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            "Lean on the drugs
             It'll numb the pain.
             Come on,
             He didn't love you anyway."

             "Get in the bed,
              Give him what he wants.
              He'll protect you.
              All it will cost is one night."

             "Just pick up the blade.
              Draw blood just this once.
              No one cares.
              Know one needs to know."

             "That bottle you're holding
              Will lead to satisfaction.
              Get drunk and
              Your sorrows will vanish."

             "Smoke all that you can.
              Being addicted
              Isn't all
              That bad."

             "Let go of the Bible.
              It's a book full of lies.
              God is not real.
              It's all fake."

             "You heard what I said,
              It's up to the brim
              With lies that
              Ruin life's fun."
                           She opens the book,
                                        Blows off the dust,
                                        And starts reading until
                                        She falls into tears.

                                        The whispers soon fade.
                                        All that was made gray
                                        Bursts in a rainbow of
                                        Colors and light.

                                        She trusts ancient words
                                        And a God that made
                                        Sense of the violent
                                        Cruel world.

                                         Satan faints.
                                         A soul is saved.
                                         A glorious day
                                         For the angels.

Based off of many things. You really never know when inspiration will hit you.

Please do tell me what you think. :)
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Commission animation for :iconpyrites1: :D with his OC Azusa returning a tennis ball in a tennis match.

I had soo fun with this animation ^.^ since it was something different than usual.

I hope you like it~

Done from scratch with Gimp and wacom tablet.
Time: about 30 minutes for one single frame.
frames: 10 (1frame/100ms)

For how I make animations look:… &… Also look… ^^

Commission info:…
Commission prices:…
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Hope you like :blushes:

Disclaimer: Characters featured here are property of their respective owners.
This was drawn for fun and not monetary gain.
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Mixed media drawing of Loki and The Other. I really wanted to draw "The Other", because I like the actor. Spoiler (Guardians of the Galaxy): I'm still angry about the fact that he got his neck snapped by Ronan! :angry: So he really needs some kind of tribute now and that's why I included him in this drawing.
I hope that they don't forget about that threat (see quote) at least and show what Thanos will do to Loki in the upcoming movies...

Quote (The Other to Loki): "You will have your war, Asgardian. If you fail, if the Tesseract is kept from us, there will be no realm, no barren moon, no crevice where he can not find you. You think you know pain? He will make you long for something as sweet as pain."

I'm so happy that I finally managed to finish all my Loki WIPs! :D ... ... ... ok... I admit that I started another one... Ashamed It's very annoying to draw a blue tint, so I needed something for a change.

Reference were two screencaps of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and The Other (Alexis Denisof) from the movie The Avengers (2012). "The Other" was blurred on the screencap so I had to take a second one.

Paper DIN A4 190g/m²,
- >90% Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' colour pencils,
- Copic Ciao marker,
- Edding 1800 profipen 0.1,
- uni-ball Signo pigment ink um-153 white
time: > 25h

Please don't upload my pictures somewhere else without my permission. Don't infringe copyright!

Here some other Loki drawings:
Loki - King of Asgard by QuelchiiLoki in Prison by QuelchiiLoki of Asgard (colour pencils) by QuelchiiLoki (mixed media) by Quelchii
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Your inside is on your outside
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he's gonna meme you to death



edit: this is it
this i s my legacy
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Images by The-Amazing-Kay
Sighing, you closed the book you were reading and set it on the coffee table. You desperately wanted to keep reading, because the book had sincerely peaked your interest,  but seeing as it was midnight and you had work in the morning, you decided that probably wouldn't be the best idea. Oh, why couldn't there be more hours in the day? 

You started walking towards your bedroom, going to go get ready for bed, when you suddenly heard a knock at the door. "Who the heck could that be?" You wondered aloud, walking back down the hall and to the door.

You opened the door to reveal quite the scene. Three of your friends, Francis, Antonio, and Gilbert were standing on your porch. Francis and Toni were standing in the back, and Francis was obviously very drunk. Antonio seemed to be trying to keep him still. Gilbert was in front of them, and held a heap of something-or rather, someone- in his arms.

"Toni? Francis? Gilbert? What are all doing here?" You asked, then your eyes landed on the heap. "And what is that?"

Gilbert smiled nervously, shifting the heap in his arms. "H-hey (Name). Oh, this! Um, this, this is Kiku."

"What?" You asked, realizing that is was Kiku. He had his head down, and was snoring softly. "What happened to him?"

Gilbert laughed nervously. "W-well, you see....Ludwig, Feliciano, Kiku, Francis, Toni and I all decided to go to a bar...and....I may or may not have...uh...spiked his drink a little bit..."

"Gilbert!" You scolded.

"I just thought it would be funny to see him drunk!" Gilbert protested, "I didn't think he'd fall asleep on us."

You sighed. "Oh, jeez. Whatever, I'll scold you when I'm not so tired. For now, I'll cut to the chase- What are you all doing here?"

"Well, after Kiku got drunk, we discovered that he was just one of those lame drunks who just gets a little tipsy then fall asleep, so since I was the one who spiked his drink, Ludwig said that I had to take care of him, so I was driving him to his house when he woke up and said he wanted to come here."

"So?" You asked, "Gilbert, he was drunk! You should have just taken him home."

"Bring him hoooome~" Francis sang in the background. You all ignored him.

"He insisted that we come here, chica." Antonio said, "Otherwise, we would have."

You just sighed. "Well, I'm not taking care of him. I have work in the morning."

"Pleeeeease, frau?" Gilbert begged.

"Absolutely not." You told them, "Go home."

"Hey chica, what's that?" Toni asked, pointing behind you.

