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This one is the custom outfit for :iconnightambush:, as she was the winner of my raffle ^^

Hope I was able to follow your guidelines >.< Though, I do know that I might have misunderstood that part about the shoes, it q w q

.. sorry about it. I still hope you will like it ! <3333

!! Rules:

 No reselling or claiming that you drew the original design/drawing + please credit me when needed 
Do NOT change the design, this includes colors, shapes , everything. You can of course add things as your character might do it but otherwise, if you know you will want to change the color or something about it, don't bid.. thank you <33333333
Also, if you bid make sure to Have the money actually.
I don't want people to change their minds in the last minute : /

New: Since dA added this new feature, to allow people to hide their comments, if you bid and then hide it (and I see that you did bid earlier), I will automatically ban you from all my future auctions and adopt batches. 

Drawing (c) me
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Isnt he or she just too cute??!!!?!
green water dragon. Not sure of english name. But sorta the jungle version of a bearded dragon. Sorta. Lol. 
Will be smaller than our iguana and can already be stroked over the back without doing a panick run. 

He is in his temporary quarenteen right now. Building his new home jungle style with a pool of water and plants and stuff to climb on. So excited hehe
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Neither a ghoul, nor a human… As someone who can’t be called one or the other, there’s nowhere belong.
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Tasha looking stunning in her red corset and American Apparel panties.

Download the Hi-res version for only $1. This set isn't yet on showeros, but please take a moment to check out my work there.…  I would really appreciate it if you joined showeros and liked all my stuff there. You don't have to pay them a thing, if you don't want to, but your likes mean money in my pocket, which helps me fund more shoots.

While you're here, be sure to check out some of my other pictures.
Tasha - Sailor Pinup 03 by RaymondPraxMary Moon 12 by RaymondPraxLauren and Holly Poolside 2 by RaymondPraxA bit tied up by RaymondPrax
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Inspirado de cierta manera en esta imagen:…

Realmente estoy feliz por como salió la imagen :D

Tails, Sonic, Knuckles
Amy, Tekno, Shortfuse.
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So here's my second batch of Spritten adoptables. These are so fun to do ^^
I have made some minor changes to the species design like adding the flower petal wings.

I am not sure yet if I want to let go of #2. So I will decide after the auction has ended if I feel like the highest bid is high enough

I prefer real money over points, but if you can't pay with money, points is fine too.

Here's a species guide:…


Starting bid: $5 or 500Points 
Minimum increase: $1 or 100Points 
AB: $50 or 5000Points 

($1=100Points )

Bullet; Red Do not bid if you can't pay within 24 hours after the auction has ended
Bullet; Red (Only if you pay with real money) Payment is sent to my paypal.
Bullet; Red Spritten is a closed species

Bid here for #1:…
Bid here for #2:…
Bid here for #3:…
Bid here for #4:…

Winner will also receive the high resolution image with transparent background. If someone would AB I will also make a 50x50 pixel icon of your newly bought Spritten :D

Auction ends in 24 hours + 1 hour for every bid after that.
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Copyright 2014 Andrew Dobson
Look through my gallery on my website:
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I want to get a Wii-U just for this game.
Here's the E3 Announcement Video:…
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I don't often commission work of non OC's for this page, but when an artist like Isi, who is one of the most awesome artists working in the 3d medium on DA or anywhere else, offers very attractively priced commissions, how can I say no :)

So here is the first of two pieces I have commissioned from Isi, DC's Powergirl, who has a link to E18 in so much as she is one of Jessica's favourite cos plays.

Powergirl is owned by DC, and is used for entertainment only, I claim no rights.

Art by the very talented :iconisikol: , really go check him out and prepare to be amazed :)
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