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Your Daily Dose of Intelligence
Artist Credit: Sa-Dui
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 3,440 13
There is no one age demographic, no one type of Pokémon player. So what is the magic of Pokémon?
Artist Credit: Kris-Kamikakushi
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 3,639 5
Life imitates Art as the Mockingjay’s influence leaps from the screen to the streets and pop culture's influence ignites a very real world spark.
Artist Credit: alicexz
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 1,823 7
Take a journey under the sea and explore the ‘treasures untold’ of Ariel's grotto art gallery.
Artist Credit: M-Behroozi
:iconm-behroozi: M-Behroozi 2,548 7
“Someday, somewhere—anywhere, unfailingly, you'll find yourself, and that, and only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.” — Pablo Neruda
Artist Credit: Ismariandas
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 928 1
“The telephone is a good way to talk to people without having to offer them a drink.” - Fran Lebowitz
Artist Credit: wraithdt
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 10,416 22
In mere weeks from now, the next Star Wars sequel, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, the first of a new trilogy for a new generation, debuts its first trailer. The avalanche of speculation will be strong with this one.

Featured Stories Of The Week

Artist Credit: EddieHolly
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 19,618 28
The new wave of artificial intelligence may just be the end of us all.
Artist Credit: arvalis
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 43,906 137
You will never be able to look at Pokémon the same way again.
Artist Credit: Kokopa
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 9,926 23
What if plants were intelligent, exploring and analyzing the world with a sophisticated system of senses?
Artist Credit: zampedroni
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 3,904 12
Were the earliest know artworks by humans abstract art?
Artist Credit: In-Ink
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 15,691 148
James Tiptree, Jr. was an intensely private writer of sci-fi short stories and novels who lived a secret life.

Collections Of The Week

Artist Credit: tmza
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 13,864 28
"Only the dead have seen the end of war." - Plato
Artist Credit: EliaKhan
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 3,792 3
A celebration of the heroic exertion of labor that gathers in the Harvest each year.
Artist Credit: Questavia
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 6,823 15
Every year a magical show lights up the skies. Light up your screens with these gorgeous deviations from all over our community.
Artist Credit: gilad
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 7,710 11
Seeing the world through the clarity of a well crafted lens.

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- Ruslan flight - by Losenko
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Undiscovered, aims to bring new, high quality artwork to the foreground.
Giant Clock by Hideyoshi
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Tahab-krar by pietro-ant
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Layer-slowdown by arayo
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Critiques & Critiqueables

Get better by receiving thoughtful feedback - and lend your own expertise. Find more critiques and work adding critiqueables

Giovanna D'Arco

Critique by Narmadha
First i would like to state this work had high enough impact on me,that made me open up your work in large view and observe the finer details of it.

I got to point out that i am bit confused whether the women is floating on the surface or if she is drowning.
If i assume she is floating on the surface the lighting seems great if not else the lightning needs to be tuned down.

The above is to be considered as just pointers i noted. The more i observe your work , i Just seem to notice the beauty of it ,
love the overall work and the Detailing is fabulous. The halo seems catchy to me. :D

Alabaster Sisters

Critique by MasukiaMaru
I was very surprised that they were not sisters. I read through the comments, someone mentioned how they are not twins. They can very well pass, at -least-, as sisters. But before I found out that they were not even related at all, I thought that the fact they look so similar to one another really made the photo. It's old-fashioned; these two young girls are outside probably picking flowers or just hanging out together in an open field by a forest or in a forest, like a secret hideaway only they know about. They look so opposite; one with her eyes open looking off in the distant and not directly at the camera, holding the flower close to her chest. She seems to be the more extroverted sister, while the other with her eyes closed, she seems to be more on the quiet side. Probably not shy, but definitely strong. The differences between the two really bring in the emotions.
{ I have also noticed in your gallery a lot of your photos have -very- strong expressions in the models and/or look so natural }

The photo is very sharp, detailed, and toned down. The poses are simple and affectionate, the background blends with the whole photo yet isn't distracting to the main subjects. The white dress is very pure and adorable. I honestly do not think the photo would have been as soft if either, or both, were blondes. The constant browns and tans with whites is so gorgeous. The backlighting it the outline separating these two from the brown background. It looks very natural, which, I believe, makes a photo look worthwhile; using natural lighting, especially for backlighting.
Their eyes and hair especially pop, which I personally am in love with. The makeup is so subtle to none; everything just -matches- so gracefully.

I do have to say, this photo is the strongest of the set.


Critique by Nile-Ruth
I really love this Image. The long exposure has captured all of the colors while not bluring the image in a negative way. The subject is something seen commonly, city streets, lights, etc. However, you have an amazing perspective. The depth preserved in the street and buildings really draws your eyes in. However, the ing direct logo and the building across the street contrast well (which could be some metaphor of the old and the new or some hogwash) but the problem is that there is too much going on in this image. Its beautiful. Dont get me wrong, but there are so many subjects that its hard to focus on what is happening. The ing direct billboard is so bright that it draws your eye to it, but the building across the street has so much color and light that it really draws you in, as does the street, and the clouds. Great work, but sometimes simplicity or toning down conflicting objects is key. love your work dude, ill be watching for your stuff in the future

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Say Hello to New Deviants!
Artist Credit: elsevilla
:iconfourteenthstar: fourteenthstar 75,782 168
Hector, better known as elsevilla, is one of deviantART's most recognizable artists. He's a shining example of a kindred spirit, friendly and welcoming to everyone, offering tips and resources, and live streaming his creative process, giving artists the opportunity to learn.

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