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bluh tired of looking at this

Teaser for this not-so-secret supah long comic that I've been scripting for over a year :dummy: Working title right now is "Upheaval"; the first working title was "Worlds Will Fall", and anything related to the project will probably be preceded by WWF, because an acronym is easier to type than a word :P

This little plot point is set between the season 3 finale and the season 4 opener, after which the story goes off into an alternate universe wherein Anarchy more or less fucks everything up (spoilers!). Violence and madness, and a fair bit of sadistic/dark humor therein, so fair warning for anyone who's here just for my light-hearted funny things :la: derp

Fluttershy and the draconequus race, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic © Hasbro/fyre-flye
Anarchy © grievousfan (Sarah H.)

- Fluttershy's cutie mark from Cutie Marks: Mane 6 by adamlhumphreys
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Omg guys idk what to think of this, this is just TOO AWESOME <333
I was watching alot of PMV that then sent me to "Fall of the crystal empire".
Caramel had proposed a collab and i had to do the sketch (And those who watched the animation, you can tell which scene I based myself off)
For those who have not seen it, go ahead and click here:…

So I sketched, she did the rest... AND IT TURNED OUT AMAZING <3
Go ahead and let this link guide you the lovely CaramelFlower:
She wanted to give all the credit to me, but  aint letting that happen :U
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lawl. what's with her last name? iunno. i made it up. u7u';
name * Ei Mohnou
code name * ph4nt0m
occupation * unknown
age * Seventeen
height * 152.4 cm
personality * Nonchalant | Normally Bored | Kuudere
interests * Cameras | People-watching | Nathaniel (not romantic way ..maybe :3c) | Rion (not romantic way)
lalala. edit the rest tomorrow. i'm tired. 3 H 3

original design by Naoto-sama + coloring and extra design details by e-gao
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Tadaaa ~~~ Nothing ~ Tui comeback thôi. Lâu quá kg des TvT Lụt ngề nặng ....
Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] 

>resources pinkypandaa heoakasocutie KangJunMiNa yenlonloilop7c 
>render kamjong-kai tombiheo LinhYul ... in my fav
>psd clr mincute SeoLiliHyun 
>topaz MiNaKang45 

Link hq all
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Your body trembled; anxiety reaching high levels as you swallowed hard, inhaling deeply in a weak attempt to calm yourself. In the world you lived in-- the one you desperately wished to be normal, there was something that should have never existed.

Twenty-four people were chosen. It didn’t matter who they were-- they were tributes. They were young. They were innocent.

But it only lasted for so long.

You had always managed not to get chosen, thankfully, but every time the drawing happened, you were on the edge of insanity. This time had been no different.

Silence among the crowd, your blood ran cold at a familiar word.

Your name.

Desperation brought out the worst in people. Everyone did whatever was necessary to survive, regardless of the consequences. You never wanted to become like that. You swore to never succumb to such actions.

But you had to.

Like everyone else, you had something-- someone to live for. And you certainly wouldn’t go without a fight.

At first, you wanted to do nothing. Stay in one location, avoid all the action. But they were watching-- they were always watching. The Gamermakers had the ability to change the environment, to cause certain things to happen in an area where someone remained idle. You would be the first one dead if you did that.

So you fought.

It was horrifying. It was hard enough finding food and shelter-- but to kill another? You thought you would never do such a thing.

It was the third day when you ran into a tribute.

He was ruthless, but reckless. You tried to convince him to leave. Not only because you were scared, but because you wanted to avoid the inevitable. Regardless of being called a coward, you stood your ground, silently pleading that he would just go.

Someone else could take care of him. Not you.

And he attacked. Your body froze for a brief moment before the adrenaline rushed through, instincts kicking in as you dodged the attack. Noting his vulnerable position, your grip tightened on the dagger as you took the opportunity to strike.

The weapon was adorned with red as you stood before him, wide eyes staring in horror at his body. You didn’t know how long you remained there, the cannon breaking you from the trance.

                                                                         i am not a monster.

The words echoed endlessly in your mind.

You never believed it.

Counting the days was difficult. One moment, the sun would shine brilliantly-- the next, the stars would watch over you.

There was one thing you knew: there were only three tributes left, yourself included.

You were close. Close to freedom, close to safety-- close to home.

But would you be the same after it all?

It never became easier to get rid of the others. The pleas, the taunts, the cries-- they haunted you. You mourned for them when you shouldn’t have.

You never knew their stories. Did they have family back home? Did their loved one wait for them back home?

It was best not to know.

You weren’t completely a monster. Part of you was still there-- still human. That was all that was needed to keep going.

Hand grazing over the wound in your arm, you grimaced in pain, a frown crossing your lips. It had only happened a couple of days ago. Your morale had dropped to an all time low, weak spots exposed. The girl easily had hurt you, teeth bared as she viciously attacked you.

