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The cover to X-Men #13 featuring Jubilee and Shogo-

Pencils and colors by me and inks by Rachel Dodson.

Comic is out now from Marvel Comics.

To see how the art was created visit my blog -

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but if she wanted to, at least she would take off her glove 

Evelyn and somewhere flying Morty
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First WIP of the new assassin (Arno obviously, but it has not been confirmed yet :p).
This is not photoshopped. I went to Notre Dame at 7am.

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I was supposed to shoot with Yeilin yesterday , she came over my place and ended going to the beach for lunch and drinks , then going out later for dinner and more drinks and some dancing , needless to say we didn't shoot , she spent the night and then went to breakfast at the beach this morning , this is one of the 3 or 4 shots I took at the beach pier with my little point and shoot , she always looks great even after a hangover  :D (Big Grin)  We'll shoot soon again , at least we'll try  LOL
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These two are such cuties ahhh

This was really fun ;v;
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oil on board 45X27cm
model and inspiration NanFe :iconnanfe:
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(Y/n) has started a chatroom.

John has logged on.

Sebastian has logged on.

‘(Y/n) where are you? – John’

‘With Tiger – YN’

‘At my flat – Sebastian’

‘Why? – YN’’

‘Sherlock is in my house sulking – John’

‘So? – YN’

‘He’s your boyfriend come get him! – John’

‘She can’t – Sebastian’

‘Why? – John’

‘We’re prank calling Jim – YN’

‘………………………. – John’

Jim has logged on.

Sherlock has logged on.

‘Hey Sherly – YN’

‘Bored – Sherlock’

‘Good to know now does anyone know how to trace calls? – Jim’

‘Nope – Sebastian’

‘Why do you need to trace calls? – YN’

‘Some assholes keep prank calling me! – Jim’

‘Don’t worry Jim just threaten them and they’ll stop – YN’

‘I’ve tried! – Jim’

‘No one cares – Sherlock’

‘You’re in a mean mood today – YN’

‘Shut up – Sherlock’

‘Harsh – Sebastian’

‘Sherlock why don’t you go back to your flat! – John’

‘I’m bored and Lestrade has no cases! – Sherlock’

‘Here’s a case. Find out whose prank calling me! – Jim’

‘Uggh fine I’ll take it! – Sherlock’

(Y/n) has sent a PM to Sebastian.

Sebastian has sent a PM to (Y/n).

‘What are you two planning? – Sherlock’

‘Nothing – YN’

(Y/n) has logged off.

Sebastian has logged off.

10 minutes later.

(Y/n) has logged on.

Sebastian has logged on.

Mycroft has logged on.

‘Hey MyMy – YN’

‘I’ve almost solved whos calling you – Sherlock’

‘Good I want to murder them – Jim’

‘You’re helping him? – Mycroft’

‘He’s that bored – John’

‘Ok James what do you know about the prank callers? – Sherlock’

‘One male one female most likely in their early forties – Jim’



‘You just told him you were doing it idiots – John’

‘Hehe you’re the best boss ever? – Sebastian’

‘You two will die! – Jim’


(Y/n) has logged out.

Sebastian has logged out.

Jim has logged out.

‘Wtf just happened? – Mycroft’

‘Bored – Sherlock’

5 minutes later.

Greg has logged on.

‘Why is (Y/n) and some blonde guy in my office? – Greg’

‘Hiding from Moriarty – Sherlock’

‘Why? – Greg’

‘They kept prank calling him – John’

‘They have my gun – Greg’

‘Post a picture – Sherlock’

Greg has uploaded a picture.

‘Where did they get a rifle? – Mycroft’

‘No idea – Greg’

(Y/n) has logged on.

Sebastian has logged on.

‘Hello dear. Any luck with James? – Sherlock’

‘No which is what’s scaring us – YN’

‘(Y/n) where did you get a rifle? – Mycroft’

‘It’s mine…….My baby – Sebastian’

‘Riiiiiiiiiiiight………Just don’t damage my office and do NOT shoot anyone – Greg’

‘What about Anderson and Donovan we can shoot them right? – YN’

‘Yes – Sherlock’

‘No! Sherlock! – John’

‘Damit – Sherlock’

‘Aww – YN’

‘Whos Anderson and Donovan? – Sebastian’

‘You’ll see – YN’

Jim has logged on.



