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Aaron Kennedy - Bass

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24" x 36"
acrylic on gessoed bristol

I've steered away from doing sociopolitical art for a while so I'll keep this brief. Done for an "homage to a famous person" assignment for a portrait painting class. This was done as Obama was taking office. I had in mind a lot of parallels people were making to his age and past presidents - suggestions of inexperience, cockiness, blah de blah. Love him or hate him, the whole planet was well aware that he was in for a shitstorm of responsibility. Anywho, taking in that idea of parallels, I partially referenced the color palette and stance of Aaron Shikler's 1970 portrait of JFK. I like the idea of daily routines and visual metaphor - suiting up for the world, morning cigarettes, having the world on your shoulders, etc. All in all, I guess you could say it's a sympathetic portrait, I mean I don't care how good it looks on a resume, I'd never run for president.
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7 - Adam Kennedy
12 - Aaron Miles
for the St. Louis Cardinals

Detroit vs. St. Louis - Comerica Park - June 26, 2008
Detroit Wins, 3-2
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JFK was my favourite US president and decided to make shoot.

Model: Aaron Bird 

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Does the Bible really condemn homosexuality?

:star:R. I. P.::star:

Matthew Shepherd
Tyler Clementi
Asher Brown
Seth Walsh
Justin Aaberg
Raymond Chase
Billy Lucas
Jody Dobrowski
Michael Boothe
Andrew Collier
Peter Walker
Emanuel Spiteri
Robyn Brown
Jaap Bornkamp
Christopher Dunn
Perry Bradley, III
Geoffrey Windsor
Damilola Taylor
Michael Causer
Gerry Edwards
Howard Efland
Robert Hillsborough
Harvey Milk
Terry Knudsen
Robert Allen Taylor
Steven Charles
Charlie Howard
Rebecca Wight
James Zappalorti
Julio Rivera
Paul Broussard
Allen Schindler
Brandon Teena
Scott Amedure
Roxanne Ellis
Michelle Abdill
Gary Matson
Winfield Mowder
Barry Winchell
Steen Fenrich
Sissy "Charles" Bolden
Arthur "J.R." Warren
Danny Overstreet
Fred Martinez
Philip Walsted
Nizah Morris
Gwen Araujo
Sakia Gunn
Richie Phillips
Nireah Johnson
Brandie Coleman
Glenn Kopitske
Scotty Joe Weaver
Daniel Fetty
Ronnie Antonio Paris
Jason Gage
Michael Sandy
Andrew Anthos
Ryan Keith Skipper
Roberto Duncanson
Sean William Kennedy
Duanna Johnson
Lawrence "Larry" King
Steven Parrish
Jeremy Waggoner
Angie Zapata
Tony Randolph Hunter
Lateisha Green
Romel Sucuzhanya
Michael Goucher
Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover
August Provost
Emonie Spaulding
Roberto González Onrubia
Ruby Ordenana
Erika Keels
Victoria Arellano
Sanesha Stewart
Angie Zapata
Osvan Inacio dos Santos
Aaron Webster
Alexis Frumin
Laurent Francazal
Declan Flynn
Nir Katz
Liz Tarbushi
Brian Williamson
Gareth Williams
Jeff Whittington
Magne Andreassen
Gisberta Salce Júnior
FannyAnn Eddy
Julio Anderson Luciano
Isaac Ali Dani Peréz Triviño
Ahmet Yıldız
Kenneth Crowe
Anna Walner
Cody J. Barker
Chloe (Justin) Lacey
Harrison Chase Brown
Jeanine Blanchette
Chantel Dube
Felix Sacco
Caleb Nolt
Zach Harrison
Aiyisha Hassan
Bobby Griffith

and all other victims of hatred and prejudice against gay, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transgendered, and queer people.

When will it end?

If you know the name of a person who was killed for their sexual identity, or was an accidental victim of hate based on sexual identity, or was driven to commit suicide over bullying related to their sexual identity, please feel free to mention their name in the comments and I will add them to the list.
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Update, Added 4 :new: characters

Update, soon all characters will have their own bios.

