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I would like to dedicate this to Karen :iconxistormix: on her birthday :cake: :airborne: :party: Have a wonderful day :hug:

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Cyclops. X-Men.

Pigma Micron and Copic Sketch markers.
Learn more about COPIC markers at…
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Commissioned piece.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  The mini books weren't standing out from the flames and I wasn't really sure what to do.  But, keeping the book in mind, why not char them a bit?  So I got to spend a few hours burning mini books.  Not anything that I would recommend doing in real life, but it added a nice touch to the sculpture.  
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Yup. tear allover. just dooddless
I roleplaying with my friend XD i love this so i thought i could draw her :U

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"I'm so glad things have returned to normal."

Silversoul giggled, licking her new mate's head. "Me too," she agreed with the calico, intertwining her tail with the green-eyed she-cat. "It's nice to not be fighting all of the time."

"I feel like we should do something to celebrate," Frogsplash mewed, pawing at the empty bones of what was their lunch. "We already ate though, so, I don't know what we could do. I'm kind of just restless right now," she wound herself around the silver furred she-cat.

A voice called out from the other side of camp. "Hey lovebirds," it was Scratchpad's voice, and Frogsplash stuck her tongue out at her brother. "Get a den--you're making my stomach churn!"

"You're just jealous!" Frogsplash called back, laughing. Turning back to Silversoul, the calico purred, "Maybe we should get out of camp. We can go exploring--maybe we can go near the twoleg's den again. I was kind of curious about that place."

Silversoul nodded, licking a paw and swiping it over an ear to clean it. "That sounds like fun," the beautiful she-cat laughed. "Let's go now, before it gets too dark."

Despite the shadowed canopy in MoonClan's territory, the sun was easily seen, slowly crawling across the sky. It was threatening to set, the horizon turning into the colors of Leaf-Fall leaves. Frogsplash and Silversoul walked side by side as they made their way through their territory towards the abandoned twoleg's den.

Upon reaching their destination, the two explored inside for a bit. There was still a stain on the weird twoleg grass where Jadesnow had given birth and died; and another where Timidbreeze had been placed til she could heal before being brought back to MoonClan camp.

"This place gives me the creeps," Silversoul admitted after only a few minutes inside. "What if the twolegs come back...?"

Frogsplash didn't want to make her mate feel uncomfortable. She looked at her paws for a moment, and licked her chest embarrassedly. "Um, I'm sure they won't but...we can go explore somewhere else if you want. The sun is still up, so we can check out the area around here."

Silversoul smiled gently, glad to leave the twoleg's nest behind. Frogsplash led her mate further into MoonClan's territory, near the border that the MoonClanners hardly needed to mark; it didn't border any of the other territories so there wasn't a clear marking as to where it stopped.

There was, however, a border in and of its own; but before the twolegplace there was a small stream, and before that was an odd path that could only belong to the twolegs. Frogsplash and Silversoul neared it curiously, sniffing around.

"It doesn't smell like twolegs," Frogsplash commented. What an odd path it was!

Silversoul flicked her tail in agreement. "Maybe they didn't want it anymore, like with the den."

Frogsplash nodded. That would make sense. The twoleg den was devoid of any twoleg scent by now, and this path only held a faint trace of any of the large animals. They must not have visited it for a while.

"Hey," the calico mewed, gaining an idea suddenly. "Want to see if the twolegplace is abandoned too? I haven't seen any twolegs around here, so, I bet that it will be abandoned too."

Silversoul looked away, "I don't know, Frogsplash...what if it's not?"

Frogsplash shrugged, "Then we'll leave. We're warriors, I'm sure we can outrun a twoleg or two. Come onnnnn," she begged, pawing at her mate's ears. "It will be fun!"

Silversoul laughed, batting at the calico's raised paws. "Alright, but just for a little bit, okay? The sun is going down and I have to be on the dawn patrol; I don't want to stay out too late."


The two she-cats made their way through the forest, stopping only before the stream that divided the forest from the twolegplace. The two she-cats lept over the small stream easily, making sure each other had made it safely before continuing.

The two MoonClanners trotted into the twolegplace with high spirits and pricked ears. It was pretty quiet; it looked like, if there were any twolegs--which it smelled like there were a few--they had all entered their den for the night. Twolegs probably didn't see well in the dark, Frogsplash guessed.

"Doesn't seem abandoned," Silversoul commented, scenting the same thing Frogsplash did. "We should head back before we get in trouble."

