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Artist Credit: discret
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 4,864 13
Celebrating worldwide Jane Austen Day we revisit Austen's work, a writer who was extremely fortunate to have the full support of her family in pursuing her profession. Something other women of the time would never have had.
Artist Credit: KayHulbert
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 3,194 5
From four leaf clovers and horseshoes to monkey paws and coins on the eyes of the dead, all have been praised as lucky for bringing their holders good fortune. What's your lucky charm?
Artist Credit: JWPippen
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 10,933 60
ProjectPorkchop combs through every corner of the community to bring you the artists you need to be +Watching right now!
Artist Credit: LucasGraciano
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 18,252 51
Before man stood upright, these fierce flaming furies flew across the sky. Allegedly hunted out of existence but not out of our imaginations these scaly beasts take flight once more.
Artist Credit: Heidi
:iconheidi: Heidi 21,794 1,174
We want to hear what you’d like to see next to help shape the future of the app.
Artist Credit: karlwennergren
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic 12,211 20
From Star Trek and Doctor Who to Superman and Spider-man, fandom has been using the term ‘multiverse’ for decades. Now Stephen Hawkins has set out to prove its existence…

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Santa's Elves Need New Outfits

Santa needs you to create the blueprints/outfits for his elves’ new look. Entries will be judged on creativity, practicality and evocation of undefinable indescribable magical “elfiness.”
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Fantasia Music Evolved Billboard Challenge Winners

In the Fantasia: Music Evolved Billboard Challenge, we asked you to turn lyrics by Lady Gaga, Lorde, and Frozen into an original piece of art! Congratulations winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!

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Instant 1763 by SUDOR
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... him yoppy pieter... by nunenonanonano
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zavtrak by citylifer
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Elsa by sakimichan
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For the first time in forever by godohelp
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Anna and Elsa by DarrenGeers
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mondo: monsters inc. by strongstuff
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batman returns poster by strongstuff
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adventure time travel poster by strongstuff
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Critiques & Critiqueables

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Critique by TeamJacob101
I love how the whole crew appears to be mischievous and are right up on Mark.

I do like how you did the glowing eyes on the vast majority of them, and I absolutely love the look on Mark's face.

Quite honestly, I couldn't find anything truly wrong with this piece. Everything seemed to flow together and the only other thing that I can say is that this is an absolutely amazing piece of artwork. You did a truly amazing job. Keep it up!

Just a slight side note; I really love all of your art. It is really amazing. :D

Tseng and a captured Aeris in a helicopter

Critique by Thrasirshall
The background is perfect as pale colours since it makes the helicopter stand out more - and there's a smokey feel to it, likely because they're so high up on the plate.
I think my only critique is more of a curious one, as Barret is in his Advent Children look, but I actually really like it. I'm assuming it was used as reference, and it works really well!
Tseng's suit has some amazing details by the way, especially that his suit pants are obviously pressed! Also, all of their faces are perfect, and the helicopter blades are really well done.


Critique by woodcutterw
So, Critique writing aye? I can do that... maybe.
Too make this easy to follow I'll just go down those lovely ratings over there.

First off Vision:
This is probably one of the scores I changed the most. On my first look I was unsure of how I felt about the picture. It seemed faded, almost blurred to the point of seeming non-existence. Whenever I look at this I can't seem to focus on what makes it so good. Everything seems to jump out when I'm not looking at it and this is what makes it amazing.

Nothing about the picture distracts, in fact it does the opposite. So much of the picture draws the eye that you find yourself staring at it, looking for that little detail you missed. Truly stunning. The whole picture paints a story which each little detail expands on and that is what true vision in artwork should do. In this you achieved perfection.

Onto Originality:
This score is not as high as it could be due to the amount of pictures depicting the four princesses. However the specific way in which you laid it out, the frozen crystals hiding the view of the princess originally caught my eye and this brought a new flair that I wasn't expecting. The way Twilight seems to be underwater (perhaps drowning in doubt?) makes it even more interesting. Despite not hitting 5/5 of these it is merely because the base of the picture is one I see often. It in no way deducts from the beauty of the piece.

Technique now:
What can I say here? The lighting effects are beautiful. The movement of the whole piece is captivating and the way the colours of the crystals and the(water?) blend is absolutely stunning. I'd go on and on about how amazing this is but I wont waste your time. Technique is 6/5, absolutely perfect.

And Finally Impact:
This received the lowest score of the group because I personally judge Impact on the initial feeling the picture inspires upon me at first glance. And the way you blended all the different aspects of the picture together was so flawless that I almost missed the true beauty of this picture. The soft tones and light colours almost caused me to skip this picture however this actually makes the picture all the more beautiful in that it doesn't hit the viewer with something bold and harsh straight away. Impact being low is not a reflection of the picture being bad, merely a show of the attention required to find its true beauty.

A gorgeous piece, filled with emotion and beauty. Subtle and graceful but lacking punch. This piece requires the viewer to search for the nuances which make up the artwork but once they are found it reveals how amazing it is.
10/10 for overall artwork. No flaws found in such a piece.

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Artist Credit: TsaoShin
:iconfourteenthstar: fourteenthstar 34,932 190
An energetic artist who brings a spark of life to all of his creations, Eric Proctor (known by the community as TsaoShin) has spawned some of the most memorable works of art on DeviantART. His Grumpy Cat Disney mashups have been seen and shared far and wide across the internet, and his creative spirit and technical ability are matched only by his good-hearted nature. To many community members, Eric is one of the most friendly individuals to interact with. All of his Journals come with good cheer, gratitude, and positivity, and he takes time to interact and spread good cheer and knowledge into the community.

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