Left to Right:

Mikki's Bio: [link]
Lydia's Bio:
Brian's Bio:
Aaron's Bio:
Kieran's Bio:
Kennedy's Bio:
Dillon's Bio:
Caitlyn's Bio:
Calsey's Bio: [link]
Levi's Bio:
Maddie's Bio:
Lev's Bio:
Emily's Bio:
Colin's Bio:
Aurynn's Bio: [link]
Kaitlin's Bio:
Alyssa's Bio:
Becky's Bio:
Maddy's Bio:
Pol's Bio:
Evelyn's Bio:
Jesse's Bio: [link]
Ayden's Bio:
Dannie's Bio:
Taylor's Bio:
Michelle's Bio:
Grace's Bio:
Steven's Bio:

Characters and Concept (c) ~IThoughtIWasCool
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Blank: [link] by :icondarthgoldstar710:

Oh god some of these characters, I don't even know why they exist.
Someone should probably just sorta kill me for liking these shows
I shouldn't be allowed to watch TV :/

The highlighty ones are my 10 favorites

A good lot of these ain't even characters- they're real people.... but... I felt the need to add 'em anyway

I also made sure each character was from a different show - because I have no life.


:icondemonflame: [link]

:iconenchantedgal-stock: [link]

~~~~ ANIME ~~~~~~~
Row 1:
1. Kiba Inuzuka - Naruto
2. Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight
3. Toboe - Wolf's Rain
4. Rex Owen - Dinosaur King
5. Hikaru Shindou - Hikaru no Go
6. Alphonse Elric - Full Metal Alchemist
7. Soul Eater Evans - Soul Eater
8. Light Yagami - Death Note
9. Ash's Buizel - Pokemon
10. Happy - Fairy Tail
Row 2:
11. Suguru Fujisaki - Gravitation
12. Zaji - Tegami Bachi
13. Kyoushiro - Ginga Densetsu Weed
14. Hiro Sohma - Fruits Basket
15. Dark Mousy - D.N. Angel
16. Takuto - Full Moon Wo Sagashite
17. Luka - Gakuen Alice
18. Johan Anderson - Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
19. Yui Hirasawa - K-On!
20. Chi - Chi's Sweet Home
row 3:
21. Misao Kusakabe - Lucky Star
22. Keiichi Maebara - Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
23. Trunks - Dragon Ball GT
24. Hong Kong - Hetalia World Series
25. Izaya Orihara - Durarara!!
26. Itsuki Koizumi - The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
27. Ayumu Kasuga - Azumanga Diaoh
28. Tybalt Volumnia de Capulet - Romeo x Juliet
29. Cappy - Hamtaro
30. Akito Wanijima - Air Gear

~~~~ CARTOONS ~~~~~~~
Row 4:
31. Monochromicorn - Adventure Time
32. Rigby - Regular Show
33. Dodger - Oliver and Company
34. Simba - The Lion King
35. Gorgonzola - Chowder
36. Fred Fred Burger - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
37. Waffle - Cat Scratch
38. Beast Boy - Teen Titans
39. Bradley - Codename: Kids Next Door
40. Sylvester - Baby Looney tunes
Row 5:
41. Ronno - Bambi
42. Patch - 101 Dalmations
43. Chuck - Venture Brothers
44. Tucker Cornelius Carbunkle - My Life as a Teenage Robot
45. Faffy - Dave the Barbarian
46. Gir - Invader Zim
47. Gumball Watterson - The Amazing World of Gumball
48. Braeburn - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
49. Rintoo - Ni Hao Ki-Lan
50. Tod - The Fox and the Hound
Row 6:
51. Scamp - Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure
52. Berlioz - The Aristocats
53. Koda - Brother Bear
54. Bagheera - The Jungle Book
55. Clay Bailey - Xiaolin Showdown
56. Kimi Finster - Rugrats
57. Kiwi - Code Lyoko
58. Stitch - Lilo & Stitch
59. Wildmutt - Ben 10
60. Blooregard Q. Kazoo - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

~~~~ Live Action ~~~~~~~
Row 7:
61. Aaron Hotchner - Criminal Minds
62. Michael Mizanin - WWE
63. Scott Pfaff - Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
64. Dustin Ellermann - Top Shot
65. Stormaggedon - Doctor Who
66. Aaron Goodwin - Ghost Adventures
67. Warehouse Mouse - Imagination Movers
68. Retro Bill - Retro Bill
69. Prince Terrien - Bridge to Terabithia
70. Ryan Wolfe - CSI: Miami
Row 8:
71. Chester Bennington - Linkin Park
72. Gustav Schafer - Tokio Hotel
73. Ryan Evans - High School Musical
74. Adam Berry - Ghost Hunters
75. Olivia Blois Sharpe - Jerseylicious
76. Rayce Bird - Face Off
77. Adam Faulkner/Stanhieght - Saw
78. Gunnar Deatherage - Project Runway
79. Randall Disher - Monk
80. Masahito Yamazaki - LM.C