She was smarter than the others-- smarter than you. But you were faster.

The remembrance of the encounter made you feel ill, eyesight blurring at the ruthlessness you displayed.

She was your third kill, and certainly not the last one.

Focusing on the unclear route ahead in the forest, you forced yourself to walk, wary of any traps that could be camouflaged. The silence hardly provided comfort, an uneasy feeling overwhelming you with each step taken.

The soft crunch of the leaves lingered behind you, causing every muscle in your body to tense. Before you could even turn, a small yelp escaped your lips as your body was slammed against a tree trunk, a hand covering your mouth in order to silence your protests.

Wincing from the impact, you tensed up at the cool feeling against your neck. Distress distracted you from the throbbing pain felt at the back of your head, defiant eyes meeting your enemy’s. His jaw clenched as he studied you carefully, easily seeing the fear that lingered beneath the facade. Hesitance was dismissed as you swiftly kicked him in the stomach, causing him to jerk back. Trembling fingers struggled to draw the dagger, frightened expression upon your face as you waited for his next move.

“You look like a fucking puppy,” he spoke between pained breaths, still recovering from your hit. There was no fear in his tone; it was merely apathy. “I’m surprised you even got this far.”

Surprise overcame your anger, the fear sinking only the slightest bit. The other tributes often mocked each other before fighting to the death-- this, however, felt different. Regardless, you still felt offense, but that was easily pushed aside as you observed him for any quick motions.

“I’m surprised this damn competition still exists,” you snapped back, bitterness growing with every word spoken.

Brows raised at the hostility in your tone; you had appeared to helpless to him-- he had simply expected you to beg for mercy. It was rather interesting to see-- if there was anyone who didn’t ask him to spare their life, they believed attacking him immediately would catch him off guard.

And you-- you didn’t have that crazed look in your eyes, nor did you react like the others.

What a shame. It was too late to get allies now. Had he encountered you in the beginning, he would have considered protecting you-- but only for the time being.

But he couldn’t deny the horrific idea of this-- this whole damn thing. Surviving on the streets was difficult enough, especially with him taking care of Isabel and Farlan-- fighting was no stranger to him. But those who had normal lives shouldn’t have had to experience this. He contemplated the thought for a moment, never breaking the eye contact with you. Lips parted to form a response, though your words immediately caused his mind to go blank.

“I want to go home.”

The statement was soft spoken, almost said with shame. You were sure that the ones watching this sickening contest were laughing at you for being so childish.

But he did not laugh.

You were far too innocent to be in these games-- how you survived, he would never understand.

And part of him wished you hadn’t survived. You had managed to keep hold of your humanity-- he didn’t want to be the one to kill you.

A hint of pity surfaced in blue eyes, his grasp on the weapon tightening ever so slightly,

“You can’t.”
let's ignore the age limit in the hunger games oops
levi isn't as ruthless as I originally planned-- the ending was pretty tough to write.

and there is literally no hint of romance here 

but anyway, I've been wanting to do this AU for a while. not quite what I wanted, but I hope you guys enjoy c:

i've also been watching outlast lately and kind of want to make a horror au-- no idea how i could do that, though

sorry for any errors-- it's 5 in the morning, so i'll check again once i wake up.
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Gwen Stacy commission, colored with copic markers.

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A portrait tutorial in response to a tumblr ask.
Let me know if you have any questions!

NOTE: Measuring is really the most important step (in my opinion). Really, MEASURE EVERYTHING ITS SUPER HELPFUL. For example, on my own face, the distance between the corner of my eye and the bottom of my nose is the same as the distance between the corner of my mouth and the bottom of my chin, also, the distance between the bottom of my nose and the inner corner of my eyebrow is the same as the distance between the corner of my eye and the corner of my mouth, also, the distance between the inner corner of my eyebrow and the corner of my mouth is the same as the distance between the corner of my mouth and the tragus of my ear. It also helps to know which measurements are different, for example, on Ygritte, her mouth is just a little wider than her nose and eye. These measurements are essential when trying to draw a specific person.


art tumblr-

personal tumblr-

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Here it is folks hot off the presses!  RC1 Metro for your desktop environment.  Minimal flat goodness!

For the boys and girls! Either one according to your preference. ;)


How to Install Custom Themes by neiio



Windows 7 Start Orb Changer by | Kishan-Bagaria

Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Customizer: Change Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Easily by | 


Don't forget to grab the Wallpaper Pack or Windows 8.1 Theme!

RC1 Metro Wallpapers by neiio RC1 Metro VS 8.1 by neiio

Comments and :+fav:'s more than welcome!

*Thanks to 4nt1p0p for design elements/slogans in the preview!
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