Frogsplash nodded in agreement, turning around. "Yeah, you're ri--"

"Mama?" they heard a faint, distant voice.

"Motherrrr," another one whined. "Where did you go? It's cold!"

"Did you hear that?" Silversoul asked, her ears pricked in the direction of the voices. "That sounded like kittens."

Frogsplash narrowed her eyes. "Let's check it out."

The two cautiously made their way through the unnatural paths of the twolegplace, their ears pricked for the voices of the kittens that had called out to them. As the voices got louder, Silversoul and Frogsplash could see that there was some sort of...upside-down den that the sounds were coming from. Turning to each other for a brief second, they nonverbally decided to get closer.

They neared the odd nest with weird markings on the side, peering inside. What they saw shocked them both.

Kittens! Not newborns, but old enough to have their eyes and ears open and tiny voices. They all looked up at the two warriors as they peered into the odd nest and began asking them questions.

"Who are you?"

"Are you my mama?"

"Did you bring food?"

Frogsplash turned to her mate. "These kittens are too small to leave this large nest. Did twolegs put them here?"

Silversoul frowned, her brow furrowed. "Even if they did...why? They're easy prey like this. Perhaps they are offering them to foxes? I don't think twolegs know what they're doing."

Frogsplash turned back to the kittens. "Where is your mother, kits?"

The kittens mewled back. "She left!"

"My mother is not the same as her mother."

"Who are you?"

"Are you my mother? You smell like leaves."

The calico turned back to Silversoul, and studied her mate's beautiful eyes. She remembered a conversation she'd had with Silversoul before they had become mates with each other, where Silversoul told her:

"I'd love to one day have kits myself--I guess it depends on who I end up with, though. If I become mates with a she-cat, then, I guess that's out of the question."

For a moment, Frogsplash lowered her ears. She and Silversoul would never have kits of their own...

Beside her, the silver-furred she-cat purred. "Some of them look like us, Froggy," she giggled.

Frogsplash looked at her mate. "Let's take them back."

"What?" Silversoul seemed awe-struck. "R-really? You want to take them to the Clan?"

"Yes. Who knows what the twolegs--or the hawks and foxes--will do to them?"

"Who will raise them?" Silversoul asked, worried.

Frogsplash grinned. "We will!"

"But Fallenstar--"

"We'll make him understand. Come on Silvy--our very own kittens."

Frogsplash and Silversoul turned back to the kits. "Would you like us to be your mothers?" Silversoul asked in a gentle voice. The kittens began chatting and climbing over each other excitedly. That answered that question.

The two warriors picked up each kitten and pulled them out of the weird nest, setting them down gently at their paws.

"What are your names, young ones?" Silversoul asked, looking at each of them in turn.

"My name is Spots!" a tom answered, a cream and spotted with amber eyes.

"I'm Heather," a brown-and-white tabby exclaimed, and climbed on top of another, lighter colored brown-and-white she-cat. "And this is Lilac!"

A gray tom with a lighter belly and chin spoke up next, "I'm dont have a name! My mother never gave me one. She said her pets would...but they didn't they put me in that box." the other gray kitten nodded in agreement. Frogsplash wondered if they were from the same litter.

"Me, too," a brown and ginger she-cat said sadly. A calico-and-tabby pawed at Frogsplash's tail. "Can we go home? I'm hungry."

Frogsplash laughed, licking the young she-cat. "Sure, baby. Let's go home."

Silversoul and Frogsplash led the way, the kittens tottering behind them slowly but on strong paws. They chatted excitedly with each other about other kittens, some with names, some without, that apparently were in the 'box' with them before that were taken away. As they approached the stream, Frogsplash picked up the kits by their scruffs and lept across with them, placing them safely on the other side. Silversoul did the same, until all of the kittens were safely across.

The sun had set and the sky was dark. The two MoonClanners led their kits carefully through the underbrush and back towards their camp.

"Will you stay in the Nursery with them?" Silversoul asked Frogsplash as they neared the campsite. "I promised Vixenkit I would mentor her when she becomes an apprentice in a few days."

Frogsplash smiled, nodding. "I'd be happy to."

They led the kittens in through the bushes, Frogsplash herding them to the Nursery. Silversoul bid them all good night, yawning. The Queens, or those who were awake, immediately bombarded Frogsplash with questions as she entered with seven new kittens.

"Where did you find them?"