~~~~ Video Game ~~~~~~~
Row 9:
81. Chibiterasu - Okami Den
82. Onmund - Skyrim
83. Leon Scott Kennedy - Resident Evil
84. Sho Minamimoto - The World Ends With You
85. Marth - Fire Emblem
86. Knuckles - Sonic
87. Link - Legend of Zelda
88. Argo - Shadow of the Colossus
89. Flame - Spyro
90. Pyramid Head - Silent Hill

~~~~ Other ~~~~~~~
Row 10:
91. Ollie - Wonder Pets
92. Nemo - Finding Nemo
93. Simon - Alvin and the Chipmunks
94. Scoobert Doo - Scooby Doo
95. Hudson Horstachio - Viva Pinata
96. Karkat Vantas - Homestuck
97. Rin Kagamine - Vocaloid
98. Rufus - Gaiaonline
99. Batman - DC Comics
100. Spider-Man - Marvel
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(please click image for full view)

Title: Malachite
Medium: Digital Photography
Photographer: Aaron J. Greenblatt
Camera Type: Panasonic DMC-LZ7 Lumix 7.2 MP
Editing: Edited in PhotoShop 7.0 for color accuracy, size, and to apply copyright and border.

Location: Photograph taken at the 2008 Southeastern Michigan Gem and Mineral Show at the Southgate Civic Center in Southgate, Michigan. Show hosted by the Midwest Mineralogical & Lapidary Society.

Description: Sitting out in the open in a cardboard box on a dealer's table was this six-inch-wide polished piece of malachite from Shaba Province, Congo. Recently, lots of malachite has been mined in the Congo, polished, and then sold at mineral shows and rock stores here in the US. Often these pieces are quite large and they often show swirly patterns of light and dark green intermixed with black matrix.

This particular piece was selling for $25 - which is a bit expensive considering the amount of this material currently available on the market. At another show, I was able to meet one of the Congolese importers. He had an entire three tables full of nothing but these polished malachite pieces - some of them weighing more than 50 pounds! Suffice it to say, the display was quite impressive.

About Malachite Uses: Malachite was used as a mineral pigment in green paints from antiquity until about 1800. Pigments made from malachite are moderately lightfast (not affected or faded by light), yet very sensitive to acids. As with malachite itself, these pigments often varied in color from light to dark green. Today, natural malachite pigment has been replaced by its synthetic form, verditer (two manufactured synthetic carbonates of copper) - amongst other synthetics.

About Famous Malachite Uses: Malachite is also used for decorative purposes, such as in the Malachite Room in the Hermitage (a famous museum of art and culture situated in the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia). The unique embellishments of the room include columns, pilasters, fire-place trimmings and decorative vases - all made of malachite in the "Russian mosaic" technique.

The colossal tazza (a shallow saucer-like dish) in the Linda Hall Library, in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of the largest pieces of malachite in North America. It was presented by Czar Nicholas II to August Heckscher (a multimillionaire and a philanthropist who served as President John Kennedy's Special Consultant on the Arts - the first White House cultural advisor) in 1910 and given to the Linda Hall Library in 1972 by Mrs. Helen Spencer. To this day, it stands as the focal point in the center of the Main Reading Room of the library.

Information Sources:
[link] (wiki - tazza)
[link] (wiki - malachite)
[link] (wiki - malachite room)
[link] (mindat - malachite)

Legal: Copyright © Aaron J. Greenblatt. All rights reserved. Commercial use prohibited. This image and commentary may not be used for any reason without expressed written consent.

Please click here to view my photography work located in my Gallery.

Please click here for images of my glass work located in my other Gallery.

Please click here for images of my glass studio located in my other Scraps.