‘Lestrade’s office – Mycroft’


‘I want to see how this plays out – Mycroft’

‘Well done you’ve doomed my girlfriend and her weird friend – Sherlock’

‘I’m not weird – Sebastian’

‘He’s gifted – YN’

‘When I find you I will make you wish you were dead – Jim’

‘They’re in Lestrade’s office how many times do I have to say it! – Mycroft’

‘I can’t just go into a police station! I could get arrested! Again! – Jim’

‘That’s the point – Mycroft’

‘…………….. – Jim’

‘We’re safe once we’re in Greg’s office! – YN’

‘Yay – Sebastian’

‘You have to leave sometime and when you do…..I’ll pounce – Jim’

‘Hey you’re nickname isn’t Tiger so stop stealing my lines! – Sebastian’

‘You’re nickname is Magpie so do something magpies do – YN’

‘Annoy people with their constant tweeting? – John’

‘Lol – Mycroft’

‘……………. – Jim’

10 minutes later.

‘Seriously they haven’t left yet! – Jim’

‘It’s been 10 minutes – Sherlock’

‘Sherlock go home goddamit! – John’

‘Fine – Sherlock’

‘Guys…… - Greg’

‘What? – Mycroft’

‘(Y/n) and the blonde guy aren’t in my office and the windows open…… - Greg’


‘XD – John’

‘Shut up Watson! – Jim’

‘(Y/n) love where are you? – Sherlock’

‘Not telling – YN’

Mummy Holmes has logged on.

‘……………………… - Mycroft’

‘……………………… - Sherlock’

‘Hello dears! – Mummy Holmes’

‘Go away mother – Sherlock’

‘SHERLOCK! – Mummy Holmes’

‘I mean welcome! – Sherlock’

‘Ha! – Jim’

‘Lol – John’

‘Why are you in our chatroom mother? – Mycroft’

‘(Y/n) invited me – Mummy Holmes’

‘Oh joy – Sherlock’

(Y/n) and Sebastian have been tagged by Mummy Holmes ‘Having coffee in Sherlock’s flat’



‘WE TRUSTED YOU! – Sebastian’

‘Whoops – Mummy Holmes’

‘XD – Greg’

‘Oh this is hilarious – John’

‘Yep – Mycroft’

‘Mycroft! Use proper language! – Mummy Holmes’

‘Yes mother – Mycroft’

‘Lol – Sherlock’

‘What does that mean? – Mummy Holmes’

‘Laughing out loud – Sherlock’

‘Proper grammar! – Mummy Holmes’

‘Yes mother – Sherlock’

‘Hahaha – John’


‘NO NOT MY RIFLE! – Sebastian’


Jim has uploaded a picture and tagged Sebastian ‘Destroyed Rifle’

‘Poor Sebastian – Sherlock’

‘What’s going on? – Mummy Holmes’

‘You’ve doomed us – YN’

(Y/n) has booted Mummy Holmes from the chatroom.

‘I love her but she can be a tad bit strict – Mycroft’

‘Agreed – Sherlock’

‘My rifle *cries* – Sebastian’

‘Shh Tiger Jim will buy you a new one won’t you Jim?! – YN’

‘Nope – Jim’

‘Lol – Greg’

‘Proper grammar Greg – John’

‘Yes mother – Greg’

‘I hate you both – Sherlock’

‘Go to hell – Mycroft’

Sebastian has booted Jim from the chatroom.

‘Suck it Jim – YN’

‘How come when I asked to be an administrator you said no? – Sherlock’

‘Because you kept whining while Tiger asked like a normal person – YN’

‘But I’m your boyfriend not him!!! – Sherlock’

‘I’m her best friend – Sebastian’

‘(Y/n) can I be an administrator? – Mycroft’

‘Yes – YN’

(Y/n) has made Mycroft an administrator.

‘Such power – Mycroft’

Mycroft has booted Sherlock from the chatroom.

‘HAHAHA – Greg’

‘XD Lol! – John’

‘Poor Sherlock – YN’

Mycroft has logged out.

John has logged out.

Sebastian has logged out.

‘Hey (Y/n)? – Greg’

‘Yeeeeeees? – YN’

‘Can I have my gun back now? – Greg’

‘Fine – YN’

Greg has logged out.

(Y/n) has logged out.
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