"The twolegplace," Frogsplash would explain. "Is there anywhere for them to sleep?"

Swanstep, who had passed away in the War, had left an empty nest behind that Frogsplash claimed as her own. The kittens cuddled against her belly happily, most of them dozing off immediately; others stayed up, purring.

"My name is Spots," the tomkit mewed again, making sure Frogsplash was paying attention to him by placing his paw on her muzzle.

Frogsplash purred, silencing her new son. "From tomorrow on, you will be known as Spotkit."

After she finally got the kittens to sleep, she began to doze off herself, a mother at last--something she'd never dreamed she could become.

"I guess when I say 'Welcome to MoonClan, my kits'. It's a tradition, after all..." She laughed to herself, wrapping her tail around her new litter.

Your parents are Silversoul and Frogsplash! Your characters start off at 1 moon old. :) Please update your apps with their ages and histories accordingly!

I don't want to assume anything but I implied that Heatherkit and Lilackit are from the same litter; and that Coldkit and Berrykit are also. It is up to you if you want to make this official or not!

I'm really excited to meet your characters. You are now free to roleplay with everyone! Please feel free to go ahead!

All characters belong to their respective owners.
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Based on Lagiacrus: [link]

Dragatross (Kingdra/Feraligatr/Eelektross)

Classification: Sea Wyvern FUSEmon

Client: Dragonith

Special Ability: Electrosonic
"Electric-type moves will confuse paralyzed targets."
-Example: "Foe Dialga is paralyzed! It may be unable to move! Dragatross used Thunder Burst! Foe Dialga is now confused!"

Signature Move: Thunder Burst
Category: Special
Type: Electric
Power: 150
Accuracy: 100
PP: 5
"The user releases a massive electrical field that electrocutes everything in the surrounding area. This move has a high chance of causing paralysis."
-Note: Additionally, this move hits targets under the semi-vulnerable state of Dive, dealing double the damage.


--Wyvern Valley Log #1--

"Under supervision by Garodactyl, I've begun my exploration of the mysterious Wyvern Valley area. This would be my final task before I take an extended vacation in the Excelo Region, something I've been planning to do for some time now. I arrived by air and continued on foot through this massive slice of land. 
The weather today is partially cloudy, covering the area in a dark shadow below. Surrounding foliage consists of dense jungle with trees that breach beyond the clouds above. The roars heard from earlier were louder than most forms of life, giving me the assumption there are some sort of mega fauna in the area. However, despite my search, I didn't find anything in the jungle part of the valley. A few stray small Pokemon here and there, but nothing of the large variety. Determined to at least find something worth reporting on, I continued my march through the monstrous sea of trees."

"A few hours later, I've reached the end of the jungle line and hit an area by the shore. This land was a lot larger than I anticipated, I thought as I took a draught of water from my canteen. From the corner of my eye was a lone Slowpoke fishing on a rock nearly eroded from constant beatings from the waves. I took a quick glance, sighed, and turned my head away... only to hear a loud briny roar from behind. I immediately flinched and turned around to see the Dopey Pokemon flung skyward and devoured by the maw of a massive sea monster. Its eyes glowed a crimson red and its body crackled with visible electricity. I took a step back and was prepared to throw Garodactyl's FUSE Ball when the beast let loose an ear-splitting roar, knocking me down to my knees. Stunned, our eyes locked briefly as the thing let a few lower pitched growls out, salt water dripping from its maw as if it the Slowpoke was only the beginning of its main course. I snapped out of my state and threw the FUSE Ball clenched in my hand. Garodactyl reacted immediately with a flying kick to the monster's snout, catching it completely off guard and knocking it onto its back. It roared angrily as it flailed, spraying sand and sea foam into the sky. The beast was dazed, but it had the clear advantage in terms of the terrain. I ordered Garodactyl to get us out of there ASAP. As we took the the air, the sea monster regained its posture and bellowed a final roar at us from below before returning to the sea."

"This thing was clearly not of natural origins, as I saw traces of Feraligatr characteristics prominently featured all over its body. A possible FUSEmon created under the radar? Interesting. I shall file a report once I return to FUSE Corp to see if anything was conducted that escaped my notice. Otherwise, this was a very surprising discovery. I'd return once again to explore the area, but even my assistant thinks I've been overworking myself since my return months ago. Oh well. I might assign that task to her while I'm away. Can't let those tropical drinks keep me waiting."

Dragatross © Dragonith</small>
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