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I brought all of my prismacolor pencils and GOOD art supplies to school for my art class. I'm left with BIC markers and crayola crayons. FML

Anyway, Elsa Maltez, Kennedy Benjamin, and Aaron Benjamin. Quick facts-- Elsa and Kennedy are both 20, and Aaron is 22. Aaron and Elsa date, and Kennedy is a lesbian. Also, yes, Aaron and Kennedy are siblings. Elsa is not a rip-off of Elsa from Frozen (I created her back in mid 2012 with the name Elsa Cortez). They all attend a made up college called Marsina University. And No, Aaron's skin is not green/green tinted. It's tan... but my scanner hates my BIC markers. ;A;

Any other questions?

All character and art (c) EmeraldOz
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Heres the map of the entire island chain that HPM takes place in! You have an option to live on 1 of four islands;
Mystery Isle, Affection Atoll, Rapture Retreat, or Amusement Archipelago
Theres no differences in soil on each of the islands, to keep it fair between them... But each island has something rather SPECIAL on it that others don't... What is it? You'll see~
Sadly, you cannot live next to Raccolto town, the outlaying islands, or on the Sacred Isle, because, well, they're too crowded for a house or a farm!

So... where will YOU live?
You can't reserve a spot on an island, where you live will be written in the description of your application.

:bulletred:Affection Atoll Residents::bulletred:
Jade Omber ~*Ace-phantom-19
Auburn Chandler ~ *Rosbelle
Winslow Vista ~*BehindtG
Leizea ~*DaMee-Momma
Anemone “Monnie” ~~Ciress
Erving Teds ~~ClayTitan
Anna ~=Cyanide-Tea
Noland Hale ~~Eversparks
Tomei Inku ~~Flansy
Leode “Lucky” Fortune ~~ForgottonSerenity
Harvey Dee ~*RockyDee
Pomona ~=GNZG
Seamus O'Leary ~~Goldenstorm-II
Ayla Pamuya ~*HannersRawr
Amber ~*HaraRester
Maple Burberry ~=heatherkat
Brick ~~Illuminatii
Katie ~~Jokecokecs
Mari ~=JuneRoseXX
Yasmine Balan ~=Karra-chan
Vince ~~kurimuson
Kallan Greeves ~~lenkagime
Cain ~~LostPuzzle
Eoin ~ ~NerinokuKai
Robin Anna-Marie Williams ~*The-Ota-King
Vesta Faust ~~PlutoPirate
Amber ~*redflamekitty44
Kat ~~rosecat98
Xavier Taki ~~Rothkind
Josey Sawsbuck ~*Ruhianna
Salem ~~Warrior-Cats-FanFics
Kameko ~~Rika35
Michael Brooke ~~H2Otheory
Ryan Bishop ~~MayhemCorp
Sheila Thompson~=LunarPup
Fae Kott ~ *Raisenka

:bulletpurple:Mystery Isle Residents::bulletpurple:
Sceva Reed ~*BloodyAngelLexus
Kayne ~*Cheru-Hime
Innis Kennedy ~~Chocolatebonbons121
Amara ~*Cute-Saki
Todd Glade ~*ElfSama
Merima “Meri” Williams ~~eyesperspective
Ursula ~~HM-and-anime-fan
Micah Magnolia ~~IllustratorAndy
Silas ~~Irish-Dark-Faerie
Uther ~~KaelDokar
Grace Maddock ~~kahna6
Dolly Johnson ~~KatieLegends
Anon ~*PockiRabbit
Miki ~~lite2nite
Liam Morris ~~Mriia
Juanita Lechera ~=OrangeTeacup
Myosotis “Myo” Ruz ~*Rena-chi
Karlin River Ebony III ~~ShadowFox828
Nathan Harris ~*SightfulSorrows
Jamie Locke ~~slithey
Cleo Karpen ~~StellaOccultus
Benjamin ~*tomato-rabbit
Vex ~=YouStoleMyWaffle
Esther Hoshi ~~Zombie-Tentacles
Talbot ~ ~sami86404
Levi ~~Aloulore
Savannah ~~dapokemanz
Angus ~~lolcatsarelol
Elizabeth Rhode~~RainFyre
Rune Dagfinnsson~*Dr-Jerk
Blaire Fleef~*AubArt3
Doug Jenkins ~~Nequais
Sayde Tainn~~LunarUmbreon12
Nazier Sterling~*DuchessSinnix
Gretchen von Whistlestopper~:devRaeoki-Silver
Darius Eld~~Mytha
Magdalena Kaniq ~~Zeakari

:bulletblue: Rapture Retreat Residents: :bulletblue:
Artemis Bellerose ~~1wordinsane
Christian ~*adopt524
Kumo Kubaki ~~Bloodypapercut
Vatch ~~DigiC300
Finny ~~Dizziful
Wednesday Reign ~~DustyDeathface
Seok Jin-Eun, a.k.a. Jin ~~eiviiaru
Akira Watanabe ~~emilyoceanmoon
Brendan Beresford ~*FieldCommanderPrinny
Jordin ~*Fizzes
Lilia Lari ~*garbagekeeper
Davian ~~Great-Leo
Damean Rodriges ~*Poket-Skitts
Brutus ~~Lhumina
Spencer ~~Midnas-Little-Shadow
Esmer Hamark ~~Mirumquis
Shoal Crino ~~Prismshard
Rik Morris ~~SealisGreat
Saige ~~Coo-Cat
Ritz Striker ~~Suika-Azuto