You glanced back into your house, but there was nothing there. When you turned back, Gilbert and Toni were running away, Francis stumbling behind them, and Kiku was lying on your front porch.

"Hey, wait! Come back!!" You yelled after them, but they were already in their car. 

"Sorry, Chica!" Antonio yelled as they drove off.

You sighed in annoyance. You needed better friends.

Then you looked down at Kiku, who was lying face down on the ground, his arms sprawled out to the sides.'

"Poor guy...." You said, kneeling down and ruffling his hair. Suddenly, his eyes opened and he lifted his head.

"Konichiwaa, (Name)!" He said, smiling brightly, very unlike himself, "What are you doing here?"

"I live here." You informed him.

"Oh!" He exclaimed, staring at his surroundings with wide eyes,  "It's very nice..."

"....Um, er....thanks." You said. You weren't really sure what you were supposed to do with a drunk person, not every having dealt with one before. " do you feel?"

"Like a biiiiig riceball."

You covered your mouth, trying to stifle a laugh. Yup, he was definitely still drunk. "Well, you want to come inside?"

"Yes please!" He exclaimed, hopping up from his place on the ground and practically skipping inside. Meanwhile, you were trying your hardest not to die of laughter. Kiku never acted like this.

You suggested that he stay the night, and he agreed, telling you that you were one of his bestest-friends-ever for letting him stay. Oh, he was really going to regret all this in the morning. You told him he could sleep on the couch, then got him a blanket and a pillow from your closet. Then you said that you were going to bed, and told him that there was aspirin in the cabinet if he needed it.

"Why would I need an aspirin?" He asked innocently.

"Oh, trust me honey. You'll need it in the morning." You told him.

And with that, you finally went to your room and plopped down on your bed. By now, you were utterly exhausted. You turned out the light, put some pajamas on, and were just about to finally go to sleep, when....


You sighed, sitting up and opening your eyes. Kiku was standing in your bedroom doorway, rubbing his eyes and dragging his blanket like a small child.

"Yes, Kiku?" You asked. 

"I-I'm lonely." He whined, "C-can I sleep in here?"

You were appalled that he wanted to sleep in the same room as you, normally he would be greatly opposed to such a thing. You blamed it on the drunkenness and brushed it off.

"Sure, you can sleep on the floor."

"Thank you, (Name)." 

You sighed and laid back down, closing your eyes again. You were almost asleep yet again when....

"I wanna be, the very best, like no one ever waaaass~"

"Uh, Kiku?"

"To catch them is my real test, to train them is my caaauuuse~"

"Kiku, what are you doing?" You asked groggily, sitting up and rubbing your eyes.

"Singing the Pokemon theme song!" He replied happily.

You yet again resisted the urge to burst out lauging. "Could you not? I'm trying to sleep here."

"Oh. Okay." He said, plopping back down on the pillow.

You'd thought he'd actually be quiet this time, but alas, you were mistaken. Because a few minutes later.....




"Kiku, for the love of pete, please stop singing the Attack on Titan theme song."

"But it's fun to sing!" He whined.

"I don't ca-"

"And I asked Ludwig to say the first line because he's German, but he said no. He's a meanie."

You almost laughed at Kiku saying the word 'meanie'. Instead, you told him that if he didn't go to sleep, he'd be in big trouble. You weren't really sure what you meant by 'big trouble' but it seemed to work nonetheless, because he lie down once again.

This time, you really thought you were going to sleep. You thought you might of even heard Kiku snoring softly, and you were pretty sure he was asleep. That is, until you were interrupted for a fourth time, but this time for a completely different reason. 

"(Name), (Name), (Name)~" He sang, smiling dopily.

You sighed. "What is it this time, Kiku?"

 "(Name), she's so preetty."

"W-what?" You stuttered.

"I love (Name)~"

You stiffened. Surely he didn't mean that. It was just the drunkenness talking, right?

"K-kiku, just go back to sleep."

"But I can't! I'm too busy thinking about (Name)."


"I really, really, like (Name)."

"W-wait, what!?!"

"I like her, but I'm too afraid to tell her because I'm afraid she won't like me back." He said sadly.

"Y-you like m- er, (Name)?"

"Yup!" He chirped, "In fact, I loooove her! But shhhh! You can't tell her!" He said, plopping back down onto the pillow and shutting his eyes. In seconds, he was back asleep, but you were now wide awake.

It was a good thing it was dark, because your face was now extremely red. You stared at Kiku lying on your floor, who seemed to be asleep for real this time. You, however were now wide awake. Did he really like you? Well, he'd sounded pretty sincere, even for being drunk...

You smiled, thinking how nice it would be if he wasn't just saying those things out of drunkenness. You hadn't known he'd liked you back....

You smiled and knelt down next to him, kissing his forehead.

"I love you too, Kiku."

Oh jeez. If he remembered all this in the morning, he was going to be so embarrassed. Oh, well, even if he didn't remember, you were never going to let him live it down anyway.

You then climbed back in bed and were just about to fall asleep when....





Okay, so this was a re-write from my old account, since I really did like this one.  

Anyways, I'll probably finish up the next chapter of my series soon. Today was just kind of difficult, because I had an anxiety attack because of reasons after a while of not having any, and also there was just a lot of stress today for multiple stuffs. Everything is okay now, and I feel a lot better, so no worries. I'm just really tired.

Alright. Talk you guys soon :iconyuihugplz: Also I hope you enjoy this one, even though I probably could have done better.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaura.
Image is not mine.
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¡Styles! <3

No puedo creerlo, son los primeros styles que hago :3
No son los mejores, ni los más perfectos, pero sólo espero que les guste c:


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-Dar créditos.

*Link: Click aquí.

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