the edit.
.Please credit Tda,Aga, and mfakane for the model.
.Please do not claim the edit as your own.
.Do not redistribute.
.Do not take the textures and spas. 
.Do not edit the textures
.Do not edit.

: Download:…
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for the OMN suite!  The transparent blue outline is the progress bar!

Thanks to 4nt1p0p for the first skin!
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What happened after : +KnT - Not Again!+ by Z-Doodler
It ended up looking....wrong..oh my god
yeah , thanks a lot, brain..

More Kid n Teenagers :…

Characters belong to me.
Comments disabled by owner.
Cheshire cat makeup + Photoshop xD
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