Lalita ~*Thalateya
Mel ~*TheLonelyQueen
Audrey Dina ~~Usagi-Okami
Devyn "Dev" Rascloupe ~~Wombat-Toupee
Prinella ~ ~Yufika
Sir Arthur~ ~Holluable
Benjamin Alexander Blantley~~Bluu02
Cavin Mavel~*whatbusylittlebees
Sunny West ~~noirRP
Chloe Rainier~~MiniStella
Benedict Moreno ~~Anime-MangakaDesu
Mine Chiba~~rayna-san

:bulletyellow:Amusement Archipelago Residents::bulletyellow:
Lapisla Tsuli ~~Bulbie-chan
Aleyah Hanatori ~~Coffee-Popsicle
Randy ~~Contrast-Kitsune
Ayumi ~~Furenshi
Natalo Jornick ~~Grazhar-Shinubi
Bridget Tella ~~K-M-Bloomy
Erin Knightly ~~kiamara
Kenta ~~killjoykitty
Quintin ~~LabonBull
Blanc Rodriguez ~~Myrmadon
Abbigale ~~Relaji
Myun Bell ~*Shikuroshi
Judith “Judy” ~*spotty-bee
Aidan Reinhart ~*TomoNeko
Blaze “Kyden” Rose ~~Zakanakai
Saul~ ~Piscinean
Rhys ~ ~CrasherBird
Jax ~ ~wolf-of-nightmares
Lazlo ~ *Emilee-Mae
Avery Middleton~~chabbit
Ollie Lapis~=Haileon
Rossa Fawn~~reesekitty-14
Laurel Anderson~~elizabeth999404
Kongo Shira~~lunixesquire
Abhati Makar~:devKunshua:
Theodore Glenn Riddle~*Stais
Aaron Ross~~Razzy3
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Holy crap, let's start with the names here:

Special thanks to the NSAC Team at Fresno State 2008:

Oh and yeah, this is not a cut and paste job, so I'm sorry if your names are misspelled.

Dr. Roberta Asahina

Hillary Albers
Miijbel Al-Faraj
Josh Anacleto
Holly Boekenoogen
Aaron Briesmaster
Anna Cayanan
Deannna DeBartolo
Maira De. La O
Joel Diaz
Laura Diaz
Danny DuBois
Tiana Durso
Candace Edwards
Mohamed El Barbary
Katie Fillmore
Michael Foster
Scott Foster
Matt Garcia
Marti Gianolini
Christina Gilbert
Grace Ann Gualao
Alyson Harley
Shumpei Hikoi
Aaron Jones
Vince Kennedy
Rachel Lebetter
Mary McPherson
Marissa Naquin
Kristi Olson
Cristal Montelon
Sheena Morris
Amber Moya
Josh Palmer
Marisa Pina
Laura Ramirez
Jeff Rodriguez
Vanessa Rodriguez
Daniel Ramero
Katie Satterwhite
Heidi Smith
Erica Sigg
Bianca Shorte
Mike Sulaiman
Jennifer Vang
Toua Vang

Ok, now. Obviously this piece screams BATMAN! (90s version, not the "Villian of the week" The BATMAN 2005-2008). I'm heavily influenced by Bruce Timm and the whole DC Universe that he help molded over the decades.

Back on track here, this is the final storyboard that was presented at the National AAF Studen Advertising Competition held at San Francisco 2008. I did about 2 other storyboards before this. One was just a traditional storyboard, really rough cut and such. The second storyboard was done and published as promotional images in the marketing plan book. This final one, which was actually integrated into their program and on their presentation DVD, took a pretty long time. I didn't sleep on a lot of nights. Like literally, I was on til 3 AM on some nights just cleaning up the line work. I didn't plan out my schedule too well (College + Collegian + Free Lance + Brain Age 2 = Utter pain) so Joel, if you're actually reading this...

My bad *Insert Helvetica Bold font here*


Anyway, I had NO CONTROL on the actual AOL ninja. My only part in this was to create a storyboard from a script they prepared for a cinema spot. The only requirement was for me to use the Ninja that they prepared for their AOL AIM campaign. Other then that, I had free reign and control doing the storyboard and character designs.

Personally, I had fun with this, although the main villain does scream "JOKER RIP OFF!" I'm sorry folks, but when I think of a villian, the Joker seems like the most perfect design ever. I had to pay homage to Bruce Timm again. The girl in the spot was actually the initial design of Reika's third roommate. There's so many things I still need to iron out the kinks with the strip I swear LOL! As soon as I find a writer, things will all work out, hopefully... who knows I might end up soloing the whole thing for the rest of my life.

So yeah, I lovingly named her Valerie. She's cute as a button.
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